Justin (the bigger the better)

by Giant Worshipper

A young man starts growing, and growing. He finds he likes it a lot.

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Part 1 A young man starts growing, and growing. He finds he likes it a lot. (added: 1 Nov 2009)
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Part 1

It was a disgustingly muggy July afternoon when I moved into the small bungalow overlooking the town’s pond. The rent was cheap, the property was well situated, the lawn was immense, the neighborhood was safe; all in all just a slice of suburban heaven. Well, almost. The house itself was a dump. Low seven foot ceilings, a small cramped kitchen, no A/C, electrical sockets located in the least strategic places, and a basement that even my small 5’6” frame would describe as “confined”. Still, with a set of fans and several yards of extension cord, I was prepared to make this shack my home. Finally in this middle class haven, just outside of Philadelphia, I had something that I could claim was all mine, even if it was for all intensive purposes a “dump”. That mattered a lot.

Originally from Minneapolis, I left my parents home soon after I received my Masters in Human Resources. Having been deprived of a true college experience (one of partying and drinking) my main goal was to find a job that was not necessarily lucrative, but rather far away from mom and dad, where I could live as I wanted, do as I pleased, and meet another man to make me happy. Mom and Dad had always been insistent on my need to find a girlfriend, and I could never break it to them that I was gay. I don’t think they would have minded in the long run, but only a complete break with my family and friends in Minnesota was going to break this gay man out of the closet.

My job? I was a quality assurance executive for the marketing division of a regional defense contractor. These details are not important. Nor do they shed any light on the events of that summer; the summer that changed my life, and the lives of the world.

My house was the last one on Beacon Street before the slope down to the pond. Next to my house was a two story house, eerily reminiscent of something the patriarch of the Brady family might have designed. I got along with all the neighbors, but the Lakes next door were the friendliest. They were the deciding factor for my moving next door to them. I figured I could stand the Spartan conditions of the house given the property, its location, and the Lakes, who were the nicest couple you could ever meet. We talked for nearly an hour the first day I went to see the house and the following day I was on the phone with the realtor discussing mortgage options. They were so charming.

I had not met their son. He was on vacation for two weeks with his cousin in Seattle. He would be back the week I moved in. I saw a picture of him in the hallway of the Lakes’ house. He was a real looker. Perfect white teeth, deep blue eyes, short, curly, brown hair with blonde tips, pouting lips: he was a real stud! The Lakes told me he played baseball and basketball the year before, and was a regional champion in wrestling on the varsity team, even though he was just a sophomore. Mr. Lake said he had bought him a weight set last week since his son wanted to “bulk up” for football in the fall. So it seemed this kid was a jock too. I always liked jocks, although I always disliked talking to them. My experience with jocks was that they were far too engrossed in their own physical improvement that they lacked other social skills I cherished in a conversation, such as humor, wit, and, quite frankly, charm. Still, from far away, good eye candy.

That July day I rolled up the U-Haul and began to unload my furniture. I noticed the garage door to the Lakes’ was open. I could hear the faint, yet exhilarating clanking of weights. Clearly the Lake boy had already begun his summer muscle building program. Anyway, no time to fantasize. I had work to do.

I started with the easy stuff first: lamps, chairs, box springs, night tables, etc. I grunted my way through my cases of books, as well as my computer, but the rest was too heavy for me to carry on my own. My own short-sightedness and (yes, I’ll admit it) my insistence to save a buck had left me in an embarrassing situation. Half the afternoon had gone by, and here I was, stuck with half a truck full of furniture I could not possibly move on my own. How stupid of me! I had to get that furniture in somehow. I had to return the frigging truck! I thought of asking the Lakes for help, but this idea made me feel uncomfortable. Here I was, Day One as their neighbor, imposing on them already. And not for just a cup of sugar, but to move my heavy ass furniture into my house! Damn, I was such an idiot. How could I have been…

“Yo dude, need some help?”, I heard a voice behind me say.

I turned around and saw this well-toned, young stud walking towards me. He was dripping with sweat (as was I), although he wore those beads of perspiration much better than I did on his tight muscular body. His white tank top was drenched. He wore baggy jean shorts which revealed the Calvin Klein logo of his boxers. I could just make out his pierced bellybutton where his tank ended. From what little I saw I could tell he had a ripped six pack going. His calves had a thin veil of hair and looked long and powerful.

“Uh…yeah…thanks…uh…Mr. Lake”, I stammered

The young stud looked at me oddly, now just three feet away from me. His perplexed face erupted into laughter as he processed what he had just heard.

“Mr. Lake?!?”, he laughed. “Dude, I’m only 16. You don’t have to call me Mr. Lake!”

“I’m sorry…uh, I met your dad the other day and I got into the habit of using that.”, I explained lamely.

The young stud extended his arm and threw out his hand, “Justin! Call me Justin!”

“Right. Justin. Hi.” I shook his hand. Wow! This kid had a vise for a grip! I winced slightly in pain. He must have noticed because he eased his grip somewhat. His hand was big and veiny, his fingers long and thick. His hand easily swallowed my hand in his grip.


This could not be going worse if I tried I thought to myself.

“Mr. Redding?”, he smiled down at me. Down? Yes, he was pretty tall for his age.

“Yeah, Mr. Redding. No! Wait! I hate that!”, I said snapping out of it. I truly hated that title. It added years to my age of 25. “Please, call me Brendon.”

“OK Brendon”, Justin smiled. What a beautiful smile. And already he seemed much more articulate than any other jock I could remember. I mean, he wasn’t Einstein, but he certainly inherited his parents’ charm, and then some! “So unless you’re a lot stronger than you look, it looks like you’re pretty screwed here.”

I could not help but laugh at the obvious comedy the situation provided.

“I think your observation is correct”, I said amid chuckles.

“Let me give you a hand, dude.”, Justin said, a smile still on his face.

“I really feel bad about this. You don’t have to if you don’t want to”, I said sheepishly.

“It’s no big deal. It’ll be part of my workout! Come on, let’s get that table over there.”

Piece by piece Justin and I moved the furniture that was left in the truck into my house. To be quite honest, all I did was merely guide the furniture up the stairs or around corners. I could tell Justin was doing most of the lifting. The toned muscles of his arms and legs now bulged in bold relief from the pump this work was giving him. Still, nothing seemed too heavy for this young muscle stud. The kitchen table, the dining room table, the sofa, the love seat, the vanity…Justin was one strong teenager! I remember he was able to single-handedly push my oak desk into the back foyer. The damn thing was probably 300lbs! There were two large boxes of books, each weighing easily 200 lbs each. I though I would unpack them and bring the books in little by little. But Justin simply grabbed hold of the boxes and with an audible (and very sexy) grunt carried them both into the house in two trips. Just him and his powerful ripped arms. Similarly he carried in my 40” TV set in his wide arms, his tank stretched to the max by his wide back! What a stud. In two hours, we were done.

“Justin, you just did me a huge favor. Thank you so much!”, I said with unveiled gratitude.

“No problem, dude”, he grinned shaking my hand again. This time he applied a lighter, albeit still strong grip, having noticed my earlier grimace. “I enjoy hard work as much as I do lifting, and I was planning on lifting all afternoon anyway.”

“You want some spring water? It’s the only thing I have in the fridge right now apart from beer, but it’s cold.”, I offered

“You bet”, he said and he stepped into the kitchen. There was a step up here despite the fact that the ceiling height stayed level with the rest of the house. His head looked rather close to the ceiling now. I wonder how tall he was. A good ½ a foot taller than me I was sure. I poured him a large glass of water, turned around and handed it…damn he was tall! It didn’t help that this kitchen was so damn small! He was only about a foot away from me. I could feel his breath on my fore head. I could feel the heat radiating from his body…and what a body!…

“Thanks man”, Justin said as he took the glass and downed it. I gazed at his tilted head, the muscles of his craned neck sitting above his broad shoulders, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he downed the glass of water in a series of gulps. I stood there with the pitcher in my hand, immobile.

“More?”, I asked when he was done.

“Yeah”, he grunted “My body needed that.”

I poured another glass and again watched in fascination as his beautiful form polished off another glass. I felt the irrepressible need to comment on his spectacular body.

“So, doing a lot of lifting, huh?”, I ventured. “Your dad says you want to play football next fall.”

“Oh yeah. I want to play real bad! But overall, I just want to get bigger and stronger. I’ve been sort of obsessed with the idea since I lost the state wrestling finals by like 3 points. All I keep thinking now is that if I had been a little stronger I could have won. I’m not used to losing in sports. I was the highest scorer on both my baseball and basketball teams, and we both won division titles.”

“Really, I didn’t know that.”, I said relishing my conversation with this teenage jock more than anything I could remember in recent memory.

“It’s true. Thing is, when I lost the state finals, I was so pissed. I promised myself that I would spend the summer getting as big and strong as I could. I would try to stay away from friends as much as I could and just lift and eat.”

“Well, by the looks of it, you’re well on you’re way. I can’t believe how you moved all my stuff like that.”

“Aww, well, I mean, you helped”, Justin said feigning modesty.

I looked at him with a smirk. “Bullshit, Justin. You lifted all that shit almost entirely on your own and you know it!”

Justin laughed, “Yeah, OK. I did. But what the hell, I mean I could tell you couldn’t do it. No offense…”

“None taken”, I smiled as I poured him another glass of water. “You were incredible.” I handed him the water.

“Hell you look incredible! I mean, how tall are you anyway.”, I asked.

I wondered if I was pushing it, but Justin finished off his water again and grinned down at me.

“In the last two weeks I’ve grown another inch. I’m 6’2” now.”, he said proudly.

“Get out! Man, you’re growing fast! I knew you had to be over 6’0”. I mean, I’m only 5’6” and you looked way bigger than me when I first saw you today.”

“Yeah…I’m an inch taller than my dad now”, he chuckled with satisfaction “And what’s really cool is I think I’ve just started to really hit my growth spurt.”

“Wow…that’s awesome. All I ever wanted was to be one or two inches taller myself”, I confessed, “but you’re way beyond that Justin. And it sounds like you’re going to get much taller. Wow!”

“I hope so!”, grinned Justin.

“You’re definitely strong for your age Justin. The girls will be drooling over you come September.” I was now letting the compliments fly. Justin didn’t seem to mind it. He smiled as he inhaled, his chest expanding. He lifted his tank slightly and felt his abs.

“Yeah, I’m starting to get pretty ripped. Not only am I getting taller, I’m putting on a lot of mass too”, he admitted proudly.

My mouth was getting dry. I took a sip of my smaller glass of water. “Really”, I quipped. “You’re eating a lot, huh?”

“You better believe it!” Justin said. “I eat like six or seven meals a day. Lots of meat and eggs. And I drink a ½ gallon of protein shake before and after every workout. I was afraid I’d get fat, but my body burns it all. I’ve been packing on muscle like crazy! And my strength gains have gone through the roof! When school let out two weeks ago I only weighed 185lbs. Today I weighed myself at 217lbs!”

“Woh!!! That’s amazing Justin! You’re growing like a weed! Hell, I bet you could beat that guy who you lost to in the state finals.”

“No doubt, dude! I’m like 20lbs heavier than that chump now! I’d cream him!” Justin gloated. He looked at me inquisitively and asked, “Hey Brendon. How much does a guy your size weigh?”

I felt somewhat humiliated next to this virile teen superman. Nine years ago, when I was his age, he would have been just a toddler, perhaps only reaching my chest. But with the passage of time and his killer genetics, his body simply blew mine away in terms of height, weight and strength. Still, I felt compelled to answer him. In fact, a part of me found the humiliation arousing.

“Uh, I only weigh 145 lbs”, I confessed.

“That’s it?” Justin exclaimed incredulously. “Man, you ARE pretty small!” Justin beamed a killer smile at me. Then he looked around and with a mischievous grin said, “Hey Brendon, check this out.”

With that he grabbed his tank and in a single, slow, sexy motion he peeled it off his torso, exposing his smooth bulging upper body, glistening with sweat. I loved the bead necklace he wore around his powerful neck.

“Wow!!! You look really built Justin”, I heard myself exclaim. “I swear kids these days are getting so damn big!”

Justin smirked and raised his arms. He closed them into a tremendous double biceps pose. His biceps formed ripped, hard peaks of pure teenage muscle. Thick veins snaked down his meaty forearms and over the peaks of his biceps. His horseshoe shaped triceps filled out his upper arm to amazing proportions. The only hair on his upper body was his love trail below his belly button which led deep into his Calvins, and the manly patches of hair in the deep crevices of his arm pits; deep pits created by his thick pecs and lats. He flexed his arms over and over, pumping up his biceps as he said,

“Check it out dude. I’ve added some serious size to my ‘guns’. I measured these bad boys yesterday at 17 ½”. But I’m going for more!”

“Damn…”, my mind groped for something to say “You’re going to stretch out every shirt you own with muscles like those.”

The comment broke Justin’s concentration and he roared into laughter. I laughed as well.

“Are you for real, dude!?!”, he laughed. He put his hands on his waist, his beautiful chest heaving from the exertion of his laughter. He smiled broadly at me and said, “I never really thought of that as a problem Brendon. I guess I’ll have to get bigger clothes as I grow. I gotta admit though, I like my clothes tight fitting. I’m sort of a show off.”

“I can see that.” I smiled “But you have every reason to be.”

Justin went to grab his tank and I stopped him.

“Uh, hey Justin…would you maybe strike a few more poses? I mean, you look absolutely incredible. I mean, you don’t have to…”, I whimpered off.

Justin’s eyes glimmered and he tossed his tank into the living room. He then turned around to face me. “Sure little man”, he said with a confident smirk. “What do you want to see?”

“Uh…well let me see that biceps pose from the back. Your shoulders look really round and wide.

Justin turned around, the smirk still on his face, and stood with his back to me. He raised his arms and flexed his arms. The muscles of his shoulders and upper back popped into bold relief. What phenomenal musculature on this stud! He was Michelangelo’s David for the 21st Century: bigger, taller, stronger than any previous model of virility. I was amazed.

“How’s that dude?”, Justin asked.

“Amazing!” I said. The sound of my voice conveyed my amazement, and Justin sensed it.

“Check out how wide my back is, little man”, Justin announced as he placed his hands on his hips and his lats spread out farther, and farther, and farther!

“Christ!”, I gasped.

“Like it?”, he asked.

“Wow Justin! You gotta a wall of muscle going back here! You’d make a hell of a linebacker big guy! Hell, if you keep growing like this you won’t fit in my kitchen!”

Justin dropped the pose and turned around. Again, his beautiful booming laughter filled my ears.

“No need to exaggerate dude. Although I love how my shoulders are spreading out more and more as I grow. No way could I do a lat spread like that in a doorway. In fact, even relaxed my shoulders almost brush the walls when I walk down a hallway.”

“Wow”, I gasped. “Oh, hey, do that pose that bodybuilders do all the time to end their routines. What’s that called…”

“Oh I know”, Justin grinned. “You mean a most muscular, like this?”

Justin slowly brought his arms into his waist. His pumped chest swelled with raw power. His pecs were tremendously thick and cut. This kid would be ready for the bodybuilding stage very soon. Justin roared as he hit his pose and my vision was filled with this display of young strapping might.

“GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!”, Justin growled

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah!…ya like that Brendon?”, Justin grinned as he briefly loosened and did a 2nd most muscular for me.

“Here’s some more! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!”

“Wow! You are truly incredible! I’ve never seen someone your age with so much muscle mass! The way you look it’s amazing you only weigh 217 lbs.” I was fawning all over him now. Still, Justin seemed either oblivious or unaffected to my worship.

“Yeah dude. I like the way it looks on me. They say that muscle makes you look heavier than fat. Plus, I’m so wide.”

Justin brought his hands to his waist and again did a lat spread. From the front his, his hard pecs spread majestically as his shoulders popped into bold relief. His abs were shredded plates of rock hard muscle! What a killer “bod” on this kid.

“Yeah..” I mumbled stunned. “You’re so wide”

Suddenly there was a knock on the front door. I looked up surprised. Justin looked at his wristwatch.

“Cool, my parents are here”, he said.

“Your parents?!?”, I exclaimed wide-eyed.

“Yeah, dude”, Justin smiled as he walked into the living room to grab his tank. “They’ve organized a housewarming party for you. A bunch of neighbors are coming over with food and stuff. Not a moment too soon either. I’m fucking starving!”

Justin put his tank back on.

“I hope you don’t mind. My parents said you were really outgoing and they thought you wouldn’t mind.”

The fact was I did not mind, although the fact that this surprise housewarming had put an end to Justin’s posing routine made it, at the very least, inopportune.

“Mind if I use your bathroom to wash up a little.” Justin asked

“Go ahead. I’ll get the door”

The party was a lot of fun. Most of the neighbors on the block had shown up with all sorts of casseroles and cold cuts. One neighbor bought her grill for some hot dogs and hamburgers. Another neighbor insisted on bringing her special BBQ ribs. There were leftovers for days. The food could have lasted me weeks (it didn’t, but I’ll get to that later). Finally, the Lakes had brought a keg of beer. I was half bombed by the time everyone had arrived. Still, I had a blast, as did everyone else who was nice enough to come. Most of my neighbors were in their forties and fifties, a few younger than that. I was the youngest homeowner on the block. Two girls, classmates and neighbors of Justin’s, had dropped by with their parents. They clearly could care less about me. They were there for Justin and they were all over him. They followed him everywhere. I loved hearing the compliments Justin was getting from everyone in just his shorts and tank top.

“Woh…getting pretty big Justin!”

“You’re gonna grow right through the roof!”

“Man, what are your parents feeding you!”

“Look at those arms!”

“There ain’t a kid in school dumb enough to mess with you!”

Justin just smiled at all the compliments. He was loving every second of it. He was trying to be modest about his body, but his smile betrayed his pride. Some neighbors asked him to make a muscle at least three or four times that evening, and each time he obliged the partygoers with a double biceps shot that drew a chorus of “oohs” and “ahhs”. In fact, I even snuck a look at Justin, outside with the two girls, showing off his arms and chest, his tank on the ground.

“Wow Justin! You’re muscles are getting so big!!!”

“You’re already bigger than your dad now!”

“Flex for us again…Oh my God!”

“You’ll definitely make the football team now!”

Justin grinned proudly, flexing for the girls as he explained,

“I ain’t done yet. I wanna get even bigger! I wanna be the biggest man on the team!

As he left soon after his parents, in the ever-present company of the girls, he whispered in my ear,

“Guess what Brendon. You were right. I weighed myself on your bathroom scale. I’m not 217 anymore. I weigh 226lbs!”

He winked at me and left. I stood somewhat dazed in my doorway, with half a beer in my hand. This kid could become seriously huge if he wanted to, and it sounded like he did.


Part 2

In the first week that I was there, I saw the Lakes frequently as I settled in. I saw Justin every day, usually in his garage, pumping iron. As I loaded lawn supplies into my shed, or walked past his house on the way to the grocery store, I could see Justin putting his heart and soul into his lifting. His sweat covered body displayed the fruit of all his hard work; his bulging muscular body on display to anyone lucky enough to walk past the Lakes’ house on those hot summer afternoons. Justin’s classmates would often check up on him, amazed by his outstanding progress. Players from the varsity football team stopped by and were humbled by his gains in size and strength. Girls would frequently interrupt his workouts, asking him to pose or flex for them. Despite the attention he was garnering from his peers, Justin remained focused on his goals. Justin often turned down invites to parties or trips down to the Jersey Shore just so he could spend his days working out and eating, and his nights resting up to build more and more muscle.

I think Justin loved showing off for me. When I walked pass his driveway he would always come darting out from his garage in his tight sweat drenched tank top, his muscles hard and pumped. He’d ask me how things were going, if I needed anything from his parents or if he could help out with any heavy chores I might have around the house. I began to take him up on these offers. After just three days, I provided Justin with a copy of my house key in case he wanted anything cold to drink or something to eat as he worked at my house. He mowed my lawn (which was a 2 hour job in itself) and cleaned out my basement (I can’t imagine how he did it since he could barely stand up straight in its cramped confines). Most impressively Justin knocked down this ugly brick wall behind the house. He did this on a sweltering Saturday afternoon, with thermometers pushing 104 degrees. Despite the oppressive heat, Justin did not tire. With just a sledgehammer in his powerful arms, the sweaty muscle stud demolished the wall as I watched his shirtless body from my back porch in amazement. This was the hottest man I think I ever laid eyes on and he was like my very own house servant. When he cleared out all the bricks on the front curb with the aid of the wheel barrel he came up to me. I extended to him a pitcher of lemonade. He didn’t even use the glass. He grabbed the pitcher and greedily drank it down in a few gulps! I admired his body from close up; his bulging pecs, his super-ripped abs, and his bulging biceps, which bulged even as he held the pitcher to his mouth to drink.

“Got any more”, he smiled after he had polished that off.

“Uh, sure. Man you were thirsty, huh?”, I said leading him into my house.

“Yeah…hungry too!”, he said as he entered my kitchen. “You mind?” he asked as he opened my fridge.

“No, go ahead”, I said. Justin had gotten into the habit of eating whatever he wanted when he was over, and to be quite honest, I had no problems with it. Already, in just a few days, he had wiped out the leftovers from my housewarming party, including several trays of cold cuts, two pounds of potato salad and nearly a rack of BBQ ribs. Today there was half a leftover sausage Sicilian pizza in the fridge.

“Can I eat the pizza?” Justin asked.

“You know you can have anything you want Justin.” I said

Justin smiled at me. “Thanks dude”, he said as he unwrapped the pizza and prepared to place it in my oven.

“I’m sure glad you let me eat so much. My parents are already freaking out by how much I eat over there place. It’s good to be able to raid more than one fridge!”, he laughed.

“You have to man. You need to grow!” I said with a smile.

“You see, dude!”, Justin smiled “That’s why I like you. You understand! My friends and family think I’m big enough, but you realize I want more!”

“I was thinking about that”, I said. “Let me make a proposition to you. I want to pay you for all the help you’re doing around the house for me. Plus, I want to help you in your quest to get even bigger. I think you have some unbelievable genetics. You are going to be one huge athlete.” Justin grinned and nodded in appreciation of the compliment. “So here is the deal, I’ll keep this fridge stocked with food and I’ll buy any supplements you want to get bigger. And if you need cash…”

“You don’t need to do anymore, dude! That’s more than enough! Wow! So you’re going to be like my sponsor. And all you want me to do is chores?” Justin asked amazed by my generosity.

“That’s it. Well, that and grow for me. I want you to grow the way my genetics never let me. Hell, even if there’s nothing to do around here I’ll still sponsor you. You need anything, tell me.”

Justin’s face could have melted me like butter. He looked so happy. He extended his hand and I shook it.

“You got it Brendon. I’m going to push my genetics to the limit, little man. Just remember, you asked for it! I’m going to eat you out of house and home if I can, but I’m gonna get fucking huge! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!” Justin punctuated his promise with a mind-blowing most muscular.

“Damn! I’ve only been here a week and you look bigger than when I moved in!”

Justin smirked and said, “That’s cause I am.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” I asked, my mouth becoming dry.

“Well, Dad was looking on the small side today so out of curiosity I had mom measure me. I’m 6’3” now!” he said confidently.

“Holy shit! You grew an inch in less than a week!?! That’s amazing! Do you weigh any more?” I asked.

“Don’t know. Let’s find out.” Justin smiled.

We walked to my bathroom and he took off his shoes to get an accurate weight reading. I noticed for the first time that Justin had really big feet. There were long, veiny and powerful. Justin caught me gawking at his feet.

“Size 15”, Justin grinned

“Oh? Wow…”I stammered.

“Yeah, and even these sneakers are starting to get tight on me!” he winked.

Justin hopped on the scale. The needle flew past the 225lbs he had weighed just a week earlier and stooped at 234lbs!

“Wow, Justin! 234 pounds! And you look more ripped than ever!”

“Yeah…check it out little dude!”

Justin hopped off the scale and turned around to face my bathroom mirror. He lifted his arms and did a double biceps shot.

“These bad boys are just a few hairs away from 18 inches”, grinned Justin. “Now check out my six pack.”

Justin lifted his arm, put his hand behind his head, and did a mind-blowing ab crunch.

“Six pack!?!”, I said astonished “It looks more like an eight pack. I’ve never seemed abs that defined!”

“Now look at this width little man.” Justin announced as he hit a frontal lat spread. He filled the entire mirror up with his bulging torso! I stood beside him and could not help admit,

“Geez! I look so small next to you Justin! Look at the comparison! Look!” Justin was looking and laughing.

“I know!” Justin said still maintaining his awesome pose. “You’re looking smaller than ever! With all the supplements and food you’re going to give me, you’re gonna look even smaller next to me! Wait til my chest really starts growing!”

“Man. If I lined up against you for football, you grind me into the turf with all that muscle.”

Justin laughed heartily at the thought of this. He was probably imagining how easy it would be to overpower me at his size. The thought of this teen stud, complete with football gear, smashing my puny body into the ground was strangely erotic.

At that moment the oven went off. I followed Justin into the kitchen where he proceeded to devour the remaining half of Sicilian pizza. Man, this kid could eat! He got up to leave.

“You leaving already?” I asked somewhat dismayed.

“Yeah, dude. I gotta go work out!” he winked.

“Work out!?! You demolished a brick wall this afternoon. Aren’t you tired?” I asked stunned.

“Nah! I feel pumped! I feel so fucking strong! I’ll come by tonight if you want. Maybe we can rent some videos or something”, Justin suggested. My heart fluttered.

“OK. Sounds great. I mean, if you don’t have any plans with friends and stuff.”

“Not really. I keep blowing those guys off. I don’t want too much to distract me from my workouts. I just ant to eat, sleep and lift! That way, come September, I’ll be so damn huge that I’ll fucking blow all those cats away!”

I just stared at his gorgeous, muscular body as he smiled at me from the front door.

“You really look incredible Justin. Thanks for the little posing session.” I said softly.

“Sure” Justin beamed. “I love showing off. In fact, I always pose in my bathroom mirror at home, but its not as much fun without an audience. You mind if we do it again some time?”

“How about tonight?” I blurted.

“Cool”, Justin grinned. “This oughta be fun! I’ll wear my swim trunks so you can check out my legs! You’re gonna like my legs, dude. They’ve gotten so fucking big and strong. I’m getting that cool diamond shape to my claves and everything!”

And with that he was gone. But he would be back soon enough. I went to the supermarket and bought enough food to fill my refrigerator, mostly foods high in protein, like meat, fish and eggs. I swung by the GNC store to pick up containers of protein shake, protein bars, creatine, and even a special shake advertised to release growth hormone during sleep. Man, luckily I was making good money at my new job! I prepared a massive dinner of spaghetti and meatballs when I got back. It was ready by the time Justin swung around 7pm. He had just had pot roast over his parents. Incredibly, it was just enough to satiate the massive stud! I could not get over how much this kid ate! I had rented a DVD, some action flick (Justin liked action films with lots of mayhem and destruction). We settled down to watch the film. Justin kicked off his shoes and put his feet up on my coffee table, an act I normally forbade but allowed and even enjoyed in this instance. I loved looking at his long enormous feet, and even enjoyed the strong odor they gave off. The smell filled up my entire living room! I loved the smell of this young muscle jock!

After the film we talked about his workouts. We talked about his strength and size goals. The more I spoke with him, the more I came to realize that these goals did not exist. Whereas he had originally wanted to bulk up for football, now it seemed that growing bigger and stronger was becoming an end in itself. He simply loved the feeling of becoming a more powerful man. And what was perhaps most intriguing (his parents were beginning to find this almost disturbing) was that he wasn’t even aiming for a particular goal in size or strength. To him, growing was like going up in an elevator, rising higher and higher, but with no top floor in sight! I told Justin that his desire to grow was insatiable.

“In what?” Justin asked puzzled.

“It knows no limits…no bounds…You’ll never be satisfied”, I explained.

Justin reflected on this and chuckled. “Yeah…I guess you’re right. Man, that’s kinda freaky ain’t it Brendon?”

“Well, it seems logical”, I reasoned. “You are extremely competitive. It’s only natural that you would want to be the best at what you excel in. You excel in athletics. And in sports, the sports you play anyway, the bigger and stronger you are, the better you are than those around you. The more you grow, the less of a challenge your competitors pose. Until you grow to the point where no-one poses a challenge to you. Perhaps that’s your goal. I mean, would you like to be the biggest man on Earth? The strongest, tallest and heaviest man on the planet?”

“Hell yeah!” Jason answered, totally hanging on my every word.

“Well, there you go. That’s your drive!” I said, rather proud of my improvised psychoanalysis.

“But I’d want to be the biggest man ever.” Justin said, his face completely serious.

“Oh…” I said somewhat taken back by his sheer greed for power. “Well, then perhaps that is..”

“And then I’d wanna keep growing Brendon! If there was a guy that came in second to me in size and strength, I wouldn’t want to be just bigger than him. I’d wanna fucking dwarf the guy! I’d wanna make him look puny and pathetic next to me! I’d want to be so god damn huge! And even then, I’d push with all my heart to grow even more!!! Cause I can’t get enough of this feeling, Brendon. I love how people look at me, more and more looking up to me, out of respect, or jealousy, or even fear. I think I’ve seen a few people, small people like you, who looked afraid of me! I wouldn’t hurt em or nothing…but they know the strength my body has. They know I could break them in half if I wanted to. Imagine what people will think if I grow more, and more…damn!”


“Jesus!” I thought. Perhaps my psychoanalysis had failed to grasp exactly how power hungry the super jock was. He really had not limit to how much he wanted to grow. The smoke alarm broke my train of thought, otherwise I may have very well sat their gaping at him all night.

“Wha….what’s that! Where’s that smoke coming from!?!”

“Oh shit!”, Justin said springing to his feet. He was astonishingly limber for someone his size. “The hot pockets!”

“Huh”, I looked up at him confused.

“When I went up to go to the bathroom I put some hot pockets in the oven. I got hungry again”, he said with an innocent grin.

Justin threw away the hot pockets, which looked more like pieces of charcoal now. He did eat a pound of chicken salad I had bought and had some more protein shake.

“I gotta keep growing little man” Justin said proudly wiping his upper lip of excess shake.

I sat there and smiled at him uncomfortably. “This kid was going to turn into superman right before my eyes”, I thought to myself. I felt somewhat intimidated by him. But more than anything, I felt privileged.


Part 3

The following week Justin continued to workout like a madman. As the days passed, he could lift more, he could eat more, and yes…he grew a lot more! He was making tremendous gains in size and strength on a daily basis. It was common for him to put on a pound or two of muscle each day! I swear I had never heard of a teenager growing this much, this fast before! One day I came home early from work and got to catch the last hour of his workout. He put on a mind-blowing display of young unbridled power! He did 2 sets of tricep extensions and three sets of bicep curls for 12 reps each with 60 pound dumbbells. He did two sets of shoulder flyes which added a spectacular pump to his super wide torso. I was astonished by his barbell curls. He was able to curl 150 pounds for 2 sets of 8 reps! He did butterfly extensions with nearly all the weight on his dad’s Bowflex. Most amazingly, Justin benched 425lbs for 5 reps! He then maxed out by benching 450lbs in one glorious rep!

Justin stood up after this amazing feat and tore his tank off his chest. I though I would faint! And his muscles!!! I had never seen muscles that big before in person. What is more, Justin’s body was lean and cut (“rippling” as he was fond of saying). He must have had less than 5% body fat. His muscles were really big, but they had to be to fill up his tall frame. Thanks to his height, Justin was able to look mega-buff, without looking “roided out” or musclebound. I though he looked perfect.

“Man! I’m feeling it today!” Justin said. “This is the most I’ve ever lifted so far!”

“You are getting stronger, Justin. There’s no denying that. You even look bigger. Did you grow another pound or two today?” I wondered.

Justin was eager to find out. To his excitement, and my shock, Justin had gained a full seven pounds in the last 24 hours and weighed in at 249 rock hard pounds! He outweighed me by over 100 pounds now.

“Holy shit! You gotta be kidding!” I said visibly startled.

“Believe it, little man! Can you imagine how huge I’ll be come September if I keep adding on 7 pounds of muscle a day!?!” Justin grinned and blew into a most muscular that left me breathless. “GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!”

“Justin. Let me measure your height”, I suggested. “You may have grown taller. Not that you need to be any taller.”

Justin swaggered over to the wall for me to measure him. “I can never be tall enough, little man. You know that by now”, he said with a cocky grin.

Sure enough, the teen stud had inched up to 6’4”. I was in disbelief. Justin was ecstatic. He jumped around the garage hooting and pumping his fists in the air like he had just won the Superbowl. “Damn”, I thought “He could knock my head off my shoulder if he connected one of those swings with my skull.” It occurred to me that I was thinking like the so-called little people Justin said he intimidated. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, but I just couldn’t help feeling that way. “God, it must be a rush to be that strong!” I thought.

Justin came over to me as he toweled the sweat off his muscular body.

“You got work tomorrow?” he asked.

“Yeah. I’m afraid so. And I don’t think I’ll be getting out early.” I said somewhat disillusioned.

“Damn!” he said. I was surprised to see he was unhappy about this too. “I swear, I do lift a lot harder when you’re around”, he admitted.

“You like an audience”, I smirked.

“Yeah, I do”, Justin laughed faux punching me in the shoulder (I still lost my balance somewhat…the kid had no conception of his own strength!) “Man, I wanna keep these gains going! You’re not working on Saturday, right?”

“Nope!” I smiled.

“Awesome! You can watch me lift all afternoon. Is that okay?” Justin asked.

“Sure, big guy! I’ll watch ya”, I said as I faux punched him back in the chest. Holy shit! Was that muscle or granite?

“Cool. And after that we can go out for my birthday!” Justin said bright-eyed.

“No shit!” I said. “And you’ll be…”

Justin gave a sweet little smile and said, “Seventeen”.

I shook my head in disbelief. “Seventeen…that’s it, huh? You have a long way to go before you’re done growing”, I remarked.

Justin put his large hand on my shoulder. “If I had it my way, I would never be done!” he grinned.

For Justin’s 17th birthday he was going to receive mostly clothes. After all, his massive growth spurt was leaving a good deal of his wardrobe useless. Even the fabric of his tight tank tops and his soccer shorts and swim trunks were being tested by the increasing growth of his bulging, rock-hard muscles. Forget about getting into a pair of his old jeans. Since school let out, Justin had added over 60 pounds of mind-blowing mass! Incredible!…

His parents and I each chose which articles of clothes to buy Justin. I was to buy him three new pairs of shoes: sandals, sneakers, and boots. His parents would complete the rest of his wardrobe. The shoes were a challenge. Justin’s size 15s had grown uncomfortably tight on the teenage Adonis and he required bigger shoes, perhaps size 17s! Man, I had never seen feet as big as his up close! I thought feet like that only existed in the NBA. I had to go to a big and tall place. I thought I would never have to step foot in one of those. I purchased the shoes. Upon the recommendation of the clerk, who was quite tall himself (he said he was 6’8”), I ordered a pair of size 18 and size 20 sneakers.

“That kid is going to get even taller at the rate you say he’s growing, he’ll need bigger shoes soon. He may grow as tall as me and I wear size 18s.”

His Friday had not been as productive as the day before, although that evening he confessed to me that he had broken 250 lbs and now weighed in at 254. I asked him if he wanted anything special for his birthday, and surprisingly he asked for…

“I could use a few posing straps”, he said nonchalantly.

The mental picture knocked me for a ride.

“Really? You want that?” I said fumbling for my words.

“Yeah. I want something to pose for you in. I figure either a posing strap, or just a few jock straps. I still have my old ones from baseball, but they don’t really fit me now.” He said with a grin.

“The waistband too small?” I asked expectantly.

“Nah…the pouch dude. The pouch is too small for me”, Justin said blushing slightly.

“Oh! Guess you’re growing all over, huh”, I said with a sly wink.

“Oh man…”, Justin laughed shaking his head, “You just don’t know! I can’t wait for football. People aren’t gonna believe their eyes when they see me in the showers!” Justin bragged.

My heart skipped a few beats.

Saturday was Justin’s birthday. I came over at one o’clock that afternoon while Justin’s parents were away, picking out some last minute gifts for Justin (more clothes).

We were going to go out a 5pm for dinner. I was going to be the Lakes’ treat at a nearby steakhouse.

“All right little dude”, Justin said greeting me at his garage door in just a tight white tank top and these orange and blue swim trunks that just cleared his rippling thighs and were skin tight against his hard bulbous glutes. “I feel more pumped than ever before this afternoon. You ready to watch me lift like a freak!?!”

“Go ahead Justin. Show me how strong you are.” I said.

Justin looked over at me as he put on his lifting gloves and gave me a cocky smile. “OK little dude. Come and watch a big boy play!”

Justin had done his lower body and back the day before and was back to chest and arms today. He kicked off his workout by blasting his abs with sit ups. More sit-ups than I had ever seen done. I had lost count after 300. He did the sit ups with mind-blowing speed. After 10 minutes Justin stopped, but only because he had gotten the pump he wanted from his abs, not because he was fatigued. He had done something like 800 sit ups in just 10 minutes.

He warmed his chest by doing some more butterfly extensions on the Bowflex. He completed the first set of 15 using nearly all the resistance the machine could muster. But Justin felt he could handle more. He put the machine on maximum resistance and performed 2 sets of 10 on the machine. He treated me to a frontal lat spread once he was done. His pump was now stretching his tank top to the breaking point.

Next, he laid back on the bench and did chest raises with two 60lb dumbbells. But for the next two sets, Justin upped the weight on his dumbbells to 80lbs. I think even Justin was amazed by how easily he blew out 2 sets of 15. “Fuck! I feel even stronger than the last time you watched me lift! Way stronger!!!” Justin grunted as he lifted.

Justin used the same dumbbells to do bicep curls. He knocked out a dozen reps in each arm before upping the weight on his dumbbells to 100lbs. He pumped out another dozen reps in each arm, grunting with satisfaction at the challenge. His arms were swelled with blood. They looked beyond 18 inches now! He did a double biceps pose as he sat on his bench.

“Wow! Those arms are definitely bigger than before! They’re huge!” I marveled.

“Yeah? Ya like that? Wanna see me do some more?”, he winked breathing heavily.

“Sure!” I said delighted.

“OK, little man. Get a load of this.”

Justin grabbed the dumbbells and commenced a third set. He strained and pushed through the reps, grunting and growling like a ferocious animal. To my amazement, Justin completed a dozen reps in each arm, and switched over and did a 4th set of 12! Even more astonishing, he seemed to be lifting the weight easier, faster…

“DAMN! IT FEELS SO GOOD! FUCK!!!” Justin roared as he blasted out rep after rep, his arms swelling to huge, massive proportions! When he was done, he stood and did another double biceps. I actually had to rub my eyes! His arms looked even bigger than just seconds ago!

“Oh man! Look at you!” I said in disbelief. “Let me measure those guns, big man!”

Justin conceded and I brought the tape measure over. His arms felt so hot. They quivered with power as he flexed them. A vein snaked over the peak of his bicep.

“Justin! Your arms are 19 inches! This is unbelievable!” I sputtered.

“I can believe it! I feel like I could tear these walls down in my bare hands. I can’t wait to tackle someone at football! I’ll fucking crush them!” Justin growled.

Justin lifted the dumbbells again, and this time worked on his triceps. Just like his biceps, these too ballooned with size an power. He then proceeded to do three sets of 10 dumbbell flyes with the 100lb dumbbells. His tank crawled up past his belly button and his abs as his lats and chest appeared to grow wider and fuller. Justin was looking like an amateur bodybuilder now, only he stood taller than any other bodybuilder I had ever seen. Man…did he look tall…dare I say, even taller than before…

“You like what you see, little man! You getting your money’s worth watching me get bigger with all those supplements and all that food!?!” Justin grinned as he hit a few poses for me.

“You look so damn big Justin! I’m gonna have to call the post office and tell them to get you your own zip code!” I said.

Justin laughed wildly. “You better believe it little man. Watch this man, I’m gonna bench more than I ever have before. All just for you!”

Justin began to add weight to the barbell and I noticed that the laces on his big size 15 sneakers had popped revealing his white socks at the top pressing through the laces.

“Uh…Justin…” I said hesitantly.

“What is it little dude”, he answered as he added another 50 lbs on the barbell with a loud clank.

“Your shoe laces”, I said pointing in wonderment “Your feet have popped the laces.”

Justin looked down somewhat surprised. He stared for a while and then kicked off his shoes and smiled over at me with an innocent look.

“Do you think my feet are growing this fast?” Justin asked.

“I think so. I mean, you even look taller Justin!” I said incredulously.

Justin stood for a moment and considered this. A mischievous grin appeared on his face.

“Man…this is awesome. I actually felt like I was growing when I was pumping up. I mean seriously growing! But I thought that was just a feeling”, Justin said looking down at his feet and then smiling at me with a wide grin. “But I guess I wasn’t imagining it!”

There was silence for a few moments. Growth like this was unheard of.

Then I ventured to ask, “You think you can do it again?”

“You mean grow some more?” Justin asked raising his eyebrow with a sly grin. “You want to see if I can grow some more?”

I nodded. Justin tilted his head and the garage filled with his booming laughter.

“No problem, little dude! I can see you like watching me grow as much as I enjoy growing!” Justin laughed as he bent over and added another 50lbs to the barbell. He had about 450lbs on the bench now.

He sat down at the bench and stretched his arms before giving me a wink and a smile,

“Maybe my goal to be the biggest and strongest man ever doesn’t sound so crazy anymore…”

With that Justin laid back on the bench, gripped the barbell and proceeded to bench 400lbs for 6 clean reps. His chest exploded with raw muscular power! He looked unbelievable! To my complete astonishment, Justin got up and added another 50lbs onto the bar. The bar now held 450 lbs!

“The guys on the varsity team last year couldn’t even bench 450 once! Wait til they get a load of me come football practice”, Justin commented as he sat back down on the bench, laid back, and grabbed the bar…

“URGHHHHHH”, Justin growled as he benched the massive weight once.

“URGHHH!!!GOD YEAH!!!!”, Justin grunted as he benched the weight a second time.

Justin’s chest heaved with strength. His pecs looked bigger. They swelled larger and larger with every passing second! I couldn’t believe my eyes!…

“FUCK YEAH!!! COME ON!!! MORE!!! MMMMMFFF!!!” Justin bellowed. He must have felt what I was watching. He must have felt more and more strength pumping through his veins, into his growing Herculean frame, his muscles bulging with brutal teenage power…

“GRRRRRRRR”, the weight went up a fourth time. This time his tank top could hold his massive chest no longer. It made an audible tear as his ballooning chest heaved through the relatively flimsy material.

“YEAH!!! MORE!!! MOOOORE!!!” Justin roared as he benched the weight a fifth time, then a sixth time, a seventh time…all the time his huge muscles bulging to greater and greater size on his growing frame.

Justin completed an eighth and final rep, although he did not seem completely exhausted. If anything he seemed to excited to concentrate.

Justin stood up out of breath with a look of complete glee on his handsome, sweaty face.

“Holy shit, dude!!! I really felt it that time! I felt myself getting bigger and stronger! I must have grown! I fucking benched that weight eight times!!! EIGHT TIMES!!! I’m Superman!!!”

Justin came right up to me and stopped. He looked down with an evil grin.

“I must be bigger, because you look smaller to me Brendon. Much smaller! My muscles look much bigger compared to your body, and I know I’ve gotten taller! Quick, measure me, squirt!”

I quickly obeyed the teenage superman and dove for the tape measure. His massive arms now stretched the tape measure at 20 inches.

“God damn! Now that’s size, baby!” Justin said as he proudly flexed his arms and kissed his left bicep.

“Now my chest.” Justin ordered as he grabbed his torn tank and ripped the rest of it off his massive torso

“Damn…that was my biggest tank top too”, Justin chuckled with satisfaction.

I brought the tape around Justin’s hulking sweaty chest, my hands trembling as I did (Justin seemed amused by this). His chest stretched the tape to a massive 64 inches!!!

“Man is that big!!!” I could not help say.

Justin laughed, “You bet little man. Now my height.”

Justin had definitely grown taller. He now stood at an impressive 6’6”. I was most shocked by his spectacular gain in weight. He tipped the scales at 281lbs now! This was a gain of 30 lbs in just one afternoon!!! He was nearly twice my weight now, and it looked like he was only packing ripped, hard muscle.

“Come closer, Brendon. Stand right in front of me. I wanna see how small you look next to me!” Justin mocked. I walked over to him and looked directly into his heaving chest. I looked upwards and saw him smirking at me.

“Dang, you look so small, Brendon!” Justin said.

“Yeah…” I said nervously. “I feel it.”

“How does it feel, dude. Seriously, how does it feel standing next to someone as big and strong as me. Especially someone as little as you.” Justin asked. He was partly mocking me, but I denoted some interest in his voice.

“Oh man, I just feel, uh, I don’t know,…small…small and weak. I feel overwhelmed by the sight of you. You fill my entire field of vision, and all I see is muscle. I’m almost afraid you’re gonna take one of those big arms and put me in a headlock and snap my neck like a twig…”

Justin grinned and lifted his right arm and flexed his huge, ripped bicep, “You mean this arm here little guy?” Justin taunted.

I just stared up at it in amazement. He looked down at me and laughed.

“Nah, I wouldn’t do that to you dude. God, I’d hate to pick on anyone as little as you. No offense.”

“Oh.. none taken…” I babbled.

“Nah, I’d wanna get my hands on a real big guy. Someone who thinks he’s real hot shit in the gym. Man I’d love to pick a fight with some big bad ass just to see what these muscles can do”, and here Justin bounced his mighty pecs for emphasis.

“How do you feel being that big, Justin” I asked in return.

“Fucking awesome! Man, I feel so damn powerful! I love it! I love looking down at you over my pecs, Brendon. It makes me feel almighty! I feel like I have total control over you. It’s weird. You feel that?” Justin asked innocently.

“Yes”, I whimpered.

“Yeah…I thought so! I love this feeling. Thing is, you ain’t the only one Brendon. I’m bigger than any kid at high school, or any teacher for that matter. But I want more of this feeling. I wanna grow even bigger Brendon!!! What do you think?”, he grinned down at me.

“I…I…I don’t know Justin. I can’t think of anything that can stop you. At the rate you can grow, you can become gigantic in no time.” I said.

I think I was frightened and Justin seemed to notice this. He put his hands at his waist and turned around slightly and looked at the bench. He then looked back down at me and with a cocky smile asked,

“Should I do some more?”

“More!?!”, I looked up at him in disbelief.

“Yeah…I can probably bench 500, maybe even 550 if I push it. So how bout it? Wanna see me get even bigger? Shit, how small would you feel then!!!” Justin said as he burst out laughing. I laughed nervously.

“Oh come on, little dude…you know you wanna see me get even bigger, even taller, my muscles get stronger, and stronger…” Justin teased me with a flex of his arm.

I gazed at him in astonishment and managed to mumble, “OK…yeah, do it Justin. Get even bigger!”

“DAMN!” Justin laughed “You really are a size freak! OK, let me do some barbell curls.”

Justin took about 200 lbs off the barbell, leaving a full 250 on the barbell. He was going to curl this!?! Justin smiled confidently. He grabbed the barbell and with a lour groan curled the weight once, then twice. He began to struggle on the third rep.

“Come on, Justin”, I cheered. “You can do it man!!! Think BIG! Think of growing REALLY REALLY BIG!!!”

Justin let out a terrific growl and curled the weight a third time.

“FUCK YEAH!!! BRING IT ON BABY!!!”, Justin screamed, his face as red as a beet.

He was feeling it now. He curled the weight a fourth time, than a fifth time…His arms looked thicker, much thicker…He was growing again!

“That’s it, Justin! Think of how big you’re getting! How much bigger you’ll be than everyone else, how small I’ll look next your big, strong muscles!” I yelled as he grew bigger and stronger with every passing second.

He lifted the weight a sixth, seventh, and eight time, now a broad grin pasted on his face as he began curling the weight with greater and greater ease.

“AWW YEAH!!! YOU WATCHIN THIS LITTLE MAN!!! I’M GROWING HUUUUUGE!!!”, Justin roared. His voice was now a deep booming roar that filled my ears.

After ten reps, Justin contemptuously let the weight crash to the garage floor, chipping some of the concrete. Justin hooted with manly pride.

“WHOOO! Check out these muscle little man!!! They just don’t stop getting bigger!” Justin said as he flexed his mountainous biceps. I had never seen a grander display of strength. “Come over here and feel em little man”, Justin invited.

I walked over and felt his flexed arm. My God, my hand looked downright tiny on his bicep! His bicep looked as big as a softball, if not bigger, and his massive triceps filled the rest of his upper-arm with mind-blowing size. His forearms were thicker than my calves, and snaked with blood-engorged veins. His arm felt hot; temperature hot! I felt it rumbling like a powerful engine. His skin was smooth but the muscle it stretched over felt hard….really hard! I couldn’t even dent that muscle with my puny fingers. This young super stud was as hard as a rock! I marveled over his powerful arms.

“Ya like that little dude? I’m packing some serious size and power now!!! Ya like what you feel?” Justin asked with a bright-eyed smile.

“Oh, you bet Justin! You are awesome! I’ve never seen muscles as big as yours before! God, you are huge!!! You grew a lot more, Justin! Wait here…”, I said.

I ran to get the tape measure while Justin simply stood there watching me scurrying about with an arrogant grin. I measured his arms, which now stretched the tape to 20 ¾ inches. Per his request I measured his waistline, which was still at a ripped 34 inches, although his massive V taper provided him with a chest of 70 shirt-tearing inches! He had grown to 6’7” now, and his weight had exploded another 15 pounds to 296 pounds of rock-hard teenage muscle!

As I measured Justin’s waist, I could not help but gaze at Justin’s skin-tight swim shorts. Granted, his massive glutes stretched the fabric of the trunks a great deal, but what got to me was how packed this teenager’s crotch was! He filled the crotch with his meat to near bursting point. I could make out his thick cock snaking down his left leg, where his massive thighs pushed his rod against the fabric of his shorts, making the outline of his massive head clearly discernible. Even soft, this teenage god’s cock looked bigger than mine did hard. “When he’s fully erect, he must be monstrous”, I thought as I struggled to measure Justin’s waist and pry my eyes away from his gigantic bulge.

As we both marveled over the enormity of this newly discovered gift, Justin’s parents pulled up in the driveway. Justin was proud to show off his newly-acquired size to his astonished parents. Justin now stood 6 inches taller than his old man and continually made a point of reminding his father just how small he was next to him, whether by directly telling him, or simply standing up close to father and smiling down at him with a confident grin. For the time being, his mom and dad wanted to explain this away as a temporary growth spurt, albeit a growth spurt that was greater than any they had ever heard of. Justin kept quiet about his measurements, or his height and weight, so as not to totally freak his parents out.

We went inside where we gave Justin his gifts. He opened these still in all his sweaty, bare-chested glory. His parents had got him several shirts and shorts. They were all fashionably baggy, but due to his massive growth spurt all his clothes were tight around his massive legs, or his broad shoulders and bulging pecs. To my amazement, Justin was only able to try on the sandals I had bought him. His toes hung over the soles as testimony to the tremendous gains he had made in size and height this afternoon. The boots and sneakers I had gotten him were just too small for him! Justin simply laughed red-faced at his astonished parents.

“Damn! I’ve got some seriously big feet, huh guys? I guess that means I’m gonna get even taller!”, Justin remarked with glee.

His parents went to get ready to go out. All Justin required was a pair of tight khakis and a black Addidas tank top. I decided now would be a good time to show him my other gift. Justin opened it and found these posing straps of different colors, all with extra large pouches to accommodate Justin’s copious endowment. I also bought Justin a few jock straps with equally large pouches. A bright red one had an obscenely huge pouch to it, big enough to cover a deli salami and two cantaloupes! It was meant to be a joke. But Justin stared at it and then looked at me bright-eyed.

“Can you imagine if I grew big enough to fill this thing out?” Justin asked. “Man, I would be so huge…”

Justin was totally serious. And given the amazing gift he possessed, I began thinking that perhaps the gift may have been a mistake. Justin broke the silence and gave me a grin.

“Hey Brendon. Let’s use a secret code. One that my parents won’t pick up on”, he suggested.

“Huh?”, I asked baffled.

Justin grinned and flexed his mighty arm and pointed at it with a cocky smile.

“When you see this”, Justin sneered “Just remember I got more muscle in this arm than you do in your whole damn body. Got it, shrimp?!?”

All I could do is obediently nod my head. I felt that all this strength and size was getting to Justin’s head, but then again, I couldn’t blame him. I mean, next to him, I was a shrimp! In fact, all Justin was really doing was telling it like it was. I actually like Justin to remind me exactly how much bigger and stronger he was than a runt like me. I loved being in awe of this towering young muscleman.

We went off for steak that night. Justin ate like a ravenous tiger. He devoured two 20 ounce steaks with two baked sweet potatoes, along with a whole deep fried onion. He even had room for two helpings of cheesecake. Justin’s good looks, and hulking frame caught the eye of nearly everyone at the steakhouse. In the faces of the men and women there I saw a cornucopia of emotions: envy, awe, lust, and even fear! The waitress could not help but compliment the young Adonis on his super-buff body. A few girls, and two male lifters came up to offer him praise or just shake his hand. To each of his stunned admirers he graciously rewarded them with a tremendous double biceps pose. Two middle-aged women from an office party actually had their picture taken with the teenage muscle stud. Nearly everyone though he should enter a bodybuilding competition. Justin entertained the suggestions and modestly thanked them for their compliments. Justin never forgot to tell any of his “fans”,

“I’m wanna get even bigger!”

This left more than one person speechless.

During the dinner, Justin’s workout regimen and his bulked up body took up most of the conversation. He bragged to his parents about his phenomenal strength gains and about his unprecedented gains in both muscle mass and height. He wondered if there was an upcoming bodybuilding event he could compete in, and predicted he would be the most unstoppable wrestler to hit the mat come November. He claimed he couldn’t wait to suit up for football and run over his opponents. He bragged that if he continued to grow at this rate, that he would be able to take out the entire opposing team’s line!

“If I get the ball, they can either get out of the way or be sent off in a stretcher. No-one’s gonna stop me!”, Justin said, clearly relishing the feeling of his newly-acquired strength. Occasionally, Justin would look at me and flex his arm and point at it with a cocky grin. I got the message repeatedly. I was sitting next to a massive, young stud!


Part 4

It was the next day and Justin came over my place to watch football early that afternoon (or at least this was the pretense Justin gave his parents for coming over my place). I was hoping that Justin would give his workouts a little break. I was discovering that I was a macrophile (a giant lover), and as much as this young stud’s growth excited me, to know that Justin could actually grow so fast with so much ease made me uneasy. But Justin was truly insatiable. I could tell he would want to grow more very soon, even if this afternoon turned out to be a brief respite to his fantastic growth. I think Justin sensed I was a giant fan, and a gay one at that. But Justin did not seem to mind. As a matter of fact, he seemed to play on it more and more when we were together. Justin was a very straight acting male and did not broach the subject of my sexuality (perhaps some type of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy he had framed our friendship in). In his mind, he was so far happy to rationalize that it was OK for a straight man to want to workout and flex in front of another man in skimpy clothing, to show off his size and power to a smaller and much weaker man. Most of all, he loved that I knew the secret of his body’s potential. Being around me made him feel incredibly powerful, and if I willingly went along with it, then for the time being he didn’t care to know whether I was gay or not. We were both fooling ourselves, but we were living our fantasies.

Despite Justin wearing a tight Raiders jersey around his hulking form, we watched very little of the football game. By the first half of the first game, Justin was already downing protein formula and devouring a 15 piece bucket of chicken. God, he could eat! I laughed heartily as he banged his head on the ceiling of my kitchen. He was an inch too tall to stand up straight in the cramped confines of my kitchen now.

“Damn, Justin”, I praised, “You are one tall muscleman. How does it feel to have your hair brushing doorways? Hell, you’re too tall to stand in my kitchen, big man!”

“Cool, little dude. Especially when I’m packing all this”, Justin said as he gave me a smirk and pointed to his flexed bicep. He was over twice as heavy as me now, and he was completely diesel! Again, I was reminded how much muscle this teen super jock was packing.

“You know Justin. At 6’7”, you are taller than 99.5% of the men on Earth. Now that’s gotta make you feel big!” I said.

“No doubt!” Justin smiled.

We sat back down to watch football. The game was becoming a blowout, as his Raiders pummeled the Broncos. He looked over and said:

“You know, I’m wearing one of those posing straps you got me under my briefs.”

“Oh?” I said, my mouth now getting very dry.

“Yeah. The game looks sort of boring, so how bout I give you a show both of us can appreciate.” Justin said with a wink.

“Oh, well, I mean you don’t have to if it makes you feel uncomfortable and all…” I said, playing along.

“No, I mean, it’s all cool” Justin said as he got up and pulled off his jersey. His torso looked as pumped as it had been yesterday after his workout, although they lacked the glisten of his sweat. He still looked godly!

“I mean, you’ve always liked watching bodybuilders, right Brendon?” Justin continued as he took off his belt. “You admire dudes with muscle, right?”

“Oh…uh…yeah! Always. I mean I’ve always liked to watch bodybuilders, cause they always had what my genetics never gave me,…you know muscle. Especially if they were tall, cause, you know…my being small…I’ve always felt that, physically, the bigger the better, you know..” I fumbled my words as Justin pulled down his khakis nonchalantly, revealing his tremendously powerful and long legs, and packed boxer briefs.

“The bigger the better. Yeah, I agree 100%”, Justin said. “Let’s face it dude, anyone who understands that can enjoy looking at this”, Justin said unabashedly gesturing towards his body. “In fact, there’s a bodybuilding competition down at the shore on Wednesday I wanna go to. Wanna come and watch me?”

Justin asked innocently.

“You bet! I’m there!” I said. This was definitely worth a personal day off.

“Cool! Wanna help with my routine?”, Justin said as he thumbed the waistband of his briefs.

“Sure…”, I said completely mesmerized. This was much more entertaining than the Raiders.

Justin pulled off his boxer briefs to reveal the silver posing trunks he wore. I had to do a double take. These were the trunks I got for him just yesterday…the ones with the oversized pouch…This young Samson filled the trunks out completely. His mammoth endowment strained the pouch of his shiny silver trunks. This kid was hung like a porn star!

“How do I look?” Justin smiled giving me a beaming smile.

“Wow”, was all I could say.

“Wow?” Justin laughed. “I warned you that I was big all over!”

“I know…I just didn’t think…man! You aren’t even hard and you look huge!” I dared say.

Justin laughed heartily. “Yeah, I’ve always been pretty big, but these last few days, my dick has grown a lot longer and thicker! I love it!”

I wanted to know exactly how long and thick he was. I wanted to see it. Hell, I wanted to have him ram his massive cock down my throat. But I tried to remain focused on his posing routine. I sat on the couch with a pillow over my lap to conceal my raging hard-on.

“Yeah…the bigger the better, no matter what anyone says.” Justin smirked.

“Definitely. God, I can’t believe you only turned seventeen!”, I said.

“How should I start off my routine?” Justin asked.

Luckily I had given the matter some thought over the course of some wet dreams. “Well”, I suggested, “You should show off your definite height advantage. Keep in mind you’ll be about 7 or 8 inches taller than the average competitor, even the heavyweights. You want to start off on your knees”

Justin complied. He did a few poses to show off his wide shoulders, his muscular wide back, his ripped arms, all while on his knees.

“Now you want to stand up slowly. You want to look really confident. You want to let the crowd know you’re the biggest man on the stage by far.” I said. Justin obeyed and stood slowly, slowly, rising to his full height. “Yeah, that’s good Justin. Good! Look proud! Keep rising and rising. Good! Wow! You look so awesome! So tall!!! Wow! Now blow the crowd away with a double biceps! Yeah! You look great, Justin!”

I encouraged.

Justin looked phenomenally powerful, and his smile of white perfect teeth and his bright green eyes made him look drop dead gorgeous. Justin went into a few back poses, then a few poses to show off his muscle packed thighs and calves! His legs were so damn long and strong. They belonged on a fucking horse. That wasn’t the only equine semblance on this stud. As his glutes became more pumped, the shiny fabric of his trunks strained more and more against his bulging manhood, and what manhood!!! How big could he be hard,…9 inches at the very least…perhaps 10…

Bam! An ecstatic Justin hit a mind-blowing most muscular, guaranteed to seal the defeat of any competitor that dared step up on stage to face this towering young Hercules. He was a cinch to win with muscle and looks like his.

“Yeah, dude! That felt awesome!” Justin said breathing heavily “I feel so fucking big and pumped! Man, look at you Brendon! Look at how small you look next to me! Fuck yeah! Did you like the show?” Justin asked coming over to me, his hulking frame dwarfing mine. Again, my eyes looked directly into his massive, heaving chest. He had begun sweating. He smelled great.

“You bet! You are amazing Justin! Do it over!” I cheered. I felt like a squealing school girl now.

“Sure. Damn, these things do get tight”, Justin noted as he cupped his crotch and adjusted his abundant man meat. “Maybe its cause I worked out this muscle in the shower this morning”, Justin said with a sly grin and a wink. Oh man…

Justin went through his posing routine at least four or five more times. Justin worked up a good sweat . The whole time I complimented him on his giant muscles. I told him to visualize how fantastically huge he’ll look next to the other bodybuilders on Wednesday. How much taller and heavier he’ll be then them. I even told him that in a pair of posing trunks he’ll no doubt show everyone how exceptional of a man he really is. Justin ate up the praise and flexed harder and harder, at first smiling confidently through his routine, but then later growling like a raging monster of muscle and power, his face red, his fists clenched, his teeth gritting, and his brow bent. His huge muscles glistened against the ceiling lights, lights that were now close to his head. His crotch bulged with meat. His pouch looked tighter than it had earlier. I wondered…

“Man I feel so pumped!!!”, Justin boomed, snapping me out of my thoughts at least somewhat.

“Yeah…you look mega pumped Justin.” I said. “Hey, Justin…”, I had to satisfy my curiosity.

“What’s up”, he said looking down at me.

“Would you mind if I weighed you in the bathroom? I want to see something.”, I asked.

Justin looked at me oddly and said, “Dude, I haven’t been lifting today, remember. I doubt I grew much more.”

“Well, let me see anyway.”, I insisted.

“OK little dude. I’m game. Besides, I wanna see how much I fill up your bathroom with all this new size!” Justin chuckled.

Justin was not exaggerating. My bathroom, like the rest of the house, was small. There was an old cast iron bath tub, a toilet cramped in one corner, and a long sink and mirror that stretched the entire length of the bathroom. The room itself was about 9’x 4’. Man did Justin ever fill out the room! I had to squeeze by him to get to the scale. He was massive!

“Wow! Look how small your little bathroom is. Check this out, little man.”, he grinned as he blew into a lat spread. His back was so incredibly wide! His elbows nearly touched the walls. My entire bathroom was suddenly filled with teenage muscle!

I had him get on the scale. I got down close to look at what it read. God, his feet were so long and powerful. Majestic, would be the most appropriate description. They had a heavy smell of sweat. I wanted to just lick his beautiful long toes…Holy Shit! I looked up at Justin in shock.

“Justin! You weigh 316 pounds!” I squealed.

“No way!!! I haven’t even lifted! Are you for real?!?” Justin said as he leaned over to look at the scale. He had to lean over a little extra to see over his massive chest. Justin looked rather surprised, although not nearly as shocked as I felt kneeling down by the scale and looking up at his perplexed face, high above me, sweat trickling down his colossal body.

“How do ya think that happened little dude?” Justin asked.

“I don’t know…I mean, you weren’t lifting…but you may have been straining when you were posing. You were posing really hard out there. You’ve even worked up a sweat and all. Maybe its exertion. Maybe when your exerting your muscles, your body grows. You may not have to be lifting heavy weights to grow.

Justin rubbed his chin considering this theory and then gave me a wicked smile.

“Wanna test your theory?” Justin asked.

“You mean…” I babbled.

“Move away from the mirror, let me hit some more poses.” Justin said.

As I began to scurry out of the bathroom Justin said,

“No wait! Better yet, stand in front of me and face the mirror. This’ll be cool”, Justin grinned.

I stood there looking at our reflection. The top of my head didn’t even reach his massive shoulders. His gorgeous face high above mine. His massive torso almost 3 times the width of my puny body. I nearly fainted as he stepped in to me and I felt his packed crotch rub into my lower back. His reflection smiled back at me.

“Yeah…that’s it. I wanna see exactly how much bigger I am than you, little squirt. Damn! I tower over you! OK little dude, let’s see if this works”, Justin said with a gleam of anticipation in his eyes.

Justin flexed his mighty arms, displaying their massive size and incredible strength. He did ab crunches, which I couldn’t quite see, but still enjoyed. He hit a few lat spreads, and flexed his thighs. As he switched from pose to pose, his shifting legs would shove me over to the left or to the right, forcing me to grab the sink for balance.

“Oh God, Justin. You look so amazing! I’ve never seen a man as big and strong as you in my life! You look godly!” I said overwhelmed by respect for this superhuman stud.

“Yeah…bigger and better, every day little runt! Look at you. Look how freaking small you’re starting to look next to all this muscle! Oh God…I FEEL UNBELIEVABLE!!! GRRRRR!!!”, Justin growled as he hit a most muscular. I actually felt his pecs bounce against my back!

“Man…over 300 pounds of rock hard muscle. Anyone would look small next to that, Justin! It’s like everyday the world gets a little smaller around you. And you just get bigger and bigger”, I wondered if Justin noticed my little hard on in my jeans.


This time his growth was pronounced. His head slowly inched upward towards my ceiling. His pecs began to rise above my shoulders, his nipples coming into view. He looked to be growing wider, fuller, his muscles growing denser, heavier, and just plain bigger! Justin was in ecstasy hitting bicep poses and lat spreads, watching his hulking frame grow larger and larger next to my comparatively tiny and weak frame.

“Oh man!!! It feels so good, Brendon! I bet you thought I was big when you first met me.” Justin said with a cocky grin. “Now look at me! Look how fucking huge I can grow! COME ON BABY, MORE! GRRRRRR!”

Justin hit a most muscular, and this time his pecs swelled up so big they knocked me forward into the sink

“MORE!!!”, Justin growled again, as he struck a lat spread that continued to stretch wider and wider.

“MOOOORE!!!”, he bellowed as he hit a fantastic double biceps, his arms swelling larger and larger and his hair nearly touching the ceiling now.

I was paralyzed with awe. I could not believe how easily and how fast this young muscle stud was growing. He was inhumanly big and strong now! I became scared by all this explosive size.

“Oh my God…Justin. Please stop. You proved my point. Think of what people might say!”, I pleaded.

“Yeah!!! I am thinking about that! Oohh man, WHAT A RUSH!!!”, Justin grinned. He flexed his massive arms again and I watched them swell even bigger. “Quick, outta of the way wimp!” Justin demanded.

I squeezed past his growing thighs and stepped into the bathtub. I peered around his gigantic back into his reflection in the mirror. His head was too high now to catch the reflection of his face. His giant torso and steel hard abs filled the mirror, along with his mammoth manhood! I had never seen a man nearly as hung as this giant muscle teen. His posing trunks now strained to hold their hefty contents. His massive cock pushed the trunks down…down…down…the elastic pulled away from and below his waist to reveal a patch of pubes, which looked to be growing denser. Pubes began to emerge on his crotch line as his balls inflated bigger and bigger. From behind, I could see the trunks dug into his ass. Hell, this wasn’t an ass. This was a set of bowling balls. Just as hard, but bigger…bigger than bowling balls…fuck!


Justin did a most muscular. I saw every part of his body, his arms, chest, legs, back, and even his cock, swell bigger and bigger as he held the pose. His head hit the ceiling with a bang! He knelt down somewhat, his head continued to press against my low ceiling. He must be over seven feet tall now! Christ, what a massive man! Justin turned around and grinned at me.

“What do you say…should we call it quits for today, shrimp?”, he grinned.

“Yes, please…my god! You’re huge Justin. Damn! I can’t believe my eyes.” I spluttered.

“Believe it babe! I’m growing like a weed! I’m going to be the biggest bodybuilder to ever compete come Wednesday!” Justin said breathing heavily, his eyes transfixed on the awesome reflection of his body in the mirror.

“Just…just give it a rest for now. Please!” I pleaded again.

Justin sensed the fear in my voice and gave me a cocky smile. He slowly turned around, his head still brushing the ceiling. He leaned in a bit and lifted his massive leg to rest his giant foot on the rim of my bathtub, blocking my way out.

“What’s wrong, little man? You scared of me? You scared of how much this bod of mine can grow? You scared of what I could do with all the strength in these muscles?” Here Justin bounced his giant pecs for emphasis.

“Yes”, I whimpered.

“Awww, you don’t have to be scared of me little fella”, Justin said with a mocking tone “I wouldn’t hurt a little wussy like you. After all, I’d never hurt a woman. And that’s what you are, aren’t ya? You’re like a little girl standing next to a real man like me. Aren’t ya?”

I nodded my head abruptly. I felt I would burst into tears. Why the hell did I have a raging hard on then?!?

“Good. That’s a good little girl. See, I’m not gonna hurt ya. I want you to see exactly how huge I’m gonna get. I want you standing right next to me. I want to see you shrink next to my body as I grow taller and taller, and my muscles grow insanely huge. I want you to see me turn into a giant, Brendon! Cause you were right. I AM insatiable. My goal is to be the biggest and strongest man ever, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg dude. Only difference is, now I know I can reach my goal. And you’re gonna watch me do it!”

I looked up at him, paralyzed by his presence. His eyes were locked on mine. His smile radiated power and confidence. I felt totally under his control. I felt like I was living a fantasy, or perhaps a nightmare (I really hadn’t decided which as of yet). I waited for his next command.

“You think the Raiders won?” he asked me with a wink.

“What!?!” I said in shock.

Justin roared with laughter. In fact, he even lifted his head and bumped his head hard against my ceiling. His head made a large bump in the sheetrock.

“Sorry little dude. I couldn’t resist. Damn, I can’t even stand up straight in your little house anymore. Wanna weigh me?” he asked with a twinkle in his eyes. Clearly Justin enjoyed feeling his well-deserved dominance over me, but I still had not grown accustomed to his sudden downshifting in his role. I think both of our personalities were in flux trying to adapt to Justin’s radical growth.

“Uh…yeah…sure…I…I…uh, just need to get around…uh…”, I fumbled for words as I tried to climb out of the bathtub and move to the scale, but I had to get past Justin’s huge legs and the wide flare of his back, his massive arms; all the time Justin looked down at me trying to suppress his laughter and another bump in my sheetrock.

This time, when Justin stepped on the scale, his giant feet were longer than the pad he stood on. His thighs were so developed, Justin had some difficulty bringing his legs together so that both of his feet could fit on the pad. The needle flew past 300 and even 350, which was the max. It stopped at 21 pounds, by which I could calculate Justin now weighed in at a titanic 371 pounds! As he got off, the needle failed to return back to its starting position. I shook the scale and heard some gears jumping around.

“Justin, I think you weigh 371 pounds. And I think you broke my scale, too” I said examining the scale. I looked at the pad and examined it for cracks, I looked at the needle, I shook it again.

Suddenly I stopped and just looked at the massive feet in front of me. I continued to look up and saw followed his tremendous calves up to his giant thighs. I continued up past his bulging crotch, the tights now stretched to full capacity, past the defined wall of his abs, his heaving chest, his soccer ball sized shoulders, and met his face, his gorgeous, youthful face, his blazing eyes…

My preoccupation with the scale forced Justin to suppress even more laughter. His red face and quivering lips betrayed this.

“You see little dude. Another reason why I wouldn’t hurt you is because you’re just too damn funny!” he said giggling. Although his voice was so powerful now, his innocent giggling rumbled in my little ears.

“I’m hungry dude. Why don’t you fix me something out of your kitchen. I doubt I could even stand in there now.” Justin said.

He turned around and walked out into the living room. I was surprised by how easily he ducked through my door and simultaneously twisted his body to fit through the doorway which was both too short and narrow for this enormous teenager. I hopped into the kitchen and began making whatever I could. I began to bake a ham, meant solely for him. However this would take at least two hours. So I made a 12 egg omelet with Swiss cheese, which Justin devoured in just two minutes. I made him two pitchers of protein shake with which Justin washed down the eggs. Justin just sat there on my couch, still in his posing trunks, encouraging me as he watched the second game,

“Come on dude. I’m a lot bigger now! Keep the food coming!”

I did as best I could. Perhaps now would be a good time to cook up that package of hot dogs. I cooked them up and Justin, to my astonishment, wiped out all 16 of them. I had never seen anyone eat like this. However, he appeared satiated for the time being. He continued to snack on protein bars until the ham was done. When it was, Justin again went to town and devoured ¾ of a 12 pound Virginia Ham along with half a jar of applesauce. This was like 3 pounds of meat considering the ham had a bone. I ate an apple.

After dinner, Justin hung around and we watched some TV. He sat with his massive frame occupying the entire couch, his calves and feet resting on the nearby love seat. I sat in the arm chair just mesmerized by his giant body, the beauty and power of his massive muscles, the tremendous bulge in his posing trunks which he made no effort to conceal as he laid there sprawled out in my living room. His attention was drawn to the TV, laughing at the corny jokes in the sitcoms we watched or making lewd remarks about the scantily clad women appearing in some of the beer commercials. Its almost as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. I asked him,

“Justin, this is happening, right? I mean, you really are growing huge, aren’t you?”

Justin looked over at me, his vacant TV viewing expression gone, and with a Cheshire grin said,

“You better believe it. You ain’t seen nothing yet, little girl.”

And then it was back to “Malcolm in the Middle”.


Part 5

Justin’s parents were freaked out by the young muscle stud. The clothes that had fit him like a glove just 48 hours earlier were now either skin tight on his massive frame or just too small. He had grown to 7’1 ½’ and now stood over a foot taller than Mr. Lake. His parents were concerned and decided to set up an appointment to see the doctor the following day. Justin went along with the appointment, no doubt for his own amusement. He was looking forward to baffling his family doctor, the one he had seen since he was a little toddler, with his spectacular growth; dwarfing the six foot man with his height and hulking musculature.

Justin basically sat around the house on Monday eating anything he could find, polishing off the ham and the 3 pounds of deli meat I had purchased overnight, before raiding his parents’ fridge for a full tray of baked ziti. Naturally, Justin continued to wash this down with pitcher after pitcher of protein shake. Meanwhile, Mr. Lake worked, as did I, albeit anxiously awaiting my time to go home so I could marvel again at Justin’s physique. Mrs. Lake looked for new clothes at the big and tall store, and managed to find a handful that would fit him comfortably. Similarly, she picked up the size 18 & 20 shoes I had ordered. Justin’s parents were aghast to find that their son’s feet were far too big to fit in the 18s, and the 20s fit but were uncomfortably tight. Justin’s mom ordered a pair of size 24 sandals and size 28 boots. The tall store attendant (the one I had spoken to last Friday) expressed his surprise at such huge feet but placed the order for the following day.

Justin took a shower earlier that afternoon. He tried to resist the temptation to lift or even flex, but his naked image in his bathroom mirror was too much for him. He jacked off to himself in the mirror. He couldn’t help but get off on the giant muscle stud he saw in the mirror. He felt so unbelievably proud of himself, so physically superior to anyone he had ever seen. And forget about the jocks at school! The biggest and strongest of them weren’t even in the same league as him anymore! This made him feel so hot, he couldn’t help but hit a few flexes as he jacked off. He measured his penis hard at 16 mammoth inches long! This set him over the edge. He hit a most muscular pose as his throbbing cock spewed out what felt (and looked) like a pint full of cum onto the sink and across the bathroom mirror. He could control his growth if he exercised restraint, he thought to himself. What he did not know is that he had actually grown another half inch to 7’2” as well as add on another 11 pounds of muscle. He had grown so effortlessly that he did not realize it. Besides, 382 pounds was not that different from 371. He was simply a little more massive than before.

I came home at 6:30 that evening. I was fuming that my boss had kept me late. As I pulled up, Justin was just coming out of his house. “At least he hasn’t grown any more”, I said to myself as he approached. He was still an enormous young man! He greeted me as I stepped out of my car. He came right up to me. He wore a black cut off shirt that showed off his massive arms and his ripped abs, as well as a pair of jeans shorts, that were big enough to fit his legs and ass, but clearly intended to fit an obese man a good foot shorter than him. The shorts cut off only a quarter of the way down his thighs, the waist was very loose, so that there was a good 4 to 5 inch gap between his shorts and the waistband of his jockstrap, and the impressive bulge in his crotch pushed the button fly front of his shorts out notably. I only reached his nipples. I could tell because I could see them below his cut off shirt as he proudly took a deep breath to remind me of his incredible size.

“Miss me?” he winked down to me with his killer smile.

“Does it show?” I laughed. “I can’t stop thinking about what you can do, Justin! My new next door neighbor is the eighth wonder of the world.”

“I’m gonna be the greatest wonder of them all, little girl. I’ve been waiting all day for you to come back.”

Justin grinned.

“Now wait, Justin. Let’s not go too far. Let’s go slowly with this. Please. For my sake!” I begged.

Justin laughed condescendingly. “Come on, little girl. Just a little demonstration today. I’ve been waiting all day for this”, he said as he bounced his pecs and flexed his left arm.

I thought for a moment, then looked back at him and said, “I can’t change your mind anyway, can I?”

Justin mused over this than chuckled, “Not really.”

“Please Justin, just a little demonstration, OK?” I pleaded.

“You got it pee-wee! Come with me.” Justin said walking over to the rear of my car.

“What are you going to do?” I asked nervously.

Justin squatted down and grabbed the rear bumper of my car in his large powerful hands.

“Watch!” he said. He then grunted as his hands clamped down on my bumper like a vise and he began to stand up straight. The back tires rose over three feet off the ground as Justin stood up straight holding the back of the car at waist level.

“Oh my God!”, I exclaimed.

“GOTTA FEEL THAT BURN, LITTLE GIRL”, Justin grunted as he squatted down again. “GOTTA FEEL IT!!! GRRRRRR!!!!”

Justin lifted the car a second time.

“I’ve never seen a man do that before! You are a real live Superman! Hell, even Superman didn’t have a body like yours!” I praised. My voice quivered with awe.

“YEAH…STRONGER THAN SUPERMAN! STRONGER…AND BIGGER!!! YEAH….FEELS FUCKING GOOD…UHHHH!!!” Justin lifted the car a third time, before his superior body responded with another growth spurt.

“Holy shit! I can see it! Oh my God, Justin! You’re getting bigger!”

Next to Justin’s beastly grunts, my voice sounded like a squeak. He lifted the car like this for at least a dozen times until it looked easy. The laces on his sneakers blew apart as did the front of his sole. His shirt rose slowly to the level of his nipples, unable to contain the growing mountains of chest muscle. His thighs tore the seams of his pant legs on the last rep with a slow, sexy, rrrrrrrrrrrrip. The power of his legs put that of a horse’s to shame.

Justin had not kept his promise. He looked much bigger than just moments ago. It occurred to me that perhaps he had kept his promise. I trembled in fear thinking about what growth a “real” demonstration of Justin’s power would provoke!

“YEAH MAN!!! THAT FELT SO AWESOME!!!” Justin boomed!

I simply looked up at him in awe. He could take on any of the behemoths on the Strongest Man competition. I wondered how far Justin had to go to become the strongest man on the planet. Could it be that he already was!?!

“What did ya think, little girl?” he said as he walked over to me in a pair of impossibly long strides.

I looked up at him dumbfounded. “…so…so big…”, I stuttered.

Justin thought this was hilarious. He almost shed tears he laughed so hard. His roaring laughter actually made my body tremble. Justin’s voice was very powerful now; fitting for a giant chest like his.

“Did you pick up what I asked you to?” he asked.

“Huh?…Oh yeah…”, I said as I went to the trunk of my car. I bought a new scale at lunch, and this one went up to 500 pounds. You can find almost anything at Walmart.

Justin couldn’t wait to try it out. I unpackaged it and set it on the ground. Justin shook off his tattered sneakers and stepped onto the scale. The needle blasted off, past 300, the past 400 until stopping at an inhuman 415 pounds! Justin gave me a cocky smile. I looked up at him and shook my head incredulously.

“45 pounds in 24 hours”, I said.

“And you know its all bone and muscle, little girl”, Justin bragged.

“That’s unbelievable. You must be taller, too.”

“I know I am, shrimp”, Justin grinned.

“Oh my God! It’s Justin!” I heard somebody say.

I turned behind me and saw two shirtless teenagers come towards me. Both looked a little over six feet tall, and both displayed torsos packed with raw young muscle. They wore football tights and cleats, and I rapidly identified them as members of Justin’s high school varsity team. Both looked to be in the 250 pound range. Ordinarily, these would be two big high school jocks. These were simply very strong and very muscular young men. But they were small next to Justin. Really small!

“Yo, Kyle, Big J! What’s up!” Justin greeted them with a smirk.

“What the fuck happened to you?” asked Kyle in disbelief.

Kyle was a olive skinned young man, with jet black hair. Jeremy (or Big J as Justin referred to him as), was blonde with deep blue eyes. Both young men were very good looking, although did not possess the stunningly handsome features Justin did. Both appeared to have spent hours in the gym during the course of their young lives, and yet their development, as impressive as it was, looked anemic next to that of their giant classmate.

“I told you guys I was gonna put on some more size before I joined the team this fall”, Justin said feigning modesty.

“Yeah, we had no doubt about that. But you’re fucking huge! You’re beyond huge! How the hell did you get so big!?!” asked Kyle exasperated. “Big J” just looked up at Justin dumbfounded and, needless to say, somewhat undeserved of his title.

“Genetics, I guess”, Justin said, inhaling deeply to show off his massive chest.

“And how did you get so tall! You were as tall as us just a month ago!” Kyle continued.

“Growth spurt, I guess. Guess they’ll have to move me to center come basketball season”, Justin said, clearly enjoying his classmates’ stunned reactions. He would later confess to me that these were two of the biggest jocks on the team!

“Damn! I’ve never heard of a growth spurt like yours. You’re the biggest dude I’ve ever seen!!!” said Kyle.

“No-one comes close man. Look at those muscles man. You can’t even hide em”, Jeremy finally worked up the courage to say.

“Yeah, dudes. I can’t wait to tackle someone with all this fucking size! I’m gonna put dudes in the hospital!” Justin bragged.

“Shit! With your size they may not make it to the hospital!” waged Kyle. “I’m totally serious, dude!”

“How big are you?”, Jeremy asked.

Justin was only too happy to oblige. He stood back on the scale and the eyes of both his classmates nearly popped out of their sockets when they read 415 pounds on the scale!

“No way, dude! You’re a fucking monster!” Kyle praised.

“Dude, how does it feel to be that fucking huge!?!” Jeremy asked.

“Awesome. I feel so damn strong, you guys wouldn’t believe it. And I ain’t done growing. I wanna pack on some more mass, and maybe grow a few more inches come football season”, Justin proudly explained as he gave me a casual wink.

“Get even taller!?! How tall are you now?” Jeremy asked. “We don’t even reach your shoulders!” he added incredulously.

“Wanna see?” Justin invited. We followed him back to his garage. He had to duck to walk in, but could stand up straight here. The ceiling was a good eight feet high, although Justin’s head was now very close to this.

I had to stand on a chair to measure his height against the garage wall. I was amazed to find that even standing on a chair Justin still stood about an inch or two taller than me! His friends and I were shocked to find that he now stood at 7’4”. I stood in front of him with Kyle and Jeremy.

“You dwarf us all, Justin”, Kyle said in awe.

“Yeah dude”, Jeremy agreed. He sounded equally, if not more awestruck than his friend. “I thought I hit a growth spurt. I’ve grown two inches this past month. But you…”

“This ain’t no spurt dude”, Justin bragged “It’s a fucking growth explosion! It’s all genetics and hard lifting little guys. Wanna see how I’ve done it?”

“Yeah, dude. Let’s see what you can lift. You must be so fucking strong”, remarked Kyle.

Justin didn’t need much persuasion. He wanted to show off his strength in front of his now smaller friends.

He loaded up 300 pounds onto the barbell. He grabbed the barbell. We watched him in anticipation. Then Justin proceeded to curl the heavy weight in his massive arms. He appeared to do so with relative ease on the first four or five reps. He began to grunt his way through the next 6 reps. I feared that he was exerting himself too much, and would reveal his secret to his friends, who looked completely stupefied by his tremendous display of strength.

“No way!”

“I can’t believe it!”

“You’re awesome!”

His friends could not believe what they were seeing. Justin set the weight down and smiled as he breathed heavily,

“I lift heavy, then, when I get a good pump,…I flex it!”

Justin raised his arms and hit a double biceps pose. His friends gasped in sheer amazement at the size of this young stud’s mountainous arms. Justin read their stunned expressions and loved it. He felt so powerful. These two high school jocks were bigger and stronger than him a month ago. Now he was so insanely strong he could crush the life out of both of them. Just knowing he could made Justin feel so hot, he had to flex those arms, a little more…a little harder.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As he growled into his second double biceps, I could faintly make out the swell of his arms, the tightening of his shirt as his chest expanded, the ever so slight increase in height as his body stretched just a little taller. Perhaps Kyle and Jeremy noticed it as well, but chose to attribute it to the shock they both felt at seeing someone their age possess so much size, muscle and power. I recognized what had happened. Justin had gotten even bigger.

“Man, I can almost feel my guns getting bigger!” Justin said and gave me a sly wink. He knew that his friends were still in the dark about what had just happened, but I was not.

“Now let me pump up these pecs for you, little dudes”, Justin smirked as he loaded up the bar on his bench. He put all the bench set could take; a full 600 pounds including the weight of the bar.

The bench nearly buckled under the fantastic weight of Justin’s body when he sat down on it. He laid back and grabbed the bar. Every time Justin inhaled, his face disappeared behind his bulging chest muscles. “No way will that shirt hold if he gets any bigger”, I thought to myself. And I had no doubt he was looking for one more shot of growth tonight.

“YEAHHHH! GRRRRRRR!!!”, Justin roared as he benched the unimaginable weight once, twice, three times. With each rep, his friends looked on in complete awe. They had never seen such a demonstration of sheer power like this. His friends began to encourage him again.

“Go Justin! Do it!”

“You’re a god man! A fucking god!”

By the fifth rep I could tell it was happening again. His legs appeared to be growing longer as his knees rose higher and higher relative the bench. On the seventh rep or so, Justin’s overstretched tee began to tear down the middle of his heaving chest with an audible rip. Kyle and Jeremy looked at each other. They looked somewhat afraid. Neither of them dared to say what they thought they were seeing. Suddenly a tear formed down the crotch of Justin’s shorts. They watched stunned as Justin polished off 4 more reps, each one with what appeared to be greater and greater ease! This teenage jock was superhuman.

Justin set the weight down after 15 full reps. I had never heard of anyone benching that much weight that long. As he sat up, his lats flared and his mighty chest heaved out. The seams of his shirt ripped apart simultaneously at the sides and down the front, reducing the shirt to tatters in just seconds. He wore a cocky grin on his face and stood up, and up, and up!!! He now looked to be mere inches from the ceiling.

“I love busting out my clothes when I get pumped. You guys ever have that happen?” he asked his friends with a grin.

They both shook their heads no. They definitely looked scared, or at the very least apprehensive. Kyle dared to whimper,

“Dude, you are unbelievable. You must be the strongest man in the world.”

“Yeah”, Justin said with a smug look as he examined his towering Herculean frame, “Maybe. Not too bad for starters, huh? Hey, is it just me or is this garage getting smaller?” he asked with a confident smirk.

He was playing stupid. He knew full well he had grown. He could sense it. Now he was just enjoying his friends’ shocked reactions.

“You…you…actually look bigger.” Jeremy mumbled.

“Yeah”, Kyle seconded.

Justin let go a thunderous laugh. “I told you guys that these muscles get really pumped. Hell, how do you know you guys didn’t get smaller?”

Kyle and Jeremy actually looked one another over in a manner that almost made me break out into laughter with Justin.

Kyle and Jeremy made some sort of feeble excuse to leave. They heaped more praise on their massive friend as they left and were even treated to a feel of his giant arms and a few poses for closers. They didn’t even reach the young titan’s shoulders anymore. When they left Justin gave me a satisfied grin and said,

“Let’s go over your house so I can eat. I gotta fuel up for tomorrow!”


Part 6

Justin spent the remainder of that evening over my place watching TV and eating almost non-stop. He moved my sofa and love seat together and his body nearly reached the two from end to end! In fact, he was becoming so wide, he had to lay on his side to fit on the couch. I made him a full tray of lasagna and a crock of beef stew (with 4 pounds of beef). Again, he devoured both of these. That could have easily fed 10 people, I thought to myself. I had to order a whole Sicilian pizza to finally satiate the giant teen. This too he ate completely, although he saved me two pieces of crust to eat with my yogurt.

Justin loved how huge he felt in my little house. He could no longer stand up straight. He was a good deal taller than my ceilings now and had to crouch to move about. He didn’t even try to enter my kitchen now, with its low 6’6”ceilings. Embarrassingly enough, I could not reach a pan on top of one of the cabinets and required Justin’s assistance. Justin had to bend his knees a good deal to squeeze into the kitchen. His muscles literally filled the entire area! He reached over my head and grabbed the pan. He gave me a bright smile as he looked down at my puny body.

“Damn! Look at me! I can hardly fit in here! I feel like I’m in a gnome’s house! And look at you Brendon! You’re downright tiny! I’m becoming too much man for this little doll house you live in!”, he mocked.

No question about it, Justin had grown significantly in the presence of Kyle and Jeremy. He now stood at a daunting 7’7”. I kept thinking that even Shaquille O’Neal would barely reach Justin’s mouth now. He stood over two feet taller than me now. I now stood facing his steel hard wall of abs. His weight had leaped to 468 pounds of strapping teenage muscle. I measured his giant arms out of curiosity and found that the inhuman peaks of his biceps stretched the tape to 28 inches. There was no doubt that he could physically tear a grown man apart in his bare hands had he wanted to. The question was would someone be stupid enough to actually piss off this giant muscle teen. Justin relished the whole experience. He teased me as he pointed to his bicep and flexed it. He reminded me with a grin,

“Remember what this meant that night at the steak house, little girl!”

“That you got more muscle in your arm than I do in my whole body. Yes, I remember”, I said reverently.

“Now it makes more sense than ever don’t it, ya little wimp”, he said with a cocky scowl.

“Yes”, I answered respectfully.

Justin traveled with his mother the following day to meet his family physician, Dr. Clifford Grimes. Justin had known him since he was just three years old, when the Lakes moved to the area. Justin had affectionately called him Dr. Cliff throughout his childhood years. The nickname stuck with Justin. Dr. Cliff was a good friend of the family. He was there for Justin’s basketball games and wrestling meets. It was Dr. Cliff’s shoulder that Justin shed a tear on when he lost the state finals last spring. It was at that moment that a defeated and choked up Justin swore to Dr. Cliff that he would never let anyone defeat him again.

Dr. Cliff couldn’t believe what he was hearing when a frantic Mrs. Lake called on Monday morning to schedule an appointment for Justin. He had just had Justin in for a check up in April. He was growing into an strong athletic young man, with good muscle tone and above average height. He had expected Justin to respond well to his weight training over the summer. But what he heard seemed completely unnatural. He had not known the Lakes to be liars, but Dr. Cliff could not believe the gains in size and height that Justin had allegedly made until he saw it with his own eyes. Perhaps the Lakes were exaggerating. Perhaps this was a prank.

Dr. Cliff was conversing with his secretary just after lunch when the reception door opened and in walked Mrs. Lake, followed by the biggest man Dr. Cliff had ever seen in his life! The young giant had to stoop to walk through the door which only came up shoulder level to him. He even had to twist his frame sideways to fit his massively wide shoulders through the doorway. The teenage titan stood up in the reception, his head nearly touching the ceiling. Muscles bulged in bold relief over his enormous frame; muscles that were larger than any Dr. Cliff had ever beheld. He followed his long, powerful legs, up to his giant torso and strained tank top, and up to his handsome face. Dr. Cliff now knew this was no prank. This was Justin.

“Dear Lord, Justin! Is that you!?!”, Dr. Cliff asked, unable to hide his shock.

“You bet. What’s happening Dr. Cliff!” Justin said as he outstretched his giant hand and totally enveloped Dr. Cliff’s smaller hand in a handshake. His deep booming voice even caught the doctor off guard.

“Uh…nothing…I mean…I think it would be of greater interest to ask, what’s happening with you?”, Dr. Cliff asked somewhat apprehensively, as he craned his neck to look up at Justin’s face.

“Well, as you can see, my workouts have been more productive than I thought. And it looks like I’ve hit my true growth spurt. My mom thinks there’s something wrong with me. But I’d say I’m pretty healthy.”

Justin said with a grin. “Hell, that’s an understatement! I feel like the most powerful man on the planet! Check this out doc!”

Justin lifted his arms and struck a double biceps that drew gasps from both Dr. Cliff, and the young female secretary interning with him. While she was greatly intimidated by Justin’s superhuman size, she also felt her panties grow slightly wet at the sight of his gorgeous face and immensely virile body.

“Well, you have to admit, this is not normal, Justin. We should check to see if anything is seriously wrong with you. You may feel great, but you could be very ill. This could be an endocrine abnormality. Please come back to the examination room”, Dr Cliff motioned, only after he had collected enough saliva in his mouth following Justin’s incredible double biceps pose.

“Sure Dr. Cliff. Lead the way.”, Justin smiled innocently.

Justin followed Dr. Cliff down the hallway with some difficulty. His shoulders now rubbed against the hallway walls. In fact, he knocked down Dr. Cliff’s PhD which hung outside the examination room with one of his immensely wide shoulders.

“Oops, my bad”, Justin smiled innocently.

“Don’t worry about that Justin”, replied the doctor. “Can you…uh…can you fit in here?” he asked as he looked up at the giant teenager.

Justin knelt down and peered in through the doorway.

There was a foam ceiling in the room with tube lighting. The fake ceiling made the height of the room a mere 7 feet.

“Not if you wanna measure my height, doc. Here, let me fix this”, Justin said as he squeezed through the doorway. When he was in the room he carefully stood up and began removing the foam tiles surrounding the tube lighting. When he was done, Justin was able to stand to his full towering height. His head rose above the lights, just inches away from the actual ceiling. He looked even more intimidating, with his face darkened above the lights, while the rest of his bulging, hulking body was illuminated in all its muscular glory. Dr. Cliff could see the wide grin of his young patient as he looked down at him.

“Remember when I first used to come in here when I was a little preschooler? Remember how small I was? I didn’t even reach your hip. You used to tell me I would be tall when I came to see you in grade school, cause I had really big feet. Did you ever think I’d become this tall, Dr. Cliff? That I’d become so tall that I wouldn’t even fit in your little examination room? Man, now you and dad are looking more and more like toddlers to me!”

Justin couldn’t help laugh at this role reversal. Dr. Cliff tried to remain as professional as possible confronted with a physical specimen that he perceived to be medically impossible. What was even more challenging was to maintain his professionalism in the face of so much masculine power and beauty. You see, Dr. Cliff was a closet gay. While he had watched Justin blossom into a handsome young athlete in recent months, he had no trouble keeping his relationship with the young jock a professional and platonic one. But this much male strength and size was simply mind blowing. This wasn’t going to get any easier.

“OK Justin. I need to conduct a few tests and ask you some questions. I’ll get the lab results back from these tests in 48 hours and from there we’ll determine the source of this abnormally pronounced growth spurt. I’ll need to take some measurements, and I’ll need you to, uh…to you know…”

“Undress?” Justin said smiling down at the little doctor.

“Yes…do you need some privacy,…or…”, the doctor was beginning to lose some of his composure.

“Nah! You’ve seen me naked before. I don’t mind Dr. Cliff”, Justin said as he crossed his arms and peeled off his overstretched tank top. He had forgotten how tall he was and as he lifted his elbows taking off his tank, they struck the ceiling, sending chips of plaster to the ground below.

“Oh, man. Sorry Dr Cliff. I’m really messing up your office”, Justin said with genuine remorse.

“Oh, don’t worry Justin. I mean that’s bound to happen. You’re just getting used to your body’s size. After all, you are so…so…big and…and tall.”

Justin raised his left brow and looked down at Dr. Cliff perplexed. Was his childhood doctor checking him out? Justin was somewhat surprised. But he sort of liked it. No. He definitely liked it! A smirk grew on his face.

“Yeah, doc. It’s tough being this big. Everything around me is so small. I’m getting too heavy for furniture, too big to fit in a car, and too tall to fit indoors”, all of these grievances Justin listed with a coy smile. “Clothes are getting so tough to find. Look at these shorts, Dr. Cliff. I bet each pant leg is wider than your waist, but my thighs are tearing through these things. You see the rips in these shorts?”, Justin said, all the while with a smile full of sparkling white teeth.

“Uh…yes…you have really long legs. Long and really well developed”, said Dr. Cliff, his mouth becoming dry.

“Man, you wanna see developed. Check this out Dr. Cliff”, Justin said as he moved his large hands towards the button fly of his jean shorts.

Justin undid the first two buttons of his shorts, and the others simply popped under the pressure of his packed crotch.


Justin kicked off the tattered shorts and stood there in just his jock strap. Dr. Cliff gaped at the tremendous bulge of Justin’s strained pouch. The pouch left very little to the imagination. Justin had always been well-endowed as a teenager, at least as far as Dr. Cliff could recall, but now he was enormously hung. The outline of his copious manhood was plainly evident. The waistband actually curved down in a subtle V shape due to the weighty contents of Justin’s pouch.

Justin laughed at the doctor’s stunned expression. He grabbed his waistband and with a disdainful sneer announced,

“Check this out, doc. I bet you ain’t seen a stud this big before in all your years as a doctor!”

With that Justin lowered his waistband and his mighty cock sprung out, free from the restraints of his jock strap. Justin was right. He had never seen a man that endowed in his life. It was the biggest penis the doctor had ever seen. From the thick base of blonde pubes, to the plum sized head, Justin looked to be nearly a foot long flaccid! His penis hung below his heavy lemon sized balls. Nothing he had ever seen ever came close! Dr. Cliff was now using every bit of self restraint to not fall to his knees and beg for the young he-man’s dick. He wanted Justin to dominate him with his size and power. He wanted Justin to take his mammoth cock and ram it up his ass unmercifully. He wanted to be impaled on this young giant’s rod.

Justin could tell his childhood doctor was in silent worship of his massive muscles and his monstrous cock.

There was a time when Justin would have reacted much more aggressively to this revelation, perhaps even violently. Presently, however, Justin enjoyed the worship and praise his body received, regardless of the source or motivation behind it. Justin found it amusing to watch Dr. Cliff struggling to keep his composure at the sight of his massive body. He loved the effect his body had on others. He could tell Dr. Cliff was totally blown away by him and totally under his control. To know his body could accomplish that made Justin feel very good, and very, very proud.

Dr. Cliff took Justin’s measurements. He silently marveled over the sheer size of Justin’s muscles.

Arms: 29 inches

Chest: 80 inches

Waist :39 inches

Thighs: 47 inches

Calves: 35 inches

Justin requested that Dr. Cliff measure the size of his feet. His giant feet measure 22 inches long and 9 inches wide! Justin then asked for a measurement of his cock. Dr. Cliff nervously complied. His trembling hand measured Justin to be 11 ½ inches long and 8 inches in girth.

“Damn!” Justin remarked proudly. “And I ain’t even hard. No lie, Dr. Cliff. When I’m hard, I am much, much bigger. Wanna see?”

“Well…uh…Justin. That wouldn’t be appropriate. I mean…”, Dr. Cliff looked for a way out of the room, but Justin was blocking the door. He looked about frantically and then back up at Justin’s face.

“Oh come on, Dr. Cliff. I’m not gonna rape you or anything. I just wanna show you how huge I am”, Justin grinned. Dr. Cliff somewhat lamented to himself that the young jock would not rape him. Justin began rubbing his meat and his cock wasted no time in responding. I began to grow longer and longer, thicker and thicker, “Uh, yeah…ya see doc. See how huge my cock can get? Man, this feels awesome!” Justin said as he closed his eyes, orgasmic waves rushing through his body as he stroked his cock, which continued to grow and grow. Justin tilted his head up and closed his eyes in ecstasy.

“Almost there Dr. Cliff. Oh god!…YEAH! C’MON! YEAH!…”, Justin moaned. His voice was deep and loud. Dr. Cliff was hoping his voice did not carry into the reception area where the secretary might hear them.

When Justin was fully hard he opened his eyes and looked down at his throbbing manhood. An arrogant smile appeared on his face. He winked at the doctor.

“See”, Justin said breathing heavily, his colossal pecs heaving with power, “My cock is gigantic. Go ahead. Measure it now.”

The doctor’s trembling hands proceeded to measure the youth’s colossal cock. Justin’s cock felt almost burning hot. Giant blood engorged veins snaked down the super jock’s throbbing rod. Justin could no doubt send the doctor to the hospital if he rammed his comparatively small ass with his giant meat, but it was a risk Dr. Cliff would not mind taking. Justin was now 16 super long inches of manhood and his girth had increased to 11 thick, ass-splitting inches. What a man!!!

“OK Justin. Let me begin taking a series of tests to check your endocrinal functions as well as the viability of your internal organs, just to make sure this growth is not putting you at an immediate health risk. I’m going to go fetch some test equipment I have in the other room. We will also take a blood test. You can put your jock strap back on in the meantime if you like”, Dr Cliff said. He made a move for the door, but Justin still blocked it with a smirk, his massive throbbing penis still pulsating with male strength.

“Well, I can’t put my jock on before I take care of this” Justin said glancing at his cock. “You mind if I jack off, Dr. Cliff. Perhaps you could use a semen sample”, he winked.

Dr. Cliff could not muster enough professionalism to say no to Justin. He nodded his head and consented.

“Sure Justin”, Dr. Cliff said, his voice a child’s whimper next to Justin’s powerful voice.

Justin smiled and closed his eyes again. He rested his right hand on his hip, and proceeded to stroke his mammoth cock with his left. He spoke in a deep sensual voice.

“Damn, doc. 16 inches! Can you imagine what I could do to a cheerleader at my school with my thick 16 inches of cock?”

“Yes…uh…I would be careful Justin. Anything more than 10 inches is usually too much for the average woman to accommodate. But your penis is much larger than that. And it is very…uh…very thick in diameter. You have to be careful if you have sexual intercourse with a woman, Justin. You could seriously, uh…hurt someone”, Dr. Cliff explained. He stared at Justin as he worked his meat in long, sensual strokes.

Justin didn’t seem worried by the pain his massive endowment could cause his partner. In fact, he seemed to enjoy knowing that he could injure someone because his cock was so obscenely big.

“Yeah…I have a huge cock, don’t I doc? It’s the biggest you’ve ever seen ain’t it?” Justin purred.

“Yes”, Dr. Cliff replied.

“Mmm…when I jerk off, doc, I think about screwing some cheerleader in the locker room. My body dwarfing hers. I have her pinned up against the wall, her tight pussy on my huge dick. I’m so huge that I have her lifted on my cock a good foot off the ground!”, Justin moaned. His eyes continued shut in rapt pleasure.

“Oh…”, Dr. Cliff mumbled. He felt faint.

“Yeah…mmm…sometimes I’ll imagine my teammates watching me. I tower over all of them. I’m so damn huge, muscles rippling all over my sweaty body, standing a foot and a half taller than nearly all of them. Best of all, I imagine growing even bigger and stronger, and watching my teammates shrink next to me. They look terrified as I grow bigger and taller, my cock growing and expanding, splitting the poor little cheerleader in two. I can’t help it though doc, I’m a growing boy….I’M A GIANT!!! OH!!…FUCK!…MMMM!…YEAH!…HERE IT COMES DOC!!!”

Justin’s cock released a massive stream of jism. It shot all the way across the room, landing several feet away on the adjacent wall where it made an audible splatter. Justin continued to shoot stream after stream of virile man juice as he groaned and grunted in orgasmic pleasure. Dr. Cliff had never imagined such a powerful, not to mention, copious ejaculation. The towering young Hercules continued to shoot load after load of cum across the room. The doctor looked amazed at the wall, as he watched what looked to be half a pint of Justin’s cum dripping down the wall in thick milky strands. A few more shots erupted from Justin’s mighty cock. When he was done, the hulking Adonis exhaled deeply and looked over at Dr. Cliff, who looked nothing short of stupefied. Justin beamed a killer smile at the doctor and bragged,

“Man, every time I shoot my load I make a bigger and bigger mess!”

“Uhh…that’s OK Justin. I’ll get some…uh…some tissues…or, perhaps some paper towels. Excuse me…be right back…”, Dr Cliff squeaked as he squeezed by Justin to leave the room. Justin made no effort to stop him, but he did not move out of the way either. As a result, the doc was forced to rub up against the young titan’s bare hips and thighs. They felt amazingly hard and warm! Justin sneered down at the diminutive doctor as he squeezed by him, clearly unable to move the teenager’s tremendous body mass. Dr. Cliff ran into his private study and locked the door. He proceeded to jack off his raging hard on and he shot easily in under a minute. It was perhaps one of the biggest loads he had ever shot, but it still paled in comparison to what he had just seen Justin shoot with his giant cock.

Dr. Cliff hastened to shove his half-erect dick back into his pants and button up his coat, and headed to the study. He would take a few more measurements of Justin, like his weight and his height. He would also measure his body fat. He wanted to take an x-ray of his torso to judge his bone density. He wanted to check his vital signs to judge the vitality of his organs. Most importantly he wanted to take samples of his blood, urine and semen. The latter would be easy to obtain. He wanted to find out exactly what was happening to Justin on a cellular and molecular level to cause such phenomenal gains in size and strength.

When Dr. Cliff returned to the examination room, he found Justin leaning against the examination table. Dr. Cliff remembered having to lift Justin onto the table when he was a toddler. How, if Justin actually sat on the table he would not doubt destroy it with his weight! He handed Justin a cloth towel to clean up. Justin thanked him as he casually wiped his hands and his massive tool free of his cum. Dr. Cliff cleaned up the semen with some paper towels, actually filling a waste paper basket in the room with soiled towels! Justin pulled his tight jock strap up again although it failed to conceal a large patch of pubes by his left ball. Dr. Cliff took a sample of Justin’s semen for his tests. He also asked for a urine sample and Justin gladly supplied one. Justin mercifully stopped when he filled the 12 ounce cup he had been given. Had he wanted to, he could have let a real piss load go, but he felt he had trashed the little room enough for one afternoon.

Dr. Cliff extracted a vial of Justin’s blood. He had no trouble finding a vein in Justin’s ripped forearms. Thick veins snaked down his forearms in bold relief like a subway map.

Justin’s vital sign all checked out well. In fact, Dr. Cliff noted that his blood pressure was excellent, as was his resting heart rate. His lungs seemed extraordinarily healthy. All signs seemed to indicate that Justin’s incredible growth had not adversely affected the bodily functions of his organs. In fact, Justin seemed healthier than ever. There appeared to be no evidence of acromegaly here. His body maintained excellent mesomorphic proportion despite his incredible height and the hypertrophy of his muscles. Dr. Cliff noted that the sinews of Justin’s muscles were thick and hard. Dr. Cliff imagined his muscle density must be great. Consequently, the strength of his muscles must be phenomenal. The x-rays revealed strong, healthy bones growing in cadence with his massive muscles and healthy organs. His heart was the size of a Cornish hen, but at his huge size and stature, it suited his body perfectly. He measured his body fat. This kid was ripped. He was at 4.8% body fat. Dr. Cliff did not find this so surprising. After all, Justin looked so ripped and strong, it didn’t look like he had an ounce of fat on his entire body. The kicker was his height and weight. Even Justin was surprised to hear that he had grown since the day before, and he had hardly even flexed that day, let alone lift. Justin weighed in at 481 pounds and had inched up to 7’8” in height! Justin deliberately concealed his knowledge of how he grew under exertion. Moreover, he concealed his theory that perhaps the exertion of ejaculating alone was enough to make him grow bigger. Justin was amazed again with his body’s potential. He couldn’t help but smile.

Dr. Cliff wanted to schedule another appointment for the following day at the university lab, but Justin said he couldn’t.

“I gotta a bodybuilding show to go to tomorrow. Maybe we can do this on Thursday”, Justin suggested.

“Oh…OK…sure. I’ll have the secretary schedule something with your mother”, Dr. Cliff offered. “So…bodybuilding, huh?”

Justin feigned modesty and grinned, “Yeah, I figured now would be a good time to live out an old dream of mine.”

“Well”, Dr. Cliff smiled, “You’re a cinch to win at your present size. There isn’t a teenager on this entire planet as big and strong as you are, Justin. You do realize that you’re probably one of the biggest men on the whole planet right now. I know that the circumstances surrounding all this are abnormal, but you should feel very pleased to know just how truly big you’ve become.”

Justin considered this with a wry smile and pulled on his shorts. He then said,

“You know doc, you’ve said the word ‘abnormal’ like three times already. I’ve been thinking about it. Yeah, maybe what’s happening to me isn’t normal, but abnormal sounds really negative, like something’s wrong with me.”

Justin put on his sandals and picked up his tank. Then he walked over to Dr. Cliff, his towering 481 pounds of young jock muscle utterly dwarfing the doctor, the top of the doctor’s head only reaching the teenage titan’s bulging chest.

“But there ain’t nothing wrong with me doc. When I become the biggest, heaviest and strongest man on the planet, you might still say I’m abnormal. So what’s it mean to be normal. To be small and weak like you and dad, and every other average little man that stares up at me in shock, in disbelief…Nah, doc. If that’s normal then I’d rather be abnormal”, Justin grinned. His chest was now pressing up to Dr. Cliff’s forehead. Justin had the doctor backed up against the wall with his hulking frame. “I couldn’t stand to be 6’2” and weigh just 225. That’s so weak and small to me now! The way I see it, I’m not abnormal. I’m superior. And anyone who isn’t a member of the ‘over 7 foot 400 + pound club’, well”, Justin laughed “they’re just inferior!”

Dr. Cliff looked up at him fearfully. There is no doubt that Justin could pound the life out of him easily, perhaps even kill him with a single punch to the head. Justin’s strength was unreal! The doctor could not help but agree with the thoughts of this young inflated ego. In front of all that size and muscle, it was difficult to feel anything but inferior.

“Y…y…yes, Justin. I…I…agree with you…” Dr. Cliff stammered. Sweat poured down his brow. He felt both terrified but also immensely aroused.

Justin smirked as he witnessed Dr. Cliff’s blubbering.

“Take it easy, doc. No need to be scared of me. I’m just trying to set the story right, you know. But I’m not gonna beat you up if you don’t agree. You know I wouldn’t do that.”

“Oh…good…I…uh…because I thought you might be angry by…”, Dr, Cliff whimpered.

“Nah, dude! Relax. I can tell you like what you see. I wouldn’t hurt an admirer such as yourself.”

Dr. Cliff looked up at Justin horrified. Justin had realized that he had been lusting over him. Still, Justin did not look angry. He still wore a cocky grin on his face.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice, dude. I saw you checking me out. I never realized until today that you were…”

Suddenly Dr. Cliff’s secretary could be heard heading down the hallway to announce the arrival of the next appointment. Justin stepped back and put his tank on just as the secretary knocked on the door. She turned her nose at the musty smell emanating from the room. It reminded her of her boyfriend.

“Dr. Cliff. Your 3 o’clock is here.”

“OK, Sandra, Thank you.”, he piped up.

He looked apprehensively up at Justin who smiled down at him. Justin then made his way out to the hallway.

“See ya on Thursday, doc. Maybe you’d like to see my posing routine. I’d be happy to show you what a superior body looks like”, Justin said with a chuckle as he ducked through the doorway into the hall.

Justin came over to visit me when I cam back from work. He had just polished off an entire tuna casserole and a big bowl of Caesar’s salad over his parents’ before coming over for Round 2 of supper. I could not believe how mind-bogglingly huge he looked crouching down in my house just to walk around, his stature now several inches more than the height of my ceiling. He loved how small my house was becoming to his colossal body. I proceeded to cook up a large bowl of spaghetti and to grill a few steaks on the grill. I cooked up 2 18 ounce steaks, along with 1 ½ pounds of salmon. He washed this down with a gallon of protein shake and still felt hungry. I ordered 3 orders of General Tso’s Chicken with Pork Fried Rice from a nearby Chinese delivery place. The young Chinese lad looked traumatized when he caught sight of Justin who insisted on answering the door, shirtless of course. I thought he was going to run away in fright!

Anyway, Justin ate all this up too, gulping down another gallon of protein shake. He then laid back on the couch and related the events of the day to me, which I listened to in rapt attention. I myself was curious to see what results Dr. Cliff’s tests would reveal. Justin expressed great amusement over his discovery concerning the doctor.

“Yo, dude. I can’t believe that all this time Dr. Cliff was gay! It makes sense though. I mean he never married. I never saw him with a woman. His secretary is knock dead gorgeous but he looks at her like he looks at the water cooler. Hell, I wanted to bang her right on the spot today. Damn, I can’t believe he’s queer like that”, Justin laughed.

“You know, it’s not his fault he feels that way”, I said in defense of Dr. Cliff “I mean, he probably couldn’t help himself when he saw you,…you know…”

Exactly how long would it take Justin to find out that I was gay. I wondered if he already knew?

Justin looked back at me somewhat confused and then shook his head and laughed,

“No dude, you got me all wrong. I’m not a hater like that. I mean, a while back I was, but my feeling towards gays has changed completely, little man. I don’t hate gays. I don’t hate Dr. Cliff cause he’s gay. Although, I have to admit, I was having some fun with him today. You should have seen his face when I blew my load across the room!”

I wondered who was having more fun, Justin or Dr. Cliff. What I would have given to have been a fly on the wall there, preferably the wall he shot his load at!

“I’m glad to see you’re so tolerant towards others. I always thought you were”, I said somewhat relieved. “So when did you have this whole change of heart?”

“There was this kid in my class named Benjamin”, Justin explained. “He was this small scrawny kid. We used to pick on him a lot. He was real effeminate. The way he talked, the way he acted. You know…he just seemed gay. He was sent to the hospital in 8th Grade cause he was apparently checking out this other kid undress in the locker room after gym class. The kid who beat him up wasn’t even strong, but Benji, that’s what we call him, Benji was so damn weak and small that the other kid broke one of his ribs just by hitting him once! Anyway, it was last fall, and I had just come back from lifting weights. I weighed about 185 back then and was pretty ripped for wrestling season coming up. I was like 6’0 tall. Now Benji hadn’t grown since like 6th Grade. He was the smallest kid in my sophomore class and was about 5’2” and no more than 90 or 95 pounds. Well there was no-one in the locker room at this time. I came back to my locker to change and little Benji was there, changing in a corner. He was startled when he saw me. I used to always take the kid’s lunch money. I used to tell him that he was so small that he didn’t need to eat his lunch, but me being a big jock, I needed more fuel for my body, so I needed two lunches, his and mine! And I ate two lunches a day too!”

“Oh, Justin!”, I said somewhat disappointed by this senseless bullying.

“I know dude, I was a dick!”, Justin laughed. “Anyway, I’m changing right. My shirt is drenched with sweat and I take it off, then I untie my shoes and take em off. Then I realize that Benji isn’t even moving. He’s just staring at me while I’m standing there in my boxer briefs. Suddenly he looks terrified. He tries to sprint past me but I block him with my arm and throw him back into the lockers. I got him cornered. My arm actually struck his nose, since he was so much shorter than me, and he was bleeding from his nose and his lip. I got in his face and yelled at the little guy. Man I feel so bad about it now. Anyway, I was cursing at him, calling him a ‘fag’, asking him if he got his rocks off looking at other guys…you know, just being a complete asshole. Benji broke down and was crying hysterically, begging me not to hurt him. He said if that other kid could put him in the hospital, someone like me might seriously hurt him, maybe kill him. He started begging me not to hurt him, and he crouched up in a little ball crying and sobbing. At that moment I felt like total scum. All he wanted to do was check me out. Hell, I do the same after a work out when I flex in the mirror. He was actually admiring me. I realized this was a compliment more than anything else. I knelt down and grabbed Benji. He jumped at first, but then realized I wasn’t angry. I apologized for being such a dick to him. I took some gauze out of my locker and helped stop the bleeding in his nose. Benji tried to apologize for looking at me and said it would never happen again. I told him it was no big deal. In fact, I told him I wanted him to look at me as much as he wanted. Benji looked so stunned!”

Here Justin roared with laughter as he recalled the puzzled teenager’s face.

“You should have seen him. Anyway, from then on I changed in front of him all the time and let him watch all he wanted. Soon he built up the courage to ask me to flex my arms and legs and I did that for him whenever he requested it. By the spring I hung around with him often in school. I sat next to him in a few classes. I was like his big brother. One time this 11th Grader started picking on Benji and I beat the living shit out of him. No-one fucked with Benji after that. We hung around so often that you’d think we were going out!”, Justin laughed. “Thing is I was screwing so many girls at school that that rumor never got off the ground. Although I did let Benji service my cock once in the locker room showers when no-one was around.”

“No shit!”, I said startled.

“Yeah, dude! Hell, I was horny and he kept asking me how big my cock was, so after a little flexing I told him to join me in the shower. He wasn’t half bad, you know. But I kept imagining it was one of the girls on the cheerleader squad. Man, that little queer took my whole load! No girl had ever been able to do that before! After that, Benji adored me. He did my homework when I asked him to. He willingly gave me his lunch money, cause he wanted to see me grow bigger and stronger! I actually miss him.”

“Why, where is he?”, I asked.

“Benji moved out with his parents to Trenton, NJ. He’s going to go to some ritzy academy up there. I told him that if anybody fucked with him, to give me a call and I’d come up there and kick their ass. Man, I wish he could see me now! He would totally freak!”

“Well…I guess I did have you wrong. You’re more tolerant than nearly anyone I’ve ever met”, I said

“I’m a big show off, Brendon, you know that by now. I like to reward my fans. Benji was a fan. So is Dr. Cliff, whether he knows it or not yet. Hell, you’re my biggest fan so far, Brendon! You sure you’re not gay?” Justin joked.

I laughed nervously and replied, “Why? Would you let me give you a blow job if I was?”

Justin looked me right in the eyes and answered, “Sure!”

This was a perfect moment to come out to Justin. I was longer afraid of him beating me into a bloody pulp if I came out to him. Hell, I might even get to taste his mighty cock as a reward! Did he say he was 16 inches!?! Dear Lord!!! But why was I afraid!?! Why couldn’t I bring myself to admit it to Justin!?! He might already suspect it! He’s giving me the perfect queue! All I have to do is just tell him…

The oven rang.

“Oh…the brownies I made are done! You want ice cream, big guy?” I asked.

“Vanilla!”, Justin smiled.

Damn it!


Part 7

We were set to leave at 10 AM the following day for the Jersey shore, where the bodybuilding competition would be held. It was pretty much an amateur competition, where there would be several bodybuilding scouts looking for potential pros and, more importantly, sponsors for supplement companies. There were looking for young bright faces with hot bods to market the next generation’s line of protein powders and power-lifting belts. As far as the competition itself went, it was pretty much your average “King of the Beach” competition (in fact the event was actually called this…rather unoriginal if you think about it). There would be no drug tests, so you could expect a rag bag of novice lifters along with hulked out steroid-users. One discrepancy was made, and that was that all contestants be no older than 21. This was primarily a competition for young, “up and coming” bodybuilders. ‘They never had things like this in Minnesota!’ I marveled to myself. Then again, there was no beach and boardwalk anywhere near me in those days.

I felt like contacting Benji for some odd reason. I felt bad that he and Justin had grown apart so easily, when it was clear that Justin enjoyed little Benji’s company immensely. Besides, it’s not like he had moved 2000 miles away as I had with my parents. He lived about 45 minutes away in central New Jersey! This was not far away by any means. As a matter of fact, I guessed which academy Benji would be attending in September. It was a famous academy that turned out ivy-league candidates on an assembly line. I went to their website and found a list of next year’s junior class. I picked out the only Benjamin there, Benjamin Roednick, and then looked up the last name in the white pages of the local area. There were only two Roednicks, and one had moved new to the area in June. In fact, one of the two e-mail addresses provided had the user name Benji. Bingo!

I e-mailed Benji, briefly introducing myself as Justin’s neighbor, and inviting him to come down and visit Justin this weekend. I wrote that Justin looked forward to seeing him. I offered to drive over and pick him up. I sent the e-mail just as Justin knocked at my front door and I hurried out to greet him.

I don’t know why I wrote Benji on the spur of the moment. This was Justin’s friend. Arguably I had no business contacting him on Justin’s behalf. But I could not help myself. I wanted Benji to experience what I was experiencing with Justin. I wanted him to bear witness along with me to this massive stud’s growth. In fact, it sounded to me that Benji, like myself, was also impressed with male size and strength. He would no doubt be blown away by Justin. I felt I had gone too far though, acting more out of impulse than consideration. I uneasily told Justin what I had done on the drive to the shore. Rather than be angry, Justin seemed overjoyed!

“You found his e-mail address!?! And you invited him down!?! COOL! Is he coming down?”, Justin asked with excitement.

“Well, uh, I’m not sure, Justin. I only just wrote him. He hasn’t had time to reply yet”, I said.

“Oh, he’ll be down, Brendon. That little dweeb can’t get enough of this hot musclebod of mine! Hell, he hasn’t seen me since early June. I’ve more than doubled in size since then! He’s gonna freak out when he sees me!!! He probably hasn’t grown an inch either. I’m gonna look like a giant next to him! DAMN! I”D FUCKING LOVE TO GROW BIGGER RIGHT IN FRONT OF THAT LITTLE SHIT!!!”

It appeared that as far as fans went, the more the merrier. Not only was his desire to grow insatiable, so was his desire to be admired and worshipped for his giant body. I looked over at him as we drove down to the Jersey shore. His size and mass left me in awe. Justin’s body appeared to fill up the entire car! He had pushed the passenger seat all the way back, but even so, his head pressed against the car roof and his knees rose high above the dashboard, almost obstructing his view of the windshield while his giant feet rested on the car floor. His shins pressed hard into my dashboard and ultimately cracked a portion of it above the glove compartment. But not only was this Adonis amazingly tall, he was massively muscular! The width of his shoulders looked over twice as wide as the passenger seat, if not three times as wide! His bulging chest made contact with his enormous thighs as he sat scrunched up in my car, much in the same position as if he were in the middle of a rep on the leg press machine. I had to squeeze to my left to fit in my driver’s seat. My arm rubbed against his lats and chest as I held the steering wheel in my right arm. To fit his giant arms in, he had one arm out the window and the other around the drivers seat. His left hand reached all the way around to my left side! His giant bicep blocked the view of my rear-view mirror, but I had no problem glancing at his colossal bicep from time to time as I drove.

“Is my arm in the way?” he asked at one point during the ride down.

“Oh, no…well, I mean, it is, but…”

“But you don’t mind, do ya?” Justin grinned at me.

“No, I don’t”, I said blushing somewhat.

Justin gave me a cocky look as he continued to beam with pride.

“Feast your eyes on that, little girl. I measured these bad boys at 30 inches this morning! I got the biggest arms in the whole world”, he purred as he tensed his massive bicep for my viewing pleasure.

“You think so?” I asked admiring the sheer size of his beautiful bicep.

“Yeah, I do. But if they aren’t the biggest, they will be by the end of today!”

“Oh?” I gulped. “Are you going to grow some more today?”

“Oh man! You don’t know how bad I want it!!! I’ve been holding back for almost two days now! Today I’m gonna get so damn huge…I wanna become as heavy as three or four bodybuilders rolled into one!”

Justin flaunted his size at every opportunity. We stopped at the mall to pick up his new shoes (these were size 24 sandals and size 28 boots!!!) The sandals seemed to fit him like a glove but I knew it was only a matter of time before his feet outgrew them. We also picked up some larger tank tops and 2 new (larger) posing thongs. Those tank tops could have easily been 7XL sized. They fit his massive torso loosely, for now…Justin insisted on getting out of the car and walking with me to the sports store. He dwarfed everyone he encountered. People of all ages, men and women, gawked at the tallest and most massive, muscleman they had ever seen in their lives. Some people looked really intimidated by Justin, whereas others could not help approach the young colossus and ask him to flex his arms or his chest. Justin, proud of his enormous body, was more than happy to oblige. Girls squealed when they felt the steel hard muscles of his abs, chest and arms! Guys simply gawked at the teenage he-man in a mixture of envy and awe. Justin eventually shed the tight tank top he was wearing to allow the astounded mall-goers a clear view of his hulking torso and impossibly broad back. The security guards, which would have asked any other man to follow mall regulations and put his shirt back on, did absolutely nothing to reprimand the towering hunk. Justin was simply too big to follow the same rules as everyone else. In fact, they should have felt privileged to witness such an unbelievably powerful and beautiful body. Meanwhile, Justin sauntered through the mall, a cocky grin pasted on his handsome face, as he appreciated just how much bigger and more powerful he was then everyone else around him. He was literally head and shoulders above everyone now!

Following our stop at the mall, we stopped at a McDonald’s where Justin proceeded to fuel his giant body with a meal fit for a 481 pound superman. He ate 3 twenty piece chicken nuggets, 8 quarter pounders with cheese, and 10 super-sized French fries. The calorie count was enough to give a regular bodybuilder a heart attack, but Justin’s metabolism had no problems burning all this food. He said he felt full of energy and again re-iterated his intention to grow even bigger before the show.

Justin saw his opportunity when we arrived to the beach and the site of the contest. There was a pit area for the contestants with weights where the bodybuilders could pump their muscles up for the show. Justin could not resist the urge to show off his massive body and his inhuman strength to the rest of the competition, not to mention add even more size and power to his already huge body! As soon as he stepped out of the car all eyes were on him. The almost consistent clanking of weights emanating from the pit slowed to silence as the attention of the “competition” was drawn to the biggest bodybuilder they had ever seen. Justin grinned down at me and said,

“I’m gonna break some records today, little girl, JUST WATCH!”

Justin walked over to the pit and began “warming up” with a set of barbell curls. To the amazement of all those present, his warm up consisted of curling 300 pounds for 10 reps!!! He then laid down the barbell and with a satisfied grin lifted his arms into a double biceps pose that left the other competitors awestruck. One of the bodybuilders built the courage to approach Justin after a second set of ten. His name was Matt. He was a teenage competitor like Justin, at 18 years old, and, had Justin not been competing, would have most likely won the competition. But Matt’s ripped 210 pound 5’11” body was completely dwarfed by Justin’s hulking frame. Justin stood nearly two feet taller than the aspiring muscleman and weighed more than twice as much as him. To call Matt “competition” was laughable, and Matt was the first to realize this.

“Yo dude. You…you look awesome”, Matt said in a hushed reverent tone.

Justin smiled down at Matt with a look that said “I know”.

“Thanks”, Justin said flexing his left arm in front of the astonished face of Matt. “I just started lifting recently. I guess I got a gift.”

“I’ll say!” Matt said. “You’re freaking huge!!! How big are you!?!”

“481, last time I checked”, Justin replied nonchalantly.

“481 pounds!?!” Matt looked stupefied. “Man, and you are lean and ripped! I’ve never seen someone a big as you before! Size like that is gonna put the rest of us guys out of commission!”

Justin laughed and graciously outstretched his hand.

“I’m Justin”, he grinned.

“Matt”, the smaller contestant said marveled by Justin’s giant hand.

“Wanna lift, little guy?” Justin asked. “I’ll help you spot!”

“Sure…but I’m not sure if I’d be a good spot for you. What was that you just curled?” Matt asked wide-eyed.

“300 pounds, little guy”, Justin smirked as he raised his arms into another double biceps. Some camera flashes went off as he did so. “That was just a warm up. Wanna see more?”

“Yeah…” Matt said as he stared at the younger contestant’s giant arms.

Justin swaggered over to the dumbbell rack and grabbed a pair of the heaviest dumbbells there. They were a 180 pounds each. Only power-lifters dared lift with these, and only then lifted for maybe 2 or 3 reps at most. Justin stood and proceeded to do alternate reps with the weights. Rather than wearing an expression of pain, Justin looked to be in ecstasy. He pounded out rep after rep of bicep curls.

“It’s all about visualizing little dude”, Justin grunted “You just picture your muscles growing bigger and bigger…yeah…MMM….FUCK YEAH!!!”

Perhaps Matt didn’t notice it since he was so close to Justin, but from my vantage point, I could see Justin’s nipple slowly rise over Matt’s head. His already massive chest appeared to bulge out a little more, as did his enormous arms. He was wasting no time in growing. After 15 reps in each arms, Justin set down the dumbbells and performed a double biceps that left all the onlookers (and by this time that was everyone in the vicinity) flabbergasted. Even as he flexed Justin continued to inch taller. By now Matt was beginning to suspect the unthinkable. But before he could do a double take, Justin’s growth subsided.

“Man! You must have the biggest arms in the world, Justin!” Matt said unable to contain his shock.

“You better believe it, little dude! And I wanna make ’em even bigger!!!” Justin bragged.

“Damn, man…you’ve got genetics from hell, dude!…Let’s do legs”, Matt suggested.

Matt and Justin did some dead lifts to pump up their legs. While Matt was able to do a respectable 500 pounds for 3 reps, Justin blew him away by dead-lifting first 800 pounds for 5 reps, and then a tremendous 1080 pounds for another 5 reps. They headed off to do squats. While Matt was able to squat an impressive 700 pounds, Justin was able to squat an unprecedented 1500 pounds!!! These poundages were simply unheard of. All the time I watched closely as Justin continued to grow ever so slightly with each amazing rep, with each mind blowing flex of his muscles…he was becoming truly gigantic. He looked at least half a foot taller than when he had stepped into the pit half an hour earlier, and his rippling muscles appeared to grow right along with his height.

Justin blasted through two sets of shoulder presses with the 180 pound dumbbells (they now appeared, dare I say it, too light for Justin!!!). He returned to the barbell to do some more bicep curls, only this time he upped the weight to 405 pounds!!! He slowly but surely growled his way through 10 reps, each rep becoming easier, with every passing second, Justin’s body grew bigger and bigger. It was becoming difficult to conceal this to the many onlookers. I heard shocked whispers and murmurs around me as they gazed at this unspeakable display of teenage mass and might.

“This kid must be the strongest man in the world!”

“And look at how tall he is. All the other guys don’t even reach his pecs!”

“He must be 8 feet tall! Christ he’s huge!”

“And look at those muscles. Man, if I didn’t know better, I’d say he looks…”

“…bigger! Yeah! I thought it was just me! You see that?”

“Fuck! How could you miss it!?!”

“Damn. He does look bigger, doesn’t he?”

I knew that Justin’s performance was raising some serious concerns in the crowd. He truly looked bigger than before. It looked as if he had grown in the last half hour. The only thing preventing those present from believing what they were seeing is the simple logic that no-one could possibly grow that fast.

Let’s face it. No-one was ready for Justin.

Justin loved to work out his chest and he had predictably left the bench press for last.

“Damn, Justin!” remarked Matt. “If I didn’t know better I’d say you were growing right in front of my eyes!”

Justin laughed and replied, “Yeah, I’ve been growing so much these past few months that I get that a lot. Let’s finish up on the bench press before we get suited up.”

Justin walked over to the bench. His giant feet landing with an audible thud on the concrete with every step. He had taken off his sandals by now since they had become uncomfortable to him (not surprising since they were now a few sizes too small for him!) Matt was able to bench the same weight Justin had just curled about 3 times. Benching 400 pounds for an 18 year old mind you is superb, but it was clear Justin was in a league of his own. Fully aware that the world bench press record sat close to 900 pounds, Justin loaded up the bar to an amazing 945 pounds. He smiled in my direction and announced,

“Let’s see if I’ve become the strongest man on the planet!”

Justin leaned back and with great confidence and determination gripped the massive weight, lifted the massive weight, and brought it down to his chest.

“GRRRRRRRAAAAAHHHH!!!”, Justin growled as he lifted the weight straight up into the air, shattering the previous bench press record. To the amazement of everyone there, he brought the weight down for another rep.

“YEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!”, Justin roared, his deep powerful voice resonating in the ears of all the spectators and competitors present. And it was at that moment that my eye caught a glimpse of his black soccer shorts. They were already tight due to the increased mass of his thighs and glutes, but now I watched in utter disbelief as the prominent bulge in his crotch began to swell larger and larger. I nearly fainted!!! I couldn’t help squeal “Oh my god!” as I witnessed his giant body begin to grow again.


Up went a third rep.


Then a fourth…


The weight was going up smoother now. I could actually make out his feet sliding across the concrete as his legs grew longer and thicker. Justin was only wearing shorts now, and these now looked skin tight on the growing teenage titan. What shocked me the most was the growth of his endowment. I could make out his prodigious teenage cock as it rapidly lengthened to obscene size. After three more reps, the strained seams of his crotch simply BURST revealing the bright red lycra of his posing trunks below.

Justin rested the weight back on the rack and sat up. He smiled at the bodybuilders who were huddled behind Matt, gaping in disbelief at the phenomenal display of power they had just witnessed. The onlookers gasped as they realized that Justin met the bodybuilders eye to eye, even though he was still sitting down! Justin slowly and deliberately rose to his feet, displaying his newly augmented stature to the stunned crowd. Justin looked unquestionably bigger. He probably grew more in the last minute than he had in any previous growth spurt he had experienced over the last two weeks.

The top of Matt’s head didn’t even reach Justin’s chest now…AND WHAT A CHEST!!! His pecs expanded a little over a foot from his breast cage! They were heaving plates of steel hard muscle the size quarter-kegs of beer. He did a lat spread that completely concealed the other bodybuilders from my view behind a true wall of muscle! He stepped forward and did a tremendous most-muscular that made the timid bodybuilders back up in shock.

“GRRRRRRRR!!!!!”, Justin growled like a ferocious beast as muscles exploded into bold relief all over his upper body. Only Matt stood motionless, Justin’s pecs only inches from his face, as he stood gazing up at Justin in complete awe. Justin’s shorts continued to split at the crotch and up his rock hard ass revealing his round, developed, tanned glutes. Holding the pose was gradually adding even more mass to Justin’s colossal frame!

“Dude….you…you are bigger. You’re way bigger than before. You just grew…”, Matt said gazing up at the towering teen colossus before him. His voice strained as he felt short of breath. He was standing before the strongest man in the world, perhaps the strongest man ever! And he was barely seventeen!

“Yeah…I guess so. Pretty cool, huh? I really felt it that time! Hell, you look fucking small! You really think you can compete with this?!?” Here Justin lifted his arms into a terrifying double biceps pose. The peaks of his long arms defied gravity! He now addressed the other competitors in a loud bellow, “NONE OF YOU LITTLE TWIRPS CAN MATCH UP WITH ME! GOD, LOOK AT ME!!! I’M FUCKING MASSIVE!!! FUCK YEAH!!!” He held the biceps pose and roared with laughter as he felt unbelievable power and strength coursing through his veins. He felt so insanely powerful. He could feel himself getting even bigger and stronger as he held the pose, relishing in his complete physical superiority over these pathetic little bodybuilders before him who dared call themselves his “competition”. Justin was becoming drunk with power. His mind and his ego (which appeared to grow along with his body) desired MORE size, MORE muscle, MORE power…Already the disparity in size between him and his awestruck onlookers was shocking, but Justin just wanted to get BIGGER and BIGGER. He wanted to blow them away with his size and strength! He wanted it BADLY!!! But somehow he resisted the temptation to grow any more…at least for now…

He modestly put his hand on Matt’s shoulder and grinned down at the baffled young bodybuilder and said,

“Come on. We better get to the weigh in. You’ve got a silver medal to win!”

I tagged alongside the mammoth muscle stud, craning my neck as I walked next to him just to look at his gorgeous face. He even introduced me to Matt. In any other situation I would have melted on the spot. Matt was a serious hunk with an incredibly muscular body. His bronzed body was only clothed in a blue pair of posing trunks which were strained by his more than generous endowment. But Justin’s colossal body was enough to draw the attention from any other Adonis on the beach that day. Not only was Justin’s development better than Matt’s, but his body also looked blown up by 150% in comparison to Matt’s smaller frame and stature! The real jaw-dropper came when Justin reached the weigh-in area. He grabbed a hold of the waistband of his shorts and simply pulled the tattered soccer shorts of his midsection in one clean yank. He stood only in a bright red posing thong now. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was the thong I had given Justin just a few days earlier for his birthday. The oversized thong that was meant to be a gag, the thong Justin could never hope to fit into, the thong I recalled thinking was more appropriate for a salami and two cantaloupes rather than a man’s genitalia; that same thong now fit Justin to a tee! He winked at me and remarked,

“Remember this thing, little girl? Bet you never thought I’d grow into it, huh? You’re gonna have to order me a bigger thong soon!”

The judges at the weigh-in section were no less shocked by Justin. He was easily the most immense bodybuilder, let alone teenage bodybuilder, they had ever seen. A former Mr. Olympia champion was on hand signing autographs and spotting promising new talent. Despite his massive bulk, he looked anemic standing beside Justin who towered over two feet taller than him! Justin expressed how much he had admired the former bodybuilding champion as a child. Still Justin could not help point out how small he looked next to his titanic frame.

“I used to think you were huge when I was a kid! But now that I’ve grown as much as I have, I’m way bigger than you ever were. I mean way, way bigger!” Justin laughed.

When they finally measured his height they found that Justin stood at a towering 8’5” in height! He was now one of the tallest men in the world, according to the judges. In fact, if he continued to grow, which a seventeen year old is prone to do albeit not at the rate Justin was capable of, the judges remarked that he could become the tallest man in history! At my below average height I only reached this young titan’s abs. He was beginning to look godly to me!

Justin’s weight had to be measured on two scales. His previously recorded weight of 481 pounds would have been enough to break one of the scales. Justin stood with his legs apart, one massive foot on each of the two scales. Justin felt almighty as he stood there being weighed, a sea of heads moving about barely at chest level to him. He felt absolutely massive, and the scale confirmed just how inhumanly massive he was. Justin now weighed 665 pounds of steel hard muscle! This represented a gain of just over 160 pounds in about two hours! This was Justin’s largest gain in size and weight in a single afternoon, and I had no doubt in my mind that he was not done for the day. He would make his gift of growth part of his posing routine. He didn’t care any more if people found out how much of a genetic freak he was. Justin felt vastly superior to everyone else around him. His musculature was unmatched, his strength unsurpassed, and his height and weight were on the verge of record-breaking. But his greed for size and power was growing too! The praise of all those brave enough to address him was continuous music to Justin’s ears. He wanted even more adulation. He’d have to show these pathetic little shrimps just what his body was capable of.

Matt and the rest of the contestants went through their posing routines much to the delight of the young crowd who had gathered that afternoon to cheer on and collectively admire the young studs on stage. Few bodybuilders matched Matt in definition and size, particularly in his age group. The crowd rewarded all his countless hours in the gym and tireless dieting with a roar of applause once his routine was finished. There is no question that Matt would have been the overall winner of this event had Justin decided to stay home. But he didn’t. Halfway through the competition there was already a rumor spreading through the crowd about a bodybuilder three times the size and mass of the average competitor on stage. The rumor of a giant 665 pound bodybuilder, towering at nearly eight and a half feet, would have seemed too spectacular, if it weren’t for the testimonies of those awestruck beachgoers who had witnessed the giant teenager workout in the weight pit earlier that afternoon. They swore that they had never seen any other man as big and strong as this young virile phenomenon and some even incredulously reported that the young giant appeared to grow bigger and stronger right before their eyes as he worked out. The rumors were convincing because of the shocked and even fearful tone in which they were told. Still, even the fearful came to the show to see him again. They felt almost drawn to his titanic body. They wanted to feel puny and weak next to this giant Adonis. The accelerated heart beat they felt at witnessing such an incredible display of power and strength was addictive, and they wanted to experience it again, much like one would wait in long lines to experience the death-defying drop of a roller-coaster again and again and again. The sight of Justin’s body was nothing short of awesome.

The rumors were confirmed as Justin got up on stage to close out the heavyweight division right after Matt. One could hear a collective gasp from the crowd of spectators as they struggled to make sense of the awesome spectacle of Justin’s body. No-one had ever seen someone so tall before, let alone this amazingly built. There were none of the deformities of gigantism in this young giant. Despite his breathtaking height, his bulging, steel-hard musculature was flawless. His muscular proportion and mind-blowing mass displayed unthinkable strength and power. His body would have made Michelangelo weep like a baby.

Justin strode up confidently to the center of the stage in impossibly long strides only a strapping young colossus could take. He stared out at the amazed onlookers with a cocky grin that said, “This is what a REAL man looks like!” Those who doubted the rumors were now made believers. Cameras flashed in trembling hands and the loud voices of the beachgoers were reduced to hushed whispers. After a brief silence a humbled and stupefied crowd could do nothing more than applaud out of pure respect. It started as broken applause and quickly washed over the crowd like a wave; a collective wave of awe. Justin smiled and raised his arm to show he was ready to begin. Then over the diminishing applause Justin’s loud powerful voice announced,

“LET ME SHOW YOU LITTLE GUYS WHAT OVER 650 POUNDS OF MUSCLE LOOKS LIKE!” and then he added with a smirk, “Anyone with a heart condition might want to leave! You might not be able to handle what you’re about to see!”

Justin then lowered himself with his legs split apart, his immense package seriously testing the fabric of his giant thong (another gasp, not quite as loud as the previous one but still audible, could be heard as many looked on amazed at just how much man those strained trunks contained). The hard core rock music he had selected began to blare out of the speakers and Justin began his routine. Up and up he stood showing off his incredible height. Given how much he had grown over the last few days the opening had an exponentially greater effect on the crowd than when I had originally suggested it. This wasn’t the 6’7” muscleman I was coaching just four days ago but rather an 8’5” freak of nature!!! He now surpassed even the tallest of his “competition” by over two feet in height! And every inch of his frame was packed with ripped, powerful muscle! He showed off his monstrous thighs and his calves as he shifted his mammoth feet from one stance to another. While holding his pose, he lifted his huge arms behind his back to flex the hardest abs in the world; a cut eight pack composed of actual bricks of ripped teenage muscle! Now he lowered his arms and showed off the bowling ball sized shoulder and ham sized tricep of his right arm in all its vascular glory. The crowd was applauding and cheering like crazy. The cameras increased their rate of flashing. No-one had ever witnessed muscle like this before! Justin grinned widely as he soaked up the praise from the crowd. But he wanted to devastate the crowd with his body. He turned around.

Justin did a lat spread to display the largest wall of muscle ever seen. He did it slowly, savoring the impossibly wide expanse of his back muscles, spreading farther and farther,…God, what mass on this kid!!! Farther and farther his back spread….farther and…oh no…Justin was doing it again! I gazed in utter awe as his lats, already spread to their full expanse, grew wider and wider. His posing trunks began to retreat into the crack of his glutes as his ass bulged out more and more. My privileged vantage point from the first row allowed me to witness his massive feet stretch out longer, his ankles appeared to inflate somewhat, his ankles thickened, and his calves and hamstrings bulged with added mass! He turned around proudly and with a surly grin lifted his arms into an amazing double biceps pose! They too ballooned bigger and bigger! He now looked to be inching taller. Noticeably taller…

“Oh my God!”, squealed a young blonde girl next to me, “He’s getting even bigger! Look at him!!!”

Now a wave of nervous cries spread throughout the crowd. Some held their trembling hands up to their mouths, suppressing their cries of disbelief, others shouted expletives out of sheer amazement, a few from what I later gathered, actually wet themselves! But the one thing that unified us all, is that we were all in utter amazement, no matter how we chose to express it.

He could see the crowd reacting to his growth in shock, but he mercilessly blew into a frontal lat spread, his entire body continuing to grow and grow and grow…Up and up his head inched, and every muscle on his body continued to grow more and more massive. He suddenly broke the pose and began laughing at the crowd. His growth appeared to subside for the moment.

“I GOT ONE LAST POSE FOR YOU GUYS. WANNA SEE MORE!?!” Justin smiled as he rested his hands at his waist, his glistening muscles heaving with unbridled power. The crowd continued to be awash with murmurs with occasional cries and squeals from the women of the audience. To my great surprise I heard a couple of young men in the crowd applauding and shouting “DO IT!” or “GROW SOME MORE!”

The crowd around these young men reproached their encouragement of the giant on stage with a louder murmuring of disapproval. Even I found myself yelling, “SHOW EM WHAT YOU’VE GOT JUSTIN!!!”

Justin raised his brow condescendingly and said,

“Man, some of you guys are still hungry for more. Well, get ready for the main course!!! MY NAME IS JUSTIN! AND I’M THE BIGGEST MAN IN THE WORLD!!! GRRRR!!!”

With that, Justin blew into a mind-shattering most muscular. His roar could be heard throughout the crowd. Justin’s torso exploded with mass that could only be described as unbelievable. The power in his muscular body was enough to crush the life out of an average man, or break him in half with terrifying ease. And that same body began to grow bigger, and BIGGER, AND BIGGER!!! I could hear the floor boards of the stage began to creak as they adjusted to the increasing weight of his growing body!

“OHH YEEEEAHHHHH!!!!” Justin bellowed as more and more unreal mass slammed into his growing body, his already superhuman strength increasing to unthinkable measure! Even as he crouched to hold his most muscular pose, we all saw his head inching up and up…I watched speechless as his posing trunks gapped away from his waist due to the increasing size of his giant cock and immense balls. The pouch was leaving less and less to the imagination, but I’m sure everyone there would agree, that no-one could have ever imagined a man’s cock being quite that long and thick. Justin’s manhood left every man feeling tiny!

By the time Justin broke his pose he was noticeably taller. His Herculean muscles had grown in compass to his height. If Justin was the biggest man on the planet before, now he was in the running for biggest man EVER! I thought back to our conversation just days ago. Justin was realizing his dream. He wanted to be this big! Then I remembered the rest of his “dream”. He wouldn’t be satisfied with being the biggest, tallest or strongest man ever. He wanted much more. He didn’t want to be bigger than his runner —ups in size in strength. That wasn’t enough! He wanted to dwarf the next tallest man in height, to pulverize the next strongest man in strength, to overshadow the next biggest man with his muscle mass. He wanted these guys at his knees…and even then he said that that would only be the beginning! His terrifying vision was becoming a reality!

“See you little chumps later”, he said with a cocky grin as he swaggered off the stage. Half the crowd applauded wildly while others were left with their jaws hanging. The public now knew Justin’s “BIG” secret. Many were visibly shaken by what they had just witnessed. If that was enough to shake them up, I thought, I wonder how they would react if they knew how much bigger Justin intended to grow!

I hastened backstage to meet Justin. I was blocked by a two gruff security guards until Matt identified me as Justin’s friend. The guards jumped off of me terrified! They apologized profusely and allowed me through. “Cool…”, I said to myself smiling as I realized just how much fear Justin created in people’s hearts. There were definitely benefits to being his “little girl”. Already Justin was being weighed by a group of other bodybuilders who wanted to know just how much bigger Justin had grown while onstage. By the time I arrived to where they were weighing him, the group surrounding him erupted in astonished cheers. I squeezed my way through the bronzed musclemen and found myself beside Justin, standing on two scales. I looked up at his hulking frame towering high above me. I felt so pathetically small and worthless next to this much man! He peered over his bulging chest and looked down at me with a confident grin.

“How’s the view from down there, little girl?” he asked.

“Magnificent”, I said. “How much you weigh now, Justin?”

Justin’s grin widened and his eyes glimmered.

“You’re looking at 746 pounds of muscle, little girl. And I stand 8’10” tall.”, Justin smiled, his pecs heaving with unspeakable power as he breathed. “It’s happening, Brendon! I’m becoming the man I’ve always wanted to be! I’m so fucking huge and strong!!! God, I wish someone would fuck with me now!”

“Yeah”, I laughed. “When those two guards gave me a hard time back there they nearly shit themselves to know I was your friend.”

Justin got off the scale and gave me an evil smile. “They were messing with you? Who those two dudes over there?” Justin asked.

“Yeah. Those two over there”, I replied. Suddenly I realized what was going to happen. There was nothing I could do to stop Justin (nothing anyone could do really). He walked over to the two guards who backed away from Justin and then tried to make a break and run. Justin sprinted at them, catching up to them easily in a few strides of his incredibly long legs. He grabbed them by the back of their necks, his large hands almost wrapping completely around to their Adam’s Apple.

“So. You two guys fucking with my little friend over there? You two are a lot bigger than him. You like messing with people smaller than you? How big are you guys? 240? 250 maybe?” Justin toyed with the guards who could not escape his viselike grip. He suddenly bent down on one knee and brought his arms around the security guards. Just as easily as he had knelt down, he stood back up with a guard under each arm, as easily as he might lift two bales of hay. The guards struggled and kicked with their arms and legs but to no avail. The few shots that hit Justin in the stomach or in the back were nothing more than baby taps to this teenage he-man.

“Thing is I like to mess with people smaller than me too! This is gonna hurt boys!”

Justin began to squeeze the guards in his arms, trapping them against his engorged, inflated arms and the immovable wall of muscle that was his torso. The guards screamed in pain and in seconds later a crack and then another could be heard as their ribs gave way under Justin’s unrelenting strength. The thing was he appeared to be crushing these two grown men with apparent ease. Justin was actually laughing. He began to mock them.

“Yo guys, were those your ribs I heard cracking? Man, can you believe how strong I am!?! I ain’t even trying. Fuck, if I wanted to I’d fucking crush your rib cages like twigs! YOU HEAR ME YOU LITTLE WUSSIES!!! LIKE FUCKING TWIGS!!! FEEL SOME MORE!!! GRRRR!!!”

With that Justin applied some more pressure, and again, more cracking sounds could be heard. Justin was actually crushing their bodies with the strength of his mighty arms! I had no doubt he possessed the strength to do so, but to actually witness his utter physical domination over the two was frightening. The two guards begun to splutter up blood, but none of those present dared intervene on their behalf for fear of meeting the same fate.

“Yeah, I could KILL you guys with my bare hands and not even break a sweat! Guess you’ll think next time before you fuck with a friend of mine!”

And with this Justin dropped their broken bodies to the ground where they lay moaning in agony. Justin stood tall over the huddled clumps of pain-stricken flesh at his feet. He smirked as he flexed his right bicep and said,

“Just remember how easily I could have killed you guys with these big arms of mine”, he smiled.

Justin’s show of brutal force was enough to intimidate everyone who had witnessed it. People were now scared shitless of him! Still, Justin continued to interact with the other bodybuilders as if nothing had happened; as if everything was normal. But I knew he could detect the fear in their eyes, and I knew he was eating it up.

Justin easily won the teenage division and went on to the final pose down with the other contestants. The other “heavyweights” on stage might as well have been “featherweights” next to Justin. Young men who would no doubt be described as buff and huge were mere children compared to Justin’s massive bulk and colossal height! When Justin flexed his arms and chest, the crowd could easily see his massive muscles over the heads of the shrunken contestants who stood in front of him. And when Justin chose to step in front of the others and do a lat spread, three of the contestants literally disappeared behind a wall of muscle! In the closing moments of the final pose down, Justin lifted his arms into a spectacular double biceps. His arms pumped larger and larger…and Justin grew a little more, enough to draw a gasp from the crowd, and enough to have the other contestants on stage back away. He was granted the overall first place prize hand down. The judges reasoned that their decision was based on his good development and proportionality (which he certainly had); that any contestant could have still won, but let’s face, whether they chose to admit it or not, 750 pounds of muscle and 9 feet in height were more than enough to tip the balance of any judge’s scorecard.

The rest of the afternoon Justin spent signing autographs and taking pictures. He was basking in all the people who praised his incredible size and strength. The ride back was extremely uncomfortable. Justin was 250 pounds heavier and about a foot and a half taller than when we had made our trip to the beach that afternoon. It became almost immediately evident that the passenger seat would have to go. Justin happily obliged and with daunting ease ripped the seat off its hinges in one clean jerk. He pulled it out of my car and tossed it in the next parking space. Even then Justin struggled to get his impossibly wide shoulders through the passenger door. After a few attempts he somehow did. He squeezed into the back seat, with his head and knees raised up to the car roof and his shins still pressed into my dashboard. His immense torso completely filled the back seat. I could feel the suspension of the car struggle to accommodate the unprecedented weight of Justin on virtually every bump on the road. We talked on the ride back.

“Sorry about your car, little girl. I forgot just how big I was getting. I wasn’t thinking about the ride back”, Justin said.

Although he was still calling me his “little girl”, the mocking tone in which he said it was gone. He sounded genuinely remorseful in his deep, husky voice. It’s as if the term “little girl” had become an acceptable nickname for me. Ahh, fuck it! Who the hell was I fooling? I loved it when he called me that!

“Hey, big man, don’t worry about it”, my voice sounding like a robin’s chirp compared to the powerful resonance of his voice. “I can’t say I mind too much! I mean, you were absolutely incredible today. Hell you look awesome now! My passenger seat is a small price to pay to have seen what I have today first hand.”

“Thanks little girl”, Justin said. In the rear view mirror I caught his beaming smile.

“No, thank you”, I said. “And now I know who to come to if anyone ever gives me any shit!”

“Yeah, you better believe it!” Justin answered, his cockiness beginning to kick in again. “Bet you’re glad you sponsored me, huh?”

“Oh yeah! Now I got the strongest man in the world watching my back! Man are you ever strong, Justin!”

I found myself complimenting him uncontrollably. Justin’s appetite for praise was never satiated.

“Man, I thought you were going to kill those two security guards”, I said in obvious astonishment. “You broke a few of their ribs. Were you really squeezing them hard? I got to know! How easy was that for you to do?”

Justin gave an arrogant laugh and said, “Man, you gotta be joking little girl. I was hardly squeezing those clowns and their ribs cracked like Popsicle sticks. Hell, if I really wanted to I could have crushed those little shits into a pulp! They were so fucking weak compared to me!”

I looked into the rear view mirror again and cautiously asked him,

“So, how did it feel to be able to do that to someone?”

There was silence, but I could see that he was smiling broadly. In fact he was meeting my gaze in the rear-view mirror as he finally broke the silence and asked,

“You really wanna know?”

I gulped. “Yeah”, I struggled to answer.

Justin inhaled deeply as he pondered his response, and then decisively said,

“It felt great! It made me realize just how fucking strong I am,…how much stronger I am than everyone else around me! To know that the power of my muscles was enough to crush the life out of both of those dudes was a complete rush! I mean, these were two full grown men, pretty big men too, but they were so fucking weak compared to me. I felt ten times stronger than both of them put together. Having all that strength over these guys…it…it actually turned me on!”

We sat in silence a little longer until Justin, with a little more sincerity in his voice, asked,

“Promise you won’t get scared if I tell you something?”

Hell, I was already a little scared…

“No…what is it?” I asked.

“Well, the whole thing, me crushing those guys in my arms, it was getting me really hot. In fact, I was starting to bone up. I could feel myself getting hard!”

“Oh?”, I said trying not to pass out and drive head on into opposing traffic.

“Yeah, dude. In fact, if no-one else was there, I wouldn’t have cared whether or not I boned up. I wouldn’t have cared if my cock busted out of my posing trunks. I think I would have liked it. In fact,…I think…I think if no-one else were there, I would have killed those two guys. Not cause I hate em, but just to see how fucking strong I am! I wanna see how easy it is to waste somebody with just my bare hands! But the craziest thing is that despite all the strength I have, I want more Brendon! I gotta have more! And I can feel the will to grow raging inside me more than ever little girl. Today was just a crack in the dam, and the growing I did was just a trickle. But this dam is gonna break soon, and when it does, man WATCH OUT!!!”

Again there was a period of silence. It was unfair of Justin to ask me not to get scared. I was terrified of him now! 250 pounds of mass in one day was a trickle of growth to him? And his disregard of other human beings sounded just plain homicidal! Justin sensed my terror right away and gave me an innocent smile in the rear view mirror and said,

“You promised not to get scared.”

“Well…uh…uh…I…I lied…”, I said, my hands trembling on the steering wheel.

“Pull over a second”, Justin said chuckling.

“Why!?!”, I asked in a screech.

“Just pull over, little girl”, Justin said with a calm grin.

I did as he said. I pulled over to the side of the road. He then bent forwards so that our heads were nearly together. For all his muscle, Justin was incredibly flexible. He wore the same kind smile he had when I first met him as I was moving into my place almost two weeks ago.

“Look”, he said, “You gotta understand, what’s happening to me is really amazing. I mean, you’re looking face to face at the biggest and strongest man on the planet! Not only am I experiencing some freaky changes in my body, but I think my way of looking at the world is changing too. Like that shit about everyone being equal, that’s bullshit, to me! I mean look at you and me, Brendon. Do we look equal? Hell no! No-one is equal to me in size and strength anymore! You think I care about what I do to two jerks like those guys back at the beach? You think I feel any remorse? No way, little girl! They’re so fucking inferior to me now, so fucking pathetic! Why should I care if I hurt ’em or not! I can’t help it if I’m so much better than them. Should I hold back? Should I be ashamed of how massive and strong I am?”

I shook my head no.

“Exactly. If I am this much bigger and stronger than those around me than I expect to be treated with more respect than anyone else. I know why you might be worried. You’re even smaller than those guys I busted up. If they’re pathetic to me, what’s that make you, right?”

I looked at him expectantly waiting for the answer.

“You’ve always been pathetic next to me, Brendon, ever since we first met. But thanks to my growth spurt, hell, there ain’t even a word to describe how puny and weak you are next to me now! But you know that little girl! You’ve always known that. Just like Benji has known that, and just like most of the crowd at the beach who saw me today figured out. I would never hurt anyone who treated me with the respect I deserve…never! Plus, it wouldn’t be right if, after having helped me get this big, I picked up my sponsor and snapped him in two behind my neck!”

Despite how easily Justin could make that scenario come true, the statement was reassuring and even made me laugh. Justin grinned back to me,

“You can’t blame me for looking at the world differently from my new height can you, Brendon?”

“No…uh…no…I guess not”, I turned around, to my surprise somewhat comforted, and started the car. Justin placed his giant hand on my shoulder reassuringly as he sat back and said,

“That’s my little girl!”


Part 8

We arrived back home a little after 11pm. We had stopped off at a supermarket where I shelled out about $80 for food. I bought Justin about three pounds of ham and another three pounds of turkey, not to mention rolls, cheese, over two pounds of potato salad, a dozen bananas, a gallon of OJ and two gallons of milk, a dozen protein bars and a half gallon of ice cream. Justin thought it would be best to spend the night at my place. His parents were already asleep and would no doubt spend the remainder of the night sleepless with shock if they were to wake up only to find their son bigger and more impressive than they ever thought humanly possible. No, it was better to leave the shock for tomorrow after they had had a good night’s sleep. So Justin crashed over my place that evening.

I walked in and felt compelled to turn around and watch Justin do the same. He squeezed through my front door sideways, his bulging chest and massive back just clearing the width of the doorway! Were he facing the door, his shoulders would be a good two feet wider than the actual doorway. Once Justin was in, he had to crouch as he walked around my living room. The low seven foot ceilings were needless to say cramped confines for the nine foot tall teenager. As I surveyed how immense he looked compared to the other items in the room (my couch, my coffee table, my bookcase, my desk..), his head brushing my ceiling even as he squatted, the lamplight reflecting ominously off of his insanely huge muscles which bulged with every deep breath he took, it was then I came to the realization that Justin was becoming gigantic! “He’s a giant”, I whispered to myself.

“What’s that?” Justin asked smiling.

He had heard me. “I said you’re a giant”, I said with reverence.

Justin grinned from ear to ear and then surveyed the room from his amazing vantage point. With a smug look he added, “Yeah! I’ve totally outgrown your little house now! I’m having a tough time just squatting in this little ant hole! And to get in here, I’m gonna have to widen your doorways. I’m just way too stacked little girl!”

Justin sat down in front of the TV and proceeded to devour what we had purchased at the supermarket. In a matter of ten minutes, Justin had devoured all the food I had purchased for him and was working quickly on the protein bars, eating them as easily as large cookies.

“Aren’t you eating, little girl”, he smiled at me.

“I’ll have a scoop of ice cream. That’s it”, I said cheerfully.

“But you haven’t eaten anything all day”, Justin said lifting a brow in concern.

He was right. I hadn’t.

“That’s OK”, I said. “I’d rather watch you eat. I love watching you eat Justin”, I chirped.

Justin grinned and said, “Oh yeah? You like to watch me eat? I need to eat a lot little girl, to feed these muscles of mine. I need more protein so I can grow bigger and bigger…”

Here Justin unexpectedly lifted his arms and flexed them into a double biceps pose that drew a high pitched, almost squealing, “oh my god” from my lips.

“Got any more food?” Justin winked.

Justin continued to eat as I jumped to the kitchen and began broiling some cube steaks and making a few pitchers of protein shake. I made five blenders full until we ran out. Each time I brought the full blender out to him and Justin proceeded to drink down the shake in several continuous gulps, with no break in between, his large Adam’s Apple jumping in his thick throat with every gulp. He handed me back the empty pitcher with a grin and said,


By the time he finished the pitchers, the cube steaks were done. He ate two pounds of cube steak in barely two minutes, devouring the ground beef as if he hadn’t eaten in days! This feast was costing about $100 now, and Justin still looked like he could eat some more! However, he tapped his belly (his brick wall of abs rather) and smiled at me saying,

“That was good enough for now! I should catch some Zs”

I brought out the mattresses from my bed and the bed in the guest room. Justin was far too big to squeeze through the hallway into the guest room, so I decided to bring my accommodations to him. I laid the two queen sized mattresses top to bottom on my living room floor. Justin’s width filled up the mattress making it look more like a single bed! The length of both mattresses combined was more than adequate, stretching out almost 12 feet across my living room. I was going to sleep on the floor of my room, but Justin wouldn’t have it. He convinced me to sleep on the couch next to him. I brought out sheets, but Justin said he didn’t need one. It was a hot muggy night in the dead of summer. I had the AC on but it didn’t seem to be doing much. We watched TV in the dark, my head propped up on the headrest of the sofa just to see over his broad, thick shoulder as he laid on his side, just a foot in front of me. It so happened that ESPN was showing an episode of the “World’s Strongest Man”. Predictably, Justin scoffed at the feats of strength performed by the so-called “strongest men”.

“Look at these guys! These guys are supposed to be the strongest men in the world!?! Dude, they’re pathetic! I can lift three times as much as these runts can and for three times the reps! And what’s with the ‘meatball’ look on these fat fucks? Hell, my arms are bigger than these guys’ legs, and it sure as hell ain’t fat!”

Justin’s rant was provocative, cocky, and amusing. Still, I had had a long day. My senses felt exhausted. I found myself drifting off to sleep…

…Justin entered the tournament some time ago just to show those so-called athletes what a real man could do. The taping of this episode of the “World’s Strongest Man” was in Greece beside the ancient ruins of the Parthenon. Justin was, by this time, known around the world. In the past few weeks the world had followed the growth of this teenage giant with astonishment. The world felt more and more humbled by the power of this colossus with each passing day. And with each passing day, Justin grew impossibly bigger and stronger.

When Justin signed up for the competition just a month ago, he was already recognized as the strongest man on the planet. While he hadn’t earned that title in any formal sense, the endless streak of weightlifting records he had shattered over previous weeks seemed sufficient proof to this unofficial claim. But Justin had continued to grow over the last month, more so than he had in previous months. In newspapers, on the radio, on TV and on the web, people across the globe followed Justin’s growth awestruck. This young giant was already the biggest and tallest man to have ever lived, but his growth, rather than taper off, appeared to be accelerating! Just how much man did this super stud have left in him!?!

By the time of the taping Justin was a gigantic 20 feet tall. He stood proudly beside the other strongmen, clad only in a tight pair of red, white and blue trunks, which bulged obscenely in the front due to his titanic endowment. His hulking muscular frame towered monstrously over the other competitors, who looked no bigger than young toddlers next to Justin, their heads just barely taller than his knees! This was no competition. If one were to combine the weight of the other 11 competitors in the tournament, their collective weight would just break 3000 pounds. But Justin’s massive frame sent shivers through the ground at nearly 13,000 pounds and all of it was steel-hard muscle! At least ten thousand people had congregated to watch the giant super stud. These were his supporters, his followers, his worshipers. Many had traveled from the US just to see their giant idol perform and, hopefully, grow even bigger. Justin loved his fans. He loved their collective amazement, the adulation he received from them. He thought it funny that while the numbers of his fans grew, they all appeared to be shrinking in size and stature with every passing day. Justin acknowledged their presence with a smug look and casually flexed his left bicep to the collective gasp of the crowd. The man was superhuman.

The first test of strength was to carry an Icelandic Husafell Stone as far as possible. There was no time limit for the event, nor any limit to the distance the stone could be carried. The Husafell stone is triangular in shape and infamously awkward to carry. It weighs a full 500 pounds. The other competitors struggled to carry the stone more than 40 feet. No-one managed to hold the stone for longer than a minute. Two of the competitors could not even lift the awkward rock. Justin just looked at their pathetic display with amusement.

It was Justin’s turn. He walked over to the stone in slow, heavy steps which sent small tremors through the ground. A hush fell over the crowd as they turned their attention to the competition field. He bent down and casually picked up the 500 pound rock in his giant hand, about as easy as he would pick up a piece of pie. Justin’s massive muscles were capable of lifting 100 times the weight of the Hussafell stone. This was just a joke. In a few steps Justin walked over 100 feet. Then stopped and playfully juggled the rock from one hand to the other. He then turned to face the crowd. He held the rock just below chest level between his two giant hands. He then began to press his hands together, squeezing the 500 pound stone in his hand. He increased the pressure, grimacing with the effort, and small bits of rock and pebble fell from his hands to the ground. Justin was slowly grinding down the massive stone in his bare hands, but he would need more strength to complete his task. The crowd watched in awe as their titanic teenage idol began to stretch taller and taller, his muscular frame surging to greater and greater size and strength, the prodigious bulge in his crotch slowly growing larger and larger. Justin had grown now close to 30 feet in height and nearly doubled his phenomenal weight. The stone didn’t have a chance. It cracked and shattered under the unrelenting pressure of his hands and fell to the ground in pieces. He wiped his hands free of the dust and placed his hands at his hips as the crowd erupted in loud cheers and applause. He inhaled deeply, his massive pecs heaved outward, and soaked up the praise from his little fans. “They’re smaller than ever”, he thought to himself with a confident smirk.

The next event was a truck pull. A thick rope connected the 8 ton rig to a harness the competitor wore around his waist. With just the strength of their arms the competitor would try to pull the truck towards him. The competitor who managed to get the truck across the finish line (approximately 25 feet away) with the best time won. The competitors all struggled to pull the truck as far and as fast as they could. Over half the competitors found themselves unable to pull the truck to the finish line. The best time was a Finnish competitor who managed to pull the truck to the finish line in an impressive 55 seconds. Impressive, that is, before Justin stepped up to the harness. The harness could not possibly fit around Justin’s waist. While he was proportionately lean, Justin was so amazingly tall that his waist measured over 100 inches! Still his gargantuan chest would stretch any tape measure (or rather several stitched together) at about 240 inches! There was just no human comparison in size to Justin!

While the harness failed to wrap around the circumference of his waist, it appeared to fit his forearm well. And why not? Justin’s bulging forearms were now an unparalleled 45 inches around! The rope to Justin seemed more like yarn to him. When he had adjusted the harness and grabbed hold of the rope/yarn, he simply yanked his arm back, and sent the truck over the finish line in mere seconds. Such was the force of the pull, that the truck’s tires left skid marks in the concrete. To Justin, the weight of the truck was nothing! He himself weighed several tons more than the truck itself. The truck did not go far. It came to an immediate halt as soon as the giant gave the rope another tug, going from 25 miles per hour to zero in a mere second. Something made a loud grinding noise within the machinery of the truck, perhaps the suspension or the transmission. The truck was simply not prepared for the violence of Justin’s strength.

Justin walked over to the truck. The cab of the rig only reached his crotch. Justin grinned as he walked carefully over the cab, his mammoth legs now straddling both sides of the driver compartment. He then sat on the truck, allowing the full weight of his massive body to rest on the cab. There was no way the truck could hold up the unspeakable tonnage of the teenage muscle giant. He might have just as easily been sitting on an empty cardboard box. The glass cracked, the metal twisted and bent, and the front tires broke free from the front axle. Justin squatted down, allowing his weight to crush the front of the truck. The doors popped off their hinges, and the front compartment was completely crushed. The remains of the cab disappeared between Justin’s massive thighs from the public view. He had stopped crushing the cab with his weight, and now began to apply pressure on the truck with his colossal thighs. The crunch of the metal was audible as the pressure of Justin’s legs reduced the remains of the cab into compacted scrap metal. He laughed as he considered exactly what he could do to one of the competitors if they found themselves unluckily caught between his legs, or better yet, trapped in the driver’s compartment of the truck which he had so easily demolished! He stood up revealing the hunk of unrecognizable metal leaking fluid and giving off smoke; all that was left of the front of the truck. He walked away from the wreckage. The ground trembled with every step. The crowd again rewarded Justin’s performance with rapture and applause. Justin simply smiled and considered how easily he could crush the life out of any of his so-called “competitors” with just an ounce of his incomprehensible strength, or the staggering weight of his 12 ton body!

The final test of strength was the deadlift. Before Justin had begun his historic growth spurt, the previous record stood at 825 pounds. It was a record that strongman after strongman succeeded in breaking ever so slightly as the years went by, thanks to improved conditioning techniques, better nutrition and supplements, and better genetics overall. But the onlookers, particularly those that had traveled so far to watch their teen deity in all his immense glory, knew that the new record, set by Justin just a week earlier, now stood at an unassailable 10,000 pounds! In fact, the judges had prepared for Justin by manufacturing a barbell that could hold up to 15,000 pounds. But now, after his last amazing growth spurt, it appeared that even this wouldn’t pose a challenge for Justin.

And so, after the other competitors persisted with the formalities of this farce and performed their deadlifts (one of them notably deadlifted 870 pounds which would have been a new world record several weeks ago…) Justin took to the stage. He approached the mammoth barbell, loaded with 15,000 pounds, designed for the only man on Earth who could lift it, for no other man had ever and could ever dream of possessing so much power. Justin squatted down and, with apparent ease, lifted the barbell to his shoulders and easily lifted the weight above his head. Yet another world record!

But Justin wasn’t done. He lowered the weight back to his shoulders and continued to press it over and over again. Justin then lowered the barbell to his waist and then, in perfect form, began performing bicep curls, rep after rep, beads of sweat trickling down his giant, muscular chest. Justin closed his eyes in ecstasy. He loved the inhuman power he possessed. He loved the colossal size of his muscular body towering majestically over the tiny people below, who could do nothing more than gaze in wonderment at their giant. He wanted more. He had to have more!

His head began to rise higher and higher. A commotion ensued in the crowd as they realized that Justin was becoming even more fantastically huge! He continued to pump out curl after curl as he grew more and more, his blood-engorged arms expanding to even more terrifying size. He smiled as he looked down and saw the people, the cars, the trees, the world around him, becoming smaller and smaller, as he grew and grew and grew…The dam he felt welling up inside him for so long, was finally breaking. He knew this growth spurt would be unlike any other. He soared past 35 feet, then 40 feet in height! His growth appeared to accelerate! The dam was broken!

He switched the barbell to just one hand as he continued to curl the once massive weight in just one arm. Meanwhile, his feet (which had been bare; by the time Justin hit 20 feet in height he had given up totally on footwear and preferred the feel of walking barefoot) grew longer and longer, each one stretching to over 7 feet in length and growing rapidly bigger. His red, white and blue trunks could no longer contain his monumental endowment. They tore off his waist and the flimsy torn fabric hung over his ass and the patch of pubes gracing his crotch. But his balls, as big as boulders, and his pendulous cock hung low and in plain sight to all. The crowd let out a collective moan as they beheld their giant’s titanic shaft, hanging low, almost halfway down his thigh, and pulsating to greater and greater size.

He performed about 20 reps in each arm, growing now at an alarming rate, breaking 50, then 60 feet in height! He lifted the barbell in the air, his right hand and arm now dwarfing the once challenging weight and hurled it through the sky as easily as one might throw a football. It landed about a mile away with an audible crash. Now even his most ardent followers began to panic. They had expected Justin to grow, but not this much. This seemed too much to handle for their tiny minds all at once. Justin looked down at the havoc his growth had precipitated and smiled broadly. People began running around aimlessly, others screamed in horror, while others stood paralyzed in fear, transfixed by Justin growing Herculean frame.


Justin’s voice rattled in the ears of the tiny people below like thunder. Justin then walked over to the ruins of the Parthenon, each step now sending vibrations through the ground. His enormous body weighed in the vicinity of 100 tons now, although he appeared to be gaining hundreds of pounds of bone and muscle with every passing second. His giant body now cast a shadow over the ancient ruins. Indeed, his body was a good deal taller than even the tallest pillars left standing there. The tallest came up to his chest and was rapidly shrinking beside him. He knelt down, wrapped his hulking arms around the tallest pillar, and pulled with all his might. In seconds, the pillar left its foundations and rose in Justin’s arms, leaving the place it had stood for over 3000 years. The pillar could have weighed close to 30 tons, but this was now the perfect weight for Justin. The pillar was awkward in that it had no place to grasp, but Justin’s arms were wide enough to hold the pillar firmly between his outstretched hands. He balanced the pillar on his torso as he adjusted his grip and the lifted it in the air. A new, albeit unprecedented deadlift record, in just under five minutes!

He held the pillar in his growing arms high above his head. The strain fueled Justin’s growth. Now his height skyrocketed beyond 80, then 90, then 100 feet tall! His feet now stretched close to 20 feet long, beneath them stones that had rested intact for thousands of years were being reduced to rubble under Justin’s unfathomable weight. Diamond shaped calves, the size of elephants supported thighs the size of…well…there really was very little to compare them to in size. And still the muscles of his legs grew larger as his legs stretched longer and longer. Tons of mass slammed into his growing torso, enlarging the fantastically huge muscles of his arms and chest as the mighty expanse of his back stretched wider and wider. His head continued to soar higher and higher. The Earth now shook by the sheer force of Justin’s phenomenal growth, untold particles of matter reconstructing themselves into the bone and muscle of his colossal growing body. He blew past 150 feet in height, then 200 feet.

Justin proudly surveyed his godly form towering over the ancient city before him and dwarfing the ruins at his knees. He lowered the pillar, which was now shorter in length than one of Justin’s forearms, and not nearly as thick. His growth appeared to slow now, until he reached the height of 250 feet. His weight surpassed 10,000 tons! He crushed the pillar in his hands as if it were Styrofoam. The stone pillar crumbled into stone and dust against the unthinkable strength of his hands and arms crashing into a cloud of dust at his feet. He felt unstoppable…almighty… omnipotent….hell, he was a GOD to these people now! The titan god Atlas had returned to reclaim Mount Olympus. He smiled down at the tiny people at his giant feet, none of them even reaching his majestic ankles.

“SO…”, Justin boomed, “I GUESS I WON, HUH?”

His deafening laughter filled the air like rolling thunderclaps. He was going to enjoy his life as a giant. The world was literally at his feet…

…giant feet, an amazingly long sole stretched in front of my face. I looked up. The morning sun began to creep above the window pane. I was laying on my couch. Justin was asleep. His muscular body stretched across the makeshift bed on the floor, one of his feet laid propped up on the couch, just beside my pillow. I could smell the heavy musk of his feet and breathed in deeply to savor its pungent scent. At easily a Size 30, the smell was more powerful than ever. In fact my whole living room smelled like the giant teenage jock, a mixture of his CK cologne and his sweat. I’d never use my air freshener again.


Part 9

Wow! What a dream. I can remember dreams where I had woken up with vivid images still dancing in my head, but nothing like this. This was the most realistic and intense dream I had ever had. I could feel the dry Grecian heat, the astonished gasps of the crowd, even the rumbling of the ground as Justin walked. Towards the end he had witnesses Justin grow from a worm’s eye view, soaring taller and taller into the sky, the giant feet on both sides of him growing longer and thicker. But in the end it was all a dream. I laid on the couch stunned staring at the ceiling. I looked over from time to time, in awe of the giant foot resting inches from my head and pillow, toes towering above my forehead.

I sat up. I looked over at Justin in reverence. Here was the biggest and strongest man in the world with his massively muscled body sprawled across my living room floor wearing just his posing trunks from the day before. As I surveyed his hulking frame with drawn breath, my eyes widened and my heart skipped a beat as I came across his crotch. If his trunks had been tight last night, now they were strained to the breaking point. The bright red lycra looked like a second skin on his blood-engorged cock, AND WHAT A COCK! Now THIS was “morning wood”! Like any teenager, his dick had grown rock hard as he slept, but Justin was no ordinary teenager. He was a giant teenage colossus, and his erect cock was nothing short of colossal. Justin was easily over a foot. In fact, he looked more like a foot and a half, if not more….and so damn THICK!

By this time I was sporting a boner of my own, albeit much, much smaller than Justin’s. I rubbed my hard-on through my shorts as I looked in adoration at the resting giant. His handsome face wore a peaceful expression, even a small smile graced his tranquil expression. His pecs heaved with immense power with every breath he took. His abs were ribbed blocks of granite, no…harder than granite…something told me even granite paled in comparison to those dense bricks of young muscle. What I wouldn’t give to feel his incredibly hard body, the giant muscles of his arms and massive chest.

A spot of pre-cum formed on my shorts as I stroked my little cock faster. I imagined Justin crouched over me. The massive weight of his torso crushing my body into the ground. He isn’t even resting all his body weight on me. He might kill me if he did. He smiles at the realization, then leans in, tenderly kissing me, over and over. Finally he sits up and pulls down his trunks, revealing his giant hard-on. I crawl over to him, somewhat intimidated by the pulsating manhood before me, much like a man who orders too much food in a restaurant and is unsure how he could possibly finish it all. I feel that there is now way I can accommodate something of that girth in my mouth, but Justin’s look is so inviting, that I have to try. I begin licking the head of his massive cock. The throbbing member feels hot on my tongue. I lick his long shaft from the forest of hair at its base to its head. Then, Justin grabs my head in one of his massive hands. There’s no way I can escape from his grip. He guides my head into his rod, forcing my mouth to open wider than ever before. He pushes my head deeper and deeper onto his giant cock. I feel the head pressing against the back of my throat and he’s still only half way in! Now, with my head in his firm grip, he moves my head back and forth; my head only a tool for his self-gratification. Justin is enjoying it. In fact, he is growing. His body begins to expand as he approaches climax. His cock grows longer and thicker inside my mouth. He mercilessly rams his growing cock faster and faster into my mouth. I can feel the ligaments of my jaw tear, the sides of my mouth split from the increasing pressure. Justin unleashes a torrent of cum down my throat. Load after load of cum fills my belly. I’m nearly choking on it. Cum begins to trickle out of my nose as my esophagus is overwhelmed by Justin’s tremendous load. The splits in the sides of my mouth bleed profusely as Justin’s manhood continues to swell larger and larger in the tight confines of my damaged mouth.

I can’t scream or cry . Justin’s orgasmic grunts fill the room with the knowledge that I am but a small sex toy attached to his giant, throbbing member as it continues to grow and grow and grow…

A blast of cum shoots out of my own comparatively miniscule member. I stifle a moan so as not to wake Justin. It’s one of the biggest loads I’ve ever shot. I sit panting on the couch, my eyes still fixed on the sleeping giant. “Oh my God”, I think to myself. “I just whacked off to Justin’s body!” I felt suddenly ashamed. Here, this great young man had put his confidence in me, and I had abused it. I felt an uncontrollable lust for this giant jock, a lust I could no longer suppress. Just looking at him was enough to send me over the edge. “Luckily he didn’t see me”, I thought. “He’s still asleep. God, I would have been so embarrassed if he had caught me in the act. He could have woken up at any time. I’m surprised he’s not up already for breakfast.”

Shit! Breakfast! This young muscle giant would wake up any minute from now, and I had no doubt he’d be starving! And I was very nearly out of food. He’d eaten everything we bought at the supermarket the night before. I had some bread and a few gallons of protein powder, but that would hardly be enough for Justin now.

I wrote a quick note to Justin informing him that I was “out shopping” and stuck it to the TV set. I then ran out the door, got in my car, and sped off to the supermarket down the street. It looks like I’d de absent from work again today, but I would just have to call in sick. I had to feed the biggest man in the world, and this task appealed to my sense of responsibility more than assuring the quality of a shipment of nuts and bolts at my regular job.

I bought 2 dozen eggs, pancake batter, 2 pounds of bacon, 2 dozen sausage links, a big box of cereal, about 2 dozen protein bars, a dozen bananas, 2 gallons of orange juice and 4 gallons of whole milk. The bill was just over $100. This kid was going to eat me out of house and home with his food expenses. But I didn’t give it much thought. All that concerned me was fueling the muscles of his body, and helping him grow to his fullest potential, whatever that might be. I couldn’t even remember the last time I ate a substantial meal. I was hardly concerned with my nutrition anymore. I mean, I wasn’t the one growing, Justin was! He was the one who needed the food, not me. If a puny little guy like me lost a little weight or grew somewhat weaker, it would be a small price to pay for Justin to grow bigger and stronger. I was a little hungry so I ate a candy bar while waiting in the checkout line. “That should hold me over until lunch”, I said to myself.

I came home with all my groceries to find Justin sitting against the couch watching TV. I noticed a deep indentation on the ceiling above where he sat. He looked over at me struggling with all the groceries. He gave me a sympathetic look.

“Need some help, little dude?” he asked.

“No, I’m OK. You’re too tall to move around in here anyway, at least without damaging my ceilings.”

“Sorry”, Justin said with a sheepish grin. “I forgot how low your ceilings are.”

“Or how tall you are”, I smiled as I carried the groceries into the kitchen, nimbly walking over his legs which laid outstretched across the living room carpet like two logs.

“Well, you ready to eat big man?”, I asked.

“Always!” Justin said. “Let me just squeeze into the bathroom to take a shower.”

“This ought to be interesting”, I thought to myself. Justin was about as tall as the bathroom was long, and he was certainly as wide, if not wider than the room itself! I wasn’t about to try and stop him, despite the great likelihood that he could completely trash the room inadvertently with his sheer bulk. Besides, this gave me time to whip up a giant breakfast for him.

Justin squeezed into the bathroom, and I began cracking eggs and whipping up pancake batter. To my surprise, I didn’t hear the sounds of tiles cracking, mirrors breaking or plaster falling which I had expected. By the time he was done I had prepared a stack of pancakes and had fried up the bacon. I prepared a pitcher of protein shake to wash it down with some orange juice.

Justin popped out of the bathroom. He had flooded the entire room with his shower. There was no way he could keep his entire frame in the bathtub, and was forced to take his shower with half his body in the tub while the other stood outside, and then switch. The result was an indoor pool in my cramped bathroom. But I was completely oblivious to this at the moment. What captured my attention at that time was Justin who came out of the bathroom, completely naked! Just one look at his giant cock swaying between his enormous legs as he crouched into the living room was enough to send me sprawling back against the countertop.

“Holy shit!”, I yipped.

“What’s wrong, little girl? Ain’t you ever seen a man naked?” Justin smiled as he continued to towel himself off in the living room.

I turned away sharply and carried on cooking. “Well yeah, I’ve seen men naked. But never a man your size!”

Justin laughed.

“Oh come on, little girl. There was no room for me to towel off in there.”

There was a brief silence, only interrupted by my whisking of eggs.

“You know”, he said “You can look at me if you want. It’s not like I’m going to get pissed off or anything. I really don’t mind.”

“Yeah…I know…I’m just, uh…cooking stuff still. There’s some pancakes on the table. Go ahead, I’ll join you in a second” I said nervously. My hands were actually shaking, so I continued whisking eggs. Damn, how big was that python between his legs!?! It was easily over a foot long, and he wasn’t even hard!!!

Justin brought my armchair over to the living room table and began eating (his 750 pound body would have easily broken any of the chairs that came with the table set). I kept the food coming. He went through all the eggs, bacon and meat. While I kept making pancakes, he ate bowls of cereal, until he finished the whole box. Justin drank entire gallons of milk and pitchers of protein shake in just a few gulps! It turned out that I had bought him just enough. I brought him a final stack of pancakes and plopped into a chair across the table from him, exhausted. He still sat there naked, but had mercifully placed the towel over his crotch to prevent any further heart palpitations in my chest this morning. He kept eating and looked up at me and smiled. He shook his head as he chewed.

“You know, I’ve been honest with you, when I told you I want to grow huge, and how I want to become the biggest man on the planet, how I wanna grow into a giant…”

I looked at him. I didn’t know where he was heading with all this. A shiver went down my spine.

“So if you want to look at me naked, you can. It’s alright, dude. I’m fucking proud of my body…all of my body!” Justin said.

“Yeah, well…OK…you should be proud…” I stammered.

“Then why did you turn away just now?” he said finishing off his pancakes. “Did you think I’d be upset?”

“Well, I don’t know…I…I guess I didn’t want you to think I was checking you out.” I answered apprehensively.

“Oh?” he smiled as he lifted a gallon of OJ to his mouth. “You mean like you were this morning before you went to the supermarket?”

Justin continued to chug down his orange juice while I sat there stunned. My face blanched and I felt paralyzed to my seat. I wanted to get up and run out of the house but I simply could not move. Justin just watched me as he drank, enjoying the effect his comment had had on me. He set down the empty gallon of orange juice, and wiped his mouth with his forearm to reveal a wide grin.

“What, you didn’t think I saw you checking me out this morning? Huh?” he asked mockingly. “Oh no, wait. You weren’t just checking me out. You were beating off to my body! Beating off to me like a little fairy!”

I was now moving, but not voluntarily. I literally shook with fear. I wanted to say something but could not. I now began to turn red. Tears began to well up in my eyes.

“Oh come on, little girl, don’t get all teary-eyed on me. I’m just messing around!” Justin laughed. “Come here”, he gestured. “Come on, Brendon, get over here, I’m not gonna bite.”

I obeyed him. I found the strength to get up from my seat and stand by his armchair. I almost felt like a son approaching his kind and forgiving father. Indeed I felt like a child next to this giant teenager. He was somewhat taller than me even while he was sitting! He grabbed me by my shoulders in one giant hand.

“Now let’s get one thing straight, little girl. I had a feeling you were gay, and now I know you are gay. And I have nothing against you for being gay. Didn’t you listen to me when I told you about Benji? I don’t mind gay people. In fact, I’m kinda flattered. I mean, you find me hot enough to jerk off to. That has to be a compliment!” Justin laughed again, and now I began to loosen up and feel at ease.

“I’m sorry, Justin. I shouldn’t have done that. Gay or not gay…” I said.

“It’s OK, little girl. Just relax…I went through this with Benji, remember? Hell, I even let Benji get me off before! Why should I mind you whacking off?”

“I’m happy you’re so forgiving…” I insisted, amazed by his empathy.

“Nothing to forgive, dude”, he added, magnanimously.

Again there was silence. Then a sly look came across Justin’s face.

“So, you think my cock’s pretty big?” Justin winked.

“Pretty big?!? Dude, that is a total understatement! You’re fucking enormous.” I said wide-eyed.

“Yeah”, he smiled looking down at the towel over his crotch. “I always wanted to have a really big dick, but even this is bigger than I ever thought I’d get.”

“You…you looked ready to bust out of those posing trunks this morning, you know…when I was…uh…”

“Oh yeah, little girl, I had a serious hard on this morning. And that was the posing strap you got me for my birthday too! The one you never thought I’d grow into! Now I’ve just about outgrown the fucking thing!” Justin bragged.

“How big do you think you are?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I’m about a foot soft, so I’ve gotta be over a foot and a half hard”, Justin said nonchalantly.

“Wow”, was all I could add.

“I’m gonna definitely outgrow those trunks today, when I grow some more”, Justin said with a glint in his eyes.

“More?” I said with effort.

“Oh yeah! I wanna get bigger and bigger each day! Then, maybe when I’m done, you can measure my cock. Would you like that, little girl? You wanna chance to measure the biggest cock in the world?”

“Yes…I would…”, I whispered.

“What else would you want to do with it”, he grinned.

His questioning was leaving me disconcerted, uncomfortable, aroused and nervous all at once. I felt my head swooning again as my gaze went back and forth between his gorgeous face and the towel over his crotch.

“I…I don’t know…I mean…whatever…uh…”, I sputtered meekly.

“Speak up!” he boomed confidently, clearly amused by my floundering.

“I’d do whatever you wanted me to, Justin! Whatever you told me to do…” I blurted.

“Oh yeah?” Justin smiled lifting his eyebrow seductively. “That sounds good. I’ve been so busy growing this past week that I haven’t had time to hook up with any girls. I could use a little release.” Justin began rubbing the back of my neck. His touch just oozed sensuality. “You think you could help me with that, little girl?”

I nodded obediently. Justin grinned.

At this time there was a knock at the door. I couldn’t think of any worse timing. Justin jumped out of the armchair. I only caught a brief glimpse of his massive cock before he turned around and squeezed back into his posing trunks. His parents had come to pick Justin up to take him down to the university for a series of tests with Dr. Cliff. We didn’t know at the time that the Lakes were aware of their son’s fantastic growth spurt the day before at the bodybuilding competition. In fact, unbeknown to us, news of Justin was getting around rather quickly. Still, no amount of mental preparation could have sufficed to prepare the Lakes for the visual shock of seeing their own son standing at nearly nine feet in height and weighing nearly 750 pounds of sculpted, steel-hard muscle! Justin answered the door and smiled back at their astonished faces. They were astonished. Justin squeezed through the door as his parents stepped back to give their giant son space. Justin stood proudly to his full height, no longer encumbered by the ceilings of my house, and towered imposingly over his relatively diminutive parents.

“Guess what guys…I won the bodybuilding competition yesterday!” Justin announced.

His parents stood there gaping up at their son, his colossal body nearly filling their entire field of vision.

“Yes”, Mr. Lake ventured nervously. “We heard.”

Then Mrs. Lake asked, “Are you feeling OK Justin?”

“I feel incredible mom! Absolutely incredible! I feel so damn STRONG!!! I can probably bench over a 1000 pounds if I wanted to! How do I look?”

Justin treated his awestruck parents to a double biceps and then a frontal lat spread. Justin wanted his parents to see exactly how massive and huge their son had become!

“LOOK AT HOW HUGE I AM!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!” Justin’s roar shattered the quiet, rattling off the siding of the houses on the quiet suburban street. “ I can’t get over how small you two look! You don’t even reach my chest, dad! Who’s the man of the house now?!?”

“I’ve never seen anyone as big as you, son! I can’t believe this is happening! You really are the biggest man in the world!” his father marveled.

“We have an appointment with Dr. Cliff today”, his mother said. “Don’t worry, Justin, we’ll find out what’s wrong with you and we’ll halt your growth.”

“What?” Justin laughed. “You gotta be kidding me! I wanna get even bigger, mom!!!”

“Oh, you can’t be serious Justin!” Mrs. Lake said, now looking rather distraught. “You might hurt someone with your strength. Let’s go. We’ll be late. We’ll take your father’s van. Maybe those doctors at the university can talk some sense into you.”

“OK, whatever mom”, Justin said dismissively. “Just watch and see how much bigger I get this summer. This is nothing!”

Mrs. Lake and Justin pulled out of the driveway and went on their way to the university. Mr. Lake stayed behind and we chatted briefly at my doorway.

“This is pretty amazing, huh” Mr. Lake said, his face still one of bewilderment.

“Yes, Justin’s growth is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or heard of”, I agreed. “He wants to grow more, you know.”

“I know”, Mr. Lake sighed. “And the doctors don’t have any idea what’s happening to him, or how much he can grow.”

He began to laugh nervously and said, “I never thought I’d be afraid of my own son. But he’s just so big, and strong…”

“Yeah, he wasn’t lying when he said he could bench over 1000 pounds”, I added. “I saw him bench 900 for a couple reps yesterday. That was a new world record! And he grew even bigger and stronger after that!”

“Look, I appreciate you looking after Justin like this”, his father said with a look of concern. “He’s grown very fond of you. I just hope he doesn’t hurt you or something. I mean, he never would intentionally, but he’s so strong…he may have difficulty judging his own strength. And you’ve been so nice to him. I wouldn’t want Justin…”

“Mr. Lake, I can assure you that your son is more considerate and kind than any other teenager I can remember meeting. I won’t lie to you. His size is very intimidating. With every passing day I feel smaller and smaller next to him. But I don’t think he would hurt me. Although, at this rate, he may accidentally step on me, huh?”

I laughed.

Mr. Lake was not laughing. In fact, that nervous look returned to his face.

“Well, I’m off to pick up some new clothes for Justin. We ordered them custom fit for him. I hope they still fit him.”

“OK Mr. Lake. I’ll see you later”, I waved as Mr. Lake went off to the mall. I picked up my morning newspaper and went inside.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I sat down to have some coffee and was startled to find a story about Justin gracing the front page of the paper. There was a color picture of Justin holding a most muscular pose beside two other competitors, one of them I recognized as Matt. He dwarfed them both.

The headline above the story read:

“Teenage Giant Outmuscles Local Competition”

The article read:

“WILDWOOD, NJ (AP) — A young man by the name of Justin Lake won this year’s annual ‘King of the Beach’ competition today leaving hundreds of spectators bewildered and astonished. Justin only turned 17 years old last week, and yet his strength and size are already record-breaking. He weighed in to today’s competition at 665 muscular pounds and stood at a full 8’5” in height. He is easily the biggest bodybuilder to have ever competed on an amateur or even a professional level. In fact, he is one of the tallest and heaviest men in history. At age 17, he shows every indication of growing even more.”

I skimmed down the article for more revealing news…

“…Unofficial reports by other competitors and spectators testify that Justin bench pressed 945 pounds for seven consecutive repetitions. If this is true, this would shatter the previous bench press record of 900 pounds for only 3 repetitions, perhaps making the teenager the strongest man in the world. Even more fantastic are the general reports of many present at the event that Justin actually grew bigger during his posing routine. Some unconfirmed reports claim that Justin grew to 750 pounds and nearly 9 feet in height!

‘I saw it with my own eyes’, said Linda Forello of Hammonton, NJ. ‘He was up there posing. He was already huge, but then he began growing. He got taller and his muscles got bigger. Everyone saw it. He just smiled, like he was really enjoying it. I mean, it was kind of scary. Cool, but scary.’ As incredible as these unofficial reports seem, local news media are trying to attain video copies of the event to ascertain the credibility of these astounding claims. The Lake residence has been unavailable for comment…”

Unavailable, or simply not answering their phone. I remember seeing video cameras at the event. I’m sure a freelance video would pop up sooner or later. It was only a matter of time before footage of Justin’s growth would hit the airwaves to the shock of millions. Justin was going to get the attention he had been craving for.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Justin arrived at the university with his mother shortly after 10 AM that morning. The doctors in the lab were waiting for him, along with their family physician Dr. Cliff. Like the Lakes, they too had heard unconfirmed reports about Justin’s growth spurt at yesterday’s bodybuilding competition. And just like the Lakes, they too were startled when they finally came face to face (or face to belly rather) to the giant teenager. Dr. Cliff was shocked by his patient’s growth. Justin had put on over 250 pounds of muscle and grown over a foot in height in less than 48 hours! While his preliminary findings had pointed to such explosive growth potential, the doctor was still having trouble believing what his eyes were seeing.

After a brief introduction of all the doctors on the research team one doctor proceeded to explain to his mother what they had found from their preliminary tests while Justin looked down at all the little people in white coats, the so-called experts, with a cocky smile.

“We do not see any immediate health risk posed by Justin’s dramatic increase in size. His heart rate and blood pressure tell us that Justin is exceptionally healthy. There is no indication of fluid build-up in his lungs, no bone abnormalities, apart from their great size of course, and certainly no nerve damage. The urine sample we took told us that Justin’s liver and kidneys were functioning well, with no abnormalities.”

Here the doctor paused, as if he was getting to the interesting part.

“Now here’s the interesting part”, he continued rather anticlimactically, “The semen sample taken from Justin shows a highly elevated sperm count, abnormally so, perhaps several times higher than that of the average healthy young man his age, at the height of his reproductive capacity. And from what we understand, Justin’s ejaculation was copious, much greater than what a man even at the peak of his sexual health is capable of producing. In addition to this, blood samples from Justin tested extremely high for red blood cells, and more importantly GH and testosterone. These would explain the unnatural rate of growth as well as the incredible strength and hypertrophy of Justin’s muscles.”

He closed the manila folder he held and looked over at another doctor, the eldest of the five on the research team. The one who most resembled a kindly and reassuring grandfather figure.

“Mrs. Lake, we’re not going to pretend to be able to explain what is happening to your son. In all honesty, there is simply no case on record of a teenager exhibiting this much growth, and certainly not in such a short span of time. Your son’s growth potential is amazing. Now, if it is his health you are concerned about, let me assure you, you’re son is as healthy as a man can possibly be. He fits none of the cases in medical history of gigantism, or acromegaly. His musculature and bone density are far too robust, nor are his limbs or face deformed in any way. His health is in no danger.”

“Our concern”, the doctor continued, “Is Justin’s ability to lead a productive life in society. We are quite convinced that with the high levels of hormones flowing through his bloodstream, Justin can and most likely will grow more. Much more. Easily surpassing even the biggest men in recorded history in both height and weight. Justin is becoming a giant among men, and there isn’t much we can do about it but continue to track and study his growth more.”

“But can’t you give him something to lower the level of hormones in his body, or to stunt his growth?” his mother asked frantically.

“Mrs. Lake, I assure you”, the elder doctor continued, “We have explored all the different possible courses of action and we’ve decided that the causes behind your son’s growth are so unfamiliar and unprecedented, that any intervention on our part, whether it be chemical or surgical to ‘stunt’ Justin’s growth would be ill-advised. Intervening in such a manner without first identifying the cause or causes of his growth may actually pose a health risk to Justin. We must study this growth more before even thinking about intervening in such a manner.”

Justin smiled. He knew that this meant he could keep growing with the blessing of his doctor’s and much to the obvious chagrin of his parents. The elder doctor noticed this and, craning his neck up at the colossal youth, addressed him.

“I suppose this inaction of our at the present moment pleases you, doesn’t it Justin.”

The old doctor seemed to be the least intimidated by the hulking teenager towering above them all. He still wore a kindly smile, and his tone was one more of sincere inquiry than of reproach.

“Yeah”, Justin nodded confidently. “Yeah, I like being really big.”

“In fact, you wouldn’t mind being even bigger would you?” the doctor asked with a gentle smile.

“No”, Justin answered unabashedly with a grin. “In fact, I plan on growing as much as possible, doc. I know you guys are all concerned about me and all, but trust me, I know what I wanna do, and that’s become gigantic. In fact, I was just thinking to myself, while you guys were talking, how any of you little guys are in any position to force me to do anything!”

A look of fear came across the faces of the doctors, even Dr. Cliff. But the elder doctor still stood staring up at Justin. He again addressed him in his soothing voice and addressed him as reverently as possible.

“I understand Justin. You are being very patient with us. We’re very well aware that we are simply little people in your eyes. I’m not even sure if the world quite appreciates what you are becoming. Clearly we are not in a position to force you to do anything. We can merely ask you. But we haven’t asked you to stop growing, at least not at this time. As a matter of fact, I was going to ask you to perhaps do a little growing for us here.”

Justin looked down at the elder doctor in surprise.

“Really. You want me to grow for you guys?” Justin smiled raising an eyebrow.

“Yes. I mean, the unconfirmed rumors in the press are true, aren’t they? You do have the ability to grow at will, do you not?”

Justin paused and then assented with a nod.

“Amazing”, the doctor remarked. “Would you care to give us all a demonstration of your body’s potential?”

Justin grinned from ear to ear and answered.

“No problem, little man.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I think it was somewhat after noon, right after I had finished my grilled cheese sandwich, that my phone began ringing off the hook.

I figured the Lakes were still living in denial over their giant son. They more than likely kept the phone off the hook after they received the first calls from the local media. In any case, the only other calls they might have received had their son’s growth not been newsworthy would have been those of a few pesky telemarketers, so the loss was certainly not a great one. But the media, being as tenacious as it is, decided to reach some of the Lakes’ neighbors for comment on Justin’s fantastic growth. I was easy prey.

The first call was from the Philadelphia Daily News, the more sensationalist newspaper out of the two Philly had to offer. After a few initial questions the anxious reporter found that I knew quite a bit about Justin, and when I mentioned that I was actually good friends with Justin, the reporter began firing questions at me mercilessly. I realized that I was on speaker phone, and I could hear the murmuring of other newspaper staff in the background. I realized that I needed to be very guarded about what I revealed about Justin if I was going to be a respectable spokesperson for him.

“Is it true Justin was only a little over 6 feet tall a few months ago? This is what the wrestling program of his high school says, and its dated back in March”, the reporter asked.

“Well, to be quite honest with you, he was only 6’2” just three weeks ago”, I said.

“You mean he’s grown nearly 3 feet taller in under three weeks?”, the reporter asked stunned.

“Well…uh…yeah”, I answered.

The crescendo of murmurs in the background hinted that I had given away too much information. “Strike one”, I thought.

“Do you know if he wants to continue growing? Does he know what is causing this?”, the reporter asked.

Hmmm…what would the White House Press Secretary say to this…

“Justin is currently meeting with a team of medical specialists to determine the cause of his growth. Justin enjoys his current strength and size, but is making no plans about the future until the source for his recent growth is revealed.”

There was a brief silence, and I felt quite proud of my answer.

“So is he meeting with these doctors…”

“Medical specialists”, I corrected happily.

“…right, medical specialists…is he meeting with them to find ways to grow even bigger?”, the reporter asked.

That was out of left field. That was precisely NOT the reason Mrs. Lake had taken Justin to see those doctors.

“I do not believe that was their intention…”, I started to answer.

“But have you met any of these specialists?”, the reporter badgered.

“Well…no”, I conceded.

“So you’re not sure how what their findings may be or how they may use their findings”, the reporter pressed.

“No”, I answered.

More murmuring. Strike two. If I was the White House Press Secretary, I’d be hiding behind my podium by now.

“Have you witnessed Justin grow?”, the reporter asked.

“Over the last three weeks, Justin has grown…”

“No, I mean really grown!”, the reporter interrupted. “You know, like he did at that bodybuilding show yesterday. Dozens of people say he did!”

“Uh…those were unconfirmed reports…”, I stammered.

“Are they true? Can he grow at will?”, the reporter pressed again.

“Uhh…uhh…excuse me. Someone’s at the door.”

I hung up the phone and immediately blocked the number from my call detail to avoid a return call. I would need to work on this spokesperson thing a little more.

There were a few more calls from other newspapers which I handled similarly, including one from a local television network. But then a series of calls came in that I was actually glad to receive.

A man from Addidas called and asked if anyone was representing Justin. I told him that no-one really was, but that I was sponsoring him with his nutritional needs, while his parents were struggling to clothe him. The man asked if any other footwear companies had contacted me or the Lakes. I told him no. He seemed delighted. He then offered to provide Justin with all the footwear he needed as part of a marketing campaign for Addidas. Justin could pick any design of shoe he wanted, all I needed to do was e-mail him his foot measurements and the company would send out a pair via UPS, however many he wanted, within reason. The same deal held true for any shirts or shorts he wanted. Simply state the color and design off the website and e-mail him the measurements. The deal was rather good. I thanked the man and accepted the proposal. This should at least help the Lake’s with their skyrocketing clothes expenses for Justin.

But it did not stop with Addidas. Timberlane called up with a similar deal for their boots, which I also accepted. Then Ralph Lauren called with an exclusive deal on their polo shirts. Finally Calvin Klein called in with a special deal on their line of undergarments, such as tank tops and underwear. They would even throw in cologne, after I had mentioned that Justin wore their brand of cologne with loyalty. I asked if they could procure any jock straps or posing thongs. They said that they normally did not make these, but for Justin they could make an exception, even if it meant procuring it through a sister company.

By the end of the afternoon I felt I had gone shopping, and hadn’t even left the house. Clearly the clothes industry wanted their designer labels plastered all over the teenage giant. Clothing him would be a small price to pay for the publicity of their brand names on the biggest, and arguably hottest, man on the planet. He would be like a walking billboard!

This great marketing opportunity was not lost on the supplement industry. I also received calls from Twinlab, Met-RX, and other manufacturers for unending supplies of fat burner, protein powder, and energy bars. One lab said they said they would even throw in a 10 year supply of GH which they were developing simply to endorse the new products name. While not approved by the FDA they claimed it raised GH levels in the average man by over 600%! “Holy shit!”, I thought “What effect would that stuff have on Justin!”

I mentioned that some of the food bills were becoming exorbitant. Ultimately, they made me the authorized user of a credit card with no limit and told me to charge up his food expenses on it. They gave me the account number to begin using immediately. All they asked in return was Justin’s sponsorship, perhaps even a commercial or two. I told them Justin would be happy to oblige them. They merrily went on their way.

I realized Justin had pretty much all the logistic support he needed to grow bigger if he wanted. I enjoyed being Justin’s agent and spokesperson. It was becoming a full time job. In fact, didn’t I have one of those at one time?…

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“I can show you guys more”, Justin said with a self-assured grin. “In fact, it doesn’t take that much to get me growing…”

“Oh Justin, please!”, Mrs. Lake pleaded. “If you can control it, then don’t grow any more! Please Justin!”

“Now Mrs. Lake”, the elder doctor retorted (his name was Dr. Rogers) “as I’ve explained, if we are to understand how your son in growing we must witness it for ourselves. I know even some of my colleagues are uneasy about this, but we must do so for science. Now you can either stay and watch or leave. I’m sure your son would prefer you to be here, to support him.”

“Yeah mom”, Justin grinned “I’ve wanted to show you and dad this for a while.”

Justin’s mother looked up at her already enormous son and reluctantly consented. Dr. Rogers looked back up at Justin and nodded,

“Go ahead, Justin”

Justin smiled. He spread his stance to about shoulder width and began raising his arms. He then slowly brought them into a majestic double biceps that drew astonished sighs and moans from everyone present. Even Dr. Rogers let out an audible, “Oh my”. And why not? Were these not the biggest arms ever possessed by a man since the dawn of time? After savoring the pose, Justin turned and did a lat spread to show off the colossal expanse of his back, and the unimaginable width of his shoulders. He turned half way and flexed his giant calves (bigger and meatier than a Virginia Ham, Justin thought proudly) and tree trunk thighs. He admired the mind-numbing power of his legs and calves and reflected on how they compared to the little people watching him, including his mother, none taller than his belly button. It would be so easy to barrel them over effortlessly by just walking into them, knocking their fragile bodies over like bowling pins. Justin nearly burst out laughing at the thought. That familiar feeling of complete dominance and power soared back into his body. After a few teasing side flexes of his massive tricep he turned to face them. It was showtime!

“OK, OLD MAN!”, Justin bellowed at Dr. Rogers. “START TAKING NOTES! But first you gotta answer me…”

Justin hit a front lat spread. His chest spread to its full mountainous expanse. Small drops of sweat trickled down his shoulders on down his abs. But his chest didn’t stop spreading. It grew wider, and wider….

“See, you never told me how much you guys wanted to see”

Justin’s shoulders began to inflate with size. The muscles of his legs pulsated larger and larger. His legs grew longer. His feet began to streeeeeeeetch…

“You wanna see just a little”

Justin’s head began to inch up, and up, and up. Justin gave an evil grin to the shrinking team of professors.


Justin blew into a most muscular pose, and suddenly his growth jumped from first gear to fifth! The muscles of his neck and traps simply exploded with size, as did his giant chest, which just ballooned with more and more mass with each passing moment. What were the biggest arms in the history of mankind just a few moments ago now appeared to be a few inches bigger. His stance widened as his titanic thighs continued to grow impossibly larger. His cock was no exception. It throbbed larger and thicker. This cock put a bull’s to shame! It continued to stretch the fabric of his already tight posing trunks to their breaking point; something I would have never imagined just a week ago! His dad’s shopping would be in vain. Not even a tailor’s most generous fitting could prepare for this much muscle size. And his height! He looked to be growing an inch per second! Justin came out of his crouched pose and did an encore double biceps!


Justin’s growth continued. His frame continued to fill out with more and more muscle mass. With each passing second, Justin’s strength increased exponentially. The power his body possessed far surpassed anything that could be described as human. Justin stared at his right bicep with a wide-eyed grin. As untold power coursed through every fabric of his body, he watched his bicep, now the size of a basketball, bulge larger and larger. He wanted to test the strength of his arms. He wanted to lift a car clear off the ground. He wanted to punch through a wall. He wanted to put a grown man into a headlock and crush his skull with a flex of his steel hard bicep. Justin laughed. He knew he could do that so easily if he wanted. That’s why the doctors were “uneasy”. That’s why Dr. Rogers treated him with respect. And he still felt himself growing stronger and stronger…

Justin dropped his double biceps pose and felt his growth surge subside. He looked down at his shrunken spectators. He had grown quite a bit this time; more so than in previous growth spurts. Dr. Rogers approached him. He stared up at him in unmasked awe. He barely reached Justin’s waistline and his head was level with the obscenely huge bulge in Justin’s posing trunks.

“That was more amazing than anything I could have imagined”, Dr Rogers said in a soft, humbled voice. “And you were able to do that without much difficulty?”

“Yeah, old man”, Justin snickered arrogantly. “It was pretty fucking easy! You guys need to see more, cause if you do…” Justin began raising his left arm to flex it but Dr. Rogers whimpered,

“No! Not yet, Justin. Let’s take some measurements first.”

Justin brought his arm down and smiled. He was curious to see how big he had grown. Justin simply stood there surveying a flurry of activity taking place below his waist as the doctors ran to and fro bringing back scales, a ladder, and measuring tapes. They began to measure every inch of Justin, at first apprehensively asking the giant to lift his arm or flex a certain muscle, but then later with greater ease as they found the intimidating teenager to be rather co-operative when it came down to measuring his body. At last they completed their measurements.

Out of the more notable measurements they took, they found that Justin’s upper arms were now a record-breaking 39 inches around! His chest was an awesome 107 inches around, and that was after exhaling! Had he inhaled, his measurement would have been undoubtedly several inches more! His thighs were a floor rattling 63 inches around while his massive calves measured in at 47 astonishing inches. His feet were 13 ½ inches wide and 39 inches long! His height and weight were astounding. From just under 9 feet in height, Justin had exploded up to 10’3” in a matter of 60 seconds. It was Dr. Cliff who had measured Justin’s weight on a cargo scale. He humbly reported to the giant muscle jock, that had not long ago been his teenage patient, that he weighed 1153 pounds, a gain of 400 pounds of rippling muscle in under a minute. Nothing in the Guiness Book even came close to measurements like these! Justin had unequivocally become the biggest, tallest and heaviest man in history! Not bad for a young man just turned seventeen…

“What we would like to do Justin”, Dr. Rogers said, “Is monitor these growth spurts more carefully. We would like to measure body temperature, red blood cell count, and things of this nature as you are growing. We would also like to measure your strength. You are certainly stronger than any man alive, but we would like to measure just how much stronger you are. Let me ask you, Justin. Do you grow under any type of physical exertion?”

“Pretty much”, Justin answered.

“Do certain activities increase your ability to grow?” Dr Rogers asked.

“Yeah. Like flexing, makes me grow, if I do it long enough. But I get pumped a lot quicker when I lift, especially when I lift heavy. When I flex I have to think about growing to start growing, but when I’m really pumped from lifting, I can’t even stop myself. I just grow huge!”, explained Justin, feeling pretty damn proud of his freakish genetics.

“What if you think about growing AND lift heavy weights”, Dr Rogers asked quietly.

“Oh man!!!”, Justin laughed, “then I’d fucking explode with size!!!”

“Anything else?” Dr. Rogers asked.

“Yeah”, Justin considered “When I eat well. When I eat a lot, It feels easier to grow. Like this morning I ate a lot of food, same as last night after the contest, so I had plenty of fuel to grow…”

Dr. Rogers mused over this. Then said,

“Justin, we would like for you to come back here on Saturday. We will supply you with a large breakfast; one full of protein. Then we will set up s workout area for you. We will measure your vital signs as you workout an grow, as well as document your strength increases. I’m afraid that there are no weights on the campus gym to challenge your body to stimulate optimal growth, so we will need to prepare these over the next 48 hours. Are you willing to grow for us once more?”

“Sure”, Justin grinned.

“You may grow much more on Saturday than you did this time. Are you prepared for this? The decision is of course yours”, Dr, Rogers cautioned.

“Hell yeah! I was planning on growing more anyway! Hell, if you guys wanna actually help me, that’s fine!”, Justin said elated.

“Well…we don’t want to help you get bigger, we just want to study the growth more…”

“Yeah, whatever old man”, Justin said dismissively “Hey, can two of my friends come along and watch me bulk up?”

“I don’t see why not”, Dr. Rogers conceded.

“Good! This oughta be great. I wanted to keep lifting but my weight set in the garage was just too little for me now. Hell, the whole fucking garage is too little for me now! And I wanted to bulk up for football practice on Monday…”

“Football…no, wait a minute Justin. I would strongly advise against you playing any football”, cautioned Dr. Cliff.

“Why not Dr. Cliff? I love football! You know that. You came to all my games last year!”

“But…but Justin. You’ll surely injure someone at your size!”, Dr. Cliff tried to reason.

“So…injuries are part of the game. Maybe if the other guys spend some more time working out like I have this summer they won’t get hurt.”

He began laughing at the thought of his giant frame, clad in his blue and gold football uniform, towering over the rest of his teammates; the look of fear in their eyes as they line up against over 1000 pounds of unbridled teenage muscle; the sound of bones cracking and crunching as he powers right through the opposing line like nothing, breaking a limb here or a rib there of the unlucky few who dared stand in front of him. Justin couldn’t wait for practice!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I came back from the supermarket with over $750 worth of food and supplements for Justin. I was going to prepare a feast for him when he cam back from the university. Then, perhaps, it would be necessary to sit down with Justin and his parents and discuss some of the “transactions” I had made earlier for him. They would be happy to hear that I had secured food and clothing for their growing son free of charge. They may even welcome my acting as a spokesperson for the family, provided I could be less impulsive in my responses when I found myself interrogated by a reporter.

I began cooking. Justin would be home within the next hour or two. I decided to make a tray of lasagna and a casserole sized meatloaf. I marinated about 5 pounds of chicken breasts so I could throw those on the grill when he came back. I made a big bowl of salad, and cut up about 2 pounds of cheese and pepperoni for an appetizer. It looked like a meal for 20 people, but it was meant to feed just one giant super jock. He would not doubt wash this down with a gallon or two of protein shake. Despite the overwhelming task of cooking for such an immense appetite, I did so happily. I actually felt very important. I had the task of feeding the biggest and strongest man in the world; this was no small feat.

While the lasagna and the meatloaf were baking I decided to check my phone messages. There were over 15 messages left in the last two hours since I had gone out food shopping. I decided to erase them all without listening to them. They would call back.

I checked my e-mail. I had a concerned e-mail from my boss at my old job. I wrote back explaining to him that I could no longer fulfill my duties at work and was giving my notice. I would be in tomorrow to clear out my desk. There was some junk mail which I deleted my way through. Then there was a response from Benji, Justin’s friend who I had written yesterday morning. It read:

“Dear Brendon,

I received your e-mail yesterday. This morning I saw Justin in the paper. I can’t believe how gigantic he is! I guess Justin told you that I’m gay, and that I always had the hots for him. I mean, he’s got to be the hottest man I’ve ever seen. Justin knows how I feel about him. I’m really happy he still likes me as a friend. He’s stood up for me a lot in school when I was getting picked on. In fact, thanks to him no-one picks on me anymore.

I’d be glad to come down to visit Justin. He must look awesome! I’d love to see him, especially if what the papers are saying is true, about how much he’s grown! I can take the train over if someone can pick me up from the train station tomorrow. Just tell me what time you guys will be there so I know what train to take. Thanks.


PS: I’m telling my parents that I’m staying over my Uncle Jeff’s in New York for the weekend. They don’t get along, so it’s the perfect cover!”

I wrote back to Benji saying that I’d pick him up at 2 o’ clock tomorrow. The train station in Philadelphia was pretty close to my “old job” so I could first stop by there to clean out my desk before picking up Benji. There were no more messages so I decided to plop on my couch and watch TV until Justin came home. I settled in to watch the news. I then learned that Justin was no longer a secret as midway through the broadcast the local anchorman reported:

“The Philadelphia area has been following a developing story with growing astonishment. A teenage bodybuilder from Germantown, PA by the name of Justin Lake has captured the local spotlight following an impressive showing at yesterday’s “King of the Beach” competition in Wildwood, NJ. Justin turned 17 just a few days ago, and yet he entered the competition at an incredible 665 pounds, standing at 8’5” in height. He is easily the tallest and heaviest bodybuilder on record to have ever competed in any bodybuilding event. Amazingly, this was the first event he had ever competed in. This young giant has appeared out of nowhere, as it would seem, and has become an overnight sensation. Still, perhaps the most amazing story to report here is the confirmed rumors of Justin’s growth.”

The TV then cut to a video clip, shot by a hand held video camera. It was yesterday’s bodybuilding competition and Justin was in the middle of his posing routine.

“There had been numerous eyewitness reports of Justin actually growing bigger in front of the spectators at yesterday’s “King of the Beach” event. The rumors seemed son incredible, that not many people who heard them, believed the stories. Action News has obtained a copy of yesterday’s bodybuilding event so you at home can be the judge for yourselves. Now watch your TV screens. This footage has been unaltered from the original tape. There you see Justin in the middle, wearing the bright red posing trunks. As you can see, he is already much taller and bigger than the other competitors on stage, at least as good two feet taller than any of them, perhaps more. But now watch carefully. He looks to be growing here. As the camera zooms in you can appreciate how his muscles appear to be almost inflating with size. You can also see how his head is rising higher and higher, how much taller his body is becoming compared to the other competitors. As he breaks into his final pose here, the other competitors appear to back away, astonished by the growth. He looks to be growing even more here.”

The footage was indisputable. Either it was some of the most impressive special effects to have ever graced a home movie, or incontrovertible evidence of Justin’s special ability.

“Well there you have it. It looks pretty convincing. It has certainly convinced many of those who have seen the footage. Now you at home can be the judge”, stated the anchorman. He appeared rather convinced by the footage though he remained professionally impartial.

“Well one thing is for certain”, said his female counterpart, “Whether he is growing or not, it appears that we have in our very midst, one of the biggest and tallest men in the world, right here in the Philadelphia area!”

“Oh yes, some would even argue that he is the biggest man in the world. We are still waiting for official measurements of his height and weight to confirm if he did in fact grow as we saw in the footage. That would make him taller and heavier than what he was measured at yesterday prior to the competition”, the anchorman added.

“Wow, he must be amazingly strong!”, the anchorwoman marveled.

“We’ll see that a little later in this broadcast. Apparently we received a videotape of Justin benching over 900 pounds several times. This would shatter any previous bench record…”

I began flipping through the channels. It appears that all the local news had also dedicated time to Justin’s story. They too aired footage of Justin growing, some from different viewpoints. Clearly, more than one person was filming yesterday’s supernatural events. It wouldn’t take long for Justin to make the national news. I continued watching the news stories, amazed that the giant young teenager they were talking about, the colossal muscleman growing bigger and bigger in the footage they aired, was just moments away from arriving at my doorstep.

There was a heavy pounding on my wall, above my doorframe, nearly level with my ceiling. I recognized it as a knock. I went to the door and answered it, and stared up at the mammoth muscle stud that had everyone talking. Holy shit, had he grown! I hope he could still fit inside. I barely reached his waist, and his massive crotch was right in my face, bigger than life itself! He crouched down, his head still several inches taller than my doorway.

“Hey little girl. Smells good in there. Whatcha cookin?”, Justin asked with a winning smile.


Part 10

I was speechless. This wasn’t a competitive bodybuilder addressing me, or even a pro basketball player. Either of these would command the respect of a smaller man like me with their size or their height. But this was a muscle giant, standing over 10 feet tall and weighing over 1000 pounds by my most conservative estimates. This was a body that inspired awe and veneration. When Justin addressed me now, I had the feeling I was being addressed by a superhuman being of sorts. All I could do was gawk up at him.

Justin knew the devastating effect his body had on me. His smile broadened.

“You gonna invite me in or should I just walk in”, he asked.

I looked at the doorway around me and then looked back at Justin. Even crouching on his knees he looked to be about 7 feet tall. He was impossibly wide, almost three times as wide as my doorway from shoulder to shoulder. How could this much man fit through such a small, small doorway?

“How?..”, I whimpered.

Justin gave me a smug look and stood back to his full height. He inhaled deeply, showing off his insanely huge and chest, heaving with power high above me. “Let me take care of that, little girl. You’d better stand back. Way back.”

I took Justin’s words of caution to heart and scrambled back to my living room table, behind the armchair Justin had used for breakfast this morning.

Justin walked up to my doorway. I could see his bulging crotch through the doorway. His body was now hugging the front of my house. He chuckled as he realized the roof of my little house only reached his Adam’s Apple. Then, with all his incredible might, he brought back his left leg, and slammed his knee into the wall, just left of the door way. BAM! The noise exploded in my ears. It sounded almost like a wrecking ball! The effects on my wall were immediate and profound. My living room painting and my college degree fell off the wall, as did some candlestick holders and pictures on my mantelpiece. Indeed, Justin’s knee rattled all the walls of my house. BAM! A second knee to my wall, and I watched a deep crack form in the sheetrock of my wall. BAM! The crack spread out to the doorway. The wall was now protruding inwards. Justin was knocking in my wall with just the force of his knee! Damn! There goes my lamp! And then after a few more knees to the wall… BAM! BAM! BOOOOOM! The wall just exploded like someone had thrown a grenade at it. Sheetrock, wood and pieces of cinder block were sent hurtling through my living room, coating nearly everything in dust and debris. A large piece of cinder block landed violently against the arm chair knocking me back into the wall behind me and leaving me winded. Justin proceeded to widen the hole with a few small kicks with his foot until it connected with the existing doorway. I simply sat there, trying to recover my breath, while I attempted to fathom the awesome power this colossal jock possessed.

Justin had created a doorway that could just barely accommodate his massive width. Then the banging started again, this time against the wall above my doorway. BAM! BAM! BAM!BAM! The noise was terrifying! Justin was now punching the wall above my doorway. Plaster rained down from the ceiling below. One of my living room windows shattered from the sheer violence of his blows. Eventually, the wall above my doorway buckled under the power of Justin’s fist and again, broke apart with one last punch, sending more rubble across my living room. “What could Justin do to a grown man if he hit him”, I wondered dumbfounded. He could no doubt completely shatter every rib in a man’s breast cage with just one blow! It would be like getting hit by a cannonball!

Justin got down on his hands and knees and crawled in through the doorway. He had to squeeze his massive shoulders through the doorway despite his remodeling. The beams inside the walls creaked under the pressure as he did so. He looked through the dust in the living room and found me cringing behind the armchair. He looked incredibly happy. “Dude! I think I could trash your whole house if I wanted to! That felt so damn good!” he said with a beaming smile. He then asked, “Hope you don’t mind me redecorating. I was trying to cause as little damage as possible.”

I stood up with some difficulty. I had managed to hurt my ankle when I fell back against the wall. I looked at him and said,

“I don’t mind…honestly”, I whimpered. “But, I’m afraid people might feel free to wander in without a door to cover that hole.” “Let someone try to take something with ME around. I would love to try these fists out on anyone who tried to fuck with you”, Justin winked. This was true. Justin was probably the best security system I could ever have. I smiled and said, “Come on big guy. I know you must be hungry. I have a lot to tell you.”

I served Justin the gigantic meal I had prepared for him and whipped up pitcher after pitcher of protein shake for him to wash it down. Justin ate at the table, although he had to sit on the floor now. He had tried to sit on the armchair he used this morning, but his added weight was enough to crush the armchair into a pile of wood, cushioning and upholstery in mere seconds. I cleaned up the living room as Justin ate and listened to how his day had gone with the doctors at the university; how they were stumped over the cause of his growth, how they had asked him to grow, and how they had surprisingly asked him back on Saturday to encourage his growth even further. Justin had been perceptive enough to detect some dissension within the group of doctors over this last point, but the doctor with the most clout, Dr. Rogers, believed this would be the best way to study the growth, or at least so he said. He appeared to be almost encouraging Justin to grow! He was providing Justin with all the tools he needed for a massive growth spurt on Saturday. I don’t think Dr. Rogers knew what he was about to unleash! Oh well…I certainly wasn’t about to miss it!

After Justin had finished telling me about his day, I told him how my first day as his unofficial spokesman and agent had gone. Justin listened closely as I told him how I had fended off reporters for most of the day, while only providing some rather vague answers to others. I then assured him that his nutritional and clothing needs would be all taken care of from this point on thanks to the sponsorship deal I had brokered for him. Justin complimented me on my taste in clothing, as well as my shrewdness when it came to orchestrating these deal (how much shrewdness I exhibited is debatable; these companies were literally throwing themselves at Justin’s feet! I probably should have demanded some cash in retrospect…).

“Yeah”, Justin mused with a satisfied grin, “I could use a full time spokesperson to relate to all the ‘little people’. People are having a tough time already when they talk to me directly, like those doctors today. They were so freaked out and scared! You should have seen em’!”, Justin laughed heartily. “When I get bigger…MUCH, MUCH BIGGER, I’m gonna need someone to relay my messages to all the tiny people; all my requests…and then the bigger I get…”, Justin smiled broadly, “…they’ll become commands. Demands from the GIANT!”

I looked at him surprised by this tone of voice. “Demands?”, I asked almost fearfully. “Damn straight, little girl”, Justin answered with a smug look. “At the rate I’m growing, you better believe there are gonna be some changes in how I treat little runts like you and everyone else! Or did you just think I was going keep doing what everyone tells me to, like my teachers or my parents? Nah, the world’s gonna come to respect me, and even fear me! Just wait and see, little girl!”

I thought about this. His tone was extremely arrogant. His proposition was just short of megalomaniacal. And yet, he was making complete sense. A human powerhouse of Justin’s historic proportions deserved nothing short of complete respect and praise from everyone around him…hell, everyone in the world really. Even I was incapable of treating him as anything less than superhuman. If we could talk like this it was only because he had befriended me and taken me into his confidence. At any moment, Justin could command me to do his bidding, out of the overwhelming respect and awe I felt for him. Justin knew this. And if Justin were to grow bigger, how would I feel? My knees quivered at the thought of it!

I smiled at him and obediently said, “You’re absolutely right, Justin. I can’t imagine anyone telling you what to do anymore. Man, I can’t wait to see you bigger!” “You will, little girl. In fact…”, Justin smiled and then he winked mischievously at me, “How about if I pack on some more size right now? Would you like that, little girl?” He then looked down at his arm and flexed his bicep and looked up at me with an enticing look. “Yes”, I said softly, mesmerized by his bicep, easily larger than a basketball. “Come closer”, he gestured. I hobbled over to his massive form, his legs sprawled across my living room floor, his giant back resting against the wall, his head almost level with mine, despite the fact he was seated on the ground. He noticed me limping for the first time and asked how I had hurt my ankle. “It..it was a cinder block. When you knocked down the wall, one smashed into the armchair I was hiding behind. I fell back and hurt myself…”, I trailed off. “Oh dude”, Justin said, “I didn’t know I would hurt you. My bad.” There was some remorse in his voice but clearly he was impressed by the extent of his strength and the ease with which he could harm someone, even inadvertently. “Come here, little girl”, Justin said patting one of his colossal thighs, “Sit here with me. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

I hopped over to where he sat. I straddled his enormous thigh and sat down on it. I was only wearing shorts while Justin still wore his posing trunks from the day before. I could feel his giant thigh between my small legs. It was hard. Very, very hard! But more than anything, it felt hot, as if a furnace were burning in his body fueling all of his massive muscles. Justin reached over to one of my end tables, grabbed the tape measure that was lying there, and handed it to me.

“There’s still one last body part I need measured, little girl. You up for the challenge?”, Justin smiled as he looked down at his crotch and gave me a cocky grin. “Sure…”, I gulped. I then looked up at him apprehensively and asked, “And you don’t mind that I’m gay right?” “Dude, I could care less”, Justin said, “I just want you to help me get my rocks off…NOW!”

With that Justin raised his giant arms and brought them into an incredible double biceps pose. He then brought his right arm in front of my face and flexed it over and over again. He ordered me to rub it and then, to my joy, to lick it. “Tell me what you think of that arm you little runt! TELL ME!”, Justin grunted. “It’s the biggest arm I’ve ever seen. I could have never imagined muscles as big as yours Justin! Oh God….please let me feel your chest…”, my voice trembled. “Go ahead you little pussy!”, Justin said as he inhaled deeply, filling his lungs to capacity, making his colossal chest expand beyond belief! I ran my hands against them, feeling the incredible heat emanating from their impossibly hard surface. His nipples were at least 3 inches in diameter and thrusted out proudly. I felt I could lose my hands between the deep ridge of his pectoral muscles. My hands looked so small against that tanned expanse of muscle! “What do you think of that you pathetic little twerp”, Justin growled as he held his breath, keeping his chest cavity fully expanded. “I’ve never felt anything more amazing in my life!”, I chirped ecstatically. “Your muscles are so hard, and massive. I can’t even begin to imagine the power these muscles harness. And my hands….they’re so small compared to your muscles…”

Justin was enjoying my unabashed worship of his body. He again went back to flexing his arms, although this time he accompanied this visual presentation with some flexing of his thigh. The sensations that flowed from my legs, which straddled his titanic thigh, through every part of my body left me speechless. My miniscule dick became erect almost at once! I felt the tree-trunk sized thigh, flexing between my legs; pulsating muscle that was as hard as steel. My hands ran over his arms, chest and his ripped wall of perfectly sculpted abs; abs that would have made Michelangelo cry, yet on a giant scale than he could have ever dreamed possible. I worshipped that body as if my very soul depended on it:

“Justin, there will never be a man as big and strong as you are. No man will ever dwarf everyone else like you do. No man can ever possess muscles this big, this strong,…only you Justin. Only you will know what it is like to possess so much power! Only you will possess so much strength! No one before you has ever come close, nor will anyone ever come close, to having a body as massive and strong as yours. You’re a giant, Justin! A real live giant! You have the power of ten men, maybe twenty! And you can have more if you want it! Much, much more! You want it, don’t you Justin!?!” “Fuck yeah! I feel it coming little girl…”, Justin moaned.

Justin was really getting off on my worship. In fact, it was really turning him on. His enormous cock began to stretch the fabric of his already strained posers to reveal a patch of pubes near its base. His cock swelled to greater and greater girth and length with every passing second. He was far bigger now than when I had admired his “morning wood” earlier today. Dear lord, this was beyond 18 inches!!! And he only looked half-erect!!!

“Holy shit!”, I screamed. “Justin, your cock is fucking enormous! No way are those posers gonna hold! You’re still getting bigger!!!” “QUICK! GET OFF!!!”, the giant teenager commanded.

I leaped off Justin’s thigh as he now rose to his knees. There was just no way he could stand inside my house. In fact, even on his knees, his head a shoulders pressed against the ceiling!

“Remember when we met a few weeks ago, you wanted to see a most muscular pose?”, Justin grinned. “Yeah…”, I said, my mouth dry and agape. “Wanna see one now?” Justin toyed. The massive bulge in his posers tenting obscenely, leaving nothing to the imagination; the strained fabric a mere second skin to the enormous python throbbing between his legs. “Sure…”, I said, bracing myself. Justin grinned. He brought his arms back for a most muscular and warned, “You thought I was big and hung this morning. YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!”

Justin blew into what was becoming his trademark pose, and it was as if the flood gates had been lifted open. Unbridled, steel-hard mass began pouring into Justin’s giant body at a furious rate. He broke this pose and went into a lat spread. The growth continued uninhibited. His back grew wider and wider, encroaching on the adjacent walls of my living room. I feared that more “remodeling” was bound to follow, as I watched, helpless and completely aghast, as his shoulders grew broader, and broader. Mesmerized, I stared as his chest heaved to greater and greater size with every breath Justin took, his nipples visibly growing. His tree-trunk thighs were packing on a tremendous amount of muscle, their mind-boggling width now rivaling, if not surpassing the girth of the maple and sycamore trees on my block. His calves grew too, but, since he was kneeling, what I noticed most was that they were lengthening, his feet stretching farther and farther back, actually knocking over my coffee table in the process. His head and shoulders were now pressing firmly against the ceiling. Clearly, my ceiling was no watch for the mass and size this giant teenager was capable of. Cracks began to form where his head and shoulders were, and soon large chunks of plaster were falling from above. Justin tried to crouch lower, but in mere seconds, his head and boulder sized shoulders would be pressing against my ceiling again as he continued to grow bigger and bigger.

And then, to my utter disbelief and Justin’s apparent glee, what I once thought impossible happened. The formidable base of Justin’s giant shaft was emerging from the skin tight fabric of his posers. Justin’s cock was growing enormously since it was not only expanding due to his erection, but it was also increasing in length and girth because of his growth spurt. The strained fabric of his tented posing trunks were quickly losing the battle to Justin’s giant manhood. Justin continued to crouch down further, spreading his legs more, and his giant hairy balls, the size of softballs, came into view. The posers didn’t have a chance. Justin’s cock grew, and grew, and grew until…


The trunks tore apart now fully revealing his inhumanly thick mammoth cock, throbbing less than two feet in front of my face. Justin looked down at his cock wide-eyed with a beaming smile that went from ear to ear. Even he was somewhat surprised by the tremendous size of his endowment. But if he was surprised, I was beside myself with astonishment. My heart raced as my mind struggled to accept what my eyes were seeing. I felt unworthy of casting my eyes on such a godly physical specimen of masculinity. Justin’s growth appeared to have subsided. I looked up at the teenage muscle giant in complete veneration. For some reason tears were welling up in my eyes. I tried to swallow, but only succeeded with difficulty for the knot in my throat. Justin gave me a surly grin as he casually stroked his giant cock. He read the devastated expression on my face like a book and enjoyed this immensely.

“Go ahead, little girl”, Justin said, his voice now unimaginably deeper than just moments before, “Measure it now!”

I snapped out of my daze and jumped for the tape measure. With trembling hands I wrapped the tape measure around his cock, casting a few glances upwards at Justin to see if everything was still alright. I was actually touching Justin’s dick, without a doubt the biggest dick in the world, and Justin didn’t seem to mind at all. His girth could tear the loosest woman on Earth in two!

“You’re 12 ½ inches around, Justin”, I said meekly. Justin nodded his head with satisfaction, motioning me to continue with an expression that exuded immense pride. I now measured the spectacular length of his rod. I couldn’t believe what the tape measure read. “Oh my God, Justin”, I squeaked trying to catch my breath, “Your dick is 28 inches long! 28 inches!!!” “Awesome!”, Justin rumbled with immense satisfaction. He brought one of his hands over to his cock and began stroking his colossal shaft. He then grinned down at me. Justin was sitting with his knees totally bent, the giant muscles of his hamstrings resting on his calves. Even so, his head pressed firmly against my cracked and crumbling ceiling. “So, you wanna join me? Go ahead. The other wrestlers on my team used to whack off in the shower all the time. Come on, little girl…”

Throwing all inhibitions aside, I pulled down my shorts and my underwear and began stroking my own cock. Although I was fully erect, I was stunned by the vast difference in size between my small, below-average endowment, and the huge throbbing rod about a foot away from my body. There simply was no comparison. Justin could hardly suppress a chuckle as he glanced down at my tiny equipment. “I know…I’m so small..”, I whimpered. “Yeah, you are…you’re damn small. Don’t let it get to you, little girl. Just go with the flow…”, Justin winked.

As a matter of fact, this enormous size differential, and just how demeaning and humbling it was for me, was an even greater turn on. While he closed his eyes savoring every stroke of his humongous cock, I simply stared at his body; the giant muscles that could pulverize my body at his will, the mammoth cock that could split my ass in two and snap my legs from my hips like a wishbone. I quickly worked myself up to frenzy and shot my small load with a sigh. Justin looked down at me with a smirk.

“Damn, you’re a quick draw aren’t ya?” Justin laughed. “Well, why don’t you help me with my load. I know Benji would if he were here.”

I looked up at Justin, trembling in anticipation. I didn’t know where to begin with such a massive cock in front of me. Justin, however, pretty much knew what he wanted me to do. I felt his large hand envelop the back of my head and draw my face slowly to his throbbing member. My left cheek was suddenly pressed against the head of his cut cock; the head pulsated with blood and felt almost burning hot. The head was as large as a grapefruit. I turned my head and licked the enormous shaft. I swooned at the feel of his hot, giant shaft on my anxious tongue and pouting lips. I heard Justin groan in sheer ecstasy,

“Mmmmm, yeah. Lick my giant cock you little fairy. Lick it!”

I eagerly complied. I did my best to lick every inch of his throbbing member from head to base, feeling every blood-engorged vein on my lips as my head ran up and down his titanic cock. Justin continued to moan in approval. I felt rather proud of myself as I realized that it was my mouth helping to satisfy such a huge cock. I was giving head to the biggest man to have ever lived, and doing a rather good job at it I might add.

Suddenly Justin gripped my head tightly and brought it to the head of his cock, my mouth pressed up against his piss-slit. “You can’t handle a cock this big in your mouth can you, runt! This fucking monster would break your jaw!” Justin sneered as he resumed stroking his cock, wet from my saliva. “Why don’t you try anyway, little girl! I wanna see you choke on my fucking cock! I wanna see your lips torn apart by this fucking monster! DO IT!!!”

Suddenly I felt my head thrust forward by his massive hand, and my mouth was forced up against the throbbing head of his cock. My mouth was forced open to its maximum extent, and yet the girth of Justin’s shaft surpassed the opening of my mouth by several more inches! He pushed my head further. I felt my teeth pressing into the burning flesh of his giant member, but they didn’t penetrate his skin despite the pressure Justin was applying. I felt the muscles of my cheeks and in my jaw lock and I grimaced in pain. I was suddenly terrified! Justin wasn’t kidding after all! He was going to tear my mouth apart with his cock. Justin looked down and laughed!

“What’s wrong, little girl? Isn’t this what you wanted? You’re gonna have to open up a lot more to take in this much man! MMMM!!! MAN, THIS FEELS SO FUCKIN GOOD!!!” Justin grunted.

I saw the head of his cock swell before my eyes. I heard the beams above my ceiling groaning and then cracking. This giant jock was growing even bigger! He had run out of room to crouch and now his head was pushing through my ceiling, and threatening to literally grow through the roof! My head was quivering and I realized that what was causing my head to shake was a rumbling coming from Justin’s cock. Justin was in ecstasy. Then he roared,


Immediately, I felt a blast of cum fill my mouth and throat with such force that, had Justin’s hand not been there holding my head like a vice, I would have certainly been knocked backward. It felt as if someone had put a lawn hose in my mouth and turned it on to full blast. Unlike a hose, Justin’s cum came in spurts, but each blast must have held over a cup of his man juice. After three blasts, I felt myself choking. His cum oozed from my nostrils and I struggled to cough up what I could not swallow. But he kept shooting blast upon blast of cum down my throat. I was unable to close my mouth, which remained forced open and pressed against his member, which was firing shot after shot of cum down my throat with the precision and force of a shotgun. I was unable to breathe. I felt myself blacking out…

I came to soon afterward. I was lying on my back. My head was turned on its side, resting on the carpet of my floor. I could discern a small river of cum, about a foot long, trailing from my aching mouth out onto the rug. My stomach felt full and warm. I felt a heavy splash over my chest. I turned my head and faced up only to stare right into Justin’s throbbing cock. He was still hard, and was squeezing the last drops of his copious load from his giant shaft where they fell on my body. My torso was covered with his man juice; it flowed down my stomach into my pelvis in small, thick rivulets. He had straddled my tiny body between his massive thighs which pressed against my body tightly, even though I could tell that the muscles of his legs were completely relaxed. I had as much chance of pushing apart those legs as I did two solid brick walls. He looked down at me with a beaming smile. I was now able to appreciate the substantial hole Justin’s last second growth spurt had made in my ceiling. A small patch of the starry evening sky was visible behind Justin’s right ear.

“Looks like you had enough to eat for the evening, huh little girl?” Justin joked.

I tried to answer but ended up coughing up some more cum which remained in my throat. However, as soon as it loosened I greedily swallowed it. It tasted better than anything I could remember. Granted, this is an acquired taste…

“Dude, I could have fucking killed you with all that cum. Good thing I turned your head to the side to let some of my juice run out. I’m surprised you didn’t have cum coming out of your ears!” Justin remarked. “Yeah”, I panted, “I sort of blacked out there for a second.” “It’s OK dude, if worse came to worse, I know mouth to mouth.” Justin said. He rested his extended arms on either side of me so that his body was now crouched over mine; his giant torso occupying my entire field of vision, his military tags dangling above my head, and his beautiful eyes penetrating into my mind as he smiled down at me. His cock was becoming flaccid and was resting more and more on my stomach as it hung lower and lower, losing rigidity. “Mouth to mouth, huh?”, I said with a grin. “I should have pretended I was still passed out!” “Man, you’re a horny little bitch, aren’t ya!” Justin said roaring with laughter. “Haven’t you had enough? Look at you, dude! You’re covered in my juice! I’m surprised you swallowed what you did! I didn’t think my load would be that big. I never shot that much before. Then again, my cock and balls have grown so much…I guess I should have expected it. Sorry if I hurt ya, little girl!” “It’s OK. I…I really enjoyed it. My mouth hurts a little, and I was choking…but, fuck, after that, I could die a happy little girl!”, I giggled with a squeal. “Yeah”, Justin smirked “I gotta admit. I liked it too, even if I did hurt ya. I guess that’s just a chance you take when you try to please a man as big as me!”

It was a risk I was willing to take again if offered the opportunity!

I cleaned up as Justin drank down a few more protein shakes. I may have kept Justin’s spunk on me all evening if I had the opportunity, but I needed to meet with Justin’s parents to tell them about all the deals I had made with his clothing and supplement sponsors. To some I extent, I was sure that this news would come as a relief, since the soaring costs of Justin’s clothes and food were becoming unbearable for them (and me for that matter!). However, I would do my best to downplay the quantity of supplements the health food stores were planning on sending to Justin. Anything that could conceivably fuel their son’s spectacular growth was more than likely to be received badly by them. His parents were certain to notice the added size Justin had gained since he and his mother returned from the university earlier that evening. Come to think of it, I needed to find something that would fit the young muscle giant!

I finished my shower and got dressed. Justin was sitting with his back up against my wall watching TV, his arms resting on his bent knees, and my remote control which looked no bigger than a stick of gum in his giant hand. Even sitting on the ground, his head looked to be inches from my ceiling. What was I going to use to clothe this teenage colossus? And what could possibly cover the legendary endowment between his legs?

I decided to use the white sheet off my queen-sized bed and to wrap it around his waist. The sheet was very big, about 7 by 7 feet in area. Justin was able to easily tie the sheet around his waist with room to spare. It’s true that Justin’s waist was nearly 60 inches around, but then again, this was on a man that had surpassed 11 feet in height! Where the white sheet was truly tested was around the awesome flair of Justin’s musculature beneath his waistline. Justin was forced to fold the sheet in half to at least provide minimal resistance against his behemoth muscles, otherwise Justin may have involuntarily shredded the sheet like tissue paper with even the most obsolete movement. Below his waist the enormous muscles of his upper thighs and glutes stretched the sheet with their incomprehensible power. In the front, his crotch further stretched the sheet. His massive endowment, no longer forced either to the left or to the right by the constraint of a pant leg, hung impossibly low in the front, creating a long massive bulge. In fact, the end of the fabric, which reached down to his mid-thigh, just cleared the low hanging head of his man meat! In the end, the sheet looked much like a mini-skirt, although this image seemed inadequately effeminate for Justin to draw comparison in my mind. It reminded me of the bare cloth that a scantily clad young athlete would wear in Ancient Greece, or the tight brief garments worn by the robust gladiators of Imperial Rome. But far from being a wrestler or gladiator, to me Justin was a god. I’m sure, had the men of the Ancient World been fortunate enough to see such an amazing physical specimen such as Justin, his titanic musculature towering majestically above them, they would have agreed with me.

I told Justin that we would go over to meet his parents in their back yard. This would also give me an opportunity to measure him. I needed to e-mail his measurements to the different clothing sponsors to make sure Justin had clothes to wear tomorrow. I cringed as I watched him crawl over to the hole in my living room wall, that was once my doorway. Despite his previous re-decorating, I could already see that Justin’s enlarged shoulders would not clear the existing gap. He grinned back at me and said,

“Looks like I’m gonna have to widen this entrance again, little girl. Don’t worry. I won’t put you in danger this time. Watch!”

Justin brought his shoulders up against the walls, his head poking out of the existing whole into the nighttime air. He remained on “all fours”. I stood behind him staring at his thick hamstrings, and bulbous ass. He then bent his thighs, bringing his whole upper body back and suddenly thrust his torso forward. His shoulders crashed into the walls with tremendous power.


Justin was using his torso as a battering ram. Justin repeated the motion over and over again with unyielding force.


No way could those walls resist Justin’s strength. I realized that Justin must have grown much stronger during his last growth spurt, and my walls testified to this as they trembled and shook with every ramming thrust the colossal youth delivered. The last remaining pictures that had survived Justin’s first assault on my doorway succumbed to the tremors vibrating through my walls and crashed to the carpet. My living room window shattered after one of Justin’s thrusts.


Justin’s shoulders broke through the walls of my living room and propelled his massive torso through the now enlarged opening in the front of my house. But Justin did not squeeze through the enlarged opening as I had expected. He stayed there for a moment, until I heard the sound of beams bending and snapping, and concrete and cinder grinding. Justin’s back was expanding. He was flaring his back and pressing his shoulders against the hole in an attempt to further widen it. He was accomplishing this slowly, but the strain on his muscles was intense, and just enough to act as the catalyst of yet another growth spurt! I could hear the colossal teen laugh as he felt the incredible strength in his body increase and magnify as his muscles grew and grew…The walls now began to crumble against Justin’s expanding mass with what appeared to be increasing ease. Justin arched his back in order to widen the whole above the height of his shoulders. This he accomplished with frightening ease! This giant jock was becoming a human wrecking ball!

It appeared as if Justin was done. He crawled through the gaping hole and rose to his feet, now standing at his full height, which now continued to increase ever so slightly. I followed him out and looked high above me. Justin blew into a monstrous lat spread, proudly displaying the muscles of his back and shoulders that had further demolished my house’s façade with their unspeakable power.


He held the pose, eagerly milking the last few drops of growth out of this spurt. I watched in complete amazement as the prominent bulge in his crotch now rose above my head, ever so slowly, creeping up, up, up…Justin then mercifully broke the pose, and his growth came to a standstill.

When I finally gathered the courage to address the giant jock grinning down at me I said, “Damn, Justin! It won’t be long now before you demolish my doll house completely.” Justin’s grin widened and he said, “I can’t wait till that day comes, dude!” I looked up at him in surprise, and, more so than ever before, in fear! Justin simply laughed and said, “Don’t look so surprised, little girl. You know it’s gonna happen. Just try and enjoy it!”

He was right. Deep inside me, beyond all material concerns, I realized that this was the natural progression of things and that I would more than likely enjoy watching him demolish my house with his giant muscular body. Even now I marveled that the roof of my little bungalow only reached mid way up his torso, just above the level of his elbows! I could see how my small house looked more and more like a “doll house” compared to his massive frame. He looked DAMN big compared to my little house!

“That’s a little taste of what the offensive line is gonna get next week if they even dare to line up against me!” Justin said, snapping me out of my thoughts. “You seriously think any other linebacker on Earth can break through the wall of a house like you just did?” I asked with a wink, playing along. “Hell, it would be a hell of a lot easier than breaking through this! GRRRRR!!!”, Justin growled as he proudly pounded his chest. He was right again. We snuck around to the back of Justin’s house where we met up with Justin’s parents. The idea was to avoid drawing attention from the other neighbors. But let’s face it, the residents of this community did not live in a vacuum. They read the papers and watched the news and were well aware of the giant teenager in their midst. In fact, the sound of Justin’s last act of remodeling had simply alerted the neighbors to the giant’s presence. They all braced themselves to catch a glimpse of the eight and a half foot teenage muscle jock (at least that’s how big the official reports had measured him at). But the awestruck eyes that peered behind the curtains of their front windows gazed at the strapping, bulging musculature of a teenager that appeared to be even taller than the official reports had claimed. MUCH, MUCH, TALLER! “My God, is that the new neighbor standing beside him? Why he doesn’t even reach his waist! Dear lord!…”

Mr. and Mrs. Lake simply stared at their giant son as he approached them in their back yard. Their jaws hung open in utter disbelief as their minds struggled to accept the awesome size of their son Justin: his towering height, his enormous muscles, and…my god, how much meat was he packing in his crotch? Mr. Lake gawked at the massive bulge and turned red. Feeling overwhelmed with humility he conceded to himself, “Well, he sure as hell didn’t inherit my genes!”

“HOW YA LIKE ME NOW DAD!!!” Justin roared. His parents actually jumped back in shock at the power of his voice. Justin couldn’t resist himself. He loved watching everyone and everything around him growing smaller and smaller. “Mom got to see me put on some more muscle this afternoon. And little Brendon here got to see me get even bigger just a little while ago. And those doctors at the university want me to grow even more for them!!! I want you to be there dad! I want you to see me grow more than ever before! Damn, you guys don’t even reach my waist now! Maybe, come Saturday, you won’t even reach my knees! THAT WOULD FUCKING ROCK!!!”

As we spoke about the sponsorships I had received for Justin, I went about measuring his massive body to meet the fitting specifications of the clothing companies. I marveled at his feet. They had stretched to 45 inches in length, over four times the size of my small size 7 feet. I wasn’t quite sure if that made him a size 28, or 45, or if they even had a size for feet this big. His calves were 54 inches around, and his colossal thighs were a tremendous 74 inches around! The width of his thighs would dwarf that of the chests of even the biggest pro bodybuilders! Now his chest was just plain freaky. He stretched the tape measure to 125 inches; over ten feet of ripped, hulking torso! His V Taper was no less impressing, as his torso tapered off to a waistline of 65 inches, before jutting out to scandalous dimensions in his crotch (I would have to specify a very, large pouch for his undergarments). Justin proudly flexed his arms for my tape measure. Each bicep resembling a perfectly round globe of marble in both size and hardness. I measured his awesome arms at 45 giant inches.

There was no doubt Justin had grown a great deal today, more so than any previous day. From about nine feet in height, Justin had shot up a full yard to stand at exactly 12 feet in height! Not just head and shoulders above the rest anymore, Justin was about twice the height of his father and nearly every other man in the country for that matter. I was astounded as I realized, that even the biggest pro basketball players, a Shaquille O’Neal for example, wouldn’t even come up to Justin’s chest. In fact, he would be well short of his chest standing at a “mere” seven feet in height! What really blew my mind away was Justin’s weight. He had started the day out weighing about 750 pounds. With the help of a cargo scale from Mr. Lake’s job, we were able to ascertain that this massive teenage bodybuilder now weighed 1850 pounds! This was the combined weight of ten average men rolled into one giant body! Yet, I had no doubt that his strength far exceeded that of ten ordinary men. If massive size gains like he made today were just the tip of the iceberg, I shuddered to think just how much bigger this giant jock would get.

By this time, a few brave admirers had come to see Justin up-close. Kyle and Jeremy, Justin’s friends from his high school football team, were there. It was only four days ago that they had been blown away by the power of his massive 7 foot frame. Today, they were in complete awe and wonder, if not in silent worship, of the hulking muscle teen. I recognized three older neighbors from my housewarming party two weeks ago. Accompanying them were their teenage daughters, classmates of Justin’s, who had marveled at his muscles just two weeks ago. Now they felt like they were standing before a male god of muscle!

“Yo guys, what’s up!” Justin said with a cocky smile. “Wow! You’re way bigger than what the news said you were!” marveled Jeremy. “How the hell are you getting so big!?!” “Don’t know, little dude. Don’t care either! I just want whatever is happening to me to keep on happening!” “Holy shit, man”, gaped Kyle, “You’re too big to even fit down the school hallways now! You’re a fucking giant, dude!” Justin laughed at the realization. “Don’t think that’s gonna stop me from playing football come September! I’m gonna take our team to the state championships this year!”

I already felt sorry for the opposing team. Justin could power through any defensive line in the NFL without breaking a sweat. He could easily manhandle any linebacker that got in his way. All they would have to do is toss him the ball, and he could stroll into the end zone for a touchdown. He was unstoppable.

The girls worked up the confidence to ask Justin if they could feel his arms. Justin, predictably, obliged. He bent down on one knee and flexed his giant right arm. Even on one knee his head rose a good two to three feet above their tiny frames. He had to lower his arm somewhat so they could get a good feel of the bulging, steel hard muscles of his arms. They were completely astonished by what they saw and felt. That muscle couldn’t even be dented with a hammer! And the girls were in amazement over how hot his muscle was to their touch. They commented that they could feel vibrations below the skin, even though his flexed arm was perfectly motionless; unspeakable power and brute strength rumbling through every vein of his body like the pistons of a great, powerful engine.

A smaller kid, perhaps not even 10 years old, broke through the small circle of admirers that had gathered and ran up to Justin. One of their parents looked worried and yelled, “Andrew, get back here!”

But Andrew paid little attention to his mother. He wanted a closer look at the giant from all those news reports that had fascinated him in the last day or so. He was amazed that this giant had been the friendly teenager that had mowed their lawn for spending money the past few summers. Justin had always been kind to him before. Why shouldn’t he be now?

“Hey little squirt! Have you come to see me too?”, Justin smiled.

Throughout this whole episode, Justin’s demeanor towards children did not change. He always seemed to like children. The fact that he was becoming a giant did change his attitude towards his peers and adults to one where he enjoyed demeaning and intimidating them, but his attitude towards children remained placid and agreeable. In Andrew’s eyes, Justin was a real life superhero, fresh from the comic books, with his unmatched stature, bulging muscles and all-American good looks. He venerated Justin, and Justin welcomed the adoration Andrew and his little friends poured on him. Unlike adults, children like Andrew appeared to be fearless when it came to approaching their superhuman idol.

“Gee, Justin! You’re even bigger than Superman!” Andrew said wide-eyed. “You bet, little guy. Come here! I’ll take you for a little ride!” Justin said.

Justin gently grabbed Andrew by his waist in one of his giant hands and lifted him onto his massive arm. He then slowly stood to his full height.

“Hold on!”, Justin grinned.

Andrew held on to the giant teenager’s bicep as Justin rose to his full height. Andrew’s legs straddled Justin’s arms. The development of Justin’s arms were so impressive that Andrew found ample room to sit on the peaked striations of his bicep. Andrew was in complete awe! He felt like he was living a dream.

When Justin reached his full height he slowly flexed his arm over and over again, causing the awestruck child to rise and fall as he rode Justin’s colossal bicep. Andrew could feel the tremendous power of Justin’s muscles as they effortlessly lifted his frail body over and over again.

“Oh my God! You’ve gotta be way stronger than Superman too! I wish my friends could see this!” Andrew screamed delighted as he held onto the bulging bicep of his idol.

Justin set Andrew down, to the relief of his mother, and asked Andrew, “You wanna see just how strong I am, squirt?” “Yeah!!!” Andrew said, barely able to contain his glee.

Justin walked over to the end of the driveway where his father’s Toyota was parked. I remembered how easily Justin had been able to lift the front of my car off the ground earlier in the week. There was no doubt that he had grown several times stronger since then, and was now ready to do the unthinkable and lift the entire car! He bent down low to grab the front of the car and in one clear jerk stood to nearly his full height, lifting the nearly two ton object to a 45 degree angle! He moved his head and shoulders under the front of the car, bringing his grip down to the middle of the car below the doors as he did so. Shivers crept through my body as I realized that his shoulders were actually wider than his father’s car! He was then able to maneuver the 3500 pound automobile resting on his shoulders, until one hand was positioned under the front axle and another under the back axle. He turned around, holding the car, to face us. Everyone looked completely stunned. Justin smiled, sweat trickling from his brow onto his heaving chest.

“WATCH THIS, SQUIRT!!!” Justin roared.

He slowly lifted the automobile over his head until he held it high above him, the full length of his arms extended. He brought the car down and then lifted it again for another rep. His sweaty body now gleamed in the light cast by the full moon and the lights of the street. His giant muscles looked incredibly pumped. He was power itself! He shut his eyes as he felt the orgasmic sensations of growth flow into his body again, first as a trickle, and then increase gradually into a tidal wave of unimaginable strength and size.


The onlookers were startled out of their stupor. Some rubbed their eyes and others squinted, until they collectively realized that Justin was indeed growing right before their eyes. Each muscle on his spectacular body becoming bigger and stronger. His arms, legs and feet stretching longer and longer as his frame grew taller and taller. The massive bulge below his waist tented the thin white fabric of his sheet as it too grew impossibly bigger! As Justin grew stronger, he was able to hoist the car up with greater ease. In fact, it looked as if it was becoming downright light to him! What was once a challenge to the strength of the giant was becoming nothing more than a simple warm up exercise. Justin had to reposition his grip of the automobile as his shoulders and torso grew wider and broader. His hands now appeared to be closer to the bumpers of the car. In fact, his outstretched arms nearly encompassed the length of the car itself.

After about 15 repetitions, Justin dropped to one knee and tilted his frame, allowing his father’s car roll off his shoulders and onto his parents’ driveway, albeit with a loud thump that severely tested the car’s shocks. He proudly flexed his arms to display them in all their ripped, pumped glory. Visibly larger, they looked to be a few inches bigger than just a moment ago, but then again so did everything on this young titan’s body!

The crowd looked up at the massive teenager before them, by far the largest and strongest man to have ever lived, in all his immense, muscular glory. There was a hushed sense of collective awe as their senses struggled to comprehend the power and beauty this young god possessed. What is more, their minds toiled in vain to explain what they had just witnessed. In a matter of seconds they had watched this giant stud grow even bigger, taller and stronger! There was simply no earthly explanation for what they had seen and yet the evidence before them loudly testified to the reality of the whole situation. Justin appeared able to grow at will!

I walked towards the giant with the measuring tape and looked up at him with a smirk. The top of my head just barely reached the enormous bulge of his crotch now.

“OK show off”, I said, “Looks like I have to measure you again!”


Part 11

The rest of the night passed without incident. Justin seemed to have satisfied his need to show off for the evening, and was content to bask in the undivided attention of his neighbors and peers. They asked him questions over how much he could lift, how much he ate, and how it felt to be that unimaginably big and strong. Some neighbors brought their cameras and asked to take pictures of Justin. After a while, the onlookers gathered the courage to approach the giant teenager and pose with him. Justin proudly answered all their questions and obliged all their requests for photographs, particularly those where others posed beside him. He got off on the tremendous size advantage he possessed over everyone else. In some of the photographs, he would flex his arms or legs while towering over the tiny neighbors standing beside him in an effort to accentuate the mind-numbing superiority in size and strength he held compared to them. Those taking the pictures had to step back a good deal to capture all of Justin in their shots.

It was notably breathtaking to measure Justin at his new stats. It appeared that every surge of growth that Justin experiencing was more powerful than the last, adding more height, and gaining much more weight in every successive surge. Justin now stood at 13’3”. An NBA center standing at 7 feet in height would just about reach his belly-button now. Justin now dwarfed even the tallest men in the world, to say nothing of an average man, standing at 6 feet in height. A 6 foot man wouldn’t even reach his waist!

As his height increased, his weight appeared to be increasing exponentially. According to the cargo scale Mr. Lake had brought from his job, Justin weighed well over a ton of muscle! In fact, he was 2490 pounds of unbridled, bulging, steel-hard mass! His footsteps in the back yard were enough to make the windows of his parent’s house rattle. He weighed as much as an entire offensive line in pro football rolled into one! He was more than twice as heavy as the previous record holder for heaviest man ever, but despite his phenomenal weight, you would be hard pressed to find an ounce of fat on this young jock’s titanic frame. Justin’s growth showed no signs of slowing down, but rather appeared to be increasing in intensity by leaps and bounds with every surge of growth!

Other dimensions of his massive body also struck me as amazing. For one, his flexed biceps now peaked his arms out at 50 inches! His monstrous thighs measured a colossal 82 inches around! His long, long feet now stretched to just over 4 feet in length and 20 inches in width! There was a growing fascination with the immensity of Justin’s feet among the onlookers, myself included. I think it was because we all felt ourselves so much closer to his feet, in a very real and physical sense. I remember how fascinated I had been with his enormous pecs when I found myself face to face with them. But as Justin’s stature continued to skyrocket, I later found myself overwhelmed by his steel hard wall of abs, and then later the colossal bulge of his crotch. Now, even Justin’s crotch was beginning to rise above my own view. Nothing would preclude me from craning my neck upwards and gazing up at the jaw-dropping view of Justin’s bulging musculature. Indeed, the sight was so spectacular it never failed to send chills throughout my body. But the reality of the situation was that we (“the little people”), found ourselves face to face with this giant’s legs and feet, and these captured our fascination with the greatest ease. We realized that, at this rate, there would soon be a time when we may not even reach Justin’s knees! And he could still keep growing! And those feet…They were simply beautiful. Justin had VERY long toes, which I always loved on a man. His feet displayed a graceful sweep at the arch of each foot which contrasted with the steel-hard tendons of his heels and the virile sweep of veins snaking up his feet to his ankles, much like the tree roots of a great and mighty tree. My favorite picture taken that night was of Andrew and two of his buddies sitting around one of Justin’s feet. They look so tiny and small next to the impossibly large foot at the center of the photograph, with the long hair covered shin and bulging calf muscle stretching ominously upward. It occurred to me that Justin could cover one of those kids almost entirely with his foot!

The neighbors eventually went home a few hours later, although not before a demonstration of true gluttony on Justin’s part. To the astonishment of those there, Justin downed 30 full gallon pitchers of protein shake (this alone was probably over 3000 grams of protein in one sitting!). There was just something mesmerizing to watch a giant man like Justin consuming so much food. It just made one feel so puny and small, especially when one realized that all that food was being used to fuel even more spectacular gains in mass and size! The neighbors did go home, but only after Justin’s need to show off was satiated, if only for the moment.

The Lakes had moved all of Justin’s furniture down to the garage which they in effect converted to his new bedroom. There was no way Justin could maneuver his 13 foot frame through the cramped confines of his parent’s house without demolishing a few walls or ceilings, as he had done to my humble abode. Since the Lakes did not share my appreciation for Justin’s remodeling efforts, they decided to accommodate Justin in the only area of the house big enough for him. The cars would have to remain parked in the driveway. They brought in two queen sized mattresses to serve as his bed. They even planned to build a reinforced box spring for the mattresses so as to hold his tremendous weight. Clearly they were still clinging to the far-fetched hope that Justin would have a change of heart and be content to stay at his present enormous size. They should have known better. The fact that Justin was by far the biggest, tallest and strongest man to have ever walked the face of the Earth was just not enough for him.

Justin’s parents did little to change Justin’s mind. In fact, they were afraid of him. Justin still remained respectful and polite towards his parents, and his genuinely placid nature made any desire to harm his parents seem unlikely. But the bigger Justin grew, the more the Lakes felt their authority over him eroding. There was simply no way to bend the will of a 13 foot, 2500 pound teenager, no matter how agreeable his demeanor. They endeavored to keep their fantastically huge son happy and avoid doing anything rash that could make him angry, like putting their foot down or telling him what to do. God forbid they should incur the young giant’s wrath given the terrifying strength he possessed. The Lakes were well aware that, if Justin wanted to, he could crush their bodies into a lifeless pulp without even breaking a sweat. Therefore, out of fear, the Lakes no longer curtailed any of Justin’s wishes or actions. So when Justin proudly proclaimed his intention to grow even bigger and stronger, the Lakes said nothing. When three teenage girls returned in the middle of the night unannounced to spend the night with the giant in the privacy of his garage, the Lakes did nothing. And when the Lakes found themselves unable to sleep that evening because of the orgasmic groans and moans and squeals emanating from the garage, the Lakes donned a pair of earplugs. Justin was the undisputed man of the house now.

I did not encounter any problems getting to bed that night. But I again had another vivid and disturbing dream, equally as powerful as the one I had the night before, although not quite as long.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I found myself walking down a long dark corridor. I was not alone. In fact, I was walking in single file with hundreds of other young men either in front of me or behind me. None of them appeared to be very remarkable in appearance. As a matter of fact, we all wore the same grey colored uniforms. I felt like I was at work. I was not quite sure why. Trudging down endless hallways in the company of virtual strangers had nothing in common with my actual job which found its setting in the confines of a cubicle. But there was a discernible sensation that I was working, although I was not quite sure what specific task I was carrying out. There was a large area where several hallways met in a large inner sanctum. The scene reminded me of something out of the old silent film Metropolis, with other men going about their work and walking in queue with about as much excitement and pomp as one breathes.

Then I found my queue thinning out. My corridor ended in a blinding light. A part of me worried if this was one of those out of body experiences. Did I die in my sleep? I was alone now. I passed through the light and stared up into the sun. Below me was a dune of some substantial height. It appeared that the corridor ended at the top of this massive sand dune. Although my surroundings didn’t remind me of a desert. There were odd trees all around, standing at the edge of the dune. They looked to be at least 100 feet in height. They had no branches or bark and pointed rigidly upward in a monotone, vivid green.

Suddenly I felt a powerful trembling. The ground rumbled with the power of an earthquake, although the rumbling was not constant but rather came in distinct shockwaves violently rippling through the ground. As they grew more and more intense with every wave, a shadow suddenly cast over everything within a mile radius. The sun was almost instantly blotted out by a something huge…unimaginably huge. Bigger than any skyscraper my mind could ever conceive of! Before I could make out what it was, a massive object came crashing down at the bottom of the dune. The quake it sent through the ground was powerful enough to lift me a few feet into the air and then land painfully on my back, completely knocking the wind out of me.

The earthquake had stopped. As I lay there gasping for air I began lifting my gaze to make out the massive object in front of me nearly concealing my entire field of vision. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a giant foot. It looked to be at least 300 feet long. The massive big toe at the edge of the dune alone appeared to rise a good 30 feet into the air! I continued raising my gaze. Soaring into the sky a good 1500 feet into the air was a massive, hairy leg. As I looked over, I could see in the distance that another leg planted perhaps ¾ of a mile away rose into the air. The muscles of the legs were very well developed and defined. My god, these were man’s legs! I craned my neck almost vertically to behold the rest of this male god’s body. I could make out a wide, bulging torso heaving nearly 2500 feet above me and at least a good mile in width. No less impressive were this god’s abs, arms and his bulging crotch. Clothed in a black thong, this titan’s manhood had to stretch a good 250 feet soft!

The god then peered over the mighty expanse of his bulging chest to peer down at me. He leaned over somewhat squinting, trying to make me out. Then it appeared he spotted me,…and the young god gave me the same winning smile he had given me when we first met, and he helped me move into my house. Justin opened his mouth to speak and a deafening thunder, worthy of a young muscle god of his power, was heard to say,


And then I realized that the trees that towered above me were mere blades of grass to Justin, and my workplace below the dunes nothing more than an anthill. But what was I doing in an anthill? Those people in the corridor with me weren’t ants. Hell, neither was I! I was a man! Or was I…

I looked up at Justin’s smirking face, grinning down at me from thousands of feet away. To this young god, I was nothing more than an ant.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I woke up suddenly covered in sweat despite the air conditioner of my bedroom being on full blast. The bed sheet lying over me was drenched. I had purposely slept in the bed sheet Justin had used the night before. It still smelled divinely of his virile sweat. Justin’s growth was intruding upon every area of my life now. Not only did Justin occupy all of my time and energy during the course of the day, the sheer power of his will and body had now tapped into my subconscious mind and permeated my dreams at night. But why should my mind react any other way given the magnitude of the event s that had transpired over the last few days? Justin was truly one of the greatest wonders of all time! Having my sleep disrupted was a small price to pay to witness such awesome events up close.

I got up and walked over to the giant hole in my living room that used to be my front door. I had covered the hole up with a large sheet and duct tape so as to keep the cold air from the A/C indoors. I peered out to grab the morning paper just in time to see three large trucks pull up in front of my house. Given the logos on the sides of the trucks I could tell that these were Justin’s clothes and supplements. I quickly got dressed and went out to greet them. Greeting the trucks and checking the inventory would become a daily ritual for me in my new role as Justin’s “spokesman/agent”.

The clothes I had ordered yesterday evening given Justin’s new measurements were made with lightening speed over night and immediately packed on trucks so as to arrive at my doorstep first thing that morning. Everything I had ordered, and more, were sent by the sponsors. There were a few pairs of Calvin Klein boxer briefs, two brightly colored thongs and a pair of jock straps, both sporting humongous pouches per my request. There were black and white ribbed tank tops, a hot pink colored posing pouch, two pairs of the biggest cargo shorts imaginable, a pair of jean shorts, a Tommy Boy T Shirt, a pair of shiny Addidas soccer shorts, and even a black visor with the Addidas logo. I wasn’t quite sure if I had ordered all of this but I wasn’t about to complain.

A second truck delivered three pairs of shoes…BIG, BIG shoes! There was a pair of sandals, a black and white pair of high top sneakers, and a huge pair of Timberlane work boots. Out of curiosity, I asked the driver what size shoe that would be if it were sold in a regular shoe store. The driver told me with a look of obvious reverence that Justin would wear a size 70 (US) shoe. It was almost too much to fathom! How could a man’s foot be so frigging huge! The shoes themselves weighed between 30 to 50 pounds each! The shoes came in 3’x 5’ wooden crates. The crate with the boots alone weighed over 100 pounds! Now these were some seriously huge shoes!

Luckily the Lakes weren’t there to see what came off the third truck. Box after box of supplements and protein powder were carted off the truck into my house in order to further fuel Justin’s spectacular growth. Even more disturbing was the box of human growth hormone that came from a nearby pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. While the indications on the box urged limited use of their product to a shot every month, there were 120 small vials and syringes in the box, easily a supply of several years for an average man. I put this box away in the closet of my bedroom. I felt that Justin clearly had all the growth hormone he needed to grow bigger and stronger as he pleased, and would therefore be unimpressed by the promises made by the manufacturer boasting 600% increases in hGH. The last thing he’d want to do is stick himself with needles for something he already had in supernatural abundance. I would be wrong about this.

I signed for all of the deliveries that were made as they came off the trucks one by one. The drivers then wheeled the clothes and supplements into my house, respectfully admiring the giant hole in the front of my house as they passed through it. They wanted to see Justin with their own incredulous eyes, but I told them that he was asleep at the time. Normally, Justin would be up as early as 7 am, even on a weekend, but it was already 8am and he was still asleep. “He must have stayed up late last night”, I reasoned. I had no idea just how late! I promised the drivers that they would meet the young giant soon enough and see that all the stories they heard about his size and strength were true.

The trucks drove off and I was left wandering in a maze of boxes and crates in my living room. I called Mrs. Lake and asked her to come by to watch over the delivery. I had errands this morning. I moved the boxes of supplements into my bedroom . I realized that anything that could possibly aid in her son’s continued growth was bound to upset her. Good thing I anticipated this too. It looked as if Mrs. Lake hadn’t slept a wink all night (despite her earplugs)! I thanked Mrs. Lake, got into my car and drove into the city.

My first errand would be to hand in my resignation at my job. Being Justin’s official spokesperson would be an all day task. I was not overtly concerned about my livelihood when I made the decision to quit. Sure I had concerns over my mortgage payment, my bills, and just money in general, but something told me that the perks from my new title itself would be enough to sustain me. Even so, I was hardly concerned about my own welfare. I had what I felt was the most privileged occupation on Earth as Justin’s agent. I was watching the biggest and strongest man in history grow more and more powerful with every passing day right before my very eyes. I was a part of history. For that privilege alone, I didn’t care whether or not I had money to eat or to pay for a roof over my head. In fact, I was eating less than I had in years since I had met Justin. I’d lost several pounds in the last week or two. But I felt it was more than worth it if the weight and strength I was losing, Justin was gaining a hundredfold! My co-workers and my boss tried to dissuade me with advice and company incentives, but I tossed their prescriptions aside. Nothing could make me change my mind. My new life’s purpose was to serve every need and whim of the giant teenage bodybuilder I idolized and to worship his body as it grew in size and strength. This was infinitely more fulfilling than the perks my position as a quality assurance executive could provide.

I ebulliently declined my exit interview and strolled out of the office to the puzzled looks of my now former co-workers. I hopped into my car and drove towards the train station. Benji was on his way. I wanted to meet this young man. Despite our nearly ten year age difference, we held a great deal in common. We were both slight in weight and stature, we were both gay, and we both admired jocks and muscular young men. I was curious to gauge Benji’s devotion towards Justin, particularly whether it resembled, equaled or surpassed my own. After all, Benji had worshipped Justin long before he began experiencing the phenomenal growth of these past few weeks. He had spotted the tremendous potential for power and strength in the young super stud before it became truly actualized. How would Benji react to Justin now?

I spotted Benji standing on the train platform where the train from Trenton had just arrived. He looked pretty much as Justin had described him. He looked to be two or three inches even shorter than me standing at 5’2”. He was thin, looking to weigh no more than 120 pounds. With his dark bowl shaped hair cut, round glasses and round youthful face he bore a striking resemblance to Harry Potter, albeit an even smaller version of him! He looked timid and anxious as he watched everyone walking to and fro on the platform, smaller than just about everyone who passed by him. I approached him and marveled over his diminutive stature. I was actually looking down at him, his forehead reaching only my nose!

“Hi, you must be Benji!” I smiled to him. “Yeah! Are you Brendon?” he looked up at me expectantly. “You bet!” I grinned shaking his hand. “You ready to go see Justin?” “Oh God, I can’t wait!” cheered Benji.

On the car ride back Benji was full of questions about Justin. He asked how much he weighed, how tall he was, how strong he was, etc, etc. Originally I had planned to keep quiet and allow the initial sight of Justin’s massive body to answer every question he had. But I found myself incapable of this. As I had done the day before with the reporter over the phone, I folded under the questioning of this pint-sized sixteen year old. I told Benji about his ability to grow under physical exertion. I related to Benji the most spectacular events of the last few days, including his performance at the bodybuilding show, the demolition of the front wall of my house, and the dead lifts he had performed with his father’s car. When I told Benji Justin’s present measurements he literally yipped in shock!

“My God! He’s turning into a real-life giant!” Benji exclaimed. “I can’t believe he’s over 13 feet tall! And his muscles looked so ripped and built in those pictures from the King of the Beach competition. He never had muscles like that in school!” “His muscles have grown much, much bigger in the last 48 hours, Benji”, I cautioned. “You aren’t gonna believe the muscle mass your friend is packing now! Hell, even the neighborhood kids say he looks bigger and stronger than Superman!”

Benji sat awestruck in the car as he prepared himself for his reencounter with his high school friend and idol who had transformed himself into a colossal muscle man without precedent. He then looked over and weakly asked,

“So,…has he been with girls at all?” “Well yes, he has”, I said. “Although he’s really more focused on just working out and even growing bigger, if you can believe it. But there were some girls lusting over him yesterday. I could tell. I’m wondering how often he’s seen them in the past few weeks. I have a tough time imagining him with any woman now, though, or at least in any…uh…traditional sense.”

I felt awkward discussing sex with Benji having just met the kid a few minutes ago. However Benji looked intrigued.

“Why?…What do you mean?”, Benji asked wide-eyed. “Well, I mean, Justin is so…so big. I mean he’s so huge…he’s huge everywhere. Too big for any woman to take, you know what I mean?” I was trying to flounder my way through this as “PG” as possible.

“Wow!”, Benji said. “I can only imagine! I used to change next to him in gym class. He was, you know, real huge then! Oh my God, now he must hung beyond belief!” Well, so much for “PG”.

Benji looked nervously over at me and then asked, “You don’t mind me being gay, do you?” I smiled at him and said, “Not at all, so long as you don’t mind me being gay too.” “Sweet!”, Benji said with a bubbly laugh.

We arrived back at my house around 11 o’clock. Justin was watching TV in his garage with the garage door up. He was waiting for us, although it didn’t look like he had been up for long. As soon as we pulled up my driveway a big grin spread Justin’s face. He carefully crawled out of his parent’s garage a stood to his full height. Benji got out of the car and gasped at the awesome sight of his colossal friend. His hulking musculature was clad in a giant white pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs which clung perfectly to his bulbous ass and the prodigious bulge of his crotch. I guess he had discovered some of the clothes that had arrived for him.

“Oh my God, Justin! It’s true!!! Everything the news said was true!!! You’re gigantic!!!” Benji screamed awestruck by Justin’s massive body. “You better believe it, shrimp!” Justin smiled back. “You thought I was big back at school, but now I’m really hitting my growth spurt! Check these bad boys out!”

And with that Justin raised his arms and brought them into a massive double biceps pose. Benji was speechless. He stood by my car not knowing what to do. He wanted to run up to his friend and hug him, but this man was so unbelievably big and strong. He had never imagined muscles being that insanely big or a man so mind-numbingly tall! He could not help but feel initially intimidated by Justin.

“Come here you little twerp”, Justin said with a wink, “You know I ain’t gonna hurt ya.”

This was enough to set Benji at ease. He darted out towards the teenage titan. Justin in turn lowered himself on one knee, still towering over the tiny pubescent boy by a good seven feet at the very least! Benji’s outstretched arms, which looked as thin as straws, barely reached around Justin’s waist to his hips as Benji hugged his superhuman friend. Benji marveled over the rock-hard feel of Justin’s lower abs, and how amazingly hot his skin felt to the touch. Meanwhile, from a short distance away, I was able to appreciate the overwhelming disparity in size between the two teenagers. Benji wasn’t even half Justin’s height, and his slight frame of pale skin and brittle bones weighed 20 times less than Justin’s body; a virtual mountain of steel-hard muscle. The two didn’t even appear to belong to the same species! The comparison was comparable to that of a full grown gorilla and a baby chimp! Justin’s massive hand covered Benji’s entire back as he gently rubbed his puny friend so as not to bruise him or hurt him. Justin was still figuring out just how strong he was at his present size, but he was fairly confident that he could easily injure Benji’s puny body if he was not cautious with him. Justin smiled as he realized just how cautious he had to be so as not to inadvertently hurt people with his awesome strength. He LOVED being this powerful!

Justin slowly pushed Benji back and said, “So, now that you’ve seen me up close, tell me…how does it feel to be face to face with this much MUSCLE!” Justin grinned and rose from his kneeling position, his head inexorably rising, rising, rising to his full height. Benji stood there stupefied as he watched Justin’s abs and then the inhumanly massive bulge of his crotch climb up, up, up, past his head. The stunned teenager reached about the middle of Justin’s long thighs, his upper legs bigger and thicker than most tree trunks! Justin put his hands at his waist and performed a riveting lat spread, bringing the sheer enormity of his impossibly wide torso and V-shaped back into bold, almost terrifying, relief. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the power that a body like this harnessed!

“Well?” Justin bellowed down to his tiny friend with a surly grin as he held his breathtaking pose. Benji was barely coherent. “Oh…god….oh…so big…you’re muscles…so big…god…so tall…” Justin winked at me with a mischievous smirk as if to say “watch this”. “You used to worship my body before, shrimp. You wanna worship me now?” Justin said. “Yes…”, Benji’s voice quivered meekly, “Yes…please…anything…Justin…oh god…” “THEN DO IT, YOU PATHETIC LITTLE WIMP!” Justin growled, “GET ON YOUR KNEES AND KISS MY FEET!”

Benji immediately complied. His legs collapsed like gelatin, and he groveled over to Justin’s enormous feet. He began kissing his toes, each kiss delivered with what seemed to be a great deal of devotion to his giant master. Benji was not going through the motions here. Every kiss he administered to Justin’s long toes was delivered as if his very soul depended on it! Justin wore a cocky smile as he savored the control he had over his tiny friend. He watched Benji with great enjoyment as he continued to instruct him.

“That’s it, shrimp. Worship at my feet!” Justin said clearly delighting in his role as master. “You look so small next to my feet, Benji. So small and pathetic…You see how fucking huge my feet are, shrimp? When I take a step with these feet, the windows of my house rattle, and the siding on my house trembles…you know why? Cause these are a real man’s feet! These feet belong to a giant! THEY BELONG TO ME, SHRIMP! And I plan on growing even BIGGER! You gonna worship me more when I get even bigger!” “Yes…”, Benji whimpered. His eyes looked filled with tears. “Good! I like that”, Justin chuckled. “I’ll be your master from now on. Your ONLY master! Brendon over there is my ‘little girl’, but you’re gonna be my slave, Benji! You like that idea, slave?” “yes…yes…very much…”, Benji squeaked. “Good. Lick between my toes slave. DO IT! Yeah, mmm…that feels real good…”

Justin was thoroughly enjoying himself. He looked over at me with a bright smile, as if to say, “Can you believe this guy?”. I was somewhat taken aback by the sheer dominance of will Justin exerted over Benji, and even more so with how much Justin appeared to be enjoying it. But as Benji continued to dutifully lick his master’s feet, I began forming a far different perspective of things. Benji seemed awestruck, amazed and overcome by Justin’s body; the sheer magnetism of his enormity. But I also realized that Benji very much enjoyed being Justin’s slave. In fact, both slave and master seemed to be tickled pink with their respective roles. This appeared to be merely an extension of their relationship in school. However, Justin’s massive growth had thrown Benji’s devotion towards him into overdrive.

But was Benji the only one who felt their will overpowered by the sheer might of this colossal muscle teen? I thought of the crowd of amazed onlookers from the night before, and the almost palpable admiration and respect they felt for Justin. What degree of devotion separated their fascination from the outright worship Benji exemplified? Then it dawned on me, with unsettling certitude, that not much separated the two at all! Would the fascination of many grow into awe, fear and worship as Justin grew in size and strength? Was Justin aware of this possibility? I wasn’t sure. He wished to convey to me in winks and side glances that he found Benji’s blind adoration humorous…but he definitely looked pleased, more pleased than he could conceal. More disturbingly, the more I watched Benji worship Justin’s feet, and listened to Justin degrade his whimpering slave, the more I wanted to JOIN Benji! I wanted to be a slave too! I wanted to rush over to Justin and worship at the enormous feet of the gorgeous, hulking teenager who at just 17 years of age was the biggest…tallest…strongest…man EVER…a real living giant intent on growing bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and…

“Yo!” Justin called out breaking my train of thought.

Benji had risen to his feet as I stood idly by in deep thought. He stood obediently by his master’s side, although his expression had returned to one of giddy joy, which he had demonstrated on the way over. He no longer looked possessed but simply content.

“I’m starving”, Justin said with a beaming smile. “Are we gonna eat?”


Part 12

I knew that feeding Justin was no longer a simple task. This mammoth teenager required immense amounts of protein to fuel his enormous muscles and strengthen his giant bones. I had by now become resigned to the fact that my meals could only hope to satiate Justin’s hunger. Not once had Justin been “stuffed” by one of my meals. There was no telling how much he could eat if he put him mind to it. The thirty pitchers of protein shake he consumed the night before was enough to curb his appetite for the night, but now, late in the morning of the following day, Justin was famished.

This time I was aided by Mrs. Lake who agreed to help me cook breakfast for Justin this morning. To bring out enough food at one time we used both my kitchen and the one in the Lake house. I had marinated six 20 ounce Porterhouse steaks overnight, so they were ready to throw on the grill. I had Benji tend to this. Meanwhile, I scrambled up three dozen eggs upon Justin’s request (Justin loved eggs for their protein) and cooked up another three pounds of bacon. Meanwhile I toasted two loaves of wheat bread. Mrs. Lake would not be outdone by my output. She made an oven baked pancake casserole, along with a huge crock of corned beef hash. Plus, she had the all-important task of whipping up blender after blender of protein shake. We made another 30 gallon pitchers for his breakfast. We also had a dozen gallons of milk and orange juice on hand, as well as several boxes of cereal, just in case. The way Mrs. Lake and I prepared breakfast in such haste made me feel like I was competing on the Iron Chef!

Justin’s appetite exceeded my wildest expectation. While we were cooking, Justin warmed up for breakfast by eating several protein bars and 3 pounds of oranges. When the eggs and bacon came, Justin devoured it in less than a minute, along with the mountain of toast I had prepared. He ate his mother’s crock of corned beef hash in a couple of giant spoonfuls (Justin used a large wooden ladle as his spoon). Justin drank orange juice from large 10 gallon buckets, and he downed the gallon sized pitchers of protein shake one after the other in large gulps. They were as big as shot glasses for Justin! When the steaks came, he tore into those, eating each steak in two or three bites! Justin woofed down the casserole in mere seconds. All in all, the breakfast Mrs. Lake and I had slaved over for over an hour was gone in less than ten minutes! Justin had consumed over 30 pounds of food, enough perhaps to feed 40 grown men, and yet Justin innocently smiled down at us, after polishing off the last protein shake, and said,

“Guys, I know you guys are trying really hard, and it all tasted really good, but…but I’m still real hungry! I need more food!”

We hastened to put together whatever we could to satisfy Justin’s monumental appetite. Justin tore into the cereal. It was breathtaking to watch him eat. He would empty a box of cereal into a 10 gallon bucket, fill the bucket half way up with milk, and then drink down the contents of the bucket in a series of continuous, uninterrupted gulps. He soon polished off all the cereal. As an emergency measure, Benji and Mrs. Lake began making hamburgers and throwing them on the grill, each burger as big as the two pound package the ground beef came in. Justin was able to polish off all 12 pounds of ground beef I had planned to use for dinner that day, along with two pounds of sliced cheese. Justin finally appeared to be satiated once the ground beef ran out. That was good, because there was little else we could prepare that would not require defrosting.

Benji and Justin sat out in my back yard for a while talking. Justin proudly flexed his giant muscles from time to time for his awestruck admirer, and Benji kept Justin’s ego satisfied with a steady stream of praise for his size and strength. In the meantime, I was chatting with Justin’s sponsors over my computer. They wanted Justin to be more visual with his clothes, perhaps performing a few feats of strength so as to make their products more visible. They had even coaxed me into a press conference later that day with the media. In exchange, I placed demands for added shipments of food. I explained the terrible strain of cooking for Justin to one of the sponsors. Word of mouth is an incredible thing. A catering company called me before I was done chatting and agreed to set up a large kitchen in my back yard to cook for Justin in exchange for letting them park their truck (with their logo of course) in front of Justin’s house. I thankfully agreed to their offer. They would be there by this evening.

I went out to join Benji and Justin. I apologetically explained to Justin that we might have to make a public appearance today for the sponsors, and perhaps do a little showing off for the media. But far from appearing bothered, Justin loved the idea. He began brainstorming ideas for his press conference.

“This is so cool, Brendon! This will be my first official appearance to the media!” Justin said excitedly. “This is my chance to prove to the world, without a shadow of a doubt that all the rumors are true! That I’m the biggest, tallest and strongest man in history! I want the media to know exactly how much I weigh, how tall I am, how big my muscles are…all my measurements! Oh…I got an idea! Brendon, I want you to look up how much the heaviest man in history weighed and how tall the tallest man ever was.”

“Well…you surpass them both in size Justin”, I said reverently.

“Yeah, but I want people to see just how much bigger I am than those little wimps…just how much I’ve surpassed them!”

“Oh”, I said. It appeared he had given this moment in the spotlight some thought.

“But those guys will wanna see how strong I am…should I lift a car again? My dad’s car isn’t that heavy to me now. I could use something more challenging. Maybe I could go for a van this time! Maybe I could lift some other things, or bend some beams. I bet I could bend an iron beam if I had to! In fact there’s a construction site just down the street. I could have some fun with the toys they have there…”

Suddenly a smirk appeared on his face. He turned towards Benji.

“In fact, I could use a little more size for my first official public appearance. I think it’s time I show you a little something Benji.”

“What is it, Master?” Benji inquired wide-eyed with anticipation.

Justin stood to his full height, again completely dwarfing us. I marveled at how tall he was compared to my house. The flat roof of my house didn’t even reach Justin’s heaving chest muscles.

“I wanna show you my posing routine for the bodybuilding show, slave”, Justin winked.

“You could use those posing trunks that came this morning”, I suggested with a smile.

“Yeah, the hot pink ones. I saw em. Let me just get changed”, Justin said liking the idea.

Justin walked over to his parent’s garage, reached inside, and pulled out his new posing trunks. He walked up to the side of my house and looked around. From out position at the back of my house, Benji and I could see Justin’s head and shoulders towering over the roof of my home. To our surprise he quickly ducked down and came back up with the pair of boxer briefs he had been wearing in his hand. He was stripping in broad daylight! His bulging, flawless ass was now plain to see from anyone walking down the street, or even from the Lakes’ house (I contemplated how much Mrs. Lake would freak out if she happened to glance out of her living room window at that very moment). Justin gave a coy smile to us both and playfully chucked his giant underwear at us, wear it landed at our feet with a whoosh of air that brushed across our faces. He then knelt down to put on the posing trunks. He stood back up, looking down at his crotch, while his arms moved about, no doubt adjusting his pouch. He then stopped to admire the look of his crotch and a wide grin formed on his face. He looked over at us and proudly said,

“Man, these posers really show off how HUGE I am!”

Benji and I could hardly contain our excitement as Justin slowly walked to the back of the house where we were. When Justin turned the corner, the full significance of his words hit us like a lightening bolt. “Huge” was a gross understatement to describe the mammoth contents of his crotch which strained the fabric of his new posing trunks. The spandex left very little for the imagination and served almost as a second skin; the hot pink color of the skin tight material accentuating every outrageous contour of Justin’s colossal manhood. The design of the pouch and the massive development of Justin’s thighs both served to push the overloaded pouch of his trunks to the forefront where it bulged a full palm width away from his pelvis. The titanic length of his thick cock rested over his grapefruit sized balls. The hefty contents of the pouch pulled the waistband of his trunks down sharply, close to the base of his cock. His massive rod pushed the pouch down, below his balls, where the tight spandex stretched across the discernible head of his endowment. The mushroom-shaped head looked as thick and meaty as a Portabella!

“Go ahead and blast some music, Brendon. I need music for my posing routine!” Justin demanded.

Justin used to listen to anything that was hard core when he lifted in his garage (when he was only 6’3” that is). I put a Limp Bizkit CD on my portable stereo and brought it outside. I turned the music up to the max, paying little heed to the noise disturbance I may be causing to my neighbors.

Justin bent down into the starting position of the posing routine, bending so far down that the tip of his pouch nearly touched the grass of my back yard.

“Brendon gave me the idea to start my routine off like this to show off my height advantage over the other competitors”, Justin explained to an awestruck Benji.

I chuckled at this. I had made the suggestion when Justin was about 6’7” tall or so…Now, fully bent, he towered a good 7 ½ feet off the ground! My God…was the competition only two days ago!!!

“But then, I start to stand, taller, and taller…”, Justin continued to narrate as Justin tremendously muscled body rocketed up far, far above us, where he hit a double biceps pose that would have humbled Hercules to tears! Justin went into a series of poses: triceps extension, back lat spread, front lat spread, side chest and leg poses, etc, etc. He struck each pose with ferocious determination, growling between clenched teeth in front of the wall of rage and noise coming from my boom box. Justin hit his most muscular and his powerful roar was loud enough to drown out the full volume the music! Benji and I instinctively shielded our ears from this assault on our vulnerable eardrums. Justin hit a second most muscular. He was looking pumped beyond belief. Sweat poured from his brow and made his bulging, rippling muscles glisten in the afternoon sun. He went back to the double biceps pose. He looked so determined it was downright frightening! I had never seen anyone expend so much energy flexing! I knew what was coming, but Benji was in for the surprise of his life.

Justin began flexing one arm at a time, slowly, deliberately; savoring the feeling of the impossibly huge muscles of his giant arms bunch up and ripple. It began hitting him. Justin smiled as the now familiar sensations of growth and increasing power coursed through his veins feeding the colossal muscles of his body. He watched his flexed arm as it bulged bigger and bigger. He flexed the other arm and watched in nearly orgasmic pleasure as his biceps and triceps ballooned bigger, and bigger. He hit a lat spread and felt the growth kick up several notches. He felt the massive muscles of his hulking frame burning with power, growing denser and larger, and felt his body growing heavier and heavier by the second. Every bone in his body tingled as it stretched longer and thicker, becoming more and more dense with every passing second. He felt his giant balls stir and then tickle as they expanded larger and larger. His dick began to reel out gradually pushing the obscene bulge of his trunks out more and more. He could even feel the grass under his feet rub his feet as they continued to grow bigger and longer. He did a side chest pose and couldn’t contain his booming laughter as he watched the muscles of his arms, torso and legs inflate with dense mass, harder than steel! He watched with a gleeful expression as the roof of my house seemed to fall away from him, far below his chest, as his height skyrocketed unstoppably.

Benji was simply overcome by awe. He looked up at Justin terrified, and this perhaps contributed to Justin’s laughter as well. Benji summoned the energy to yell over to me,

“Is this really happening!?! He’s growing!!! He’s growing!!!”

I simply looked up at Justin’s growing frame, completely mesmerized, my senses completely devastated by what I was witnessing.

“Yeah…he is..”, I said, almost in a trance. I looked over at Benji and added prophetically, “Do you understand now, Benji? Your friend Justin is becoming a giant. It’s his destiny.”

The full impact of Justin’s potential finally hit Benji. He simply stared up aghast at his friend’s growing body; his tiny frame trembling and quivering with fear.

Justin’s growth subsided as he hit a final most muscular pose. Each growth spurt was more powerful than the previous one had been. This trend was indisputable. The roof of my house only reached halfway up his rippling abs. Justin held his hands at his waist, breathing heavily and smiling down at our shocked expressions. His chest swelled and heaved with raw, inhuman power with every deep breath he drew. Justin then took a step towards us and then slowly crouched down to address us, clearly enjoying the strain the tight fabric of his posers exerted on his enlarged endowment.

“Now do you understand, slave?”, Justin said to his pale and wide-eyed classmate. “ I AM a giant. And I’m growing more and more every day….as much as I fucking want! Everyone in the world is gonna know who I am, and they’re gonna respect me and even fear me like you do, slave. You’re watching history, runt boy. You should feel honored to have a giant master like me!”

Benji looked up at him whimpering something unintelligible. Justin gave him a cocky grin and proudly stood back up to his full towering height, his bulging musculature glistening above us majestically. At his present height we only reached mid way up his thigh!


Justin’s voice was so amazingly powerful it made my whole body tremble. In an instant my entire body was covered with goose bumps. Benji immediately obeyed his giant master and fell to his knees. If I was trembling, Benji’s cowering frame was visibly shaking. Justin was enjoying the complete dominance he had over his tiny, servile friend. What surprised me, and to a good extent frightened me, was the effort I had to exert to keep from kneeling myself! Justin’s tone was so forceful and compelling, it seemed almost wrong to disobey his commands. As crazy as it sounds, kneeling before such a colossal specimen of man seemed like the right and appropriate thing to do!

“Look at me, you little wimp!”, he taunted. “LOOK AT ME!!!”

Benji raised his head to gaze up at his master.

“You always used to give me your lunch money so I could eat more and get even bigger and stronger for you. You had no idea you were waking a giant, did ya? A big, hungry giant!!!” Justin then flexed his bicep and admired it as he grinned, “DAMN! Look at that arm, slave! It’s three times the size of your whole fucking body! I’m gonna need a whole lot more lunch money now, runt!”

Benji’s eyes were watering up. His senses felt so overwhelmed with awe that he felt like he might burst out crying any moment. A tear trickled meekly down his cheek.

“YOU GONNA CRY, SLAVE!?!”, Justin laughed. “Yeah, a little slave like you can’t handle this much size and strength, can ya? And it all belongs to your giant master! Come here and kiss my feet. I wanna feel your tears on my toes!!!”

Benji obediently crawled over to Justin and began kissing his giant feet as he continued to sigh and sob in astonishment of his giant master. Justin than looked over at me with a telling grin. He rolled his eyes and then giggled silently in amusement as if to say, “Can you believe how much this kid is into me?”. But what Justin had not realized is that my sentiments of awe and respect for the superhuman size of his body and the colossal strength he possessed were increasing by leaps and bounds. I now longed to become a slave to Justin! I wanted to kneel before him in worship of his titanic body. I wanted the colossal teen to become my master too! I begged that he would have me. All Justin needed to do was command me to worship him and I would have done so. Like Benji, I found myself completely under his power, only Justin hadn’t realized it…yet…

After several more minutes of this, Justin mercifully relieved his slave of his worship so that we could measure his augmented body. He now weighed a colossal 3990 pounds of ripped, steel-hard mass, growing 1500 pounds heavier in his last growth spurt. He was nearly two tons of solid teenage muscle now! It was only by stitching two tape measure together that we measured his chest at 161 inches! His tremendous thigh was several inches larger than Benji’s chest and mine put together at 96 inches around! The mountainous peaks of his biceps and nearly pig-sized muscles of his triceps stretched his upper arms out to 58 inches of impossibly hard mass! His incredibly large feet had grown to 56 full inches in length. It wouldn’t be long now before his feet would stretch longer than Benji’s whole body! But measuring Justin’s height was the most spectacular. The height of my roof was 10 feet in height. Justin far surpassed this.

“I got an idea”, Justin grinned.

He crouched down and grabbed me with his hands under my arms, in the way an adult would lift up a three year old. I felt my feet leave the ground as Justin rose. His strength was such now that he could have easily lifted 30, perhaps forty times my weight in one arm alone. I looked up at him in utter disbelief. Justin chuckled,

“Don’t worry little girl, I gotcha…”, he said reassuringly.

I felt the tight vise-like grip of his long fingers across my back. His hands were so large that his fingers met at my spine while his palms held me securely under my arms at my ribs. Had he wanted to, Justin could have crushed the bones of my breast cage as easily as popsicle sticks with the incomprehensible power of his arms. I almost blurted this out to him, but then restrained the impulse out of fear. Still, from the smirk on his face, I sensed that he was probably thinking the same thing…and loving it of course!

He put me down on my roof and then prompted me to measure his height from there. I was astonished. I was now staring eye to eye into Justin’s gorgeous face, although I was standing on the roof of my own house! I measured him from the roof up and found that from this height he measured my height exactly, 5’6”. Only I knew that there was ten feet more of Justin standing below the edge of the roof. He was 15’6” tall! Justin was enthralled by how much taller he had just grown and how much quicker he appeared to be growing.

“Damn, I really do have the genetics of a GIANT! What do you think of that, little girl?!?”, he beamed at me.

I pondered this and then said, “You might have hit the nail right on the head Justin. I mean, I don’t know what those doctors at the university might find tomorrow, but I’m sure the thought has crossed their minds. Your genetic makeup may have evolved allowing you to grow at this phenomenal rate. You may have always had that potential in your genetics. It’s like you were destined to become a giant!”

Justin inhaled deeply, proudly displaying his pecs. In fact they jutted out so far that his expanding chest crushed the gutters along my roof! I think he hardly noticed it!

“Yeah…it is my destiny….I like the sound of that little girl”, he smiled.

Justin then grabbed me below the arms and set me down next to Benji. I was once again able to appreciate Justin in all his majesty, standing a good ten feet taller than Benji or myself, his giant muscles glimmering with sweat. Though we claimed to be grown men, we weren’t even dignified enough to reach this teenage titan’s crotch! He then looked over his heaving chest and sculpted abs and smiled down at us.

“So, you guys up for a swim?” he asked.

On the other side of the Lakes lived an elderly couple named the Winstons. At present, the Winstons had high tailed out of the area to their summer bungalow in Arizona. They often made trips out to the dry climate of the desert in order to alleviate Mr. Winston’s chronic asthma. The Winstons, like most of the community for that matter, knew and liked Justin. As a young teenager, Justin did many errands for the elderly couple and, in return, they allowed him unimpeded usage to their in-ground pool. Even in their absence, the Winstons allowed the Lakes to use their pool, asking only that they change the pool filter and clean the pool in their absence.

This was a beautiful pool. It was 20 feet by 60 feet and reached a full depth of 12 ½ feet on the deep end. Why an elderly couple like the Winstons owned such a massive pool, particularly when their enfeebled condition allowed them very limited use of it, was a mystery. But Justin and his parents didn’t ask questions and simply enjoyed the pool.

We walked from the backyard of my house, behind the Lakes house to reach the Winstons’ pool. Benji and I walked on either side of Justin, looking much like two toddlers walking alongside an adult. We ran in spurts as we struggled to keep up with Justin’s long strides. It had been almost two weeks since Justin had last used the pool and he chuckled as he surveyed its relatively tiny dimensions. The pool seemed so foreign from the one he had swam in just two weeks ago when he was a 6’3” teenage jock weighing in at 220 ripped pounds. He was more than twice that height now, and nearly 15 times heavier; a muscle giant without precedent.

Justin sat down over at the deep end of the pool. He placed his hands at the edge of the pool where he sat and flared his lats. He gave Benji and I a cocky glance. His back looked to be half the width of the whole pool! Justin hopped into the pool without much warning. This was too much added body mass for the pool to handle all at once and, as a result, the water level rose and overflowed the pool and parts of the lawn! Eventually the pool’s gutters drained the pool back to normal levels. Benji and I giggled like schoolchildren at the spectacle. What was by all means a large in-ground pool, looked almost cramped for Justin. In fact, while Justin stood at the deepest part of the pool, the water only reached the nipples of his chest! Justin laughed and beckoned us to come on in.

“Come on in guys, the water is fine!”

Benji and I eagerly stripped to our shorts and jumped in. Benji was in such a rush that he forgot to take off his glasses! Justin seemed to be more preoccupied with cooling off than with making us drool. We eventually got a small game of volleyball going, with Justin occupying the deep end and Benji and I covering the shallower end of the pool. Benji and I had difficulty scoring even once! Justin was able to return anything we shot at him with his long, long arms. There were even a few Justin could have easily let go out of the pool, but he was able to save each and every misfire we shot at him. We could tell he was going easy on us, preferring to gently lob the ball in the air with his knuckles rather than spike the ball. He could have easily hurt us had he done this. We played two games and Justin won them both, although Benji and I did score twice in the second game. Spending this time with Justin was fantastic. Part of the thrill, of course, was to see those giant wet muscles of his shimmering with every movement he made as he demonstrated his superior athletic prowess with every point he scored. But what I remember most about this afternoon was the buoyancy of his spirit, his charming innocence and his genuine amicability. As Benji and I often haphazardly dove for the volleyball, his booming laughter filled the air. His laugh sounded almost celestial. I had no problem believing Benji when he told me that Justin was easily the most popular kid in his class even prior to the beginning of his colossal transformation.

The middle of the afternoon was upon us. The cell phone in the left pocket of may cargo shorts had been ringing off the hook for the last half hour or so. I was just having too good of a time to get out of the pool and answer the damn thing. I grudgingly did so after the fourth or fifth call I received. A sponsor called asking to do a media release for this afternoon. I told the sponsor that Justin had decided to make a public appearance at the construction site several blocks from his house. He wanted to “test his strength” on a few items. I wondered if there would be any problem with the site owner, but before I could get the full question out the sponsor anxiously congratulated Justin and I on our choice and promised that there would be no problems. He would take care of everything. Then he hung up. Perhaps being Justin’s manager would not be so difficult after all.

Justin changed into a pair boxer briefs, and a pair of khaki shorts. While the shorts were meant to be fashionably baggy, they were now tight on Justin and rose up past his mid thigh; a clear indication of how much he had grown earlier that day. Likewise, Justin’s black tank top looked a size or two too small on his massive torso. The top left his abs halfway exposed, and each ribbed contour of the fabric was stretched to the max over the bulging musculature of his upper body. His shoes proved to be a tight fit, although he still managed to squeeze into a pair of Size 70 (US) sneakers! I was unaware that the sponsors had thrown in some additional accessories with this morning’s cargo, but the ever-fashion conscious Justin discovered them and hastened to don them on his colossal frame. He wore a pair of black wire rimmed sunglasses which fit his large head like a glove. He then fastened a thick silver colored chain about his neck from which dangled a pair of metal military tags. The tags bore his name and date of birth on them and were as large, if not larger than license plates. But resting against Justin’s giant chest (a chest that surpassed 13 feet around!!!) they looked normal.

“Holy shit dude, you look fantastic dressed or undressed”, I complemented unabashedly.

“Thanks, little girl”, Justin winked at me, acknowledging just how fine he looked. “We better get going. I don’t wanna keep the press waiting! Every TV set in the country is gonna watch what I do this afternoon. They’re gonna learn that I really am a giant and I’m totally for real!”

We walked block after block down towards the construction site. Benji and I tailed close behind, again being forced to gallop and sometimes even jog behind him just to keep pace with his steady, long strides. Justin glanced down at us, somewhat amused by our exhausted expressions as we struggled to keep up with him in the oppressive heat of that day.

The temperature had hit 100 degrees that afternoon, and the stifling humidity had brought the heat index to well above that mark. The TV weathermen had advised people stay in their homes next to their air conditioners or in the sanctity of their pools, if they were so lucky. But as Justin walked towards the site, people emerged from their houses to watch the giant teenager pass in wonderment. Many of them decided to follow Justin to wherever he was going. They lagged behind as they found it too taxing to keep up with Justin in the relentless heat, but followed nevertheless. I enjoyed watching their shocked expressions as they struggled to accept what their eyes perceived: a two ton teenage titan, standing at over fifteen feet in height, sauntering down the street in all his muscular glory. Some had seen Justin the night before, while others had not. The latter were experiencing the initial shock of seeing so much muscle and power before them. The former, however, looked on in awe and remarked to one another in puzzled expressions,

‘He looks even bigger today then he did last night! He must still be growing!!!’

Justin heard these comments and chuckled with deep pride and satisfaction.

“Only the beginning, you little runts”, he thought to himself. “Just wait and see! This giant hasn’t hit his full growth spurt yet! You’re gonna shit yourselves when you see how fucking big and strong I get!”

Some people gathered the courage to approach him and greet him. Being from his neighborhood, Justin recognized each and every one of them. Some were classmates, others were their younger brothers and sisters of classmates and others were their parents. Some had no ties with the community apart from their businesses, such as the town pharmacist, the barber, and the pizza shop owner, although they were nonetheless neighborhood fixtures. But all were bound by one undeniable sensation: overwhelming awe of the colossal teenage bodybuilder in their midst. These were all people that had either grown up with or watched Justin grow up from a boy to a young man. Suddenly, without warning, the size and strength of this young neighborhood Adonis had skyrocketed to historical proportions! He was now by far the biggest and strongest man to have ever walked the face of the earth, let alone the main drag of this modest suburban community. It was simply impossible for these people not to feel astonished and bewildered by the sight of Justin. In fact, the strapping and strikingly handsome young man, always known for his kindness and easy-going nature, now appeared downright intimidating.

Again, this did not deter some from approaching him. Some of his female classmates timidly complimented Justin on his incredible build. They remarked that he could kick anyone’s ass in the world if he wanted to with a body like his. This was a tremendous understatement to be certain. A punch from Justin’s fist could rip the head of a champion heavyweight boxer right off his body! A kick from Justin’s mighty leg could easily dismember the body of even the greatest kickboxer or martial artist! And by sitting on even the largest sumo wrestler, Justin’s two ton tonnage would reduce his brittle bones to powder! Forget about any “one” person…Justin could take on a hundred bruisers at one time with equally devastating results. Justin stopped and smiled down at them.

“Yeah, I think I’m a little too much man for anyone in their right mind to take on”, Justin boasted. “But I’m more of a lover than a fighter. Why don’t you girls come by my place later tonight. I can show you my posing routine.” Justin winked slyly causing the girls to blush instantly. Amid their nervous squeals, they accepted the giant teenager’s invitation.

The girls were not the only ones fawning over Justin’s physique. Some of the jocks from his high school could not help expressing their amazement at his unprecedented growth. Notably, Kyle and Jeremy, his friends from the football team that had visited him last Monday, struggled to suppress their absolute shock at his gargantuan body. Just four days ago they believed Justin to be one of the strongest men on Earth after having watched him bench 600 pounds. He weighed over 400 pounds then and stood a good foot taller than them. But now they didn’t even reach his waist, and his muscles looked as ripped and as huge as ever!!!

“Dude! You really are a giant! We saw you on TV at that bodybuilding show, but now you’ve become a giant!”, Kyle said amazed.

“Yeah man, you totally rule!” Jeremy cheered on. Little gay guys like Benji and I were not the only admirers Justin had gained. Even big straight jocks like Kyle and Jeremy were in worship of Justin’s body! “Dude, are you still gonna play football? You could take out any line in the NFL at your size!”

“You bet, little man!” Justin grinned. “I’ll be at practice on Monday. Hell, I might weigh as much as the rest of the team put together! With me on your side we got the state championships in the bag!”

Justin flexed his bicep for emphasis drawing gasps from everyone nearby.

As we approached the construction site, the local shopkeepers and others passing by greeted Justin and took pictures of the colossal teen. The barber giddily promised to cut Justin’s hair any time he wanted. The pizza shop owner promised to send over as much pizza as he could eat should he decide to patron his pizza parlor. Clearly he was looking for publicity only I doubt if he realized what Justin was capable of eating! Justin accepted the offer instantly. Meanwhile cars slowed down as they passed to gaze at the giant walking down the side of the street. Others, along the main drag came to a complete halt. Still others actually parked their cars, discarded their plans for the afternoon, and followed the small crowd that was now tailing Justin. By the time we reached the construction site, Justin had attracted a group of thirty to forty followers who apparently wanted nothing more than to be in the presence of this teenage giant and gaze up at him in awe. They would be treated to a much more spectacular show.

The media had gathered at the construction site. There were newspaper reporters, photographers and TV cameras waiting for Justin. When Justin walked on the site, a collective gasp could be heard among the media assembled there. Then, soon after, they went about photographing and filming Justin with the journalistic zeal of anyone capturing a major historic event. Many of the reporters there felt this moment had Pulitzer written all over it! The cameras began flashing and the questions began flying lived.

“Justin. There were reports on Wednesday at the bodybuilding event that you may stand unofficially at nine feet tall. But you look far, far taller. Exactly how tall are you?”, one reporter ventured, craning his neck to look up at Justin.

Justin smirked and looked down at me and motioned for me to respond. I brought a crumpled piece of scrap paper from my pocket where I had jotted down Justin’s stats, along with the other information I requested. I then cleared my throat to address the reporters.

“Ejem…guys?…”, I said nervously, as the reporters pried their stares from Justin and turned their heads in my direction. “Justin stands at 15 feet and 6 inches in height. He weighs exactly 3990 pounds. We measured his body fat at just under 5% which should give you an idea of his tremendous muscle mass. Other notable stats include his upper arms, which when flexed measure 58 inches. His thighs measure a full 96 inches around. That’s eight feet around. Justin’s feet are 56 inches long and his shoes measure up to a Size 70 shoe. And believe it or not, Justin is finding that even these are becoming a tight fit!”

I looked up from my crumpled paper of stats and was somewhat surprised to find the reporters hurriedly jotting down every piece of information I was giving them while their camera crews continued to photograph Justin. I looked up at Justin, who was basking in all the attention and he gave me an encouraging nod and wink. I continued reading.

“Justin did stand nine feet tall when he won the King of the Beach competition on Wednesday, but since then he has grown. He has grown a lot! He has almost doubled in height and has increased in weight by over five times in just 48 hours! He stands 6 ½ feet taller than Robert Waldow, previously the tallest man in recorded history. His height is comparable to that of Mr. Waldow’s with a 7 foot basketball player standing on his shoulders! Justin is nearly 4 times heavier than Earl Hughes, previously the heaviest man in recording history, who weighed in at 1100 pounds. A massive man, no doubt, but light and small compared to Justin. Mr. Hughes suffered from obesity and Mr. Waldow acromegaly. These conditions caused unhealthy deformities and abnormalities in their bodies. But as you can well see, Justin suffers from neither. His muscular physique is sculpted, well-toned, and he is very well developed. The only thing abnormal about him is the unparalleled physical strength he possesses. Justin is the biggest and strongest man to have ever lived. And he is still growing.”

I looked up again from my paper having finished my little speech for the press. It looked like the reporters ate up every word I said. My comments would appear almost verbatim in the newspapers the following morning. But their appetite for information was voracious. They began hurling questions again, only this time at me. I think this was because the reporters understood that this was the way Justin wished to communicate with the press, with me as an intermediary. So I began fielding questions, feeling more like the White House Press Secretary than ever.

“Justin has grown 6 ½ feet in the last 48 hours. This type of growth is simply unheard of. We have no choice but to believe you. The evidence is clearly before us. But how is he growing this much? Has a medical explanation been offered by the scientific community for Justin’s growth spurt?”

“At this very moment, a team of doctors at the University of Pennsylvania are reviewing the results of some preliminary testing Justin underwent yesterday”, I answered. “In addition, a more extensive series of tests will take place tomorrow at the university. We expect a scientific explanation to be forthcoming and when we have it we will make it public.”

This all sounded pretty official, although I was pulling most of this out of my ass. I had no idea what the scientists would discover from their tests, and I was even less certain about publicizing any findings they would make. Hell, Ari Fleischer had nothing on me when it came to bullshitting the press!!!

“Has Justin’s growth been steady? Do you feel it has reached a plateau?”, another reporter asked.

I decided to instill a little fear in the public on this one.

“No. Certainly not. In fact, Justin is growing faster with every passing day. This is undeniable. We were all amazed when we found that he was growing 4 to 6 inches a day just one week ago. But his growth has been accelerating. There is no indication that Justin’s growth is at an end. If anything, his rate of growth may either continue at this pace, or even increase! You are all watching a giant in the making!”

Justin chuckled audibly and his cocky smile sent chills down many a spine.

“Is Justin concerned about his growth? Is he hoping for a cure?”

I was about to answer when I heard Justin’s deep rumbling voice thundering down from above.

“I’ll answer that question Brendon”, he said.

Justin then looked down at the reporter below with a menacing smirk and answered,

“Someone who is sick is searching for a cure. I don’t feel sick, little guy. I feel stronger and stronger with every passing day! I can feel my muscles getting bigger and my body getting taller. I’ve never felt better in my life! And the bigger I grow, the better I feel! So I ain’t looking for no cure. If I have any concerns at all, it’s over how much I can grow. I’m lettin’ all you little folks know early…I wanna milk this growth spurt of mine down to the last drop!!! Like my little friend Brendon said, you’re all watching a giant in the making!”

It would appear as if these words by the giant teenager answered all of the questions, and perhaps some of the grimmest fears, of the reporters. Even the camera flashes died down to snapshot or two in the silence.

“You guys wanna see how strong a man my size is?” Justin asked, breaking the awed hush. Justin didn’t wait for a response. He walked over to a large pile of cinder blocks close by. He bent down and grabbed a cinder block in each hand. These were large cinder blocks, weighing about 50 pounds each, but they were light as a feather for Justin. He chuckled as he reminisced,

“Damn, and to think I used to curl these things for my workout. These are nothing to me now!” He laughed as he began squeezing the cinder blocks in his hands. The cinder block gave away with astonishing ease, crumbling in his hands like cookies. In seconds he had reduced the cinder blocks to rubble and powder. He then raised his foot and brought his giant sneaker down on top of a small pile of cinder blocks, easily covering about ten of them. We all watched as his giant calf muscle tensed and flexed with a sudden rush of power. There was a brief sound of crackling and crumbling as the unbridled power of Justin’s leg, along with the massive weight of his body came pushed down with full force. The cinder blocks under the sole of his sneaker were reduced to dust! “If he can crush cinder blocks under his feet, what could that much weight do to a human being!?!”, I marveled.

He smiled at the amazed onlookers and said,

“I’m just fooling around. Let me really show you what I can do!”

Justin walked over to a large forklift standing next to the bare foundations of the office building they were constructing. On the forklift was a crate loaded with cement bags. Each bag weighed about 100 pounds, and there looked to be two dozen on the forklift. Justin asked the forklift operator to lift the weight up to the max. The operator obeyed. The crate was raised to the highest the forklift could, to about 10 feet in height. The cement came up to Justin’s nipples. Justin rubbed his chin in satisfaction and commented,

“Yeah…this should do…”

Justin crouched under the crate, firmly grabbing either side of it with his hands. He then lifted his knees slightly, allowing the full weight of the crate to rest on his squared shoulders. Then Justin stepped forward. Astonished gasps swept through the crowd as they watched the hulking teenage giant balance over 1200 pounds on his shoulders.

“Yeah…I think this might work. All I need is enough balance and enough power…UMFFFF!”

To our collective amazement, Justin tilted his head forward, and with great care and perfect form, performed about a dozen squats with the massive weight balanced over his upper back. I realized how easy it was for Justin to perform this, since the width of his upper back was several inches wider than the crate itself! Justin carefully backed up and hooked the crate back onto the forklift. This had hardly been a challenge.

“Yeah…I got MORE than enough power”, Justin bragged “I need to make this more challenging…”

Justin grinned and walked over to a pile where there were more cement bags. Grabbing two in each hand he loaded up the crate until it held 36 bags of cement….over 3600 pounds! He then crouched under the crate as he had done before and slowly lifted the tremendous weight onto the wide expanse of his back. He tilted his head once more and slowly pulled the crate off the forklift. He was now balancing the tonnage on his back!

“OK….Let’s see if this is enough. MMMMFFF!!!!”

Justin squatted the crate and its massive weight over and over and over again. The camera flashes increased in frequency and the TV cameras were rolling. I heard one reporter debating with another,

“Go walk over so we can get a shot of you next to Justin. I want the camera to see just how fucking huge he is!!!” one said.

“You do it, man! What if he drops one of those cement bags. I might be killed!” the other argued.

I turned around and said, “He won’t drop a single bag guys. Not only is he super strong, the kid’s got incredible balance. He’ll perform every rep to perfection. Watch.”

Justin didn’t let me down. He did 20 squats in a row, each rep a carbon copy of the last and each rep performed with perfect form. The cement bags, which laid side by side, one row on top of another, didn’t move an inch. Justin’s back was about as solid and steady as the ground itself! His legs were becoming incredibly pumped from the squats. The muscles of his calves, thighs and hamstrings looked engorged with blood. His glutes and hamstrings threatened to rip the flimsy fabric of his khakis, which looked to have grown impossibly tight on him now. God, even his crotch looked to be filling out more, pressing dangerously against his front zipper.

But Justin was not done…He adjusted his grip on the crate, and slowly but steadily lifted the crate, and the 3600 pounds of cement, off his shoulders and over his head! He continued to raise the crate until he held the massive weight above his head with arms fully extended. He was determined to give his arms and delts a workout now! He began to press the weight above his head over and over again. The muscles of his arms and shoulders responded by bulging bigger and bigger with each monumental rep. His entire body looked pumped to the max now. In fact, it looked as if he might be growing yet again, but I couldn’t be sure.

The shoulder raises looked challenging, but Justin clearly wanted more weight to lift. There were no more cement bags on the ground, but he eyed another pile of them on the second floor landing of the building under construction beside him. He spotted a group of construction worked watching the spectacle of strength from the second story landing.


Justin moved over to the landing. He still held the crate above his head. He had to lower the weight unto his head and shoulders and crouch down somewhat to allow the stunned construction workers to add additional cement bags onto the teenage giant’s load. Bag after bag of cement was added onto the crate. First 4 more bags, then 8,…12,…16…..20!!! Justin squinted and grit his teeth. Now this was a challenge. But it was not in Justin’s nature to say enough was enough. He loved the physical strain and exertion. If one thing could be said for Justin, despite the supernatural potential his body possessed, he would never back down from pain if it enabled him to grow stronger. Here was a giant who was willing to earn his size and strength despite the fact that it came naturally in abundance.

“C’MOM….MORE…..UGHHHH….YEAHHHHH!!!”, came Justin’s determined growl…

The construction workers loaded all the bags they could find on the landing onto his crate. They now rested, overlapping one another, in eight rows of nine, laying on top of one another to form a massive 7200 pound block of cement which was now beginning to test the reinforced beams of the crate. Justin carefully stepped away from the building, still balancing the crate on his head and shoulders. Then, summoning all his strength, he began to power the weight up over his head.


Justin’s face was beet red with exertion as he powered the massive weight up, up, up…until his arms were again fully extended, the weight held steadily a good three feet over his head. He continued to hold the weight up, longer than any Olympic power lifter I had ever witnessed when confronted with a similar physical challenge. He then let out a deafening roar that could be heard for over a mile.


Justin’s body had had enough! It would not let itself be dominated by anything. If Justin had grown slightly during his squats, it was nothing compared to the explosion of size and muscle he was experiencing now! The towering godlike figure held the weight in his extended arms, and we watched in awe as his giant body appeared to expand, ever so slightly, but continuously…the muscles of his giant arms, chest and legs, began to bulge larger and larger. I watched with my mouth agape as the thick, rope like veins of his biceps and forearms swelled larger with unimaginable power. The loud pops of his shoelaces drew our attention, including that of the TV cameras, as his feet pushed against the cramped confines of his size 70 sneaker, growing wider and longer by the second!

“He’s definitely growing, man! I can’t believe it. He’s growing right before our eyes! You getting this?” one reporter said.

The cameraman was too shocked to respond.

Justin was certainly growing. He was taller too. I was now just about staring face to face into his knees, and these continued to slowly rise and rise and rise and…

A rip brought my glance up to his khakis. Then another. Rips were forming about the hems of his shorts and they began spreading up, along the inseam, up his upper thigh towards his crotch, which was now threatening to bust the zipper of his shorts with its copious contents.

But it was his tank that was the first to give way. It tore right down the middle of his chest with a slow, loud, RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIP! Justin had inhaled deeply, and the great expansion of his chest was simply too much for the fabric to contain. We all gazed dumbfounded at largest and most magnificent torso to ever grace God’s green Earth. Justin must have felt his growth spurt petering out as the weight he held above his head grew lighter and lighter. True to his earlier statement, he decided to milk a few more seconds of additional growth from this spurt. He began pressing the 7200 pound weight over his head for a dozen reps or so. The brief initial strain was sufficient to coax some additional size, height and muscle mass to slam into his already titanic frame. He was now lifting the 7200 pounds with the apparent ease that someone may lift a milk crate! He again brought the weight down upon his shoulders, the expanse of his back now looking a good two to three feet wider than the crate itself. He backed into the forklift and replaced the crate on the forklift as routinely as a weightlifter would replace the barbell on a squat stand. But the 7200 pounds were too much for the forklift. No sooner had Justin moved away from the forklift, it toppled forward landing on the ground with a mighty….CRASH!!!!!!!

Cement bags lied in a disorderly pile, some open, some still intact, at the foot of the damaged forklift, its back wheels pitifully rolling in the air without purpose.

Justin gave an innocent look to the crowd, a look that could have made even the coldest heart swoon had it not been attached to the body of a hulking muscular colossus.

“The problem with growing so much, so fast, is that you really don’t know your own strength!” said Justin with a bright smile. He was clearly very pleased with himself and delighted in raising his arms into a devastating double biceps. Cheers and applause erupted from the onlookers as the cameras again broke into a cadence of flashes. Justin threw in a jaw-dropping lat spread ( a reporter joked he hadn’t seen anything that wide since they shut down the old drive in theatre down the block), an ab crunch, and a terrifying most muscular that left the crowd, Benji and I included, weak in the knees.

The reporters wanted Justin to be weighed and measured. Every member of the media present was now giving credence to what was simply a “rumor” at the King of the Beach competition days ago. All of the journalists privileged enough to gather there that afternoon would testify to having witnessed the impossible. They had watched Justin grow inexplicably bigger, taller and stronger in mere seconds. Justin laughed heartedly. He loved the attention. Being a good showman, he decided not to give the crowd what they wanted just yet.

“OK, OK…we’ll take my new stats a little later”, he said. I heard a few groans of protest from the crowd. Some people were really getting into Justin’s growth. “All in good time”, he said calming the crowd. “I’m glad you guys are starting to believe what’s really happening here! You guys are beginning to understand…”, he said with an arrogant grin as he flexed his left arm, admiring his giant pumped bicep. He then looked down, almost scornfully, at the huddled crowd of reporters, cameramen and spectators that now looked to be so far below; they were literally at his knees!!! And these were supposed to be grown men! He couldn’t help but smirk as he realized how small they were compared to his mountainous biceps!

“You guys wanted to see a show of strength. I’m not done yet!!!”

Justin then spotted a pile of steel I-beams lying in a neat pyramid-like pile. Justin had been meaning to test his strength out on these before the cement bags caught his eye. Each beam was 10 feet long and one foot across. A site manager confirmed that each beam weighed roughly 1200 pounds each. He knelt down and grabbed the top beam off the pile. He stood up with the beam, visibly expending very little effort on his part. He then began to curl the beam, much as one would a barbell. His arms responded quickly. Blood raced into his triceps and biceps, pumping them up with more size. Justin smiled as he surveyed the growing pump in his arms and gave a devilish smile to the crowd. They would never understand how much fun the scantily clad muscle giant was having by growing bigger and stronger before them.

The beam provided Justin with a good pump, but he was able to complete each rep without much strain. He needed more weight. Perhaps another bar would do. But curling the beams at once would be awkward. Justin’s ingenuity provided a solution.

Justin spotted four large tractor tires nearby. Each one was about 5 feet in diameter and weighed close to 500 pounds each. Justin carried the tires over to his beam and set two tires down at either end. He then lifted another beam from the pile and laid it on top of the other. The construction workers looked on in awe as this 17 year old giant shifted and moved these objects, objects several times heavier than anything they were even capable of budging, with apparent ease. He had turned the site into his own free weight gym!

Justin pushed the tires onto the beams until they were fastened tightly together, acting much like giant vulcanized rubber bands. The end result was a free weight which looked remarkably like a giant barbell with two giant weights (the tires acting as plates in this case) on either side of it. The weight weighed 4400 pounds!

Justin bent down and grabbed the weight. He stood to his full height in one clean jerk, bringing the massive weight to his waist level. He then curled the weight with a ferocious growl that made every onlooker tremble with its sheer force.


He curled the weight once, twice,….again, again, and again….I was becoming accustomed to seeing Justin break feat after feat of strength with every passing day. Indeed, I had no doubt Justin would be able to lift the massive two ton weight in those massive, pumped arms. Still, I watched in worship of the pure might his giant muscles possessed, and waited expectantly to see if his body would react again with more growth. Some of the onlookers grew worried over the possibility of this already colossal teenager growing even bigger. Others, myself and Benji foremost, desired to see Justin grow even more! Regardless, Justin had our full, undivided attention…..and he too desired to grow.

“C’MON BABY….UGHHH…HELL YEAHHHHH!!!!”, Justin roared.

Justin’s muscles glistened with sweat, his arms looked peak to enormous perfection, and that’s when his towering frame began to grow once more. We looked on entranced as Justin’s muscular legs stretched longer. His knees reinitiated their slow ascent upwards, first reaching and then surpassing the eye level of those of us present. And what magnificent legs these were. Every titanic muscle defined and bulging with raw power; a manly veil of curly sandy brown hair coating every muscular inch. The tearing noises from his feet directed our view to his shoes. The growing width and length of his feet were enough to rupture the Size 70 sneakers. The material of his shoes slowly tore away from their soles as more and more of Justin’s bare feet popped into view. Justin’s toes peered out from under the fabric and lengthened more and more until they were completely exposed. Justin’s ankles grew thicker and thicker until they too succeeded in ripping the fabric of his “high tops”.

Meanwhile, Justin’s torso kept pace with the spectacular growth of his legs: his back expanding wider, his pecs growing thicker, his shoulder growing broader, and his back stretching wider. Justin’s abs looked so defined that he looked like he had a ten pack! Each brick in this virtual wall of muscle was densely packed, steel-hard and impenetrable. I doubted a bullet could even pierce those abs.

His arms were breathtaking, pumping up an inch or two with every single curl Justin completed. His upper arms were growing so big that they looked even bigger than the tractor tires he had attached on his “barbell”. But Justin would not stop curling the weight over and over again, his arms growing unstoppably bigger and bigger and….


The sharp sound of cloth tearing now directed our sight to his khakis. The tears along the seams stretched all the way to his crotch now, unable to contain his giant thighs and glutes. His packed crotch was next. The bulge in his crotch looked to throb bigger and bigger with every breath the giant took. This was simply too much meat for the crotch of his shorts to handle. The button of his waistband flew off several yards into the crowd. His crotch bulged out now in an obscene half moon shape. Finally his zipper split apart down the middle, the gap opening wider and wider, revealing the black fabric of the jock strap he wore underneath.

Justin hammered out another dozen curls or so, but the massive makeshift barbell he had made no longer challenged his enlarged arms. Justin wore a cocky grin as he dropped the barbell to the ground with arrogant disdain. Much to the alarm of the onlookers, the weight did not crash to the ground, but rather, with a heavy thud, bounced forward a good four feet in the air due to the buoyancy of the tractors tires. Some of the construction workers present were forced run out of the path of the oncoming barbell as it bounced once more and then rolled forward; a giant 4400 pound axel rolling straight for them. The workmen scattered in time, leaving the “barbell” to come to a loud clanging halt against the pile of I-beams nearby.

Justin could not help but laugh heartily at the scene. The fact that he had come very close to accidentally injuring (perhaps even killing) the workmen, appeared to trouble Justin’s conscience very little. Justin was amused by the sight of grown men, brawny construction workers no less, scrambling out of the way of his barbell like frightened little animals. For a brief moment, they feared having the life crushed out of them by the weight Justin had dropped; the weight that just seemed so DAMN LIGHT to him now! The episode could have served to restrain Justin in the future out of concern for the safety of the little people around him. But his concern for those around him was dwindling. The teenage giant could no longer look at the small puny creatures cowering at his knees and surveying him in awe as “equals”. He had no peers. He would never have any. They were now all midgets…dwarfs….gnomes….shrimps… weaklings…all of them standing in the presence of a mighty colossus. They were there to be awed by him, to serve him, to worship him…and yes, if it came to pass, to amuse him. Justin loved possessing so much size and power!

Justin held his hands at his waist. His giant chest heaved as he continued to chuckle,

“Damn, did you guys see that? That shit was funny!” Justin laughed. The crowd seemed stunned by his insensitivity; by his lack of regard for others…but then again, it seemed so appropriate. I mean, compared to those little construction workers, Justin was just SO DAMN HUGE!

“No, but seriously little dudes. That was an accident. I’ll be more careful with my strength from now on”, Justin said. He then added with a wry smile, “or at least I’ll try!”

Justin went on to perform a few more memorable feats of strength for the crowd. With the help of a crane, Justin benched a Chevy Silverado pick-up truck for 15 full reps. The truck weighed a full 8600 pounds! He appeared to grow ever so slightly from the effort, but appeared to be holding back from this point on. He grabbed a ten foot iron pipe which was about 8 inches in diameter and bent it over his neck like it was made of aluminum foil.

Most impressively, he picked up one of these pipes in one hand (each weighed about 300 pounds), raised it to shoulder height leaned back and hurled the pipe like a javelin. The pipe soared through the air with incredible speed. At its highest point it cleared the construction site and sailed over the parking lot of the adjacent industrial park. The crowd gasped in horror at the potential damage the pipe could do should it strike a car or god forbid a person. Justin simply stood there, a smile of deep satisfaction on his face. We awaited to here the crash of the pipe against the asphalt of the parking lot, or the hood of a car, but instead we were surprised to hear a loud splash. The pipe had landed in the small artificial lake at the other end of the parking lot. The distance of the throw was later measured to be 1408 yards, or about four fifths of a mile (I later learned this was about 15 times farther than any javelin throwing record in history, let alone a 300 pound javelin)!

“I could have thrown it even farther, but I was really aiming for the lake”, Justin bragged. I gulped as I realized that if Justin could throw 300 pounds that far, he could hurl Benji and I well over a mile through the air, most likely to our deaths! I couldn’t resist sharing this with Benji and he just looked at me in wide eyed silence and nodded in affirmation.


Part 13

Following Justin’s performance, the teenage titan graciously allowed those present to take some pictures of him. He even allowed some astonished onlookers to be photographed with him. He obliged every posing request made of him by his startled admirers. He even suggested a few poses for many of those who had gathered the courage to approach the teenage giant, but felt speechless beside his body’s sheer enormity.

“How bout I crouch down and flex my guns…you can see how big my arms are compared to you little dudes…”

“Maybe I should crouch down next to ya and flex. DAMN! I’ll still tower over you all…”

“Back up and I’ll flex standing next to ya. That way you can see how tall I am. Holy shit! You guys barely reach my knees! Oh man…this is the perfect shot!….”

The girls squealed every time Justin flexed his mammoth muscles. Justin encouraged the girls to feel his calves or thighs as he flexed them. The feel of the rippling steel of his massive muscles under their tiny, delicate fingers was enough to make their hearts skip and send them off swooning. There were even a few women there that caught Justin’s eye, and he decided to invite those select few over to his garage later that evening. While they might have feared being in the presence of a young man with so much size and power, none of the girls asked found the strength to turn down his invitation. How could a girl in her right mind pass up the opportunity to be up close with this much MAN!?! They all wanted to see what Justin was packing in that jock strap of his. If the giant bulge in his pouch was any indication of the size of his manhood…it could well be his biggest muscle yet! Let’s face it…Justin was right. Size DOES matter, and the BIGGER, the BETTER!

I most enjoyed the stunned, wide-eyed expressions of the kids. Their world of entertainment was largely composed of the world of cartoon and comic-book superheroes. But now they believed that this world was real. They all craned their necks and gawked up at the giant in their presence. To them, Justin was a real-life superhero. Justin had it all. His smile exuded a supreme confidence in himself and his body was POWER personified. These kids had never imagined such muscular development possible outside of the comic books. They couldn’t believe how astonishingly big and mega-ripped this teenager’s muscles were. They tried to flex their own arms and check out their own muscles and became frustrated when only the tiniest bulge (if any) appeared. They looked back to their idol and watched incredulously as his muscles bulged in high relief with the slightest movement. And when he flexed….his muscles looked like they doubled in size! Justin could give Thor and Superman a run for their money in a bodybuilding competition, though he would dwarf them both in height!

Undoubtedly what amazed the kids the most was his mind-blowing height. They always expected the cartoon and comic-book heroes they admired to be somewhat taller than the average man or woman, but Justin was way bigger than they had imagined a superhero would be. Their parents only came up to Justin’s knee or a few inches more in only the best of cases. Justin would tower over The Incredible Hulk and would completely dwarf He-Man. Just like the other superheroes, Justin also had a special power. He could grow BIGGER & STRONGER…he could grow really, really fast and he could grow whenever he wanted to! They wondered why Justin didn’t shrink back down when he was done lifting or crushing whatever he wanted. Maybe he couldn’t…or maybe he could, but just didn’t want to. He wanted to be bigger than any other superhero EVER! He was a GIANT among supermen!

Justin loved the attention he got from the kids. When he was much younger, he used to be a somewhat of a comic book junkie before his athletic inclination for sports drew him out of his bedroom and into the playing field. He realized that many of them idolized him like a comic-book superhero. Hell, he WAS superhuman. He was as powerful as any of the superheroes he used to read about, although in size he was much, much bigger!

“Damn, I’m like a god to these little dudes”, he chuckled to himself.

Andrew, the 10 year old that had ridden on Justin’s bicep the night before, was there with his little brother Taylor. Taylor was only six years old. Taylor wanted to get the giant’s autograph. He couldn’t have been three and a half feet tall and he only reached halfway up Justin’s shin. He looked so frail and tiny next to Justin’s giant calf muscle, towering over him. Taylor looked over at Andrew wondering whether or not this was a good move or not. Andrew smiled and told him,

“Go ahead! Ask him! He won’t hurt ya”

Taylor fearfully tapped Justin’s hairy shin. Justin felt what he though was a fly and looked down at the brothers. He gave them a disarming smile.

“What’s up Andrew! This your little bro?” Justin asked.

“Yup…he wants to ask you something”, Andrew said

Justin crouched down over them. Justin’s massive muscular frame filled the Taylor’s entire field of vision.

“Is that so? What can a big man like me do for a little guy like you?” Justin grinned.

Taylor was speechless. He simply held out a pen and a notebook. His wide-eyed expression was glued to Justin’s body. The immensity of his muscles, the strength they must possess…

“Wanna go for a ride?” Justin offered, gesturing upwards.

Taylor looked over at Andrew.

“Go ahead! Mom and dad aren’t here to stop ya. It’ll be fun. Justin’s way bigger than he was yesterday when he lifted me up!”

Taylor looked back up at Justin and nodded his head.

Justin reached out with his right hand and grabbed the boy by the waist. The boy’s arms rested against Justin’s giant fingers which wrapped around the boy gently, but securely. To Justin, it was about as easy as lifting a water bottle off the ground (an empty one at that!) Up, up and up he went until Justin stood to his full height. The boy looked around amazed by the view above him. It was difficult to see down, since the thick cables of muscle from Justin’s forearm covered most of his view from below.

“So…you want an autograph, little guy?” Justin smiled.

The boy nodded and held out the notebook and pen again. The notebook was as big as a playing card to Justin; the pen no bigger than a match. As the boy held the notebook, Justin signed it with great care to not crush the pen. He wrote it out to “His little buddy, Taylor.” Taylor looked up at Justin astonished. He read what Justin had written and said,

“Wow! We’re friends?!?” Taylor said, his heart beating a mile a minute.

“You bet, little dude”, Justin laughed.

“Wow…wait till the kids at school see. They won’t make fun of me for being the smallest kid in the class anymore when they know you and I are friends!”

“Yeah…and if you or your brother have any problems, just give me a call and I’ll straighten those kids out”, Justin said.

“My brother says you’re stronger than Superman. Is that true, Justin?”

“No doubt about it little dude! I could sit on that little wimp and crush him. I mean, just look at this!”, Justin grinned proudly flexing his left arm and holding Taylor close to it.

“Don’t be afraid, little man….feel that!!!”

Taylor let out a big “WOOOOW” as he felt the warm muscular steel of Justin’s 70 inch arm. The peak of his arm was about as tall as Taylor!

“Just wait til I grow some more!!! What’ll Superman think then?” Justin growled as he flexed his arm again and again for the awestruck toddler.

“You’re right Justin. You’re way stronger than Superman!!!” Taylor lauded.

Justin thought this was the best compliment he had received yet.

Justin signed a few more autographs and answered a few more questions from reporters, before deciding to call it a day and head back home. He could have easily stood there reaping in praise from the hundreds gathered there for hours on end. It made him feel so powerful and superior! Indeed, the praise from the crowd seemed endless. Their eyes were glued to Justin’s titanic form and anything they uttered were largely confined to words and expressions of wonderment.

Ultimately, what succeeded in drawing Justin away from all this adulation was the opportunity to show off in the privacy of his garage to the several women he had invited back with him. Plus, he was getting very hungry, and he was eager to test the catering company that had been hired for him with his gargantuan appetite.

Earlier on I had realized that Justin’s incredible growth was making privacy more scarce for him, his family, and even myself. The media was hungry for Justin, and people would soon be traveling from all parts of the country to catch a glimpse the giant teenager. Some of the sponsors called me on my cell, tickled pink I might add, to tell me that film of Justin growing had aired on the national broadcast news of every major network that evening. Websites were popping up with pics and footage of Justin flexing and growing. He was becoming a national phenomenon.

In order to protect his privacy, I called the local police. They agreed to close off an area of nine blocks surrounding Justin’s house to protect his privacy and that of the Lakes. Only Justin and his neighbors would be allowed through the barricade including members of Justin’s catering company, trucks sent by the sponsors, etc. Everyone else could only enter the area with a guest pass. In doing so, they would also prevent media trucks and vans from cluttering up the neighborhood streets at all hours of the day. Certainly Justin’s neighbors did not want to be bothered by the media while they were at home. Maintaining order and calm in this suburban area proved to be a convincing argument for the local authorities and they were able to enlist the help of the state police as well. By the time Justin began walking back to his home, the barricade was set.

Benji, Justin and I walked through the barricade, leaving much of the crowd behind us. Many of Justin’s neighbors continued to tag along nearby as they made their way back to their homes. I recognized many of them from the night before, including Andrew and his little brother Taylor. Justin had also given passes to several young ladies who followed closely behind him. Unlike the girls who had spent the evening with him the night before, these young ladies seemed somewhat older. They looked like college students. I doubt if Justin had met any of them prior to this afternoon. I could hear them whisper and squeal as they walked behind us. I glanced back at their shocked expressions. They couldn’t believe this was happening to them, and they couldn’t imagine what a thrill it would be to be alone with Justin.

“Hey Justin”, Benji said with a mischievous grin. “What are you gonna do with all those girls back at your place?”

“Guy stuff”, Justin smiled. “You and Brendon wouldn’t understand…”

“Very funny…”, Benji said somewhat dejected.

“Don’t you think you’re a little…well….too big for these girls now?” I asked expressing some concern. “I mean, last night you were huge…but you’ve grown so much more today…you might…you know…you could really hurt them”

Rather than allay any of my concerns, Justin simply laughed. He then bent down and whispered to Benji and I,

“I know it sounds mean, but I feel so fucking horny after how much I’ve grown today, I feel like plowing each one of them bitches with every fucking inch of my rod! Man, I’m so damn big I would snap their legs like twigs and shove my cock into their ribs. Fuck…just thinking about it is getting me even hornier!” Justin grinned.

I decided not to pursue the conversation any further. I prayed that Justin would not lose his control with those women. If he fucked any of them, they would certainly be impaled upon his massive cock. And despite the potential danger these women faced this evening, I still felt envious of them. They were going to see this massive stud in private. They were going to get the chance to watch him flex up close. They would get to feel his muscles. They would get to see his colossal manhood, growing bigger and harder before their eyes (and I wanted to see just how big, long and thick that bad boy was now!…). And Justin would want them to lick every inch of his giant shaft. His virile musk would fill the garage, and he would cum for them again and again and again…

“Yo little girl”, Justin said waking me out of my jealous stupor, “Looks like they fixed your door…”

Indeed, the local builder had been by and replaced the hole in the front entrance of my little bungalow with a garage door. So much had happened today that I completely forgot about it. But I did remember the police giving me some shit about how the hole in my front wall violated some sort of building code and needed to be repaired and bla, bla, bla…

“Not bad, huh? It still looks damn small though”, Justin remarked with a cocky smirk. “A giant young stud like me wouldn’t fit in that little play house of yours now!”

The girls appeared to laugh in unison at my humiliation. I don’t think they understood just how much I enjoyed being humiliated by Justin. I was still whimpering over the prospect of missing what was sure to be an incredible night with Justin. Clearly I looked resentful because Justin asked,

“You OK little girl? You look like you’re gonna break down and cry or something. They didn’t do such a bad job on the door…” Justin said. “Did you prefer the way I left it?” he added with a sly wink.

“No, the door is fine…it’s just that…uh…”, I looked over to the girls waiting expectantly for Justin in his driveway. This was not the time and place for me to pour my heart out to him. Besides, I didn’t want to ruin his enjoyment for the evening with any of sentimental dribble…

“…uh…the humidity. It really does a number on my allergies. Ever since I moved out here my eyes just haven’t been able to adjust…”, I weakly explained.

“Well go into your little playhouse and sit by the fan for a while. You’ll feel better in no time”, Justin smiled. “See you guys tomorrow morning, bright and early!”

“Bye Justin!!! You were amazing today!!!” Benji exclaimed. I imagine the prospect of also being apart from the teen colossus was also disheartening for him.

Justin looked down at him and then sneered,

“Just wait til tomorrow, slave!…Your master will grow MUCH, MUCH bigger! Today was just a warm-up!!! But tomorrow……GRRRRRR!!!!!”

Justin hit a most muscular pose that blew Benji and I away. We were standing right next to (or should I say just below) Justin. The eruption of perfectly sculpted pectoral muscle towering majestically above our frail bodies overwhelmed our senses. I thought I would pass out. I seriously felt weak in the knees. I was just not prepared for it I guess…The girls squealed their shrill cries of amazement with perfect timing. Benji again looked lost in the moment.

He then gave a quick smile, turned around and headed to his backyard along with his select harem of admirers.

“Damn Brendon…”, Benji said awestruck. “We’re so lucky to be watching this happen.”

I nodded in approval then said,

“Come on Benji. I’ll make you some dinner. It’ll feel different cooking for just two little guys like you and me after cooking for Justin this past week, but I’ll manage.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As far as eating went, Justin had been admittedly “holding back” these past few weeks since he realized his parents and I combined were no longer capable of quelling his appetite. Indeed, all we tried to do was “satiate” his appetite for a few hours. Even when the shopping bill was all paid for, the Lakes and I simply lacked the manpower or the facilities to prepare a meal worthy of Justin’s monstrous appetite. Despite our very best efforts, Justin was growing bigger and bigger each and every day and as he grew, so did his appetite. We could no longer feed the teenage giant. Not wanting their investment malnourished, Justin’s sponsors decided to not only pay for Justin’s food and supplements (which at this point was already about $2000 a day!!!), but also flip the bill for his own team of caterers. Justin no longer had to “hold back” his hunger. Indeed, he could eat away to his heart’s content. Justin was anxious to unleash his ravenous appetite on massive amounts of iron and protein to fuel his next few growth spurts and further redefine BIG.

The catering company had set up shop that afternoon in Justin’s backyard. I had a chance to examine the catering area for the first time from my kitchen window, although I would later become much more familiar with it. A van was used to transport items from the local supermarket to the catering site. No food was stored at the site itself. Justin’s appetite was already the stuff of legend, so they felt there would be no need to store any food on site. Justin would simply consume whatever was there. If they ever fell short on food, the van could simply take a trip down to the nearby supermarket and get Justin whatever they needed.

While many of the caterers were formally trained chefs, they had very little input in deciding what to make. In fact, most of Justin’s menu was determined by Justin himself! He had a very good idea of what food helped build muscle. While Justin’s high metabolism allowed him to consume just about anything without putting on an inch of fat, Justin had a preference for foods high in protein. He demanded massive quantities of beef, poultry, fish and pork, and all the finest cuts with a bare minimum of fat. He liked eggs a lot, so this was a daily breakfast item for him. He liked juices as well as green vegetables for their vitamin content. Justin also wanted to keep his growing body fueled with calcium, so he demanded gallons and gallons of whole milk. Justin was pretty much sticking to the diet he had been on since he finished wrestling and was bitten by the “muscle bug” last spring. All he was doing was drastically increasing the quantity of what he ate. “After all”, Justin would muse with a smile, “It’s worked pretty damn good for me so far!” All in all, the chefs found themselves reduced to cooking food in mass quantities for this giant teenage bodybuilder, and this allowed very little room for culinary delights such as lemon sorbets, mouse de chocolat, or goose pate. Justin just wanted meat and protein, and lots of it!

On this occasion, there were six chefs cooking Justin’s dinner. There was a large tent at the catering site, and below this tent the chefs toiled in the heat of the summer jumping from stove to stove to prepare the giant’s meal. There were large cauldrons for boiling, massive stir fry pans, a six foot long grill, and a huge pizza oven. I was most surprised by some of the oven trays and casserole dishes. They looked to be four feet wide by six feet long and had to be carried by 4 people at a time! In fact, a local glassware company had built Justin two large plates (each 6 feet in diameter), a bowl, and a giant cup that stood 4 ½ feet tall! To Justin it was like a thermos bottle, but to us it looked like a giant plastic drum. Parked beside the tank was a fuel tanker that supplied the catering area with gas to cook. Now this was a kitchen fit for a giant! But as difficult as it was for my mind to fathom, I felt almost certain that this giant would outgrow this kitchen very soon.

That night Justin ate, and ate, and ate…until he forced the van to fetch more food for him! Indeed, this is what Justin was aiming for, and he extracted a certain amount of satisfaction out of watching the perplexed and astonished faces of the caterers. There was no question about it, Justin was a giant the likes the world had never seen; but even so, they were shocked at how much he could eat. They actually thought they would have leftovers! Instead, they were sending out for reinforcements! Justin ate 40 pounds of cube steak, over 25 pounds of chicken breasts, and 20 pounds of lima beans. He washed this down “glass” after “glass” of protein shake, which he greedily mixed in with 45 gallons of whole milk. Even then, the van had to bring back another 20 pounds of swordfish steak which was hastily grilled and served to the hungry giant, finally extinguishing his hunger. Justin had consumed over 100 pounds of food (most of it meat!!!) Justin stood up and tapped his belly. Despite this gargantuan meal, his abs looked as ripped as ever. He inhaled deeply, his heaving chest expanded to the admiration of all present. The caterers couldn’t help but gasp in awe.

“Not bad guys”, Justin said. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning, first thing…”

One cook actually gathered the courage to speak,

“Uh…Justin…sir,…uh…Mrs. Lake told us that you would be eating at the university tomorrow, so you wouldn’t be needing breakfast….”

The cook’s voice trailed off as Justin raised his brow, surprised a little shrimp like this would contradict anything he said. He gave a cocky smile to the cook and said,

“Forget what my mom told ya, little man. You just make sure you and your little buddies are here first thing tomorrow, like I said.”

Then with an innocent wink he added,

“Come on, little man. Don’t upset me, OK?”

The cook babbled apologetically and promised to be there first thing tomorrow. He wasn’t even scheduled on the following morning’s shift, yet he made it a point to be there without fail.

Benji and I watched this gastronomic feat from my kitchen window. I decided to make us some Chicken Alfredo and pasta. Benji’s eyes bulged as he watched the show Justin was putting on.

“Man, they ran out of food for him and had to go out and get more”, Benji said in complete stupefaction. “I think he’s eaten like a hundred pounds of food tonight!”

“Amazing…” I said as I drained the pasta. I was cooking more out of routine and hospitality than anything else. The heat had dispelled my appetite. I wasn’t sure if I could even eat the small chicken breast I had set aside for myself….Man, and to think Justin was devouring over 100 pounds of food…

“You know, I only weigh something like 115 pounds…”, Benji mused.

“Well…I don’t think Justin would eat you”, I laughed heartily. Then I though about it some more…for some reason I felt the need to add, “I mean, it’s not like he would like the taste of human meat, right?”

“No…I know that….but the fact that he could eat me…”, Benji said, “It’s just so amazing how huge and how powerful he has become.”

“Oh yeah, it is amazing!” I agreed. “Hell, if he gets any bigger, he’ll be taking dumps that are heavier than you and me put together!” I joked.

Benji looked at me seriously and said, “What do you mean ‘if’? You see the determination in Justin’s eyes just as much as I do. Today, we only reach his knees, but soon we may not even reach his ankles. And I doubt he’ll stop then…”

There was a silence, and then I reasoned, “Well…yeah, I know. I mean, you and I know him, and how determined he is to grow even bigger. We know he can do it. Soon people will catch on to that. All I’m saying is that I don’t think he would hurt someone…”

“You don’t?” Benji questioned skeptically.

My mind went back to when he had broken the ribs of those security guards at the bodybuilding competition just two days ago and how little it had taken to incur Justin’s wrath.

“Well, maybe not. I mean, if he gets angry he could hurt someone and not even care…”

Then my mind drifted to hours ago, when he had carelessly dropped the makeshift barbell he had created and laughed as some of the construction workers were forced to dive out of the way in order to avoid being crushed by it.

“And I guess if he were even fooling around, at his size he might hurt someone by

mistake and not think twice about it…”

…more silence…

“But he wouldn’t eat one of us!” I concluded. This had been the point I had been trying to make all along, but the arguments I had used seemed less than comforting.

“You’re right”, Benji nodded, “He wouldn’t. He would probably think that was gross.”

“Right”, I seconded.

“It would be like eating a bug off the ground for him”, Benji added. “That’s all we’re becoming to Justin. No-one is even near his league anymore. We’re like a different species to him now…an inferior species. If anything, he’d be more likely to stomp on us. He’d crush us into a pulp under his massive foot if we ever dared get out of line.”

Benji looked lost in this thought completely. It was only when I set down a plate of chicken and pasta in front of him that he snapped out of his stare. He smiled up at me and reaffirmed, “These are going to be the happiest days of my life!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I slept restlessly that night. I can’t remember what I had dreamt. Most of it had to do with Justin going through his posing routine, flexing over and over again. Justin grew bigger and bigger, and the people in my dream became smaller and smaller in comparison. Soon the people in my dream no longer reached Justin’s ankle. Despite his enormous size, Justin didn’t seem content. He wanted to increase his size and stature to godly proportions. As he grew he “accidentally” stepped on cars and houses reducing them to crushed piles of scrap. Tremors roared through the ground as he adjusted his footing and people fell over from the vibrations, much to the amusement of the giant. At one point I saw his heel back up into a group of awestruck bystanders, crushing them into pulp. But Justin showed no sympathy. He laughed and laughed, and grew, and grew…

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I was awoken a little after four in the morning by a tap on my bedroom wall. I woke up, covered in sweat. I sat up in bed wondering whether or not the tapping had been real or part of my dream. Then a low, but perfectly audible whisper came from outside my bedroom window.

“Brendon….”, I heard the deep voice rumble, “Brendon…come on out. I’m not tired and I wanna talk.”

I hopped out of bed and scrambled to my window peering through the screen.

“Justin?” I asked, my eyes squinting into the darkness, “Is that you?”

“Yeah. Come on out, little girl”, Justin said in his deep, manly rumble.

“Sure…let me just get my shoes on and…”

“Forget your shoes. Just get out here”, Justin ordered. “Don’t wake Benji up. My little slave is probably dreaming about me and I don’t wanna disturb him. Just climb out your bedroom window.”

Little did Justin know that my dreams as of late had been filled with his colossal image, night after night. Again, he did not yet realize my level of devotion and infatuation with him equaled that of his “slave”, Benji. While I enjoyed the apparent camaraderie he felt with such a puny little man like me, I longed to be treated with the disdain I truly deserved. I wanted to serve him like the groveling, sniveling bug I had become to him. I hastily pulled the screen out of my bedroom window and awkwardly flopped over the window sill onto the crabgrass below. I laid on the ground and looked above me.

There Justin stood. His titanic frame shone in the moonlight, every glorious inch of muscle cast in a pale white. He looked like a giant statue of a Greek god. That’s if Greek gods ever wore Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

“Holy shit!”, I yipped. “You look magnificent, Justin!”

“Yeah…I’ve been hearing that a lot lately”, said Justin with a smug look, casually folding his gigantic arms, every ripped muscle popping into bold relief. “You know, if you little guys keep it up with all these compliments, all this may go to my head.”

“Oh really”, I said, catching on to Justin’s jest. “And if it did, would you be satisfied to know you were the most impressive and most powerful man ever?”

“Nah…”, Justin said with an evil smirk. “I’d work even harder to grow even more! I would show you guys just how much more powerful than you I can become!”

“Oh, would you?”, I encouraged.

“You doubt me, little girl?”, Justin smiled. He stepped closer to me. Now, as I lay on the ground resting on my elbows, Justin towered high above me, with his massive feet planted on either side of me. He looked over his shelf like pecs and said,

“Every compliment I hear, and every blank expression I see, makes me want to grow bigger and stronger. I want history to remember me as a giant; the greatest giant EVER! If there ever were giants on this Earth, I want to dwarf even the mightiest of them. Then people will truly fear me, and worship me…I’ll be unstoppable, indestructible….and when I see you tiny people kneel before me, begging me not to hurt them…then I’ll wanna grow even more! MORE THAN EVER BEFORE!!!”

I realized that I had vastly underestimated Justin’s aspirations when I believed him intent upon becoming the biggest and strongest man in the world a little more than a week ago. As Justin grew, so did his desire for power and dominance. Perhaps there was some of Justin in every man; a competitive desire to become the strongest, the biggest…the best. But man had physical limitations. Man could become only so dominant…only so superior to those around him, before the physical constraints of his genetics prevented him from growing any further. But Justin’s body felt no such constraints. Thus, there was no physical wall for his ego to hit; no plateau that would provide satisfaction. Justin had to have more power, and knew he could have it, so he had become insatiable for power. From the beginning I always thought Justin was amazing, and I knew that his desire for strength and size was enough to make most men cringe. But I always thought, despite his incomparable genetic superiority, that Justin would reach his physical limits. However, given what I had witnessed in the last three days, the rapid acceleration of his growth spurts combined with Justin’s increasing appetite for size and strength, I saw no physical limit, no plateau of any kind in sight. I began wondering if there was any limit to how much Justin could grow…

“Wow, man…” I said meekly, looking up at Justin’s gigantic frame. “You really mean it, don’t you Justin? I mean…you really wanna get that seriously huge, huh? You think you can do it?…”

Justin crouched down and his green eyes gleamed at me. His stare and his smile were so potent I felt as if they were pressing on my ribcage, forcing my heart to thump harder, and constricting my breathing.

“I know I can”, Justin casually answered with enough confidence to send even the bravest of souls scurrying like mice. “What I wanna know, is what do you think?”

“Well”, I stammered, “Benji thinks there may come a time when you’ll grow so big that we won’t even reach your ankles…”

“I already know that Benji believes.” Justin interrupted, “And trust me, that ain’t even CLOSE to how fucking HUGE I’m going to become!!! But I wanna know if you believe! Huh, Brendon? Do you believe in me…and what I can and WILL become?”

I hesitated looking up at the giant teenager. There were no rationalizations to counter the reality of what I had perceived in the last few days, or what my heart felt at that very moment.

“Yes”, I managed to say.

Justin nodded his head and with a cocky smile added, “Right answer, little girl…”

“And…and I’ll always be your sponsor”, I ventured to add, “And one of your biggest admirers”

“That you are, little girl”, Justin said, laughter beginning to erupt from his cavernous chest.

“I…I would do anything for you, Justin. I want to serve you, and worship you like Benji does. I want to be your slave too!”

Oh, God…had I said too much?

Justin raise his brow in surprise. Without taking his eyes off me he slowly stood to his full majestic height. He looked at me for a moment and then shook his head and grinned.

“Damn, little girl”, Justin chuckled. “I didn’t realize just how much you’ve fallen for me. You’re as bad as Benji now! Look at you, dude! You’re shaking and stuttering and all…And you’re so frigging small and pathetic!”

“I know”, I whimpered as Justin went on abusing me and making fun of me.

“Say little girl, you think I have this effect on other people too?”

“Oh…yes, Justin! Definitely!” I babbled. “I mean when people look at you, and how big and powerful you are, they are in awe of you! Hell, you look so unbelievably awesome! And you’re so STRONG, and so damn HUGE…man, nobody wants to get on your bad side. Everyone is shit scared of you already! And if you grow more……WOW!”

“You think so, huh”, Justin said, prompting me for additional praise.

“Yes, Justin…no-one can resist feeling overwhelmed by you. All the girls, and gay guys like Benji and I….I mean,…we just melt in you presence. When we watch you working out, or flexing your muscles…all we want to do, all we can do is just squeal and cheer you on as you get even bigger and stronger…And everyone else, they’re either in silent worship of you, or too damn scared to even budge. You’re awesome!”

Justin smirked with satisfaction as I went on and on praising his colossal body. He finally cut me off saying,

“OK, OK, little girl. Damn! You’re as bad as those little bitches in my garage. But I guess I should start getting used to all this…uh…what do ya call it…”

“Adoration?”, I meekly suggested.

“Yeah”, Justin smiled down at me. “That’s the word.”

He then raised his massive left foot and lowered it over my outstretched body. I was amazed by the sheer size of his foot. At 67 inches in length, it was now longer than I was tall! An overpowering odor of sweat from his foot filled my olfactory senses. It was a pungent, manly odor that stung in my throat and warmed my lungs.

“You like my feet, don’t you little girl?”, Justin teased. “Look at these bad boys! They’re finally bigger than you are! ALRIGHT!!!”

Justin cheered himself on. This was a milestone in his growth that he had been waiting for and expecting.

He had always been proud of his big feet, ever since middle school. Dr. Cliff had told him that all tall men had big feet. “The bigger the feet, the taller the man would be”, he would say to Justin. Justin and his friends watched astonished as his feet grew beyond size 7 in 7th Grade, to 8s and 9s the following year and blasting to a size 10 by 9th grade. His big feet at that time looked somewhat awkward on his 5’6” frame, but he knew they’d pay off in a few months when he hit his growth spurt. They wouldn’t look so odd when he began inching taller and taller; slowly outgrowing his classmates one by one. By last spring, he stood at 6’2” in height. He was taller than Dr. Cliff and taller than his old man. Most of the other kids in the locker room gawked at his athletic physique and tall imposing frame. His size 13s hinted that he would grow even taller. But the growth he had experienced since my arrival surpassed his wildest expectations. His feet had rocketed up to the size of a pro basketball player’s in a matter of days, and they continued to grow with every massive growth surge he experienced. No-one on the planet ever possessed feet as big as his and damn it if they didn’t keep growing and growing. Today his feet had blown out of a pair of custom-made, Size 70 sneakers as they had stretched impossibly bigger and longer. Now they were bigger than my frail little body!…Bigger than a grown man, albeit a small grown man such as myself. But they’d keep growing, just like his whole body would. He looked down at his feet and smiled with satisfaction. Even compared to his giant frame they looked extremely large. “The bigger the feet, the taller the man”, Justin thought to himself with a smug chuckle “I got way more to grow!”

“So little girl, prove to me you’re worthy to be my little slave and lick these bad boys clean! Smell my foot funk you little shit!”, Justin commanded.

I obeyed to the best of my abilities. The sweat off his feet tasted salty. The smell was heavy and musty. It smelled as if I had dove into the dirty laundry basket of a football or soccer team; any team made up of strong young men whose physical activity had soaked their socks with sweat. As I licked every inch of his massive sole above me, Justin curled his massive long toes around my head. His toes fixed my head in place like a vise. I couldn’t turn my head if I tried. And like a vise, Justin would squeeze his toes from time to time out of sheer gratification; squeezing my head almost painfully. To Justin, my head was now no bigger than a walnut. I realized that if he wanted to, he could probably crush my head like a giant nutcracker between his powerful toes!


Part 14

The sound of trucks rolling up my quiet suburban street awoke Benji and I from our slumber. I explained to Benji that it had become a daily routine to receive truckloads of clothes and supplements from Justin’s sponsors to meet the increasing demands of his body mass and his appetite for protein. Benji jumped into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and joined me outside.

The truck drivers looked around apprehensively before asking if Justin was around. I motioned to Justin’s garage and explained that they had again arrived while Justin was asleep. While yesterday their attitude towards Justin was one of incredulity, today they seemed much more reverent and respectful. They all confessed that they had been watching television yesterday afternoon when their locally scheduled programming was interrupted by live footage of Justin at the construction site. They now held no doubts that this teenager was indeed superhuman in size and power and they desired to see the giant for themselves.

“Is he really over 18 feet tall? Wow!!! That’s enormous!” one truck driver remarked. “Justin wouldn’t be angry if—uh—if we got to see him. Cause… well,” you know… a man that big… you don’t wanna see him angry—”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the obvious awe and even fear in their voices! These were big, burly truckers, standing well over 6 feet tall and weighing close to 250 pounds a piece… and they were shit scared of Justin!

“Don’t worry guys. I’m sure you’ll get to see him tomorrow”, I said reassuringly. “Justin’s a morning person, so the odds are you’ll get on his good side when you show up!”

I was, of course, exaggerating. Justin craved attention and praise, but since he invariably received it from everyone, he very rarely showed his “bad side”, assuming he had one. Justin would be able to smell the fear and respect emanating from every pore of these truckers. It was more than likely that Justin would be civil to them, if not appreciative of their hard work, bringing him clothes and supplements every morning. But I felt it better to keep these truckers on their toes—

I was very impressed by the commitment to fashion Justin’s sponsors maintained despite the growing difficulty to clothe Justin’s colossal frame. There were two tank tops, one bigger than the other, one gigantic ribbed V-neck shirt that could have easily covered my bedroom floor in area, a bright green pair of drawstring shorts with thick black laces, an even larger pair of khaki shorts, two pairs of CK boxer briefs, the white one much larger than the black one, a long silver chain with a ten inch letter “J” as an emblem, and a pair of maroon shaded sunglasses. Most impressive were the shoes. There were a pair of Timberlane boots that read “Size 85” on a thick metal plate welded on the heel. The massive serrated soles of the boots looked over a foot thick. If these weren’t daunting enough, there was another pair of Addidas low top sneakers that wore the emblem “Size 100 27E”! These resembled small sports cars!!! I let the truckers lug the shoes from the trucks to my house. Those damn shoeboxes were heavy! Each boot weighed close to 60 pounds and each sneaker weighed in at 70 pounds each! Soon even his footwear would outweigh Benji and I!

The rest of this shipment included toiletries, cologne, and lots and lots of supplements! There were whole boxes of protein bars and 100 pound jugs of protein powder that looked more like plastic beer kegs. There was a note from the president of the supplement company which read,

“Dear Brendon,

Here at Maletech we are proud to serve as Justin’s primary source for supplements and muscle building products. Not a day goes by that we are not amazed by the tremendous transformation Justin’s body is undergoing as he breaks all known human records in size and strength. What we find most amazing about Justin is that having broken (excuse me, destroyed) said records, he desires and continues to grow even bigger and stronger! He has the complete respect and admiration of everyone here at Maletech. We understand that Justin wants to push his body to its fullest potential. Maletech applauds his determination and his efforts. We wish to help Justin realize that goal in any way we can. We have sent a dozen 100-pound containers of our latest protein powder, currently under review by the FDA, which packs five times the protein of its nearest competitor!!! In addition to this, and our normal supply of dietary supplements and vitamins, we’ve enclosed a second batch of our HGH (Human Growth Hormone). This is another five-year supply like the package you received yesterday. Our independent studies have found that this product will increase the levels of GH in a young male’s bloodstream, aged 15 to 30, to 627% the average level of growth hormone found in a man of this age group. Young bodybuilders across the country have been using our breakthrough compound and have been experiencing unheard of gains in lean muscle mass and strength! It has even been clinically proven that teenagers using our HGH compound have added two, three, and even FIVE inches in height!!! We understand that even these results pale in comparison to the spectacular and history-making growth Justin is exhibiting, but we hope Justin will use these products to push his growth potential even further! Again, many thanks to you and Justin for your patronage of Maletech products. With Justin as our spokesperson, Maletech hopes to reach every young man in this country who like Justin desires to be bigger, stronger and healthier.


Dr. Derek Lim Maletech Chief of Operations

The letter read much like an advertisement, particularly the italicized portions of the letter which reminded me of some sort of supplement ad in a bodybuilding magazine. The folks at Maletech could not conceal their glee at having landed a spokesperson like Justin. The thousands of dollars they were investing in Justin’s supplements and vitamins would certainly rake in millions and millions of dollars. Still, despite the shameless self-promotion of the letter, I could detect some sincere admiration and reverence on the part of Dr. Lim when he referred to Justin. No matter how much you were into making money, you could not help but be astonished by Justin nor could you escape the headlines his growth was making. Justin was everywhere. He was the topic of discussion on every morning talk program, every news network, every editorial column… and pictures of his handsome face and colossal, muscular frame graced the front page of every newspaper in the area. He had even earned a headline on the front of the New York Times! Dr. Lim was not exaggerating when he called Justin’s growth as “historic”.

Soon after the trucks left, the catering crew arrived and busied themselves with preparing a monumental breakfast for Justin. Benji and I unpacked his supplements and his clothes while the smell of several pounds of bacon, and cauldrons of scrambled eggs filled the hazy morning air. The heat wave had not abated. Already at 8 in the morning, the temperature climbed above 90 degrees.

Benji and I decided to “awaken the giant from his slumber”. We entered the garage through the Lakes’ house. Mr. Lake seemed to be holding up rather well. In our brief conversation Mr. Lake expressed his amazement at Justin’s strength. He had watched the morning news replay Justin’s performance at the construction site over and over again and couldn’t help babble on about it.

“Man, this kid is beyond belief!”, he said with wide-eyed amazement “I never thought anyone could grow as big and strong as Justin! I was glued all morning watching my son lift those cinder blocks, and curl those tractor tires…. and I watched him grow bigger and taller. Man, it’s unbelievable! And to think, today he’s going to get the chance to grow even more! That’s going to be something to see!”

Mrs. Lake looked over from the living room window she had been staring out of for most of the morning and gave her husband a scowl. There was a concerned look over her face, and she looked weary from a lack of sleep. While Mr. Lake was allowing the general amazement for his son to sweep over him, Mrs. Lake seemed resistant to this whole turn in events. She wanted the young man she had spent years raising. She felt uncomfortable, and even afraid of this teenage giant in her garage.

When Benji and I opened the door to the garage it opened only halfway only to hit against a giant wall of smooth, ripped muscle that climbed from the garage floor to mere inches from the garage ceiling. Justin was sleeping on his side with his broad, muscular back facing us. Benji and I squeezed through the door opening and along the narrow space provided between his lower back and the garage wall. His knees were bent so his feet did not quite reach the garage door, although the door itself was badly damaged, almost caved in on its right side. I gathered that Justin had involuntarily kicked the door with one of his giant feet in the course of his sleep. It dawned on me that Justin could seriously hurt either Benji or myself if he his legs or arms were to suddenly jerk. There would be no escape from the garage the way his massive body filled it up. And if he decided to roll over—”Holy Shit!”, I thought. “We had better wake him up now!!!”

I suggested to Benji that we wake Justin up as lightly as possible. If Justin were jolted out of his sleep by any sudden action on our part he may flail his arms and send us flying into (if not through) the garage wall, or worse yet, jump to his feet (or try to) and cave the whole garage on us. While I was more preoccupied with these safety precautions, Benji couldn’t help but stare at the truly MASSIVE bulge in Justin’s strained boxer briefs. Justin had a serious morning “woody” that proudly stretched from his crotch, up his right side just below the waistband (actually pulling the waistband away from his waist), to just before his hip, where a significant wet spot had formed around the discernible outline of his massive cock head. “Damn Brendon! Look at that!!!”, Benji exclaimed in an excited whisper. “His dick looks almost as big as one of us!”

“SHHHH!!!” I cautioned. “Yeah, I know, I know—But be quiet! We got to wake him up gradually.”

“How?” Benji asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe we should call his name, or tap him on the chest—”, I suggested.

“I don’t think he’d feel that”, Benji said.

“Well, I don’t know how else to wake him without waking him up suddenly”, I retorted.

“How about if Brendon sucks my nipples and Benji rubs my balls”, a deep powerful voice from behind us said.

Benji and I were startled. We turned around to look at Justin who appeared sound asleep, his head nestled in his massively muscled arm. The a wide grin appeared on his face and Justin opened his eyes.

“I thought you guys would like that idea”, Justin said with a chuckle.

“How long have you been awake?” I asked him.

“Pretty much since you rammed the door into my back. I thought it was a bug at first, but then I realized where I was, and how huge I’d gotten. I didn’t swat at you guys cause I thought you might be my parents… at least until I heard Benji talking about my dick!”, Justin laughed.

“So, you thought we were your parents, and you couldn’t have moved over a little more to let us through. We had to squeeze against the wall to get around your back and your butt—” I said in faux recrimination.

“Yeah… I was going to… but it felt neat to have you little dudes rubbing against my back to just get around me! It reminded me of how fucking BIG I am!” Justin bragged.

“Well, breakfast will be ready soon. We came to get you up”, I said.

“Awesome”, Justin smiled.

Justin propped himself up on his elbows and let out a loud yawn. He stretched his legs until his feet touched the garage door. He playfully applied more and more pressure against the door until the door groaned and gave way with a loud snap, landing in the driveway with a tremendous CRASH! Justin erupted with laughter at the damage he had caused.

“DAMN I’M BIG!!!” he roared. The timing couldn’t have been better. A paperboy was passing by Justin’s home on his bike at that moment and was taken by surprise by his powerful voice. His front tire hit the curb and he flew off the bike. He immediately got up, ignored the scrapes on his knees, and hopped on his bike, pedaling off as fast as his little legs could. This caused Justin to laugh even more. I could actually feel the walls of his garage trembling!

Justin sat up. His head brushed against the 8-foot ceiling of the garage. He stretched his arms out. His fingertips touched the walls as the span of his arms and torso covered the length of the whole garage! He then brought his arms back in for a fantastic double biceps pose.

“Oh man”, was all I could mutter

“Shit!… so big…. You’re so, so big, Justin”, Benji said almost trance like.

Justin could feel our worship and crawled over to his gym set.

“I used to wake up every morning at 5:30 and work out for an hour before breakfast. Then I’d come back from school and put in another hour and a half of hard lifting. On the weekends I did three hours straight in the morning. I loved this weight set dad got me. I could feel and see results almost immediately. Hell, I may have never started growing like this if it weren’t for my old man buying me all these weights.”

Justin positioned himself over his old bench and began squatting down over it.

“When I lifted I imagined myself being ripped from head to toe, with muscles bigger than anyone at school, and pushing myself to lift more, and grow more, and more… so I could be the strongest kid in my school, then the strongest kid in the whole fucking state! I’d invite people over, especially chicks, to watch me pump my muscles bigger, and bigger, and I’d flex for them, towering over them all… yeah… that’s what I’d think about when I lifted… But now—”

Justin sat down on the bench. As he gradually lowered his weight, the bench began to groan. The metal legs began to bend under Justin’s three and a half ton body weight. The bolts began to snap. The bench had no hope of supporting the muscle mass of this young bodybuilder.

“” Now I’ve grown beyond my wildest dreams… Every second I spent pumping iron was more than worth it… There ain’t a bench on this planet made to hold a muscleman like me!”

The bench snapped into several parts and the legs folded into Z shapes as Justin’s full weight demolished the bench. The bench was something he had clearly outgrown. It reminded me of t-shirt which a teenager had worn for years before hitting his growth spurt. The Tshirt served the purpose of clothing him. The t-shirt would shrink against the young man’s body as he grew, and grew… He could either throw it away, or wear it from time to time, to see how much he had grown; how close his body was to busting the shirt at the seams, until one day he’d flex his arms and… rrrrrrrrrrip! He had waited years to hear that satisfying sound! Similarly, Justin had used the bench for a purpose: to begin growing and packing on muscle. The bench had helped Justin as far as it could. Now it was tiny and worthless next to the muscle giant it had helped create, and Justin rewarded it by crushing it under his colossal weight. Being a small man myself, I had seldom experienced the feeling of pride and accomplishment a young man receives from physically outgrowing something, but Justin had been perpetually blessed with this experience and it fuelled his ego just that much more.

But this psychological undercurrent went somewhat unnoticed by me at the time. I was more amazed by the plain sight of Justin’s hulking musculature reducing the bench to scrap metal. It left no doubt in my mind that Justin could have crushed me into a bloody pulp under his foot had he wanted to late last night.

Justin looked down at his crotch and his massive hard-on and remarked, “Damn, every morning… it never fails! My cock always needs release when I wake up!”

He then looked over at Benji and I with an evil grin and said, “So, how bout it slaves? Them bitches are gone and my cock could use some servicing. I can’t let the photographers catch me like this”, Justin said rubbing the outline of his colossal endowment which stretched out below his waistband.

“I don’t know Justin”, I said looking at the garage door he had torn down. “I mean, people coming by can see us”

Justin coyly bent his left leg so that his knee came close to touching the ceiling. His giant hamstring and thigh concealed the view of his crotch from the driveway.

“Happy now”, Justin smiled.

“Well… what if your parents walk in and see us—”, I said.

Justin laughed. “Damn, little girl, who the fuck cares?!? I guess they’ll see you worshipping my fucking cock! So what?”

Justin grabbed a hold of his briefs. All it took was one quick tug to snap the waistband and the fabric. His giant cock bolted to life and landed with a heavy “thwack” against his rippling wall of abdominal muscle.

“I don’t know about you little girl”, Justin joked. “You have a long way to go before becoming a full-fledged slave like Benji here! Next time you better be prepared to worship my cock when I ask for it! I’ll let you go for now. Benji, you can handle this bad boy, right?”

Benji walked towards his giant cock with the reverence of one approaching an alter. Justin’s hairy balls rested on the garage floor. They were the size of medicine balls! His pulsating, veiny manhood throbbed a good 6 inches above Benji’s head! Justin grinned down at Benji.

“It’s 51 inches long, slave. I had them girls measure it last night! That’s 4’3” long and 23 inches in girth. And how tall are you, slave?”, Justin asked mockingly “Maybe 5’2”. 5’3” at the most? Hell, you look so fucking small next to it… even smaller than those girls did last night!”

Benji went to work on Justin’s cock. He at first kissed it, then began rubbing it with his arms and licking the engorged veins of the shaft when ordered to do so by his master. Meanwhile, Justin raised his arms, placed his hands behind his head, closed his eyes, and savored the pleasurable sensations coming from his groin courtesy of the dedicated service of his slave. I snuck out the garage door back into the Lakes’ house.

Mrs. Lake continued to stare despondently out of the living room window as she surveyed the catering team preparing a breakfast large enough to feed a professional football team, if not two, but meant to feed her gigantic son. The vibes in the room were not good, so I went to the kitchen and began talking with Mr. Lake. I enjoyed listening to Mr. Lake go on and on about Justin and how amazed he was by him. Even Mr. Lake seemed relieved to be able to express his shock and awe without any recriminating glances from his wife.

“I’m clearly handling this thing better than my wife is”, Mr. Lake said. “I can tell she’s scared. I mean, I am too,” he’s my son, but I can’t help fearing him. I mean, Justin has become so devastatingly powerful! But I’m also proud of him. He’s always excelled in athletics, and he had been begging me for that weight set I got him for I don’t know how long. When I finally got it for him he didn’t disappoint me. He was lifting on that thing for hours each day. He began eating more and more meat, and we bought him all these supplements. He began packing on muscle in no time. It showed. And he loved to show it! He’d flex at the breakfast table, and walk around the house shirtless and stuff. He was bigger than me in no time. In fact, he’d even brag about being the ‘real man of the house’, but it was all pretty good-natured. He’d go around offering his mom to open tomato sauce jars, or he’d help me lift something heavy… But most of all he looked so happy. He was really committed to what he was doing and I was behind it all the way because of how happy it made him. But recently—”

Mr. Lake looked around the corner to make sure Mrs. Lake was still in her catatonic stupor.

“Recently”, he added whispering, “I’ve just been in awe of him. I could have never imagined anyone, let alone my own son, had the potential for something like this. I didn’t know how to handle this at first… but now, I just want to be as supportive as possible. It’s not that I’m comfortable with Justin growing even bigger. It’s embarrassing for me to admit this, but I’m actually scared of him! But I’m his dad, and I know Justin too well to try to stop him. I’ve never known a kid as determined as Justin when he puts his mind to something, and I’ll be damned, especially at his size, if I’m going to try to stand in the way of his goals. There’s just no stopping him! I’m just… I don’t know… along for the ride I guess.”

“I think we all are”, I agreed.

It wasn’t long before Justin emerged onto the bustling catering area for his breakfast. Looking out from the window of the kitchen, the sudden appearance of his hulking, towering frame startled me. It reminded me of when I would visit the aquarium as a child, and I would stare at all the exotic marine life behind the glass, only to be startled by the sudden appearance of a massive reef shark cruising purposefully into my view. He was wearing a black tank top over his bugling, tanned torso, his bright green work out shorts which hugged every eye-popping contour of his crotch, and his giant Timberland boots. Again, he had found some accessories to wear, like the neck chain with the “J” emblem, a silver earring that looked more like a horseshoe with a dagger, and a pair of black, wire-rimmed sunglasses.

“Wow! What an Adonis!”, I blurted out. I had forgotten Justin’s father was right beside me! “I mean… he… your son… he just looks great!”, I added nervously.

My obvious worship of Justin seemed to be lost on Mr. Lake who simply agreed,

“No, you’re right”, Mr. Lake said. “He’s a handsome kid, and I’ve never seen anyone better built than him. I mean, a body like that just commands respect. And it doesn’t hurt being 19 feet tall either!”

It certainly didn’t. Justin was a true sight to behold. I decided to go outside and join Justin for breakfast. By the time I reached him, he was sitting down in the backyard eating a massive, heaping bowl of scrambled eggs which could have easily filled the tray of a breakfast buffet bar.

“Where’s Benji at?”, I asked.

“He went back to your place to wash up”, Justin grinned. “Things got a little messy, you know how that goes—”

“Shit… your load probably covered that kid from head to toe”, I remarked. Justin just laughed and went on eating.

Justin’s eating knew no antecedent. He would eat another four bowls of scrambled eggs. I was later told that he had eaten a total of ten dozen scrambled eggs! Thick cuts of rib-eye steak were served to Justin. At his huge size, Justin was able to eat a 16 ounce steak in just one bite. Justin was able to devour 48 sixteen ounce rib-eye steaks!!! He consumed over 30 pounds of oatmeal for its high protein content. He drank a total of 65 gallons of milk both with breakfast and with the numerous pitchers of protein shake he had. He had already torn into the massive supply of the new super protein powder Maletech had supplied that morning. By the endo of breakfast he had already consumed half the supply. For dessert, Justin ate close to 20 pounds of cottage cheese, along with 10 pounds of diced pineapple. All in all, this meal consisted of over 120 pounds of food, not including the protein powders, or juice and milk—

As I watched Justin devour this gargantuan breakfast I couldn’t help notice how determined he looked. True, he was very hungry that morning and with his new catering crew to serve him, he felt no compulsion to “hold back”, but the determination I saw was different than hunger. It was the same determination with which he would lift weights, or accomplish some unthinkable feat of strength. He was eating with the sole purpose of fuelling his next amazing growth spurt. Despite his superior genetics, Justin still felt that in order to optimize his body’s growth, he simply needed to work out hard and eat the right foods (A LOT of the right foods). The only difference between him and any other man on Earth is that his body grew much, much bigger and much, much faster… no-one could even come close to his potential—

The cook, who I immediately recognized as the chef Justin had ordered to come in on his day off, jubilantly announced to Justin that there was another 5 pounds of oatmeal if he wanted it. Justin nodded confidently down to him,

“Bring it on, little man. I’ll eat it. I’ll eat your breakfast too if you brought it with you!”, Justin laughed.

The nervous cook scurried away barking out orders to the rest of his staff with a renewed sense of urgency.

Justin smiled down at me when he finished his oatmeal and flexed his massive bicep proudly. The looked down at me with a smile and lowered his arm to where I was sitting beside him so that it was right in front of my face. He flexed his bicep over and over again.

“See that little girl?”, he taunted “On my birthday a week ago, I warned you my arm was gonna outgrow you someday. Check it out, tiny! This arm measures 70 inches… 70 INCHES!!! Are you even that tall? (I wasn’t) I gotta eat a lot to feed muscles this size. What are you eatin’ little girl? Another apple for breakfast?”

“Actually, just a cup of yogurt… I’m not really that hungry—” I said gazing at his beer keg sized bicep flexing in my face.

Justin roared with laughter. “Yeah, I guess you don’t need much else for that weak little body of yours!” Justin then stood up in front of me. His hulking physique casting a long shadow over my tiny body sitting cross-legged at his feet. “But this big boy in front of you has a lot of growing to do!!!”

Justin lifted his arm and chugged down his protein shake in gallon sized gulps; each swallow fuelling his muscles with the protein he needed to grow more… I watched mesmerized as his softball sized Adam’s Apple jumped with each gulp.


As Justin finished off the last few protein shakes, I received a call on my cell phone from Dr. Cliff at the university and introduced myself to him. He sounded nervous.

“Everything all set?”, I asked.

“Yes… everything is prepared”, I heard Dr. Cliff remark silently. “We… uh… we saw the news last night and we felt it most appropriate to send a truck to pick him up. I mean… over 18 feet in height… that’s… that enormous—”

“Uh… yeah… yeah it is”, I said somewhat surprised by the awe in his voice. Yeah, 18 feet tall IS pretty fucking enormous. What an observation! And this guy was a doctor?!?

“So look. We’re about ready here”, I said. “Where’s this truck?”

“It will be there shortly, Brendon. The staff and I will be waiting at the hangar.”, Dr. Cliff said.

“The hangar?”, I asked puzzled.

“Yes… the driver knows where to go.” the doctor answered. He then abruptly hung up! How rude!!!

By the time Benji had emerged from my house with a (clean) change of clothes, a large moving truck pulled up to the front of my house. Justin’s ride was here. Indeed, Justin had grown way too big to ride in my car, or his parents’ van. He was even too big to ride in the back of even the largest pick up truck! The doctors had planned his transportation well. They had planned everything well.

Benji and I rode with Justin in the back. He laid back on his elbows, his head pressed up against the front of the cab and his feet nearly reaching the back. Benji and I sat on either side of him huddled against the side wall. The doctors had fitted the cab with mattresses to make the trip more comfortable. In fact, the ride proved to be more than comfortable. We talked in the sparse light provided by two fluorescent bulbs lining each side of the cab. I couldn’t help mention Dr. Cliff’s odd behaviour on the phone, but Justin tossed it aside with a laugh.

“Dude, you gotta understand. That guy has known me for most of my life. Right now he’s totally blown away by what’s happening to me. I remember when I was a kid, he’d always tell me how big and tall I was going to be when I grew older, but he never had this in mind! He’s probably scared of seeing me today, and how big I’ve grown… and how much bigger I’m gonna get!”

“He probably thinks you’re going to grind him into a pulp cause you found out he’s gay and that he’s hot for you!” I added.

“Yeah, what the fuck is up with that!?!” Justin laughed. “Every dude around me is turning queer for my body! What happened to all the straight guys!?!”

“Maybe you’re turning everyone gay?” I joked.

“Dude, I should grind YOU into pulp… Don’t even start with that shit!”, Justin roared, but not out of anger but with laughter. Tears were almost in his eyes.

“I don’t think anyone can help worshipping you, Justin.” Benji chimed in, albeit more seriously. “It doesn’t matter if they’re gay or straight, male or female… When straight guys stare at you all they can think of is how much more of a man you are than they are. It’s enough to make even the biggest Alpha-males feel like a little girl!”

Justin gave Benji a condescending smirk and then nodded approvingly. “Hear that, little girl”, he said to me. “That’s how a slave should talk about his master!”

For the rest of the ride, Benji and I delighted in watching Justin flex his tremendous muscles for our benefit alone. It was such a thrill to watch the biggest man EVER show off his steel hard physique for the benefit of his two adoring little slaves huddled up beside him. Justin had come a long, long way since that afternoon just two weeks ago when his buff, young body sauntered down his driveway to help me with my furniture. He had changed my life forever!

We arrived at the hangar Dr. Cliff had mentioned. The doctors had rented an old airplane hangar on the edge of Philadelphia’s international airport. I think it had belonged to Pan Am, or Delta; one of those airline companies that had gone out of business in the last ten years or so. I was eager to see what the doctors had been able to set up for Justin in the last 48 hours. They had wanted to test his strength and growth under optimal conditions, but there was simply nothing in the university gym, or any gym on the planet for that matter, that could challenge Justin’s colossal muscles. They had promised Justin a gym set that would successfully test his strength and maximize his growth, but I wondered if they had succeeded. Even in the absence of “optimal conditions”, Justin’s size and strength had skyrocketed in the last 48 hours. He had shot up over eight feet in height and he was now several times heavier… all of it hard, dense, bone-crushing MUSCLE! How could they measure his unimaginable strength? What could they have possibly put together to even test the power of this teenage giant? How could they have accommodated the truly massive and unprecedented gains in size and strength Justin had made since Thursday?

There were state police guarding the entrance of the hangar. I could tell from the nervous and alarmed expressions on their faces that this was the first time they had come face to face with Justin. Justin approached the front gate of the hangar and one of the policemen scrambled for his walkie-talkie.

“He’s here, sir. Justin is here”, the policeman radioed in, his eyes and startled expression never losing sight of Justin’s titanic frame.

The gate was a good 50 feet in height or so. Justin, Benji and I waited for the gate to slowly open. Justin smiled down at the policemen who were huddled below the towering young muscle giant. He offered a friendly and disarming, “What’s up guys”, to the officers below. With the tension somewhat broken, the officers greeted the hulking giant almost in chorus; albeit a nervous chorus.

The gate continued to open ever so slowly. It opened from right to left. Justin waited patiently for a few more seconds, but the gate had only opened another yard or two. Justin peered in and saw that there were a group of ten policemen struggling to pull the hangar gate open on their own. Apparently the mechanical system that was normally used to open the gate had been out of service for years.

“Yo guys”, Justin said smiling down at the startled cops. They immediately stopped pulling and the gate grinded to a rusty halt.

“Why don’t you guys back up and let me handle this.”, Justin offered “Otherwise we’ll be here all day!”

The officers backed up. Justin squeezed into the small gap their strenuous efforts had provided, grabbed hold of the edge of the gate in both hands, and, with a heavy grunt, pushed—

The gate made a terrifying screeching noise that brought our hands up over our ears. But despite the protests of the decaying gate, Justin was simply way too powerful to resist. Justin took one step forward, then another and another, each one becoming easier than the last. The screeching dwindled down to a low-key grinding, as if the gate had somehow been tamed by Justin’s humbling strength. In seconds, the gate was opening on its own momentum, until it had opened fully. Benji and I entered. His parents had arrived in their van by this time and they were promptly ushered in. The officer with the walkie-talkie approached the giant and asked,

“Uh, Justin, sir… uh… the doctors wanted us to close the gate back up while you were inside to allow for… uh… privacy… Could you?… uh—”

“Oh, you want me to close it?” Justin asked the diminutive officer bright-eyed. “Sure thing little dude… just stand back again—”

Now Justin pulled the gate back, sealing up the entrance to the hangar. What was a grueling and nearly impossible task for ten of “Philly’s finest” was about as easy as opening a patio door for Justin! I chuckled to myself as I drew the comparison in my mind—

My chuckles were soon replaced by curiosity. It appeared the doctors had not squandered the short time they had allotted themselves to prepare for this moment. What immediately caught my attention was the gym equipment in front of me. In less than 24 hours, the doctors had designed, commissioned and constructed a gym for Justin, which appeared to be roughly on his scale! There was a leg press machine, and a cable pulley machine with butterfly extensions directly in front of me. But as I approached the machines, I felt like I was shrinking. They had to be at least 20 to 25 feet tall! Giant weights were loaded onto the back and on the sides of the machines, just as you would find in a regular gym, only these pieces of equipment were built to accommodate Justin’s gigantic size. In fact, if my eyes didn’t deceive me, the pulley machine looked exactly like the one in Justin’s garage, albeit much, much bigger. To my right was a bench, at least six 1—2 feet in height and 20 feet in length. This bench was unquestionably an exact replica of the one Justin had (the one he had easily flattened this morning), only built to size for his massive frame. On the ground were black barbell plates of immense size.

Next to the bench were pairs of grey dumbbells, each pair progressively larger than the next. I rubbed my eyes as my brain struggled to make sense of the large numbers and letters engraved onto the dumbbells. 500,—1K, 2K, 4K, 5K, 6K, 8K… and even 12K (the weights on the latter looked to be as big as mini vans!!!) Along the right was a long mirror covering the wall, at least 50 feet long by 30 feet in height. To my left were to doctors, their smaller stature reassuring my mind that I had not shrunk but had rather stumbled on the gym set of a giant jock. On a series of cafeteria tables, they had set up a dizzying array of notebooks, palm pilots and lab tops. In the back stood a large black computer, standing about 6 feet in height. This computer had small switches, dials, and was hooked up to a laser jet copier/printer.

Hell, I wasn’t just curious. I was impressed.

Justin paid very little notice to the assortment of hi-tech gadgetry on the left which appeared to preoccupy the pint-sized doctors. Justin was amused by the frenetic, last-minute preparations of these little people, all clad in lab coats standing no taller than his knee.

“What a little bunch of nerds. They look so pathetic!”, Justin reflected.

They had dedicated their entire lives to endless study and research, and for what? For a couple of degrees and doctorates? A cramped office in the corner of the university? Is that all they had to show for it? Justin looked down at himself and saw the powerful, muscular body of a titan, dwarfing the congregation of “nerds” before him. He grinned. He would never trade places with one of these little wimps. He had plenty to show off.

Justin turned his attention to the giant gym the “nerds” had built for him. “Now this is where a jock like me belongs”, he thought, “In the gym, getting bigger and stronger.”

He checked the settings on the cable machine, and then walked over to the stack of barbell plates. He lifted one of them up and smiled. These were some serious weights. He put the weight down and looked at himself in the giant mirror. It had been a day or two since he last looked into a full-length mirror (at least one big enough to reflect all of Justin). He was impressed with the muscle giant smiling back at him in the mirror. Even if he had stayed at 6’2” in height, Justin figured that he would weigh close to 300 pounds. His muscle development was fantastic, certainly well within the ranks of any professional bodybuilder. He looked ripped and well defined. He had certainly surpassed even his most ambitious goals since taking to the weights last spring. Benji approached him.

“What do you think? You like it, Justin?”, Benji said looking up at his master.

Justin snapped out of thought and grinned down at his frail, little slave. The gym equipment was somewhat deceiving. It’s great size had made Justin feel like he was just over six feet tall again. It was only when Benji reappeared, the curly hair of his head just brushing his kneecaps, that he remembered what a giant he had truly become.

“Not bad Benji”, Justin winked. “Not bad at all… I can do some real growing here!!!”

Justin flexed his arms and smiled into the mirror.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Are you impressed”, one of the doctors said snapping me out of my own mental reverie.

I turned around to face an elderly man, who was roughly my height, wearing a pair of thick tortoise-shell glasses and a long lab coat. This was undoubtedly Dr. Rodgers, the kind grandfather-like figure Justin had related to me the other day. All the other doctors huddled around the table and their laptops were more or less middle-aged. At the moment they appeared to be explaining something or other to the Lakes. I surmised that Dr. Cliff was the yuppie looking gentleman who had greeted the Lakes upon their arrival.

“Certainly”, I responded. “This is all really amazing.”

“You are Brednon, right? Justin’s… well, how shall we put it,… his ‘manager’?” Dr. Rodgers chuckled.

“I am his manager”, I answered matter-of-factly. The sarcastic tone in the doctor’s voice had rubbed me the wrong way, but he was quick to defuse the matter.

“Oh please, I’m not making light of your position, I assure you.” Dr. Rodgers offered. “In fact, you are privileged in enjoying Justin’s utmost confidence. We understand he has placed a great deal of trust in you and that much of the present phenomena we are witnessing may have never happened had you not decided to… shall we say, ‘sponsor’ him”

There was the condescending tone again. Perhaps he always spoke like this. I decided to let it slide. I looked over my shoulder and saw Justin posing in the mirror with Benji faithfully standing beside his giant master, looking up at him in adoration.

“It looks like Justin feels right at home in the gym you built him”, I said.

“Yes. Per Mr. Lake’s specifications, we commissioned exact replicas of Justin’s gym equipment and had them manufactured to his scale. We wanted him to feel right at home. We believe that the more acclimated he is to his surroundings, the more favorable the growth response. We’re not sure if it quite works that way, but we wanted to, how can I say it, ‘cover all our bases’”

Undoubtedly he always sounded like this.

“If truth be told”, Dr. Rogers continued, “We scaled the equipment somewhat larger than Justin’s present size to accommodate any growth he should experience.”

He then looked around at the doctors, who continued fidgeting about their computer screens. He then lowered his voice and added, “I expect Justin’s growth today to be nothing short of spectacular. History is in the making, Brendon, and the select group of us here will witness it.”

Dr. Rodgers then waved over to Justin and yelled, “Justin! There will be plenty of time for posing later. We have prepared several dozen gallons of protein shake to fuel up before your workout.”

Dr. Rodgers pointed to a long table, much like the one the other doctors were using, that stood behind the cable machine. The table was covered in gallon-sized pitchers filled with protein shake. Justin’s eyes widened. It looked like twice the amount of protein shake he had guzzled down earlier that morning. He was wondering if he’d have enough room to drink all that down, when his stomach gave a reassuring grumble. Hell yeah he could use some more protein! What kind of giant passes up a feast like this?

“Sure thing, doc! I’ll wipe this out in no time. I can’t wait to start lifting!”, Justin said walking over to the table with Benji obediently tagging along behind.

Dr. Rodgers then looked back at me.

“Perhaps I should give you a quick tour of our equipment and introduce you to my staff”

“Sure”, I nodded.


Part 15

The tall black computer to the far left of the hangar was a data storage unit of some sort. I wasn’t quite sure what data the doctors were looking to collect. They wanted to monitor various physiological variables as Justin worked out and as he grew such as his heart rate, his red blood cell count, the activity of his endocrinal system, the testosterone in his bloodstream, the density of his muscle fibers, and even his sperm count. It seemed like a lot of data to collect. I wasn’t sure how they would go about doing so without encumbering Justin’s workout. What is more, I got the feeling that the great scope of the data they were collecting indicated that they were not quite sure what they were looking for. They were still clueless about the causes of Justin’s growth. They didn’t even know where to look! I realized that so long as they could not explain Justin’s growth, they were powerless to prevent him from growing even more! My mind was overcome by a mixture of panic and excitement. Despite the very best efforts of modern science, there may be no way to stop Justin from growing endlessly bigger and stronger! Only Justin could stop himself from growing if he willed it. I looked over at Justin chugging down another gallon of protein shake, and then, with a cocky grin, flex his thigh and his calf, admiring how massive it looked compared to Benji staring up at him from far below. He grinned and reached for another pitcher. There was no way Justin would will himself to stop growing.

Dr. Rodgers proceeded to introduce me to the rest of the staff. I had the most cursory of greetings for Dr. Cliff who seemed detached from the other doctors and more concerned with consoling Mrs. Lake. Mr. Lake was with them, but his attention was glued to his son avidly chugging down pitcher after pitcher of protein shake. There were three other doctors present. The names of two of them escape me, but I remember one of them being Dutch. Both looked remarkably similar: middle-aged, thinning blonde hair, glasses, average height, and slight builds. The other doctor present was a tall Asian man, standing a little over 6 feet tall, with short spiked hair. His lab coat could not hide his strong, muscular physique. In fact, I wondered if I had ever seen big Asian man before. He was way bigger and taller than me! In fact, his build was similar to that of Justin when I first met him. He was young (perhaps in his early twenties), energetic, and very good-looking. He introduced himself as Dr. Derek Lim.

It took my mind all of three seconds to make the connection.

“You’re Dr. Lim? The one from MaleTech?” I asked.

“That’s me!” Dr. Lim grinned. Then looking around, much as Dr. Rodgers had before, he lowered his voice and asked “By the way, did you receive the order I sent this morning to your house?”

“Yes… uh… in fact, I wanted to tell you guys about that—” I explained nervously, “I know Justin was supposed to have breakfast here, but, I guess he found himself hungrier than usual, and he dug right in on this morning’s shipment.”

“Really?” Dr. Lim said, his eyes widening. “How much did he eat?”

“Oh man, he ate like 120 pounds of food, and he drank down at least one keg, if not two kegs of that enhanced protein formula you sent. He’s never eaten this much before. Do you think it’s going be a problem for your experiment?”

Dr. Lim and Dr. Rodgers looked at each other and after a pause, smiled. Dr. Lim looked at me and stated, “I don’t think it will be a problem.”

“Should we tell the others—?” I began to say.

“No! I mean, oh good heavens no”, replied Dr. Rodgers. “My staff is far to occupied at the moment with last minute preparations. There is no need to bother them with this… how shall we say, minutia.”

Justin had finished his protein shakes and Dr. Rodgers joined the other doctors. For the first time, I noticed a small set of plastic fixtures inside which I could discern small electronic devices. Other than this, they looked much like the small plastic suction fixtures you would find on the ends of toy arrows, or on a refrigerator magnet, only much larger.

“You know, Justin just finished off two kegs of the enhanced formula just now”, Dr. Lim said grinning down at me.

“Oh… uh, did he?” I said somewhat nervously.

“Oh yeah! We’re gonna see a phenomenal growth spurt here—” Dr. Lim said confidently.

I then ventured to ask, “Did you and Dr. Rodgers mean for Justin to consume this much this morning? Cause from the letter you sent me and what you’re telling me now, I’m getting the feeling—”

Dr. Lim’s laughter interrupted me and he said, “Let’s just say Dr. Rodgers and I both desire to better understand Justin’s growth. In that we are no different from the rest of our colleagues. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we wish to prevent Justin from achieving the growth he desires—”

“Dr. Lim. We are ready here!” Dr. Rodgers called out.

“We can talk about this in due time, Brendon”, beamed the Asian doctor as he led me to the rest of the group.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The doctors asked Justin to kneel down so they could attach the suction cups to Justin’s chest and back. Dr Rodger’s explained,

“These fixtures are much more sophisticated than you may imagine. They may look simple, but the microprocessors can register many of the variables we wish to gauge. They are unable to measure various variables simultaneously but by emitting a remote control signal from our control panel”, as if to demonstrate Dr. Rodgers bent over one of the laptops and double-clicked the mouse, “we can focus in on the variable we wish to measure at a given moment. For example, your resting heart rate is currently at 40 beats per minute. Very normal for an athlete in prime shape. I hope you don’t find the data recorders uncomfortable, Justin.”

Justin looked over his chest as the doctors finished fastening the suction cups to his broad chest, back and abs. He then stood back up and replied dismissively,

“Nah… it’s no big deal.”

“We will need to ask you to fasten the last suction cup on yourself”, Dr. Rodgers said.

The Dutch doctor handed the fixture to Justin. He grabbed it and looked back at the doctors.

“Where?” he said.

“Ejem—” Dr. Rodgers looked to almost blush, “You will find that that fixture in particular will attach with ease, anywhere on your scrotum.”

Justin chuckled, “You serious. You guys want me to put this thing on my balls.”

“I assure you that you will experience no discomfort upon… uh… applying the data processor—”

Justin wore a smug look as he calmly undid the top laces of his workout briefs revealing a “love trail” that thickened progressively until it met the waistband of his briefs. He shoved the fixture below his waistband, revealing as he did so a dense patch of pubes at the base of his giant cock. After some adjusting, he laced up his shorts and announced with a wide grin, “Let’s do this!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The first task of the fixtures was to register some basic “starting” measurements for Justin. Surprisingly, he had done a good deal of growing overnight, either through the exertion of his sexual activity, or through the simple consumption of food in the last 24 hours.

Height: 18’9” Weight: 7’055 lbs. Chest: 195” Arm: 72” Thigh: 117” Calf: 85”

Justin’s body fat was at a low 4%, indicating that much of those 7’000+ pounds on his frame was made up of bone and MUSCLE!

Justin decided to go to work first on his legs. The leg press machine was the only piece of gym equipment that the doctors added to the equipment Justin had in his garage. Still, he was familiar with these machines from the times he had worked out with the wrestling team in the high school gym. He decided to add half of the weight onto the machine not really knowing how much weight he had set. It just seemed right.

He sat down on the machine, released the safety, and brought the weight down slowly and pushed back up again with a grunt. He had performed close to twenty repetitions when he decided to hoist the weight back up and put the safety back on. He stood up from the machine and flexed the muscles of his legs. A pump was evident.

“Everything OK, Justin?” Dr. Lim asked.

“Yeah. Not bad. I gotta a good pump. How much was that?” Justin asked.

“You just pressed 8’000 pounds for 20 reps!” Dr Lim reported with a smile. Justin just stood there for a moment wide-eyed. He had even surprised himself.

“No shit!” Justin exclaimed, a smile growing on his face.

“You bet, man. Go ahead, let it sink in”, Dr. Lim encouraged. “That was four tons you just pressed like nothing!”

Justin rubbed his chin thoughtfully and then with a cocky smile said, “I can do more.”

Justin added a couple more plates increasing the resistance to a full 10,000 pounds.

“Alright little dudes, the show’s about to start”, Justin boomed as he positioned himself onto the leg press machine.

Releasing the safety, Justin brought the 5-ton weight down slowly and then pushed. Lifting the extra ton he had added demanded more exertion, but Justin hammered out rep after rep in perfect succession. He clenched his teeth, his face reddened, and veins bulged from his thick neck. He glared into space: determined, focused, almost possessed. After a dozen reps he held the weight with his legs fully bent but didn’t bring the weight back up again.

“MORE! I CAN DO MORE!” he bellowed, his powerful growl echoing through the hangar.

Dr. Lim and the two middle aged doctors rushed over to the bar holding the weight. While on a normal bench press machine a small bar like this would weigh a few ounces, built to scale, this bar weighed close to 100 pounds and was rather awkward to handle for an average man, even an athletic man like Dr. Lim.

“What setting you want, Justin?” Dr Lim asked as they removed the bar. With his knees bent, Justin had all the resistance of the machine on him, allowing the doctors to pull the bar out.

“I WANT ALL THE WEIGHT! COME ON! I NEED MORE!!!” Justin growled, almost pleading.

Without questioning the giant jock, the doctors replaced the bar at the bottom of the stack of weights and backed off. The doctors slowly backed off. A collective awe descended on the room as we watched the young titan push with all his might. The platform beneath his feet slowly lifted up and up until Justin’s legs were fully extended. He slowly brought the weight down again. Then with his legs fully bent he let out a tremendous ROAR as he muscled the weight up again for a second time. I overheard Dr. Cliff comment to the Lakes in a hushed but nonetheless startled voice that Justin was now pressing a full 16,000 pounds! Holy shit! That was like four station wagons! He pressed the weight a second time, then a third time. Benji had overheard Dr. Cliff and decided to cheer his giant idol on.

“Come on Justin!!! That’s 8 tons you’re lifting! You’re unstoppable Justin!!! Unstoppable!!!” his shrill voice squealed.

“THAT’S RIGHT LITTLE MAN!!!” Justin growled, sweat dripping off his brow and glistening on his heaving torso, “WHAT AM I????”

“Unstoppable!!!” his little slave screamed

As Justin pushed the weight up a fourth time one of the Dutch doctor looked up from his laptop and said, “Dr. Rodgers. Come here. Quickly. His body temperature—”

“Yes… yes—” Dr. Rodgers said rushing over as quickly as his elderly legs would carry him.

“It’s soaring up to 108 degrees… no… look, it’s jumped to 110—” he responded bewildered. The other doctors crowded around him now.

“Check his heart rate and his blood pressure”, Dr. Rodgers demanded.

“Nothing out of the ordinary sir… but his temperature… it’s up to 112!”

But far from passing out (or dying as an average man might do with such a body temperature, assuming it ever reached that high), Justin began laughing. The doctors looked up from the perplexing data on the screen only to watch Justin pressing the weight over and over again with greater ease… and yes, visibly GROWING. While an increase in height was not immediately apparent because he was seated in the leg press machine, we could make out his shoulders broadening, his arms thickening, his chest bulging out with every breath… every rep… and those legs… they were blowing up like balloons with steel-hard mass! Not only could he lift a car, he could probably crush it like an empty shoebox between the muscles of his thighs and hamstrings. And a man? … It would be like crushing him in a garbage compactor. He’d be paste in a matter of seconds. If only that wrestler who defeated him the state finals last spring could see his former opponent now! “They’d no longer be in the same weight class”, I mused.

I heard Dr. Rodgers in the background urging his staff to key in on different data,

“His heart rate has climbed, but it is more than likely due to the exhilaration of watching himself grow. He knows he’s growing. The rise in epinephrine and endorphin levels are to be expected. What is his hemoglobin count?”

This frantic mish-mosh of medical murmuring was brusquely interrupted by Dr. Lim who came up beside me and, applauding, encouraged Justin on yelling, “Yeah man!!! Come on Justin, push it!!! You’re getting too big for that weight!!!” too strong!!! You can feel that growth!!! COME ON!!!”

I had no doubt that in Dr. Lim’s not too distant collegiate past; he must have attended more than one raucous sporting event. His manly exhortations to Justin seemed more characteristic of a campus frat boy than a medical practitioner with a doctorate. But it was music to Justin’s ears. He could feel himself growing more and more powerful with every passing second. The full weight of the leg press machine was now flying up almost effortlessly. In fact, the weight was now hitting the end of the rack with a dull CLANK that grew louder and louder with every rep. Not only were the muscles of Justin’s legs growing bigger and stronger, they were unquestionably growing longer. In fact, his head and his neck appeared to extend several inches beyond the headrest as Justin’s gigantic form stretched even taller! Then Justin did something amazing.

In an effort to milk this growth spurt to its very last drop. Justin brought his left leg back and with renewed effort began pressing the eight-ton weight, with only one leg!!! The Lakes were speechless. I was limited to blurting out “Jesus!”, “Holy Christ!”, “Oh My God!”, and a string of other, similar profanities that would have sent a nun running for her ear plugs. Benji jumped up and down and cheered Justin on, much like a pubescent cheerleader would do for the strapping star quarterback of her high school football team. Dr. Lim continued to edge Justin on with his macho goading:

“Nothing can stand in your way, dude!!! NOTHING!!! How big are you gonna get!?! HOW BIG CAN YOU GET!?! GROW JUSTIN!!!”

Even Dr. Rodgers was distracted from examining the escalating proportion of lymphocytes and basophiles in Justin’s lymphatic system in order to watch Justin pump out rep after rep with the full eight tons of the machine on first his right leg, and then switching over to his left leg.

Bigger and bigger Justin grew. The “clanking” had returned with a vengeance, as Justin’s left leg was now forcing the platform below his shoe up to the hilt with greater and greater ease. His shoulders emerged a good foot above the edge of the “head rest”, and they appeared to be broader than the back of the seat itself! Our attention was drawn to Justin’s feet as the laces of his sneakers simply exploded in a quick series of loud snaps. His thickening ankles were slowly stretching apart the tops of his sneakers. Then the sole ruptured away from the back of the shoe, only to reveal the rugged skin of Justin’s foot and emerging heel. As his sneakers slowly disintegrated against the pressure of his growing feet, Justin found himself unable to fully extend his leg on the rep. His legs had grown too long for the highest setting of the machine! His shorts now felt remarkably tight. He felt his ass bulging out with hard boulders of impenetrable muscle! He shifted in his seat slightly and the machine made an audible groan.

There was a sharp cracking sound, followed by another identical snap. Some of the bolts were being stripped apart by the force his body was exerting and the growing tonnage of his body weight alone! Justin delighted in the knowledge that he was literally outgrowing the machine… No… He HAD outgrew the machine, in just 3 sets of the same exercise!!! And still more and more power flowed through him. The protein packed breakfast had sure done the trick this morning! How much muscle had he gained? A thousand pounds? Two thousand? He looked over at Benji and the doctors. NO WAY!!! He had to have grown MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! “They look so fucking small”, he thought to himself as he let out a booming laugh.

Justin decided to finish up this set with a grand finale those present would never forget. The warm intoxicating feeling of additional strength and mass continued to flow through Justin unabated. Justin was pressing the 8-ton weight with his left leg almost effortlessly. He grinned as positioned his right foot back onto the platform. His toes had begun to pop out of the front of his sneakers, stretching beyond his soles and then even the edge of the platform itself. He then pushed the weight up with all of his surging might. The platform crashed against the top of the machine, but Justin, whose knees were still bent due to their increasing length, continued to push harder and harder. The platform buckled under the increasing and unyielding pressure of Justin’s legs. Additional bolts stripped, cables snapped, even the seat under Justin was buckling under the colossal teenager’s weight until….


The platform snapped in two and flew across the hangar landing a good 50 feet away. The cables lost all resistance and 8 tons of weights collapsed into a disorderly heap in a series of loud “CLANGS”. Justin beamed with satisfaction as he knelt over in his seat and ripped off the tattered remains of his sneakers from his feet. He still felt like he was growing, although he felt his growth spurt slowly dissipating. It was show time! He stood up from the wreckage of the leg press machine.

Let me tell you… the operative word here were UP. When Justin rose to his feet, his head just seemed to rise taller, and taller, and taller. Everyone in the room was speechless and Justin could sense it. He stepped closer, and Benji, Dr. Lim and I instinctively moved back. I could actually feel slight vibrations under my feet with every step that he took and I found that incredibly erotic! But Justin still felt the last remnants of his growth spurt coursing through his body. Even though he realized that he had totally devastated his audience with his show of strength, and SIZE, he wanted to soak up even MORE POWER…. MORE MASS!!! He could never have enough of this feeling and wanted it to go on as long as possible.

Justin flexed his legs and did a series of abs crunches to show off his newly enlarged dimensions. Additional size flowed into his body, albeit at a slower rate. Justin performed a heart stopping most muscular to cap off his little posing session as the last drops of growth trickled into his muscles. The back of his tank top tore at the collar, unable to withhold the full breadth of Justin’s flexed torso. He then stood relaxed and observed the people below him. Benji, his parents, Dr. Cliff… people who he had known for most of his life. He was a GIANT to them! An all-powerful, towering colossus of manhood and muscle who quite simply eclipsed them (and anyone on the planet for that matter) in size and strength. He looked at the astonished looks on their small faces. He felt very proud of himself. But more than anything, he wanted to reward their collective awe by growing even BIGGER. He wanted to laugh at them and tell them that this was just the tip of the iceberg. He wanted them to sit there and watch his gigantic body grow effortlessly bigger. They would recoil in terror as they realized his full potential, and he would laugh as he grew, and grew, and grew—

“Justin”, he heard Dr. Rodgers say.

—he would grow through the roof of the hangar, his massive chest pealing apart the flimsy metal roof as his shoulders and pecs blew through it—

“Justin. We need to take some measurements… uh—” he could hear the doctor say again, almost far-off in the distance.

” And what would stop him then from becoming the ultimate giant he was destined to become. He’d grow bigger and bigger… his head soaring taller and taller. Only the sky was the limit, and limits were meant to be broken—

“Justin?” he heard Dr. Rodgers ask nervously.

No. He would wait for now. He wanted to savour his growth. There was nothing stopping him anyway. He never felt so powerful!!! He smiled over at Dr. Rodgers, and in a voice that caught everyone off guard with its depth and power he said,

“Go ahead, doc. Measure me. TELL ME HOW HUGE I AM NOW!!!”

Dr. Rodgers smiled with ease. He thought he had lost Justin there for a moment. “The feeling of complete power and dominance must be overwhelming”, he thought to himself. And why not? He was truly magnificent to behold. He almost gasped as the most current data appeared on his screen.

Height: 25’4” Weight: 17,414 lbs. Chest: 263” (21’9”) Arms: 95” Thigh: 157” Calf: 114”

Dr. Rodgers relayed this new information to the towering giant and he smiled proudly. Benji was beyond words. He ran up to his enlarged master only to reach face to face with his shin. Justin casually flexed his calf muscle for his adoring slave and marveled at its tremendous size. Justin’s calf was over three times thicker than the frail boy’s chest and several inches longer than his small frame. Dr. Lim snapped out of his own shock and began cheering and “whooping”, as if Justin had just scored a touchdown or something. In Dr. Lim’s professional opinion, Justin “rocked” and he was also “the man”. Dr. Lim further confessed that beyond his professional façade, he personally felt “totally blown away” by what he had just witnessed. He even encouraged Justin do some additional posing since it was his expert opinion that he should “show off that giant ‘bod’ to the world”. I was beginning to question just how “concerned” Dr. Lim was about Justin’s growth.

The other doctors seemed to be more successful in maintaining their professionalism, although there was one emotion I could clearly discern in their eyes and nervous responses: fear. They knew that, should Justin choose to, he could put an immediate and abrupt end to their scientific inquiries. Benji, who had taken the liberty of bringing a tape measure from my house, measured Justin’s feet at a full 75” in length (over six feet long!!!) and 30” in width. They shuddered to think of what damage and destruction Justin could cause with his giant feet, crashing into their tables with the full, vast force of his giant muscular legs. He could reduce their computers and equipment to rubble, and what is more, flatten their bodies into a lifeless pulp! They were nervous when they first met Justin just two days ago and more so when he revealed how easily he could grow. But they had put their fears aside in the interest of science at the behest of Dr. Rodgers, their elderly mentor. Dr. Rodgers had pleaded that he was “just a boy who needed our help”. But this was now a VERY BIG BOY! They wondered if precipitating any additional growth in Justin was such a good idea.

Dr. Rodgers seemed very impressed by Justin’s growth, but no so much visibly alarmed as his colleagues. He was mulling over some of the data he had acquired from Justin’s last growth spurt. He deduced that the increased body temperature of Justin’s body, as well as the heightened level of hemoglobin (or red blood cells as they were later translated to me), indicated increased activity in the circulatory system. He wanted to find out what Justin’s blood was “circulating” through his body so arduously during these growth spurts. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about….either that or he was trying to sound very convincing. Perhaps he was trying to convince himself—

I recognized some of the measurements on one of the computer screens, such as Justin’s arms, thighs, and chest. There was a myriad of measurements, however, appearing on the screen. Some were fluctuating a tenth of an inch or so, back and forth. I thought that this might be his muscles twitching or enlarging. I found out that his index finger was 8 inches in girth. His palm was 35 inches across. I let out an audible squeal. I loved a man with big strong hands, but these hands could crush a grown man like a tomato!

“I see that you are… shall we say, “intrigued” by the measurements”, Dr. Rodgers asked with a wry smile.

I felt the best way to combat Dr. Rodgers sarcasm was with sincerity, so I answered, “Justin’s hands are so big and strong. I love big and strong hands”, I admitted unabashedly.

Dr. Rodgers nodded and smiled. “Yes… they are impressive”, he admitted. That did it.

I asked Dr. Rodgers about some of the other measurements. He related them to me. There was one measurement that seemed to vary an inch or two at a time over a period of thirty seconds. Dr. Rodgers grinned:

“That measurement is the length of Justin’s… well… Justin’s ‘manhood’”

“Holy Shit!” I added with great professionalism.

“And I believe that this measurement represents a flaccid one. It does not appear that Justin is in a state of sexual arousal.” Dr. Rodgers added.

This was true. The hem of Justin’s green workout tights had climbed from mid thigh to just inches from his hip. It was stretched to the max by his giant glutes, and the laces on the front looked as tight as guitar strings. The massive bulge of Justin’s “manhood” was discernible. In front of the giant mound of his balls, it looked like Justin had packed his meat, not to the right or left, but straight down, where the head stretched the material obscenely at his crotch, below his ball sack. There was no way those shorts, which barely contained Justin now, could handle Justin “in a state of sexual arousal”.

The reading on the computer read 49 inches! In girth Justin’s tool was 27½ inches. And that was only flaccid!—WOW!!!

There was one reading that looked like an expression or formula. Dr. Rodgers explained that this was an index he and Dr. Lim had come up with to measure his strength vis-à-vis the strength of an average man. By taking in factors such as muscle mass, resting heart rate, and muscle density they measure Justin’s strength in multiples of the average man’s strength calculated by the same data. Dr. Rodgers expressed confidence in the accuracy of his index and argued that it would become one of the most useful tools in measuring Justin’s strength since he was clearly outgrowing any conventional methods of measuring his size or power. Under the JSI (Justin Strength Index), a reading of 3 would mean that someone is 3 times as strong as the average man. The world’s strongest men would find themselves in the range of 5-7. It was doubtful that anyone in history had reached the rating of 8.

So it was fitting that Justin, the only man worthy of a strength index of his own name, measured a rating of 3,412.6!!! This meant that Justin was stronger than 3,412 people put together!

I just had to share this with Justin who would be no doubt thrilled about his new measurements, including the development of his very own index. I ran up to my giant idol and anxiously motioned him to crouch down so I could tell him something. I didn’t think it would be appropriate for me to yell out the length and girth of Justin’s cock, although I’m sure Justin would not have minded everyone knowing; particularly his dad, who Justin seemed fond of belittling in this respect. Justin grinned down at me. He knelt on one knee and leaned over his other, his forearms, shoulders and upper arms bulging above me. Even in this position, his frame towered a good 8 feet above me!

“Whatcha think little girl? You think I’m ready to hit the Nationals (bodybuilding event) or do I need to pack on a few more tons of muscle?” Justin said with a cocky grin.

“I’ve never seen anyone more awesome than you, Justin.” I gushed. “Anyone… or anything for that matter! You’ve outgrown human! You’re a living, breathing GIANT! And you are super-hung too!” I added in a loud whisper.

“No shit?” Justin said raising an eyebrow. “How big?”

“49 inches! 49!!!” I said almost hopping with excitement. “And 27 1—2 in girth! And you aren’t even hard!!!”

Justin laughed out loud and boomed, “So that’s why they had me put that thing on my balls! Damn! Well, if you wanted to measure my dick you should have just said so! I’ll let you guys see it all jacked up if you want!”

Conversations in the hangar screeched to a halt and everyone blanched at the giant teenager’s proposition. I had failed in disclosing these stats with the confidentiality I had been shooting for. Justin looked over at his parents and added,

“You guys won’t mind right. It ain’t nothing you guys ain’t seen before. It’s just like dad’s only mine’s WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY BIGGER!!!”

Mrs. Lake looked horrified, Mr. Lake blushed, and Dr. Cliff, who had been comforting the Lakes through most of the morning, had nothing to add to that (perhaps because he secretly lusted for every inch the giant muscle stud’s tool).

“No, Justin”, Dr. Rodgers said with his quaintest grandfather smile. “We won’t need to see you naked just yet. I’m sure that such a sight may disturb some of the sensibilities, or perhaps inadequacies, of those present. But I can’t blame you for feeling very proud, Justin. You should be proud. In fact, you may be interested in knowing about an index that Dr. Lim and I developed—”

Justin was thrilled to hear about the JSI and more so to hear that he had the strength of 3,412 men! Dr. Lim stressed that this was based on a scale of average men, and he pointed out (in a rather unflattering way) that Benji and I were in fact “below average” in their strength calculations. If one of us had been used for the index, Dr. Lim joked, his JSI would be several hundred points more! I found the comparison somewhat offensive at first, but then I actually found it to be a huge turn on. As if a JSI of 3,412 wasn’t enough, Justin was probably 4,000 times stronger than either Benji or me. Justin found the comparison amusing, adding that had Lim and Rodgers used Benji and me as a models he could see how much stronger he was than the average girl! I laughed at this one. I liked it when Justin made fun of me. It really put me in my place next to this hulking giant.

While a JSI of 3,412.5 would be a rating fit for Superman himself, Justin wanted more strength. He wanted to double or even triple his JSI… and this was just for starters!!! He wondered how it would feel to have a JSI of 20,000, or 40,000… to be as strong as all the men in a small city rolled into one! Would that be enough? Could it ever be enough? There were close to 2,000 kids in Justin’s high school now, Benji reminded him. Justin simply blew their combined strength away!

“Yeah… football season is gonna rock this year”, Justin mused with a sinister laugh.

Justin hit a few more poses for the astounded group gathered in the old hangar, until Dr. Rodgers announced that he was ready for Justin to continue his workout. The other doctors seemed somewhat disturbed by Dr. Rodger’s sudden and unilateral decision. Dr. Lim seemed to have no problem with the workout moving forward. In fact, even while the other doctors were in deep deliberation with Dr. Rodgers, Dr. Lim was already showing Justin the different weight settings on the “pec deck” and the cable machine. I could hear Dr. Cliff imploring Rodgers to “stop this madness before he outgrows the whole building”.

“He’s already far too big. He’s dangerous!!! Think of his parents!!!” Dr. Cliff entreated.

I walked over to add to the discussion, but as I approached I could hear the elderly doctor’s voice reassuring, coaxing and convincing his staff about the safety of the project,

“” We are in the presence of a true giant among men. I know that this can be unnerving. But keep in mind that this mighty giant before us is a mere seventeen year old teenager. He has yet to hurt anyone with his power, nor does it seem he desires to. I’m sure Dr. Cliff that you can testify to the gentle and compassionate nature Justin has displayed ever since you’ve known him. This is not a terrible ogre, but rather a young, strapping teenager who has been blessed with a tremendous gift. It is more likely that Justin will use his immense size and strength to help those around him, rather than hurt them.”

Dr. Rodgers had quieted the discontent and doubt in his staff. He looked at me, almost a pleased glimmer in his eye and asked, “Is there anything else you wish to add, Brendon? You’ve come to be his closest friend in these past few weeks. Do you think Justin poses a threat?”

Images of Justin breaking the rib cages of the two bouncers at the bodybuilding event came to my mind. Then they were followed by how carelessly Justin had hurled a 4’400 pound weight at a crew of construction workers, forcing them to literally “run for their lives”. While the picture Dr. Rodgers had painted was a comforting one, I didn’t believe it was all that accurate. The bigger Justin grew, the more praise and respect he demanded. Growing was a complete rush for him and Justin never wanted it to stop, nor would he allow anyone to stop him from growing.

“Justin can be very kind when he wants to. I don’t think he’d hurt anyone so long as they treated him with respect. LOTS of respect! But that really isn’t a problem…” I said looking back to watch Justin stretching his colossal arms and chest in preparation for his next exercise.

“I only think he’d get angry if anyone tried to stop him from growing. But apart from that, I can’t see him wanting to hurt anyone.”

The twinkle in Dr. Rodgers eyes had vanished and was replaced, for a brief second, with anger. But it soon vanished. From the quiet and serious expressions of the other doctors, I could tell that my point had not needlessly discredited what Dr. Rodgers had argued, but rather served to drive his argument home by adding a negative incentive to obstructing Justin’s workout. They could either go along with the project and keep Justin happy, allowing him to grow even bigger, or they could try to stop Justin from growing any more and risk incurring the 25 foot tall teenager’s wrath! Even if they wanted to stop Justin from growing, how could they?!? Nobody knew the answer to this!

With the doctors back to their monitoring positions, we were ready to watch Justin go through his second set of exercises. While the cable machine and the bench had both been augmented to Justin’s scale (and then some) by the doctors, Justin’s last growth spurt had gone a long way. Whereas Justin looked right at home amongst this giant gym set just an hour earlier, he now looked a little too big for the (remaining) equipment. It was as if a seven-foot tall bodybuilder had sauntered into a regular gym, muscles bulging and pumped, casting an ominous shadow over the smaller equipment before him. But Justin would have to make do until the machines could no longer hold him. Then, Dr. Lim had encouraged him, when he had totaled the gym equipment he could pump up with the free weights to grow even more!!! Justin liked Dr. Lim.

Justin went beside the machine and performed several cable raises, working the mountainous muscles of his upper arms, slowly savouring every freakish inch of his 95inch arms. What was he curling? 4’000 pounds? ….maybe 6’000? Dr. Lim had told him but he had forgotten. It felt like nothing! The curls were giving him a wild pump, but he felt like he could perform these all day! After about 40 bicep curls in each arm, and 50 more triceps extensions, Justin turned his attention to the butterfly extension. He started off by adding 6 tons of resistance to the machine. He sat down on the chair the machine provided. It looked much bigger an hour before, but now it felt small and almost flimsy under the massive weight of his body. His giant glutes just barely fit on the seat and his giant quads and hamstrings extended out before him. One of his thighs looked thicker than the seat itself! The machine squeaked and groaned, protesting Justin’s incomparable bulk. He coyly adjusted his cock in his workout shorts, positioning it visibly to the left where it threatened to appear through the hem of his left leg! That just felt better sitting down, he explained.

Justin began performing rep after rep of butterfly extensions. After 2 sets of 20, it was clear that the giant had just been warming up. He increased the resistance to 8 tons and hammered out rep after rep with a vengeance. His lats and his pecs were beginning to pump up with unreal size further taxing the elasticity of his already tight tank top. I had to wonder if he was indeed growing already, but Dr. Rodgers assured me that he had not begun growing yet. Sweat dripped down his brow and his chest, first in droplets, then in long, streaming rivulets, soaking his beleaguered tank top. Benji gawked up at his master saying:

“You know you’re lifting like the weight of 4 cars put together, don’t ya?”

Justin simply smiled, showing his gritting teeth. “YOU BETTER FUCKING BELIEVE IT!!! AND I CAN DO MORE!!!” Justin growled on his twentieth rep.

Justin got up to change the resistance to a full 10 tons of weight, the maximum the machine could hold (slight tremors rattled through the floor of the hangar with every step the giant teenager made). When he did we could see that Justin’s seat, apart from being somewhat wet from his sweat, looked somewhat bent. This machine did not have long to live.

When Justin sat back at the machine, his determination was back. It was a piercing look that made everyone there tremble. It was a stare that transcended confidence and implied a realization of manifest destiny. Justin let out an ear-splitting growl as he ravaged through the first few reps with untamed ferocity. Within seconds there was a renewed flurry of activity among the doctors. Justin’s temperature had apparently climbed to a startling 116 degrees. If he didn’t break the machine first, Justin was going to set it on fire, I thought!

“Ya hear that, Justin?” Dr. Lim coached. “It’s coming, man. You’re gonna grow fucking huge!!! You ready, man!?!”

But Justin simply continued to growl and roar like a savage beast; a giant beast at that! He was beyond the rousing, frat boy exhortations of the ever-expansive Dr. Lim. They were nothing to him. He was changing history—

A massive wave of growth hit Justin on his fifth rep. His tank top tore almost immediately upon the sudden, impact of added mass filling his chest, back and shoulders, which began to grow… and grow… and GROW!!! His head and his feet began to stretch up and out, above and away from the machine that appeared to be shrinking around him. The doctors commented nervously that he was now growing in excess of three inches in height per second!!! His weight was skyrocketing upward anywhere between 150 to 175 pounds a second!!! I watched mesmerized as Justin’s mammoth pecs heaved larger and larger with every breath, every rep… it was awesome! The top laces of his workout shorts began to snap and I could hear another tear as his shorts split down the middle of his growing ass. The legs of his shorts followed suit, developing long, audible tears extending from the hem up to the waistband! Every part of Justin’s giant towering body was expanding bigger, and bigger—

Justin’s weight blasted past 20,000 pounds and continued to increase at a steady rate. A few reps later, Justin was having problems with the machine; or rather the machine was having problems accommodating Justin’s immense body. The machine was engaged in a losing struggle to Justin, whose titanic frame continued to swell larger and larger with steel-like mass. Justin’s head was now pressing against the metal support at the top of the machine. His giant, muscular arms dwarfed the butterfly bars which they held firmly in their implacable grip. Justin smiled and began pulling down on the bars. There was even more frenzied activity among the doctors as they witnessed acceleration in Justin’s growth. He was now packing on mass at the rate of 200 pounds and four inches… per second! Then the familiar sounds of bolts snapping and screws stripping filled the hangar again. First the sounds came from the bars of the butterfly extension, but then similar, louder sounds came from his seat. The machine was being crushed under Justin’s growing weight! Justin was getting so big that now even one of his massive, boulder-like glutes would have filled the seat!

The bars of the butterfly extension were the first to go. Following a hellish grinding sound, Justin ripped them off from the machine in two massive SNAPS. With each snap, bolts flew across the hangar like gunshots, ricocheting off the walls both left and right of me. Those bolts could have easily injured, if not killed someone, as easily as a bullet might have. But Justin was in too much of a zone to notice, or even care… He grabbed one of the L-shaped bars and held it around the back of his neck. Then exerting pressure he began to bend the steel bar further and further, until, bringing back in front of him, it resembled a sharp V. Justin chuckled and tossed the bar on the ground with smug disdain where it landed with a tremendous CLANG. He stepped over to the other butterfly bar. Holy shit! Now I could feel some sizeable tremors with every step he took! While his footsteps tickled the soles of my feet a moment before, now they sent my entire legs quivering. What is more, they were accompanied with heavy thumping noises—


Oh my God! I could hear his footsteps! He was becoming a giant in every way imaginable!

Justin grabbed the other bar and this time began to bend it in his bare arms, without the leverage of his tree trunk-sized neck. The steel began to bend, slowly at first, then more, and more… Justin continued to grow throughout this whole display. I heard the Dutch doctor exclaim frantically that he had passed 30,000 pounds in weight! And he continued to grow with no end in sight!!! His head soared higher, his muscles bulged bigger, the bar bent further and further until both ends were slammed into each other, and another lace snapped off his shorts, revealing a dark, sweaty patch of pubes. He tossed the crumpled steel bar aside and raised his arms in a titanic double biceps pose. He felt more and more power and size flooding into his body. If we felt overcome with awe, Justin felt overwhelmed with pride. With every passing second his desire for even greater power increased. And he continued to grow, and grow, and grow, and grow—


Obviously, we were not shrinking, but in Justin’s eyes we, and the entire world around him for that matter, were becoming smaller and smaller at a stupendous rate. Now this was an idol one could not help look up to in fear, respect and reverence. Certainly, there was no one in history even worthy of comparison to Justin in size or strength. And who in the pages of folklore and mythology could compare with Justin? Goliath the Philistine was reported to be no taller than 12 feet tall. Justin could have broken him in half. Paul Bunyan? Justin was getting awfully close… It would take a God off of Mount Olympus to challenge Justin. No one remotely human, no matter how powerful, could stop him. Hercules? Samson? This colossal muscle teen would seriously embarrass them, unless he chose to crush the life out of them!

Justin broke the pose after several seconds and turned around to the dilapidated machine that had acted as the catalyst to this; the greatest growth spurt he had had to date. The machine, which stood at a once impressive 24 feet in height, now only reached Justin’s pecs… and still the teenage giant continued to grow taller… his muscles growing continuously bigger and stronger. If he sat on it now, his weight would no doubt destroy the machine. The machine, it appeared, was “shrinking” too.

Justin raised his left leg and held his foot over the seat his massive bulk had threatened just moments ago. Then, with all his strength, he brought his foot down onto the seat. The power of his leg was far too much for the remaining bars and bolts to withstand.


His foot went through the seat and crushed the supporting beam of the machine as easily as one would break a wood branch. The adjoining bars either snapped off the supporting beam or toppled over on top of it. With one massive stomp of his foot, Justin had reduced the once proud piece of super-sized gym equipment to a pile of steel scrap. It looked like a giant metal tepee; some sort of post-modern memorial to Native American architecture… or a pile of scrap metal… whatever your aesthetic interpretation.

Justin looked immensely satisfied at the destruction he had caused, and had even impressed him with the startling ease in which he had done it. With a slight twinge of remorse, he felt his growth taper off, but when he turned around to face his petrified onlookers, his euphoria returned. He liked what he saw.

Could it be that these tiny people before him, no bigger than Barbie dolls, were his parents?… his school buddy Benji?…his long-time family practitioner Dr. Cliff? They were pathetically small! They reached only half way up his shin! They weren’t even worthy of reaching his knees! They couldn’t hope to!

He looked up above him and grinned. He stretched his arms out and his fingertips met the roof of the hangar. He had been told that the hanger was 50 feet tall. His heart fluttered as he reflected with warranted smugness, “Oh yeah, baby… almost there—”

He wanted to get closer to his tiny observers and relish in his abysmal size advantage. He walked towards them—


“Aww yeah”, Justin thought, a wide, irrepressible smile spreading across his face. He could hear his footsteps echoing through the hangar, and he thought he could feel the ground vibrate ever so slightly beneath his weight. He then noticed his onlookers, his parents, Dr. Cliff, and even the ever-supportive Dr. Lim (who had been silenced about halfway through Justin’s phenomenal growth spurt)—they were backing up; scurrying backwards almost! They were afraid (” hell, I’ll admit it. I was shit scared! So much so that I could not gather the strength to even move from where I stood… Justin’s massive frame advancing towards me in those rumbling footsteps—).

Justin gave us a disarming smile and spoke. At first he had meant to speak softly, but then decided that we should become accustomed to the full force of his thunderous baritone. “I’m becoming a giant. They’re gonna have to get used to the power of my voice”, he reasoned.


We looked about nervously at each other and then back up at Justin. Those bright green eyes and brilliant smile could charm the most resistant King Cobra, I swear… We found ourselves nodding at the giant and meekly responded with a chorus of “ok”s.

Justin smiled and took a few more steps towards us, briefly contemplating the ease with which he had been able to control our natural fear and, in so doing, bend our will. “Hell, are there any drawbacks to being a giant?” Justin reflected to himself with amusement.

“DAMN, IF YOU GUYS ARE SCARED NOW, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO WHEN I GET EVEN BIGGER!?!” Justin laughed. His laughter roaring through the hangar as he ominously set his giant foot down less than a yard away from his parents and brought the other down a mere foot away from me, albeit very carefully. Perhaps he was trying to calm our nerves with this comment, but his thunderous laughter sent shudders down our spines.

Justin could not help chuckling with arrogant disdain as he surveyed our small, puny bodies dwarfed by his giant calf muscles.


I surprised myself when I summoned the courage to address the towering behemoth before me and said, “You’re going to make an awesome giant, Justin. People will have no choice but to fear and respect you. And you can get even bigger if you want, Justin. There’s no stopping you now.”

Justin peered over the massive slabs of pec muscle high above me and gave me a cocky grin:


15 parts 99k words (#23) Added Nov 2009 449k views (#1) 4.3 stars (91 votes)

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