Unexpected growth spurt

by rusalko

Moving in with the cute guy you've been aching to push your big dick into is exciting and boner-making enough... but then I experienced a very unexpected growth spurt that put us both into sex heaven.

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Part 1 Moving in with the cute guy you've been aching to push your big dick into is exciting and boner-making enough... but then I experienced a very unexpected growth spurt that put us both into sex heaven. (added: 13 Dec 2012)
Part 2: Puberty x 2?  (added: 3 Feb 2017)
Part 3: Puberty’s Rewards
Part 4: A Grower and a Shower!
Part 5: The Growth Continues
Part 6: Slam Dunk
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Part 1

Not every 19 year-old guy has his two biggest dreams come true all in one week. Okay, the first one was nearly in the bag—to get my big hands into little Chris’ pants. I sensed early on that Chris might be as interested in my large package as I was in his cute little butt. But my second dream—to grow way taller and bigger—well, nobody could’ve guessed I’d get that one, too. Certainly not me. I definitely wasn’t expecting another huge growth spurt at 19.

But to start with my first dream—I’d noticed Chris ever since we started college. Now it was finals week of Sophomore year. Yeah, that dream was a long time coming.

We lived in two different worlds. I was one of the big football jocks on campus, and he was one of the smaller guys, a cute, slender 5’4” to my hunky, muscular 6’3”. But somehow we clicked with hardly a word spoken. I don’t know if he noticed me checking out his dimples when he smiled, or his cute little butt when he walked, but I sure as hell caught him shyly eyeing my well-packed crotch whenever our paths crossed.

You can’t blame him—in my humble opinion, even before my growth spurt I had one of the biggest packages on campus. My thick 8” looked even bigger because it’s packed on top of a massive set of bull balls. Pretty impressive with the right pair of jeans, trust me.

OK, so there were a couple of bigger guys around, at least before my growth spurt—there’s Darnell, the 6’7” black center on our basketball team, and Luis, a 6’5” Latino with a super thick bone that even made me a little envious when I saw it swinging in the locker room. But I could’ve done much, much worse, and I noticed lots of girls—and guys, too—checking out my big bulge on a regular basis. To tell you the truth, I kind of got off on it.

There was always electricity between Chris and me when we passed each other on campus, and my gut told me he’d give me his cute little butt for the asking if I made a move. One day I finally ran into him alone in the snack bar and I struck up a lame conversation—what’s his major, where did he live, and so on. It felt good to finally talk to him. I’d been kicking myself for not making a move. It was surprisingly hot looking down at him when we talked—it gave me a cool dominating feeling.

When he mentioned he wanted to live off campus, I scraped up the nerve to ask him if he’d like to share an apartment I’d already found for the summer. When he blushed and said yes, I nearly turned cartwheels. But I settled for putting my big hand on his shoulder and saying, “sweet!”

I was no virgin—I’d porked my share of slutty cheerleaders, but I knew deep down that I wanted something more. I wanted Chris. And this could speed things along considerably. I managed to get out of the snack bar before the boner starting to tent my shorts got too obvious.

Although neither of us called it a date, we went to a movie that night, and I put my arm over the back of his seat and sort of pulled him in to me a bit. At one point, I could have sworn little Chris was sniffing my armpit, and it gave me such a boner I had to do a lot of fancy adjusting in my pants. Of course, I could tell he was checking out the obvious bulge down my leg, too, and that made me even hornier.

Good thing our moving day came just four days later, because I was tired from beating my big meat, imagining how things would play out between me and Chris once we were roommates.

Neither of us thought we had that much to move, but after several trips up the stairs to our high-ceilinged apartment in an old Victorian house, we both admitted we had way too much shit.

After carrying all those boxes I was ready to pounce, since Chris was looking awfully good with the sweat pouring off him. His t-shirt clung to his tight little bod and his shorts hugged his ass so I could see the deep crack between his round cheeks. Believe me, I was ready to go there after watching those butt cheeks flex going up the stairs.

But when he suggested we take a skateboard break before unpacking, I was cool with the delay. I’d been doing plenty of research on the web about how dudes have sex, but I was a little nervous about breaking the ice since I’d never actually done it with another dude. Yeah, I know how lame that sounds. And I knew I had to be the one to start things, since little Chris was maybe half my size and kind of nervous.

Bedtime was when I planned to make my move, since with all our clothes coming off, it shouldn’t take much convincing on my part to get him to go that extra step. I figured I’d just spread my legs, flop out my thick meat, mention casually that I could sure use a BJ and wait for him to jump at my invitation. At least, that’s how I played it out in my head. After I got his lips around my dick would come the kissing and the fucking. The one thing I made sure to unpack was the lube.

We grabbed our boards and raced down the steep steps, glad to be done moving boxes and ready for some relaxation. Chris was surprisingly good on a skateboard, and I was impressed with his moves, not to mention the way his little butt looked in those silky, baggy shorts. Sometimes little guys really surprise you with their coordination.

Things were going great until I tried a flashy move I consider one of my specialties. Without going into embarrassing detail, let’s just say that instead of doing my impressive stunt, I ended up on the ground with the back of my head hitting the concrete hard enough to see stars and hear bells. Chris told me later that it sounded like a coconut falling from a tree and bouncing off a cement mixer.

To make things even weirder, I suddenly grew a massive boner, sticking straight out in my shorts. That was the first thing I noticed when I came to—Chris staring at my unexpected wood. It was pointing straight to the sky, all eight thick inches. It reminded me of a YouTube clip I’d once seen of a guy who gets hit in the head and suddenly pops a major boner.

Was I embarrassed? You bet your ass! Not so much that Chris was seeing my huge erection, since I planned on that anyhow, but with the random way it happened.

He helped me up off the ground and we walked slowly back home, my head pounding and—this is weird—my boner still hard as a rock, pulling my shorts way out in front so that you could really see the fat head of my cock pressing against the fabric. It was like, totally out of control and starting to leak a little pre-cum. Maybe because of the raging boner, my baggy shorts started feeling a little tight.

At the same time, I had the oddest sensation, almost like my blood was churning or hormones releasing or something. What was that all about? Chris had his arm around my waist to help steady me, and I had my arm around his shoulders. I didn’t really need the support, but it was cool touching him.

Maybe I’d jump his butt earlier than my plan, at least if my head stopped pounding. My dick was definitely up for the job—I could see Chris eyeing it as we walked, and of course, that only made me hornier. My erection bounced and swung heavily from side to side with each step.

Although it was embarrassing, I was proud, too. Was my erection really that big, or were my shorts exaggerating its size? I was surprised my t-shirt didn’t cover it, but it seemed to be pulling up for some reason, almost like it shrank in the wash.

We climbed up the steps to the apartment. Despite feeling sort of shitty from the fall, I had lots of energy. My head still pounded from hitting it, and even my feet hurt. My athletic shoes felt tight, although they’d always been big on me. That’s partly why I picked them—I like a comfortable easy fit.

That only goes for feet, though. I was looking forward to a tight fit once I got my thick bone shoved up little Chris’ ass. Strange, but that was what I was mainly thinking about. It’s like my erection hardly let me think of anything else but getting my big rocks off with Chris. I hardly even noticed what he was saying as we walked.

Once we were back in the apartment, I got Chris to find me a couple of aspirin. Maybe I was kind of disoriented still, because the living room didn’t seem as big as it had before. I waited till he was back in the room before I slipped off my too-small shirt and pulled off my skin-tight shorts. My athletic shoes, too, which were starting to pinch.

Last came my briefs, which had really tightened up on me. I was surprised, because I’d worn my best pair of designer briefs, thinking ahead. It was a huge relief when I pulled down the straining fabric over my big thighs—in fact, I think the cloth ripped some as my cock sprang free. Chris’ reaction couldn’t have been better.

“Holy shit, what a horse cock!,” Chris shouted, staring at my raging erection in disbelief.

I grinned. I’d heard it all plenty of times before and I loved it. But then I looked down. Holy shit, my cock had GROWN! It used to reach about an inch above my navel, but now it stretched at least three thick inches beyond! The swollen head and thick shaft looked way fatter, too. And my balls—I’d never seen them looking so huge!

Was my pubic hair thicker? It’d always been a dark, curling mass, but now it seemed denser, and it grew higher on my flat belly. My pecs were covered with a thicker thatch than I’d ever had before, too. What the fuck was going on? Were my eyes or my memory affected by the fall?

But I wasn’t about to let anything get in the way of my plans to get into Chris’ pants, even a headache and some really weird shit happening to my body.

“Hey Chris, I don’t know how to say this, but I’m super horny,” I blurted out, just like I’d planned. I leaned back on the couch and spread my muscular thighs wide to give my fat balls plenty of room to spread out. My straining boner swung heavily in the air.


Part 2: Puberty x 2?

“Chris, would you be up for helping me get off?,” I asked, trying to play it as cool as possible. My muscular thighs were spread wide and my thick boner felt ready to explode, it was so swollen.

“For some reason I’m just really horny.” The line I’d practiced didn’t come out as smooth as I planned, especially when my voice sort of cracked into a much deeper sound halfway through the question, on the ‘I’m just really horny’ part.

His eyes bugged, and I could tell my offer totally took him by surprise.

“Dude, don’t worry, it’s just between us. Maybe you could start easy by licking around the head a little…,” I invited. My straining boner gave a huge throb, like it was begging for attention.

Looking down, I could see my huge cock flexing and pulsing. Had I ever been so horny – or found myself so massively hung? I didn’t think so. I’d been looking down at that bad boy swinging from my crotch for years, but suddenly it seemed like it had grown several sizes. Chris looked like he’d just won the lottery. His sparkling eyes were huge.

“If I saw a picture of your cock on the web, I’d say it was photoshopped for sure,” he said, moving closer and dropping slowly to his knees in front of me. Oh man!

He put his hands on my hairy, muscular thighs to steady himself and slowly bent his head over my excited boner. It surged up in eager response. In fact, my cock felt like it grew another half inch on the spot. Man, did that feel good. My first blowjob was on the way, and from the exact guy I wanted, the cute little guy I’d been eyeing on campus for ages! How much semen had I ejaculated over the months, thinking of Chris?

As I watched Chris’ head lowering over my pulsing log, I suddenly noticed that my thighs were looking even more muscular than before, and longer, too. Chris looked dwarfed between them.

What the hell was going on? Had all those squats I’d been doing in my workouts finally paid off — all at once? If so, I was going to hit the weight room hard this summer. I couldn’t believe how great my body felt! And frankly, being so huge really turned me on.

At the first touch of his tongue to my swollen cock-head I let out a deep moan. This had to be the best moment of my entire life. But it got even better. Chris started tonguing up and down the length of my long shaft, which looked way, way thicker than I’d ever seen it before.

Was finally finding a hot little guy to service it enlarging my cock? I was never going back to girls again! The feelings I’d been having for Chris over the last couple of years washed over me like a tsunami. OMG was this hot! I never wanted him to stop.

Little Chris started fluttering his tongue right at the base of the head, and I squeezed my thighs together, pressing him in the middle. I had no intention of crushing him, but knowing that I could easily do so added to my horniness. It was like I getting more dominant by the minute.

Strange, Chris seemed even shorter and smaller than I remembered him. Was being so horny playing with my senses? Or was he just really smaller than I thought? I couldn’t believe how much I was getting off on our size difference. I totally dominated him, and I loved it!

My headache suddenly cleared up as he started sucking at the fat, dripping head of my cock. Was my headache from sexual tension, and now that Chris was slobbering all over the head of my big bone, the problem was over?

I was definitely ‘up’ for lots of attention from Chris – his talented tongue on my veiny monster cock and his little hands trying to cup my bull balls sent me through the roof. I could tell he was really getting off on it, too.

His soft little moans as he sucked on my big equipment made me even hornier, if that’s possible. I could see his little boner stretching out his silky shorts. Cute!

It really pleased me that mine was so much bigger than his. Comparisons were going to be a blast. Maybe tomorrow I’d challenge him to a cock fight, my massive tool slapping at his much smaller one. I already knew what I’d want for my prize.

I mentally fast-forwarded to our future life together as roommates, with me waking up every morning with my thicker-than-shit morning wood stretching to my chest. What fun it was going to be to throw back the covers each new day and show it to Chris in all its glory!

Would little Chris naturally throw himself on my erect meat, or would it be better if I did a little encouraging with my stong hand at the back of his neck? He was kind of shy, and I liked that.

Yeah, I decided it would be up to me to make the moves, and that was fine with me. I’ve always been kind of bossy, and for some reason, Chris was making me want to be even more dominating than usual. Something told me he’d like it, too.

As little Chris worked on my big meat with his tongue and hands, I noticed that my hairy armpits smelled considerably riper than ever before – what could be making my body odor suddenly more masculine and powerful?

I hoped Chris wouldn’t mind. Not that he had much choice in the matter! I was totally going to have my way with him. We could shower later, and maybe I’d have him soap me. Yeah, I’d order him to soap me. I imagined him having to stand on tip toe to scrub my hair pits!

The odor from my crotch smelled way muskier than usual, too, and it added to my horniness. There was no mistaking my sexual man scent for anything else. Was I sending out extra pheromones because I was so horny for Chris?

I’ve always been a star in the erection department, but the hardness and intensity of my huge boner amazed me – it was so rigid I wondered if it could explode if I got any harder. No, that didn’t seem possible, but the big head seemed to get bigger and bigger the longer I looked at it. Now it stretched a full four inches above my navel!

Each new throb of my cock left me feeling more dominant – and I suddenly wanted Chris licking my ass. In fact, it was all I could think about! Something about the idea of little Chris submitting to me that way really revved my motor. It was time for some service from little Chris!

I slid forward on the couch so my hairy hole was exposed and I barked in a really deep, commanding tone, “Lick my asshole!”

Chris looked kind of shocked, maybe even horrified. His blue eyes went even wider, and his cheeks flushed a bit pinker than before. All of a sudden I felt a surge of rage well up in me when I thought maybe he wouldn’t go through with it.


The moment I’d said it, I stopped in surprise. Was this really me speaking? Not only had I suddenly lost it for no particular reason, but the voice that came out of me was way deeper and louder than my already low voice. Could people hear me if they were walking by the house outside? Would it mess up our relationship because I was suddenly turning into such a raging asshole?

Little Chris gasped, then he feverishly started tonguing my sweaty hole like he was afraid I’d beat the shit out of him if he didn’t. I felt bad for shouting at him, but man, did that ever feel good! I lay back in ecstasy as he worked my nasty, sweaty hole with his lips and tongue. “YEAH, THAT’S IT, CHRIS, GO FOR IT! RIM MY ASS, AND DON’T BE SHY!!!,” I encouraged.

I desperately wanted to spread his little cheeks and fuck his cute butt till he couldn’t stand. But for right now, his rim job was blowing my mind. The room was silent except for his slurps and quiet moans. Well, and the deep groans I was making.

As I rocked in pleasure with his tongue up my hole, I imagined myself with my thick hose buried to the hilt in his perfect little ass. We were going to spend a lot of time fucking this summer, I was sure of it. We only had one class apiece in the summer session, so there would plenty of time for all the sex I wanted – finally! Could life get any better?

In the middle of my pleasurable thoughts, I happened to run my hand over my cheek. Suddenly I stopped. How did my nubs get so thick? I shaved that morning, but now it felt like I had a whole weekend’s worth of stubble covering my jaw.

It suddenly hit me like a lightning bolt – I was showing all the signs of puberty, but way speeded up! The huge growth spurt, the sudden dramatic increase in genital size, the incredible horniness, the abrupt mood swings, the intensified odor, the astonishing muscle growth, the increased body hair, my much deeper, louder voice. What next, wet dreams and pimples?

Racking my brains, I tried to remember what we learned in Biology about the various glands that produce the hormones. Wasn’t one of them in the head? Could my fall have triggered something? My blood still had that surging feeling.

Was I undergoing a record-speed puberty – and for the second time? I always assumed there was just one to a customer! Holy shit!


Part 3: Puberty’s Rewards

Little Chris’ warm, wet tongue went right up my butt hole, and a new surge of horniness drove every other thought from my head except topping him. Even my sudden second helping of puberty!

“Chris, I’m ready to fuck your little ass,” I roared in my deep bass. “Grab the lube from the bathroom, and I want to see your cute naked butt in the bedroom in 20 seconds!”

Chris jumped to his feet, encouraged by a quick slap to his round butt cheek. Man, was I ready to tap some of that! I lurched from the couch towards the bedroom. Ducking my head as I went through the door, I realized I’d never had to duck before – the doors in this old house were at least 7’ tall! I’d grown well over 9” since we set out to go skateboarding that afternoon!

Looking down, I saw my fat horse cock swinging heavily in front of me as I walked. Had it ever felt so awesomely heavy or looked so enormous? I was now the proud owner of a fucking foot-long schlong! Part of me wanted to rush to the window, wave it at the world, and shout ‘Hey, look what I got between my legs!’

I’d always gotten off on the envious looks from other guys checking out my big equipment. How would they react now when I strolled around campus seven feet tall, with my fat meat tube stretching out my shorts?

One of my cherished memories is the day I was busy soaping my big package in the gym showers when I happened to notice a little guy who’d been discretely watching me. He started to cum without even touching himself, looking hugely embarrassed! I watched him, flattered, as jet after jet of hot white cum shot from his little dick. What would happen now when I sauntered into the showers with my huge salami slapping at my thigh? Would some little guy spontaneously cum, just looking at me and my enormous flesh tube?

When I accidentally caught a glimpse of my naked self in the dresser mirror, I almost shit – my muscles had grown and exploded in size. It reminded me of the Hulk, though without the green color. I flexed a quick muscular pose as I stared at my reflection in disbelief. My pecs and shoulders were huge and even my abs were ripped. Amazing!

Little Chris didn’t disappoint me – I barely had time to flex again before he shot through the door, eagerly bearing the lube. He looked up at me in awe, and I realized he was seeing me standing up for the first time since we’d started to make out.

Now I towered above him, and I couldn’t resist leaning over him and flexing my newly grown muscles for his benefit. What did little Chris think about my raging erection? It looked angry and terrifying — even to me!

But Chris looked anything but scared. His eyes were shining and huge, and he looked like his dreams had all come true. I opened my brawny arms wide, and he rushed forward, burying his nose below my thick, furry pecs. I wanted to protect him, comfort him, and ravage him, all at the same time.

My raging boner ground into his belly and chest, and the touch of his slender naked body made it throb even harder. The strong odor wafting from my hairy pits had taken on an unmistakable sexual scent. This bad boy was seriously in heat!

I reached my big hands behind little Chris and for the first time held his round little cheeks in my sweaty palms. We both moaned, and his soft little moan over my deep one sounded to me like perfect harmony.

My thick fingers probed his little butthole, and I started gently working his warm, humid pucker. Man, I had no idea how good an ass could feel! Particularly a little butt as perfect and round as his.

As I felt his butt, a surge of energy ran through me. I hoisted little Chris off the ground and cradled him against my chest, kissing him as I went. His mouth opened right on cue for my tongue, and I was surprised again how deep my grunts were as I held him tight against me. For the first time in my life, I suddenly understood what all the fuss over kissing was about!

Being so much bigger and stronger than him turned me on in a powerful way I never imagined. Judging by the way Chris wriggled and squirmed in my arms against my muscular chest, it was working for him, too.

His butthole was sweating, and it made it easier to push in my fingertip. It would require a huge stretch on his part to get my humongous cock in his little hole, but I was determined he would take my erect monster — and today.

Before fucking his beautiful ass, there was something I had to say. “Chris, I’m sorry I shouted at you – I don’t know what came over me. I just want you so much. I’m sorry,” I rumbled as he clung to my thick neck and looked deep into my eyes. My thick finger unconsciously probed his moist hole as we locked eyes.

“You can shout at me if you need to. I love you, big guy,” Chris blurted out, kissing me tenderly on the neck.

I gripped Chris tight against my chest and placed my mouth gently over his again. How long we kissed, I don’t know, maybe half an hour, but eventually I realized I’d been carrying him around the room the whole time, his arms tight around my muscular neck. It was almost like we were having our first dance.

When we reached the bed I laid him down and dropped down beside him. Without warning, I flipped him over and around, so that his sweet little butt was over my face, and his mouth pointed towards the fat head of my horse cock.

Like a starving man unexpectedly finding a warm bucket of KFC, I threw myself upon his butt, spread his round cheeks and started eating his ass. A second later I felt his lips and wet tongue on the fat head of my swollen rod. Man, what a rush!

We rocked together in a horny mix of wrestling and passion, exploring each other’s bodies in a frenzy of built up hunger for each other. Bit by bit I could feel his ass relaxing and opening to me. It made me even harder, knowing that I was nearing my goal. Soon I’d be riding that sweet, fuckable ass!

Finally the big moment came. I snatched up the lube where he’d set it, rolled him on his back, and placed his little feet against my chest.

“In a second you’re going to be all mine,” I told little Chris, and he answered, “I’m already all yours, ass and all. Please go slow, Big Guy, don’t forget I’m a lot smaller than you.”

“That’s part of your charm,” I laughed, ruffling his hair, and he grinned back at me.

I pressed the thick business end of my swollen pipe against his little hole. All my licking and lubing had done their work, because although he cried out, his voice had more pleasure than agony in it. It felt great to be in control, and I was unstoppable now.

Inch after inch I penetrated him, my rigid rod opening his hot, tight tunnel for the first time. Chris wriggled beneath me, doing his best to somehow accommodate the massive erection invading his body cavity. He felt so small in my brawny arms.

We locked eyes the whole time I slowly entered him. I didn’t want to miss a second of his submission, and he never took his gaze away from me as he surrendered his ass to my rigid, straining horse cock. I could tell my huge endowment pushed him right to his limits, but he took it like a man, without the slightest whimper.

When I had thrust every inch of my foot-long sausage up his tight canal, I held him shuddering against me while his ass gradually gave in to my conquering erection. His breath came in sharp gasps, and I realized how much his surrender cost him. It made me love him all the more.

Chris was now completely covered by my much larger body, and I was impatient to take full advantage of my victory. Slowly I pulled out, only to push in again. His overstretched ass lips clutched desperately at my swollen cock, but he was powerless to stop or even slow my rhythm. Thrust and remove, thrust and remove: before long I was totally focused on my rhythmic plundering of his little ass.

As time wore on, I experimented with the different positions I’d seen online. Because of his small size, it was easy for me to flip him into whatever pose or angle I needed, and despite his panting and grunts, I seemed to be doing him no permanent damage in spite of his smallness and my unusual size.

I was fucking him while holding him aloft in front of the dresser when I could tell it was time to shoot my big load. I carried him closer to the mirror so we both could enjoy the look on his face as I lowered him over and over again onto my big meat.

We both cried out when my rock-hard cock finally exploded with what felt like a full quart of hot cum. I pinned him hard to me as I shot load after load into his hot little butt.

When my last shots filled his butt, I pulled him off of my twitching cock and held him in my arms, kissing his face. We sat on the bed, staring at each other in amazement. Finally Chris broke the ice.

“OMG, that was amazing! But how tall are you, anyway? And look at your chest!,” he exclaimed. “What the hell happened to you? Is it just that I’m so in love?”

I peered down and saw that my pecs had doubled in size since yesterday. My shoulders were broader than the doorways, and they looked like they’d developed cannonball-sized muscles.

“Where’s that tape measure?,” I said.

He quickly spotted it – we’d been using it to decide which piece of furniture would best fit in a tight spot. With a pencil I marked my height against the wall and measured. I’d grown to 7’ 5”! Next came my cock – even starting to deflate, it still measured 13” – more than a foot of thick fucktool!

Little Chris looked on in amazement. “I always used to notice that big bulge running down your pants leg, and wonder if your cock really was that big, and what would it be like to see it hard,” Chris confessed. “But you’re way bigger than I ever imagined!”

Was this the end of my growth spurt? The odd rushing, churning feeling in my blood had slowed. But would it surge again? Somehow, I didn’t really care. I loved every new inch, and if I continued growing – well, we’d work things out, one way or another.


Part 4: A Grower and a Shower!

Little Chris was still holding the tape measure close to my thick 13” horse cock when all of a sudden my stomach let out a huge rumble.

“Wow, somebody’s hungry,” Chris said, stroking his hand across my flat abs.

“Yeah, all I’ve had to eat since breakfast is your tasty ass,” I agreed. “I’m starving!”

“I don’t think we have any food here,” Chris said.

“Then I’ll have to eat you all up!,” I joked, reaching out my hands as if I were the Big Bad Wolf.

“GRRRRR!,” I roared as I grabbed his little butt cheeks in my big hands and lifted him up for another kiss. He seemed so light in my arms since my growth spurt!

I held him against my brawny chest as we kissed for several blissful minutes, then my stomach gave another loud rumble.

“OK, it’s Chinese buffet time,” I announced, leaning him backward like we were doing a Hollywood style kiss. “You like Chinese?”

“Love it,” Chris grinned up at me. “And there’s one just a few blocks away.”

I swooped down for one more kiss, then we hunted down the clothes we dropped a couple hours earlier. Shit! I forgot that nothing would fit me now.

My underwear was laughable, too small even to make it over my muscled thighs. None of my shirts would go over my newly broadened shoulders, except for a couple of t-shirts with the arm and sides torn open for working out.

I put one on – it was nearly skin tight, but at least it covered me down to my navel. We just about gave up on pants when I remembered a baggy old pair of sweats I use for weightlifting in the winter. With the legs cut off to make shorts, I could get them all the way up, though they were skintight.

“Dude, those sweats go right up your crack,” Chris giggled, checking me out from the back. “Very hot though!”

Then he walked around to the front. “Holy shit, they are tight!,” he said, looking impressed.

“They even show the cuts in your muscles. Did you know one of your balls hangs lower than the other?”

I looked down, and he was right! My formerly baggy sweats were skin tight, and plastered against them was my massive junk, clearly outlined and straining against the material. You could see the fat shaft of my cock traveling way down my thigh. The bulge of the head was clearly visible, along with the larger veins. It was unreal.

My balls looked huge, too, and little Chris was right – the left one hung about an inch lower than the other. “Check it out in the mirror,” Chris said, and I strode to the bathroom where there was a full length one on the back of the door.

“Man,” I said, staring in disbelief.

“You look like the Hulk, but taller, handsomer, and tan instead of green. And WAY more hung!” Chris added with an impish smile.

“Yeah, you’d know all about that,” I said with a quick swat to his round butt.

He laughed and said, “if I wasn’t seeing you live, I’d swear you were photo-shopped!”

I had to agree. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine looking like this. And now I was an unbelievable 7’5” tall! This speeded-up, second round of puberty was fantastic! No more waiting around to grow into things. It was happening by the hour!

Shoes were already a problem, though – I started the day at a size 15 EEE, and now my feet were visibly bigger. We finally found an old pair of flip-flops that used to be big on me. Now my heels hung over the back by several inches, but it was enough to get past the ‘no shirt, no shoes, no service’ rule.

The walk to the restaurant opened up a whole new can of worms for me. There weren’t that many people out, but the ones we encountered all reacted about the same – with shock when they saw how tall I was. Of course, I looked even taller walking beside little Chris.

When they got nearer, they checked out my crotch – every one of them! Some looked envious, some looked amazed, and a few looked downright hungry for the big meat I was carrying in my cut-off sweats.

“You’re definitely a shower as well as a grower,” little Chris said. “Did you see the look on that last guy’s face?”

I did my best to look modest, but to be honest, it was ego food for me. Half a block later we passed a group of students, none of whom said a word until they had passed us. “Did you see the cock on that giant guy?,” one asked as soon as they were safely past.

“Yeah, and his ass looked like two boulders, too,” another answered. I was tempted to turn around and catch them checking me out. But I thought the better of it.

Even walking into a restaurant is an event when you’re 7’5”. Everybody turned to look, though I could tell most were trying not to stare too obviously.

“You very tall, like Yao Ming,” the waiter said as he showed us to a table near the buffet.

“But you got him way beat in other areas,” Chris whispered slyly after the waiter was out of earshot. I laughed and swatted him gently on the butt as we headed for the buffet.

Chris loaded his plate, but mine dwarfed his. My appetite was voracious! I shoveled down plate after plate of all my favorites, and still I had plenty of room for more. It was like being 14 all over again.

When the manager came back, I was afraid he was going to tell me that ‘all you can eat’ didn’t apply to me any more after nine heaping platefuls. But instead, he wanted a photo taken with me to put up behind the counter, as if I were some kind of celebrity!

“You do till Yao Ming come here,” he told me, smiling and bowing. We all laughed, then he returned to the counter in a good mood as Chris and I went back for dessert. Chris had a small ice cream, and I devoured an entire plate of the stuff!

“This one on the house,” the owner said when we tried to pay as we left. What a sweet guy – and what a day!

In a triumphant mood on our way back to the apartment, I offered little Chris a piggyback ride home. “Come on, little guy, you know you’ll love it,” I said, giving him a quick boost up onto my broad shoulders. And he did!

“OMG, this is the only way to travel!,” Chris exclaimed as I trotted down the sidewalk with his ankles firmly in my grasp. No way was I going to lose my grip on this little guy after all the months I’d longed for him from afar! How many loads of hot cum had I shot onto my chest, thinking of Chris and his hot little butt?

“You know, I think you’re still growing,” Chris said with a touch of wonder in his voice. “I noticed it when we posed for the photo at the restaurant – I think you’re way past 7’5” now.”

Looking down, I could see that my cut-off sweats no longer came down to the knee as they had earlier, but had pulled up several inches higher. And the fabric felt even tighter around my massive thighs and muscle butt.

“The better to fuck you, my dear,” I said in my best Big Bad Wolf voice.

Within seconds I noticed something warm poking at the back of my neck. Little Chris had a boner! I decided on the spot that we were going to do comparisons as soon as we got back to the apartment. It’d be cool, checking our heights and measuring my massive tool against his little boner!

Suddenly, I noticed my own hose swelling rapidly. Oh shit. I was getting hard, really hard, and my horse cock strained mightily against the already-stretched fabric of my old sweats. My dick liked fighting the resistance, and the more it strained against the fabric, the harder it got.

Instead of traveling calmly down my thigh as before, it now twitched and throbbed. My urgent hard-on lifted strenuously, trying desperately to get into the fully upright position. It pulled away from my thigh and stretched the sweatpants material to the breaking point.

You could clearly see the raised flange of the swollen head, and if the piss slit wasn’t visible before, it was now completely obvious because of the spreading dark wet stain far down my thigh from my oozing pre-cum.

Without warning, the overstretched cloth gave way. With a muffled ripping sound my colossal erection suddenly rose proudly in front of me in the full light of day! The afternoon sun gleamed off the huge purple head. Even without the impressive visuals, I would have guessed my cock was loose because of the strong odor of my male musk suddenly hitting the air.

“Holy shit, Chris, my boner just broke free!,” I exclaimed, looking helplessly down at my rampaging rod. It stood straight up against my abs, covering my navel and treasure trail.

“I can’t walk around in public like this,” I said, breaking into a nervous sweat as I spotted a large group of chattering college students walking our way.

“Quick, I’m going to have to put you in front of me,” I told little Chris, plucking him from my shoulders and swinging him swiftly but carefully to the ground.

“Sorry, little guy, but we’ll finish our piggyback ride later, once I get some bigger clothes!,” I apologized.

Positioning Chris directly in front of me for cover, I marched him homeward, my brawny hands resting on his shoulders. We got curious looks from everyone we encountered, but at least nobody got a look at my raging erection. I couldn’t wait to get home!


Part 5: The Growth Continues

We walked back to the apartment with me marching little Chris in front of me to hide my rampaging boner, erect and proud. The early summer sun gleamed off the swollen purple head, and the ripe odor of my horny cock wafted through the warm air.

Once home, I realized Chris was right – I was still growing! I never had to duck so far before to get through the 7’ doorway.

Our return wasn’t a moment too soon – we were barely inside the door when the remains of my overstretched shorts exploded, leaving just a rag of my once baggy sweatpants clenched between my rock hard ass cheeks. My thighs looked bigger and more muscular than even before. My cock strained upward, swollen and erect.

“Mind if I help you with your wedgie?,” little Chris giggled, and I couldn’t help laughing too as he tugged the remaining material from between my cheeks. We held each other and roared as he held up the tattered rag!

“Well, I might as well kill off the t-thirt, too,” I said, then took a deep breath and flexed all my muscles. A moment later the shirt was history, just a shredded white rag that little Chris wanted to save for a souvenir.

Chris found the tape measure right where we left it from the last measurement, and a minute later we stared at each other in stunned amazement. My height had shot up to a new record while we were feasting at the Chinese buffet – 8 feet!

“Let’s measure you too, little guy – it’s comparison time,” I announced gleefully. I love comparisons!

“Just so you don’t expect me to have grown too,” Chris said.

“Don’t worry, I’d hate it, little guy,” I reassured him, stroking his silky hair. The bigger I got, the more I was enjoying playing with him.

“Five foot, three inches!,” I announced triumphantly a moment later. “You’re plenty tall for me. Now it’s time to measure our cocks!”

Chris put his hands on my swollen boner to adjust the tape measure. I knew this would be accurate, since my thick log grew to its hardest whenever he touched it.

“Fourteen inches,” he said with awe, measuring along the top of my cock a second time to make certain he’d taken the measurement correctly. He had.

“Now it’s your turn. Off with your shorts!,” I said, shucking down his silky shorts with one big hand. His own little boner popped up, all pink and sweet. I felt a surge of protectiveness for little Chris and his vulnerable size. The thought of being his invincible protector gave me a new surge of horniness. I felt so big and dominant next to his smallness!

“Four and a half inches,” I read in my deep bass voice, holding the tape so it gave him a smidgen of extra length.

I was so turned on by the size comparison that I was surprised to see little Chris looking sad for the first time. “What’s the matter, little guy, don’t you want to sword-fight with me?,” I asked, ready to hold him off the ground under the armpits so that his little penis could bat against my swollen monster.

What a rush to see my monster log easily push aside his wee erection. I ruled! I was swept away for a moment by the fantasy of little Chris kneeling under the shadow of my colossal manhood, begging to lick its magnificence.

“I’m just afraid you’re disappointed I’m not better hung,” he said, his voice slightly choked.

That brought me down to earth fast.

“Hold it right there, Chris! There’s nothing about you that disappoints me! Do you think I lusted after you for the last two years because I hoped you had a big cock? Do you think I masturbated day after day, thinking of you and your cute little butt because I imagined you were hung like me? Don’t be silly!,” I said, stroking his hair as I lifted and hugged him against me. It felt incredible, pressing his slim belly against my enormous erection.

“I’m so in love with you, Chris, and your being so much smaller than me is part of what attracted me to you in the first place! Of course I’d still love you if you suddenly grew another 6” on your cock, but I wouldn’t like it as well. I want you just the way your are – let me wear the horse cock in the family!,” I almost shouted.

“Let me rule – and you can worship my size. We can’t change the facts – I’m growing, and you’re not. You’re absolutely perfect just the way you are.

Besides, you should consider this big hunk of meat yours now – it’s all yours, to do with what you want. If you ever want a giant hard cock, just pull this out of my pants and enjoy!”

Chris brightened up considerably and touched the throbbing head of my swollen cock gently with his fingers. His touch was gentle, almost reverent. He never imagined a cock so big, and it showed.

“Sorry, big guy, I know you’re right,” he said thoughtfully, stroking my cock head. “I guess I was just feeling really insecure because you’re so amazing. You’re what I’ve always dreamt of. But still, it must be great to be able to suck yourself.”

“Well, yeah, it’s convenient,” I admitted. “But I’d much rather have you suck it. You’re the only dude who’s ever touched my cock, and YOU’RE amazing.

Say cutie, I can let you try something cool right now. It’s not exactly the same as self-sucking, but it’s close.”

Chris looked at me doubtfully for a moment as I sat down on my swivel desk chair. “Here, come sit on my lap,” I commanded, then hoisted him by his armpits and sat him down with his delicious butt cheeks pressed against my lower abs.

My straining erection stuck out majestically in front of him, with the swollen head throbbing between his thighs. “Go ahead, suck it,” I said. “And tuck your junk back so that it doesn’t show.”

“See what it’s like to have a huge cock sticking out of your crotch?,” I asked. “Imagine THAT stretching out your Speedo!”

Chris giggled at the effect, which was truly impressive, if I do say so myself. It looked a lot like little Chris had a world-class horse cock growing from his crotch. He had a third leg there, reaching nearly to his knees!

“Go ahead, try a little self-service, if you know what I mean,” I urged.

Chris leaned right over and began slurping at the musky head of my swollen cock with his tongue and lips. We both sighed with pleasure. I held him tight against me as he leaned forward with his sweet round butt cheeks grinding into my thick dark pubes.

“Oh man, when you do that, all I can think about is fucking that sweet ass of yours,” I moaned, sliding my palms along his temptingly rounded butt cheeks.

“Lick as long as you want – and whenever you want. But don’t keep me waiting too long – I’m dying to get that horny monster up your little butt!”

Little Chris continued with his heartfelt slurps, sliding his hungry tongue up and down my 14” length, tracing the thick veins, licking around the flaring head, nibbling at the sensitive spot at the base of the head and moaning as he went.

He finally leaned back and said, “my ass is all yours, big guy. My heart, too. I trust you with both.”

It’s hard for me to say which was more powerful, the surging of emotion I felt in my chest for little Chris when he said that, or the straining surge taking place in my upright horse cock. I lifted him from my lap, pressed him close to me and kissed him passionately as my hard log leaked pre-cum across his naked torso.

Eyes closed, I stood up and started turning, slowly at first and then faster and faster as we kissed. The room whirled around us as my tongue explored his little mouth. I was puzzled for a moment by the strange, really deep moans I kept hearing, until I realized that I was making those sound myself, deep down in my newly changed voice!

A surge of energy ran through me, and I announced, “little Chris, get ready for the fuck of your life!”

A deep laugh escaped my throat, and I tossed him lightly into the air, catching him easily in my huge hands. Again and again I tossed him, exulting in the strength in my arms. Man, my biceps not only looked huge, but it felt so good flexing them as I tossed little Chris! His excited squeals told me he was enjoying it as much as I was. He was completely in my power!

“Just so you know what you’re getting into, this is what I’m going to be sliding up your ass,” I announced, dropping Chris gently to the couch and shaking my cock threateningly over his face.

“Look and wonder, little man – your fate lies before you!,” I boomed dramatically, kneeling so I could club him gently around the face and shoulders with my engorged monster cock.

Little Chris’ eyes crossed as he tried to take it all in at close range. Smears of my pre-cum soon decorated his handsome face, and I leaned down to lick them from his smooth skin, taking special care to clean his dimples.

“I’m not sure which I love the most, the dimples in your cheeks or the dimple in your chin,” I said, referring to the cleft that divided his chin into two kissable sections.

Swooping down to kiss his chin once more, I then grabbed him up and threw him over one shoulder. He squealed with anticipation as I carried him into the bedroom.

A vision of me striding around town with little Chris on my shoulder suddenly popped into my head, and my cock responded with predictable throbs. What if I grew even bigger? Hiding little Chris in my jock pouch flashed through my head. I didn’t tell him what I was thinking, but my bloated horse cock rose even more stiffly in front of me, ready to get off.

Instinctively I spread little Chris’ perfect ass cheeks with my big hands and flicked my hungry tongue over his little hole. It had somehow closed up after our incredible fucking earlier in the day, but I knew it wouldn’t be as hard to get him opened up a second time. That was a good thing, since I’d added a couple of inches and even more thickness since pulling out my dripping cock earlier in the day!

Little Chris moaned and pushed his ass hungrily towards my mouth as I ate his ass like a man possessed. It was even tastier than that Chinese buffet we’d just had!

I positioned little Chris carefully on the bed so that he could watch me slide my thick monster up his ass.

“Hand me the lube again, Little Guy,” I rumbled in my deep bass.

“Yes, Sir, Big Dude,” Chris answered, a flush of anticipation spreading across his face. I couldn’t wait to ravage his beautiful ass for the rest of the evening. There’d be plenty of time tomorrow for him to learn how horny I always wake up in the morning. And we’d both learn if I continued my sudden growth spurt...


Part 6: Slam Dunk

(“Hand me the lube again, Little Guy,” I rumbled in my deep bass.

“Yes, Sir, Big Dude,” Chris answered, a flush of anticipation spreading across his face. I couldn’t wait to ravage his beautiful ass for the rest of the evening. My 14 thick inches were raring to go! There would be plenty of time tomorrow for him to learn how horny I always wake up in the morning……)

Little Chris moaned as I held his ankles in my big hands and pressed my swollen cock head against his lubed hole. Besides making me a full 8’ tall and growing me an unbelievable 14” cock, my sudden growth spurt made me unbelievably horny. Was it caused by my unexpected hormone surge, or just my natural desire to fuck the shit out of cute little Chris?

With my muscular bulk looming over him and my erect manhood pressing hungrily at his asshole, my little Chris didn’t have a lot of options except to take my swollen meat to the hilt. Judging by the look in his wide eyes, he was ready for it!

We both grunted as my thick shaft disappeared into his overstretched opening. What a feeling of power as I took his ass once more! His round cheeks were spread as wide as they could go. I pulled him tight against my brawny chest. The feel of his nose buried between my thick pecs drove me nuts!

“Your sweet ass is all mine now, little guy,” I whispered in his ear. Not that I think he’d ever try to escape, but it felt good to know that I had him pinned. He wasn’t going anywhere without my permission.

I started thrusting. It made me smile to hear his little moans of submission. There are perks to being bigger and more hung than anybody else, and this is the best. Man, I love that feeling of fucking his little ass, and knowing that he is all mine to dominate. And knowing he loves it, too!

My thrusts grew more powerful, and little Chris’ ass slowly opened to my unstoppable force. He was so light that he felt like a toy as I began to raise and lower him on my upright log. With my big hands holding him under his armpits, I could feel him trembling in my grasp.

Although only nonsense syllables came from his throat, I knew that he was giving himself completely to my insatiable plowing. Pushing him back against the pillows, I accelerated my pistoning of his ass. My strong hands pinned his little arms beneath him. From time to time I leaned down to kiss him, my mouth hungry for his.

It amused me to suck the air entirely from his lungs, and then fill them with my own air. What a power trip – he was completely dependent on me for the air he breathed!

The powerful masculine odor from my pits and crotch filled the air, and my cock stiffened even further when I noticed him sniffing hungrily at my ripe, hairy pit. I rubbed it across his handsome face, leaving him marked with my scent. He moaned.

Little Chris would never be the same, I thought with satisfaction as I pumped my monster erection into his overstretched hole. The stretching of his little ass from my enormous cock had already changed him forever.

Because of our size difference, I’d need to fuck him on a regular basis, to make sure his ass never went back to normal. That was one task I was looking forward to! I stared into his eyes as I penetrated him, noting with satisfaction how they widened the further in I pushed. “Your eyes are opening right along with your asshole!” I laughed.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck me,” Chris moaned, my powerful thrusts making rhythmic accents in his plea. He was no longer capable of conversation.

Well, you can probably guess the rest – I finally shot my big load up his perfect little butt, with a lot of moaning and whimpering on his part. Yeah, I got off on his terrified moans, no doubt about that. In fact, I still do!

You wouldn’t expect a day like this to get any better. But once I pulled my big meat out of little Chris, we both stared at it like we’d never seen anything like it before. My manhood had grown even more, and the head was even fatter than when I shoved it in him!

A surge of excitement tingled through me, and suddenly I was hard as a rock again. “Lube my cock, little guy, I want to fuck you again – before my big meat gets too big to fit it in your little ass,” I said.

“Hey, wait – I forgot the poppers!,” I added, slapping my forehead. “A few sniffs might help you take my monster cock,” I told little Chris, who looked puzzled. He’d never tried them before.

Half wild with desire for another helping of that sweet butt, I stood up and raced for the bathroom. I can’t believe I did it, but in my haste to get those round cheeks of his spread, I miscalculated how far to duck and clonked my head hard against the door frame. WHANNNNGGGGG! Damn, did that smart!

“Are you OK?,” Chris exclaimed as I reeled backward, clutching my throbbing head in one hand.

“Oh, I’ll be fine in a minute,” I reassured him, rubbing the bump on my head. Actually, while the lump smarted, I also noticed something I was no longer feeling. That odd sensation, almost like my blood was churning or hormones releasing, was gone! My growth spurt was over.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Wow, that’s an incredible story,” my interviewer said, setting down her still-blank notepad.

“But my readers at ‘Family Sports Monthly’ would prefer to hear what you’ve done in the ten years since then – you know, your career in the NBA, getting named most valuable player eight years in a row, that sort of stuff.

“Oh that,” I shrugged. “What’s to say, I’m tall, I dunk lots of baskets. I think it’s more amazing what Chris has done with his fashion line for big and tall guys.

“Thanks,” little Chris blushed.

“He’s my inspiration! That next day after his sudden growth spurt, I sewed my first pair of shorts and a shirt for him, since there was no way he could leave the apartment naked—and with a thick 15-inch cock slapping against his bare thigh!”

“Uh, just 14 and a half,” I corrected modestly.

“Well, it sure feels like 15 inches,” little Chris laughed. I ruffled his hair and swatted his round butt affectionately.

“Sorry, but we’re going to have to go now – we have a little ritual we always like to do before a game to relax me.,” I told the reporter.

“Yeah, he’s going to fuck the shit out of me!,” said little Chris, grinning from ear to ear.

“Shhh, that might be TMI for the nice lady,” I told him, swooping him up and putting him on my shoulder to carry him home.

P.S.: We won the game.

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