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Transform: Teen Truman

by Also Known As

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Derek rode his bike into Scott’s driveway and parked the 24-speed in his friend’s garage. School break was almost over, and the holidays had been sucking badly. He didn’t get the PS3 he wanted, he got two copies each of Call of Duty: World at War and his grandma got him Resistance 2 like he asked, only he didn’t have anything to play it on. Now his friend Scott was all being weird about some shit he had on his computer and how Derek had to come over “Right now!” even though it was fucking cold… too fucking cold to be riding his bike around this shithole town where he lived and couldn’t even have a driving permit yet even though he was sixteen years old because his fucking mom… but whatever.

Scott had been his friend for a pretty long time. They did everything together, it seemed like, and had a lot in common. Both only children, the same approximate age, went to the same schools, hell they even looked alike, except that Scott had red hair and freckles and kind of light skin, and Derek had dark hair and his half-Spanish, half-Danish blood meant he looked like he owned a perpetual tan. They were both about five-nine in bare feet, and they owned blue eyes.

Otherwise, they were exactly the same. Liked the same food, played the same video games, and worked out together at the school gym like possessed demons, trying hard to get the fabled “Double D” as they called it between themselves. The Definite Definition that showed off their muscles and, most importantly, somehow getting those six-pack abs.

They started working out a lot last summer, about six months ago, but things weren’t working out quite as planned. Turns out that it wasn’t too hard to get stronger, but packing on the mass and achieving the Double D was a bitch. How the fuck did those guys on YouTube manage it, anyway? Or the fucking actors who were always stripping off their shirts for the ladies to show off what they probably only paid for. While Scott and Derek worked their asses off.

“You gotta have patience,” they had been told by this huge motherfucking bodybuilder they ran into at the mall. They were buying some Under Armor shit and there was this big ass muscle monster dude there talking to some other big ass muscle monster dude and he asked how old they were and how often they worked out and what they were eating and all this technical shit about routines and cycles and whatnot, but all Scott and Derek wanted to know was how to get ripped fast. How to get big now. How to make themselves bigger in the fastest, easiest way.

“There is no fast, easy way,” the dude said. “Well, there’s that Truman method, but the side effects aren’t—”

“Truman method?”

“The Trumans? You ain’t seen ‘em?”

His equally large friend laughed. “Yeah, they’re definitely hard to miss.”

“What’s the Truman method?” Scott was really interested.

“Not exactly a method, I guess. More like a miracle or… it doesn’t matter, you’re too young. Trumans don’t accept anyone under 18. And you look like you’re about 14, so—”

“We’re 16,” Derek protested.

“16, huh? Well, for 16 and for having just started working out, you’re doing okay. Me and Steve here been at it for 12 years. It takes a lot of time and effort to get this big.”

“No shit,” his friend agreed. “Look, dudes, just keep doing what you’re doing. You’ll make it. Hit the gym, eat right, do some cardio to keep the fat off. There’s no such thing as a miracle.” He eyed his friend and frowned.

Derek felt cheated. “Why don’t they let us do it? Is it some kind of drug? Like steroids? Is it illegal?”

“Yeah,” Scott agreed. “It’s not fair if older guys can do it.”

“It’s sort of a drug, as far as I know,” The big dude said. “Or it works like one, but you don’t want it.”

“How do you know? Is it dangerous?”

“Let me put it this way; Do you like girls?”

“I like girls,” Derek answered. Scott nodded, too.

“Then you don’t want to become a truman.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Scott was getting angry at the two men for treating Derek and him like kids.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing, guys. You’ll make it.”

Scott eyed the big mans arms. Fuck, they were so big! The shirt he had on was squeezing onto those mammoth biceps like a second skin. He was in great shape. Probably holding some post-season fat, but when he shed that the dude would be a serious heavyweight.

But what they said about the truman method got Scott curious. What was it? Who were these trumans? And what happened to guys who did it?

Both boys went home and hit the internet to get the lowdown on trumans, and it wasn’t hard to find. And what they found and what they saw only made them more curious about it, and those guys, and how they got so motherfucking huge.

In fact, “huge” didn’t even begin to describe them. They were all mega-muscled brutes! Their bodies were packed with so much power that they looked like comic book superheroes or something equally unbelievable. At first, the pictures they found looked more like muscle morphs than actual men. Like some fantasy artist had taken the biggest bodybuilder on the planet and magnified him, and there seemed like there were a bunch of them around.

Then they found the YouTubes of some of them walking around, or talking, or being surrounded by, like, fans or something. They weren’t just wide, they were tall, too, usually taller than anyone else around them—except for another truman, and they usually did travel together.

Before long, they found the really weird videos, where the dudes were completely naked. If the previous videos caused disbelief, the naked ones were purely impossible. Jesus, these guys were big everywhere! The boys were wondering if they stuffed cucumbers down their drawers or something, but the naked vids proved very much otherwise.

Trumans weren’t just packing, they were walking sausage factories! And their big dicks somehow managed to get even bigger when they had hard-ons, and they always had hard-ons!

The Wikipedia entry about them was pretty far-fetched, but that wasn’t necessarily unusual given Wikipedia’s open-ended editing. Some of the shit on that page had to be shit, because no one could fucking fly. What were these dudes, Superman?

Then there were some other entries for individual trumans, including some dude known only as Chuck, and his page was even more unbelievable than the others, but there were copious links to images and videos and even MP3s of the guy, and it all looked legit. In every photo and in every video the guy looked like he owned the planet, constantly smiling, always in charge of whatever situation he was in, and rarely wearing much more than a jockstrap or a thong—just enough to avoid getting arrested for indecent exposure, but barely enough to cover up the world’s biggest set of cock and balls.

For two weeks, Scott became obsessed with them. Derek found the images curiously attractive, but since he wanted to be as big as possible, of course he would. But he also started bookmarking some of the more amazing naked videos, and even tried to contact the Chuck guy via a Gmail address, but he didn’t get a reply, either because it was bogus or maybe the guy just didn’t answer email.

But Scott disappeared for the duration of Christmas vacation. “I’m searching for something,” was all he said, and then he was inside his bedroom at the keyboard, barely taking the time to IM or email anything at all.

Then, all the sudden, he called Derek sounding like he had the world’s worst cold or something, and tells him to get his butt over to his house pronto to see what he found.

Derek rang the bell and heard the pound of footsteps coming down the stairs before Scott’s door swung open and Derek was face to face with someone he knew, but who looked a lot different. “Dude!” Scott said, a giant grin on his whiskered face.

Whiskers! Scott had whiskers! His voice sounded deep and gruff, but none of that was what shocked his friend speechless.

Scott was bigger. Bigger everywhere. His t-shirt was gripping onto his arms and chest much tighter than the same sized shirt that hung on Derek’s body. The boy who had formerly been the exact same height as Derek was now looking down at him, a good three inches taller. The sweatpants he wore clung to his thighs and there was something like a salami pushing against the material. And his face looked… older or something. But his smile was still the same, and the dude in front of him was definitely still Scott.

Scott’s mom called out, “Honey? Who is it?”

“It’s Derek, Mom! We’re going up to my room to play Xbox!”

“Okay, hon. Ask Derek of he wants to stay for dinner!”

“Okay!” Scott sighed and rolled his eyes, gestures familiar to Derek but they looked odd on the face he saw before him. “Dude, c’mon! You’ve got to see this!”

Scott spun around and bounded back up the stars, running toward his room with more heavy thuds. Derek stood in the open doorway, stunned and confused for a heartbeat, then he closed the door and followed his best friend upstairs to figure out what was going on.

Scott was standing in his bedroom doorway, holding the door open for his friend. Derek was again suddenly struck by how much larger Scott was than he had been only two weeks ago. “Dude,” he said, but Scott grabbed his arm and pulled him inside his bedroom, shutting the door behind them before Derek cold finish his question.

A smell hit Derek square in the nose. A rank, musky scent that he would have identified as “balls and ass” if he had the notion. The bed was unmade and there was a pile of crumpled clothes next to Scotts desk. The TV was off, but the computer screen was glowing from behind his friend’s suddenly wider back.

“Well,” Scott asked, “what do you think?” He raised his arms and hit a double-bi. The muscles on his arms swelled fat with muscle. He lowered his arms and grabbed his right wrist with his left hand, starting to pump his right bicep, and Derek watched it bulge larger and larger. A fat vein drew a path over the fibers and pulsed and plumped as he pumped his arm. “Cool, huh?” His voice was like a man’s voice. The sixteen-year old sounded like he was thirty, his light tenor tuned down to a baritone.

“Scott, what the fuck?”

“You ain’t seen nothing, yet, bro! Check this out!” Scott grabbed the hem of the tight t-shirt and stripped it off his body. Derek audibly gasped at what he saw.

Muscle. Muscle everywhere. Scott was ripped beyond belief. He’d achieved the fabled Double D and then some!

Scott started to pose and show off what he owned, now. He pushed out the two squared plates of his chest. Derek watched the muscular cables stretch and flex. Scott raised his arms again and two wings spread open under his arms, and his shoulders suddenly mounded up with brawn. And there, on his belly, there it was. Not just a six-pack, but a motherfucking eight-pack of firmly developed abdominals. His little belly button seemed to wink between the folds of brawn as the muscle bulged and flexed. A trail of strawberry blonde hair lead down from his navel between the bulges and disappeared under the elastic band of the gray sweats he was wearing.

Scott was fucking ripped. Derek could make out individual muscle bellies easily. And every one of them was keenly defined and developed. The thick fingers of the intercostals lead down to the firm cables of Scott’s Apollo’s belt. And he had a good tuft of reddish curls breaking out between the impressive muscles mounted on his chest.

“Dude,” Derek whispered, “what the fuck did you do?”

Scott was smiling broadly, clearly proud and excited to be showing off for his friend. “I found it, dude! I found it!”

“What are you talking about?” Derek felt like he wanted to reach forward and run his hand across his friend’s muscles, but he restrained the impulse and simply allowed his eyes to travel where his touch wanted to.

Scott turned and sat his bubble butt down in the chair before his PC. His back was now wider than the chair’s, and filled with more bulges of power. There was an image frozen on the monitor, a video paused, and Scott spun around, pointed at the screen and said, “This! I found this!”

Derek looked at the image and his face registered shock. There was a naked man on Scott’s screen. A huge, handsome, completely naked man. It had to be one of the trumans, because he showed all the signs. Masses of muscle, chiseled face, hyper masculine features and a huge fucking cock swollen fat and hard in his grip.

But even more than that, the dude had the working end of that massive prick jammed inside his own mouth. The dude was clearly sucking himself off, with his eyes pointed forward as if he knew that Derek was watching him, and he wanted him to watch, and he was doing that for Derek to see. His cheeks were sucked in as he worked his meat, and his massively muscle form filled the screen.

“Fuck, dude, what the hell are you watching?”

Scott laughed slightly, “Yeah, I know. I mean, it’s some pornographic shit, isn’t it? Dude sucking his own cock. I didn’t even know a guy could… anyway, just watch.” Scott turned back and hit the play icon, and the frozen image began to move. The sounds of the guy pleasuring himself had been turned down, but Derek could hear the slurping, moaning and evident pleasure that the guy was experiencing. It was weird watching him go at it, kind of freaky, the dude just staring straight ahead at him while he sucked on his own fat prick.

“What am I supposed to be—?”

“It’s coming up! Just wait a second!” Now Scott stood up, his chair moving away as he did so, and thrust the sweatpants off his hips so that he was entirely naked, the cotton pants around his ankles. “Just watch this!” He stood slightly sideways and Derek could see that he was approaching erection quickly. His dick was rising and swelling, arching upwards as it grew.

“The fuck?” Derek whispered.

“You should take off your pants, dude. Seriously.”

“Why the fuck would I want to take off my pants to watch some weird-ass gay porno?”

“Suit yourself,” Scott said with a shrug. “Oh, fuck! Here it comes!” He started looking around for something but stopped and looked directly at the screen. “Okay, keep watching! Keep watching!”

“Watch what?” His buddie’s cock was arching high and proud now, and the shaft and helmet were swollen shiny and red.

“Self Suck Sam!”

Derek shifted his attention to the screen and saw that the dude was now leaning forward with his index finger pointed at the camera. It inched closer and closer until it blotted out his image, and then three things happened quite suddenly.

The first thing that happened was that Scott’s dick swelled immediately and visibly larger. His hands balled into fists and he sucked in a breath and let out a deep, penetrating moan of pure feral pleasure. Then his cock, fat and long, red as an apple, flared its mushroom head and released a thick rope of white cream. He came so fiercely and fully that Derek could hear him cumming, could actually hear the hot cream emitting from the tip of his cock. Without even touching himself, Scott started cumming. And he came a lot. The streams splattered across the screen and the keyboard, coating his equipment in warm, heavy cream.

The third thing that happened shocked him even more than Scott’s seemingly magical orgasm. Derek experienced his own sudden sexual release. It started like a warmth that coated his skin, then it quickly crept inside and tickled his cock and balls, so that a hard-on was suddenly swelling inside his shorts. It shoved eagerly forward, cramped in its cloth cage, and then, like Scott’s potent and messy cum fountain, Derek found himself shoving a slight, but evident, load of cum into his skivvies.

It came from nowhere, literally. One second he was standing there, watching a video, wondering why the hell his best friend’s massive hard-on was suddenly shoving a massive load all over the computer, and the next he had a rocket in his own pocket blasting a similar, though evidently much less intense, orgasmic release.

“Jesus,” he whispered, embarrassed and curious at the same time.

“That’s not the best part, dude,” Scott said. “Here comes the best part.” He turned around and faced his friend, pulling Derek around in his chair. His erection was slowly growing less urgent, the meat between his legs wavering and bobbing and dripping, and he was looking down at his body. “This is the fucking best part,” he whispered.

“What are you talk—” But Scott’s body was silently answering Derek’s question as it faded to stunned silence. Derek’s gaze was drawn to movement, and he watched as his fried’s body started to subtly but noticeably grow muscle before his eyes.

“Better and better,” Scott said softly in his new, deeper tones. The thrumming sexual bliss of Transform-tinged muscular development was singing through his body. He watched his forearms get more vascular and heavier with brawn. His biceps slightly ballooned outward. The muscles of his chest were multiplying visibly, the fibers splitting and swelling and splitting again.

He moved his grip onto his semi-firm cock and squeezed it. It pushed back against his grip, and then he could feel it swell larger. Slightly bigger, slightly thicker, slightly longer. Fuck, yeah.

He could feel the warm tension of development in both his legs and even the muscles of his ass. “Oh, fuck dude, can you feel it?” Scott looked up at his friend as the miraculous muscular growth slowed, and he was suddenly even more impressively brawny than he had been only moments before.

And Derek realized that he did feel something. Something like a warmth all over his body. It was subtle, but it was definitely there. A tightening everywhere, and then another rush of sexual pleasure that made his cock jump inside his sodden shorts, and then it was gone. But he still felt really nice all over, like he had just stepped from a warm shower, cleansed and refreshed.

“Holy shit, dude,” Derek said, a look of wonder and pleasure evident on his youthful face.

“I know, dude. I know.” Scott kicked the sweatpants away from his feet and then bent to pick them up, wadding them up and using them to clean up the copious creamy flood that he had just fountained all over his desk. “Fuck, I hate it when that happens.”

“Wait, Scott, what the fuck is that? Who the fuck is that? What the fuck just happened?

Scott chuckled a deep, throaty laugh. “You want the long answer or the short answer before we do it again?”

“Do it again?”

“Dude, this is all I’ve been doing for six hours, now.”

Six hours?

Scott straightened and turned around. He looked like some junior bodybuilder or a gymnast or something. The muscles were deeply etched along his tall frame. His cock was clearly bigger than Derek remembered it being from gym class, a mammoth shank of thick meat hanging between firmly muscular thighs. Huge, now, even when it wasn’t erect. His nuts were dangling low in their sack, each as large as a ping pong ball. The fur that sat between the burgeoning hemispheres of his pecs was starting to spread across each globe. Even his nipples looked bigger. “Six hours, dude. And I look like this.” He started posing again, clearly proud of his improved body.

“What’d your mom say when she saw you?”

“She hasn’t yet.”

“Wait, you mean you grew this much in—”

“Six hours. I told you!”


Scott grinned brightly. “Indeed.” He started running his hands across the bulging contours of his muscular form. “Awesome, ain’t it?”

“And all the other shit?”

Scott looked up, his hands pausing on his self-exploration. “Other shit?”

“The… the hair and your voice and the… what the guy said?”

Scott shrugged. “All’s I know is it feels fucking great. And it keeps getting better. It’s like it’s expo… expul…”


Scott nodded. Derek always was the smart one. “The bigger I get, the faster it happens.” He tossed the sweatpants into the clothes pile. “Did you see that load I blew? Fuck, that felt amazing! It was like a gallon of cum, and I busted that nut without a single jerk on my pole, dude. It’s just the video. Whatever it does, it just… makes this all happen.” He sighed. “Wanna do it again?”

“Hold on a sec, where did this come from? I thought they said we couldn’t do it because of how old we are.”

“That’s the long story. But let’s do it just again while I tell you. We can watch the whole thing this time. It’s pretty hot, watching that guy suck his own joint. There’s one part where you can watch him swallow his own jizz, and he’s all like ‘gulp gulp gulp’ and I swear he looks like he’s growing bigger doing it. Makes me wonder what would happen if… anyway, this is the whole thing. What you experienced was just the payoff at the end.” Scott pulled the chair back over and motioned for Derek to take a seat. He made no moves to put any clothes back on his amazing naked body.

“Where’d it come from?”

“Okay, to start at the beginning. Like, two weeks ago we were both searching around for stuff about the trumans, right? And we were finding all these pictures and videos of these guys, and then eventually we found their own site and like those dudes said, we couldn’t get in. The credit card thing and all, our ages, but they were more than happy to show off everything the truman method has going for it. Fucking teasing us with all those huge fucking dudes showing off.”

“I know that part,” Derek protested. The huge man on the screen was smiling at him. He was really very good looking—if someone was into that sort of thing.

“Okay, so, I went looking for other stuff. Googled ‘truman origin’ and ‘transform members’ and so on, and eventually I found this forum dedicated to the trumans and following them, recording them, keeping track of everything. Like a fan forum for bodybuilders, but dedicated to the trumans. Tons more pictures, of course, like stuff caught on the street, not posed but real, some gay-ass fanfic, weird stuff as well as stories from some of the members who are now in the brotherhood, as they call it. They became trumans and they talked about what happened to them, how it came about, yodda yodda.

“Anyway, this one guy mentions that there used to be a video out there, which is how the government got involved, that—”

“The government? Our government? Dude, is this some illegal shit?” The screen dude was sucking himself again. Smiling as he did it. Seemed to be typing to someone from time to time, too. Was this a webcam capture?

“Hold on, hold on. No. it’s legal. I mean, it’s just a video, right? Shut up and enjoy the show. So…. What was I saying? Oh, yeah. So this one guy, he says that there was a video out there that ‘did something’ so that the government went around and deleted it everywhere they could find it. Used some network spider crawling every fucking site out there, just looking for this thing. So I’m thinking that whatever it is, I want to see it, right? If they don’t want me to see it, it must be something pretty amazing.”

Typical Scott reaction. When told he can’t do something, he’ll try to do it. When told to not do something, that’s the first thing he’d do. Listening to his deeper voice was weird to Derek. It was so deep and powerful now. It sounded like it was drilling into his head. He sounded… good. “So that’s what you’ve been doing up here?”

“Pretty much. I figured it had to be on YouTube, because fucking everything ends up on YouTube, and I finally tracked down a missing file called SelfSuckSam.”

“Pretty self-explanatory.”

“Right?” Suddenly Scott’s hands were on Derek’s shoulders. He could feel Scott’s naked body against the back of his neck. Scott started to massage his muscles. “So now I had a clue to the file name, so I looked for copies everywhere. Vid sites, Bit Torrrent libraries, anything I could find, and I tracked down a link to a server that was hosting a version or a copy of it. An old link that was still active, but they never embedded it on a page, so it wasn’t necessarily something a spider could find.”

“And this is it?” The massage felt really good. Scott’s hands were strong. He seemed to know just where to rub Derek. His touch was warm and sensual. Jesus, it felt really, really good.

“Well, yeah, but I didn’t find it on that server, either. I finally found it on a torrent site, mislabeled as something that probably no one would look for, but with a suspicious number of seeders, and I downloaded it and recognized immediately that this was a truman, and then I watched the whole thing waiting for something to happen.”

“And something did.”

Scott chuckled. Derek felt the sound against him. “It did.” Scott leaned down and whispered into his friend’s ear, his breath warm against Derek’s neck, Scott’s new whiskers brushing his skin delicately. “Here it comes again. You might want to get your clothes off for this.”

“I’m not sure I—”

“Trust me. It keeps getting stronger. You might think you can’t cum again only minutes after blasting a full load. But here it comes.”

Something else hot besides Scott’s breath was near Derek’s ear now. He realized Scott was standing up straight, and so was his cock, inflated to full erection again, throbbing eagerly next to Derek’s head. It had to be 8 or 9 inches high, now, and this close it looked even bigger than that. Scott was already releasing a flow of clear precum that ran along the fat shaft, and Derek could smell Scott’s masculine scent strongly.

“Dude, get that thing away from my—”

“Ready or not,” the deep voice said, “here it comes.”

Derek turned his head to talk to Scott, tell him to back off, get his cock away from his face. He missed his second chance at receiving Self Suck Sam’s delivery of electronic Transform, but he watched his best friend’s huge and improved prick suddenly swell and turn red before it erupted again, sending another fat rope of hot cum into the air.

Before it landed on his face.

And on his lips.

Scott moaned and sucked in air and reveled in the sensation of another Transform-induced orgasmic blast, cumming again and again, shoving load after load from his balls and showering Derek in his sticky, warm cream. He came like a volcano, shooting thick streams that rained down. He held his hands on his friend’s shoulders, holding him in place, and drained his balls over Derek’s face.

It took a lot of Scott’s transform-infused seed to start the process. Scott had been absorbing multiple mini-shots from Self Suck Sam’s video for hours, and his body was capable of Transforming another male to the same level of development. But his Transforming capabilities were immature and unfinished. He could only make another dude over in his own incompletely transformed image.

Derek may not have meant to lick his lips and welcome Scott’s cum inside his mouth, but it got there nevertheless. Then it was sinking into his flesh, soaking into his body. He began to change instantly, but slowly at first, and as Scott finished pumping out his latest flood, he could feel the muscles growing along his friend’s shoulders. His heart began to race with excitement and lust as he felt Derek’s body beginning to swell with brawn.

“Holy shit,” he said softly, “it’s really working.”

“Fuck,” Derek moaned. “What’s happening?” He sounded dazed or drunk.

“You’re growing,” Scott told him. “I’m making you bigger.”


“I gave it to you. This is how it works. Get on the bed. This is going to be amazing.”


Derek was being lifted from the chair. Scott didn’t just look muscular, he was physically powerful. He lifted his friend easily and set his body on the bed, and watched Derek growing. “Feels great, right?” Derek nodded. “I know. It’s like.. it’s like the best orgasm ever. It’s like your whole body is a dick and you’re right on the verge, y’know? Everything tingles and throbs. Everything feels hot and huge and hard. Hard as fuck.” Scott started stroking his dick while caressing his own amazing body. His cock was already stretching again, arching up happily and swelling in his grip. “Fuck, you’re growing so much faster than I did, Derek. Tell me how it feels, dude.”


“What’s tight?”

“Clothes, dude. Take them off me.”

“Well, if you insist.” Scott mounted Derek’s body, straddling his hips with his naked form, his throbbing cock poised above him, and set his hands to the other boy’s shirt. With a simple, easy thrust, his ripped it open, the material of the cotton T-short rending easily under his strong grip. “Fuck dude,” he said softly, then he set his palm against Derek’s belly and closed his eyes, allowing the sensation of his friend’s muscular development to sink into him.

He could feel Derek growing. He could feel the muscle swelling, feel each bulge of abdominal power manifest. A thick string of precum swelled at the tip of his dick and drooled onto his friend’s exposed chest, and disappeared under his skin. Behind him, Self Suck Sam was starting to loop again, the silent visage pulling his massive meat inside his mouth, leading up to another delivery of digital muscle.

Derek’s arms bulged thickly, pushing at the sleeves of his shirt. His legs were swelling under Scott’s butt, and his cock was hard and growing harder. “Fuck,” he moaned, the word more like an appeal than a declaration. “Oh, fuuuuuck—”

“Dude,” Scott said softly, watching his friend’s body develop. The flat planes of his chest were rising like bread dough, filled in with deeply defined strands of power that multiplied and grew, filling up the space under his dark skin. A small ripping sound drew Scott’s attention to the shirt sleeves and he watched Derek’s upper arms tear through the thin cotton, ripping free of his clothes, Hulking out in real life. Veins wound along the muscle and pulsed in time with Derek’s heart, pumping hot blood into the growing muscle.

Derek’s moans grew deeper, and more sexually charged. “Mmm gonna cum,” he growled. “Oh, fuck, get these pants off me, Scott. ‘M gonna cum… gonna cum hard.”

Scott adjusted his position onto Derek’s legs, straddling his knees, and was shocked at the bulge of his friend’s crotch. His cock was pushing hard against the denim, stretching the zipper to its limit. Scott unbuttoned Derek’s jeans and pulled the zipper open, and a sudden thick fog of Derek’s developing masculine musk hit him in the face. He smelled funky and sexy and powerful, and it made Scott’s erection plump and pulse.

Scott set his hand against the massive hard-on under Derek’s soggy boxers. It was hot and hard and swelling larger, throbbing and growing under Transform’s power. Derek moaned again and Scott ripped open the boxers and his friend’s uncut beauty, nine full inches of fat cock, popped out. His dark forest of pubes was shellacked with a wealth of precum, and it drizzled from the tip like honey.

Without thinking, driven by lust, Scott bent down and pulled his friend’s cockhead inside his mouth, sucking the salty essence greedily. He grabbed onto Derek’s dick and squeezed, forcing a flood of precum out the eye and down his throat.

Derek felt Scott’s warm, wet mouth encompass his dick and his toes curled and his grabbed the bed sheets in his grip. He started to slowly move his hips, forcing his hard-on deeper inside his best friend’s warm, sucking mouth, and could feel his load of newly energized cream building toward release. “Mm gonna cum,” he said again. His voice was deeper than ever, and he growled the warning from his growing chest.

Scott was licking the head like a lollipop, slurping and kissing and wrapping his tongue around the delicious fount, swallowing Derek’s steady stream of precum like medicine for his powerful body. His moans of sexual ecstasy traveled along Derek’s shaft and drove his friend’s libido into overdrive. “Oh fuck,” Scott said, “you taste so good.” He stroked the fat prick in his hand and watched it swell bigger and bigger, dipping his lips to the eyes to drink up every new pump of honey.

“Mm gonna cum,” Derek said again.

Scott felt the cock swell much larger with a sudden urgency, and he plunged his mouth down on it and rubbed the sensitive helmet with his tongue. His reward was delivered instantly and with intensity as a flood of warm, salty cream filled his mouth and he swallowed it in greedy gulps, feeling it traveling down his throat into his body.

For a first time giving head, Scott was doing an excellent job. Maybe it was the six hours spent watching Self Suck Sam pleasuring himself. Maybe it was an innate talent he never knew he possessed. Maybe it was part of Transform’s gifts. Whatever it was, Scott’s mouth on Derek’s spouting erection was driving his friend batshit, and he released a copious flood of cum, pumping over and over into Scott’s sucking mouth.

When it was over, Scott sat up again, wiping the corners of his mouth with the back of his hand and licking even that off, grinning like that cat who just ate the canary. “Fuck dude, that was fucking amazing.”

Derek looked both shocked and pleased. “Dude. You just sucked my cock.”

“Any complaints?”

“Fuck no, Scott. Fell free to do that any time.”

Scott started to laugh, then he shifted his gaze down Derek’s new and improved body and his own hard-on returned. “Jesus, Derek—”

“What?” Then Derek’s eyes grew wide as well, and he whispered, “You’re growing again.”

Scott smiled and nodded. “This is how it works. How the trumans turn a dude into a truman. It’s their cum, dude. And now it’s my cum… and your cum.”

Scott looked down at himself and it was indeed true, he could see each pectoral muscle swelling slightly larger, still. He could feel all the muscles of his body growing warm and tight and hard as they absorbed Derek’s power and manifested the new cum as new muscle. As usual, Scott grabbed onto his own prick to feel it swelling larger still. “Better and better,” he said softly. “Dude, you have to see yourself.”

Scott climbed off his friend, still getting bigger and stronger off Derek’s cum, and watched Derek get unsteadily to his feet. His prick was hanging out of his jeans, and it was clear that his legs were doing their best to split the seams open, though he hadn’t achieved quite enough growth to accomplish that, yet. His shirt hung in tatters off a torso made up of carved bulging muscle, and his 6-pack belly—not quite as defined as Scott’s 8-pack was, but each lobe was larger—shrunk below the waist of his jeans, now tighter and slimmer than before. “Get those pants off so I can see what I made, dude.”

Derek laughed and started to strip naked for his friend’s eyes. As he unveiled his new body, he was amazed and thrilled with what he saw.

There was muscle everywhere. Nothing but muscle. Thick wedges, fat cables, vascular, intensely defined muscle. Each lobe of brawn on his legs was cut and bulging. His skin was suctioned onto a belly of muscle that could double as a carton of eggs.

His cock was huge. Maybe not quite as long as his friend’s, but incredibly thick with a wealth of foreskin. The tube of sex flesh hung abundantly over a tightly packed duo of balls bigger than Scott’s, and they were churning already, making more of that hot creamy cum that his friend so enjoyed. “Where’s a mirror?” he asked, eager to see it all.

“The bathroom,” Scott answered, opening the bedroom door and pulling his friend after him.

Scott’s mother’s voice from downstairs drew them back into reality. “You boys hungry?”

Scott smirked. “I just had a snack, mom,” he answered, then he reached down and tugged on Derek’s fat prick, rubbing the tip with his thumb. “But I could sure swallow some more.”

“Dinner’s almost ready!”

“Okay, thanks, Mom!”

“Dude,” Derek whispered, “what the fuck is she gonna think?”

Scott just shrugged, tensing his biceps into power. “Growth spurt?” Then he laughed and pushed Derek into the bathroom and flipped on the light.

There were two grown men in the mirror, handsome and naked. Each again as tall as the other, one pale with red-blonde hair and matching body fur, the other dark-haired and dark-skinned with a fat cock hanging beneath a full bush of black curls. Scott was still slightly larger than Derek, owing to his last growth spurt as a result of Derek’s own transform-charged spunk.

His chest had a fuller roundness, and the nipples were starting to get pushed under the shelf of muscle. Body hair now coated both globes of power, and the treasure trail lead both up into the crevasse of his pecs and down to the shining forest of his pubic bush. His cock, milky white with a pink bulbous head, was still slightly firm, and he looked more and more like a bodybuilder in training. His face was more masculine and angular than the face of a 16-year-old, and his piercing blue eyes sparkled like opals.

Derek’s body, while slightly less muscled, was no less impressive. Even with the superb and beautiful bounty of muscle he now possessed, it was his cock that commanded attention. It was massive, a fat shank jutting forward proudly, smooth and thick, nine inches long. His body was almost without hair, except for the thick pubes and the dark curls peaking from his arm pits. His nipples were dark, almost chocolate, against the creamy coffee color of his skin. He was super-defined, as Scott was before the latest round of growth, with the look of a gymnast or a well-muscled swimmer. “How much, do you think?”

“How much what?”

“Muscle. Like, 10 pounds? 15?”

“Easy to find out.” Scott moved a scale out with his foot that had been hiding by the toilet, and he stepped up onto it, waiting for the dial to pause. “Dude,” he said quietly.

“How much?”

He smiled. It made him look even more handsome. “28 pounds.” He puffed up his chest. “I weigh 214, fucker. Beat that.”

“Fuck! Get off, lemme try.” They wrestled momentarily for control of the scale, two teenaged friends again, before Scott let Derek mount the scale. “21 pounds. In a minute! 21 pounds in a minute!”


“You know what this means, right?” Derek was grinning.

“We got some phone calls to make.”

“Fuckin’ A, dude. Fuckin’ a.” Then he looked down at Scott’s slowly plumping cock. “But first… you mind if I give that thing a try? Something tells me I’m gonna like sucking your cock.”

Scott licked his lips and grinned. “Mom! Derek and me are gonna skip dinner tonight!”

“You sure, hon?”

“Yeah, uh, we got some stuff to do and we’ll just eat up in my room.”

“Eat each other, you mean,” Derek added, quietly. His hand was already on Scott’s thick joint, and he was slowly stroking it to erection. It was drooling precum over his hand, and Scott’s intensely masculine scent was rising.

“And mom?”

“Yes, hon?”

“I’m gonna invite a few more friends over, too.” He rose up onto his toes as Derek hit a particularly sensitive spot on his prick. “I’ve got something I want to show them.”

“Yeah, dude,” Derek agreed, “over and over and over again.”

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