You and I

by BRK

When two lovers with the power to transform each other reunite after a separation, the results can be explosive.

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Part 1: Last Night When two lovers with the power to transform each other reunite after a separation, the results can be explosive. (added: 22 Oct 2011)
Part 2: The Reunion
Part 3: Closer than I’d Thought Possible This time the lovers have been apart longer than usual, and they start growing and transforming each other in ways that are more extreme than ever. (added: 15 May 2012)
Part 4: Too Turned On Your lust can build up pretty intensely over a four-week winter break, and when there's transformation magic involved as well the reunion can get a little out of hand. (added: 16 Feb 2019)
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Part 1: Last Night

Last night—so unbelievable. I bone up just thinking about it.

I come home so tired from working a double shift as a security guard that all I want is to go to sleep. But unfortunately for me—no, fortunately, very very fortunately, you’re the hottest boyfriend I’ve ever had, the hottest boyfriend in the whole fucking world!—and you’re waiting for me at the door, gorgeously, edibly naked, with a huge smile. Boned hard just to see me—and to know that the intensity of our attraction for each other is so potent that I can change our hot bods and make ’em even hotter. That bones me too, all the way, in a second. It always does.

“Hey there, sexy!” you say, diving in for a deep kiss before I’m even in the door.

“Hey,” I say, enjoying the kiss. You’ve already got my shirt off, exposing my very slightly tanned, fitness model torso.

“How are you doing tonight?” you say, guiding me toward the bedroom.

“I am so exhausted. I gotta sleep.” You push me back on the bed and in a heartbeat my shoes and pants are off, revealing my unusually thick, extra-long, mouthwatering hard-on.

“Heh…and here I am just waking up,” you say. Your hours as the world’s sexiest limo driver never seem to line up with mine. But we make up for it with moments like this.

You gently lay down on my tired but horny bod. My soul-saturating arousal is already having an effect—you’re a bit taller than me now, all stretched and lanky. “Anything I can do to help you relax before bed?” you say with a smirk.

“Heh. No, but if you’re overpowered by horniness while you’re at work it’s because you’re hooked up to my dreamstate,” I say. I’m joking, I think, but I wonder if it might be true. I dream about you all the time.

“Mmmm…I think I’d like that, actually,” you say. “Your dreamstate seems like an awesome thing to be plugged into. And,” he added saucily, “I think I’m already feeling the link up. Horniness is definitely creeping in.”

“Right, like that’s a surprise!”

“Heh…yeah I know. I’m normally kinda ‘on,’ aren’t I? Still, seeing you produces a Pavolvian response in my cocks.” This was always the first thing to happen—your boner grows and multiplies, becoming these monster, steel-hard pillars of achingly sensitive flesh. You love feeling them even more than I love seeing them on you.

“And here I thought they were just always hard.” Well, I never see them soft. “I wish I had time to play with them, but you’ll have to settle for my dreams…”

You lean in and kiss the side of my neck lightly while rubbing my shoulders. I roll over so you can do it properly. “That’s okay,” you say softly in my ear. “I know you want to go to sleep.”

“Mmmmmm, nice. Four-handed shoulder rubs always do it for me.” Boy, do they.

You keep massaging my shoulders and upper back, leaning in to plant kisses on the back of my neck and between my shoulder blades. Two hands focus on the upper back while you other pair drift lower, digging in a bit on my lower back, releasing stress there.

“That is relaxing,” I murmur. I’d be almost asleep if it weren’t for my swelling cocks, which were pushing hard against the comforter.

“Mmmm….it feels awesome having my hands on you,” you say, in my ear. You turn me around slightly so you can give you a proper kiss….long and sensual.

“Damn, you’re way too good a kisser.”

“Yeah? You’re not bad yourself.” You lean in for another, longer, one … tongue probing and teasing your lips … almost like you’re massaging there too.

I roll back over underneath you. Mmmmmf, a mouth massage, I say to myself as your tongue slides deeper into me. Your tongue is so warm and long and … thick in my mouth.

“Mmmm…. mm-hmmm…” I moan as our kiss turns me on even more.

You keep kissing me….my mouth is feeling better and better as we kiss. I can tell from your eagerness that your tongue is starting to get more sensitive, as my own increasingly looong tongue wraps around it.

I can tell what you’re feeling. The feeling of my tongue lengthening…swirling its tip around your tongue is incredible. You feel my tongue coil around yours and give a squeeze…then slide along your own length….slowly. I shudder as your tongue lengthens and stiffens in the embrace of my long hot tongue, as our mouths writhe together, your hands still caressing my thickened shoulders.

You writhe in deep pleasure as we make out. For you, there is nothing like the sensation of me triggering your mouth boner, my tongue knowing exactly how to make it happen. You moan softly as you feel it start…thickening…pushing deeper into my mouth…swelling fatter as your tongue teases it mercilessly. Before I know it I can feel the head, big and tight, pushing at the back of my mouth.

It’s such a luscious boner—and it fits exactly in my mouth—long and wide and hot, soo hot. Now I can even feel it leaking hot precum, dripping down my throat, as we slow our kiss down slightly, mouths and lips working sensuously against each other, your growing thick mouthcock thrusting gently through the loose, wide, flat coils of my hot tongue, feeling the powerful warmth and gentle suction of my mouth.

You let your hands drift from my shoulders and one pair finds its way to the two, hungry boners in your lap grinding against my narrow, iron-hard abs. The other drifts to my crotch…tickling their way through the cluster of hardons there.

I know you’re trying to distract me—perhaps break my concentration on the perfect rhythm my tongue has on your mouthcock. I can tell my makeou/blowjob is getting close to triggering an explosion. Actually my cocks are overstimulated too—a few gentle strokes and they’ll probably blow.

I feel you smile…as much as you can around the overinflated mouthboner I’ve given you…and my four hands reach over into your lap and close around four of your cocks…making sure as I stroke to rub as many of the others as I can.

I realize it’s become a race…and I tighten my tongue’s grip on your mouthcock…while your hands work magic on my huge boners. Fortunately my cocks are leaking heavily, so your stroking feels sweet on my slick shafts.

You also thrust with your mouthboner…gently fucking my mouth with you huge rod. Just the idea was enough to bring me close to the edge. My six strong hands wrap around your long torso, making the cool skin on your back tingle.

I slowly stroke your long 14-abbed bod as if your whole bod were a cock, even as your mouthcock gets even thicker and harder in my hot mouth.

You grunt and moan as my hands tease your super-sensitive extra-long torso. I love jacking your hot bod like a cock—it really drives me crazy. But like all the things I do to you, you love it more.

As if responding to the pleasure, a third pair of sculpted arms appear on you. You reach over with your new, free hands and start to tease my nips. Almost instantly you’re rewarded with the feeling of the little nubs swelling up into a pair of nice fat little cocks. Which you start stroking in rythym with my other hand jobs.

“Mmmmmm!” I moan around your mouthfilling tongue-tunnel fucking mouthcock.

We’re both really on the edge. I’m about to blow—out of so many places. I can feel you are too.

You speed up the work with your strong, warm hands on my cocks and nice, fattened-up nips. I grip your mouthboner tight with my long muscle-tongue as my hands jerk myoury super-long torso.

Amazingly we feel our heads double with a rush of pleasure—we’re both mouth-fucking-kissing with two hot mouths—your bod growing longer and thicker as i stroke it with a dozen firm hands.

Our eyes meet. Yours tell me urgently, Stroke me i’m gonna cum dude——

I stroke your cocktorso—you stroke all my cocks hard… they’re all swollen huge now and leaking rivers of precum—

Fuck!! We both explode with cum, your mouthcock shooting quarts of cum down my hungry throat as I blow a dozen fuse-blowing orgasms out of a dozen cocks—not counting my new nipcocks.

You brush my foreheads and my faces as we come down from our orgasms. It’s difficult because of how long I’ve made your torso…and the fact that our four heads are still joined together by your two softening monster mouthcocks in my mouths.

It feels awesome being next to you. I don’t ever want you to let those mouthcocks out of my mouths—i need them bad. And your bright, laughing eyes say, Aw dude….where else would they go? They fit perfectly there. We make out gently for another half hour, as I drift toward sleep. Your mouthcocks finally soften up enough for you to speak, more or less. “Now….you need to get some shut eye,” you say, “but hopefully you’ll rest better now that you’ve been all relaxed!”

“Mmmmmmmm, until those mouthcock semis start to get hard again …”

“Dude…don’t!” you say in mock alarm. “You know they just grow back bigger if you tease them up again!”

“They’re perfect like this. Just like your 30-pack torso.”

“And your nip-cocks. Man you feel good. Want me to lay here with you while you fall sleep? I don’t have to be at work for a couple hours.”

“We can gently kiss as we sleep.”

“That would be so incredibly hot..and sweet. And I could feel your body for hours. Those gorgeous arms…your four big pecs—not to mention how fun it is when you kick me in your sleep with your six big legs! You turn me on something fierce…you know that?”

I was almost gone, rested, sated, and insanely content. “I’d better just wrap all my arms and legs around you then.” And that’s what I proceed to do—not even sure how many arms I had, but as long as they’re wrapped around you, I’m good.

“That’s better,” you say, cuddling me happily. And we don’t say much more, just gently kissing even as I plummet into the profound and nourishing sleep of a truly fortunate man.


Part 2: The Reunion

I hadn’t realized how much I’d been taking for granted having you to come home to every day, having the chance to make love to you in the way that only we can, until that long, frustrating week you went away visiting family last fall, and I couldn’t go with you because I couldn’t get time off work—not to mention how your smile would almost certainly make me unable to restrain myself from throwing you down on the backyard grass for a hot bout of growthchangesex whether anyone was watching or not.

When I meet you at the airport I haven’t had sex with anyone but myself for eight long days. Even as you snuggle up next to me in the back of the taxi I realize I have twice as many hard cocks as when I left the house.

And suddenly, even while we’re still on the airport loop, my other bod is snuggling you from the other side.

You moan softly feeling my muscular bodies pressed against you on either side…feeling my thick arms wrap around you…each body’s four hands finding their way all over your body massaging, kneading—lightly touching. The cute Italian taxi driver—was he that young and cute before?—is staring into rearview mirror, his mouth slightly open, filled with arousal.

We’re passing an airport hotel. I know I can’t wait. I tell the driver to pull in.

The young Latino muscleboy behind the counter creams at the site of us and the half-transformed state we’re in. He gives us the best room he has and I take the key, instantly forgetting about anything but using my bods and my abilities to make you cum like you’ve never cum ever before.

Our clothes are gone before we even get into the room, evaporated for all I know. We lay down on a cozy bed, a “you” sandwich, your skin a few shades paler than mine, all our legs intertwining, my long arms wrapped around you from both sides.

Now that we’re pressing our amazing bods together I can’t hold back my transformations. You feel my four heads nuzzle closer..two behind you going to work nibbling at the sides of your neck while the other two kiss your face, occasionally teasing your lips with their tongues…all so lightly, teasingly…foreplay in the hands of a master.

Meanwhile my thicket of hardons drools precum all over your hard 10-pack abs and your long lanky back.

You love getting turned on like this—nice and slow…arousal building until suddenly you’re so unbearably horny….hard and leaking….you let your hands trail through my thickets of boners on either side of you, lazily teasing the heads and shafts…feeling the soupy precum surge out of my slits as I get even more aroused then you. Hot chills of abnormally potent passion course through me like electrical voltage.

My cocks, man, they’re already hard and getting harder … and thicker… I start to gently kiss you with two mouths while other me kisses and licks your sexy neck from both sides. It’s so hot watching my cocks fatten under your touch—getting so hard that they just have to grow or they’ll burst. Teasing more size out of me is one of your biggest turn-ons. So much precum is flowing out of all my huge thickening boners—it’s tightening and hardening and expanding my abs… and your cocks—i can feel them thrusting in between my burgeoning cockmonsters.

You try to hold off—but your arousal is too powerful and your hips start thrusting….just little bursts of movement….as soon as they feel the slick, wet forest of hardons at my crotches. Feeling your huge cocks sliding in between yours is insanely hot.

You watch as I feel it too…as soon as I feel your big cocks slide into my clusters I freeze for a second—and moan into my kisses.

Just the three mouth kiss is driving us both crazy—but your cocks are growing and thickening amidst mine—it’s so tight from how hard and bog our cpcks are that your cocks are now trapped among mine.. thrusting.. leaking .. growing…

Feeling your arousal build as your cocks grow bigger—becoming oversized and so sensitive….my cocks growing thicker and longer….tightening around your huge boners….your thrusting speeds up as you continue to fuck against my cocks.

Even without touching them with all our uncounted hands our forest of wood between us is turning us on more and more—other me presses tight against us fucking your precum-wet back with his own forest of two-foot cocks.

In the midst of grinding against my two muscular horned-up bodies…our mouths are still busy making out…my now-longer tongue french kissing you like you’ve never felt before….wrapping around your tongue—teasing it—almost coaxing it…stroking it like my hand would stroke a cock.

And what I’m doing is driving you crazy…your tongue feels so thick… you’re kissing back hard and trying to make your tongue do what mine is doing—but it feels like it’s almost getting too big to maneuver in your mouth!

Your thickening tongue grows into my left mouth as my right head starts kissing your stubbly cheek. And your tongue—it’s never been this big and hard before—a thrill of arousing pounds through my bodies—arousal that floods through my muscles—my arms, my legs, my pecs, my abs—growing them, multiplying them… stimulation roars through my musclefreak bods in mindless mindbending lust/love.

Your tongue feels enormous now…stuck in my mouth as my tongue keeps working on it—forcing it to swell up and get harder…it’s not a tongue anymore…it’s a fully-boned mouthcock. Swollen and oversized now just like your other cocks—something about our lovemaking this time—so powerful—forcing us both to swell up and grow in different ways. You feel the huge, boulders of muscle on my two bodies—competing for space with your own bulked-up muscle bod….so tight and hard…so aroused….our bods pushing against each other.

We realize that our tangled, three-body body has a couple dozen feet hanging over the end of the bed—it’s hard to tell whose long thick legs are whose—we’re stretching and multiplying like our impossible intertwined iron-hard monster cocks. Your mouthcock fills my mouth and throat and feels awesome inside me.

I feel your muscular body stretch and get lankier…muscles lengthening out and giving you a leaner look—even though it’s clear that more muscle will pump up and get you bulky again quick…just part of your body’s response to the incredible sensations coming from your monster cocks thrusting in my groin and your huge mouthcock buried in my throat, both our lips wrapped around its delicious girth as we kiss, feeling your mouthcock grow like it’s stretching into me, pushing for my heart.

I also feel your movements becoming tense and jerky….your breath coming in ragged bursts around the giant shaft sticking out of your mouth. I love being able to push you to this point of arousal….to force you onto this plateau of lust…riding the edge of orgasm.

But it’s so strong this time….even I’m having trouble managing it….my own cocks are huge and unruly. And you’re so turned on that your don’t even realize you have two heads now too—and that both my hot mouths are busy sucking your monster supersensitive mouthcocks.

You turn on your back and lay back between our bods—struggling to get your now-big and bulky bod smooshed between my two muscle-freaks…We each turn on our sides and continue working your mouthcocks….they’re still growing thicker and longer—with my mouths. Now both my bodies have both of their heads on the job…your mouthcocks having crossed past the line of being deep-throatable….so I’m taking turns sucking and licking—and working them.

Meanwhile your lower cocks are iron-hard and immense….each carrying two sets of huge nuts below them. Your nuts are swollen tight and visibly churning with a monster load….you feel them tugging at your groin—hanging lower and heavier…even as they swell and tighten—it’s driving you crazy with lust and now that we’re lying beside you we can both put our hands to work on your impossible bounty of two-foot throbbing eager-to-burst cocks—and some of my warm strong hands are detailed to stroke those heavy balls.

I can sense your agonizing arousal at having mouthcocks too big for my mouth and throat—I work frantically with—fuck—three mouths on each bod to try to satisfy your luscious, too-huge mouthboners. And when you see I popped more heads just to try to deal with your gorgeous, too-huge mouthcocks—I know I’m making you….cummm! You can’t hold it. And knowing I’ve made you cum drives me over the edge as well.

Your enormous musclebod tenses up between us and then suddenly we all explode with surge after surge of hot white cum from dozens of arm-sized cocks—your mouthcocks spraying cum into the air like fountains—even my nipples on my Plymouth Rock pecs are spraying hot streams of cum.

I take as many of your cocks as I can into my multiplied mouths and lap it up eagerly, and we cum, wrapped up in each other, dozens of arms and legs twisted together, for ages, spending all the passion we’d built up in our long separation. Even as I think we‘re done cumming I realize I am staring at your so-oversized, impossible-to-suck mouthcocks and I well up all over my bods with a fresh and even more intense orgasm.

We both loved the idea of growing some mouthcocks….but then having them get out of control—and my having to grow an extra head just to be able to service them—we are both back to cumming hard now, as if we hadn’t cum before.

We collapse, sweaty and beautifully, wildly transformed, and I’m barely conscious enough to notice the pile of a dozen or so god-muscled, multilimbed, multiheaded assorted taxi drivers and hotel desk clerk dudes watching us sleepily from the next bed, their many, many hands roaming unending mounds of luscious muscle just as our hands are doing as we ourselves drift off to sleep. They smile contentedly at us, and you and I smile back, thinking about what’s definitely going to happen after we all awake from our muscle-cuddle naps, hornier than ever and ready for more—of everything.


Part 3: Closer than I’d Thought Possible

I was out of town too long this time. It couldn’t be helped, but my body was yearning for you. I sat in my hotel room at night, my whole body throbbing, aching for the way you touch me. And I could feel it. It didn’t take much concentration to sense your hot fingers sliding down my bare biceps. Your steamy breath on my long tanned neck, my bulging traps. I sat in my hotel room in an agony of arousal, stone-hard cocks erupting painfully from my groin, their slits staring into my eyes, crying out for you.

And then I felt your hands on my quivering bare shoulders. For real. You were there.

“Dude!,” you said softly.

I looked up at him over my shoulder. “Hey man,” I said, affecting a casual tone even as your soft, gently touch hardened me all over beyond my most extreme arousal, threatening to make me explode with a few seconds’ simple contact.

“Its been a while, man. How are you?,” you said.

“Pretty good … behind schedule as usual,” I said sadly.

“Heh…I totally understand that.,” you said.

I started to ask how he’d gotten into my room, but there was a sweet young bellman I’d noticed when I checked in a week before but had only seen fleetingly a couple times since, though I’d half-considered seeking him out and blowing his mind on the nights I could barely bare to be away from you. But you got to him first, seduced him with a glance and a shift of your ass in your sharp dress slacks. He closing the door behind you, never taking his eyes off you. He seemed to drink you in, his shy horniness feeding on your unnatural beauty. His uniform seemed to be filled out very nicely, but he had no mind for himself. And no intention of leaving. He fell back against the nearest wall, eyes riveted on us.

“I hope you’re getting to enjoy yourself a bit here and there,” you said.

“I’ve been going 24/7 just so I could come home as soon as I could,” I said. I cocked an eye at your overpacked crotch. “Did you get my … emails?”

“Mmmmm… Your writing is so fucking erotic I can barely stand it.,” you said.

I blushed, unable to rip my eyes from yours. God, how are your eyes so deep and enveloping? I could wrap myself in them, like a warm hug.

Your hands were still stroking my shoulders. More hands were caressing my thick upper arms.

“Seriously…..your letters make me crazy horny. I can barely read any of them without cumming halfway through.,” you said.

“I have the same trouble writing them,” I said truthfully. We could both see how hugely aroused I was—my muscles flushed, my crotch packed with too much angry, desperate cock. They’d been dry before, standing like stone totems pushing against each other with the strength of the earth itself, but now that you were here—now that you were touch me—they were drooling copiously, already slick and harder than even they were a minute ago, and shoving against each other even more brutally.

“Very hot tee shirt by the way,” I said. He was wearing a navy blue tee with an image of a muscular, beautiful man kissing himself deeply and sensuously in the mirror, the image from the mirror leaning out from the glass to respond.

You grinned. But your mind was still on my letters. And your eyes were on my crotch, and my hands, which were resting idly nearby, itching, waiting. “I think you getting off while you write is the secret element that contributes to the letters being so erotic,” you said thoughtfully. “What you write is, of course, hot…but its the voice in the story that is special…and gets at me in a way that short-circuits all my stamina,” you said.

I turned my chair around so I could face you. It felt perfect for that moment, my body thick with aroused muscle, damp with sweat, a bizarre cock cluster of hard wide cocks sticking straight up from my lap, you standing there, loving the sight, deeply aroused.

“Something about your letters turns me into a horny hair-triggered punk,” you added with a huge, adorable crooked grin.

“Wow,” I said. “That’s impressive—and very erotic,” I said.

“Its all true—more so that I’d probably care to admit,” you said. I suddenly realized you weren’t just eager to get off—you wanted to share you with me. me with you.

“Wow,” I said again. And in that moment I knew that it was true for me too. It was never about the sex between us, not alone. It was sharing who we were. And that idea itself was deeply sexual. How could I be more aroused? “I had a feeling,” I said. “You can tell how many cocks I’ve popped tonight just from thinking about how you getting off thinking about us.”

“Aw, man…. I’ve been imagining you with so many,” you said, passionately drinking them in. “But—in my wildest dreams—dude! You have soooo many. A total cluster of boners.”

“It’s almost too many dude,” I said.

“And….aw, man…. they’re all really big and thick. Like super-fat,” you said. I could tell it was hot for you thinking about them all wedged together. Fighting for space with they get all boned up.

“And they’re so hard—they won’t budge a millimeter,” I said.

“Exactly. Like thick concrete poles of cock—topped with these amazing oversized cockheads,” you said.

“But throbbing with all this animal erotic energy,” I said. The way you were staring at them—“I think they’re getting wider …. tiny bit by tiny bit….,” I said.

“Oooh, they’re all drooling precum,” I said.

“Aw…man….sorry, dude! I didn’t mean to…” Make them thicker? That’s what you always say. But your hungry gaze—“…you know, stare at your cluster like that. Is it turning you on too much for me to look at your huge cocks? Its not like you can hide those huge monster cocks. My eyes are just sorta drawn to them.”

“It’s okay—it feels incredible,” I said. My hormones were surging. I was finding it hard to concentrate. I had been at the peak of arousal before you arrived, and now, taking in your tall, perfect form, my mind was flooded, saturated with raw sexual energy. “Strip,” I rasped. And you were naked in a second. My eyes caught blurry movement—the two bellboys were pulling off their clothes too. I barely gave them a thought. Right in front of me I could feel—sense—your twin atomic cocks, shooting straight up from your strong, hair-dusted crotch, your grapefruit balls tingling. All I had to do was be near you, see you, sense you.

Shit! Another cock just shot up in the middle of my cock cluster, sliding hard up among the slick monster erections, forcing room for itself.. “Fuck it’s like my cocks are fucking each other,” I said. That new sensitive cock just shoved straight up against I don’t know how many stone-hard precum-slick shafts and it felt like it was sliding into the tightest hottest ass ever.

I almost wanted it to happen again. And again.

“I’m….aw god…I want to see that over and over, dude….,” you said, your eyes mesmerized, your cocks shaking and thickening with erotic awe. “Just….watching it happen was like having an orgasm of my own, man. So hot watching that huge pole slide up out of your cluster…pushing against all of those other giant, thick cocks. So hot that you’re precumming that much…it makes your cluster so…slick.,” you said.

“And they’re sooo wide … you’re making them soooooo wide…,” I said.

“Aw yeah—I want them to get so fuckin’ wide,” you murmured. “otal surfboard fuckin’ boners, man.”

I realized as I stared at you that I was feeling something else—something unusual even for me. “Damn, my nips are leaking too … drooling down my twelve pack… watching them get a little tighter from the nipcum….,” I said.

“Shit. I can’t believe how big your nips have gotten. they’re thick too….like little cocks on your four pecs,” you said admiringly. “At least you can work them with four of your hands while the other two tease that huge cluster of beer can boners.”

Except they were so sensitive—I barely touched my nips and suddenly I was spraying nipcum from them all over everything. I grinned—you look so hot covered in nip cum.

“You’ve gotten it kinda over everything. Including me.,” you said.

“Wow, no wonder everything doubled like that….” I said.

“You noticed?,” you said.

“And you had so many arms before i soaked you,” I said. “But you look so hot with those two supercute faces grinning at my multibod like that.” We’ve never figured it out, but having two heads really makes each of your faces so much hotter and cuter even than before. I’m glad you don’t have two heads all the time—I couldn’t look at you without drowning in arousal.

You sighed. “Thanks,” you said. “I just wish…. I mean…I’m getting so muscular after so many of your dousings. Don’t you think I’m getting a little too big?”

You were pretty big. Beautifully huge. “I think your muscles look awesome—especially your six huge pecs….,” I said.

You blushed. “Aw thanks, man,” you said.

“But if you’re really worried do what I do! if you concentrate really hard you can convert muscle into cock…,” I added quickly. “Of course the four you have are pretty huge already, but dude, extra cock always wins for me.” With another couple of spurts from my thick tits…. yours could be as thick as mine, i thought greedily.

“They’re ok. At ten inches each they’re nothing like yours.,” you said.

“Dude you suck at measuring—they’re like like 20 inches if they’re a centimeter. 10 inches around maybe…,” I said.

“Huh?,” you said, confused. You looked down at your crotch, still covered in my thick musky nipcum. “Oh yeah….sheesh!,” you said.

“Yeah, okay—I mean, maybe your nipple cocks are ten inches…,” I said.

“Easily,” you said. “Still not like your 15-inch beauties. But they’re ok.”

Fuck, I hadn’t realized they’d gotten so big under your intense (and avaricious) gaze. “Holy shit, you gotta stop looking at my nip cocks, man! they’re huge!” And spraying without me even touching them… My nipcocks were so big that they were spraying not just you, but the twin naked bellboys stroking themselves against the wall beyond where you stood facing me. And as for you—!

“Whoa, dude, you are totally covered in my nipcock cum! both of you!,” I said.

“Shit…you’re right. you gotta get your shit under control, dude!,” you said, with mock consternation. “How many sets of bull balls do you have pumping this stuff out anyway?,” you added.

I shook my head, reaching up a few hands to feel my four enormous pecs. They felt hard, like overinflated soccer balls, and at least as big. “I dunno—I think these humungous pecs are full of cum and it’s shooting straight out these 16-inch nipcocks you gave me….,” I said.

I gasped loudly. “Oh god I just grew another cock—fucking straight up in the center of my cluster hardon…,” I said. Oh god oh god. “Dude you gotta make me cum for real—all this is precum so far and all of it’s coming from your cute faces staring at me getting off on my growing stuff,” I said.

“Dude…you gotta hold on, man! You can’t shoot all over us! No telling what will happen!,” you said, with a beautiful mix of alarm and excitement on your faces. “But it is so hot to imagine you painting my muscle bods with all that cum from your monster-thick cluster and all those gorgeous, huge nip-cocks!”.

Your eyes were riveted on my cocks, and I shook my head at him. But you couldn’t look away. “I can’t keep from staring at your cluster, dude!” you said.

“Dude. you gotta make ’em shoot—I don’t know how many there are now, it feels like dozens but i know it can’t be,” I said. “But your bods have so many long thick muscle arms—with those strong six-fingered hands—you can make me cum”.

The way you always do in my dreams you knelt on either side of me and started teasing all of my nipcocks and giant cockheads with your many hands while leaning in and nibbling at my necks. I moaned loudly, nipcum still spraying from six 18-inch nipcocks. Everything in the room, from the four gangly 7-foot-tall bellboys staring at us pounding their dual cocks—to every stick of furniture—the beds, nighttables, lamps—the walls, the door—and it wasn’t slacking in the slightest.

“Mmm! Yeah…feels so hot to have you on the edge like this, dude!” you breathed. “So ready to blow…gotta keep teasing you up, man….keep you juuuust ready to blow! Aw fuck….your cocks are gettin’ SO fuckin’ huge, man! And your big ol soccer ball pecs….mounding up…so full of juice just pouring out your nipcocks!”

You were covered in my nipcum too, hair, faces, shoulders, your muscles expanding, your cocks growing, your limbs multiplying…

“Aw dude …” I couldn’t stand your nibbling on my necks—your mouths so close to mine. I grabbed both the heads on your nearest body and pulled you into a deep double-headed kiss.

“Mmmmmmphhh!!!” you said kissing me. “Fuck yeah, bro! Aw…..such a hot fuckin’ mouth!,” the other you said. I realized the other you could feel the kiss, the passion from it, everything.

Your tongues were soooo long and warm. I dove deeper into the kiss.

“Your kiss feels soooo good….its….aw man….ith like by tongues are gedding thicker!,” the other you said. I could feel it too. They were getting thicker. And longer … and harder. And you had two of them in each mouth now. I kissed he even deeper, even as I reached out and found your huge, hard thick cocks and started stroking them.

“Awww yeahhh….tho hott, can barely thpeak!,” you said. “By moufcocks are tho thuper thick!!” And I could see sticking out of the mouths of your other cum-covered bod the long hard mouthcocks I could taste in my kiss. I eagerly switched my kiss to the second you.

“Oh dude they’re the hottest cocks i’ve ever sucked … long and super thick and so hard… and two at once,” I said as I dove into the new kiss.

I suddenly realized something was strange about the angle of the stroking I was doing with my hands as I kissed you. I thought I was stroking your crotch cocks with some of my extra hands—but it was your nipcocks! I broke the kiss for a moment and said as much.

“MMmmmmmphhh!!?!,” you said around your huge mouthcocks.

“Dude they’re as big as mine now! and leaking like mine! on all three of your amazingly hot bods….,” I said. “Your three hard slick cumcovered huge-muscled hypercocked bods ….”

And something snapped in that moment, and you looked at me with wild eyes. “aw dude…I can’t hold it….you’re making me cumm!” you said.

“Aw yeah,” I said. “Cum on me dude! I’m ready—all my monster cocks are gonna blow!”

Suddenly all your cocks started geysering hot white cum, wrenching a primal howl from you. I leapt back into a kiss with the third you, in time to greedily taste our mouthcock cum shooting hard down my throat—pushing me over the edge.

You were covering me with cum as you continued to shoot, and suddenly all my enormous, super-hard cocks burst with a brain-wrenching orgasm that didn’t stop but seemed to expand and multiply.

“Fuck yeah,” you said.

I was still cumming—painting all three of you with my cum—there was so much of it. Shooting out of my cocks…nipcocks…..just a fountain of my load.

After what seemed like a long time I fell back, exhausted. “Uhhhhhhhhh duuuude,” I said. “You look sated.”

“Aw man….you have no idea. ,” you said. “Or maybe you do!”

“Mph… oh yeah,” I said. “It’s been a few days.” I eyed him appraisingly. “Sorry about the changes my cum made to you,” I said.

“Me too…,” you said, eying me back, your hard cocks still showing no sign of softening on any of your bods as you saucily looked me over.

“I guess six of you can live as cheaply as one ,” I said teasingly.

The nearest you sat down in the floor in front of me (the carpet squishing with cum) and the other yous fallowed suit. “Its actually ok. with the limited range of motion from all of this heavy muscle I’m going to need the extra help.,” you said. “The nipcocks will be somewhat difficult. Can’t really jog or do cardio with the shirt rubbing all of them. I’d be a cummy mess inside of a few minutes! Which would in turn trigger my mouthcocks….all six of us with these three giant boners sticking out of our mouths! Can you picture that at the gym?”

“Shirt? What is this ‘shirt’ of which you speak?,” I said, acting puzzled.

You grinned sweetly, the smile spreading across all your sexy faces. “Heh….yeah, I guess shirts are out of the question now,” you said.

“I dunno—i think the mouthboners can find a way to get a workout,” I said. “I thought you’d be more concerned about those floordragger hypercocks you all have.”

“Well….you’re right. Looks like I’m going to have to call in a few sick days until I can figure out a way to deal with all of this!” you joked. “Speaking of….I’m not sure you’re going to be heading out in public anytime soon either.”

“Really?,” I said.

“I’m surprised you can move with so many huge boners crammed into your crotch.,” you said. “Not to mention all the muscle my cum gave you. Er….all of you.”

Now I actually was surprised. “Huh? what do you—oh.,” I said.

You smiled sheepishly as I turn around and see nine new “bros.”

“Duuude,” I said.

“Totally, dude,” you said.

“And man, why’d you have to make me … all of me … this tall? My heads are scraping the ceiling!,” I said. “And we’re all sitting down! Geez, man…”

You did have the grace to look a little chagrined. “I dunno, man….it just kinda… Well, you know how it is when I lose it!,” you said. “I don’t think real good when I’m, you know, cumming.”

“Clearly… what am i going to do with twin cocks in all my armpits???,” I said.

“It….it just kinda seemed hot all of a sudden!,” you said.

“I mean,—oh, wait, they come off.,” I said.

“Um, and then grow back. Fuck….,” I said.

“Aw, sorry dude. Yeah…they grow back….but a lot bigger I’m afraid.,” you said.

“Geez, are all my cocks like that now—whoa.,” I said.

“But with your big, deep musclepits i’m sure you can hide whole big fat clusters in there!,” you said.

“Shit, the crotch cocks grow back a *lot* bigger.,” I said.

“Do they, dude?,” you said grinning. “Aw geez, Bummer, man.” And you immediately started doing—well, exactly what I would’ve done.

“Hey, stop pulling them off! Three feet long is big enough! Hey!!,” I said. You just giggled.

“Sorry, man! I can’t help it! Its so hot watching your cocks grow in like that!,” you said. “You said it felt good!”

“Yeah, it feels great. All I’m saying is you stay away from my mouthcocks—they’re huge and thick as it is…,” I said.

You leaned back into a big pile of my cocks and snuggle in, feeling them stiffen up and slide around underneath you. Damn, I could feel them boning, feel them sliding against your megamuscled cum-covered bod.

“OK….just lean down here for one last kiss,” you said innocently.

“Hmmmm you know I can’t resist,” I said.

“Mmmm….your mouthcocks are pretty big already….so hot, dude!,” you said.

“You taste amazing!,” you said.

“I gotta keep these two for myself, dude!” And you pulled out two of my huge mouthcocks!

“Hey!,” I said. But they grew back right away, and aw, it did feel good.

You stared at my new mouthcocks with wide eyes. “Whoa. Those are huge bro!” you said.

“Oh, and they’re so thick—i think—yeah, they have two cockheads each,” I said. “Oh man, both my heads have enormous double-headed mouthcocks.”

“Dude….you’re so hot, man.,” you said. “You’re like….my ideal!,” you said.

I felt a rush of gratitude that we’d met. “Dude, you’re probably the only dude in the world that would look at my double-headed mothcocked overmuscled 12-armed 20-pack eight-legged bod with its cock-cluster-hardon of dozens of three-foot cocks and say that!” I said, feeling a certain sense of awe.

“I know, dude. Right?,” you said. “We’re made for each other, man!”

“We should merge some of our bods together,” I said.

“Yeah?,” you said. You grinned, cocking an eyebrow on both of your cute faces. “Then what, stud?,” you said.

“Are you trying to get me going again??” I said.

“Uh huh!,” you said.

You pushed a fully inflated mouth boner at me. Or three.

“Oh dude,” I said. “Maybe we should save that for next time.”

You slid your hands around the heads of my cock cluster. They were heavy and soft, still slick with our juices.

“Duuuuuude,” I said. You just moaned.

We were both feeling my cocks stiffen and fatten as you continued to tease them….coaxing them to slide out another huge, thick slab of cock, I realized.

I started to protest. “Dude, i have so many c——oh man, that feels great,” I said.

You leaned closer and keep moving you hands around the now-solid, hugely fat cocks in my crotch….You let the heads of your mouth boners slide lightly over my lips…just tickling them and leaving a trail of your precum as they went.

I feel pairs of hands—mine…yours….some of our bros….whoever—start to flick and tease my nips and reach into my groin to try and grab a hand around just one of our mega-thick monster cocks.

We were so much muscle sliding around against other hard, bulging, flexing muscle….masculine energy flowing….our cocks… big, so thick….so incredibly, insanely hard now….

One of my bods was behind you now even as your mouthcock teased me, edging me into delirium. You pushed your mouthcocks gently against my lips and chuckle as I start to suck gently at the enormous knobs, even as I began rtubbing your long slick musclle torso with many hands even as the other me rubbed the heads of some of his cocks against your twitching ass.

My mouthcocks emerged from all my mouths… we were gently sucking each other’s mouthcock heads. Instinctively you grunt slightly and push back into Me-2’s enormous cluster. We just came a little while ago so they’re unexpectedly sensitive.

The other me’s cocks pushed into you—I could feel them shove into your tight ass as we all gasped. You smiled and raised up, leaning back into my bro as he fucked your ass. You lifted your arms up and flexed, forcing your muscles to bulge and grow in front of me.

Your cluster pushed up onto my soccerball pecs, sliding through my monster nipcocks and leaving me wet with your precum. My nipcocks tingled with jolts of arousal as we pushed our mouthcocks deeper into each other’s hot mouths, our huge hard bonertongues jostilng in a way that was powerfully, insanely erotic. We drank each other’s sweet hot precum even as my bro pushed his cocks all the way into you.

But he was so drunk with passion that he kept pushing. You moaned with pleasure as you felt my bro-dude enter you. And even as your bod was filled with my/his enormous hardons he kept pushing so hard that his lower body and yours started to merge together!!

I watched in indiluted joy and arousal. You were turning into a incredibly gorgeous combined you/me. Except you had those huge hard cocks from my other bod permanently inside your torso.

Forever fucking you.

The me that wa now your rear torso hugged me and I hugged him and your megmuscled cum slick torso rubbed in between as you and I kissed hard and deep sucking each other’s mouthcocks more and more passionately.

Another you watched open mouthed. “Oh—fuck—wow…” you said.

Your front and rear torsos—your torso and the other me’s—were now pressed tight together—tight enough that you’ll always feel those triple-stacked soccer ball pecs and monster-huge hard nipcocks pressing against your back all the time… turning you on at the feel of all that muscle and cock against your back. Even as you feel those enormous hardons constantly fucking your all the way upi to your neck.

You broke the kiss, overwhelmed, staring into my eyes. “It…it’s….so much sensation….all at once—continuous…. I can barely focus….,” you said. “How…..are you doing this???”

I shrugged. I didn’t care—it was too awesome. “Our cum combined—somehow it made us more malleable…..,” I said.

Your moths were inches from mine. “I feel like my whole body…every bulging muscle….is becoming cock.,” you whispered. “Every surface so sensitive…just like rubbing the underside of any of my thick oversized cocks.”

“You’re turning me into cockflesh,” you said.

“It’s because you’re so turned on … we’re so turned on….,” I said. “It’s happened with our bros too—they’ve paired off and merged like you and my bro. Except there’s more of me so there’s a couple of me/you/me triple-torso joinings,” I added, cataloging what had happened. Even the three lanky bellboys had merged, three and three and three.

My eyes drifted back to the you/me/you mergings. “The you in the middle of those looks ecstatic,” I said.

“Fuck….just….fuck…wow,” you breathed. “I feel so amazing….so surrounded my muscle and cock and cum.”

“So much muscle—wait—there’s one of you behind me—oh duude you’re doing it to me,” I said. “Shoving your megacocks inside me.”

“Yeah…..I feel it too, bro,” you said.

“Deep inside like they’re going to come out of my mouth. Six enormous double-wide hardons,” I said, panting. “And now you’re pushing harder… pushing yourself into me…. Oh dude i can feel your bro’s body merging into mine Feeling those six impossible cocks fucking me and feeling them fucking,” I said.

“I feel myself pushing into you….merging tighter….our muscles pushing into each other….my cocks surrounded by your body,” you said.

“And now your torso pressed tight and hard against mine permanently—your six engorged superpecs pressed hard, immovable, against my shoulder blades,” I said amazed and superaroused. Your heads leaned in and licked my necks even as the you in front of me and I resumed sucking each other’s mouthcocks harrd and deep. We moaned, deep in pleasure.

We were so turned on. All our cocks were spraying precum … our nipcocks, our mouthcocks, our crotch cocks… even my armpit cocks. All that precum was making us more and more sensitive—more and more aroused—!!

“So slick….sliding around, losing footing,” you said. I could tell you were so determined for me to lose it first… and I could also tell it was getting so difficult to hold back! I chuckled around our mouthfuck kiss.

I was getting close. One of my hottest fantasies—growing pecs pressed against my back from my other torso—it felt even more awesome than I’d imagined.

You grunted, stroking all my spraying cocks with many strong, slick hands from many joined bodies. Just the thought of those cocks inside me—mine inside you—On the triple-torsoed usses, you were doing it to me and I was doing it to you. Arms and hands groping everywhere. Stroking your cock-sensitive muscles. Muscle swelling as they grow bigger and tighter with lust. Faces getting cuter. Our bodies pushing together as they swell up bigger and tighter. Cocks hardening and widening and ……. doubling …..

Suddenly all at once we all came, a colossal eruption, a fuse-blowing lightning strike that left us shooting impossible amounts of skin-singing cum from so many, so many cocks…. Screams of cell-deep pleasure roared from all our many mouths.

We sort of passed out for a while, coming to slowly. “Wow,” I said.

“Uh yeah,” you said.

I took a moment to enjoy the simple pressuree of my rear torso’s pecs pressed hard against me, enormous permaboners pushed up—sheathed—deep inside my own torso. “I love the way our bods are merged now—it’s so freaking hot,” I said.

“Very hot,” you said.

I had never realized until now just how much I really want to have another torso behind mine, sharing my legs, pressing his/my pecs against my shoulderblades. Sharing/feeling his and my sensations. But this was a lot more with the double-headedness and all those nipcocks and everything else….

“Utter and complete closeness,” whispered the you that was my rear torso, breathing into my ears from both sides.

“Mmmmm,” I said.

“Dude….totally intense, man,” the you in front of me said, as the me that was merged with him wrapped several long, muscle-thick arms around your hypermuscled front torso.

“Fuck yeah,” I said. “I’m totally looking forward to going to bed with this merged bod dude,” I said.

“Me too, man.,” you said.

We were all pretty tired. My rear torso leaned back against the wall and I leaned back against him, and all around the room we all did the same, enjoying the feeling of leaning back against pecs and cock. My last sight as I drifted off into a deep and long slumber was smiling as the tall, buff bellboys made their way around to us and started cleaning us by licking off all the thick, viscous layers of cum off our superhard, muscle-thick conjoined bods. All five of him, I noted idly, had three legs (side by side) and three torsos (back against chest, then back against chest again)—that meant, hm, let’s see, with three heads per torso… I was too tired to sort out how many tongues, or how long it would take him, or how long his cocks would get if they kept growing a bit for every mouthful of cum he licked up, which seemed to be the case. I was glad, anyway—we were covered in cum head to toe and then some. There probably weren’t enough towels in the hotel, I thought vaguely with a smile.

My last thought turned toward you as you drifted off behind me, and how happy I was to finally share your amazing body with you more intimately than I’d ever, ever dreamed.


Part 4: Too Turned On

I’ve been away on these stupid business trips so long that when I find myself standing in front of our door I’m actually a little nervous. Without meaning to, I slip into the memory of a similar moment a few years back: our first time apart, after I’d come back from a four-week winter break at opposite ends of the country. I’d rushed back to school the first day the dorms were open, at the start of a three-day holiday weekend. All I could think was, I hope you’re there already too.

It feels like ages ago, and yesterday.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I feel butterflies as I knock on your door. But when you open it and grin so hugely most of my unease melts away. “Hey,” I say.

“Hey,” you say back, still grinning. You usher me into your room and I quickly do as directed.

“So—whatcha been up to?” I say, drinking you in.

“Just the usual mostly…work, gym, self-love, repeat,” you say with a disarming laugh, closing the door and locking it. “I eat occasionally in between.” Your light mood evaporates the rest of my anxiety, and I laugh too. We sit next to each other on the bed.

“But nothing really spectacular…which is a good thing,” you add. “How about you?”

“The same actually,” I say. I had gotten some workouts in. They do make a difference, even with bodies like ours. Suddenly I wrap you up in a six-armed hug, and you eagerly hug me back. I feel warm sensations inside—and heat too.

“Mmmmm…” you moan in my ear. We pull apart, and you start telling me about a guy you had seen back home who had an immense, completely hard hypercock all the time, standing straight up over his head, showering everyone with precum wherever he went. You admit you hadn’t been able to take your eyes off it. “But then I’ve always been really into hypercock,” you add ruefully.

“Yeah, oh yeah,” I say. “There’s something amazing about a 16-inch cock,” I add, nodding at yours—wait, when had we gotten naked? Had you cast a nudity spell on your dorm room? (I find out later you cast a nudity spell on us, for whenever we’re alone together. It still comes in handy.) “But a 16-foot cock…”

“I know. Although things can get… unwieldy… above 3 or 4 feet,” you say. I raise my eyebrow at this unexpected refuge in practicality. “But…to each his own,” you go on, adding coyly, “and so often one doesn’t really have a choice in the matter anyway. Things just happen and suddenly you’re growing.”

I realize there’s a very good chance you will do something to make me lose control of my magic. We’ve been away from each other so long and my cocks are already achingly hard just from seeing your beautiful face. “I’m thinking about that very problem right now,” I say, biting my lower lip.

“Mmmm…! That is good news,” you say with a smirk. “I like it when you’re thinking about … growing. Let me know if I can help in any way. I love stimulating you,” you add, wiggling your eyebrows. But I know just how much you mean that.

“That explains what your hands are doing right now,” I say.

“Sorry….I hope you don’t mind,” you say with a mock humility that I don’t buy at all. “It’s just….I can’t help but tease your cluster when I’m sitting next to you like this. It’s so fun to watch them swell up so big and tight…and leak while they buck and throb.”

Well, that’s fair. Everyone wants to rub my cock cluster. They’re just so thick, and hard, and there’s always so many of them. “I know, I realize you can’t help it … no one can,” I admit. What’s alarming me is how your cocks are dripping on mine as you lean toward me. “But don’t get so much of your precum on them—they’re already pretty huge, dude!”

“Well…it’s just that I get so turned on…the sight of your huge muscular body…those bulging six arms of yours. I don’t know if you realize how it affects me!” You take a pause to gulp, six of your own hands never leaving my growing boners, the other four busy caressing yours. “Besides…I’m not getting that much of my pre on your cocks….just what’s left on my hands after I give myself a few strokes. They’ll only grow a bit bigger and…well, that’s only going to make them hotter in my book.”

I’m getting really aroused at this point, but I’m trying to keep my head straight if I can. I know if there’s anyone’s precum it’s dangerous to get on my cocks, it’s yours. “Yeah,” I say, “but I don’t think you realize how much there is, or how powerful it—-” Suddenly, I feel a seismic shift in my crotch, making me shudder up and down my whole body. I look down. “Unh, fuck, three more cocks dude!”

“Oh come on. To hear you talk anyone would think I’m growing you on purpose!” you say, switching to mock indignation while your hands keep on relentlessly stroking our cocks. “You’re the one who crafted that combined irresistibility/arousal growth spell! Now you’re caught in this loop of growing cocks when you get teased up…and having every dude who sees you be forced to tease your cocks up. It’s really not my fault.” I try to interject, but you plow on. “And as for what happens with my precum…that’s sort of your doing as well.”

“Oh come on!” I break in.

“What? I never used to leak cock and muscle growing precum before I met you. Now…every guy I fool around with gains all sorts of size.”

I gulp and, under your expectant gaze, take refuge in honesty. “Yeah, but that only happened because your kisses make me want to … do things … to you…” I falter, not wanting to think about just how crazy your kisses make me.

“My kisses?” you say innocently, an effect spoiled when your mouth curls into a seductive smirk. A smirk I suddenly yearn to kiss away. “What on earth could be so special about my kisses?” you go on teasingly, licking your lips. You lean forward shamelessly. “Are you saying you can’t hold your powers in check during a simple… little… kiss?”

“Duuude, if you distract me I’ll be totally… I might risk losing control!” I gulp. “And your mouth, and your, well, what’s in your mouth …” I stop, stammering, feeling that wrenching shudder again and look back down in exasperation. “Fuck! Dude! Five more cocks!!!”

“Yeah, but if you aren’t careful you’re going to trigger changes in me—the ones you want, and others too if you’re out of control,” you add, but I can see the glint in your eye. Something in me knows that you like making me change you. You love giving over to that power, you really do.

My crotch throbs en masse and I realize I have way too many cocks. I feel like I might actually hyperventilate. I look up, and our faces are really close. “Man, I don’t even know how many of these monsters I have now, thanks to thinking about your … um…” I didn’t even realize we’d started kissing. “That’s not fair,” I say, my mouth moving against your lips. My arms are around you, holding you to me.

“Dude… you kissed me,” you say, not moving away. “You gotta keep it in check, man. Otherwise, well, things could get freaky.” I’m not sure you want to prevent that, though. I’m pretty sure you don’t, actually.

“Yeah .. but you should’ve stopped me.”

“You’re—you’re getting so strong, man,” you say, not that you’re trying hard to pull away. “It’s all of my precum getting on you. Fuck. Just look at your muscles!”

“I don’t care,” I moan. “I just need to be strong enough to hold you in place so I can kiss you senseless—!” Fuck, I really am losing it.

“Dude…be careful!” you say, an edge of seriousness in your voice. Maybe you took it too literally when I said to stop you. Or maybe you know just how strong may magic is, and what I can do if I’m out of control.

I turn us on the bed so we’re on our backs, me on top. “I’m big enough to wrap a dozen arms around you.”

“C’mon, man!” you say, and I’m still not sure if you’re playing or just trying to keep me from drowning in my own transformation powers.

My cocks are iron-hard, pinning you down, covering you with my own precum. You’re feeling a little helpless as your own muscular jock body is pinned by my huge muscles. I push against you, and you can feel my cluster throbbing, drooling pre, the fluid smearing across your legs, abs…cocks. You struggle, but that just seems to turn me on more…and I keep growing…and making it more and more difficult to move me off of you.

“Fuck,” I whisper. “The feel of your muscles growing against mine, your cocks growing into the middle of my cluster…” I trail off, lowering my mouth toward yours.

We kiss, hard. Your tongue starts probing deep in my mouth as you press your face against mine. You know what I’m doing…what you’re trying to make happen. You try to force yourself to disconnect, to shift the mood before I get in over my head, before I get what I’m aching for.

“Don’t resist me,” I plead. The sensation is too intoxicating, too powerful.

For both of us, it’s too much. The feeling of my body swelling huge with mass, my cocks growing, slithering into the mess of your cock cluster. Finally it happens. I feel your tongue fighting mine and then…it stiffens and…fattens up.

I moan ecstatically into our kiss. The sensation of your huge, fat, thick mouthboner pushing through our mouths, shoving way into mine is beyond erotic. I need to taste it, to massage it with my lips, my tongue, my throat. It’s getting so big and tight as I suck on it.

Yeah, you knew this would make me crazy, I think to myself. I suck down on your huge mouthcock eagerly, hungrily, as our bodies writhe and change and grow. There’s so much precum flowing from both of us, pooling on your abs, smearing across both our bodies. Dimly I think, it’s not good to “mix” things like this, the magic from both our spelled cocks connecting, reacting might make unexpected things happen. But neither of us are in any shape to actually worry about these practical matters.

Sure enough, I can feel our bodies stretching together. Our abs expanding. Extra torsos stacking, one growing out of the shoulders of another. Legs piling… It doesn’t matter. It all feels amazing, and intensely arousing… I’m cumming quarts of precum nonstop from so many cocks now. But what’s in the front of my mind is that one mouthcock… one mouth… it’s not enough.

And then I relax a little, as what I need becomes real again—as I revel in kissing you three times over, your three huge hard mouthboners throbbing in my three hot wet mouths. Three sets of our faces macking like nothing relse matters in the fucking universe.

Ooooooh duuude, I moan to myself, because I certainly can’t speak. I know you will know exactly what I’m thinking. Mouthfuck me with your hot hard tonguecocks dude!

Suddenly you roll me onto my back, just so you can pull your heads up and smile down at me…or at least try to smile. Having a giant, overfat mouthboner tends to make it difficult to smile. Or articulate anything. But I can read your pleasure through your eyes, in each of the three heads on your insanely broad, wide shoulders.

I grin back up at you, pulling your immensely muscled body toward me without using too much of my colossal strength. You sort of shake your heads in disbelief that I’ve done it again, which just causes the oversized cockheads on your mouthboners to douse my three sets of lips with a heavy coating of your thick precum. You moan around your mouthboners as you feel your super slick cock cluster slide around in mine, the fat shafts fucking each other as we move.

Down there on one of my lower torsos I have a dozen hands stroking our cocks… I feel them all growing, expanding, spurting hit precum. But my eyes are on those beautiful faces, and those beautiful protruding mouthcocks.

You are overwhelmed with sensation, the way our bodies are touching and engaging at so many point. But my focus is centered in your mouthboners—until those babies get sated there is no hope of stopping the changes. You can tell I’m over the edge, lost in the combined lust of magic, horniness and an overwhelming (and adorable) desire to trigger and grow these mouthboners of yours.

I know you’re thinking about the last time this happened. We were locked in our room for nearly a whole day until some other students reported us missing and sent one of the professors of transformational magic to check on us. But that was a weekday…not a weekend with a (gasp) holiday the Monday after. If I don’t somehow disengage from this loop we could be stuck here for days….cumming, growing, changing… mutating… multiplying….

And then I realize. “You felt it too, right?” And you nod your three heads. We don’t just have these two freaky bodies anymore…! Suddenly my eyes widen… I wonder if we’ll literally fill the room with our transforming bodies…!

I look past your three sexy heads and see another three-headed you over your shoulder, lying on top of you. I smile three sloppy smiles of my own at him, and he grins back around his hefty, leaking mouthcocks.

I suddenly realize that you’re having trouble holding on—you’re as super-aroused as I am! It’s no wonder the way your bods are merging together. Desperately we go in for three deep hard kisses, and more of us are doing the same all over, filling the room with muscle and cock and arms and legs and sex and cum.

As you finally give in to the overwhelming sensation washing over your bodies, you feel your lips stretch wide…super wide….as your mouthcocks swell up, growing fatter and thicker as you cum. I can tell from the look in your eyes that you can barely believe how huge they’ve grown this time…and you know this will be their new starting size the next time I trigger you.

Finally blinding white as I feel your cum shoot out, filling my mouths with your jizz. I’m swallowing heavily but still struggling to keep up as blast after blast fills my mouths and dribbles down in streams onto my mountainous pecs.

You nestle your bodies closer to me, so drifty, sated and somehow still aroused…the comfort of my muscular body making you feel so safe and happy, our arms and legs and cocks are all interlaced and wrapped around each other.

Still not being able to speak due to the huge amount of softening cockflesh in your mouth, you just whimper and moan little happy moans of contentedness while your hands trail over our bodies and feel our huge muscles. I smile at your little moans, transfixed by your mouthcocks even now that they’re only halfhard.

Our cum is mixing all over the room, coating us, making us, I realize at some barely conscious level, permanently susceptible to what others want us to be. Thanks to our intermingled cum, I discover later, it won’t be just me that can make you like this. Anyone who wants to see you with three cute heads and those new wide massive mouthboners … will.

I know the way I make you cum so massively is slightly embarrassing. But it’s us. It shouldn’t be like normal cumming. You get you so turned on by me, and us, and what happens when our bodies and desires and feeling collide that it’s like an explosion, you told me once. It sounded like a flattering exaggeration or something. But it’s literally like that.

And you love it. The thrill of too much. It’s everything you want. Everything we both want.

“Mmmmm,” you hum, nestling your three heads into my thick chest. Around us, other yous and mes cuddle and sleepily kiss, as we drift off in sated exhaustion. I felt a flutter of excitement even as I drifted off, pondering the whole long weekend ahead of us.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I stand at the door, emerging from my reverie with a thumping heart and hardening cocks. I pull out my keys from the pocket of my magically-adjusted four-legged slacks, smiling a pair of wicked smiles. I’m already starting to change for you.

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