You and I: The greatest fuck in the world

by Also Known As

 Has the world-altering protagonist, the self-proclaimed most perfect and most powerful man in the world, met his match?

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“Am I disturbing you?”

I looked up from my book and a sensation of shock washed over me. There was something about you that was just… everything. Everything I had ever wished for in a man, and everything I had ever hoped would walk up to me, just like this.

I was lost for words. My head was spinning. I had never felt so strongly attracted to anyone before, especially not having just met. If it wasn’t love at first glance, it was certainly lust. Your eyes bore into me and heated my blood, and I felt me sleeping cock awaken with shocking suddenness and start pulsing very hard.

I swallowed and shook my head, allowing my eyes to move around your body and examine every inch that I could see, wanting to burn you into my memory in case this was only a moment in time and I would never see you again. It was literally as if my ultimate sexual fantasy man had somehow come to life, even wearing a tight ribbed tank top and dark denim blue jeans, as if I had picked your outfit out. The tank top was just enough to keep your muscular physique presentable outside a gym, but your massive strength was pressing against the tight material revealing every detail of you carefully developed perfection.

Your biceps were massive, and I knew that if you merely bent your arm a softball-sized lump of steel would appear. Thick veins wound down your forearms and your hands would easily hold onto my head as I pulled your cock down my eager throat.

You stood before me smiling, awaiting my answer.

“No,” I blurted, too loudly and probably too obviously, but you only smiled even brighter and my cock swelled.

“May I?” you asked, gesturing at the chair opposite my own at the long, heavy reading table. I nodded mutely and pulled my belongings aside, allowing you room. You’re very tall, exactly as I prefer my men to be, with broad shoulders that house distinct, sinewed lobes of muscle. I could see the thick, moist fur in your armpits and the deep, muscular cleavage of your heavy, round pecs. Two fat nipples, like tiny erect dicks, were staring at me, daring me to suckle on you, and your abdominal wall of swelling power, like a carton eggs, pressed insistently against your shirt.

You sat down and glanced at my book, that handsome smile never leaving your full, kissable lips. “Interesting choice,” you said. I looked at the cover and you named the title, “1001 Arabian Nights. Are you enjoying it?”

Was I? Momentarily I had trouble remembering any part of it. “I’m not sure…”

“This can’t be your first time reading it,” you suggested. “You must have some favorite parts you revisit.” A flood of memories seemed to wash over me as I recalled my fondness for the book, and some of its stories.

“Yes, I’ve read it before, but I love to revisit parts of it,” I agreed.

“You’re even reading it in its original Arabic,” you observed. “I’m impressed.”

I shrugged and tried to look nonchalant, but even your expression of interest and your positive impression of my made my heart beat faster, and my dick throb harder.

“My I see it?” I nodded and handed it to you. As our fingers lightly touched, it felt like lightning shot through me and I nearly swooned. “You’re all right,” you said.

I pulled in a breath and felt better. Your bright blue eyes scanned the pages and you flipped through it, smiling, until coming to a particular story and showing it to me. “This is my favorite,” you said. It was “Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp”.

Libraries are interesting targets of my amusements. They are very often uncrowded, bordering on abandoned, which is a shame. All the knowledge in the world, all the humor and fantasy and drama freely given for your enjoyment. People now sit before their screens, typing on keyboards into little boxes to find their truths, instead of investing time and pleasure in reading actual books.

I find that the library attracts a certain kind, one that is more patient, more thoughtful. I wondered what someone like that would do, given access to my talents.

I don’t know what made me choose you. Perhaps it was fate, though being who I am and knowing what I can do with merely speaking a few words, I don’t believe in fate. And if fate is real, it’s simple for me to rectify its mistakes.

You were sitting alone, reading a book. And you were handsome enough, but with my abilities I could make you so much more.

If that’s what you wanted.

I’m like a genie, perhaps, except you just have to rub me instead of some oil lamp. And you were rubbing my curiosity.

I played my usual trick, disguising my perfection and overwhelming sexuality behind a facade of ordinariness. But not so ordinary that you would not speak to me. I decided on a simple test, one I often used to see what you were capable of—and whether you would provide any fun and amusement in our short time together. It was a simple test, one you couldn’t fail, but the results would tell me a lot about you.

“I am his perfect type, the living embodiment of his most profound sexual fantasy, everything he desires in another man,” I whispered as I approached your table.

I always find this both amusing and exciting. Some people—a great many, it turns out—are attracted to the same thing. And why not? We—well, you, since you’re only human after all—have been programmed to be turned on by healthy, good-looking, active people. But once in a while I am pleasantly surprised (and, admittedly, sometimes quite shocked) at what an individual finds pleasing and erotic.

As usual, no changes occurred immediately. After all, I did not know you, nor what you wanted me to be. I could just as easily have said something like ‘I know all there is to know about this man, and can become his purest sexual fantasy,’ but I enjoy the act of discovery. The simple pleasure of surprise. I gave up reading minds long ago. I thought it would be helpful and powerful to know someone else’s thoughts, but on the whole they’re rather mundane and uninteresting. Worse, they’re unceasing, and that gets boring.

So until you encountered me, until I had your attention, I was unchanged. Ordinary. Not unattractive, but certainly not the most beautiful and most powerful being known to mankind. This was part of the game, allowing you to aim your fantasy at me, and being all too willing to help you fulfill it.


Only when you looked at me, became aware of me, would your manifestations of pure sexual attraction become real. So when I approached and you glanced up at my nearness, your glance turned lingering and you even licked your lips, and I suspected we were both in for a very fun ride.

“Am I disturbing you?” I asked. My voice did not contain my normal sexual power, which might have had you pumping a load before I ended my question, but I left enough in it to get your engine running. I wanted you 100% present for this, and I wanted your attention on me, rather than your book.

When you looked up, and I looked down, I had changed physically, and rather dramatically. You certainly did have a type! I was seeing it in full bloom as its changes raced across my body. No one else, not even you, would recognize that I was now an entirely different looking man. Only I could watch your changes become real, because I enjoyed the process and the sensations.

I was not disappointed as my clothing tightened against my swelling muscles, I felt my shoulders broaden and my point of view change as my head rose several inches closer to the ceiling. My cock, hardly small as it was, could now hardly fit in my jeans, a swelling mammoth display of masculine power, long and firm and ridiculously thick, and my butt, as it grew, felt like two basketballs attached to my backside.

I nearly laughed when I realized what you had done with my suggestion. I was now the living embodiment of a Tom of Finland illustration, complete with oversized nipple, a round, muscular ass big enough to build a house on, a thick mustache beneath my masculine nose, and a V-shape to my torso that would undoubtedly put a peace sign to shame. I was wearing a pair of jeans so tight that they might as well have been painted on, and the tank top you gave me allowed my new fat nipples to swell at the edge of my ponderous, round pecs publicly so that all could witness them. My skin was smooth and perfect, like an illustration, and I could smell my new sex stink pungently.

I hesitated to reach down and inspect that fat, thick, lengthy swelling of cock that was no doubt inching its way along my thigh. I can feel it swell and throb into its ultimate size, feel the power you’ve given to it in your fantasies, a cock of magic and beauty and extraordinary sexual prowess. You’ve stared at this cock for hours, nearly worshipping its size and strength and perfection. It is more than a man’s cock, for you. It is the epitome of sex, the crowning achievement of god’s intention for a man’s cock, a thing not merely of flesh and blood, but of sex and bliss and complete pleasure. So mighty, so strong, so irresistible. It throbs with its need, its authority, its capacity. It swells with potency and dominance. And it wants you. It wants your hands around it, it wants your mouth upon it, it wants to push inside your ass and pumps thick, hot gouts of cum inside you, unleashing its uncontainable force upon you.

I had to admit, you did good work.

Thinking of that genie, I suddenly had a devious idea, and one I hoped would prove fruitful and satisfying for us both. Suggesting that the book in your hands was another one, I set up a little story of my own and showed you “Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp” and watched as your eyes widened with excitement.

For what was I, if not a wish come true?

I suggested that your book had a different title, and as I took it from you to inspect it, I allowed our first furtive touch to provide just a hint of the power I possessed, the power to grant all your wishes, fulfill all your desires, and provide to you the most perfect and complete sexual experience of your entire life.

I did that as we touched. I saw your reaction and I had to smile. You were… very receptive.

I took my book back and my heart was beating fast. A magic lamp. A genie. Wishes fulfilled. I looked at you again, almost too beautiful to observe, and my mouth was dry with longing and desire. You were sitting, now, and I could not see that fantastic and unbelievable bulge in your jeans, the thick length of your cock pressed against the denim like an animal in a cage, waiting to be unleashed.

“Yes,” I agreed, “it is a wonderful fantasy.”

“A fantasy,” you mused, smiling. Your voice was a deep, manly growl, rising from that huge chest with power and authority. The sound of it made my balls tingle. “What would you wish for, if you had the chance?”

“Me?” You nodded, your eyes boring into mine as if you could see my very soul. “I… don’t know.”

“You’ve never considered it? I find that hard to believe.”

“Well… I guess I’ve… probably money.”

“Wealth? Is that all? But you have no money worries as it is. What would you do with more money?” It was true, money was something I never worried about. “A wish is something special, something unusual, something you could have no other way.”


“Or someone.” You turned away for a moment and I took the opportunity to gaze upon your beauty again. That jaw, so powerful, so masculine, so rugged. The thick mustache, those soft lips, the way your huge chest, two massive globes of muscle, pushed forward commandingly. Those prominent nipples, as big as silver dollars, wanting to be licked and twisted and chewed on. My cock pulsed and lengthened just looking at you.

You turned your attention back to me, and it felt like hot water rushing over my flesh. You seemed to pulse with sex, as if it were a scent you wore and which I sucked inside my lungs, filling me with you. “What…?”


“Are you wearing cologne?”

“No,” you said. Then you lifted your thickly muscled arm and pushed your stately nose into the moist pit and sucked in a slow, long breath. You stuck out your tongue to lick the sweat from yourself, and then you licked it off your lips as you looked at me.

I realized what I smelled was you—simply you. Funky, masculine, powerful, sexy. It was the pure essence of fucking, the scent of balls and ass and cock, the scent of sweat and cotton sheets and skin and fur. You smelled like sex.

You left me so many openings to entice you, honestly I don’t know how you managed to resist as long as you did. Every question you asked suggested a new form of arousal and enticement. My scent? I smelled exactly as you imagined a man like me would smell. Not perfumed with flowers, but raw and carnal and sexual. I began to pump out a cloud of pheromones, lifting my arm and sending you the sex signals like a dog in heat.

You imagined that I was in charge, but you were. I wanted—I needed you to know that. That was my turn-on, now that I could do anything. What good is a world without surprises? Making you into my perfect fantasy was boring. How many times had I done that?

No, I needed more from you. I needed to know what you wanted from me, what you longed for, what you wished for.

I would become your perfect man—your perfect lover.

You lowered your arm and looked at me. “What is your first wish?”

“My first wish?”

“Customarily you get three, and only three. Tell me your wishes, and I will grant them.”

You said it with such truth and honesty, as if you could truly accomplish your claim instead of it just being wordplay, teasing and flirting. As if anyone who looked like you did would need to flirt or tease. Hell, you must have men waiting in line just to touch you! But I decided to go with it, because how often do opportunities like this one actually happen?

“I… wish you would kiss me.” I blurted it out, I don’t know why, but it was what I wished for more than anything in that moment.

“Easily granted,” you said, and you leaned forward across the table and placed your hand (rough, manly, strong) behind my neck and pulled my lips to yours, pressing your mouth against mine.

I felt that heat, again, rising all over me. Your lips were soft, warm, sensual. The kiss was gentle, at first, not tentative but questioning, wondering what I wanted.

So I signaled you, parting my lips and teasing yours with my tongue. You reciprocated, but with mastery and need, shoving a long, wet, warm tongue inside my mouth, demanding my kiss. The heat intensified as you demonstrated your command, your control, your need. How long did that first kiss last? Moments? Centuries? I cannot tell, but it was the most passionate and beautiful kiss I ever experienced up to that moment. I was breathless and felt almost as if I were going to die from the power of your desire.

I love kissing. I always have, even before I became this godlike being. I did not even have to alter anything about myself to please you, this time. I’m simply a fantastic kisser. But I suppose being kissed by your fantasy is something deep and exciting. I could feel you trembling, and I wondered idly if I made you come with just my kiss—which, admittedly, would have disappointed me a bit. We were only just beginning, and you were already pumping a load into your shorts? That simply wouldn’t do.

But, no, it was just that you were so excited to experience this.

I felt your tongue touching my lips. You were so tentative and careful, wondering how far to go, so I thought I would leave you no doubts as to my intentions.

As I said, I am a fantastic kisser, and this was one of my best kisses. I pushed my tongue—an incredibly talented organ capable of things you had yet to imagine or experience—inside your mouth and wrestled with yours, showing you just the smallest hint of my capabilities, and you responded better than I had hoped.

I wondered if you would be shy, or if you had walls I should have to scale to pull you into my world. Would this potentially public display of affection upset you, or embarrass you? As I was normally naked in my daily life, wandering the world fully erect with my magnificent prick swollen and shiny and weeping streams of pre-cum that scented the air around my perfect muscular body with the unmistakable scent of sex, an irresistible display of physical perfection and muscular development, an open invitation to any and all to be fucked by the most beautiful and powerful man in the world, this was child’s play.

Just a kiss, between us, across this library table.

But you did not hesitate when given leave to explore my mouth, and my hopes for this encounter swelled like my new, fat dick.

You leaned back, smiling. “Well, one wish fulfilled,” you said softly, your deep voice like boulders grinding together, like the growl of a massive beast. “According to legend, you have only two more.”

“What if I wished for more wishes?” I asked, cheekily. The kiss had emboldened me, showing me that you were as interested in me as I was in you.

You shook your impossible handsome head slowly. “I’m afraid that’s not how it works.”

“Are you a genie?” You shrugged those mountainous shoulders, your thick nipples rubbing the edges of your tank top, your bright blue eyes sparkling. “Two more wishes?”

“Two more,” you said. “Anything you desire.”



“Besides you?”

Your smile was gorgeous. I almost emptied my balls. “But I’m already here,” you said. “We can do whatever you want, you and I. Anything you could think of. Anything you want to do, I can do it with you. Or for you. Or to you. Anything. Your wish… is my desire.” You paused, as if to make that promise sink in. “But a wish should be special, shouldn’t it?” You leaned forward slightly, resting your thickly muscled arms on the blonde wood of the table between us. “May I give you some advice?”

I nodded, overcome again by your scent and heat and overwhelming sexiness. I watched your lips move as you spoke, mesmerized by their softness and wanting to be kissing you again. “Wish for something unusual, something… impossible. Wish for something you always dreamed of but believed could never happen.” Then you leaned back, and lifted your hand, using your thumb to tease your right nipple. “Wish for your purest, deepest, most fervent fantasy.” You lowered your head and slowly closed your eyes and groaned, deeply and with obvious satisfaction. It sounded like sex.

But here you were before me, my fantasy made flesh. What more could I wish for? “We can do whatever I want?” You smiled and nodded, continuing to play with your fat nipple. “Can we… fuck?”

Your blue eyes opened. “Of course.” You stopped playing with that fat, chewy nipple and stood up slowly, rising until I could see your crotch, showing me the results of your play. Your cock was huge! Even more massive! How could such a thing grow even bigger—and how big would you get? “We can fuck right here, in this library, on this table, and no one will mind at all. I can fuck you, or you can fuck me.” You gazed downward, one eyebrow rising curiously, and framed your bulging dick with your hands. “I’m pretty big, and I’m only going to get bigger.”


You grinned and nodded. “But you can handle me. You can take all that I have to offer. Every massive inch.”

“How… big?”

We had come to the ground rules, which are always important. You wanted more than I offered—more wishes—and here I was before you in the flesh offering you literally anything you desired. I could fulfill your wishes, make your dreams come true (had I not already done so?) and you wondered if you could have more.

That’s okay. You didn’t realize what I offered was real. Just a little joke between potential lovers, a little bit of flirting and teasing. How could you know that my every word was true? But there always needs to be some limits, believe me.

I appreciated and admired that your first question, beyond that kiss, was for a fuck. No beating around the bush, no teasing or wordplay, you wanted to fuck. You did not wish for it, which was good, because I had given power to your words as well as mine. Three wishes, I said, and you had already used one up. A fuck? A fuck would be the least that we would do together. Fucking was easy. I’ll fuck anyone I want to, and I wanted to fuck you.

I reached down and began to undo the front of these tight jeans. I felt my dick swell and throb, eager for your touch upon it, to make it grow and arch its long, long neck and drool rivers of pre, warm and sweet and sticky. My balls started inflating with cum, a river of it ready to explode from this mammoth dick you created from your feverish dreams and planted on my body, just for you, all for you. My dick was swelling so large that it was stretching the button fly open all on its own, threatening to flop out and shove itself against your lips.

But as I started to allow my cock its freedom, you stopped me, surprisingly, and looked at my face instead of at my overburdened crotch and announced your second wish.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Your cock was growing, bigger and bigger, a thick stalk of pure sex topped with a fat mushroom head that your pants suctioned onto, revealing everything, even every pulsing vein of blood that fed its impossible dimensions.

Bigger and bigger, pushing toward your knee, incredible fat inches of dick straining to escape. You were blooming, swelling, growing thicker and longer and fatter as I watched. I had never seen anything as sexy as that, and suddenly all I wanted to do was to please you, as much as you were pleasing me just standing there.

But what could I offer?

“I wish I was the greatest fuck in the world,” I said, suddenly. All I wanted was to be worthy of that cock you owned. I wanted to satisfy you, and service you, and make sure you never forgot me. I’m not even sure I knew what I was saying, but it was what I wanted more than anything at that moment. I wanted to be the lover you would never, ever forget.

“Granted,” you said.

Holy shit, I wasn’t expecting that! Though I suppose I should have. With just ten words, you suddenly surpassed me as the world’s most accomplished cocksman. What would it feel like, I wondered? Would I now get the chance to experience what so many other men had experienced from me? Would I be driven batshit crazy from pleasure as we fucked? Would this be an all-new level of sexual bliss, something I had never encountered on my own but was now faced with?

I was anxious and eager to find out.

From the outside, just looking at you, even after you spoke the words and after I made them true, I could see no discernible changes. You still sat before me, looking up at my face, in these eyes you created, and told the world the new truth of your situation.

You were the greatest fuck on the planet. No matter how much pleasure anyone had ever experienced with someone else, that experience would pale in comparison with one night with you. I could easily remedy the situation just be saying, “Except for me,” or something. But that seemed a shame.

Besides, as I said, I was insatiably curious about the effect your words had, and excited that I would be the one to discover experiencing the greatest fuck in the world.

And what did that mean, exactly? Did you know things about me now, personal things, sensual things? Did you know that about everyone in the cafe? In the city? In the world?

You smiled a different sort of smile, one that seemed more knowing, or more confident. It was intoxicating and attractive and erotic. Of course it was! Everything about you was now focused on one thing, sex, and having the greatest sex on the planet. Fucking was more than penetration. It was more than getting off. Fucking was deeply passionate, primal and feral, a drive none of us could deny. Fucking was essential and fucking was bliss. And now you were the greatest fuck on the planet.

My heart was beating faster. My mouth went dry. Looking at you now, there was no doubt in my mind at all.

You were the world’s greatest fuck.

I am the world’s greatest fuck.

It’s not a boast, it’s not my ego talking, and it’s not an exaggeration. If fucking were an Olympic sport, I would hold all the gold medals. Hell, fuck that, my medals would be platinum. If fucking were mountain climbing, I reached the peak of Everest and kept going up, surpassing what was possible and rising to the realm of superhuman.

I’m not sure why or how, but I know it to be true. No one else fucks as good as I do, and nobody else you’re with after being with me will ever be able to measure up to our fuck.

It doesn’t matter if I fuck you or you fuck me—but we’ll end up fucking each other anyway. When you see my dick, yours will swell to erection in a moment and start oozing pre-cum. When you feel my dick in your ass, you will have to stifle screams of pure bliss as every millimeter of my cock delivers unbelievable pulses of sexual pleasure to your brain and body.

When we fuck, we enter a different dimension, one where I can give you everything you desire, everything you lust after, everything you dream of. And of course, I am experiencing all these sensations as well, very time I fuck you.

I stay back a little and allowed my eyes to take you in. Your body was the stuff of legends, like something created out of dreams of physical beauty and masculine perfection. You were sex on two legs, and I wondered how great fucking you would feel. Would you shout as I made you come? Would you cry out to god in his heaven as we reached that plateau together? Would you shake and tremble at the power of your orgasm? Would you come and come and come, over and over, because you could not help yourself?

Would you survive?

“I want to fuck you,” I said. You seemed to tremble even as these words struck you. Did you already understand what pleasure awaited us? But how could you? Nothing and no one you had ever been with could possibly prepare you for me.

“I want to fuck you.”

You said it and it sounded like sex. I… felt the words as well as heard them. They penetrated me and stroked me and coaxed me and licked me. Just the words did that, but when you said ‘fuck’ I could feel it surround my cock and squeeze, I could feel it lick the fat length of prick you gave me and surround it with a warm, wet tightness that moved up and down its length.

Just the word was fucking me. “Here?” I asked, curiously. You nodded. The confidence you had been imbued with by becoming the greatest fuck on the panel was staggering. I could not deny you—not that I wanted to—but I realized that no one would deny you, now. There was something new about you that I could not clearly define. Confidence, yes, but more than that.

You were… sexy. Nearly irresistibly so. Not merely attractive, or handsome, but deeply, truly, undeniably sexy. It wasn’t about how you looked, or the words you used, or your actions. It wasn’t because your body was now something the Greeks would have sculpted as a model of masculine beauty. You looked the same.

But you were now… fucking sexy as fuck. My dick wanted you. I wanted you. I wanted to be with you. I wanted your naked body pressed against mine, I wanted us drenched in sweat and fucking hard and deep. I wanted to feel your cock in my ass. I wanted to feel my cock in your ass. I could almost… sense what fucking you would feel like.

And I wanted, now, more than anything, to fuck you.

The greatest fuck in the world.

To be continued...

I stood up and moved around the table to stand beside you. My god, you were even taller than I imagined! A wall of hard, bulging muscle, with a chest that pushed forward with two huge, round globes of power, topped with those fantastic fat nipples that looks like two small dicks mounted on your chest.

You were everything I ever desired in a man. Muscle and cock, bulging with strength, swollen with power. Your eyes smoldered with need. Your skin was smooth and silken, your neck was nearly as thick as your head, you were pulsing with male sexual energy, giving it off like a star gives off light and heat. You were an impossible icon to sex, with the cock to end all cocks.

And I was going to fuck you into heaven.

Your blue, blue eyes watched me approach unblinking. Were you holding your breath? I could smell that funky masculine tang you gave off deeper and deeper until we were both enveloped in it, like a thick, wet fog of refined fuck—but my scent was even stronger.

I smelled like sex. Raw, deep, perfect sex. Because that is what I am, focused on the fuck, the pure essence of fuck, the intensity of the fuck turned up to eleven. You had no idea what you were in for, and I could sense that, and use that, and push us to an even higher plateau of pleasure.

As I approached, I began to sense what you wanted from me. From us. What would make you pant with desire and scream with bliss. I knew, as I always knew where all your buttons were now, and how hard to push them. I knew what you needed, not only what you wanted, and I was equipped to fulfill every desire you ever had.

A lot of people think a great fuck is all about cock. How big is it? How thick is it? How long is it? Some guys need their ass eaten out, a wet, warm tongue bathing their hole in spit before a fat, juicy, cum-pumping prick shoves itself inside. Some guys need their balls tugged and sucked. Some guys need their nipples twisted while they ride my dick. Some guys want to be kissed as they feel me start exploding with hot cum inside them.

I can do it all. Whatever you want, for however long you want it. You don’t even have to ask—unless you want to. You like verbal fucks? What about filthy language? You want my lips next to your ear telling you all the ways I’m going to fuck you while I fuck you?

I am the greatest fuck in the world.

As you approached me, I felt this weird, I don’t know, amplification? I guess? My… desire was heating up. Every step closer you got to me, every inch of distance you erased between us, increased my lust for you. I was trying to observe and process my experience to remember this, because I wanted to know what it was like for other people when I—previously the greatest fuck on the planet—approached them.

The sensation of lust, of pure need and desire for you, was nearly overwhelming. My heart was thumping hard in my meaty chest and my dick pulsed and throbbed and swelled in anticipation of it… of you.

You were standing next to me, shorter than I was, less muscular, less broad, less perfectly beautiful, but you were dominating me. Just standing there. I… ached for your touch. You were a magnet I was irresistibly drawn to. You were a sun made of sex giving off your light and heat and bathing me—every part of me, every inch of flesh and every molecule of my form—in sex.

Fuck, I was horny. I mean, I’m always horny, it’s just my nature, now. But standing next to you, not even touching you, not kissing your or holding you or seeing you naked, my libido was being pushed into overdrive (which is quite impressive, since I own the world’s strongest and most powerful sex drive, of course) and I could feel myself physically growing hotter.

Is fucking about the anticipation as well as the act? I suppose it is. You’re looking at someone you’re attracted to and wondering what it would be like to be naked with them. Are they a good lover? Passionate? Energetic? Talented? Fearless? I needed all those things. By now I had experienced sex in so many different ways, with so many different people, but this was the first time in a long time that I was not in the driver’s seat. You had only spoken those few words and I allowed it to be true, not fully understanding what that meant to you.

I was initially surprised that I saw no physical changes manifest as part of your new reality. Surprised and a little pleased. It was too easy to change how someone looked, you see. Physical changes were the most common and simple of the unlimited things I can do. I could have made you into a man so perfectly gorgeous that others would fight to stop from exploding cum inside their jeans when you walked into a room.

But I had done that already.

What did that mean? I was certain that physical attraction was important when fucking. I needed to be turned on by you, but something about you was turning me on at a deeper, purer level than I had ever felt before. This was… beyond lust. It was beyond desire. I knew, I knew, you were the greatest fuck in the world!

Then you reached your hand to my face with an almost delicate care, and pulled my lips to yours, and we kissed a second time.

I nearly came.

I felt you gasp and swoon when I kissed your mouth. We weren’t even fucking yet, but you responded more strongly than I anticipated. Who were you, really? What reserves of bliss did you hold in store for us, once I released your sexual limits and we explored together what the greatest fuck in your world would be?

“Take off your shirt,” I whispered in your ear.

I stepped away to watch. This was a pleasure for us both, you to show off your amazing body, and me seeing it exposed. You wanted to be told what to do. A man who is always in charge, you wanted me to lead you through this. You knew I wanted you, but you were used to that. Your physical beauty and prowess were all you ever needed to entice men, but in this case you needed to prove yourself to me.

You wanted to prove yourself to me. To be worthy of me. Worthy of the greatest fuck in the world.

I stood back and you began to tug that tight tank top from your torso. Your abs made me gasp, and your pride fed your desire to please me. You had trouble getting the top past the enormous muscular power of your amazing chest. I did not reach forward to help you, I enjoyed the struggle. Then you dropped the tank top to the floor and stood before me, breathing hard. You were so turned on you could hardly restrain yourself from dashing forward to rip my clothes from my body.

But I wasn’t done, yet, because you needed more. You needed this slow anticipation, the build-up of desire and need, to grow so deeply needful for the fuck that you would do anything I asked, anything at all—because you could.

My magic genie.

Holy fuck, I was so turned on. We didn’t even need to fuck, if this is what it felt like just standing next to you! You told me to take off my shirt, and I was suddenly in such a rush to please you that I couldn’t even get the fucking thing over my chest. It rubbed these fat, sensitive nipples (you really did have quite an extensive grasp of your fantasy man) that were connected directly to the massive meat hugged inside my jeans, and an electrical pulse of pure sex shot through my chest and aimed for my crotch and sent my balls sizzling.

I dropped the shirt and stood before you, everything you ever desired in a man. I felt pride swelling in my muscular chest as if being inflated by it, feeling you looking at my body with such unabashed and naked want.

“Now your pants,” you said. “Remove them.”

I set my fingers to the button fly and nearly ripped them from my body.

“Slowly,” you said, reading my intention. “Do it slowly. Make me want it. Make me want you.”

Was there a Tom of Finland comic that took place in a library? I doubted it, but we were creating one anyway. I watched you watching me reveal my cock to you, the cock you created from your most passionate dreams, the cock created precisely for this moment, and only for you.

I tugged each button apart and paused, hovering my large hand over my bulging crotch, grasping that mass of meat and squeezing myself. You watched the head of my prick swell and extend down my leg, reacting to my actions and your observation with equal zeal.

My cock was hot and thick and pulsing hard. Lord, how badly I wanted to be shoved inside your ass! Nothing else mattered in these moments, nothing but you and the fuck.

I was trying to breathe, my mighty chest rising and falling, as I undid another button, and squeezed again, and watched your subtle reactions.

Were you doing that on purpose, too? Hiding your eagerness and desire behind a simple raised eyebrow or a slow lick of your bottom lip? It drove me insane, this need to please you. It drove my sex drive into the red, and my whole body was growing hotter and hotter.

Four buttons undone, and my swelling cock was urgently inflating in its desire for release. My god, this thing was so thick! You gave me a massive club of a cock, fat and firm and getting bigger.

I pulled my hands away and allowed the beast its freedom.

I watched you with interest and desire. I could tell how big you were already; the outline of your monster was pressing against its denim cage so clearly that I could watch the bulbous mushroom helmet swell and flare as it inched down your leg.

You were watching me watching you, intent on my reactions, needing to please me in every way you could.

I knew your intention before you did it, wondering if it was even possible, and then watched it happen. Your dick, so strong, so thick, so huge, kept swelling with thickness and length until your pants could hold out no longer, succumbing to the size and power of your cock and splitting themselves apart as your dick blossomed forward and pulled itself free and began to rise, higher and higher, thicker and thicker, harder and harder.

“You are magnificent,” I praised, unable to pull my eyes from your growing majesty.

“Thank you,” you replied, a low rumbled of a whisper.

I looked up into your blue eyes, your cock so large that I could still see it rising to erection in my peripheral vision, pulsing with each beat of your heart, pumped with hot blood and oozing pre-cum. “May I touch you?”

“Fuck, yeah,” you answered.

The mouth of your colossal prick was pumping a stream of warm honey that coated the helmet and began to drip down the long, thick neck of your beast. I moved my hand towards your throbbing monster and extended my middle finger—my fuck-finger—forwards slowly, very slowly. The heat of your dick grew hotter as my hand approached, you were literally pulsing with heat, and a sudden strong whiff of your sex scent rose in my nostrils, stinging with its sexual intensity.

I merely touched your dick, setting the pad of my finger into your pumping flow of pre, and watched your abs contract and your chest expand as you gasped with sudden passion. “Aw, fuck,” you murmured, closing your eyes and clenching your strong, squared jawline. A thick pump of honey accompanied your groan of bliss, welling up and enveloping the tip of my finger in warm honey. I pulled my finger away and stuck it inside my mouth to taste you.

Was I even going to survive this? All I had done was partially undress and feel you touch a fingertip to my dick and already this was one of the most intense sexual moments I had ever experienced!

I was breathing hard and could feel a trickle of sweat making its way down my impossibly broad back, tracing a line between the bulges of muscle you imagined for me like a river through the mountains. It crept into the crack of my ass, between those two incredible mounds of muscle like bowling balls attached to my butt and found its way to my hole and I swear I could hear it evaporate into steam from the sheer heat I was putting out.

My cock pulsed and swelled towards its ultimate size, and I wondered how big you wanted me to be and if, in fact, you would be able to even accommodate me. I normally owned a rather prodigious and impressive set of tools, but I was also usually quite a bit taller, broader, thicker, and stronger than the man you created in me. This thing seemed out of proportion to the rest of me, but who was I to judge another man’s fantasies?

“Take off your pants,” you instructed, and I obeyed, stripping myself naked before you and then standing there, awaiting your next command, your next desire. My cock was now a massive tower raised upright before me, and I could feel my balls like two lead weights. The head of my beast nestled snuggly into the inches-thick valley between my heavy pectoral globes, and my huge, luscious nipples were pulsing in time to my cock, fully aroused and needing release from the beautiful torture of your patient manipulations.

I had to restrain myself from coming. I could feel the tingle of orgasmic release shaking the tower of meat rising from my loins, and I had to keep myself in check.

For you.

“Do you want to see my cock?” you asked. I could only nod, wordlessly, desperate to see the gorgeous tool you would use to deliver the greatest fuck in the world. I glanced down at your crotch and… you moved it. Teasing me. You made yourself swell and pulse, and I could see the bulge of your prick there, and wanted so much to see all of it, to gaze upon it, and suck it, and worship it.

You smiled and nodded. “I know you do,” you said, “but not quite yet. Instead, you’re going to fuck me with that baseball bat between your legs. You need to bend me over and shove that inside me, with your steady flow of pre lubing my warm, tight, perfect ass as you pump me, in and out, deeper and deeper, feeling your heavy load building closer and closer to explosion, until you can hardly restrain yourself from coming. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

I nodded again and swallowed dryly. My cock surged and throbbed with evident need.

“Get on your knees,” you instructed, and I sank down before you. I was so tall that I was staring at your chest, wondering what your nipples looked like, what you tasted like, how it would feel sucking your nipple between my teeth and playing with it with my talented tongue. I kept my hands to myself, though, rather than caress your handsome form and pleasure those two nipples.

My fingers were large and strong, and for a moment I contemplated simply ripping your pants from your body, so hungry was I not to just to see what you offered but to feel it, to taste it, to swallow it. I managed to creep one hand around to cup your butt in my grip. You were firm, but pliable. A rounded hump of muscle mounted on your backside, with what was probably the most mouth-watering pink pucker in the world.

“Be careful,” you cautioned.

“Careful?” I was genuinely curious. It was exciting not to be in charge for once. I was not just observing your desires, I was becoming part of them. I was, in fact, the focus of them. For a man who can change the universe with a word, not knowing was exhilarating. My cock throbbed and pumped a fresh gob of pre and I sighed and groaned with lust. I wanted to fuck you so badly it was like a physical need.

You turned around and I saw your butt for the first time. You were seated when we met and hadn’t stood up until now, and I wondered if your butt was always this… enticing.

I cannot fully explain my reaction to the sight of your ass, nor describe its beauty in mere words. I knew already that this was an ass worth worshipping, the ass of a god, and you had not even revealed it to me in its naked, delicious state.

It was still housed behind your pants, but somehow your pants—just a pair of ordinary and not very sexy Dockers, for fuck’s sake!—managed to surround and grip and showcase your ass so well that my massive cock again reacted with a fat flow of pre that surged up the thick inches and poured hotly down the slick flesh.

Again, I had an urge to rip your clothing from your body so I could fully experience your ass, perhaps the greatest ass I had ever seen. Instead, I heard you unzip and then your hands were slowly—torturously, achingly slowly—pushing your pants off your ass.

I was breathless with anticipation. My heart was pounding and my skin was hot and sweaty. My balls churned and swelled and my cock throbbed with hard beats. I don’t think I even blinked, not wishing to miss an instant of this slow striptease.

And then… .

Oh, god. Oh, Jesus. Oh, fucking fucking fuck.

I couldn’t really prepare you for my ass, could I? Now that you have seen it, what words should I have used to make you understand what you were going to see, and feel, and experience? Would any words do it justice? Could any?

I often wonder what it is like for others to be exposed to it for the first time. Is it like seeing god? Maybe it’s like seeing a unicorn, something you believed could only exist in fantasy or in movies, but then I allow you to see it and nothing I could have said to you would have prepared you, would it?

My butt is a miracle. A new Wonder of the World. Of course, the greatest fuck in the world would have to own the greatest butt in the world, wouldn’t he?

I can only see it in mirrors, of course, and often only from the side. Pictures can’t really pay it justice, can they, because you need to see it in motion, you need to see the light on my skin and the way the mounds move and kiss and rise and fall.

I could almost feel your eyes on my butt as I pushed my pants over my majestic mounds and allowed you to see it naked. I suppressed a pleased smile when I heard your deep-throated groan of lust as I revealed my butt to your hungry eyes.

I must admit to being more than a little shocked when your hands grabbed my cheeks and you pulled me open and I felt your hot, wet tongue on my hole.

Jesus, you’re good! I mean, holy fuck!

“Slow down,” I suggested. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Your tongue didn’t stop, but now your hands released their grip and you were caressing my ass with your large, strong hands. You were almost tender after that initial hungry thrust, and you spent a fairly decent amount of time just… preparing me for you.

And your massive and monstrous meat.

You are very, very good at eating out an ass, I must say. Wherever you learned it, or whomever taught you, I hope you repaid their tutelage at least as well as you were applying your shockingly talented tongue to my ass.

I love having my hole rimmed. That probably goes without saying, because who doesn’t? The warm wetness, the prodding and licking, the sounds you make as you get in there, moaning and groaning and slurping with delight. I would say it’s my favorite thing about having the world’s greatest ass, but that would be a lie.

Because fucking is even better.

My hole trembled and tingled as I thought about what it was going to feel like welcoming you inside. I am the greatest fuck in the world, but even I had some trepidation about the size of your prick, not to mention that your balls looked like they could hold a gallon of cum and shoot a load from your cock like a cannon.

Turns out, of course, that I had nothing to worry about. Neither did you.

I am, after all, the greatest fuck in the world.

This was the greatest ass in the world. I can’t explain even why it was, or how I knew it was, but it was, here, before me, the greatest ass in the whole world.

All for me.

I dove in tongue-first and didn’t want to stop. My brain was on fire with lust for you and your ass. I wanted to taste you, feel you, pleasure you, lick you, suck you, push my tongue inside you and paint your chute with spit. The flesh of your ass in my hands sent shivers through my body. I was heating up even hotter, and my cock grew steel-hard and my balls swelled like ripe fruit and my fat nipples sent shocks of intense pleasure everywhere.

Fuck, I wanted to fuck you! No, I needed to fuck you!

Your ass was a feast of sexual bliss. Caressing your skin, kneading your flesh, feeling the muscles of your ass—the powerful juggernauts that you will use to shove your cock inside me again and again and again, pushing in deeper than anyone, nudging my fuck button and sending my brain sizzling and dancing and twirling with an overdrive of sexual bliss—nearly had me pumping a load without even touching myself.

Fuck fuck, this was incredible! Amazing! Better than anything I could have imagined, and all because you wished for something so seemingly simple.

But the repercussions were staggering!

I wasn’t driven beyond my control at the prospect of fucking you, but it was damned close. Me being me, I always had control of everything, but to say that the thought of being naked with you and you fucking me or me fucking you was driving me crazy isn’t far off the mark.

I was insatiable, which for me is saying something! I could not get enough of your ass. If I could have crawled inside, I would have. My cock felt like it was being pulled towards your hole, like it was being sucked or tugged. It was an undeniable pull, like matter drawn towards a black hole in space. Your ass had fucking gravity! I simply could not pull away!

I probably would’ve continued to lick and prod your beautiful perfect pucker forever, except you turned around and I sat back on my heels, my lips swollen from kissing your hole, my chin and cheeks coated in warm spit, your powerful sexual tang hanging before me like a fog, and you set your hands to your pants and began to shove them off your hips.

I felt frozen with anticipation. I felt mesmerized or hypnotized. Your cock. Holy fuck, you were going to allow me to gaze upon your cock.

The greatest cock in the world.

I mean, if your butt could do this to me… .

I watched you watching me with interest and curiosity. What would you do? How would you react?

Your monster was visibly throbbing and still oozing honey. It was remarkable and incredible. I could feel literal heat pouring off your naked form. Your funky scent was thick and strong, an almost physical presence like a wall of pure sex. You looked like a dog awaiting his meal.

A good dog. An excellent dog.

I stopped then, just at the cusp of revealing myself to you, and pulled my shirt off instead.

Your eyes, unblinking, traveled upwards and gazed upon my naked torso. Your mouth fell open and you pulled in a slow, deep, shuddering breath and then you leaned forward and attached your lips to my nipple and started sucking like a baby.

Fuck! Fuck! It felt so good! Your talents were many and clearly very, very accomplished. I put my hands behind your head and held you against me, gasping myself, now, at the intensity of your desire.

My cock, still hidden, still awaiting release, throbbed hard and I nearly staggered from the intensity of the sensation. Holy fuck, if I was the greatest fuck in the world, you were surely the second greatest!

Your hot, hard cock pulsed between us, pressed against my body, weeping pre in a steady stream. You were ready.

I did not expect your body to be so beautiful! What a pity to hide such perfection and awesome masculine beauty behind any clothing at all, though I suppose it was safer for the public at large not to be able to gaze upon your perfect ass and cock without driving everybody sexually mad with desire for you.

I attacked your chest—I don’t think there’s a more polite word for it—because I could not resist doing so. Seeing those nipples made me have to suck them! And your reaction drove me on, your gasp of surprise and then that low, keening moan of pleasure.

You petted my head like a dog, and what was I except your dog? Willing to do anything you asked of me, just for the chance at being with you like this.

Would anyone else be able to withstand this pleasure? Would anyone else realize what they were in for? God, my god, the sensation of sexual bliss poured from you like water from a gushing hydrant. Everywhere I touched you fed me more bliss. Every caress, every lick, every kiss, every suck, every everything was pushing my libido higher and higher into the red.

I was beyond desire, beyond passion, beyond lust.

Without this, without you, I would be lost.

Fuck me. Fuck me now. Fuck me forever.

I’m not sure I can describe the look on your face as you pushed back from me and began to unzip your pants, the look of anticipation and relish and desire and… a mix of so many things! I looked down and licked my lips and swallowed dryly, wanting desperately to see the tool you would use to deliver the greatest fuck in the world.

At the time, I never stopped to wonder what that even meant. Was it just the penetration? Was that fucking? Was it my cock in your ass or your cock in mine? Were you the greatest fuck because you could fuck greater than anyone, or the greatest fuck because to fuck you was better than any other sexual experience on the planet?

Either way, I was trembling with anticipation of what was to come. I had little control over this reality because it was your words that defined it, and not mine. I had only allowed you to define it, and granted that desire, and made it unquestionably true.

You revealed yourself with pride and arrogance, and why not? As the greatest fuck in the world, you had to possess the greatest tool to fuck with in the world. A cock to make all other cocks—even my own—jealous and envious. But how great could a cock be?

You unzipped and reached inside and grabbed yourself and said nothing as you pulled your fat dick out and let it fall forward, bouncing heavily.

I think I gasped. Maybe I even blacked out or something. That moment of first seeing your prick should be etched in my memory but all I remember is my own body’s reaction to being allowed to gaze upon the ultimate perfection and overwhelming beauty of your cock.

My dick was already hard, but it felt like you somehow had reached forward and squeezed me and sent my hardness into the realm of heavy metal. I swelled and lengthened and pumped out a fat river of pre-cum just looking at your limp prick.

And you were still limp! You were not yet grown to your full magnificence and still I could hardly withstand the power of your dick. How could something like that be true? Even given that I could do literally anything, it was your imagination and not mine that had pulled this gorgeous vision of perfect male sex into our world. I longed to reach forward and wrap my fingers around the thick inches hanging from your groin, to lick its long shaft and suck its head inside my mouth and play with you until you exploded.

You reached down yourself and moved your hand over the surface of your magic cock and started slowly stroking yourself, and the sound of your groans of perfect bliss drew my attention to your face.

What did it feel like to stroke that massive shank of sex? How intense were those pulses of orgasmic pleasure that pulled these deep growls and moans from your throat?

I looked back down and watched you growing erect, moving your grip up and down the thickening neck, watching the head bloom and swell, watching its intense sensual beauty somehow grow even more profound.

Thicker and thicker, longer and longer, your cock almost seemed to glow with power. Your balls were enlarging as I watched, growing heavy with hot creamy cum, sinking in your tight scrotum and swelling like balloons.

Holy fuck, what was going to happen when we fucked? What would it feel like for you, and for me, once that amazing tool still growing and swelling in size was pumping your thick, hot load?

I loved this part. The reveal of my cock. The preparation for sex. Stroking myself and feeling the start of my power manifesting. I would grow stronger and stronger as I swelled, you’d feel it, soon. You were beginning to feel it, already, the power of my fuck, the overwhelming sensation of sexual bliss growing stronger and stronger, like lingering at the edge of exploding with cum but having that tingle swell into shocks, and then into shudders, and then into explosions of pure godlike sex.

My cock is… I’m not certain there’s even a word for how powerful it is, how utterly perfect and amazing and incredible my cock is, all the time, every second. I am always ready to fuck, and I can fuck for as long as I—or you—want to fuck.

I wondered whether you would be able to take me on for very long. The intensity of my fuck, the overwhelming purity of the sensation of my immense capacity to deliver brain-melting bliss was too much for most others. I had to dial myself back several notches just for my sexual partners not to pass out or become drooling sex-flooded zombies when I fucked them.

But I knew you would be different. I knew you were something special, and I determined that I would not hold back at all, that I would unleash my full power on you and allow you to experience and realize the magnificent and unbelievable capacity of delivering a flood of potent erotic energy into you.

You were already mesmerized by the sight of my cock. I grew larger and thicker and longer as I slowly stroked myself, luxuriating in the strong and unyielding waves of sexual energy pulsing through my body, awaiting delivery to you. I was like a sexual battery, storing up all this energy before I gave it all to you and watched you submerge beneath my ocean of absolute bliss.

Now you were feeling it. Just the start of it. Just the merest whisper of my strength. It pulsed from my body in waves of invisible heat, bathing you in sex to prepare for what was to come. If I simply began to fuck you without preparing you, would you go insane from pleasure? Would you pass out before we achieved orgasm together?

Could you even imagine what that was going to feel like?

Something… something was coming from you. I could sense it. I could… feel it. A manifestation of sex, like wet heat that radiated out from your body as you focused your attention on me and continued to stroke yourself to erection.

I looked down at your cock and something came over me. I nearly came just looking at the source of your sexual power. I ached to feel you inside me. I twitched and moaned and shook from desire and lust and need. I watched you swelling with size, and as every inch was added to your magnificent prick, that sensation of sexual heat grew as well.

I had never imagined this was possible, and realized it was all due to your own imagination and cognitive powers. You spoke the words and I allowed them to become real, but the simplicity of your statement could in no way have prepared me for the reality of what you were becoming—or had become.

The Greatest Fuck in the World.

From those simple instructions you were now changing, moment by moment, second by second, as your mind considered the implications of meaning in those words and they manifested before me, because I allowed them to. Perhaps in someone else’s mind, we would already be fucking, and it would be great. But you had something else in mind, or you were starting to realize the greater ramifications—the possibilities—inherent in your wish.

It wasn’t just about fucking, it was about you. It was about your abilities and capacities and, now, your capability to deliver on that promise. It started with your cock, because that was the tool of your fuck, but it was spreading. It was growing. It was turning into something more powerful and intense than I could have imagined myself.

“Touch me,” you said. Your voice was saturated with lust and promise. I hesitated, because I feared that I would be unable to withstand just the sensation of placing my hand on your prick. You held yourself by the root, squeezing the fat shaft of your incredible tool. You were still swelling with size and the heat of pure sex you were radiating was still swelling in potency. It was like a physical thing, growing stronger and more undeniable with every beat of your heart. A pulsing sensation I could almost see, and it bathed me with sex.

You smiled as you saw me pause. “You can touch me,” you said. “I want you to begin to realize what will happen between us. I want you to prepare yourself, because once we start fucking, I’m not going to hold back.”

I looked you in the eyes again, seeing need and desire and a power I had never seen before. “Do you normally hold back?”

“Always,” you said. “Because no one else can withstand my full capacity. But you can. And you will. But for now, just touch me.”

I reached forward, my fingers open, and moved my hand towards your swelling erection. It was like moving my hand towards an oven, but the heat was sex instead of fire. I could feel your power increasing dramatically as I came nearer to your flesh, to the towering magnificence of your cock, your gorgeous and perfect cock, and then I touched my fingertips against the tight skin of your prick and an intense jolt of pure sex traveled up my arm and across my chest and down my belly and wrapped itself around my own cock and shoved itself inside my ass and erupted like lightning in the storm.

The jolt forced me to grab you fully, to wrap my large hand around your fat dick, and the jolt became a current of sex, an electrical bolt of erotic power, a connection between us so intense, so overwhelming, so perfectly blissful that my sight grew dim and my mouth dropped open and a shout of exaltation and ecstasy erupted from my chest.

Should I have prepared you? Could I have? I just wanted you to taste what I am, to begin to understand what we would share, and the easiest way to accomplish that—the quickest method of illustrating what the promise would become—was to allow you to touch the pure source.

I could have invited you to lick my asshole, as well. The conduit for sex is strong there, too, but this seemed… simpler. Just touch me, and I can give you a taste of what’s to come. I was still growing towards my full potency, but this would allow you to begin to understand what would happen between us, and what you would be allowed to experience, and what I experience every moment of my charmed existence.

I feel like this all the time, you see. I feel this sensation of pure sexual bliss flowing through every potent cell of my body, but when I am aroused it grows too strong to control. There is simply too much of it, and it has to escape somehow.

You started to feel it already, that… heat. That’s how others describe it to me. Like a heat wave, except it’s not heat, it’s sex. It’s the erotic power of desire and lust and need. It’s the sensation of pure physical pleasure manifesting as an invisible but highly potent pulse of sexual bliss. It radiates outward in ever-growing spheres of my power, getting stronger and stronger as my own lust grows.

But it is when you touch me that you begin to fully understand my power. Even now, I am not at full strength. It grows like my dick, swelling larger and larger as I approach full arousal. I am roused by others, by the sight and smell and taste of others, like triggers or like flames that light my fuse.

And then I burn. I burn and swell and grow.

I feel your fingers touch me and my power ignites. You can feel it, too. Your whole body freezes and then shakes and then you release a feral howl of sexual pleasure. You have barely begun to discover what I can do—what I will do.

I pull in a breath and fill my lungs with the scent of sex I am pumping out like a fog. My pheromones are saturated with undeniable potency. There is no turning back, now.

Holy fuck!

I could not have anticipated what’s happening, now. I could not have imagined where you were going, and how deep and pure your vision would completely alter reality and bend your abilities so entirely.

My hand was wrapped around your cock and I could feel you growing more sexually potent and erotically charged by the second. I could not foresee where this would lead, or what your limits were—or even if you had any limits.

I shouted or screamed and my body pulsed hard with intense bliss and suddenly I was yours, all yours, and wanted nothing else but you.

You set your one hand atop mine on your magnificent cock and said, softly, “Let’s fuck.”

Nothing in the whole world could have stopped me.

“Let’s fuck,” I said, as I had said so many times before. No one could resist me, no one wanted to. I am the greatest fuck in the world.

I wanted to feel you inside me. I needed to experience your massive meat nudging against my tightness and filling me up. I needed to feel you pumping thick, warm, creamy rivers of cum in my guts and feel you shoving against my prostate driving my sexual power higher and higher and higher until I was at the pinnacle of my immense powers and ready to shove myself inside you.

You feed me your power, you see. I grow stronger with every fuck. That’s how it works. It’s how it has always worked. With every fuck, I grow more powerful, like a sex power plant under a sex waterfall sucking in all that energy and storing it up until I release it again.

I knew you were something special. I knew that once you had fucked me, what I would be capable of was beyond my own imagination. You would fill me up with sexual energy and then I would explode with it, more powerful than ever.

Pure sex. Pure pleasure. An atomic bomb of fucking.

You turned around and allowed me to look at your perfect ass again. That sexual heat was pouring off your body like standing on the sun. You needed me inside you. You were burning up with desire and potency, and my balls swelled and my cock throbbed and I pushed my face between your cheeks and licked your hole.

That erotic charge returned, lightning bolts of sexual energy connecting us and raging through my body, driving all my needles into the red. I nearly came unaided as I licked and prodded your hot, moist hole with my talented tongue and I heard you moan and even that—even that soft, subdued sound—echoed with thick pulses of erotic power.

I stood up and grabbed my cock and tried to tease you with my meat, but your ass was undeniable, and I could not resist it.

I pushed the head against your hole and shoved myself inside.

My god, you’re huge! I have never felt a bigger cock than yours, but I welcomed you inside and tightened against you and felt my power swelling and the room was on fire with sex.

You pushed inside me fully and I felt your size and hardness and heard your balls slap against my ass, and I groaned with pure satisfaction.

Because I was made for this. This is my purpose. This is my role. This is my calling. If there is a god of fucking, that god created me in his image. No cock was too big, no load was too thick, no fuck was too hard.

And then I felt you start to move in and out, to allow your cock to experience the sensation of being inside the greatest ass on the planet, an ass built to be fucked, and an ass that rewarded the fucker like nothing else in the world.

Could you even know what it felt like to fuck you? Did you realize what this experience was? Words cannot describe it. Nothing else—literally nothing and no one—ever felt as good as this.

Thick, throbbing, unyielding, unending pulses of pure pleasure erupted along every millimeter of my prick and radiated inside me and through me and around me. We connected in a way that was… inhuman. Or superhuman. Every other sexual encounter paled in comparison, and I could not imagine anything else I might ever experience matching the overwhelming intensity and the magnitude of bliss you were delivering from your ass.

My god. My god.

I grabbed your hips and began to slam myself against you. Over and over. Again and again. My incredible load of godlike cum was swelling like water in a balloon. My cock was on fire with need and pleasure. Your groans and pleadings seemed to be inside my head, stroking my libido and sucking my dick.

My god. My god.

I wanted this fuck—this particular fuck—to last. So I said, “Don’t cum,” so you wouldn’t. I control that, too, you see. I am the greatest fuck in the world, and my fucks last as long as I want them to.

And this fuck was going to last a long time.

You felt so good. Perhaps this was a shadow of what others felt when they were with me? You were different from every other fuck I ever had, and I’ve had thousands. You were an Olympic fuck, a professional fuck, you were someone who knew how to fuck and enjoyed fucking. I wondered if you were like me, and I wondered if this was what others experienced when they fucked me.

Intense and overpowering sensations of raw, unrefined and unfiltered sexual bliss erupted inside me, and I could hardly control myself, and I wondered if I should. Could you, at last, be the one who could take all that I could give? Would I be able to unleash all my energy with you so that we could experience the ultimate fuck—the fuck to end all fucks?

It was something I dreamed of. Something I only imagined until now.

The ultimate fuck.

I was suddenly anxious to absorb your sexual power and deliver it back to you. I wanted to feel what it felt like to grow so strong that I couldn’t contain myself, and then to deliver that back to you and allow us both to experience the absolute greatest sexual encounter the world has ever known.

I drank you in as you fucked me, I experienced every last drop of bliss and then I allowed you to explode, and you felt so good. So, so good. You pumped gallons of cum from your massive cannon, shooting ropes of hot cream inside my guts and I could feel my power swelling.

I did not know what would happen next, but I was determined to make it happen.

I couldn’t come. I wanted to, desperately, acutely, urgently. The sex was almost too powerful to withstand. It was like drowning, but in the most beautiful way possible. My balls were burning and my cock was shaking and throbbing. I was losing control of myself, which I thought impossible.

I controlled reality. My words changed the world and created new fates and new possibilities, but you were so close to overwhelming even me.

I, and certainly no one else on the planet, had never experienced anything like this. Being with you. Fucking you. The pure and overpowering sensation of erotic bliss that simply wiped out everything else. Nothing else mattered but this, and I couldn’t come.

I fucked you better than I ever fucked anyone. I fucked you for minutes, or hours, or days. Time was inconsequential—everything was.

Everything except fucking you.

You are made of pure sex. Your skin and your hair feel super sensualized. When I kiss your mouth, intense shocks of orgasmic bliss shatter my body and brain. My hunger for you doubles, and doubles again, and doubles again. Nothing ever felt as good as you do, no one was ever so sexual and erotic and arousing. My heat builds and builds, as if I will never fully achieve orgasm, my cock is swollen and hot and hard, my ass tingles with electric pulses, my nipples are like small cocks, throbbing and wanting to come all over you.

It was exciting to lose control for a change. I can control anything I want to. Nothing is out of bounds. I’m usually so careful about my changes, and this one seemed so ordinary. Who hasn’t wished they were a better fucker? You want to be with the person you want to be with fully, and you want to please them, and you want to experience that pleasure simultaneously.

But this was something so far beyond that simple desire that I could never have conceived of it before I gave it to you. This was more than sex, more than fucking, more than intimacy or bliss or erotic stimulation. This was an entirely new world of sex. This was… beyond sex.

I fucked you, pushing my perfect prick inside your perfect ass and my whole being—my body, my brain, my emotions, my desires, literally everything—was about this overwhelming pleasure. And it built on itself and grew larger and more powerful with every passing second. Could mere humans even withstand this level of absolute ecstasy?

And then I was exploding. It was as if I had been hanging from a rope and was now falling, the sensation of release was staggering and I couldn’t stop myself, and I didn’t want to.

I fucking detonated, like a bomb, like a missile, an orgasmic explosion of such overwhelming intensity that it felt like everything else disappeared except my cock, releasing my pent-up, swollen load of hot cum in a sudden and uncontrolled deluge inside your ass, so thick and copious that you couldn’t possibly contain it all.

But you did! Somehow, based on your incredible imagination, you were taking everything I could give you and sucking it all from me.

I was—I am—the most powerful and strongest and most beautiful man on the planet. I was capable of miracles and magic, without ordinary limits or boundaries. If I wanted to, I could come forever, pumping unlimited cream from my massive balls like a fountain, and that’s what I did now, because I couldn’t help it.

And you took it all, every drop of it.

When you started cumming I could feel your strength manifesting inside me, swelling like a newly grown muscle. I could not believe it at first, and then I was truly confounded because you didn’t stop. You were uncontrolled, pumping fat ropes of cream inside me, feeding my own sexual power with every fresh delivery.

I had never felt anything like this, like you, and I grew more and more powerful, your own massive strength joining with mine and inflating it to even greater power! I gulped and groaned and swooned and realized that anything I thought before—any limits I needed to place on myself, and any new extents of my power that you would help me discover—were pointless and inadequate.

You were something more than human. I should have realized that when you began granting my wishes, but now as I became something beyond what I had been, as my sexual power began to swell and explode as you came your enormous flood and fed my abilities beyond human capability, I realized my potential had only been a whisper before.

It felt so good that I couldn’t contain myself, and I didn’t want to. I had to fuck you with my newly exploded power. I had to show you what you had created, or had helped to create, and to give you everything I was capable of now.

And you came and came and came.

And I swelled with sexual power.

Then something changed, and I realized you needed to fuck me. Not that you wanted to, but that you needed to. That this desire was something so powerful that neither of us could resist it. It was a living, breathing thing between us, and nothing would be the same after it happened.

This was the moment, the finality, the pinnacle of your power. The greatest fuck in the world was going to fuck me, and I was both scared of your potential and anxious to experience it.

I was tempted to qualify your swollen sexual power, but at the same time I knew that I wouldn’t be satisfied until I experienced what the greatest fuck in the world felt like.

Believe me when I tell you that all my fucks are amazing, because I make them so. I speak the words and turn every sexual encounter into an Olympic-level event. I can literally fuck someone insane unless I say “you can manage this” or “this will be better than any sex you’ve ever experienced, and you will remember it until the day you die.” How many lovers have I gifted with my magic and perfect dick? How many gallons of cum have I pumped inside mouths and asses, or bathed gorgeous naked bodies with sticky heat?

But I realized—I knew—something beyond my own powers was going to happen, now. Because I was no longer in charge, you were.

I had lost control of the limits I had set for myself when I fucked you. I became the man that I am, the real, perfect, towering, overwhelming, beautiful man that I had made of myself since coming to the realization of my powers. Maybe you would believe you had changed me with your ass, and maybe you did. I could not resist the power of your ass, of your fuck, and my revealed perfection was a reflection of that loss of control.

I reluctantly pulled my massive meat from your gorgeous ass, inch after inch after inch, the biggest cock on the planet shiny with my own load and the wet heat of your butt’s perfect tightness.

I wasn’t sure what would happen next, and that was now a unique experience for me. I wasn’t worried, because I would be able to change any aspects I needed to, but I was excited to feel what the next several minutes (or hours) would deliver.

I didn’t want you to pull out. You felt so good. So, so good. Our connection went beyond physical or emotional. We were connected on a level I had never felt before, and the sexual pleasure and emotional fulfillment was almost too much to bear.

Who were you? What were you? When I looked at you again, you seemed entirely changed. A godlike being of perfect masculine beauty and overwhelming muscular size. Your faces your body, your cock, everything was perfect! It was almost difficult to gaze upon you, because everywhere I looked was perfect male beauty.

I suddenly realized what this meant, what all this meant, because I had to know to be the greatest fuck in the world. I had to know what you were, so I could be the greatest fuck you ever experienced.

“This is when it happens,” I told you, looking at your handsome godly face, your beautiful eyes, your soft warm lips.

“When what happens?” you asked, one handsome eyebrow arching and a knowing smile coming to your face, so beautiful I nearly came.

“When you realize what the greatest fuck in the world feels like. When you understand that I know exactly what you want, and exactly what you need, and I can deliver it perfectly and with such a depth of passion and a wealth of erotic power that no other fuck, none that you have ever had and none that you will ever have from this point forward, can possibly compare to what I can deliver.”

Your smile increased in wattage. You liked my cockiness, and I knew that you would. I knew what turned you on, and I knew how to turn you on higher and harder and deeper than you’ve ever been turned on before.

“You think you know what a great fuck feels like. You’ve been fucked plenty of times, thousands of times, by anyone and everyone you ever wanted or desired. You’ve experienced more sex than anyone else and maybe you think you’ve had the best, but you haven’t, not by a long, long shot. Because I am better than the best. I am the greatest fuck on the planet.”

I reached forward and grasped your perfect nipple on your muscle-swollen chest and twisted. You winced and groaned, as shocks of beautiful sexual power traveled from your nipple to you cock to your ass. I was giving you a taste of my power, just the merest hint. I was going to do so much more to you. So much that you couldn’t possibly fathom it.

“I don’t know how I know the things I know about you, but what I know grants me the ability to also know exactly what I can do to you, and with you, and for you, to make this the greatest fuck in the world. There will be no comparison, and there will be no limits. I hope you’re ready for this, because I know that I fucking well am. I am going to fuck you better than you’ve ever been fucked—and you know that’s true.”

You were right about everything, of course, and it only set my expectations higher—impossibly high, in fact.

Yes, all sex with me is perfect, but my personal experiences to this point could not possibly measure up to the amount of pleasure I was able to deliver to others, simply because I am unique and perfect. No mere mortal man could ever do what I can do.

Until you.

Was I about to experience the kind of perfect bliss I gave to others so easily? What would it feel like inside this body I had perfected, a body literally built to be the most perfect and powerful fuck machine on two muscular legs?

You looked at my body and said, “I’m gonna need a bigger cock to satisfy you, huh?” I swallowed and nodded, because that was what I wanted. “Don’t worry. Don’t even think about it. I’m the greatest fuck in the world. My cock is gonna satisfy you, because there’s no way it can’t.” I looked down at the cock capable of delivering the greatest fuck in the world, and it was growing. You were moving your hand up and down its already impressive extents and seemingly coaxing it even larger. You kept your gaze on my face as I watched your dick swell and extend, as if you were a sculptor creating a new cock for yourself.

I said nothing, I didn’t even think about it—you were capable of this all by yourself. Just another of the many talents you received from your wish.

You were swelling with length and thickness, the fat knob of the helmet extending further and further, and then you rubbed your thumb over the supple lips of the mouth of your newly swollen prick and started leaking precum, a steady thick stream of it.

I leaned forward and extended my tongue and wrapped it around you, sucking and licking your honey inside my mouth.

The taste was… I don’t know what it was, but it tasted like pure sex. My tongue, my mouth, my throat, buzzed and throbbed with the taste of pure sex. My incredible cock pulsed hard and my mammoth balls jerked and sagged and swelled with seed and my tight, hot ass throbbed and quivered.

You were still growing when you reached up and put your hand around the back of my neck and pulled us into a kiss. Again, it was incredible, and perfect. You reached down with your other hand to stroke my hardness and knead and squeeze and rub me until I was going to scream with pleasure.

And we weren’t even fucking yet. This was all prep work on your part, this was all just to prepare me for what was to come, and I was having a hard time maintaining myself—but then you were there again, and you smiled in our kiss, and pulled back slightly, and said, “Nuh uh, friend. Not yet. You’re not coming again so soon. We have work to do. A lot of work to do. You aren’t ready for me, yet.”

“But I can come as much… .”

“I know,” you said, interrupting my explanation. “I know everything you’re capable of, sexually. I know who you are, and what you can do.”


You smiled. “I am the greatest fuck in the world. Therefore, I am your greatest fuck, and what you want more than anything—what you desire, what you… wish—is to be surprised. You control everything, effortlessly. But what you can’t control is this, because now I am the greatest fuck in the world. Better than anyone.

“Better, even, than you.”

You licked your lips and grinned. “The difference between you and me? You can’t conceive of what I can do. You granted my wish, and those were my words, not yours. See the difference? You didn’t define this particular shift—I did. I am. I’m still doing it. Moment by moment, the genesis of what I can do, my understanding of what it means, evolves and changes and becomes more powerful.

You reached up and touched my nipple. Intense and unyielding shocks of pure sexual pleasure erupted from your touch and shook my huge frame. Just your mere touch. “More powerful. Every passing moment. Because even as your conception of my abilities develop, I exceed them. Maybe with someone else, someone less impressive and special than you, would temper my power.

“And now you begin to understand what’s happening to me, and what will happen to you, and to us. What you’ve experienced until now with anyone else was as nothing to what I can do. And my power keeps evolving, and changing, and growing.”

You kissed me, and I needed to explode. The sensation was something beyond sex, something beyond bliss, something beyond orgasm.

I was trying to prepare you, but I realized I couldn’t. Your imagination made your thoughts real. Reality was now altering every second. With every heartbeat, I was swelling with sexual power.

I was aware, of course, because I had to be since I was the conduit—the focus—of all that juice. It was seething within me, it was quivering in every cell of my body, it was coursing through my brain and muscle, and it was pumping out in thick waves of sex. My pheromones were so powerful that I could make men come as I approached. I was giving off highly-charged sex particles that shot out machine gun fast and attached themselves to your skin and penetrated your libido and turned up your dials past any limit they formerly had.

I was walking sex, swollen with the most potent and irresistible erotic charge the world had ever seen. You can feel it, because I can feel you, so I know you can. I know your limits and your desires and your needs. I know what to do and what to say and where to touch you and lick you and stroke you to fire up your desire even higher.

Higher and higher, all in preparation for the greatest fuck in the world.

You were suddenly impatient, so I kissed your mouth. I didn’t have to do anything at all to make it the most passionate and sensual and mind-bending kiss you ever had from anyone. I wanted to give you a literal taste of what was to come, and this was just a kiss.

I don’t have to even try, you know. It’s just me. This is just my kiss. I can’t help it if you’ve never felt anything more perfectly blissful in your whole life.

You moaned and wrapped me in those insanely strong arms of yours, and pressed your body against mine, and nearly came again. Yes, my skin actually feels that good. Everything about me feels that good.

You nearly explode with cum, I can feel your cock swell and throb between us and I reach down and wrap my hand around you and you nearly come again, because my hand around your cock is already the best thing you ever felt around your cock. Even better than my ass, now, because I have already surpassed that old level of erotic stimulation. If you shoved this monster inside my ass now, you’d think you’d died and gone to ass heaven. I would surround you with perfect warm wet sex and stroke you and suck you and watch you scream with pleasure.

I stroke you and you groan and swell. I put my lips next to your ear and my voice, saturated with sex, speaks two little words swollen with so much potency and lust that you almost come again.

“Let’s fuck.”

I realize, at some point in my sex-crazed haze, that I have lost control of this particular fantasy and that you are in control, now. I realize at the same time that you’re right, of course you are, that what I most desire now, as the man capable of creating reality around my every utterance, what I most crave is surprise.

What can you do? How far can you go? What will happen next?

Suddenly, I don’t know the answer to any of those questions and I am nearly exploding with unbridled lust to discover the answers.

“Let’s fuck,” you said, and inside my head, throughout my powerful body, in every cell of blood and every follicle of hair, I am screaming with pleasure.

I was still growing more powerful. Human limits had been shattered long ago, but I wasn’t done yet. I was radiating a saturated hypnotic fog of warm, wet, perfect sex.

You were ready for me, begging for me, I was all you could think about or imagine now. The world stopped for a moment, everything came to a halt.

I bent you over, because I was in charge, and I kissed the tip of my super-charged dick to your tight, quivering hole.

You howled with intense pleasure, and groaned, and whimpered. I could almost see a sexual charge building between us, like a current of electricity powered by the sun.

And then I pushed myself in, and the greatest fuck in the world began to happen.

I left you as you were when we finally parted company. I was confident that you would be fine, but I know you’ll know how to find me again because that’s part of your unique talents, now, too.

When you need your own greatest fuck in the world, no one else can do what I can do.

But you are now and will always be the greatest fuck in the world with whomever you’re with. No one else needs to know that, of course, and I’m sure you’ll need to deal with your share of stalkers or fans craving more of what you have to give.

But no one will harm you or do anything you don’t want them to. I saw to that as well.

Besides, who am I to deprive this world of someone with your talents?


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