Transform: The tutor

by Also Known As

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“Fucking economy,” he thought, and also, “fucking college loans,” and then, almost immediately again, “fucking economy.”

Frank Martin trudged toward his newest pupil’s home in the trendy, upscale suburbs of a city that, by rights, shouldn’t have anything trendy or upscale. He was attending the local college because he couldn’t afford—even with his ‘fucking college loans’—going to a ‘real college,’ and now his parent’s loans were drying up and making ends meet meant taking pupils from the local high schools and tutoring them in English.

He pulled out his iPhone to check the Google map app and see where he was via GPS versus wherever this new pupil was who was apparently too stupid to even pass high school English. Then he rolled his eyes and clicked his tongue and chastised himself silently for thinking that way already. After all, if it weren’t for dumb high school students, he wouldn’t be able to charge their over-protective parents to teach them what the dumb high school teachers weren’t.

“Okay,” he mumbled, “where the hell are you, Daniel Green?” He was only a block away and across the street from his goal, se he repositioned his backpack on his aching shoulder and trudged onward, dreading every minute of the hours to come trying to shove some semblance of knowledge into some privileged kid’s noggin.

Frank had many things to be frustrated and angry about. One was being stuck in this nowhere town for another two years when his friends had all gone off to better cities and better colleges and, god knows, better sex lives than he was having. Being named Francis by his parents wasn’t bad enough—everyone saw that in the student directory and he was at a disadvantage before he ever even looked at an email. Then there was his height, which there wasn’t much of, as well as his face, which wasn’t nearly as attractive as seemingly everyone else at college, or his ‘sexual preference,’ a term he hated almost as much as tutoring.

Sure, it was a preference. He preferred to get his ass fucked every now and again, and preferably more than once in a blue fucking moon. But that wasn’t happening, and then he was further blessed—if that was the world—with a quick mind and a quick wit that had gotten into more trouble than it was worth.

He twisted up his mouth and looked at the house of the Green family and sighed dramatically. At least it wasn’t a McMansion. New money, probably, or mortgaged to the hilt more like. Two-story colonial with fucking columns, yet! At least they could still afford to keep up with the gardener. The lawn and gardens were immaculate, and there was a brand new Mercedes parked in the circular driveway.

A Mercedes was okay. Two would be grotesque. And thank God there was no BMW to be seen. Any kid who owned a BMW was bound to be an asshole.

He walked up to the front doors and pushed the bell, hearing something like church chimes erupt somewhere inside the monstrosity, and then a dog was barking, but no one answered. He sighed and felt the full weight of his lot in life, subjected to the whims of people who didn’t keep appointment and he started knocking on the door and rang the bell again. The dog or dogs were still barking and then went quiet suddenly, though if he listened carefully he could still hear them and then a voice, deep and masculine, shouted “Shut up, already!” and they did indeed fall silent.

And then the handle was turning, and then Frank looked up and nearly had a heart attack.

“Hello,” the god said.

A god had answered the door. A shirtless, musclebound, deeply tanned, insanely handsome motherfucking god had answered the door. He was just standing there, smiling down on Frank, wearing a towel around his waist and nothing else. Not another goddam stitch of clothing anywhere, and why the fuck would he? He was a fucking god, wasn’t he? His body was dripping water on the cut marble floor. It drained along the funnels created by the depth of his muscular development and clung to him in shiny, metallic plates, making him look as if he had just been cast from some mold of male perfection out of pure muscle and bronze.

Sometimes nature just wasn’t fair, and sometimes the fates weren’t fair, either, and sometimes nature and fate gang up on you and slam their fist into your guts and laugh at you as you recoil in pain. Frank, all five-feet and eight-inches of him, 117 pounds soaking wet, was standing before a six-foot, three-inch powerhouse of bulging muscle, white teeth, sensuous lips, shining blue eyes, and even more muscle just for the hell of it. He stood holding the door open, one arm perched on the lucky thing, revealing an armpit of moist, lickable, blonde curls. His chest, both broad and thick and composed of two enormous plates of tectonic brawn, swelled and relaxed as he breathed. His skin was made of copper or some other shining liquid metal, and he had turquoise blue eyes and a soft shadow of whiskers winding across his chiseled, angular jaw.

“Hello,” Frank managed to say, “is your son home? I’m the new tutor.”

The god smiled even more broadly and offered his large paw. His scent drifted outward and bathed Frank in a sweet stink that reminded him of sex, raw, uncompromising, flat-out, butt-fucking sex. “Oh,” he said in a voice both deep and powerful, “I’m Danny. My dad’s not home. C’mon in! You want a drink or something?”

The words sounded like they were coming from the god’s mouth, but they weren’t making any sense at all. Danny? 17-year-old Danny? Daniel Green? “Oh,” was what Frank said, though, and then he took the god’s hand and shook it. The god’s grip was firm, powerful, manly, and the muscles that lined his arm in awesome perfection danced for Frank, twisting and flexing and bulging in beautiful harmony.

Danny Green held the door wider and Frank went inside. The house felt warm, at first, and then he realized with both trepidation and attraction that the feeling of warmth was coming directly from Daniel Green’s body. He was like some small sun, shining with perfect beauty, smelling like sex and spreading warmth around him. He shut the door and they both stood there for a heartbeat until Danny said, “Sooooo… drink?”

“Sure,” Frank answered. “Um, a Coke, I guess.”

“Coke it is,” Danny answered, and then he moved past Frank in a fog of sex and warmth and near nudity and moved from the foyer into the house, heading for the kitchen. Frank tried not to look at his ass, but it was unavoidable because that towel was decidedly too small to adequately encompass such a high, round, amazing ass. It was tucked loosely on his trim waist and his butt was plumping backwards like the proverbial bubble. The kid’s back was a marvel of muscular development. Fuck, he must be hitting the weights every fucking day to have a body like that. It was beyond intimidating, it was downright unfair.

“You up at the JC?”

“Yeah,” Frank answered, forgetting to feel ashamed about attending the city’s junior college instead of a ‘real’ one, with his eyes glued on that fantastic receding butt, “but I plan on attending state in another year.”

The god twisted around and that boner-inducing smile was there again and he said, “Yeah, kind of expensive, huh?”

And the boner was gone. Just like that. Asshole, making sure they both knew who was really in charge here. Like he had to press that button, too, the “I’m rich and you’re not” thing. Asshole.


Fuck, that is a fine ass.


“I just said thanks for doing this,” the god repeated. “I’m not dumb or anything, but I have a hard time concentrating.”


The god chuckled low. “Not exactly. There are… a lot of distractions at school. Muscle Club, y’know.”

“Oh. Yeah, sure.” Muscle Club? Was that his gym? Or more likely some meathead asshole athletes-only elitist shit that of course this guy would belong to. Money, looks, that body—

The god opened the fridge and bent down to look inside. “Got Coke, Sprite, some orange juice and… there’s a couple of beers in here, if you want one.” His eyes rose over the refrigerator door curiously, one of his fine, dark brows arched.

“Just Coke is fine,” Frank said, slowly recovering his dignity. Then the god rose fully into his sight once more as the door closed and there it all was again. The tanned skin, the huge chest, the fucking six-pack abs, the treasure trail erupting from his little winking navel, the low-slung towel about to come loose and, jesus god, the hunk was packing some major cockmeat, too! Jesus, nature and the fates were now kicking Frank on the floor and about to douse him in gasoline.

He took the cold bottle and twisted the cap off, sucking back a swallow of suds and sugar and then said, “Do you want to do it down here?”

The god’s brow furrowed and he said, “I haven’t done it in the kitchen yet,” and he smiled.

“You haven’t studied at the kitchen table?”

“Oh, studied! I thought you meant—”

“Thought I meant what?”

“Nothing,” he answered, but his smile was beautiful and now it grew some teeth.

“What about outside?”

“Um, probably not a good idea. Got some friends over using the pool and they’re out there… screwing around. Things tend to get… messy.”

“Quiet friends,” Frank observed, not hearing the expected whoops and splashes and general rough-housing that accompanies a group of teenagers at a pool.

“Yeah, well, not always, but they’re probably pretty… um… what’s the word?” The god’s brow wrinkled in a most attractive manner and his head tilted, allowing his damp golden locks to fall across his shoulder.

Frank shrugged. “Concentrated?”

The god’s mouth quirked. then he pushed a soft laugh from his elegant and handsome nose and nodded. “Yeah, that fits. In more ways than one.”

Frank looked around the god to scan the backyard, but all he could see was a broad, bright patio and a couple of lounge chairs and a table with an umbrella stuck in it. “It’s probably too bright out there, anyway.”

“Too bright for what?”

“To see the laptop screen. I have one of those new Macbooks with the shiny screen and it makes the—”

“Cool! Can I see it?”

“Um, why don’t you put something on besides a towel and we can get started here.”

“Oh, fuck, I’m sorry. I forgot I wasn’t wearing…. shit, sorry about that. One sec.”

Then the god was untying the towel from around his waist and pulling it off his perfect godlike body and, naked now, opened the sliding glass door and placed the towel on one of the lounges to dry. Then he turned to his left and shouted, “Gotta get some schoolin’ dudes. I’m sure you can keep yourselves amused for an hour or so?”

Frank’s eyes bugged from his head. Danny looked nothing short of perfect out there in the sun, as if he had been cast from sunlight itself. He was a god of the beach, with his blonde mane floating in the breeze and the sunlight pouring across his deeply tanned body.

Everything bulged. Everything flexed. Muscle everywhere. And now that he was unveiled in his perfection, it was plain to see that he owned a massive shank of cockflesh that arched several inches forward, proudly arching over a pair of fat low hangers. He turned back towards the kitchen with a smile on his handsome face as he slowly shook his head, and re-entered the house saying, “Those fuckers kill me. You should see what…. something wrong, Frank?”


“Is something wrong? You look shocked.”

“I look shocked.”

The god moved toward him and pulled a chair from the kitchen table. The heat pouring from his naked body was even more palpable, along with a fresh, clean, attractive scent that had hints of cedar and vanilla and leather all mixed inside the distinct tang of sweat and the delicious enticement of ass. “Have a seat, dude. before you fall over.”

The god gently took Frank’s shoulder and guided him to a landing. Frank sat down and was face to cock with Danny’s most amazing asset, the thickness of it magnified, its plump uncut helmet dangling fat and lickable only inches from his lips. “Have a drink,” the god advised. “I’ll only be a second.”

Then he turned, the beach god, offering his new supplicant a worshipful view of his dimpled ass before he disappeared, his heavy tread leading upstairs to heaven, no doubt.

“Fuck,” Frank said very softly, slightly dazed and wondering how the hell he was going to be able to concentrate on anything after that. The house was quiet, now, and with the sliding door still standing open, the sound of soft moans, deep grunts and undecipherable murmurs were floating into the kitchen from the pool area. It sounded exactly as if Danny had left the TV on outside, and he had been watching Trunks or some other Palm Springs gay pool porn with the sound turned down.

Frank lowered his head and listened intently for a minute and had just about summoned up the courage to get up and look outside when Danny’s heavy treads returned and the blonde god, now dry and clothed in a pair of sky blue nylon running shorts, almost the same shade as his eyes, went to the door and closed it. He was holding a white T-shirt in his hand and he started to pull it over his torso as he walked into the kitchen, getting a glass and filling it from the tap before turning around, now fully clothed, and smiling silently at Frank.

Frank said, “Is this okay?” as he unzipped his backpack and started extracting his English books and laptop.

“Okay?” Danny asked.

“To do it in here?”

“Oh, sure. Um, we might have a couple of visits from my friends, just so you know. They’re real curious about things and will probably want to see…. to see what’s going on. It might be distracting.”

“I can go outside and introduce myself, if that would help.”

“No, I think that would probably be even more of a distraction.” He smiled. “Let’s just get started and see what happens.”

“All right. Since this is our first session, I wanted to kind of get an idea about where you feel you’re having problems, or what you need more concentration on.”

“In English?”

“Yes.” Frank opened up his laptop and pushed the power button, waiting for the Mac to boot up. The familiar start-up chime sounded and suddenly the looming presence of Danny was behind him, leaning in to see his computer. The odd and attractive cologne he wore grew strong in Frank’s nostrils, and seemed determined to wind itself around the pleasure centers of his brain. It was an intoxicating and very effective scent. “Can I ask… what is that?”

Danny looked at his face. They were close enough to kiss. “What is what?”

“That cologne you’re wearing.”

“Oh,” he answered, watching the screen again, “I’m not wearing cologne.”

“Is it soap?”

The god shrugged, but didn’t answer. “That is one sexy piece of hardware,” Danny observed. He reached forward and moved two fingers along the brushed aluminum surface. “Pricy?”

Frank said, “It’s my one vice.”

Danny looked at him again and that smile was back. “Only one vice? You should get out more, bro.”

Fuck, he was so gorgeous. His voice went right through Frank to his cock. It was deep and masculine and powerful. And that fucking smell was turning him on in a major way. “Probably,” he said quietly. “Why don’t you… why don’t you sit down and we’ll get started.”

“Don’t want me to see your password, huh? Afraid I’ll find all your porn?”

Frank felt the heat of blush wash over his face and make his whole body warm. But his embarrassment also made his cock deflate, which was better than having it bust its way through his jeans, which was becoming a definite possibility if Danny insisted on doing the entire session poised over his shoulder. “I don’t have any porn,” he said, but there was a waver in his voice.

“C’mon, dude, everyone has porn. If you have a computer, you have porn,” Danny proclaimed as he stood up. towering majestically above Frank’s seated form. “If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”

It was hard to ignore the fat bulge in Danny’s blue nylon track shorts, nor the obvious intimation in his statement. “I don’t have any,” Frank repeated, but his mind was flashing on all the muscle, cock, fur, and full-color heavy-grunting ass penetration and blowjob action that was hidden on his hard drive.

“Okay, okay,” Danny said, moving his fine ass into the seat next to Frank. “I’m only joking, dude. No worries.”

“So….” Frank was having trouble concentrating. What was he going to do? All he could think about was porn. Lots of porn. Naked bodies, bulging muscle, thick cocks.

“So?” Danny echoed, resting his chin in his hand. His bicep swelled like a melon under his shirt sleeve.

Frank looked over at the face of the god. It was all perfect angles and open curiosity. Danny’s eyes were clear and open, beautifully blue on his darkly tanned features. The soft coat of whiskers along his chin and cheeks looked like flecks of gold applied by some Renaissance artist. He had a thick, powerful neck and wide, wide shoulders. The muscles of his upper back bulged thickly, like pipes buried under his flesh delivering massive pumps of masculine power across his body. “Sorry,” he said finally, “I just need to get some information down about you for your file.”

“I have a file?” he asked, moving slightly closer and looking at Frank’s screen.

“Every—” Jesus, he smelled good. “Every pupil has a file, so I can chart your progress and find the areas that need work.”

“Makes sense,” he answered. “What do you need to know?”

What’s your cock size? How much do you weigh? You a top or a bottom? You like to kiss? You like to suck? You like to fuck? “Is there a certain area of English where you’re having more trouble?”

“Writing I guess,” he answered. “Like, all the grammar shit and making shit up and all that? I’m terrible at that.”

“Grammar shit,” Frank recorded dutifully.

“Well, don’t write it like that!”

It was Frank’s turn to smile. “I’m only joking, dude,” he echoed. “No worries.”

They both laughed. Then there was another noise in the room and the sliding door opened and a second god was standing there, dripping wet, gloriously naked and sporting an enormous and impressive piece of hanger steak between his legs.

“Fuck!” Danny said as he turned, “You’re leaking all over the fucking floor, dude! There’s a fucking towel right there!”

“Where?” he responded. He was at least six and a half feet tall. His shoulders filled the doorframe. His chest was massive, and each hemisphere was capped with a chocolate kiss nipple. He owned not just a six-pack, but an eight-pack that marched in perfect formation down his abdomen. And the muscles along his belly seemed designed—in fact everything seemed designed—to point the eye directly to his long, thick, luscious, uncut prick hanging at least nine inches down between his thickly muscled thighs.

He was dripping water everywhere off his mammoth muscular form. He had golden-brown eyes topped with a heavy, dark brow. When he turned to look where Danny pointed, out toward the lounge chair, he presented his perfect ass like a gift. Unlike Danny’s sun-kissed flesh, his skin was naturally dark, and he looked Latino or Hispanic. He was almost preternaturally attractive, and his cock was beautiful.

Frank was staring at the other young man as he reached down and grabbed the towel, then he was mopping his form without covering himself at all, justifiably proud and evidently unashamed of the wagging shank of sex meat hanging over a pair of fat low hangers.

He ran the towel over his huge frame, rubbing and wiping the water from every muscle-packed inch of his unbelievably huge body, dropped the towel back on the lounge, and then walked back toward the open glass door, striding forward like a colossus emerging from the sea, his incredible cock as thick, long and massive as ever.

He passed through the doorway—he actually had to turn sideways a bit to fit through!—and went into the kitchen, opening a cupboard and extracting two glasses. Frank watched the movement of his ass and his legs and the massive muscular development across his wide back shift and flex as he moved. The he filled the glasses with water and turned around, explaining, “Carl and me wanted some water.”

“Right,” Danny said, nodding. “You came in here to check out Frank.”

Frank felt the surging heat of a blush again at the mention of his name, and he realized he was staring lustfully at the towering giant’s cock. “No I didn’t, I was—”

Danny interrupted him. “Frank, this is Raul. Raul, Frank. And that is Raul’s Beast, as you can see.”

He could see. It was almost difficult to concentrate on anything else, because the Beast was hanging fat, firm, lush and beautiful between Raul’s legs. It was thick, it was long, it was slick and shiny and perfectly formed. It was, easily, one of the most beautiful and certainly the most impressive cocks that Frank had ever seen.

“Hey,” Raul said easily, setting the glasses down and leaning forward to offer his hand. “Great to meet you, Frank,” he said.

“Hey,” Frank responded. “It’s ‘Carl and I’.” A new, fresh smell assailed Frank’s nostrils as the other young man approached. Not vanilla and cedar, but this time more like coffee and mulch or fresh earth mixed with ass and ball musk.

Raul’s eyebrow arched and he said, “Huh?”

Frank responded. “‘Carl and I wanted some water.’ Not ‘Carl and me.’ If you drop ‘Carl’ and say it, you’ll hear that it makes sense saying ‘I wanted some water’ rather than ‘me wanted some water’.”

“Fuck,” Raul responded. “He is good.” It was hard for Frank to ignore the fact that Raul was now resting one of his hands on his fat prick. “I might need to make room for him in my busy schedule. Maybe if I learned to talk right, I could get into Billy’s pants like Carl.”

“Doubtful,” Danny answered.

“You dudes gonna be long? Speaking of Carl, he’s getting kind of anxious out there.”

“I’m sure you guys can find something to keep him occupied for an hour. Frank and I have to get some stuff done.”

A beautiful smile wound across Raul’s full lips and look came into his gaze that was filthy and inviting. “I bet,” he said, huskily. He was actually now rubbing his forefinger across the tip of his dick, gripping the shaft like a beer bottle.

Suddenly, another young man appeared at the kitchen door, standing behind the glass on the patio, his body bathed in sunlight. Like Raul, he was completely naked. He had a smile on his face and his enormous and deeply muscled form, alabaster white from head to toe, was accented with yet another impressive and inhumanly huge prick, this one erect and rising at least a foot high. He knocked gently at the window and had a puppydog expression on his face. His head was covered with a tight buzzcut of soft peachfuzz and it extended down his face in his sideburns and the beginnings of a beard. He had, Frank thought, enormously large nipples mounted on his two thick globes of pectoral development.

“Okay, you’ve seen him. You can go outside and report to the others, now.”


“Get your ass outside and attend to Carl before that thing goes off and shoots cum all over the fucking kitchen, Raul!”

Danny was out of his chair and physically pushing the enormous Latino beauty out the door. “Nice to meet you, Frank!” he called as he was physically ejected. Then he was jogging out of sight with his companion with their pecs bouncing and their cocks wagging, laughing as they disappeared.

“Sorry about that,” Danny said, sitting down again.

“Who was that?”

“Raul,” Danny said again, “and his beast. I just had to get him out of here before something happened. Oh, and the other guy was Carl. Hopefully that will be the end of the visits—unless the other guys want to see you.”

“Oh,” Frank answered, though he still felt a bit as if he was dreaming. “Are all your friends—?”



Danny smiled. So fucking handsome. “Big?”

“I mean… that was—”


He wanted to say ‘fucking sexy,’ but instead he answered, “Unusual.”

Danny just shrugged. “We do tend to the bigger end of the scale, I must admit.” He looked at his own arm and bent it, watching the muscle bulge, and every fiber swell visibly under his golden skin. The bicep grew fatter and fatter and then the head split into two distinct lobes and continued to grow. It rose so high that it nearly kissed his knuckles before he relaxed again. It managed to shrink a bit, but his arm still looked unusually huge. “What else did you want to know?”


Danny nodded at the softly glowing laptop screen. “For your records. Besides how big I am.” He laughed slightly.

“Oh, sorry.”

“No problem. Like I said, being easily distracting is one of my problems.”


“I’m not distracting?”

“Well,” Frank admitted, “that, too.”

“Listen, Frank, can you pardon me for a second? I just want to… check on my friends. They can easily get into mischief if they’re not careful and my dad will tan my hide if anything else in the backyard gets broken.”

“Sure, no problem,” Frank answered.

Danny rose up to his gargantuan height. “It should just take a minute or two. Be right back.” Then he opened the sliding door as he slipped his thumb into the waistband of his shorts and began shoving them off his hips before jogging off, disappearing just as his friends had done. He left the door open behind him and the slightly pornographic sounds of groaning, moaning and grunting returned. What the hell were they doing out there, wrestling?

Frank sat at the kitchen table staring at the open door and trying very hard to curtail his curiosity and stay seated. The sounds from outside were very inviting, and he could here the occasional curse word or exhortation drift in to him, always in the deeply erotic and masculine tone of any of the three naked young men he’d so far seen. The sun was very bright outside, and cool breezes found their way inside the kitchen, scented with the same or variations on the sexy funky smell that seemed to permeate everything in the house.

He swallowed and turned his attention to the screen of his laptop. The form was still mostly empty, and all he knew so far was that Daniel attended a local public high school and one of his teachers had recommended Frank to him for some “additional help.”

Danny’s “a minute or two… dragged on into five, and then ten minutes with no sign of his return. The dogs were barking again somewhere in the house and the winds drifting inside were becoming almost saturated with the smell of what Frank was beginning to recognize as the smell of men having raw butt sex with other men. It was rank and sweet and dirty and delicious, and the smell alone made his cock twitch and throb in his slim jeans. So much so, that he was thinking he’d have to go into the bathroom and relieve himself before his pupil returned and noted the huge hard-on bulging in his crotch.

Standing up, he thought first about going outside to ask Danny where the restroom was, with a desire to show that gorgeous man and his friends exactly what he had hidden in his drawers, but the idea of Raul’s Beast and its overwhelming size, girth and beauty had him think twice. He decided to go searching on his own.

It was a large house. The ground floor consisted of several large rooms for various purposes, and the foyer opened into a grand staircase leading to the upper floors. His cock had calmed considerably until he again heard the familiar sounds from the backyard coming from one of the second-floor bedrooms and he entered to investigate.

It looked like a guest room, but perhaps all the bedrooms were made up by a staff and looked like they hadn’t even been used. The bed was covered in sumptuous white linens and several large, fluffy pillows. The floor was covered in cream-colored carpeting and the windows had matching curtains. The curtains moved before one window and it was clear that it was open, and it was from there that the sounds could be heard most clearly.

Frank approached the curtains and the sounds grew intense. It was difficult to tell, but he thought he could pick out four or five different voices. It was likely there were more than that outside, owing to the amount of grunting, groaning, moaning and general sounds of pleasure rising up from the backyard to Frank’s anxious ears. His cock re-engaged immediately, because the scent was back and now even stronger in this room, evidently located adjacent to or directly above the action.

He heard Danny’s voice distinctly. He wasn’t saying much, only the occasional “oh, yeah,” or “fuck, yeah,” or “oh, fuck.” Generally some combination of the three words. He definitely deserved some help with his vocabulary.

Frank stood silent and still for a moment, allowing the scents and sounds to soak into his senses before curiosity and horniness got the better of him, and he reached out and tentatively moved one curtain aside.

Giant muscular men were outside on the lawn, fucking. Broad backs yards wide overwhelmed with bulging masses of brawn were bent over perfect, muscular asses and pushing their massive hard-ons inside. Huge men with fantastic, oversized chests coated in plush carpets of fur lay on their backs with their legs in the air, pointing their sweet, wet, tight holes at other men with fat biceps and thick horseshoe triceps holding their ankles while their narrow hips pistoned in and out, back and forth, fucking deep and hard and true.

Pure muscle, fully naked, everywhere Frank looked. Blonde giants with alabaster skin and fat pink nipples. Dark-skinned African gods with amazing butts and long, powerful necks. The Latin stud—Raul—was there, and he was eight or nine feet high. When he turned, his perfect and beautiful cock had twinned itself, and now two of them, of equal size and appearance, both hard and thick and dripping, arched up toward his pecs drooling thick strands of clear honey. There was Carl, his head like a fuzzy peach, engaged in a three-way with two more massive muscular miracles, fucking and being fucked in equal measure, a look of absolute ecstasy on his handsome face.

At least a dozen of these men, each equally as huge, muscular, handsome and well-endowed as the next, were spread out across Danny’s backyard, which backed up into a copse of trees and stretched out for a hundred yards, at least. The pool, to the right of the action, was entirely empty as the men engaged in various forms of sexual activity, from rough to tender, in duos, trios, foursomes and more-somes, kissing, licking, sucking, and fucking each other into some nearly religious ecstasy of pure sexual bliss.

It was all beyond belief, and more than Frank could handle. As he stood there, watching, listening and smelling these men and their interactions, his cock grew incredibly hard and very uncomfortable cooped up inside his slim fitting jeans. His eyes couldn’t soak it all in, this scene of uncompromising, naked, pure, raw and utterly free sex between the most handsome, perfect, huge and powerful men he’d ever seen. His senses were drenched in the powerful pheromonal scents these men were sending out in thick invisible clouds, thick enough to taste, and it drove straight to his libido. They were making feral sounds, mouthing filthy words and entreaties, telling their partners what they wanted done, and what they were going to do, and releasing deep, powerful sounds of pure pleasure from their broad, muscular chests.

His fingers fumbled to undo the snap and zipper on his jeans. He pulled his fly wide and pushed his underwear down and his cock sprang up, red and shiny and throbbing hotly. He licked his palm and spit against his flesh and set his hand to his hard-on, slowly stroking himself, watching the action below, zeroing in on one set of men and then watching something or someone else who caught his eye in the orgy of pleasure and power on the deep green grass under the bright sunlight.

His mouth was dry and his whole body felt hot. His cock pulsed a thick gob of precum into his hand and he shuddered and closed his eyes and moaned softly. He pulled a heavy breath into his lungs through his nostrils and it was heavily scented by the sensation and power of sex. A throbbing sensation of heat erupted in his chest and spread outward, as if the very air could make him hornier. He looked down at his prick and pulled his balls out of his basket and pushed his pants and underwear off his ass, wanting to be as naked and free as the men below on the grass.

That was when he felt a hand on his butt flesh. A large, smooth, warm hand that cupped his ass and squeezed him, making his cock spit another flow of pre out its eye. “Enjoying yourself?” the hand’s owner asked. Frank could feel his looming presence behind him, feel his heat and size, and the power of his voice rumbled through his body like a drumbeat. “Yes,” the voice said into his right ear, almost whispering it, “I can see that you are.”

Another hand rested now on his other butt cheek, and the hands began to knead and grip his ass tightly, wonderfully, perfectly. He licked his lips and allowed his head to sink backwards against his unseen partner. The man’s body was huge and hard, a series of bulging masses of brawn as thick and hard as boulders. He could smell the man, too, now much stronger than the assemblage outside. And he moaned as the man moved a hand off his ass and under his shirt, caressing his flesh before finding a nipple and plucking it playfully. Frank shook with delight and groaned.

“That’s nice, isn’t it, Frank?” the voice asked. Frank nodded, still stroking his hard-on. “What about this?”

The hand on Frank’s butt moved into his crack, the fingers sliding down toward his hole. One digit started to rub his pucker insistently, pressing, pushing, rubbing, then pushing again. Then two fingers. Two talented, capable fingers were gently but insistently gaining entrance to his asshole. God, it felt amazing. “Yes,” he whispered.

“Yes?” the voice echoed. “Good. That’s good, Frank.” Lips were kissing his neck. Teeth on his earlobe. A tongue pushing into his ear canal, the loud slurping, slick noises driving him crazy. The fingers pushed against his hole. The hand caressed his belly and chest, and teased his nipple, pinching, rubbing, encircling and twisting it.

Frank could feel himself growing closer to orgasm. The tingling sensation of pure pleasure was winding itself around his shaft and infusing his balls. His cock trembled and throbbed and he took his hand away, unwilling to end the ecstasy too soon.

The other man, the huge man behind him, moved his hand down Frank’s belly, the tender, thick fingers scrubbing through his bush of pubic fur and grabbed onto his cock hard, and suddenly, and squeezed. The fingers at his asshole pushed inside. Frank rose to his tiptoes and groaned deeply. “Yes, Frank,” the deep, masculine voice whispered in his ear. More kisses on his neck. More sucking and nibbling on his earlobe. “Hold it inside, my friend. Don’t shoot your load already—you haven’t even seen me, yet.”


“You met my son, Danny, I believe. And a couple of his friends.”


“Danny’s father,” the voice answered. “Please call me Charles.” The large hand squeezed Frank’s prick. The fingers dug against his hot, tight hole. “Nice to meet you, too.” The hand pulled from his cock. The fingers withdrew from his butthole. “Turn around, Frank,” Mr. Green said, “and let’s get better acquainted.”

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