Tender is the water

by MegaMaker

Vincent led a life of strict regimens, and so has missed out on the pleasures of life. That is until he meets Kirby, someone who has led a similar life but who still cut loose from time to time. After some talking and a much-needed hug, he falls in love with Kirby.

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The icy water of the pool was nothing to Vincent. He was almost done with college: one more year and then he was going pro for the U.S. Olympic swim and dive team. Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, you name it he was a master at it. Hours had passed of him doing laps trying so hard to lower his times. No other goal mattered to Vincent, and nothing could distract him from his training.

Nothing except the guy who walked out of the locker room. What caught his attention was two things: what he was wearing and his size. First of all, this guy like Vincent was wearing a Speedo although instead of navy blue, this guy’s was orange and black and it was comically small on him.

The second thing that caught his attention was how massive this man was. He had to duck a little to exit the locker room and he was wide as a bus with enough muscle to make Vincent look small. Vincent himself was a 250-pound swimmer with 10% body fat. He was tall and sleek, with an eight-pack cut like stone.

Not missing a beat of swimming, he still stole glances at this guy. He was doing stretches on the deck giving Vincent a full view of his body. One of the stretches involved him turning around and Vincent almost laughed at how exposed this guy’s butt was. First, his behind was massive and secondly, the style of Speedo this guy was wearing made it so the bottom and sides were exposed. That’s typically a style for divers to give them high mobility but combined with how big this guy was it was struggling to keep his butt and junk contained. He was wearing it low too which didn’t help.

To Vincent, there was not a chance this guy was a swimmer or diver. In his mind, he was way too big, buff, and beefy. He figured this guy was just some gay guy wearing a Speedo that was really small and tight so he could look sexy in it.

That was until he dove into the water with elegance and grace. To Vincent’s surprise, he was keeping up with him. Without a word, the two guys got into an impromptu race. There was no way Vincent was going to let this gay poser win. So he picked up the pace. 

The guy also picked up the pace and he stayed neck and neck with Vincent. How was this giant clunky guy able to keep up with me, Vincent thought.

Out of breath and energy Vincent finally stopped at the end of the pool and waited for this guy to stop. A few more laps later and he stopped at the end next to Vincent. Both guys lifted their goggles. With him being so close now, Vincent was truly astounded by this man’s size. 

Vincent was 6’7” and this was tall enough for Vincent’s face to be at his chest level. His chest by the way being two massive round slabs of shelf-like muscular meat. It was much bigger than even Vincent’s own chest.

For lack of a better phrase, this guy’s face didn’t match his body. Plump cheeks, soft jawline and chin. Smooth skin with big baby eyes. His hair was dyed with light purple highlights. Soft six pack. Vincent couldn’t help but steal a glance at his bulge. It looked like a softball was shoved in there and the outline left little to the imagination. In other words, this guy wasn’t just massive in terms of muscle and height but he was hung like a horse.

“S’up, name’s Kirby, and good race back there,” he said.

Vincent wasn’t sold on that name. It was definitely not as manly as his own and he thought it was sad this guy was robbed of a more respectable name. Kirby held out his big pudgy hand. Vincent shook it.

“Vincent and thanks, I gotta say I was surprised to see you be able to keep up with me.”

“Yep, years of water polo will do that.”

That explained a lot to Vincent. “How long have you been playing?”

“Well, I started with swimming and diving but as the years went by, I realized I didn’t really like those as much as polo. I started doing that more and when I got to college I only did that. I was the goalie.”

“Interesting, I’ve never played it at that level. I prefer the technique-based swim and dive but I have a lot of respect for the sport. I’m excited to say after I graduate college I’m going pro.”

“Why thank you. Not gonna lie I figured you were a swimmer based on your build and your Speedo.”

Kirby kept up his cheeky smile.

“Yeah, you’re really big for a swimmer. I gotta ask—how much do you weigh?”

“Right now I’m close to 400 but I’m trying to get to 450.”

“Jeez, I don’t think you need to be that big to be a pro polo player.”

“Oh no worries, after I graduated I stopped playing and started coaching as well as really focusing on working out.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 24 and you?”

Vincent wasn’t expecting that. His face definitely was deceiving in terms of age. “20.”

“You look older. That jawline and scruff make you look more mature.”

“I get that a lot.”

“You’re in great shape, too. You must have started lifting at a young age.”

“I did. I was in 6th grade when my parents got me on a strict high-protein diet and my dad showed me around a gym around that time too.”

“Cool cool, and you said you’re going pro?”

“After I graduate, yes.”

“A part of me wanted to go pro in polo, but honestly I’d rather coach the little ones and share my legacy that way. My parents were a little disappointed because like you they signed me up for sports at a young age and wanted me to go pro too. I guess they thought I’d be rich and famous.”

“At this point, something like that isn’t an option. I’ve been trained my whole life to be a pro. I’m not giving it up now.”

“Yeah, and I get that. All that fame and glory but you know it’s not for me.”

There was a lull in their conversation. 

“I’ll be real with you. I didn’t think you were a swimmer because of how big you were and that you were just some gay guy wearing a Speedo that’s way too small just to look sexy.”

Kirby laughed, his voice a hint of shrillness when doing so. Vincent felt awkward and a bit embarrassed by this. He hoped he didn’t offend this guy by accusing him of being gay.

“Well, I am gay. I didn’t think it was that obvious. But I guess Speedos are kinda a gay thing, huh.”

Vincent backed away. This didn’t go unnoticed by Kirby. “Why’d you back away?” Kirby said.

“Can I be real with you again?”


“Well, I don’t really feel comfortable around gay guys.”

“How come?”

“I always felt like I was the object of desire for them. Like they always would want me. And I wasn’t ever allowed to date so I didn’t want to even think about that,” Vincent said.

“So wait, you’re gay, or are you bi?” Kirby said.

“No, I’m straight as an arrow but I didn’t even want to risk it.”

Kirby saw right through that, but he understood that Vincent was more fragile than he first thought. He thought to ask a gentler question.

“What else weren’t you allowed to do aside from dating?”

“For starters, deviating from my fitness goals was off the table. Meals were strict, weight training and swimming were strict. If I wasn’t the best on my team my parents would chastise me over dinner. Or worse, holler at me in the car ride home if my times weren’t great at a meet. Also I saw my personal trainer more than I did my parents.

That earned a heavy frown out of Kirby. He didn’t think the damage was this bad. Kirby’s own parents were sorta like this but never to this extent.

“Anything else you weren’t allowed to do?”

Vincent wasn’t in the mood for a therapy session. Not like he needed it or so he told himself for years.

“Parties were off limits. I wasn’t allowed to go out with friends which I really wasn’t really allowed to have outside of the team plus no school dances and my grades had to be straight A+’s or else.”

“Or else what?”

“You don’t wanna know.”

Kirby didn’t press that issue further.

“Okay then um, you said you weren’t allowed to date. You’re telling me a guy as handsome, ripped and tall as you really never had anyone hit on you?”

“I made sure both guys and girls would stay away. Romance would only distract me from being number one.”

Kirby knitted his eyebrows.

“This might seem out of nowhere but were you even allowed to hug?”

What kind of question is that, Vincent thought.

“Of course not, my dad said it wasn’t manly, and after a certain age my dad made my mom stop doing it to me.”

“Manly? Your dad said hugs weren’t manly? I think you need a hug, big guy.”

Being called a big guy felt very patronizing to Vincent. Either way, Kirby opened his huge muscular arms and put on a soft smile.

“Um… no thank you.”

“From what you’ve told me, you need this.”

Vincent considered what he said. Against all reason, Kirby’s chest and arms as well as his abs looked so inviting. The desire to press his face into his pecs was there and powerful. And his arms are so huge and strong. Vincent had always been given negative reinforcement this was the first time positive reinforcement was given. A smile from Kirby is all it took for Vincent to cave. He waded slowly but surely closer to Kirby. When he got close enough, he was met with the strongest tightest hug he’d ever gotten.

Kirby’s buff body felt safe and comforting. His skin was smooth as silk and warm. Kirby’s huge hands felt up Vincent’s huge back muscles and Vincent couldn’t stop himself from doing the same back to Kirby. Kirby went even further and pulled Vincent closer to where their Speedo-clad bulges pressed into each other’s. Vincent’s heart skipped a beat when felt an all too familiar sensation in his crotch. He broke away from the hug and watched in terror as his dick began hardening.

“No, no, no, no!” Vincent cried out.

But it was too late—he was hard as a rock and his big boner was stretching out his Speedo, making a huge tent. He tried to cover it and turn away from Kirby, all while he was still freaking out. Kirby found this hilarious, but he understood Vincent’s panic.

“Calm down buddy, it happens to a lot of guys.”

“But not me!”

“You’re telling me you’ve never gotten a Speedo boner before?” Kirby says.

“No, I haven’t!”

His dick kept stretching his Speedo as it somehow got bigger and harder than ever before.

“I get them all the time. Being gay on a swim team full of hot buff dudes only wearing Speedos will do that. Here, I’ll make you feel less left out.”

All Kirby had to do was squeeze his bulge and a quick caress of his chest to get hard. Vincent is shocked at how fast and huge Kirby’s cock was growing. Under the water, Kirby’s dick was getting so long Vincent had to step away or he’d get poked by it.

“What the hell! How big is it?” Vincent asked.

“About 15 inches.” Kirby couldn’t stop laughing; he loved seeing the reaction on people’s faces when he’d tell them that.

“What the fuck, that’ so fucking big!”

“Oh yeah, big cock, big balls, big butt, big muscles. I was by far the biggest dude on my team.”

“At this rate you’re going to rip it!” Vincent said.

Kirby laughed. “Yeah, that’s happened to me a lot. Nowadays I get custom-fit ones that can stretch more. And always jack off before I go swimming in a Speedo.”

Finally, Kirby’s cock grew to its full 15 inches. His Speedo was incredibly stretched out and most of his massive boner was exposed. The leg holes and waistband were pulled far away from his body and the back part was digging into his butt cheeks. Vincent couldn’t break eye contact with that gorgeous cock and Kirby knew it. A lust deep inside Vincent had been awoken. 

“Kirby, can I tell you something that might make you uncomfortable?”

“All right, before you say anything let’s break this down. We just hugged very intimately in Speedos then you popped a boner and then I popped a bigger one. I don’t think anything you can say will make me uncomfortable.”

Vincent gulped—he knew he was right. “I think you’re a very handsome guy and I think you look really hot in that Speedo and that dick of yours is beautiful. Okay, there I said it!” 

“I think the same thing about you.”

“I wanna do more with you. I wanna do sexual things with you.”

Vincent couldn’t believe he just said that, and it brought him to tears for the time in years. Kirby didn’t say a word and wrapped him up in his arms and they hugged for a while. They pressed their hard cocks against each other, and Vincent loved the feeling of all that hard meat rub on his abs.

When they broke away, they agreed to do more. Vincent was still terrified that he was to have sex for the first time and it was going to be with a guy. Kirby on the hand was very self satisfied. 

When they left the pool Vincent grabbed his tower to hide his Speedo boner but Kirby didn’t care. Vincent thought to himself how could a guy have so much confidence to walk around like that. He also couldn’t stop himself from staring at his Speedo-clad butt. It was gigantic and it jiggled and bounced with each of Kirby’s steps. Lucky for Vincent they were the only ones in the pool area. When they got to the showers, Kirby squeezed himself in and then turned on the warm water.

“C’mon in, it’s cozy in here,” Kirby said.

Still afraid Vincent forced himself to get in the shower. He was immediately wrapped up in Kirby’s arms. They embraced under the water for a while.

“I’m scared…”

“You need this.”

Kirby started to play with Vincent’s back muscles. Dragging his huge hands up and down his back, Vincent loved this strong affirming affection.

“Can I play with your muscles?” Vincent said.

“Of course, big muscles were meant to be played with.”

Kirby put on a little flexing show. Making his pecs dance, tightening his abs, flaring his lats and squeezing his own butt. Vincent was biting his lower lip as his hands gained a mind of their own and started squeezing and massaging all of Kirby’s huge muscles. He started with his traps then dragged his hands down to his enormous pecs then squeezed his lats.

“Are you ready for a kiss?”

“I think so.”

Kirby kissed his forehead to start. For the first time Vincent shared a kiss and it was with a man no less. 

“I liked that… can we do it again.”

“Wanna do it on my lips?”


That single kiss turned into making out then Kirby took the liberty to start grinding his hard dick on Vincent’s. Vincent lost control and started returning the grind. They both started pre-cumming, leaving stains on their Speedos.

“Here, let’s get these trunks off before we ruin them, eh?” Kirby said.

“This is the first time I’ll be with a naked man.”

Kirby chuckled. “You’ve been hanging around guys in Speedos your whole time. You’re always 97% naked. This isn’t going to be a huge leap I promise. Here, I’ll show you a fun trick I used to do in the locker rooms.”

That concerned Vincent for sure. “What are you going to do?”

“You’ll see, just give me one second. It’ll go faster if you feel me up more. For this to work I gotta be really turned on.”

Kirby focused really hard on horny thoughts and tightened every muscle he had. Vincent started manhandling Kirby’s bulging muscles more and more.

“All right here it comes!”

Kirby’s dick started growing right before Vincent’s eyes, stretching out his Speedo even more to which it finally gave up and snapped off.


“What the!”

“Keep going, it can still get bigger!”

Vincent kept grabbing and squeezing all of Kirby’s muscles.


“There, two whole feet of hard cock!”

As he said that Kirby’s balls began expanding to make room for all the extra cum he was making.

“I don’t know what to say, it’s huge and beautiful.”

Kirby was right, this wasn’t a huge leap, Vincent thought. The size was for sure but seeing a naked guy wasn’t. Then Vincent pulled his own down. With both guys naked Vincent felt exposed but confident somehow.

“I wanna touch it with my hands,” Vincent said.

“That’a boy! Give it a good stroke.”

Vincent’s heart was racing as he grabbed Kirby’s big boner and started jerking it. The hardness, the veins, the head, the size, all of it Vincent loved feeling it in his hands. A part of Vincent was still in disbelief at how big this boner was.

“Is it my turn?” Kirby asked.

“Yes please.”

Kirby with one hand on Vincent’s trap and the other on his dick he started stroking with a firm grip. This was a whole new experience of joy for Vincent. His dick had been off limits for years and now it was being used for its intended purpose. Perfectly in sync, they were jerking each other off with energy.

“Time for the next phase.”

“What’s that?”


“You want me to suck yours?”

“You’ll choke, better let me handle this.”

Kirby got on his knees and pulled Vincent’s hard cock down so it was pointed at his lips.


“I think so.”

“You’ll love this, I swear.”

Kirby swallowed Vincent’s entire dick down to the base. His knees were made weak by this. If he didn’t catch himself on the handicap railing, he would have fallen. Vincent started pre-cumming heavily and it dripped down Kirby’s throat. When Kirby pulled his mouth away, he grabbed it to keep jerking it.

“When was the last time you came?” Kirby said.

“My parents said I can’t masturbate it reduces my performance.”

“So have you ever jerked?”


“C’mon seriously a guy with as much testosterone as you have never busted once?”

“Only wet dreams.”

“Jeez, well, let me tell you. You’re going to love how this feels when we get it.”

“When was the last time you came?”

Kirby laughed. “I came in this exact shower before I walked out. Needed the release.”


“I’m a horny guy, what can I say?”

They got back to sucking and jerking.

“Hey Kirby.”


“Can we do the next step?”

“Now you’re speaking my language. Do you want to top or bottom?”

Vincent looked at Kirby’s massive boner and caved. “I want to bottom.”

“Whoa, hold on, do you see the size of this thing?”

“Yes, and that’s why I want it in me. Now!”

“All right then tiger, I’ll go easy though because it’s your first time. I’ll be right back. I gotta get something that will help.”

He walked into the locker area leaving Vincent alone with his own thoughts. How did I get myself into this? My parents are gonna be so mad. Why am I loving every minute of this? These thoughts were buzzing around his head like bees. That’s when Kirby came back with a jar of coconut oil.

“You okay, you’re staring off into space.”

“I’m fine I just really wanna do this, okay?”

Kirby lubed up his boner as he walked back to the shower. Then without asking he smears a whole bunch of Vincent’s abs and pecs rubbing it in real good. Vincent moaned as he wasn’t expecting that but loved it, he flexed his abs and popped his chest as Kirby kept rubbing it in.

“There you go, you’re getting it,” Kirby said.

That gave Vincent an idea. “Hey Kirby?”


“When it’s time, can you cum on my abs?”

This made Kirby chuckle. “Kinky.”

“Maybe, it sounds hot.”

“You wanna feel my warm cum fill each groove of your sexy abs and flow down like a river,” Kirby’s words were like honey.

“Yes please.”

“Only if you cum on mine.”

“Okay, I can do that.”

“All right, that’s enough massaging time for the big finale.”

Vincent braced himself there’s no way this wasn’t going to hurt at first. He pushed his back against the wall and Kirby maneuvered so Vincent’s thick muscled legs were wrapped around his waist as he pushed his monster cock inside him. 

Vincent was surprised that the pain only lasted a moment before the strongest feeling of beauty overwhelmed him. For once he felt loved and cared for.

Kirby wrapped up Vincent in his strong arms and pulled in for more kissing. This is what Vincent had been needing for years. For so long he had been told sex would hurt his performance. Never being able to form a connection with anyone, especially not one like this. 

Kirby was on the verge of bursting so right before he was about to come he pulled his dick out. So much cum poured out flooding each grove of Vincent’s abs. Kirby’s loads were as extraordinary as his body and kept cumming gallons of sperm all over Vincent. This finally made Vincent bust.

“I’m…gonna… cum!” he yelled for the first time ever.

Kirby grabbed Vincent’s boner and pointed it at his own abs. Not even stroking it once Vincent cummed for the first time. A load most massive was unleashed from his boner. A solid stream of cum busted out like a hose. Kirby was coated face to crotch in white. They came together and with their combined loads made a huge puddle on the floor of the showers as well as coating each other.

They rested a bit and laughed about the mess he made. They went back to hugging and kissing. When they had their fill they cleaned up. In the locker area while they were getting dressed Vincent asks.

“Maybe we can go on a date sometime.”

Kirby smiled then said, “Of course. What did you have in mind?”

“Maybe we go to the beach in just our Speedos and show off our hot bods.”

“Sounds amazing, can’t wait.”

“And maybe we can have a little fun there?”

“Of course.”

4,212 words Added Mar 2024 1,928 views 4.5 stars (4 votes)

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