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Richardson Family Home, Scott Richardson’s room: 6:32am

Scott opened his eyes. It was morning, again. And he was bigger.

He knew that he was, even if he couldn’t feel that he was. But that was how it worked, now. How his body worked. He put food into it, sustenance, protein, and nothing came out but muscle and size. His body was changed by its transformation into a muscle machine, constantly growing, getting stronger and stronger, and bigger and bigger.

His hand was on his cock, as if he had spent the night stroking himself. Maybe he had. It sure felt like it, because it was hard and hot in his grip, a fat shank of sex flesh swollen and throbbing. He remembered something about dreaming of some other guy, or maybe he dreamed about himself, and his amazing body, his unstoppable, muscle-swollen, superhuman body, and the enormous well of sexual power living inside himself.

Smiling, sighing, he moved his hand along its several thick, firm inches until his touch reached the soft, hairless skin housing his balls. They seemed super sensitive this morning, and a small feral groan of sexual excitement erupted in his throat. He set his fingertips upon his twins and could feel them moving inside his scrotum, churning and bulging, making more of the heavy cream he knew he would soon be pumping up the long, thick cock between his heavily muscled legs, shoving another huge, wet load to splatter all over wherever he aimed his cum cannon.

He moved his touch across his balls and it felt so good. A strong sexual tingle erupted along his thighs and across the muscles of his belly, spreading quickly across his whole huge body. His cock was hard, already, but he felt like it was stretching with the bliss of his touch, of any touch, of the desire for constant pleasure and the ability to deliver it.

There was another deep groan, but it didn’t come from him. He sat up onto his elbows, the bulging masses of his abdominal muscles popping under his thin skin, and looked over at his best friend Derek. He was lying next to him above the covers, his naked body like an anatomical map of the male muscular system. Derek was lying on his belly, and Scott’s eye was drawn to the two bulbous and perfect globes of his ass. Derek was smooth-skinned, and all that skin was the color of creamy coffee. The muscles of his back were as impressive and defined as those embracing his front, with the two thick wings of his lats spreading wide and heavy, and the fullness of his triceps apparent. He was breathing slowly, still asleep, and Scott set his hand upon the other young man’s back and soaked in his warmth.

“What are you doing?”

So he wasn’t asleep after all. Derek twisted his thick, muscular neck and his beautiful face appeared. He’d have to shave again, his heavy dark beard was back upon his chiseled jaw, but his bright blue eyes were shining out of his dark features like jewels. “Nothing,” Scott answered. But he moved his hand down Derek’s body slowly, feeling his friend’s powerful form, amazed still at the sheer size of them both.

It had been only one week since Scott first downloaded the video. Together, they had initiated 14 other young men into Muscle Club, and with each new member they grew bigger. Scott now weighed nearly 265 pounds, a gain of over 10 pounds of rock hard brawn every day, and his body had stretched to half a foot beyond six feet tall. Derek was still his equal in height, but also still trailed him slightly in sheer muscular tonnage, topping out around 15 pounds less than his furry friend. But Derek’s cock refused to surrender its lead in that derby, and it was still much fatter and a couple of inches longer than Scott’s.

At the moment, Scott wasn’t concerned with contests and sizes. He was moving his hand across and around the smooth, firm contour of Derek’s right ass cheek. His friend tensed the glute into steel hardness and the cables lifted against his flesh, creating an intense and deep divot along the side of his butt as each fiber of his muscular power appeared. Scott lifted his hand away and slapped Derek’s ass firmly, and Derek flinched and pursed his lips. “Fuck, that hurt!”

“Don’t fucking lie to me,” Scott retorted. His voice was a very deep growl, emitting from his furry barrel chest like a bear’s. “That barely even registered.” He knew what a body like Derek’s could take, now, because he owned one, too. Then again, he did hit him pretty fucking hard, and wasn’t it just a couple of days ago that he’d inadvertently put his dick through a wall in the shower… and that was just his fucking dick! “Sorry,” he said sheepishly. “But it’s just laying there, you know? How could I not slap that fine ass?”

Derek half turned over. Several inches of his prick, massive as ever, popped into view. “You can’t think of anything else you’d rather do with my ass?”

“A couple,” Scott admitted. Derek smiled and rolled back over, and Scott pushed his fingers into Derek’s warm, moist crack and slid his touch along his friend’s rosy hole, then pulled his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply, feeling his cock swell as he breathed in the other man’s sensual scent. They had discovered that there, deep between their legs, and also in to the dark, hairy pits under their arms, they were producing thick, heady concentrations of a funky, sexy musk. If it had been there all along, now it was as strong as they were, and just a whiff sent either of them—or any of the other Muscle Club members—deeper into horndog country.

As if that was even possible.

“Fuck, I fucking love your stink,” Scott said smoothly. Then he moved onto Derek’s body, straddling his legs, and leaned over his friend, licking a trail along the back of his thigh before sticking his face between Derek’s butt cheeks, sticking his tongue out and shoving it toward his friend’s rosy hole, licking and lapping up his sweet, dirty tang. He buried his face in Derek’s ass, pulling his cheeks apart, and inhaled him into his head, licking the remnants of the taste of his hole from his lips as he pulled away, his cock now hard as a rock and pulsing heavily in time with his heart. “Oh, fuck, dude. You gotta let me in there.”

Derek smiled and bit his bottom lip. He loved the feel of Scott’s hard prick shoving in and out of his hole. At first, both boys had visited the idea of buttfucking with trepidation bordering on fear. Not from the possible pain of the intrusion, but as some confirmation that what those two fucking bodybuilders had warned them of so many weeks ago. “Do you like girls? Then you don’t want to become a truman.”

Now it hardly mattered anymore. It was all too good to resist. It was like a reward they got on top of everything else. Everything felt so fucking amazing, and it was their cum that did it all!

Derek turned over under Scott’s legs and looked up at his friend. There was evident lust and need in Scott’s eyes, and it turned Derek on. He reached his hand down his torso and moved it between his legs and pushed two fingers into his own asshole, closing his eyes and lifting his hips as he felt the intrusion and the warmth and the wetness and his ass seemed to suck in his fingers and fucking want to be fucked again and again. “I’m not sure,” he said, opening his blue eyes. “I’m kinda tired.” He pulled his fingers out, they were wet and shiny, and he rubbed them against the thick, hard nub of Scott’s left nipple. His scent was strong and thick and rose up into Scott’s face like smoke from a fire.

There was a soft noise outside Scott’s door and his mother’s voice said, “Are you boys up yet?”

Scott looked down at his fully erect, red and shiny 11-inch monster, already drooling precum and swelling with need, and had to laugh. “Very much so, mom. Breakfast ready?”

“Almost, hon! Anything special you want?”

Derek said softly “Butt steak.” But Scott said, “Anything’s great, mom. Thanks. We’ll be out in a few.”

“Okay, hon!” Scott’s parents were resigned to what their son was becoming. What choice did they have? It was apparent only days into his experiment that he had been drastically altered physically, and he had to admit what he and his friends had been doing… and would continue to do, whether mom and dad liked it or not. They even took him to a doctor to see if anything was physically wrong with him, but after being pronounced in ‘more than perfect health,’ they relented and said that as long as he stayed in school, they couldn’t see anything too terribly wrong with it.

Derek’s parents had come to quite a different conclusion, which was why Derek was now staying at Scott’s house. In Scott’s room. With Scott.

After all, what sort of mischief would two young boys possibly get into?

Derek pushed himself up and put his mouth over Scott’s glistening nipple, licking and sucking his own musky essence from his friend’s massive chest. His hand grabbed onto Scott’s fat cock and slowly stroked all its inches, and his fingers quickly became cloaked in Scott’s wealth of warm, lubricating honey. Scott lifted his arms and tensed his biceps to power, sending out a fog of his own intoxicating and sexy smell, driving Derek’s libido into overdrive. “Fuck my ass, Scotty,” he said deeply. “Fuck me hard.”

Scott grinned and pushed his friend onto his back, taking an ankle in each firm grip, spreading his legs wide to open him up, and shoving his hips forward, his thick prick practically guided itself into Derek’s hot, tight hole, plunging fully inside Derek’s hungry ass with a wet, slick sound, slapping his lemon-sized balls against his best friend’s ass, and he started coming almost instantly. Derek’s fat prick inflated to shiny hardness and splattered a thick load of white cream across his own abs and the mountainous globes of his chest, where it drizzled between the peaks of his muscles like rivers through the mountains.

It felt like perfection. Even heaven couldn’t possibly feel better than this. The two boys fucked each other, trading positions, licking assholes and sucking cocks when they weren’t shoving themselves into each others’ asses, until Scott’s mom paid another visit to announce that breakfast was ready, and they got up from Scott’s bed, pulled on matching pairs of gray cotton sweatpants over their massive thighs, bubble butts and semi-erect cocks, red and dripping male-scented honey, and went downstairs to eat. It was going to be another great day.

West Valley High School, Mr. Steinman’s English Literature class: 10:18am

Brian sighed heavily. Fucking holy hell, Lit class sucked. The teacher was droning on in some as-backwards version of English again, all that Shakespeare shit, and he was bored. He was also absently rubbing a nipple with his thumb, cupping the thick meat of his right pec in his palm, feeling the bulging muscular brawn of his own amazing chest flex and heave against the thin cotton T-shirt nearly failing to hold him inside.

He cast a glance across the room to see if anyone was paying any attention to what the dude was saying. They made Brian sit in the back of the class, now, because, they said, he was both “distracting to other students” and also “too tall to see around easily,” both of which he had to agree with. Since the initial change back at Scott’s place, he’d kept growing by leaps and bounds. Whatever a “trigger” was, he figured he was an awfully effective one, because he had grown bigger even than Scott or Derek, and was still getting bigger.

Brian Chan now stood six-feet, ten-inches in his stocking feet. He weighed two-hundred and eighty pounds. Finding a shirt to fit his bulk was challenge enough, but the fact that he gained about two pounds a day in muscle and continued to stretch his frame to accommodate all that added meat meant that sometimes he would be ripping out of the same new shirt he put on that morning.

Just thinking about growing seemed to make him grow. It came in sudden rushes, now, a feeling of warmth would flood his body and his breath would grow short and it felt like every hair was made of electricity, then everything would get bigger, all at once. Not by much, but enough that it made his clothes feel tighter, and his cock feel heavier, and his muscles feel harder. He could recognize when it was coming on, now, and would usually have enough time to get somewhere to avoid any embarrassing “exposures” like that Monday.

Luckily, he’d been in gym class, and surrounded by other dudes, so the fact that his cock just kind of ripped out of his shorts and got erect like that, pushing itself to another record and proudly shoving up a thick rope of cream with the effort—not to mention that his body grew, like, another ten pounds of muscle, luckily he wasn’t wearing a shirt anyway—was only half as fucking humiliating as it would have been.

Or would be now, here, in English Lit.

That was the constant problem down below. He rolled his eyes toward the ceiling as he surreptitiously reached down and moved his hand along the length of his ever-firm cock. It was eleven inches long, now, and easily thicker than a beer can. He wore loose sweatpants, like all the other guys in Muscle Club, but they still grew tight when he began to swell, and he was starting to swell right now. He could feel its heat reaching out to his touch, and he started growing aroused again, just resting his palm against his prick.

When he was erect, the fucking thing stretched another four inches longer and grew almost as thick as his own forearm. Even now, his dick was starting its urgent throbbing, like a live animal crouched in his crotch, and he could feel the head pushing into a fold of his pants, and a thick pulse of precum tingling up its long neck. He swallowed and sucked in a breath and tried to turn his brain in another direction, even if his cock had a one-track mind.

None of the other members of Muscle Club were as large as he was. His friend Carl was in Muscle Club before he was, but Brian had easily outclassed his friend and now he acted all stupid and shit like it was Brian’s fault for ending up bigger than him… in both ways. Brian rolled his eyes at the thought. Whatever.

Speaking of huge dudes, look at poor Derek! Fuck, his own parents toss him out of his fucking house! Lucky he had Scott, and Scott’s cool mom. Must be nice to have a friend like that. He saw them both around school, and they seemed to be inseparable now. If one of them was somewhere, the other one wasn’t far away. And they were very open about their friendship, constantly touching each other, exchanging glances and smiles. Fuck, Derek had a pretty smile.

Brian rubbed the ridge of his dick head with his thumb, and he was rewarded with a thick dose of sexual bliss erupting through its inches. He swallowed and closed his eyes, trying to picture Derek’s face, but another one appeared instead, one just as handsome.

Shawn Michaels. “Black Beauty,” as he started to call himself. And he was like some thoroughbred, perfectly trained, effortlessly powerful, amazing to see in action. Turned out he was an okay guy, after all, and not the stuck-up jerk Brian assumed he was. “Sweet,” might be a word that Brian would attach to him, but there was a couple of layers of “asshole” you had to get through first. Maybe it was the fact that they had their size in common that made them become friends.

“Mr. Chan!”

Brian’s eyes snapped open. He’d been daydreaming, again. Thinking of the other guys in Muscle Club, and now there was a throbbing, thickening snake in his trousers. He huffed an impatient breath out his nostrils and there was a deep, throaty chuckle from the opposite corner of the room, where the other Muscle Club member had been sequestered. He looked over and there was Justin, his full lips twisted into a foolish grin, his huge chest shaking with laughter. His arms were bursting the sleeves of his T-shirt and his neatly trimmed goatee of dark brown whiskers needed some cleaning up. “Yes, Mr. Steinman?” Brian answered, his face turning as red as his cock.

“What was Hamlet trying to say in this passage?”

“Uhhh, the… passage—” Brian started flipping madly through his book, glancing at nearby desks to see a page number or familiar illustration or something. There was more mocking laughter from Justin’s corner.

“Yes,” the teacher answered irritably. “In this passage, with Ophelia.”

“I… uh—” Justin’s soft chuckle was turning into broad, open laughter. “I’m sorry, Mr. Steinman, I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Obviously.” The teacher, a man with salt-and-pepper hair, a slight paunch, and round glasses, looked over the rims of those goggles and cast his withering glance at both of the huge teenagers sitting at opposite sides of his classroom. “I believe you know what’s next, Mr. Chan. You, too, Mr. Taylor.”

Justin said, softly, “Fuck,” but in his deep and powerful voice, it carried. “Why me?”

“I think you just answered your own question, Mr. Taylor. We’ve had this discussion several times before. I’m sure you know the way to the principal’s office.”

There was a lot of noise in the room when Brian and Justin attempted to extract their mighty bulks from the small desks they’d been assigned. Luckily for Brian, his huge hard-on had relaxed somewhat during the embarrassing attention, and now his thick tool was lying dormant along his thigh, certainly obvious but not quite as overt. Justin just shrugged and pushed the other Muscle Club member toward the classroom door, and they both exited English Literature and headed up the hallway.

“Dude,” Justin said, a little exasperated, “again?”

Brian shrugged, bunching the huge muscles of his shoulders into mountains. “I get distracted.”

“I know what you mean,” he agreed, with a hint of melancholy in his voice. “Who was it, this time?” He looked at the larger boy, who had at least fifty pounds more brawn bulging off his tall frame than Justin did, and there was both curiosity and hope in his midnight blue eyes.

“Shawn,” Brian reported, with a bit of forlorn longing in his voice.

“Black Beauty,” Justin said, nodding slightly. “Yeah, he’s certainly one to fawn over.”

“I don’t fawn over anyone,” Brian retorted. “I just can’t help it. I start thinking about some dude, his face, his muscles, his dick. All the sudden it’s like I’m far away in someone else’s head, and all I can concentrate on is this guy. Then everything starts, you know, getting bigger and hotter and I just lose my place.” He looked over at Justin and asked, “Doesn’t it ever happen to you?”

“All the fucking time, bro. All the fucking time.” He smiled, and dimples appeared in his cheeks. The dark of his goatee was echoed in the shadow of whiskers along his jaw and cheeks. He had a shaggy bedhead of soft waves all over his head, and thick eyebrows that almost touched above the bridge of his prominent nose. His lips were absurdly thick, kind of pouty, and he owned eyes of a dark blue color like a deep lake.

“Who does it for you?”

Justin’s youthful face suddenly colored, and he cast his dark gaze toward the floor. He had a long neck that Brian noticed now, for the first time, as being elegant and powerful. He wondered what he tasted like, this built dude with the cute smile and those fucking soft lips. Justin swallowed thickly and suddenly the huge young man looked like some embarrassed little schoolgirl at her first dance. Brian’s brow furrowed and he stopped in the hallway, and Justin carried on a couple of broad steps before it registered that Brian had stopped. He looked up and back, and as their eyes met, Brian realized who it was that set Justin’s heart to beating and his cock to bulging.

“Fuck, dude,” Brian said. “Me?” Justin’s full lips twisted around each other into a kind of grimace, then he looked down again and nodded. “Yeah,” he admitted softly. “you.” He looked up again, and said, “All I fucking do is stare at you in Lit class, bro. I have no fucking clue what else is happening in there. Do you know how fucking sexy you are? You’re like a fucking machine in there. Some fucking sex machine. And I can see your dick getting hard all the way across the room.” He stepped closer. “Plus you give off this smell, did you know that? I can smell you coming a mile away. I fucking love your smell, it turns me on hard. And that’s just your fucking smell!”

Quickly, before he lost his nerve, Justin stuck his hand behind Brian’s thick neck and pulled his face down, planting a kiss on his lips with his warm, soft mouth. Brian’s scent rose in his nostril like a perfume, and he opened his mouth and pushed his tongue forward, plunging it into Brian’s mouth, feeling the other boy’s tongue engaging his own. Fuck, this was hot, and as good as he ever dreamed it would be.

Brian wrapped Justin in his thickly muscled arms and pulled them into a tight embrace, releasing the chains on his prodigious sexual drive and allowing himself free reign at the other guy. His hands found their way into Justin’s unkempt waves of hair. It was silken and crazy soft. He started kissing him back very passionately, and found his cock bulging and pushing toward the other boy. “Fuck,” he breathed softly. “You’re good.”

Justin chuckled again. It was a warm, easy sound that Brian liked a lot in this new context. “Let’s go somewhere,” he said. “Anywhere. I want to suck your dick. I want to feel your muscles.” He moved his hands to the hem of Brian’s shirt and tucked them under the material, running his touch across Brian’s bulging contours. Brian’s cock responded with a gush of precum that he could feel tickling the head of his prick.

“Ah, fuck!” A sudden rush of heat swept over Brian’s body, a familiar sensation, and he knew what it meant. His cock started to pulse and throb in his pants.

“What’s wrong?” There was disappointment in Justin’s voice. And concern.

“It’s coming again.” Brian closed his eyes. The heat increased. The hair on his arms and the back of his neck started to tingle. “Ah, fuck, here it comes.”

“What’s wrong?” Justin asked again. “What’s coming?”

Brian couldn’t answer him. He couldn’t catch his breath. His body felt like it was on fire. He balled his hands into fists and threw his head back on his neck and everything went hard and tense on his body as the growth wave hit him full force, standing right there in the school hallway while Justin stood and watched.

It was a strong one. Really strong. The strongest wave yet. The heat distilled and focused and crested over his body and broke all at once as he started to swell with more muscular power and size, and his cock filled with blood and pushed itself to steel-hard erection and grew another two inches longer. It shoved against his sweatpants and tore through the thick cotton, its helmet and shaft red and angry, and a sudden fat rope of warm, white cream shot toward the ceiling.

Justin’s eyes grew wide and he watched Brian’s muscular form swell outward everywhere. He was growing bigger before his eyes, and ripping apart the seams of his clothes to make room for the added muscle and size. Justin swallowed and his mouth fell open in awe and wonder and he could feel the other young man’s heat pouring off his developing form and the sexy, funky smell of Brian washed over Justin in a thick fog. He sucked in that smell, like sweat and balls and arm pits dank with curls of wet hair, and felt his own enhanced prick swell and throb in response.

It was over in a matter of seconds, as it usually was. The heat dissipated, his cock would slowly deflate and Brian was left a bigger man than ever, standing in the shredded tatters of his wardrobe, with the ripped, defined, and amazingly developed muscle of his ever-growing body peeking out in glorious hints of his fully naked perfection.

He sucked in a long breath, resulting in even more rips and tears, and rubbed his eyes. The muscles of his arm bulged fierce and tight, pushing against his paper thin skin and each other for more room. Shreds of his shirt fell to the ground with every movement as his newly grown brawn continued to rip it apart, and his cock, thick and long and magnificent, jutted forth from between his legs, exposed and glorious. “Fuck,” he said softly, as he absently rubbed his fat cock. “That was a bad one.”

“Not from where I’m standing,” Justin replied. Brian was more amazing than ever. Probably topping seven feet high, it looked like he’d added another ten or twelve pounds of muscle in the space of a few seconds. His chest was immense, like a shelf of muscular power separated into distinct bands, and fat wedges of muscle poked through the rips of his sweatpants along each thigh. “That was fucking amazing.”

Brian’s brow wrinkled and he said, “Thanks?” Then he looked down to survey the damage. “Well, fuck, there goes another shirt. Mom’s gonna fucking tan my hide.” His voice was a deep rumble of humor and regret, but he had to admit that he was feeling fucking amazing.

A hand was on his right pec. Justin’s hand. Moving across the muscled contour with worshipful intensity. Then his other hand on Brian’s other pec muscle, feeling the hard power and the silken skin, moving slowly around the mountains before pausing at the fat nipples and rubbing slow circles around each with his thumbs. “Feel good?”

Brian’s cock was already rising again. He nodded and smiled. “Fuck, yeah,” he growled. “Fuck, yeah.”

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