by Mr. X

In this epic story, the transformative powers of a certain substance are tested by a couple of very horny guys.

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Part 1 In this epic story, the transformative powers of a certain substance are tested by a couple of very horny guys. (added: 1 Oct 2009)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8 In celebration of his promotion Peter holds a pool party at which there are a few tights speedos straining against their prodigious contents.
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13 Peter replaces his useless VP on a cushy business trip, and brings along the VP’s cute assistant, Colin.
Part 14
Part 15 After a fierce workout, Mackey unwinds in the showers where he draws the attention of an admirer.
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18 Newly minted superhung muscle hunk Dan celebrates his birthday with some hot sexy-times courtesy of the also-spiced-up Alex and Tom. (added: 24 Sep 2010)
Part 19
Part 20
Part 21
Part 22 Dan’s cousin Phil comes to visit and is pretty amazed to see how big the teen hunk has gotten. (added: 19 Feb 2011)
Part 23
Part 24
Part 25
Part 26 At the library Dan befriends an older man named Edward, who turns out a lot sexier than he first appeared. (added: 6 Jun 2011)
Part 27  (added: 9 Jun 2011)
Part 28  (added: 13 Oct 2011)
Part 29
Part 30  (added: 13 Mar 2012)
Part 31
Part 32
Part 33
Part 34  (added: 20 Mar 2012)
Part 35 So many gay men in town pride week was a big deal, and Dan, Phil, and Brandon have made special plans for the event. (added: 27 Mar 2012)
Part 36 Dan’s very happy with the results of his having spiced Phil, who’s now thick, shredded, and very hairy. Which only makes Dan wonder what would happen if he gave Phil an extra half dose… (added: 10 Apr 2012)
Part 37  (added: 30 Apr 2012)
Part 38
Part 39
Part 40  (added: 1 Oct 2012)
Part 41  (added: 16 Oct 2012)
Part 42 Phil and his foster father Peter have a talk about Brick. Dejected, Phil goes to a party with Dan and a bunch of other muscle guys, only to find out that something interesting is going on with the food…and the guests. (added: 10 Jan 2013)
Part 43 The morning after the competition, Phil wakes up feeling heavier. He is. Even without the extra muscle, though, Peter is already seeing him in a new light. (added: 15 Feb 2013)
Part 44 In town for his uncle Colin’s wedding, Nathan wants to get his regular workouts in, so Dan takes him to the Muscle Pit. (added: 2 Feb 2019)
Part 45 Nate is attracted to the massive gym owner, Percy; but Percy gets lots of offers from guys excited by his muscles and demeanor. It’s up to Nate to show Percy what he has to offer the big man. (added: 1 Jun 2019)
Part 46 At the diner, Dan and Phil have some fun with Nate, who’s still getting used to being bigger. (added: 15 Jun 2019)
Part 47 After impressing Phil and Colin with his new size, Nate heads to the Muscle Pit for a training session with a certain massive, powerlifting muscle-daddy. (added: 21 Sep 2019)
Part 48 Nate’s steady growth is phenomenal, but Dan and Phil seem to think that Nate should be even huger. Percy’s pretty keen on the idea, too. (added: 5 Oct 2019)
Part 49 At long last, the big wedding day arrives (and we do mean big). Everyone’s coming, in more ways than one. (added: 26 Oct 2019)
Part 50 A little Spice spread among the wedding guests—okay, more than a little—ensures a lot of problems with clothing and libidos. Colton James watches in awe as he and the rest discover wonderful new levels of strength, size, and need. (added: 9 Nov 2019)
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Part 1

Dan and Tom had been best friends since kindergarten, both being pretty nerdy; Dan was 5’6” and 120 lbs and Tom 5’8” and 155 lbs. They were both 15 years old and had discovered not too long ago that both of them were gay, which instead of making them feel weird or distant, actually had the effect of them growing closer as friends.

It was afterschool and Tom showed up at Dan’s house to hang out. Dan answers the door and smiles when he sees him. “Hey, Tom, what’s up?”

Tom grins at Dan, and comes in. “Nothing much, Dan. Just coming over to hang out.” He comes in, with his book bag slung over my shoulder. “What were you thinking of doing today? We finished the last level of your new game the other week.” He flops down on Dan’s couch, putting his bag to the side.

“Well, I—“ Dan gets interrupted by the doorbell. Outside is a delivery man with a big box. He wants Dan to sign for the package! Confused, he does so and he leaves Dan with the box. Examining the label, he sees it was actually supposed to go to the lab across the street! “Huh… I wonder what’s in here, anyways…”

“What’ve you got?” Tom asks, with some interest, as Dan comes back in. Tom sits up and looks at the box in his friend’s arms. Tom knits his brows. “Isn’t that for the…” Then a grin comes over his face. “What do you suppose is in it? Maybe some cool equipment or something? A laser would be awesome!”

Dan opens it up and it looks like a huge batch of reddish-brown spice. “Hmm… this is just weird. What do you suppose this is?” Tom picks up some documentation Dan seemed to have missed.

Tom looks over the booklet that fell out when Dan opened the box. “Oh man, the name on this is something long and Latin, I think…” He tries reading it, but gives up. “Anyway, it’s a spice, it looks like.” As he keeps reading though, his eyes get a bit wide, and a look of disbelief comes to my face. “I think it’s a joke though. It says it’ll affect human organism’s growth or something… Man whoever wrote this doesn’t know English that well…” He hands Dan the booklet, looking befuddled. “Still, it smells kinda good, huh?” he giggles as he sniffs.

Dan sniffs. “I guess. If it’s a spice, it should be edible… what do you think it tastes like?” he asks, lifting a bit up with his finger.

“I don’t know, only one way to find out…” Tom replies. He grins, sticks in a finger of his own, and licks a little bit off. He screws up his face just a bit. “Whoa, it’s pretty strong… Not bad, but strong.” He stands back. “Try it dude. It’s good.” Tom’s grinning impishly.

Dan sticks some in his mouth and makes a similar face. “Hmm, you’re right! Must be one of those middle eastern spices,” he says, smacking his lips.

Tom nods distractedly, his attention divided. He feels a bit odd. Not sick, really. Just different. As if something was working its way through his body, rewriting him bit by bit. “Man, that stuff’s got kick, doesn’t it?” he shivers and then laughs. “Maybe we could put it in whatever you’ve got for lunch.”

Dan licks his lips. “Yeah, maybe! It’s not really bad, is it? I dunno what all that scientific mumbo jumbo is about, though. I’ll return the box to them tomorrow, since they’re closed by this time.” The two of them have some fun before Tom goes back home. Dan feels a little odd himself, but he goes to sleep that night as soon as his head hits the pillow!

When Tom wakes up in the morning, he nearly stumbles when he gets up out of his bed. Everything feels strangely different, somehow. He yawns, figuring it must just be the morning blahs. Tom stumbles to the bathroom, to pee, and again, everything seems to go a bit wrong. But he finally manages, and takes a quick shower to wake up. As Tom soaps himself though, he can’t help but think that things feel… wrong? Different? Better? And when he’s out and dry, and pulls his underwear on, the briefs are tighter than they’ve ever been, cradling his ass and genitals to the point of compression. Tom looks up at his reflection in the mirror, befuddled.

His glasses make things clearer though. He’s grown overnight. Maybe two inches taller, from the looks of it. And his once soft and unremarkable body is showing some serious muscle now. He even has abs! Tom runs his hands over them in surprise, wondering what exactly is going on…


Part 2

The newly-grown Tom sees Dan in school that morning, looking similarly taller and more muscular. They look at each other in awe. “Dude… the same thing happened to you?!” Dan splutters.

Tom comes over to him, looking around first to make sure they’re not overheard. “Yeah man, what the hell?!” He half-consciously runs his hands over his stomach, feeling the hard bulges under his shirt. “Overnight man. Like two inches taller, and twenty five pounds heavier. And dude…” my voice drops even further, “…I got abs and everything. And… I think my dick grew a little too…” Tom’s eyes are a bit wider now, looking somewhat excited.

“Shit, same thing with me! I’ve been skinny as hell my whole life, then BOOM! Biceps!” Dan says, flexing his arm and seeing the decent-sized muscle spring up. “So… you think it really IS that stuff?”

“That stuff?” Tom asks. He gives Dan’s biceps an admiring appraisal and concentrates. “You know, that does make sense… I mean, at first, I had no idea what it could be. But now that I know you had it too… it makes sense. That weird spice shows up. We both have a little. Boom. Instant growth spurt.” Tom grins at his logic. Then, he looks around to make sure no one’s looking, and lifts up his shirt, proudly showing off his abs. They’re not deep or pronounced, but they’re definitely there. “Did you get these yet?” Tom asks, grinning cheekily.

Dan lifts up his shirt and smirks. It looks like he’s a bit more advanced than his friend is in that department. Dan makes them crunch together to show off his development. “Dude, I had NO idea it felt this awesome to have muscles.”

Tom gasps at the sight of Dan’s impressive abdominals. “Damn dude, you are cut!” he chuckles. “How much taller did you get? I grew two inches. Up to five-foot-ten.”

“Looks like the same as you, I’m your old height,” he says, comparing the two of them. “I’m almost scared to ask how much bigger you got, you know… downstairs…”

Tom doesn’t even look around before answering. “Two inches man. Up to eight!” Dan can see his hardening cock bulge out slightly as Tom announces its new dimensions. “Got a bit thicker too. About six around… And my balls feel bigger too…” The boy’s grin is about as wide as it will go.

Dan pulls him aside to one of the bathrooms in the hall and shoves them inside one of the toilet stalls. “I’ll show you mine if you show yours!” he says, unzipping his fly and hauling out his newly 7” cock!

Tom licks his lips as he admires Dan’s new endowment. Then he unzips his own shorts, and pulls out his eight incher, which is rapidly approaching its full size, as it fills with blood. “Man,” Tom whispers hoarsely, “I must’ve beat this thing three times this morning, I was so fuckin’ horny…”

Dan nods. “Me too!!! Man, this is awesome! Wanna come over this afternoon and have some more?!”

Tom gives his friend a huge grin. “Are you kidding? After all those times we tried to lift over the summer, and got nowhere? We are totally going to have more of that stuff!”

They go to classes but meet back up at lunch where they enthuse about their new bodies some more. Dan has a deli sandwich that he forgot he made yesterday with some of the spice. He feels the old tingle, but dismisses it as the same excitement he’s been feeling all day long!

When they meet up after school, Tom looks Dan up and down, and give a low whistle. “Dude, Dan, what the hell? You’re as tall as me now! And look at the way your chest is filling your shirt. And your forearms dude…” Tom stares in admiration. “Did you sneak away and ditch and have some more?”

“I know what you’re thinking, and I don’t remember having any more…” Dan insists, scratching his new pecs. “It grew my balls really well this time, though! Check it out!” He drops his pants and shows Tom his longer cock and BIG balls! Those were as big as large eggs!

“Holy….” Tom gasps, unable to finish the sentence. “Damn, Dan. Would you look at those balls! And your dick! Fuck, I think you outgrew me!” He licks his lips in nervous desire, and then look his friend straight in the eye. “Fuck Dan, lets’ get back to your place. We can pull off our clothes, and see what’s going on…”


Part 3

The two boys hurry back to Dan’s house and the second the door is closed Dan starts taking his clothes off, almost ripping them in the process! His body’s sleek and muscular now, with squarish pecs that stick out and a V shape to his torso that’s grown more prominent!

Tom gasps in awe as his friend’s muscular body is revealed. “Damn Dan, you really got one hell of a bod going on… “ He looks Dan straight in the eye, as they’re now both the same height. But Dan’s muscles and cock and balls are all bigger. Tom looks him up and down. His own new body is decent, but not blessed like Dan’s. Still, the sight of him is enough to bring Tom’s eight inches up hard. He walks over to Dan, and runs his hands over Dan’s strong shoulders and back, feeling how solid and dense he is. “Damn man, I got to get some more of that spice. Just to keep up with you!” Tom laughs and squeezes Dan’s nicely mounding traps.

Dan goes into a most muscular as his 9.5” cock reaches full erection. “And I’ll have to get some more too, to keep you wanting more!” he laughs. Then Dan suddenly remembers where he got the extra spice. “Oh shit! The spice was in my lunch! You mentioned putting it in my lunch and I forgot that’s exactly what I did when you left! “

“Ah ha! So you did have more!” Tom smirks triumphantly. “But seriously, I’m not letting you have all the fun!” He reaches down and cups one of Dan’s oversized balls for emphasis, and wink at you.

Dan smiles. “I was hoping you’d say that! We got a whole kitchen of stuff to mix it with and my dad’s actually on a business trip this week!”

Tom grins. “Are you kidding? Try to stop me!” he laughs, and heads into the kitchen with you. Tom rummages through his friend’s fridge, and starts pulling things out, one at a time, leftovers and other things all being piled onto the counter. “Okay man, I think we’re ready. Just got to add the spice to some of this stuff.”

“Well, what do you like to eat? We’ll just add some spice to your favorite dish,” Dan offered.

“Well, how about some beef?” Tom asks, with a grin. “I want to get beefy myself, after all.” His joke is corny, but his cock doesn’t dip one bit. If anything, the thought of it gets him hornier. “Maybe some beef stew? Nice and hearty. And spicy!” Tom gives him a wink and a grin.

They spend the rest of the afternoon making some and Tom puts about as much spice in it as he consumed the first time. When Tom’s back is turned, however, Dan doubles that! Dan finally serves Tom the piping hot bowl. “Bon appétit!”

Tom grins, and starts digging in. The spice is an unusual flavor for the beef stew, but he doesn’t care—he wants to grow! “You want some?” Tom asks, as he eats ravenously. “There’s enough for both of us…” He finishes his bowl quickly, and looks at the rest. But Tom doesn’t take it just yet, having offered it to his friend, even as Tom feels something changing, deep down inside him.

Dan shakes his head. “I took an extra dose, so I think you should catch up,” he insists, practically shoving another bowl in Tom’s face.

He doesn’t hesitate, instead chowing down ravenously, until every last bit is gone. For good measure, he licks the bowl clean, getting a good dose of spice that’s in the sauce. “Aww man, that was some good stew… “ Tom groans, rubbing his hard stomach. Already, his abs feel firmer, harder. He stands up, and walks across the kitchen, putting my bowl in the washing machine. Then he sees the stew pot, and grabs a spatula, and scrapes out the last bits of sauce from in there, too. Tom eats every bit, and then grins sheepishly. “Sorry man. That was kind of bad table manners I guess, huh?” But as he walks toward you, it’s almost as if Dan can see the veins stand up a bit under Tom’s skin, carrying the strange spice all throughout him.

“Well, just think of all that stew making you grow!” Dan smiles, gripping Tom’s hard deltoid. “Maybe you’ll get as big as me!” he teases. Tom has no idea how much he put in that!

Tom laughs, and flexes his shoulder under Dan’s hand. It feels thick and full and firm, and with a deep power inside. “We’ll see how big I get. Probably bigger.” Tom gives him a conspiratorial grin. “Uh, when your back was turned, I decided to add a bit more to the stew. You know, figuring we’d be sharing it…” As he chuckles, Tom can feel it working inside him, faster than before. He groans softly, and staggers toward Dan’s couch. “Oh man… feel a bit dizzy…”

“Well, you better lay down,” Dan says, putting him down and covering him with a blanket to keep him warm. Tom’s out like a light pretty soon and Dan goes up to my room for a while to do homework. He hears some movement a few hours later and goes back down to see what the damage is!

What Dan sees takes his breath away. Three times the original dose have done their work. Tom’s standing at the center of the room, taller than before, maybe 6’4” or so. His muscles are nothing short of breathtaking, big and thick, power flowing through them. His arms must be 23 inches around, Dan estimates. And his cock! A fourteen inch monster, maybe eleven inches around, rising from a pair of beastly, orange sized balls. Tom hears him come in, and turns around, grinning ferally. “Would you look at this, Dan? I’m huge!” Tom raises his big arms and flexes, his huge biceps rising deliciously. His glasses are forgotten off to the side, unneeded now. “Come on down, dude!”

Dan’s grinning and running his hands over Tom’s hard, pumped torso. “SHIT! How big do you think your chest is now, man?! You’re a beast!”

Tom points to a measuring tape, off to the side. “Sixty-two man! Can you believe it? My pecs are friggin’ jacked!” He flexes his big chest, and then bounces each heavy pec individually, the thick slabs of muscle rising and falling ponderously. He groans as Dan’s hands roam him, Tom’s big dick throbbing insistently.

“Can… can I touch?” Dan asks, running his hands over Tom’s inner thighs, so close to his huge cock and balls. Dan can feel the heat coming off of that enormous equipment.

“Are you kidding? First off, I did cop a feel of your big sexy nuts earlier. Second, I’m so horny, that if you didn’t offer, I was going to ask. Third, if you don’t, I’m going to explode!” Tom laughs, his big chest shaking with it. He grips Dan’s muscular shoulder with one big hand and massages it. “Go for it, Dan. Explore away…”

Dan’s hands roam the shaft of his cock, cupping Tom’s huge nuts. It feels so hard, and there’s so much of it! “Fuck… does this feel good, dude?”

Tom shudders and groans, his huge, hard body quivering. “Fuck man, I’ve never felt anything better!” He tilts his head down, and presses his lips against Dan’s, kissing him softly at first, but it quickly turns into a forceful, passionate kiss, that all but knocks Dan off his feet.

Dan squeezes hard on Tom’s cock, fingers teasing the sensitive cock head! He’s going to cum in seconds! Tom groans, throwing his head back, every muscle in his big body quivering, flexing as he enjoys the number Dan’s doing on his cock. “Oh fuck Dan…” The smaller boy can feel the huge rod throbbing and shuddering under his hand, getting ready to explode. “It’s… it’s coming…!” Tom cries out. And Dan feels the cock shudder mightily, then it explodes, expelling a huge load of hot, thick, creamy cum!

Dan keeps jacking it, making sure he milks all the cum out of Tom as the stud moans and groans, kissing him again as he cums powerfully. Over a minute later the orgasm subsides, Tom’s muscles pumped and pecs heaving up and down with heavy breaths. “Wow… that was pretty amazing!” Dan grins.

“Oh fuck yes…” Tom wheezes, still recovering. Even though he’s now incredibly strong, with impressive endurance, his first orgasm at this level was so intense, it left him winded. But he recovers quickly, and looks down at Dan with a grin. “What a mess…” he says at last, chuckling, looking at the cum that’s sprayed all over. Tom runs his hands over his friend, admiring the tight muscle body. “Damn Dan, you really made my day there.” Tom leans in, and give Dan another deep, manly kiss. “You want me to take care of your cock too, studly? Or do you want some spice for yourself…? Or both?” he winks at him.


Part 4

Dan nibbles at Tom’s thick neck. “Both, stud,” he purrs, enjoying how sexy and desirable he feels now!

Tom grins, and moans softly as Dan nibbles at his neck. “Both it is, sexy…” Tom kisses his neck back, nibbling upon it in a way that drives him wild. He moves down Dan’s pecs, tasting each of his tight nips, then nuzzling each ab pair in turn, one after the other, until he reaches Dan’s cock. Tom nuzzles it for a moment, and then starts to lick the prominent head, running his tongue over it this way and that. Then leaning in a bit more, to lick his ripe, thick balls, and his impressive shaft, running his tongue all the way up to Dan’s head again, at which point Tom takes his cock into his mouth, and begins to suck, his powerful throat sending waves of pleasure through his friend, as his big hands explore Dan’s tight thighs and firm ass.

Dan’s so worked up from watching Tom cum that it only takes a few pumping thrusts from his hips before he cums, the load big but Tom’s increased size easily gulping it down as if it were the tastiest thing ever!

Tom eagerly guzzles every last drop of Dan’s cum, as his big balls slowly empty. Tom loves the feeling of his friend’s hot, spasming cock in his mouth, and keeps it in for several moments after he finally finishes. At last, Tom pulls off, and stands up, grinning from ear to ear. “What a hot fuckin’ stud you are Dan. That was some load you shot down my throat…” He walks over to the kitchen. “What’s your pleasure, dude? Big chef Tom will see to it!” he chuckles in his deep new voice.

Dan’s stomach growls. “How about pizza?” he asks, smiling and patting his etched abs.

Tom grins. “I think I saw a ready made crust in your fridge.” He pulls one out. “What do you want on it?” he asks. “Other than spice, of course…” Tom smiles and starts putting on sauce and cheese, and a good helping of spice.

“Hmmm… pepperoni, onions and green peppers!” Dan says cheerily. He starts trying out his muscles, doing sit-ups and push-ups with great ease!

Tom finishes the pizza up, and adds a bit more spice for good measure. It’s about four times the original amount, maybe a bit more. Tom kind of stopped measuring, frankly, getting excited about the thought of Dan bloating up to massive size. He pops it in the oven, and joins Dan in his exercises, grinning and laughing as his huge, powerful body pumps out exercises with ridiculous ease. After ten minutes, the pizza is done, and Tom hops up and pulls it out. “Your destiny is served, Dan…” he jokes cornily, shoving the hot pizza toward him.

Dan’s hungrier than he was when he was smaller, easily eating the medium pizza by himself. “Mmmff!! That was pretty tasty! BURRRP!!” he belches. “Oohhhh… I”m feeling pretty sleepy, man…” Dan’s eyelids were getting heavy.

Tom grins, and picks Dan up in his big arms, carrying him over to the couch. “Don’t worry bro, just sleep. You’ll be massive before you know it. You should have seen all the spice I put on your pizza!” He winks mischievously at Dan, and sets him down on the couch, and then stands up. “You’re going to be a freak Dan! And sexier than you are now!” he laughs, and goes to clean up in the kitchen as Dan dozes off. A few minutes later, Tom decides to lie down himself, lying on the rug in the middle of the room, as Dan sleeps soundly on the couch.

He sleeps soundly into the early morning of the next day. “Nnnnrrggghhh…” Dan groans, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. “W-what time is it…?” He sits up and instantly feel different. “Oh, whoa…”

Tom hears him stirring, and sits up from the floor where he slept. He looks up at Dan, and his jaw drops. “Fuck dude. Fuck me…” Tom gasps, taking in the sight of him. Even sitting on the couch, Dan’s magnificent. His torso is huge, massive beyond belief. His arms are so big, they look bigger than most men’s legs. And between his enormous legs, is the biggest, freakiest cock Tom’s ever seen. He watches Dan slowly stand up, gasping, his eyes going wider as he takes in Dan’s new, massive size.

He’s 6’7”, easily, and weighs half again as much Tom currently does! His cock is nearly 18” and his balls are the size of grapefruits! “Holy shit, man!” Dan exclaims, scrambling to his feet, trying to look down at himself, but only getting a face full of pecs!

Tom stands up unsteadily, then walks over toward Dan, mesmerized. He reaches you, and immediately begins to grope his massive pecs and shoulders, exploring the huge boulders that have grown from Dan’s torso. “Oh fuck dude… I can’t believe how big you got!” He runs his hands all over Dan, and starts to kiss and nibble on his huge, hulking traps, up to his bull neck, and then his ear, culminating as Tom kisses and licks it. Tom’s cock is rock hard, and pressed against Dan’s freaky abs. He reaches down with one hand, and gasping in awe, cups one of Dan’s big balls, tracing his fingers up to Dan’s huge rod. “Damn dude… I want that so bad… You gotta give it to me Dan…”

Dan’s so horny he doesn’t put up a fight as he just lifts Tom up easily and starts pushing him down on his leaking cock, shoving thick inch after thick inch up your ass, stretching you beyond belief! Tom howls in pleasure, his muscular ass providing the ultimate experience for Dan as well, squeezing his big cock like no regular butt could. Tom gropes Dan’s massive body desperately, and kisses his lips furiously, overcome with desire. “Oh fuck yes… deeper Dan… Oh yeah… harder fucker… show me what you’ve got!” He keeps working Dan’s huge torso over, wrapping his strong, thick legs around Dan’s waist, groping him. “Such a fuckin’ stud…”

Dan fucks him furiously, with the power only a body like his could possess! Over half of his cock is in Tom before he bottoms out. Dan starts shoving Tom up and down, using him like a cock sleeve, groaning and moaning with stimulation, eyes shut! Tom’s howling like a madman, groping and clawing Dan’s massive, rock hard torso, loving the incredible size and power of his cock, the way his massive body shoves it into him. Tom shuts his eyes and lets out a series of low, hearty groans, squeezing his powerful glutes around Dan’s big cock, as Tom’s own dick rubs against Dan’s abs, shuddering with pleasure, on the verge of explosion.

Dan fountains his cum into Tom, roaring as he does so, unable to control the bucking of his hips, really rutting him good! It’s primal the needs Dan’s feeling! Tom howls once more, and explode all over him, his big dick spurting cum all over Dan’s rock hard abs, up into the deep chasm between Dan’s bloated pecs. He loves the way Dan’s muscles tense as he orgasms, and loves the way Dan’s huge freaky musclecock spasms inside him with every spurt of cum it shoots into him. Tom squeezes it hard with his glutes, wanting every drop of Dan’s hot, thick seed. “Oh fuck yeah…” Tom groans, and then leans in and kisses Dan hard and passionate, his tongue exploring Dan’s mouth, his ass clamping down on Dan’s powerful dick.

Two minutes later, Dan’s done, but like Tom, it really took it out of him! He slumps back onto the couch with Tom still on his dick, sighing. “Oh fuck, Tom… What are we going to do? I’m so HUGE now… I don’t have anything to wear! What’re we gonna tell everyone at school?!”

Tom sits there on Dan’s cock, not wanting to get off it just yet. He runs his hands over Dan’s big pecs, and then caresses his face. “Well, I guess we could tell them we had a growth spurt…” Tom chuckles. “But I don’t think that’ll be enough. But still, who cares? There’s no going back now…” Tom reaches down to pull on one of Dan’s big nips. “Besides, don’t you love it? Being huge like this? Being such a fucking stud?” He kisses Dan’s cheek. “Besides, I think I can fit into some of your dad’s stuff, barely. I can go buy you some clothes.” He chuckles softly, and then leans against Dan, loving the feeling of the massive body against his own oversized, muscular physique.

Dan moans as Tom fondles him, chuckling at his plan of action. “OK, I guess we can skip school just this once… I think we should lay off the spice, at least for a while. I’m so big, I’m not sure how I’d like being even BIGGER! I wanna get used to this size, at least for now. That doesn’t mean we have to stop playing with the spice, though…” he adds with a devilish grin.

“After the fuck you just gave me, I don’t think I could disagree with anything you’ve said…” Tom laughs, as he runs his hands over your massive delts. “We’re both huge—biggest guys at school now, hands down. Even the strength coach for football isn’t as big as I am now… and no one’s as big as you…” I give your huge arms a playful squeeze. “But we can always use a bit more… later… if we need it…” I wink at you, and plant a kiss on your lips. “For now, we’ll stay like this. But I’m going to get bigger down the road. Just you wait…”

“And I never said we couldn’t use it on others… I’m sure you have a few people that could use a boost, am I right?”

Tom chews his lower lip thoughtfully. “We’re going to turn things on their head, aren’t we…?” He grins at the thought of it. “Certainly, I know a few assholes who need a comeuppance. And I can think of a few geeks to deliver it. Except the one or two I want to do myself,” Tom laughs softly, his face mischievous. “But you’ll always be my number one, Dan. You and that fucking amazing bod, and that fucking amazing cock of yours…” he chuckles, and kisses Dan again.

Dan blushes and kisses him back. “So… I guess we’re more than friends now, huh? I never would’ve thought we’d get so close so soon… but… it feels right,” he says, gripping Tom’s hand.

“I think it was inevitable. I mean, given how long we’ve been friends. And both gay? It’s like we were made for each other…” Tom gives Dan a long, serious look, then grins, and change things up a bit, acting sillier for a moment, “And with a bod like you’ve got, I’d be stupid to pass you up, mister sex muscle beast…”


Part 5

Dan’s father, Peter Stockwell, had come home from his business trip flabbergasted to see the huge muscle man his son had transformed into in just a few short days, but Dan just made something up about puberty and growth spurts and his father had no choice but to just accept it. He was a single father and worked hard to provide for his son.

Equally surprising was Tom, Dan’s friend, who had also grown from a boy to a towering hulk of a man in a few short days. Oddly enough, that helped Dan’s father accept the whole thing. After all, if it could happen to more than one boy, it must be normal, in its way. Still, Dan’s dad worried a bit. But after a doctor’s visit found his son to be “in perfect, if not beyond perfect health,” he relented. And he was too busy to worry, if the doctor said it was okay. Then one night, he came home, to find his big, muscular son cooking something. “What’re you making there, Danny?”

Dan had to wear stretchy shorts and muscle tees lately, leaving much of his body exposed and obvious. “Lasagna!” he chirped. “You work so hard I thought I’d make you dinner for a change! It’s pretty much done, too, so sit down and I’ll serve you some!” The boy reached up into the spice rack and peppered some of the unlabeled spice onto Peter’s helping and served it to him with a smile.

Peter dug in with gusto, hungry after a long day at work. “Thanks kiddo. It’s greatly appreciated.” He ate several bites. It was good, but somehow odd too… “This is good, Danny. But tastes a bit different too. Like a funny spice or something…” He kept eating though, too hungry to worry about it. “It’s tasty. But the spicing may be a bit much…” Yet he cleaned his plate, and even took seconds.

Dan didn’t want his dad to get too big too soon and discover the secret, so he just left him with your one dose. Peter thought he just hit a strange pocket of seasoning in his first helping and enjoyed the rest of the meal.

Peter finished it off, and smiled at his son. “That was great kiddo. And much appreciated. I think I must have hit a strong spot of seasoning in the first portion. The rest tasted perfect!” He stood up, and stretched. “Man I’m beat! It was a tough week, but suddenly I can barely stand!” Peter turned, and staggered toward the staircase. “I think I’m heading to bed, Dan. Thanks again for dinner.” He pulled himself half way up the staircase before he sat down, and then started to snore, right in the middle of the stairs.

Dan easily lifted him up and tucked him into bed, excited for what was to come. Peter worked hard to make sure Dan had everything he needed and Peter was a scrawny little guy like Dan used to be, 5’7” and skinny… no one anyone ever paid attention to him. Well, Dan would be fixing that!

Peter slept soundly through the night, and woke up only when his alarm went off at 6. He stood up slowly, shakily, and wondered why he felt so odd this morning. He stretched, and stumbled into the bathroom, to splash water on his face. When he looked up into the mirror, he grunted in surprise, thinking he must still be dreaming. Peter’s 5’10” now, and has the body of a muscular underwear model and the cock of a porn star. He rubbed his eyes, wondering what was wrong with him, but then opened them again, and saw his reflection, clearer than ever. “What the….” Peter asked, his voice trailing off. He turned, confused, and put on his usual bathrobe, and padded down the stairs, to make breakfast, confused by what just happened.


Part 6

Dan was already up, however, making sausage. “Hey, dad! Sleep well? Want some breakfast?” He peppered the sausage with a half-dose of the spice and served it to Peter.

Peter sat down, utterly confused, and looked at the steaming slab of sausage in front of him. “Thanks, Dan…” he sid groggily. He started to eat, mechanically. He tasted the spice, like when Dan served him lasagna, but didn’t remark on it. Still, Peter felt odd. Even though he had a bathrobe on, Dan could tell that his father was taller. That his calves were more muscular. Saw the cleft between his pecs. “Slept like a log, actually,” Peter said, finally answering Dan’s question. Peter finished the sausage, and looked up at him. “Do I, errr… look any different, Danny?”

Dan tilted his head and feigned ignorance. “I dunno… maybe you just look well rested? I mean, you were out like a light last night. Enjoy the feeling!” he said, smiling and humming as he cleaned up the kitchen.

Peter watched him work, once again amazed by Dan’s growth spurt, Then again, Tom apparently had one too, so he guessed it could happen… Peter finished the rest of his breakfast, and put the dishes in the washer. “How’s school going, Danny?” he asked after a few moments. “I think there’s a parent-teacher conference night tomorrow, so I’d hate surprises…” He paused for a moment. “Not that you haven’t brought home good grades before now… but I like to know anyway…”

“I’m fine, dad. Getting As, like usual! Now hurry and get ready for work, I wouldn’t want you to be late!” Dan smirked behind his back. It was going according to plan!

Peter nodded slowly, and agreed, giving Dan a warm smile. “That’s my boy. Using his head.” Peter went back to his room, and started pulling on clothes. Nothing fit right anymore. After several tries, he had a poorly matched shirt and pants. He came down, looking both sexy and awful at the same time. His clothes were less than well put-together, but when they rested upon his muscular new body, it looked good nonetheless…

Peter drove to work and spent the morning feeling a growing tightness and discomfort in his clothes. It wasn’t exactly professional, but he had to unbutton the top button in order to feel relief. And at lunch it took more than usual to fill you up!

By the end of the day, Peter felt like he was about to pop. He ignored the sudden attention of several co-workers, and stopped off at a discount clothing store on his way home. He came back with three bags of new clothes. Dan was reading in the living room when Peter came in. “Hey Danny, how’s it going?” he asked. Peter looked about ready to pop out of his shirt, his chest was straining against it so hard.

Dan whistled. All that from a half-dose? He’d better cool it for the next few days. “Good. You feeling okay?”

“Feeling great, actually.” Peter grinned as he headed up the staircase. “I don’t know what’s going on, but my clothes don’t fit nearly as well any more. So I bought a few new ones. Guess the gym has paid off.” Of course, Dan knew that his father only rarely used his gym card, due to all the time he spent at work.

Over the next week or so Dan let his dad adjust to his new size. Dan could tell something definitely happened to Peter’s cock, from the bulge at his crotch that Peter fought so hard to keep looking modest. Finally Dan offered to help him make dinner one night and, while Peter wasn’t looking, peppered another dose of the spice onto Peter’s plate!

Peter tasted the funny spice again. “What is that?” he asked, absent-mindedly. “I can taste it, but not put my finger on it…” But he finished his plate, nonetheless. Again, he felt strangely tired when he was done. He brought his plates over to the washer, and then turned to his son. “Think I’ll be heading in early again, Dan. I’m so tired, I can barely stand! Good thing it’s Friday, so I can sleep…” he chuckled, but then collapsed onto the couch in the living room, not even making it to the staircase.

Dan put him to bed again, taking the opportunity to feel the sculpted bulges Peter had taken pains to hide. His dad was becoming kinda hunky! If Peter wasn’t his dad and if Dan didn’t already have a boyfriend, he’d find Peter hot!

Peter twisted and turned during the night, lost in a strange dreamland of big men. When he awoke in the morning, that strange feeling was back. He stood up, unsteadily, and stumbled to the bathroom. The mirror confirmed his strange feelings—he was bigger! Peter gazed at his own reflection for several minutes, taking in his big torso, packed into his undershirt, and his powerful lower body, bare but for jos briefs, which struggle to contain his powerful ass, not to mention his big cock and balls. “What’s going on?” he asked his reflection, before slipping on his robe. Peter wandered downstairs, now six feet tall, and built like a serious lightweight bodybuilder, but with a cock to make porn stars envious.

Dan was up, in nothing but his own briefs, which mad his own male burden completely obvious. He was sitting in front of the TV eating cereal. “Hey, dad!” he greeted him, munching.

Peter looked over at him. Even though he had been living with it for a while now, he never seemed to get used to seeing Dan’s new body. “Mornin’, Danny…” he answered, as he went to pour himself some coffee. He sat at the table and sipped. “You know,” Peter said at last, “during parent-teacher meetings, your history teacher couldn’t stop talking about you. How ‘impressive’ you are.” He knew he was treading on dangerous ground, but he didn’t care. “Danny, is there something I should know? Something you’ve been wanting to get off that suddenly big chest?” Peter looked at his son, trying to push his own transformation out of his mind.

Dan looked at him blankly. “What are you trying to say, dad?”

Peter sat back in his chair. “I don’t know what I’m trying to say!” He looked over at Dan. “I mean, you suddenly grow. You and your buddy go from being regular, somewhat small guys to the biggest on campus. I’ve had half a dozen calls from the football coach already, begging me to work on you to try out. And your history teacher, who was a bit critical last time, is suddenly in a position to think you’re the best thing since sliced bread.” He looked straight at Dan. “And me, Dan. I mean, I gained several inches in several days. And got a body that exceeds the one I had in college, back when I was in shape.” Peter breathed deeply. “I’m just confused, Dan. Confused how this could all be happening so quickly…”

Dan shrugged. “I dunno. People treat attractive people differently. Maybe my history teacher just ‘liked’ my growth spurt. And you said you’ve been visiting the gym. Maybe it’s stimulating your hormones! I mean, people don’t just grow bigger for no reason,” Dan told him, hoping that would be good enough.

Peter sat back, and looked deep into his coffee. “That’s got to be it…” he said at last. “Still, it’s a bit disconcerting. Not that I’m complaining. Just… disconcerting…” He looked up from his coffee. “Better get ready for… oh wait… Saturday. Well, I suppose you can do what you want then…” Peter grinned, and grabbed the newspaper. “Let’s see what’s wrong with the world this morning… “ But he couldn’t help glancing over at Dan. At Dan’s huge pecs and shoulders. Wondering how his son could develop like that, when it was impossible for himself, before…

Dan let a couple weeks slide before deciding to dose his father again, this time in a sandwich he gave him as a snack on Saturday afternoon. Peter ate it hungrily, after thanking Dan, as he looked over some work that he had brought home. Strangely, he felt sleepy as he ate, and about half an hour after finishing, he was asleep in his chair, and snoring quite loudly. Dan woke him up a few hours later. “Hey, dad, what are we doing for dinner?” he asked, trying not to grin at the results.

Peter sat up, stretching his big arms. At 6’3”, and about 280 pounds, he was a true stud. “I don’t know Dan, but I could eat a horse, I think!” he chuckled. Peter caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror, and gasped. “That’s not natural…” he whispered softly. “No one gets that big that fast…” But he stood up, striding across the room, his massive, muscular body totally nude. Dan couldn’t believe how big and powerful his father had gotten. 6’3” of pure muscle, from the look of it, and a cock that outmatched even Peter’s big body.

“Dad, why are you naked?!” Dan asked, trying to sound shocked, but he was giggling on the inside. His dad was a huge stud now! He shouldn’t have any problem getting what he wanted at work now!

Peter turned, his eyes a bit confused, a bit wild. He looked at Dan, and smiled. “Uh, just got up, Dan. Not yet ready for the world…” he laughed softly, and his big pecs bounced, half on purpose, half not. “I don’t know what’s going on, Danny. And I don’t care. All I know is, I love being big like this….” Peter rolled his shoulders forward to show off his big delts, but the space they were in made it a bit less showy.

Dan nodded. “Being bigger brings a lot of self confidence, doesn’t it? I’m not afraid to speak my mind at school anymore, you know?” he grinned.

Peter gazed in the mirror, and bounced his now quite hefty pecs. “Yeah, I can see that…” He flexed his chest, watching the striations shoot across his thick pecs. “Fuck, I bet I could pretty much demand a promotion at work… Just let them get a load of this bod, then fuck them silly with it…” he grinned. Dan had never heard his father talk this way before, not even remotely.

Dan chuckled. “That’s the first time I’ve heard you talk that way, dad! You’ve got attitude!”

Peter grinned, and turned toward Dan, his fourteen incher swinging ponderously. “Are you kidding? I got a few compliments before. But now…?” His eyes closed. “They’ll be begging for a stud like me…” Peter opened my eyes and grinned again. “The real world isn’t quite as pure as it is in class, I’m afraid, my boy.”

Dan raised an eyebrow at that. “Well, I’m glad you’re happy then, dad.” He walked over and hugged him tightly. Peter wrapped his big arms around his son in return, squeezing him tight. Even though Dan was clearly the bigger one, Peter’s strength was enough to make itself known. He closed his eyes, holding his “little” boy close.


Part 7

Monday morning came. After breakfast and a long shower, Peter got dressed for work. Everything was a size or two too small, it seemed, but he didn't mind. In fact, he kind of enjoyed it, loving the way his 6’3”, 280 pound muscle body filled his clothes to bursting. With a spring in his step, Peter said goodbye to Dan, his oversized muscle freak son, and headed out to work. He drove quickly, perhaps a bit aggressively, the testosterone flooding his system. He arrived just on time, having made up every minute he lost in the shower, because he had been so distracted by his huge body. Peter hopped out of the car, and walked in the office, a spring in his step, his body bigger and more overwhelming than ever.

The security guard at the door looked up from his morning coffee, donut and newspaper to buzz you into the building, and his jaw dropped. “SHIT! What… what happened to you, Stockwell?! That's… that's you, right?” He was a former college football player that went into security and he'd developed a small gut over his beefy muscles over the years.

“Mornin', Stiles,” Peter grinned. “Great weekend man. Really satisfying…” He couldn't resist the urge to bounce his big pecs once under his tight shirt. As Stiles buzzed him in, Peter walked past, making sure he got a good look at his big arms, packed in his sleeves, and oversized legs and ass, stretching his pants almost lewdly. Peter turned toward him, and struck a nonchalant pose, which nonetheless put his bulging crotch right within his sight. “How was your weekend, Stiles?”

“It… uh… I had fun. Grilled some… hot dogs…” he said distractedly, not noticing how amusing Peter found it that his thoughts went to hot dogs when he stared at Peter's crotch.

Peter smiled, noticing his distraction. “Hot dogs, huh. Sounds good.” He shifted his hips a little, making his crotch that much more prominent. Peter watched in amusement as Stiles' eyes widened a bit, as Peter's cock slowly plumped, filling his tight pants even more. “Got a lot of beef, myself…” Peter joked coyly, rubbing his hand over his rock hard stomach, the abs hinted at under the thin fabric of his dress shirt.

“Yeah… beef is good…” he muttered, his eyes locked, unblinking to that enormous basket at the front of your pants that just seemed to get bigger the longer you stood there. You barely had to do anything to make it bulge and swell with your abundance of manhood. “Um… you can go in, you know. I… I buzzed you through…”

Peter grinned at him. “Thanks Stiles. Have a fun day,” he teased playfully, amused by how flustered he seemed. Peter walked in, up past the secretary, who he gave a wink and a wave to as he walked down to his office, his heavy bag held effortlessly in one of his big hands. Peter opened his office, set his bag down, booted up his computer, and headed to the lunch room to put his heavy lunch sack in the fridge.

There were some guys chatting by the water cooler. They used to be bigger than Peter, ex-college jocks that continued their bullying ways into adulthood. As Peter had been growing bigger, though, they had slowly stopped their teasing and harassing and now just looked at him in admiration and jealousy.

They stopped talking as Peter walked by, their eyes drinking him in even as they tried to pretend that they were not impressed and jealous. Peter grinned as he put his sack in the fridge, and then, on impulse, pulled out his sandwich early, feeling a slight rumble in his stomach. Peter seemed to be constantly hungry now—hardly surprising with his 280 pounds of pure muscle. He spun around, and gave the ex-jocks a grin. “Mornin' boys. Hope your weekend was as good as mine.” He deliberately reached up to scratch the back of his head, giving them a good view of his huge arm, straining in his sleeve, the 22 inch bi on the verge of bursting out of the fabric.

“Holy…” Peter barely heard one of the guys whisper, adjusting his crotch. The leader of the gang, a big thick guy named (of course) Butch grumbled, “Yeah, the weekend was okay. Beat my old deadlift record,” he mentioned, hoping to get a rise out of the new stud.

Peter grinned. “Really Butch? That's great!” He walked over and gave Butch's shoulder a friendly squeeze. Even though he wasn't really using his full strength, Butch can still feel the power in his grip. “I had a new personal best myself in deadlifts. How much did you do?”

“Six hundred,” he said gruffly, hoping those huge new muscles of Peter's were just for show.

“Ah, yes. Very good, Butch.” Peter said, a bit of mock embarrassment in his voice. Butch grinned, and pressed him. Peter played coy, at first saying that there's no point in comparing. That his lift was very good. Peter let them prod him for a few minutes, before finally spitting it out. “Eight hundred fifty,” he said simply, his fake embarrassment falling away into a satisfied grin.

Butch's face fell with embarrassment as some of the other guys put work folders over their crotches to hide their arousal at the alpha male show of dominance that just went on. He had completely humiliated Butch, who used to be the biggest, strongest guy at work. Now no one seemed too intimidating for Peter! He started thinking about how he deserved that promotion for years, but his boss kept giving it to other, more assertive, better looking guys…

“Don't worry, Butch. I'm sure you'll make it to 850 someday, too” he chuckled, before turning and walking away; his huge back and shoulders seemed more intimidating than ever to the former jocks. Peter walked down to his office, and looked through his email and messages for several minutes, munching on his sandwich. Then Peter cleaned his hands off, and walked down the hall, to the boss' office. Peter opened the door, and let himself inside, not even bothering to knock. He walked up to the desk, and looked down, smiling confidently. “Morning, boss. I think we need to talk about my promotion…”

His boss was an older, balding guy with a paunch who had been avoiding Peter for the past few weeks, once he passed the 200 lb. mark. “Uh, I thought we already had a discussion about this,” he said meekly, looking at Peter's chest pressing tightly against his work shirt. “I said we'll reconsider it in six months…”

Peter turned around, and closed the door behind him. The room darkened slightly without the light from the hallway. It only enhanced Peter's size. He walked up to the desk, and smiled down at the boss. “Yes, but I think you should reconsider sooner than that, don't you boss? You know what an asset I am here. You know how… developed… I am.” Peter slowly flexed my pecs inside his shirt, the big slabs of muscle bunching up and pushing outward, the buttons straining visibly. “I've been up for promotion before, and I think now would be a good chance to reevaluate how good I am for this company. You know how strong my work is…” Peter could see a bead of sweat trickle down the boss' temple, as his choice of words with multiple meanings made him think of his huge body, how powerful it is…

“I… I dunno, Pete, I just don't think we have it in the budget for this quarter…” It seemed like the bastard was still trying to stall him! Didn't he know how STUDLY Peter was? How commanding and intimidating his new body was? How he could lift and pose and fuck like a machine?!

Peter could feel himself getting annoyed. He slowly walked around the desk, right up next to him. “I know it's in the budget. I know you can find it. You found it for Butch and his crew, three months back.” Peter put his hands on the armrests of his chair, his huge torso looming in front of him, Peter's eyes drilling into his. Peter's smile was gone now, replaced with a look of total seriousness. “I think you know I'm worth it, boss.” He grabbed the arms of the chair, and slowly lifted it off the ground, bringing the boss up with it. His shoulders and traps bulging visibly under his shirt, his arms looked about ready to burst out of his sleeves, the fabric was so tight around them.

“Oh god, Peter, don't hurt me!” he trembled, quaking in his seat. “I'll… I'll do it! Even if I have to take it out of my own salary, okay?!”

Peter grinned and slowly put him down. “Of course, of course. And you know I wasn't going to hurt you. I just, well, you know…” He stepped back, and gave him a wink. “It's just that I've been… growing… so very much lately. It just makes me want to lift things…” Peter chuckled, put his hands on his hips and rolled his elbows and shoulders forward, making his lats flare out to each side. They both heard the seams of Peter's shirt strain, and then begin to pop, as his huge lat wings forced their way through. “Oops…” Peter said softly, grinning even wider. “Better watch that, before I bust out of this shirt altogether…” He brought his arms down, and gave the boss another wink.

The boss' jaw dropped, looking at that simple display of muscular superiority. “So, uh, what were you thinking for salary? I was thinking we could maybe afford this…” He wrote down on a piece of paper and slid it over to Peter. It was barely more than what Peter made now for nearly twice the work!

Peter looked at the paper and his brows knit in a brief scowl. “Now boss, I know you can do better. You and I both know that this promotion has a lot of responsibility. It takes a big man to fill those shoes…” Peter stepped closer, and sat down on the desk, his massive legs right next to the boss, his big crotch bulging as usual. He handed the scrap of paper back to him. “Double it.” Peter's voice was deep, rich, powerful, and commanding.

The boss looked scared. “B-but the vice president, he'll…” He looked back up at Peter's scowl and knew that he was more afraid of Peter than the vice president. He doubled the number and sighs. “Is that enough? Because that's more than what I make, you know.”

“I think that's an excellent and reasonable figure, boss.” Peter smiled. “And if the VP disagrees, I can be very persuasive…” Peter looked down at his boss, and gave him an earnest look. “Well boss, you and I just have different talents, I guess…” He slid off his desk, and stood next to him, loomed over him, blocking out some of the light in the room. “I've been underpaid for a long time here. Just think of this as balancing things out…”


Part 8

Peter decided to hold a block pool party in his backyard that weekend, partly in celebration for his new promotion, which would have him making a LOT of money! Peter purposely chose to move into a neighborhood that was mostly single fathers and sons, so that's who shows up. Dan also invited Tom to the party. Tom was able to wear a brief speedo that showed off his massive endowment, but all Dan could squeeze into was a huge pair of baggy board shorts. Peter went for something in between; some nice, square cut trunks, longer than a speedo, so it was still decent, but so tight that they hid little to nothing of how endowed Peter was. Although next to hulking Tom, and even more hulking Dan, Peter was the small man of the three. He bought loads of food for the party, although he also slipped on a baggy tee shirt before things start, as his one (temporary) concession to modesty.

Dan pulled Tom aside during the party and confessed to him, “Dude, I think it's time for some more of the spice. When my dad starts grilling the burgers, I asked him to let me help. Everyone's gonna get a rather tasty new type of burger!” he grinned devilishly.

Tom grinned right back. “Dude that sounds like an awesome idea… But I gotta tell you… I came hungry today…” Tom looked around at the other attendees. Entirely men, as it turned out, of every sort. Younger, older, thicker, thinner. Even one who had a hot gym body, even though he's nothing next to Dan, Tom, or Pete. “I think this may well be the best party ever,” Tom laughed at last, as he and Dan went to help prepare the ground beef.

As Peter finished grilling the burgers, he handed them over to Dan, who had his shaker of spice and put what seemed to be half a dose onto every burger. He made sure everyone only got one dosed burger, since he didn't want the cat out of the bag with someone exploding in growth! The way it was, it'd be enough to really make some noticeable growth, but without the side effect the spice seemed to have in large doses of making someone sleep. He also decided not to give himself any spice this time. He was big enough… for now. Time to let everyone else play catch-up!

The burgers were a hit, although with several comments about the “unusual flavoring”, and a couple questions about secret spices. Yet within twenty minutes, the spice was kicking in, and men were beginning to feel drowsy. But instead of falling asleep, the half dose just made everyone relaxed. They sat around and chat, drinking, having extra, un-spiced burgers. Tom, though, walked up to Dan with a huge grin on his face, as he felt the old familiar warmth inside him. “You sure you don't want some, Dan?” he asked with a smile. His speedo was bulging obscenely, his big cock reacting as he knows the growth is coming. “You know how fuckin' good it feels…” He looked around and chuckled, as some of the guests were starting to show the signs of change, feeling warmer, beginning to adjust themselves as their bodies filled their clothes more fully…

Dan insisted. “No way, I already got way bigger than I originally planned on with that second dose! I don't wanna get so big I'd crush you guys… not yet, anyways,” he grinned, pulling his friend in for a kiss that no one seemed to notice or care about.

Tom kissed back, forcefully, grabbing Dan's bigger body with gusto, grinding his engorged crotch against the bigger man's huge thigh. “Fuck you're making me horny, Dan…” he moaned, even as his body began to grow and swell, his muscles getting thicker and harder, his height increasing slightly, his oversized cock growing and stretching the speedo even further. A playful, somewhat devious tone came to Tom's voice, as he murmured, “And if you don't watch out, I'll be the one doing the crushing…” Tom chuckled, and then kissed Dan hard, passion flowing through him as his growth spurt finally slowed. Still smaller than Dan, but definitely bigger than before, and bigger than any other man at the party.

As the kiss broke, Dan looked over to see how the spice had affected everyone else at the party. Whoa! A little went a long way for these guys! Formerly flabby dudes were now tight and cut, athletic dudes were another size bigger and even the little kids looked like they'd had puberty thrust upon them at an early age! Everyone's suits were a bit smaller, a bit tighter. Then Dan's eyes wandered over to his dad and he just had to go, “Woof!”

Peter's tee shirt, once loose, was now molded to his huge pecs and shoulders. With a chuckle, the big man pulled it off, and tossed the too small garment aside. His body beneath was huge, with bloated, rippling muscles that were beyond simply “big.” No word short of “huge” would describe him, if that. Several eyes turned his direction, and he grinned, easily as big as Tom was minutes ago, if not bigger. With a wink, he lifted his huge arms and flexed, the 24 inch monsters rising up, impossibly big and hard. “Party hearty, everyone!” he bellowed happily, his voice an octave deeper and sexier than before, his swim trunks ready to pop, straining to contain his powerful glutes, huge thighs, and monster cock and balls.

Everyone had fun that afternoon swimming in the pool. The kids were actually fascinated by Dan, Tom and Peter, and asked them to pose for them. They all happily obliged, showing them the poses used in bodybuilding, highlighting each muscle. Dan even let little kids ride his muscles as he flexed! A few hours into the party, though, everyone started to get hungry again… Dan hadn't thought that making everyone bigger would again increase their appetite…

Luckily, Peter had bought extra food, although it still was barely enough. By the time everyone was sated, every last scrap of beef and every last sausage had been eaten. Peter came up to Dan, and gave his oversized son a grin. “Well, it looks like a successful party, Danny. But we're completely out of food now! I'm going to see if I can squeeze into something, and head down to the market. Otherwise, we'll all starve.”

“Yeah, I mean, we haven't even had dinner yet!” the kid grinned. Now that his father had grown so big, they were having many more meals than they usually did. Having six or seven meals between waking up and going to bed wasn't out of the question. “Hey, your workouts are paying off some more, dad! You look good in that swimsuit,” Dan mentioned, complimenting his huge father.

Peter grinned back, and slowly flexed his huge pecs, the striated masses of muscle rippling and bulging spectacularly. “I don't know what's doing this, son, but I like it.” Peter added in a wink. “My promotion is because I finally had the muscle to have a nice chat with my boss… and once he saw how well-armed I am…” Peter grinned, and flexed one of his huge biceps. “…Well, he saw things my way, after that.”

“I bet that new salary's gonna come in handy when it comes to feeding and clothing us, too! We're two growing boys! In fact, I'd say everyone in our neighborhood looks pretty fit, wouldn't you say? We should throw these parties more often…” he suggested, loving the fact that he was making his father's life so much better.

Peter grinned back. “I wondered what the hell was going on with you and your friend Tom. But it looks like it's happening all over, not just to us.” Peter turned to go in, and look for clothes. “And yeah, that money will be just in time. With how much food I'm buying, and with all my trips to the clothing store… We're going through it like water!” Peter just laughed though, clearly thinking it was worth it. “I'll be back in a couple hours. I need new shirts, as well.”

As Peter left, Dan saw some of the other guests starting to head out as well, shaking hands and saying good bye, a couple throwing in some quick flexes. Dan also realized that he hadn't seen Tom for the last fifteen minutes. Dan called out his name and didn't hear anything. Then he decided to check the bathroom in the house and found it locked. “Tom, are you in there?!” Dan heard furtive thrusting and moaning going on in there… more than one person!

The lock was nothing to his freaky strength, of course, and came off in his hand. Dan opened the door to find Tom pressed up against the wall, another man beneath him. Looking closer, he saw that it was Alex Fisher from down the street. Kind of a shy guy generally, but good looking, and with a nice body—apparently he played baseball in college. But right then, there was nothing shy about Alex, as he groaned in lust, feeling Tom's huge cock buried deep in him. Tom looked to Dan, and gave him a huge grin. “Hey Dan, glad you made it up to join the fun.” Tom's glutes flexed enticingly, as he pounded Alex's muscular but smaller body. “I bet Alex would love it if you fucked me while I fucked him. I sure know I would…” Tom winked at Dan coyly.

“Fuck, I hope no one comes looking for us,” Dan groaned as he decided to join in the fun, pushing up against Tom, shoving his huge donkey dick into the muscular teenager, inches and inches disappearing between the huge, striated globes of butt muscle. “Fuck… you like that, man?”

Tom's head jerked back, as he let out a low, throaty moan. “Oh fuck Dan, I can't get over what a huge fuckin' dick you have…” Alex moaned as well, as he felt the combined strength of two huge men pressed against him now, Tom's cock getting a new rhythm as it plowed into him deeper. Alex tried reaching around Tom's massive torso to grope Dan, but was only able to reach far enough to get his fingers on Dan's massive lats, rubbing them as Dan pounded Tom's muscular ass. Tom, for his part, was in utter ecstasy, his eyes rolling back in his head as he felt the most incredible stimulation: his cock buried deep in Alex' tight ass, and Dan's huge rod fucking him as well.

They stayed like that for over half an hour, the stamina of the newly grown boys increased over what a normal person could achieve! Then Dan didn't want to hold back any longer and blew his impressive load deep into Tom's guts, spraying his insides with his hot, sticky, thick cum! Tom bellowed mightily, feeling Dan's huge cock shudder and swell, then fill him with a huge load to powerful muscle cum. Tom blew his load as well, but for the fifth time already, bringing cries of joy from Alex, pinned up against the wall by the two massive brutes. Slowly, Tom pulled out, and Alex slumped to the floor, delirious with pleasure. Tom craned his head backward, and grabbed Dan's head, pulling him close for a deep, long kiss. “Fuck that was hot…” he said at last, as he gave his big glutes one last squeeze around Dan's huge tool, before pulling off.

“Woof, that was intense! And I didn't know Alex here was gay! So you think muscles are hot, huh, Alex?” Dan asked, bouncing his incredibly heavy pecs to and fro. He looked like a freshly minted god standing there, cock dripping cum, muscles sweaty from fucking.

Alex looked up slowly, and his jaw dropped. He had lusted after Dan earlier, but this close, the man was so much closer, so much bigger. The very smell of so much cum and testosterone was like an overwhelming musk. Alex could only nod slowly, as his wide eyes drank in the sight of Dan, with Tom standing aside, a huge grin on his face. “Y-you're incredible…” Alex managed at last, his cock already rising, despite the repeated orgasms he had experienced earlier.

“Well, don't sell yourself short,” Dan smirked, slapping Alex on his muscular rump. Just a few months ago, Dan would've given anything to even be near someone like Alex, but now he was almost too small! “Just eat your Wheaties and maybe you can look like us!” he grinned, flexing his monstrous arms!

Alex's knees went weak, as he saw Dan's massive guns rise. With shaking hands, he reached forward, and touched one of the massive balls of muscle. “Oh fuck… no way I could be big like that…” Alex breathed, his eyes shining with admiration and lust. “No way Wheaties can get me there…”

“Well, hang around me sometime and it might rub off,” Dan winked, loving playing the confident muscle stud. All the boys squeezed back into their swimsuits and Dan waved goodbye as Tom and Alex started walking back home, their asses looking positively criminal in their swimsuits. Man. Life was so much better with the spice around!

A few hours later, Peter returned, his trunk full of groceries and clothes. “Hey, want to help your old man out?” he called out, carrying in boxes of food. The weight was no challenge, it was just that there was so much of everything. Boxes and boxes of food from the warehouse store, and clothes in insanely huge sizes as well.

He'd bought more food than they would've used in a month, but somehow Dan knew they'd blast through it in a week, maybe even less if he decided to dose himself or his father again. In fact, his stomach was rumbling, demanding dinner. He helped his father prepare dinner and they ate it that evening laughing at all the fun they'd had during the party. “Well, you've certainly gotten comfortable wearing next to nothing!” Dan noted as his father had changed back into his swimsuit when he got home.

Peter laughed. “Well, nothing seems to fit for long. And besides, who would want to hide this?” He bounced his huge pecs, grinning at Dan. “I'm 350 pounds, boy, and almost none of it is fat. Spread out on this 6’4” body, that sure is something.” He stood up, and grabbed a packet of beef jerky. “I'm hungry as a horse, not to mention hung like one,” he laughed. “You should have seen them stare at me at the warehouse store. I don't know what was a bigger deal—how much food I had in my cart, or how much beef I was carrying on my body!”

“Yeah, it's pretty cool being big,” Dan said, flexing an enormous arm. “It'd be even cooler to be bigger… right?” he asked cautiously, testing his dad's reaction.

Peter grinned. “I don't know. I'm bigger than I ever thought I would be…” The big man ran his hands over his huge torso, feeling his deep abs, down to his huge legs. “I mean, I should be happy with this, right? 350 pounds? It's more than most men will ever be!” But Peter's grin turned a bit more mischievous. “But if I could be bigger… how could I say no? I mean, I feel incredible like this… Bigger? Fuck Danny, I can only imagine how that would be…” Dan could see his crotch swelling as he imagined himself even larger…

“Whoa!! I didn't know you were THAT big down there, dad!” Dan lied. “How much heat are you packing there now?”

Peter blushed a bit. “Well, I never used to be much of one for measuring… but now… well, I just can't help myself. Sixteen.” His grin was so wide it nearly split his face. “And balls like… well, they're huge! Like some really nice oranges—the big ones.” He reached down, and adjusted himself, as his hard member pushed out against the fabric of his swimwear. “And damn if it doesn't just keep getting bigger and bigger…”

Dan whistled! “If I don't watch it, I'll be having some competition pretty soon!” he teased, poking his dad in his brawny chest.


Part 9

Dan insisted on fixing his father's lunch for the next day at work, secretly putting another half dose of the spice in there for him. He also had a plan for the following day at school. That morning during one of his classes, he asked to excuse himself to go to the bathroom, but what he really did was sneak to the kitchen behind the cafeteria. The cafeteria ladies were busy with something at the moment and had left the soup to cook unattended. He opened the lid and shook a liberal amount of spice into it. He had a feeling this would be popular today!!

The morning passed, and lunch time came. Tom was there, of course, as were hundreds of other students. Although many were only interested in sandwiches and burgers, Dan could see that a few dozen had taken soup as well. Tom sat down at the table, the bench groaning under his 375 pounds as he sat down. “Man, they need to start serving food between periods. I'm starved!”

“I bring little bags of food with me to my classes so I can have tiny meals during the day,” Dan said. “You're getting past the point where only three meals fill you up, after all! Why don't you try the soup… I think you'll like it!” he grinned. A few people nearby heard him say that and agreed. They'd had the soup and thought it was really good! Strange, but good.

“Yeah, I've got to bring more snacks…” Tom agreed, as he dug into the soup. His eyes went a little wide. “It's good.. and… spiced…” he looked at Dan and grinned. “You didn't…” he laughed, as he dug into the soup, eating with gusto, occasionally shoveling in bites of something else. Dan could overhear several other students commenting about how different the soup tasted from usual. Tom heard as well, and stood up. “I'm going back for seconds, before they run out,” he said with a wink.

Tom ended up being the first and last one to get seconds before the soup ran out. Dan grinned at him devilishly. “Wow, you're really gonna get huge today… but don't get caught sleeping in class!” he teased. “You know too much spice all at once makes you sleepy…”

Tom just grinned. “Like anyone's going to do anything about it.” He laughed and inflated his big chest, which strained against his shirt. “Besides, I think they'll have enough on their hands. I made sure that the geek table over there got soup too.” Tom pointed to the long table with half a dozen geeks and nerds sitting at it, each one of which was finishing up a bowl of soup. “This place is going to be upside down, Dan.” Tom chuckled heartily.

Over the afternoon, there was a significant growth in the school. Several boys wound up in too-tight clothes, their freshly grown muscles straining under the fabric, sometimes ripping the seams! None of it was incredibly large growth… apart from Tom. After he was woken up at the end of Algebra by the bell, his clothes were hanging on by threads!

The final period of the day was PE, for both Tom and Dan. When Dan saw Tom enter the locker room, there were already some gaping holes in Tom's shirt and pants. “Dude. Slept through Algebra,” Tom laughed, as he strode up to Dan. An inch shorter at 6’6” tall, Tom was nonetheless massive, his 425 pound body just a hair smaller than Dan's. “Good thing I've got clothes in my locker,” he added, as he raised on monstrous arm and flexed, his 28 inch monster ripping through the sleeve, leaving it strands of rag. “Hope they still fit, though… Might be tight.”

“Dude… that's what I look like?” Dan chuckled as he pulled Tom to him, kissing in the locker room, pushing their huge muscles and bulges together. “I don't give a fuck if anyone sees us, do you?” he whispered.

Tom kissed Dan back, hard and passionate, groping his massive body with his own big hands. “Fuck 'em.” Tom breathed. “What are they going to do about it? Besides get chubbies, I mean…” He chuckled, and ran his hands over Dan's massive shoulders. “Fuck you've got me going dude. Maybe we should head over to your place after school. You know, measure me and stuff. Everywhere….” He gave Dan a lust-filled grin.

The boys struggled into PE uniforms and, of course, had no problem lifting the weights in the weight room. In fact, it just got them even more pumped and horny. Several other guys were finding out the same as their doses of spice had given them tight, muscular bodies that screamed to be pushed to their limit. Soon, the whole weight room was soaked in sweat and the smell of young men in their prime!

The coaches showed up, one by one, salivating over the prospect of so many strong young bodies, arguing with each over which coach could recruit who to play for what team. Dan and Tom just chuckled, and managed to slip away before the football coach could corner them. They headed out, and didn't even bother changing, since their old clothes were a wreck. They got to Dan's place with the musk of drying sweat still hanging on them. “Wanna shower?” Tom asked coyly, as he pulled off his shirt, bouncing his monster pecs slowly, loving the way his nipples hung down from the bloated sacks of beef.

“After you,” Dan replied, peeling off his own shirt, revealing an even larger, stronger expanse of muscle. He slipped off his shorts, struggling to get them over his huge quads as his huge white whale of a dick flopped down hanging over two overripe melons he called testicles. “You sure there's gonna be enough room for the both of us?”

“Doubt it,” Tom replied, grinning. “Except if we get close…” He pulled off his own shorts, letting his huge cock and balls hang free, his eighteen incher already getting plump, and walked over to Dan, grabbing the larger man's chest. “I plan on personally making sure you're very, very clean, studly…”

They both squeezed into the stall, practically mashing up against all four walls as the hot water turned on, creating steam. Dan took the bar of soap and rubbed it all over Tom's huge, knotted back, getting into the crevices between muscles, working the bar between his enormous glutes, rubbing the soap into Tom's thick bull neck. “My, my, you'll have trouble cleaning yourself properly without a second person,” Dan noted, teasing him.

“Oh, but having help is so much more fun…” Tom replied, flexing his huge back as Dan ran the soap over it. “And you know, I'm really eager to return the favor. And fuck, of course. I'm so horny it hurts…” Tom laughs, as his rock hard eighteen inches pressed against the shower wall.

“Well let me help with that…” Dan started jacking off Tom's cock with a soapy hand, slicking it up, feeling its enhanced length and girth, reaching down to find huge, swollen balls. “Man… you grew everywhere, didn't you? Fuck, I love seeing you so big, dude…” He jacked him off faster and faster.

Tom gasped, feeling Dan's strong hands around his big cock. He shuddered and bucked as he was manhandled by his massive friend, his own huge muscles flexing as pleasure coursed through him. With a bellow of animal rage Tom came, his huge dick spasming as it unloaded a massive batch of cum all over the shower wall, as the big man trembled with the force of his orgasm. “Oh fuck man…” he groaned, leaning back against Dan's massive body. “I can't believe how crazy this body is. I never felt anything like that before the spice!” Tom slowly turned, and grinned at Dan. “Hand over the soap, big man. Now I get to work you over a bit.”

They switched places and now it was Dan who was up against the shower glass, having his back muscles and ass worked over by the massive Tom, rubbing the soap into every nook and cranny. His deft touch caused Dan's dick to erect to his 19” majesty. “Oh fuck, dude… skinny guys with small dicks have no fuckin' clue what they're missing,” he gasped as Tom continued to bliss out his partner.

Tom made sure to get every last bit of Dan's huge body, taking pleasure in running his hands over Dan's massive musculature, exploring every deep crevice, massaging the huge muscles. And then that big cock. Tom put the soap aside, and reached around his immense friend, grabbing the big, thick heavy balls with an expert touch. Rolling them around in his fingers, before going to the shaft. Exploring it, slowly at first. Then gripping it. Using his impressive strength to jerk it powerfully, sending waves of pleasure through Dan.

It was only moments before Dan splattered his load all over the shower wall, moaning and groaning in ultimate pleasure as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his knees nearly buckled from the intensity of it all. “Fuck, Tom… you're so fuckin' good…” he moaned, breathing deeply, his pecs expanding and contracting by the inch. Tom held Dan up, his huge arms around the bigger man's torso, his hands gladly groping Dan's immense pecs as they heaved. “Glad you liked it, buddy. I could only do my best, after that number you did on me…” Tom chuckled, as Dan steadied himself. “Fuck we made a mess in here. Your drain is going to be clogged with cum for a week!” Tom laughed, as he stepped out of the shower, and grabbed a towel. “Come here, big man. Time to dry you off.”

They spent the next twenty minutes toweling each other off, pushing the soft towel fabric all over each other's bodies, making sure each was completely dry. It was a big job, considering how big they were now, but they were certainly up to it. Even their dicks, having just cum, were not above twitching a bit in arousal. Dan gave Tom some of his own shorts so he could at least walk home without getting arrested for indecent exposure. It was then that Dan heard his father shut the front door behind him. He was eager to see the damage that a half dose of spice had done and so was Tom!

What greeted them blew their minds. Even though he had only had a half dose, Peter was now a 6’5”, 400 pound musclefreak. It seemed the spice had worked particularly well on him, and he was packing on muscle at an amazing rate with each dose. He grinned as the boys came down the stairs, and raised his arms. He flexed, and his 27 inch guns tore right through the fabric of his shirt, the flimsy cloth exploding without much of a fight. “Looks like I'm not the only one that had a growth spurt today, Tom…” Peter said with a grin. He brought his arms down, and flexed his huge pecs. Several buttons were already missing from his shirt, and two more fled as well as his huge pecs and lats expanded outward. “I know I had a great day today, and I'm assuming you boys did, too?”

“Yup, you know how it is, dad! Upward and outward!” Dan laughed as they all joined in. Peter insisted on having Tom join them for dinner, which was a huge casserole that could've probably fed seven men but as it was, all three of them were licking their plates at the end. “Damn, that's barely enough these days,” Dan grumbled, rubbing his awesome 8 pack.

Peter sat back and laughed, rubbing his own ripped stomach, feeling each muscular brick. “Well, at my size, I'm already as big as two brawny men. And you and Tom are even bigger. And this is all muscle!” He thumped his hard stomach for emphasis. “We've got to eat to keep up our strength. To keep these huge bodies powered. Personally, I don't mind.” Peter grinned, and sat back in his chair, which creaked beneath him. “The VP came down to see me today. Not happy with my promotion. Until I brought the powers of sweet reason to bear.” Peter flexed his huge guns and chuckled. “Fuck, and I'm even bigger now…”

“Well, bigger guys need more money, right? Maybe you could tell the VP that. I'm sure he'll understand you have a growing boy you need to feed and clothe,” Dan grinned, doing a lat spread at the dinner table. “Anyways, the last few days have been crazy with growth spurts, I wouldn't be surprised if our bodies settled down for a bit after that,” he said knowingly, glancing at Tom who had to fight to hide his shit-eating grin.

“Oh, the VP understands very well, just how things have changed with my situation. Next time I need a pay raise, I'm not even going to go through my boss any more. Straight up the ladder.” Peter gave a feral grin, and adjusted his crotch as he briefly remembered just how persuasive he'd been with his VP. “And yes, I suppose we can't grow forever. It'll certainly be easier on the clothing bill.” Peter grinned, but both Dan and Tom could tell he was already thinking about what it would be like to be even bigger.

Tom just laughed. “Well, who knows what might happen. I wouldn't mind catching up with you, Mister Dan the Massive Man.” Tom grabbed Dan's huge delt and gave it a playful squeeze.


Part 10

Dan decided to slow things down for a bit after that night. He wasn't afraid of his dad finding anything out, he'd proved to be blissfully unaware, actually. He just didn't want to blow the load only a month or two into the swing of things. He did want to get to know that guy Alex down the street a bit better, though. Dan started tanning out by the pool in his backyard without much more than a thong on. One afternoon he spotted Alex looking over the fence at him and he smiled. Jackpot. “Hey there, long time no see,” he called out to the older man.

Alex' head whipped around. “Oh. H-hey, Dan,” he stammered. Alex looked good, of course, his baseball player's body having filled out a bit at the party. But he was still nothing compared to Dan, Tom, or Peter. Still, as the memory of that fuck in the bathroom returned, Alex's shyness faded just a bit. He entered the yard, and walked over to Dan. His eyes lit upon the thong, which struggled to contain the immense tool between Dan's huge legs. Alex' breath caught in his throat, but he walked over to Dan nonetheless, and sat beside him. “H- how've you been, Dan?”

“Honestly? Big,” he grinned, tensing his muscles on the pool chair. “You?”

Alex' voice caught in his throat as he watched Dan's huge muscles flex. “Honestly?” he managed at last. “I think I've whacked off every day, just thinking back to when Tom was fucking me and you were fucking him.” Alex' mouth slammed shut, and he blushed deeply. But he couldn't help himself. One hand tentatively reached out, and touched one of your massive thighs. His breath, held till now, came out in a rush, as he felt your monster leg. “Fuck you're huge…” he breathed.

“Yeah, I know. I was just thinking about how lonely it was out here, tanning, all by myself with no one to worship me,” he said in a fake pout. He flexed his enormous thigh and the bulging muscle nearly swallowed up Alex's hand in the separations between the heads of muscles. “Would you be interested in fixing that, Alex? Do you want to feel my enormous muscles? I'd like you to…” Dan seduced, wriggling in his seat.

Alex' throat gulped and his eyes widened. He nodded silently, unable to speak properly. He looked down at the massive leg which had his hand trapped between the massive separations, and then looked up at Dan again, a huge grin coming over his face. “I'll do anything you want, Dan. Absolutely anything…” There was a sudden seductiveness in Alex' voice that Dan had never heard from him before, as the smaller man straddled Dan's huge legs, running his hands over the huge bulging limbs, feeling every bloated contour, running up to the huge torso, as Alex scooted up Dan's big legs. “Fuck you're a beast…” Alex whispered, as his hands reached Dan's rock hard stomach, wandering up to his bloated pecs. Alex had to pull himself forward again, so that he was resting not only atop Dan's big legs, but also upon the huge teen's big rod. Alex gulped as he felt it beneath him, but didn't move, and even looked into Dan's eyes, shyness warring with lust. He moved in to grope that massive chest, lavishing attention on each immense pec, squeezing and pulling and pushing the hard flesh, leaning in to suck on the delicious, thick nipples.

“Oh, dude,” Dan softly whispered, bucking against Alex's ministrations. “Yeah… you know what a man wants…” he purred, bouncing his pecs, giving Alex a show. He also went into a lat spread, increasing his width to an insane degree as Alex's eyes grew as huge as saucers.

Alex' breathing became quicker, as he watched the massive man beneath him show off. When the lat spread hit, he went mad, groping the huge wings of muscle, squeezing and rubbing them, grinding against Dan's rock hard core, even as he felt the big man's meat-filled thong stir beneath him. “Fuck, you're one sexy freak…” Alex gasped, as he ran his tongue down the deep crevice between Dan's huge pecs, shoving his face between the massive slabs of muscle, his arms stretching wide as he tried to grope both of Dan's immense arms at once.

Dan flexed the biceps at the same time, overwhelming Alex's grasp. “Sorry, little guy. Guess I'm just too much fucking man for you to hold. That's okay, though. I'm too much for anyone. Now how about you say hello to the beast I keep in my thong,” he whispered wickedly, his cock throbbing.

Alex whimpered in awe as he felt Dan's monstrous guns flex, slipping out of his grasp. And when Dan invited him to experience more, Alex quivered with anticipation. He sat back, and slowly pulled off his own clothes, tossing them aside without a care as to where they landed or anything else. Then he slowly stretched himself across Dan's giant legs, and took a good look at the throbbing monster inside the thong. Alex ran his hands over it, feeling it through the stretched fabric, big and hard and hot. Slowly, he pulled the fabric away, letting the monster spring free. It rose upwards, hitting Dan in the abs, then returning to a more vertical position. Alex crawled along Dan's massive legs toward it, and gripped it with his hands, unable to encircle it totally one handed. He pushed his face down between Dan's massive thighs, and started to lick the huge, grapefruit sized balls, pushing his nose between them, loving the smell of man, loving the way the balls churned. Then he moved upward, running his worshipful tongue along the shaft, then up to the huge head, which he struggled to get in his mouth. Finally, he pulled off, having slicked it up with his tongue, and gotten the pre flowing. “I- I want you in me…” he managed, his voice quivering with fear and lust. “Tom was more than I thought I could take, but I did… and you're even bigger…”

Dan smiled. This was a good worshipper, indeed. “Then feel free to try. Sit down on it, buddy,” he said, putting his hands behind his head, making his biceps bulge so much the peaks were crammed up against his traps and against his ears. “I promise it doesn't bite.” Precum was flowing down the massive rod in abundance, making it slick and slippery.

Alex groaned softly at the sight of Dan's monstrous, bulging arms. He straddled the big man eagerly, and positioned himself above Dan's giant tool. Grimacing, he pushed down onto it, and cried out in pleasure as the head went in. “OH FUCK!” he gurgled, squeezing his glutes around the big head, feeling it stretch him. Try as he might though, he couldn't get down further. He leaned forward, and put his hands on Dan's lats, which were spread wide. Even holding on, he couldn't get further down the thick shaft. He looked into Dan's eyes, and set his jaw. “You- you gotta help big man. Push me down. Fill me with that huge cock…”

“No prob, my man,” Dan grinned as he put one strong hand on either side of Alex and started slowly pushing him down his thick rod, each and every veiny inch being felt by that poor boy's stretching anus. “Is this okay? It doesn't hurt too much?” he asked, Alex already halfway down.

“Oh fuck…” Alex groaned, grabbing Dan's huge arms, feeling their power and size. “Keep… keep going… It feels like I'm being stretched apart… but I love it!” He gave his glutes a squeeze for emphasis, sending a shudder through Dan's cock.

Dan grunted and continued shoving the guy down his huge cock, until Alex's ass was finally touching Dan's enormous globular balls filled with spunk. “UMF! Yeah… you made it all the way down, buddy. Now c'mon… ride it…” he grunted, lifting Alex back up and sliding him back down gently, moaning in time with it.

Alex threw his head back and groaned in pleasure, pain, and overwhelming excitement. “Oh fuck Dan… I can't believe how huge you are…” His hands flew like wild, desperate to reach Dan's immense arms, his huge pecs, anything Alex could reach, grope, and worship. His hands reached out and traveled down Dan's gigantic pecs, until he reached the big nipples, hanging succulently beneath the massive slabs of hard beef. Grinning, he grabbed them and pulled, sending a jolt of erotic pleasure through Dan, making the muscleteen's huge cock throb and harden further, which produced a loud groan from Alex.

“Oh fuck, fuck, I'm gonna… I'm gonna…!” And with that, Dan began cumming his huge load. It rocketed deep inside Alex and splattered his guts with steaming hot semen, quickly overfilling him and then seeping out of his anus, making a huge mess on Dan's lap. The huge teen kept grunting, wanting to deliver as much of his spunk as he could!!

Alex howled in ecstasy, his own cock shooting a much more modest load all over the huge man who had just filled him with such a big delivery of cum. His howls became a steady string of moans, as Dan's huge dick throbbed and pulsed, pushing more and more cum into Alex' overflowing ass. The smaller man's arms weakened, as the strength seemed to leave him, and he collapsed against Dan's massive torso, his head resting on the top of Dan's bloated pecs. “oh fuck…” Alex groaned softly, as he felt the huge teen's musclecock slowly ease.

“Ohhhh… that was fantastic,” the huge teen smiled. “You hungry? I can fix us a snack. I'm fuckin' starving!” Dan roared, stretching his muscular limbs out.

Alex smiled up at him. “Are you kidding? After that, I'm famished!” Alex slowly disentangled himself from Dan's huge body, and somewhat regretfully removed himself from that huge, glorious cock. Alex stood rather unsteadily, but found his balance by holding on to Dan for a moment. Then he grabbed his clothes, but didn't bother putting them on just yet, as he followed Dan inside.

“Hmm, how about nachos?” Dan offered. Alex seemed up to that and while Alex was looking for the chips, Dan was spicing up the queso a bit. He stopped when Alex came back with the chips and they both sat down and had their fill of the dip. “Tasty, huh?” Dan grinned.

Alex nodded, munching happily. “Yeah, it's pretty good. Has a weird taste though. Some odd flavoring in the cheese? I think I've tasted it before…” He sat back to think, not quite realizing it was the flavor from the burger. “Thanks for sharing with me though. You must eat a ton, with a big body like that!” Alex chuckled softly, and blushed as he looked over at Dan again. “I still can't get over how big you are… I mean, you're huge! Can you imagine if you got even bigger? That would be insane!” The blush returned, stronger than ever.

“Well, I'd be in trouble,” Dan remarked. “None of my clothes would fit! But I definitely wouldn't mind being bigger… would you? I mean, you're still young enough that you could bulk up…”

Alex looked back, still blushing a bit. “Well, I wouldn't mind being bigger. To keep up with you guys, if nothing else…” Alex grinned. “But also just because. I mean, I didn't work out as much as I should, after college, but I still kept at it. And now… Well, since that crazy barbecue you guys had… I just feel more alive!” He stepped forward, and put his hands on Dan's massive chest. “And as impossibly huge as you are now, if you were to grow bigger… well… gosh…” Alex' words trailed off, but his huge grin was statement enough.

Dan started to yawn. Oh hell… did he really take in that much of the spice?! “Well, I'm gonna go back outside to tan and nap for a bit… I want you to stay with me,” he said, bringing Alex close to him. They went back outside and Dan shoved his thong back on, wondering if it would still fit as he started to drift off in the warm sunlight…

Alex simply lay nude in the lawn chair next Dan's massive form, his customary shyness eased by the experience of being so thoroughly fucked in broad daylight. Although he was tempted to lie atop Dan, he decided to let the bigger man have his sunlight. As Alex drifted off to sleep, he felt a strange, familiar warmth fill him. Wondering what it was, he plunged into sleep. His dreams, when they came, were strange, and erotic. Hours later, he awoke with a start, the sun down, his rock hard cock pressed against the lawn chair, leaking pre. “D-Dan?” he asked, still befuddled, looking around.

“Hmm??” Dan muttered, his eyes fluttering open. He felt… wow, definitely bigger. He started sitting up as he realized just how big he was now. “Oh hell…” he peered down over his chest at his thong and saw that the straps had broken off as he'd grown bigger. He… was more enormous than ever, it seemed! He was about to say something when he looked over at Alex and his eyes widened as he drank in the newly grown stud.

Alex sat up slowly. What had been a muscular jock body before had truly blossomed, into a tall, built, hung stud. Dan's now-expert eye estimated that Alex must have been 6’2”, and in the neighborhood of 240 rock solid pounds. A respectable ten inch cock jutted from Alex' ripped core. But despite how impressive Alex was, his eyes were glued to Dan. “Oh fuck….” he groaned, his voice deeper and sexier than before. “Dan… you got bigger…” he added, wonder in his voice, a big grin forming on his face.

“Umf, yeah, feels that way. I've been having spurts these days,” he chuckled, flexing his new muscles. “How much do you think this all adds up to? I was about 450 before…”

“Over 500, easy. Maybe even 550…” Alex replied quickly, his eyes roaming across Dan's massive body. “Oh fuck man…” he sputtered, as he saw the wrecked thong and the beastly cock that lay above the tatters. “It's… it's huge… incredibly huge…” Alex went weak in the knees, and sat back down on his lawn chair. But that just put Dan's monster tool even more squarely in his line of sight, and Alex shuddered with excitement and awe. “You look awesome,” he said at last, a giant grin coming across his cute face.

“Likewise,” Dan smiled, leaning over to kiss Alex deeply. “You think you can fit into your clothes to get back home? Or do you need me to lend you some of my old stuff?” he offered.

Alex grabbed his clothing. The underwear went on, but were so tight, they looked almost like a speedo. The shorts fit as well, but only barely, with Alex' juicy glutes and thick thighs clearly filling them. The shirt though tore when he tried to pull it over his broad chest and bulging, 20” arms. Alex just laughed though, and grabbed the ragged bits. “I can go home shirtless. Be a shame to cover this up anyway,” he joked. “I think I have something I can squeeze into until I get to the store.”

“Don't be a stranger, okay? I want us to hang out more,” Dan said, pulling him in for one last kiss that made Alex's toes curl before he finally had to leave.

Alex nearly died with that kiss, being held by such a huge, powerful man. Alex was no slouch himself, anymore, but being kissed by a stud who was more than twice his size made his knees go weak. “Don't worry, big man. There's no way I'm letting you get lonely. After today, you think I'm going to miss an opportunity to have an even bigger you fuck me with that crazy tool of yours?”

Dan was so giddy as he left. There was another big guy in the neighborhood now! Maybe he was getting out of control, but he was over 500 lbs. of stud muscle and cock! Who was gonna stop him?!


Part 11

Dan was getting into the habit of deciding on random days of the week to sprinkle his spice into the soup at the school cafeteria. No one seemed to be raising an eyebrow at the gradual physical blooming that seemed to be going on to all the boys. Chests were getting wider and thicker, biceps were ballooning, quads were getting infused with more mass, lats spreading out inch by inch… and just one look in the locker room could tell you that this was one gifted bunch of boys in the underoos.

Tom, of course, had been agog when he saw Dan after his growth spurt. But a bit of play pouting was quickly solved by a few rounds of insane muscle sex, as the two huge brutes fucked each other raw, their massive bodies and freakish strength powering their monster cocks to new feats of sexual acrobatics. And every time Dan spiked the soup, Tom tasted it, and made sure he got seconds. The geeks had figured something out as well, mainly due to Tom's hints, so whenever he nudged them toward the soup, they went and got two bowls. Soon, they were the biggest boys in school, except for Dan and Tom, of course.

They would make games of seeing what they could get away with in terms of clothing at school. Dan would come to school in cutoff tank tops that barely covered his pecs and short shorts that hugged his ass and dick and not much else. He'd dare teachers to write him up, and they'd swallow and pretend like they hadn't seen anything.

Tom was every bit as blatant as Dan, sometimes more so. He once wore a tank top with straps so long and thin, that his thick nipples were visible, hanging down from his ponderous pecs. A slow flex of his massive chest stopped any questions, as the striations raced across the massive slabs of beef. And of course, he loved to make out with Dan, not even bothering to hide it, as the two massive musclefreaks would make out in the halls or the locker rooms, giving each other a grope and a kiss, usually salted with a suggestive comment about later activities.

Parent-teacher conference finally arrived. Dan's homeroom teacher was eager to let his parent know how much Dan had been acting up in class and in the halls. He knew for sure if he could just get through to the parent, Dan's behavior could be stopped. But when he saw Mr. Stockwell, his heart sank.

Peter Stockwell swaggered in, 425 pounds of pure brawn, dwarfed only by his massive son, who was even bigger. Peter sat down next to the desk, and grinned at the teacher. “So, you're Danny's homeroom teacher. Peter Stockwell.” He extended one massive arm and took the teacher's hand, giving a firm shake. Even though he didn't try to crush it, the teacher was able to feel the restrained power within. “How've things been, then?”

“Well, I think you need to know about your son Dan's behavior in class,” the teacher said, sweat starting to form on his brow. “He's been rather… out of control and lewd. Tell me, does he act that way at home?”

Peter sat silently for a moment. “What do you mean? Out of control how? And lewd? I can't imagine it. He's a big boy, of course. I can see how that might lead to things being taken out of context.” Peter's voice was smooth, but there was a hint of something dangerous behind it. He drummed his fingers on the table once, and the muscles in his huge forearm rippled.

“Well, at school he comes dressed in these… these outfits. I don't even know how else to describe them. They're way outside the bounds of the dress code, they're barely even clothes! It seems to be more of a way to advertise his body to the other students and teachers. It's lascivious and unacceptable, Mr. Stockwell!”

Peter's eyes narrowed a bit. “My boy is hard to shop for, at his size. The big and tall store doesn't carry much that fits on him. And it's hardly as if I haven't seen plenty of students around here dressed in similar clothes. There's just so much more of Dan, that it's hard to cover up that much man.” Peter sat up straighter, his chest pushing outward, straining the buttons of his short-sleeved dress shirt. “This shirt was custom made, for me. I can't afford to have them made for Danny too. Not the way he grows.” Peter grinned. “Although I have to question the fact that you seem to think it's lewd. Maybe you find it hard to concentrate, when so much muscle is in front of you?” Peter put his hands behind his head, the short sleeves pulling back to reveal his monstrous biceps.

“I… I don't know what you mean by that,” the teacher stammered, pushing his glasses back up his nose. “And then there's the sexual behavior that goes on outside of classrooms. There's been multiple instances of him conducting… homosexual displays of affection with another boy in the halls. And after several warnings, he continues to do so! I'm… I'm at a loss as to how to discipline him!”

Peter's face was a dark scowl now. “Last I checked, that was allowed. I know you certainly haven't stopped the boy-girl pairings from sucking each other's faces off.” Peter stood up, and leaned forward, planting his big hands on the desk in front of the teacher, leaning in, his huge chest straining against the buttons of his shirt. “I think that boner you've been trying to hide under the desk says more than all your words together, little man…” Peter snarled softly. “And I think you're at a loss as to how to discipline Dan because it's impossible. He doesn't need it. You're the one that's having trouble.” Peter slowly walked around the desk, until he was standing right at the teacher's side. Slowly, he grabbed the chair, and pulled it out and up in the air, the teacher still seated on it. Peter grinned. “I knew you had a boner.”

The teacher was nearly in tears. “S-stop it… please… I don't want any trouble, I just… thought you wanted to discipline your boy…”

Peter set the chair back down swiftly, nearly bouncing it. He held on to the arms though, and the teacher's knees rubbed against Peter's massive legs. “Dan will be disciplined if he does something wrong. And only then. And from what I can see, you're going to have problems no matter what. I'm fully clothed, and you're still about to pop your fly. So you had better learn to live with my boy, or you'll find out just what kind of discipline his daddy can dish out.” Peter growled the last, his neck veins bulging and his traps hulking freakily under the shirt as he leaned in to make his point. “Now, do we understand each other?”

The teacher winced. “Yessir. Please… don't kill me…” he whimpered. His boner was still raging, though. The smell of his masculine scent was powerful this close to him, and he was practically ripping out of his tight clothes!

“Good. I'm glad we understand each other.” Peter grinned, and pushed the teacher's rolling chair back against the wall. He leaned back against the desk, spreading his huge legs slightly, his massive package directly in the line of sight of the flustered teacher. Peter just smiled cockily. “Now, is there anything else you wanted to discuss?”

“Is… there anything else you wanted from me, sir?” the teacher asked back, his eyes wide and trained directly on Peter's enormous bulge. It was larger than ever before and no pants were tailored to withstand its avalanche of flesh.

Peter stepped forward, his huge legs straddling and mashing the teacher's together between them, his huge crotch now a mere six inches from the teacher's sweat streaked face. The teacher could see the huge rod snaking down, pressed against the fabric obscenely, getting longer and harder, throbbing softly under the cloth. “I just want you to be honest, teacher. Honest with me, honest with yourself.”

“I…” He closed his eyes. This was beyond embarrassing! “I want your cock, okay?!”

Peter hid his smirk. Since his recent changes, he had realized that his testosterone-fueled body would take release where it could be had, man or woman. When he had fucked his VP silly, he had enjoyed the power he had over the man. And now, he was going to open this silly little man up, break through his ridiculous mental blocks. All with the power of his huge, sexy, musclefreak body. “You know how to use a zipper, don't you?” Peter asked coyly, as he opened the top button of his pants. He was going to make the teacher do more than say what he wanted. He was going to make him participate.

“Y-yes…” he grudgingly said, using his fingers to zip it down. He hardly had to work to get it more than halfway down, the enormous size of his cock and balls nearly unzipped it themselves. There was a wealth of cock flesh hidden in the large boxers Peter wore. The fabric was deformed around the huge swell of genitals. “Oh my god… how's it possible to be this big?”

Peter pulled the pants down a bit further, and then pulled up his shirt, revealing the bottom of his awesome abs. “Go on, pull that bad boy out…” he purred, has his huge muscledick stirred, swelling larger, pressing outward, as Peter slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing one massive ab after the other, then his huge pecs, as he opened the shirt fully, giving the teacher a good view of his massive torso. “Come on. You know you want to see just how big it is…” Peter teased.

The teacher drooled as he put his hand on the top of the boxers, slowly lowering them. He couldn't believe he was doing this. This was breaking every rule he thought he had. But he had to see that huge hog of a cock. And part way down he saw the huge root of the cock, the ultra-fat shaft and he whimpered. “My… my god…”

“Yes…” Peter agreed, his deep voice rich and smug. He pulled the boxers down a bit more, revealing more and more of the huge shaft, slowly pulsing and thickening, veins running over it, powering it up. He slid the boxers down until they only covered the big, thick head. “Last bit. Your turn…” Peter purred. The teacher was going mad, driven by desire, not able to believe his own actions, as his hands went up to caress Peter's thick, deep abs, then traveled down to that huge shaft, to pull on the boxers, finally freeing the beast from its cage. It rose magnificently, like a cobra, mesmerizing the teacher, even as he gasped in awe as its full magnificence was finally revealed. “Seventeen.” Peter said simply, grinning.

“I-inches?! No way… no one can be that big…” the teacher gasped. It was so huge he couldn't come close to encircling it with his hand. His balls were out in the open, too, as big as ripe navel oranges. Peter was virile beyond belief!

“I'd make a joke about a ruler, but that only goes to twelve…” Peter purred in satisfaction. “And I'm sure you can see that seventeen is not an exaggeration on my part. Why bother? Anything so huge is impressive no matter what the exact number is. But it's seventeen, in this case. In case you wondered.” Peter grinned. “And I happen to know you'd never forgive yourself if you turned down the opportunity to get that mouth of yours on a cock this big…”

The teacher meekly nodded and attempted to put it in his mouth. He tried a couple different ways, but every time it came to the same conclusion. “It's… it's too big!!” He whimpered and tried to shove it in roughly, but he nearly choked! “It's too fucking big!”

“No such thing as too big!” Peter growled roughly. He grabbed a hold of the teachers head, and held it steady as he slowly forced the huge head into the small man's mouth. He could see the little teacher shuddering and quivering, his body shaking as he was overwhelmed by the big dick that was being pushed into his mouth. His eyes rolled back in his head as Peter forced his way in, leading to whimpers from the teacher—half fear, half lust, as the experience of having so much meat shoved down his throat made his own little cock shoot his load, filling his pants with cum, the wet spot slowly spreading at his own crotch. Peter grinned. “See, no such thing as too big…” He held the teacher's head, and started pulling it down onto his huge dick, forcing the teacher to slowly work him over.

He wanted to try to scream for help, but his throat was full of cock at this point, and if someone were to come in… what would they think of what they saw?! A teacher sucking off a student's parent! He'd be kicked out for sure! He had no choice but to try to survive this massive dick attack, to try to get this musclegod off as quickly as possible! He used his hands to try to stimulate the huge man's balls, giant peaches that they were, to get them to cum and cum soon!

Peter let out a low groan as the little man worked his big balls over, pawing at them desperately. It only made him hornier, and he started pulling the small man's head more aggressively, his big dickhead now hitting the back of the teacher's throat, and only a little bit was in, past the shaft! Peter could feel his load building in his big balls, as his little worshipper massaged them. “Aw fuck yeah, little man. Work those big balls over. Gonna fill you up with cum here…” His big dick was starting to spasm now, on the verge of exploding, swelling up, filling the teacher's mouth even more than before.

“MMMMMMFFFFFFFF!!!” the little man screamed, the cock swelling so huge he was frightened his jaw would dislocate. Men shouldn't grow this big, he thought. They were too powerful, too beautiful to resist!

Peter was grunting now, holding the teacher's head still as his powerful hips slammed his big dick home. With a loud groan, he unleashed his load, shooting a huge delivery of hot, thick cum down the puny teacher's throat. Peter let out a low sigh of relief, as he held the little man in place, while his oversized dick slowly emptied his big balls. After a couple minutes, he finally pulled out, grinning as he watched the strings of cum dribble down the teacher's chin. He slowly packed away his huge equipment and rebuttoned his shirt. “Pleasure talking with you,” Peter said with a grin, as he motioned to the teacher's chin. He turned around, and left.

When Peter got home, he saw Dan and Tom making out on the couch. Dan was just in his briefs while Tom was in his briefs and one of his trademark skimpy, slutty tank tops with the barely-there straps that exposed more than it clothed. Both boys' boners were testing the limits of their confines and it was clear that sex was only a few minutes away. Dan barely stopped his make-out session to say, “Oh, hi, dad!”

“Howdy boys,” Peter replied. He grinned at the sight of the two huge studs making out. His memory flashed back to the teacher, and he grinned wider. “Parent-teacher conferences went like a breeze, Dan. Although homeroom took a bit of convincing. I think he'll be more amenable now, though.” Peter winked, and walked into the kitchen. “I'm famished, boys. I don't know if you want something or not, but I can just leave leftovers for whenever you feel like it.”

Dan broke off from the hot kissing. He was proud of his father! He deserved a reward. “Actually, I'm starving, too, and I'm sure Tom could use something. I'll come help you, you know how I love to do seasoning,” he grinned as he hopped up and went to the kitchen after his father. He was gonna give him another full dose of the spice… he'd been reacting so strongly to it lately, he wondered what that would do… Would it finally be too far? His father didn't seem to find anything “too far” lately!

Peter grinned, and got started on a big skillet of beef. “I'm going to run up and change, Dan. You just work you magic, and I'll be right back.” Peter went up the stairs, his big body making the steps creak slightly under its 425 pounds. Tom came over to the kitchen, grinning. “Dude, you putting it in?” he asked mischievously.

Dan nodded. “Yep! Although if we're all gonna be eating it, I might put more than a full dose to spread things out…” he said, sprinkling the container a few times into the beef. “Ready to grow some more?” he asked mischievously.

Tom puffed up his chest under his slutty, barely-there tank top. “Are you kidding? You know what a freak I am. I always want more!” He grinned. “Every time we grow, the sex just gets better and better. Bigger muscles, bigger cocks…” Tom looked around, then whispered conspiratorially, “And dude, I think your dad must've fucked a teacher or something. Did you see the way he looked when he walked in? That's the look of a man who just fucked something. Mark my words…”

Dan giggled. “I think he fucks the guys at work, too. All I know is that every other week or so, he comes home with a raise!” They continued cooking the meal until Peter came back down. By then, the meal was almost done and they served it out equally between the three behemoths. It should've been enough for a platoon but they all gobbled it down. At least it was enough to keep them from thinking about food for a while!

After they finished, Peter was the first to rise. “Well boys, that was a mighty fine meal. Thanks for helping, Dan. As for me, I think I'm off to bed. I'll let you boys get back to your activities.” And with a wink and a smile, Peter was up from the table, and then up the stairs toward his room. Tom sat back, putting his huge hands behind his head, slowly flexing his massive biceps. “That was some good beef, Dan. And I think it's going to be even better when we wake up…” He gave Dan a huge grin. “This tank top is going to cover even less, then!”

“I won't be content until you have to show up to school naked,” Dan half-joked. He resumed making out with Tom, but partway through it he just started yawning. “Awww, fuck… there goes the spice, ruining our good times,” he yawned even louder. “Maybe you should start walking home now, so your parents don't get angry that you slept over here again…”

Tom grinned. “I think the food bill has them more concerned. Even more than my sudden size increase!” He stood up, and then reached down to give Dan a big kiss. “But good idea. It's a school night, and if I stay here, we'll just fuck like mad when we wake up, and be late. Again.” He chuckled. “But come lunch, you better eat fast. 'cause I want to see what the bigger, better Daniel Stockwell is capable of.”

“Hey, don't act too cocky, you can barely handle today's model!” he teased as he waved goodbye.

“Oh, I want cock all right…” Tom laughed as he left. He hurried down the street, running as he felt the spice start to kick in. He was barely able to get home in time to flop into bed and pass out. Dan went up to his room to furiously masturbate before the spice zonked him out. He was juuuust able to squeeze a load out before his head hit the pillow on his bed.

The next morning, Tom awoke to a bigger, better Tom. He stood up excitedly, and gazed in the oversized mirror he had bought after the growth started. “Oh fuck yes…” he groaned, as he admired his 6’8”, 550 pound body. He knew Dan would be bigger now, but to see it on himself…. He jerked his twenty-one incher furiously, before heading down to a huge breakfast.

Dan woke up and felt himself taking up even more space on his bed. He wore a sleepy grin on his face. He could tell he was nearly as wide as his bed. He couldn't wait until he could go to his dad and tell him he needed a bigger bed because he was just too fucking big for his old one! He hopped out of bed and the floor shook ominously. Whoa. He couldn't do too much hopping indoors anymore, it seemed! He looked in his own huge mirror and saw a gigantic wall of beef that had to be 6’11” and over 600 lbs. of raw muscle… maybe even 625. He hurried downstairs to see what havoc the spice wreaked on his father!


Part 12

Peter was already up, and whistling jauntily as he cooked breakfast. Wearing only shorts that were now too small, he grinned as he saw his big son come down. “Looks like you grew too, huh boy?” he laughed. He raised his huge arms and flexed, his biceps rising freakily. “Still, your old man is up to 500 pounds. And six-foot-seven!” He laughed, and then grinned as his cock stirred in his too-tight shorts. “Oh and nineteen.” He grinned devilishly, as he returned to the stove to put huge portions of scrambled eggs on their plates.

“I'd be jealous if I wasn't about 125 lbs. heavier, four inches taller and had a two-footer swinging between my legs!” Dan teased as he practically inhaled the food. He was absolutely colossal now and it took tons of food to fuel his amazing metabolism… all of it going to his muscles! “You gonna be able to wear anything to work?”

Peter laughed. “Might have to leave a button or three open. We'll see. I doubt I'll get many complaints. And I'll just have a few new shirts made. The tailor I've been going to and I have worked out a discount.” Peter grinned devilishly, and tucked into his eggs. “But it will be fine. Do you have anything for school? I know your teacher and I came to an understanding last night, but I can't send you naked…” He laughed at the thought. “If for no other reason than because no one else could study then!”

“Well, I have a pair of stretchy shorts that should cover everything… mostly. And I have a tank top that might still reach my nipples. I kinda hope it can't, though,” the boy grinned mischievously. “I mean, like you said, the teacher's not gonna say anything, so who cares as long as I'm not naked? Everyone's gonna be imagining me naked anyways, so why make it harder on them?”

Peter laughed. “You're right, of course, but sometimes, we just need to pretend, for the sake of everyone else, and their delicate minds.” He stood up, and cleaned away the plates. “Hope that filled you up. That' was the whole carton, and I gave you more… But I gotta admit, I'm still a bit hungry.” Peter rubbed his rock hard, cobbled stomach. “I may have to stop by the store on the way to work, just to get enough to make it to lunch. You going to be okay?”

“I think so. If I get hungry or something, I'll just ask the lunch ladies for some food. One flex and they give me anything I want,” he grinned, flexing his gigantic 34” bicep. Dan squeezed into his clothes (they fit about as well as he thought they would… except the tank top DIDN'T cover his nipples, to his relief) and met up with Tom on the way to school. “Hey there, stud! What'd you do with Tom?” he laughed, grinning and hugging the huge boy as they walked along the sidewalk.

Tom laughed, and hugged back, squeezing Dan's massive glutes in the process. “Old Tom must be hanging out with old Dan, big man. Because you're way bigger than the stud I was making out with last night…” Whereas Dan's tank top was too short, not even covering his nipples, Tom's had the opposite problem. The straps were so long, they hung down to below his huge pecs, putting his nips and massive pecs on full display, with the shirt just hiding all but his lower abs. His 21 inch cock and grapefruit sized balls were packed tightly into the spandex shorts he wore, which did nothing to hide them, or his monster legs. “Lunch, dude. Promise me. Or I'll drag you off somewhere right now, to have my way with you…” Tom joked.

“It's a deal… if I can get enough food to power this monster body of mine, that is. Takes tons of energy to keep a guy this big,” he said, going into a most muscular that produced a few tears in his already threadbare tank top. He laughed. “Oops… if I keep that up, I won't have anything covering these honkers by the end of the day!”

Tom laughed. “No complaints here. That silly shirt barely hides anything anyway.” He grinned, and reached out to give one of Dan's pecs a good squeeze. “That's some fine beef there, man. Prime grade. I know the school is stuffy, but if it were up to me, you wouldn't be allowed to wear shirts!” He chuckled, and kept walking, as they approached the school.

The guys at school were looking pretty good these days. If they weren't the super-buff geek squad that Tom and Dan hung out with, they were at least approaching competition bodybuilder size. No one knew what was responsible for it, but the P.E. teacher felt pretty proud and the sports coaches were scrambling to get more players. And damn if all the dudes weren't sporting at least 9” dicks, at the very least. Dan liked what he'd done with the place. He wasn't finished, but it was a good start. He waved hello to their geeky friends, none of them less than 280 lbs. by now. They were huge and hung and… still geeky, actually. But that's what made them lovable.

Tom grinned as well. He had been a bit of a geek himself, so he felt a bond with the other geeks. He had taken them under his wing, so to speak, making sure they always got seconds when there was spiked soup to be had. And every now and then, they hung out. Sometimes to geek out over video games or RPGs or something else, and sometimes to fuck like mad musclebound bunnies. Usually both. But no one came close to Dan. His longtime friend was now the ultimate specimen of a man, and Tom's always-horny state seemed to kick up a notch when Dan was around. Waiting for lunch was excruciating, but when it came around, Tom was at the usual table in a flash, chowing down on his lunch, waiting for Dan so they could eat and then run off to fuck.

Usually Dan would go back for thirds or fourths, but this time he just stockpiled four trays at once and gobbled them all down as fast as he could before he hoisted Tom up into the air and carried him off outside the building to behind the gym, where almost no one ever went. “You wanted to fuck,” he growled, furiously kissing the smaller boy, “then let's fuck, man. I got a two foot dick that wants to be satisfied, so your mouth better not have written a check your ass can't cash!”

Tom growled in response, a low, sexy sound. “Just you make sure you know how to use that much cock, big man. I know you're big, but you gotta really use some technique too…” Tom was teasing, of course, but his hands groped Dan's big body nonetheless, reaching for that huge cock and balls, grabbing them roughly. “You know I'm big enough to take you, Dan. Not many men are, but this body is pretty damn freaky.” Tom grinned, as he attacked Dan with his hands and mouth, groping the larger man, kissing and sucking, nibbling on the massive muscleteen's freaky body. “And I've been itching to have you fuck me all day, dude… since the moment I woke up!”

Dan pulled Tom's shorts off, nearly ripping them off due to the fact they got stuck on his massive quads and ass. Then he bent the massive uber-teen over and poised his glistening, precumming cock at the entrance of Tom's ass. “You ready for this? Because once I shove it in, it's not coming out until I'm putting a few gallons of freak seed inside you…”

“Fuck,” Tom spat back, playfully, “I'm not letting you out till I get every last drop you've got in those big balls of yours!” Tom wiggled his mighty glutes, and pushed them back against the huge head of Dan's two foot monster. “Now stop talking and start fucking, big man! If you don't get me off soon, I'm going to explode!” Tom pointedly noted his own rock hard, 21 inch member. “Besides, I think you need someone to help you properly initiate that huge torpedo you've got there. And who better than your biggest, best bud?” Tom grinned, and flexed his big glutes around the head of Dan's megacock. “Now fuck me man. Show me what that huge freak bod can do!”

Dan growled and roughly shoved his cock inside. Thankfully Tom was as freaky as he was and took the cock easily, his ass consuming inch after inch of musclegod cock before the whole thing was shoved inside, pistoning in and out at a rapid pace, making Dan sweat and his tank top stick to him like a second skin!

“Oh fuck yeah…” Tom groaned, feeling his massive friend enter him. As the fucking got earnest, he began to pant and moan, feeling Dan's huge dick fill him up, loving the way his huge friend was giving his ass a proper reaming. “Oh damn dude, so fuckin' huge…” he groaned, his deep voice shot through with lust, his own cock dripping pre furiously. Sweat poured down his own body, as he started to flex deep inside, working the head and upper shaft of Dan's huge rod, sending unbelievable pleasure through the larger man. “Like my new trick?” Tom asked proudly, between pants. “Amazing what my freaky muscle control can do…”

“Oh fuck, keep doing it! It's incredible! It's gonna take me over the edge!!” Dan bellowed. He didn't care who heard. The entire school had to know they were fucking, and it wouldn't be too difficult to watch them doing it, either. He just wanted to fuck his fellow musclegod as much as he wanted, as hard as he wanted! He wanted complete sexual expression!

Tom grinned, and redoubled his efforts. It was hard to concentrate, Dan was fucking him so hard now, but he also knew that if he could keep working the big man over with his deep muscles, that huge cock would keep pounding in harder and faster. He gritted his teeth and concentrated, squeezing hard and quick, treating Dan to the most talented muscle ass performance ever. Tom was growling and groaning like a wild animal, and he didn't even try to hide it. “Just…keep…fucking…me!!!” he roared, as he clamped down hard on Dan's huge cock, using his inner and outer glutes, using every bit of strength he had.

“FUUUUUUCK!!!” Dan screamed, unleashing his typhoon of semen into Tom's ass. The first shot was so intense, it pushed his cock out of the man's ass a few inches from the pressure! Dan fought to keep his cock deep in there, spraying Tom's insides with his love, filling him with his need. It seemed to go on and on, Dan losing track of time and space as he just reveled in his release.

Tom let out a howl, feeling his freaky friend unload inside him, his own cock letting out a mighty explosion as he felt the effects of Dan's orgasm wash through him, the jet of cum setting his insides afire. He pushed back, eager to keep Dan in him, not wanting to lose that massive, spurting cock just yet. He clamped down with his powerful glutes, and reached back, trying to grope the larger muscleteen, to hold him close. “F- fuck…” Tom groaned, as Dan's seed filled him. “What an amazing fuck…”

They were two monsters, two forces of nature slaking their thirst for each others' flesh. Dan started to come off his orgasm, caressing Tom's enormous lats gently. “Hey man, that was, without a doubt, the most amazing fuck I've ever felt. Your ass deserves a medal or something, because WOW. I have half a mind to just leave my cock in there for the rest of the day!” he joked.

Tom looked back and grinned. “I have half a mind to let you! You went wild there!” He lifted his arms, causing his lats to flare, and slowly flexed his massive arms. “I mean, can you believe how freaky we are? And that thing I did with my ass? Muscle control man. The kind only freaks like us can really manage…” Tom leaned back against Dan's massive chest. “Fuck I'm glad you got that crazy spice…” He chuckled.


Part 13

Peter had been invited by the vice president to present something an important project to the board of directors. Normally, this would be the vice president's job, but the man had been an absolute wreck since the 500 lb. behemoth started exerting his will over him, and his cute 25 year old assistant, Colin, was left to cobble together the presentation. Colin was told to join Peter on the business trip in order to help brief him on the particulars.

Peter had noticed the cute Colin on several occasions, but the younger man seemed to avoid Peter. The blushes told Peter all that he needed to know. He made sure that he and Colin were booked for a longer stay at the resort than was necessary, arriving earlier than needed, staying longer than required. And “to save the company money”, Peter volunteered to drive them both. “That way, Colin can brief me on the way” he had explained. So on the appointed day, Peter pulled up in his new car, as Colin waited patiently.

Colin was intimidated by the size of the giant hummer, but not as intimidated as he was by the man driving it. “Oh, uh, hello, Mr. Stockwell,” he said timidly as he struggled to climb into the passenger seat. He wasn't a tiny man, 6' tall and 170 lbs. with a nice ass… so he liked to think. Bigger than Peter had been at the start of all this. But there was absolutely no comparison to be found now!

At 6’7” and 500 rock solid pounds, Peter dominated the inside of the cab. Even in such a large vehicle, he dwarfed it and everyone else in it. Peter just smiled at Colin as the younger man got in, taking a moment to admire Colin's fine young ass. Peter then put the car in gear and drove off. He knew that his arms would be giving Colin a show, what with his huge, rippling tris and bis, as he drove, which was just what he wanted. As they started down the road, Peter made small talk about the presentation, even as he occasionally stretched his arms just a bit more than necessary, or adjusted his legs to give Colin a better view of the 19 incher that was crammed into his crotch.

“Um… so you think you'll be able to remember that all for the presentation? It's pretty important, and who knows, the board might even consider promoting you…” Colin said, trying to hide the fact that all he wanted to do was stare at Peter's amazing body by flipping through his pages of notes.

Peter scratched his manly chin, knowing that it would emphasize the massiveness of his forearm, and the incredible proportions of his biceps and shoulder. “I think I've got most of it. But I'd rather have you come over for some reviewing. This presentation is important enough, I don't think extra prep will hurt.” Peter gave Colin a grin. He had a rather different motive, of course, but he enjoyed toying with Colin. It would make the conquest so much more worthwhile later…

“Well, okay… if that's what you want,” a flustered Colin said. They were nearing the resort. “I mean, we have a few days before the presentation to rehearse and enjoy ourselves, I guess. I've been running myself so ragged trying to finish this stuff, I haven't had much time to unwind,” Colin kept rambling, trying to fill the empty space with anything other than sexual tension.

Peter smiled. “Don't you worry your cute little head, Colin. There'll be plenty of opportunities for fun as well.” Instead of tamping down the sexual tension, Peter's words just seemed to heighten things. “In fact, once you're settled in, why don't you come on over to my room, and we'll work out the details.” Actually, Peter had arranged for rooms next to each other, with a door between them, but he wasn't ready to reveal that just yet, as he pulled up to the resort. He helped Colin with his luggage, giving him an opportunity to show off his incredible strength, before going to his own room to set his trap.

Colin was a bit surprised that they were just separated by a set of doors, but he supposed it wasn't that unusual. It was probably just easier to book two adjacent rooms. So he opened the doors to cross into Peter's room after he was settled in. “So I made you these note cards, and…” Colin trailed off, looking up from his notes at the shocking sight before him.

Peter stood there, with a towel around his waist, and only just barely. “Ah, there you are Colin. After that drive, I just had to have a shower…” Peter smiled at the shocked younger man. He knew the towel couldn't hide his huge thighs, and the bulge between them left little to the imagination in that department. Just as Peter wanted it. He walked across the room, and lay down on the bed. “Come over and show them to me,” he commanded, knowing that bringing Colin into such close proximity with so much naked, freshly-washed flesh would be torment to the younger man.

“Um… yeah, okay,” Colin stammered, pretending like this was a perfectly normal situation. Of course it was typical to walk in on your muscular behemoth of a co-worker damp and dressed only in a towel, laying on a bed that just begged you to bend over and look up that towel at what treasures it only barely hid… Shit, he had to get a grip! He walked over and started numbly going over some points, handing Peter the cards.

“Gosh Colin, you look awful tense,” Peter remarked. He patted the space on the bed next to him. “Have a seatt.” The younger man had no choice to comply. Peter put his big hands on Colin's shoulders, and began to slowly squeeze and massage them. With every movement, Colin could feel the incredible strength in Peter. After a couple minutes, Peter tugged off Colin's shirt, leaving the smaller man's torso bare. Smaller, of course, but toned, it excited Peter. He ran his hands down Colin's back, and was rewarded to see Colin's pants respond. “Massage is wonderful for stress, Colin…” Peter whispered softly.

“Should… should we be doing this, Mr. Stockwell?” the young man asked, a trembling in his voice. He was so shy. Didn't he know how cute and hot he was? Peter thought to himself.

Peter's hands went down to Colin's thighs, sending shivers through the younger man, not to mention holding him in place. “Don't be afraid, Colin…” Peter whispered, as he allowed his massive arms and pecs to surround the smaller man, like a set of bloated stone walls. The tent that sprang up in Colin's pants told Peter what he needed to know. “I see you want this, Colin. Just like me…” one hand strayed to run up the shaft of Colin's erect dick, pressing it through the fabric of the pants.

“You're just… so intimidating…” Colin finally admitted, finding no point in continuing a charade of indifference to the physical splendor of the man behind him. “I bet you could have anyone…”

Peter chuckled. “You're probably right. And I have had a lot. But you're cute, Colin. And your ass is beautiful. Absolutely incredible. And I know you like what you see on me. What you feel when I hold you close to me like this…” Peter demonstrated by wrapping his massive arms around Colin, easily lifting the smaller and lighter man onto his huge legs. “Go on…” Peter whispered enticingly, “This is your chance to live out your fantasies…”

Colin turned around to face his seducer, to make sure what he was experiencing was real. He was confronted with the sight of Peter's handsome, fatherly features and Colin's heart ached. “K-kiss me?”

Peter didn't show the bit of surprise that flared up in him at Colin's request. There had been many kisses, of course, but the young thing's earnestness was interesting. And intriguing. Peter leaned in, and pressed his lips against Colin's beginning a long, increasingly passionate kiss that all but blew the younger man's mind.

The young man melted in the rock hard embrace of Peter. That kiss made every sexual promise his fantasies had made come true. His heart exploded in erotic joy and it took everything he had to not make his cock follow its lead. A few minutes later, when they parted, Colin gasped. “That was wonderful.”

“That was a taste… literally…” Peter purred. He pulled his towel off and tossed it aside, leaving his massive body gloriously nude. His hands worked their way over Colin as well, pushing and pulling, squeezing and stroking, and slowly but surely removing one article of clothing from Colin after the other, until both were utterly naked. Peter wrapped his enormous arms around Colin again, and pulled the lad in close, his huge arms and chest surrounding the younger man, as Peter renewed their kiss, but fiercer and more passionate now, more exciting and more dangerous.

They stayed like that for about an hour, naked and hot against each other's flesh, making out in such a hot, steamy way that Colin thought his cock would burst. But before that could happen, Peter suggested they hit the pool to cool down. “The… the pool?” Colin asked dumbly, blinking.

Peter laughed, and waved one huge arm toward the sliding glass doors. A pool right on the other side sparkled in the late afternoon sun. Peter ushered Colin in that direction, both naked. “I thought of everything, don't worry…” Peter chuckled. He led Colin out to the private pool area, and then leapt in with grace that defied his massive body. He emerged moments later, smiling at Colin, inviting him in. “Don't worry, Colin. I'll keep you warm, if needed…”

Colin felt weird and awkward being out naked in the sunlight next to a pinnacle of masculine muscle like Peter, but he timidly followed the giant man into the pool. At least none of the other guests could see them… although Colin almost wished they could, just so he could let them all know he was fooling around with the biggest, hottest guy he'd ever met!

Peter swam over to Colin as the younger man entered, his huge body moving through the water surprisingly easily. “Now, isn't this nice?” Peter asked, half-innocently. “Some of that relaxation you were talking about?” He slowly raised his arms up and flexed them, watching the massive guns rise from the water, giving Colin a wink as he did so. “Thirty-two…” he purred simply.

“Your… your age?” Colin smiled, playing dumb. He wanted this huge dude to brag about how fucking big and strong he was. Guys who knew how hot they were simultaneously intimidated and turned his crank, and now that he knew Peter already liked him, well…

Peter chuckled. “Not quite. Something a bit more… oh, in-your-face, let's call it…” He brought his massive flexed bi inches away from Colin's face. “Look at it, Colin. Thirty-two freaking inches of muscle. You can touch it, if you want…” The huge mass of flexed muscle seemed to loom larger and larger, the veins and striations increasingly visible…

Colin did tentatively reach out and put a finger on top of the massive peak of bicep muscle. It was hard. Rock hard. Diamond hard, even. And the harder Peter flexed it, the more it seemed to swell, the more the veins bulged and striations revealed themselves.

Peter grinned as Colin's hands explored his huge gun, tentatively at first, but then with increased confidence. “Lick it…” Peter breathed in his deep, husky voice. “You know you want to. Fuck, I lick 'em all the time, myself…” He flexed harder, and it swelled up larger, almost as if getting a bit of a pump. Colin could feel something else hard rub against his leg for a moment.

The blood usually rushing to his brain was now rushing elsewhere. Inhibitions were dropping as Colin leaned over and gave that hard, massive bicep a nice, long lick. He let it run all along the ridges of the striations, all over the peak and the surrounding muscle tissue. He was running out of saliva, that's how huge this mound of muscle was!

Peter kept one arm flexed, for Colin's worship, while the other snaked around, grabbing the younger man's fine ass for a nice slow squeeze. He poked and prodded and pushed this way and that, exploring every bit of Colin's smooth, beautiful behind. “What a sexy ass you got there…” Peter rumbled, as he gave Colin's ass a good squeeze.

“Fuck… it's nothing compared to you,” Colin moaned, hanging onto that bicep for dear life while Peter manhandled his buns.

Peter offered no protest, just grinned. He was hard as a rock, and itching to show this hot young thing just what he was able to do. He kept his massive bi flexed for Colin, while his cock slipped between the lad's tight thighs, rubbing against them with his huge member. His thick head nuzzled against Colin's ass, eager for more.

“Oh… oh god… you're so big… no way I can take you!” he gasped, frightened anew, although his cock never once flagged.

“Nineteen inches,” Peter announced proudly. Then he grinned. “And would you be able to forgive yourself if you gave up this chance to at least try?” He pushed his big cock against Colin's ass a bit more, the thick head pressed against the smaller man's hole.

Colin quivered at the thought, which relaxed his asshole just enough to give the larger man's cock some purchase, the head starting its long journey inside. “Ohhh fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!”

Peter's head went back as he let out a low growl of lust and pleasure, his thick neck seeming to spread out in the process. He grabbed Colin firmly as he slowly pushed in, his huge tool spreading the smaller man wide, sending insane sensations coursing through the two men. Colin had never had a man so big, and Peter had never found an ass so tight. He began to push in a bit harder, sending shockwaves of pleasure into Colin.

This went on for a while. Colin couldn't have said how long. It was like he was in an erotic time warp. It could've been seconds… it could've been hours. Slowly, gently, Peter buried his cock farther and farther up the young man's chute. And dutifully, it engulfed inch after inch until Peter could tell Colin could hold no more as the young man quivered, full of more cock than he thought a man could ever have, and several inches still remained outside!

Peter gripped Colin firmly with his huge arms, as he walked out of the pool. No longer supported by the water's buoyancy, Colin groaned as he slid another inch down Peter's huge rod, but no further. Peter kept walking though, every step amazing torture to Colin, as he felt the behemoth move, both beneath him and in him. Peter walked into his room, Colin impaled on his huge cock, and lay them down on the bed. Slowly, he began to thrust, his powerful hips driving the huge fucktool as Colin howled in pleasure. Peter could feel his load building within, his big balls churning and his huge cock hardening and thickening, as he prepared to unload.

Colin yelped as he felt what could only be described as an enema of semen rushing into him, flooding his insides and overwhelming them so fast it dripped outside his stuffed hole! He yelped some more as it caused him to unload his own orgasm from his 7” cock, dappling his stomach with his cum while Peter's still fountained beneath him!

Peter's entire body flexed magnificently as he came, every muscle seeming to bulge and harden. He pumped his full load into his smaller lover, his huge cock slowly easing up on the throbbing, wracking ejaculation of moments before. He simply lay there, his cock buried deep. Then slowly, he began to pull out, more and more cum spilling out of Colin's ass as the huge plug was slowly removed. “So, was it worth the effort?” Peter asked with a wink.

Colin smiled dimly. “Oh… man… I never thought a person could cum that hard… when can we do it again?”

And so they did over the next day. Every second they spent not eating or sleeping was spent fucking. So intense were the sexual exertions that Colin woke up at noon on the day of the presentation, looking at the alarm clock in horror. “Oh, FUCK! We missed the meeting!! My career's over…” Colin lamented.

Peter looked up from the paper he was reading, across the room. “Easy, easy. Your career's not over. If anything, I think it got a boost today. I know mine did.” Peter slowly stood up, and Colin got a good look at him. Even with his custom tailored clothing, it was impossible to hide his size. The tie did give some degree of respectability though, even if it did sometimes seem to get lost between Peter's huge pecs. “The presentation's done. It went beautifully. Thanks to your prep.” Peter sat down again, the paper tossed aside, a grin on his face.

There were so many questions that Colin couldn't even sort them out properly. The only thing that was able to come out of his mouth was, “God, you look as amazing in a suit as you do naked. Fuck, that's a neat trick.”

Peter laughed. “I have a talented, attentive tailor…” He brought his hands back behind his head, leaning back in the chair. It made his biceps bulge beneath the cloth, and his lats flare, but the clothing held. “Although I never seem to stay dressed up for very long…” Peter grinned coyly.


Part 14

Colin had just enough time to get dressed before the hotel room's door opened up to show a gargantuan young man in the doorway… that seemed to bear a strong resemblance to Peter! “Oh, uh… hi there. I'm Peter's son, Dan. He told me since he accidentally booked two rooms instead of one this weekend, I should come down to the resort and take the extra room.” Dan extended a big paw to the smaller Colin.

Colin stared, awe-struck, at the massive young man in front of him. “Y- you're his son?” he asked, his voice cracking. Half-dazed, he reached out to put his hand in Dan's massive paw, his eyes travelling from the big hand up the huge forearm, tracing the veins that ran up the massive bicep, visible under the tight sleeve of the tee shirt which was big enough for three men, but too small for Dan's giant chest, arms, and shoulders. Colin's eyes went across that massive chest, and he felt his knees wobble a bit, before he finally locked eyes with the huge young stud. “Uh… I'm Colin… that's uh… wow…”

“Dad told me on the phone that you're his new friend, Colin,” Dan said with a knowing smile. “I think I'll let you two have this room. Is it okay if I have the one next door?”

Colin's mind was so fuzzed at the sight of Dan's magnificent body that he could only nod slowly. “Uh yeah. I was in there… but uh… I don't mind. It's uh… you can have it.” He smiled up at the huge lad, finally regaining his footing a bit, trying not to get lost in the size of Dan's huge body. “I'll just, um, move my things. I don't mind. Your dad and I have been, uh, getting to know each other better.” Colin began to blush furiously, and he turned to walk into the connected room.

Dan walked over to his dad and gave him a shit-eating grin. “So, you two… do you think it's gonna be serious? He's pretty cute!” Dan enthused. “A bit young for a guy your age, but damn cute…”

Peter grinned at his boy, and leaned back against the table, which creaked under his five hundred pounds of solid muscle. He crossed his arms in front of his massive chest, his suit straining to contain his huge form. “Gosh Dan. Well, you're certainly old enough… big enough to hear about these things. The truth is, I've fucked just about everyone at work. Colin's the first one I've really taken a liking to though. Cute, as you noticed. But sweet too. A real nice thing. And a great ass.” He grinned conspiratorially at Dan. “I think I might keep him. I just hope I don't break him. Not that he'd mind…” He chuckled in his deep voice.

“Hmmm… he is pretty small compared to you, isn't he? You're saying you wish he was bigger?” Dan asked, rubbing his handsome jaw with a beefy hand. “Not that I'm accusing you of anything, but if he got a little more meat on his bones, you'd be happier?”

Peter considered for a moment. “I won't lie to you, Dan. I love being huge. Being bigger and stronger and just completely outmassing the ass that I'm fucking. But that doesn't mean I don't like a bit of meat on the man I'm doing—quite the contrary, I'd love to fuck a nice musclehead. And if I knew the man was built to take it, I could really cut loose, you know? Fuck him hard and use my body's incredible strength to drive this big dick home.” Peter's eyes closed as he spoke, a grin on his face as he imagined fucking a more muscular version of Colin.

“Hehe, okay, okay, you don't have to paint me a picture!” Dan giggled. He was happy his dad was happy, but hearing the nuts and bolts of his sexual fantasies was a little gross; he was still his dad! “Well, you never know. Colin has one of those frames that looks like he could put on mass pretty easily if he wanted. I'm sure with the right motivation he'd swell up in no time!” he said with a grin.

“Yeah?” asked Peter, his face having an appraising look. He grinned. “I suppose he might. His frame is kind of lithe, right now, but it's toned. Get that body of his into a gym, get some food in him, I think you may be right.” Peter shifted his weight to allow his swelling cock a bit more room, causing the table to creak beneath him. With a laugh he stepped away. “Better not break it. I might need it later.”

Colin and Dan switched rooms and things went great. Peter had some more important work stuff he had to attend to that afternoon, but he insisted that Colin should just enjoy himself. Dan agreed and decided to hang around the private pool with him and order in some room service for lunch. A veritable buffet was wheeled in to Colin's surprise and Dan sheepishly admitted most of it was meant for him. “I'm a growing boy, you know?” he said with a laugh.

Colin just nodded, his eyes wide as he watched two full carts of food get wheeled in. “I- I suppose you're right. You gotta keep up that huge body. It must need an insane amount of food.” He chuckled. “I guess I'll head down and get myself a sandwich then, huh? Until your dad gets back anyway…” At the reference to Peter, Colin blushed slightly.

“Nah, c'mon, have some of mine. I got an extra hamburger because I thought you might want something,” he said, stealthily adding a half-dose of spice onto the burger that he had been keeping in a baggy. “It's the hotel's specialty, I bet you've never tasted anything like it!” He practically shoved the big, juicy burger at Colin.

Colin looked at it in surprise. But he then grabbed it, and looked at Dan for a moment. “You're sure?” At Dan's nod, Colin grinned, and began to eat the burger, chewing thoughtfully. “You know, it's got sort of an odd taste. Like a funny spice almost. Good, but different.” Colin was hungry enough that he finished the rest of the burger without additional comment. “Thanks Dan. I was pretty hungry, but that filled me right up.” Colin grinned, then yawned.

Uh oh, Dan thought to himself. If Colin started to pass out, it's possible he added more than a half dose to that burger. He WAS in a rush to do so before he was caught, but he just didn't want to arouse suspicion. Dan just continued to stuff his face full of food and keep an eye on Colin's condition. He couldn't let the spice go TOO out of control, lest the good times end.

Colin stood up, and drank a large glass of water, and gave a delicate burp. He giggled and swayed to the side a bit. “I hate to admit it, Dan, but I was already pretty tired. Your dad… uh… well he… uh… kind of… um… made me tired.” Colin's cheeks turned beet red. “And I think I'll just lay down and nap a bit if you don't mind. A big burger like that always puts me to sleep.” He grinned sheepishly, still blushing. “Enjoy the rest of your meal though. Sorry for not sticking through all of it. Although it might take a while. You only have one mouth that I can see.” He grinned.

Dan nodded a friendly goodbye as he continued wolfing down his food. When it was finally all done, he burped and patted his flawless abs, knowing that all those calories would be used to maintain his amazing body. He strutted out to the pool area to get in some tanning and stirred a few hours later when he heard someone walking back out to the pool…

Colin had come out of the room, a bit groggy. Even under his tee shirt, Dan could see some changes, some improvements. Although hardly huge, Colin was now exceptionally athletic, and had some solid muscle on his frame. Colin walked over to the pool, and said a quick hello to Dan. “I think I'll take a quick dip, help me wake up,” he chuckled. He pulled off his shirt and shorts, and stood at the edge of the pool, nude. He must have been a solid 220 pounds now, his muscles strong and defined, but not nearly as big as Peter or Dan. With a smooth jump, he dove in, his strong new body entering the water perfectly.

Dan whistled at Colin as he rose from the water. “Damn, I didn't realize what a hot body you were smuggling underneath those clothes!” he complimented, rubbing his growing bulge in his specially-made swimsuit.

Colin looked up, and then blushed, trying not to grin. “Well, I don't do enough for it. Running and swimming, mostly. Did a bit of track and field back in high school, slacked off a bit more in college.” He laughed softly. “Still, thanks for the compliment. Especially coming from you.” Colin blushed even harder, and ducked his head underwater and swam the length of the pool, his stroke perfectly strong and smooth, beautiful to watch.

“Well, I think you got the kind of body that can put on muscle easily, if you really wanted to,” Dan insisted. “Yup, a few days a week at the gym is probably all you'd need to start bulkin' up. You like that sort of thing? I assume you do, since you like my dad,” he chuckled.

Colin blushed even harder. “Your dad is… ummm… yes. I like your dad very much.” He felt nervous talking about it. This was Peter's son, after all. But he couldn't help it, at the same time. Dan was younger than him, but not by a huge amount. And hot as hell. Colin felt himself opening up. “Yeah, I guess I always liked them with a bit more muscle. Never saw one with size like your dad though… Or you, for that matter. Wouldn't mind being a bit bigger myself…” He grinned. “I mean, I'm kind of surprised at myself. I got up, looked in the mirror, and realized that I look better than ever. Guess I've been doing better than I thought.”

“With some solid time at the gym, I bet you'd look even better. This hotel has a full gym, right? You could even get a start on it today!” Dan encouraged, complimenting the young stud. “Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with the way you look now. Your pecs are tight as fuck and you definitely don't have anything to compensate for with that cock and balls,” he chuckled.

Colin blushed deep red, but then grinned, and hopped out of the pool. He strode to the towels, his naked body glistening wetly, his nicely sized cock swinging between his thighs. Even from a distance, Dan could see that Colin was aroused. Colin dried off, and wrapped the towel around his waist. “The gym sounds great, actually. Haven't been in one since college, but I'm sure I haven't forgotten that much.”

“I think I'll go join you…” Dan said, reaching down to pick up his shorts and squeeze himself back into them. They both went down to the gym and cranked out a heavy workout. Colin found himself stronger than he remembered and actually felt more energized after working his muscles than he felt tired. Dan actually couldn't find anything heavy enough to give him a decent pump, so he just loaded up entire bars full of weights and curled them for fun. That weekend was a lot of fun, with Dan just relaxing at the resort, letting Colin and his father get up to as many shenanigans as they wanted. Dan gave Colin another half-dose of spice the day before they left, which only made the man hotter.

They left the way they came, sort of. Dan had driven himself, and drove himself back, while his father drove Colin. But while Dan made it back in good time, Peter and Colin were delayed by several hours. Peter had loved Colin at 220 pounds. But he went nuts over the man at 250. And so the drive home took an extra three hours, to make time for that many fuck breaks. When the arrived at last, both men were disheveled but happy. They entered the door together, Peter all put pushing Colin through the doorframe before following, both men laughing and having a good time, Peter even reaching down to give one of Colin's muscular glutes a playful squeeze.

Dan was catching up on some homework at a desk in the corner when the two lovebirds came in. “Well, I guess I should've expected a delay by putting you two in the same car!” he giggled. “Don't worry, though, I actually think it's pretty cute.”

Colin blushed a bit, but didn't stop grinning. Peter's grin just got bigger, and he leaned over to nibble at Colin's ear. “He's more than cute, son. He's fucking hot!” Peter laughed, and grabbed Colin in his massive arms, his impressive strength able to hoist the now quite thickly muscled Colin without difficulty. “I think I'll keep him over for the night, Dan. Just get yourself to bed on time. Don't mind us. We'll be entertaining ourselves.” He chuckled, and Colin nuzzled against Peter's thick chest.


Part 15

That started the routine of Colin sleeping over quite often at the Stockwell residence. Dan gave him about half a dose of spice a week, to keep his gains moving along beautifully, to both Colin's and Peter's approval. Dan could hear them fuck like rabbits all the way downstairs!

Meanwhile, he kept thinking of ways of turning up the heat at school. He kept arriving in practically nothing, and flaunting his physical relationship with Tom whenever he could. One day in the halls during passing period, he caught the vice principal scowling at him and got an idea. “Hey, Tom,” he grunted, pulling his boyfriend to him and giving him a deep kiss, slowly sliding his hand down his back and into the back of his shorts…

Tom kissed back, hard and passionate, bringing his own hands up the hard sides of Dan's big body, up the freakishly swept out lats, and over to Dan's huge, bloated pecs. He pulled on the thick nipples, toying with them, as he kissed Dan hard, rubbing his hardening crotch against the larger man's own thick bulge. He groaned softly as he felt Dan's big hands massage his ass, and he returned the favor, working Dan's big pecs over with eagerness and gusto. The vice principal stopped short, sputtering in indignation, staring with wide eyes and a jaw that moved with no sound coming out of his mouth.

Dan moved his hand inbetween Tom's huge gluteal cheeks and fished around for his lover's asshole. It took a bit because of how much muscle he had to push through to find it, but once he did, he started prodding it with his middle finger, knocking on the door, begging for entry as he still mouth-fucked Tom with his tongue.

Tom let out a lustful groan as he felt Dan's thick finger push at his hole. He clamped his powerful glutes down on Dan's hand, chuckling softly. Then slowly relaxing, letting Dan in. “Come on, big man. I know you love that muscle ass of mine. You want to get me ready? Get me ready to fuck?” The vice principal was leaning against a post, sputtering something, not able to get the words to come out right, trying to ignore the bulge that was forming in his own pants.

“Yeah, maybe,” Dan lustfully grunted, pushing one, then two fingers into Tom's ass, fingerfucking him right there in the hall! It was so fucking blatant, but they were so huge no one dared bother them, least of all the vice principal who was working toward either a conniption fit or an orgasm.

Tom let out a deep groan of pleasure, pushing his huge body against Dan's even more massive one, thick hard muscle against thick hard muscle. “St-stop!” came the vice principal's strangled cry. But he was pushed up against the post now, his crotch mashed against it. Tom grinned, and renewed his assault on Dan's mouth, kissing it slowly and passionately, nibbling on Dan's beautiful lips, his tongue darting in and out of Dan's mouth. Tom made sure to turn their heads just so that the vice principal could see. The little man gurgled and shuddered, his cock exploding in his pants, a wet spot slowly appearing in the dark fabric.

“Oh, Vice Principal Mackey, I didn't see you there,” Dan lied, halting his sexual ravishing of Tom. “Is everything okay? You look a bit flush.” He looked down at his stained pants and let out a mock gasp.

The Vice Principal glowered for a moment, but said nothing, turning away and running awkwardly down the hallway, the smell of fresh ejaculate wafting behind him. Tom let out a chuckle. “Fuck Dan, we totally just made ol' Mackey blow his load. He was practically humping that post!” Tom reached down, and stroked the thick bulge that throbbed between Dan's huge thighs. “Not that I don't sympathize with him, just a little…” Tom breathed, “You're driving me fucking crazy right now, you sexy beast…”

“Well, we can be a few minutes late to class, I say…” Dan growled, just about picking up Tom in his arms and carrying him outside behind the gym to fuck the living daylights out of him. That's when Dan formed a plan: to freak Mackey the fuck out by transforming him with the spice. This wouldn't be a slow burn like Colin, either. Within a week, Mackey would be a whole new man.

Back in his office, Mackey was trying to clean himself up with paper towels, some water, and even spare deodorant he kept in his office. Only 38, he looked nearly 50, due to his thinning hair, paunchy belly, and somewhat sunken face and body. He cursed softly, realizing that the mess was too big to be easily cleaned. He'd have to wait things out, behind a closed door, or go home and change. He cursed Daniel, and his friend Thomas. Those two boys were so very… so very bad… so very… big… so very… sexy…” He growled in anger and frustration as he felt his cock swell again, just from thinking of the two arrogant young musclefreaks. Damn them! He sat back on his chair, looked across the room at the locked door, and slowly began to stroke his stiffening dick, as he thought back to the display of sex and muscle the two young beasts had put on for him.

Dan's plan went as follows: every day, when lunchtime came, he would get Tom or one of the muscle nerds to distract Mackey long enough for Dan to sneak up to his cup of coffee and put in a heaping dose of spice. Mackey had no idea they were doing anything strange; he just thought the coffee in the cafeteria had started improving and gave the bewildered cooks his compliments.

Mackey would take the coffee back to his office, to drink as he ate his lunch, as he always did. Uncharacteristically, he would then fall into a deep sleep. It went unnoticed though, due to his usual habit of working alone in his office in the afternoon. But at the end of the day, he'd wake up, feeling refreshed, vibrant, and utterly full of male energy. The first day, he nearly bounced off the walls on the way home, his buttoned down shirt popping one button, then two, as his growing pecs forced their way out. The second day, he headed straight for the weight room, to the shocked looks of several coaches, who'd hardly ever seen the man, let alone in the gym. But when he stripped off his shirt and pants, and entered the weight room in only shorts and a tank top, everything stopped, eyes swiveling toward him, gasps from coaches and a few players as well, as a more confident Mackey got onto the bench, and began to lift, his now much thicker pecs pushing up heavier and heavier weights with every set.

Mackey knew it was unusual, but his body just CRAVED exercise. He'd woken up from that lunchtime nap with a body that demanded physical exertion and was built to take it, so he could hardly refuse! His dick actually started to seem bigger and more sensitive, too! Usually erections were a chore to achieve but now he was popping wood like a teenager!

He put his body through a grueling workout, forcing it to pump ever greater amounts of weight. At the end, he swaggered off to the showers, his sweat-soaked workout gear plastered to his body as if he'd been standing in the rain, his new, hard muscles outlined underneath. Inside the showers, he lathered himself up luxuriously, feeling his big new body, how strong and sensual it was. His dick rose, of course, and he couldn't help but explore it a bit as well. It felt bigger. Thicker. And harder than it had been since he was 19. He groaned softly, loving whatever was happening to him, however crazy it was.

He got dosed again that day, and the day after that. He wasn't steadily growing… he was leaping, positively ballooning in size. It was cool to have his dream body at first, but after the third day he was starting to freak out about this growth. He didn't want to become a giant hulk… did he? His muscles felt erotic to him, though, and his lifts kept going up and up and his cock and balls were meatier than ever!

The fourth day, he stopped to step on the scale in the gym. 270. He felt like such a stud. It was 120 pounds in four days. He worked out again, and wondered if he should go slower. After all, lifting heavy made you grow, right? He did one set at lighter weights, just to see. But it was unsatisfying. Even his onlookers seemed disappointed. But fuck them. HE was disappointed. Unfulfilled. He slammed more plates on, and got under the bar. And with a mighty groan, lifted. And his workout went that way. Always heavier. Getting a huge, freaky pump. And in the showers after, he soaped up his big, muscled body, and groped his cock, which seemed even bigger and sexier. And he couldn't help himself. Not even with a couple of the coaches watching him in awe.

Mackey started stroking off, seeing his thick, long appendage start to plump up in erectness. He squeezed his perfectly formed glutes, pushing blood into his cock, bouncing his pecs in joy of the sensations his muscles were allowing him to feel. He was high off of the workout and his own growing sense of self-worth.

The coaches watched in awe and jealousy as the now quite impressive specimen that was Mackey pleasured himself, worshipping his own huge body, working over his own big cock. At last, one of them, the swim instructor, couldn't take it anymore. He walked into the shower, not minding that his clothes were getting wet, and began running his hands up and down Mackey's huge arms. “Like what you see, Farnsworth?” Mackey growled, his voice so much sexier than before.

“Oh fuck man,” Farnsworth replied, “I can't believe what a sexy man you are, Mackey.” He kept worshipping Mackey's big, hard muscles as the freaky vice principal beat himself off, finally sending a big load of cum all over the wall.

Dan was impressed with what he was hearing from around the school, as Mackey's transformation was becoming the stuff of scandalous rumor. He guessed all the geezer needed was a push in the right direction and he'd become a sexually liberated musclefreak. Dan decided to reward him that lunchtime with a double dose of spice which totally zonked the man out that afternoon. Dan hovered by the vice principal's office after school, eager to see what he'd wrought.

Dan didn't have to wait too long. Although the school was mostly empty, there was still a little movement, now and then. And Mackey's office was still though, quiet as a tomb. Until suddenly, Dan heard a groan. Then a crash of furniture breaking. The sounds of big feet moving, furniture being pushed aside. A low “fuck yeah…” in a deep baritone that was nonetheless unmistakably Mackey. Dan opened the door, the lock easily giving way. Inside, Mackey looked up, his clothing in shreds, his huge, 450 pound body heaving with deep, powerful breaths. “Hello Daniel…” Mackey rumbled, his voice having a sexy, hungry edge to it.

Dan's eyes bugged out. “Uh, hi, Mr. Mackey. I was just… uh… passing by…” he said, at a loss for words.

Mackey advanced, his shredded pants falling to the floor, his huge cock throbbing in his barely-there underwear. “Hello, Dan… Fancy seeing you here… Can't say I'm sorry to see you. After all, we need to talk…” He sidled around, and closed the door behind Dan, jamming a chair under the ruined knob in the process. He sniffed the air, taking in Dan's scent, a small smile on his lips, a predatory gleam in his eye. “You know Dan, I need to apologize. I gave you a bit of a rough time. You were so muscular and sexual. I thought you were being out of line. But now… Now I understand…”

“You… you do?” Dan nervously replied, his cock throbbing. He'd just meant to freak Mackey out a bit. He didn't mean to unleash a sexual predator! Especially when the predator was too fuckin' built and sexy to resist!

“Dan, I haven't been this alive in years. No, not years… never! I feel incredible!” He lifted up his big arms and slowly flexed, giving a soft groan of satisfaction as his huge, thirty inch guns rose to attention. His big dick throbbed in his underwear, which slowly strained and then popped, letting his monster cock out, surprisingly big and thick. “Dan, I know why you and Tom can't keep your hands off each other. I feel like I've got pure fucking testosterone in my veins!” He stepped closer to Dan, taking a deep breath, smelling the young musclestud's musk. “Fuck Dan. Even now… Look at me! Look at how fucking huge I am! And you!” Mackey stepped closer, a feral grin on his face. “You're good enough to eat, Dan…”

Dan blushed, enjoying the forward, dominant nature of the monster he'd unleashed. “You sure you have the appetite for all this?” he grunted, going into a most muscular that practically shredded the pathetic excuse of a tank top he tried to wear that day.

Mackey drew a deep breath, watching Dan shred through his tank top. Then he surged forward, groping at the young stud's huge body, feeling the massive muscles, attaching his mouth to one big nip and sucking aggressively, as if trying to suck Dan's essence right out of him. “Bring it on, boy. I want to see what that big body of yours can do…” he growled in challenge.

“Do you, now?” he asked with a grin, before lifting Mackey easily into the air… then keeping him there with one hand! “I'm strong, sir. Real strong. Real big, too, but you knew that already.”

Mackey growled in response, running his hands over Dan's huge shoulders and traps. “Do I, Danny? I can see you're big, but strong? Maybe that's just water in those big muscles of yours…” Mackey teased, trying to get Dan worked up, as he caressed Dan's massive bicep. “You want to impress me? I think you've got a bit more to do than this..” Mackey bounced his own big pecs and grinned. “Show me what you've got, little stud…”

Dan put the big man down, getting more riled up. “What do you want me to do, huh? Want me to destroy something?” He walked over to Mackey's desk and ripped it in two, doing the same to the expensive leather chair Mackey had ordered special for himself. “These ain't water,” he said, going into a lat spread.

Mackey's cock throbbed excitedly as he watched the young monster destroy the furniture. “Not bad, Dan. But you know, I could probably have done that too…” He bounced his big pecs again, and slowly flexed his triceps, which exploded from the sides of his arms enticingly. “No Dan, I think you'll have to show me more directly what you're capable of…” He reached forward, and ran his hands up Dan's huge lats, letting out a shuddering sigh of appreciation. Then he grinned, and began pushing against Dan, trying to take the younger, larger man to the ground. “I think you may have your work cut out for you, Dan. Did you know that I once wrestled when I was in high school?” Dan could feel himself shifting, as the smaller man used some leverage against him.

Dan had nearly 200 lbs. on the older man, so he figured he'd easily outmuscle him, but he found that he was significantly more awkward and clumsy than the seasoned vice principal, who was quickly making Dan worry about colliding to the ground, and the seismic damage that might cause.

Dan set his feet to try and regain his balance, but along with his new size and strength, Mackey had regained his old agility and cunning. He managed to get Dan off balance, and with a crash, the huge young man fell to the floor. Around the room, pictures and other things rattled and fell, but Mackey didn't care. He pounced on Dan, groping the young man's huge body, mashing his big thigh against Dan's hard crotch, gripping the large lad's pecs and massaging them aggressively. “That the best you can do, Dan? Big boy like you should be having me under control already!”

“Maybe… maybe I don't wanna be in control,” he admitted. “Maybe I wanna be conquered, Mr. Mackey.” He made all the muscles his elder was fondling bulge and ripple. The massaging felt so good, eliciting moans from his young throat.

Mackey looked down at him, momentarily serious. Then a grin came over his face. “Don't worry, Danny boy. I'll take good care of you…” He grabbed Dan's shorts in his powerful hands, and slowly ripped them away. Dan's underwear quickly followed, letting Dan's huge member burst free. “That's quite a cock you've got there, boy. We'll take care of that later, though…” He reached under, and began to caress and massage Dan's powerful glutes, his fingers slowly travelling inwards towards Dan's hidden hole. “You want my big dick in you, Dan? Cause I'd love to shove it in, show you a real good time…”

“Yeah, fuck me, sir,” he whined. He didn't know what it was, but his submissive side was flaring up and he wanted an older man to put a big dick up his butt! His huge balls were throbbing and his cock was jerking with a life of its own at the anticipation. “Please, go on, fuck me. Thrust inside me, sir.”

Mackey grinned ferally, and then positioned himself behind Dan's young ass. With a grunt of victory, he pushed his cock up against Dan's hole, and then slowly pushed in, letting out a low groan of satisfaction. Dan was surprised by just how thick the vice principal was—his old cock had been short, but had been above average in the girth department. Now it was filling Dan's strong ass and spreading him wide, as Mackey began to thrust back and forth harder, his big new body able to give considerable force to the thrusts as he plowed his huge tool deep into Dan's muscular behind. “Aww fuck Danny… you ever had a fucking like this?” He grabbed Dan's big legs and pushed in hard and deep, slamming his cock home with every increasing force.

“N-no, sir, usually I'm the one doing the fucking. I'm practically a fucking virgin for you!!” he cried out. Not entirely true, but his mind was warped with sex hormones and it just slipped out. Hearing it made his own dick stir so he figured Mackey would think it was hot, too.

“Awww yeah!!!” Mackey roared, pushing in as hard and deep as he could. “Fuck you've got one tight hole. But I'm going to fix that, boy… You're going to have a hard time getting another man to fill you once I'm done with you!” He was pounding Dan's ass hard, and his cock was beginning to throb and shudder. “Oh fuck Dan… It's coming…” he panted. Then with a groan that became a roar, he exploded, his big balls pumping a prodigious load through his cock and into Dan's tight ass, the shuddering spasming cock sending wild sensations of pleasure through Dan's ass.

Dan felt his own 2' pole shudder and climax, fountaining his heavy, hot cream all over the two studs, causing a huge mess! Dan was moaning and growling and roaring with the sensations he was feeling. Big men just felt more! Semen was puddling in his muscular crevices, drooling out onto the carpet and irreversibly staining it.

The old Mackey would have cared about the mess. The new one enjoyed it, breathing hard as he pumped the last of his seed into Dan's hungry ass. He leaned over to lap up some of the cream that Dan had spewed over his mighty abs. “I see you enjoyed that, Dan. Quite a bit, judging by what you unleashed all over yourself, me, and my office…” He chuckled as he wiped a big glob of cum off of Dan's thick pecs. “But that's good. I like it when my boys enjoy themselves…” He grinned.


Part 16

Colin was enjoying his time at work nowadays. Not only was he now fucking the boss (after his confident presentation, Peter was made the new vice president of the branch), but his time at the gym was paying off incredibly, unbelievably well. He strutted around at 360 lbs., several inches taller and hung better than a porn star and loved it. He still had to wear professional clothes to work, and Peter hooked him up with a good tailor who gave massive discounts if you just let him cop a feel. He was looking good in his crisp white shirt and red tie that looked molded to him as he walked up to Peter's new, spacious office. “You asked for me, sir?” he said. Peter liked it when Colin called him “sir,” especially at work.

Peter smiled at Colin, practically beaming. “Close the door, Colin,” he asked politely, watching the younger man's muscular yet oh-so-shapely ass as he walked to comply. When Colin returned, Peter gestured to one of the seats, and Colin sat. “You know Colin,” Peter began, rising from his own seat. Even now, Colin was still in awe of Peter's thick, powerful body, which was impossible to hide with mere business attire. Peter walked around, until he was standing behind Colin. He put his hands on the younger man's thick shoulders, and began to massage them. “It's been like a dream, Colin. My time with you, recently. I'd love it if you'd like to make that dream a deeper, more intense one.” Colin looked up, slightly puzzled. Peter grinned down at him. “How'd you like to move in with me?”

Colin was surprised for a moment before he looked up at Peter and grinned. “You mean you're asking me if I want even more opportunities to fuck and worship the man I adore? Hmm… I dunno… I'll have to think about that…” he said with a chuckle and a twinkle in his eye. “What would Dan think about that?”

Peter grinned. “Dan's fine with it. You're over often enough anyway… He even suggested it. Well, he may have been making a smart aleck remark, but I took it as a suggestion.” Peter's grin got wider. “I mean, how often did you sleep in your own bed last week? Most days you just drive over in the morning for a quick change of clothes.” Peter walked around in front of Colin, and knelt down, looking up at the younger man, running his hands up the outside of Colin's powerful thighs. “I just had some remodeling done, you know… Extra large shower…” Peter was purring now, his voice deep, rich, and seductive.

“How about a reinforced bed frame? You know we cracked it the last time we fucked there,” Colin said. It was true, their fucking had gotten so forceful once Peter saw Colin's increasing development that he'd fucked the bed to ruin. He flexed his huge quads for Peter's amusement, feeling his strong, thick fingers slide over the rippling muscle.

Peter grinned. “The mattress is on the floor, for now. Ground floor at that. I've moved the office upstairs, and the bedroom down. Don't want to crash through the floor. The steel bed frame arrives on Friday.” He massaged Colin's thick thighs, feeling the powerful quadriceps muscle under the fabric of the pants, reaching back to run his strong fingers along Colin's godly glutes.

“Wanna fuck, right here, right now?” Colin purred, his ass flexing. The room was heavy with masculine musk, Colin's sweat making his clothes stick to him even more, outlining his amazing beyond-Olympia physique, making the fabric strain and stretch.

Peter cocked an eyebrow at his muscular young lover. “You have to ask?” He slowly stood, and sensuously pulled off his tie, tossing it aside. He unbuttoned his shirt, bit by bit, revealing his massive torso one inch at a time. Finally he slid his pants down his massive legs, stepping out of them in nothing but a custom-made pair of briefs, his huge cock clearly eager for action. “Have you ever known me not to be in the mood, dear, sweet, sexy Colin?”

“Good point,” he said with a grin as he carefully undressed himself, showcasing his youthful, huge muscles, bulging off of his fat-free body, like enormous ripe fruit. His balls hung low in their sack, big as oranges and his cock was 10” soft these days. He started twisting his own down-turned nipples in anticipation for the ravishing Peter had in store for him.

A groan of lust escaped Peter's lust-filled grin. He pulled off his underwear and tossed them aside, his cock rising to its full nineteen inches of glory. He stepped toward Colin and wrapped his huge arms around the smaller muscleman, pulling him close, loving the feeling of Colin's solid, muscular body as he wrapped his huge arms around him. “Fuck you just get hotter every day…” Peter purred, letting his hands wander down Colin's strong back, down to the young man's perfect muscle ass. Peter gripped both strong cheeks with his powerful hands, massaging and pulling on them, slowly loosening up the young man as his hands wandered further inward.

Colin had been well-fucked by Peter many, many times, so it wasn't much of an issue to get him loose and relaxed. His ass easily accepted Peter's fingers and he even clenched his butt to show his lover how meaty and strong his ass was getting! This seemed to rev Peter up even more as his cock leaked massive amounts of precum and he quickly turned Colin around and shoved it inside!

Peter pushed Colin onto his big, thankfully sturdy desk, pushing his oversized dick into the young stud, his huge, powerful muscles giving extra force to his thrusts. Colin had been sexy when he first knew him, but now… his growth spurt had left him unbelievable! And the way the young thing worked out now… he was still getting bigger and stronger, it seemed. Colin squeezed his ass around Peter's big tool, as if to make the point. Peter groaned in response, and started slamming in his huge tool even harder, loving the feeling of it filling his young lover. “Fuck Colin, that ass of yours gets better all the time…” he panted, as the big wooden desk shook with the force of his fucking. Colin could feel Peter's big dick swelling inside him, preparing to shoot. “And once you're with me, sharing my big new bed, we'll see how hard it is to get you out of it!”

“You know how hard it is to workout without cumming thinking of you? I pump these fuckers up because I want more for you to fuck, Peter,” he moaned, flexing his legs and ass. “I wanna be a huge beast for you. I don't want you to have to hold back. I want you to split the world when you fuck me, sir, until only you and I remain. So FUCK me like you MEAN IT!” he growled, shoving back against that invading cock.

The challenge set Peter on fire. He grabbed Colin with his huge arms and held the young man in place as he began to seriously pound his cock into him, slamming it home hard, the desk creaking and shaking now. “You gonna grow for me, Colin?” Peter growled, pumping away hard with his huge legs and powerful hip and ass. “You want to be big and tough so I can fuck you as hard as I can?” he asked, his voice rough and sexy, as he slammed into Colin even harder, even more forcefully, the desk creaking loudly,. “You want me to cut loose, and give you what I've got?” Peter roared, his voice loud and resonant, the room seeming to shake with it. “Well you got it, Colin! YOU GOT IT!” He began truly pumping in hard, slamming his cock home with his considerable strength, ramming into Colin's ass like the younger man had never felt before. The desk protested, then collapsed under them, but Peter didn't skip a beat, slamming his huge tool home with as much power as he could, until finally he let out a loud cry of ecstasy, as he unleashed a massive load of cum up Colin's perfect, muscular ass.

Colin's 14” beauty started erupting on its own, spurting into his handsome face. He opened his mouth to collect it and swallow it down as he moaned like a beast in heat with his release. His huge balls shook and bulged with each shot. Colin was a huge man now, and he had huge needs, desires and pleasures.

Peter's thrusts finally slowed, then ceased, but his cock did not. It continued to throb as it pumped cum into Colin's ass. Peter rolled over onto his broad back, holding onto Colin so the younger man would stay in place on his cock. He ran his hands over the smaller man's very large body, exploring the thick muscles. “Reinforced bed comes Friday, Colin…” came Peter's whispered promise.


Part 17

Dan had gotten home and clothed in some things to make himself a bit more decent when he heard a knock at the front door. He wondered who it could be when he opened it and saw the smaller hunk of a neighbor that was Alex, looking mighty fine in his 250 lbs. of stud muscle. It suited him very, very well but already the gears in Dan's head were turning, wanting to pump him up even more. “Long time no see, man!” he grinned.

Alex grinned back, a slight flush on his cheeks. “Good to see you too Dan. As huge as ever, I see…” His blush deepened, as his memory returned to the way he had worshipped Dan's huge body, finally riding the massive teen's huge cock. Although Alex had been enjoying his new body immensely, and the attention it received, he hadn't been able to stay away from massive Daniel Stockwell for long.

“Yup, livin' the good life!” Dan grinned, throwing his arms out into a double biceps that defied description. Veins arose on his arms as they erupted into the much-desired twin peaks and beyond, nearly reaching his fists. “I think they'd get bigger if I could pump them up, but nothing's a challenge for me anymore,” he chuckled.

Alex's mouth went dry at the sight of the massive mounds of rock hard muscle, rising so freakishly from Dan's huge arms. But the dryness faded quickly, as his mouth watered at the thought of being able to worship such massive mountains of perfection. “Must be rough…” Alex managed at last, trying to regain the conversation, “…not able to find anything challenging to lift anymore.” He was almost sad, really. As much as he loved Dan's unbelievable size, he wouldn't mind seeing the already huge man grow even larger. “I guess regular gym equipment just isn't made for supermen like you, huh Dan?” Alex gave a little grin, and looked over Dan's massive body, his crotch swelling up in his pants. “I mean, my own gym time has been great, but I'm less than half your size!”

“Not for long, if you keep that up! Soon you'll be more than half, I bet!” he said with a lascivious grin. “C'mon inside, I was about to make a snack,” he grunted, sauntering over to the kitchen. He made some tuna sandwiches for himself and Alex and put a dose of spice in Alex's to move things along. “Here ya go! The perfect snack for a growing muscleman!” he giggled, poking Alex in his tightly clothed pec.

Alex grinned, taking the sandwich, the feel of Dan's finger lingering on his muscular chest. It reminded him of the big man's monster cock, and the most incredible fuck he'd had from it. Since then, he'd fucked many others, but he longed to feel Dan up him again. He hungrily ate the sandwich though, distantly noting an odd flavor that was somehow familiar. He thought nothing of it though, and polished the sandwich off. “Thanks Dan, that hit the spot.” He rubbed his stomach, feeling the rock hard abs beneath his shirt. His eyes fluttered momentarily, as he felt a bit sleepy.

Dan led Alex over to the couch where they started making out. Dan escalated things by unzipping Alex' pants and fishing out his nicely-sized cock and sucking on it, tickling the head with his tongue.

Alex groaned, sensations washing through him, as Dan's attentions sent his cock wild. Yet he couldn't cum, somehow. Instead, his body began to swell, his legs thickening, filling his pants further, as his upper body bloated outward, his already tight shirt filling further, the seams beginning to pop as he grew. “Oh fuck Dan…. I feel so fucking incredible… so damn horny…” He reached down and kneaded Dan's huge shoulders, his grip becoming stronger as his shirt began to tear, his huge torso forcing its way through, his big legs splitting his pants down the sides. With a loud groan, he shuddered, and finally came, filling Dan's mouth with a hearty load of man-seed.

Dan swallowed it all down and looked at the newly-minted Alex. Probably another 40 or 50 lbs. bigger, and it looked smashing. He kissed him and swapped some of Alex's own cum into his mouth, tantalizing him. “Now how are you gonna take care of me, big guy?”

Alex nodded, an eager grin on his face. “Fuck Dan, I've been thinking about last time when you fucked me since I walked in the door. Before that even. Since I woke up today…” Alex grinned, and sat up. He quickly pushed away the tattered remains of his clothes, and began to slowly pull garments from Dan's massive body. At 300 pounds, Alex was no slouch, but he was still dwarfed by Dan's 650 pounds of pure muscle freakdom. Alex loved the sight of it though, reaching out to caress Dan's immense muscles as he disrobed him, until finally the huge lad stood before him, completely bare, his two foot monster begging for attention. Alex happily began to swirl his tongue around the thick head and impressive shaft of Dan's huge tool, getting it nice and slick, getting a good flow of pre started. Then Alex looked up, and grinned. “You ready, big man? Ready to show me what that huge dick can do to little old me's ass?”

Dan picked Alex up like a toy and started sitting him down on his massive erection. “That hurt?” he asked, sensitive because he knew he was horny and could easily hurt someone smaller than him if he wasn't careful.

Alex let out a low groan. “Hurts so fuckin' good…” he panted, reaching out and grabbing Dan's chest, clawing at it until he found the huge man's big nips. Alex began to tease them, gently at first, running his fingers over them, flicking them like a tease. But then he began to pull on them more aggressively, hoping to get Dan going, wanting the big man to fall into a frenzy. “Come on, Dan. I know you can use that big thing. I can take it. Fuck me you big, beautiful freak!”

“Oooh!!!” he growled, shoving Alex down more and more on his tool, starting a furtive fucking motion, precum increasing in abundance, his colossal muscles straining trying to hold so much pleasure inside his body.

Alex let his head tilt back and howled in pleasure, his recently emptied balls quivering, his dick rising once more, pushing up against Dan's rock hard stomach as the large man pushed him down on his huge cock. Alex reached out to grab onto the huge arms that were pushing him down, to caress them, to revel in their insane size and power. “Oh fuck… fuck.. that's it Dan… use me on that massive dick of yours… I want to feel you explode inside of me!” Alex squeezed his powerful glutes around Dan's big dick, driving the point home.

“G-Gonna… gonna cum soon…” Dan grunted, clenching his jaw, sweat dripping down him, trying to prolong it as much as he could. His balls were huge and weighty with their loads, almost quivering to release them.

Alex was riding Dan happily, howling with pleasure, loving the way the huge man's muscles felt as they fucked him, loving the way the huge man's dick felt as it filled him. “Oh fuck yes….” Alex groped Dan's monster body with lust and desire, his dick rubbing against the big man's hard stomach. Alex' breathing became rapid and shallow, and his chest expanded as he tried to draw in more breaths. “Oh fuck… again!” he gasped at last, sending cum all over Dan's powerful stomach.

Dan groaned and lost control, shooting his own super-fountain of muscle-soaked sperm up inside his friend, painting his insides hot white as he bellowed. His muscles bulged and clenched and flexed at the strain this powerful orgasm was taking on his body.

Alex let out more cries of ecstasy as Dan's huge tool filled him, pumping an unbelievable volume of cum up his strong ass. He pawed at the massive, flexing muscles of Dan's immense body, groaning with pleasure and approval, loving the feeling of the big dick that was spewing cum while crammed inside of him. “Oh… oh fuck Dan… that was so intense…” he managed to groan at last.

Dan was just panting at this point, and embraced Alex close against his muscled torso. The 300 lb. stud was pressed against his own semen and the sweat-soaked mess of Dan's enormous body. He could hear the heartbeat of this muscled monstrosity if he put his ears up to the massive chest. Dan was taking deep, calming breaths as he kept shooting inside Alex. He felt like he had bottomless balls!

Gradually, eventually, the flow lessened, and Dan's rock hard cock began to soften. He gently lifted Alex off, and the smaller muscleman groaned as he felt the huge tool leave him, his ass now empty. Dan lay Alex on the couch, and the smaller but older young man looked up and grinned. Dan joined him on the couch, causing it to creak dangerously. Alex laughed, and then leaned up against Dan's massive torso, loving the feeling of so much warm, hard beef right next to him. “Amazing…” was all Alex could say, as one hand idly ran along the immense quadriceps muscles of one of Dan's insanely huge thighs.


Part 18

Dan woke up one morning really excited. This might've been because he was a 650 lb. muscle behemoth with a 24” cock, but he was getting pretty used to that. No, today was finally his 16th birthday! He'd finally be able to get his driver's license and his dad had promised him a big party, “for a big boy!” he had joked.

The smell of breakfast was in the air. Although Dan often cooked for himself (lots of food for that huge body, after all) today was different. The smell of eggs and potatoes and even beef wafted into his room. As he stood up, his big feet thumped on the ground, and the floor creaked under his 650 pounds, like it always did these days. “Happy Birthday!” came his father's distant voice.

He entered into the kitchen wearing nothing more than a grin and his overtaxed boxer-briefs as he gave his father a big bear hug. There weren't many people that could lift Peter Stockwell into the air, given his 500 lb. stature, but his son was one of them! “Thanks, dad!” Dan grinned. “The food smells great! I'm starving!” he chuckled, rubbing his cobbled abs as his stomach growled.

Peter laughed as his huge son lifted him in the air, feeling the big arms around him. His son, and maybe that friend Tom, were really the only men around bigger and stronger than Peter. It was gratifying, in a strange way, to see his boy so huge. “Happy Birthday, big man,” he said with a grin, as he was set down. “A nice big breakfast for a big young man.”

Dan sat down on his reinforced chair at the kitchen table and started gobbling down food. There were steaks, eggs, pancakes, hash browns… his dad had really gone all out! “So, I don't see Colin up,” Dan noted in-between pancake stuffings. “Did you, heh, tire him out too much last night?”

Peter grinned back at Dan. “I guess there's not much hiding what we get up to, what with the way we grunt at night.” He sat down at the table with his own huge plate of food. “Colin's actually up and out already though. Had a couple things to take care of.” Peter grinned mysteriously, not wanting to let on that Colin was picking up the car that was to be Dan's present.

Peter shifted in his chair, as his cock lengthened at the thought of Colin's recent changes. The young man had always been attractive. But his recent increase in musculature had made him truly incredible. “It is kind of weird, isn't it, Dan? The way men in this area are suddenly just getting huge?” He sat back in his own reinforced chair and put his hands behind his head, his massive biceps swelling juicily. “Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I think it's hot as fuck…”

“W-well, don't forget, Colin works hard at the gym! It's not like he's growing for no reason,” Dan sputtered, shoving more food in his mouth to hopefully get him to stop saying stupid things that could get his father suspicious. Luckily he'd been blissfully ignorant so far. He wanted to keep him that way. They finally finished off the feast of food and Dan gave a great big burp that rattled the windows. “Ahh, that was a nice one to tide me over for a few hours!” he halfway-joked. His metabolism was like a nuclear power plant nowadays. “Think I'll call up Tom and see if he wants to do anything on this most special of days,” he said with a smile.

Peter sat back and chuckled. “I know you'll want to see your best bud, of course. Just make sure you're here at 6. I've sent out a general invite, and we can't very well have a birthday party without the birthday boy!” Peter's thought about how strange all this growth was had momentarily been diverted, as he mentally reviewed his list of things to get for the barbecue birthday party.

Dan called up Tom and his friend agreed to meet up at his house. Soon the doorbell rang, but instead of Tom, he saw Alex on the front porch; all 300 heavily muscled pounds of him! Dan's cock jumped a bit in his briefs. That last dose of spice had really made the young man hot. And, unless Dan's eyes were deceiving him, was causing him to change how he dressed! “Hey there, Alex! Didn't expect to see you! Come in, come in. What's up?” he asked, inviting the stud inside.

Alex sauntered inside, his tank top highlighting the deep crevice between his thick pecs, even as it hugged every bulging curve of his upper body. “Doing pretty well, Dan. I heard you had a birthday today! Just wanted to come over and wish you a very happy birthday. You know, before things got too crowded.” Alex shifted his stance slightly, but the effect was very sensuous, as his ass swiveled in his tight jeans, the thickness of his quads emphasized.

“Well, hey, you're a friend, too! I invited Tom over, too. You remember Tom?” he asked with a wink. Of course Alex remembered his friend fucking him in the ass. “You can hang out with us today if you want.”

Alex chewed his lower lip as he considered the new possibilities. The effect was quite sexy. “Tom? Coming over here? Hmm…” He shot Dan a sly grin. “I don't suppose he's coming soon, is he? I haven't seen him in a while, but I remember him very well…” Alex looked over as Peter was walking past. “Oh hello Mr. Stockwell.”

Peter just smiled and nodded hello as he walked past, and out the door. “Off to get a few things, Dan,” he called out as he left.

“I think he's got something planned,” Dan said, excited. “And yeah, Tom doesn't live too far away. I thought you were him, actually. So he should be here any—” The doorbell rang again and Dan just grinned at Alex as he opened the door to reveal Tom in all his glory.

Tom had a lecherous grin on his face, and it seemed to intensify as he saw that Alex was there as well. “Good morning, boys…” he drawled seductively. “I'm here for the pre-party. Although I see I'm not alone…” He put his hands on his tight, muscular hips. Even without a full flex, it made his big pecs bunch and his lats spread, and caused his incredibly large yet still too small shirt to strain audibly.

Dan put one mammoth arm around Alex's shoulders. “You remember Alex, right, Tom? He came over to wish me a happy birthday. But he didn't bring a present or anything…” he sneakily said with a fake pout. He turned to Alex and bounce his pecs slowly. “I thought you liked me, Alex…”

Alex shuddered slightly as Dan encircled him. “Oh… uh…” He tried stammering out something, but his tongue caught as he watched Dan's massive pecs bounce. “No present?” asked Tom, half dangerous, half playful. “I'm sure he did. He looks finer than I've seen him before…” Tom reached forward with one strong hand, cupped one of Alex' tight ass cheeks, and gave it a sensual squeeze.

“Is Tom right, Alex? Did you bring a gift for me?” he asked, looking down his huge chest at the smaller man. Dan's face was youthful and cute and handsome all at the same time. He batted his eyes and Alex swooned. The heat from all three strong men's bodies was starting to be felt.

Alex could only clear his mind enough for one clever response. “You know what I've got for you Dan. I carry it around with me all the time…” He gave a slight grin, and took one of Dan's big hands, and slowly guided it back to his ass, to rest on the tight, muscular buttock that Tom hadn't already claimed. “Although it doesn't have to be your birthday for you to get this present. But that doesn't mean you can't have some today too…”

“You hear that, Tom?' Dan purred, looking deep into Alex's eyes. “He wants me to fuck him…” He started pulling Alex's shorts down, exposing that substantially improved prick and that swell of muscular butt meat that was popping out of Alex's back. He gripped the naked flesh with his hand again, really feeling the mass of it. “I might need you to fuck my ass while I'm doing it…”

Tom gave Dan a huge grin. “Anything for the birthday boy!” He moved around the room, slowly pulling off his too-tight and revealing clothing, finally letting his six hundred pound muscled body come into full view, his big hard dick throbbing in anticipation. Alex swooned, groaning as Dan worked his ass over, feeling the big man knead his glutes, preparing him to accept the monster cock that rose from between Dan's immense thighs.

It had torn through his briefs, that's how aroused Alex was making Dan! “Fuck, more handsome every time I see you… you know how big and handsome you are, Alex?” he purred again, shoving a finger or two up Alex's bum to help relax his hole. Taking Dan's equipment was no laughing matter.

Alex groaned and squirmed as he felt Dan work to loosen him up, the young man's thick, strong fingers getting to work. “Oh fuck Dan, you've told me, but… oh fuck… you're so big… so fuckin' sexy…” Alex's words were consumed by another throaty groan, as Dan plunged deeper. Behind them both, Tom was grinning in lust and approval, watching Dan manhandle Alex. “Fuck Dan, show me how it's done. Show me how to fuck a hot hunk of man like that…” Tom gripped Dan's powerful ass and massaged it forcefully, his cock throbbing in eager anticipation.

“You gotta make sure he can take the torpedo you have jutting from your crotch, like so,” Dan explained sexily, shoving his fingers deep inside Alex and causing the muscleman to whimper and moan in a high pitch. “Perfect. That's how you know he's ready!” he grinned. He took out his fingers and turned the man around. “Then you lift 'im up and… slide him down!” he grunted, doing just that to Alex, his thick cock head parting that bubble butt magnificently!

Alex let out a loud groan of pleasure, feeling his muscular ass forced apart by Dan's huge tool, feeling the big rod penetrate him. He tried to relax, to ease it in, but he couldn't help but arch his back and let out a moan of lust. To the back, Tom was getting very turned on by the sight of it all. He grabbed Dan's powerful waist and held on, pushing his big dick between Dan's powerful cheeks.

“Fuck you're one hot beast of a dude…” Tom growled softly, as he slowly began to push his huge dick up Dan's powerful ass, inch by inch, the big man hard to penetrate, but so much more rewarding as a result.

Dan gritted his teeth and grunted out a hearty, “Yeah, I know. Same to you, buddy!” He started fucking Alex in earnest now, shoving the smaller man up and down his huge dick, loving the feeling. Sweat was building up on all of them, making their huge bodies shimmer and start to release their manly musk!

The scent of it was overwhelming. Sweat and testosterone and men in the act of sex. Alex gasped and groaned as he felt Dan pick up the pace, the big man driving his huge dick home, filling Alex' muscular but smaller ass. At the same time, Tom started to get into it, pushing in harder and deeper, his hands wandering over Dan's massive physique, feeling the big man twitch and flex as he fucked him. “Oh fuck you've got an awesome ass…” Tom groaned in soft admiration between grunts.

Dan moaned lustily as he thrust and was thrusted upon. “Oh fuck… so fucking good…” he groaned. He tightened his ass on Tom's cock, giving the boy a tighter fuck as he kept furiously fucking Alex. “It's not gonna be long…” he warned, his muscles looking shiny and pumped and his cock swollen and ready to shoot off!

Tom let out growls of erotic determination, feeling Dan's powerful ass tighten around his huge rod. He thrust it in harder, his groans getting louder as he rammed his huge dick home, feeling Dan's own excitement, trying to give his friend a proper fuck. Tom's dick was throbbing inside Dan, eager to explode, held back only by Tom's willpower. Alex, on the other hand, was moaning in pleasure, his hard cock humming like mad. “So… big…” was all he managed to get out before he let out a loud groan, his dick spewing cum across the room, his entire 300 pound body seeming to flex at once, his powerful glutes clamping down on Dan's prodigious phallus.

That was all it took to take Dan over the edge and start fountaining his huge obelisk of a cock deep inside the smaller man, grunting and moaning like an animal! Tom took that as his cue to cum, as well, because of Dan's orgasms tightening his own anus, making Tom's cock shoot deep inside him, magnificent stud cream leaking out of both Alex and Dan's tight rumps!

All three of them were mashed together, three powerful men, each bigger than the last. Alex was the first to finish, and he craned his neck and gave one of Dan's big nipples a sensual lick of appreciation, as he enjoyed the sensations of Dan's still pulsating cock as it pumped more cum into him. Tom was splayed across Dan's huge back, big powerful pecs pressed against Dan's huge upper back. Tom reached around to caress Dan's giant thighs, feeling the big trunks of muscle as he pumped his seed up his buddy's powerful ass. “Fuck…” he groaned softly. “What a way to start your birthday, huh?” He grinned, and leaned in to nibble on one of Dan's huge traps.

Dan moaned as he finally slowed down his orgasm, his eyes half-glazed still by lust. “Definitely! And I'm just getting warmed up! This is supposed to be a sweet 16, after all!” he chuckled, lifting Alex off his dick and putting him back on. “Big man like you must be gettin' hungry after all this exercise, Alex! Let me fix you something…” He went into the kitchen and quickly fixed another tuna sandwich, this time with a full dose of spice. Dan licked his lips. Enough baby steps with Alex. He wanted to see him significantly bigger again. He brought the sandwich out to him and winked at Tom knowingly. “Just what a growing bodybuilder needs, eh?” he asked.

Alex took the sandwich. He saw the funny look pass between Tom and Dan, but he was suddenly hungry, so he started to eat with gusto. In less than two minutes, the sandwich was gone, and Alex was left licking his fingers off, a display that was getting both Dan and Tom a bit hot again. “Thanks, Dan. I don't know why, but that really seemed to hit the spot! I was so hungry!” He grinned, and rubbed his ripped, eight pack stomach. “Tasted a bit funny for tuna. You sure it was good?”

“Hmm… maybe we have some fresher tuna, I'll make you another one…” Dan said, trying to stay calm. He went back to the kitchen and almost squealed in excitement. He made another sandwich and put a half-dose in that. His cock was half-hard in excitement at this, and so soon after cumming! He went back out and said, “Try this, we just bought this tuna yesterday.”

Alex looked at him, but took the second sandwich, and began to eat. “Hmm… Still tastes a bit funny, but not like the last one…” Being so thoroughly fucked had given him an appetite though, so Alex finished off the rest of the sandwich. He then grinned at Dan. “Thanks again. But look at this! Me coming over on your birthday, and you fixing me food! I shouldn't allow it…” he tried to continue, but then had to stifle a yawn.

“Oh no, we tuckered the little guy out!” Dan said, mock-disappointed. “C'mere, Alex, I'll lay you down so you can get some rest. It's still so early in the day!” he said, shooting Tom an excited look.

Tom grinned, and followed behind as Dan simply picked Alex up, slinging the smaller muscleman over one of his huge shoulders. “I think Alex will be good after a quick nap, don't you, Dan? I know he doesn't want to miss your party. Although I know I don't want to miss anything else that happens before the party either…” Tom laughed as Alex looked up at him, a bit confused. “Don't worry Alex. Just sleep. You'll be a new man when you wake up…”

Dan put the big man on the extra large couch Peter had purchased once Colin had moved in. Now that they were an extra large family, they needed extra large furniture! Alex was out like a light before he could put up much of a fuss and was snoozing peacefully. “Man oh man, this is gonna be good,” Dan said anxiously, rubbing his hands together.

Tom walked up beside him, looking down at Alex. “You did seem to give him a nice bit. One and a half doses? Mmmm….” Tom licked his lips, and gripped his swelling crotch. “He's going to be a big, sexy fucker when he wakes up. Hot and huge…” Tom ran one hand over one of Dan's massive arms. “Just not quite as big as someone I know, I don't think… and definitely not as hot…” He gave Dan's huge bicep a firm squeeze.

“And what about you, Tom? Where's your present for me?” Dan asked sexily, pushing their bodies together until Tom's back was up against a wall. Their big pecs rubbed against each other, Dan's huge melon's pushing into Tom's strong, but smaller ones. Dan put his arms on either side of the huge stud, making a play of being dominant.

“Mmmmm…” Tom purred in response. “You know you can have what you want with me… You just didn't hand me a wish list… So I guess I'll have to improvise…” He ran his hands over Dan's huge arms, feeling them up, running his hands over every big, freaky bulge. “So fuckin' big… so fuckin' hot…” Tom's eyes closed slowly. “Did you like it when I fucked you, while you fucked Alex? Did it make you want to fuck him harder? Did it make you want to fuck me?” A smile crept onto Tom's lecherous face.

“Dude, everything makes me want to fuck you,” Dan admitted, flexing his muscles, wanting to make them bigger to impress Tom even more. He went into a lat spread that dominated Tom's entire field of vision. Dan was just immense and wide and thick and BIG all over! “Feel my nuts, man. Still swollen for you…”

Tom groaned softly, and slowly squatted down, his huge legs bulging out freakily. He let his hands trail down Dan's huge body, feeling the thick bulging slabs of muscle as he went. Finally he was staring at Dan's powerful equipment. He reached out, and began to fondle the thick shaft, gratified to see it shudder and swell to his touch. Then he moved on to those big, round, hanging balls, each full of potency and potential. Tom leaned in, his face buried between Dan's monster thighs, as he slowly began to lick the thick scrotum, feeling the heavy nuts shift inside, his nose pressed against the whole thing, taking in the deep scent of Dan's manliness.

“Oh… oh fuck!!!” Dan cursed as he took in a sharp breath of air. His testicles swelled at the attention and his cock went from half-hard to full mast in seconds. His balls felt so big and heavy against his friend's face and it made him feel so horny and virile.

Even though they hung thick and heavy and ponderous, Tom could feel them churn within, swelling slowly but noticeably, power growing. “Aww fuckk…” he managed to breathe. He brought his hands up to cup the big round orbs of testosterone, rubbing them admiringly, as he ran his tongue up the underside of Dan's powerful shaft. Finally he reached the head, and began to swirl his tongue around it, determined to put on a good show. He then began to take more and more of the big dick into his mouth, finally managing to swallow the engorged head only after several attempts.

Dan put his hands behind his head, making his upper arms and shoulders swell as he moaned contentedly, pre surging from his dick head, coating Tom's eager mouth. He thrust his hips forward a bit and drove a bit deeper into his friend's mouth.

Tom's eyes traveled upward, from Dan's powerful abs, up to the thick meaty chest, up to the man's absolutely gigantic arms. Even now, it took Tom's breath away, to see such massiveness and power. He redoubled his efforts, gripping Dan's mighty glutes to stabilize himself as he sucked harder, welcoming Dan's huge fuckrod, trying to get the big tool down his throat.

It was tough no matter how much practice Tom had. Dan's rod was huge, bigger than his own, and rock hard. It was also really messy, leaking a ton of precum that was flowing down his chin at the moment. He tried to swallow all of it, but it was just too much. He kept going down on that rod and soon it was lodged in his throat! Dan must've liked that because he had to swallow a big surge of precum right then as the big man groaned and thrust a bit more.

Tom was working Dan's big dick over as best as he could, sucking, slurping, and even chewing the big log that was forcing its way down his throat. He tried to swallow every drop of sweet pre, but it was too much, and some dribbled down his chin. Tom just wiped it off, and started to rub it over Dan's huge ass and legs. He made soft, pleasured groaning noises, his voice muffled by the massive tool rammed down it. Still he persisted, and he even began to pull as Dan pushed, making the big man's thrusts seem more forceful than ever before.

Dan's muscles tensed and balls pulled up as he roared mightily when he came down Tom's throat. His cock swelled and shot like a fire hose down the boy's throat, fountaining out huge amounts of his stud seed. Dan was almost dizzy with pleasure. Tom's blowjobs were always amazing, and he could never turn down the opportunity to fuck the stud's sweet mouth!

Tom struggled as Dan unleashed his huge load. Although Tom was good at just letting it go down his throat, the volume was so large that he couldn't take it all. Cum spurted out the sides of his mouth, and a bit even came out his nose, there was so much of it. He let out a muffled groan of joy, as his favorite musclegod writhed above him in ecstasy, muscles flexing almost involuntarily. Tom held on tight, massaging Dan's powerful ass, eager to suck out every last drop of seed that he could.

And it was quite a lot! Minutes went by until the flow finally ebbed and Dan came back down from his cloud of ecstasy. “Oh man, you're the fucking best,” Dan cooed, lifting Tom off of his cock and planting a kiss on the boy's messy, cummy mouth, accepting some of his own seed into his mouth with delightful moans as he manhandled his dear friend and lover. He loved groping Tom's huge, ripped muscles.

Tom groaned in pleasure as Dan hoisted him up and kissed him. He returned the favor, kissing Dan back hard and passionate, once he recovered. His hands likewise got into the act, running over Dan's massive, sweaty body, feeling the huge man's humming musculature, the way the muscles seemed to be flexed even when they were at rest. His own big dick jutted outward, and he pushed it against Dan's huge thighs, loving the sensations that shot through him when he buried the thick head in the separations between Dan's massive quads.

Dan kissed even more passionately as he tensed his quads, giving Tom an unheard-of fucking between the masses of his heads of thigh muscle! He felt the big, spongy head burrowing between the separations of muscle and still felt frisky enough to use his freakish size to get his buddy off!

Tom was groaning louder now, thrusting his huge hard cock against his massive buddy, the big head sliding over the insane masses of Dan's thighs. “Fuck you're a freak man…” Tom moaned softly, as he nuzzled Dan's thick bull neck and hulking traps. “I'll never get over what a fuckin' sex god you are…” Tom's cock was getting harder and throbbing insistently as he pushed it against Dan's huge thigh, Tom's cockhead even pushing against Dan's own prodigious equipment.

“That's right, I'm your fuckin' sex god,” Dan agreed, getting into the play. “And your god wants to know what he can do to get you off, Tom. You worshipped at the altar and now's the time for your god to serve you…” he grunted, putting an arm around Tom's narrow waist.

Tom groaned. “F-fuck man… You know how bad I want you. How I fuckin' love it when you use that huge bod to fuck me, your huge dick up my ass, and my dick rubbing against those crazy abs of yours…” Tom chewed his lip for a moment, stopping the sudden flow of lust-crazed words. “D- do it, Dan. I'm never going to get tired of your giant muscles, or of that huge tool you've got. Never!”

Dan's beleaguered dick grew stiff again at that entreaty and Dan roared, lifting his hefty friend up and shoving him down the pole rougher than he had played with Alex, since he knew the big boy could take it! He grunted and snarled as he savagely fucked Tom's ass, sloppy sounds being created with every pistoning motion. His arms and chest looked pumped from lifting the huge 600 lb. bulk of Tom up and down, over and over!

Tom couldn't help himself, and let out howls of pleasure, his huge dick driving into the chasm between Dan's thick abs, running up and down the bulging protrusions. Already at the edge from his earlier attentions to Dan's leg, Tom was ready to burst. He started to squeeze his powerful ass around Dan's cock, eager to pleasure his huge friend. At the same time though, he grabbed Dan's big pecs and squeezed them, feeling the huge slabs of beef and letting out a roar of ecstasy as his tortured cock finally exploded, sending a huge load of hot, thick cream all over Dan's powerful stomach.

The warmth and tightness of his friend's ass caused another of Dan's orgasms, this time smaller in scale than his previous ones. Even sex gods had their limits! It was still a hefty amount and he enjoyed it immensely as he felt Tom's love sauce splatter over his boulder-cobbled stomach. “There, that satisfy you, stud?” he asked with a wink.

Tom slowly let himself melt against Dan's massive body, his own big chest still heaving from deep breaths, his friends huge cock still shoved up his ass. “Fuck Dan, that was amazing…!” he managed to pant.

Dan wrapped his arms as far around Tom as he could, holding the huge teenager close to him. “Yeah, I know. Big guys have amazing sex, you know…” he said with a smirk. They stayed that way for a few moments, Dan's cock still hard in Tom's ass, the room quiet aside from Tom's panting and Alex's snoring. Finally, Dan said quietly, “I love you, man.”

Tom's breath caught in his throat. He was awash in a swirl of emotions, like Charybdis trying to drag him down. He swirled, not knowing what to say or do. But then it all resolved into a warm glow, as he realized that yes, his deepest desire had in fact just come true. “I love you too, birthday boy. More than anything else in the world…” Tom reached up, and planted a surprisingly gentle kiss on Dan's perfect lips.

Dan's cock throbbed inside Tom with that kiss as he blushed furiously. “It's just that, you know, you're so cool and handsome and sexy… I just really like everything about you. I love spending time with you and you always make me laugh and feel good and sexy… Fuck…” he cursed, feeling embarrassed at the raw show of emotion and blushed even harder, looking away.

Tom put a finger to Dan's lips. “No need for words Dan. Not now anyway. There's time for all that later. Right now, I just want to tell you that you said the three words that made me the happiest dude on the planet.” Tom smiled then, and leaned in again. “And I've loved you forever, it seems, Dan. Since I realized what love is.” Tom removed his finger from Dan's lips, and pulled the huge man's head down just a bit, so that he could plant a long, drawn-out kiss on his lips.

That kiss turned into another fuck session that culminated in Dan blowing another significant load into his partner's ass. After that, they rolled around in a sweaty pile just horsing around and having fun until they heard Alex start to stir…

Alex' low groan seemed deeper than usual. Like the muscular young man had gotten a cold, almost. But that wasn't the case, of course. Alex had changed. He slowly sat up in the bed, and swung his feet over the edge. Yet his thighs pushed together strangely, forcing them to stay further apart than usual. His entire body felt strange and heavy. Good, of course, but strange. And then he slowly stood, rising from the bed. His gasp drew the eyes of both Tom and Dan, as Alex' gaze shifted back and forth from staring down at his huge chest to staring at the mirror on the wall across the room, which tried vainly to contain his massive new size.

He looked a little over 400 lbs. of muscle, which was… simply huge! Present company excepted, of course. He waddled over to the mirror and checked out his body, doing a few bodybuilder poses as he struggled to see all of himself at once in the narrow mirror's reflection. Dan walked over and clapped Alex on the hugely mounded shoulder. “Lookin' swole, bro!”

Alex looked up at Dan, his huge grin betraying his excitement, but looking confused as well. “I can't believe it… I got so much bigger!” he panted. His grin got wider, as he raised both arms and flexed them, the two huge biceps rising up, impressive in size and shape. “Fuck I feel good right now!” he added, chuckling in his new, deeper voice.

Dan whistled. “I'll say! These puppies look close to 30 inches,” he complimented, running one of his big hands over Alex's mountainous biceps, feeling the hardness and handsome, huge shape of them.

Tom grinned as he joined the fun, running his big hands over Alex' other huge arm, feeling the bulging biceps and deltoids as the smaller (but still huge!) man flexed for their approval. “Damn, I really did swell, didn't I?” Alex asked, the happiness in his voice evident. “I always wanted to be big. I thought not this big though… but now that I have it… I can't get enough!”

Dan threw the stud his clothes he came over in. “Let's see how this stuff fits now, huh? Can't have you running around in clothes that won't fit, hot as that may be…” he grinned.

Alex looked down at the clothes, and grinned. First, he grabbed his briefs. They had been tight before, but now they looked more like posers, barely able to hold in his powerful glutes or bulging package. They strained to contain him, and only barely seemed to succeed. His shorts were hardly better. Although they stretched, his massive legs still filled them to the brim, looking ready to pop, leaving nothing to the imagination. The tank top was the worst, of course. It had been tight when Alex came over earlier. Now that he was even bigger, he could barely get it on. He finally managed to slide it over his massive torso, only to have it rip down the sides, as his huge lats and back pushed through, destroying the shirt in the process, and producing a huge grin from Alex.

“Well, it'd be a crying shame to hide these puppies anyways,” Dan said, reaching a big hand over and patting Alex on his huge, protruding chest. The patting turned into a groping, really working his fingers into the pec flesh, feeling how huge and strong he'd made Alex.

Alex groaned softly, loving the feeling of Dan's huge hands manhandling his chest. Alex flexed his big pecs, the thick slabs of muscle hardening and protruding under Dan's hand. “Aww fuck yeah….” Alex breathed at last, his grin a mile wide. Tom came at him from the other side, pulling on the other free nipple, running his powerful hand over Alex' huge shoulder and traps, running down the broad back to admire his tapered, rock-hard waist.

“Sexy as fuck, Alex…” Tom purred.


Part 19

Guests arrived one at a time; several bearing presents, of course, some just with cards. A few even brought presents of huge sets of clothes, the biggest they could find. But it still wasn't certain they would fit Dan. Maybe. Barely. There was a barbecue going out back, with burgers, steak and other fine meats being cooked right up. Tom's dad called back, “Can you bring me the bowl of barbecue sauce? I seem to have forgotten it. ”

“Sure, just a minute!” Dan called out from the kitchen, seeing the bowl lying out where just anyone could tamper with it. With a mischievous grin, he put several doses of spice inside of it and swirled it around nice and good, to make sure it was evenly distributed. He appreciated everyone that had decided to show up, so he wanted them all to get their own special present! When he decided it was mixed in as well as it could be, he took it outside to sit next to the meats. “Here you go. We have more than enough, so don't be stingy with it!” he reminded everyone.

Peter Stockwell grinned, and grabbed the bowl. “Thanks, Dan. I'm going to add a bit to some of the burgers I'm grilling, and to the ribs. Then I'll set it out for anyone who wants more.” He walked back to the grill, where Colin was waiting. Peter gave Colin a grin and the younger man's muscular ass a quick squeeze, as he set about adding sauce to some of the sizzling meat. After a few moments more, he finished, putting all the food on a big platter, and bringing it and the bowl of sauce to the table. “All right everybody, dig in!” Peter called out, grabbing two burgers for himself.

It was a hot afternoon by the pool and everyone was hungry. Dan was wearing his swim trunks, which were the biggest size he could find, obviously made for someone who was obese. He had to cinch the waist a whole lot to get it to fit on his trim waist, but they were almost too small for his tremendous ass and his abundance of quad muscle and genitals, which were fairly clearly outlined in just about everything he wore. It didn't bother him anymore, he had nothing to be shy about. He was just a big kid and he was aiming to enjoy it! He got three burgers for himself.

Tom was right by his side, attired in something even more ridiculous. He had found an oversized pair of speedos. But with his massive proportions, even the spandex had a hard time holding him. He was stuffed into them, his huge cock and balls bulging obscenely, his powerful glutes only half covered by the stretchy fabric. He also grabbed three burgers, and then grinned at Dan, as he spooned extra barbecue sauce on each one. “Smells like some good sauce here…” he growled playfully.

Dan smiled smugly, swallowing a mouthful of burger. “Yeah, I decided that it needed some more spices; they really kick it up a notch, don't you think?” he asked, feeling a relaxing tingling go throughout his body that let him know he was preparing to grow bigger.

Tom laughed, feeling his own body begin to tingle as he ate. “You know I always love my food spicy, Dan. Although I don't mind if other dudes eat theirs well-seasoned either… especially you big man…” Dan could feel Tom's huge calf rub against his, under the table, massive bloated calf muscle against massive bloated calf muscle.

Around them, men from around the neighborhood were eating their burgers happily, chatting away. Sitting down one by one, as they felt more and more relaxed. Peter and Colin sat together, the younger man's head lolling against the massive shoulder of Dan's father, as Colin's eyes fluttered closed. Alex walked up to Dan and Tom, a plate full of ribs in his hands. “Awesome party, as usual, Dan. Happy Birthday.”

“Heh, thanks, big guy,” Dan said with a wink, kissing Alex on the cheek. “And no need for a present, I think you gave me a couple already earlier today,” he chuckled. “Eat up! It looks like Colin already ate more than he planned on…” Dan noticed, rubbing his chest in anticipation.

Peter rose, hoisting the comatose Colin up in his own massive arms. He walked past, carrying his sleeping lover. “I'll be right back down, Dan. Colin apparently needed a nap.” He grinned, but his own eyes looked sleepy as well. “I'm just going to carry him up to our room.” Peter walked into the house, his own movement slow and deliberate. As he left, Tom chuckled. “I think they're going to miss the rest of the party.” Tom stifled a yawn of his own. “Although I'm betting there's going to be a different kind of party when they wake up.” Alex blushed, and buried himself in his plate of ribs, eating hungrily.

Dan's eyelids felt heavy, too. There was definitely an atmosphere of sleepiness taking over the party. Shit, had he put in too much spice? He was hoping everyone would be getting something equivalent to a half-dose, but it seemed he might have overshot it a tad… He looked over the other guests. The other single dads and teenagers that lived in the neighborhood. They all had pretty fit bodies from the last party they'd thrown. Some of the younger boys had been thrust into puberty. What would this latest dose do? Dan yawned as well and said to Tom, “Hey, maybe we won't fall asleep if we stay busy. Makeout?” he offered with a sleepy grin.

Tom looked at him, and laughed. “Sounds like the best way to stay awake that I've heard of in a while…” He stood up, and walked up behind Dan, his hands resting on Dan's huge traps and shoulders. He began to massage, his strong hands barely able to dent the huge mounds of thick, dense flesh. His hands dipped lower, reaching down to caress Dan's bloated pecs, straining to reach underneath the huge shelves and reach the nipples. Finally able to touch them, barely. Tom's own massive chest pushed up behind Dan's head, his thick, growing cock pressed into the larger lad's enormous back.

Dan bounced the pecs, causing Tom to giggle as he cupped the huge pectorals, feeling their hardness when flexed. Dan moaned as he leaned back, letting Tom's chest press hard against his densely muscled back. “Careful, Tom. That speedo able to hold your cock when it's hard?” he purred low enough so that only they could hear.

“It stretches…” Tom whispered in reply, leaning forward, so that Dan wouldn't push him over. Mashing his huge chest against Dan's giant back. Bring his hands back up to Dan's giant deltoids, caressing and squeezing them. Then down the massive arms, feeling the thick horseshoes that comprised Dan's powerful triceps as his cock hardened, stretching the speedo. The spandex already barely held Tom in. Now, it was sliding off, as the young freak's tool swelled, pushing against Dan's back, thick and hot and pulsating. The speedo finally retreated from the big shaft, sliding back with a smack, having to make do with only holding in Tom's huge nuts. “Guess the speedo knew I was too horny to be held back…” Tom purred, nuzzling Dan's thick neck. As around them, men began to lie down, and sleep.

“Well, since we no longer have an audience, how about you use that big cock of yours to fuck the birthday boy, huh? It's the only gift I really want this year,” Dan moaned. He pulled down his trunks to expose his big, tanned butt. Each globe of gluteal muscle was dense and striated. No one could ever get an ass this perfect without the spice! He squatted up and down to show how it flexed and relaxed. “Please?”

Tom let out a shuddering groan of lust, watching Dan's huge ass flex enticingly. Beside them, Alex gasped in awe and lust, just as he was sitting back, his eyes fluttering closed, his cock rock hard in his shorts. Tom had eyes only for Dan though. He stepped forward, pulling his big balls out of his speedos. “Fuck Dan. There's nothing I'd love better than to give you a good fuck. Hell, it's like it's my birthday!” He chuckled, and placed his hands on Dan's giant, sweeping lats. Grabbing the huge wings of muscle and then running his hands down them, caressing them, until his big mitts rested on Dan's powerful, taut middle. He stood behind the big man, his twitching cockhead running over the huge, striated mass of each glute. Exploring it. Then he worked his way between them, pre oozing out now, as he found his target. “Happy Birthday, Dan…” he purred, as he gripped the big man hard, and thrust his monster tool up Dan's immense, powerful muscle ass.

Dan grunted and moaned. He was so big he could take it. There was no pain, only pleasure! His ass hugged Tom's cock like a glove as it pierced deeper and deeper. Dan eagerly pressed back into it, speeding up the penetrative process. “There we go…” he moaned. “Now fuck me, Tom. Fuck me…”

Tom let out a shuddering moan, feeling Dan push back against him. “Oh fuck Dan…” he breathed, his voice ragged. He reached around, trying to get his huge arms around Dan's immense lats, up to grip Dan's giant pecs. He managed, to a point, just enough to grab the bottom of Dan's giant pecs, his fingers brushing along Dan's thick nips. Tom started moving his hips, slowly at first. Then faster. Using more and more of his incredible strength, knowing that Dan could take all of it and more. “Oh fuck yeah!” Tom groaned, loudly, not caring who heard. (Not that it woke any of the sleeping beauties nearby.) Tom kept pushing in, harder, slamming his huge dick all the way in, his big balls slamming into Dan's powerful ass, making Tom gasp at the end of every jackhammering thrust.

Dan moaned every time he felt the stinging slap of the wrecking balls Tom called his nuts slapping up against his rock hard buns. No one else on earth knew what it felt like to get fucked with a cock this big. And pity on them, he thought, as he rose to higher levels of pleasure, his own balls swelling, readying their loads. His dick was swollen, slapping up against his pecs. “Mmf… MMMFFF… you… you almost there, buddy?” he moaned out, his ass tensing in preparation of his orgasmic blast.

“Oh god fuck yes” Tom spat out, his breathing heavy, his huge pecs heaving, pushing against Dan's massive back. He was gripping Dan as hard as he could, pulling on the big man's nips. Slamming his huge dick home as hard as he could. His huge tool swelling, throbbing. Getting so rigid and thick it felt like it was going to explode. And then it did, shuddering violently, sending a huge wave of cum into Dan, every muscle on Tom's insane body flexing, bloating. His huge dick rushing to empty his seemingly limitless, cum-bloated balls.

Dan released his own load at the same time, bursting up into the air in an arc and splattering on his broad chest, dripping down his cobbled abs in rivers and then shooting out several feet in front of him as he aimed it away, getting almost ten feet on one shot! They came for minutes on end until they were spent, their hulking bodies still tingling, still slowly growing. “Fuck… it's always so good…” Dan moaned.

“Oh fuck…” was Tom's only comment, although the tone clearly signaled agreement. He held on tight to Dan's huge, and growing form. His own cock swelling, along with his muscles. But ever more surrounded by Dan's growing glutes. And it was becoming harder for Tom to hold on to Dan's nips, as the big lad's swelling lats pushed Tom's growing arms further and further out to the sides. After several more minutes of cumming inside Dan's huge ass, Tom was finally empty. He let out a deep sigh of contentment, and reluctantly pulled out.

Dan woke up some time later on the grass in the backyard, naked. He wondered where his trunks had gone off to and found them a few feet away. He stood up… and up and up! Things looked a little shorter now. He must've grown a bit… maybe he was finally seven feet tall? And as he looked down at the even greater expanse of his chest, he knew it wouldn't be out of the question for him to be a little over 700 lbs. He reached down and shoved on his trunks while the other guests were waking from their naps in various degrees of studliness.

Tom slumbered beside him, nearly as big. The speedo looking more like a thong or possibly even g-string, as it struggled to contain even a fraction of the sleeping young man's giant glutes. Tom slowly awoke, and rolled over, his massive cock and balls still flopping about. He grinned, and reached down, trying to stuff them in. His balls went in with some protest, and when he stuffed his cock in, only about half was willing to be covered. The other half bulged out the top, thick and potent. He stood up slowly, only an inch shorter than Dan. He grinned, and then laughed when he saw the poor trunks, barely able to cover Dan. He looked around, to see strong, muscular men rising slowly, their clothes looking too tight for their new bodies, some of them even pulling off torn shirts. From the upstairs window, they could hear energetic grunting begin. It sounded like Colin and Peter had awoken as well. Alex was about 475 lbs. of pure muscle and cock now, and he was nearly as nude as Tom!

“Mmm… time to test the new equipment out with a swim in the pool!” Dan chuckled as he headed toward the water and jumped in, causing a big splash! His head easily cleared the water level even on the deep end, and he swam quickly and easily, even though his denser muscles made it more difficult to float.

Tom grinned, and jumped in after him, water splashing out of the pool as he entered, his 680 pounds of solid brawn displacing a large volume of water. Alex grinned, and rushed over as well, jumping in after the two larger men, making a smaller but still large splash of his own. Tom swam back and forth, from one side of the pool to the other in only a few strokes, his huge body covering the small distance easily. He came up to Dan, and grinned. “It feels good to cool off a bit, after we worked up all that heat, doesn't it…” he chuckled.

“You can say that again… and it looks like the other guests are enjoying the results of their nap, too,” he pointed out. The other men and teenagers were examining their larger bodies, testing their strong, lean muscles and cradling the new, mesmerizing bulges from their crotches with wonder. The boys that had brought their swimsuits showed muscles that were on par with amateur bodybuilders and there were even a few men who looked a bit bigger than that!

The guests were enjoying themselves, amazed at the changes in everyone. Some wondered aloud what could cause such a thing. But as it was pointed out that everyone had grown, speculation turned to various exotic things: radiation, genetic changes, even aliens. The last theory gained more credence, as everyone shared notes on falling asleep. No one minded though, and one or two men grabbed their crotches and joked about giving the aliens a proper thank you. Dan and Tom heard Alex gasp. Following his eyes, they could see in the top bedroom window, the sight of Peter, even more massive than before. Colin had his legs around Peter's powerful middle, and his arms around Peter's thick neck. Peter was pounding him in the ass, his cock a massive log, hitting the younger man hard. Alex blushed furiously, watching in awe, his own dick popping out of his trunks underwater.

Dan swam over and stroked Alex' dick underneath the water where it was difficult for the other guests to see it. “You like that, huh? My dad and Colin are crazy for each other. And the bigger they get, the hornier they get, the louder their sex gets. They had to reinforce the bed to have it withstand their fuckings, Alex.” As he was saying all this, he was rhythmically stroking Alex' big rod, caressing the ridge of the head, delicately tripping his fingers down the long, long shaft. “You want to join them? I'm sure they'd be open to playing around with another stud…”

Alex let out a low groan of appreciation. His horniness increased by both Dan's descriptions of Colin and Peter, and by his closeness to Dan and Tom. “F- fuck…” he stammered. “I'd love that. Those big studs…” He turned, and looked at Dan, and a sly grin appeared on his face. “But as hot as those two are… you and Tom are hotter…” He reached back, and let his hand travel over Dan's rock hard abs, down to the barely contained bulge in Dan's trunks. “To have you and Tom fuck me… oh man…” He shivered at the thought.

“Heh, at this rate, we'll never get to presents,” Dan chuckled as he started to make out with Alex and squeeze his ass, working his fingers into the man's tight asshole and making the big man moan like a bitch.


Part 20

Dan had been somewhat depressed for a while. Shortly after his big birthday party, his father had been offered a position in his company's head office that was far too good to pass up, so he packed up Colin and his son and moved across the country to a small New England town. Dan was gloomy because he had been used to living on the West Coast all his life, not to mention he'd left behind his first love, Tom, and all his friends at school and around the neighborhood. He'd been steadily growing everyone around him for so long he'd forgotten what the “real world” was like when you were seven feet tall and more built than Mr. Olympia!

A pretty awesome thing had happened before he'd moved, though; another shipment of spice mistakenly arrived at his doorstep! It seemed whatever clerical error had made it arrive at his house the last time was persisting, as a whole new box of the stuff showed up. Wanting to leave something behind for Tom, he gave him the spice he hadn't used up yet as something to remember him by and took the renewed supply with him on his trip. He'd been too depressed to try it out on anyone new yet, however.

Needless to say, Dan, Peter, and Colin made quite a stir in the sleepy town. Colin would have been the biggest, brawniest man around, previously. Until Peter and Dan were thrown into the mix, of course. The other townsfolk would stare at their new neighbors in awe and concern, wondering how it was that three massive men could suddenly move to town! When they learned that Dan was the youngest, and only in high school, their jaws dropped further. For some, it was shock and alarm. For others, barely controlled lust. One thing was for sure—there was plenty to gossip about.

Peter and Colin easily transitioned to their new positions at headquarters. Despite their unusual size, or rather because of it, they quickly gained a great deal of authority there—especially Peter. Dan though had the days to himself, as school wouldn't start for a couple more weeks.

Dan was making another trip to the local general store to pick up groceries, enough to fill the bellies of the three huge men for another few days. He had taken to dressing more conservatively than he had been before, partly because of the colder climate and partly because it just wasn't as much fun to flaunt his body about town without Tom around. Presently he was just wearing an XXXXL t-shirt and tailored jeans that fit him, if only just barely. He stooped and turned sideways to enter the store, which was run by a man he was getting to know better thanks to the frequent trips the boys required!

The man, Mr. Hoffer, as Dan knew him, was glad as always to see the huge young man. Since Dan and his bemuscled family had moved in, Mr. Hoffer's sales had increased appreciably. Moreover, there was the sheer pleasure of seeing such beautifully massive men on a regular basis. He smiled as he saw Dan enter, and called out his greeting. “Hello Dan! How are you doing?”

Dan smiled and plodded over. “Hey, Mr. Hoffer. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to clean you out again. The usual,” he explained, giving the owner the list of sundries his father had made.

Mr. Hoffer smiled, and took the list. “I may have to put in a bigger door for you, Dan. I hate to see you have to stoop and twist like that. I've just never had a customer like you before.” He chuckled. In fact though, he didn't mind seeing Dan twist like that. His breath always caught just a bit as he beheld the side view of Dan's huge arm and thick, jutting pecs, showing off just how massive the young stud was. Mr. Hoffer grabbed a cart, and wheeled it about the store, picking up the usual. Some of the items were modest, like a bottle of shampoo or a few paper towel rolls. Others were less so, like the huge stacks of meat that he piled up in the cart, nearly fifty pounds worth, when all the different kinds were added together. Plus bread, and cheese, and gallons and gallons of milk, and everything else that three ravenous musclemen might need. Finally, Mr. Hoffer rolled the now heavy cart to the front, and began to tally the items. The bill, as usual, was quite high. Mr. Hoffer had the good grace to look slightly embarrassed when he told Dan the amount.

“That's okay. My dad doesn't like to brag, but we're kinda loaded now. You should see our house!” Dan said, trying to lessen the man's embarrassment. “In fact, that reminds me. My dad wanted to thank you for arranging things to make it so easy to buy groceries, and was hoping you'd come over for dinner tonight. My dad's boyfriend is a pretty good cook!” he added with a smile.

Mr. Hoffer blushed a bit. “That's no problem at all Dan. Your dad is a nice fellow.” He blushed redder, as he realized he was staring at one of Dan's massive arms, imagining it… He blinked, and then began to babble. “Well if it's no problem then of course I wouldn't mind coming if it's no trouble for your family and do you suppose I should bring anything?”

“Just yourself! Leave everything to us!” the boy grinned, throwing up his arms for a double biceps pose. Dan wasn't an idiot. He'd been cruised so much since he'd grown that he could spot a gay guy at 20 paces. He knew Mr. Hoffer wanted him, or at least fantasized about him. He had no problem with it, and in fact had decided he'd dip his toe back into the spice pool with Mr. Hoffer as his first subject!

Hoffer gulped as he watched Dan's mammoth biceps rise freakily, two huge balls of pure power, the veins standing up and pulsing softly. His already hard cock went mad, hard as a steel rod and throbbing wildly. He pushed it against the counter, hoping to tame it, and ended up cumming right there in his pants, a soft groan escaping his lips before he clamped them shut. The unmistakable scent of cum wafted toward Dan, as the older man hoped that he could stay put until the young stud left. “That's… that's fine Dan. I'll be there. I'm off at 7, today.”

He winked at the older man, knowing exactly what his flexing had caused. “Well, I'll be seeing you then. Later!” he grinned as he easily carried his groceries out the door without breaking a sweat! He gave his ass an extra flex on the way out, just in case the man had any sperm left that he hadn't shot.

Mr. Hoffer couldn't help but watch as Dan sauntered out. When the big man's ass flexed, Hoffer groaned again, as his balls spasmed, trying to pump out more cum, even though they were already quite empty. He grunted in discomfort, and then turned, heading to the back room. In minutes, he had placed a phone call to his other employee, asking for them to come over early and relieve him, as he needed to go home early today. Still it was half an hour before his relief arrived, and in the mean time, he had to serve half a dozen other customers from behind the counter, not moving one bit, lest the big wet spot on his pants were seen. When help finally arrived, he bolted out, and headed home to wash and change.

Dan greeted him at the door at 7 in as nice an outfit as he could fit into, a button-up shirt that couldn't quite button-up past his pecs, leaving his huge pectoral cleavage (which was starting to get a dusting of dark hair) open for viewing. “Hey, Mr. Hoffer! I'm so glad you made it! And I see you went home to change, too. You didn't need to do that,” he added, with a wink.

For a moment, Hoffer was lost in the deep chasm between Dan's massive pecs, mesmerized by the depth caused by the two huge sacks of beef, his eyes drawn to the powerful striations running across them. But then his head snapped up, as he realized he was staring quite openly. “Oh, that's fine Dan. I want to be presentable. I couldn't come here in my work clothes. Not at work anymore.” He smiled, and walked in, trying not to stare at Dan's immense physique. At six feet tall, Mr. Hoffer was a good foot shorter, and his 160 pounds was a mere sliver of Dan's powerful mass.

“Hey, dad, Mr. Hoffer's here!” Dan bellowed into the house. Peter had made sure to buy a BIG house for his BIG men, as he'd put it. It was practically a mansion, but he said he could afford it with what the company was paying him. While they waited for his father, Dan kept the older man occupied by subtly bouncing his pecs and watching Hoffer's eyes travel to and fro trying to track them.

The pec bouncing confirmed Hoffer's suspicion that Dan was teasing him, but he couldn't help but watch as the two massive slabs of muscle rose and fell, ponderous and powerful. A bit of drool was threatening to slip out of the corner of his mouth, when Peter walked in, his huge body barely hidden under his custom-tailored clothes. “Glad to see you could make it, Mr. Hoffer,” he said, extending a big hand, which Hoffer took. The contrast between Peter's huge hand and arm and Hoffer's ordinary limb were quite pronounced, and the latter could feel his cock stir, an unusual event for him, given his age and recent orgasm. Still, he didn't mind, even as his pants began to tent just a touch.

“Almost ready, just in time!” came Colin's voice, as the smallest (yet still quite large) member of the Stockwell home made his presence known.

“I think you'll like dinner,” Dan said as they walked to the dining room. “Colin made gumbo, and I helped spice it! I try to make myself useful around the house while school is out,” he said as Colin poured everyone a big bowl of the hearty-looking brew.

After saying hello to Colin, Mr. Hoffer sat down at the table, and looked around. Each man at the table was huge. Colin could still pass for normal, barely, but Peter and Dan were in their own league, each bigger than any man Mr. Hoffer had ever seen—not in a bodybuilding magazine, not on the internet, nowhere. He began to dig into the stew, and immediately tasted something different. “This is very good, Colin. Thank you. But there's a taste in here I can't put my finger on… a spice maybe? Or some bit of seafood?”

“Yup, it's a secret ingredient. You won't find gumbo like this anywhere else!” he teased. He'd put a bit in the gumbo, a little more than two normal doses, since they had made a LOT of gumbo and he wanted to make sure Hoffer got enough. He wondered what the growth would look like on an older man… He tried not to look too excited as the older man ate more and more!

For some reason, Mr. Hoffer found the gumbo incredibly delicious. Although the taste was odd at first, once he had a few bites, as if he couldn't get enough. He eagerly ate his bowl of gumbo, and then a second. And then a third. He made small talk as he ate, but it was as if a ravenous hunger had awoken within him, and he didn't even find it strange until he realized that Colin was filling up his bowl for the fourth time. “Oh my. I hadn't realized how much I was eating… I feel like such a glutton. I hope you'll excuse how rude I've been…” he babbled, suddenly nervous as the bowl was set in front of him.

Dan just grinned. “It's no trouble at all! I remember you saying how much you liked gumbo, so the meal was sorta made specifically for you, anyways. Besides, the three of us can polish off a lot more than you can, and we made a ton! It's just a compliment if you go back for more!” he pointed out.

Hoffer grinned, reassured, and started eating again with gusto. Colin, the cook, just smiled, happy to see it enjoyed so fervently. As Hoffer got to the bottom of his fourth bowl, he began to feel a bit drowsy. But he loved the gumbo so much! “Just… a bit…” he said finally, looking down at his bowl. It was more than he ate in a whole day usually. What was he thinking? Yet as Colin ladled it into his bowl he smiled, and began to eat, struggling to stay awake. He got down to the last few bites before began to nod off, unable to resist any longer.

Peter chuckled. “Guess he must have had a long day at the store.”

“So should we call him a cab or let him stay here?” Dan asked. “I mean, we certainly have enough guest rooms… You bought a BIG house!” he reminded his father, teasing him a bit. The doorways and ceilings were high enough that even they didn't feel cramped moving around the place.

Peter laughed. “I guess we can put him up here. We have the room. I'll leave that to you, Dan. I'm going to help Colin clean up…” Peter's voice trailed off in a familiar way. Dan knew his father's mannerisms well enough now to know that washing the dishes was probably going to end with the cook getting some serious attention by Peter Stockwell. “Keep Mr. Hoffer entertained, if he wakes up, will you, Dan?” Peter asked, staring at Colin and tensing his big pecs slightly. A faint blush and smile touched Colin's face, as the younger man began to gather dishes, heading toward the kitchen.

Dan knew better than to stick around for what was coming next (his dad having sex? Ew, gross!) and carried the older man upstairs to one of the immaculately clean guest rooms and laid him on top of the bed, putting a blanket over him. “You're gonna have the body you wish you'd had all these years, Mr. Hoffer,” he said, knowing the man was too conked out on the spice to hear him.

Despite his unconsciousness, Hoffer was already beginning to look a bit heartier, his skin flushed as he lay on the bed. His cock tented his pants most obviously now, poking upward rather impressively. Dan felt a touch of tiredness come over him as well, although he wasn't out yet like Hoffer. The older man snored a bit, although the sound wasn't unpleasant—almost like a sexual groan. In fact, the longer it went on, the more pleased it sounded, as the older man shifted a bit in his bed, his body slowly growing, filling out his clothes to a greater degree, his once-powerful athlete's body slowly reappearing, bit by bit, upon his frame.

Dan also felt a bit pleasant as he felt his clothes getting a bit tighter on him. He wasn't hulking out or anything, but he was definitely adding poundage, his chest slightly blooming out more, his arms getting thicker, his back wider, his thighs meatier. He had made it a point not to eat as much as he could have, wanting Mr. Hoffer to get as much spice as he could. He'd have to think of more effective ways to get spice to him in the future, since seeing how much the man was enjoying his growth made him determined that it wouldn't be the last time.

Hoffer's shirt was tightening around now quite pronounced pecs, the older man's arms thickening until they filled his sleeves, his legs swelling until his thighs began to stretch his pants, just a bit. And of course, his cock remained hard and proud, jutting ever further out from his crotch as it grew. With a groan, he rolled over, giving Dan a good view of his spreading torso, the lats pushing his shoulders apart, his muscular ass filling his now quite tight pants. With a low groan, his eyes fluttered open. “What…?” he croaked, his voice deeper than before. Stronger too, lacking the old hesitation.

“Oh, guess you got a little bit tired from a day's work. I carried you up here so you could rest. My dad and Colin are… occupied. They told me to entertain you if you woke up, so… here I am,” Dan said, smiling and waiting. He'd let Hoffer make the call.

Hoffer looked up at Dan. Seeing the young musclestud made his already erect cock jump a bit. The movement in his crotch was quite unmistakable. Hoffer pushed himself up, surprised at how easy it seemed. Looking over Dan's huge body, he felt the lust rise within him. He didn't realize it just yet, but he had dramatically changed, into a fit, 220 pound muscular man. “Entertain me, Dan? While they're occupied? I wonder what could be occupying them…” his voice trailed off. In the momentary silence, they could hear, distantly, as Colin cried out in lust, followed by Peter's deep voice, speaking in words that couldn't be understood due to the distance. “Occupied indeed…” Hoffer grinned. “But I think I got lucky. I get to be occupied by you…” He shifted, suddenly realizing that he had changed, a huge grin coming over his face. He looked good, even with the wings of gray at his temples.

“Well, how would you like me to occupy you, sir?” he asked in his best good little boy voice, sitting on the edge of the bed, putting a firm hand on one of Hoffer's newly grown thighs.

Hoffer groaned slightly, pre dampening his pants just a bit. “I'd be happy with any of you 'occupying' me, Dan. If it's you… well… I guess I just won the lotto, didn't I?” He grinned up at Dan, and brought his legs together slowly, the big lad's hand between them. Hoffer squeezed them together a bit tighter, putting pressure on Dan's hand, and showing off his new legs. “If you were to 'occupy' me… I think I'd like it very much…” His voice was a low purr now, his old knowledge of how to seduce coming back to him…

“Well, I'm not sure how much you'd be willing to handle,” Dan purred right back. He'd been confined to his own right hand for a while, and the prospect of fooling around was looking very, very good. “Maybe I should show you what you're getting into…” With that, he got up off of the bed and unbuttoned his pants, shoving them down his thighs and groping the huge pouch of his underwear he was managing to stretch out of shape with his huge cock.

Mr. Hoffman sat up, watching with awe as Dan pulled the pants down off of his massive legs. When the young lad turned to reveal the huge pouch of his underwear, it produced a gasp from the older man. He recovered fast though. “You mistake me. At this point, I think I want to get that thing into me….” he growled, slowly pulling off his own shirt, revealing his tight, muscular torso. Not huge, but well-built, the muscles were meaty and defined. He slowly pulled off his own pants, his strong legs emerging from the fabric. He kicked them aside, and cupped his hard dick. “You see what you're doing to me, don't you…?” he purred. “You can't just leave me like this…”

“I don't intend to at all…” Dan growled, practically mauling the man as he shucked his pants and underwear and got up on the bed, lifting Hoffer's legs up in the air to reveal his tight butt and rosy hole. “I'll go slow, okay?” he purred as he started to gently push into the older man's ass, bit by bit.

Hoffer groaned as he felt Dan's huge cock slowly push into his hole. “Oh yeah… oh fuck… I can't believe how big and sexy you are…” he moaned, grasping Dan's big arms. He squirmed a bit, trying to get his ass planted more firmly onto Dan's big tool. “That's it, boy. Push it in. Show me what you've got. Deeper! I want to feel what that huge body of yours can really do!”

“I dunno that you can handle over two feet of cock in you, mister, but it's nice to know you're willing to try!” Dan grunted as he used his powerful glutes to push himself in and out of the man's hole, grunting as he had over a foot inside before he felt Hoffer bottom out. “Who knows, you could take the whole salami some day… with practice…” he teased.

Hoffer let out a howl of pleasure, feeling Dan push deep into him, the younger man's big cock filling him to the extent he could handle. “Oh fuck!” he gasped, reaching up and grabbing Dan's massive arms for support. He flexed his newly thick glutes, the round balls of muscle caressing Dan's big muscledick. “I'm going to hold you to that, Dan… I think I'm going to need plenty of practice to get to that point… plenty…” He howled as he felt Dan drive his huge cock home nice and deep. “Oh fuck boy… I don't think I've ever felt that much cock inside me… I love it! I want it so bad I can taste it!” He grabbed Dan's hulking traps. “Dont' stop, whatever you do. Keep fucking me, you beautiful musclebeast!”

“Roger,” he grunted as he kept pounding away at that fantastic ass, filling the older man with young cock, his muscles getting sweaty and flexing for his captive audience before building up to a crescendo and emptying his considerable balls deep inside Hoffer's guts!

Hoffer let out a deep howl of appreciation as he felt Dan's big dick spasm and fill him with hot, thick cream. His own cock was spraying all over, sending gouts of cum through the air with a ferocity he hadn't experienced since his 20s. “Oh fuck yeah!” he keened, as he grabbed Dan's huge pecs and clawed at them desperately, loving the feeling of so much powerful flesh beneath his fingers. His now-sexy chest heaved with deep breaths, as his own cock slowly subsided. “I haven't had sex like that in years!” he admitted at last. Then he grinned. “I don't know if I can do without it now…”

“Well, I might have to visit the store for more than just business from now on,” Dan grinned, making his shirt burst by going into a lat spread.

Hoffer grinned, watching the young stud show off. If anything, Dan looked bigger to him, and he didn't mind that one bit. “I'll make sure to keep a change of clothes there, from now on. You left me in quite a bind today, my pants full of cum and nothing to change into.” Mr. Hoffer grinned. “But don't let that stop you from coming by. I'm going to be very prepared, from now on… May even get coverage a bit early, if I know you're coming in…” Hoffer sat up then, and reached out, caressing Dan's huge lats. “Fuck you're built, Dan… like the most incredible erotic dream ever, and then some…”

He flexed them even harder for him, turning them into stone hard wings of muscle attached to his body. “Well, I'm still a growing boy, you know…” he said with an impish grin.

“Mmmm…” came the murmur in reply. “That means you'll be by a lot, for your protein… got to keep those big muscles fed…” Mr. Hoffer's hands were traveling up to Dan's big chest now, and up to his huge delts. “Get bigger… stronger… harder…” Hoffer's hands traveled down the outside of Dan's giant arms, the older man having a bit of trouble going all the way down to the elbows. “More muscle than ever before. Damn I can't wait…”


Part 21

Dan was having to pick up a particularly big order of groceries one afternoon, so he took his car (a huge SUV; the only thing that could fit him) down to the general store and loaded up. Even though the car was huge, he still had some trouble fitting into it. He had to push the seat all the way back for his long legs, and even then, the thickness of his quads made it somewhat difficult to fit in the seat. And it was just so easy to press on the pedals, too. He wasn't paying attention to how heavy his foot was on the gas until he heard sirens behind him!

Dan dutifully pulled over of course, watching in his mirror as the officer slowly got out, his ticket book in hand. The officer walked up to the window, and did a double-take. “License and registration….” he asked, after hesitating a moment too long, as he took in the massive body that was crammed into the driver's seat.

“Of course, officer,” Dan said, dutifully handing over his information to the policeman. The hot policeman, at that, he noticed. He wondered if he could charm his way out of the ticket and into this man's pants…

The officer looked over the information, and did a double-take. He looked back in. “Who's license is this really? No way this is your age…” He looked at the photo again. It looked like Dan of course, having only been taken a month earlier, after Dan's birthday. The officer scowled in confusion, looking hotter than ever in the process. “700 pounds…? Is this a joke?” He looked up. If anyone could weigh that much and still be sexy as hell, it was Daniel Stockwell, he realized.

Dan blinked innocently. “Do you wanna weigh me in, officer?” he asked. He put one heavy arm on the car door just to emphasize the point that he was a huge, huge kid.

Officer Richard Stark looked at Dan's huge arm, his mouth going dry. He was no slouch himself, a 6’2”, 230 pound stud. He had been on the swat team, in his old department, and still kept himself in shape, even after he transferred to this small town. But even the biggest officer hadn't been half the size of this… teenager! He raked a hand through his short hair, and looked Dan over. “Why don't you step out of the car, so I can get a better look at you…” he said at last, not entirely sure what to do. The speeding, for which he'd originally pulled Dan over, was a distant memory now. He wanted confirmation. Confirmation that he'd finally met one of the huge new musclefreaks he'd heard gossip about. He'd thought it was exaggeration… until now.

“Sure,” Dan rumbled, his voice much deeper than the cop's, but still somehow youthful. He lumbered out with some difficulty and stood relaxed in front of him in his clothes, a tank top and shorts. He was straining the seams on both, but still decent. As decent as anyone could be who still had to carry what Dan did at his crotch. Dan smiled down his pecs at the cop from his superior height.

Officer Stark had realized that Dan was big, of course. But the extent of it only hit him now. “Shit man, you sure you're only 700?” he asked, before he realized what he had said. His eyes traveled down Dan's huge physique, lingering for a moment on the big bulge between Dan's huge thighs. Finally, Officer Stark regained his focus. “Well, uh… damn… why did I pull you over? Speeding?” He was getting befuddled, his eyes constantly darting about. He didn't know what part of Dan to admire: the hulking shoulders and traps? The bullish neck? The immense pecs? The huge arms? The taut stomach, obvious even under the tank top? The gigantic legs? Or Dan's huge and obviously powerful cock and balls? Officer Stark swayed back and forth just a bit, a trifle overwhelmed.

“Whoa, careful, there,” Dan said softly, reaching a big hand out to steady the man, resting it on his shapely shoulder. “And honestly I'm probably bigger than 700 lbs, officer. If you want me to be honest. I've grown a bit,” he said, trying to keep a straight face while he bounced his pecs for effect. This cop had a serious thing for his body already!

A soft groan escaped Office Stark's oh-so-kissable lips. “You… you don't say… bigger?” His crotch was clearly interested, protruding outward energetically in his uniform pants. When Dan began to bounce his huge pecs, Stark lost it. His knees went weak and he tumbled forward, slumping against Dan's huge body for support, trying not to fall over. “I- I don't believe it… how… how can you be so big…?” As he tried to regain his balance, his side pushed against Dan's prodigious crotch.

“If you wanted to feel me up, officer, all you had to do was ask,” Dan chuckled, taking the cop's hand and placing it firmly on his crotch, the arching bulge beneath the fabric unmistakable. His cock throbbed with the attention it was getting.

A low groan escaped Officer Stark's lips, as his hand cupped Dan's huge member. “Ffff- fuck! It's huge!” he gasped, forgetting his position for a moment. He was very much turned on, and losing control. He gave Dan's big cock a gentle squeeze, followed by a more energetic one. “Damn… that is one hell of a dick you got there, dude…” his hand reluctantly travelled upward, feeling Dan's rock-hard, thick abs beneath the fabric of the shirt, then continuing up to the younger man's massive pecs, running over them slowly. “Unreal…” he gasped softly.

“You wanna go somewhere else, officer? Maybe for some coffee?” he offered. He knew the moment he saw Stark that he had to spice him. Big time. He was too hot in his well-fitted police uniform not to. He just needed an excuse to slip him some without him being the wiser…

“Coffee…” the older stud replied, “…yeah… I think I could use some of that…” Luckily, there was a coffee shop just down the street. They walked down, and Stark ordered the largest coffee size there was. “Be right back,” he announced, heading off to the bathroom.

Dan hurriedly ransacked his pocket for the pouch of spice he kept hidden for just such occasions. He emptied it out, too eager to really care how much was inside of it, and stirred it into his coffee, hoping the strong taste of the brew would help overpower the spice.

Officer Stark returned a few minutes later, his uniform properly in place, but still unable to hide the excitement his crotch betrayed. He took his coffee and drank it, grimacing momentarily as he tasted the spice. “Weird…” he commented. But he drank more, unable to stop. “So, you must be one of the Stockwells that everyone is talking about. The family of huge men…” He looked up over his cup, drinking in the sight of Dan' monstrous body.

“Yup. Pretty big, I guess,” Dan admitted with a smile, raising an arm to make a bicep. “Big enough for you?”

Stark's eyes widened as he watched Dan's massive bicep rise, the huge peak straining upward, thick forearm and deltoid to either side. “Oh fuck…” he gasped, before he caught himself. He blushed, and stammered as he tried to explain. “I mean… that is… well, you're very impressive… I've been lifting myself for a while… but I've never seen size and definition like what you've got!” He looked up earnestly, and then took the lid off of his coffee, so he could drain the last bits of it. It was going to his head, the spice was, and loosened his tongue just a bit, as he felt horny and strangely fulfilled at the same time. “Damn you're hot though… Big and powerful and perfectly shaped…”

Dan smiled wider. “Thanks. I like it when guys can appreciate all this muscle. It must be tough bein' a gay cop, though. Do the other guys… know?” he asked, curious.

“Most of 'em…” Stark admitted, not even wondering that the young musclegod had so quickly identified him. “Once it's out, it's out. But they don't mess with me. I got biceps of my own. Not like yours. But they get me some respect.” He blushed a bit. “But you… you're in a whole 'nother league, Daniel…” He could feel his dick swelling, even as he started to feel a bit drowsy. “Man, I've never had coffee that made me tired before…” He stood up, a bit wobbly, and headed for the door, hoping to get back to his cruiser, every step getting heavier.

“Hey, man, you shouldn't drive while drowsy. It's not safe, you know? I can let you crash at my place, how 'bout that?” Dan offered, swooping in and quickly guiding the pliable cop over to his SUV.

Officer Stark drowsily called in that he wasn't feeling well, and heading out early. He got in the passenger seat of the SUV, barely able to keep his eyes open. “Very nice of you, Dan…” he slurred, as he settled into the seat, his skin already looking a bit flushed. “Very hot…” he whispered.

Dan quickly drove back home and carried Stark inside, setting him on the couch and watched as the hunky cop's uniform grew tighter and tighter around his big biceps, thick chest and solid thighs. His muscles were even starting to tear the fabric… how much had he put inside that coffee, again? He wasn't sure, but now it seemed like more than a little as the cop's growth kept going!

Richard Stark groaned, shifting on the couch in his sleep, as his big body outgrew his uniform. The seams of the pants began to tear, as his growing thighs forced their way out. Likewise, his shoulders, back, and chest were too much for the shirt, and buttons began to pop off, his deepening cleavage exposing itself. And of course his arms, growing larger and more powerful by the minute, refused to be contained by such inadequate sleeves, and simply tore through them. Stark groaned, and his crotch swelled, filing the ruins of his pants. He eyes slowly fluttered open. “What happened…?” he asked his groggily, his voice two octaves lower than before.

“You passed out, officer. You're in my living room. How're you feeling?” Dan asked. He had to restrain himself from pouncing the man, he looked so fine. He'd packed on quite a bit of muscle and cock. He was looking DAMN fine to the sex-starved teen, and his cock was getting cramped in his underwear. More cramped than usual.

Stark sat up, and then stood, his wobbliness of earlier gone. “What the hell…?” he asked, his voice quickly shifting from confusion to wonder and awe. He ran his hands down his body, exploring his big new muscles, turning Dan on even more. “I- I must be close to 300 pounds now…” the muscular cop breathed, awe the only emotion in his voice now.

“Yeah, I dunno what happened. You think it's a virus or something?” Dan asked, playing dumb. He couldn't afford a cop to find out his big secret… maybe bringing this guy home was a bad idea… but he still looked so fucking hot!

“I-… I've never heard of a virus… that could do something like this!” Stark replied at last. He was curious. And suspicious. But more than anything, he was horny as hell. And his cock wasn't helping hide that fact. He turned to Dan. “Did you have this virus too? Did you give it to me?” He walked closer, and reached out, suddenly bold. His strong hand touching one of Dan's massive pecs. Running along it, caressing its freaky contours, until it reached the nipple, hidden by Dan's tank top. “Cause if you did, I got to say, best cold I ever caught…” Stark pulled on Dan's nipple through the shirt, giving it a slow but energetic twist.

“Oh FUCK,” Dan moaned as a dull ripping noise filled the room. “There goes my underwear. Dan Jr. just ripped out of them. Thanks a lot!” he chuckled, shoving down his shorts to expose himself before gravity and his aching libido did the rest. “You gotta be careful with my nipples. Go right to my cock, the damn things.”

“Oh really?” Stark commented, a playful ring to his voice now. He stood straight in front of Dan, and put his hands on both of the younger man's huge pecs, giving the two giant slabs of hard flesh a good squeeze. “I better be real careful with them, huh?” He reached under the tank top's overtaxed fabric, his strong fingers sending shivers through Dan's big chest. “But if they go straight to your cock, maybe you like to have them pulled on…” he purred, as he gripped Dan's nipples and started to do just that, pulling on the fleshy knobs teasingly. “Or maybe you'd rather have me twist them…” he added, giving each one a hearty tweak. “Or maybe you'd prefer something else entirely…” he purred, his hand pulling the fabric away from one proud nipple, exposing it. “I'm Richard. But you can call me Dick…” he breathed, just before his tongue began to flick over Dan's exposed nip, sending shivers of delight through the young musclestud.

“Don't you fucking dare stop!” Dan growled suddenly, his dick erecting itself in record time as he shoved Dick's face onto his chest, making sure he was sucking his nip as close as he could, moaning with every lick and tug and scrape of his teeth! He was dripping precum onto the hardwood floor and it was pooling at their feet.

Dick eagerly complied, devouring Dan's available nipple hungrily. Sucking and gnawing on it, his mouth vainly trying to take as much thick pec with it as possible. One free hand explored the other huge pec, while the other hand ran up and down Dan's massive arm, prodding and squeezing excitedly while Dick slurped all over Dan's huge chest. The cop grew a bit frustrated by Dan's tank top, and grabbed it with both strong hands, and slowly ripped it off. “Much better…” he breathed, taking in Dan's nude torso. He shoved his face into the deep canyon between Dan's huge pecs, as his hands groped the big man's thick nips, toying with them mercilessly.

“You wanna get fucked by my dick, officer? I warn you, it's not regulation-sized,” Dan quipped with a grin as he flexed his chest for Dick's amusement, showing him how deep his cleavage could become.


Part 22

Dan was woken abruptly one night by a phone call from his cousin Phil. He sounded like a wreck, barely able to keep his voice together, as he told Dan that he was coming to stay for a while, needed to get away from home, away from town, away from everything. He was taking the late night greyhound, and was really hoping someone could be there when it got in that night. “Phil, you sound like a wreck… what happened? Can you tell me?” Dan asked, concerned. His cousin Phil was the same age as him, but he remembered from the infrequent times that they’d seen each other that he was a pretty small kid, even compared to Dan’s original dimensions. Peter wasn’t exactly close to his siblings and so they hadn’t seen each other for a few years.

Phil’s voice was on the verge of breaking as he told Dan of the latest round at his house, and how he just couldn’t handle it any longer. Dan wondered if there was more, as Phil sounded pretty wrecked. His cousin cut things off though. “Bus is leaving this rest stop in two minutes. I’ve gotta go. Please be there, Dan… You and your dad were always cool to me when I visited…”

“Yeah, sure, I’ll be here, just be safe,” he told Phil before his cousin hung up. Peter was off on a business trip that weekend and, as usual, Colin accompanied him. Dan was sure whenever his dad wasn’t giving some sort of presentation, he was taking his boyfriend back to his hotel room to fuck his lights out. But he’d given him a cell that he’d assured Dan he would keep on no matter what, in case of emergencies. Dan remembered that and dialed the number, explaining the situation to a groggy Peter on the other end. Once he understood the gravity of the situation, he assured Dan he was packing and leaving for home at that moment and he’d be there in the morning.

The bus pulled in, nearly forty-five minutes late. Only two or three people got off—it wasn’t a big town, after all. Phil was last, struggling to carry a duffel bag that was nearly as big as he was, his little frame bent under it. He looked around, looking for his family. His eyes widened with shock when he saw Dan, but there was no recognition there; the last time he’d seen Dan had been before the spice had arrived and changed everything. Dan knew what that look meant. “Phil, it’s Dan. Let’s get you outta this rain and in a nice bed, okay?” he said, shielding the little boy from the rain that was pounding from the sky.

Phil’s eyes got even wider, and he wobbled under the duffel bag, looking up at the massive figure in front of him. It didn’t look a bit like Dan at all! Huge, seven feet tall at least, over seven hundred pounds of rock solid muscle, a deep voice that was young and powerful all at once… and yet, as Phil looked up, he saw his cousin in Dan’s face. An older, manlier, built-like-a-tank version of his cousin, but he saw it. “D-Dan…? That really you?” he asked, confused awe in his voice. Dan grabbed the duffel bag, hefting it like it was a sack of feathers. Phil straightened up, staring in awe once more. “Dan! I don’t believe it!” He lurched forward, his arms going around Dan as he gave him as strong a hug as his little body could, sobbing softly as his head was engulfed between Dan’s massive pecs. “I can’t believe I made it…” Phil mumbled softly, gripping Dan’s torso, his small arms unable to encircle his huge cousin’s freaky back and lats. After a moment, Phil stepped back. “Let’s go, then. And you clearly have a lot to tell me.” A smile came to his tear-streaked, rain-soaked face.

As they got into Dan’s SUV, the hulking teen chuckled. “Not much, really,” he lied. “Puberty and all that.” He bounced his pecs under his sweatshirt a few times. “You, however, definitely have something you wanna get off of your chest. What happened at home, Phil? What’s so bad you had to come here?”

Phil watched Dan’s massive pecs bounce under his sweatshirt. Even under the thick fabric, it was obvious that Dan possessed a truly huge chest. “Puberty? You’ve got to be kidding me! I know all about puberty, having been denied it, apparently. No one gets huge like you Dan… it’s impossible…” Phil’s voice trailed off. Obviously it was possible; Dan was sitting right next to him, after all, squeezed into the driver’s seat like some monstrous sardine in a can. Phil turned away, looking out the window at the lights going by. “Home… home just got bad. My folks don’t get me. My siblings don’t get me. Well mostly. Anyway, it’s just tough being gay, scrawny, and a big nerd all at once…” Phil turned away further. “I- I just can’t go back there. Not anymore.”

Dan gasped. Did his cousin just come out to him?! “Phil… I didn’t know. It must’ve been tough being gay in a house that didn’t accept it… What did they do to you? They didn’t hurt you, did they?”

“No… it’s not… well…” Phil’s voice trailed off. “I don’t want to talk about it. I—” He buried his face in his hands. “I just want to be away from there. It was more of a problem at school. And then at home… well… no one cared. No one gave a fuck. I was the family embarrassment. If I got shoved into a locker, well, that just meant I had to learn to stick up for myself. If…” Phil’s voice trailed off. “It was a lot of stuff, okay. And it hurt a lot. But the wounds to the heart hurt a hell of a lot more than my ribs…”

Dan pulled up into the driveway and parked the car. Then he turned and hugged his little cousin in his big, strong arms. “Don’t worry, Phil. You’re here now. And… well… I dunno if you know this, but I’m gay, too. You’re not alone. I’ll always have your back, cousin…” he whispered into his ear.

Phil hugged back. When Dan announced he was gay too, he gave a little start, but quickly recovered, melting against his larger cousin. “Thanks…” he murmured, his voice muffled by Dan’s sweatshirt and chest. He chuckled. “I don’t think I have to worry about the locker treatment any more, with a huge dude like you watching over me…” Dan could hear the smile in Phil’s voice. “Just don’t squeeze too hard, Hercules. I’m not built like you are.”

“Well, you got some of the same genes I did, maybe you’re just a late bloomer,” he soothed him, releasing him from his hug with a smile. “Let’s get you inside, though. And you look like a wreck, you could probably use a nice, warm shower, too!”

Phil’s smile widened. “A shower sounds like heaven. Although I’m hungry too… I spent all my money on the bus, and only had a little change left for the phone…” He looked indecisive for a moment. “Well, I’m pretty wet already. Might as well shower first. Unless you want to. Although it must take forever for you to shower. Me, I’m in and out, lickety-split!” Some of Phil’s old cheerfulness was coming back, although Dan thought he could still see the haggardness he’d first noticed at the bus station.

They quickly went inside and Dan guided the smaller boy through the large house to the huge bathroom connected to his bedroom; practically a second master bedroom. “Take all the time you need, okay? Use the opportunity to start fresh,” he told him as he shooed him into the bathroom. Once he heard the shower starting, he started thinking. Phil needed the spice. Badly. But he already seemed really suspicious of his growth and would doubtlessly grow even more suspicious when Peter and Colin came back. If he just blew up with size all of a sudden, there’d be trouble. And he wasn’t sure Phil was ready to know the truth about everything.

Then a thought came to him. He could probably convince Phil to start working out in order to rebuild his self-esteem, and the growth could just snowball from that. He’d have to be careful, VERY careful. More careful than he’d been with anyone else’s growth yet. Phil was no idiot, and he’d have to be a lot more subtle.

Phil did take a long shower. The hot water was soothing, and the rain had been cold. And frankly, the bus had been a bit grungy, in a few spots. Plus, he just needed a moment to unwind. Had he died and gone to heaven? His extended family offering sanctuary? His cousin, massive, friendly, and even gay? It was all too much. But if this was heaven, why was he so confused by it? No, he was still on earth. Just in a better place. But a strange one also. He knew there was no way Dan could just get that big… could he? Not unless he was some sort of mutant… Could that be it? Could Dan have won the genetic lottery? Phil let his musings wander, always turning them back when they strayed into more dangerous territory. The amazing feeling of Dan’s huge pecs when he hugged him. The incredible size of his cousin’s arms when he returned the hug. The massive bulge that had been impossible to ignore, resting between Dan’s giant legs, like a coiled snake, dangerous and yet alluring. No. He needed to focus. And to finish his shower, he realized, as his stomach grumbled. A few minutes later, he appeared down in the kitchen, wearing rumpled clothes pulled from his duffel bag. He smiled, seeing Dan sitting and waiting for him.

“Hey, I made you some cocoa,” he said pushing the hot cup toward him. He’d put a quarter dose of spice inside the cup. He thought even a half dose might be way, way too much for his suspicious little cousin, so he decided to play it conservatively and see how this much spice would change someone, if at all. He’d never given anyone such a small dose, he wondered if it would carry any effect at such small dosages.

Phil grinned, and eagerly took the steaming mug, inhaling it for a moment before drinking. He looked happy as the hot liquid entered him, visibly relaxing as it warmed his innards. “That’s wonderful… A bit unusual tasting, but very good. Is it some foreign cocoa? I know they sometimes put spices and things in it…” He drank more, eagerly draining the mug, setting it down, empty, with a somewhat self-conscious smile.

“Yeah, it’s Middle Eastern,” Dan lied. “So, what kinda guys does my cousin like?” he asked with a grin, getting the topic of conversation far away from the odd-tasting drink.

“Middle Eastern, huh? Wow, no wonder I don’t recognize that taste. Just barely there… under the chocolate…” He looked at his empty mug, and then heard Dan’s next question. Phil’s face flushed red, and he chewed his lower lip. “Well, ah, I guess, um… I haven’t really dated much. You know, high school and all the issues. Nobody wants to be ’gay’… unless they can’t avoid it, like me…” his voice trailed off. “Um, anyway, you know. The usual. Good looking. Nice. Built.” He turned redder, as he realized again that Dan fit all of those descriptions and exceeded them all, and he grabbed his mug and tried to drink again, but realized it was empty. “Oh, gosh. I already drank it. I don’t suppose I could get a sandwich too? Or whatever you have…” Phil was still blushing quite severely, not quite meeting Dan’s eyes.

“Yeah, sure, one sandwich coming up,” he said, going to the counter and whipping something up. “Built, huh? How built? Like a gymnast or underwear model? Sleek and ripped?” Dan kept prodding, knowing how Phil must be blushing.

“Uh, yeah, they’re all good…” Phil said slowly, wondering if Dan was pushing his buttons. “Or bigger is good too. You know, like a rugby guy. Or a football player. Or a wrestler…” Unbidden, the image of Dan in a tight wrestling singlet popped into Phil’s mind, Dan’s huge muscles straining the spandex terribly. Phil’s blush deepened two shades on the spot, and a third shade when his mental image moved to the crotch area. He looked away, thinking of puppies, the capital of Bulgaria, old Mrs. Walters the librarian, anything but big, thick, powerful cock… “Dammit!” He choked, realizing he’d said that last bit aloud, as his blush faded and he paled. “Uh, I mean, dammit, that’s um, looks like a good sandwich you’re making…” The blush came back as Phil realized how ridiculous he sounded.

“Oh, well, glad you approve!” Dan replied, knowing he must be treading on Phil’s fantasies. So he was right that the little guy was a musclehound. He guessed it would just make what was gonna come next that much better. “So you like the jock types, huh? That’s cool. Myself, I prefer the bigger ones…” he grinned. “Although there’s something to be said for men of all shapes and sizes. Tall, short; muscular, skinny, fat; smooth, hairy… it’s all superficial.”

“Yeah, I guess it is…” Phil replied quickly, as he took a big bite of the sandwich. He ate for a moment, trying to think what all he’d just said. He devoured the sandwich quickly, and got up and got himself a glass of water, buying more time. Finally, he sat back down at the table with Dan. He couldn’t believe how wide Dan’s shoulders were… how did his cousin ever manage to squeeze into a seat? “I guess maybe it’s the old ’opposites attract’ bit. You know. I’m scrawny, so I want someone big. I don’t know. It’s not like I have a lot of experience.” He chuckled ruefully, but his voice sounded sad.

“You don’t like your size, huh? Well, how about we change that while you’re here? Once you’re all rested up, let’s get you enrolled at the local gym!” Dan exclaimed, excited that he had a good segue into his cover for Phil’s growth. And boy, he could tell that kid wanted to GROW.

Phil’s eyes widened in surprise. “Me? The gym?” He chuckled ruefully. “I don’t know Dan. I don’t want to waste your time… I sure won’t be able to keep up with you…” He blushed a bit, but pushed the thought of Dan at the bench press aside. “I mean, yeah, I’d like to be bigger… who wouldn’t? But, uh, well… I may be working with the short end of the stick, in terms of my body’s ability to make that happen…” He tried to regain his humor. “But, if you don’t mind me tagging along, I guess I could try things out. See if I can put on a little size, at least…” Dan thought he heard a faint thread of hope at the last, as Phil looked at him with an odd expression.

Dan patted his cousin’s shoulder and chuckled. “That’s the spirit! You’ll be making quarterbacks beg to suck your cock by the time I’m finished with you!” he joked, noticing how much that made Phil blush. “It’s pretty late, though, we should hit the sack. We have plenty of guest rooms, but I understand if you don’t wanna be alone tonight. My bed’s big enough for two,” he said with a warm smile.

Phil looked startled for a moment. “Dear lord, that must be one big bed!” Then he chuckled. “Well, I don’t know. Why don’t we go up, and we’ll see. You don’t, you know, roll around a lot, do you? Or sleepwalk? I think if you rolled onto me, I’d be looking like a cartoon character who got caught under a steamroller!” Phil laughed as he got up, glad that he still had a sweatshirt on that was baggy enough to reach down below his crotch.

“I’m a pretty solid sleeper,” Dan reassured him with a chuckle. “And if you’re that scared, you could always sleep on top of me!” he teased.

A slight shiver ran through Phil, just barely enough to be noticeable, although he hoped Dan hadn’t seen it. Although deep down, part of him hoped very much that Dan had seen it. He felt like Dan was toying with him, pushing his buttons, and part of him wanted to push right back. “I guess that might work… as long as you promise not to push me off in your sleep. I don’t want to go flying through a wall…” Phil giggled at that, a bit of his cheerful childhood self coming back. “Of course, I have been known to sleepwalk. You might not be safe. I might tickle you or something…” He gave Dan a mischievous glance.

Dan laughed, his deep, rich voice a comfort to the little teenager, his huge muscles heaving up and down with delight underneath the heavy fabric of the sweatshirt. “A risk I’ll have to take!” he said with a smile as the climbed the stairs back up to his room. He started to get undressed right in front of his cousin, stripping to his strained boxer briefs!

Phil pulled off his sweatshirt, and his head was free of it just as Dan bent over to pull his pants off. Phil couldn’t stifle the gasp that welled up inside him, as he realized that every picture he’d had in his mind of Dan’s body—even the one with the spandex—was so painfully inadequate. Dan wasn’t just big, wasn’t even huge. He was gargantuan. The size and shape of his muscles was breathtaking, each a bloated, yet also rock-hard mound of pure power, veins racing across to feed the thick slabs of beef. When Dan straightened, Phil had to lean against the desk for support, as he saw Dan’s truly massive body in all its glory, the tight boxer briefs barely registering, except for the huge bulge that filled their front, the fabric sagging, pulled tight over the huge member. “Oh fuck…” Phil gasped softly, his eyes wide like saucers, staring in shock. “You… I… I don’t believe how big you are!”

“Well, they say seeing is believing, so, better start believing! You’ll be seeing a lot of it if you’re gonna stay here!” he said with a grin as he climbed into his bed. “C’mere,” he beckoned his small friend, patting his huge pecs.

Phil stared, watching the monstrous god before him beckon. Dan was the embodiment of his wildest fantasies, a living breathing perfect specimen of freakish hypermusculature. He could scarcely believe what he saw, and found himself stumbling forward, toward the bed, pulling off the last of his clothes, down to his own loose boxers. He was Dan’s opposite in many ways, small and weak where Dan was big and strong. He distantly noted the way the mattress compressed under Dan’s weight, even though it was an otherwise firm mattress. He grabbed the blanket as he climbed atop Dan, pulling it over them both. “I- I can’t believe how big you are…” he said again, repeating his earlier observation.

Dan just smiled warmly. “Don’t worry about it. Just relax and go to sleep,” he told him as he put his hands over him, clutching him to his body and keeping him warm as Dan himself drifted off, his mind eased now that he knew his cousin was in very, very capable hands!

Phil was exhausted, but he lay awake for some time, Dan’s massive pecs cradling his head, his huge cousin’s gigantic arms wrapped around him, holding him tight. It felt safe. It was something Phil hadn’t felt for some time, and it was strange and wonderful all at once. Part of him wondered if he dared believe it all, if it maybe wasn’t all some amazing dream, from which he’d have to wake. The thought of it make him more wakeful, as he worried that going to sleep might actually mean waking up! But just as his fears began to get the best of him, he felt Dan shift just a bit beneath him. The way the big man’s muscles moved and rippled, even from such small movement… it was amazing, and Phil settled back to enjoy it. The way he rose and fell, with every deep breath into Dan’s big lungs. The way he could hear Dan’s powerful heart, beating away slow and powerful, deep beneath impossibly thick slabs of pectoral muscle. Phil relaxed again, his eyes looking down to see Dan’s massive forearms, wrapped around him, dimly visible in the moonlight. His eyes wandered across the meaty cords and thick veins, as he became lost in them, gradually falling asleep.


Part 23

Dan awoke the next morning to still find his cousin sleeping on him, quite soundly at that. He smiled and thanked goodness today happened to be one of the days he DIDN’T wake up with a gigantic morning wood. He didn’t think Phil’s heart would be able to take it! He sat there for a while just looking at Phil. He had shown up about 5’3” and probably only barely above 100 lbs. He had developed a good eye for that sort of thing. He wondered how well that quarter dose of spice worked, since his current position was a terrible vantage point to spot any changes.

It took a few minutes, but Phil gradually stirred, shifting atop Dan’s huge torso, before finally waking up. “Mmm….” he murmured, his eyes fluttering to keep out the light. Then he became a touch more aware of the situation, and gave a start, as he saw the massive expanse of flesh beneath him. But the previous night came flooding back, quickly followed by rushing joy. It wasn’t a dream! He turned his head, as much as he could, trying to find his big cousin’s face. “Morning, big guy…” he murmured happily, giving up trying to find Dan’s head over the huge expanse of his pecs. Phil thought he might have seen a bit of hair from the top of Dan’s head, but wasn’t quite sure. It was early, he had the biggest arms on the planet around him and the biggest body beneath him, and beyond that, not much else mattered.

“Mornin’, cuz. Better get up and greet the day!” he exclaimed as he carefully put his cousin down from his perch and raised himself up out of the bed, stretching his huge muscles after the rejuvenating sleep.

Phil watched Dan stretch, the massive muscles sliding and stretching, some growing long while others bunched up. It was mesmerizing, and he only got out of the bed himself after Dan had finished. With a soft smile on his face, Phil stood up, and gave a short stretch of his own. Dan thought he could see a very small difference in Phil. It was barely noticeable, but given how small Phil was, it seemed to show up a bit more. He thought Phil might have gained half an inch of height, possibly ten or fifteen pounds. He was still thin, of course, but didn’t look so emaciated. There were even the outline of some very flat abs, under the skin. Phil, for his part, hadn’t noticed yet, it seemed.

Dan smiled. Success! If he could keep this up for a while, he could pass it all off as the results of Phil’s workouts. Dan, you’re a genius! he thought to himself. “Well, my dad should be coming home soon. He insisted on cutting his trip short when I told him you were in trouble,” he explained.

Phil looked surprised. “Really? I mean, he didn’t have to do that, and…” Phil’s voice trailed off, and his eyes looked misty. He wrapped his thin arms around Dan’s powerful waist and gave the big man a fierce hug. “Thanks. Thanks for caring about me…”

“How could I not? You’re my cousin… you’re family… Maybe dad will let you stay here with us from now on… Do you think your family’s gonna come looking for you?”

Phil choked out a scoff. “I doubt it. It’s not like I snuck out.” He buried his face in Dan’s huge chest, and Dan thought he felt a warm tear drop down his abs. “Let’s not talk about them, okay. They’re the past, and this is the present… That bullshit is all over now…” He hugged Dan a moment longer, then pushed off. “So, how about some breakfast? I bet a big guy like you must be starving. Sleeping eight whole hours without eating?” Phil was smiling, despite the wetness and redness in his eyes.

Dan smiled back and ruffled Phil’s hair. “You betcha! And… well… we’re both guys, so I guess it’s okay to talk about it: I definitely got some blue balls!” he chuckled, cupping himself. His manhood overflowed even his huge grip!

Phil’s eyes widened as he watched the bulge in Dan’s underwear strain against the fabric as the big man gripped it. He choked on his own breath as he saw the big python under the fabric begin its own morning stretch, thickening visibly, pushing the fabric outward and downward. Phil turned red again, as he nodded. “Oh yeah. Um, of course, and…” his voice trailed off as he watched Dan’s huge dick stretch further. “How big is that thing?” Phil gasped in shock, watching the barely-covered beast writhe and swell.

“Sure you wanna know?” he asked with a smirk. “Cuz once you know, I dunno if you’ll stop thinking about it!” he chuckled. He wasn’t being arrogant. He just knew how much of a horndog a repressed gay teen could be. His cock was gonna be on Phil’s mind for a while, it seemed!

Phil nodded, his eyes glued to the monster in Dan’s underwear. “I… yeah… I want to know. I… damn… I mean, it’s over a foot at least, and that’s totally soft. Got to be fifteen or sixteen now… or no… seventeen…” Phil’s voice trailed off again, and he finally ripped his eyes away, looking up at Dan. “That thing is unreal! It’s… you’re… you’re massive everywhere!”

Dan blushed. “C’mon, don’t act like I’m a god or anything… I’m just a kid, like you! Just got some good genes, is all,” he said, flaring his lats a bit for show. “And for your information… you’re guessing way too low,” he added with a wink before he scampered to the kitchen.

Phil remained behind a moment, the flaring of Dan’s thick lats having distracted him, as the image of them swelling outward, like thick wings of muscle, remained in his mind, as the sound of Dan’s thundering footsteps receded. Phil recovered, and hurried toward the kitchen, wondering how on earth seventeen inches could be “way too low” a guess for a dick. Porn stars didn’t have seventeen inch dicks. Heck, he didn’t even think horses did! He watched Dan rummage through the fridge, the big man bent at the waist, his big cock pushing outward in his underwear. Phil walked to the table and sat down slowly, still staring at Dan. “Umm… twenty?” he asked at last, as Dan began to pull food from the fridge.

“Still low!” Dan chuckled as he started making eggs. He had become a good cook since he’d had to learn how to make food for himself after turning himself into such a musclebeast that seven meals a day seemed light to him. “And don’t forget, today’s the start of your bodybuilding. We’re gonna pump you up, Phil! How big you wanna be?”

Phil watched Dan cook. Low? Twenty inches was three times as much as the average man! Maybe a bit more! The talk of bodybuilding pulled his mind away. “Uh, how big? Well, um, like I said, I got the short end of the puberty stick. So I guess I’ll be happy with whatever I can get.” He let himself briefly imagine himself bigger, stronger, manlier… “I mean, I can’t imagine being a quarter your size. Or half. Or even as big as you! It’s impossible…” his voice trailed off as he considered Dan’s massive size again, in every dimension. He took a stab in the dark. “Two feet?”

“Heh… two feet… yeah, right…” Dan chuckled, still preparing breakfast. “That’s cute… More than that, little dude.” He liked teasing Phil like this. He was gonna grow up soon to be a nice, big stud, so he wanted to do it while he could! “Twenty-six inches, okay? I got a twenty-six inch cock. And I dunno if I’m done growing!” he chuckled.

“Twe… sixxxx….” Phil gasped, his eyes nearly bugging out. He felt a little faint, and was glad he was sitting down. “How… how the hell do you have sex with that huge thing?” His mind flashed to an image of a man impaled on Dan’s huge cock, and then he imagined himself in that position as well, and felt his ass twitch beneath him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “And still growing…” He steadied himself on the table. “You really are a mutant… just got a power that doesn’t usually show up in the comic books!” Phil giggled, his geeky side expressing itself, as his mind fled from the possibility of any human male having twenty-six inches of fucktool. It was too unreal. Phil was hard as a rock, of course, his own modest six painfully erect.

“Heh, yeah, a real X-Man!” Dan joked, finishing with the eggs and shoving some in front of Phil. “You like those too, huh? Comic books are pretty sweet. What else are you into? It’s been so long since we’ve had a chance to catch up!”

Phil giggled, and ate a forkful of egg. “I don’t know. Mutants might not be hated and feared if they all looked like you.” He suddenly blushed, and looked down at his eggs again, and took a few more mouthfuls, regaining his mental balance. “As for the rest, you know, the usual. Games, anime, movies, all that stuff. A little programming on the side. A bit of drawing and clay too, when I can get my hands on the supplies…” He looked up. “You too? Or do you spend every spare moment in the gym?” He chuckled.

Dan laughed. “Nah, I find time for fun stuff, too. All the stuff you mentioned, actually! We can stop buy the store and buy some movies and games and stuff after your workout! It’ll be fun having you here, just like a brother!” Dan exclaimed, truly excited to have Phil there. Then he heard the front door open… Dad was home!

Phil’s fork stopped midway to his mouth, as he saw Peter and Colin enter. While neither were as big as Dan, both were huge men in their own right. Colin could have passed simply as a large, but still fundamentally “normal” bodybuilder. Peter, of course, at 550 solid pounds, was beyond that. Phil’s eyes were wide as he gasped “What the hell is in the water here?” He then blushed, and tried to stand, but found his knees a bit wobbly. “Um… hi, Uncle Pete…”

Peter scooped the boy in his arms and held him tight, saying how worried he was and how everything would be fine. Colin looked a bit uncomfortable, not having met any of Peter’s extended family yet, but still being supportive. “Dad… I don’t think Phil’s family is a good place for him to be anymore…” Dan said solemnly.

Phil hesitated, then put his own arms around Peter, feeling the massive man hold him tight. “Please let me stay, Uncle Peter… I’ll help around the house, whatever. Just don’t send me back. I can’t go back…” Phil could feel the tears welling up again, and tried to keep them down, not wanting to start that all over again. He wanted to look forward, not back.

“Of course! You can stay here as long as you want to, Phil. We’ll enroll you in school here, if that’s what you want, too! I could slug my good-for-nothing brother in the face, he was always such a homophobe!” Peter blabbered, emotional. It was around that moment that Phil started to put two and two together with his Uncle Peter and the strange man he’d arrived with.

Phil pulled back a bit, surprised. “You too, Uncle Pete?” He looked at Colin, then back at Peter. “Wow. Um, that’s pretty incredible… and uh…” He looked at Colin. “Hi. I’m Phillip Stockwell. Your uh… guy’s… nephew.”

Colin grinned back. “I’m your uncle’s boyfriend, Phillip. Nice to meet you.”

“See, Phil, nothing unusual about being gay! Seems we’re all gay here!” Dan laughed, finding the whole situation pretty funny. Who would’ve guessed?! Seems there was a major gay gene going around in their family… not that he was complaining! “I think Phil was telling me he’s had enough hashing the sordid details for the moment, though, Dad,” he said. “I was just gonna take him to the Muscle Pit to take his mind off of everything.”

Peter grinned as he released Phil. “That sounds like a great idea, Dan. I know everyone in this household likes to blow off a little steam lifting iron sometimes. And the Muscle Pit actually has enough weight for us to use!” He gave Colin a wink, and the younger man grinned. Peter turned back to Dan. “You think you can take care of things yourself, Dan? Or do you want Colin and I to join you two?”

“Just us boys,” Dan said with a wink, putting a heavy, huge arm around Phil as if to swallow him up. “I might have some stuff that could fit him somewhere in the boxes of old clothes from a while back…” he said. They had saved all their old clothes to give to charity, but they always forgot to. Dan was sure there was an old gym uniform in there Phil could fit into.

Phil grinned. “Thanks for the offer, Uncle Pete. But I’m pretty sure Dan can keep me on track. He looks like he knows what he’s doing.” Phil laughed a little, and then grabbed the plate of eggs, and finished them quickly. “Man, I’m hungrier than usual this morning. Must be from not eating much yesterday…” He let out a small burp as he finished, and grinned. “Let’s get those gym clothes then, and head on out to this Muscle Pit you all keep talking about. Sounds like a fun place…” Dan couldn’t help but notice how much more at ease Phil seemed, compared to the previous night.

They found the shorts and shirt which were only a little baggy on Phil, thanks to the fact that he was still shorter than Dan was at the start of all this and a few pounds lighter still. Dan got on a muscle tee and some shorts and he drove them over to a building at the edge of town and guided him to some stairs that led to what looked like a basement door. Above the door was a faded sign that said, “MUSCLE PIT” in bold letters. Dan crouched and turned sideways to enter, the clanging of weights and the smell of men and musk permeated the place. There wasn’t any A/C and the body heat of the men at work had raised the temperature about 15 degrees above normal. “This is a pretty good hardcore gym. Some of the firemen and cops and stuff lift here. Only place that would agree to order the weights I like to use!” he explained, flexing a bicep.

Phil watched the massive bulge of Dan’s arm rise. He didn’t think he’d ever get accustomed to how massive his cousin had become. They walked down into the pit, and Phil’s eyes widened. There were big, brawny men everywhere, pushing up weight, sweating, grunting. It was heaven, and also terrifying all at once. Phil felt frozen in place, not sure what to do.

“Hey, fellas! This is my cousin Phil!” Dan bellowed above the clanking and the men who were lifting stopped what they were doing to look over his way. “He says he wants to start building some muscle, so how ’bout we all give him a big welcome!” The men smiled at that and bellowed their own greetings, waving at him and giving him other signs of welcome and encouragement. Just like that, Phil’s huge cousin had managed to break the ice!

Phil grinned shyly, surprised by the friendliness in the room. He waved awkwardly, and a few men laughed in a friendly way, and went back to their workouts. Phil turned to Dan. “Wow. That’s um… surprisingly non-jerk-ish. Who knew a real gym was so much cooler than a high school one?” He grinned. “But you know, I still don’t really know what I’m doing. I did PE before, and all that, but well, uh, I didn’t really know what I was doing…”

“Dude, I’m gonna be your trainer, don’t sweat it!” Dan smiled. “Besides, if I’m not around any one of these dudes is cool enough to answer any question you might have. Don’t be afraid of ’em just cuz they have muscles… cuz they’re a lot smaller than mine!” he laughed. “C’mon, let’s get you to your first station.”

Phil nodded, deciding to just trust his huge cousin and go with the flow. “So, uh, what first?” he asked, a bit bewildered as he looked at the stacks of weights, bars, benches, and whatnot around the pit. He’d done gym at school, but this place was a whole other level. He watched a pair of big men in one corner squatting, the larger one easily 300 pounds, a sweat-soaked tee shirt with “POLICE” on it stretched across his massive back. “I’m kind of surprised such a small town has so many big guys. Or do most towns have pits like this, hidden away?”

“I guess you could say there’s a bit of a bodybuilding community here,” Dan said, laughing nervously. He’d dosed a few men here and there, most egregiously the cop that Phil had trouble tearing his eyes off of. Dan gently instructed Phil through several basic exercises, showing him proper form and breathing. While Phil was occupied with that, he got his own workout in, lifting the insane poundage that no one else in the gym could even touch. They had to order specially-made bars that could handle the ridiculous weights that Dan and his family threw around!

Phil concentrated on his own workout, to the extent possible. It was easy to get distracted, with all these huge, muscular, hot, men… and of course Dan… Dan the most massive man in the gym, despite being younger than anyone else there, except Phil, who was two months younger. The way Dan’s muscles moved, bulging and stretching, the already thick veins becoming plump, filling with blood, Dan’s big body swelling as he pumped up, sweat trickling down his huge body… Phil had to stare down at himself, to force himself to pay attention to his workout. Otherwise, he’d never get anything done in here, and then he wouldn’t have to think about being one quarter Dan’s size, because he’d never get to one sixth… So Phil lifted. His muscles aching, protesting. He felt strong though, stronger than before, anyway. He marked it down to excitement, and motivation. As he felt the sweat slide down his temples, he started to grin a little.

Afterward, Dan and Phil walked over to the showers. Dan started stripping down and looked over at Phil’s slack-jawed expression. “You’ll be able to shower here, right? Otherwise you’re gonna stink all over the place!” he teased.

Phil nodded slowly, and began to pull off his own sweaty clothes. He tried not to stare as Dan undressed, but it was impossible to avoid it entirely. And when Dan pulled off his tight underwear… Phil gasped audibly, staring at the big dick that flopped out, an impressively large piece of meat, despite being soft. Phil realized that Dan was “a grower” as they said, and realized that his dick could very well reach twenty-six inches…

“Hey, not too bad yourself, man,” Dan said, looking at Phil’s six inch erection that proudly stood up despite Phil’s own embarrassment. It was so turned on, it was even leaking a bit! “I thank you for your compliment!” he chuckled.

Phil turned bright red, but then grinned. “Well, it’s not like you don’t know I’m gay…” He walked over to a shower, and turned it on. “And don’t think I didn’t see Mr. Muscle Cop giving you looks… It was very hot…” He chuckled, as he began to soap up his thin body. His muscles ached, but they were harder and more pumped than he’d ever experienced before, and the hot water felt wonderful on them.

“Well… don’t say nothin’, even though it’s technically legal, but… me and Mr. Muscle Cop fucked a week or so back,” Dan giggled, taking up two whole shower heads beside his small cousin.

Phil giggled, imagining Dan fucking the powerful officer. Or was it the other way ’round? Phil’s mind quickly turned quite pornographic, and he had to turn and look up at the showerhead, as visions of Dan and the cop filled his mind, two big men fucking away, powerful bodies intertwined. He groaned softly, and then quickly closed his mouth, hoping the sound of the shower had drowned it out. He couldn’t believe he was letting his mind get away from him like this!

“Heh, you were getting off on the thought, huh?” Dan asked, quite attuned to filthy guttural noises like that. “It’s okay, no one’s around… and even if they were, I’m preeeetty sure half the guys who come here are at least bi-curious…” he added with a wink.

Phil was mortified, but he relaxed at Dan’s gentle teasing. He turned and shot right back. “And I’m guessing you’d notice huh? See who’s checking out big Dan, the stud of the gym?” Phil’s grin widened. “See who might be worth dragging off to the steam room?”

Dan smirked. “Something like that. Get big enough and you might get those stares yourself!” he said, upping the ante of the tease! “And I believe all you have to do is want it badly enough. How badly do you want to be BIG, cousin?!”

Phil’s reserve broke down. “I’d give anything to be big, Dan. Massive. As big as you… bigger even!” Phil’s grin grew, and he leered at Dan. “I want it so bad that I think I’d do just about anything for it!” His hard cock bobbed in the water, itching to shoot.

Dan decided that Phil deserved to be rewarded for being so honest and flexed into a massive most muscular, almost popping a fuse in Phil’s muscle-addled brain and causing his cock, which had been teetering on the edge, to burst! His cum shot up against the tiled wall and ran down to the swirling water in the drain. “’Atta boy! Just gotta keep liftin’!” Dan encouraged him.

Phil groaned as his dick emptied its load, the most intense orgasm he’d ever felt. He didn’t even have to touch himself, although he found his hand reaching down to grip and squeeze his hard dick, feeling it shoot out the last of his load. He took deep breaths, and finally got his body under control. He looked over at Dan, and grinned. “That’s almost cheating, you know. Doing that to me. Someday, I’m going to be huge, and have my revenge. Flex and make you blow your load, big man…” Phil laughed.

A glimmer shined in Dan’s eye. “I’m gonna hold you to that, future-stud,” he growled, giving his soft dick a long, firm stroke. Phil was gonna grow into a really hot dude one day!


Part 24

Dan found himself looking forward to school. Although he missed Tom, and everyone else from back home, he was also excited about the possibilities in a new school. Phil, for once, was excited as well. In his two weeks in town with his uncle, uncle’s boyfriend, and cousin, he’d already gained five pounds. He was still scrawny, of course, being a tiny 5’3” and 110 pounds, but at his size, every ounce was heartening. Still when Dan and Phil arrived at school, it was quite a sight, seeing them get out of the SUV. Dan, a seven foot, seven hundred pound behemoth, next to his much smaller cousin. Needless to say, there were a number of stares. Mainly stares at Dan. Although the town had of course heard of him, and many had seen him, for him to walk up to the front doors of the high school was another matter entirely. With Phil in tow, Dan walked to the counter of the administration office. “My cousin and I are here to register…” he announced in his low, rumbling voice.

The secretary at the desk, a man, gasped at Dan’s size for a moment before realizing this must be that musclefreak kid that everyone in town was talking about. And this shrimp was his cousin? They didn’t even look like the same species! Still, he got them both the schedules for their classes and locker assignments. He stared at Dan’s massive bobbing ass in his jeans as the duo walked away.

Dan and Phil had neighboring lockers, but little else in common in their schedules, except for sixth period PE. Still, it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of either one, and they agreed to meet for lunch, and compare notes. Dan headed off to English, while Phil contemplated the horror of first period calculus. Although he was generally considered pretty smart, there was only so much one could do first thing in the morning.

Dan, for his part, found that English was amusing. Not the class itself, so much as the desk, which he barely fit in, due to his height and insane musculature, and due to the stares he got from his students. The teacher, Mr. Enwright, tried hard not to stare at the massive young man in the center of the room. But it was like trying to ignore the proverbial elephant in the room. Quite literally, in this case. As a result, Mr. Enwright stammered and lost his place several times, trying to introduce the class to the book list for the year.

Dan found out he’d read most of the books during his summer vacation. He had always been an avid reader, something about the spice felt like it sharpened your wits, anyways, so he was sure this class was going to be cake for him. He could hear the kids whispering around him, especially the ones behind complaining they couldn’t see around the massive new guy. Dan just got a confident grin and did a small lat spread, stretching his shirt dangerously and taking up even more of the kids’ view!

He heard gasps and squeaks behind him, as the students in the back rows saw him widen. Dan couldn’t help but spread his lats a bit more, until his shirt was on the verge of tearing right off. He thought he heard a groan behind him. Deciding it was time to really give them a show, he raised his arms above his head, stretching, his huge shoulders pushing back the sleeves of his shirt, as his lats flared freakishly, causing some of the seams of his tee shirt to strain and pop. Then he slowly brought his arms down, bending them to make his huge biceps swell. A ragged gasp came from right behind him. He nearly turned to look, but up at the front of the room, Mr. Enwright was staring directly at him now, mouth hanging open a bit, as the teacher steadied himself against the desk, trying not to fall over in shock.

Dan turned his head around innocently, batting his eyelashes in fake confusion. “What?” he softly asked as he felt the whole attention of the class upon him. He was really getting off on being such a distraction! He knew he couldn’t do it all the time, but for the first day, it was cool. He felt the cool air conditioning on the small areas of his lats now bare thanks to his flexing and stretching. He let his pecs roll slowly into a flex, so slowly it was difficult to realize why the boy’s chest seemed to be swelling.

Now it was the front of the class’ turn to stare. No one was pretending to look away now. They all stared at Dan, as his chest rose beneath the fabric of his shirt, pushing forward, his pecs changing shape. Having already torn, the shirt was better able to contain Dan’s big chest, but the price was exacerbating the tears made by his freakish lats. Even so though, as he reached full flex, the fabric over his chest was so tight, that his deep striations were clearly discernable beneath the cloth. Standing at the front, Mr. Enwright had to sit down, before his knees gave out. Off to the side, one of the girls had to put her head down. And the boy sitting right in front of Dan, an artsy-looking thing, was staring up in shock, nearly losing it himself as he stared at Dan’s massive pecs, his own cock throbbing in his pants, snaking down his pant leg, patently obvious to Dan.

He pretended to blush, but really he was just flush from seeing the reaction that boy was having. His bulge at his crotch swelled a bit in sympathy with the boy’s and he relaxed again in his seat, giving the teacher the signal that class could resume again, that he was relinquishing control back to him. He gave the artsy teen a sheepish smile as Mr. Enwright struggled to get back to his original train of thought.

With fits and starts, the class resumed. Mr. Enwright made a good show of trying to stay on track, and only lost his train of thought a few times. Usually when his eyes swept across the human mountain seated in the middle of the room. The other students tried to pay attention too—or at least some of them did. Others just stared at Dan, taking in every outrageous bulge, every spot where his clothing struggled to contain him. The artsy kid stared straight ahead, at the board at the front of the room. But his cock was hard the entire time, because he couldn’t get the sight of Dan’s huge chest out of his head. His artist’s eye was exploring the shape of those massive pecs, the depth, the variations in shading. Even without looking at Dan, he was imagining him naked, and liking what he saw.

When the bell rang, the teacher slumped into his chair in relief as the kids packed their things up to go. Dan got in front of the artsy kid before he left and introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Dan. Sorry if I embarrassed you or something earlier in class. I’m just a big guy, I guess.”

The artsy kid stared up at Dan, and slowly took the offered hand. His smaller, delicate artist’s fingers engulfed by Dan’s massive mitt. “Uh. Hi. Yeah. I’m, um, Brandon. Brandon Dumarque.” He looked up at Dan for a moment. “You’re more than just ’big’, Dan. You’re enormous! I’ve never seen someone nearly your size before. I mean, I’d heard that there were some big new guys in town but… well, I don’t think the descriptions do you justice…” His voice trailed off, as his eyes took in more and more of Dan’s massive figure. “I’d love to paint you some day!” Brandon blurted out, without thinking.

Dan smiled at that. An artist, huh? That was pretty cool! “That’d be great,” Dan replied. “I’ve never had a portrait or anything before. You really mean that? You’d paint me?” he asked, getting the kid to open up to him. He seemed sweet. And totally gay. But that was more than fine with him.

Brandon looked up in surprise at Dan’s interest. This was better than he had ever dared hope! “Are you kidding?” he asked breathlessly, his eyes shining. For a moment, he even forgot to hold his bookbag in front of his tenting crotch. “You’d be an amazing subject! I mean, an actual painting of a guy who looks like he stepped right out of a comic book! But a real person! It’s crazy! And you’ve never been painted before!” Brandon had a huge smile. “I’d love to be your first artist…” he breathed. Dan was pretty sure he heard more than one meaning in Brandon’s offer.

“Cool, wanna meet up afterschool? What’s a good place to hang out around here? I’m pretty new, so I don’t know the whole town yet…” he said. He saw Brandon’s hard-on. Not bad at all for a little guy! He’d let Brandon paint him any way he wanted, hopefully nude!

Brandon’s smile was bright enough to light up a room. “I’d love to hang out after school. Hmm… I usually just hang out at the cafe, if I’m drawing. Or in the basement at home, if I’m painting. Or sometimes at one of the shops around town. Or something…” He was babbling a bit, but Brandon was too excited to realize it. “I guess you probably must spend your free time in the gym, working those huge muscles, building them up…” his voice trailed off as the sight of Dan working out filled his mind’s eye. His cock began throbbing and swelling in his pants again, as his artist’s imagination took over, showing him Dan working out in increasing states of undress, until finally the Dan in his mind was nude and covered in sweat, pumping huge weights. Brandon closed his eyes, swaying a bit, as he let his fantasy get the best of him. He chewed his lower lip, then bit down harder, bringing him back to reality. “And. Uh. So. Um. Yeah. You could come over to my place if you wanted. To, uh, you know. So I could start working on you…”

“Of course! I’d like that a lot. Let’s meet up at the front of the school after classes let out. What class do you have next? It’d be cool if I had a friend like you for every class,” he said cheerfully. Whoa, this kid was a seriously starved muscle junkie. And that excited him. He was already plotting ways to spice him. Brandon already had such a cute face to work with…

Brandon grinned at the compliment, then realized there was a question too. He rummaged in his bookbag, and pulled out his schedule. “Umm… Trigonometry, it looks like. Gah. I hated algebra. Geometry was the only one that made any sense…” He almost looked pouty, for a moment, but it passed. “What about you, Dan? You stuck with second period trig too?”

He nodded. “Yup, guess we can sit next to each other next time!” he grinned. Yesss, score! He was glad to keep close to this guy, he was really interesting him. They walked over to the wing of the school where the math classes were. “So you’re an artist, huh? You do anything else besides paint?”

Brandon grinned, pleased by Dan’s interest. “Yeah. I mean, I love paint, don’t get me wrong. But I like to experiment with other things too. Photography, obviously. I started out looking for reference material, but ended up taking photographs just for their own sake too. And sculpture. Still just playing with clay, mostly. But slowly getting better…” He looked up at Dan as they walked to the room where trigonometry was held. “What about you, Dan? What hobbies do you have, other than working out and being gigantic?” He grinned, although his cock jumped a bit, as he took in the thick roundness of Dan’s huge arms.

Dan chuckled, his pecs heaving up and down. “I like comic books, video games, movies, TV… geeky stuff, I guess,” he said. It was true enough. He was still a geek blessed with an enormous body. “Not as talented as you, that’s for sure. If you need a model for any of that other stuff sometime, just let me know. I’d be happy to pose or whatever.”

Brandon was on cloud nine. A massive muscled geek who wanted to pose for him? “Better watch out,” he joked, “I’ll have you posing for me all the time if you’re not careful.” He gave Dan a wink as they entered the room, and found seats next to each other. Brandon had considered sitting behind Dan, so that he could spend the entire class staring at Dan’s massive back, but decided against it, preferring to sit to the side. He made sure though that he would have to look past Dan to see the teacher up front. The thought of having an entire year of ogling Dan nearly had Brandon creaming himself. He was going to have to figure out how to do something about that. Although really, when he thought about it, Dan was totally worth a bit of public inconvenience. Besides, it wasn’t as if a good portion of the school wasn’t boned at the sight of the huge hunk.

Dan could tell Brandon would be ogling him, what else could a guy do in his presence? So he played it up a bit for him, playing the unwitting muscle stud, bunching his pecs, his fingers lightly tripping over his abs, his arms flexing a bit more than they needed to as he scribbled down notes. Veins shot down his biceps to feed the heavy muscles. He even adjusted himself so Brandon would know how much he was packing.

Needless to say, Dan was a distracting presence in Trigonometry, just as he had been in English. Even some of the English class repeats stared. They had some inside knowledge, after all; they knew how his shirt got those tears on the sides. No one was as distracted as Brandon, though, who watched Dan’s ever move, studying the huge man’s body, watching Dan’s outrageous anatomy on display. He wondered if Dan was playing it up a bit, and thought maybe he was, and maybe he was just reading too much into it. But when Dan adjusted his huge package, showing off how truly big it was, bigger even than in Brandon’s most pornographic imaginings, he lost it. Brandon let out a low groan, and then got up, hurriedly excusing himself and rushing out of the room. Ten minutes later, he returned, looking calmer now. A quick apology to the teacher, and he was sitting down again, next to Dan. Dan thought he smelled a faint hint of cum, wafting off of Brandon, who blushed a bit as he caught Dan’s eye on him. Brandon’s boner had subsided, although there was still an aroused lump in his pants.

Class ended and the boys started to get up to leave. “What was with you getting up in the middle of class? Couldn’t hold your bladder?” Dan teased. He knew very well what had happened, he was just curious as to how Brandon would react to his prodding about it. Would he deny it? Admit it?

Brandon turned crimson red. “I, uh, had to go to the restroom…” he said honestly, “to, um, clean up a bit…” His blush deepened, as impossible as it sounded. Then he set his face, and looked straight at Dan, a little grin at the corner of his lips. “I’ll tell you all about it this afternoon, when I start working on your masterpiece…” The way Brandon dragged out the word “masterpiece” was just exaggerated enough to let Dan know that Brandon wasn’t just talking about paint and canvas.

“You mentioned I looked like a comic book guy,” Dan said. “You really think I do? I mean… those guys are so idealized and extreme… I remember looking at an issue of Wolverine and wondering who the hell could actually get built like that. Or Superman. I mean, those are impossible bodies, dude. You really think I look like those guys?” he asked, wanting to hear the boy’s enthusiastic response.

Brandon gave Dan a disbelieving look. “Wolverine? Superman?” He laughed. “Dan, you are so fucking far beyond either of those guys! It’s like you’ve got the Hulk’s mass, but packed onto a much better frame…” He grinned, and gave Dan’s stomach a friendly pat, feeling the rock-hard abs beneath Dan’s shirt. “Yeah, way better down here than the Hulk…” Brandon’s hand drifted south, just a bit, but stopped as he reached the top of Dan’s pants. He did press against the button for just a moment, mere inches away from Dan’s big cock. “Of course, those guys in the comics are basically naked, just with color painted on. The way they draw spandex. I guess I’d have to see you like that, to make a final comparison… this afternoon…” Brandon’s grin was practically wolfish.

Dan was surprised at how forward this boy was becoming with just a bit of teasing, but he liked it! He smiled at him and put a buff arm around him as they walked through the halls. “Hey, I have P.E. next with my cousin. What about you? Any chance we’ll have to dress in the locker room together?” he chuckled.

Brandon’s face fell just a bit. He’d left this period open, to get some extra art time… but with Dan here… and PE… oh god, PE with Dan… Brandon’s smile returned. “I think I may just have to add it…” He laughed, and followed Dan toward the locker room, having decided that he could use a little extra exercise. Especially if he was going to have a snowballs chance in hell of even attempting to keep up with Dan.

Phil met them along the way and Dan introduced him to Brandon and vice-versa. They seemed to get along well enough, two smaller guys. They took their gym uniforms to the locker room and joined the other boys who were changing clothes. All activity stopped when Dan entered, going over to his locker and opening it up. He took off his shirt with some difficulty, showing his enormous, lightly hairy torso. He was thick, powerful muscle incarnate. He took a deep breath, enjoying being nude from the waist up before putting on the gym shirt meant for someone who was a “normal” XL. Dan’s body ripped it in several places along the way, but Dan didn’t mind. Next was his shorts. He took off his pants and briefs, becoming gloriously nude from the waist down for a few moments before shoving himself inside of a jock, cupping the pouch to make sure he was all inside, then shoving on the cotton shorts that clung to his ass, thighs and genitals like they had to for dear life.

Some of the others were trying very hard to look away, to avoid staring at the massive musclegod who was squeezing into clothes that would have been too big on anyone else in the room, but that were obviously too small for Dan, despite being XL. Brandon and Phil both stared, of course, as did half a dozen others, some with jaws hanging open, all with rapidly swelling cocks of their own. A few hurriedly stuffed them into jocks or briefs, one or two didn’t even bother. Brandon and Phil just grinned, and pulled on their own clothes. “I think they’re going to have to order bigger sizes for you, Dan,” Phil commented with a laugh.

“Or just forego the dress code,” Brandon added with a chuckle of his own.

“Why? Something wrong with the way I’m dressed?” he chuckled as they padded over to the gym. Dan’s muscles were exploding out of the shirt in a very pleasant, handsome way, and his shorts could barely contain all of his glutes and package. It’d be glorious to see it all in motion. “I mean, I won’t complain if you guys won’t,” he added with a wink.

“It’s positively indecent, the way those clothes look on you,” Phil commented, with mock sternness. He grinned at Brandon, who picked up the thread.

“Why, it’s actually worse than you being naked! At least then, you’d be natural. Right now, all stuffed in there, shirt ripped, shorts looking about ready to pop right off… You might put ideas in boy’s heads, Dan…”

Phil laughed, but then turned to Brandon. “Oh no, man. I’ve seen him in the showers. Naked puts ideas into boy’s heads too!”

Brandon blushed, and then turned to Dan. “Now I’m jealous, Dan. Since I haven’t actually seen you naked just yet.” He had imagined Dan naked, of course, but that was different. “I guess I’ll just have to wait until after PE to see what that’s about, huh?” He grinned, as they entered the gym.

Up at the front, Coach Howard was standing, back to the class, holding his clipboard. A big, well-built man, he’d been the strength coach for the school’s sports teams for the last five years. “Welcome to gym!” he boomed, as he turned. He planned to say more, but his voice caught in his throat as his eyes found the massive figure of Dan, stuffed into some much too small XL PE clothes.

Dan looked over the coach. He was a handsome man, maybe not in a wholly conventional way, but he was chiseled and masculine. He had a nice goatee that accentuated his manliness as well, along with the heavy muscles pushing against his polo shirt monogrammed with the school’s initials and slacks where the mass of his quads could be spotted. He was no longer the big man of the room. Dan was. But Dan was humble enough to not wrest power from him completely, giving the adult some time to get himself back on track. What was he going to say next?

It took a moment, but Coach Howard did recover. He even grinned a little. “Well, it looks like at least one of you is no stranger to the gym!” He stepped forward, looking Dan up and down, openly checking him out. “Damn boy, you sure are a big one! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone as tall as you manage to pack the mass on like that!” Up close, Dan was better able to appreciate the development evident under the coach’s clothes. He was a big man all right. But not nearly as big as Dan. Or Peter. Or even Colin. But still, a very large man.

“You must be the Dan Stockwell that I’ve been hearing about. Mr. Enwright mentioned you in the teacher’s lounge, earlier. I thought he was exaggerating. If anything, he underestimated your size, I think.” Coach Howard reached out, and gave one of Dan’s big pecs a squeeze. His grin widened. “Rock solid. I like that.” He gave Dan’s big delt a pat, and stepped away, and addressed the class. “All right, listen up! We probably won’t be able to build you all into men like Dan here, but we’re going to work at it. And Dan here’s going to help me help you, since he obviously knows what he’s doing. Any questions?”

Dan’s face shot into a look of surprise and dread. Duh, of course this guy would think that Dan was some kind of bodybuilding prodigy! But in reality he just sorta did what he wanted in the gym because he had the body to do just about anything he wanted to. His hand shot up, causing another rip in the sleeve of the shirt. “Um, so we’re only going to be lifting weights in this class?” he asked, hoping he had misunderstood the big coach.

Coach Howard grinned. “It’s tempting, Dan. And I do usually like to keep the class in the gym, at least twice a week, usually three times. But on the other days, we do other things. Running. Stretching. Basketball, baseball, soccer. Whatever’s in season. A bit of swimming, once things warm up again in the spring.” Coach Howard looked around at the class, a mix of generally very ordinary high schoolers. “I’m afraid we can’t just do gym every day, Stockwell. No matter how much you or I might like to.” He gave Dan a wink.

: Dan blushed and felt totally exposed, in the wrong way. He hoped he could fake what he didn’t know. They headed over to the weight room and the coach started instructing some of the other boys how to lift properly and safely. Dan just blushed as he looked around and saw that the school didn’t even have the bars he needed to hold the amounts of weight that would actually strain him.

Off to the side, Coach Howard was lying down on the bench, gripping the bar, and easily lifting the weight, showing the students around him how to do it right. He was a big man, and quite strong, and even with the polo shirt on, his pectoral development was obvious, especially on the bench. After several of the other students tried it, with varying degrees of success, he called Dan over. “Stockwell! Let’s have you show your classmates how to bench properly. I think it would be good for them to see you do it, since you’re not overdressed the way I am.” He chuckled, waving Dan over. He also loaded a few more plates on the bar, until it held a good 300 pounds. “You going to be able to handle 3?” he asked, although he was pretty sure Dan could do much more than that.

Dan nodded. He’d been able to handle that months ago. He lied down on the bench and put his hands on the grips of the bar. His chest was nearly too big to give the bar much room to move as he lifted it up and started pressing it up and down against his chest. He hoped he wouldn’t embarrass himself by showing bad form or anything. It wasn’t something he’d focused on before.

Dan’s form was passable, although it was obvious to everyone, and especially to Coach Howard, that the bar was much, much too light. After a dozen reps, Coach Howard ordered Dan to stop. “All right Stockwell, you can leave it be. We can all see how easy that was for you. You don’t have to make a point of it by lifting like that.” He was trying to be gruff, but a grin was fighting to get onto his lips. He grabbed some more plates, bringing it up to 500. “All right Stockwell, this is as much as these bars can handle. A little over, actually. I figure 500 is only a little over the 450 rating.” The grin made it onto his face at last. “Think you can handle this, Stockwell?” He stood behind the bar, ready to spot if need be. Dan was big, after all, but 500 pounds was a lot of weight.

Dan just blushed and nodded again, gripping the bar and heaving it up, pressing it. He had actually graduated to 600 a little while ago, so 500 was just a warm-up. He pressed it up and down, his pecs heating up, starting to pump. It felt good. His muscles loved to be flexed and strained and tested. Apparently they knew what they were made for.

Coach Howard looked down in increasing appreciation, as Dan hefted up the weight, still not truly challenged. His cock was swelling in his slacks, and a number of the watching students were suffering from the same affliction, although Phil and Brandon simply stood side by side, grinning wide, enjoying the show. After a dozen reps, Coach Howard looked down, and grabbed the bar. “Clearly you’re way past 500, Stockwell. Maybe you just need a bit more resistance…” Instead of a spot, Coach Howard began pushing down, bringing his own considerable weight and strength to bear. “Come on, Stockwell, you can do this. Push!” As Dan’s big chest strained, and he pushed the weight up, Howard’s crotch tented more dramatically, as he felt the young stud’s strength against his, Dan’s chest beginning to bloat more impressively, finally facing a challenge. A few low moans were heard from the onlookers, as Dan’s already torn shirt began to shred even further, sleeves ruined now, the sides ripping down the seams, exposing more and more of his huge lats, his thick outer pecs now visible as well, as the shirt was reduced to a strip of cloth down the center of his massive chest and huge back, held together only by the tight neckline and fabric around Dan’s taut waist.

Dan grunted in his deep voice with every rep. This was a challenge! And apparently, the PE teacher was developing a thing for him and his body! That wasn’t a small bump in those slacks, at all… Coach was well-formed in every sense of the word! Dan tried to just focus on his muscles and the task at hand, though. He didn’t need to rip out of his shorts in the first gym class! His dick was obvious enough as it was, anyways! Up and down he pushed, trying to surmount the weight and the older man’s strength.

Coach Howard grinned like a madman as he watched the young stud struggle, his big pecs finally beginning to flag after a dozen reps. When he felt the bar shake a little, and Dan was having trouble getting it up, he let go, and watched with satisfaction as Dan cranked out a half dozen more reps, now that the bar *only* had 500 pounds on it. Coach’s boner was so hard it hurt. No wonder Enwright had been in such a state, he thought to himself. He stepped back from the bench, and let Dan rest, the large young man’s huge chest heaving with exertion, the wrecked shirt plastered to his massive torso by the sweat that now covered his huge muscles. “Excellent job, Stockwell,” Howard announced in a pleased voice. He began to clap. “I haven’t been impressed like that in ages…” He turned to the rest of the class, grinning as he saw the prevalence of gym short tents around him. “All right boys, you’ve seen what Stockwell can do. Obviously I don’t expect that from you. Just to lift what you can, safely.” He turned back to Dan. “Dan, you help out these here…” his arm swept across nearly half the class, “and I’ll take the rest. Bench first. Everybody warm up, then add on the weight. Move, boys.” He gave Dan a grin and a wink, and turned to walk away with his half of the class, his prominent boner leading the way.

Dan blushed and felt exposed again, but in the traditional sense. His muscles were swollen and sweaty and not hidden at all by his gym uniform and now he had to pretend to teach the other kids in class… Hell! “So, um, let’s take some of these weights off and you tell me what you think you feel comfortable starting out with and I’ll spot you,” he said. It was the least specific order he could think of as the other boys did as they were told, hoping they could look like Dan someday.

Dan found that every last one of the students assigned to him needed a spot. They seemed to become distracted, lying on the bench, and looking up at him; at his massive pecs, which jutted out so far from his torso, they would hide his face, if the angle was right. A couple couldn’t even get that far, transfixed by something that jutted out from between his legs. Still, after a good twenty minutes, all of his students had done several sets on the bench. Coach Howard and the others had rejoined them. Coach gave Dan’s big back a friendly pat. “Good job, Stockwell. Your boys were distracted, but you didn’t let any of them get crushed.” He laughed heartily. “They’ll get over it, eventually.” His hand briefly brushed against Dan’s powerful glutes as he turned to the class. “All right everyone, a quick run, and I think we’re done for today. Tomorrow, we’ll teach you guys how to squat, so someday you can have big legs like Stockwell here.” He grinned, and headed toward the exit, out to the track. “Move it everyone. I want a good mile out of each one of you. Four times around the track!”

Dan hustled, moving his big legs gracefully around each other, his mountains of muscle heaving up and down as they bounced to the rhythm of his jog. Just feeling the weight of his muscles over and over again caused some more tearing on Dan’s shirt and now his shorts, his package bobbing up and down, stressing the crotch and seams.

Although Phil and Brandon were at his side, at first, they fell behind after half a mile. Neither were particularly athletic, and their lack of stamina only confirmed for Brandon that he made the right choice in taking this PE class; not only did he get to see Dan’s glorious body in action, but he really did need to do something for himself as well. Phil, for his part, was surprised that he made it as far as he did before having to slow down. (Unbeknownst to him, of course, he had already had a little spice, which helped his endurance.) The rest of the class ran behind Dan out of sheer awe, and perhaps a little intimidation. No one wanted to race ahead of the class behemoth. (Especially not when the view from behind was so impressive.)

Coach Howard watched Dan run almost exclusively, loving the sight of Dan’s massive pecs bouncing with every step, the thick slabs of beef rising and falling ponderously. Or the way Dan’s massive quads and calves reacted to every stride, flexing and relaxing, showing Dan’s insane development. And of course, the steady bouncing of Dan’s huge package, which seemed to swell with every few steps, as the motion of Dan’s gait made his cock rub against his too tight shorts, as his thick cockhead felt his huge thighs rise with every step, rubbing against it, sending shivers through Dan.

It was about twice as big as it was in its fully relaxed state as Dan finally slowed down, having ran the full mile. He wasn’t exhausted, only a bit flustered, taking deep breaths as the sweat from the lifting earlier cooled on his skin. He felt like a giant stud monster. He saw Coach staring at him and he just waved. Yeah, Coach Howard had to be gay… and very interested, it seemed. Although he was sure he wouldn’t put the moves on a student… right? Hmmm. Things might get interesting, taking this class every day. He moved towards the showers. He had looked forward to showing off for everyone earlier, but now felt like maybe he had already shown enough of himself for one class. He felt like a total piece of meat! Not that it was a bad thing, it was just stronger than normal!

As much as he wanted to follow Dan to the showers, Coach Howard had to wait for the other students to finish their run, or walk, as it turned into for a few. He would have been grinding his teeth in frustration, except that he realized that Dan was going to be in his class every day. Every day for a year. His grin returned, and his dick swelled. “All right everybody. Hit the showers. Good job today, most of you. The rest, well, that’s why you’re here. To be improved upon.” He grinned as he watched the class trudge toward the locker room. Yes, this was going to be the best year here yet.

Dan had given himself the quickest shower in the world after he got to the showers, soaping up and rinsing off in record time to make sure he didn’t have to parade around the other guys any more than he had to, and that he didn’t stink like a gym sock for the rest of the afternoon. There was a look of disappointment on Brandon’s and Phil’s faces as they saw him tying up his shoes when they got back to the locker room, fully dressed. “Hey, lunch time next, guys. I’m fuckin’ starving!”

Phil, having already seen Dan naked in a shower, was disappointed, but couldn’t help but grin as he saw Brandon’s crestfallen expression. “Me too, actually,” Phil added cheerfully, as he stripped down to head for the showers. Still skinny as ever, but with a touch more definition than the day he arrived.

Brandon nodded to Dan, “Yeah. We’ll be with you in a couple minutes,” and likewise removed his clothing. At 5’7” and 140 pounds, he wasn’t exactly skinny, but not really fat either. Just a bit squishy, from too much time painting, and not enough time exercising. Still, he had potential. And a rather healthy cock, for someone of his size.

After quick showers of their own, Phil and Brandon were ready to go. Brandon was going commando, and blushed a bit when Phil commented on it. He was pretty sure Dan already knew, but wasn’t quite ready to explain to Phil that he had to remove his underwear because watching Dan this morning had caused him to blow his load. So instead he just got his bag, and changed the subject, explaining to Dan and Phil that the cafeteria food was occasionally edible, but that it was generally a good idea to avoid any dish that resembled something that had been served several days earlier, as it was undoubtedly “recycled” food. Having steered the conversation in that direction, Brandon head out, showing Dan and Phil the way to the cafeteria.

Dan had resolved to spice the both of them that lunchtime. He just had to wait for the right moment. They were walking back to the tables after getting their trays, Dan carrying two overloaded with food. As they got their places, Brandon got up to leave to get some condiments and Phil decided to join him. That was all the opportunity Dan needed as he quickly put his pre-measured quarter dose of spice in Phil’s soup and measured about a half dose onto Brandon’s and put it under the lettuce on his burger. He looked over and they were busy chatting as they waited to get to the condiments. He hadn’t been noticed.

Phil and Brandon returned a minute later, chatting fairly amiably. Brandon tossed ketchup packets onto the table, and began to squeeze some onto his burger, not noticing the spice under the lettuce, he was so busy talking to Phil about a comic book. Phil was likewise engaged, and barely managed to get butter on his bread, before he began to eat the soup. He was thoughtful as he ate it, wondering what the strange flavor was. Coriander maybe? Curry? Something else? But he was quickly distracted again by Brandon’s conversation, which only took pause for Brandon to bite into his burger. He too noticed an odd taste, but found it better than what the cafeteria usually used to cover up the taste of old meat, and so ate without complaint. Dan sat back and smiled, watching the two of them eat. He joined the conversation, although found that he didn’t have the gift for rapid fire speaking that Phil and Brandon seemed to share. Besides, he had a lot more food to eat. For now, anyway.

“So I got history for my final period. What about you guys?” he asked. He figured Brandon had some sort of fine arts class and he knew Phil and him only shared P.E. So the end of the day was likely to be pretty boring, but he wondered if maybe he’d made the morning a bit too interesting, anyways.

Phil pulled out his schedule. “English. Some Enwright is the teacher.”

Brandon grinned. “We had him this morning. First period. I wonder if he’s recovered from Dan yet.” Phil giggled, trying to imagine what it must have been like. “I’ve got art studio,” Brandon added. He almost wished he had been in History with Dan. Almost. But he loved art, loved the opportunity to paint. And after spending much of the day being driven crazy by Dan’s huge body, maybe a bit of a break would be fine. Besides, there was the after school special Dan had promised him…


Part 25

They finished their meals and Dan bid them farewell for the next few hours as he sat and listened to his boring teacher, the 80-something year old Mrs. Flanners talk about the Magna Carta or whatever. She just shot Dan a withering look whenever he tried to flex for some shenanigans, so he generally behaved himself the whole period. Boooooooooring. He was glad he had set up something with Brandon to look forward to. As the bell rang he practically trampled over everyone else to be the first out the door and packed his things up to meet Brandon at the front of the school.

Phil was there first. Mr. Enwright had been mostly recovered, but still lost his train of thought often enough that by the end of class, he gave up, and sent everyone out ten minutes early. As the day had neared its close, he had started thinking about first period the next day, which had gotten him all atwitter once more. Phil came up to Dan and grinned. “So, uh, Dan. You don’t have to worry about taking me home. I feel like walking back, today. And I know you’ll be a while anyway…” He gave Dan a bit of a smirk. After lunch, when Dan had gone off to history, Brandon had told him about his planned “artistic” meeting with Dan after school. Phil had felt jealous for all of about five seconds, but Brandon’s earnest nervousness had fixed that. Besides, the guy liked the same comics, so he couldn’t be all bad. And with that, Phil waved and headed off, feeling a bit jaunty, wanting to experience the fall air.

Brandon showed up several minutes later, looking a bit disheveled. “Sorry I’m running a few minutes late,” he said, a bit abashed. “I was really tired this afternoon, for some reason. Must have been that run Coach had us do.” He grinned. “So, how’d you like to see my basement of artistic endeavors?”

“Sure! And if you want to paint me like you said, I’d be more than happy to pose for a while. Lead the way, little dude!” he said cheerfully, trying to check out the effects of the spice that he’d given the boy. He wondered if he’d noticed.

Normally, Brandon walked to and from school, which had been more or less the only exercise he got. So when Dan offered to drive, he gratefully accepted. He still felt a bit tired, after all. And the way the SUV lowered when Dan got in made his cock stir once more. So it was only a few minutes until they were at Brandon’s house. He walked around the side, and unlocked the door to the basement. Inside was an odd mix of furniture, paint, canvas, clay, and all sorts of other things. A small bed was pushed up against one wall, and there were a number of lights here and there. He set his backpack aside, and then blushed as he looked up at Dan. “So, uh, give me a sec, and I’ll get a new canvas. Just, uh, make yourself comfortable.” His blush deepened, and he turned to get a fresh canvas from a closet.

Dan smiled and sat comfortable on a stool, totally relaxed. He watched Brandon move. Yeah, he was bigger. Noticeably, although not freaky growth. His muscles were visible under his shirt now and his pants clung a lot more to his ass and thighs. And that cock he’d noticed that morning was making its presence known a bit more. He was turning into a fantastic muscle twink. He couldn’t wait until he could safely push him further along in development. “What kind of pose were you thinking of for me? I can do anything you want. Anything at all,” he assured the young artist.

Brandon looked over at him, and chewed his lower lip nervously. A thousand thoughts raced through his head, each involving fewer clothes than the last. And toward the end, he wouldn’t even have been able to paint any of them, since they required him to participate. He struggled for a moment. “For today, let’s start with something simple. Just a nice simple pose. Maybe you standing. Yes, standing.” He could see the image forming in his mind. Dan just standing. Simple. Yet overwhelming. His massiveness speaking for itself. “Yes. Stand up. Right there.” He directed Dan. “And, um… maybe… maybe take your shirt off…” Brandon was blushing, but the image in his mind was so much hotter with Dan’s powerful torso exposed.

Dan smiled, nodded. “Okay, you’re the creative genius,” he chuckled as he peeled his shirt off, showcasing the deep cuts and massive bulges of his bare torso. He was lightly furred over his chest, creating a treasure trail down his abs that disappeared into his pants. His arms were splayed out by his wide, thick lats so even standing he gave the appearance of masculine potency, of a superhero waiting to spring into action. “Just like this, huh?” he asked, straightening himself up.

Brandon nodded. He was torn, between staring at Dan’s magnificent, half-naked body, and trying to capture it with paint. In the end, he did both. Painting frantically, trying to get down the basic shape. As he considered the matter, he started giving extra directions. “How about you put your hands in your pockets. Kind of casual… Yes…” He watched as Dan complied. “Maybe bring your shoulders forward just a bit…” Dan did so. Making his big pecs swell forward as well. Brandon’s head swam. “Excellent, excellent…” he repeated, laying down more brush strokes, the image slowly emerging on the canvas. “Maybe rotate your arm just a bit. So I can get a good angle on your triceps…” Dan complied. “Oh fuck yes… beautiful…” Brandon breathed, painting frantically, trying to capture the massive horseshoe that was now prominently displayed.

Brandon’s breathing was heavier now, as the image on the canvas looked more and more like the magnificent scene in his basement. He was starting to sweat. He put his brushes aside for a moment, and quickly pulled off his shirt, tossing it aside. Dan could see that the spice had done nice work, and that some musculature was visible under Brandon’s skin. He wasn’t exactly Mr. Studly just yet, but compared to the squishy body from the locker room earlier, he was looking great.

Brandon kept going back and forth, back and forth, painting like a madman. “A- a bit more flex on the tris, please…” he asked, and he groaned softly when Dan complied. “Beautiful. Fucking beautiful…” he panted, adding in the flex to his painting, drawing in veins, the light hair from Dan’s poweful chest. “Oh fuck yes… fuck me yes…” Brandon repeated, as he finally finished the piece. He took a long, deep breath, and stepped back. He looked up at Dan, and grinned. “Come see.”

Dan smiled and swaggered over, eager to see how good of an artist this kid was. “Well let’s have a look at this,” he muttered as he bent over to see over his pecs and found himself confronted with a masculine ideal of muscle and beauty. It was him, and it was the scene he’d been in a few moments before, but given some veneer of surrealism after going through the prism of Brandon’s mind. There was a glow off of his muscles, a sensuousness that Dan could swear not even he had. It was better than photorealistic. It kindled a passion inside the viewer for something that the mind couldn’t express, but the heart wanted. “Holy fuck, you’re really good…” he rumbled, jaw dropped on top of the shelf of his pecs.

Brandon, still breathing a bit heavily, beamed. “Thanks. But I have a great subject. I don’t think I’ve ever done one quite this good. It was like I was possessed…” He leaned back against Dan, the back of his head pressed against one of Dan’s huge pecs. “It was amazing to paint that. More intense than anything I’ve ever felt.” He could feel the distant beat of Dan’s strong heart, coming from deep within the larger man’s body, the sensation barely traveling through all the thick muscle in the way. Brandon closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of Dan’s powerful chest. “Painting that… it was intense… like sex…” Looking at the painting, Dan could see it. It was sensual, without being overt. Sexy without being slutty. There was energy in the brushstrokes that no camera could duplicate. He could look at the painting, and see how badly Brandon wanted him.

“You don’t have to settle for something just ’like’ sex, you know,” Dan purred, wrapping his arms around the boy. He dwarfed him. His muscles could swallow him up completely. He had to be gentle… but he also wanted to make love to this boy. This very afternoon. “You’re so cute anyone would love to have sex with you…”

Brandon shivered, and reached up, stroking the massive arms that were around him. “Thank you. But… I don’t want anyone. I only want one man…” He pushed his ass against one of Dan’s huge quads, the massive thigh bigger around than Brandon’s entire body. One of his hands reached back, caressing the outside of one of Dan’s huge legs, tracing up the fabric of Dan’s jeans, moving inward, until he reached Dan’s bulging crotch. Brandon explored it, his hands groping the thick package that he found, loving the feeling of it as it throbbed and expanded under his hand. “Fuck you’re big. Maybe too big for a guy like me. But I don’t care. I want you so bad it’s going to kill me if I don’t get you…” He slowly began to unbutton and then unzip Dan’s pants, reaching in to caress the huge hard cock that lurked in Dan’s underwear. “Fuck Dan. I got to have you. I got to have you use that huge body of yours to fill me up with this thing…” Dan could feel the shiver of desire that went through Brandon’s body.

It made Dan shiver, too. Maybe the kid wasn’t thinking clearly. Hell, they both were suffering impairment from their swelling cocks! “Maybe you’re right and I shouldn’t fuck you in the ass right now,” he panted. “But that doesn’t me we can’t have another kind of sex… can I suck your cock, Brandon? I bet it’s pretty big for your size,” he purred, rubbing the boy’s butt sensuously, kneading it like dough. He could feel the padding of muscle on it that was brand new. Yeah, Brandon was gonna fill out nicely.

Brandon groaned. “O- only if you let me suck yours too…” Dan’s strong hands were giving his ass a workout. He wondered if the big man could loosen him up enough to take the huge weapon between his legs. He reached further into Dan’s pants, around the elastic of the underwear now, and found the thick pole directly. It was hot to the touch, trembling slightly. “Someday, I’m going to take this. I’m going to have you fuck me with it. But today, I’m happy just to touch it. And lick it. And suck it. As much as I can, for such a huge thing…” Brandon turned, facing Dan. He slowly pulled Dan’s pants down, struggling a bit to get them over Dan’s huge thighs. But with a little help from the big man, it was accomplished. Brandon rose again, and slowly pulled off his own pants. Unlike Dan, he had no underwear, so he was now completely nude. He leaned in, and took one of Dan’s big nips into his mouth, and began to suck, using his mouth, tongue, and teeth in an absolutely amazing way, sending shivers of pleasure through Dan.

“Oooohhh!! OHHHH!!!” he moaned, feeling Brandon’s tongue teasing his nipples, making his cock bloat up to its full 25” majesty in seconds, throbbing against the boy’s chest and dampening it with precum. “I’m… I’m real sensitive there, careful…” he told him. “I don’t want to cum too soon… mmmmff…” The nipple play was leaving the poor huge boy whimpering with pleasure!

Brandon grinned, pleased with himself. To be able to produce such a reaction in such a huge, powerful man was an incredible ego-boost. He pulled off Dan’s abused nip, and caressed the massive slab of pec. “Then you better find a way to stop me, big man…” he purred, teasing Dan. Then he pushed his face against Dan’s other thick pec, and ran his tongue over it, heading for the other nip. He studiously avoided touching the huge cock that had grown to such unreal proportions—he didn’t want Dan cumming too soon either, but he didn’t want to make it easy for the beautiful brute either.

“E-Enough!” he gasped as he got on his knees and bent down to look at Brandon’s cock. It had grown after the half-dose of spice to eight solid inches, throbbing to the rhythm of the boy’s heartbeat. Dan licked his lips and sank the flesh sword down his throat, wrapping his talented tongue around the shaft, milking Brandon for his cum. He wanted to taste the essence of another man and he wanted to do it soon!

Dan of course easily pulled away. Brandon’s back arched as he felt the big man take his cock down to the hilt. It was bigger and harder than Brandon had ever felt before, and yet still Dan was able to take it with no trouble at all. Brandon, on the other hand, was on fire, as he felt Dan’s powerful mouth work him over. “Oh fuck….” Brandon groaned, as he reached down to grip Dan’s massive traps for support. He took several deep breaths, and then started to buck his hips forward, pushing his hips against Dan’s face. He felt the big man’s hands grip his ass, powerful arms surrounding his legs. Holding him in place. He groaned, loving the feel of strength that flowed from Dan. “Oh fuck yes… oh fuck…” he panted, feeling his cock get harder, get closer. He was pushing in desperately now, eager for release. Loving the feeling of Dan’s powerful mouth around his cock. Wanting to shoot and wanting it to last forever all at the same time. “Ssss- so close…” he panted.

Dan wanted that spunk NOW, so he started tickling and tugging at Brandon’s bigger balls, now the size of eggs rather than grapes. He cradled and cuddled and tugged on them, hoping he could stimulate the creative young man into an impressive, plentiful orgasm. He sucked harder than he ever had before!

Brandon was bellowing now, his voice a series of ragged grunts, yelps, and shouts, as the combined attentions to his cock and balls overwhelmed him. He grabbed Dan’s head for support as he thrust has hard as he could, until finally his cock shuddered and exploded, sending a surprisingly big load of hot, thick cream down Dan’s throat! Brandon gasped out deep, ragged breaths as he orgasmed, holding himself still against Dan’s face, his balls slowly emptying, his load eagerly devoured by the big musclegod. “Oh fuck… that was amazing…” he managed to pant at last, as Dan wrung the last bits of seed from his painfully spent cock.

He rubbed the boy’s burgeoning muscles appreciatively, tracing the outline of his new pecs and abs that were just born that afternoon. He finally finished sucking the cock, letting it plop out of his mouth as he smiled. “You taste delicious,” he rumbled, licking his lips. “Now how about you return the favor?” Dan stood back up and shook his hips back and forth, displaying his monster boner.

Brandon watched Dan rise, the big man looming over him, huge muscles bloated magnificently, huge cock bobbing provocatively. Brandon put his hands on the big rod, feeling the heat that pulsed through it, and smiled up at Dan. “I’ve been waiting for this since I first saw you this morning. I can’t believe I’m finally going to get it… what an unbelievably perfect day…” He ran his tongue over the thick head of Dan’s big cock, tasting the tang of the pre that leaked from it. He could feel the shaft harden, stretching outward and upward, pushing the head against his face. It made him grin, as he kissed the fleshy mushroom-shaped fist, his hands getting into it as well, rubbing the thick shaft up and down. He pulled away for a moment, letting his hands travel down to Dan’s big balls. He ran his fingers over them, tracing the veins, pushing and prodding the big cum-filled orbs within. He brought his face down and his tongue snaked out to join in, rolling over the big balls, sending shivers through Dan.

Brandon reached out and grabbed Dan’s massive legs, holding himself steady as he made a study of Dan’s big nuts. He licked and sucked on them, and then opened his mouth as wide as it would go, struggling to engulf one. Dan groaned as he felt Brandon’s teeth running over his sensitive ball and sack, as the smaller guy tried to get it in. Finally, Brandon succeeded, taking Dan’s big ball into his mouth. He sucked appreciatively, his tongue pushing against the big, virile orb. Then he pulled off, which sent more shivers through Dan, and repeated the process on the second ball, again using his tongue to send Dan reeling with pleasure. Brandon pulled off again, and nuzzled against both big balls with his entire face, before pulling back to look up at Dan’s giant form, a grin spreading over his face as he saw the expression of agonized bliss on Dan’s face.

“Yeah… you like my balls? They’re fuckin’ huge… and real sensitive, too. Almost couldn’t suck it, could ya? Yeah… and I’m still growin’… might get even bigger and fatter…” he moaned, thrusting his hips forward a bit, his genitals bobbing in front of Brandon’s face. It looked so huge and swollen. It begged to be sucked. He was leaking a puddle of precum onto the floor.

Dan’s words electrified Brandon. The thought of this massive hunk getting even bigger was an incredible turn-on. “I may have to hold you to that…” he smirked, as he grabbed the huge cock that Dan was thrusting toward him. He held it in place as he ran his tongue up the underside of it, taking in the pre that was leaking down the shaft, feeling it pulse and throb against his tongue. It was driving him wild, and he wanted it so bad, he thought it might well drive him mad if he didn’t get it. His tongue reached the big head again, and he swirled around it, teasing the big fleshy tip, flicking his tongue over the slit. Then he opened his mouth wide, and started taking it in. It was hard to get the head in, but he managed, barely. And then he kept going. Trying to get more and more of the shaft into his hungry mouth. But soon the big head was hitting the back of his mouth and his throat, and he was having trouble getting it any further in. But rather than give up, he simply moved on to the next phase, sucking on the monstrosity that filled his mouth to the bursting point, letting his tongue press against the underside of the big cock, while his hands squeezed and caressed the root of the big shaft, as the smaller man used all his strength to try and get his larger lover off.

“Yeah… it’s a lot, but you’re doing good… Mmmfff… I’m so close, man… Almost there… You gotta bring me over the edge!” Dan whined, playing with his own nipples, trying to stimulate himself, as well. He didn’t know what this kid was going to do with all his cum, but he had a feeling he wouldn’t mind it.

Seeing Dan work over his big chest only made Brandon redouble his efforts. He sucked hard, bobbing up and down on the big rod, loving the feeling of its hot massiveness in his mouth. He kept one hand on the lower shaft, pushing against it with all his strength, massaging it as hard as he could. His other hand ran across Dan’s powerful inner thighs, sending shivers through the big man. Brandon then continued back up to Dan’s huge balls, which he massaged aggressively. It sent shooting sparks of erotic sensation through Dan, having his dick sucked and massaged, and his balls worked over all at the same time. He twisted his big nips cruelly, groaning and panting in lust, as he felt his big cock hum with anticipation. Brandon could feel it too, and tried to push forward, to devour even more of Dan’s huge tool, to push it down his throat. It wouldn’t squeeze down that far, but still he tried, while his hands went into overdrive, tormenting Dan’s big balls with expert massage, as Brandon slammed himself onto the huge musclecock, eager to taste Dan’s seed.

Finally Dan felt the dam give way and he bellowed as cum flooded the boy’s throat, his load so thick and powerful and prolific that it instantly backed up into the boy’s mouth and then drooling out the sides as he shot one stream of cum after another! He grunted hard with every contraction, feeling so much of his semen pump out. He was like a hose for cum! His balls made a lot and if they didn’t get off as often as three times a day, he would build up massive freak-loads!

Brandon could feel Dan’s big cock shudder and shake before the big man finally shot his huge load. Brandon tried to drink it all, but of course it was far too much, and the hot, thick cream came out the sides of his mouth, dribbling down his chin. He still sucked though, eager to take as much of the powerful sauce as he could, enjoying its rich taste. He worked Dan’s big balls over while sucking, gently massaging them, trying to coax out every last precious drop. And he kept sucking, until finally Dan was spent, balls empty, with not a drop left. Only then did Brandon reluctantly pull away, before looking up at Dan in awe and satisfaction, dribbles of cum still running down his face. “That was incredible…” he managed to grin.

For his part, Dan was heaving with deep breaths, trying to cool down as his cock deflated bit by bit. He looked down his pecs at Brandon and winked. “Did you really like it that much? I had a great time, too! Hope I tasted as good as you did. You had to drink a lot more! Think of it as thanks for making such an amazing painting of me. You gonna show it off to anyone?” he inquired.

Brandon gave Dan’s softening cock one last lick to clean off a strand of cum, and then slowly stood. “Your cum tasted amazing, Dan. Very savory. Like beef…” He grinned, and ran a hand over Dan’s deep-cut abs. “As for the painting… well, I don’t know. It’s pretty raw, you know?” He grinned. “Phil might want to see it though…” He chuckled, and brought one hand up to caress the huge tricep that had modeled for the painting. “Hope he doesn’t get jealous about those types of things…” Brandon gave Dan a quick wink.

“He’s my cousin! We’re not boyfriends or anything, if that’s what you’re saying,” he giggled. Dan started getting back into his clothes, squeezing into his pants and shirt. “So, I didn’t know if you wanted to turn this into a regular thing, but… I definitely don’t mind being your muse, Brandon,” he smiled. “I can’t wait to see you again tomorrow at school. You’ve been really cool helping me adjust to a new place.”

Brandon beamed. “Well good. And I don’t think I could turn down a muse like you. Not when you… inspire me so…” Brandon watched with interest as Dan squeezed into his clothes, one piece at a time, memorizing the before and after images of Dan in both unclothed and clothed states. It was hard for Brandon to tell which he liked better. “Don’t worry Dan. You’ll adjust fine.” He laughed. “If Mr. Enwright is any indication, I think it’s everyone else what will be struggling to adjust to you!”

“Dude, is he just having trouble looking at me, or is he gay? I mean, I can tell already that Coach Howard is as queer as a three dollar bill, but I can’t tell with him. If I knew, it might make it easier to tease him,” he said with a wicked smile. “And I can be quite a distraction…” He grabbed a handful of his junk.

Brandon’s jaw dropped for a second, and then he let out a loud laugh, as he started to pull on some clothes of his own. “The worst kept secret in the school is that Howard and Enwright are together. Like, supposedly, they’ve been seen going at it in the gym.” Brandon chuckled, as he pictured brash Coach Howard and meek Mr. Enwright going at it. “But if today was any indication, they both want to jump your bones bad… I can relate, of course.” Brandon gave out another laugh, as he pulled his shirt on.

“Whoa, the two of them? I picked Coach for a guy that only liked guys as big or bigger than himself… I guess his horizons are a bit broader than I thought! I can’t believe he tortured me like that in front of everyone, though. I mean… it’s sort of embarrassing to show off like that with the teacher’s dick all up in my face!” he blushed. Even though the man was smaller than him, Howard still knew how to dominate.

“Well, until you showed up, Coach would have had a hard time finding anyone bigger than him.” Brandon cleaned off the last bits of cum from his face, and sat on the mattress in the corner. “And Coach wasn’t the only one interested in your performance on the bench. Most of the class was ogling you.” He grinned. “I sure liked what I saw. You’re even cuter when you’re flustered like that.”

blushed at that, too. “Man, I wonder how many gay kids there are in that school! I felt like I was a piece of meat for most of the day! I mean, it felt good, but still… It seems like I’ve met a lot of gay dudes ever since I moved here. Do you know if there’s more than the normal amount here or something? It’d be kinda cool if there was…” he pondered with a smile and a chubby.

Brandon chuckled, and put his hands behind his head, getting comfortable. “You know, I’ve always wondered that. I mean, I grew up here, so it seems kind of normal to have gay and bi dudes everywhere. But apparently that’s not how it is in other places?” He shrugged. “I guess you just got lucky, coming to one of the places with a mighty big dating pool. I guess I’ll have to be on my toes, if I want to have a shot at doing more art of you…” Brandon’s voice trailed off, as he imagined a life-sized sculpture of Dan’s big cock.

“Well, you’re certainly the first person to step up to the plate,” he said with a happy grin as he bent down and gave Brandon a kiss. “I gotta get going back home, I’ll see ya tomorrow in English. Try not to spill your paint everywhere till then,” he said with a wink as he left the boy’s house, feeling for the first time since he’d moved there that he might be moving on from Tom.


Part 26

It was a couple weeks later and school was in full swing for Dan. He had a big research paper coming up for one of his classes and was having to spend some extra time at the local library after school. He was having trouble finding one of the books on the list he’d made of references for the paper and was wandering the stacks looking lost. It might have helped if the labels on the stacks were clearer, but many were faded, worn, or just plain missing. The numbers, where they were even listed, were often bewildering. Just as Dan was beginning to despair, he felt a soft tug at one of his sleeves. Looking down, he saw an elderly man, with a bald spot on his head and white hair around his temples. “Excuse me, young man… you looked a little lost…” came the man’s soft voice. It trembled just a little. “Were you looking for something in particular?”

“Oh, well, I need to find the book that’s on this piece of paper, but it’s not where I thought it would be…” he said softly, handing the old man his piece of paper. Was this guy a librarian or just a helpful old geezer?

The old man took the piece of paper, and held it right up to his face. He scrunched his nose and squinted his eyes, before finally surrendering, and pulling out his reading glasses from his pocket. A smile blossomed on his face as he read the words. “Come with me, young man. I’ve been working in this library for nearly twenty years, since I moved here, after retirement. And I was a librarian in the old library before that. I know almost every book in this place.” He turned away, walking slowly toward the other wing of the library. “Come with me. It’s in the other section…”

The old man walked down to the stacks in the other wing, and walked right up to a section. He looked concerned for a moment, but then gave a sigh, and bent over to pull out a book. “Wrong shelf again…” he muttered. Then he straightened, and handed the book to Dan. “here you are, young man…”

“Wow, thanks! I don’t think I ever would’ve found it!” he chuckled, picking up the book and grinning. Dan was impressed that this man was still staying active after retirement. And he hadn’t been taken aback by Dan’s size at all! Maybe he could do something for him… he still didn’t know what sort of effect the spice would have on someone as advanced in age as this man… maybe an experiment was in order. “That was really nice of you. I wanna repay you somehow… do you ever go out for coffee or something?”

The old man beamed. “Oh tut. It’s my job, you know…” He thought it over for a moment. “I do usually take a coffee break in the afternoon, though. Keeps me peppy, you know. Nice little place just down the street here. They always know what I want, and get it for me when I come in.” He smiled. “But you don’t have to do that. I like helping people in the library. I’ve always loved books, you know. And I love helping others find books too.”

“Well I don’t have a ton of friends here yet, I moved here a little bit ago. Since you’ve been here for so long, I thought maybe you could tell me about the place and maybe… I dunno… I don’t mind making friends with adults,” Dan explained, smiling.

The old man chuckled, and put out his hand. “I’m Edward. Edward Smythe. Pleased to meet you, young man. Although I’m afraid I don’t have much to tell you that you’d find interesting. Local history and such.”

“Oh, I’m interested in all sorts of odds and ends, believe me!” Dan chuckled, taking the man’s hand and giving it a firm shake. “So I’ll meet you at that coffee shop when you get off, okay?” he asked, hoping he could get an opportunity to help the sweet old man out.

Edward looked at his watch. “My break is coming up soon, it seems. I guess time flies when you’re having fun. If you’d like, I’ll be there in about half an hour.” The old man smiled softly. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I caught your name… or don’t remember if I did…” he chuckled self-consciously. “Sometimes, I remember a book from thirty years ago, but not a name from thirty minutes ago.”

“I’m Dan Stockwell. It’s a pleasure!” he said, laughing. The old coot was pretty charming! “Well I’ll see you there in a bit. Looking forward to it!”

The man nodded and grinned. “Very well, Dan. I’ll see you there in half an hour. And please enjoy the book! I remember it being very interesting… but I must say, that was fifteen years ago!” He turned, and walked back down the aisle, looking as if he were walking just a bit taller. But halfway down he paused, looked back, pulled a book off the shelf and reshelved it, before moving on, muttering to himself about “shelving mistakes.”

Dan checked out his books and took a leisurely stroll down to the coffee shop. The customers and staff gawked at his awesome size, but Dan just smiled and ordered some coffee to sip on. He looked at his watch and saw that Edward would be getting there soon, so he told the people there that he was meeting up with the old guy from the library. They knew exactly who he was talking about and fixed up the coffee he’d always get. Dan thanked them and paid for it, taking it back to the table and putting a dose and a half of spice in there. The guy looked pretty weak and old, so he wanted there to be a noticeably positive change in his life right away.

Several minutes later, Edward arrived. He moved slowly, but smiled as he saw Dan. He started moving toward the counter, but the girl behind it smiled, and pointed to Dan and the waiting coffee. Edward smiled softly, and went to the table, sitting down. He took the coffee in one weathered hand, and took a sip. “Thank you, Dan. Although as I said, you don’t have to do this. It’s my job to help people find books…” His brow furrowed a bit as he tasted the coffee, but he kept sipping from it. “So, I don’t think I’ve seen you before, Dan. Did you just move to town?” He took another sip. “Coffee’s off today… or something…” he muttered. But he kept drinking it.

“Yeah, my family moved here a short while ago,” he said. He already considered Colin a part of his family. “It’s a pretty quaint town! But I wonder why… well… I guess I shouldn’t say this, since I don’t know for sure…” he muttered.

“It is ’quaint’ I suppose,” Edward laughed, “but I’ve always preferred comfortable. It’s a comfortable town.” Edward looked at him across the coffee cup, quizzical. “Don’t know what for sure…?” He took a long draught, having decided that he liked the strange new roast the cafe was serving this afternoon. “You can ask, Dan. I know most things about this town, it seems. And if you’re going to live here, you had might as well know about the town too.”

“Well…” he looked a bit pensive. “Is it just me, or are there a lot of gay guys in the town? Like, a lot more than there should be, at least proportionately…”

Edward sat back in his chair, and chuckled. He took a long draught from the coffee, and then began to speak. “It’s not just you, Dan. It’s true. There are a lot of us here.” Edward took another sip, and continued. “I guess it just started about fifty years ago. A few men getting together, moving to the country. A few more came. And so on. At some point, it seems that we reached critical mass. About a quarter of the men in this town. Maybe more. I stopped counting a long time ago.” He chuckled again, and drained the last of the coffee. “Interesting times, back then. Interesting now too, I suppose. Just not so much for us fogeys…” His laugh turned into a yawn.

“Oh, wow. So you’re gay, too? My whole family is, too! I guess something about this place just draws us in!” he laughed. “I appreciate you not freaking out over my size, Mr. Smythe. It’s nice to just get treated like a normal kid sometimes…” he added with a blush to his cheeks.

The elder librarian laughed. “Well, I won’t lie and say I hadn’t noticed—my eyes aren’t that bad!” Another yawn. “But I had heard. And seen a few of you too. Interesting times, always.” He sat back, and his eyes fluttered a bit. “Strange. I don’t usually get tired from coffee… it usually gives me pep…” A long yawn followed. “I don’t know how I’m going to get back to the library. I feel so tired, all of a sudden…” He pushed himself up from the table, swaying a bit.

“Do you live nearby? I could help you get back home…” Dan offered. He didn’t want this guy falling down and breaking a hip on his way back home!

The man nodded. “Yes… just around the corner, but I…” As he was speaking, the cafe girl called out “Don’t worry, Mr. Smythe. We’ll call the library and let them know.” Edward nodded thankfully, and accepted the huge arm that Dan offered, clutching it. His eyes widened a little as he felt how huge and hard and solid it was, but he was all but falling asleep on his feet as it was, and had no time to consider the sheer size of Dan’s forearm. “I’m… just around the corner here. Down the street a bit. Number 412. Can’t miss it.”

“Gotcha,” Dan rumbled as he guided the man out of the shop and down the street until he came upon a cozy-looking house with the number 412. “Nice place,” he quietly purred to the man as he walked them to the door. Edward was barely able to fish his keys out and unlock the door before he zonked out, audibly snoozing in Dan’s grasp. “Wow, this stuff’s working fast!” he whistled as he searched around for the man’s bedroom and tucked him in.

Edward’s house was an interesting place. It had photos on the walls, and little mementos here and there, but wasn’t overwhelming or cluttered. There were books, of course. Hundreds, possibly thousands. Filling the bookcases that seemed present in every room. In a few of the photos, Dan saw Edward. Younger versions of the man, usually on a trip with friends, or in his beloved library. Dan was surprised to see some of the oldest photos, faded black and whites of Edward as a college wrestler, back in the 1950s. There were a few old medals as well, and some faded certificates. Dan could hear snoring from the distant room, as Edward slept, and the occasional sound of the older man tossing about.

Hours passed as Dan waited to make sure Edward would turn out okay. He didn’t know if the guy would have a heart attack or a stroke because of this, but he doubted something that extreme would happen. He just didn’t know for sure, so he wanted to keep an eye on him. Plus he really wanted to see the results firsthand as soon as possible. He occupied his time browsing the man’s collection, even finding one room that was dedicated to gay erotica! He found several collections of stories about guys like him; muscle men. He thumbed through them and got a thrill when he saw he exceeded even the wildest story’s descriptions.

Dan was so engrossed in one of the books, that he didn’t notice when Edward’s snores ceased. And Dan didn’t hear the distant bed creak, as Edward stood. And he certainly didn’t hear the footsteps behind him, as Edward approached. Dan only realized Edward had awakened when he felt the man’s hands settle on his hulking traps. “I see you found my books…” came Edward’s voice, a low purr. It wasn’t angry. It was… intrigued? Edward’s fingers traced along the outrageous contours of Dan’s traps and shoulders, feeling the massive slabs of muscle under the thin fabric of the tee shirt. The older man’s fingers pulled away, as he walked around to look at Dan. “I don’t believe I have had a nap that nice in years!” he declared, smiling and giving Dan a wink.

Dan was surprised to see Edward walking around with a solid-looking body. He didn’t look like a decrepit, elderly man anymore… Well, he still had the wrinkles and white hair, but the frailty was gone. He looked closer to that college wrestler than he did the man he’d met in the library! There was a vitality to him that just came off of him in waves. Dan smiled. “It looks like it did you some good! Sorry I was being so nosy… These stories are pretty hot…” he admitted.

“No need to apologize, Dan… It’s not every day a handsome young man like you comes into my house and appreciates my erotica collection…” He stepped closer, and looked down, noting the prominent hardness of Dan’s tenting crotch. “I’m glad you like it… Not everyone appreciates that kind of literature… but I shouldn’t be surprised that you like stories of big men. You’re a pretty big man yourself, after all.” He moved forward again, and mounted one of Dan’s massive legs, wrapping his own surprisingly strong thighs around Dan’s huge quads. He leaned in, and whispered, “But most of those stories can’t even hold a candle to you, Dan…”

Dan blushed. He liked the forward tone this old man was taking. “I know,” he admitted as well, flexing his pecs, making them roll underneath the thin fabric. His nipples were erect now, as well, and poked out of the shirt noticeably. “I take it you can appreciate someone my size? I’m sure a lot of guys out there think I’m… well… too big.”

“Never!” Edward replied quickly, his voice stronger than before. He shuddered softly as he watched Dan’s huge pecs swell and roll. “God damn that is one big chest you’ve got, Dan…” He reached over, and gripped one thick pec in his hands, feeling how full and firm it was. He groaned softly as his hands ran over it, trembling slightly, but from excitement, rather than age. He saw the prominent nipple, and smiled, reaching down to give it extra attention, rubbing it through the fabric, playing with the big knob, as long forgotten skills were reawakened. “I think you’re breathtaking, Dan…” Dan could feel Mr. Smythe’s hard rod grind against his big quads.

Dan grinned at the man’s ministrations. “I’m glad you like,” he purred, wrapping his arms around the old coot, feeling how much more solid and muscled he was after his transformation. Definitely not a weak old guy anymore… a strong old guy, definitely! “I’m pretty young, too. I probably have my best growing years ahead of me… I don’t even think puberty’s done with me yet,” he added, thrusting his crotch out some.

A shudder swept through Edward, as he imagined an even bigger, more powerful version of Dan. The arms around him were so big already… the thought of them even bigger… He groaned, and gave Dan’s nipple a forceful twist, sending a lance of sensation through the huge young man. “I must confess, I like the sound of that…” Edward purred, his voice low and confident. He moved himself forward a bit, further up Dan’s huge leg, until his knee was at Dan’s crotch. Slowly, expertly, he pushed forward. His kneed pushing against the denim that hid Dan’s big cock and balls, making them churn with anticipation.

“Ohhhhh…” Dan moaned, biting his lip. He didn’t wanna ruin these pants by cumming in them, but that was exactly what was threatening to happen if he didn’t slip out of them soon! “You’re making me so hot,” he groaned, putting his arms down to start unzipping and sliding out of his pants.

Edward slid off of Dan’s big leg, to let the younger man get his pants off. He pulled his own down as well, and then tossed off his shirt for good measure. Standing only in his underwear, Edward looked good, especially for his age. Frankly, he looked better than most men half his age. And the bulge in his underwear was decidedly healthy. When Dan’s pants were fully off, he stepped forward. “Let me help you…” he purred, grabbing the bottom of Dan’s shirt, pulling it upward slowly, revealing row after row of outrageous abs, then getting caught on Dan’s freakish lats and massive pecs.

“Urk… sorry… I’m a bit wide,” Dan chuckled as he attempted to slide out of the shirt but ended up just ripping the shirt through the seams. “Dammit, gonna have to go home shirtless,” he huffed, hunching his shoulders, making his chest pop out.

Edward shuddered as he watched Dan’s massive pecs surge forward, thick powerful slabs of solid beef. “I guess you’ll just have to stay till dark,” he whispered coyly, stepping forward and reaching out to run his hands over both massive slabs of chest meat. “I do wonder what we’ll ever find to fill the time…” He chuckled softly, and ran his hands over to Dan’s huge shoulders, exploring each massive deltoid, feeling every bulge and striation. “Magnificent…” he breathed, as he leaned in to kiss Dan’s huge chest, pushing his face into the deep crevasse down the middle, his tongue exploring the outrageous contours of Dan’s powerful pecs. He also pushed his hips forward, grinding his tented underwear against Dan’s own giant tool.

Dan’s cock got so hard it finally popped out of his briefs’ waistband, growing high like a stalk up his abs, making it to the bottom portions of his chest, leaking precum. His huge balls and the root of his cock were enough to fill his briefs now. Dan pulled Edward’s face out of his pecs and leaned down to properly kiss the old man.

Edward returned Dan’s kiss, his lips surprisingly soft and supple. He grabbed Dan’s huge neck, holding on as he put his long-dormant skills to use, using his lips, teeth, and tongue in ways that were surprising and new to Dan. Edward had decades of experience as a lover, and they were coming back to him in a rush. He nibbled gently at Dan’s lips, pushed against the big man’s teeth with his tongue, pulled Dan’s tongue into his own mouth, sucking on it gently. As he did all these things, he pushed his crotch against Dan’s huge pole, the pre getting onto his briefs. He couldn’t believe how huge Dan’s cock was, and it only made him want the young musclegod more. He reached back, and pulled down his own underwear, freeing his hard, healthy cock, and pushing it against Dan’s big member.

“You aren’t… intimidated by how big I am? Down there?” Dan panted as they broke their kiss for a moment. He could feel Edward’s seven and a half inches throbbing against his own pole. “I wouldn’t fuck you with it after just getting to know you, of course… you’re a bit small for it anyways…” he added mischievously.

Edward grinned slyly. “First and foremost, I’m intrigued, not intimidated. Excited. Utterly lust-crazed!” He reached down, and took Dan’s huge dick helmet into his hand, massaging it expertly. “You’ve seen my collection of dirty stories and drawings, after all…” He winked. “Second, I’ve taken some pretty big men, and while it’s true that you definitely outdo each and every one of them in each and every way, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy that big cock… It just means I need to be a little creative…” His hand wandered down the thick, veiny shaft of Dan’s cock, his fingers sending sparks of arousal through the big column of flesh.

The boy quivered, his cock shaking with stimulation from top to bottom. Dan writhed and groaned. “What… what were you planning on doing?” he gasped. He was a huge young man, but he was putty in this experience mans’ hands.

Edward grinned, seeing Dan melt under his experienced touch. “Wonderful things, Daniel… wonderful things…” he breathed into Dan’s ear. He leaned in, his tongue running over the outside of Dan’s ear, sending shivers through the young hulk. He reached the earlobe, and gave it a tender nibble, before moving on down Dan’s bullish neck. One hand continued its way down Dan’s huge shaft, until it reached the root. One by one, Edward’s fingers reached down to cup the oversized, churning balls, feeling their heavy potency. Edward’s other hand grabbed Dan’s proud nip, and began to flick it, his fingers working their erotic torture on the young stud’s massive pec, while Edward’s mouth moved toward the huge pole that was nearby. He ran his tongue over the crown of Dan’s scepter, licking up salty pre, sending shivers through the young musclegod.

“Oh god…” Dan moaned. He’d had crazier sex before, but this guy was so slow, so methodical, so sensual that he was having trouble stemming the load bubbling up inside of him! All he could do was put his arms around the man that was making him quake with desire, resting his hands on the rejuvenated buttocks, feeling how they were rounder, more firm, more inviting to the touch!

“Mmmm…” Edward murmured, feeling Dan’s powerful hands on his ass, feeling the young stud massage his suddenly revived glutes. “You like that ass, Dan? It’s yours for the taking, you know…” He gave Dan’s cockhead a feisty twist, sending a shockwave through Dan that went from his balls all the way up to his brain. “I don’t care how long it takes, I’m going to find a way to take that huge cock of yours, Dan… Going to work my ass every day, until it’s ready to take that huge tool…” He was pushing his own cock against Dan’s big balls, working on the big pole with both hands now, running up and down it, squeezing, relaxing, squeezing once more.

“I… I can’t wait…” Dan breathed, his chest heaving with the heavy breaths. A few minutes more of Edward’s practiced strokes were all his genitals needed to reach the point of no return. Dan’s balls pulled up and the giant boy roared as his cock started launching string after string of thick, hot cum into the air, splattering down on his chest and Edward’s bald head!

Edward groaned with accomplishment as he felt Dan cum, the young god’s cock shuddering and spurting like mad. He pushed his cock against Dan’s big balls, and the feeling of Dan’s cock ejaculating was all it took to bring him to climax as well. He gripped Dan’s big dick firmly, and put his mouth on the end of it, eager to drink up whatever he could of the thick, rich cream that was shooting out of Dan’s powertool cock. When the flow finally began to slow, he pulled off, letting the last bits flow down the side of the huge rod. “Delicious…” he purred wantonly, grinning at Dan. He leaned in and gave Dan a deep, surprisingly passionate kiss, letting the younger man taste the musky cum that was on Edward’s lips.

They sucked face passionately like that for several minutes before Dan pulled off. “Fuck, I’m tasting better and better these days,” he groaned, licking his lips. “You okay, Mr. Smythe?” he asked. He groped the man’s ass some more. It was definitely juicy. A bit more muscle and there’d be some definite bubble butt action going on. Fuck, he was already thinking of growing Edward some more?!

Edward chuckled. “I’m better than okay, Dan. That was the best sex I’ve had all my life—and I’ve been around long enough to know!” He smiled as Dan massaged his firm ass. “I’m looking forward to more though… To being properly fucked by that massive loveclub…” He ran his fingers up the sticky loveclub in question, sending a shiver through Dan. “I don’t know why, but somehow, I feel amazing! Better than I have in years! And just looking in the mirror… it’s like meeting you has made me young again!” He laughed, and put his hands on Dan’s huge shoulders. “I know I still have this white hair… but my body feels reborn…” He closed his eyes, taking stock of his new physical reality. “It’s amazing… I love it!” He flexed his glutes, giving Dan a nice firm ass to grab.

“Well… it’s getting late, I should get home before my dad wonders where I am,” he said, bending over to give Edward another kiss. “I had a lot of fun, let’s stay in touch, okay? This definitely shouldn’t be the last time we do this…” he smiled. He found some kleenex and wiped off his cock and shoved it back into his underpants and pants. His shirt was in tatters. “I’ll see you next time, Mr. Smythe!”

Edward grinned, and used the tattered shirt to dab a few stray bits of cum from Dan’s huge torso. “Don’t be a stranger, big man. I’m going to take that cock of yours, and show you a truly wild time…” He gave a saucy wink, and pulled on a robe, as he showed Dan the way out. “And if you ever need a place to sleep, I think I could find room…” He practically giggled, as he opened the door for Dan. “Oh, one more thing!” He rushed aside, and picked up the books Dan had checked out earlier. He moved quickly and gracefully now, unlike his earlier near-shuffle. “Don’t forget these!” He handed the books to Dan. “They’re due in three weeks.”

Dan smiled and gave Edward’s nipple a tweak through the robe. “How could I forget?!” he chuckled as he waved goodbye.


Part 27

Dan was walking along the road, stretching his big legs a bit. It was Saturday, and most of the household was out and about. Peter and Colin were out looking at rings, apparently, and Phil was sound asleep, having spent too much of the night up playing some game until the wee hours of the morning. Dan though, had fallen asleep sooner, and so found himself walking along the road, loving the crispness of the fall air. It was getting cool, but not yet truly cold, and it felt good to walk in it. His morning reverie was disturbed, however, when he heard screeching tires around the curve up ahead, followed by the crunch of metal.

He ran ahead to see if anything terrible had happened. He saw a car that had broken through the guardrail at the side of the road and had fallen into a ditch! He hurried over and yelled out, “Is anyone in there? Do you need an ambulance?!”

He heard a somewhat feeble voice call out from within. Rushing around, he could see a man in the driver’s seat, looking dazed. The man’s eyes widened as he saw Dan, and he shook his head, as if trying to dispel a hallucination. Then he grabbed the door handle, but it had become stuck in the crash, and wouldn’t open. His face scrunched up and turned red as he struggled to open it, to no avail. He began to cry for help, looking a bit panicky.

“Hold on, I’ll get you out of there!” Dan grunted as he got his fingers on the outside handle and with a firm yank ripped the door off of the side of the car! “Are you hurt, mister?”

The man looked up, his eyes wide, his jaw dropping open. “You… just… oh wow…” He sat there for a moment, then realized where he was, and hastily unbuckled his seat belt and stepped out. “I’m fine, I’m…” his voice dropped off woozily, and he grabbed the frame of the car for support. “Just a little…” he shut his eyes, trying to make the spinning stop. “Damn deer running across the road!” he swore at last. He took several deep breaths, and then turned to Dan, opening his eyes again. “Thank you, young… er… big… er… man…” his face reddened as he put out his hand for a shake.

Dan smiled, seeing that he’d gotten the man all flustered with his size. Another gay dude? Seemed likely. He shook the man’s hand. “The name’s Dan Stockwell. And don’t worry about it, the important thing is that you don’t look like you’ve been hurt. What should we do now, though?”

“No, no, I’m fine. Thank you, Dan.” The man seemed to recover, just a bit. Although his eyes kept darting to different parts of Dan’s body. Even with a light sweatshirt on, it was obvious that Dan was massive, and built like no other man around. “Ah yes. Well. Ah. Hello. I’m Frank Skaggs, by the way. The, um. The mayor.” He blushed, getting embarrassed. “And that deer jumped in the way, and I went over the side, trying not to hit it.” He sighed. “Oh well. I wonder if my car will still drive…” He got in, and tried to start it. After a few tries, it took, but when he threw it in reverse, the wheels just dug into the soft earth, and he couldn’t move backward. “Damn!” he swore, as he pressed the accelerator several times, with no luck.

“Hey, I’ll help you get back on the road… although I wouldn’t recommend driving without the driver’s side door,” he chuckled. He went over to the rear of the car and hooked his hands underneath the fender. “HUP!” he yelled as he lifted up, the rear of the car going along with it. With small steps he dragged the entire car out of the ditch and several feet back to the side of the road! He let the car back down with a heavy sigh and stretched his arms afterwards, letting Frank see how huge and pumped they were in the sleeves.

Frank’s eyes were huge, as he stared at the bloated sleeves of Dan’s sweatshirt, the fabric stretched thin, struggling to contain the massive arms within. “That… that was amazing!” Frank sputtered at last, looking up at Dan in awe. He was so distracted by the display that he fell out of the driver’s seat onto the road, having forgotten about the lack of a door momentarily. He picked himself up quickly though, and stood up straight, staring at Dan. At which point Dan noticed that the little mayor appeared to be standing erect as well. “Th- thank you again, Dan…” Frank managed at last. He looked the huge young stud over, and then saw Dan’s big hands. “Oh man, you got your hands dirty on my car…” he looked like he genuinely felt bad about it. “Um… well, if you want a ride, my house is just down the road. You could wash up there. It’s not far. I think I can make it there. With no door, that is…”

“Sure, but I don’t think I’d fit in your car,” he chuckled, blushing. The mayor of the whole town was into him! Well, who wouldn’t be? Still, he thought this was very cool! “I can run pretty fast, though. How about I just jog alongside you?”

Frank Skaggs blinked a couple times. He had run track back in high school, but not much since then. The most running he did these days was to council meetings, when he was running late. Still, if this young hulk wanted to… “Um. Oh, okay. Uh, sure. If that’s okay… I’m sure you’ll be able to keep up. I won’t drive fast…” Frank got back in the car, and slowly started to drive down the road, always looking in his mirrors to see where Dan was at.

Dan made sure he was always in view of the mayor’s rear view mirror, waving to him whenever he would look back to check on him, which was often. As the giant teen bounded along, his pecs bounced up and down with his stride, and his not-inconsiderable weight landed on the pavement with a thud. Thankfully his briefs were keeping his cock and balls from jangling around in his sweatpants, though.

Frank had to remind himself to focus on the road, not on the vision of massive maleness that bounded along in his rearview mirror. Once or twice, he nearly went off the road again, but managed to correct it each time. He even sped up, on the straightaway, and was surprised to see Dan following close behind, the big muscleteen sprinting impressively, huge legs powering him along the road like a charging bull or an oncoming freight train. Frank was getting close to home now, and wondered how fast Dan could go. But as he was going to try and go faster, he felt the car jolt, and begin to slow, as the engine began to overheat, from damage sustained earlier. Frank gave a salty curse as the car slowed, smoke drifting from the hood. His head bent down in defeat, when he felt a jolt.

He looked around, and saw that Dan was behind the car, a huge grin on his face, both big hands firmly on the trunk. Dan pushed forward, using his big legs for power, pushing Frank and his wreck of a car down the road. Frank watched as the speedometer needle slowly rose, as Dan picked up speed. He was tempted to let it keep going, to see how high Dan could go, but his house was coming up. He put his hand out the empty doorway, signaling to Dan that it was coming up. Dan let go, and the car coasted forward, until Frank was able to pull into a driveway, and roll to a stop.

By now, Dan’s arms and shoulders looked like they were close to bursting out of their confines. He’d easily muscled his car around, a hunk of metal that was probably close to a ton if not over. Who was this kid?! “So this is your place, huh, Mayor Skaggs? It’s nice, real nice…” Dan mused as he looked at the edifice of the mayor’s house. Then he turned around and looked at the mayor himself. He was a handsome guy, he thought!

Frank was in his early 50s, with wings of gray at his temples. Standing an even six feet tall, he’d once been lean to the point of thinness, back when he ran track in high school. That had been a long time ago though, and he’d filled out a bit since then. Most of it had been a bit of muscle, back in college, when he had started going to the gym. But as he got involved in politics, time for that had become less and less, and his eating habits had deteriorated, giving him a middle that was too flabby for his taste. Still, at 200 pounds, he was hardly fat. Just not the athlete of his youth. But his looks had remained good, over time, the years only making him look better.

Dan, though, was absolutely godly to Frank’s eyes. He looked at the young man, who’s sweatshirt looked ready to burst around the swollen shoulders and arms. The breadth of Dan alone took his breath away. And when he looked further down, to see the way Dan’s massive, pumped legs filled the sweatpants… it made Frank’s heart flutter. And when he saw the big bulge between those huge thighs… Frank actually choked. Finally, he managed to speak. “Uh, thank you again, Dan. As I said, wash up. Um, inside. Yes.” He stumbled to the door, and opened it, directing Dan to a bathroom. “Right in here…”

Dan closed the door and after a minute or so Frank wondered why he wasn’t hearing the sink. Then he heard water come on and his stomach dropped and his heart fluttered. That was the shower going! Dan was taking a shower! True, he hadn’t been more specific about what he’d meant by “wash up,” but certainly Dan knew he hadn’t meant “get naked and use my facilities,” right?

Frank moved unsteadily toward the bathroom. He wasn’t really doing more than being a good host, he told himself. Wasn’t going to deny the lad who’d helped him out of the ditch a shower, if he needed one. Was probably sweaty from pushing, after all. Certainly wasn’t going with the secret hope of walking in, seeing his glorious body in the nude. Not at all. Frank saw that the bathroom door was closed, and paused. “Dan?” he called out. “Are you all right in there?” He cracked the door open, and stuck his head inside.

Frank’s shower door was clear glass and it resisted fogging up even with the warm shower. He could see Dan’s tall, muscular form as clear as day, although a bit hazy from the steam in the room. “I’m doing all right, Mayor Skaggs. I hope you didn’t mind I decided to freshen up… that was a real workout out there!” he chuckled. He was soaping up his ponderous pecs, bloated biceps, quaking quads, his awesome abdominals… and his cock hung between his thighs like a swollen snake propped up by two melons!

Frank’s jaw dropped at the sight of Dan. He had imagined Dan was huge, of course. Had known Dan was huge. Yet the full impact of Dan standing there, in the nude, massive beyond belief, was staggering. He tried to speak, but no sound came out—his mouth just moved wordlessly. His cock though, which had finally subsided a bit, spoke volumes, coming to attention in his pants with mad urgency. He turned red, and looked away. “Um. Sorry. Uh….”

“Sorry for what?” Dan asked innocently, soaping up his armpits. “You’re being a really cool guy, letting me clean up like this. I appreciate it,” he said, cleaning up his genitals and butt, making sure he was squeaky clean between the cheeks.

Frank, of course, was peeking out of the corner of his eye, and nearly fell over when he saw Dan work over his powerful ass and incredible cock and balls. “S—sure… No problem… I just… uh….” Frank didn’t know if he wanted to escape, or join Dan in the shower, flinging himself at the big young thing. Well, he did know. He desperately wanted to do the latter, as his painful erection urged him to. But he was worried. He was the mayor, after all! He couldn’t take advantage like that! But oh did his cock hurt. He turned to look at Dan again. Seeing the innocent look on Dan’s face. Or was it so innocent? Was there a sly undertone, a seductive mien? Or was he imagining it?

Dan saw Frank looking and smiled back, throwing up a huge bicep that bulged incredibly with muscle. Just when Frank thought it was at its biggest, it seemed to swell more and then split into two perfect, complementary peaks. Holy shit! Frank gasped audibly. Watching Dan’s massive bi swell and split, veins running across it. The water on the young god’s skin highlighting his insane development. Frank couldn’t take it anymore. “You’re fucking beautiful…” he croaked, his voice dry. He stepped forward, toward the shower. “I can’t believe how massive you are… in every way…” He was trembling with lust. Eyeing Dan up and down openly now, his own cock ready to bore through a wall, it was so hard.

Dan grinned even wider. “Thanks, man! I know I’m pretty big, some people say too big, but it’s cool to know that guys like you enjoy it!” He turned off the water and stepped out of the shower onto the mat where Frank also stood. Dan reached around the man to grab the towel and brought it back to start drying off the water that was dripping off of the glistening muscles that covered his seven foot tall frame. “You like bodybuilders, Mayor?”

Frank gulped, and nodded slowly, unable to take his eyes off of the massive vision of beastly power before him. He watched as Dan slowly toweled off, one massive limb after the other, reaching down to dry off his legs. When Dan got to his cock and balls, Frank nearly lost it, watching the towel wrap around the long thick shaft, and the big, potent balls. “Oh fuckkk…” he wheezed, feeling dizzy again. And when Dan turned, and asked for some help drying off his massive back, Frank nearly fell over. But he rushed forward instead, grabbing the towel, happily running it over Dan’s massive back, reaching up as high as he could, down the huge lats, down the spine, down to the perfect, powerful glutes.

Dan flexed them a little to amuse the older man who was nearly having a conniption fit. “Well, I ask that because there’s actually more bodybuilders in town than you’d think, and they were talking about how they’d love to organize some sort of competition locally. Is that something you think city hall could help support?”

Frank’s breath caught, as he imagined an entire stage full of big men. But in the center, of course, was Dan. “I- I think that could be arranged.” Dan in posing trunks. “If you think they’d come…” Dan pumped up, glistening under the lights. “And maybe the chamber of commerce would help… the innkeepers…” Dan posing his massive muscles, going from one pose to the other, each one more outrageous than the last. Frank finished toweling Dan off, and stepped back. “That is, of course, if you think they’d come, with competition like you in town…” He grinned. “Oh, definitely! I couldn’t compete in the main show, I’m not old enough!” Dan chuckled. “I’d be in the junior class.” He smiled broadly at the mayor, who looked like he’d been kicked by a mule. He hadn’t any idea this was just a KID! Young, sure, but… not old enough to be in the main show?!

Frank was pole axed. He stared at the massive body in front of him, wondering if this huge stud was pulling his leg. “They… you… junior show?” He dropped the towel absentmindedly. “But. Um. Yes. I think… I think a show like that would be nice. Very nice…”

“Cool… hey, are you hungry? I’m starving… think we could fix something up together?” he asked, bending over to get his briefs, showing his big balloon butt cheeks to the turned-on mayor.

Frank swore his briefs tore at that point. They didn’t, but it felt like it. “Uh. Of course. Of course. You must be hungry. After that exertion. And you… so big. Well, you must eat a lot.” He was babbling, but the sight of Dan did that to people. “What… what would you like to eat?”

Dan slid his briefs over his huge legs and packed his cock and balls in the front. “I dunno, anything you have is fine, I’m sure. Or we could order pizza or something if that’s too much work. Is that cool?” he asked, smiling down again at the cowed man who was the most powerful politician in the entire town.

“I- I’m sure we can do better than that…” Frank stammered, racking his brains to think what he had in his fridge. He had been living off takeout recently, and it was driving him nuts. Still, maybe pizza wasn’t such a bad idea… He pondered it, as he walked to the kitchen, trying to get his cock under control. He opened the fridge, and surveyed the disaster of left over take out, frozen dinners, and even an old pizza. He sighed. “What kind of pizza do you like?” he called out.

“Meat Lovers or Supreme,” Dan called out before walking out of the bathroom fully clothed in his sweats again. “But any kind is fine with me. You’ve been so nice to me this afternoon I don’t want to take advantage of you or anything…”

Frank had to chuckle at Dan’s choice of words. “No, no worries, Dan. You pulled my car out of a ditch, and pushed it down the road. You haven’t even begun to take advantage of me.” The twist in the tone of his voice said that taking advantage of Frank would not be a bad thing. He winked, and picked up the phone, which had the pizza place on speed dial. Several minutes later, he’d ordered both a meat lovers and a supreme pizza. “The pies will be here in 20 minutes…”

“Cool, so… what should we do until then?” Dan asked innocently as he plopped himself down on Frank’s stylish couch in the living room. At rest or in motion, Dan’s muscles were colossal and incredibly enticing to the musclehound mayor.

Frank knew he shouldn’t be going after this… this young man. This teen. This god. But he couldn’t help it. “Well…” he began slowly. “You mentioned a bodybuilding competition? Maybe you could, you know, show me, I mean tell me, about it?” He sat down on the couch, next to Dan. “What will I be getting the town into?”

“Well, you know, the guys show up, oil themselves and get into posers backstage, and then they’re called up by weight class and judges decide who the best-developed guy is. I’m sure you’ve seen something like it before, right?” Dan’s arms were splayed on the back of the couch, and even relaxed they bulged obscenely with muscled brawn, hanging off of his body like balloons.

“Well, never in person…” Frank replied honestly. He’d seen plenty on the internet of course. “I don’t suppose you’d mind showing me? What happens when they’re on stage? They flex, right?”

Dan smiled. “Sure, I can show you,” he rumbled as he took his sweatshirt and sweatpants back off, to show his bare muscles, his ass and genitals trying to explode from his briefs. “And yeah, they DEFINITELY flex!” he chuckled as he went into a lat spread.

Frank gulped, watching the huge young musclegod spread his winglike lats, wider and wider, Dan’s abs stretching, his pecs mounding up, big and powerful. Big legs to either side, framing a dangerously well-packed pair of briefs. Frank was hard again, hard as he had been before when he had wanted to ram his cock against anything that would take his lust down a notch. He chewed his lip, staring up at Dan, wondering if he was being toyed with. “Are… are there other ways they flex?” he asked, his voice a bit ragged.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “Lessee… there’s something called a side chest pose…” He turned to his side and locked his hands together under his pecs and turned his chest to face Frank and let it balloon with power and size. They looked too big for his already massive torso when he did that, striations and veins riddling the massive muscle sacks.

Frank choked, as he watched Dan’s massive pecs swell. Outward, upward. Thicker and more ponderous than ever. Bloated with power, yet cut with striations. And then there was Dan’s arm. His massive biceps, pushing forward, rubbing against the brutally huge forearm below. Frank’s hands drifted to his rock hard cock, and he stopped as his fingers brushed the top of the protruding tent pole. He tried to distract himself. tried to look away. But only ended up looking down. Down at Dan’s massive legs, at the huge sweep of them. Even the hamstrings were bloated and beautiful. And that package. Jutting outward in Dan’s briefs. Dangerous. Enticing. Frank was going mad with lust. “A- any other poses?” he asked weakly.

“Well, there’s double biceps, of course! You have to know that one!” Dan giggled as he stood front and center and raised his arms and flexed the biceps until they were as enormous as he could get them… then he pumped them up and down, trying to shove more blood inside them to make them bigger! They were definitely on their way to brushing the underside of Dan’s knuckles! The boy’s musculature was just insane!

Frank’s eyes looked like they were going to pop right out of his head, they went so wide. His breathing became short and ragged, as he watched Dan’s massive biceps rise. And as Dan pumped them up, making them swell bigger and bigger, Frank’s distress increased, as he found his head going light, and it was increasingly hard to focus. But that just let his vision drift. Drift across Dan’s freakish torso. Even stretched, his pecs were big. And the way his lats flared out… Frank could feel sound rushing in his ears, like crashing waves. His vision was becoming white, as if the room were filled with light. He looked down, down Dan’s massive body. Down at the legs that were smashed together. Huge bloated thighs pressing out the obscene bulge between them. “Oh fuck…” Frank gasped weakly, his eyelids fluttering, as he struggled to stay conscious, as muscle overload threatened to knock him unconscious.

“Mayor Skaggs! Are you okay?!” Dan gasped as well as he rushed forward and supported Frank with his strong hands. “Maybe you have a concussion or something from the crash…” he muttered, instinctively holding the man close to his warm, nearly nude body that bulged with massive muscle.

Frank could still see—and feel—Dan coming closer. Engulfing him with massive, powerful muscle. Every nerve fired at once, and Frank realized he had to choose between unconsciousness and action. He chose action. And his hands pushed forward, against Dan. Not to push the huge young musclegod away though. To grope. To explore. To worship. He squeezed as much pec as he could, a low, shuddering groan escaping from his throat, as he felt Dan’s powerful chest in his hands. He tried to get his arms around those massive lats—but had to settle for just touching them—they were far too wide for him to encircle. He pushed against Dan, loving the feeling of Dan’s massive pecs against his face, of Dan’s massive bulge against his stomach. “Oh fuck…” he wheezed.

“Mayor… all you had to do was ask,” Dan purred as he flexed those pecs again for the man, letting him feel out his muscle to his heart’s content. This could be a very fun way to pass the time until the pizza arrived, Dan smirked to himself.

The title didn’t faze Frank. Any thought of maintaining his “respectability” had long since vanished. It wasn’t as if they didn’t know he was gay—a big portion of the town was, anyway! But making out with a high school student… But he suspected, deep down, he wouldn’t be the only one. And he didn’t care. He wanted Dan. Wanted him badly. So when the massive young freak flexed those huge pecs for him, he was only too happy to reach out and grope them, tracing their freakish mass, squeezing the huge firm slabs of beef, amazed at how solid they were. He saw Dan’s smirk, and knew that he had permission. He grinned, and pulled on Dan’s big nipples, growling with a sudden surge of sexual energy. “You like that?” he asked, his nervousness gone, replaced by hunger.

“Oh, SHIT!” he cried out, his nipples basically being wired to his cock. His bulge in his briefs doubled in size, barely able to stay restrained as he had to take in deep, cooling breaths. “Please, not that hard or I’ll burst!”

Frank eyed the massive bulge with interest and appreciation, and grinned wolfishly. “A tempting proposition…” he growled, “…but one I’m willing to forego… for now…” He chuckled and let his hands travel up Dan’s massive chest, up to the freakishly large shoulders. Frank gave them a squeeze, before moving on to Dan’s powerful biceps. Frank ran his hands over them, taking in their incredible size and shape. Feeling the veins under his hands. “Double bi, Dan…” he whispered huskily.

Dan nodded his understanding and made the muscles obey, bulging bigger and bigger until they were their former glory again, encrusted with veins and looking like they were about to split the very skin that encased them.

“Oh fuck…” Frank whispered, having to reach out as far as he could to keep his hands on Dan’s monstrous biceps. He gripped them as best as he could, but with such enormous muscles, it was difficult. It meant he had to press himself against Dan’s huge torso. He wrapped his legs around Dan’s strong waist, the massive cock just inches away from his ass. He was too lost in his worship of Dan’s huge arms to even think of that though, his hands streaking to and fro, trying to take in the massiveness of Dan’s biceps, trying to grab the huge, rock hard bloated sacks of muscle. “Incredible…” Frank purred. “Lat spread…” came the breathy whisper.

Dan gave a cocky grin and blew his lats out to full mast, becoming wider by the foot as he posed for his mayor, so all-encompassing that Frank was literally in the shadow of this titanic teenage bodybuilder with a porn star cock! Hell, from what he’d seen, porn stars wished they could grow their junk as big as this boy’s!

Frank groped the massive lats appreciatively, tracing them from their extreme width down to where they connected with Dan’s relatively trim waist. The angle was truly staggering, and the very experience of tracing made Frank hum with lust. He slid slowly down Dan’s huge form, rubbing against the massive cock that protruded from between Dan’s enormous legs. It was hard, and potent. Frank felt it harden and swell as he rubbed against it, and it put a grin on his face. “That’s one hell of a cock you’ve got there, big man…” he purred. “I don’t know how the other bodybuilders are going to concentrate at this competition you want to put on…” He reached out, and cupped Dan’s huge bulge, feeling the heat radiating out from the massive manmeat. “Unless you’re just looking for things to do with this monster, and thought a bodybuilding competition would bring lots of… meat… to town…”

Just then the doorbell rang. “Oh, the pizza! Since you’ve been so cool, it’s my treat,” Dan said as he put Frank back on the ground and grabbed his sweatpants to answer the door. Not to put them on, though, that’s just where he had his wallet and the packet of spice he carried around for emergencies! The pizza guy was floored to see someone like Dan answer in almost nothing at all, but Dan made sure he was tipped well for his unexpected exposure. Then he opened up one of the boxes and sprinkled about a dose and a half onto the slices, intending for Frank to eat them. “Hot pizza coming your way!” he hollered as he put the lid back down and trotted over to the kitchen.

Frank followed a moment later, a bit confused by the sudden turn of events. Damn that pizza man for being punctual! Just when he was about to get at the young stud’s cock! Still, he sat down at the table, watching Dan’s hulking form. “So, I guess you must be pretty hungry then? After pushing the car? And all that flexing?” He winked, and looked Dan up and down. Hoping to get back the mood of seduction he had been able to set before.

“Yup, starving!” he groaned as he opened up the box with the unspiced slices and started shoving them in his mouth. Poor manners, but he really was quite hungry. Even seducing the mayor of the fucking town came second to his appetite.

The mayor watched Dan eat with gusto—even that was turning him on. He took out a slice as well, chewing thoughtfully, wondering if his cock would ever be soft again. The pizza tasted… different… but he wasn’t sure how. A new sauce, maybe? He ate more. Why was he so hungry? “You sure you don’t want some of this one?” he asked Dan, while moving on to his third piece.

Maybe a bit later. I’ll let you have your fill of it first,” Dan said. He wanted to make sure Frank ate all the slices he’d spiced. He wanted to see the big man around town become the actual big man around town. He thought Frank’s frame would look awesome a bit taller and a lot more muscular!

Frank grinned, and gave a mock salute, starting on his fourth slice. And then his fifth. And his sixth. With only two left, he sat back in his seat, holding his stomach. Why had he eaten so much? He looked at the last two pieces. It tasted so different. Something about it though… enticing. He ate the last two slices as well, and then looked up somewhat self-consciously. “Um. We can order more if you’re still hungry. I don’t know why I did that. I- don’t usually eat that much…” His sentence ended in a yawn. He looked confused for a moment. How could he possibly be tired now? Now that a musclegod beyond his wildest fantasies was in his house? Had been flexing for him? Frank’s eyes fluttered a bit. “Just… order another if you want…” he said drowsily, as sleep slowly came over him.

“This’ll do me for a light lunch,” Dan said honestly. “Why don’t you lie down? You look exhausted,” he said as he gobbled up the last of the pizza, sucking the sauce from his fingers.

Frank nodded slowly, not understanding what was going on. He stood up, wobbly, and staggered back to the living room. He thought of going to his bedroom, but he was so very tired… He stumbled toward the couch, and collapsed onto it.

Dan smiled. He hoped there’d be some noticeable growth on this guy. He sat next to him as he grew and watched some television on Frank’s huge TV as time passed. The World’s Strongest Man contest was on and Dan chuckled as he saw the weight that was being tossed around. It was chump change compared to what he knew he could do. But he didn’t want or need recognition. At least not on that scale. Being worshipped by one man at a time was just fine with him!

As he watched, he looked over at Frank every now and then. The man’s face looked peaceful as he slept. But he shifted position often. As his body grew. Slowly swelling. Filling out his clothes here and there. His gut wasn’t too bad, but it was shrinking, sinking into the rocky symmetry of his abs. His chest and shoulders were broadening, making his shirt stretch to cover them. Further and further. Dan heard a plink, as one of the buttons popped off, hitting the wall, revealing newly developed cleavage between developing pecs. Frank’s expression was changing too. He looked like he was in the throes of ecstasy, his mouth open, a low groan escaping from time to time. Plink. Another button flew aside, and Dan could hear threads snapping, and cloth beginning to tear. Plink. A third button flew aside, hitting the tv with a soft clink of plastic against glass. Frank was breathing heavily now, drawing air into his bigger, more powerful torso. His physique was transformed—bigger, stronger, more ripped than he’d been in years. At least a solid 250 pounds, Dan estimated, and possibly an extra inch or two of height.

Frank’s eyes fluttered open. “Oh fuck…” he groaned. His voice slightly deeper

Dan knew what he wanted then and there. He shoved off his briefs and crawled over Frank buck naked, letting his cock plop down onto his stomach. “Hey there… feeling frisky after your nap?” he asked before leaning down to take Frank’s mouth in a deep kiss.

Frank looked up to see the massive young musclestud filling his vision, looming over him. And then sweeping in, kissing him, deep and powerful. He hesitated for only a moment before reciprocating, wrapping his bigger, stronger arms around Dan’s neck and shoulders, pulling the big man down to him—or rather pulling himself up to the big man. Kissing back hard, as his cock ached to be released. He reached down with one hand and tugged at his shirt. It tore under his insistent hand, the remaining buttons popping off as he tossed the now ragged garment aside. “Fuck. If this is a dream I never want to wake up!” he rasped huskily, before drawing Dan down to another deep kiss, as he tried to undo his pants. He was having trouble though, trying to get them undone.

Dan grunted and just ripped them off with one hand with a quick tug, leaving the mayor in his tented boxers. He felt Frank’s arms around his neck and he just lowered himself gently down onto the couch, mashing his enormous body against Frank’s, not enough to crush him, just delightful pressure.

Frank wanted to scream, it felt so good… having Dan’s massive body atop him. He wrapped his arms and hands around that huge form, as best as he could anyway, groping the huge bulging muscles, feeling their bloated weight. “Oh fuck yeah…” he groaned, gripping hard with his new strength. He felt Dan’s massive tool push against his legs, and couldn’t help but push back against it, rubbing back and forth, using his newly-enhanced quads to intensify Dan’s already impressive arousal. “Mmmm… fuck yeah big man…” he groaned. “Oh fuck I need you so bad…”

Dan groaned as he thrust is cock between the two of them, bare flesh on bare flesh as his cock erected and started spewing precum. “You can’t take me, big man… not for a while yet. You gotta get stronger… you gotta bulk up some more,” he grinned as his hips thrust themselves faster, his bloated cock pistoning in and out between them!

“Oh fuck!” Frank groaned, feeling Dan push his massive member between them, rubbing against Frank’s hard cock and hard abs, the big balls mashing against his strong legs. He was breathing deeply, and groping wildly, looking for a place to hold on, as the massive musclebeast rutted against him. “F-fuck… I don’t know what happened to me… but I feel so much stronger… so much bigger…” He was starting to realize that he had changed, and it made his cock harden further. “G-getting bigger? Oh fuck yeah…” He ground his cock against Dan’s huge rod, while his hands pulled Dan down for a wild, passionate kiss. Frank was humming with lust, on the verge of exploding, and he wanted to bring the huge young musclegod along with him. One hand reached for a nipple—Dan’s only known weakness.

Dan screamed into the kiss as his cock exploded, covering the two of them in his sticky, thick cream, coating every one of Frank’s newly grown muscles, seeping into the crevices and dripping off of the bulges. Dan came very hard, not stopping his cumming for minutes as his balls kept pumping the heavy load out!

Frank joined him, his own cock—enhanced, but nowhere near Dan’s insane size—erupted between them. He howled wildly, grinding against the big man, their cum commingling on their hard stomachs. Frank finished before Dan of course, and let his new body relax a little. “Oh fuck…” he gasped, having just had the most intense orgasm of his life. He lay back as Dan kept cumming, a big grin on his face, enjoying the feeling of Dan’s huge cock, wracked by spasms as it pumped more and more man juice onto him. He sighed with satisfaction, and pulled Dan in for a long, deep kiss. “Thank you…” he breathed, “for everything…”


Part 28

It wasn’t a big surprise to Dan, when his father had pulled him aside, with something important to tell him. There was a hint of nervousness in Peter’s manner—wholly uncharacteristic for the 550 pound muscle stud. But within minutes, Dan was relieved, as Peter told him that he was going to ask Colin to marry him. Dan had been waiting for it for some time, and reassured his father that he was happy for them both, and had been expecting as much. Peter had a special dinner planned for that night, where he would ask. Dan suggested a private dinner for Peter and Colin, and that he and Phil would be elsewhere at the time, so the event could be as romantic as possible. Dan did, however, also offer to help with the dinner preparations themselves. “Just a bit. So you don’t have to worry so much,” he’d told his father with a wink. Dan planned to make it a memorable proposal.

And so Dan helped his father prepare the dishes he and Colin would be eating that night. But right before he brought them out to the table, he took one of the dishes and sprinkled two whole doses of spice onto it. He smiled. Colin had been the smallest of them for a while, and it was high time that he caught up, at least that’s what Dan thought. He put the dish at Colin’s usual spot at the table so that there would be no mistakes about who would eat it and skedaddled with Phil to the movies, to give the two big men some privacy for the romantic occasion.

Colin arrived home at his usual time, allowing a few extra minutes for traffic. Peter greeted him with a smile, dressed in some of his better clothes. “I couldn’t wait for you to get home today…” he purred in to Colin’s ear, pulling the smaller man in close for a powerful hug. “Smaller” was relative of course—Colin would be a hulking bodybuilder anywhere but the Stockwell household.

Colin returned the hug, and chuckled as he felt Peter growing hard against his leg. “What are you so dressed up for?” he asked amusedly, as he began to sniff the delicious dinner smells.

Peter grinned coyly. “A special dinner tonight, Colin. Just us two.” He led Colin to the table, set with the best china, candles lit casting a romantic glow over it, and hot food steaming enticingly.

Colin gave a mustachioed grin at his plate. A big, fat, juicy steak, just the way he liked it! “Well… I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I know what I’ll do tonight to deserve it,” he chuckled at Peter with a wink. He started cutting up his meat and brought the first piece to his mouth, chewing it slowly to savor the taste. “Mmm… you made it kinda exotic!” he said, tasting the heavy spicing Dan gave it. “What sort of rub did you use?”

“Oh, just a bit of this, a bit of that…” Peter grinned. Dan had helped, and although he’d normally give credit where it was due, tonight, he had another goal in mind. He tucked in to his own steak, enjoying it, although not finding it particularly unusual. “Salt and pepper, of course. Couple different types of pepper. Some herbs. Touch of garlic. Just like last week.” His eyes drank in Colin as his sexy lover ate.

Colin began to blush, noticing the looks Peter was giving him. He was momentarily surprised by this reaction—it wasn’t as if the two of them didn’t have wild sex with great regularity. But he didn’t fight it either. Instead, he shot sultry glances back at Peter, even as he felt a strange tiredness come over him. His eyelids fluttered, but he fought and stayed awake, finishing his steak with determination. “Must’ve been a longer day than I thought…” he said at last, as he felt his brain become fuzzy, seeking sleep. “Didn’t realize…”

Peter was admittedly a little disappointed, but Colin was so cute, struggling to stay awake, he refused to be let down for long. Instead, he finished his own steak, and then stood up, walking around to his young lover. “No worries, Colin…” he murmured, as his strong hands massaged Colin’s suddenly tired traps and shoulders. Peter pulled Colin’s chair out, and then reached under, easily lifting the less-massive man with his huge arms, and slowly carrying Colin down the hall and up the stairs, to their bedroom. When he got there, he lay Colin down, and began to undress him, tucking him in under the sheets. He then sat in a chair across the room, and pulled out a book. He wasn’t tired yet, and enjoyed the sight of Colin sleeping peacefully, his strong chest rising and falling with each breath, lifting the sheets. “I’ll ask the moment he wakes…” Peter told himself, as he settled down in the chair, and began to read.

Hours passed until it was later that night. Colin’s eyes fluttered open as he groaned. Why had he gotten so sleepy all of a sudden? He looked over and saw he was in bed. That must have been Peter’s doing. He smiled. He really loved that man. He was so glad he was a part of his family, hopefully he’d stay that way. After he finished waking up mentally, he threw the covers off and gasped at what he saw! He had grown more muscled… a LOT more muscled! And he’d grown more of something else!

Peter was snoozing quietly in the chair, having finally drifted off to sleep himself. The chair, like all the furniture in the house, was quite sturdy—as it had to be to support Peter’s 550 pounds of pure brawn. Even clothed, he was a sight to behold, massively muscled, with a huge bulge in his pants. Even loose clothing couldn’t hide Peter Stockwell’s fantastic physique. Right now though, Colin was horny as hell, and the sight of Peter sleeping peacefully did nothing to quell his lust. He got up out of bed, and walked toward Peter, pausing to look in the floor-length mirror. Colin’s jaw dropped, as he took in the sight of his new body.

He was definitely in Peter’s league now. He had to be close to or over 500 lbs. He just had to. He looked ENORMOUS, especially the slab of beef swinging between his quads! He did a few poses and grinned as he saw the muscles balloon and bulge, veins forced to the surface and the raw strength and power making itself known to him! He smirked to himself and went over to Peter and threw him onto the bed!

Peter awoke to the briefest sensation of weightlessness, as he finished his flight through the air. Then he hit the bed, heard it creak as the mattress struggled to accommodate his weight landing so hard. He opened his eyes, and then his jaw dropped as he saw Colin. It was Colin, yet not. The same face as before, if a touch more handsome, as impossible as it sounded. But the rest—this Colin was taller. His muscles were bigger. His cock… was huge! Peter’s eyes went wide as he drank in Colin’s new body, and his cock responded immediately, tenting his slacks within seconds. “Oh fuck me…” Peter croaked in wonder, as he looked up again to see Colin’s eager, lust-filled face. A big grin spread across Peter’s face. “Marry me, Colin. Marry me and make me the happiest man alive.”

A grin similar to Peter’s spread over the newly-grown hunk’s face. “I’ll do more than just marry you,” he purred as he strutted over and started ripping Peter’s clothes off, freeing his mate’s muscles and cock before leaning over and taking the leaking head in his mouth, sucking lovingly at it, slurping up all the precum he could!

Peter’s grin got even wider as he heard Colin’s reply. When his young lover’s new aggressiveness kicked in, and Colin began tearing his clothes off, it was incredibly arousing. Big Peter Stockwell, normally so in control, had found the one man who could turn him to jelly, it seemed. Except Peter’s cock, of course. That was as hard as it could go, and already leaking clear, sweet pre. As Colin slurped at it, Peter groaned, his body twitching with excitement, his huge muscles rippling as he flexed them involuntarily, the pleasure spiking through him making him buck and squirm with delight. “Oh fuck Colin…” he breathed, unable to finish the sentence. And when Colin’s hot mouth attached itself to his big cockhead, Peter’s hips lifted off the bed, as his back arched, driving his cock up into Colin’s mouth, as Peter howled with pleasure. Peter fell back into bed with a loud thump, and groaned as he felt Colin go to town on his big dick.

Colin shoved more and more of it down his throat, sucking it mightily as he rubbed Peter’s huge balls, stroking and pulling lightly at them, coaxing the giant man to cum. He wanted his future husband’s cum. He thirsted for it!

Peter was bucking and groaning like a madman, as Colin worked him into a frenzy. His balls churned, and he gripped Colin’s massive traps, holding on for dear life as he thrust upward, his huge cock filling his eager lover’s mouth and throat. With a roar, Peter came, his huge tool spasming and shooting a huge load of hot, thick cream down Colin’s hungry maw. “OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCKKKK!!!” Peter cried, as his huge tool pumped a considerable amount of cum down Colin’s thick throat. Peter fell back to the mattress, and lay there in delirious rapture, as Colin eagerly sucked the last bits of cum from his painfully stimulated cock. Peter took deep breaths, and then looked up at his amazing lover as Colin pulled off, grinning, a bit of cum trailing off his perfect chin.

“Now… do you mind if I fuck you, my fiancée?” Colin asked, grinning like a schoolboy, which looked silly on his masculine face, lips framed by his thick mustache. “I have a cock that’s just waiting to be test-driven…” he purred, rubbing the insides of Peter’s enormous thighs.

Peter groaned as Colin’s powerful hands ran across his brutal inner thighs, sending shivers through him. “Mind? Colin my love, the only thing I’d mind is if you didn’t! I’ve never craved a cock like I do right now!” Peter reached forward, and put his hands over the fleshy knob of Colin’s recently-enhanced tool. He gave it a gentle squeeze, feeling its impressive contours. “Oh fuck yeah…” he groaned, letting his hands wander down the shaft a bit. He grinned as he felt the big tool shudder and swell, getting harder, every vein standing up even more. “Fuck me with that big thing, Colin. Nice and hard…” Peter’s voice was a seductive purr, both invitation and challenge all at once. He grinned wolfishly, and chewed his lower lip seductively.

Colin chuckled, his voice resonating deeper in his enormous chest now, and lifted Peter’s massive legs up. He maneuvered his hard cock against Peter’s spread butt cheeks and pushed in. Only an erection as hard as his and the muscle behind it could part those buns of steel. He pushed through inches of firm muscle until he found his anus. He waited as his cock burped some precum onto it, lubing it up before he pushed further, penetrating his lover’s warm ass!

A shiver ran through Peter as he felt Colin enter him, the young musclestud’s huge tool spreading his tight ass, as Colin used his new strength to drive the big ram home. Peter couldn’t help but admire Colin’s new form—he had always found him sexy of course, but the huge new body Colin was now gifted with was something else entirely. He squirmed a little, hoping to loosen himself up a bit, so Colin could get in deeper. He wanted it bad, so bad it surprised him. “That’s it, big man….” he rumbled, his deep voice encouraging, “Shove it in deeper… harder…” His voice was ragged with desire, and his sticky cockhead pushed against Colin’s abs as the young musclebrute picked up the pace. “Oh fuck yes… Harder! Show me just how strong you are now, Colin! Fuck me raw!”

“You asked for it!” he grunted as he started pumping his cock in and out, always pushing in deeper, harder, faster! He was getting a pump from the effort and Peter wondered if Colin was even bigger than he was! They’d have to compare sizes later on for a better idea, but Colin was in hog heaven at the moment, fucking the man he loved like a wild beast!

Peter was going wild, as Colin went to town on his ass, thrusting in his massive cock, sending Peter over the edge. Peter clutched at Colin, trying to find a place to hold on, but it was hard, Colin’s muscles were now so huge. Still, he moaned a steady stream of encouragement, telling Colin to keep going, harder and deeper, telling Colin how huge he was, how beautiful, how powerful. And as he watched Colin get pumped, the veins rising across the massive muscles, Peter couldn’t help but reach up and try to pull Colin down to him, to plant kisses on his young lover’s perfect lips. Instead though, he pulled himself up to make the kiss, Colin now much too large and strong to pull down. It drove Peter wild, as it dawned on him just how big and strong Colin had gotten. It heightened the fierce passion in his kisses, as he wrapped his huge arms around Colin’s thick neck, holding on as they kissed. He loved the huge cock that was ramming him, and found himself desperately craving Colin’s cum, wanting to be filled with it, to find out just how much seed Colin’s now quite prodigious balls would produce.

“Almost… there…” he grunted, sweating profusely as he fucked his man fiercely, the pumping unabated. “I… I love you so much… no matter what size you or I am… remember that…” he grunted before he started cumming buckets inside his lover’s ass!

Peter let out a long, shuddering groan of erotic joy as Colin exploded inside him. He let go of Colin’s thick neck, falling back against the bed, taking deep, slow breaths as he felt Colin’s huge cock shudder and shake inside him, pumping in more seed. He looked up, a silly, satisfied grin on his face. “You know I love you too, Colin. No matter what size either of us is…” His grin became mischievous. “But I’m not going to pretend I don’t love how huge you’ve gotten… It’s absolutely incredible!” He chuckled softly, and reached up to stroke Colin’s huge arms, feeling their mass and size.

Colin gently smiled in his afterglow and flexed the biceps. “You like it, too, huh?” he chuckled. “It’s amazing! I thought I was done growing, reached a plateau… I guess I my workouts caught up to me! I feel amazing!” he growled, continuing to flex his incredible muscles.

Peter grinned, and reached up to feel Colin’s big muscles one after the other, especially when they were flexed. “Like it? I love it! I can’t get over how good this size looks on you!” Peter was impressed how well Colin was carrying the muscle, his frame seeming to have been designed to show it off. “I wonder how big you are. It almost looked like you were growing as you were fucking me—which was insanely hot, I might add…” He grinned, and ran his hands over Colin’s huge pecs, tracing the striations, idly playing with the big, beautiful nips.

“Growing while fucking, huh? That’d be hot,” he agreed, making his chest leap while Peter played with it. “So… when’s the wedding? God, Peter, I’m so friggin’ excited!” he enthused, grinning stupidly again. His youthful enthusiasm showed through. Peter was the man of his dreams and he couldn’t wait!

Peter chuckled. “Well, some of our little trips haven’t been all that innocent. It’s why we’ve been conveniently looking at different venues, trying out restaurants that happen to have catering services as well…” He grinned up at his excited lover. “We can send out the invitations as soon as we can get a list together, if you want. But we should probably rent the space first. When do you want to get married? Winter weddings won’t be bad, but spring and summer are nice too, if you can wait that long…” Peter caressed Colin’s bloated pecs, and grinned. “Although if we wait too long, we’ll have to hold off on tuxedos. I don’t think we can get anything in a standard size, and if tonight is any indication, you’re not done growing yet.” He gave Colin a wink. “I may just have to give my workouts some extra effort myself, just to keep up.”

“Okay, spring it is,” he smiled, leaning down to kiss and nuzzle with the man he loved. “It’ll be hell waiting, but everyone would kill us for having a wedding in December,” he laughed. “You think… you think Dan’s gonna be okay with this?”

Peter grinned. “Dan’s been wondering when we were finally going to get married. Although he’ll have to wait for Spring too, just like us. But I think he’ll survive. A December wedding is only nice if you like snow and flight delays.” He laughed, and held Colin close, kissing the younger man’s perfect face, the combination of smooth skin and rough stubble an irresistible combination.


Part 29

Two months after he’d first arrived to live with his extended family, Phil was finally thriving. A measly five feet and three inches tall upon arrival, he now stood an even five foot six. Hardly tall, but to Phil, a vast improvement. His anemic 105 pounds had rounded out to a solid 145, which although hardly big, was enough improvement to leave Phil deliriously ecstatic about it. He’d sometimes stop and look in the mirror, staring in wonder at the faint muscles visible under his skin. His boniness was all but gone, replaced with healthy muscle. And his cock was finally normal, perhaps inching past that to above average. All in all, Phil’s life was finally headed in the right direction. And that made Dan very happy, and rather proud as well, as he knew that the biweekly mini-doses of spice had a big hand in that.

Dan changed into his gym clothes, tight shorts that were able to keep his equipment tucked up and a muscle t-shirt that just accentuated his amazing body. It was getting a bit chillier, but he could just throw on some sweats for the ride over. He went over to Phil’s door and knocked on it. “Are you ready?” he asked, his deep voice resonating.

Phil bounded out moments later, tugging on his sweatshirt, his faint abs momentarily visible. “You bet I am!” he smiled, as he bent to tie his shoes. “I can’t believe how good the gym has been going! Thanks for all your help showing me things…” He blushed momentarily as he thought of some of the other things he’d seen at the gym—huge men lifting iron, huge men in the showers. But Phil recovered quickly, and started down the stairs. “Let’s go!”

They drove over to the specialty gym, The Muscle Pit. It was a “hardcore” gym, but they welcomed Phil, as long as he was serious and didn’t interrupt the other men’s routines. The biggest of the big around town went there… which was apparently growing. Phil was noticing more and more men around the place, and bigger men, too. That day it was a little busy, so there was some time spent waiting for some of the busier stations to open up.

Phil was glad for the snug briefs he was wearing under his gym shorts, which tamed his swelling erection. Although he was usually pretty disciplined in the gym, waiting gave his eyes time to wander, and he couldn’t help but admire the sight of huge men sweating and grunting and straining, as they lifted heavy weights. He couldn’t come close to most of them, but they’d adopted him as a mascot of sorts, and in his more positive frame of mind, he accepted it as a compliment, and embraced it. Once, that would have been it, but now, he wasn’t planning on staying a mascot. No, he was going to be one of the big boys. Some day. He saw a bench open up, and headed toward it, eager to start up. He’d hated bench press at first, but now it was one of his favorites. “Bench is open, Dan…”

“Awesome, need me to help spot you?” he helpfully offered, sauntering over to his little cousin. He’d been working up quite a sweat himself. Ever since growing, he’d found his muscles LOVED to be challenged, so lifting the heaviest weights he could actually seemed to help keep him happy and sane. His muscle shirt was soaked and sticking close to his skin.

Phil grinned. “Yeah. You know me. Just a bit of spotting. Seems to help with the heavier weights. Got to challenge myself…” Phil lay back on the bench, and gripped the bar, having already stripped off most of the plates. The seventy pounds that he had left wasn’t much, but it beat the empty bar he’d started with. And when Dan spotted him, things seemed to work better. Looking up to see the shirt plastered to Dan’s massive pecs made Phil lift harder, made him more determined than ever to grow. After a couple sets, he asked Dan to slide another ten pounds on. “I feel good today, Dan. I think I can do eighty…” He grinned, even as sweat matted his hair to his forehead. “Can’t wait to break a hundred…”

The eighty pounds wobbled a bit, but with Dan’s spotting assistance, Phil was able to complete three sets. Finally, he lay back on the bench, exhausted, but grinning happily, his own shirt sweaty. “Thanks Dan. That was great!”

Dan smiled warmly. “No problem! I can see the workouts paying off…” he teased, poking Phil in the slightly beefier chest. It wasn’t bony anymore. There was some mass there. Soon to be more, Dan thought. Today was the day that Phil got more spice.

Phil chuckled, and sat up. He went about the rest of his workout happy, occasionally looking around as he rested between sets, noting the activities of those around him. Someday… he thought to himself …I’m going to be one of the huge guys…

When the workout was finally over, he headed for the showers, as usual. It was good to shower off, and he couldn’t help but pause before the mirror. He may have been the smallest guy in the gym, but he was so improved over his previous self, that he couldn’t help the huge grin that came as he looked at himself. Still grinning, he stepped in the shower, happily washing off his tired muscles.

A bigger man moseyed to the shower head next to Phil’s. It was a young man, probably a freshman or sophomore in college, with a thick neck and traps, leading to broad shoulders and nice, plump pecs hanging over trim abs that blew back out into meaty thighs. He had a buzzed head and some sparse hairs on his prominent chest. And a nice sausage was hanging off of him, about five inches limp! He nodded in acknowledgement at Phil as he turned on his shower head and started soaping up.

Phil nodded back, and couldn’t help but let his eyes linger, as he drank in the sight of the young man. Hardly in the league of a Stockwell, the man was still very nice to look at, and his thick cock made Phil’s mouth water. Phil finished showering, trying not to stare any more, and walked out to the locker area to dry off. As he walked past, he wondered if he imagined it: did the hot young stud’s eyes dart his way as he passed? Phil wasn’t sure, but decided to dry himself slowly, to see what was going to happen next. He could feel his cock stiffening though, and wrapped his towel around his waist as he heard the water in the shower shut off.

The nameless stud finished his shower not far after and made his own way back to the locker room. As he passed Phil, he gave him a friendly pat on the rump as he was drying off and winked.

Phil blushed, surprised by the attention. It was just friendly, of course… or was it? That wink struck him as… more. He was nervous. What if he’d misread it? He pulled on his clothes, glancing toward the mystery man out of the corner of his eye every now and then. The man was changing, his beautiful body enhanced by his workout and shower. And every now and then, the guy looked his way, and gave a little grin. Finally, Phil couldn’t take it anymore. He decided to throw caution to the wind. Grabbing his bag, he walked toward the exit, but then stopped. “Hi. I’m Phil.” he said, putting out his hand for a shake, glad he could keep the trembling out of his voice, trying not to be distracted by the young man’s beautiful pecs as he turned toward Phil.

“Yo, I’m Zach,” the guy said, his voice not much deeper than Phil’s as he took his hand into his firm grip and shook. “I’ve seen you around here lately and noticed the gains. You’re doin’ really good for what I’m assuming is a beginner?” he asked, smiling. He wasn’t trying to belittle Phil in any way. He was truly complimenting Phil on his progress.

Phil blushed. “Yeah. My cousin’s been helping me. Showing me the ropes and stuff. And so I guess I’ve been coming along… The last few months have been pretty sweet.” Phil was grinning now. “You look like you’ve been at it a while though, Zach. You must have been at it for years!” Phil felt a little more comfortable now, his shyness melting a bit. He let himself appraise Zach’s body more thoroughly now, and liked what he saw.

Zach brought his arms forward a bit and made his pecs pop out. “Yeah, sorta,” he chuckled. “Been working out since high school. It helped out a ton with my wrestling, got me a good spot at the local university. It’s always nice when people notice hard work in the gym,” he smiled.

“You wrestle? Cool!” Phil responded enthusiastically. He’d always liked the wrestler look—compact yet muscular and rock solid. Zach seemed to be at the upper end of wrestlers though, in Phil’s estimation. “You look like you probably win a lot of those. At least strength-wise…” Phil’s blush returned, just a little.

“Well… I can’t tell a lie!” Zach laughed, rubbing the back of his head, making his bicep pop. “Anyways… I just thought I’d break the ice with you because… well… you’re cute as a button!”

Phil’s blush deepened, and he almost pulled back. But something kept him there, and even gave him confidence he wouldn’t have had two months earlier. “Uh, thanks, Zach. I wouldn’t call you cute as a button. Handsome, hot, and maybe even dead sexy…” Phil grinned, surprised at his own boldness. “But buttons are usually small, and you’re a pretty big guy…” He couldn’t believe how forward he was being, but he couldn’t stop either.

Zach felt similarly emboldened by Phil’s talk and put a thick arm around him, bringing him closer. “Well… I guess we think alike, then,” he smiled, speaking softly so that only the two of them could hear. “Wanna go out some time, you and me?”

Phil couldn’t stop the grin that spread across his face. He almost asked “really?” but thought better of it. That was the old Phil. And although the old Phil was still lurking in there, for some reason, he was feeling confident today. Maybe it was increasing his bench, maybe it was something else. But Phil responded surprisingly smoothly. “As long as ’some time’ is sooner than later. I don’t think I can wait too long, Mr. Studly.”

“How about tomorrow? Gimme your cell number and I’ll give you a ring?” he grinned. Phil could feel the stud’s thick biceps pushing into his side. He liked it. He wanted to feel more of it.

Phil grinned. “I suppose tomorrow will be soon enough… barely…” He laughed. Moments later, Zach had his number, and Phil was heading out. It was a bit of a struggle to leave, but he knew that if he didn’t, he’d stay and stare at Zach all day. Besides, there was something to be said for not flinging himself at Zach all at once… that was for tomorrow. As he walked out, he saw Dan, already waiting for him. He couldn’t hide his grin as he walked up to his huge cousin. “I think I’m going on a date tomorrow,” he said, unable to keep it in any longer. “With a real stud!”

Dan was surprised. He still thought his cousin was pretty shy. And to think two months ago he’d barely come out of the closet and was a traumatized wreck! “Way to go, cuz! Tell me, what’s he like? Does he look like he has a big…?” he trailed off, grabbing his own bulge to let Phil know what he meant.

Phil laughed, and then blushed. “Well, uh… I don’t think there are many guys in town that are packing the way you are…” Phil giggled a bit, still blushing. “But, uh… well… Zach is… very nice. Very, very nice.” He grinned, and decided to elaborate. “I’d say about five inches, soft. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s double that, hard. Like I said, he’s a stud.” Phil chuckled, and felt himself swell under his shorts, as he flashed back in his mind to Zach standing under the shower, water cascading off his hard muscles, dripping off the end of his thick cock. Phil’s eyes closed momentarily as he embraced the momentary reverie, only to open when he realized his pants were beginning to tent. “All right Dan, I’ll let you in on more later. Like, after we’ve actually had a date!” He tried to sound gruff, but his excited grin at the end ruined the effect.

Dan giggled. “Okay, okay! But I’ll treat you to some coffee to commemorate the event!” They walked drove over to the local cafe and Dan paid for two coffees. While Phil was over at their table, he opened up Phil’s and took out one of the baggies he carried around and poured it into the cup, stirring it around. Time for Phil’s dose, after all!

Phil accepted the coffee gratefully, and took a long draught. “Ahh… That hits the spot…” he said slowly, as he enjoyed warmth of the coffee. It tasted a bit odd… like it had an unusual spice in it. A flavor Phil had tasted before, but never been able to put his finger on. Stronger than ever, though… in this coffee. There was something about it. Something that encouraged Phil to drink more. He quickly drained the cup down, and then sat with Dan, looking into the empty cup. Finally, he pulled his eyes away, and grinned at Dan. “Enough about my dates. What about you? You and Brandon an item yet? Or are you keeping your options open? I swear Coach Howard loves to have you demonstrate for gym class…” Phil couldn’t help but giggle, thinking about the times the coach put Dan in situations that were obviously designed to show off the young hulk’s size and strength.

Dan had the decency to blush. “Yeah, I think the coach has it out for me… Dunno how far he’s gonna go next time!” he said, ruefully. He didn’t like being shown off in front of the whole class like that… he would’ve gladly shown off for Coach Howard privately if he’d asked! “As for Brandon… we’re going slow, no rush,” he smiled. “But there’s definitely potential…” One of his hands was fiddling in his pocket when he felt something… another baggie. He took it out under the table to see what it was and saw… a quarter-dose of spice in the little baggie. Dan’s eyes bugged out.

If the quarter-dose was there… how much had he put in the coffee?! He liked to carry around a bit of spice on him so he had the option of changing someone if the opportunity arose, and it seems like he made the mistake of carrying both baggies on him at the same time today! Why hadn’t he paid more attention?!

As Dan realized his mistake, Phil was sitting back in his chair, suddenly looking quite sleepy. “Whoo… I guess that workout took more out of me than I thought…” he managed at last. He chuckled softly. “Feel like I’m about to fall asleep right now… So weird…” His eyes fluttered, as he fought to stay awake. But moments later, he was asleep. Clearly, the spice was more powerful than the caffeine in the coffee!

Dan panicked. If Phil was out like a light that quickly, how much had been in there?! It was coffee, for god’s sake! He hurriedly put Phil in his arms and took him back to the car, driving them both home. He put him back in his room and shut the door. He worried about what Phil might say after he woke up. He didn’t know if Phil would be clever enough to figure out what was going on… Dan didn’t want the fun to be over yet! He paced around the house nervously, thinking up excuses while Phil was in his room, growing.

Phil woke up two hours later, feeling exquisite. He got up out of bed, and immediately noticed that something was off. His clothes felt snug, and the bed was wrong too. Or rather, his feet hit the ground a millisecond or three faster than they were supposed to—just enough to notice. Phil looked in the mirror, and gasped. He looked good. Real good. He streaked out of the door, and ran into Dan, who was pacing. Phil was too excited to notice Dan’s seeming consternation. “Dan! I had a growth spurt! I must be an inch taller!” Phil was laughing excitedly. “Must’ve been why I got to 80 on my bench! My body was already growing or something!”

Dan breathed a sigh of relief. Phil wasn’t half a foot bigger or anything. It must not have been significantly more spice, maybe more like a full dose. He’d beefed up significantly, he was probably closer to 180 or 190… he wondered when Phil would notice the obvious increase other than his height. His clothes were tight… in all the right ways!

Phil walked away happily, to find some clothes that fit a bit better. After half an hour though, he came back out, and looked at Dan with bemused consternation. “Well, this latest growth spurt has rendered 90% of my clothes unwearable. They’re just too tight! I think I can get a few days together, and then I’ll need to get some new stuff. I don’t suppose I can get a ride to the mall tomorrow morning? I need something nice for my date. Unless I want to go as Mr. Skin-tight Clothes Guy.” Phil laughed, wondering if he should do just that.

“Maybe!” Dan joked, laughing. “Let’s see what you look like without a shirt on, c’mon! I wanna see what this spurt’s done to you,” Dan grinned. He knew Phil could become a stud if he just persevered.

Phil blushed, but then slowly started pulling his shirt off. Dan watched as Phil’s abs were slowly revealed, the muscles no longer flat, but rather nice cobblestones under Phil’s smooth skin. He lifted the shirt higher, and it got stuck around his lats and chest, his torso having finally achieved a modest but noticeable V-shape. He gave a few tugs, and then the shirt was finally off, revealing his chest. As he brought his arms down, his pecs took their resting shape, each clearly defined, with appreciable mass and a proud nipple crowning it. Phil grinned, but then caught a glance of himself in the mirror, and his jaw slackened, as he took in his own reflection. “This… this is crazy…” he whispered. His jaw rose as his mouth stretched into a grin.

“Damn… you’re turning into a stud with all your hard work!” Dan laughed, reaching over and giving Phil’s nipple a firm pinch as he winked at his smaller cousin. And he bet the boy’s cock hadn’t been left out of the equation, either.

Phil squeaked as his nipple was unexpectedly tweaked, then blushed red as he felt his cock twitch and swell in his too-tight shorts. “Knock it off Dan!” Phil scolded, but his grin wouldn’t go away, taking any sting out of it. He glanced in the mirror again, and Dan was momentarily forgotten. “Damn…” he whistled, as he reached down to cup his cock. It stretched out as he touched it through the fabric, getting longer and harder, tenting his shorts. Phil couldn’t help himself. He pulled the shorts down, letting his boner bounce free, a very respectable eight inches of hard fuckmeat. “I grew everywhere!” Phil commented, in wide-eyed awe.

“Well! Your new friend should be in for a pleasant surprise, then!” Dan chuckled, enjoying the fact that Phil was so amazed and obviously pleased by his growth. This is what he liked to see! Phil was stroking his newly grown cock up and down, testing it, almost.

Phil grinned. “I wonder what Zach will think… I hope he likes it…” The thought of Zach had Phil harder than ever, and he gripped his cock more firmly, giving it a good squeeze, making the head swell up. “Fuckk….” Phil panted, “it feels so different…” He gave it a few more strokes, his whole body shivering as he did, his other hand idly running over his hard stomach. “Can’t believe… so different… in one day!” He was grunting now, trying to concentrate as he jerked himself off. “Can’t believe… how awesome!”

Dan’s eyes grew big. His shy cousin was jerking off in front of him! Should he be watching? Should he… help? He was frozen in place watching the boy discover himself, revel in how big he’d gotten so quickly..

Phil was jerking himself off hard and fast now, his new muscles rippling, his enhanced biceps and triceps flexing with every stroke. He reached up to give his nipple a hearty tweak, and let out a low groan. He stared straight ahead at the mirror, watching himself, loving the sight of his new body at work. “Fffff—fuck…” he groaned, as he manhandled his dick roughly, before finally going stiff all over, as he sent a jolt of cum arcing out through the air, splattering against the mirror. “Oh fuckk… oh fuckk…” he panted, his strokes finally slowing. He gripped his cock hard, his eyes closing for a moment. Then he blushed crimson, as he realized he still had an audience. “Oh. Um. Er. Sorry, I… uh…” he looked uncertainly at Dan, then down at his cock, still squeezed in his hand. “Um. Sorry. I guess I, ah… got a bit. You know. Carried away. Um…”

Dan smiled warmly. “It’s okay, we all get carried away sometimes. Maybe I’ll let you catch me in the act sometime!” he joked, squeezing Phil’s new deltoid affectionately. He’d really turned Phil into a cute, muscled hunk. And he wasn’t done with him yet!


Part 30

Normally, Brandon would have been excited by the gains he was making in the gym. He dimly realized that he was having a growth spurt—it had been commented on at home. And he had grown a full inch—he stood a respectable 5’9” now—and had put on some muscle mass to go with it. His 175 pounds were lean and toned, and at one time, he might have been spending his days staring at mirrors in wonder. Instead, he stared at Dan. It was hard not to. The glorious brute had his eight inches in a permanent state of arousal, it seemed, his teenage hormones easy prey for the hulking young musclegod. He had to focus, to keep his grades from slipping, but it was a battle. He wondered if Dan’s example had made him lift harder, and produced his amazing new musculature. But mainly, he wondered when he would be able to get Dan into his studio again, to enjoy the huge stud’s body once more… to express his admiration in paint or clay… or other ways.

Dan remembered Brandon’s earlier offer, of course, and figured that the time was right to move forward with the young aspiring artist. He met up at Brandon’s locker after school, as usual, and told the cute kid, “Hey, remember when you said you wanted to, um, sculpt me? Well, if you were still interested, I’m free all afternoon…” He smiled bashfully, but truth was Dan was a sexual shark these days. He just knew what would excite Brandon.

Brandon’s eyes lit up, and he bit his lower lip without realizing it, his mind immediately filling with visions of Dan… how to best represent… nay, glorify… the magnificent being before him. “I’d love to!” Brandon managed at last, his face practically beaming. He blushed slightly at first, then more, as his mind raced through different ways to sculpt Dan, each more pornographic than the last. “I’d love to get you back into my studio, Dan… When you were last there… I haven’t been that inspired in ages!”

“Well, looks like I’ll have to get used to being a muse!” Dan joked, chuckling, which made the pecs underneath his custom-made long-sleeve shirt jump up and down. Darn this colder climate, it seriously hampered his ability to dress provocatively! “I really liked modeling for you last time. I think you’ve got a lot of great talent at your disposal,” he said, giving Brandon an ego-stroke along with stroking his strong fingers down Brandon’s developing arm.

Brandon shivered slightly, and his blush intensified, as he felt Dan’s big fingers run down his arm. “You bring it out in me, Dan…” he murmured, his voice trailing off bashfully. Then he brigthened, grinning. “I happen to have a new batch of clay…” he looked up and down Dan’s huge body, nothing the way it was impossible for Dan’s clothes to hide his freakish mass. When Dan’s pecs bounced, Brandon felt a moment of faintness come over him, his mind swimming while his eyes remained fixed on Dan’s massive chest. “I’m glad you like being my model, Dan… I’ve never had one like you…” he managed at last. His eight inches were already tenting his pants terribly, but he hardly noticed. After going around aroused day after day since Dan arrived in his life, he’d rarely been flaccid.

As the boys were walking toward Brandon’s house, they passed the cafe and Dan knew this was the best opportunity he’d get all day to dose Brandon with more spice. This was a coffee town, and few people refused a nice cup of joe. “Hey, how about I buy you a cup of coffee to thank you for making me a part of your artistic process?” he asked. He realized it barely made sense after it left his lips, but he hoped it was flattering enough to make Brandon look past that.

Brandon looked up at Dan, and blinked owlishly a few times. “Coffee? First? Uh, sure. Of course!” He smiled, although a small part of him was snarling to be denied studio time with Dan, even for a few minutes. Still, he had to be patient… he was so close! So he smiled, and followed Dan into the cafe, taking a moment to admire the powerful glutes and massive legs that propelled the giant forward. “Um, just a latte for me, really,” he said, sitting down at a table, his fingers drumming on the surface, trying not to let his impatience show too much.

Dan bought the latte and went over to the stand with condiments, pretending to put some more cream or sugar inside of the already-sweet latte. If Brandon had been a bit more observant, he might’ve thought it odd, but he was looking more at Dan’s muscles than his actions. The muscular boy slyly took out a bit of spice from a baggie in his pocket. It was about a full dose’s worth. He decided it was time to give Brandon a bigger jolt. He licked his lips at how great just another half a dose had been the second time he dosed him, sneaking it onto his meatloaf at school. He emptied the baggie into the latte and stirred it up extra good to give it to the artsy lad. “Okay, we can start walking back to your place,” he assured him, handing him the hot drink.

Brandon brightened immediately, when he realized that this detour had been shorter than expected. He sipped at the latte occasionally, grateful for the warmth on the chilly day, but not seriously drinking much. He was too busy, his mind torn between the artistic inspiration flooding through him, and the baser lusts that wracked his loins. He’d desperately wanted to sculpt a replica of Dan’s magnificent cock… and he happened to have clay on hand… He shivered at the thought, and took another sip of his latte. It tasted odd, he thought distantly, yet it was a familiar oddness. Brandon put it out of his mind, and though to Dan’s cock again. Huge, potent, just the right number and arrangement of veins… Brandon felt his excitement rise, and tamped it down, not wanting to stumble if all the blood rushed from his head to his cock. (Not that he wasn’t already painfully hard.) He grinned with relief as they arrived at his home, and he walked straight to the studio door, unlocking it and beckoning Dan inside. “I’ll turn up the heat a bit,” he announced, fiddling with the dial. Today, he wanted his model comfortably warm—the better to model nude, after all.

Dan slid off his jacket and unbuttoned a few of the top buttons of his shirt as the heat rose. “Thanks, it was kinda nippy out there!” he said, rubbing his arms up and down to warm up. The biceps bulged like watermelons about to burst! “So, uh, what were you wanting me to model for your art, Brandon? I’ll do whatever you want,” he offered, trying to let the boy know that he was up for anything. Anything at all.

Brandon shivered, and took a long draught of his latte. His brain fuzzed a bit, but he fought it. He couldn’t just fall asleep! Not when Dan was right here, telling him Brandon could do what he wanted! He took off his own jacket, barely able to take his eyes off Dan’s massive arms. Brandon hesitated for a moment, wondering if he had the boldness to go through with this… But as he looked Dan up and down, and felt the warmth of his spiced latte fill him, he became more confident… and certainly hornier. It didn’t stop the blush from rising in his cheeks though. He stepped forward. “I’d love to model your anatomy, Dan… at life size. Just that, well, I only have so much clay… but I think that there’s one part of you in particular, that the clay should be just right for…. Brandon chewed his lower lip, and grinned slightly, as he reached out to cup Dan’s big package.

Dan’s cock jerked as he gasped at the sudden but expected gesture. It swelled a bit with blood at the welcome attention, giving Brandon a bit more to cup. “Yeah? You sure you have enough clay?” he teased. “But seriously, that’d be cool with you? It wouldn’t… be too weird? Cuz I’ll do it if you really want me to…”

Brandon fixed Dan with a gaze that had surprising heat behind it—intense and raw, filled with hunger. “Dan…” Brandon rasped, his throat suddenly dry, “I’ve already tasted your cock… your big, beautiful, magnificent cock… And I want to capture it, forever, in clay… In all its glory…” He grabbed his latte and took another swig to wet his throat, as he ran his hand over Dan’s bulging crotch, feeling it harden and swell.

Dan could see the spice starting to work, increasing Brandon’s libido, filling him with strength and fresh, new muscle. His shirt was starting to bulge with it. Such a cute hunk he was becoming. “Well, since you ask so nicely,” he chuckled, starting to unfasten his pants. “Hope you want it hard, cuz it’ll be hard to go soft with all of this attention it’s getting…”

Brandon smirked devilishly, watching Dan slowly unzip his pants, the magnificent bulge beneath slowly emerging. “I wouldn’t want it any other way… in fact, I’d thought about doing it soft, but realized that wouldn’t work… For one, it should be represented in its fully glory, and two, I don’t think I’d be able to stand letting you stay soft very long!” Brandon was starting to feel a little warm, but he pushed it aside ruthlessly. He reached forward, and grabbed Dan’s pants, and slowly pulled them down, having to give a few firm tugs to get them down around Dan’s monstrous thighs. But at last he was successful, and able to admire Dan’s huge legs. He ran his hands up them, feeling their outrageous contours, until at last he reached Dan’s tight underwear. He grinned, and reached out, letting his fingers trace the freaky bulge that pushed outward, smiling wider as he felt the monster beneath the fabric tremble and push forward in response to his touch. “Why don’t you lie down on the bed…” Brandon said at last, “So I can sit next to you and sculpt your cock properly…”

Dan nodded as he went over to the bed in the corner of the room, clad only in his straining underwear, and laid down. His bulge mounded up like a mountain, announcing the boy’s unnatural virility with a shout. He hooked his fingers around the waistband and slowly, ever so slowly, peeled it down off of his hips, exposing more and more flesh as it got closer to unveiling his package again for the drooling artist.

When it finally got to the bulge, he had to slightly raise himself off of the bed to pass the fabric over his glutes and it had trouble making it over the hill of his genitals until it seemed to all at once catch up and glide over the mound of flesh, unveiling the pink cock flesh in all its wonder. As the fabric continued its descent, the half-hard log of meat and the two melons attached to it flopped out, splaying themselves on his hips and legs. Content to leave the underwear halfway down his legs, Dan started manipulating his cock, starting to give it soft strokes to stimulate its ascent.

Brandon shivered as he watched the incredible display, feeling his own cock strain against his pants mightily. He ignored it of course, as best as he could, anyway, drawing up a stool and a small table, and putting a very large lump of clay upon it. He took another draught of latte, and blinked several times as he felt the hot, strangely spicy liquid go down his throat. He looked over at Dan, watching the huge young man pump his big dick, and nearly lost it right there. He had to close his eyes momentarily, and squeeze his legs together to keep control. After a minute, he opened his eyes again, and was greeted by the sight of Dan still working his big tool over, the huge rod bigger and harder than when Brandon first tried to avoid it. He took a deep breath, and then put his hands to the clay, running his fingers over it, squeezing it upward and outward, the rough contours of a shape slowly emerging… an oversized shaft, rising from two huge oblong balls…

And so the two young artists, one of clay and one of muscle, worked with their given mediums, both becoming larger and more defined in shape. Soon Dan’s cock was towering above his waist, over two feet long and fat as hell. “There we go, think that’s fully hard. Hope it’s a good enough subject for you,” he told Brandon, laying back and smiling at him innocently.

Brandon’s hands worked their magic, even as he stared in awe and lust at the huge tower of flesh that rose from Dan’s massive body, the young artists’ own lust rising with every passing second. His attentions to the clay became more refined, his strokes smoother, as the clay cock slowly took shape, big and powerful just like its model… the big head emerging under Brandon’s talented fingers, even a few veins starting to appear, running up the powerful shaft. “It’s a beautiful subject…” Brandon breathed softly, as he looked back and forth now, comparing the original cock to its clay duplicate, trying to get every last detail perfect. It was hard not to run his tongue up the huge replica he was crafting, hard not to try and make love to it. He might have given in, if the original hadn’t been so close. He could almost feel the heat off of Dan, it seemed. He pulled off his own shirt and tossed it aside, not bothering to look where it went, revealing his own toned, muscular torso. Unbeknownst to him, the spice was doing its work. But his focus on Dan’s cock was too intense for him to notice, even as sweat trickled down his temples and onto his newly built pecs.

Wow, Dan thought, a full dose was doing a number on Brandon! Those pecs had merely been flat plates of developing muscle before, now they were nicely thickening, bulking, rounding out around the edges. His abs were getting more defined, more firm, his lats spreading into more of a handsome V shape. His shoulders were capping with ripped muscle, his traps elevating and neck increasing in girth. This arms were beautiful, too, perfect muscular curves and an obvious tenderness and strength in those forearms as they bolstered Brandon’s work with his hands.

Brandon focused intently on the clay cock, glancing from time to time at the real thing, putting his lust and desire into his art, lovingly crafting every last inch of the clay replica. He didn’t just shape the clay, he caressed it. His fingers working their magic on the the clay version of Dan’s magnificent manhood. It was like Brandon was making love to it, his fingers pressing against it sensuously, drawing out minute details—a bit of vein here, a crease in the skin there. All in all, it was a wildly erotic piece of art. When Brandon was finally finished, he sat back on his stool, a satisfied grin on his cute face. “So, what do you think?” he asked, glancing over at Dan and chewing his lower lip seductively.

“I think it almost looks better than the real thing!” Dan said honestly, agog at how fast Brandon had worked to create such a piece of art. And yes, it was art. Even though it was a cock spearing up into the air, it had a nobility to it, an essence of masculinity that surpassed being just a representation of a cock. No, this was the seat of virility, the symbol of all male beauty. Brandon saw all of that in just his cock?! And Brandon himself had been sculpted well from the spice, looking significantly beefier, more muscular, stronger, hunkier… Sweat rolled down the smaller boy’s neck, rolling over his thicker pecs and dangling from a nipple. It was nippy outside, but it was sweltering in the studio!

Brandon got off the stool, and went to the sink, washing the clay off of his hands. His brain was fogged—by spice and by lust—and he took deep breaths, trying to get his bearings. Was his chest always so prominent? So muscular? He watched a drop of sweat travel down his chest, and plummet into the sink. Damn he felt horny…. He dried his hands, and walked back toward the bed, slowly pulling down his pants as he did, kicking them aside. His underwear soon followed, letting his eight and a half inches bob free. He headed straight for Dan, like a man possessed, intent on his prey. He stood next to the bed, letting his hand rest upon Dan’s massive upper arm. “I’m glad you like it, Dan… it is pretty good… but mere clay can’t hold up to the original…” He let his hands wander up Dan’s huge arm, across the giant delt, and then walked it across Dan’s massive pec, feeling the thick slab of solid beef. “Nothing compares to the original…” he breathed, staring at the huge head of Dan’s monster muscledick.

Dan flexed his cock, making it bob as he also exerted his control over his pecs, making them ripple and swell. He could see the spice still wasn’t quite done with the boy, still adding some bulk, some definition, especially at his genitals, which kept cruising from eight and half inches, reaching nine and still not quite satisfied, it seemed. Dan licked his lips. “Well, I don’t like to toot my own horn… I like to have other guys do it for me,” he teased.

Brandon’s grin turned mischievous. “I bet you do, big man…” he purred, climbing up onto the bed, and then onto Dan, his muscular young body straddling the massive musclegod’s powerful waist. He reached forward, taking hold of the huge fucktool gently, running his hands up it slowly, using just enough pressure to send shivers through Dan. Brandon gripped it firmly now, holding it in place, as he leaned forward and gave the thick cockhead a soft kiss. The kiss was followed by Brandon’s tongue, which caressed the big helmet slowly at first, exploring its taste, shape, and size. But Brandon became faster, his excitement growing, leading his tongue to whip around the big head while his hands squeezed the powerful shaft, feeling the veins pulse beneath, feeling the big rod stretch upward, hardening.

Brandon had stronger hands now, but this was a big, strong cock, too! Dan merely moaned out in lust and appreciation as Brandon toyed with his huge dick. It’s what it was there for, after all, to give other men and himself as much pleasure as it could! It bloated up half a size bigger, getting poised to release its precious load.

Brandon could feel Dan’s pleasure building, and it drove him on. His own dick was throbbing madly, the head pressed against Dan’s huge member. He ran his hands up and down that member eagerly, pushing and squeezing, trying to draw Dan out, trying to get a second taste of Dan’s seed. He reached down and gripped Dan’s huge nuts, rubbing and squeezing them, while his mouth struggled to take in Dan’s big cockhead, trying desperately to inhale the oversized bulb of flesh. He pulled on Dan’s cum-laden balls, then returned to squeezing the shaft, just as he used his new strength to finally force his mouth down onto Dan’s huge dickhead. Brandon shuddered with pleasure at his accomplishment, his firm glutes flexing and pressing against Dan’s powerful abs, as Brandon jerked Dan’s huge shaft with renewed vigor, his new strength allowing him to squeeze it harder and more credibly than ever before, his lust driving him on as he worked the huge tool over, grunting softly, his moans of pleasure muffled by the giant cock that was jammed into his mouth.

The determination of Brandon was getting Dan off, big time. He couldn’t hold back anymore when he bellowed and his helmet swelled yet again before it unleashed the first volley of thick cum, filling up Brandon’s appreciative mouth as he sloppily sucked the massive cock.

Brandon wondered distantly if he would have even been able to pull off of Dan’s huge cock, once the head swelled up inside his mouth and began unleashing its huge load. Not that it mattered… Brandon had no intention of letting go. Instead, he sucked eagerly, grunting softly, squeezing the root of Dan’s giant, spasming cock appreciatively, trying to coax more testosterone laden seed into his mouth. He drank as much as he could, struggling to keep it all in. Nonetheless, a small amount escaped, forcing its way out, dripping out of the corners of his mouth and down his chin. But Brandon kept at it, sucking as hard as he could, wanting to gulp down as much as he could.

After a few minutes of this, Dan’s balls finally emptied, leaving Dan a satisfied, sighing giant of a teen. “Oh fuck, Brandon, hope it wasn’t too much for ya… I cum an awful lot,” he moaned, rubbing his pecs lazily.

Brandon pulled off the big head, but gave Dan’s huge cock a few more licks before finally falling back onto Dan’s giant torso, his mouth full of the taste of musclegod cum, his stomach warm with it as well. “Only a little got past me, big man…” Brandon sighed softly, “And someday, I hope to drink every last drop… Not waste one bit!” He laughed softly, and climbed up Dan’s huge pecs, resting atop them while he looked at the face of his huge lover. He craned his neck forward, until his lips were a mere inch from Dan’s. “You are delicious…” he breathed, before moving in for a kiss.

Dan tenderly kissed him for several minutes before they parted. “What about you? How can your muse inspire you now?” he asked, reaching a massive hand over to grope and massage Brandon’s larger butt, appreciating the gain in muscle, how shapely and bubbled it made that ass, the firmness of it…

Brandon blushed, feeling Dan’s powerful hands roam his ass. “I’m going to take that big cock of yours, you know. Gonna take it and ride it for all its worth… I just got to get to the right size… luckily, I’ve been growing, it seems.” Brandon was more right than he knew, of course, not yet properly realizing that he had been growing during today’s art and sex session. Instead, Brandon let his hands wander the expanse of Dan’s gigantic chest, caressing and cupping the huge pecs, pushing back so that his strong glutes rubbed against the base of Dan’s powerful shaft. “Just you wait, Dan… I’m gonna ride that huge cock of yours…

“Oh, I believe you. And I want that day, too. Everyone is too fuckin’ small for me to fuck properly, I want that to change,” he growled. It was the truth. He hadn’t had a proper bout of anal sex since he’d moved! He wanted to get off Brandon today, though, so he took some of the used-up cum from his cock and lubed one of his fingers, pressing it between Brandon’s luscious butt cheeks and pushing into his anus slowly but firmly. He felt Brandon’s cock go stiff as a rod between their abs. It felt larger than nine inches now, maybe nine and a half… he was gonna have a real nice bulge to show off around town now!

Brandon gasped as he felt Dan’s big digit penetrate him, felt it move up into him. “Oh… oh fuck… I can’t believe… just a finger!” he gasped. He grabbed Dan’s big pecs to steady himself, and then a wicked grin came over his face. He slowly let his hands travel outwards, until they came to Dan’s thick nips. “How about doubling up in there, big man…?” Brandon purred, squirming a bit on Dan’s big finger, while his own hands poked and prodded Dan’s thick nips, teasing the big man. Brandon felt his dick press against Dan’s powerful abs, and it only increased his desire.

“Aw, shit! Careful with those! They’re real sensitive…” Dan gasped, his exhausted cock trying to throb back to life after feeling the stimulation in his chest. He put another finger along with the original into Brandon’s ass, loosening him up and plunging deeper into his eager ass. Wow, what a hot guy Brandon was turning into!

Brandon’s back arched as he felt a second finger enter his ass. A shiver ran through him, and his dick surged, pushing hard against Dan’s powerful stomach. “Oh fuck yes….!” Brandon hissed, squeezing his ass around Dan’s fingers, trying to pull them in. He took Dan’s nipples between his fingers and started to pull and twist, knowing it would drive the big man wild, and wanting to produce exactly that! “Oh fuck yes, big man, loosen me up! Someday, I want that big cock in there!”

“Shit, Brandon!” Dan growled, his cock not being able to handle the stimulation and swelling back up to its full length and girth, looking red and bloated and angry. He was breathing hard as he still fingered the boy’s ass, pushing a third inside, searching for Brandon’s prostate. He needed to get him off!

Brandon howled, his strong legs trying to squeeze Dan’s huge torso, but unable to get around Dan’s huge bulk properly. His dick was so hard, so raw… he felt the fingers up his ass, stretching it further than he thought possible, opening him wide for something massive… but still, he did not think that he could take all of Dan. He felt Dan move into him forcefully, felt his big dick rub against Dan’s huge abs in the process. He groaned with pleasure, giving Dan’s nips a cruel twist, half to tease the big man, half because he couldn’t hold on to anything else. His recently-enhanced cock throbbed, red and angry, and pulsed in anticipation. As Dan pumped his ass, Brandon groaned and howled, and finally, after much panting and grunting, he shot, his dick unloading its load all over Dan, cum shooting up between the huge musclefreak’s pecs and running down his powerful abs, leading like a trail back to Brandon’s cock. The smaller man shot for a while more, and then collapsed onto Dan’s monster chest, breathing heavily, spent, as the last of his cum dripped out, pooling on Dan’s giant abs.

The heat in the room had only gotten worse, the tampered thermostat and the hot sex making the boys both perspire, sweat making their skin stick together as well as the semen coating between the two of them. Dan tenderly rubbed Brandon’s head and kissed it. “You were great, man. Real hot. You’re a total teen stud,” he told him, and he meant it. He looked smokin’ hot. And he’d only get bigger, according to his plans.

Brandon chuckled softly, idly letting his fingers travel across Dan’s huge torso. “Thanks Dan, but you’re the total stud, and we both know it…” He put one of his legs back, making sure it would brush against Dan’s huge cock. “And at some point, I am going to take that great big dick of yours. Just you wait.” Brandon’s laugh was nearly a giggle. “At least I have a replica to study now… so I know what I have to do…”

“Careful that the replica doesn’t become outdated,” Dan lustily warned with a devilish grin. “We’re growing boys after all…” he tensed his pecs and gave Brandon’s meatier ass a firm grip, to emphasize his point that the two boys were definitely on a journey together.

Brandon shuddered, feeling Dan’s hand grip his recently-stretched ass. “Mm… you think so? Going to get even bigger?” He rubbed his leg up and down Dan’s giant member. “Well I better get cracking then, so I can keep ahead of you. I don’t care what it takes. I’m going to find a way to make my ass fuckable by that thing!” Brandon laughed, and glanced over at his sculpture. It was big, the clay replica. Bigger than any other man he’d ever seen, or even heard of. The thought of it getting even bigger made Brandon very, very horny…


Part 31

Given the Stockwell family’s need for large amounts of nourishment, Dan had become a regular at Mr. Hoffer’s store. Twice already, he’d brought “special” sandwiches, and had been pleased with how dramatically the older man had transformed, growing to a very impressive 6’4” tall, and a mind-blowingly muscular 290 pounds. Hoffer himself had enjoyed the changes immensely, and had taken to fucking numerous men with his foot-long dick, using his new size, power, and vigor to make up for some of the times that he hadn’t been quite so virile. But he always looked forward to Dan, to seeing the huge young man in all his bloated splendor, thinking back to when he had first gone to dinner at the Stockwell residence, and the powerful good time Dan’s cock had shown him after dinner.

Dan had decided to pay the middle-aged man another visit, under the guise of having leftovers and wanting to offer some to the big man. It got easier to get him to accept the food after he’d started blowing up; a man that size needed food at all hours of the day! He’d also joined up at the gym, blending in with the rest of the muscleheads (and breaking some hearts in the locker room, if rumors held true). Dan liked growing older men as much as he enjoyed growing boys his own age, for different reasons.

With younger guys, it was about taking that natural growth potential and exaggerating and embellishing it beyond nature’s intent. For men like Mr. Hoffer, it felt like he was giving them the gift of their youth back; powerful, flexible, sex-starved bodies that they could’ve only dreamed of! He packed the sandwich and headed out into the cool autumn weather. It didn’t take long to reach the store and he waved a friendly greeting at his neighborhood grocer.

Mr. Hoffer waved back, the muscles of his big arms jumping to attention. He only wore short sleeves in his store now, regardless of weather. He flashed Dan a big grin, drawing himself up. Even though he didn’t have half of Dan’s mass, being big made him feel good, made him feel as if he had something to offer the young god that walked toward him. “How have you been doing, Dan? And your father? And Colin?” Mr. Hoffer leaned against the counter, his hands supporting him, his big triceps standing to attention. “What can I do for you today?”

“Just passin’ through and I thought of you. My dad packed me this leftover sandwich from dinner last night, but I’m not hungry and thought a fellow big man might enjoy it,” he smiled. He liked to see how Mr. Hoffer brightened up whenever he complimented his new size. It helped reaffirm that he was doing something good by improving the physiques of all these men.

Hoffer’s grin brightened, even as a bit of a blush spread across his cheeks at the compliment. “Well, if you really aren’t hungry… hard to believe, big boy like you…” But he took the sandwich nonetheless, and smiled at Dan. “These sandwiches of yours are much appreciated, Dan. I mean, I can afford a sandwich myself, of course… I own the grocery! But it’s still a nice gesture.” Hoffer unwrapped the sandwich, and took a big bite. “Delicious as always!” He took another, chewing happily. “You know Dan, ever since you’ve come to town, it seems like my whole life has changed. I don’t know what it is, but it’s been incredible!” He took another hearty bite of sandwich. “And what about you? Finally settled in here?”

“Yup! Lotsa friendly guys, especially at the Muscle Pit… I mean, I had no idea when we moved here what a gay mecca this place is… probably more of us queers per capita than San Francisco!” he joked, although it seemed with each passing day that more and more evidence was mounting up to support that claim. With the amount of lust-driven stares he got from the men of the town, he wondered just how straight some of the supposedly straight men were, too. “And I’m glad you associate me with all the good things in your life!” he blushed.

Mr. Hoffer grinned. “Well, this town has always had a good number of us man-loving types… But it certainly seems to be bubbling to the surface more, lately…” He took a huge bite of sandwich, devouring it hungrily, while his eyes raked across Dan’s huge body. “And the Muscle Pit is great. I’ve really been enjoying myself there lately. Love pumping my muscles… love pumping… other things…” He gave Dan a sly grin, as he shoved the last of the sandwich into his hungry mouth. He chewed it quickly, his big neck writhing as he swallowed. “Another damn fine sandwich, Dan, thank you very much!”

“No prob! How ’bout you show me the progress you’ve been making at the Pit, then?” Dan knew it didn’t take much these days to make Mr. Hoffer show off his muscles. He was proud of building them up so much later in his life and he wasn’t shy about advertising them!

Hoffer grinned, and brought up his arms, giving each a long, slow flex, bending his arms and tensing them, the big biceps rising impressively from his huge arms. “Twenty-two inches, cold, as of last week. Twenty-three and a half when flexed, like now,” he announced proudly. His face became a bit flushed, as the spice raced through his system, his skin reddening a bit. He shook his head, trying to banish the sudden tiredness that was creeping into him. “I know you’re much bigger, Dan, but if you’d like to give ’em a squeeze, It’d be much appreciated…”

“Sure I will! Never turned down an opportunity to feel another guy’s muscles,” he pointed out with a grin as he reached forward and grabbed a handful of the meaty muscle. It was hard and veined and totally hot to touch! It didn’t matter how big it was, muscle was a total turn-on to Dan! He tried not to totally chub up in public, but the act was definitely making his cock snake down his sweats. “You heard about that bodybuilding competition city hall is organizing? You should think about competing…”

Hoffer let out a soft growl, pleasure at the feeling of Dan’s strong young hands on his biceps, pleasure at the thought of a competition, full of big powerful men to fuck. “Rrreally?” he asked, blinking rapidly as he felt tiredness assault him again. His flexing faltered momentarily, but he struggled back, tensing his biceps harder than ever, wanting to impress the young god in front of him. His foot long cock was rapidly approaching full size, making his pants bulge freakily. “I hope they have age classes, so I don’t have to compete against you!” he chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be in the main competition, I want it to be fair for you guys,” he said. He wasn’t trying to be conceited or snotty. It was just a fact; he was bigger than anyone else in town, probably in the world, and if put up against the smaller men he’d easily win. “You okay, Mr. Hoffer? You seem tired. It’s important to get plenty of rest if you want your muscles to grow to their biggest.”

Hoffer nodded, blinking slowly. “Y-yes… I guess sometimes, I forget my age… the excitement of all this muscle. I’ve felt so vibrant and alive lately, but right now…” He walked to the front door, and locked it, switching the sign from ’open’ to ’closed.’ “Haven’t had to do that in a while…” he chuckled, heading toward his living quarters, which were attached to the store. He paused, leaning against a wall. “So tired… Dan, I don’t suppose you’d mind helping me to my room? It’s just down the hall.” Mr. Hoffer didn’t realize it yet, but Dan could see that Hoffer’s shirt was already a little more snug than before…

“Of course, always eager to help my elders,” he said as he lent a hand to the grocer and helped him down to his bedroom, placing him gingerly on his soft bed. “Sweet dreams, Mr. Hoffer,” he softly said, the man already half-asleep as the boy planted a soft kiss on his lips. A little present he won’t even remember when he wakes up, Dan thought devilishly. He’d put more than a full dose in that sandwich, more like a dose and a half of spice. Once men got to a certain size, it seemed like they were more willing to accept radical gains, so Dan fully planned on exploiting that!

The kiss seemed to produce a reaction in Mr. Hoffer, who groaned and writhed on the bed, fast asleep. His cock, however, seemed very much awake, pressing against his pants, a growing bulge threatening to burst forth. In fact, the pants themselves were starting to look quite snug, hugging his huge thighs dangerously, the muscle development increasingly visible under the fabric, as Hoffer’s body grew. He let out another groan, his voice a bit deeper, as his frame lengthened and spread, producing more space for muscle to grow. And grow it did, swelling beneath his shirt and pants, pressing against the clothes until the seams began to pop, one by one, splitting to reveal the skin beneath. Mr. Hoffer was growing prodigiously, his ever-larger muscles tearing through fabric now, making short work of his shirt and pants, leaving him clad in shreds of cloth and a very overtaxed jock strap.

Dan had decided to take care of the front of the store, taking customers and ringing them up. He’d hate to have the man lose a significant amount of business just because Dan wanted to see him grow. Things were pretty slow, however, just a few people he needed to help. He would keep going back to check on Hoffer’s progress, seeing that his dose of spice was proving to be very, very efficient! When Hoffer’s clothes were ruined, he quickly tore the rest of the tatters off of him. Maybe he could convince him he removed his clothes before going to bed. The man was simply gorgeous, virile and huge now, though!

As Dan took care of the last customer of the day, and closed up shop, he thought he heard a noise from the back. As he looked around the corner, he saw a figure down the hall, staggering out of Hoffer’s room. But whereas Hoffer had been big, this man has huge. The dim light illuminating his outrageous curves and bulges, his imposing height, his huge, hard cock, thrust out from his body like the prow of a ship. He looked down the hall at Dan, and his cock stiffened further. “Get down here Dan…” the figure growled roughly, heading back into the room.

Hearing a command as, well, COMMANDING as that shot straight to Dan’s dick, which bloated a bit and made the boy want to obey it. He did as he was told and followed the huge figure. He hadn’t overdone it, had he?

Dan hurried down to the room, and looked in the doorway. He was greeted by the sight of Mr. Hoffer, looking at a mirror, studying himself. His face serious, in command. He slowly raised his arms and flexed, his biceps rising to freakish heights, huge and powerful, significantly bigger than before. “Get in here, boy…” Hoffer growled, not looking at Dan, not taking his eyes away from his own reflection, but pointing to a spot on the floor in front of him.

Dan felt compelled to obey the distinguished older man as he sat down in front of him, looking at Mr. Hoffer’s majesty. He was huge, now, bigger than the pros and clearly aware of that fact. He was very clearly a middle-aged man, still… but a middle-aged man who could bend a steel bar in half. The gray at his temples just made him look experienced.

Hoffer went through a series of poses, admiring his massive new physique, reveling in Dan’s rapt attention. After he was satisfied that he had taken in his new size, he turned to his big young admirer. “I feel big, Dan. Very, very big,” he rumbled simply, his voice deep and resonant. “And I like it. And it’s made me horny as fuck.” He reached down, cupping his big balls, letting his hand travel up his sixteen inch shaft. He gave the head a solid squeeze, but showed no visible reaction. He just stared at himself in the mirror, serious, commanding. Then he returned his gaze to Dan. “Give those legs a feel, boy. Feel how hard they are, how thick…” He stepped toward Dan and flexed his mighty quads, the huge cords of muscle bulging outward freakishly, his thighs like tree trunks.

They were pale in comparison to Dan’s own, but his own size didn’t enter into his appreciation of the male body. These were freaky quads and he wanted to worship them! He gripped them with his strong hands, feeling the striation and separation between muscle groups, rubbing his smooth face against them, licking to feel the fibers along his tongue. The friendly neighborhood grocer had become a bossy, domineering muscle god and Dan didn’t mind one bit!

Hoffer watched expressionless as Dan showed his appreciation for the grocer’s new wheels, flexing his huge quads, twisting them this way or that, occasionally showing off his big calves as well. Without a word of warning, he turned, his back to Dan. His huge, flared, freaky back, with huge mounds of muscle bulging outward on top, leading down to a tapered yet powerful waist. Big, thick, firm glutes capped his huge legs, and he slowly flexed those glutes, the striations appearing, inches away from Dan, looking like twin pumpkins.

Without even being asked, Dan felt compelled to touch, to test, to taste. He ran his fingers over the domed magnificence of that bodybuilder’s bubble butt, rubbing up against it, his tongue leaving a trail of saliva dripping down his cheeks, down the deep crack between them.

Hoffer maintained his self control, despite the wonders that Dan was working on his ass. It just made him tighten his glutes more, flex them harder. He reached back, his strong hand finding the back of Dan’s head. He pulled the young god forward, mashing Dan’s face against his powerful glutes, silently encouraging Dan to do more. When he was satisfied, he turned again, and Dan saw Hoffer’s big cock fill his vision. The older man loomed over him silently, slowly flexing and unflexing his massive pecs, staring down intently.

Dan was momentarily stunned. That glare was so powerful, the muscles so big, the cock so inviting… he didn’t know what he wanted to do first! He needed direction, he needed the older man to tell him what to do. “Please, sir,” he asked politely, respectfully. “How can I please you?”

Dan felt the big cockhead press against his lips, then slide around them, against his cheek, leaving a trail of pre behind. It was thick, and hot, and while the head was spongy, the shaft was very, very hard. “Lube me up, boy…” Hoffer growled, sliding his cock back until it pressed against Dan’s lips once more. “Lube me up for when we get to the main event…” He reached forward, put both of his hands on the back of Dan’s head, and slowly guided the massive young man forward.

Dan opened his mouth and skillfully sucked the older man’s cock inside of his mouth. He’d taken bigger cocks than this before, but not for a while, it was exciting to do it again! He sweetly sucked on it, getting sloppy with his spit, letting it dribble down Mr. Hoffer’s length, dripping off of his furry balls. It had been even longer since anyone had thought to fuck him. His ass throbbed in anticipation!

Hoffer was clearly enjoying himself, based on the way his cock throbbed and swelled in Dan’s mouth. He pulled Dan forward roughly, pushing the young musclefreak down on his big dick, shoving it into Dan’s thick neck. His breaths became quicker, and finally he pushed Dan back roughly. Mr. Hoffer loomed over him, his powerful chest rising and falling with deep breaths, his big cock glistening with spit and pre. “Bend over, boy…” he growled, “I want you on all fours…” His big dick strained in anticipation.

Dan obeyed, loving the hot daddy side he was starting to see from the kindly Mr. Hoffer. “All yours, sir. I can take it,” he assured him, spreading his huge ass cheeks for easier access.

“I know you can, boy,” Mr. Hoffer purred, as he positioned himself behind Dan, his big tool nuzzling against Dan’s huge glutes. “That’s why this is going to be so much fun. No need to hold back!” With a growl, Hoffer pushed forward, shoving his sixteen incher in roughly, the thick shaft penetrating Dan with ease. Hoffer snarled with pleasure, grabbing Dan’s huge lats firmly and holding on as he began slamming his big dick home, using his newfound strength to really pound Dan’s ass hard. “How big do you suppose I am?” he asked, growling the words out between powerful thrusts, “375? Maybe even 400?” The numbers seemed to excite him more, and were accompanied by particularly energetic examples of Hoffer’s cock slamming deep and hard into Dan’s ass. “Fuck! I feel like a million bucks! Two!” Hoffer grunted and started pushing in harder and faster, gripping Dan’s hips, holding the huge young muscleman in place as he pounded him furiously, driving his cock in like a jackhammer.

“I… I don’t know!” Dan yelped. It was true, he didn’t. Maybe he could really be 400, it was hard to tell. No normal weight scale would work at this size, at any rate. “You’re just so huge, Mr. Hoffer. So much bigger than all those other bodybuilders. You deserve to show off your muscle, to let everyone know how big and strong you are!” Dan didn’t know where all of this talk was coming from, but it felt so right and natural as it spewed out of his mouth as he was getting long-dicked by that massive storekeeper.

Hoffer was driving in deeper and harder, getting turned on by Dan’s words. “Going to show them, yes… show them how big… fuck…” He was truly doing a number on Dan’s ass now, slamming into him in a way that Dan hadn’t experienced for quite some time. “So fuckin’ big… Huge… Massive… Want more… more! More!!” He was roaring now, shouting out “more!” with every thrust, panting and shouting and ramming Dan as hard as he could, using his massive strength to drive home his big tool. At last his roars became wordless, and even louder, as his cock spasmed and swelled, unleashing a massive load of hot, thick jizz up Dan’s powerful muscle ass. Hoffer kept pumping it, every one of his massive muscles flexed due to the intensity of his orgasm, his dick sending cascades of pleasure through him. Eventually, his pumping slowed, then finally ceased. He lay his huge torso atop Dan’s massive one, as his dick squeezed out the last bits of cum into the huge muscleteen.

Dan shuddered. That had been intense. Sex with another true musclefreak was satisfying on a level that couldn’t be compared. He knew it just got better and better the bigger the partner was. “Thank you, sir,” he groaned as he felt what seemed like a gallon of cum slosh around inside of him.

Mr. Hoffer chuckled softly, some of his old warmth returning, as the cold musclebeast persona faded away, sated for now. “You’re welcome, boy. I haven’t had sex like that since I was twenty, I don’t think. So I should be thanking you as well.” Slowly, he pulled his dick out of Dan’s rump, giving the powerful glutes an appreciative squeeze before standing. He looked in the mirror and smiled, striking a quick pose. “Damn, I can’t believe how good I look. Not as big as you, but… damn, Dan…”

Dan pulled his sweats and shirt back on and sat up, flushed and excited. “Yeah, you’re huge all right! Awesome, huh? You feel more confident about taking the stage with all that meat now? You could definitely cause a ruckus!”

The musclebeast flashed in Hoffer’s eyes briefly, as his softening dick surged momentarily. “I can’t wait to get this meat on stage, Dan… Can’t wait to cram it into a tiny poser, have it pushed out for all the world to see, along with my huge body…” He chuckled softly as his dick rose a bit further. “Although I think I may have to cause a ruckus at the gym first… Show them a thing or two…” He looked at Dan and laughed, “Although I don’t know how many of them will be able to take what you just did…”

“Yeah, you gotta take it easy on the little guys,” Dan advised with a smile, getting to his feet and casting his huge shadow over Mr. Hoffer, a reminder that greater muscle heights still existed. “If you ever feel like you wanna go wild like you did just now, though… lemme know,” he said with a wink.

Hoffer’s grin seemed to go from ear to ear. “Believe me, Dan. I plan to take you up on that. I don’t think the boys at the gym will be able to keep me satisfied for long. I’d hate to break any of them, after all…” He rummaged in a drawer, and pulled out a pair of underwear, and pulled them on. They barely managed to get over his huge thighs, and only by stretching beyond their normal limits. When pulled up, his ass and package bulged out obscenely. He patted the bulge happily though, and gave Dan a wink. “And any time you need a good pounding, you feel free to let me know. I’m always up for some rough sex.”

“Why, Mr. Hoffer! You’re positively crude!” Dan chuckled in mock-offense at the older man’s beastly attitude toward sex. Really, he found it scorching hot as it tweaked a nerve inside of him that had needed to be tweaked ever since he’d moved.

Hoffer growled playfully, and stepped closer, pushing his big chest against Dan’s huge torso. Even though he was shorter and less massive than Dan, the man still had presence. “You loved every minute of it, boy. Don’t you forget that!” He stepped back, laughing, and reached up to give one of Dan’s thick nips a short tweak. “Next time, I think I’ll fuck you while I grab these and squeeze them…” he purred, his eyes narrowing, like a hunter stalking prey.

Dan gasped as his cock inflated so fast it almost ripped out of his sweatpants. Shit, this codger had his number! It seems he’d unlocked and witnessed a dark, sexual side of Mr. Hoffman that the man kept behind closed doors. Now he’d ripped the doors off the hinges and unleashed a possibly dangerous sexual predator and all Dan could think about was how glorious it would be to get reamed by him! “I don’t know whether to be excited or scared,” he said honestly to the domineering man.

Mr. Hoffer chuckled, a sound rich and enticing, dark and dangerous. “Both, boy. You should be both…” He let one finger trace around Dan’s huge pecs, down the young man’s deep cut abs, around the side and to the sweatpants covered ass. Hoffer stood behind Dan, gripped his glutes, and gave them a squeeze. “Feel that?” Hoffer breathed, leaning in close, his big pecs brushing up against Dan’s back, “Feel how strong my hands are? How they knead the muscle of your beautiful young ass?” He chuckled softly. “I want you to remember this little session… remember it, and look forward to next time… big boy…” He gave Dan’s ass another good squeeze, then slowly let his hands reach around the huge young man to give Dan’s hard cock a squeeze. “Remember how I make you feel, Dan…” he purred darkly.

It took all of Dan’s concentration not to cum right there in his sweats as the older man possessively groped him. “Yes, sir,” he moaned, reluctantly breaking the hold as he stepped forward. “I… I have to be getting home now, Dad… Dad’ll wonder where I am…” he said, distracted and addled from the blood entering another vital organ. “See you later, Mr. Hoffer,” he said softly as he exited the store.

Mr. Hoffer watched Dan go, standing in the doorway, clad in nothing but his much-too-small underwear. His face betrayed nothing, but inside, he was wearing a lecherous grin. The boy had loved it. And that meant the boy would be back. He couldn’t wait.


Part 32

Red Howard woke before the alarm, the room only dimly lit in the early morning light. He lay awake for a moment, then slowly raised his big arms, reaching forward into the air, getting a good stretch in. He closed his eyes again, hoping for a few more minutes of sleep, but the hardness between his legs was rather insistent. He opened his eyes again, and looked down. Down over the two meaty mounds of his powerful chest, down over his muscled gut, down to where his cock rose, pushing the sheet up like a tent pole. It was so very hard, this morning, even though he’d fucked Stan like a fiend last night. He looked over at the smaller man sleeping next to him, and felt his cock swell with desire. A smile came to his lips, and he brought one hand onto Stan’s beautiful ass, slowly pulling the sheet away, revealing the soft round spheres. Red squeezed them gently, one after the other, feeling his lust rising.

“Mmmfff…” Stan Enwright mumbled into the pillows, his butt shifting a bit as he tried to shake off the intrusion. The pert mounds flexed and released and did nothing to quell Red’s early morning lust. Seeing them in motion was even better than admiring them at a standstill. He felt a drop of precum swell out of his cock and dampen the bed sheet.

Red pushed the sheets aside, tossing them to the floor. His cock stood up, thick and proud, a solid seven inches. He reached down and touched it, and shivered as it sent a wave of excitement through him. He was so fucking horny… He turned to Stan, still barely sleeping, and grinned. His lovely little Stan, so cute and gentle. Such a good fuck, too. Red looked down at Stan’s ass, and reached down again, resting his thick arm on Stan’s back, grabbing the smaller man’s glutes, giving them a more intense massage, one by one, going back and forth, loosening Stan up a bit.

“Nnnnggghhhnooo, too earlyyyy…” came the drowsy response from the smaller man. Stan had gotten fucked hard last night and was tired and wanted to sleep, thank you very much. He didn’t know where Red got so much energy.

Red rolled over, pushing his big torso against Stan. “Can’t help it, babe. I’m so fuckin’ horny this morning… and you know how you get me going…” Red nuzzled Stan’s ear a bit, pushing against it with his nose, with his goateed mouth, taking Stan’s earlobe between his lips and pulling on it playfully. He made sure to push his thick chest against Stan’s shoulder, as he reached down to massage Stan’s ass a bit more gently, while nonetheless heading deeper in, toying with the hole a bit. “Last night was fun, wasn’t it?”

“Fuck, is it even six in the morning yet?” Stan whined, more awake now that he felt the brute weighing down on him. His own cock was sore and slow to perk up even though the ministrations were delightful and he always liked feeling Red’s furry chest against him.

“We could fuck until six…” Red purred, running his hand down Stan’s legs a bit, caressing the inner thighs in a way that he knew put Stan on edge. “An encore to last night?” He brought his hand back up, and found Stan’s balls, which he massaged gently. “You know how I can be in the mornings, sometimes… I know you’ve liked it. Don’t pretend you haven’t…”

“But I need to sleep, you fucked me raw last night,” Stan whined again. It was true, he still ached a bit. And they’d gotten four hours of sleep, maybe. He really didn’t feel like it and he hoped Red would get the hint and leave him alone for the moment, but if history taught him anything…

“And you loved every minute of it…” Red purred, feeling a surge of aggression in him. Stan was being difficult, and that wasn’t helping his erection one bit. It was time for a more direct approach. He wrapped his big arms around Stan, rolling onto his back, pulling Stan onto him, face up. Stan could feel Red’s hard dick against his lower back. Red reached around Stan’s body, running his fingers down Stan’s torso, until he found what he was looking for. Stan’s big cock. He let his fingers travel over it slowly, teasing it, exploring. Even soft, it was impressive—quite unexpected for a slender, ordinary man like Stan.

“S-Stop…” Stan meekly, half-heartedly protested as he felt those big rough fingers start to squeeze life into his tired cock. It was so spent that the coming erection would be a bit painful, he knew it, but it also felt good, real good. Having a big cock was embarrassing at times, but when it came to pleasure, having more meant feeling more! He whimpered as his cock reached its full eleven inch majesty. He knew Red was a bit of a size queen and got off on big cocks, even if he was such a top.

Red was grinning under Stan now, as he felt his lover’s cock grow to its full size. The two inches of height Stan had on him never concerned him much—how could it, when Red was so much more muscular? He had a good ninety pounds on his lover these days, more than enough to secure his position as the dominant partner of the two. But Stan’s magnificent cock always gave him pause. He loved it. And he knew it was Stan’s weakness too. He played with the big shaft, working his fingers up and down it sensuously, pausing to run a finger around the big head. “You sure you want me to stop?” Red asked, his finger pressed against the sensitive spot where the head and shaft meet.

Stan could only just moan, barely able to articulate words. It hurt… but it also didn’t. His cock certainly was friendly to Red’s touch, swelling so fast, responding rapturously to his ministrations. His cock slapped him in his abdomen, the head big, read, swollen from the previous night’s activities.

Red’s grin widened, taking Stan’s moans of pleasure for agreement. He continued to play with Stan’s big manhood, while his other hand grabbed his own, and moved it into position under his partner. He shuddered with pleasure as he felt Stan’s ass cheeks around his tool, the soft skin like silk against his rough rod. He pushed toward Stan’s entry, and found it. He slowly pulled his hand away, letting Stan’s weight carry him down and onto Red’s waiting dick.

“NNGGGHHH!!!” he grunted as he felt the fat dick drive its way in. It wasn’t super long, but it was wide and his ass had been pounded pretty well the night before, so it wasn’t eager to see its playmate return so soon. After it had sunk all the way inside, Red began thrusting his hips, tossing Stan up and down slightly, jostling him up and down on his cock. It almost made Stan cry out in pain and pleasure.

“Awww yeah….” Red groaned, feeling his cock sink into Stan. “Such a perfect ass…” He gave Stan’s big member a momentary break, moving his hands up to caress Stan’s chest. Stan wasn’t a big man, so he didn’t have a lot of thickness there, but he did have nipples. Perfect, pert nipples, just right for pulling on. And squeezing. And twisting. Red did them all gleefully, knowing that the erotic torture would drive Stan wild. He craned his neck upward, and nibbled on Stan’s ear, while giving him a good fuck and torturing his nipples expertly.

“Oh fuck, Red!!!” Stan moaned, giving Red all the encouragement he needed to continue his ravishment of the man. The feeling that Stan was almost his property turned him on a lot. He loved Stan, they’d been together for years, that wasn’t being questioned. But being able to take a man and just do whatever he wanted with him was stimulating in a way that was hard to deny. Right now Stan was his sex toy and that’s how he liked it!

Red knew he had Stan right where he wanted him—physically and mentally. He let his hands travel down Stan’s torso, down to his slender hips. Slowly, he brought them inward, surrounding Stan’s waist with his beefy arms, encircling Stan’s cock with his hands, interlocking his fingers around the big pole. Finally in position, he let rip, his own thrusts increasing in power, slamming his rock hard cock into Stan. With every powerful thrust, Stan’s body would gain upward momentum, only to be kept down by Red’s powerful arms. Nonetheless, there was enough movement to make Stan’s cock travel up and down Red’s grasp, sending lances of stimulation through Stan, even as Red bucked and groaned and grunted and shouted beneath him.

They kept this up for minutes. It seemed that the high school coach’s cock was insatiable and couldn’t get enough of fucking the English teacher’s butt. Stan kept crying out as his cock got manhandled, his whole body the bigger man’s plaything. Eventually he heard the grunting beneath him and felt the warm wetness invade his insides again. Fuck, it felt so good to be full of his seed again!

Red’s body came alive as he orgasmed, every muscle flexing at once, a rough growl ripping free from his thick throat. But soon Red slowed his thrusts, and then stopped them. His cock, still hard, was spasming powerfully inside Stan, each throb delivering more manmilk into the smaller man. “Mmmm… fuck yeah…” Red groaned, feeling Stan writhe atop his thick tool. He turned his attentions to Stan’s own member. After all, he was hardly the sort to leave his lover wanting. He stroked it up and down gently at first, marveling, as always, at how long and thick and hard and perfect Stan’s eleven inch wonder was. He ran his fingers around the fleshy head, while other fingers fondled the smaller man’s balls. “You like that?” he purred, “You like having a big muscleman fill you up with dick ’n’ cum?”

“YES!!!” he cried out. He did! He loved muscle, he loved getting fucked, he loved Red! He wasn’t strictly a bottom, but he enjoyed the fuckings Red gave him. He had just been exhausted that morning. But… the payoff of jism inside his butt reminded him of why he loved sex! His cock throbbed powerfully, ready to explode.

“Awww YEAH!” Red cried out, grinning, giving his hips one more mighty buck upwards into Stan, while his hands worked over those eleven inches like a fiend possessed them. Red took long, deep breaths, groaning, as he jerked Stan off expertly, their years together having given him insight into just how to please his lover. He grinned, feeling Stan’s big shaft shudder and shake, knowing that it was coming.

Stan moaned and a slow, thick orgasm oozed from his cock. He had big balls, but even they had been drained last night, leaving not much in the way of theatrics this morning. But the feeling was incredibly intense for him, despite it not being spectacular to observe. He panted, clutching at Red’s muscles.

Red grinned as he felt the warm, viscous fluid run over his hands. He brought his hand up to tease Stan’s leaking cockhead, drawing gasps and moans of agony and delight from the smaller man. He lowered himself back to the bed, and wrapped his big arms around Stan’s chest, knowing how much Stan loved that. He lay back, holding Stan close, letting the afterglow of his own orgasm wash over him.

“Oh fuck, Red, th-thanks…” he moaned, being convinced that sex had been what he wanted all along after the fact. “Can you let me off of your cock? I wanna turn around,” he squirmed.

Red grinned, and brought his hands down under Stan’s ass. Slowly, he hoisted Stan up, the muscles of his arms and chest flexing impressively. He knew that Stan got a kick out of stuff like that, and he wouldn’t pretend it wasn’t a huge turn on for him too. His cock stiffened briefly as he lifted, but came free. He set Stan down gently, still smiling in post-coital bliss.

Stan turned around and got his skinny arms round his man as much as he could and smiled, his head sticking into the cleavage of the man’s hefty pecs. “You’ve been a real beast in the gym lately, it’s showing…” he purred, nibbling a bit at Red’s pec meat.

Red groaned softly, but couldn’t help the beaming smile that stretched across his face. He flexed his pecs slowly, letting them mound up under Stan’s face, then slowly relaxed them again. “Ten pounds since school started… Kind of hard not to give a hundred and ten percent, when I’ve got you-know-who in my gym class.” Red chuckled softly. “Must be genetics, or something. I saw his dad the other day. Not quite as big, but still, gigantic! Freakiness must run in the family…” He brought his big arms around Stan, holding the smaller man close. “So yeah, I’ve been lifting and eating like mad. Up to 255… and I fucking love it!”

“Well that’s great! I love having a big, strong man to do things around the house!” Stan joked, nuzzling against the huge mounds of muscle. “Just… damn, go easier on me! My ass is rubbed raw!” he complained.

Red chuckled softly. “You know you loved it, Stan. You always did. One of these days, I just might go easier on you… just so you can see how boring it is!” He ran his thick fingers through Stan’s hair affectionately. “Be kind of a shame to have this big body, and not use it to its full potential, don’t you think?”

He shrugged. “I wouldn’t know… maybe I should ask that Stockwell kid this morning!” he chuckled. It was the highlight of their day, getting to teach such a massive, well-endowed, handsome kid. And Stan was quickly finding out what a good student he was, too! It was surprising. Usually, the studs were more preoccupied trying to fuck around with the cheerleaders than doing homework.

Red growled playfully, “I think young Stockwell would give your ass a pounding that would leave you unable to walk!” He reached back, and gave Stan’s ass a playful squeeze. He continued, speaking in mock outrage, “Oh sure, if poor, old, long-term Red is fucking you, it’s, ’Oh Red, not so hard!’” Red continued, his voice a mock falsetto, “But now I hear you want to start asking the biggest, freakiest man in town about how he uses his dick?” Red chuckled, and tried to regain his composure, but couldn’t. Finally, he collapsed into laughing. “If you do ask him, be sure to let me know. Maybe he does three-somes!”

Stan chuckled politely but it secretly made him feel bad when Red made fun of him like that. Shortly after, the two of them went about their morning routines and drove to work. Stan Enwright was going over his lesson plan in his classroom when he saw Dan and his little artistic friend walk in. Stan sighed. There went physical perfection. Some guys had it all. He’d never been a super fitness freak, and he doubted he had the genetics for it, but he’d recently regretted not taking weightlifting more seriously. Maybe if he had, he’d get a bit more respect from Red.

Dan Stockwell and Brandon Dumarque took their usual seats, chatting amiably. Stan vaguely heard some discussion of paint from Brandon, which was unsurprising. The boy was an artistic prodigy, they said. Stan just wished he could get the kid to stop confusing “there,”

“their,” and “they’re.” He flipped through the day’s lesson, when a few more words caught his ears. Things like “paint you” and “something more daring” and so on. He looked up. Dan and Brandon were still talking. Stan squinted for a moment. Brandon had been a bit shorter, hadn’t he? At the beginning of the year? And certainly, he didn’t remember the lad having those nice shoulders… Stan sighed softly, briefly cursing the amazing powers of youth.

Boys these days seemed to get it all. The younger generation seemed better and better looking. It was one of the downsides to teaching high school. You were always keenly aware of how the later generations were bettering the ones that came before. And for an already talented kid like Brandon to be so good-looking and well-formed… fuck, he didn’t need the extra strain on his cock, that was for sure. Usually he tended not to come out from behind his desk or podium, for fear of his cock’s immensity being found out due to the amount of blood that would always race into it when Dan showed up.

Despite Stan Enwright’s best efforts, word had started to get around the school. When you had an hour-long, eleven-inch erection, five days a week, every week, at some point, it would get noticed. And once a few had seen it, word spread, and everyone else knew to look. “Mr. Enwright’s Beast” they called it. For his part, Dan found it strangely endearing, the way Enwright tried to hide his arousal. Given the way half the school popped wood when he was around, it was strange to have someone still try to hide it. For his part, Brandon found the whole thing amusingly silly. He’d draw little pictures of bulging crotches in his notes, where he knew Dan could see, shooting the occasional sly grin to his massive neighbor.

“I mean, gosh, you don’t see me going around being super-embarrassed about my junk,” he whispered to Brandon during class that morning. “Dude should just chill out about it, it’s a lot more than most people have!”

Brandon stifled a laugh, or at least tried to. “Until you showed up, he was probably the biggest cock in school. Just that nobody knew it. Well, except Coach.” Brandon grinned slyly. “I wonder how they do it… you know. Who fucks who?” He looked back at where Mr. Enwright was writing on the board, his back to the class. It was always amusing to watch Stan Enwright go to the board. A book as cover until he turned to face the wall—the dance had been awkward at first, but got smoother with practice. Brandon turned back to Dan. “He’s probably all embarrassed about getting boned over a student. Not that half the other teaches don’t. Even Coach gets a chubby for you, and he’s Enwright’s boyfriend!”

Dan had the decency to blush. “Well, too bad Enwright always has to be so uptight. Even Coach doesn’t bother beating around the bush, havin’ me push extra weights and correcting my form by walking up behind me and making sure I know he’s got a bulge for me. It’s more awkward in my opinion when the guy acts like he doesn’t know what to do. Poor guy really needs to just… let loose…” he said, the gears in his head turning.

Class progressed with its usual awkwardness. Stanley Enwright tried, truly, to teach. Clauses and conjunctions and the rules of punctuation, with some literature thrown in. All of it taught facing the board, seated at the desk, or standing behind a solid podium, which had not been there at the beginning of the year. Finally, at the end of class, it was time to hand back assignments. As usual, Enwright sat at his desk, a stack of papers beside him, and handed them to students as they filed out. Several had extra notations on them, including, today, Dan’s A-scoring essay. It read, “L.J.?” with “see me after school” underneath.

“L.J.?” Dan asked, blinking. “What do you need to see me after school for, Mr. Enwright? I’m not in trouble am I?” Dan was a little confused. He’d gotten a good grade, hadn’t he?

“O-oh uh, no, no! Not in trouble at all, Dan!” Enwright stammered. “’L.J.’ means ’Literary Journal.’ I was wondering if you wanted to submit your essay. But I thought I’d talk to you about it later. I know you have to hurry to your next class now.” He was trying to control his cock, which throbbed madly, despite the workout it had received that morning and the night before.

“Oh, right…” he said, nodding and going out the door, ducking and turning like usual. FUCK! He was so tall and wide he couldn’t fit! And it seemed like he was almost too thick for it, too! It was enough to send Stan into a dry orgasm. The wisdom of that early morning fuck seemed to show through right about then.

Stan watched as Dan wedged himself through the door. Usually, the hulking young man managed, through practice, but today it was off. As soon as Dan and Brandon were away, Stan jumped up, and ran out the room, down the hall to the teacher’s restroom. One or two students giggled, seeing Mr. Enwright’s Beast pressed against the crotch of his pants, but he didn’t mind. He shut himself in a stall, and pulled down his pants. His big erection sprang free, thick and hard and red, but thankfully dry. He’d taken to keeping extra underwear in his desk, after the first unfortunate incident. Today though, was not so bad. He tucked his dick back into his underwear and pants, trying to minimize its appearance, and exited the restroom, making the trek back to his classroom, which was already filling up.

The day went by and Dan showed up at Mr. Enwright’s classroom at the end of the day, just like he was told to. “So, you wanted to talk to me about a literary journal…?” he asked his teacher. He honestly didn’t see what the big fuss was over that essay.

As usual, Enwright sat at his desk. His dick had had the entire day to recover, and it had already started getting hard during his final period, in anticipation. “Yes Dan. Your essay was very, very good. Showed remarkable insights. And, well, since I’m the advisor to the literary journal, I often ask my students if they’d like to submit material, if it’s good.” Enwright paused briefly. Dan couldn’t help but notice that the man had seemed almost at ease for a moment—something that quickly passed. “And well, uh, if you wanted to join the journal, well, um, that’s an option too. If you have time. And interest.”

“Jeez, you really think I’m good enough, huh?” Dan asked, scratching his head, making the ball of his biceps explode. “I mean, all I did was write what I thought it was like being a gay teenager. I’m sure any number of boys here could’ve written the same thing…” And it was true, it seemed like every other week or so, some guy was coming out to the school. Dan wondered what it was about this town… or maybe it was his own presence that inspired boys to come out of the closet. He wasn’t sure he was comfortable with that sort of responsibility on his broad shoulders.

“That’s just it!” Enwright responded, somewhat forcefully. “Maybe they could. Maybe. But they didn’t! And clearly, there’s a need for that story, for that narrative, for that… experience to be shared…” Enwright had stood up during his impromptu speech, forgetting his boner, forgetting the need to hide it. And it certainly was not hidden, thrusting upward under his slacks dangerously. He sat back down as he finished, blushing. “And, well, uhm. Of course, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. It’s your work. But, Dan, I hope you’ll consider. Consider submitting it. So others can read it too. If you’re comfortable with that… ”

“Well, okay, I guess I trust you…” Dan blushed. He’d never seen the teacher get so worked up. Over something that wasn’t himself, that is to say. Suddenly Enwright’s phone lit up and the man stammered, saying it was a personal call and went out into the hall to take it. Dan wondered if it was Coach, speaking dirty to his lover. He giggled at that and looked over his teacher’s desk to see Enwright’s afternoon coffee. The gears clicked in Dan’s head again. The man needed to loosen up. Maybe some physical confidence would do the trick. Guys had been sprouting up lately, so he felt a little bold and put in two doses of spice from his portable stash when he made sure Enwright wasn’t looking and stirred it up. He felt lucky that guys in this town were so nuts for java.

Mr. Enwright returned a few minutes later, blushing furiously, his dick as stiff as ever. It had been Red on the phone. Apparently, the coach had seen Dan head toward the room, and had decided to call in, and give his boyfriend a good-natured hard time. Stan’s protests that it was about the Literary Journal had been met with mock disbelief, followed by coy suggestions that Stan invite Dan to the gym for some after hours cardio work. Enwright had finally had enough, and ended the call, as Red laughed. He came back in to the room, again forgetting to hide his erection. “My apologies, Dan. And thank you for agreeing to submit this. I think it’ll be one of the better pieces in this year’s journal…”

“Thanks… I’m submitting it on one condition, though. I don’t want you to have to hide that package in your slacks anymore,” he said confidently.

Enwright’s eyes suddenly went wide, looking almost as if they’d pop right out of his head. “Wha- what was that?” he asked, trembling slightly, not believing what he’d just heard from the young stud. “What, what do you mean, Dan?”

“Everyone knows you try to hide your penis, Mr. Enwright. I think we’d all be more comfortable if you didn’t bother. It’s actually distracting when you try to hold books and stuff in front of it,” he said plainly.

Enwright sat at his desk, silent, his face redder than it had ever been. “Everybody… everybody knows?” he asked softly. He closed his eyes, and fumbled for the cup of coffee. He raised it to his lips, and began to gulp thirstily, anything to distract him from what Dan had just said.

Dan nodded. “And it’s a big one, too. I think you should be proud of it. Anyways, that’s the deal. My essay for your word that you’ll just chill out a bit, okay?” He patted Mr. Enwright on the shoulder and left, smirking at how shocked the teacher had been. He couldn’t care less if his essay was published or not, he just wanted an excuse to call him out on that. If he wanted his essay badly enough, he knew what he could do.

Stan Enwright sat back in his desk. He had no intention of complying with Dan’s unusual condition, of course. Expose his erection to the whole school? To all the students? And not just any erection… an extra-large, to boot! He sat back, holding the essay in one hand, the cup of coffee in the other. It was a good essay… And everyone did already know… but no, he couldn’t do that… could he? He drank the last of the coffee, and set the cup down, feeling a bit strange. Probably the excitement of it all… But feeling so heavy. Like he was weighted down with lead. So sleepy… Stanley Enwright slumped back in his chair, losing consciousness, but his dick remaining as hard as ever, as the spice did its work…

The sun was setting as he slowly woke back up. Had he seriously just taken a nap at his desk?! Shit, Red would be just about finishing with football practice and be getting ready to collect him for the ride home. He sat back up and immediately knew that something was strange. Different. He felt… drafty. He looked down slowly and his eyes grew wide as saucers. This… this was different. Way different.

It wasn’t the drafts, so much, he saw. It was the way his clothing had become torn. His pants had burst open around the crotch area, and his dick lay there, thick and hearty, seemingly even bigger than he remembered, as impossible as that sounded. But that was the start of the differences, not the end. He looked at the way his thighs filled his pants, thick and strong. He shifted in his seat, and immediately felt his shirt stretch across his shoulders, back, and chest, tight and constricting. “What’s going on here?” he asked softly, and noticed that even his voice was a touch different, being a little deeper. He looked around, disoriented. But then something brought him back to reality: his cock was hardening, lengthening, stiffening. He watched it grow, and realized it was now even bigger than its already-impressive eleven inches had been. “What the fuck…?” he asked the air, uncharacteristically vulgar in his speech.

As he breathed in a gasp, the first two buttons on his shirt blew off, revealing pecs… and not just any pecs. Nice, big, thick ones that had been suffering inside his too-tight shirt. He reached to touch them, to see if they were real and a bulging bicep ripped out of his sleeve and a beefy lat tore the seams on the side of his shirt. Holy crap, he had muscles! Big ones!

There had to be an explanation for this, he thought to himself. Muscles don’t just suddenly appear… it must be… a dream…? Yes, that would make sense. A strange, rather realistic dream. A dream where he had grown larger and stronger… He grinned softly. A dream where he was quite athletic and muscular, it turned out. He stood up, and couldn’t believe how big his boner was, thrusting out of his crotch like that. He wrapped a hand around it, and was gratified to see how little his hand could hold. If this was a dream, it couldn’t hurt to enjoy it, could it? He brought his hands up his taut, hard stomach, up to his thick chest, hidden under the tight cloth. He chuckled, and then groaned softly, as his fingers pressed against his nipples.

A few fat beads of precum oozed out of his large cock head and sat proudly at the top of that summit for a few seconds before trickling down, coating the sides of his cock with slickness. He rubbed it in and moaned. Wow. Bigger cock, bigger pleasure. That made sense, he supposed.

As Stan explored his big dick, Coach Howard was heading down the hall, whistling softly. He knew he’d given Stan a hard time earlier, and hoped his slender boyfriend wouldn’t be too pissed about that. Maybe he’d just have to make it up to Stan later… Red Howard stopped in mid thought, as he opened the door to Stan’s room. The man at the desk was Stan. But Stan with ripped clothes. And looking very good underneath. With a big dick in his hands…. even bigger than before… Howard stepped inside, head spinning. He closed the door behind him, still staring at the big, sexy, Stan-like being at the desk.

Stan finally looked over and smirked. There was Red, looking dumbfounded. Of course, why wouldn’t he be there? This was his dream, after all. And what could he do in his dreams that he’d always wanted to do in real life, but was afraid to? “Well, hello there, big guy,” he purred, taking his hands off of his cock for a moment to stand up straight. He was a few inches taller. He seemed even bigger to himself than he had a moment ago. His muscles were BIG. Bodybuilder big! He spread and stretched them some more, causing more tearing of his clothes. Flesh ripped out, beautiful, soft flesh that covered rock hard muscles.

Red couldn’t believe his eyes. Who was this beautiful pod person, who had replaced his Stan? He stepped forward, intrigued and worried. “Wha- Stan? Is that you? What’s going on?” For all his concerns, he couldn’t deny that he found the whole thing hot… his own dick had gone stiff at the sight of Stan, and was now pressed against his gym shorts quite visibly. He stepped forward again, approaching Stan… “What… what’s going on, Stan?”

“You’re in my dream… which means I get to do to you whatever I want,” he growled, stepping forward. His thigh muscles quaked with every step. He wasn’t used to the sensation of having so much beef to command. He LIKED it! “I’m gonna fuck you, Red. Fuck you real hard.”

Red took a step back. He was worried. Who was this new Stan? So big and suddenly dominant? It worried him, the sudden aggression he saw. But his cock ached with desire. “N- now Stan… maybe… maybe we should get you to a doc… see what’s going on… or maybe… maybe docs don’t know about this, but…” He stopped as Stan reached him, grabbing him, pulling him close into a mind-searing kiss, passion and lust racing through him. He could feel Stan sliding his shorts down, and then his underwear, exposing his hard cock and beefy ass. He didn’t know what was going on. He thought to push back, to push Stan away, but somehow, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. “How… how about I fuck that beautiful ass of yours?” he asked, stammering.

“How about my monster cock drills that hole between your hot lifter’s butt cheeks, buddy?” Stan growled, excited with the erotic prospect of that. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d gotten to top Red… In fact, had he ever? He wanted to, at any rate. What better time than now? He could share the dream with Red later and they’d have a good laugh about it. “Up to you how we do this…”

Red looked down at the huge torpedo between Stan’s suddenly muscular legs. “It’s… it’s so big…” he groaned, wanting it and fearing it all at once. He chewed his lower lip nervously, even as his fingers stretched forward, brushing against the big tool, confirming that it was real. “Oh man…” he wheezed, staring at the big dick in awe and fear. He let his finger trace down a particularly prominent vein, shuddering with pleasurable anticipation as he did so.

flexed his big chest in his lover’s face, loving the new control he had over his body. It made him feel so… seductive! “How about it? Wanna give it a try, tough guy? Or… are you not man enough?” he taunted, rubbing the huge cock up against the man’s clothed gut.

Red didn’t know what was more shocking: Stan’s new body, Stan’s new attitude, or his own sudden desire to see if he could, in fact, take the big piece of meat that Stan was now packing. “Let… let me lube it up a bit first…” he said shakily, going to his knees. From his new perspective, he could see just how impressive Stan’s never-small jewels had become. Big, potent balls hung beneath the mighty shaft. Red leaned in, gave each ball a respectful lick, and then worked his tongue up and down Stan’s big shaft, trying to get it as slick as possible.

“Lemme help ya with that…” he smirked, pumping out some more precum that glazed his cock to perfection. Damn! He’d never been much of a leaker, but he’d always wanted to be… this definitely was a dream! More and more precum flowed from his huge cock head and he reveled in Red taking the time out to worship his cock.

Red couldn’t believe how much pre was coming out of Stan’s big dick… although given the size of the man’s balls and tool, maybe it shouldn’t have been so surprising. He worshipped it eagerly with his tongue, making sure to get saliva and pre everywhere on it, working his way from the root up to the tip, back down, then back up again. Finally, he kissed the thick head, and stood. “Damn that thing is big…” he groaned in lust-filled amazement. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside, revealing his thick pecs, his firm gut with its blocky abs, his strong arms. “All right, Stan, you think you can take me? We’ll see…”

Stan’s pecs rippled and his biceps tightened. “Is that a challenge?”

Red couldn’t help himself. There was something exciting about Stan getting so… aggressive. “Yeah, I guess it is…” Red sent a ripple through his own thick pecs. “You want to get that big dick in my muscled ass, you got to pay for admission!”

Stan growled, lunging forward and locking hands with his boyfriend. He pushed against him and was still surprised to learn that with these muscles also came strength. He was holding his own! He could see Red grit his teeth, the veins come to the surface on his bulky muscles, throbbing, sending him strength. Stan was just determined to be stronger… he wanted this more!

Red probably had a couple of advantages over Stan. He was used to his body, used to its strength. He used it every day, was accustomed to making it move. He was big, he was strong, and he had outmuscled and outmaneuvered Stan a million times, it seemed. But not today. Today, it was Stan that was fired up with lust, powered by it. Red, on the other hand, was distracted. Distracted by the changes in Stan. Distracted by his own reaction to them. He felt Stan gain the upper hand, and secretly, it thrilled him. He felt Stan force him back against the desk, felt his back and shoulder blades touch the surface, heard the papers and books falling off, as Stan pushed him down onto it. “Oh fuck yes…” Red groaned softly.

Stan realized this was as much a fantasy for Red as it was for him and smiled, leaning down to kiss him mightily. Red swooned at that. Fuck, how did Stan get so manly? All resistance melted at that, as Red became Stan’s toy this time, instead of the other way around. As they left the kiss, Stan had a shit-eating grin. “This is gonna be fun, lover…”

Red groaned, loving Stan’s new attitude, his new size, his new confidence. His new cockiness. He ran his hands over Stan’s thick new arms, feeling their new heft and mass and hardness, travelling over to Stan’s rock hard new pecs. “Damn Stan, I don’t know what’s going on, but I sure as fuck like it!” He felt Stan hoist his legs up, felt Mr. Enwright’s Even Bigger Monster nuzzle against his hole. “Oh fuck…” he groaned, gripping Stan’s shoulders, prepping for entry.

“Don’t bother preparing; you can’t,” he warned him as he pushed inside. The blunt head ripped into that tough man’s ass and Red cried out like a woman!

The force with which Stan entered was surprising and exciting, even if it did bring a healthy dose of pain with it. Stan was always big, but he had crossed the line into huge! For his part though, Red loved it. He gritted his teeth, and grinned, through his groans of pain. “Oh- oh yeah… fuck… oh fuck… so big… so… fuck!” He was barely coherent, babbling as he felt Stan shove in deeper, stretching Red wider, forcing more and more big, thick dick up Red’s ass. Red clawed at Stan, trying to grab hold, trying to pull him closer, his emotions a tangle: wanting to fight Stan off, wanting him closer, to do more.

Stan felt his huge cock sinking in, his partner so tight and warm. He saw the panting, squirming muscleman trying to make sense of this in his head. Red’s muscles flexed and spasmed and tensed. Stan didn’t even feel tired holding up Red’s powerful thighs. He LOVED this body! He’d be sorry to give it up at the end…

Red was getting into it more now, his only words being encouragement. Asking Stan to go deeper, begging him to thrust harder. All punctuated with a steady string of expletives. But no matter how strong the word, it couldn’t describe the raw sexual bliss that Red was experiencing. All question regarding the source of Stan’s new size and strength had been forgotten, lost in the overwhelming fire of the musclefuck. Red’s own dick was hard as a rock, and leaking pre onto his own muscled gut. He groaned, feeling his load getting close…

“Gonna seed you, Red… gonna fill you full’a my spunk!!!” Stan promised, his balls heaving up, so close to climax. He roared as he emptied his huge testicles inside of the bull of a man, breeding him like he promised!

That was all it took. When Red felt Stan’s oversized dick explode inside him, it sent him over the edge. He howled and groaned, his own member sending cum shooting through the air, landing all over Red’s stomach, pecs, and even a bit on his face. He took deep, grunting breaths, trying to regain control, even as he felt Stan’s dick deposit more cum within him. Each spasm sent Red’s cock a humming, and he’d groan in symphony. Finally though, he began to run dry, his balls empty of their load. He looked up, and grabbed Stan’s arms for support, noting how thick and firm they were. “Oh mannn…” he groaned, “I can hardly believe how amazing that was!”

Stan leaned over and licked the errant cum off of Red’s face with a grin. “Tasty…” he purred before leaning in for another kiss. It made Red’s toes curl. After they withdrew, Stan chuckled and patted Red’s bulbous muscle gut. “Money in the bank,” he teased, tripping fingers along the blocky, distended abs.

Red’s chuckle became a groan, as he sat up, feeling how thoroughly he’d been fucked. “Wow…” was all he could say. He looked over at Stan, and grinned. “Your new body agrees with you, I see…” he joked, running a hand over Stan’s own hard abs.

He flexed them, trapping Red’s finger. “Indeed it does, it’ll be a shame when I wake up and have to go back to you bossing me around…” he sighed.

“Wake up?” Red asked, befuddled. He sat silently for a moment. “Ohhh… well, I could see how you might think this was a dream, but, uh… Stan… having had that huge thing of yours up my ass, I can tell you, this is not a dream. There’s intensity here. Pain, pleasure, all of it.” Red reached out, and grabbed one of Stan’s big nips, and gave it a solid twist. “Did you feel that, at least?”

“But…” Stan was confused. “This… this has to be…” he faintly said, looking back down at himself. All he got was a face full of huge, beautiful pecs. He saw where Red’s fingers were giving him such pleasure. It was him. This was his body. It wasn’t a fantasy. His eyes went wide again.

“That’s right,” purred Red, “It IS all you…” He stood up and leaned against Stan, looking up to kiss Stan softly on the lips. “I, for one, vote yes on it.” He chuckled softly, as their lips met.

Stan groaned loudly into the kiss and pushed Red back down onto the desk. His cock got hard again and he started pushing in and out. He was ready for round two, and if he was ready, Red would have to be ready, too. He wanted to fuck and Red was his property for as long as he allowed himself to be. They got home late that night.


Part 33

Zach was sitting at the table in the restaurant nervously. He had decided to get the table a bit early, in case Phil was already waiting for him for their first “fancy” date. They’d been going out casually for a while now, but Zach figured it was time to step up his game and take the younger guy out somewhere special. And the restaurant certainly was nice… he’d had to save money from his part-time job for several weeks to save up enough to splurge on the evening! He shifted in his nice suit. It was tailored for his body and the fact that he was a muscular college wrestler was obvious to anyone. His muscles still bulged through the fabric.

Zach was really looking forward to seeing his little guy. Well, he called him little, since he was still shorter, but Phil had definitely been working hard at the gym since he first met him. He could’ve sworn he was so much smaller that first time! Lately he’d really gotten bitten by the bodybuilding bug, it seemed and was swiftly catching up on him! He looked at the door constantly to see if Phil was going to show up…

Phil had been outgrowing clothes so fast, that putting together an outfit for this date something of a challenge. Finally, he settled on some slacks, a dress shirt, and even a tie. The slacks were almost too short, now that he stood 5’8” tall, but they showed off his ass nicely, and flattered his thighs. At 200 pounds even, his body was stacked with muscle now, and his ass seemed to benefit particularly, rounding out in a perfect shape, yet fitting the rest of his body perfectly. The shirt was a bit snug around the shoulders, but that just meant that it pulled nicely at his pecs. He kept the collar unbuttoned though—he didn’t want to choke, after all.

When he showed up at the restaurant, he was a bit nervous, of course. This was a nice restaurant, and as he entered, he paused, looking at himself in the mirror, adjusting his hair. He paused briefly, as it hit him, how different he looked now. How different from the tiny, skinny kid that showed up, fleeing, just a few months ago. It seemed like another lifetime. That lifted his spirits. He turned, and headed to the dining room, and saw Zach sitting at a table. Cute, sexy, intriguing Zach. He headed that way, smiling. Phil was positively radiant, but at the same time, possessed a sultry air that Phil—the old Phil—would never have thought possible.

Zach saw Phil enter and had to suppress a woof! Damn, the kid was looking more and more delicious every day! He looked like he was stuffed into his shirt and slacks! Zach was gonna have a hard time not leaping over the table and ravishing Phil for the duration of the dinner, let alone the movie they’d planned on going to afterward! Zach got up as Phil reached the table and pulled out Phil’s chair. “Glad you could make it,” he beamed, trying to be the consummate gentleman.

Phil blushed a little, and took the offered chair. “You know I’d never miss this, Zach…” he said, his voice soft, yet with a hint of something else in it. A new confidence that the old Phil didn’t have. He couldn’t help but appreciate the way Zach looked in a suit. It fit the man perfectly, flattering his athletic physique, making subtle hints about the superb, nicely-muscled landscape hidden beneath. Part of Phil was glad for the tablecloth that hid his excitement. And another part of him wished that Zach could see just how hard his eight incher was.

“Now we’re both growing boys, so don’t be shy about ordering as much of whatever you want as you like,” Zach told his beau as he picked up his menu. “If you’re anything like me, you’re STARVING!” he chuckled.

Phil joined in, chuckling, as he looked the menu over. “I seem to always be hungry, any more. It’s like puberty decided to hit all at once! I eat, I lift, and I just keep growing…” He looked over the menu at Zach, taking in the sight of his sexy boyfriend. His memory briefly flashed on that first encounter, in the showers at the gym, when he had seen Zach in all his glory. It was beautiful, the memory, because Zach had been so beautiful. Phil came back to reality as the waiter approached, asking about drinks. He ordered an iced tea, and the perused the menu for a meal. “Gosh, I don’t know… chicken is nice… but I bet the beef here is incredible…” Zach swore he could hear the double meaning in the sentence, as Phil shot him a smoldering glance.

“I dunno, I’m kinda sick of having beef every day, aren’t you?” he teased back, tensing his arms in his sleeves and straining the seams on his jacket with a wink. “Chicken has better protein per ounce, anyways.”

Phil watched with interest as the sleeves of the well-tailored suit shifted and stretched, as the hard balls of muscle pressed outward, underneath. “Oh no,” he countered, “I could never have too much beef…” he slowly tensed his pecs, which pushed upward and outward against his shirt, making his tie rise, just a bit, just enough for Zach to notice the movement. “I love protein of course, but sometimes, I feel like I’ve had too much chicken… and I just want to devour a nice, big, juicy slab of prime beef…” Phil’s eyes let Zach know just what kind of beef the younger man wanted…

“Careful, stud… we have all night long,” he purred. It was clear to anyone watching they were a romantic couple. In fact, there were several other men on dates in the restaurant, as well. And Zach was pretty sure their waiter was gay, too, from the way he kept sneaking looks at them. “And jeez, you weren’t kidding about the growing… look at those suckers you have packed away under there!” he chuckled, calling Phil out on his bouncing chest.

“Who? Moi?” Phil asked, teasing Zach with mock-cluelessness. He bounced each pec independently, making his tie shift from one side to the other, just a bit. Then he laughed, unable to keep up the charade of being innocent. “My bench seems to go up every week,” he said proudly, giving his pecs a good flex. “Getting some real size going on me…” He could feel his pecs strain against the shirt. “I hope you’re hitting the weights hard, Zach… you wouldn’t want me to get bigger than you…” He was about to say more, when the waiter returned, inquiring about their orders.

Zach ordered the chicken special and, per his preference, Phil ordered the beef. Zach caught their middle-aged waiter glancing over the both of them again before heading off with their orders. “Well, maybe, maybe not…” Zach continued from where they’d been interrupted. “I’ve been lifting hard, but you seem to just be growing like a weed!”

Phil beamed at the compliment. On some level, he realized it was unusual… this town seemed to be a magnet for muscle though! And his own family… well, they were in a league of his own. “Must be something in the water…” he joked, not realizing how close to the truth he was. “Although I have a ways still to go, to catch up with you Zach. Unless you’ve been slacking off…” Phil chuckled. “I sure hope not. I still remember how you looked that first time… But I hope you won’t be offended if I say I want to get bigger than you… Now that I’m finally growing, I don’t want to stop! I want to be huge!” Phil blushed at his sudden honesty, and brought his tea to his lips hastily, taking a few gulps as he blushed behind the glass.

“Well, I can’t blame you! I don’t go to the gym to get small, after all!” Zach laughed. “But you know that even if you technically weigh less than me, you look about as big as I do now, it seems. Shorter guys always look bigger with less weight than a taller guy. You’re what, about 200 now? It looks real good on you.”

Phil’s blush deepened, but it was accompanied by a smile. “A very good guess, Zach. Two-oh-one, just before I got dressed tonight…” Phil remembered how it felt, to break that magic 200 mark, just yesterday, how it had set his cock ablaze, excitement raging through him. “And I’ve been getting taller too… taller and bigger… if I keep it up… I just might be another freaky Stockwell!” Phil’s grin turned wolfish for a moment, and his hard cock throbbed in his pants. Just in the nick of time however, the food arrived, big steaming plates set before both men, the waiter having made sure that the growing boys got extra big portions.

Conversation stopped as the two young men dug into their food. They kept their manners, but they seemed ravenous to all who looked at them as they made quick work of their delicious meals. “Mmm, almost wasn’t enough for me… almost,” Zach chuckled. He looked over at Phil’s plate and was surprised at how much Phil was putting away as well. He almost thought the younger man had received more food than him when the plates had first come!

Phil finished off the last of his steak, and looked up at Zach, as he slowly wiped off his lips. He couldn’t help but imagine Zach getting bigger and stronger, even sexier than before. But then he thought of himself, getting even bigger than that, making love to Zach, and it made lust course through him, searing and enticing all at once. “I suppose it was enough,” Phil said at last. “Although I might need a snack later… I’m a growing boy, after all…” He sat back in his chair a bit, and put his hands behind his head, stretching his elbows out. It was perhaps not the most dignified maneuver, for such a fancy restaurant, but the way Phil’s biceps bulged under the fabric, testing and straining the seams, made it all worth it for Phil, not to mention the waiter, who took the dishes away himself, rather than leaving them to the busboy.

“So, since I picked the restaurant tonight, I thought you might want to pick the movie,” Zach said, blushing at Phil’s masculine display as he gave the waiter his credit card. That kid’s arms were getting to be something else! He wanted to see Phil do it again just to see if the sleeves would hold a second time. He doubted they would.

“Well, I looked all the schedules up. Basically, we have two choices, for acceptable cinematic fare tonight. Movie one is a cold war romantic comedy. Movie two is an ancient roman action flick. Both have gotten mediocre reviews, but neither is supposed to be bad.” He gave a small, secret smile. “I will be fine with either one, as long as you’re in the seat next to me.”

“Hmm… Ancient Rome… maybe that’ll mean some scantily-clad gladiators!” Zach said fiendishly, rubbing his hands together. “That would be something nice to cuddle to!” he said, letting Phil know exactly what a trip to the movies would entail sitting next to him.

Phil’s grin broadened happily. “To be honest, I was kind of hoping you’d say that. The other one is set in Moscow. Everyone’s wearing thick coats and fur hats half the movie!” Phil’s grin changed, became more playful and teasing. “Although I can’t wait to see you in gladiatorial combat… I know that matches are coming up pretty soon… I plan to be at all the home matches, at the very least.” He thought of the time he went to go meet Zach after practice, and the memory made his dick ache. “You look good in a wrestling singlet, after all…”

“I’m sure you would, too,” Zach commented with a wink. “C’mon, let’s get outta here and catch the movie.” The two boys drove over to the movie theater and bought two tickets to the Ancient Roman movie. It seemed the mediocre reviews had scared away most people, since it was a sparsely attended showing. Just a few other guys sprinkled around the theater hoping to see semi-nude gladiators themselves. Zach and Phil settled into the back row where they thought they’d have some privacy. Their shoulders bumped into each other as they sat next to each other. “Looks like we both take up too much space,” Zach joked.

“I have a solution to that!” Phil announced. He lifted the armrest that separated them, and snuggled against Zach’s muscular body. “Aren’t you glad you’re dating such a smart guy?” he asked coyly, one hand slowly making its way down Zach’s leg, finally resting on one muscular thigh. He rubbed it gently, feeling the dense muscle under the fabric, giving Zach a final smile as the lights went down, and the previews for other films began.

Zach dimly watched the images on the screen, but what he was really interested in was the boy cuddling up to him. He liked the feeling of Phil’s hand on his body, so he decided to return the favor and reached over to rub Phil’s abs through his shirt. He was shocked at how hard they felt! Each abdominal popping out where it should be for a perfect six pack… better than what Zach himself had! He moved his hand up to feel the thick underside of the younger guy’s pecs. Damn, the size Phil was putting on was almost making him envious! These were seriously nice pecs the kid was developing!

For his part, Phil loved the attention he was getting. As Zach’s hands lingered on his pecs, he slowly flexed them, making them pop and swell, the striations appearing across them. Phil was hardly watching the movie himself—there were gladiators, although none were as sexy as Zach, he’d decided. And there was some obligatory romantic subplot. A standard dastardly villain. The usual wise old mentor. All in all, it was terribly formulaic, terribly trite. Phil loved every minute of it. Not for the movie itself, but rather for the opportunity it gave him. To run his hands over Zach’s strong, meaty legs. To caress the inside of the larger man’s thighs, until his wrist brushed against the bulge that protruded from the crotch area of Zach’s slacks. Phil would brush against it ever so gently, always by accident, of course. Lingering just a moment. Just enough to feel it harden a bit each time.

The bulge in Zach’s slacks grew with the attention, until Zach had to gasp, his full eight inch cock extending down the leg of his slacks, prominent against the material. To punish Phil for stimulating him so much on purpose, he gave one of the boy’s nipple’s a good yank through the fabric of his shirt.

Phil gasped loudly, his own cock surging at the sudden stimulation of his nipple. A few heads turned toward them, but most turned away again, a few lingering a moment first though. Phil considered retaliating on the spot, but decided against it. He would pay it back later, in spades. And with any luck, Zach would love every minute of it. For now, Phil would watch the movie. Or at least look in its direction. His focus, of course, was Zach, as he rested his head on the man’s shoulder, feeling the firm lump of delt beneath his face, his hand idly tracing the contours of Zach’s legs, easy to feel even through the fabric of Zach’s well-cut suit pants.

Zach smirked that he had won that round and felt emboldened to have his hand travel lower and lower down to Phil’s lower body. He happened to stroke Phil’s inner thigh as well and was surprised to feel the firm column of flesh that originated from the young man’s crotch. It felt like eight inches, just like his! But this felt thicker… and on Phil’s shorter body, it would probably look even bigger! He had to suppress the urge to let out a low whistle. This kid was some kind of jackpot!

Now Zach was playing dirty, Phil thought, as he felt the larger man’s fingers brush against his hard cock. He leaned against Zach more, shifting his position a bit, and then began to nuzzle the wrestler’s thick neck, pressing his nose and lips against it, moving north, until he came to Zach’s ear. His tongue stretched out, testing it, teasing it, sending shivers through Zach as Phil nibbled at his earlobe, his teeth gentle, with just enough force to send Zach’s cock into a tailspin.

It was straining wildly against the fabric, spitting out some precum and making the nice slacks darken in color around the damp bit. Shit! Zach had to withdraw his head from Phil’s range, but looking over at the handsome lad just made him lean it forward and kiss him in the back row of the theater as the credits started rolling. Zach felt several sighs and moans rumbling up from Phil’s thick chest, but they were muffled thanks to his ministrations.

Feeling Zach’s lips on his own was sending Phil into freefall, emotion and desire rushing up through him, his own cock oozed pre excitedly. Some of the patrons looked back at them on the way out, but Phil and Zach didn’t notice, and didn’t care. Phil only pulled away, reluctantly, when the credits ended. An attendant was already moving about with a broom and dustpan, sweeping up stray popcorn, missing half the popped kernels, too busy watching the show Zach and Phil were putting on. “So,” Phil said at last, on the way out of the theater. “How’d you like to come see where I live? I think I could use a snack, myself. Being a growing boy and all…”

“Sure!” Zach said. He wondered if tonight would be… the night. They’d done the kissing before, and tonight had been the first time Phil had allowed him to pet him down there… he wondered if the time was right to go the rest of the way. They drove up to the Stockwells’ big house and Phil invited him inside. It was a very nicely appointed abode, with wide doorways, high ceilings and expensive-looking furnishings. It seemed the man of the house was doing quite well for himself! “Whoa, this is really nice… Are we alone, or is anyone else home?”

“No one here but us chickens,” came the reply from the kitchen. The owner of the voice walked out of it into the living room to greet Zach and Phil. It was Dan, clad in a sweatshirt with the sleeves torn off and jeans. “Nice to see you again, Zach,” the titanic teenager greeted. The wrestler could only nod dumbly.

Phil grinned at his huge cousin, and at Zach’s reaction. There was a slight pang of jealousy in his humor though—he wished someday *he* would be the huge freak that left Zach at a loss for words. “Speaking of chickens, we have any leftovers?” Phil asked. A slight blush came to his face. “Dinner was great and all, but well, you know me. Growing all the time. I’m hungry all over again! What about you, Zach?”

“I’m fine, really,” Zach said, rubbing his cobbled belly. “You knock yourself out, though. Is it okay if I watch some TV while you make the food?”

Dan nodded. “Make yourself at home! We’ll be back in a jiffy.” He took Phil aside to the kitchen and took out the refrigerated chicken leftovers from that evening’s dinner. “So, how was the date?’ Dan slyly asked his cousin.

Phil blushed. “Dinner was very, very good. Zach really went all out. Took me to that fancy place that looks out onto the river. Great food. He must have been saving up for it…” Phil’s blush deepened a bit. “And afterwards, we went to the movies. Saw the new gladiator flick… uh, well, we were in the theater while it was playing, anyway…” Phil was still blushing, but there was a cheeky grin on his face too. “And now, well, I’m starving. And nervous. And excited. And… well, just glad Zach is here. I, I really like him. A lot. A whole lot.” Phil looked away, thinking. “I mean, I’ve liked guys before. But Zach? He’s the whole package! Great body, funny, smart… just… just everything.”

Hearing how excited his cousin was made Dan beam with joy. “That’s awesome! So… you invited him over… Were you two going to… you know…” he prodded with a knowing look on his face. “I mean it’s probably what he’s thinking you meant by inviting him in.”

Phil chewed his lower lip, thinking. “I- I don’t know… I…” He turned back to Dan, looking serious. “Fuck Dan, I want him so bad, it probably IS what I meant! Even if I didn’t think it through like that!” Phil put his elbows on the counter, and his head in his hands. “I mean, look at him! He’s so hot! And everything else! If he wanted to… damn, I’d be all over him! I just wish…” Phil’s voice trailed off for a moment. “I’ve been growing so much. And I love it. But I can’t wait to get bigger. Some day, I hope I’m bigger than Zach. A lot bigger. And I’m going to fuck him silly!” Phil blushed furiously, as the words fell from his lips.

Dan grinned at that like a Cheshire. “Well why don’t you heat up that chicken while I prepare something special to help with your courage…” he said, walking over to the liquor cabinet. He knew the boys weren’t allowed into Peter’s or Colin’s stashes, but this was an emergency. Phil didn’t quite have the moxy to ask Zach for what he really wanted out of tonight, and after hearing him passionately talk about getting bigger, well…

He took out a bottle of bourbon and poured a bit into a glass and bottled it back up. Then, looking over his shoulder to see Phil taking the chicken back out of the microwave, he took out a pouch of spice and poured it into the bourbon. It was easily a dose or more… probably more like a dose and a half. He stirred it into the liquor and hoped it didn’t taste too gross. He walked back over to his cousin with the glass and set it in front of him. “Liquid courage, just what the situation calls for.”

Phil looked at the drink in surprise. He wasn’t accustomed to partaking… And he looked up at Dan questioningly. But when Dan smiled back reassuringly, he took the glass of bourbon, and threw it back all at once. He gasped as it went down, burning his throat, settling in his stomach, nice and warm. “Oh man, that tasted awful!” he choked, setting the empty glass down, and heading back to grab the chicken as the microwave beeped. He took out the plate, and grabbed a fork, eating with gusto. As he did, he felt the alcohol work its way through him, warming him, making him feel more at ease. He finished off the plate of chicken, and put it aside. “Thanks Dan, you’re the best. Although, uh, if you don’t mind… Zach and me… If you could, uh, not, you know, um, distract us, I guess…” Phil grinned sheepishly at Dan, then with more confidence. The bourbon was doing its work. “We didn’t really notice people staring at us at the movies, until the credits ended and that cleaning guy was there… But you might be harder to miss…”

Dan nodded. “I’ll be in my room if you need me,” he said with a shit-eating grin as he quietly left the two lovebirds alone.

Phil grinned back, and headed out to the living room, where Zach was watching television. “Anything on?” Phil asked, walking up behind Zach, reaching down to massage the big man’s shoulders and traps. “No need to sit here if there’s nothing on the tube. My room is much more comfortable.” Phil of course assumed the bourbon was talking, but that was only part of it. The alcohol wasn’t really making him so forward—it was just his natural desires expressing themselves. He let his hands travel down the front of Zach’s suit, feeling the way the fabric contoured itself to Zach’s body as he pressed against it, feeling Zach’s thick pecs beneath the clothing, wishing the clothing were gone, so he could get at Zach’s chest properly.

“Is it now? Come to think of it, I’ve been wanting to see your lair for a while now,” Zach joked, standing up and stretching his muscles from a long night. “Lead the way, stud muffin,” he purred as he rubbed Phil’s hard delt.

Phil grinned, and walked down the hall. He made sure to walk at just the right speed: not too fast, not too slow. He wanted Zach to get a good look at him, to see his body in motion. But he didn’t want to take forever to get there. He turned, and showed Zach into the room, closing the door behind them. “Here we are. Pretty plain, I guess. But I’m not really that complicated a guy, when you get down to it…”

Zach sat down on Phil’s bed. “Soft… Listen, Phil, you know what tonight was about, right? We’ve been having fun for a while, but I was wondering if we were ready to do more than just, you know, fool around together…” It seemed the older wrestler was nervous as well!

Phil turned away from Zach, looking at the wall. “Looking to take things to the next level, Zach?” Phil asked softly, as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. “Maybe get past first base? Past second?” He slowly pulled his shirt off, revealing his muscular back. “Looking to go all the way, and score, maybe?” He slowly undid his slacks, and let them fall to the floor in a puddle, his strong legs and perfect ass revealed, covered only by tight underwear. Slowly, Phil turned, letting Zach see his unclothed front, his meaty pecs, his hard, jutting abs, his muscular legs. His bulging crotch, the cock within throbbing against the fabric. He stepped toward Zach. “Like what you see, big man?”

Zach’s mouth went dry as he saw the muscular young man unveil himself in front of him. The teenager was beautifully sculpted, almost as if by an artist. All his new, firm muscles suited him quite well… and that underwear was only highlighting the healthy bulge in front and the nice, round ass in back! “I do! What did you do with Phil, though?” he awkwardly teased, unsure about this rush of directness from the other boy.

Phil was having none of it. “What, don’t you like this…?” he asked, slowly undulating his hard stomach, showing off his abs. Phil reached out, and pushed Zach’s suit coat back, off the young wrestler’s broad shoulders. That bulging crotch was much closer now, the soft throb that ran through it impossible to miss. “Or is it something else that’s making you nervous, Zach?” He squatted down in front of Zach, and reached out, slowly unbuttoning Zach’s shirt, pulling it apart one button at a time.

“You’re just… different tonight, is all,” he breathed, leaning forward to kiss the handsome boy as his shirt was still being unbuttoned, the hard ridges of his muscles being exposed and felt up by the eager lad.

Phil’s lips met Zach’s, the younger man eager to kiss his beautiful, studly lover, even as his hands worked at Zach’s belt, unbuckling it eagerly, then working the pants down, revealing both Zach’s powerful legs and his powerful crotch. As they kissed, Zach wondered if he tasted a hint of something medicinal, almost alcoholic, but it was too faint and transient to pin down. And Phil was being very distracting. Once he had Zach down to his underwear, he moved in, nuzzling against Zach’s stomach, running his tongue over the hard ridges of Zach’s abs, heading upward, to the thick pecs that jutted enticingly from Zach’s torso. Phil remembered what had happened in the theater, and was determined to show Zach a thing or two. He let his tongue roll over the exposed nip, gratified by the shudder that passed through Zach’s strong body. He returned to the nipple, and started to suck, pulling it into his mouth, only to have it bounce away from him every time. Finally, he brought his teeth to bear, biting down gently, pulling the trapped tit toward himself, suckling happily.

“Aaaggghhh!! Shit!!! You gotta give me a breather or I’m gonna blow!” he whined, his eight inches stiffly swollen in his boxers, poking near the lower hem, hard as a pipe. It was leaking onto his thigh.

Phil released the tortured nip, and looked up, grinning wolfishly. “Don’t you worry, Zach. I’m not going to let you off that easy. I’m going to make sure neither of us ever forgets tonight… never!” He reached down, and grabbed the elastic of Zach’s underwear. Slowly, he pulled it away, releasing the trapped cock within, which promptly flew upward, landing against Zach’s hard abs with an audible smack. Bits of pre flew off it in the process, and a few landed on Phil’s muscular chest. “What’s this?” he asked coyly, wiping up a drop with his finger, then slowly licking off the clear liquid, enjoying his first taste of Zach’s pre.

“It’s what you’re making my cock spit out because you’re so fucking sexy,” Zach moaned, reaching over to squeeze Phil sensually on the shoulders. “I mean, fuck, Phil, you’re growing so fast it’s unbelievable. It’s so fucking amazing to see you bigger every time we meet! If you really did get more muscle than me… well… it’d make me cum, that’s for sure!” he rambled as he moved his hands all over Phil’s body, squeezing and caressing the mounds of muscular strength where he found them. Phil’s cock only plumped more at that… but hadn’t it already been as hard as it could get before?

Phil slowly stood, looking down at Zach, fiery lust in his eyes. “Really?” he asked, his voice low, and soft, but serious and sensual all at the same time, with a strange, sharp edge to it. His cock was so hard, it was pulling the elastic of his underwear away from his waist, giving Zach a hint of the fat shaft that jutted from his torso. “Because if I have my way, you’ll be shooting out buckets every time you lay eyes on me!”

Zach stood, looking down at the muscular teenager. “Yeah, really,” he confirmed, reaching down to shove Phil’s underwear down. His cock speared up, looking bigger than ever before! The briefs got snagged on Phil’s muscular thighs, but some more shoving got them off and Phil flung them far into the corner. Both men were naked now and ready for anything. Taking the initiative, Zach turned Phil around and rubbed his cock up and down the teenager’s crack, letting him know what his intentions were.

Phil was insanely hard and horny, and he pushed his muscular ass back against Zach, intrigued by the feeling of that hard pole pressing against his glutes. “You like that, Zach? Like the feel of that hard ass against your dick? Do you wonder what it would be like, to feel those glutes around your dick as you fuck me?” Phil reached back, and grabbed Zach’s thick legs. He squatted down slowly, Zach’s pole rubbing down the length of his muscular back, his hands reaching back to caress Zach’s thick legs. Then Phil slowly rose, toying with Zach again, until he felt Zach’s powerful tip rest between his glutes again. “Just imagine… when I’m bigger…” Phil groaned softly.

“I’m already imagining you bigger, kid,” he grunted, pushing in slowly, feeling Phil’s ass surprisingly open up for him. The teenager wanted it and relaxed himself enough to give the cock entry. They were both moaning, enjoying the lancing blows of pleasure through their bodies. Before long, half of Zach’s cock was inside Phil, then all of it! “Whoa, you took it all! That’s amazing, babe,” he purred, reaching around and squeezing Phil’s pecs. Damn, he still wasn’t used to their size! They felt almost bigger than before!

Phil’s own dick was throbbing madly, turned on by the sensation of Zach’s big dick up his ass, combined with the attention his sensitive pecs were getting. “Awww yeah Zach… that’s it, fuck that’s a nice dick you got…” Phil was pushing back, pushing his ass against Zach, pushing his own shoulders and back against the wrestler’s strong chest. “Come on, Zach… let’s see what you’ve got. Really shove it in there! Use your strength to fuck me!” Once, Phil would never have even dreamt of speaking like that. Now, he was talking dirty, demanding more from Zach, so eager to have his big boyfriend fuck him. He felt warm all over, and a little woozy, but he fought it. He wasn’t going to fall asleep now! What the hell! He gritted his teeth, and reached back, grabbing Zach’s strong glutes. “Fuck me!” he demanded, “Fuck me hard!”

Zach did as he was commanded and jackhammered that poor boy’s ass as hard as he could! His cock loved it and from the sounds Phil was emitting, it wasn’t too shabby for him, either! Every now and then Phil would cry out for the fucking to get harder or deeper and Zach would try to oblige, but it seemed like Phil was whipping into a frenzy where no fucking would be intense enough for him!

Unbeknownst to them both, the spice was coursing through Phil’s body, suffusing him with the stuff. It made him drowsy, but his excitement kept him going. He pushed back against Zach, squeezing the big cock between his powerful glutes, wanting more, more, always more. Zach couldn’t believe how incredible it felt, having his dick squeezed like that, muscular glute surrounding it, mashing it, making it a fuck like none other. And as the spice worked on Phil, his glutes slowly grew larger, and stronger, and his squeezes became more pronounced, even as the thick pecs that Zach was manhandling became heavier, more ponderous. “YES!” Phil screamed, “MORE! MORE!”

Zach found himself having to fuck through more glute muscle to get to the asshole, making it difficult to fuck as deep as before. He was confused, thinking he was just getting tired. He played with Phil’s nipples to help compensate, enjoying how much pec meat his hands were able to fondle. Sheesh, Phil was way more built than he gave him credit for! His back was looking seriously wide!

Phil was confused as well. Although he loved the sensations coming through his chest, as Zach worked his pecs over, he didn’t understand why Zach wasn’t going as deep as before. He grabbed Zach’s powerful ass, and pulled the wrestler toward himself, helping with the thrusts, adding his own growing strength to Zach’s already-considerable power. “Come on! Hit me hard!!!” Phil panted, half-begging, half-demanding. “Show me that freaky strength… how hard you can shove that big dick in there!” Phil’s own cock was leaking pre like mad, the clear liquid running down the ever-larger fucktool between Phil’s growing legs.

Having Phil’s extra strength behind the thrusts seemed to help compensate for the extra ass padding. The deep sensations were back and building him back up to an amazing climax! “Oh god, Phil, I’m gettin’ so close!” Zach moaned, deep-dicking Phil as hard and fast as he could with the boy’s help. Both were covered in sweat from the strenuous fucking.

“YEAH! Keep it up! Harder! HARDER! FILL ME UP!” Phil roared, his voice deeper, his growing arms providing more and more assistance to Zach. “Gimme your big load of cum, Zach… I want it so bad… make me bigger… Gonna be so huge…” His powerful glutes went mad, squeezing Zach perfectly, sucking him in, almost.

Zach lost control, spewing his load deeply inside of Phil, roaring in unison with him, his balls emptying their hefty contents within the muscular confines of Phil’s ass. He bear-hugged as much of Phil as he could, which was turning out to be less than he could before! Phil had a very big torso now, with large wedges of muscle that were rock hard and demanded space.

Phil let out a loud bellow, feeling Zach’s dick blow inside him, his powerful back arching as he thrust his ass back, eager not to miss a drop. He pulled Zach’s hips toward him hard, his strength now significantly above what it was before. He took deep, powerful breaths, feeling his bigger chest expand to take in the air. “Oh fuck yeah…” he finally groaned, feeling Zach’s still-buried cock finally slow.

“Damn, that was intense…” Zach moaned, stopping to give Phil a few kisses on the back of his thicker neck. “Did you cum, hon?”

Phil looked down at his cock. It stood up and out, huge, thick, hard, and deep red. It quivered slightly as he observed it, eager. “No, not yet…” he whispered, his voice a low growl. He could feel how eager it was, so close… “But fuck, it’s ready to blow at any minute…” he groaned. He felt Zach’s hands work their way up to his big chest, and shuddered with pleasure. “Oh fuckkkk….”

The hands kneaded Phil’s hard chest muscles. “C’mon, make that cock blow… I wanna see how much you cum, I bet those balls of yours make a lot of spunk,” he purred into Phil’s ear, talking filthy to him in-between kisses to his neck and ears. The fingers went back to work at the nipples, abusing them where Phil’s chest was most sensitive…

Phil quivered under Zach’s touch, every muscle fiber seeming to flex and swell. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah…” Phil repeated, over and over, as his dick swelled, getting harder and harder. He could feel his balls churning, pumping, ready to go. He reached back, grabbed Zach’s ass, and pulled the big man’s dick into him again, just at the same time as Zach’s fingers happened to twist Phil’s nips. With a loud cry of release, Phil’s big cock shuddered and then shot a big load across the room, where it landed against the wall, splattering. “OH FUCK!” he groaned, his voice loud and deep. He repeated the phrase several more times, as his cock sent lesser volleys of cum flying. He took deep, wracking breaths, as his big dick slowly subsided, the shots turning to a steady stream of cum running down Phil’s proud shaft.

“Fuck, you’re such a stud,” Zach purred. “Total beefy stallion waiting to be unlocked in there! I mean, god, feel all these muscles,” he said in awe, raking his hands over Phil’s torso yet again. For some reason it just kept feeling bigger to him than he thought it was. “And your voice sounded so different when you came… rough and masculine… I liked it… You’re a lot bigger and tougher than you think you are, Phil…” he encouraged the younger man.

Phil smiled, soaking up Zach’s words. “You know, I feel it too… feel like I could go to the gym and just demolish my plateau… Feel like I could fuck for hours and just keep going… Fuck I feel good!” Phil slowly pulled off of Zach’s dick, and turned around, facing his sexy lover. Zach couldn’t believe it! Maybe it was the lighting in the room? But Phil looked seriously bigger than before! The younger man couldn’t help flex his pecs, and the striations across them were so impressive, Zach wondered how he could have missed them. Phil grinned, grabbed Zach’s thick shoulders, and pulled them both down onto his bed. He chuckled, his voice still so deep. “So, round one of our first night seems to have been a success, wouldn’t you say?”

Zach looked at his boyfriend as they lay on the bed. The mass on those pecs, biceps, shoulders, lats… He looked like a bodybuilder now. He looked bigger than Zach was! Fuck, whatever this was, it was hot! “Round one?” His cock liked fucking, but going again so soon after emptying his balls? He looked down at Phil’s cock. It was still completely hard, a dollop of cum glistening from the tip… the tip that ended easily nine and a half inches from his groin.

Phil grinned ferally, his fingers running up and down his big cock. “That was just an appetizer, lover… And I liked it, a lot. But now I’m ready for the main meal. And I’m going to eat till I’m satisfied…” His hand wandered over to Zach’s body, feeling the strong contours of Zach’s beautiful musculature. “I feel it, Zach. That hunger. That need. I gotta feel your ass on my cock, Zach. Gotta feel what it’s like to pound you with my big dick!”


Part 34

Given the town’s unusually high number of gay men, pride week was a bigger deal than many places. Dan, Phil, and Brandon, had discussed the matter, and decided to set up a booth, to sell food to raise money for medical research. It wouldn’t would be enough to change the world, they realized, but they thought that by doing their part in a small way, they’d be contributing. Given their charitable purpose, the organizers gave them a booth space for free. They discussed what to sell exactly, but the trip to Hoffer’s store is what settled it. Beef was on sale, and fresh tortillas could be ordered in bulk by the supportive (and himself impressively bulked) Mr. Hoffer. Tacos were on the menu.

They set up in the town’s community center that day along with the other vendors. Dan had spent the night before preparing the ground beef for the tacos, to make sure it tasted juuuuust right. Of course that meant liberally applying spice to it. He figured there was a bodybuilding competition coming up; he should make sure there would be more than enough potential competitors! He grinned at seeing the men in town balloon up some more. He’d have to make sure that certain men didn’t get too much bigger, though. Mr. Hoffer was difficult enough to handle with his increased size!

Brandon and Phil joined Dan at the center, lugging the other supplies. Phil, reveling in the strength of his beautifully-muscled, 260 pound body, made sure to carry the heavy portable cooktop they’d use to heat the tortillas, bags of doughy discs sitting atop it. Brandon came behind, carrying cheese and vegetables, as well as a large bag of napkins. They set it down on the table where Dan already had the oversized crock-pot of beef going. As they spread out across the table, Brandon found himself doing an occasional double-take. He knew for a fact that Phil hadn’t been this big when he came to town. How had such a scrawny thing grown to be such a big, muscular brute? While Phil was small in comparison to massive Dan, that was hardly comforting to Brandon. He tried to tamp down the twinge of jealousy, and focus on the task at hand: preparing to make tacos, and sell them to a generous populace.

Dan seemed oblivious to Brandon’s insecurity. He was proud of what Phil had grown into! The kid was still only about 5’8” or 5’9” but his bulk looked really good on him! Dan wasn’t sure what sort of effect the spice had on regular puberty, but over the past few weeks, Phil had really started growing hair, too. His chest was becoming hairy and his beard was coming in heavier. Phil had taken to wearing button-up shirts and since his chest had blossomed so magnificently, he could rarely button them up all the way to his bull neck, leaving a tantalizing peek at his dark chest hairs. Phil was still a really sweet, geeky, kind kid… but he’d become a bit more confident over the months.

Brandon wasn’t bad looking by any stretch of the imagination. But next to Phil and Dan, he felt small. Certainly, the smallest man serving tacos today! But he put it aside, looking out at the crowd, seeing many more ordinary figures. Sure, there were a few exceptions. He’d seen some of the other Stockwell men about, and they of course all seemed to be massive. Peter and his beloved Colin were both gigantic, smaller than Dan but big enough to make even Phil look ordinary. It was oddly cheering, and Brandon hummed slightly as his artist’s hands chopped tomato into perfect little cubes. He smiled as he saw the looks of interest, as some of the men milling about began to smell the stewing beef, looking in the direction of the taco stand. Business would be good, it seemed.

“Hey, Brandon, I just wanted to tell you that I’m glad you decided to help us out here today,” Dan told him, leaning down to giving him a peck on the cheek. “It’ll be cool spending some more time with you. It feels like we haven’t had time to hang out lately… I’m sorry about that,” he said as he stirred the beef.

Brandon blushed, and looked up at Dan. At huge, no, titanic, beautiful Dan Stockwell. Who wanted to spend time with him. His mind flashed to that time in the studio, painting Dan… he felt his cock stir slightly, and smiled. “I’m looking forward to that, Dan.” Brandon might be the smallest man at the table, but the biggest man in town wanted him, and that was quite the accomplishment, he felt. He began to chop onions, smiling even as his eyes watered from the sting of the pungent vegetables. He cast sideways glances at Dan, the big man stirring the beef, the big spoon looking so small compared to the massive figure that held it. Brandon couldn’t wait to get Dan in his studio again.

Dan smiled as their first customer of the day walked up, Officer Richard Stark! He remembered his roll in the hay with the powerful cop after he’d grown him to 300 lbs. of manly beef. Officer Stark was off duty today, clad in a bulky sweatshirt and sweatpants because of the cold weather outside. “Good to see you, officer! Care for a taco today? It all goes to a good cause,” he pitched.

“I’m off duty, call me Dick,” the big man replied, a small smirk on his face. Phil and Brandon both couldn’t help glancing down at his crotch, a healthy bulge pressing out even under the loose sweatpants. Seeing their reactions, Stark’s smirk became a grin. He’d always been the studly type, but recently his body had bulked up considerably, and he loved all the action he was getting, at work and in bed. “I’ve been training for SWAT duty recently, even though we almost never need it in this town,” he told Dan, forgetting he’d already said almost the same thing in the gym a week or so earlier. “But I was also thinking of that upcoming bodybuilding competition… might want to add a couple more pounds…” He patted his hard stomach. “I’ve been lifting like a beast. And eating like one too. So I might need more than one taco…” He smiled. “How much are they?”

“They’re $3 each. Maybe a bit expensive, but we gotta cover the cost of ingredients, too,” he explained. “And I can definitely tell you’ve been working out! I mean, apart from seeing you all the time at the Muscle Pit. Your chest looks really huge, even underneath that sweatshirt!” he complimented. He felt the other attributes that looked huge underneath the sweatshirt went without saying.

Dick Stark puffed up a bit, his chest rising with pride. “Thanks Dan. I don’t know if I’ll ever get my chest to where yours is, but I’ve been thrashing it brutally lately!” He looked down, and slowly raised up the front of his sweatshirt, to reveal thick, blocky abs, and the bottom end of beautifully plump, firm pecs, the nipples pointing downward, striations forming when he twitched. Stark beamed with pride, and bounced his thick pecs slowly. “All right Dan,” he said at last, dropping the sweatshirt back down. “I feel like I could eat half a cow right now. But instead, how about you give me four.” He handed over a twenty dollar bill. “Keep the change,” he added, grinning. “It’s for a good cause, after all.”

“Y-Yeah! Thank you!” Dan said, taking the money while Phil constructed and wrapped up the four tacos for the huge officer of the law. “I hope you enjoy them!”

“They smell great,” Stark replied with a grin. “And my post-workout snack has already worn off. I’m just glad you guys are offering these. I was worried I’d have to eat funnel cake!” He laughed, grabbed the four tacos, two in each hand, and with a nod of acknowledgement, turned and walked off, his big back slowly moving away. As he turned though, Phil had noticed that the bulge in Dick’s crotch had pushed further forward. Phil couldn’t help but smile at that. Ever since coming to this town, his life had totally turned around! Once scrawny and unwanted, he was now big and strong, and had a sexy boyfriend and supportive relatives. In a town full of hot men!

“Woof,” Dan said, before seeing how Brandon looked up at him with a pout. “I-I mean, he’s okay, but you’re cuter,” he stammered, blushing. “Seriously, he’s way too old for me, anyways. I need a guy who’s more my age,” he assured Brandon, affectionately squeezing his shoulder.

Brandon’s pout faded, although he wasn’t fully mollified. Seeing the huge cop had just reawakened some of his insecurities. He sighed softly, “He’s a big sexy beast. You can say it.” Brandon looked down. His arms extended to the table. They weren’t thin, but they certainly weren’t the thick hamhocks that had filled the sleeves of Stark’s sweatshirt. They were lean and defined, but not to the extent of Dan or even Phil—both of whom had forearms with thick cords of muscle, deep cut and very defined. “I need to start going to the gym. Not just in class. The real gym.” Brandon said at last, looking up at Dan.

The hulking teen immediately felt bad. He hadn’t meant for any of his adventures to make Brandon feel less secure… in fact, quite the opposite! But he supposed he had gone a bit wild and favored some of the other men in town with his spice rather than giving it to the artistic boy he was interested in so much. Perhaps today would be the day to rectify that mistake… Dan’s thoughts were interrupted by seeing the librarian Edward Smythe stroll up to the booth. “Oh, hello again, Mr. Smythe! You’re looking healthy today!”

Mr. Smythe beamed, and replied with a strong “Hello to you Dan! And to your handsome young friends!” Some of Brandon’s stiffness faded, as the old librarian smiled at them. Although he was hardly the muscular beast that so many spice recipients had become, he looked good. He walked like a man in the prime of his life, his back straight, his step confident. He filled out his clothes perfectly. Frankly, he looked ready for the cover of next month’s AARP magazine! He pulled out a wallet. “Those tacos sure smell good, lads. I’d love to start with one. Although if they’re good enough, I may have to be back later for seconds!” He placed a ten dollar bill down on the table.

“Are you sure just one?” Dan asked, looking at the bill and back up to the older man. He licked his lips wondering what more spice would do to him. He was the oldest person he’d dosed with it so far and he was curious how far it could take him. “I mean, you’d be giving us a $7 tip with this. I could give you more than one if you wanted.”

Smythe considered. Then a mischievous look came to his eyes. “Well, it’s for a good cause, after all. But I must confess, I’ve never been much of one for salad. I eat it, to be sure. It’s good for you, my doctor has always told me. But just for today, how about if you give me one taco. But instead of lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, just give me extra beef. And maybe a little cheese on top.” He smiled. “We’ll consider the ten dollars the cost of the ’Smythe special,’” he winked good naturedly.

Dan blushed and nodded. “You heard the man, Phil, two Smythe specials, to go!” he grinned. “I think you’ll love the way they taste!” His crotch started bulging out in his pants, thinking of the changes the elderly librarian would be going through.

Phil chuckled, surprised to see the respectable older gentleman indulging such a love of meat. He dutifully made a pair of tacos, heaping ground beef into them, sprinkling a bit of cheese on top. When he pushed them toward Mr. Smythe, the silver haired man’s eyes opened a bit. “Oh, but I was only going to have one! It’s already so big and meaty… Are you sure one of you doesn’t want the second?” As he spoke, he put down a second ten dollar bill. “My treat if you do…” He gave Dan a wink.

“Well, gosh, maybe Brandon here is a bit peckish, hm?” Dan suggested, looking over his pecs at his beau.

Brandon’s eyes widened in surprise, but he blushed as Mr. Smythe pushed the loaded meat taco toward him with a smile. Smythe then picked up his own, and took a big bite out of it. He closed his eyes, enjoying the taste as he chewed it. When he was finished, he looked at Brandon. “It’s delicious, son. Enjoy it.” He smiled and turned, taking another bite from his taco as he walked away.

“C’mon, it’s for charity. We shouldn’t waste food, anyways,” Dan urged him, wanting him to eat it. Hopefully if Brandon started to fill out, he wouldn’t feel so inferior to the other guys.

Brandon took the taco in his hand. He usually preferred a bit more balance in his meals… but it did smell good. He looked up at Dan, made a half-amused, half-teasing face, and took a big bite. He chewed thoughtfully, getting a hint of some familiar flavor, but not quite sure what it was. He took another bite, then another, eating more and more of the taco, juice running down his chin as he devoured it, just to show Dan that he could. As he finished, and wiped up his chin with a napkin, a familiar voice commented, “Well, that sure looked good.”

“Oh, Mayor Skaggs!” Dan exclaimed, a bit embarrassed to be caught playing around with his friends in front of the town’s mayor. And he was definitely looking large and in charge these days, at 250 lbs. of competition-ready muscles. They bulged in his tailored suit, not being shown off, but the cut of his physique was obvious to anyone who looked.

The other two young men turned, and straightened slightly. Brandon dabbed at his chin, trying to be unobtrusive, blushing with embarrassment. Phil, having seen (and admired) the mayor’s photo in the paper on several occasions, blushed as well. He stood up straight, his thick pecs bulging outward. At 260 solid pounds, he had a good ten pounds of hard muscle on the mayor. And since he was five inches shorter, his muscles looked that much beefier, that much thicker. But still, looking up at the handsome Frank Skaggs, Phil felt his heart flutter once, and his cock shift in his pants. “H- hello Mayor…” he managed, stammering a bit.

Dan noticed the admiration and attraction in Phil’s reaction and cocked an eyebrow. Jeez, his cousin was a horndog, too! “So, um, since you’ve seen how delicious our product is, would you be wanting to purchase a few? Surely a man your size requires more than one to fill himself up,” he smiled.

The mayor grinned, briefly flashing back to his amazing encounter with Dan. But the two young men with Dan caught his eye as well, especially the beefy one… Frank Skaggs extended his hand, first to Brandon. “Frank Skaggs, I don’t believe we’ve met,” he said with a smile. Brandon shook his hand, and then the same was repeated with Phil. Frank noted how Phil’s hand, though big and strong, had the faintest hint of a quiver in it. Nervousness? The stammered introduction from Phil confirmed it. “No need to be nervous here. I’m just the mayor. And hungry, at the moment!” He laughed. “I think I’ll have three of your tacos today, Dan. I’m watching what I eat for the competition, but they smell so damn good, I don’t think two will be enough!” He pulled out a twenty dollar bill, and set it down. “I’ll just have to throw in some extra squats, later today.” He grinned, and couldn’t help but glance down at Phil’s legs, noting the way that they filled his pants, thick yet powerful, well-shaped, and leading up to a truly beautiful, muscular ass.

Phil’s bulge wasn’t anything small, either. A ten inch cock didn’t shrink up very small when flaccid, after all. The mayor wondered how old the man was. He was hanging out with Dan, who he knew was a teenager, but the facial hair and chest hair… definitely didn’t make him look like a high schooler. Especially those muscles, woof!

Phil put three tortillas on the griddle, heating them up quickly. Dan ladled on generous helpings of beef, and Brandon finished them up with lettuce, onions, tomato, and a bit of cheese. He handed them back to Phil, having noticed how the young stud had gone from confident to nervous. The mayor was good to look at, Brandon decided, but not as good as Dan. He smiled. “Wrap them up for the man, Phil. Three tacos.” Phil fumbled only momentarily, but then wrapped all three, and handed them over, his hand steadier now.

Frank took them with a smile, his hands lingering a moment longer than necessary. “Thank you Dan, Brandon. Phil…” He nodded to them each. “I believe that I will enjoy these greatly. And I’ll make sure to send more business your way!” he winked, and turned to go.

Dan whistled and poked at Phil with his elbow. “Well, look at you, mister! If I didn’t know better, I’d say you had a bit of a thing for the head of local government,” he chuckled.

“Shut up!” Phil replied under his breath, shoving at Dan’s massive arm. Needless to say, it didn’t move much, although Dan could feel Phil’s strength behind it. Phil’s blush deepened. “He’s good looking, that’s all. So’s Zach.” The thought of being with both men at once popped into Phil’s head, unbidden, and his cock rose eagerly, making his crotch tent dramatically. “Fuck…” he swore, quietly but vehemently. He chewed his lower lip in consternation.

“Hey, it’s okay to check out other guys! I’m sure Zach would understand,” he smirked, pinching Phil’s round cheek. “You’re right, Mayor Skaggs IS really handsome… he has a really nice cock, too,” Dan chuckled.

Phil’s eyes widened, and then he began to chuckle as well. “Well, I guess you’re right. I mean, it’s not even real bad. This…” he pointed down at his tenting crotch,” came from imagining both of them in bed with me.” Phil laughed, even as his protruding tentpole throbbed visibly. His blush returned a bit, but he looked more cheerful. Behind them, Brandon’s jaw was set. He was definitely going to the gym. He wanted Dan Stockwell ogling him, not every other slab of beef that walked by! He stared at Frank Skaggs’ ass as the hunky mayor melted into the crowd, greeting people between bites of taco. Yep. Brandon was definitely joining the gym.

Dan turned back toward the crowd and noticed it parting a bit and sucked in his breath. He could see the man that was making the other men part for him. The broad chest, the always-on-display arms, the thick thighs… “Here comes trouble,” Dan nervously chuckled as the big and bold Mr. Hoffer strode up to the taco stand. Mr. Hoffer was normally the friendly neighborhood grocer… but Dan had begun to know the domineering muscle freak that he’d unleashed from the grocer’s last dosing with spice.

Hoffer had grown beyond expectations, ending up a six and a half foot tall, four hundred pound freak of muscled power. He strutted proudly, his huge body easily overshadowing men half his age. He walked up to the stand, grinning. “I’m sure glad I had that sale on ground beef,” he commented, his voice deep and rich, as he sniffed the air. “Smells like you’ve been busy, Dan. How’s business?”

“Good, sir,” he told the big man. He was nothing if not respectful. His cock was throbbing in his pants, however, because it was used to the man’s sexual magnetism, getting off on worshiping the smaller muscle brute and being fucked by the grocer’s experienced cock. “How many would you like?” he asked, sweat forming on his brow.

Mr. Hoffer’s grin widened. “I like that. Not asking if I want any. Just how many. You might make a good salesman yet. I may have to bring you on board, help out in the store sometime… if you’re interested… in working under me…” The double meaning in the older man’s words was plain to Dan, who felt a drop of sweat drip down his temple. “As for today though, well, I saw Dick Stark with four, and I figure there’s no way I’m being outdone by him. So four as well. Extra beefy, if you can.” He smirked, and put down three ten dollar bills. “Besides, it’s for charity. I can’t be dainty when such a good cause is at issue.”

Dan’s eyes went wide. Four tacos? The man was already huge and hard to control (not to mention refuse). Another large growth spurt would…! But he couldn’t refuse him the tacos without looking suspicious. He just swallowed the lump in his throat nodded and watched as Phil loaded up the tortillas with steaming hot beef.

Hoffer grinned as the four hot tacos were wrapped and handed over. “Thank you very much, boys. These smell great. I’m looking forward to devouring them.” He laughed, and then gave Dan a significant look. “You know how much I love good beef. Let me know if you’re interested in my offer. I can always use you, Dan…” His voice was firm, and it let Dan know, one way or another, he was going to meet up with Mr. Hoffer again. There was simply nothing Dan could do about it.

Dan bit his lip as his crotch bulged obscenely. There was nothing he could do about it. Mr. Hoffer constantly reminded him of hot sex, and his cock didn’t care who it got hot sex from. “That man, I swear… sometimes he gets too intense for me…” Dan wheezed, trying to take in deep breaths.

Dan watched Hoffer walk away, the sea of people parting for the huge man once more. Phil had a smirk on his lips, seeing the reaction it produced in his huge cousin. “I see I’m not the only one that can get hot and bothered, huh?” he chuckled, and nudged Dan. Beside him, Brandon was staring at Dan’s huge crotch as well, his face looking determined. He wasn’t the biggest man in town. He didn’t have the biggest cock. He didn’t have whatever magical power that Mr. Hoffer seemed to. But dammit, he was going to show huge, studly Dan Stockwell a good time, if it killed him.

A half hour went by and the boys sold tacos to plenty of other men. It seemed that Mayor Skaggs had done his part and told people what delicious tacos they were selling! They were sure to raise a ton of money for the cause. Eventually, Dan saw Brandon’s eyelids start to droop and the boy was yawning more than usual. “Uh, hey, Phil, would you mind it if Brandon and I took our break now? You can run the booth by yourself for a bit, right?”

Phil looked at Dan, and smirked, but then looked at Brandon, who looked tired. “Oh, yeah. Of course.” He smiled at Dan. “Don’t you worry. I’ll make sure the hungry denizens of this town have tacos to eat. Until I run out of beef, I guess…” Brandon, for his part, was having trouble keeping his eyes open. He struggled and kept them open, and stepped toward Dan. “So sleepy, all of a sudden. Kinda weird. But didn’t sleep so much last night. Was painting…” He pressed up against Dan, his face nestled against one of Dan’s massive pecs.

“Hey, c’mon, we’ll perk you up with some coffee,” he told him, guiding him out of the booth and into the crowd of the community center. He found a refreshment stand selling coffee and bought Brandon a cup of straight black coffee. “Here ya go,” he told him, handing him the piping hot cup.

Brandon took it gratefully, and sipped the hot liquid. He still looked tired, but after a few long sips, it steadied him, and he no longer looked ready to fall over. “Thanks, Dan,” he said, smiling softly. His smile turned shy. “Dan. I- I know a big, sexy stud like you must have a lot of opportunities to, um, you know. To be with other guys.” Brandon’s cheeks reddened, from the hot coffee and from nervousness. He took a long drag from the cup. “Do- Do I have a chance?” He looked up at Dan. “I mean, I know you think I’m cute… but when I look at these other guys.. . these huge, built stud musclemen, and they looks they give you, and the ones you give them…” His voice trailed off, and he sighed. “Does a guy like me have a shot? I’m going to sign up for the gym, but even so… Well, I won’t be Hoffer-class for years, if ever…”

It nearly broke Dan’s heart to hear Brandon get so down on himself. He hadn’t thought he’d been acting like some heartless muscle slut, but… well… maybe he had. “Brandon… I didn’t know you felt like that… You’re right, I do think you’re cute. And hot. And very fuckable. You’re also a really great guy who’s full of talent and can make me laugh and knows just how to cuddle me so I feel warm and happy in return,” he said, protectively putting his arm around Brandon. “As far as I’m concerned, Hoffer’s heart needs to catch up to the size of yours.”

Brandon’s smile seemed to light up the entire sky. “Thanks, Dan. I’m really, really glad to hear that.” He drained the last of his coffee, and tossed the empty cup into a nearby trash can. He turned back to Dan. “You know… maybe later, we can go down to my studio. And maybe I can put some of that talent of mine to use… or maybe you can just show me how fuckable I am…” His voice was a low, husky whisper, and he put his hands on Dan’s broad chest, feeling the distant beat of a powerful heart, barely noticeable through the thick layers of muscle. He stifled a yawn. He was still tired, but no longer felt like he would pass out on his feet.

“How about we find an empty room somewhere around here and I show you?” he purred, reaching around to cup Brandon’s buttocks. He felt to his delight that there was more there than he remembered there being. He was already growing… he wondered how big one of those double-beefed tacos would make him…

Brandon chewed his lower lip, grinning. “I think the storage area where we got the table this morning should do the trick…” He chuckled, and let his hands run down the godly contours of Dan’s huge chest. He turned, and started walking toward the storage area. His shoulders were starting to broaden, just a bit. His long-sleeved shirt, nice and thick against the chill, was changing shape, adjusting to accommodate the body beneath it. His neck, always on the delicate side, became sturdier looking, but without losing any of its beauty. If anything, Brandon was better looking than ever, and his smile when he found that the door to the storage room was unlocked was quite possibly the most magical thing Dan had ever seen.

As soon as the door was locked behind them, Dan was pulling off his own shirt, exposing his great bulging musculature to the air. His own chest had started growing some hairs, but surprisingly not as many as Phil had. He shoved off his pants as well, clad only in his bulging, tortured briefs as he stood in front of his paramour, excited and aroused.

Brandon smiled, and removed his clothing slower, more gracefully, teasing Dan as he removed it bit by bit. Unlike Dan though, he didn’t stop until his was fully nude, his taut, nicely-muscled body catching the dim light of the storage room beautifully. He stepped forward, a low purr coming from his lips. He reached out, putting his hands underneath Dan’s gigantic pecs, feeling their heft and density. He sought out the thick nipples, and when he found them, proceeded to push and pull on them, twisting and rubbing, gratified to feel them harden and protrude further under his ministrations. “You like that, big man?” he breathed. His hands traveled down Dan’s huge torso slowly, down the hard abs, down to brush against the huge, quivering, fabric-clad torpedo between Dan’s immense legs. “I know I sure like it… a lot…”

Dan whimpered and shivered at Brandon’s ministrations. His cock was wired to his nipples it seemed. Any play with his nipples caused his cock to throb and stretch. “Oh fuck, Brandon, you know I like it,” he panted looking down his massive chest at the boy. He was looking bigger, definitely. Thicker muscles on his chest and shoulders, more defined abs, more shape to his thighs…

Brandon smiled, pleased with how Dan was reacting. His own eight inches were rock hard, stretching even longer, reaching for eight and a half, nine inches of solid cock. But he focused on Dan. He slowly knelt down, running his hands up and down Dan’s gargantuan thighs, feeling the sweep of them, the sheer insane thickness of the huge limbs. He squeezed each mighty head of the quad, to the extent he could, marveling at their size and firmness. His hands traveled inward, caressing the powerful inner thighs of Dan’s mighty legs, sending shivers to the looming cock. Brandon couldn’t hold off any more. He reached up, letting his fingers brush against the huge tool, and slowly began to pull the strained briefs down, down along the length of Dan’s pulsating, engorged shaft, down until it reached the huge cockhead. Brandon worked the elastic over slowly, torturously, teasing Dan mercilessly, driving the huge young man mad with sensations. At last though, the elastic was down, and the huge tool could bounce free, and head upward. Brandon kept pulling the underwear down, until they were stuck around Dan’s bloated thighs. Brandon leaned in, and started to lick at Dan’s oversized balls, lapping at them sensuously, his nose brushing against the root of the mighty cock that loomed above.

“Oh fuck, my balls are so full, man. They’re gonna give you a really huge load,” Dan moaned, his 26” cock swaying up in the air, a big dollop of precum bubbling out of the slit. He tried to look down at Brandon, to keep track of his changes, but he was too far down for him to see anymore. He closed his eyes and surrendered his body to the pleasure Brandon would provide him. He’d just see the finished product later.

Brandon purred happily, pleased by Dan’s moans. He ran his tongue up the length of the huge shaft. When he tasted pre, he paused, lapping it up carefully, making sure to get every bit, before moving to the next section of muscledick, and making sure that it was well and properly cleaned too. Finally, he reached the head, and began to lap at it more eagerly now, drinking the steady stream of pre. His hands wandered across Dan’s mighty abs, feeling the huge bricks of muscle, as his tongue worked over the big cock. He opened his mouth wide, wider, wider, struggling to fit it over the huge head. He grabbed the root of Dan’s monster, which made it swell. Brandon gasped, and struggled to try and get his mouth around it. He put all his strength into it, and his newer, stronger body responded. Pulling on Dan’s huge tool, he managed to finally force his mouth over its huge tip, the big cockhead filling his mouth. He groaned happily, the sound muffled by having so much meat in his mouth. Then he started trying to suck down more.

He was only able to get a few more inches down his throat… but that was increasing by the minute. The spice was still working on him, making him bigger, more adaptable for sex. Another inch slid down his throat. Then another and another. Each and every bit of cock that speared deeper into his esophagus thrilled the boy!

Solid muscle now filled Brandon’s frame, hard and powerful. He wasn’t massive, but he was certainly muscular, his body firm and strong. He reached around and grabbed Dan’s big, muscular ass, his fingers disappearing into the striated glutes. He used his newfound strength to pull himself further onto Dan’s huge fuckrod, excited by every additional inch he could cram down his throat. He grew tougher, more resilient, and found that he could keep going, sucking down more and more of Dan’s cock until half the twenty-six inch monstrosity was down his throat. He reached down with his hands, one gripping the remaining bit of exposed shaft, and starting to slowly jerk it, gripping it firmly. The other hand grabbed Dan’s big balls, and started to play with them, one at a time, squeezing and pulling and prodding them in ways that drove Dan mad with desire.

“Oh! Ohhh!! OHHH!!” Dan gasped, his hips bucking instinctively. His balls were swelling with his load. Shit, Brandon had never been able to do this to him before! He loved it! His dick swelled a bit more with blood at all the stimulation. He knew he was a moment away from ejaculation. He kept trying to hold back more and more but he couldn’t help himself when Brandon pulled all the way back and started rimming his cockhead with his strong tongue.

Brandon lapped at the head, feeling it shiver and throb under him, knowing Dan was close. He kept at it, lapping at it with his tongue, while jerking Dan’s huge cock with one hand, fondling the big balls with the other. When he felt the big shaft tighten up, and begin to swell, he opened wide, and shoved his mouth over Dan’s big muscle dickhead. He was rewarded moments later with a massive explosion, cum rocketing into his mouth and down his throat, filling him with hot, thick cream. He gulped it down eagerly, but was still unable to get it all, several large dollops leaking out and running down his chin, dripping onto his newly-bemuscled chest, slowly dripping down that as well.

Dan kept pumping cum and panting, his chest rising and falling magnificently. “Awwww fuck, you did good, Brandon,” he moaned, tweaking his own nips to intensify the orgasm. “Never felt you take my cock down your throat before! I’m gonna have to ask you do that more often!”

Brandon kept sucking, until he was satisfied that he had wrought every last drop from Dan’s giant tool. He pulled off slowly, throwing in a sensual “mmmmm” as he did so. His eyes flicked upward, and he grinned. He leaned in and kissed the tip of Dan’s big cock. “You liked that, I see…” he grinned. “Good. That’s just a taste though…” Brandon slowly stood, letting his hands run against Dan’s body, the big man’s cock rubbing against his own muscular torso. “I can’t wait to get you in me… the other way…” he purred, giving one of Dan’s big nips a tweak.

“Hoo boy! I can’t wait for that, either!” Dan smiled. He stepped back to look at Brandon and his jaw nearly dropped. Beautiful. Gorgeous. A real teen muscle marvel, he thought to himself. Not the thick, bulging mass of Phil but lithe, sculpted outcroppings of muscle, proportioned perfectly like a young bodybuilder, with a six pack and domed pecs and thighs with each quad defined, with a nice set of glutes. “You gotta hit the gym, Brandon? Shit, you hit it harder and the gym might hit back!”

Brandon smiled at the compliment, and gave Dan’s huge pec a squeeze. “Thank you, Dan. But I think I should go there anyway. Got to keep up with the competition, right?” He chuckled softly, and patted Dan’s big, slowly receding cock. “I do feel pretty good though. That coffee really did the trick. Well, until the sex started. I didn’t need coffee at that point… Just cock…” Brandon laughed, squeezing the root of Dan’s huge tool.

“Well… we should get back. Lord knows how Phil is handling things,” he chuckled, shoving his clothes back on. He watched Brandon as he tried putting his back on, realizing that he was much bigger than he was when he put them on that morning. The clothes fit him differently!

“Man this stuff is tight…” Brandon commented, pulling his clothes on awkwardly. While they hadn’t been loose in the morning, they hadn’t been tight, either. They were snug now, hugging his bigger, stronger body, caressing the well-formed muscles, hugging them in all the right spots. He watched Dan struggle to get into his clothes without ripping them asunder, and it brought a small smile to Brandon’s lips. He helped Dan by pulling down a bit of shirt that had ridden up, leaving Dan’s powerful lower back exposed. Finally finished, Brandon turned back around to Dan’s front, and placed a slow kiss on Dan’s nipple, jutting out under the thick fabric. “Let’s go,” Brandon said softly.

Dan blushed. Brandon always knew how to make him feel super sexy. He went back out to the crowd with him and made their way back to the booth. He was alarmed when he saw Phil laying his head down on the table, looking like he was snoozing. What the hell was Phil doing napping on the job?! he thought. Unless… oh shit… Maybe he’d gotten hungry and sampled some of the tacos for himself… he reasoned. He hurried over and tried to shake Phil awake. “Hey, wake up! We left you for like 15 minutes!”

Phil snored loudly, and only after a full minute of shaking did he finally come to. He looked up groggily. “Wha- ?” he asked, his eyes bleary. “Where did you guys come from?” he asked at last. Brandon chuckled. “Apparently, I wasn’t the one in danger of falling asleep on the job!” Phil, finally realizing where he was, had the good grace to look abashed. “Sorry guys,” he said sheepishly. “We had a slow spot, so I had a taco… well, two tacos… anyway, I had two, and kind of sat down and watched the crowd a bit… and…. well, then you guys were here, shaking me.” He blushed. “Still feel so tired…” he let out a yawn. Dan could see something was happening under Phil’s tight button-up shirt though. And under his pants. Phil was starting to grow…

Phil’s already robust pectorals were swelling out, his lats broadening, his neck taking on more thickness, his pants looking tighter and tighter around his quads. “Um, those two tacos, were they all-beef?” Dan asked, trying to sound innocent.

Phil blushed, his grin dissolving into a yawn. “Well, not quite to the level of the Smythe special… but, well, I was pretty hungry. I did load it up with extra. Probably one and a half times the usual. For each taco.” He pulled out his wallet, and put fifteen dollars in the till. “I meant to pay. I swear. I just ate them, and then I served a few more, and then… well, I just nodded off!” As he made his protest, Phil’s shirt was looking decidedly tight, the highest button Phil could fasten straining. With a pop it flew off, hitting the table and careening off to the side, a bit more of Phil’s deepening, hairy pec cleavage coming into view. He didn’t notice the loss of the button, but did notice the slight loosening of the pressure around his chest. He shrugged his shoulders, his brows knit. Another button popped off, flying through the air and bouncing off the cash box. Phil looked down. “Dammit. Need another shirt.” Despite his words, his huge grin was all that needed to be said. He put his hands behind his head, and the sleeves of his shirt strained to hold in his huge arms, hugging them tightly, the fabric looking like it was about to give way.

It started to split around the peaks of his biceps and the sides of his lats, revealing pale skin and dark hair. He was easily 15 or 20 lbs. bigger and still not done swelling. The sheepish yet proud look on Phil’s face was adorable and hot at the same time. Dan could tell he was enjoying being bigger than his latest shirt.

Phil couldn’t resist. He gave his biceps a quick flex, and had to stifle a chuckle as his sleeves split further around them. “Uh. I guess those weighted pull ups at the gym have really been paying off, huh?” he said, bringing his arms down. He could feel a cool breeze on his skin now, and almost regretted shredding his shirt. Almost. “Um. I think I saw that the thrift shop had a booth a little ways down. I may have to stop by there. See if they have anything in my size…”

Yet another button popped off of Phil’s torso as he seemed to finish swelling, looking very close to 300 lbs., if not over. His furry chest was bare, only the far sides hidden by fabric, along with his cinder block abs. The slightest movement of his thighs caused his pants to rip, too, enormous quads and hamstrings bulging. And there was something else bulging in his pants, too! Phil was lucky that hadn’t busted out as well. Phil definitely didn’t look like a teenager anymore. That masculine, scruffy face, those thick, powerful-looking muscles… he was a boy in the body of a MAN.

Brandon’s eyes bugged out just a bit, staring at this new, bigger, meatier Phil. Hadn’t his shirt fit before? Although now that Brandon thought about it, Phil hadn’t exactly been able to button it up. Not with those big pecs in the way. And the pants had been pretty darn tight. Still, despite his rationalizations, on some level, Brandon suspected that what he had just seen had in fact actually happened. Phil was nearly fifty pounds bigger. And it happened pretty darn quickly. Phil stood, blushing slightly. “Ah, I’ll be back soon. After I go to the… clothes… thing…” Judging by the way Phil’s cock bulged, clearly pulsing, Brandon wondered if Phil would make it to the thrift shop booth without a detour first.

As Phil ambled over to the clothing booth, he happened to bump into another rather large man by mistake. “Oh, well, hello there again! You’re Dan’s young friend, is that correct?” Phil looked up at the taller man to find himself staring at Mayor Frank Skaggs again… and his shirt was looking severely unbuttoned, with some familiar-looking rips in the fabric.

Phil valiantly overcame the temptation to let his jaw drop. Then came the temptation to lean in and bury his face in Frank Skaggs’ magnificent pecs. That Phil overcame too… barely. The mayor’s thick chest jutted spectacularly, thrust out of his ruined shirt, two powerful slabs of thick beef, the succulent nips rubbing against the last bit of shirt that tried to contain him. “Actually, I’m Dan’s cousin,” Phil replied, trying to sound nonchalant. There was a slight tremor in his voice though, a mix of nervousness and desire. “I, uh, need to get some different clothes, I think…” Phil looked Frank up and down, noting how the once fine clothes now looked almost ridiculous on the big man. Ridiculously sexy, at the same time. Tight everywhere, showing off the strong body beneath.

“We find one another in the same predicament, then. As you can see, I’m needing to slip into something more comfortable. Too much time in the gym, I guess,” he chuckled, his plate-like pecs bouncing with his humor.

“I can see that,” Phil replied, feeling a bit more at ease. “Same problem, as you can see. I’ve been hitting bench hard, and, well, I guess I just outgrew this shirt.” Phil’s huge, hairy pecs swelled with pride. He estimated that he and Frank were about the same mass, roughly three hundred pounds. But the mayor, standing an impressive six foot four, had a good five inches on him. But that just made Phil’s muscles that much thicker. He tensed his pecs, and they surged forward, striations appearing, visible even under the hair. Another button, down by his blocky abs, popped off. “Oops,” Phil commented, head down, but eyes up to see Frank’s reaction. “I don’t even think this one can be donated anymore…” He paused. He considered the opportunity. “Um. If this isn’t too much to ask… you look like you have good taste in clothes. Can you help me pick something?” He smiled invitingly, trying to keep his hunger for the studly mayor out of his voice, only partially succeeding.

“Well, I am a public servant!” Frank joked, walking with Phil over to the clothing booth. The volunteer’s eyes bulged out at them as the mayor asked to look over the choices. “Well, I liked you in a button-up, but I don’t think we’ll find one to your exact measurements here today,” he smiled. “How about something that can stretch over all that muscle? A tank top, perhaps?”

Phil grinned. “A tank top might not be so bad. Something to keep me a little covered, anyway. For decency, and all…” He grinned, and gave his thick chest a quick flex, hoping to impress Frank. Certainly, the booth attendant’s eyes went wide, seeing the thick muscles push forward so aggressively. Phil looked over the table. “But if at all possible, not one of those ones that’s like a tent. More something that stretches nicely, so it hugs my waist, but also my chest and back…”

“Right… and I don’t think we’ll find anything better than sweat pants to cover your lower half today… too bad it’s not shorts weather,” Frank said, looking over at Phil and wiggling his eyebrows. He tensed an arm and it ripped even more in its tattered fabric sleeve. Phil was adorable, he thought. He couldn’t be any younger than 20, either, he was sure of it. I mean, all that hair… he thought to himself, lasciviously.

Phil looked down at his torn pants, and blushed. “Yeah, sweatpants for today, I guess…” He felt his cock pressing against the crotch of his pants, stretching forward. He looked around on the table, and found a black tank top, more of an undershirt, really, and held it up. A large. “Do you suppose this one will work?” He looked up at the big mayor inquisitively.

“Might rip… only one way to find out…” he egged the teen on, slipping the volunteer the money for the shirt.

Phil grinned, and pulled off the tattered remains of his shirt. It took a moment, and he struggled to get the tight material off of his huge shoulders and arms. In the end, he simply pulled, tearing the already ruined shirt to pieces. Blushing at his own bestial display, he took the tank top, and pulled it on. He struggled to get it over his huge shoulders and lats, but after a certain amount of twisting and turning (which showed off his torso beautifully) he managed to get it on. It hugged his body tightly. Around the waist, it fit perfectly, showing off his body, hinting at the musculature beneath, but not outright showing anything. Higher up though, all pretense was lost. His big lats erupted from it, stretching the fabric till it was thin. His pecs were even worse. They forced the fabric outward, the straps so thin they were almost translucent. Most of his huge chest was exposed, hair and all. His nipples managed to hide behind some fabric, but they pressed against it hard, making the young bull’s arousal clear. He turned, showing off his huge back, and turned back to Frank. “So, uh, how does it look?”

“You’re decent once again, barely,” he chuckled, giving the lad’s bulging shoulder a firm pat. “And now what should I put on?” he wondered aloud, scanning through the racks and piles of clothes.

Phil looked over the table, and turned over a few different shirts. Finally, he found an extra large dress shirt, with a neatly tailored fit. Made for a more slender physique, Phil doubted that Frank would be able to close the top two or even three buttons. He held it up. “How about this? Might be a bit tight around the chest, but that’s probably better than having our town mayor running around in an oversized concert tee shirt…” Phil’s huge arm swept over the table, showing how many shirts were, in fact, used concert tee shirts (or one-size-fits-all freebie giveaway items). Phil held it out. “Go on. Can’t have our mayor looking anything but spiffy.”

“Well, I think this style works for you, too, but since there’s only one,” he relented, similarly ripping off the remains of his shirt and sliding himself into the new shirt. It wasn’t crisp like a brand new one, but it fit over his muscles… just barely. His powerful form bulged at it from every side, and true to Phil’s estimation, the top three buttons couldn’t get anywhere near closed, leaving his pectoral cleavage on display for all. “Well, how do I look?” he asked his young friend, doing a similar fashion twirl for him.

Phil nearly said ’delicious.’ His lips started to form the word, but then changed. “You, ah, look good. Very good. Good enough to eat…” Phil blushed as he realized what slipped out. Damn, Frank was turning him on, and turning his mind to mush! He turned to look at the table, face red, searching for sweatpants. The position gave Frank a great view of Phil’s freaky body though, and the mayor couldn’t help but notice the hefty bulge jutting out from the crotch of Phil’s overtaxed jeans.

Frank adjusted his own sizable business in his ruined pants and licked his lips. “Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s still hungry, then,” he said softly enough so that only Phil could hear it amongst the crowd. He put a firm yet tender hand on the small of Phil’s cobra-like back.

Phil’s cock roared to life, stretching out further, until the teeth of the zipper started to pop, one by one. The young man might have been embarrassed, if he hadn’t been so insanely turned on. He grabbed a pair of sweats from the table, and turned to the stunned attendant. “Any place I can change my pants in privacy?” he asked. The attendant pointed around the back. Phil grinned, and grabbed Frank’s belt. “I might need help changing. Got to get these old pants off…” he growled. He led Frank around back, and found a small storage shed there. Grinning, he opened it up, and then closed the door once Frank was inside. It was tight, especially with two huge men inside. Phil loved the closeness. “Take off your new shirt…” he purred, “there aren’t any more like it, and it would be a shame if I had to tear it from your body.” Phil smirked, and pulled off his own tank top, revealing his huge torso once more. He tensed his abs teasingly.

Frank grinned ferally and unbuttoned his shirt with lightning speed, his own torso nude again. He was as smooth as Phil was furry. His pecs swelled and receded with his heavy, excited breaths. “You’re a gorgeous young man,” Frank purred, running an appreciative hand through the hair on Phil’s generous, overgrown pecs, another tracing the curve of his magnificent lats. “I wanted you the moment I saw you.”

Phil returned the grin. “I’ve been horned up since I saw you come to our table. You make me feel like some sort of wild animal, hungry… so very fucking hungry…” Phil reached out and grabbed Frank’s big pecs, groping them roughly. “Such an amazing man… so good-looking, so well-built…” Phil’s touch became gentle, running along the contours of Frank’s chest, lingering to tease the taller man’s erect nips. “You’ve had me boned for hours, you beautiful fucker…” he breathed.

Frank’s cock was pressing to be freed from his ruined slacks, so he pushed off the fabric cage, freeing his 11 inches of throbbing desire. “God, I wanna fuck you. But first… I wanna have fun with this massive body of yours,” he growled, leaning forward to bury his face in the shorter stud’s chest, licking at the hair and finding a nip, twisting it with his teeth.

Phil’s groan of pleasure became a growl of lust, as Frank’s teeth hit their mark. Phil’s huge pec twitched and flexed in response, changing shape, hardening, pushing against Frank’s lips. “That’s it…” Phil grunted between clenched teeth, “Work those big fuckers over…” He grabbed the back of Frank’s head and pulled the taller man toward him, mashing the mayor’s face against his big, hard pec as he threw his head back and groaned. He used his other hand to reach down and grab the waist of his pants. With a satisfied grunt he tore it from his body, sending the tattered remains to the floor. His own eleven inches thrust outward, struggling to overcome the stretchy material of his underwear.

Frank stopped just long enough to pant, “Guess we’re both pec men,” then returned to his ministrations of Phil’s sensitive man breasts. His hands went around his waist to Phil’s bubble buns and kneaded them, feeling how firm they were.

“How lucky for both of us then, that we have what the other wants…” Phil answered, grinning. He tightened his ass when Frank’s hands went there, flexing to show off his powerful glutes, then slowly relaxing, the striated muscle returning to its previous state of firm smoothness. Phil’s own hands were occupied exploring Frank’s big chest, although one did stray southward, running down the tall man’s powerful abs, down to the trouser python that waited below. Phil wrapped his hands around its thickness and gave a hearty squeeze. “Nice…” he purred, squeezing it several more times. “Big and thick. You think you can get that thing up my muscled ass, big Frank?” Phil grabbed the elastic of his underwear and ripped it from his torso. He leaned in, and started to lick and nibble on Frank’s huge, hulking trap.

Frank gave Phil’s ass a firm slap that stung the teenager, but delightfully. “Of course I can, I’m the fucking mayor,” he grunted, pushing Phil to the point where they both crashed to the ground, Frank on top of Phil, pec to pec, sweating, breathing hard, cocks rubbing against each other. Frank’s cock dribbled precum constantly over Phil’s abs, pooling in the dents between them. He smirked. “You have a big ass, but not so big I can’t push through it.” To prove his point, he started hiking Phil’s legs up in the air, over Frank’s shoulders. They were both mildly surprised a man as thick as Phil was so flexible, but they just enjoyed it.

Phil grinned, loving the sight of Frank using his body, his powerful muscles flexing as he hoisted Phil’s young musclebrute body into position. “Come on then, Mayor Musclecock… let’s see what you’ve got…” Phil teased, grinning. His grin widened as he felt Frank’s big member press between his ass cheeks, heading toward his entry. Phil clenched his glutes powerfully, trapping the big man’s thick dick between them, making the mayor grunt in surprise and pleasure, feeling his dick squeezed by such powerful muscles. Phil held the flex for a good minute before relaxing. “Just a taste…” he teased.

Frank smirked, giving Phil the respect he deserved for his power and control. But he finally pushed inside the teenager, eliciting powerful grunts and moans from them both. The kid fit like a glove and he was a fucking FURNACE! “Damn! I might not ever pull out,” he chuckled as he sunk himself deeper and deeper inside.

Phil let out a low groan of ecstasy, feeling the mayor’s eleven inch powertool enter him. Such a big dick might have overwhelmed a lesser man, but there hadn’t been anything “lesser” about Phil for some time now. He flexed his powerful glutes around Frank’s cock, squeezing it and then relaxing. “Come on, big man,” Phil grunted, “I want to really feel it. Fuck me as hard as you can! I’m not going to fucking let you pull out till I’m satisfied you’ve given me every big you’ve got!”

“All right,” he chuckled, picking up his pace, not being as gentle anymore. Phil was being jostled around now. He could feel his huge glute muscles absorbing the shock of the mayor’s strong body banging into it, muscles all over his body shaking from the impact. It was powerful and manly and he wanted MORE, always MORE these days! More muscle, more cock, more sex!

“Oh fuck YEAH!” Phil cried out, loving the powerfuck he was receiving from Frank’s big body. He urged the older man on, encouraging him, taunting him with squeezes of his powerful ass, gazing up at him lustfully. His own dick was rock hard, and starting to throb dangerously. “Come on, big man, do it,” he urged, panting eagerly, “Fill me up!”

Frank grunted at the strain of fucking this kid as hard as he needed to in order for him to get off on it. What an insatiable beast! He wondered if there was any room inside of him for cum at all with all that muscle when he felt himself reach the point of no return! He moaned long and hard right before his huge cock started unloading itself generously inside his partner.

Phil let out a howl of delight as he felt Frank’s big cock explode inside him, swelling up a bit before expelling a huge load of hot, thick, creamy cum. Phil tightened his glutes just a bit, just enough to keep the big man in place as he enjoyed the sensation of Frank’s spasming cock inside him. It set his own member aflame, and moments later, Phil’s thick muscledick was spraying cum all over, arcs of gooey white cum going hither and yon, splattering on the walls, on Phil, on everything. The force of his own orgasm set his body ashudder, and the stimulation brought a new round of cum from Frank. Phil lay back, a huge grin on his face, just enjoying the sensations washing over him, as Frank’s dick pumped the last bits of cum into him.

“Think you’ll be able to keep all that cum inside?” Frank asked with a wink, giving Phil a good-natured slap on his beefy side, feeling the masses of muscle and simply admiring the form this young man had built.

Phil grinned. “Are you kidding? The way these big glutes fight for space? I’m about as tight as it gets back there…. it’s why I need a really strong man to open me up…” Phil disentangled himself from Frank and stood. Even without consciously flexing, his big glutes held in every bit of cum—not a drop of the considerable load leaked out. Phil smiled down at Frank. “What about you? How much strength does it take to make your ass yield its treasure?” Phil’s smile became a hungry, lecherous grin.


Part 35

Peter Stockwell was his own man these days. His powerful position at his company paid him very, very well and he got to make his own hours, as well! With the festivities of gay pride week going on in the town, he’d taken the liberty of vacationing from work for the week so he could enjoy it with his fiancée, Colin. And he knew that Colin was well worth spending time with, he thought to himself, walking behind his beau. He saw those glutes shift around in the younger man’s jeans and he could barely suppress a woof!

Needless to say, they drew a great many glances. Two huge hunks of man, Colin’s 500 pounds of solid brawn eclipsed only by Peter’s 550. Towering above the crowd, they enjoyed each other’s company. Peter eventually had to move up beside Colin, so that the sight of that young, powerful ass didn’t render Peter indecent on the spot! (As it was, the large bulge in the crotch of his jeans had already become more prominent.) Still, as he walked beside Colin, he couldn’t resist the urge to reach back and give one of Colin’s thick glutes a mischievous squeeze. “God I love these…” Peter growled, his voice low and sultry.

Colin looked up at him, grinning. “Even after all the attention you’ve given them this week?”

Peter’s own grin broadened, thinking of how he and Colin had been using his time off. “Especially with all the attention I’ve been giving them this week…” Peter purred, giving Colin’s ass another squeeze before reluctantly removing his hand. He could feel his jeans struggling against his throbbing crotch now, and knew the zipper was going to be in trouble if he kept it up. So Peter set his eyes forward, grin still present, watching the crowd separate for them. Even though everyone in town knew who they were, there were still stares. Especially now, at the pride festival.

Colin blushed. “You’d think we were royalty or something,” he said, adjusting himself a bit in his tight long-sleeved custom-tailored shirt. Ever since he’d focused in the gym and gotten, well, huge, he’d noticed the difference in the way people treated him. There was a lot more respect, sometimes even fear, in people’s eyes. People moved out of his way instead of the other way around. Whenever he walked around in public, he felt eyes on him, poring over every inch of his thick, defined body, staring at the obvious bulge he always made in his pants. Colin had always been a more humble sort, so the attention always slightly unnerved him. Being with Peter, who seemed to love the stares, had helped him come out of his shell, though.

Up ahead, there was another ripple in the crowd. Another head above all the others, set atop a big bull neck and massive shoulders. Another ship, parting the sea, stares following him as he went. He looked familiar. Peter squinted, then opened his eyes a bit wider, grunting in surprise. It was Mr. Hoffer, the grocer. But he looked so big! As big as Colin, at least! As the gap narrowed between them and the big, older man, some of the spectators began to bump into each other. Staring at either Hoffer, or Peter and Colin, they often failed to look where they were going, when backing out of the way. Colin looked concerned, suddenly self-conscious again. He had learned not to be embarrassed by his size, most of the time, but things like this made him blush. Hoffer, on the other hand, strode through the crowd like an emperor, seeming to relish the attention, his huge body moving forward implacably, utterly unstoppable. He saw Peter and Colin up ahead, and his eyes narrowed just a bit, as the corner of his mouth twitched upward just a bit, the faintest hint of a grin forming.

“Hoffer, pleasure seeing you here,” Peter said in a booming voice. He could tell that the huge grocer was enjoying being cock of the walk and for some reason that irked him. He wanted to reassert who really held that title, especially in front of his prized fiancée. He thrust out a big paw of a hand, attached to a ham hock-like forearm encrusted with thick veins over bulging sinew, waiting for the other man to make a move.

Hoffer drew closer, and took a moment to look them both over. The development of Hoffer’s body was astounding. He looked like he had been poured into his polo shirt, the fabric struggling to hug his freakish mass. His pecs bulged spectacularly, each a huge, round slab of power, the thick nip pointing downward, clearly visible under the tight fabric. The shirt was open at the neck, buttons nowhere to be seen, pulled taut, revealing the upper portions of the man’s incredible chest, deep striations sprouting from the cavernous separation between his huge pecs. He slowly put out a hand, his fingers obviously powerful, attached to a forearm that seemed to be nothing but muscle and veins. He took Peter’s hand and shook, giving the slightly bigger man a powerful squeeze. Peter could feel the strength in Hoffer’s grip, and Colin watched with awe and consternation as the veins in Hoffer’s arm pulsed and bulged, and his powerful forearm swelled. “Fancy meeting you here, Peter…” Hoffer said, his voice deep and rich and full of barely hidden cockiness. “I was over at your boy’s taco stand not too long ago. I certainly do enjoy him.” Hoffer grinned, shark-like, even as his eyes shifted to give Colin an appraising look.

“I hear he’s quite a help at your store,” Peter said, not caring for the not-so-subtle undertone to that statement. Hoffer and his boy… that couldn’t be the case! He saw Hoffer’s eyes grazing over Colin’s powerful form and Peter squeezed the grocer’s hand back. “Men your age could always use a helping hand.”

Hoffer’s teeth flashed but his grin stayed put. Peter was strong, that much was certain. But so was Hoffer. He squeezed harder, his huge arms bulging, straining the already too-tight sleeve of his shirt. The way the vein bulged outward, it looked like it might tear the shirt just by itself! “I agree,” Hoffer smirked. “It’s so nice to have a young man like your son there. I show him so much. Teach him so much. Give him so much. And he takes it all so well.” Hoffer’s stare was for Peter now, intense and challenging, as his sleeve began to tear, just a little, the cloth giving way, just over the huge vein that ran up his bloated bi. “Maybe someday I could do the same for you. Or for your young companion here. Although if you sent him to work under me… he might never come back!” Hoffer’s eyes were flashing now. “He and your boy could both be educated by me… Maybe even at the same time…”

Peter released Hoffer’s hand and reluctantly the brutish grocer did the same. “I don’t sleep around on my fiancée and I’m sure that Colin can speak for himself on the matter, right, honey?” Peter asked, looking over at Colin with a glare.

Colin looked a bit pale, having been taken aback by Hoffer’s not so subtle innuendos. When both Peter and Hoffer turned to him, red rushed back into his cheeks. “Um, of course I can, Peter. And, um, Mr. Hoffer, while I’m sure your offer is well-meant, well, I’m happy working with Peter. In every sense of the word.” He broke Hoffer’s intense stare to give Peter a small smile. He reached out, and took Peter’s huge hand in his own, still smiling. “I look back at my life without Peter, and wonder how I could every have lived such a boring, incomplete existence.”

Peter could feel the warmth coming from Colin now, and it softened his annoyance. Hoffer had gotten under his skin, but Colin had just soothed everything over. Peter leaned in, and gave Colin a soft kiss on the lips. The kind that’s not exactly short, not really long, that leaves everything unsaid, and yet promises the moon. Colin understood it perfectly, and smiled as Peter pulled away. “Nice to meet you here, Mr. Hoffer.” Peter said, turning to the hulking grocer, his voice the very essence of politeness.

As Peter and Colin continued to hold hands, they walked away from Mr. Hoffer, who was quite frustrated with what had happened. He hadn’t had anyone resist his advances now that he was growing big. What had he done wrong?! Had he come on too strong? …No way! Those two were just too lovey-dovey with each other to allow a third into the room, he thought to himself as he snorted with disappointment. He casually rubbed the obscene bulge in his straining slacks. He’d woken up from his nap really horny, feeling bigger than ever all over!

He watched Peter and Colin’s magnificent asses walk away, big glutes moving magically under their jeans. Hoffer’s clenched teeth started to grind, just a bit. He had half a mind to follow them, and show that cocky Peter Stockwell a thing or two! Briefly, he thought of the younger Stockwell. Dan wasn’t nearly as resistant to his charms. He felt his cock throb eagerly under his hand, pushing out against his too-tight pants. It was a promising idea…. but it felt like settling. Colin was a truly beautiful young man, and it would have been incredible to fuck him. Idly, he wondered what fucking Peter would be like. A spirited stallion like that would be a pleasure to break… He turned to follow them, and then heard something off to the side. The sound of something being knocked over, followed by a low groan of confusion. The invisible voice sounded groggy, as if he had just awoken. The voice was sexy, Hoffer thought. His grin began to return.

Edward Smythe toddled into the crowd, having crashed in a chair for a while after enjoying his double-beef taco from Dan’s stall. He still felt a bit woozy and had stood up too quickly, bumping heavily into another booth. He clumsily tried to set back up the display he’d knocked over, his hands seeming bigger and beefier than he was used to. He felt the need to stretch and did so, several threads and seams popping with the motion. He had become very muscular underneath his shirt. No longer just healthy-looking for his age, he was downright muscular, with the definition and mass to back it up! Maybe 220 lbs. or more on his taller, prouder frame. He still had the same silver hair and older features as before… but his body was developing further into muscular magnificence! The skin didn’t sag much at all over his hard contours anymore!

Smythe sensed the huge presence behind him before he saw it. “Apparently, I need to visit our local library more often,” came Mr. Hoffer’s low, rumbling voice, sounding amused and… something else… Smythe turned around, and his jaw dropped just a bit as he beheld the massive grocer, five hundred pounds of pure muscle packed into a polo shirt and slacks that looked three sizes too small! Why, one of the sleeves even had a tear running up the inside! Smythe took a small step back. “M- Mr. Hoffer! How interesting to meet you here!” He looked up and down the massive man’s body, and found that his dick awoke instantly, hardening in his pants, starting to push out against the crotch. Hoffer grinned, looking cocky. He folded his massive arms in front of him, his huge pecs mounding freakily under the too-tight shirt. “I don’t suppose you could help me find a book, next time I’m in?” Hoffer asked, trying to look innocent.

Smythe looked up, curious. “Any book in particular? Or just a subject?” Hoffer stepped closer, his presence grander. Smythe caught a whiff of an overwhelming scent—masculine and powerful, it came off of Hoffer in waves.

“Several subjects. Muscle for one. Can never be too big…” He seemed to swell larger before Smythe’s eyes, but it was simply an adjustment on Hoffer’s part, spreading his lats wider, pushing his arms out a bit. Nonetheless, the display was quite effective.

“Oh… we have… several,” Smythe replied. “Although, perhaps you’d like to see my private collection? I have several books on the male physique that… well, a public library might not consider them ’appropriate.’ But I certainly do enjoy them. Any other books you’re looking for?”

“I confess that I find the subject of male sexuality quite intriguing…” Hoffer purred. He tensed his pecs slowly, making the vast swelling muscle roll in waves across his broad chest. He saw the librarian’s eyes follow the rippling that was obvious even under the polo. He chuckled. “As you might imagine, I suppose. I’m especially curious as to how the homosexual male reacts to signs of masculinity… you wouldn’t happen to be an expert on that subject, would you?”

Smythe nearly fell over again, watching Hoffer’s display of freaky power. “Always a student, dear sir. But I do love the rigors of study… I find them quite… filling…” A small smile appeared on Smythe’s handsome, mature face. A hint of a blush reddened his cheeks, and he stepped forward, right up to the magnificent Mr. Hoffer. “I don’t suppose you’d be willing to help me with my study, would you, Mr. Hoffer?” He reached out, and put his hand on one of Hoffer’s massive pecs, feeling the hard flesh under the taut fabric. Smythe’s hand traveled outward and down, until it collided with the massive bulk of Hoffer’s huge arm. Smythe let the back of his fingers brush against the thick vein running up Hoffer’s brutish bicep, and then pulled away. “I can be a very good student, you know…”

“Always eager to see what tricks I can teach a fellow old dog,” he snickered, wrapping his enormous arms around the older man, pulling him in tight in order to envelope him in his muscular body. Smythe could smell Hoffer’s scent more closely now through the shirt. It was pure masculinity wafting off of this hulk. Mr. Hoffer’s hands ran down the librarian’s muscular back until he came upon the generous rump and squeezed it in his palms.

Smythe shivered with pleasure, feeling the huge bulk of Hoffer’s body against him, loving the feeling of strong hands running down his back, until they found his muscular ass. Smythe groaned softly as he felt Hoffer work his glutes over, squeezing them with his powerful hands, the huge grocer’s strength obvious. It felt amazing. Smythe leaned in, and was gratified to feel the solid lump of Hoffer’s cock, a huge meatlog trapped inside the giant’s slacks. Smythe pushed his body against it, his own cock rubbing against the thick head of Hoffer’s monster, his lower abs pressed against the root of the huge man’s tool. Smythe’s hands reached down, running along the magnificent contours of Hoffer’s giant thighs, feeling the thick cords of the big man’s quads, reaching back, exploring the cloth- covered masses of hamstring. “Bet these big legs can put out a lot of power…” Smythe purred, rubbing his chin against one of Hoffer’s monstrous pecs. “Bet they could really drive a cock deep…”

“Only one way to find out… but I’ve never heard any complaints from my previous lovers…” Hoffer chuckled. “Not that I heard much else besides moans and screams of joy, that is! It’s rare to see men of your… maturity in such fine shape. You must get to the gym quite regularly… I’m sorry I seemed to have missed your visits…”

Smythe chuckled softly. “I must confess, I seem to have been given a new lease on life recently. A few months ago, I had deteriorated… but recently, I’ve just felt better and better!” He ran one hand over one of Hoffer’s huge arms, feeling the massive tricep, exploring its freaky horseshoe shape. “And recently, I’ve been going to the park. Using the fitness course. And remembering some of the things I used to do when I was younger. Squats, for one.” He flexed his glutes slowly, letting them firm up in Hoffer’s hands. “I may have to join the gym though. I had no idea such a specimen as yourself was a regular there…” His hand wandered to Hoffer’s massive pec. He explored it slowly, pushing and prodding, finding no spot that was soft. He explored every striation, pushing fabric down into it with his fingers, tracing the length of the valleys across the bloated muscle. He swept his hand down to a thick, jutting nip, and pressed his finger against it, playing with it, teasing it. “I’ve been so horny too… I’ve even had to restock my dildo collection… Getting bigger and bigger sizes…” He brought his other hand around to trace down the side of Hoffer’s huge, cloth-trapped cock. “Not quite this big though… Not quite…” He grinned.

“No surprise… they don’t make them that big,” Hoffer chuckled. “And we’d love to have you at the Muscle Pit… especially with the new late hours policy changes… You can wear as little as you want, as long as your junk’s covered,” he snickered. “I’ve been having a lot of fun showing off with that. Pumping weights in only a jockstrap… having some young stud feel my muscles as I push iron up and down… I’d love to see you there,” he breathed, leaning down to give Edward a lusty kiss.

Edward Smythe thought he would drown in that kiss. It was like an avalanche had buried him, an avalanche of muscle, of power, of cock. He kissed back, as his hands gripped Hoffer’s hamhock forearms for support, the librarian’s strong legs suddenly shaking with excitement, his eyes rolling up into his head as he felt bliss wash through him. When the behemoth finally released him, it took a moment to recover. “I’d love to be there…” Smythe gasped, taking a deep breath. “I’d love to see you in your jockstrap. See you lift, your huge muscles pushing up so much weight. See some young studly thing worship you, giving his superior his due…” Smythe looked up at Hoffer, desire filling his eyes. “I’d love to be that stud too. Feeling your massive body go through its paces. Gripping your chest as you lie back on the bench, lifting some ungodly amount of weight…” Smythe shuddered softly, desire for this huge musclegod filling him. “And I’d love to have you put me through my paces… have you pump me with that big iron bar of yours… feel what it’s like to be fucked by a body as magnificent as yours…”

“You’re filling my head full of ideas!” Hoffer chuckled, giving the older man’s glutes another squeeze. “Well… I think things got a little stuffy in here… why don’t we go back to my place and put some of those words into action? With a handsome man like you, I don’t think I can cage the beast much longer anyways…” he growled. It was unclear if he was talking about his domineering side or his cock.

Smythe could sense the primal energy building in Hoffer, powerful and dangerous. It excited him. “I certainly don’t want you to cage the beast on my account,” he purred. “Quite the contrary. I hope you unleash him. There’s no pleasure like the one given by a man who’s let his inner beast out. I do hope you don’t hold back on my account. I want nothing more than to experience you to the very fullest.” Smythe grinned at the huge man, his own cock feeling like it might explode at any minute.

“Then I think it’s time we made our exit,” he smirked, quickly and easily scooping Smythe up into his arms, cradling him against his pecs as he walked through the crowd, smiling down at the handsome, muscular older librarian as he felt the pride of being so huge and studly. His semi-hard cock was obvious to all as he walked past bystanders, men gawking at the overabundance of masculinity Mr. Hoffer seemed to project.

As they drove to the store, Smythe couldn’t help but admire Hoffer’s body. He watched the huge man steer the wheel, massive triceps hanging down temptingly, thick forearms looking huge, even when relaxed. Hoffer noticed the stares, of course, and tensed his huge tri teasingly. A huge grin spread on his face as he watched Smythe’s reaction, the older man’s eyes lighting up with wonder, studying every inch of the massive horseshoe, noting every striation, even the veins that were visible on Hoffer’s lean body. The show continued for the rest of the all-too-short trip.

When they arrived, Hoffer got out first, followed soon by Smythe. The big man was feeling hornier, more aggressive. The crotch of his pants was starting to show the signs of it, the zipper beginning to break toward the top, the metal teeth giving way, one at a time, with a metallic pop. Hoffer stared down at Smythe, lust burning in him, his jaw set, authoritative, powerful. He reached around the smaller man and hoisted him into the air easily, throwing him over his huge shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Holding Smythe up with one arm, he walked to the door, and carried him in. Hoffer paused in front of a large mirror, recently-installed, and admired the sight, Smythe’s strong musclebody draped over his massiveness. He reached up and squeezed the librarian’s ass, admiring its firmness and shape.

“Yeah, this is an ass that deserves to get fucked,” he growled, becoming more coarse now that there were no onlookers. He pulled off Smythe’s pants easily and fondled the bare buttocks. “Mmmm… shove something nice and thick between these two melons…” He pressed a fat digit between them, poking toward the older man’s anus.

Smythe writhed with pleasure, squirming on Hoffer’s huge shoulder, his cock hard against the massive delt beneath him. The change in Hoffer’s language was exciting him greatly. “Oh please yes, Mr. Hoffer, sir. I’d love nothing better than to have you do that… But I’d also love to see your huge body. Although I’ve been admiring it under your tight clothes since we first laid eyes on each other, to see you in the flesh…” Smythe shivered, his voice trailing off as he imagined the sight of Mr. Hoffer naked.

The bigger man chuckled, and squeezed the librarian’s ass. “Your expectations will be exceeded,” he announced cockily. He walked into the next room, his hand still working Smythe’s ass over, starting to loosen up the older man. The librarian moaned softly, imagining what it must be like when it was Hoffer’s cock spreading his ass.

He set Smythe down and stripped off his clothing next. They didn’t have a prayer. He had grown into them so hugely that there was no getting them off without completely decimating them with his muscles. With some powerful flexes his muscles burst from underneath the fabric. He smirked and tore off the rest, showcasing his huge, brutal, massive, bulging, striated muscles along with a cock that slapped against his powerful thighs, propped up by two gargantuan balls! “I trust that I was right?” he grinned, putting his hands behind his head and flexing his entire body!

Smythe’s jaw dropped in awe as he looked up at the monstrous god that stood before him. His mouth moved, but no sound managed to come out, as he stared wide eyed at the bulging magnificence of Mr. Hoffer’s body. He nodded mutely, his eyes raking across the huge musclefreak’s body, admiring the insane bulges, the deep striations, the freaky veins. And of course, that cock. That huge, powerful, looming cock, bobbing dangerously, promising the most incredible fuck the old man would ever know. He couldn’t help it. He moved forward, pulling his shirt off, pressing his body against Hoffer’s mass. “Magnificent…” he breathed at last. He found one of Hoffer’s thick nips and gave it a kiss. Then another. He moved in against it. Even stretched, the pec had mass to it. Smythe began to lick, his tongue circling the areola, sending shivers through the big man. Inward he went, until he reached the thick nub again.

His hands crawled up Hoffer’s massive lats, caressing them admiringly as his mouth worked the big man’s nip over. When it was so firm it felt like a lump of stone, Smythe moved on, travelling around to the deep armpit so conveniently displayed. He pushed his face into it, nuzzling it, drinking in the heady scent of Mr. Hoffer, musclefreak extraordinaire. Smythe’s tongue emerged, tentative at first lapping at the sweaty pit. Then starting to go at it with more gusto, eagerly tasting the huge man’s musk. Finally he pulled back, and looked up at Hoffer’s cocky face. “Truly, a magnificent musclegod, if ever there was one,” Smythe breathed.

Hoffer shivered with lust. “You’re certainly experienced, I’ll say that!” he exclaimed, dropping his arms to his side… well, as far as they could drop thanks to his massive lats and bulky triceps. “And you… such wonderful muscle mass… I’d love to see it grow over time… become larger, stronger…” he purred, leaning down to pepper Smythe with kisses, his strong hands molesting the librarian’s new muscles, feeling the thickness and strength in his chest and biceps and abs.

“Mmm….” Smythe murmured, loving the feeling of such strong hands on his body. “I will have to keep growing… just so I can keep up with you… I may not be in your league, but at least I can be worthy of worshipping you…” His hands slowly worked their way up and down Hoffer’s massive arms, feeling their freaky size, tracing the contours of the outrageous muscles under the skin. He nuzzled against the larger man’s chest, running his tongue down a particularly deep striation, until he reached the deep chasm that separated Hoffer’s brutally massive pecs. He began to lick, shoving his tongue between them, lapping against the huge man’s sternum. He traveled upward, until finally he emerged once more, at the base of Hoffer’s thick bull neck. Smythe kissed it, running his lips around its thick base, over to the hulking traps that supported it. His hands traveled down Hoffer’s huge arms, down to caress the huge man’s obliques. Down to feel the huge thighs. Moving inward, toward Hoffer’s epic manhood. Smythe moved down and around, and was able to grab both of Hoffer’s big balls, one in each hand, and squeeze them slowly, admiringly, feeling them churn softly in his hands. “Magnificent…” he breathed, planting another kiss on Hoffer’s huge neck.

Hoffer easily lifted Smythe up in the air from beneath his buttocks and held him just above his cock. “Now… are you ready for this?” he whispered huskily, his cock leaking precum in anticipation. “Because it’s probably going to hurt you at first…”

Hoffer roared as he lowered the experienced man down onto his massive cock, the head pushing inside. Indeed, the librarian HAD been experimenting with larger dildos, but it still had to stretch wide to accept Hoffer’s python! “Unf, yeah, you like that?” he grunted, eyes squinting from the sensation of having a warm, tight ass wrapped around his sensitive member.

Smythe let out a strangled cry, both pain and pleasure, as he was impaled on a cock that made his biggest dildo seem small by comparison! “Oh… oh yess!” he gasped, his voice ragged, as he felt Hoffer’s huge tool enter him. “M-more! More!” He reached out to grab the big man’s hulking delts, feeling himself slide down the huge cock further, an inch at a time, it seemed like.

“Careful… could really hurt you on this sucker if I’m not careful…” he grunted, a 20 inch cock was nothing to joke around with! Hoffer started sweating, not from exertion but from lust as he felt more and more of himself sheathed inside this hot stud!

: Smythe pushed against Hoffer’s huge delts, trying to push himself further down on the big man’s cock. He felt another two inches slide into him, and let out a groan of pleasure. “Oh… oh yeah…” he moaned. “So much muscle! So much cock! Oh god, sir, fuck me!” He felt sweat start to trickle down his body as well, heated up inside from excitement and lust.

Hoffer used Smythe like a jerkoff toy, grabbing the stud by the lats and pushing him up and down over his rod, feeling the ass glide over his rigid, veined pole. He grunted and bucked his hips, biting his lip as he stifled moans of pleasure. FUCK, he just felt MORE from sex, being this big!

Smythe let loose, howling with pleasure, no longer stifling his cries of lust and excitement. He reached out to grope the huge man who was fucking him, to feel the huge muscles in action as Hoffer fucked him silly. He loved the power the big man was putting in the thrusts now, loved the way Hoffer’s huge cock, too big at first, now was pleasantly tight, only enough pain remaining to give and extra edge to the pleasure he felt. This was nirvana, and Smythe was determined to enjoy every minute of it, as he ran his hands over Hoffer’s massive body, feeling the big cock penetrate him, feeling his own dick throb excitedly, on the verge of shooting.

Hoffer reached that level first, growling deeply before depositing his first powerful shot deep inside the librarian. He continued shooting for minutes, seemingly quarts of semen stored in those testicles as he kept moaning, his cock spasming and swelling, filling Smythe full of his potent seed!

The feeling of Hoffer’s huge cock cumming inside him, spasming and shaking, throbbing and bulging, was what finally drove Smythe over the edge. That, and the feeling of the huge grocer’s hot, thick seed filling him. He let out a cry of lust and relief as his own dick shook and swelled and then erupted, sending cum all over his own abs and Hoffer’s. Smythe’s body spasmed with orgasm, and his ass clamped down on Hoffer’s huge dick, milking the big tool, stimulating it expertly.

Hoffer collapsed onto his own bed, gasping for breath as he kept shooting inside of Smythe, his juices leaking out of his overfilled ass now. Their bodies were pressed together, smooshing the librarian’s cum between them as it still was warm. “Fffffffuck, not bad, friend,” he panted, his great muscular pecs expanding and contracting.

“Not bad?” Smythe asked, pouting a bit. “It was magnificent on my end… So much muscle… and so much cock!” He pressed his face against Hoffer’s massive chest, feeling the huge slabs of pec beef rise and fall. “I guess I’ll definitely need to join you at the Muscle Pit, if I ever want to graduate from ’not bad’…” Smythe chuckled, his hand running over Hoffer’s giant shoulder.

“I thought it went without saying that I was seriously understating the experience, Mr. Smythe,” Hoffer chuckled, flexing the muscle wherever the man’s hands wandered.

“Mmm…” Smythe murmured, then he began to chuckle as well. “I was hoping that was the case, but thought I should make sure. I hope I’m still welcome to join you at the Muscle Pit though… I was looking forward to seeing you pump up that body to even greater size… wearing that jockstrap you mentioned.” The older man chuckled again, a soft but sexy sound.

“Smythe, I’ll be positively crestfallen if I don’t see you there tonight after hours, when the fun begins,” he chuckled, snuggling the older stud closer to him.

The muscular librarian laughed. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Wouldn’t want to disappoint my big stud. Or miss the chance to see him in action…”


Part 36

Pride week was over and things were getting back to normal in Dan’s town… well, as normal as he would let things be. Certain members of the community were looking much more virile and powerful than they had before, not that anyone was complaining. The Muscle Pit was experiencing booming business, so much so that the owner was planning a new annex to be opened later in the year.

Of all the men he’d spiced, Dan was most proud of his little cousin Phil. Well… little no longer. He was 5’11” and about 300 lbs. of shredded beef, and hairier every day. Here was where things always got interesting, though. Dan figured Phil was starting to get into the range where he could up the doses a bit and not draw too much suspicion from the kid. After all, he practically lived at the gym if he wasn’t at school or making time with his college boyfriend, Zach. So one night Dan decided to see if he could get away with a half dose instead of Phil’s usual quarter dose.

After getting his dose, Phil became pretty groggy. “I- I think I’m going to go lie down for a couple. Just a nap. Go out afterwards. Get energy… yeah.” Phil’s mind was fogging up, and he wasn’t speaking coherently. He lumbered up the stairs, the reinforced steps no longer creaking as they had a few months back. Before Peter and Colin had spent an afternoon working on them, shirtless of course, adding copious amounts of wood and steel beneath them. The staircase now could handle the prodigious muscular weight of the Stockwell men.

Phil stumbled to his bed, and collapsed on it. Moments later, snores drifted back through the open door. Dan couldn’t remember the last time the spice had hit Phil so hard. Sure, Phil had snoozed a bit after having a couple tacos at the fair, but nothing so dramatic as tonight. Up in his room, Phil slept. As his body thickened and swelled, the muscles becoming larger and harder, straining against his shirt, drawing it tight around him, straining the seams until they began to pop, one thread at a time.

Dan felt a twinge of concern at the unusual reaction Phil had, but he had never seen the spice hurt anyone yet. It was perfectly safe… wasn’t it? There was so much he didn’t know about it, but he had been using it for so long now he felt like he was somewhat of an expert on it, even if such a thought was there just to make himself feel better about using it on people. It was getting late and Dan was actually getting rather sleepy himself. He decided to turn in and see what sort of gain Phil had gotten in the morning.

When Phil awoke, he felt fantastic. He leapt out of bed, full of vigor, ready to take on the world, it seemed. He stopped short for just a moment, as he took note of the morning light streaming in the window. Fuck. He’d meant to go out last night. His nap had lasted longer than expected. Still, as he looked in the mirror, he couldn’t help the grin that split his handsome face. The stubble that he’d been growing was coming in THICK. He ran his hand over it appreciatively. Fuck, it was a nice beard now, the short hairs emphasizing his strong jaw. As Phil rubbed his hairy jaw experimentally, he heard a rip, and looked down to see his bicep burst through his sleeve.

“Oops,” he rumbled softly, his grin widening. He looked up into the mirror again, and grabbed his shirt. “No point with this one anymore.” He slowly pulled, tearing the shirt down the middle, his huge, hairy torso coming into view. He cast the ragged carcass of the shirt aside, and bounced his huge pecs experimentally. The way they rose, then fell ponderously was immensely gratifying. He ran his hands over them slowly, loving the feeling of hard, striated muscle under the hair. He looked around the room, and reached for a tank top. It fit snugly, hugging his huge torso tightly, exposing much of his hairy chest for the world to see. He loved it. He looked down at his shorts, and decided to keep them on. They were indecently tight, but still fit. Barely. He headed downstairs, hungry for breakfast, and more.

Dan rose as well, eager to get downstairs for some breakfast and hopefully see what the spice had wrought for Phil. As he entered the kitchen he saw Phil making breakfast and Dan’s jaw dropped. There was no way this was Phil. He was too big! A half dose… it definitely, definitely shouldn’t be that effective! But here Phil was, bulging out of his tank top and shorts, probably 360 lbs, maybe more, and not an inch taller. He looked stunningly massive! The beard on his face helped his rugged, bearish look, as well. Phil had to be, proportionately, the most massive man in town now. “M-Mornin’…” Dan was able to choke out.

Phil turned to Dan, grinning, stirring the eggs in the pan. “Mornin’, Dan. How are things going?” He turned back to the eggs, a huge mound of them, and slid them onto a waiting plate. “I’ll leave the pan out for you. Already warm.” Phil strutted toward the table, his huge legs working around each other, his powerful glutes filling his shorts to the brim. As Phil sat down, Dan couldn’t help but notice the healthy bulge pushing out in front of Phil’s shorts. Phil might not be taller, but it looked like had certainly made up for it in other areas! Phil began to dig into the eggs with gusto, several slices of toast on the side. He blushed a little. “Sorry Dan. Was going to make food for both of us… but this morning, I’m just so damn hungry!” A grin stretched across Phil’s bearded face.

“Y-yeah, have as much as you need,” Dan replied, still a bit taken aback. How had the spice done this?! Why had it reacted so differently last night? He vaguely remembered a period when his own father seemed to have been reacting more strongly to the spice, but he’d grown taller as well. Was it possible the spice could interact in wildly different ways with people’s body chemistry at certain points in their development? Dan was freaked out by how out of control things could get with his limited understanding of the spice and he decided that Phil wouldn’t be getting any more for a while. If he blew up any more without growing taller… he was afraid he’d start losing serious range of motion! Indeed, as Phil shoveled in food, Dan couldn’t help but notice the way Phil’s biceps and forearms pressed together when bent. Dan’s own monstrous arms did the same of course, but he was a foot or so tallerA few minutes later, the small mountain of food was gone, and Phil sat back in his chair, content. The furniture had been reinforced as well, but still, it creaked slightly under Phil’s bulk. He patted his stomach happily. He pulled up the shirt slightly, and rubbed his hard, brick-like abs, the deep cuts of the thick muscles visible despite the thick trail of hair running up them. “Man, I haven’t been that hungry in a while…” Phil muttered quietly. He seemed pleased with it though, the smile never leaving his bearded face. Slowly he stood. “I think I need to look through your old clothes, Dan. I know you said you have a lot of ones that don’t fit anymore. I keep outgrowing mine.” The grin got wider.

“Sure, take anything you need… in fact, maybe we can go shopping some time for some brand new ones for you,” Dan offered, cooking up his own breakfast and trying hard to hide the fact that Phil’s new dimensions were making him aroused. He commented to himself that Zach was gonna be one lucky guy the next time the two lovebirds got together…

Although Dan’s words were said under his breath, Phil’s sharp ears picked them up. Dan didn’t see the odd look that passed over Phil’s face at the mention of Zach. Phil hadn’t felt comfortable bringing up the fact that he and Zach were on the outs. Although he knew Dan would be understanding about it… how could he explain that he had become too big and sexually aggressive for the hot college wrestler? Phil didn’t mind being big, buff, and horny. But he did miss Zach, just a bit. The bear bar he’d been sneaking off to at night had helped fill the void with new experiences. But he didn’t think he was ready to tell Dan that yet either. He wanted to explore a bit on his own. The thrill of it was addicting. He stood up. “Sounds great. For now, I’ll head for the boxes. As for shopping, maybe tomorrow? I’d love to see a salesclerk try to get something in my size!” Phil let out a cheerful laugh, then blushed slightly, imagining some flustered sales clerk trying to take his measurements. He felt his half-hard cock swell, and decided to distract himself. He couldn’t afford to have these shorts go just yet… Not till he had finished with the old clothes box.

Later on that day, Dan was running some errands around town since it was a Saturday. He happened to see Zach in one of the aisles at Mr. Hoffer’s market and waved hello to him before striding over for a proper greeting. “Hey, how’s it been, Zach?”

Zach looked up, and saw the huge young musclegod standing beside him. “Oh, hey, uh, Dan. Hi,” Zach replied, a momentary look of discomfort passing over his face. “I’ve been doing okay, thanks for asking. Just here to stock up on some needed groceries. Was out of protein powders and, well, now that Hoffer’s been bitten by the iron bug, he sure does carry a lot of it.” Zach had an odd look on his face again, but it quickly left. “And how have you been, Dan? Still the biggest man in town, it looks like.”

“For now, it seems, but for how much longer, I dunno! Seems the upcoming bodybuilding contest has spurred some of the guys around town to start really hitting the weights hard!” he chuckled. “So how are you and Phil? He’s been a little quiet about the two of you for a bit, but he sneaks off to meet with you every night, so I take it things are pretty hot and heavy?” he smiled.

Zach’s face went hard and blank, and his body stiffened. Then his demeanor softened, and his shoulders slumped a bit. “He hasn’t been coming to meet me,” he answered softly. “We, uh, we broke up last week. We, um, maybe weren’t so compatible anymore.” Zach shrugged his strong, athlete’s shoulders. “It was fun while it lasted, but well, things got a bit too hot and heavy maybe. Got a bit burned.” He had a hard time meeting Dan’s eye as he spoke, but finally, he looked up at the huge young hulk. “What about you? How do you do it? You’re twice as big as Phil, at least? How do you manage to ever have sex with anyone, at your size?”

“Well, there’s other ways of having sex besides just, y’know… in the butt,” he said, surprised to hear that the two of them weren’t an item anymore. What could Phil be getting up to if he said he was meeting with Zach? “I like blow jobs a lot, giving and receiving. Jacking off together can be fun, too. I dunno, just depends on what you think of as sex. Sometimes just cuddling and muscle worship can be fun, too,” he added.

“Yeah…” Zach said, sounding forlorn. “It was exciting at first. Phil had been a pretty small guy. Then… bam! I met him in the gym, you know. Never knew he’d be one of those that just explodes. But he did. And it was fun. He was so into it! And fuck, so was I!” A hint of a smile crept onto Zach’s handsome face. “And the bigger he got, the hornier he was, it seemed. And hot damn, could he ever fuck!” Zach’s smile turned wistful. “But he just kept getting bigger. Stronger. Hornier. And that cock! I just couldn’t keep up. Couldn’t satisfy him. Couldn’t take it anymore. Literally. It was just too big. And, well, we had some words.” Zach’s face was forlorn again. “And I probably threw the first sucker punch. I could tell he was disappointed. I felt lousy. Inferior. And yeah, I said things I shouldn’t have.” Zach looked miserable now. “We both said some things that… well, they don’t get taken back easily.” He looked up at Dan. “I’m glad he’s having some fun again. And I’m glad you’ve managed to figure out how to adapt to your family’s crazy size.” A small smile came to Zach’s face. “Well, that was a lot to get out, wasn’t it?” He chuckled softly. “More than you were asking, I guess. Still, thanks for listening, Dan. Keep sensible. And maybe help Phil out, when the time is right.”

“Yeah, okay… Sorry to hear all that, I had no idea, man,” he said sadly, leaning over to give Zach a hug. Dan was really concerned for Phil, though. He’d kept the whole thing a total secret and was still pretending he was going out to see Zach! He had to figure out a way to find out where Phil was really going every night…

: Phil, for his part, had finished going through the box of old clothes. Most, of course, were still in prime condition. Dan hadn’t stayed at one size for long, in the past. Phil benefitted from that now, finding several sets of pants that fit, several shirts, and even some gym shorts. He was quite happy to see those, as he was itching to get down to the Muscle Pit, and put his bloated body to use. His workout there was brutal, as he pushed his body ferociously, pushing it to lift more, more, more! And it responded gratifyingly, his 360 pounds of rock solid brawn being tremendously strong, with endurance to match. He enjoyed the shower afterwards, and the walk home, his huge muscles pumped under his new clothes, his massive size unmistakable.

He was already thinking of tonight, when he’d head down to his (newly) favorite bar, and maybe find a nice slab of man for the evening. The bouncer had never bothered asking for identification—a hulking young man like Phil, with thick stubble on his chin, couldn’t possibly be underage. The beard now just cemented it. Besides, Phil was the type of man the bar liked to have patronize it—a hulking brute of a bear, that would draw in others like him, and others who sought out such men. Phil couldn’t wait. He was horny as hell.

After dinner that evening, Phil announced that he was going out to meet with Zach again. Peter thought nothing of a young buck like Phil meeting up to do what young men did while they were alone every night. Lord knows he’d do the same at that age. And Phil was a good kid, he didn’t worry about him. Dan, on the other hand, knew better and decided that night to try to follow Phil and see where he would disappear to every night.

Phil headed upstairs, changed into some jeans that accentuated his thick glutes and powerful quads, and tossed on a tight white tank top. He pulled a buttoned shirt over it, and a coat, and headed out the door. Phil walked down the road, enjoying the evening air, walking several miles until he finally reached his destination: Bär Bar. A joke by its owner, it meant “bear bar”—to those in the know. Phil had learned of it at the Muscle Pit, and since coming, he’d been hooked. The hulking bouncer nodded to him as he came to the door. A smile and a hello later, Phil was in, the bouncer staring after him admiringly.

Dan had kept his distance as he followed Phil down the street. Luckily, Phil didn’t have a clue he was being followed and Dan wasn’t discovered. It was hard for him to hide, after all. After seeing where Phil was going, Dan was surprised. His little wallflower cousin going into a bar like that! Underage! Well, two could play that game. He couldn’t let Phil get in over his head… He confidently strode up to the bouncer after Phil had gone in.

“Hey,” the bouncer growled, challenging. “I’m afraid I can’t let you in. Got to be twenty-one, you know?” His eyes took all of Dan in, starting with Dan’s big legs, all the way up to Dan’s massive chest and huge arms. The bouncer shifted a bit. Phil’s entrance had already gotten his cock started, and now it was going into overdrive. “As much as I hate to say it, I can’t let you in. Although there’s no rule against hanging out here, outside, you know?” He gave Dan a friendly, if somewhat lecherous grin.

“You sayin’ I don’t look 21, bud?” he asked in his deep voice, his chest pressing tightly against his shirt. He flexed it to make it even more prominent, his nipples pressing hard against the fabric.

The bouncer gulped, and his crotched throbbed visibly. “You look like the biggest, freakiest, sexiest musclestud in town, big guy…” The bouncer’s confidence was slipping, his voice a ragged croak, as his throat went dry. The sight of Dan’s flexed chest was sending a lightning storm of arousal through his mind. “But- but that makes you Dan Stockwell. Biggest man in town. Biggest man from a big family. And still in high school, last I heard.” The bouncer chewed his lower lip, watching Dan’s huge nips press against the taut fabric of his shirt. The bouncer felt his knees weaken just a bit. His fingers twitched. He ached to reach out, to touch that massive chest, to worship it in all its glory.

“Listen, what do I gotta do to get into this club tonight?” he purred, raising his massive arms up into a biceps pose. His long sleeves strained admirably over his rock hard mounds.

The bouncer’s knees pressed together, and his crotch bulged. He put his hands out, reaching up to caress one massive arm, feeling the insane hardness of Dan’s immense biceps, unmistakable under the taut fabric. The bouncer shuddered, his breath coming out in little grunts, as he ran his hands across the huge arm, over the shoulder, down to Dan’s immense chest. He traced the impossible contours of Dan’s huge pecs, making sure to give the thick nips some attention, pressing against them, feeling them move. The bouncer let out a low groan. “Flex your big chest for me, please sir… got to feel it flexed…”

“If I do that, am I in?” he teased. He had to use what leverage he had to get into this bar.

The bouncer was desperate now, his hands roaming the firm yet relaxed expanse of Dan’s huge pecs. “I- I- yes. Such a magnificent chest couldn’t possibly belong to someone underage, you see… But I need to… inspect it properly. Just to make sure.” The man’s mouth was so dry, it was hard for him to speak. He looked up at Dan desperately, having abandoned propriety. He was desperate to experience Dan’s huge chest in all its glory!

Dan flexed hard, making sure his huge sacks of flesh mounded huge, actually causing a rip to form from his collar, forcing the shirt to spread apart, his skin getting exposed to the cold air. His lightly furred chest was available for the bouncer to gawk at now, the striations in the hard flesh visible through the dusting.

The bouncer, a large man in his own right, was destroyed by the sight. He gasped, feeling the thick pecs harden and change under his hands, pushing outward, striations deepening, and ultimately ripping the shirt that clung to Dan’s huge torso. As the cloth parted, revealing the deep cleft between each massive pec, the bouncer moaned. His fingers did not hesitate to move inward, to caress the brutal inner pectoral region of Dan’s giant chest, to feel the canyon that separated the two huge slabs of beef. The man took several deep, racking breaths, his body quivering and shaking. “Oh… oh fuck.. oh fuck oh fuck…” he wheezed, closing his eyes as his dick exploded in his pants. He had always been a pec man, the bouncer. Tonight, he felt like he had died and gone to heaven. And he had the creamed pants to prove it. “You… you can go in…” he managed to gasp at last, waving Dan past, as he leaned back against the wall, his crotch still shuddering.

Dan chuckled. Yup, he still had it. He was a bit miffed that the bouncer thought Phil was over 21 and he wasn’t, though! Maybe a more rugged look could come in handy… At any rate, he squeezed through the front door to see what this bar was all about, and to see what sort of mischief Phil intended to get into in a place like this.

As it turned out, Phil wasn’t hard to spot. He sat on a stool, off to one side, his elbows behind him, resting on the top of the bar. Several other men were with him, each one a fine specimen of a bear. Yet among them all, Phil was the most perfect, it seemed. Some were bigger, some were smaller. Some had bigger beards, one only had a moustache. But Phil was the total package. His powerful muscles bulged under his shirt, filling it enough to give a hint at his size, without being so tight as to constrict him. He had opened several buttons down the front, exposing his hairy chest, and the top of the tank top. Yet despite the fur, the separation between his pecs was unmistakable, hinting at the power he possessed. His face was manly, yet handsome, his beard matching his features perfectly.

Phil talked with several of the men, and was watched by many others. The young new bear was a source of interest in the bar, both for his novelty, and for his amazing body and looks. A few heads turned as Dan entered, and a couple gasps were heard as well. Phil didn’t notice yet though, nor did most of the patrons. The bartender did though, the big man’s eyes widening just a bit, a small smile appearing on his face.

Dan didn’t want to appear too abnormal, despite his towering size, so he sauntered over to the bar and said to the bartender, “Uh, I’ll have a bottle of beer.” He looked around and saw all the masculine men, horny and looking for some fun. Some were average-sized, some muscular, some husky, and at various levels of hairiness. He caught a musclechub with a beard, short mohawk and a leather jacket staring at him. The mystery guy turned away quickly, blushing once he saw he’d been caught.

The bartender nodded, grinning. “How about a glass. On the house.” He slid a tall, wide glass of dark brown liquid toward Dan. “Something strong and dark, for such a strong man. A stout, in this case.” The man had the faintest accent, barely perceptible. As Dan took it, out of the corner of his eye, he could see the man with the mohawk staring at him again, drinking in the sight of Dan’s massive body. The thick, muscular man turned red once more, raising his own beer to his lips, taking a big draught, hiding behind the big glass.

“Dude, you can look, it’s okay,” Dan said to him, loud enough to be heard over the classic rock ’n’ roll that was being piped through the speakers. “A guy comes to a place like this to be looked at, doesn’t he?” he asked with a friendly smile. He glanced over to where Phil was sitting and saw that his cousin was hungrily making out with a furry bodybuilder-type.

Dan’s admirer was momentarily taken aback to be addressed, but quickly recovered. A smile started to form, as he picked up on Dan’s friendly demeanor. He chuckled. “Sorry about that, big man. I was just… well… fuck man, I’ve never seen anyone your size! Didn’t even know it was possible to get so big!” He looked Dan up and down more openly now, taking in every inch of the huge young musclegod. His smile was quite wide now, and his crotch was swelling visibly. He stepped right up in front of Dan, and looked up at him. “I’m George, by the way. Most of the fellers just call me Brick, though,” he smirked. “So what do I call the biggest man I’ve ever seen?”

“You can call me Dan, Brick,” he chuckled. Brick. He liked that. Certainly gave off a certain image. “Why do they call you Brick, man? It’s hot…” he trailed off, rubbing his pectoral cleft where his chest had torn through his shirt a bit.

It took a moment for George (or rather, “Brick”) to answer, as he was distracted by the sight of Dan’s fingers disappearing into the chasm between his massive pecs. “Brick?” he asked at last. “Oh, uh, well, because of my build, see? Wide and solid, and hard as can be.” He grinned proudly. “Might have been some other stuff too… I don’t know…” He laughed, and rubbed the back of his head for a moment, his thick arm swelling inside the leather of his jacket. He may have had a gut, but Brick had some serious arms as well. He looked up at Dan, and his smile became a bit hungrier, and a bit more calculating as well. “Think Brick sounds hot, huh? How about Brick himself? What’s a big, sexy man like you think of a guy like me?” The tank of a man looked up at Dan, eyes sparkling.

“I think you’re my kind of man. A man’s man, Brick. Thick and wide and strong-looking… Not feminine at all, with your nice gut and your beard…” he growled, stepping closer, feeling turned on. He hadn’t intended to do flirting of his own here… but his hormones were giving him little choice. This man was hot!

Brick’s grin widened. “Well now, Dan. I’ve been hit on by men before. A lot of ’em. Big ones, small ones, and dead sexy ones. I have to say though, I’ve never been hit on by a man of your caliber.” He reached forward, and let his thick fingers press against Dan’s stomach, feeling the huge, rock hard abs that lurked beneath the fabric of Dan’s shirt. His voice dropped to a low, sexy growl. “Don’t think I plan to let an opportunity like this pass me by!”

Dan had to kiss this masculine man. So he did. He leaned down, hooked an arm behind his wide back and pulled him in for a powerful kiss, the most stunning one of Brick’s life. The two beefy men moaned and groaned as they tongue-wrestled, finding each other to be quite satisfactory in that department.

Brick’s surprise lasted a fraction of a second, and he was kissing the young hulk back, shoving his tongue into Dan’s hot mouth, pressing against the huge stud’s tongue. His thick hands gripped Dan’s monstrous arms for support, and Brick’s already-profound erection surged to new heights of arousal. He had known Dan’s arms were big—that much was clear, even with the long sleeves. But to actually feel them under the cloth, huge and rock hard and seemingly oozing power—that was another thing entirely. He couldn’t help but shove his hard crotch at one of Dan’s massive legs, feeling the hard bulk of Dan’s enormous quad, pressing against it with his rigid member. “Nice…” Brick managed to groan, during a brief break between kisses.

“Wow, Brick… you’re really carrying a piece between those thighs of yours, aren’t you?” Dan chuckled, feeling the turgid rod rub against his quad muscle. “Must’ve given a lot of grateful men a night of fun with that…”

Brick couldn’t help but beam with pride, being complimented by such a catch as Dan! “Well Dan, I won’t lie. My cock and I have been a lot of places… but none of them came anywhere near you! I still can’t believe you exist, and here I am, kissing you, feeling you up…” He moved his hands from Dan’s biceps up to the massive delts, squeezing them admiringly, letting out a low, soft whistle of appreciation. “I’ve never been as turned on as I am now, Dan. Never!” He pressed his hard, thick gut against Dan, and let out a soft gasp as he felt Dan’s huge cock against his stomach. “Speaking of carrying a weapon…” He looked up at Dan, his eyes wide with wonder and astonishment.

“Y-Yeah, gets to be kind of a hassle to haul it around when there’s guys makin’ me horny, getting it all big and hard…. guys like you,” he purred, slowly rubbing his fat shaft against Brick’s gut, showing the thick older man that he had a lot of it where it counted.

Brick got a sly look. “You saying it’s inconvenient to have me here? A hassle to have ol’ Brick getting you all worked up? Or you saying you’d rather go some place where you can show ol’ Brick just how big that club of yours is?” Brick pressed up against Dan, reaching back to grab the young hulk’s powerful glutes, giving them a strong, appraising squeeze. He rubbed his thick stomach against Dan’s crotch, soft and hard at the same time—a layer of insulation over a powerful stomach.

“Oh fuck…” Dan groaned, squirting some precum out of his cock head. “Yeah, you got me…” he grinned. He was so high on teen sex hormones that Phil wasn’t even on his mind anymore. “Where can we go to get busy?”

Brick grinned, and gave Dan’s ass a final squeeze. “I have an idea, big man.” He turned, and gave a nod to the bartender, who had a huge grin on his face, and nodded in return. Brick headed over to a side door, and into another room. The doorway accommodated Dan’s huge frame—barely. Brick headed to a second doorway, and led Dan to a dimly-lit room with a big pool table in the middle. He closed the door behind them. “Now then…” Brick purred, as he pulled off his jacket and tossed it aside. “Let’s get a look at you…” He walked up to Dan, and started running his hands over the huge young man’s arms. “I’ve used this room a few times before… but never with someone as magnificent as you…” Brick purred.

“Well, if we’re talking about getting a good look…” he purred, rolling his shirt up and taking it off, revealing his massive, defined muscles, the broad sweep of his lats, the etched definition of his abs, the veined masses of his biceps and the striated mounds of his pecs. “How’s this?”

Brick’s eyes went wide, and the beefy little man gasped softly. “Even better than I imagined!” he said in a rush, his hands reaching forward. He started with Dan’s thick abs, running his fingers over each one, pushing and prodding, feeling how hard and powerful they were. Then around and up the sides, caressing the huge lats that hulked out on either side, thick and powerful. Up to Dan’s immense pecs, feeling each one, exploring the huge of expanse of the young freak’s chest, only to travel back down to the big, thick nips, and give each one a playful twist. “Incredible…” Brick breathed. He pulled his own shirt off, tossing it aside. Thick, powerful pecs sat above a strong, large gut. Huge arms hung to either side, below massive shoulders. Yet he was small compared to Dan. He reached down, and shucked off his jeans slowly, showing off his thick, powerful legs. His cock, so hard it was visibly throbbing, pressed against his underwear, struggling to break free.

Dan whistled, impressed by the thick, wide body he was presented with. “Yup, I see why you’re called Brick, buddy. You look fuckin’ strong as hell,” he growled, reaching over and groping Brick’s arms and gut, pressing into it to see if it had any give. “And I was right about the size of your cock, too…”

Brick beamed back at Dan, proud of his eleven-inch tool. It had made him legendary, in some circles. Now though, he was eager to get Dan’s pants off. He slowly unbuttoned and unzipped them, and started to pull them down. He let out a gulp as they slid down over the massive bulge of Dan’s crotch, the thick package sliding forward, filing the newly free space. Brick kept pulling the pants down, until they rested halfway down Dan’s gargantuan thighs. Brick tugged hard, and at last the pants came free. He looked up, seeing the huge body looming over him, and was nearly overcome with lust. He regained control over himself, and rose slowly, running his hands up Dan’s huge legs, feeling the thick calves, the powerful hamstrings, the mighty quads. Then his hands brushed against the imprisoned monster between Dan’s thighs. Brick shivered in anticipation, as he ran his fingers over the cloth-hidden length of Dan’s big shaft, feeling the huge member start to stir and swell. “Oh yeah….” Brick groaned.

“I might have you beat there, though,” Dan winked as he started pushing his briefs down, giving the pouch some relief as the enormous root of his cock was revealed, along with the fat shank of his cock, more and more of it unfurling as he slid his underwear down his sequoia thighs. Soon it was completely off and his massive package was bared to the air, the musk wafting strongly off of it.

Brick shuddered visibly, at the sight of the huge tool. Or perhaps it was the smell. Truly, it was an overwhelming experience. The hefty man fell to his knees, his hands reaching for Dan’s huge manhood. He gripped the big shaft firmly, guiding the head to his mouth. He began to lick the fleshy knob eagerly, lapping at it with his tongue, the bristles of his beard rubbing against it. He could feel it thicken in his hands, pressing forward, growing larger. He loved it. “Oh yeah….” he moaned, barely pausing from his tasting to exhale. He took deep breaths, his thick chest expanding, as he drank in the powerful musk that came from Dan’s crotch. He moved his hands up to the big cockhead, and began to knead it expertly, holding it up and out of the way as he moved in, starting to lick at Dan’s huge, potent balls, running his tongue over them, nuzzling them with his nose, stimulating them with the bristles of his thick beard. “Fucking hot…” came his distant, low groan of admiration.

“Careful… you do that good of a job and it just might fire off a load in your face… wouldn’t want that, would we?” he chuckled, tweaking one of his nipples as the stocky man played with Dan’s monstrous genitals.

Brick looked up. Slowly, he ran his tongue up the length of Dan’s huge shaft, until finally he tasted the tip once more. He gave it a few slow licks, and then kept rising, pressing Dan’s incredible manhood against his chest. Brick slowly stood, the big cockhead squeezed between his thick pecs, letting it slide down his body until it rested against his gut once more. He kept rising until he was standing upright. He pressed against Dan, letting his gut push Dan’s big member against the young hulk’s hard abs. “There are so many things I want to do with you, Dan, that I don’t know where to start…”

“Well, if you ask me, you’ve already started!” he panted, his cock swollen and hard, 26 inches in length and fat as hell. “And you, I know where I’d start…” he grunted as he reached down and ripped off Brick’s boxer-briefs, letting his eleven inch rod spring free.

Brick let out a groan of approval, incredibly turned on by Dan’s display of power. “You’re the only man who’s ever made me feel small…” the older man grunted, pressing his hard cock against Dan’s huge thigh. “It’s interesting. And different. And you’re turning me on like you wouldn’t believe.” Dan could feel pre starting to slick up his huge leg.

“Oh, I might believe…” he chuckled before suddenly lifting Brick up into the air, one firm hand on each bulging ass cheek. He raised him until his belly was level to Dan’s face. Dan grinned like a fool before burying his face into the gut, licking and sucking it.

Brick shivered and writhed, consumed by lust, feeling Dan’s face pressed into his stomach. Dan’s tongue and mouth were working wonders on him, sending his cock into paroxysms of lust. His eleven inches buried themselves between Dan’s huge pecs, the massive slabs of muscle engulfing them. The older man growled with pleasure, reaching down to run his thick fingers over Dan’s huge arms, feeling the power flow through them as Dan held Brick in the air. “Oh… oh fuck… that’s… so good…” he panted.

Dan supported him even higher as he sunk the long, fat slab of flesh that Brick called a cock into his throat, sucking hungrily on it, wanting to get every drop of cum out!

Brick barely had time to mourn the loss of Dan’s huge chest around his cock, when it was replaced by something even better—Dan’s hot mouth! Brick let out a grunt of surprise, followed by a low groan. He bucked back and forth a bit, trying to thrust down Dan’s throat. Dan could feel the hard fucktool throbbing in his mouth, swelling, stretching down his throat. “Oh fuck big man… oh fuck… oh yeah… oh YEAH!!!” Brick howled, as his dick spasmed eagerly. With a loud bellow he came, his dick exploding in Dan’s mouth, sending a huge load of thick, pungent spunk down Dan’s hungry throat. Brick put his hands on Dan’s head, steadying himself as he emptied the contents of his full balls into his young lover’s hot mouth.

It was a big load for a big cock and Dan happily sucked the last drops of it away 30 seconds later before taking Brick’s cock out of his mouth and putting him back down. “Fuck, you’re a tasty dude. Not everyone’s cum is so good going down,” he complimented the older man, smacking his lips. “I’m ready for my turn now, though.”

Brick took several deep breaths, recovering from the most earth-shattering orgasm he’d ever experienced. The sheer power of Dan, lifting him up and sucking him off, had made him delirious. Now though, he was very focused, staring at Dan’s huge cock, watching it bob up and down expectantly. “I bet you want your turn…” Brick purred, reaching out and running his hand along one side of the hard shaft. “I bet you’re a pretty horny thing, Dan, what with these and all…” He reached further, running his fingers over one of Dan’s big, round nuts, squeezing it experimentally. “Truly, a magnificent example of manhood,” Brick whispered, his voice a low purr. He eyed the big cock, taking in its size, wondering how much he could take.

“God, you wouldn’t believe how horny I get, Brick. This’ll be my sixth cum today. I could probably fire off twice that many if I really wanted to! You gotta help get me off, man, please… you’re so hot…” Dan begged, his nuts boiling over with seed to spill.

“Six, huh?” Brick said, surprise and awe warring for control of his voice. He cupped Dan’s big balls reverently. “Shouldn’t be surprised. You must have testosterone oozing out of every pore. It’s been driving me fucking nuts!” The big man stepped forward, pressing his gut against Dan’s big cock. Then he slowly started to squat, lowering himself, pressing Dan’s big knob first against his gut, then against his pecs, and finally against his chin. He slowly extended his tongue, and began to lick, lapping at the top of the big shaft, moving down to swirl his tongue around the head, sucking up the pre that leaked out, drinking the delicious clear nectar of Dan’s muscledick. “Delicious…” Brick purred, before renewing his assault. His hands massaged the big balls, priming them, as he struggled to get his mouth around the big cockhead. The bristles of his beard rubbed against it, driving Dan wild. Brick was persistent, determined to suck Dan off if it killed him. He released Dan’s potent balls, and reached around, grabbing on to Dan’s monstrous thighs. Holding on tight, he pulled himself toward the dick, until finally the head pushed in to his mouth. Brick began to suck in earnest now, using his mouth and tongue like a pro, sending shivers of delight through Dan’s dick. Brick kept his hands in place, gripping Dan’s big legs, pulling himself down the huge shaft, an inch at a time.

“Yeah… that’s it… don’t give up…” Dan panted, enjoying the feeling as Brick got six, then eight, then ten super-fat inches into his throat! They were getting sweaty, their stink getting stronger as perspiration dripped off of their muscles, slicking up Dan’s cock even more.

Brick struggled to take as much as he could, feeling Dan’s cockhead hit the back of his throat, then continue down it. He sucked hard, pulling himself onto the huge tool, until he got stuck. Determined not to stop at that, he freed his hands from Dan’s giant quads, and gripped the remaining section of shaft. He pulled himself onto it another inch, then another after that, and then could go no further. He sucked hard, as his hands shifted to a jerking motion, massaging the root of the big shaft, working in tandem with his passionate mouth.

Dan saw the thick man hard at work and felt a great deal of affection at that moment. Someone wanting to pleasure him that much… He rubbed Brick’s head, his fingers running through the short brown mohawk. It made Brick look tough, not like he needed any help. It looked hot on him. Really sexy and masculine. Dan’s balls were getting ready to give up their load to the eager bear, his dick starting to reach its final swell…

Brick could feel Dan’s cock swelling in his mouth, stretching his lips around it. It excited him, and he redoubled his efforts determined to get the huge stud off and drink down his seed! He bobbed up and down on the big shaft, the head hitting the back of his throat over and over, as he jerked the root of the shaft furiously, his meaty hand unable to encircle it fully. He brought both hands into play, doublefisting the free length of Dan’s cock. He could feel the big man’s hands on his head, playing with his mohawk. He could feel the big man’s balls churn, and could feel that the cock was so close… it was driving Brick crazy! He sucked as hard as he could, trying to pull the cum right out!

Finally Dan couldn’t hold back anymore and flooded his lover’s mouth with his seed, shooting it so deep that at first the man didn’t even have to swallow, it just went straight to his gut! Soon it overflowed into his throat and mouth, letting him taste Dan’s studly cum as it drooled out of his mouth, onto his beard.

Brick let the huge load go down his throat, drinking it eagerly. Still, the volume was great, and some of it leaked out, coming out his mouth, getting on his beard, dripping down onto his big, furry chest and gut. He didn’t mind. The cum was delicious, tasting like a man should. He swallowed every bit that he could, and sucked on the big fleshpole, eager to draw out every last drop. When he was finally satisfied that he had thoroughly milked Dan’s impressive equipment, he pulled off, slowly, sending agonizing pleasure through Dan. “Ohhhh yeahhhhh…” Brick said at last, when he was finally free. He sat back, and began to clean off the stray bits of cum with his fingers, licking the thick fluid off of them.

“Dude! You must be a goddamn PRO!” Dan panted, flush, sweaty and very satisfied after his climax. He enveloped Brick in a bear hug, which he thought was appropriate. “That was really, really cool! How about we get to know one another now that we aren’t so crazy cuz of our nuts?” he offered with a smile.

Brick grinned. “I’ve had a number of cocks, Dan… but none that presented the challenge… or excitement… that yours does!” He slowly stood, and leaned in to lick a stray bit of cum off of Dan’s huge chest. “I think getting to know each other better, without the worry about pending ball explosions, is probably an excellent idea.” He gave Dan’s chest a big kiss, unable to reach the taller man’s face. “Although I certainly hope that our nuts drive us crazy again soon….” He winked.


Part 37

After a few minutes of recovery, Dan and Brick dressed themselves, shooting admiring, coy glances in each other’s directions. Well, Dan tried for coy, at first, anyway. Brick stared openly, grinning as he watched Dan pull on his clothes over his massive frame. Brick followed, but without underwear, which Dan had torn to bits in the heat of passion. It hardly mattered. Brick just gave a suggestive grin as he stuffed his thick man-sausage down his pants.

The two of them left the back room and returned to the bar. The crowd had gotten a bit larger, while they were in the back, several more broad sets of shoulders clustered around, Dan knew, the only other man in the bar that could draw that kind of attention: Phil. Brick and Dan sauntered over in that direction, picking up a few stares as they went. The knot of men didn’t notice though, so intent were they on watching Phil make out with a hefty powerlifter, the huge man sitting on Phil’s strong legs, as they struggled to devour each other’s bearded faces.

“Hey, leave some for the rest of us!” a deep voice hollered at the two of them. Phil momentarily broke off his face-sucking with the beefy powerlifter in order to look at the man who was disturbing them. Phil was stricken with recognition as he saw the man’s handsome face. True, the man had grown a thick mustache over his lip in recent days, but he could still tell who it was. “So can I cut in?” Officer Richard Stark, presumably off-duty, asked the duo, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. If he recognized Phil, he gave no indication.

The powerlifter briefly looked ready to argue. But as he looked Officer Stark up and down, a grin came over his face. “I’ll armwrestle ya for ’im!” he grunted. Stark grinned back and nodded, as the two big men put their arms at the end of the bar. Grinning, they counted down from three to one, and then began their battle. The two men’s huge arms mounded up inside their sleeves, thick and powerful, as they struggled against one another. The powerlifter was bigger, but Stark was lean and hard, with little fat on his huge, bloated muscles. They two of them groaned and grunted with exertion, faces red, sweat beginning to trickle down their temples. At last though, Stark began to gain the upper hand, much to the surprise of the crowd. They started to cheer him on, and he gritted his teeth in a fierce grin as he forced the powerlifter’s hand to the countertop. The thick man let out a howl at his defeat, and then looked up, and gave Stark a solid handshake. The off duty officer took it, and turned to Phil, grinning. He slowly peeled off his outer shirt, revealing a tight black tank top underneath, his big arms and shoulders bare, the very picture of mass and definition.

He stood in front of Phil, and smiled. “Fuck, if you aren’t just the sexiest thing I’ve seen in a while…” he purred.

Phil leaned back against the bar, grinning, his shirt pulling open a bit to expose his powerful, hairy chest. “You don’t look too bad yourself, sir…” Phil drawled in reply, enjoying the repartee.

“No kiddin’, right?” Richard bragged, puffing himself up a bit (as if he needed it) and flexing his massive arms. “Got these puppies up to 32 inches these days. Still not satisfied,” he wolfishly grinned at the shorter, slightly less massive teen. Richard took in Phil’s hairy muscles yet again, licking his lips. “You ever done it with a cop before?” he growled lustily.

Phil smirked back at the cocky cop, and lounged suggestively against the bar. “Don’t think I have… You know one you think can satisfy me?” Phil teased. He recognized the officer, of course. The hunky lawman had benefitted from the spice-laden tacos sold at the fair. Phil shifted his stance, to emphasize his crotch, and the thick bulge that protruded there. He moved his lips seductively, and tensed his pecs, making striations appear beneath the layer of hair.

“Well… looks like you got more to satisfy than I thought… but I love a challenge…” he purred, reaching a hand down and groping Phil’s genitals through his pants. He leaned down and kissed the shorter man, pressing his 390 lb. bulk against him. “Mmmmmhhh…”

Phil put his hands on Stark’s big, bare shoulders, feeling the thick deltoids, digging his fingers into them, as far as the dense beef would allow, anyway. He started to kiss Stark back, feeling the larger man’s mustache against his light beard, loving the feeling of having so much rock hard man pressed against him. His crotch swelled at Stark’s touch, and he started to move it, pushing it forward into the officer’s hand, grinding against the big paw. “I’m glad you’re up for a challenge, officer…” Phil purred. He ran his hands down Dick’s magnificent arms, feeling the huge triceps, squeezing them appreciatively. “I’m three hundred and sixty pounds of pure muscle, you know…” Phil breathed, bragging and seducing all at once, “and I’ve got fourteen inches of cock to satisfy with. I hope you’ve got me beat on both counts…” Phil’s voice trailed off into a low purr, inviting and challenging all at once.

“Well, I’m three-ninety, last time I checked. Still trying to get those last ten pounds at the Muscle Pit,” he chuckled, nibbling a bit at Phil’s ear. “As for the other measurement… yeah, I’ve got you beat, little guy.” With