The forge

by mf81

 Paul meets Derrick, mysterious blacksmith that invites him up to his place up in the woods called The Forge. What he finds there will change life in ways he couldn’t imagine.

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“Here, let me show you how to grip it.”

The man’s two hypermuscular arms slid down mine, dwarfing my own in the mirror. They felt like hot steel wrapped in soft skin against my body. As his large hands enveloped my own I felt the top of his monstrous pecs nuzzle me on the back of my head and neck. They were spilling out over the top of his black leather apron. His hands, despite their size, deftly and gently moved my own hands on the grip of the sword I had picked out. “How you handle a sword is key.” His deep voice was vibrating in his chest sending deep shivers down my spine and filling my body with a sexual electricity that shot out everywhere till even the tips of my fingers and toes tingled with the sensation

His enormous body shifted as he helped swing my arms in smooth slicing motion. Muscle fibers all around me bunched, twisted and writhed with power. I looked up at the face of the man in the mirror. His head was about a foot above my slender 6’ frame. His straight, jet black hair was tied up in the tight pony tail that went down halfway down his enormous back. His beard was full but short and neatly trimmed, accentuating the squareness of his jaw. He looked to be in his mid-thirties with just a hint of smile lines forming around his mouth and eyes, giving his face just the right balance of maturity and youthful vigor. His eyes were ice blue and were filled power and confidence, but also kindness.

Those same eyes had locked with mine as soon as I had walked into the blacksmith shop at the local Renaissance Fair. My cock shot to full hardness right then and there and it had yet to go down. In fact now that I was circumscribed in his muscular embrace it was throbbing with each heartbeat. After showing me a few more practice swings he let me go. I had become so enamored of his touch that I felt cold when he uncoupled from me, like when someone rips the blanket off of you when you wake up during a winter morning. I turned around with sword in hand, greeted by his furry pecs, both muscle and fur pushing to burst out from his apron. He reached out his hand and said to me “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

I starred for a few seconds still in a stupor from the mere sight of this gorgeous behemoth, but snapped out of it to finally sputter our “Paul! Paul. ..I’m sorry it’s Paul.” I nervously held out my hand and put it into his, his rough calloused mitt engulfing mine, strongly squeezing my hand just short of pain.

He chuckled and said, “I’m Derrick. It’s really good to meet you.”

I attempted to remove my hand from his but he maintained his tight grip and it was like a vice. I don’t think a crow bar could have pried it open. Seeing me struggle he opened his hand so that I could be released. While it didn’t hurt, the strength of his handshake was so unrelenting that I could still feel the sensation of it.

“Sorry, I don’t always pay attention like I am supposed to. Didn’t mean to grip you so tight.” The smile on his face told me he may not have been fully truthful about that. “So what attracted you to the sword?”

“I don’t think I have ever seen something quite so beautiful.” I said as I stared into his eyes. Realizing how that sounded I nervously blurted out, “The sword! I mean…”

He just smiled that radiant smile at me and said, “Of course. Have you always had such an eye for…metalwork?” He swung his massive arm around his shop at the many pieces he had on display.

I had to admit now that I was really looking at them they were some gorgeous pieces. Not just swords and armor, but reliefs and sculptures of amazing detail. Some of the statues looked as massive and ripped as Derrick himself. “I can’t say that I ever really had an interest before. I never knew you could create such detailed things with metal.

“Oh, you would be surprised what things you can create when you know how to bring out the inner soul of a material.” Out of anyone else’s mouth it would have sounded pretentious, but I could hear in his sexy deep voice the sincerity of it. “You know, I have a place out in the woods about 15 miles north of here where teach my techniques. You should come up and give it a try.”

“Oh, I am not sure if I am the right sort of person to be a blacksmith. Especially given my physical attributes,” I said while rubbing my skinny toothpick arms.

That’s when he bent down and laid one massive paw on my shoulder and neck and used the other take a hold of my hand. I stood there breathless as he looked me in the eye and said, “ I think there is a lot more to you than meets the eye.”

As he let go of my hand and stood up to his full immense height I felt a cold metal square in the hand he was holding. I was like a business card but made out of steel and etched onto it was the name “The Forge” and an address with directions on the back. “When do you want me to come?”

“Anytime is good. There is always someone.”

“Wait, who else is up there….” But at that moment he turned his attention to another person in the shop. I started out the shop contemplating whether I should really go or not.

I got out of my beat-up car after driving up the long dirt road for about a half an hour. Derrick sure liked to be off the beaten path. I thought for sure I would get myself lost so it was a relief when I came upon the gate. At the top was a beautifully wrought sign saying “The Forge” over the detailed relief of an anvil being struck with a hammer wielded by an incredibly muscular arm. That man truly knew how to make a work of art. Inside the gate was just a wide field of grass surrounded by woods. Not sure where I was going I just parked near the gate and decide to walk around and figure out where I was supposed to go.

Just when I was about to lament the lack of supposed people that Derrick said were supposed to greet me I heard a commotion in the woods. It sounded like creaking and cracking with some very loud grunting. As I looked over to the source I saw a tree not too far from the edge of the woods swaying with a lot more than just the breeze. It swayed further left and right while the creaking, cracking and grunting got louder. Then finally the tree seemed to pop up about 10 feet and tip over with a loud crash. Curious, walked towards where the tree had fallen.

I was hoping it was Derrick that I was going to find. I could hardly get the vision of him out of my mind the past couple of days before working up the nerve to come up here. Soon after reaching the woods found myself come to a clearing. Several rough holes were scattered throughout where trees and stumps had obviously been removed. Off to the side was a huge pile of logs and branches. I guess the area was being cleared away for some reason. As I looked around, hoping to find Derrick I came upon someone by the pile of branches. It wasn’t Derrick, but I could definitely say that I wasn’t disappointed.

Standing by that pile in nothing but painted on jeans and a sheen of sweat was the vision of a man just as massive as Derrick. Instead of Derrick’s jet black hair he was red headed with a close cut and thick goatee. He also looked to be pushing 7 feet like Derrick with his chest and abs covered with a thick but perfectly formed mat of red hair. Every inch of his torso ripped and striated, the definition clear even under the pelt of fur. My dick pushed hard against my pants, begging to be let out. With the exception of Derrick I had never felt such a longing to touch someone, but little did I know that the show was only beginning.

The fiery haired hunk walked on over to one of the trees by the edge of the woods. It was about 25’ high with a fairly thick trunk. After sizing it up for a second, the man stretched out his hands overhead with his fingers intertwined to crack his knuckles. He then proceeded to put his massive arms around the trunk, just being able to grip each wrist with the opposite hand. Given what I had seen before part of me knew what was about to happen, but the other part wouldn’t believe it. What I saw next erased all doubt. He started the grunting that had drawn me here earlier while rocking the tree back and forth. With each rock the root system would break away a little more from the dirt. Where his rock-hard body had surrounded the tree, grinding against his torso the bark began to splinter off as he worked his incredible strength on it. Slowly, but inevitably the ground that trapped the tree’s root gave way to the unstoppable power of his muscle. Veins pumped hard into relief all over his neck, back, and arms as his grunts turned to shouts and reverberated through the woods. After few minutes the ground lost its grip on the tree and the muscle beast lifted it from the ground few feet, held it for few seconds as he turned 90 degrees and tilted it to his left. Letting go, it fell down into the clearing, the sound breaking me part of the way out of the trance I was in looking at this man.

As the hulking red-headed Hercules brushed the debris off of his torso he looked at my direction near the edge of the clearing and saw me. My heart skipped as he made his way to me, his muscles pumped to even bigger proportions since his amazing feat. I didn’t know why but I felt a sense of trepidation when he discovered me, like I was a kid who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and he would be angry at me. As he came closer though I began to feel even hornier than I had before. A smell began to permeate my nose, a smell of sweat, musk, spice and most of all pure sex. The fear melted away with each step he took towards me as it became replaced by lust I had never known before now. At last he stopped right next to me, my face level with the tops of his sweaty, bulging pecs and as I looked up into his face with a smile that would dazzle a blind man the last part of my fear disappeared, leaving only my nigh uncontrollable need to touch him, taste him, and to just consume every part of his body

He scooped me up, lifting me by my skinny ass with one of his giant hands and slow rubbing my body against every bulge and curve of his abs and chest until we were face to face. I looked into bright green eyes he said in a voice that sent vibrations of sex throughout my whole body, “You must be Paul. We were told you would be coming soon. I’m Shawn.” And with that he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. I could no longer take it and blew the most earth-shaking, body rocking load I had ever had in my life. As he parted my mouth with his tongue my orgasm slowed down time for me making me feel every detail of the kiss. The sensation of his bristly beard and how it contrasted with his soft full lips. How his muscles twitched with power against my body. How his tongue expertly wrestled with mine and explored everywhere it could reach. After what seemed like and eternity my orgasm began to subside and he broke the kiss. As he stroked my hair with his other hand he looked into my eyes and said, “Welcome to The Forge.”

About a foot off the ground I remained plastered to Shawn’s body, gasping for breath trying to recover from the mind-blowing climax I just had. Part of me wanted to explore this muscle giant further but I could not muster the energy to move.

“Damn,” Shawn said. “I always forget the newbies can’t handle it at first. What you need is a little pick me up.”

He then proceeded to lay me gently onto the ground. I managed to pull together enough effort to sit up about half way so I could look up at this mountain of muscle. He just stood there for a moment leaving me confused as to what was happening. Or at least further confused, and this was already a situation well outside my understanding at this point. Then I noticed the growing bulge going down the left leg of his jeans. The thick shank expanded inside causing the fabric to creak and stretch, even though it looked like his thighs should be leaving no room at all. After it seemed to reach its full and considerable size Shawn tensed around his crotch causing his rock-hard pillar to immediately rip though the leg and smack on to his abs with a satisfying sound.

His uncut cock stopped just above his navel, a throbbing purple head the size of a small apple at the tip. The vein covered shaft, curved just slightly towards his body, was as thick as beer can. Only one of his balls poked out of the hole he left in his jeans but it was the size of a softball, covered in more of his red hair. I could have looked upon the beauty of his cock all day but then took one of his hands and lowered it down so it stuck straight out from his body. A small, clear drop of pre began to form at the head. Once again I felt the smell of pure sex permeating my senses. It filled me with a need, a longing, a…..hunger.

“Go ahead,” he said, “Drink up.”

Despite my fatigue I couldn’t stop myself from crawling over to Shawn’s magnificent pole and putting my lips around the head. The second that my lips touched the drop of pre a warmth spread from my mouth to the rest of my body, filling me with a heat that restored my energy. The bulbous head was too much for me to handle at first but as the flow from Shawn’s cock increased it started to do something to me. My jaw and throat began to stretch and reform and slowly kept on going further and further down till my nose was buried in his groin. His groaning was increasing rapidly as he ran his fingers through my hair and took a hold of my head and began facefucking me. My own cock was rock hard as well feeling like it could go off again at any second, but I held on. I knew somehow I was waiting for something. On it went for minutes as I swallowed quart after quart of his juice.

At long last Shawn let out a primal yell and began pumping his thick, creamy load down my throat. As soon as the first shot hit I could feel the heat that was running though my body become even stronger. I could feel it penetrate my every cell, filling me with boundless energy. Soon, though, it was fill me with something else. I could feel my skinny frame fill in with mass as my muscles began to take up the once ample space in my clothes. My pecs tightened and took shape on my once flat chest. My arms began to ripple and fill in the once ample space in the sleeves. My ass and legs began to round plump into my jeans fighting for room that was starting to disappear. And then it hit my cock. I could feel it awaken again and snake up past my waistband outgrowing its former 6 inches by, I wasn’t sure how much, but much more than I had a few seconds before. When it reached its peak about an inch outside of my jeans I could feel another orgasm building. How I had staved it off this long I was not sure but I could tell that it was building up to a big one. As Shawn kept pumping his sweet jizz down my throat I climaxed in a shower of cum. Jets of it hitting my chin, my shirt, Shawn’s legs, my loads spraying wildly everywhere.

After minutes of ecstasy both mine and Shawn’s loads started to taper off until we were both done. Shawn withdrew from my mouth and afterwards I expected to have a dislocated jaw. But my mouth and throat slowly contracted into place with no soreness or pain, though I did feel somewhat empty now. Even after that monster of an orgasm I had, I didn’t feel the slightest bit of fatigue. In fact I was still hard as could be and was ready to go again. Shawn offered his hand down to me a lifted me back on to my feet.

“What the hell just happened?” I said.

Shawn just lightly grabbed my chin with his thumb and finger, tilted my head up and said, “I know you have a lot of questions but first I want to see my handiwork.” With that he put two of his thick fingers on both sides of the collar of my t-shirt and with a swift motion tore it completely in two and off of my body. Hooking them into the waist of my jeans and boxers he repeated the process, the thick denim separating like tissue paper under the strength of his huge arms. “Not bad if I do say so myself.”

I had been so focused on Shawn I realized I hadn’t looked down at my own body, but now that it did I could see what he meant by handiwork. Gone was my skinny stick like body. In its place was now a tight, ripped body filled with long lean muscles. It was nowhere near Shawn’s size but every part of me bulged tight with swimmers build verging on fitness model muscles. I ran my hands up from my new Apollo’s Belt, across the deep grooves of my abs and obliques and onto my newly firm pecs. As I brushed past my nipple the sensation caught me off guard as took in a sharp intake of air. Whatever Shawn did to me increased my sensitivity so that a brush of my nipple was as intense as a tongue on my cock would be. And my cock. It was at least 10” now and quite bit thicker.

“Feels good doesn’t it. Increased pleasure is one of the effects.”

“The effects of what? Not to sound ungrateful for what’s happened. Trust me I’ve been really enjoying myself so far.” I brushed my nipple again to feel the sensation again. “But I really do want to know what’s going on.”

Shawn smiled and said, “Okay. I just get carried away when I get to greet the newbies. Come here.” He scooped me up into one arm and carried me effortlessly over to the tree he fell before. He sat down in the middle of the trunk, the wood creaking and the bark getting stripped off by his ultra-hard ass. He cradled me in one arm and said, “So where do you want to start?”

“Well, let’s start with the first question. What the hell just happened?”

“It’s called The Molding. Remember how you could barely control yourself when you first saw me? And how you came the second we touched lips?”

“Yeah, just barely though.”

Shawn chuckled, “How do you feel now?”

I was definitely still aroused, greatly so, but it didn’t feel overwhelming. “I mean, I am still super horny. More than I have ever been in my life. But I do feel in control of it.”

“That’s what the Molding does. Gives you the control and stamina to keep up with me. Otherwise you would just orgasm to exhaustion. It also gives certain physical enhancements so you can deal with my, shall we say, unusual dimensions.” His other hand began to lightly stroke his thick shank. Even his enlarged hand was just short of making it all around. “And as I mentioned before there is the enhanced pleasure.”

“How enhanced?”

A mischievous grin spread across his face as maneuvered me so my torso was lying flat on his palm and easily lifted me so that my ass was level with his face. “Damn, I usually like my butts big and juicy but they can be so cute when they are this tight and small.” And without any hesitation he proceeded to stick his thick and powerful tongue into my crack to begin lapping and massaging my pucker. The sensation was tenfold what I felt before. Like Shawn had said my increased control and stamina helped me cope with it better than I would have before, but it was an immensely powerful feeling. After only a couple of minutes I began to cum uncontrollably again, spraying my seed in all directions. I stopped after a minute, but he kept on going until I climaxed a second time, then a third. After my forth one he decided he had made his point and cradled me back in his arm. I came just as hard for the fourth one as I did for the first one and the ones in-between. A seemingly endless supply of semen for each one.

I laid there in his arm, a little winded but not exhausted. I looked down and realized I was still stiff as ever. “It won’t go down for a while. The better you can keep up to speed with us.”

“Us? Derrick did say there were others up here.”

“Who? Oh! Yes…. ‘Derrick’.”

“So I take it this is not a place to learn blacksmithing techniques.”

“No. Well, he is a really good blacksmith and a couple of the guys have learned some of it from him. But, yeah, it’s about a lot more than that.”

“So he, what did you call it…Molded you guys into this?” I couldn’t help myself from starting to feel his big, striated pecs. I may have better control but he was still radiating an undeniable lure and was becoming harder for me to resist touching him, licking him, worshiping him. I hoped I could hold out long enough to get my questions answered.

“No. What we are is another level. It something only Derrick can do. It’s called Forging. Molding is a gift given to us by him. Normal people wouldn’t be able to handle us as they are, but even out in the world we have certain needs we can’t contain for long. Molding lets us have someone to release our pressures when we don’t have each other.”

“So, did he send me here to be Molded, so you could have someone?”

“Oh, no!” he said with a laugh. “I mean we sometimes bring in guys we have Molded, but if he sent you then you have a much greater destiny. He wants you to be Forged.”

My heart skipped a beat. Me? One of these mountains of brawn? As skinny as I have always been it’s always been a deep desire of mine. Part of me wanted it desperately, but the other skeptical part wanted to know more.

“Who is he exactly? You seemed surprised by the name Derrick. I suspect there is more than meets the eye, and when it comes to him a lot was meeting my eyes.”

“Well, that’s something he likes to get into himself. He’ll be here soon enough to tell you all about it.” As he talked he began to rub his free hand all over my newly shredded chest and abs, using his thumbs to rub my nipples and get me all riled up. “In the meantime let me show you what a Forged body can do.”

He put me down and got up to his full 7’ height and then ripped off the remainder of his jeans, revealing the true magnificence of his quads and calves. He proceeded to the part of the tree where the branches were their thickest and then beckoned me over where he grabbed a nice 6” thick branch and snapped it off of the trunk like a toothpick. Taking the base into his right hand he closed it around the end and with a sudden squeeze caused it collapse and splinter almost immediately. He continued to grind it in his hand until there was nothing but saw dust. My boner went from hard to throbbing.

“Don’t get too excited yet,” he said. “We’re just getting started.”

Taking the slightly thinner remaining base he stuck it in-between the steel pillows of muscle that were his pecs. Exhibiting a muscle control I couldn’t believe Shawn opened up the cleavage in his pecs to accommodate the branch until it was firmly entrenched. Then flexing his chest so that it engulfed most of the branch he began to grind his pecs together so the wood was mercilessly crushed into mulch and dust. The branch inched its way up into the relentless machine of his pecs no longer even needing to be held in his hand to stay wedged in there. As more if it got crushed the leftover detritus began spewing out the tops and bottoms of his cleavage. When the last of it was drawn into his muscle he began to jiggle his chest at a speed so fast that the became a blur in my eyes and caused all the little bits and pieces of wood and leaves to expelled out, leaving only some dust to be brushed off his pecs.

I wanted so badly to attack those pecs with my mouth, but Shawn simply raised his hand and said, “Not yet. I have one more thing to show you.”

I barely restrained myself as he walked over to the pile of logs that had already been stripped of its branches. He took one of logs on top and lifted it up over his head with an ease that defied what had to be its tonnage. He lowered it onto his shoulders and hooked his arms over the log so it pushed against his neck. Then with every muscle of his body coming into full relief he brought pressure down to bare on both sides of the log. Even though it was as thick as my new body was wide the wood slowly succumbed to the unrelenting force of his arms and the impenetrable hardness of his neck and back. The crack in the middle slowly growing wider and wider until the pieces surrendered, snapped, and fell on either side of him. I couldn’t restrain myself anymore and ran over to Shawn and immediately began to bite, lick, and rub his chest, making sure to work extra hard on each of his large erect nipples. Then I climbed up to his face and, as he put a massive hand behind my head and pulled me into a deep penetrating kiss, I released my load once more all over him. Once my orgasm stopped and I lay my head on his shoulder Shawn whispered into my ear, “So do you want to be Forged, Paul?”

The display had erased all doubt for me. I wanted the power and body that Shawn possessed. “Yes.” I whispered back.

“Good. Now let’s meet the others.”

Shawn carried me as he began to walk us out of the woods. I rested my head on his massive chest as I recovered from the sexual thrill ride. Even my now improved stamina couldn’t completely keep up with his seemingly boundless power and energy. I simply nuzzled him and let my hands explore his godlike muscle as far as they could reach. Ten minutes on though my new found reserves of libido began to recharge and I began to kiss and lick my fire haired behemoth’s corded mass, eventually sliding my again hardening prick against his upper abs.

“You catch up quickly even for someone who is Molded,” Shawn said. “Would you like to play around some more? I can’t wait to fuck that tight little ass of yours.”

I climbed up his body further while working my tongue and mouth up his neck and traps. “It’s tempting but I am very curious about everyone else. How much longer until we get to them?”

“It takes a while to get to the other side of The Forge where they’re at.” I had worked my way up so that we were face to face again. It was then that I saw a big grin spread across his face. “But, I think I know a way to give us both what we want. Get ready to hold on tight.” Shawn grabbed me by the waist and positioned me until the throbbing head of his thick veiny member was pushing at my backdoor. “Are you ready for this?”

Ready? Ever since he teased my asshole with that tongue bath I could feel it throbbing, waiting for more. “Yes.” I said with a breathless anticipation I could barely control.

“Good. When I am all the way inside wrap your arms and legs around me as hard as you can.” Then he leaned down and kissed me deeply. When he broke the kiss he locked his eyes with me and said, “Going down.” With that he pressed firmly but slowly as his thick mushroom head began to part my new tight cheeks and spread my hole apart.

Slowly he lowered me down on to his shaft as an unknown pleasure began radiating through me. All the things we had done before had excited me in ways I could never have imagined, but it all paled in comparison to what I felt now. His touch before had been like a beautiful song touching me in ways I had never felt before. But this? This was a grand symphony hitting me at once with a thousand notes of sensation, reaching a crescendo once he buried himself to the hilt. My eyes rolled back as I released my most powerful volley of cum yet, releasing a flood of cum between us.

When the climax subsided Shawn stroked the back of my head and said, “Wrap your arms and legs around me and don’t let go.” I did as he said and when I had squeezed on tight he began to go forward. He went slowly at first but steadily picked up steam, starting at a slow jaunt, then a regular walk, then light jog, a moderate sprint, and on and on. All the while the increasing motion was causing me to bob up and down on his shaft sending jolts of sexual bliss throughout me, his muscles twisting and writhing against me with their unbelievable power.

Soon, the scenery around us began to just fly by, his speed approaching that of a car on the highway, maybe even faster. I was hard for me to say how much time passed. Caught up as I was in the ebb and flow of my own orgasm, the time seemed like a blur to me. I emptied several more loads, which served to lube the friction between our bodies, adding even more waves of pleasure as my cock grinded against his cum slick abs. Shawn eventually slowed down gradually until we came back to a slow trot eventually stopping in front of a single story stone building with a chimney billowing smoke. Shawn lifted me off of his cock with an audible pop as his head broke the seal around my ass ring. I was so wrapped up in my own orgasms that I didn’t notice that Shawn had cummed another monster load in me, but it was now pouring out of my overloaded ass with his shaft no longer plugging me.

Still in a slight stupor he kissed me gently on the forehead and said, “Hey, are you with me?”

“Sorry, that was…it was, just… wow!” I said while taking deep breaths. Despite the experience I could still feel myself recovering quickly. Which was all for the good since I wanted to be ready to meet the other guys.

“Come on.” Shawn said, “Let’s go introduce you.”

He led me around to the back of the building where there were piles of all sorts of old scrap metal stretching out for nearly a quarter of a mile. Next to a giant 12’ pile of rebar stood a golden skinned giant with his back toward me, which was done in an ornate tattoo. As we got closer the detail became clearer, revealing it to be a writhing orgy of muscular men. Its design seem to be perfectly formed to work with every ripple and bulge of his road map back, make every twitch and flex of his muscle cause to the scene to animate and come alive on his back. Below his back was a round, hard shelf of an ass that also came to life as he moved. I wanted to bury my face in those perfect orbs. He reached out grabbed bundle of about a dozen rebars in his large thick hands, carrying it as a normal man would a bundle of twigs. The scene on his back became even more frantic as he even out the rebar so they fit with all their ends even then began to twist them so the formed a metal rope twisting in perfect, even form until formed a perfect braid. He turned around revealing his East Asian ancestry with a square jawline and full lips. On top of his head was messy mane of hair dyed bright red. He was even more prodigiously hung than Shawn with his thick, veiny, and fully erect member coming almost to the top of his abs. The bronze god walked over to what looked like giant pair of feet and muscular calves about as tall as himself made out of the same rebar, and since he looked a couple of inches taller than Shawn that was at least 7’. He added his latest braid to the statue molding it in so that it looked like muscle fibers. It was going to be huge when it was done.

When we got about ten feet away Shawn yelled out, “Hey Tony, the new guy is here!” Tony turned around and smiled. His grin was filled with such, joy. He was a huge giant hulking monster of a man but if I had to sum my first impressions up in one word it would…playful.

He walked over to me and I nervously stuck out my hand. He let out a boisterous laugh, “Aha ha ha ha ha! I think we can do better than that!” He leaned down and took the back of my head in his massive paw planted his lips on mine. I instantly opened my mouth so he could invade me with his tongue. It was different from Shawn. Where he filled me with a rugged, animalistic passion, Tony’s was filled with mirth. Like the touch and moment we were sharing was causing him such happiness that it couldn’t help but spill over into me. When we separated he looked into my face and while continuing to smile the warm grin said, “The name’s Tony, Tony Ng. Very nice to meet you Paul.”

“The feeling is mutual,” I said smiling right back at him

Shawn piped up, “Tony here is our resident artist.”

“I gathered from the statue. Did you design that back tattoo as well?

“You bet. Do you want a closer look?” Tony said. He turned around to give me the close up view. The detail was even more breathtaking standing so near to it. So many huge and sculpted men, sucking, fucking, grinding, and rubbing against each other. As his back rippled with each breath he took the guys in the tattoo seemed to come to life with each motion. I thought it was an illusion before but they were truly were moving like it was some kind of live orgy. Hands stroked, tongues licked, mouths sucked, and shafts penetrated. I brushed my hand across his back and where I touched the action intensified. Feeling my touch Tony went into a lat spread causing all the men in the scene to go into a frenzy. Watching the scene caused my improved libido to surge again. Just as I thought I was going to blow again Tony dropped out of his lat spread and turn back around to face me.

“How did you make that?”

Tony laughed, “I didn’t. I just designed it. He is the one who actually did it and made it, well, live action.”

“Who is this guy? Wait, don’t tell me. I’ll find out when he gets here.”

Tony grinned at me. “Sorry man. He likes to keep the mystery.” He then began eyeing me up and down. “Wow, you are quite the mess.”

I looked down at myself and realized that I was still covered in the remnants of my time with Shawn. My spunk covering the front of my torso, and his dripping down my legs from the leakage from my ass. “Yeah, I should find someplace to clean up.”

Tony broke out into a naughty smile and said, “No need. Allow me.” With that he put his big beefy hands underneath my arms and lifted me up effortlessly until my stomach was right in front his face. He opened his mouth, extended his tongue and pulled me in until the tip plunged into my navel. He lapped up all the cum that had pooled there and slowly, excruciatingly worked his way up the left side of me working into every nook and crevice of my new washboard abs. The artist in him had truly come out because every flick, swirl and lick of his tongue was like the stroke of a paintbrush. Each one perfectly placed and executed to create a beautiful work of pleasure. He continued his way up spending time teasing my sensitive nipples then creeping his way up my neck until we came face to face and then pulled me in for a deep kiss, parting my mouth and sharing the copious load he had gathered.

I could feel another load on its way, but Tony took one of his hands off to squeeze me at the base of my cock and balls to prevent it. Breaking the kiss he licked and nibbled his way up to my ear and said, “I don’t want you making another mess. Wait until I am done.”

He lifted me back up and repeated with the other side. It was torture holding in my orgasm but I used that improved stamina Shawn told me about and kept myself just from the brink. When he finished Tony flipped me around so my back was toward him. Thrusting me up as far as he could lift me he worked on the cum that had dripped down the back of my legs, taking the long, slow way up like he did before making sure to get into every ripple of my newly jacked legs. When finished my legs he dove into my ass giving me a rim job that all the ones Shawn had given to me combined to shame. He swirled every drop up he could, twisting his tongue against and inside of my hole in ways that shouldn’t have been possible.

At long last I screamed, “Oh god! I can’t take it much longer! I’m going to cum!!”

Tony flipped me again so that I was cradled into his massive arms and in one swift motion lifted me up and inhaled my cock to the base. I immediately blasted my load deep into his mouth, shooting shot after endless shot which he sucked down just as greedily as his did the jizz he had tongue bathed off of me. This was by easily my most powerful climax so far lasting for at least two minutes with pressure of my shots unyielding. When he was sure I had spurted my last spurt he released me from his mouth and brought me in for another long and deep kiss sharing the last of my fresh load as we swirled it around with each other. When pulled back he smiled that bright smile at me again and said, “There. All clean now.”

I was about lean back in for another kiss when a series of grunts and clanking metal caught my attention. “What is that?” I asked Tony.

“Oh, that’s Isaiah. Come on. You should definitely get to know him.”


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