The Porter Men

by Inclytos

The Porters are a family of perfect men, all uniquely perfect in their own way. It’s how it’s always been, right?

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Part 1 The Porters are a family of perfect men, all uniquely perfect in their own way. It’s how it’s always been, right? (added: 15 Oct 2022)
Part 2 Eldest son Brad finds Greg’s tablet in the weight room, with interesting results.
Part 3 After being tended to, Casey now gets his hands on the tablet. What will that mean for the household? (added: 5 Nov 2022)
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Part 1

At the blaring of the alarm, Adam Porter felt himself being pulled back to consciousness. He fought lightly but eventually surrendered to the fact that, as the piercing obnoxious sound was telling him, it was indeed morning.

With a groan he flung his arm wildly to the side, hearing a satisfying crunch before the alarm subsided. But it was no use, he was definitely awake.

He rubbed his face with his hands, feeling the stubble that seemed to perpetually inhabit his face before finally surrendering and opening his eyes. He was mildly surprised to find himself alone in bed, a rarity these days.

Shaking off the last vestiges of sleep, he rose and made his way towards the bathroom. For a brief moment he found himself reaching to take off his pajamas before he stopped and lightly chided himself. He never wore pajamas; he slept better naked. Hell, he didn’t even own a pair.

Splashing some water on his face, he cast his steely grey eyes over his reflection in the mirror. At 52 he could freely admit, he was a damn sexy sight. His luxurious blonde hair had only just started to gain some gray, with a little more threading itself through the stubble coating his sharp, lantern jaw.

In addition to the stubble, a well-groomed mustache sat atop his lip, framing a smile that would put even the most attractive movie stars to shame. More and more he thought he should take up those modeling offers, squeeze them in between his lectures at the university.

Of course, with how big the rest of his body was it’s not like he had to worry about being asked to do runways. His 6’2” body was packed with over 260 pounds of beautiful, sculpted muscle, with thick pecs that practically bounced when he walked and 20 inch biceps that were constantly bursting through his dress shirts. Many of students and fellow faculty had been the victims of flying shirt buttons when he got a bit too exuberant, though strangely none of them ever complained. In fact, the fronts of his lectures were always crowded with students who seemed almost giddy when it happened, exposing his voluptuous, hairy pecs to the world.

Much like his face, with its perpetual 5 o’clock shadow, his pecs seemed to be forever covered in a carpet of soft, wiry chest hair. Although, curiously, there wasn’t a spec of hair anywhere else on his body. He often got complements on his grooming when he went shirtless, which he graciously accepted. The fact he didn’t have to do much was his own fun little secret.

Adam chuckled to himself and scratched at his left pec, then feeling a little naughty he reached up and tweaked his nipple, enjoying the ripple of pleasure it elicited in him. At the stimulation, he felt a bead of wetness form at the end of his erect cock. It was a rare thing to find it not erect, at an impressive 9 inches long, 6 inches around, it was pretty much always hard and ready for action. Adam grinned as he watched it bob in front of him like a divining rod, as if leading him to the next hole to sink itself into.

Suddenly Adam was surprised by a little tingle at the base of his spine. Nothing serious, and it was gone before he even really noticed it was there. He grunted and shook himself slightly, allowing his 12 inch long, 8 inch thick cock to bounce around a little, knocking against the cold granite countertop and eliciting another shiver.

Adam quickly performed his morning ablutions before he headed out of the bathroom. He noticed the broken remains of the alarm clock and laughed at himself. Only a select few people knew how strong he really was, that his big muscles were well and good, but that he needed to be benching fully loaded SUVs if he really wanted a good workout. He made a mental note to replace it before heading down the hall. Time to wake the boys.

Leaving the master bedroom, he first gently knocked on the door of his eldest son, Brad. Getting nothing back, Adam poked his head in to find the room empty. He frowned before he remembered that Brad had said he was spending the night at his fiancé’s. Adam wasn’t sure that 23 was really old enough to have a fiancé, but he couldn’t deny that when Brad and Ben had met last month as competitors at the regional bodybuilding finals, sparks had flown. Brad took home first place, and Ben took home Brad. Adam felt his heart swell as he thought of the beautiful wedding they had planned in 2 weeks, and how excited he was to walk his eldest down the aisle in his snow white jockstrap.

He crossed the hall to rap on the door of his second, Casey. A lazy grunt answered his knock. Entering, Adam found his second son in his bed, both hands firmly grasped around his dick and jacking for all its worth.

“How’s it going, kiddo?” Adam asked, watching as Casey slowed slightly to talk to him.

“Not bad dad, I’ve got one, maybe two more in me before I get up.” Casey reported, as if talking about the weather. Adam took a second to admire what his boy was packing. Out of all the Porter men, Casey far and away had the largest cock. An astonishing 18 inches long and as thick as a liter of soda, it was truly a mythic beast that needed almost constant attention. Adam was proud of his son for not letting such a gift rule his life; Casey was in his Junior year of film school at the university, with dreams of directing high-class porno. Stuff with real plot and substance, in addition to hot guys banging the fuck out of each other.

“Call out if you need a hand, son,” Adam told him, smiling as Casey picked up the pace.

“Of course, dad, I’ll holler,” Casey nodded as Adam returned to the hallway. As he moved down he head a long, mighty roar as Casey brought himself to orgasm. Adam made another mental note to tell the maid to pay extra attention to Casey’s room today.

He was about to knock at the door of his third son, Dan, before a din of grunts, moans, and pleas reached him. Dan must have snuck his boyfriend Ji in again. Ji was an exchange student from Osaka. His parents had sent him to the US to study bodybuilding and sexual technique, after observing his natural talent at a young age. Dan had been his long time tutor before adding the role of devoted boyfriend into the mix. Now almost a decade later, at age 20, Ji was considered among the top young bodybuilders and sexual athletes in the world, with Dan right alongside him pushing and coaching every step of the way. Adam chuckled and pulled away from the door. He often told Dan that Ji wasn’t allowed to spend the night, but at least once or twice a week he’d look in to find the Japanese giant pounding Dan through a mattress, with Dan swearing he was just doing extra training.

As Adam moved down the hall, the tingle at the base of his spine returned. Again he shrugged it off, and took a second to admire his reflection in the glass housing one of his countless works of rare and priceless art. He ran his hands through his shoulder length, jet black hair, frowning for a brief moment. For some strange reason he had a wild thought that his hair was blonde, but that was ridiculous. People sometimes compared him to Fabio, with the hair and the muscles and the overall raw sex appeal. The comparison always made him laugh. He was better than Fabio.

At the second to last door, his knock again went unanswered so he looked in at the still dark room.

“Up and at ‘em, boys! Sleepy time is over,” he said to the two sleeping forms, a little louder than strictly necessary. The room’s twin bed was, appropriately, occupied by twins Edward and Franklin. Both competitive freshmen swimmers at the university, the two had been nicknamed the Twin Torpedos for how they moved in the water. They were called that out of the water for their almost uncanny ability to move and fuck in perfect unison. Watching them fuck one another was a true sight to see, with such complete trust in the other meaning they would accomplish feats most others would find either too intimidating, or too physically taxing. Several times Adam had offered to get them a larger bed, but he was always turned down. They liked being this close, and they were going to stay this close.

“Eddy, Frankie, gotta get up now,” Adam repeated. From the bed, he earned a grunt of acknowledgment from Frankie, and a thumbs up from Eddy, who then promptly snapped his hips into his sleepy twin, who responded with another grunt. If Adam had to guess, he would have bet every dollar he had that the two brothers had slept as they always did, with one of their cocks buried in the other’s ass.

Adam left the door open, as much to listen to the burgeoning morning sex as to get them up, as he made his way to the final door. He was a bit surprised to find Greg already had his door cracked and the light on. Knocking gently he pushed the door open to see his youngest at his desk, fiddling with some tablet.

Although he would absolutely never admit it, not even under the most inhumane torture one could imagine, at his very core Adam always felt a slight twinge of disappointment in his youngest son. Unlike his brothers, he wasn’t athletic or socially motivated. He was definitely the smartest out of all of them, no question there, and, Adam thought, 16 isn’t really too late to start developing himself, not with Porter genetics. He was really just short, and scrawny, with much of his face being taken up by large wire rim glasses. Although he lived in a house full of peak examples of gay male excellence, Greg seemed happiest tinkering with his various electronics. Still though, he was a cute little guy, and Adam was sure he’d be able to become a real late blooming star.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Greg Porter looked up from his tablet at the sound of the door opening and his mouth dropped. Holy shit, holy shit, that was all that his mind could comprehend. It worked, it really fucking worked! When he’d first read about the unfinished program in the deepest parts of the internet, he thought it was for sure some prank, or someone’s insane fantasy.

Still though, the idea struck something in him. So he started to do what he did best, he started tinkering. And tinkering. And then ywo years of straight tinkering. Until, finally, in the early hours of this morning, he’d put shaky hands on the finished tablet. He’d started small, just to prove to himself it was all real, changing the color of his eyes from muddy brown to slate gray, and then slowly had gotten bolder and bolder until he’d gotten completely lost in the intoxicating haze that came from shaping the world around you.

And now he was staring at a man pulled directly from the depths of his most depraved fantasies.

“You okay there, kid?” he heard the man’s voice rumble. The kind of voice that could either stroke your cheek or rattle your bones. A voice built to command legions, or just one. And it was coming out of his brilliant, beautiful, sex god of a father.

Who was currently moving towards him naked with a jutting erection.


The sex god put his hand on Greg’s shoulder and it was as if time suddenly snapped back into focus with enough force to practically throw Greg back in his seat.

“Oh, um, yeah. Yeah, sorry dad, sorry I was just, a little, you know.” Greg fumbled for words, eyes seeming unable to land on any one part of his huge fathers appearance, yet always darting back to the missile between his legs.

Adam let out a low rumbling chuckle.

“It’s okay, boy. Spent a little too much time tinkering too early again, huh?”

Greg looked up into his father’s eyes before thinking back to the tablet. He wasn’t an idiot, he knew that his father always viewed him as lesser than his brothers. Before, when they were a family of lower middle class homophobic jocks, barely scraping by on his father’s High School English teacher salary and Brads minimum wage gas station job, there wasn’t an attempt to hide the disappointment in the young runt. The nerd, the wimp, the fag.

All he wanted was to belong to a family who loved him, to a father who was proud of him. And so he built his perfect family, with the perfect version of his father looking down on him. And now, here he was, with pride so clearly etched on his father face, with happy memories of his brothers replacing the old shitty ones.

He remembered helping Brad practice his posing, hanging off his eldest brother’s bicep as Brad lovingly kissed him, instead of the daily beatings after he got home from work. He remembered helping jack off Casey, learning techniques to turn him into an expert cocksucker that could take his elephant-hung big brother all the way to the root, instead of being forced to clean his room. He remembered sitting on the bed, watching Ji fuck Dan with abandon with Dan all the while teaching Greg the best sexual techniques, instead of being mercilessly teased for sprouting a woody at pictures of Henry Cavill shirtless. And he remembered being sandwiched in between Eddy and Frankie as they expertly fucked him in perfect tandem, not being made to do their homework for their entire high school careers.

Here he was loved, he was fulfilled, he was valued. And yet still, as he looked into his father’s eyes, he saw that tiny twinge of disappointment his father tried so hard to hide.

He had his last round of changes all keyed up on the tablet before his father had opened his door. All set and ready to go. All he needed to do was hit enter.

“Yeah dad. I’m almost done. I just need to do one more thing.” Greg turned back to the tablet. Just before he hit enter, he impulsively went and turned off his own awareness. Who needed to remember the old way of life?

Suddenly Greg felt like he was coming out of a fog, like he’d been sleep walking and now was suddenly being awoken. He felt an arm come around his waist as he swayed slightly.

“Whoa, Greg, you okay, little man?” Greg heard his father ask, filled with concern. He shook his head to clear away the last of the mist and saw he was in one of the home gyms. Why did he think he was in a bedroom?

He put a hand on his father’s huge bicep. He always felt so small, so dainty next to his enormous daddy. Which, in all fairness, he was. He was over a foot shorter at 5’1” and less than half his size at 120 pounds of thin, but defined muscle. Behind him his ass swelled out like twin halves of a basketball, looking almost oversized on his tiny frame, but they were firm and strong, and made any pants he put on look like painted sex.

As he looked back into his father’s eyes, all he saw was concern and a deep, unyielding love for him. The final new memory slid in to place of his father taking his virginity on his 16th birthday, expertly using his massive tool to bring pleasure the likes of which Greg had never even dreamt. All of them had been gifted like this on their 16th birthdays, but this time, something clicked. Suddenly they were no longer father and son, but deeply bonded lovers. From then on, Greg and Adam spent every night together, and as much of the day as they could with one another. It was spiritual, it was eternal, and it had happily consumed them both.

With a little laugh, Greg remembered that once, this had indeed been his bedroom. But now that he’d moved in with his daddy to the master, they’d quickly transformed this room into an extra weight room. That’s why he was in here, he wanted to get some squats in early to make his booty all the better for daddy.

“I’m okay, sir, guess that last rep was just a little too much for me.”

“Good, that’s a good boy. You’re such a good boy for trying to surprise me by working out early.” Adam bent down and kissed the top of Greg’s head, pausing a moment to smell the sent of sweat and shampoo.

“I just wanted to make you proud sir.”

“I know kiddo, and you do. You make me so incredibly proud. I love you so much.” Adam moved from the top of Greg’s head to capture his mouth in a toe curling kiss.

“And I love you Dad, more than anything.” Greg said into the kiss, and was rewarded by being pulled tight against his fathers chiseled torso, very much aware of the rock hard cock between them. Adam pulled back and looked his boy in the eyes, his own sparking with desire.

“What say we go back to our room and you can tend to what you left behind little man?”

Greg beamed and wrapped his hands around his father’s mighty pole, tablet long forgotten on the weight bench behind him.

“Anything for daddy.”


Part 2

Brad pulled his Porsche into the courtyard of the Porter mansion, a tired but happy smile on his handsome face. He and Ben had spent most of the night alternating between fucking and last minute wedding details. Everything was going to be perfect, and even if it wasn’t, what did he care? He was going to be married to the man of his dreams, everything else was bullshit.

He unfolded himself from the sports car and stretched his 6’1”, 230lb frame. The car had been a gift from his father after winning his first junior title as a teen. He’d been fucked by his dad for the first time on the hood, and then fucked his first boyfriend on the trunk. The first time Ben had blown him was driving home from their second date in this car, and then he’d proposed to Brad in the afterglow. He loved this car, but damn, getting in and out of it was a labor of love at his size.

Brad walked into the house and quickly pulled off his shirt. He didn’t really enjoy wearing any kind of shirts, only doing so when out in public where going shirtless was generally frowned upon. Though as he passed by one of the many full length, antique mirrors dotting the house, he paused and struck a quick pose. Admiring the impressive curve of his biceps and smooth expanse of his chest, he smugly thought that not many would really complain if he just ditched shirts all together.

He smirked and tucked his shirt into his back pocket before he started for the stairs. He really wanted to get in a shower before he started his first work out.

Before he reached the top of the stairs, the sounds of morning sex reached him. He grinned as he listened, trying to match the moans with the people.

Deep and verbal, with lots of pleas for more? That’s Dan and Ji.

Slightly higher pitched, but at perfectly spaced intervals? Eddy and Frankie, definitely.

Lots and lots of moaning, one high one low? Sounds like Dad and Greg.

Which meant the sudden string of expletives could only belong to Casey.

Brad laughed to himself as he made his way towards his room, the sounds getting louder as he went. He fucking loved living in a house filled with sex. Maybe he should talk to Ben about moving in here after the wedding. After all, his fiancé was always saying that he should be closer with Brad’s family.

As he passed by the twins’ room, he took a second to marvel through their open door at the impressive positions they could bend themselves into while they fucked. Even as their big brother, when they tangled themselves together like that it was impossible for him to tell where one twin started and the other stopped, or indeed which twin was which.

Such was his fixation on trying to figure out who was who, that he completely forgot to watch where he was going and slammed into what felt like a wall of flesh.

“Shit!” Brad yelled as he was thrown off balance, only to be steadied by a large hand on his shoulder. The smell of cum and sweat and an under oder of something sweet assaulted him as he looked to see the hulking frame of Ji in the middle of the hallway.

Some of the cockiness Brad felt earlier drained away. Although he was 3 years younger, Ji was a full 55 pounds heavier. And that much mass on a frame the same height as Brad meant that if Brad was big, Ji was a certifiable giant.

“Sorry dude,” Brad apologized as Ji just stood there silently staring at him. He shook himself and waited for Ji to take his hulking hand of his shoulder.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally Brad cleared his throat.

“So, um, yeah. Thanks.” A few more seconds passed. “Where where’s Dan?”

Finally, with a grunt, Ji removed his hand.


“Ah.” More silence. “And you’re doing?”

“Wanted a shower.” Ji shrugged.

Brad nodded. In the 10 years Dan and Ji had been friends (and in the 9 years they’d been boyfriends), Brad didn’t think he’d ever gotten more than 5 words strung together from the kid. Dan obviously adored him but, to be honest, beyond the body Brad didn’t see much appeal.

“Well, okay. Cool. I’ll, you know, let you do that.”

Ji gave a slight tilt of his head, apparently meant to indicate a nod, before he moved towards the bathroom. His super broad frame forcing Brad to push his own sizable body to the side of the already extra wide hall.

As he passed, Brad noticed the 8 inch flaccid cock swinging between the hulk’s legs. He felt another familiar twinge of inadequacy as he was reminded that Ji was also a world class sexual beast with a cock as big soft as he was hard.

Brad mentally kicked himself. So what if Ji was bigger than him? There were in totally different weight classes, so they’d never have to compete directly with the other. Plus, they were both in loving, committed relationships, and Ben loved what was between Brads legs. That was all that mattered.

And, anyway, Ji was an outlier. Against all other measurements Brad was a huge fucking stud.

He looked back to see Ji grunt slightly as he turned to fit better through the bathroom door. Then he looked across the hall at the small weight room. Maybe his shower could wait a little bit.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Walking into the room, the familiar smell of a workout greeted him and immediately calmed him down. This was exactly what he needed. He needed to get all thoughts of Ji and of inadequacy out of his head and work him back to where he was an hour ago. Blissfully happy and cocksure of himself.

And if he didn’t have the well fucked love of his life curled up next to him to help him feel that way, then the next best thing was a good pump.

He would start in here, just to clear his head, and then move downstairs to the Olympic class gym that made up the home’s basement. That would give him a real workout, followed by some vigorous fucking with his dad and brothers. Hell, maybe he’d even call Ben over so he could finally sample the rest of the Porter men!

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I’ll do,” Brad muttered before his eyes were drawn to a tablet that had been left propped against the squat rack.

He picked it up curiously, flipping it over to see if there were any kind of identifying marks or maybe a name, but found nothing. Not even a brand name.

Flipping it back around, the screen suddenly turned on and Brad was greeted with a full length, nude 3D model of his youngest brother.

“The hell is this thing?” he muttered before seeing his name on a tab at the top of the screen. Tapping it, his own 3D model popped up, fully nude, with a row of unlabeled sliders all over the place.

He moved one and watched as pecs of the model on screen suddenly ballooned outwards.

Brad laughed, this was some kind of workout visualization software. Probably something Greg had worked up for the whole family to use, judging by the other tabs for his dad and brothers. There were even ones for Ji and Ben on here!

Brad smiled lovingly and shook his head. His genius kid brother was so cute, he loved him so much. When Ben came by later, they’d need to take some time to have an extra special three way with him.

Looking at his model with the enlarged pecs, he laughed and then tilted his head a bit. He didn’t mind how they looked, actually they looked pretty good! Just maybe he needed to bump up the rest of him a bit.

Workout momentarily forgotten, he sat down on the weight bench and started playing around with the different sliders, discovering which ones did what.

Gradually he sculpted a version of himself, but one that looked almost comical. The model’s arms were now 25 inches around, with a chest that was definitely approaching 100 inches, but high and firm, almost creating a shelf like look of pec boobs.

His legs also thickened, until each thigh was bigger than his waist, which he’d shrunk down to a measly 36 inches. Although from his waist his hips and ass ballooned out until they were proportional with the massive jugs on his top half.

Brad had even discovered the ability to zoom in on the face, and gave himself a hilarious set of pumped up lips and cheekbones.

Finally, scrolling down, he found a set of sliders for his cock and balls. Remembering Ji and his huge equipment, Brad let his jealousy get the better of him and slowly began sliding his junk bigger and bigger until it was almost as impractically large as his brother Casey’s.

Looking at the model, he felt smugly satisfied, if maybe just a little foolish. He knew it was stupid to be jealous of something he couldn’t control.

He laughed at the model he’d created, and then a little at himself. Maybe he’d needed that, to really get his head on straight. Something to make him laugh and feel a little prideful in.

“Fuck it, it’s time to get this pump on.” Brad shook his head and stood up. Only he didn’t realize from leaning on his leg that it had dozed off a bit, causing him to stumble as he rose and accidentally grasp the screen of the tablet.

Suddenly the world felt as though it shifted, and everything was hazy.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Brad shook his head to clear out the fuzz. Fuck he felt weird.

Like something had been sucked from his head and put into his chest.

He rubbed his head, struggling a bit on account of his giant arms, before his hands moved to their usual resting spot, cupping his enormous basketball sized pecs.

Moving a little gingerly, he went to take a good look at himself in the mirror. He still looked exactly the same.

Same 25 inch biceps, same tiny fucking waist, and then the same giant bazookas that made up his award winning pecs and ass.

Even his little 2 inch dick and radish balls were still just as he remembered, tucked away in a pair of booty shorts stretched tight enough over his prodigious ass to almost look like a thong.

He giggled and bounced a bit, allowing his massive jugs to bounce too, each movement sending waves of pleasure not to his dicklet, but straight to his asshole. He let out a breathy moan before blowing himself a kiss from his incredible DSLs. Everyone always thought they were full of collegian but nope! Just like the rest of him they were all natural!

A faint beep drew his attention to where he’d dropped the tablet. Carefully bending to pick it up, years of practice insuring he didn’t fall, he looked to see a notice on the screen.

“Warning: Additional modifications made to accommodate changes. Please adjust accordingly.”

Brad pouted. He really only understood what a few of those words meant, and even then he was unsure what it was trying to say.

If he’d been able to understand, he would have found that when he’d accidentally grabbed the tablet surface, his fingers had moved the sliders for genital size and IQ almost to the bottom, the libido slider almost to the top, and his pinky had hit “Execute” without turning awareness back on.

He was now little more than a big, dumb, ridiculously horny himbo who was only smart enough to know 3 things, lift, fuck, and family.

Brad shrugged. He’d just ask his beautiful fiancé Benny to help him out later, when he came over to fuck Brad silly before he helped him to prepare for the next competition. Because Brad was still a bodybuilder, but now instead of being like Ji, he was a world renowned Titman Champion.

Another sudden explosion of expletives rang down the hallway and distracted Brad. That sounded like Casey!

As quickly as he could, Brad hurried down the hall, his tits and ass jiggling as he did, so that by the time he reached his brothers room, he was desperate for release.

He pushed open the door to find the familiar sight of cum dripping down the ceiling above Casey’s bed, his mammoth cock an angry red and looking about ready to blow.

“Oh fucking holy fuck shit fuck fuck!” Casey screamed from where he lay, his hands laying spread out at his sides, worn out from jerking all morning.

“Oh Casey! Hang on little brother, I know just what to do!” Brad yelled, as his brother turned his face to him, his expression a contorted mix of pain and pleasure.

Brad clambered onto the bed, dropping the tablet he’d still been holding, and in one well practiced move, shoved his brother’s giant, throbbing appendage between his prodigious pecs, and took the huge head in his mouth.

Casey groaned in agonizing ecstasy as his older brother expertly titty fucked him and sucked him off at the same time. He was so on edge that after barely 10 minutes of this he let out a bellow before unleashing his biggest load of the morning.

Brad was practiced enough to see the warning signs just in time to pull off his brother’s cock head, getting blasted full in the face with a firehose of seed. The geyser blew all over Brads face, his pecs, and even making it on to his luscious ass before his mouth clamped back down on the spewing slit and he drank every last drop that Casey had to give.

Finally, once the flow had subsided, Brad pulled off his brother and released his cock from its pec hold, allowing it to finally grow soft and flop across Casey’s midsection.

“Jesus fuck, thanks big bro. I really fucking needed that today,” he panted.

Brad just grinned down at him like the happy, horny idiot he was. “Of course little bro, I’ll always help you out! That’s what having a big slut for and older brother means!”

He climbed off Casey’s bed before checking his pockets for something to wipe himself off with. It’s times like these he wished he wore some kind of tops, but his voluptuous pecs and arms coupled with his itty bitty waist meant that there really wasn’t anything he could put on. Anyways, champion Titmen like him, by law, were not allowed to where shirts. Daddy had looked so proud when the so called “Brad Porter Law” had been signed into effect, and had fucked Brad all night long in celebration.

“Towels in the top drawer, bro,” Casey panted from the bed. That last one had really taken the wind out of him.

“That’s okay, Case! I think I was gonna take a shower anyways before Benny comes over.” Brad grinned dopily at his brother before he bounded out of the room.

Back in his bedroom, he dug out his phone and snapped a pic of his cum covered face to send to Benny. His fiancé sent back three fire emojis and an image of his rock hard cock, which made Brad glow with happiness before he uploaded to his thriving OF.

Hey boys, look who just had a giant protein shake for breakfast #titmendoitbetter


Part 3

Back in his room, Casey lay back in bed, breathing heavily, one arm flung over his eyes and the other laying limply off the side of the bed. Jesus fuck that had been one hell of a cum!

Ever since he’d realized how often he needed to tend to his cock, he’d become extremely familiar with the sensation of cumming literal buckets daily. He’d grown used to the incredible pleasure that came from stroking such a huge organ, not to mention the indescribable bliss that came with every orgasm, and had learned how to deal with it without loosing himself to the euphoria. But even still, every now and again there was a session that absolutely knocked him flat.

Smiling dumbly to himself he managed to raise his hand to rest on the sleeping monster that lay across his torso, the head leaking the last bit of jizz onto his firm pecs. Even when it was asleep, he could feel the power of his mighty tool coursing just below the surface, always ready to awaken and dominate again.

He lay there for a few minutes, before using all his strength to gather himself to rise. His legs felt like rubber (“All three of them,” his brain supplied, making him grin at the corniness), but he managed to make it to the en-suite, even if he did feel a bit like a drunken sailor. His now soft 15 inches swung happily, knocking into his firm, toned legs as he went.

He’d managed to convince his dad and brothers that he’d needed the room with the connected bathroom, using the excuse that he needed to clean off more than they did. There had been some light hearted grumbling, but Casey had appeased them by offering himself up on the dining room table with his legs crossed behind his head, thanks to some good old Porter flexibility, and his mighty cock rising above him like an obelisk. Somewhere between the twins DPing him while he sucked Greg off, and Brad being guided down his shaft by dad and Dan, they’d all come around to his request.

He grabbed a towel and wiped off his tight, chiseled torso. He wasn’t as big as his father or even Dan, never mind his brother Brad, but he was bigger than his baby brother Greg or the twins’ swimmers builds. Instead, Casey looked like he came direct from an Abercrombie & Fitch ad, with firm, pronounced pecs, defined abs, and swollen, tantalizing biceps. The added benefit of carrying around his telephone pole of a cock meant that his legs and ass were beautifully defined, as if to perfectly frame his prized asset.

Completing the package, Casey’s face was stunningly chiseled with mesmerizing blue-grey eyes and a strong, clean shaven jaw, all topped with a stylishly messy mop of jet black hair. His friends at school jokingly referred to him as Michelangelo, because of his uncanny resemblance to the artists famed sculpture. All those modeling gigs his father had so far passed on, Casey has gladly taken up, with photographers eager to highlight his beautiful face and titanic bulge. There was no doubt that in a house full of incredibly handsome men, Casey was simply a cut above the rest.

Casey winked at himself in the mirror before shooting his reflection a kiss. Yeah, he had an ego, a deserved one in his opinion. He couldn’t help being this beautiful, with a body this perfect, or a cock this magnificent. Plus, he was fucking smart. Okay, maybe not as smart as Greg or his dad, but he was still the best student in his class, and he was gonna be famous. The modeling was fun, and it was good publicity, but that was only a starting point. He was gonna create the most amazing, sluttiest, sexiest pornos the world had ever seen. Classy stuff, with plot and real acting and emotions, before leading into the hottest fucking ever put on film. Best of all, he wouldn’t even need to be in front of the camera to do it, although god knows he’d be an instant sensation. He loved his family deeply, but none of them really understood that Casey was going to become something bigger. He was going to be a star.

He flexed a bit in the mirror, his cock giving a little lurch as he felt himself getting turned on at his reflection.

“Yeah, that’s right. You like that, don’t you boy?” Casey grinned, his hand resting on the slowly stirring monster. He liked to imagine he could feel his balls, each the size of a volleyball, start to churn with cum, eager to replace the loads he’d already let loose. “Gonna be a star.”

With a fair bit of reluctance he pulled his hand away from his cock before it really started up. He’d already shot off 4 times this morning, and if he continued he knew he’d loose himself to the nonstop pleasure his beast could bring him. Hearing a quick knock and then the door to his room open, his grin widened. He knew exactly who it was.

He returned to his bedroom to find Patrick, the maid. All the employees in the mansion were male, the last female to enter the house had been the boy’s mother. Although that was so long ago that none of them, not even Adam, really had any memory of who she was or what she looked like. Adam always said it was just as though one day he’d been married, and then the next he wasn’t, with nothing to remember his wife but his 6 beautiful boys. There wasn’t really any rule against any of them fooling around with the staff, but it almost felt a little bit taboo, even for the Porter men. So that line was very rarely, if ever, crossed.

Not that this ever stopped Casey from enjoying himself. He wasn’t used to people resisting him, be it fucking his perfect ass or servicing his god tier cock. If he wanted to fuck or be fucked by someone, he was almost never refused. That is, except among the mansion staff, which meant all Casey could really do was tease them to see which one of them would finally cross the line. Of all the men at the Porter mansion, Casey’s absolute favorite target to tease had always been Patrick.

Much like Casey himself, Patrick could be considered a cut above the other staff when it came to good looks. He had a beautiful jawline, sparkling green eyes, and a perfectly groomed mane of red hair, just long enough to tickle the tops of the thick traps and broad shoulders that stretched his uniform deliciously. Casey often thought he was more in league with the Porter men than anything else, and one of his favorite things to fantasize about was what Patrick looked like out of that uniform. Judging by the way his vest clung to his chest, his white button down stretched around his arms, and his black suit pants hugged his supple ass, it was pretty obvious he was stacked. Not to mention the impressive bulge that would run down his leg whenever Casey teased him.

But perhaps the real reason that Casey liked Patrick was that, more than anyone else, Patrick knew how to play ball. Instead of sputtering and blushing like a fool, scurrying away without ever meeting his eyes, Patrick would stare him down and tease him right back, as if he knew full well what Casey thought about most when tending to his massive erections. Pointed words, subtle touches, and sly glances all served to excite and frustrate Casey to no end.

“Well good morning Patrick, nice to see you finally getting to work.” Casey smirked as Patrick started mopping up the large amount of fresh cum on his bedroom floor. Patrick just looked up at him and matched him smirk for smirk.

“Good morning, Mister Casey. Apologies, I was just in the kitchen helping the cook handle a very large sausage. He needed an extra set of hands to get it to the right spot.”

“We’re having sausage for breakfast?”


Casey huffed and walked over to lay back on the bed, swaying his hips to let his now quarter hard cock swing more prominently between his legs.

“I don’t know why you would bother helping the cook with his sausage. We both know there’s a much better option right in front of you.” He lay on his side and let his cock flop onto the bed, slowly and deliberately thickening.

“I don’t know, Mister Casey.” Patrick deliberately never let his sparking gaze drop, and even ran his tongue over his lips, the bastard. “The cook definitely knows how to handle his really big sausages. And how to get the best out of them.”

Casey scoffed and rolled his eyes. Patrick let out a small breath of a laugh at having not broken eye contact first before his foot knocked against something. He looked down to see a grey, nondescript tablet laying on the floor, somehow cum stain free.

“Is this yours, Mister Casey?” he asked, holding it out to the young man.

Casey knitted his brows and reached out for it, his fingers brushing Patrick’s as he grabbed it. A familiar zing went up his spine, and along his cock.

“No, I don’t think so. It doesn’t look familiar.”

He turned it over before the screen blinked to life, suddenly displaying a naked model of himself.

“The fuck is this?” Casey muttered. Patrick looked over curiously, but Casey just waved him off, too engrossed in the tablet to care.

He moved the model around with his fingers, every inch and bulge was right, with the sliders alongside being absolutely correct as well!

Suddenly the tablet pinged. ‘New Target Detected.’

Before Casey even knew how to respond, his own model went away, only to be replaced with a full length nude model of Patrick!

Casey’s mouth fell open just a little. His gaze quickly darted to Patrick, who had started on getting the excess splooge off Casey’s ceiling, before returning to the screen. If all of the information about him had been accurate, then it stood to reason that everything displayed about Patrick would be correct as well!

Jesus Christ Casey needed to concentrate hard as he looked over the model of the man in front of him. God he was almost more perfect that he’d imagined! 6’1”, 195 pounds of thick muscle, a light dusting of hair across his pecs and a treasure trail leading to a cock that was impressive enough to at 9.5 inches, but then extraordinarily thick at a full 9 inches around! Casey could almost feel how much that thing would stretch out his already well stretched ass, a thought that had his monster cock lurching towards hardness, in-spite of Casey’s concentration.

“What’re you looking at there that’s got you so excited?”

Casey’s head shot up to see Patrick leaning against his mop, his eyes curious and flashing with desire. Ordinarily such a sight would have Casey flinging back a witty retort, but now that me knew just what was hiding under that too tight uniform, he found his mouth going uncharacteristically dry.

“Fine,” Patrick shrugged after a moment. “Don’t tell me. Guess I’ll just get back to work.”

He bent down to wring the mop into his bucket, letting Casey get an eyeful of his luscious ass stretch the fabric of his pants to near failure.

The fucker.

Casey looked at the sliders, before coming to rest on a box that simply said, ‘Mental Changes.’

‘Maybe it’s like a wishlist, or a motivator to do things,’ Casey reasoned as he started typing things into the box. Stupid stuff really, just stuff the would think about from time to time, stuff he would sometimes imagine Patrick doing in his more “intense” moments.

Casey smiled and shook his head. It was just a silly model, probably dreamed up by Patrick himself to get him to tell him what Casey really wanted. It was just another turn in their game. He chucked and hit “Submit.”

It was all silly really.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The buzzing in Casey’s head subsided slowly as he refocused on the sight in front of him.

“Mmmm, yeah. You like this, Master?” Patrick moaned, jerking his thick cock as he sat in the chair across from the foot of Casey’s bed. His uniform jockstrap was around his ankles while his collar and cuffs, the only other parts of his uniform, were askew. With each pump of his cock his beefy pecs jiggled and his mouth hung open, panting on the verge of orgasm.

Casey was enraptured by the sight, his own cock at its full 18 inches and leaking above him. This was always his favorite part of the day.

“Good, that’s good, slave. Fuck, I love watching you jerk yourself to me.”

“Oh yes, Master, I love jerking my cock to the sight of your beautiful body and humongous dick,” Patrick groaned. He wouldn’t orgasm until his master told him to, which meant he was constantly teetering right on the brink, just where Casey liked him.

“Yeah, that’s right. Now come over here and do your job!” Casey ordered. Immediately Patrick sprung to his feet and bounded over to Casey’s bed, wrapping his arms around the magnificent boner in front of him. Using his whole body, he began jerking Casey off with strong, well-practiced motions, the warm mounds of his pecs, strong bulges of his biceps, and the soft hair of his chest and treasure trail working together to drive his beloved master wild.

“Shit, fuck, stick your cock in me while you do that slave. I wanna feel your thick fucking dick inside me when I cum.”

“Yes master.” Patrick nodded without hesitation before thrusting into Casey with one stroke. Pain and pleasure exploded behind Casey’s eyes. Despite being gifted Patrick as his own personal cock slave on his 18th birthday, his ass still never quite got used to taking such a monstrously thick intruder, and Casey really hoped it never would.

As a well-seasoned cock slave who had spent the last 3 years tending to one of the greatest cocks in the world, Patrick knew just how to bring Casey to completion while giving them both the maximum amount of pleasure possible.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, here it comes, fuck! Cum with me slave!” Casey cried as he began to shoot thick ropes of hot cum all over the room. Patrick was all too happy to oblige, depositing his own hefty load right up his master’s ass.

The shower went on for several minutes before tapering off, leaving the room just as messy as when Patrick had started cleaning this morning.

“Hehe, damn slave. I wasn’t planning on another round, but you sure know how to press the right buttons,” Casey chuckled.

“Was I not supposed to? Did you not like it? Oh god I’m so sorry, master!” Patrick wailed before Casey put a hand on his thigh.

“No slave, you were fine. It’s my fault for not letting you release last night like you needed to. Now, pull out of me and me clean up. Then, once the room is spotless, you can suck on my cock while I finish editing my assignment for class today.”

Patrick’s face brightened and he quickly did as he was told, his thick cock making a pop as it left Casey’s ass. He began quickly licking all the cum from his master’s body, his main source of nutrients, and finished in record time. Once clean, Casey rolled out of bed, not even really registering he was still holding the tablet.

“You get started on the room, I’ve got to grab my laptop from downstairs.”

“But master, what about that tablet?” Patrick asked and almost immediately looked down, ashamed at having questioned his master. Casey looked annoyed at Patrick before looking even more annoyed at realizing he was still holding the tablet. What the heck was this thing?

“Never mind that, just do your job,” Casey snapped before leaving the room, his slaves load dribbling out of his ass.

He looked over the blank tablet as he made his was down the hall, not really watching where he was going, before running smack into what felt like a damp mountain. He swore and dropped the tablet before looking up to see Ji coming out of the bathroom wrapped in nothing but a short towel, huge muscles still glistening with water droplets. For such a massive beast, he moved like a fucking ghost sometimes!

“Watch where you’re going, dude!” Casey grunted before continuing down the hall in search of his laptop.

He was unaware of the long stare Ji leveled at him as he watched Casey go, before he picked up the dropped tablet and returned to Dan’s room.

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