Transform: Muscle club

by Also Known As

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Brian Chan paused before the front door. His heart was already beating fast. He knew that there would be no going back from this, that after he made the decision to pass through the threshold, he’d be on a dedicated path to something that used to be a dream or a wish, and now, suddenly, could become reality.

He placed his hand on the doorknob and turned. As had been promised, it was unlocked and the door swung open easily. He took a step forward into a tiled foyer and could hear soft voices from inside the house, but it was impossible to tell how many others were already there. He checked his watch and noted that he was right on time, or maybe a minute or two late, depending on its accuracy.

He walked into the unfamiliar house, following the sound of voices, and came finally to the living room. There was a large sofa sitting against the wall opposite him and upon it sat the owners of the conversation, which ground to a silent halt as he appeared. Three other guys, only one of whom he knew personally, sat on the couch, even though there were two chairs available, too. One sat on either side of the sofa, but Brian followed the instructions he’d been given and he, too, found a place on the crowded couch, sitting near the center because the ends were already occupied.

He nodded a silent greeting to his friend Raul before he sat down. He would rather have been sitting next to someone he knew, but since he was the last to arrive he didn’t have a choice in the matter. Raul was at the opposite end of the couch, so Brian sat down next to the one guy in the room he would never in a million years ever believe he’s be this close to.

He recognized him instantly. Who wouldn’t? It was Shawn Michaels, the coolest dude on campus. Captain of the football team, all-state in track, President of the fucking student body. What the hell was he doing here, anyway? Didn’t he already have a fucking unfair advantage? Brian’s heart did a little backflip in his chest and he swallowed into a dry throat, feeling instantly even more apprehensive and, yeah, scared than he had been when he decided to come in the first place. Shawn was wearing a shirt that showed off his upper body strength to good advantage, and a pair of loose jeans with turned up cuffs.

He didn’t recognize the other guy at all. He looked Indian or Pakistani. Dark skin, very large eyes, close-cropped hair and really thin. He thought he’d seen him around somewhere, but he wasn’t entirely sure. Probably some other anonymous nerd. He wore a long-sleeved button-down GAP shirt over a pair of kalkis that may have been in style in, like, 1980 maybe. It was no wonder that Brian didn’t recognize him, he seemed designed to fade into the background. What the hell was that guy doing here? For that matter, what the hell was Brian doing here. He felt a little more confident in his body in comparison at first, but in the presence of Shawn Michaels, anyone else would pale to insignificance.

In front of him, against the opposite wall, sat a big fucking flat screen L.C.D. TV and a pretty nice audio/video set-up, complete with a Wii and an Xbox 360. Next to the stereo and game set-up, there was a computer that looked like it didn’t quite belong there with wires coming out of it and disappearing behind the A/V equipment. Everything was turned on, but there was nothing on the screen.

It was weird. Whatever the dudes were talking about when he arrived, they apparently decided they were done talking about it now. The house was silent, except for some movement upstairs augmented by the creak of loose floorboards and the sounds of someone heavy moving around.

Brian was just about to break the ice when he heard someone coming down the stairs, and all four of the guys on the couch turned to see who was coming. One of them gasped and someone else said, very softly, “holy shit,” when the two figures finally appeared and came into the room with them.

They were, without a doubt, the best built and best looking two guys that Brian Chan had ever seen in his life.

Brian found out about what was going on from his friend Carl. It was the third day back from Christmas break, and Carl came up to him at lunch and looked a lot different… different even than only a day before. Like, not totally different but really pretty radically different, even to the point of being taller! It was weird and at first Carl was all trying to deny anything about him was different, even though he clearly had these, like, muscles suddenly. Brian could see that his friend’s chest was now pushing against his shirt like it never did before, and his arms were obviously a lot bigger and really defined and it looked like even his face was different.

“What the hell happened to you?” Brian asked, maybe a bit too loudly, but he was shocked by his friend’s appearance.

“Nothing,” he answered. But even his voice had changed.

“Nothing my ass, what did you do?”

“Shut the fuck up, Brian! Nothing! I didn’t do anything!”

“Carl, you’re bigger!”

“Am not!”

“You’re fucking a lot bigger today than you were yester—”

“Okay, okay, shut the fuck up and follow me. I can’t tell you everything, but maybe… maybe I can get you in.”

“In what?”

Brian followed his friend to the back of the science building. They were both bundled against the cold, and their breath fogged out in wisps. Then Carl stopped abruptly and turned around and said, with a weird, almost scared look in his eyes, “Okay, you can’t tell anyone, Brian. You got that? You can’t tell anyone!”

“Like no one else is going to notice?”

“So far, you’re the only one.”

“Maybe I’m the only one who said anything, but dude, everyone’s going to notice!”

He shook his head. “Even my parents didn’t say anything.”

“What are they, blind? You’re clearly different looking than you were yesterday!”

“It’s not just looks,” he said mysteriously. He looked around and then pushed Brian’s back against the building’s wall, turning his own toward the quad and anyone who might be wandering up or looking at them. Then he looked down and unzipped his jacket, letting it spill apart. Brian noted again how much bigger his friend’s body appeared underneath his shirt, when Carl started pulling the hem out of his jeans and lifted up the woven cotton material and revealed his new chiseled abdomen to Brian’s disbelieving eyes.

The dude was ripped. Not just a little bit, either. He was massive. It’s like he owned an entirely different body, all the sudden. This clearly was not the same Carl that Brian had gone swimming with last summer. That guy had a slight chub and looked like he’d been eating a few too many Oreos or something.

The torso he was looking at now was… it was… incredible! “Jesus,” he said softly. “How the fuck—?”

“That’s nothing, dude. Get a load of this!” Suddenly, Carl was undoing the fly on his 501’s and pulling the crotch wide open. Then he shoved his hand in his jeans and tugged out a massive shank of cock. Tugging and tugging and tugging, it seemed to go on forever.

It was fat, it was long, and it was huge. A thick vein wound along the shaft and the lip of his helmet flared wide and high. It was easily the biggest limp cock that Brian had ever seen, and also clearly not the same cock he knew that Carl owned. It was like some trick or something, like that fake dick that Marky Mark wore in that movie. But before Brian could test his theory, Carl was shoving it back inside his pants.

“I can’t tell you everything right now,” he said, tucking his shirt back in. “But it’s fucking amazing.” He got closer still to his friend, and the height he had gained was even more apparent. “Look, let me see if I can get you in. I can’t guaranty anything, Brian, but will you promise me that you won’t tell anyone about this?”

“Someone’s gonna figure it out.” Brian kept shifting his eyes south, to where that fat cock was now clearly evident against the jeans to anyone paying attention. There was a thick tube of meat in Carl’s pants, coiled like a snake.

Carl shook his head. “Don’t worry about it, Brian.” He started looking around again as he zipped up his parka. “I’ll call you tonight and let you know, okay? Please, Brian, promise you’ll keep your mouth shut.”

He shrugged. “Whatever, dude. But if no one else notices what you just showed me, and everything else—I mean, fuck dude, you’re taller than you used to be! No one gets taller overnight!”

“I’ll call you tonight.”

Brian waited for the phone to ring as his curiosity grew stronger and stronger. The picture of Carl’s newly muscular belly and the defined six-pack he was so miraculously sporting floated in his head. When the phone finally did ring, Carl said, “You’re in, dude,” and his voice was clearly happy.

“In what?”

“No questions. Do you want what I got?”

Another image flashed in front of Brian’s eyes. The frozen picture of his friend Carl holding the fat, firm shaft of his huge dick in his grip. “Yeah,” he answered. Then Carl told him to write down an address and to go inside at 4 o’clock the next day.

“4 o’clock sharp, Brian. Don’t be late.”

“Carl, what the fuck is it? Are you shooting up? You on steroids?”

His friend issued a throaty laugh. “There’s no fucking needles or pills or powders, dude. You don’t gotta worry about getting bitch tits or your balls shrinking up. More like the opposite, really.”

“And there are no side effects? You’re perfectly okay?”

“There are two side effects they told me about. And they’re both far from bad. One is that you’re gonna get horny all the time. Like, super fucking horned up. The second is that anything you eat, any weight you try to gain, anything you put in your mouth… yeah, anything you put in your mouth is just gonna make you bigger and stronger, dude.”

“What the fuck is it?”

“Just be at Scott’s house tomorrow at 4, dude. All will be revealed.” Then Carl laughed again, and the phone went dead.

Now it was the next day, at 4 o’clock, and Brian Chan was sitting on a couch at the appointed address at the appointed time staring at two huge, like, amateur bodybuilder dudes standing three feet in front of him.

Scott and Derek were naked from the waist up, and wearing sweatpants from the hips down. Every visible inch of their naked bodies was swarming with muscle. Bulging, deeply-etched, perfectly developed muscle.

The two teenagers were nearly mirror images of each other. Scott, who lived here, was pale-skinned with reddish-blonde hair. Derek, his best friend, had darker skin, owning to the Spanish blood from his father, and dark-brown to black hair. Scott’s chest, belly and arms were coated with a fine forest of curls, growing densely between the hemispheres of his chest and running in a thick trail down the middle of his torso, weaving between the bulging washboard abdominals arranged in an 8-pack on his stomach.

Derek was as smooth and his friend was furry, and while he wasn’t blessed with the amazing 8-pack of his friend, his own 6-pack was more deeply carved and overtly powerful, a bulging egg crate to Scott’s washboard.

Both of them were tall, easily over six feet, and owned absurdly narrow waists and wide shoulders, lending them tapering upper bodies both impressive and powerful.

Beyond any other measure of their physical appearance was the sheer definition and heft of their muscular development. Every single muscle was keenly defined. Thick veins wound along their arms and reached up from the waistbands of their sweatpants, stretching across the tightly muscled contours of their pelvises and hips. Both owned massively muscled chests and fat, bulging upper arms. The individual lobes of muscle on their shoulders were easy to see, and the horseshoes of their triceps were stark and deeply chiseled.

Beyond the sheer overwhelming muscular development, their faces were also almost inhumanly beautiful. Each sported a shadow of a beard, closely cropped on their chiseled features, adding a heightened sense of masculinity to their features. And while Scott’s mane of red-blonde hair was a collection of soft waves, and Derek’s dark hair was shiny and straight, they owned twin sets of blue eyes, each as bright and remarkable as the other.

The two boys—looking more like men, really, though they were each only 16 years old—stood before the assembled quartet in front of the TV and seemed to closely examine each boy in turn, pausing to scan their bodies and faces.

Finally, Scott broke the silence, saying, “Welcome to Muscle Club.” His voice was surprisingly deep and resonant, almost musical. Derek simply smiled—even his teeth were white and dazzling, and a pair of deep dimples appears on his cheeks as he did so. He hooked his thumbs into the loose waistband of his sweatpants and they pulled even lower on his hips, revealing a thick forest of dark pubic curls that erupted along his loins.

Then Scott continued. “Each of you has been invited here for a specific reason. Some of you have friends who have already become members of Muscle Club, and some of you have been invited because you possess… traits that are important to our success.” Now Scott smiled, too, and he looked directly at Brian and the Indian dude.

Then it was Derek’s turn to speak. His voice was equally deep, perhaps even deeper than Scott’s, and sounded almost musical to Brian’s ears. “Some of you already know the rules, but here they are anyway. Number one, you can’t discuss Muscle Club with anyone. Number two, you can’t reveal anything that happens in this room to anyone else. And number three, you have to talk to Scott and me before you invite anyone else to become a member of Muscle Club.”

“Right,” Scott agreed. “And the last thing is that you have to go through with the initiation now that you’re here. There’s no turning back. And you have to do what we tell you to do, no matter what. If you don’t you definitely will not leave here looking any different than you do now, while the other guys are going to become muscle monsters.”

Derek said, “Your rewards should be obvious to you already, but if you have any doubts—” He paused, smiling again, and looked across at his friend Scott, who nodded.

Then, both guys shoved their sweatpants off their narrow hips and down their bulging legs and kicked them aside, standing suddenly and totally naked in front of the other four.

“This,” said Scott, justifiably proudly, standing to his full six-foot five-inch height and folding his immense arms across the thickly muscled hemispheres of his pec deck, “is what you get for joining Muscle Club.”

There was, again, complete silence in the room, because now that the two young men were completely revealed, it was obvious that they were not only massively muscled, exceptionally tall and powerfully handsome specimens of the human male, they each possessed a set of cock and balls that could conservatively be called incredible.

Along with the muscle—thick, dense, deeply etched muscle that extended onto their immense thighs and wide, diamond-shaped calves—each of them owned several inches of thick, heavy, impressive cock arching proudly above low-hanging nutsacks containing balls as big as hen’s eggs. They stood next to each other, feet spread at shoulder width, arms at their sides, perfect illustrations of masculine beauty.

“Fuck,” someone said, and Brian couldn’t help but silently agree. The two young men standing before him were nothing less than perfect. And that was before Scott and Derek started to pose, shoving their collections of brawn into spasms of flexing, bulging, swollen beauty even more impressive than before.

Biceps bulged and split into delineated balls of power. Chests swelled out and up. Shoulders piled higher and higher. Turning around, even their asses were amazing. Bulbous muscular globes of perfect uniform power.

And everywhere, muscle. Pure, clean, perfect, powerful muscle. Their skin was suctioned onto the deep crevasses and fat balls of it. Wedges and cables and lobes of brawn bulged from every inch.

They faced front again and allowed their collections of impressive brawn to relax, as far as it could, and they were both smiling. After their short demonstration of flexing blood into their muscles, they looked even bigger than before they started, and new veins had appears beneath both boys’ skin, adding another element of power to their appearance. It was also evident that this short display had them both excited, or at least some of that blood supply was heading south, because their twin pythons were visibly larger and throbbing toward erection. “Are you guys ready to have all this?” Scott asked.

There was stunned silence. Then, Shawn, the black athletic superstar, answered, “Fuck yeah, I’m ready.”

Scott looked at him and smiled. Then he turned his blue gaze to Raul and repeated, “Are you ready?” Raul nodded, struck seemingly dumb by the naked masculine power and beauty on display. Derek looked at Brian and asked, “Are you ready, Brian?”

Hearing his name spoken by the god before him sent a physical chill through him, and he nodded, too, almost afraid to speak. Then Derek looked at the Indian guy, and asked him, “Are you ready, Sanjeet?”

He nodded faintly.

Scott nodded and said, “Okay, here’s what’s going to happen now. Before you leave this house, each of you are going to gain at least twenty pounds of muscle.” He paused, eyeing each guy, then said it again. “At least twenty pounds. Before you leave this house, each of you will be at least three inches taller. And before you leave this house, your dicks are going to be one to two inches longer and at least an inch thicker. That’s guaranteed. And you will keep gaining more muscle and size and dick in the days and weeks to come.

“In the last five days, Derek has gained 34 pounds since he started, and is now 5 and a half inches taller. I’ve gained 36 pounds of muscle and six inches. My cock is now four inches longer, going from 5 inches to 9 inches while my friend Derek, here, is the proud owner of an 11-inch long, 6-inch diameter monster—a total gain of almost 6 inches on his cock in less than a week.”

Derek was grinning as he folded his mammoth arms across his chest. The two globes of pectoral brawn rose and tightened, and his cock twitched and jerked almost as if it was proud of the boast. No one doubted that what they were looking at was almost a foot of extra-thick cock.

The full force of what Scott had just reported was still hitting the four young men on the couch. The naked proof was standing in front of their eyes. It was quite hard to ignore, particularly now that those two cocks seemed to be swelling larger by the second. “Are there any questions?”

“What’s the most anyone’s gained?” Shawn’s voice seemed to waver slightly.

Scott looked at Derek and they seemed to confer silently for a moment before Derek said, “Hard to say, exactly. Casey McMahon left here 27 pounds heavier. But he was a thin dude before he changed, so that was all muscle. On the other hand, Steve Brewer, who in case you don’t know him was kind of a fat guy, left here weighing only 10 pounds heavier, but he didn’t have an ounce of fat on him—so we figure he gained something like 30 pounds of muscle.”

“Or were you wondering about something else, Shawn?” Scott was grinning and gripping his own fat prick, pointing it directly at the black-skinned athlete.

“I got nothing to worry about down there,” he said, defiantly.

“Nice to know. Anyway, does anyone here know a guy named Kevin Brubaker?”

Raul spoke up. “Skinny guy. Kind of tall. Likes art class?”

Scott nodded. “That’s the guy. Next time you meet him, you might ask him to drop his drawers if you want to see an honest-to-god foot long. Dude gained six fucking inches. In one day.”

Brian tried to imagine what that would be like, to watch his own cock grow to twice its size. “How does it work?” Brian wanted to know.

“The process works in two steps. The first step you are about to experience. It lasts about four minutes. You won’t get the full results until the second step, which requires Derek and me personally. After that, you’ll start to grow, and it happens fast.”

Raul asked, “Does it hurt?”

“Dude,” Derek said seriously, his voice dipping into an even lower register, “it feels like the best fucking orgasm you ever had.”

After a pause and no more questions, Scott said, “Before we start the video, you’re all going to have to strip.”

“Beg pardon?” It was Shawn.

Scott just smiled. “Look at it this way. You’re about to gain several inches of muscle everywhere on your body. If you don’t want to rip out of your clothes and walk home butt naked, it’s really a good idea to get your clothes off.”

And Derek added, “If anyone gets too big for their britches, so to speak, you can borrow the sweatpants that Scott and I were wearing when we came in. If they can fit over our legs—”

“Not to mention Derek’s cock,” Scott added glibly.

Derek just smirked. “—They’ll fit yours.”

Brian had to agree. The two young men owned legs overwhelmed with brawn. Getting his jeans over that collection of muscle would be impossible, even though they were promising he’d only gain about half that muscle himself. But Shawn said, “Why do we gotta take off our underwear?”

“You got something to be ashamed of?” Derek taunted. “Look, dudes, the weirdest thing that happens to you today isn’t going to be that you end up naked in front of a couple of strangers. We’re all dudes here.”

“Fuck it,” Sanjeet said, his first words spoken as far as Brian knew, and he stood up and started taking off his clothes. Raul followed suit, then Shawn, and finally Brian figured he didn’t have anything to lose, either.

Brian was intimidated when he walked into the room and saw fucking Shawn Michaels sitting on the couch. The dude was stacked. He worked out all the time, he was big, he was tall, he played football… Brian felt small and mushy beside him. He knew Raul pretty decent, but he’d never seen the dude naked before. The Sanjeet guy he’d never even met, but he looked almost lost inside his clothes, while Brian had a soft pudge and hardly any body hair at all, even under his arms.

Raul carefully folded up his clothes and laid them at his feet. Shawn’s were piled up next to the couch. Brian snuck a look over at the dude and rolled his eyes. Of course he’d have a big fucking Johnson. Wasn’t that how it always worked? Some dudes have everything. But he was surprised to see Raul’s ample cock giving Shawn’s a run for its money. No wonder he volunteered to get naked first, the dude was fucking hung. He owned a tube steak down there.

Sanjeet was covering up his cock with his hands, obviously unwilling to show it off. Brian thought that was kind of a stupid move and made it look like he was small, so he decided to just let everyone see his cock, which was what he considered of average size, though he tended to get a lot bigger when he was hard. For some reason, whether it was being faced with the two guys standing in front of him, or the idea of getting naked in front of everyone, or whatever, his cock was playing hide and seek and looked pretty tiny.

“Nice,” Scott said. He was openly checking out every dude’s package. So was Derek. His gaze paused on Sanjeet and he said, “Don’t be shy, dude, we’re all friends here.”

“It looks weird.”

“Your dick?” The small teenager nodded. “You uncut?” He nodded again, slowly. “No worries, dude. Makes it easier to stroke out a nice load, doesn’t it?”

Shawn laughed and Brian felt a warm blush of embarrassment wash over him. Then Scott was looking at him and he said, “Whoa, nice balls, Brian! Derek, check this dude out, he’s got some huge fucking nuts over here.”

“What the fuck?” Shawn asked. “Are we gonna get this show on the road or are you two fags just gonna stand there checking us out?”

Scott just smiled. “Calm your jets, studly. We all know you own a big dick.” Scott’s tone was slightly condescending, but tinged with obvious humor. As big as he was—in every way—his sense of self-confidence was enough to ensure that they all knew who was in charge, and his muscles danced and flexed under his paper-thin skin as he said it. It was true that Shawn already owned a piece of meat at least as big as Scott’s, so how fucking big was it gonna get when this was all done? He was probably feeling like he was going to be taking home another trophy today—biggest cock on the block, or whatever.

Strangely, Brian discovered that he felt some pride after Scott had pointed out how big his balls were, though. There was definitely something powerful about owning a nice set of equipment, and his eyes dropped to Derek’s monster, noticing for the first time that the dude was starting to leak precum. A small bubble of clear honey was gathering at the tip of his huge cock, and it looked like he was getting even bigger. If his cock was already that big, how fucking huge was his erection?

“But you make a good point, Shawn. Let’s get this muscle party started. Okay, step one. You need to watch this video. You need to watch it til the end, watch it all the way through. This is important. Especially the ending. If you miss the ending, you miss the first part of the process.”

“Now, this is some gay shit you’re gonna see,” Derek admitted. It’s a guy sucking his own cock. You dudes heard of the trumans?”

“Is that was this is?” Shawn asked, sitting up suddenly.

“That’s what this is, or at least this is part of that.”

“Cool,” the black athlete said softly. “I tried getting in, but I couldn’t.”

Scott nodded. “Same here. But as you can see, Derek and me found a kind of back door. If you know anything about the trumans, you know how big they can get. We assume that we’ll get there eventually. Maybe it takes a lot of time, or maybe we need to go through this a bunch. Maybe they have another way that they do it, make themselves get bigger, but this is the only way we know how.”

Shawn looked at Derek’s cock. It was still plumping, and it was now drooling a trail of pre down its throbbing shaft. “Do we get two cocks?” he asked.

Brian laughed despite his fear. What the fuck?

But then Scott answered, “Not yet. At least, nobody who’s done this has, yet. Your cock’s going to grow, that’s for sure. But we haven’t figured out how they have two cocks. At least… not yet.”

Derek said, “Scott’s still working on that. He’s finding a lot of stuff out, and we keep improving this process to make sure we all get the most benefit out of it, but you only get one cock.”

“One huge cock,” Scott corrected, slowly caressing his own, which had also started to arch upwards. “Is everybody ready?”

Derek said, with a huge grin, “Well, I know I’m fucking ready.” Then he grabbed his own burgeoning prick and squeezed it, releasing a sudden fat gob of precum that swelled from the eye of his monster and drooled over his hand to the carpet. He slicked up his cock with the juice and the skin gleamed and tightened as he started to stroke. Then he and Scott took their places in the two chairs on either side of the couch and Scott picked up a remote and the huge flat screen in front of them all lit up.

True to what Scott had said, it was some gay shit. This huge fucking bodybuilder, or more like what a bodybuilder might look like if the world was already made up of bodybuilders, and one of those bodybuilders decided to start working out, was sitting at a desk with a keyboard in front of him. He was nothing but muscle. Muscle everywhere. If Brian thought Scott and Derek looked impressive, he now had a new upper limit to the idea of what a muscled stud could look like.

This guy was beyond huge, and he was stroking what looked to be a cock of such massive proportions that what Derek owned could be it’s little brother. A fucking flood of precum was flowing from the head of his prick, and he was slowly and with evident bliss stroking that huge dick with one hand while he was typing with the other.

The leisurely and continual stroking went on for about a minute when the guy suddenly leaned forward and somehow managed to encompass the fat helmet of his own prick with his mouth and he started to actually suck himself.

Brian had to admit that it was an amazing spectacle. How could any guy do that? Just lean forward and suck his own cock? Let alone a guy as fucking huge as the dude on the screen. Something attracted Brian’s attention to the body next to him, the little Indian guy, and he peeked over to see that his cock was starting to throb and rise as he watched the show. The sounds of Derek and Scott both eagerly stroking their hard-ons was also hard to miss. Curiosity got the best of him—he wanted to see just how fucking big Derek’s massive meat could get—and he tried to look over without anyone else noticing.

Derek was looking back at him. He was smiling as he stroked his meat. His hand moved up and down the erection with the same slow, easy, confident strokes that the guy on the screen had been doing. Brian’s eyes widened at the sight, and then Derek lifted he free hand and pointed at the screen, mouthing the word, “watch.” Brian swallowed hard and turned back to the sight of the huge muscled man sucking on his own cock.

To his side, he heard Shawn sigh. He gazed sideways and down and saw that Shawn’s prick, long and thin and dark brown with a pinkish head, was also showing definite signs of life. Brian’s own small dick refused to do much of anything, either out of fear, or intimidation, or just because he wasn’t finding the situation very arousing. Or maybe the presence of so many huge pricks was making him feel smaller than usual.

The sucking noises from the screen drew his attention back to the dude with the muscles, who was now evidently swallowing a huge flood of his own cream, because small gobs of cum were peeking out of the corners of his mouth, and his large Adam’s Apple was bobbing with every gulp. When he pulled his cock from his mouth, the head emerged with an audible pop and the shaft and helmet were slick with spit and cum. He reached out his tongue and licked the tip of his own dick clean, closing his eyes in obvious bliss.

Was that it? Was that what was supposed to change him? Because Brian didn’t feel any different at all, and his muscles sure weren’t swelling up. He kept watching the guy on the screen. Shawn’s dick was now pretty big, lolling across one of his thighs, while on the other side, Sanjeet’s uncut dick was at full mast, throbbing dully between his thin legs. Scott was stroking his own monster every bit as eagerly and freely as Derek had been, but Brian’s cock refused to budge even an inch, limp and sad between his thin legs.

The screen was growing suddenly dark and Brian looked up just in time to see the muscle man’s index finger approaching the lens of the camera that had been watching him pleasure himself. It drew closer and closer, larger and larger, and then it completely covered the lens and the whole screen went dark.

Scott moaned deeply, his arms were tensed and showing every fat cable of raw brawn lining his limbs. His cock was standing straight up, huge and red and shiny, and the eye was spouting a dense, thick fountain of cream. Derek said, “Oh, fuck, yeah,” in his resonant tones, and his prick, too, was rock hard, thickly veined and bigger than ever. A torrent of cum was shoving from his cock like an open hydrant, and it splattered and coated his naked skin thickly.

Then Brian found himself growing suddenly and quickly very warm, as if he had been splashed with hot water everywhere, and his cock was no longer dormant by any means.

Instead, it inflated at a record pace, swelling fat and hard between his legs in a matter of seconds, achieving full erection as he felt the urgent, familiar tingle of a thick load of his own hot cream shoving itself up his shaft, and he was suddenly being splattered not just with the seed of his own balls, but his companions to either side of him were also creaming huge floods from their erections, shooting stream after stream of hot cum without evident control or limit.

All six young men in the living room of Scott’s house were experiencing orgasms of various levels of power and length. Transform had just been released from its electronic cage once again and was slowly, but steadily, changing each of them forever at a genetic level, infiltrating their cells and blood and muscles and starting its inevitable and unstoppable evolutionary process.

The results for the four new recruits seated on the couch were initially nearly imperceptible. They would normally grow only a little, but the key had turned in the lock, and their bodies were primed to welcome the flood of muscle that would soon be overwhelming them.

The two muscular teens, Scott and Derek, were out of their chairs, their dripping monster cocks in their hand, stroking them to another orgasmic blast. They had undergone this process again and again, and could now summon up fat fountains of cream on command. This was the true nature of Transform, in its purest form. The seed of man, delivered by muscled gods, in warm floods of cream.

“Here it comes, guys,” Scott announced. To Brian’s eyes it looked like Scott’s body was growing even bigger with muscle. Derek, too, appeared to be swelling larger everywhere, and his cock was massive. “Get ready to get huge!”

Another warm, wet, sticky blast of cum suddenly splattered against Brian’s naked body, but this time it was being shot with a careful aim as Scott and Derek plastered the four teenaged boys on the couch with twin fountains from their rock hard cocks.

Their Transform-rich cream poured from their swollen balls and showered Shawn, Brian, Sanjeet and Raul in a torrent of cum that splashed into their shocked mouths, the salty tang of warm, thick cum pouring down their throats. Shawn started to splutter and cough, and Brian felt like gagging. The warmth that he had experienced now grew to a firestorm that erupted everywhere. Transform was flooding his system, infiltrating every cell of his body, rewriting his body’s chemistry and unleashing the muscle monster within him.

He heard Derek’s voice again. “Fuck, yeah,” he murmured, “fucking beautiful.” The heat turned up, and his brain went into sexual overload. His body grew tight and hard everywhere, and then it released and another sensation took over. And he realized he was growing.

Opening his eyes, Derek and Scott were standing in front of the couch. Scott’s muscled arm was hanging across Derek’s wide shoulders. Through a haze of intense bliss, Brian could see the bodies of the two young men changing as their muscles swelled even larger. Their chests inflated, pushing their nipples lower. Their arms were bulging fatter with brawn. Their legs pushed against each other for space as the cables of power increased in size.

Brian looked down at his own naked body, and the changes happening there were much more intense and easy to see. Muscle wasn’t simply expanding as it was on Derek and Scott, it was appearing from nowhere and swelling up beneath his skin. He watched his own abs sink and pop, a six-pack of bulging beauty growing before his stunned eyes. He felt his arms growing and watched the muscle bulge bigger and bigger. “Oh my God,” he said softly. Then he smiled, and moved his hands across the swelling contours of his torso.

He was growing everywhere. Pounds of muscle developing within seconds. And while it lasted, his brain was being inundated with the perfect bliss of overwhelming sexual pleasure, compensating for the intense pain of growth his muscles and skeleton were undergoing during the process.

He was staring in wonder at his quickly developing body—all the muscle, the sprouting body hair, the thick nipples and tight belly—when his attention was drawn to the dark-skinned body to his left, and what was growing between Shawn Michael’s thickening thigh muscles.

The football star was going to start having trouble fitting into his cup from now on, because that long, thin dick of his was growing fat, and growing fast. It looked like he was getting another erection, but instead his cock was simply growing and getting heavier and fatter with every passing second. Muscle was blooming all across his already amazing body, and he was quickly approaching the same level of muscular development as Scott and Derek. Veins were throbbing all across his body under the chocolate skin, and his muscles were rising and bulging like bread dough.

“Fuck, this feels so good,” he said, and his voice was also manifesting that same depth and resonance as their hosts. He was rubbing and pinching and twisting his nipple with ne hand as his other one traveled across the swelling muscle all over his body. His cock looked like it was surpassing Derek’s monster on the way to a new record for growth, and the eye was dilating and weeping a sudden flow of clear honey.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum again. Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he said softly, and suddenly Derek was on his knees and grabbing hold of Shawn’s thickening prick and sucking it into his mouth, working the other teen’s knob like a pro.

Then Sanjeet was moaning, too, and Brian looked over and realized that the small Indian guy was no longer so small at all. He was fucking huge, with arms so thick they looked like his legs used to, but the wedges of bicep and tricep were so wide that they looked scary big. Scott said something about everyone having a different experience, and it looked like Sanjeet was growing into a muscled monster, with cuts so deep and his development so huge that no one who saw him would even recognize him as his former self.

His uncut cock was fat and stiff. The ample foreskin was peeled away from the shiny head and he looked like he was about to blow, too. His chest was massive, everything was, but all that muscle looked even bigger on his frame because the bulges were so pronounced, and the cuts were so deep. He was absurdly powerful looking, and his body had also gained about a half a foot in height just to compensate.

Sanjeet suddenly stretched himself, pushing his arms over his head and pushing his legs out and his whole body shuddered and throbbed and every muscle looked like it suddenly blossomed with power, as if once he had allowed room for it, it all popped another size bigger. Then Scott was between the teenager’s powerful legs and going down on that fat prick, sucking and licking and gulping the flood of cream from Sanjeet’s burdened balls.

Brian looked at his right arm and tensed the muscle, watching it swell and pop and grow ever larger. His growth seemed to be taking its own sweet time, but it was an unending process that was driving him insane with the on-going flood of sexual pleasure. His cock pulsed and throbbed and he realized he was going to blow another huge wad, too.

But he didn’t want to. He didn’t want this to end. He wanted to get bigger and bigger and bigger. More muscle, more power, more sex, more everything! “Oh, fuck,” he heard himself murmur. This was so fucking intense. It was insane. He could hear Derek and Scott sucking on Sanjeet and Shawn and looking down, he could see their shoulders growing bigger, still. They were getting bigger, still. Bigger and bigger and bigger.

He looked up and realized that the video had looped and the huge muscle dude was going to deliver his gift again. He opened his eyes wide and stared at the darkening screen and welcomed a second go, watching as the LCD went dark and then there it was again, another wash of warmth and another feeling of incredible power and sex.

Then his body took off. He was growing again, a double shot of magic infusing his body, along with the combined muscle onslaughts of Derek’s and Scott’s flood of cum, and his cock was swelling fetter in his grip. “Fuck,” he moaned, as the sexual bliss intensified, and he watched the six-pack morph into an eight-pack, and his pecs heaved upward, and his arms bulged fat against the young men on either side of him.

He was growing faster now, and his balls ached with the load of cream he was producing, and his muscles burned and tingled and pressed against his skin.

He was going to cream. He was going to go off like a rocket. He was going to explode. Bigger and bigger. “Gonna cum,” he said. His voice was a low, growling sound. “Ohhhh, fuck, yeah.” He started stroking his rod, feeling it getting harder and hotter and bigger and bigger, and the quicksilver sensation of orgasmic release was rushing up its thick inches, and the head swelled and grew shiny and red, and he started to cum.

The first gush was thick and hot, and he came like a flood, issuing a steady stream of white cum that arched high and full and landed on his growing body, splattering against his muscles and splashing onto Shawn and Sanjeet. He heard Shawn gasp and felt Sanjeet moan and he came again, shoving another flood of cum up the inches of his fat prick. It swelled larger still, and he arched his head and felt himself tense and throb and swell and he came again. Then again. And again.

He was shoving a tide of cream out of his straining balls. His cock was massive, easily over 12 inches and still growing. He was pumping out his flood of hot, sticky cream all over himself and his companions and as quickly as it emerged and splashed across their muscled forms, it sank into their bodies and allowed them to grow bigger, still.

Sanjeet looked like an exaggerated superhero. His muscles were fat and round and deeply etched. Brian’s cream swam between the bulging masses and disappeared, making them swell to even larger dimensions.

Shawn’s dark-skinned body was massive already, and now it started to swell all over again, and he groaned with pleasure as he grew, his monster dick enlarging inside Derek’s mouth and shoving renewed gushes of salty cum down his throat.

The six young men grew larger and heavier and more powerful by the second until the new supply of transforming cream had been shared by all, and the muscular and sexual development finally slowed to a stopping point. They were each breathing deeply, overwhelmed by the experience and slowly coming to the realization that there were now very different looking than when they had each entered the room.

For Derek and Scott, that meant that they truly looked like youthful bodybuilders, now. Muscle overwhelmed their bodies. It was packed hard and tight along every inch, bulging and vascular and pulsing with strength. Lobes and wedges and balls of muscle sprang up below their paper-thin skin, and as they stood up again, it was evident that they had each gained another few inches of height to bear the burden of all that thick brawn.

They looked at each other and then shared high-fives, awed and amazed at each others’ bodies. Derek still owned the bigger dick, now hanging easily over a foot in length, and Scott’s forest of blonde curls had again increased, now stretching across the wide, round hemispheres of his chest and all across his belly, ass, legs and arms. Derek remained smoothly hairless, though the dark wealth of curls above his massive prick was thicker than ever.

Shawn moaned and sat forward. He was the equal of either Scott or Derek in size. His formerly athletic body had swollen to massive proportions, and when he stood up he taller than either of the other young men, a towering mass of brawn. His waist was almost absurdly narrow, and his shoulders and lats were absurdly wide. The darkness of his skin made his new muscle stand out starkly, and in the cock department he was now the new monster in the room, with a prick so large that he was going to have trouble fitting it into any sweatpants.

“Dudes,” he said, and his voice sounded like an earthquake. “That was intense.” Then he looked down at what he had become and said, “Jesus, my mom’s gonna shit a brick.” He lifted his right arm and tensed the bicep into bulging glory, watching it rise higher and higher toward his fist. “Dad’s gonna be fucking proud, though.” He moved his hands along the dark bulging masses all over his torso and said, “Just wait until I hit the field next year!”

Scott was grinning and said to the others on the couch, “Stand up, dudes. Let’s get a good look at you all.” He leaned down and offered a hand to Sanjeet and Raul, while Derek reached toward Brian with a well-muscled arm overwhelmed with thick veins.

It was a crowded room. Looking around himself, it appeared to Brian that neither of the other guys had achieved the level of muscular development that Scott, Derek and Shawn had, but they were easily much larger, taller and heavier than before.

Sanjeet was the most obviously changed. He had been a beanpole when he sat on the couch, standing maybe 5-and-a-half feet tall and weighing a hundred and nothing. Now the muscle was packed on his 5-foot, 9-inch frame as if it had been inflated and then glued onto his skeleton. Every fiber was clearly defined, and his collection of new brawn flexed and twisted with the slightest movement. He was an anatomy chart of muscle, and his dark skin glowed with a sheen as if it had been stretched to its limit just to encompass all that brawn. “Fuck dude,” Scott said admiringly, “you’re ripped to shreds.”

Sanjeet was checking himself out with evident glee, the smile on his face bright and happy. “Thank you!” he said, and his voice was also deeper than it had been.

Brian had almost forgotten all about his friend Raul, but now that he got a look at him, he would never be forgotten again.

“Beautiful” was the word that sprang to his mind. Not handsome, or attractive, but beautiful, because Raul had developed into someone that would make girls swoon and gay guys cream their jeans with just a look at him. His face was gorgeous. How had he never noticed that before. Thick lips, high cheeks, a firm brow, chiseled jawline and large, dark eyes surrounded by heavy lashes all made his face achingly gorgeous. He had a long neck and wide shoulders, and his body had been honed to muscular perfection.

He didn’t look like a bodybuilder, exactly, even though he was heavily muscled everywhere. He looked like a model, or something between a model and a bodybuilder. His muscles were sleek and perfectly formed, lacking the heavy vascular look of the biggest three men in the room, nor as bulging with fat brawn as Sanjeet. Instead, his body was… perfect. That was the only word for it. It was perfect.

Raul had long limbs lined with brawn. He had a tight stomach and a large chest, but every muscle group seemed to somehow meld itself into the next, so that nothing stood out, but t all looked… perfect.

Derek seemed to agree, because he whistled appreciatively and moved to stand next to Raul, a good six inches taller and probably 100 pounds heavier, but the contrast only heightened the physical beauty of the other boy. Derek was handsome, to be sure, and even had some of the same coloring as Raul, but if they both walked into a room together, all the eyes would go immediately to the smaller man.

Brian looked down at his own body and wondered what he looked like to the others. He could certainly see a lot more muscle—and a lot more cock, just as promised. But from this angle, it was hard to tell if he looked more like Raul or more like Sanjeet.

Everything was bulging. Everything was hard. He had two distinct globes of brawn mounted on his chest, now. His arms were thick with muscle. He felt heavier, and stronger, and something else he could only describe as “manlier.” He had a definite feeling of masculine power coursing through him. And also… horny. Just like Carl had told him yesterday. He felt incredibly horny, even after blasting out the biggest load of cum in his life and experiencing a non-stop orgasm that felt like it went on for. Like, fifteen minutes. “Whoa,” he said, then realized that he said it.

Scott was looking at him. He was looking up at him, and he realized he was pretty fucking tall. He looked around, and realized they were all looking at him. Because he was also pretty fucking huge.

Brian was the most massively changed of all of the young men. He wasn’t just big, he hadn’t gained “at least” 20 pounds of brawn, he’d put another 40 pounds of muscle on his body, and he stood almost a foot taller, probably around 6-foot 10-inches high. His body was packed with muscle. It bulged from him in fat, hard masses, gathered into round fullness and stretching into cables of obvious strength. Was he bigger than Scott? Bigger than Derek? Whatever had changed him, it was working overtime.

Brian was a motherfucking monster, and between his legs was throbbing another motherfucking monster altogether. A fat length of meat, firm and heavy, a cannon ready to go off again, eager and hungry and the focal point of the overwhelming horniness he was feeling, as if it all originated there and spread out over his new body.

Brian had managed, somehow, to take what the guy on the screen delivered, and multiplied that by what Derek and Scott shoved down his throat, and turned it all into a huge, hulking mass of raw masculine power.

Scott said, quietly, almost in awe, “What is it, Brian?”

“I’m pretty fucking horny,” he said, and his own voice startled him.

“You’re also pretty fucking hot,” Scott said, placing a warm hand against his left pec. It felt good, being touched. Warmth and strength seemed to flow through the contact, as if the young men were sharing each other’s power. “Amazing,” Scott whispered, as his eyes traversed Brian’s nude body. “This is what they said, but I never dreamed it would work this well.”

“Who said what, now?” Shawn asked.

Scott looked at the handsome, muscular black dude and said, “I was reading about trumans online and they… some of the trumans… they said that the process improves with each new guy, and that it will get even more powerful if the genetic pool—the… the, like, race of the dudes—if that’s really broad. It’s like it thrives when you spread out and mix up the kinds of dudes involved.”

“So we picked you guys out for a reason,” Derek concluded. “Didn’t know what would happen, really, but just fucking look at you dudes. Hell, fucking look at us!” He brought up his arms and sent his muscles into spasms of growth. He was huge, there was no two ways around it. He was a fucking muscle monster, now.

“All you guys are a lot bigger than we ever managed before. It’s just… fucking incredible!” Scott moved his hands across Brian’s flesh, and a sensual warmth and perceptible sexual tingle accompanied his worship. “Fucking incredible,” he repeated. “And it was you, Brian. You did it. You’re a trigger.”

Then their eyes met, and Scott smiled. “Does that feel good?” Brian nodded. “Yeah, dude, you’re fucking huge.” His hands traveled south. “Fucking beautiful.” They moved across his ripped 8-pack, feeling the hard muscle and smooth skin. “Fucking incredible.” His fingers dug through the rough curls of pubic hair, touching the thick neck of Brian’s prick. “Fucking huge,” Scott whispered, moving his hands onto Brian’s cock and caressing the massive meat, coaxing it bigger with a deft touch, feeling it growing hot and hard under his hands.

Brian swallowed hard and closed his eyes. “Oh, fuck,” he whispered softly. Then other hands were on his body. Large hands on his shoulders. It was Shawn. Shawn moved behind him. He was huge and warm. He pressed his chest against Brian’s back. His hands moved over his shoulders onto his pecs, squeezing and kneading the flesh and muscle. Something warm and wet touched the back of his neck. Something thick and hot pressed between his ass cheeks. Something else surrounded his cock, something like a mouth, licking and sucking and playing with the head, something cupping his heavy balls, tugging and teasing them.

A voice in his ear. Shawn’s voice. “Yeah, dude,” he said. Brian could feel the voice as well as hear it, feel it reverberate in the huge black dude’s massive chest against his back. “Do it again, Brian,” he whispered. “Make us bigger.”

Brian could feel himself getting hot all over. His sexual power was rising. His cock was stretching. Shawn was kissing the nape of his neck, licking the skin, pinching his nipples. “I can smell you,” he said. “Fuck dude, you smell so good.” Brian realized that he could smell Shawn, too. And Scott. And Derek. Every guy in the room was releasing heavy clouds of their powerful new pheromones, laced with their individual masculine scents, designed to captivate and attract another male to build the brotherhood of transformed men.

Scott was sucking his dick. Shawn was caressing his chest, torturing his nipples, kissing his neck and check and then he felt lips pressed to his. Warm, moist, soft lips. A tongue. Urgent and insistent. Hands cupping his face. Someone was kissing his mouth. He opened his eyes and was looking into Derek’s blue gaze. He was straddling his friend as Scott sucked his cock. Derek was kissing his mouth as Shawn pressed his massive prick between the bulging muscular globes of his hot ass. “Do it again,” Shawn urged him. “Do it again, Brian. Make us all bigger.”

He could feel his load building. His balls churned and bulged. His dick swelled and stretched. He looked at the screen just as it grew dark, and Self Suck Sam delivered another magic touch.

“Here it comes,” someone said. “Here it comes again.”


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