Sugar packets

by RdyRoger

Envious of other guys who can grow muscle like it’s nothing, David decides to try some sugar packets left behind by some beachgoing studs.

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Part 1 Envious of other guys who can grow muscle like it’s nothing, David decides to try some sugar packets left behind by some beachgoing studs. (added: 1 Jul 2002)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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Part 1

David watched the two muscle studs walk away. He couldn't believe their size and definition… and he noticed that there were a bag of what looked like sugar packets on the beach where they'd been sitting… but they really didn't look like sugar packets. In fact, they looked like drug packets. There was a whole handful of them… David counted over 20 of the packets before he stopped. There must be a coupla hundred in the bag. He opened one… There was some white powder in the packets, but it didn't look like sugar. It was too finely ground. He tasted the smallest bit on the end of his tongue. It definitely wasn't heroin, cocaine, or any thing that David recognized from his years in pharmacology. For a moment, David felt a bit warm. The feeling quickly passed.

Back at his apartment by the beach, David stripped off his trunks and t shirt. He stared in the mirror. Odd, he thought. He looked a few pounds heavier, although he was still a skinny, scrawny, tall young man. But at least his ribs weren't as pronounced as they'd been that morning… that morning?

David stopped suddenly, looking at the packets on his bureau. He took the open packet and tasted the powder again. WOW! He felt hot for a moment, first in his torso, then his arms and legs. In that brief warm feeling, he saw his body subtly change, his ribs no longer protruding.

Quickly, David mixed the remaining powder in a glass of water, and drank half of it. Then, he realized that he'd drunk almost 3/4 of the glass. Oh well, he thought, and quickly drank the rest. Then he put some more water in the glass and drained it again, to get every bit. Boy, did he feel stupid. Out of control. He knew better than to do this. He felt flushed with embarrassed anger at himself. At 22 years old he should know better!

After a moment, he felt hotter. David realized it was the packet. He thought about the huge bodybuilders that he'd seen on the beach from a distance. How big had those guys been? David's chest was hot, warm, and the feeling spread through his arms and legs. The feeling was really good. Hot, in fact. David's chest began to expand. His shoulders began to widen. His thighs began to thicken. David felt his weight starting to skyrocket. He felt a momentary fear… how much of the powder had he taken? Certainly not as much as the two guys that he'd seen on the beach! That thought frightened and excited David… and the warmth continued to throb through his body- even in his briefs, where his cock and balls were throbbing with hot warmth. He saw his grey calvin sport briefs tighten and start bulging bigger and bigger- he felt like he had an erection. But that was to be expected, with the massive muscle growth that he was undergoing. His traps swelled with growth, his lats widened and thickened, and his pecs grew denser and heavier on his chest. David felt incredible… healthy, virile, strong, horny… his mind felt clearer and stronger too. David looked in the mirror and saw a hot 21 year old muscular hunk with curly dark hair and blue eyes. He looked like one of those hot studs who'd always intimidated him an school… no, he thought, more like one of those models in the exercise magazines, one of the BIG guys in those magazines..

But the muscle growth was continuing. David inhaled a deep breath, and saw his chest expand more and more. His delts were massively wide, growing bigger and bigger. He held out an arm and saw the veins thickening under his skin as the muscles swelled and bulged and grew. He glanced back up in the mirror and was startled… in just the moment he'd been examining his arm, his body had increased size dramatically. There was no way anyone would mistake him for anything but a professional bodybuilder now.

David suddenly stumbled. His quads had grown so much larger they pushed his legs apart. David adjusted his stance wider, and grinned. He sure had a huge erection in those briefs, which now looked like lo rise hip briefs on his body, with his muscular bubble butt pulling them tight, and the seams showing small tears at the hems. His cock was stretched out and around the side of his hips. His balls looked huge in the tight stretched basket. David's hair grew longer and longer too, his dark curly hair descending below his ears and brushing his shoulders. David looked in the mirror and smiled. His teeth were straight, white, strong. His smile was charming, sexy, disarming. His eyes sparkled.

In a moment, the warmth lessened, fading, lingering in his briefs for a moment… and then it was gone. David stood with his arms spread wide apart with. They were enormous. His legs were huge. His biceps flexed humongously. His quads quivered with power with every slight movement of his body. His soft grey cotton briefs were stretched tight on his muscle bod. He stepped closer to the mirror. He wanted to pleasure himself. He touched his bicep, amazed at the tactile sensation of that much MUSCLE on his body. He reached down, and started to pull down his briefs. The leg elastic tore out as he lowered the briefs over his quads. He held up the ruined shorts and smiled at the rediculous sight, then felt his cock brush his thigh, more than halfway down his thigh.

He looked in the mirror, gasped. He looked down. Finally, he hefted his cock. It wasn't erect at all. It was soft, and over 6” long. His cock arched out and over his now very, very large balls. He stroked himself, and his massive meat pulsed as the sensation filled his body. Quickly his cock lengthened and thickened, easily becoming completely erect in just a few seconds. He was astonished at his new thickness. His cock was 9” long and very thick. He quickly touched his chest, his muscle, his biceps, feeling himself all over. In just a few seconds he was ready to cum. He shot and shot over the mirror. His cock became flaccid as he wiped up his load of cum with a handy towel. It was still enormous.

He stood up on the scale and weighed himself. He'd gained over 70 lbs… going from just 170 to 240 lbs. At 5' 11” that was VERY impressive.

The doorbell rang. David grabbed at his underwear drawer and grabbed some red spandex stretch workout shorts. He pulled them up, and they made him look even more obscene than he did naked, as his 6” soft thick cock rested in the bottom of the straining basket with his big balls.

David ran to the door. It was the two bodybuilders from the beach. They stepped in as David gulped. They were HUGE. David was HUGE, but these guys were HUGE. Each was over 6’4” tall, easily 270 lbs.

“I'm Mark,” said the huge blonde. “That's Sam” The Brunette folded his massive arms across his chest.

“I can see we found the right guy.”

“What do you want?” David asked.

“Obviously the same thing you want. Sam and I were in a bit of a hurry, and you picked up something of ours on the beach. And you've been in it I can see.”

“Look, I didn't know what it was… I thought… I mean, I didn't know what it was.” Sam nodded. David walked over to the counter. As he picked up the bag of packets they spilled onto the floor.

Mark and Sam laughed. They could see that David was so intimidated he was fumbling with the bag. David quickly rebagged the spilled packages, and handed them over. David felt humiliated, tricked. He hadn't stolen them. Sam and Mark were intimidating. Their muscles were enormous, they really were huge guys. And, they were also obviously hung huge. Sam looked like he had 8 inches soft in his basket. Mark looked even bigger. Sam poked David in the chest with a finger.

“You got a free boost, little man, and you owe us for that. We'll be back tonight to collect.”

“Collect? What do you want?” David asked.

“You'll find out” Mark said, and grabbed at David's crotch, squeezing David's cock and balls under the thin fabric. David flushed and stepped back. A moment after they stomped out, David's best friend Tony came in. Tony had obviously been listening outside. David quickly explained the rest.

“Dude!” Tony said, “You don't have any money, I've got a few hundred, but… that won't keep those goons off of you.”

“That's okay, Tony. I don't think they're interested in money.”

“What are you going to do about it??”

“I wasn't so scared as they thought.” David walked to the sofa and easily lifted it with one hand. Under the sofa were a bunch of the packets that he'd spilled and kicked under there while Sam and Mark laughed at him. Tony quickly gathered them up. There were over 20 there. Then David walked into the bedroom where he'd mixed up his drink and picked up the handful of packets that he'd set on his dresser. There were 13 left there. He carried the packets back in to the living room and set them together- 33 packets. I wonder how long this stuff lasts?” Tony wondered aloud.

“I mean, does it wear off?” His eyes roamed David's body. David flexed his arms.

“You like?” Tony flushed.

“Go ahead, Tony” David thrust forward a curled bicep. Tony gently grabbed it, then squeezed it, marveling.

“Feels good,” David grunted.

“I hope it lasts,” David laughed.

“I mean, I think I hope it lasts. This could get complicated.”

“How much did you take?” asked Tony, feeling David's pecs.

“You want to try?” asked David. Tony looked down. He gulped as he saw David's cock in the spandex.

“Yeah, I do.

“I mean, if these guys come back here you'll need someone to help you stand up to them. And he'll need to be bigger than I am.” Tony was 5’5”, hairless and slender. He was a cute blonde, and got away with a lot because of it.

“That's right.” David agreed.

“But only if you want to get huge.”

“Dude, you have no idea. I'd get as huge as those guys if I could. I'm tired of being a little man.”

“I think maybe I do understand…” David thought for a moment, looking at Tony.

“We'll give you three packets.”


“Yeah, that's what I took,” David lied.

“And I'm a lot bigger than you. You probably won't even get 1/2 as big as me.” Tony looked a little downcast at that. David opened three packets, dumped them in the glass, and walked back to the bedroom to get the cold water pitcher. He paused for a moment to look at his hot body in the mirror. He posed a double bicep. He looked at his huge bulging cock. He came back in the living room and Tony was sitting on the sofa, staring nervously at the glass of powder. David filled it with water and stirred it with a spoon.

“Nervous?” he asked Tony.

“A bit, yeah. I hope I'm not making a mistake.”

“Tony, this stuff is some kinda magic, with the mass I've gained. It probably wears off in just one day.”

“Yeah,” said Tony. “But what a day!” He picked up the glass, drank it down, and David splashed some more water in the glass.

“Drink it down, Tony, best get every drop.” Tony drank it down, then said, “David, I'm sorry Dude, I have to tell you I put 3 more packets in the glass while you were in the bedroom.” He stared at David with his beautiful blue eyes. “I just want to be huge once.”

“Oh my God, Tony, I only took ONE!” I wanted you to be HUGE, that's why I lied to you!” Tony's eyes widened with shock. He jumped up. He looked a bit dizzy.

“I have to see!” Tony said. David led him to the mirror. He could feel Tony's body growing muscle under his guiding hand. Tony's legs were filling out already. His arms were swelling, his blonde hair was growing longer visibly. David quickly pulled Tony's shirt up over his head and Tony anxiously looked into the mirror.

“I feel really hot all over, David!”

“I felt really warm too!”

“No, David, I feel really HOT!!!” In seconds Tony's small frame started to really fill in with muscle. In just a minute his arms were packing on muscle, his slender torso thickening with muscle as his pecs and delts and lats filled in. His legs swelled with muscle. Tony struggled to get his jeans down, and David had to practically rip them off Tony's body. Tony gasped with sensation, his muscles on fire. The burning grew more intense, deep into Tony's body, as he quickly filled his small frame with muscle, and began to overfill with muscle… Tony was almost as thick as he was tall, it seemed. Then David noticed something.

“Tony!” Tony looked up at David from his examination of the growing bulge in his calvin Klein shorts.

“Tony, I think you're getting taller!” Tony stood up straight. He definitely was about 2 inches taller, and GROWING TALLER with every minute… as his muscles grew, his body grew taller to accommodate the huge mass. Tony was staring in the mirror, watching and memorizing the entire experience. His hands felt his growing pecs, his swelling biceps… He was entranced. Already Tony's growth had exceeded the time that David's had taken, and he was still growing. David watched the changes in Tony as he grew. He was still incredibly cute… cuter than ever, still, but not waifish or elfin or any of the other things that David used to think about him. Tony was now more… Scandinavian… Viking… Nordic. And still growing. David realized with a start that Tony was almost as tall as he was… and then watched as Tony grew up, their eyes meeting level for a few seconds, and then David found himself starting to LOOK UP to Tony. Tony was now bigger than David was. Tony smiled delightedly, reading David's expression.

“How's the weather down there?” he asked David with a hot grin. Tony turned and looked into the mirror. He posed a double biceps.

“Pose with me David!” David posed a double biceps. David was impressive, but Tony was taller, more massive, more muscular, and still growing. David saw Tony's hair was now reaching down to his shoulders. It was so HOT. Tony posed a most muscular. David followed suite. David was very hot looking, but Tony continued to grow at a steady rate—He was now almost 4 inches taller than David, almost 6’3”, and much more muscular. David realized that Tony was soon now going to be almost as big as Sam and Mark had been.

“How do you feel Tony?”

“Excellent!” Tony's voice boomed now.

“Yeah, but still hot? Still feel like its going to go on?”

“Fuck Yeah David, I feel it more than EVER!” Tony turned to David and bounced his pecs in David's face. Now David could see .. “Tony, you're as big as Sam and Mark!”

“Fuck yeah, and still growing!! Hey little bro David! Eat your wheaties and you might get to be big like me someday!” Tony laughed with delighted power! He posed a double biceps again, and his biceps were enormous mountains, vascular and hard. David felt Tony's arms. “Tony I can feel your muscles growing stud!”

“David, this feels so HOT!! I don't feel like it's slowing down even!!! How BIG can I grow???!!!” Just then there was a rip and Tony's shorts tore at the seam between his legs. His elastic waistband was stretched tight around his waist, with the white cotton fabric flapping in the front and back like a miniature loincloth. But what had just ripped the fabric now hung flaccid, heavy, thick, and huge what looked like halfway down Tony's quads. His cock was big, fat, and completely soft.. hanging nine full inches soft. His testicles were heavy, huge, and low hanging. Tony felt his genitals, astonished, then laughed and ripped off the torn underwear. The destroyed Calvins fluttered to the floor. Tony examined himself again. “Wow!” said David. Then Tony straightened up again. He was still growing! David realized that Tony was now approaching 6' 6” in height. But the most amazing thing was the increase in Tony's muscle size. As he grew taller, his mass grew exponentially as his frame could accomodate more size. Tony showed off a most muscular pose that David didn't even attempt to match. David was astonished… from average to musclestud to little man all in a few hours. He laughed at the absurdity, but his eyes drank in Tony's growing muscle.

“See anything you like from down there?” Tony asked with his handsome grin.

“Uh, everything!” David responded. Finally Tony sensed that his growth was coming to an end. His muscles continued to grow, and he grew taller yet, almost reaching 6’7”, and finally the hot burning became a warm glow that seemed to fade everywhere except his still growing cock, but even there the warmth finally dissipated and Tony knew that he was done.

“Fuck!” exclaimed a familiar voice. Tony and David turned and looked at the teen who spoke. It was their friend Shapour, a teenaged kid who lived down the block. He'd found the door unlocked and came in. After some explanations, with Tony providing the ample proof, Shap told them he wanted to try the muscle powder.

“No way!” they told him.

“And keep your mouth shut about this too!” Shap promised not to talk if he could come and visit the two musclestuds regularly. Shap left to go home.

“Its a good thing he's gone. I don't want him to be here when Sam and Mark come back,” David said. Those guys could get really rough with a kid like that! If there's going to be trouble I don't want him in the middle of it!” Tony flexed his huge muscles. They'd found another pair of shorts for him, which stretched dangerously tight… and were completely sexy.

“Yes, but it would be interesting to see how he'd do with a dose or two! He's already 6’3”, and muscular and big for his age. And I really like his dark arabic looks.”

“Stop it!” David laughed.

“You'd probably give him six doses like you took!”

“I'd like to!” Tony laughed. Shapour listened outside the bedroom window. He checked his watch, it was only 2pm. He knew that David and Tony weren't the kind to really fight, even as humongously huge as Tony had become. Shap was a kind soul, but he'd learned to fight in his native land. His parents had been proud of his strong body, before they'd passed away and he'd come to live in Venice Beach with a foster parent, a friend of his parents. And Shap knew that he wouldn't-couldn't abandon his friends. They'd said the treatment would probably wear off in a day or two. What they didn't realize was that they were some of the few people that had become his friend. That meant a lot to him, they were practically the only family he had.

Shap heard the unmistakeable sound of Tony and David making love. He risked a look through the blind and saw that they were stroking each other's cocks. Shap gasped at the sight of the huge muscle studs. Especially Tony, with his enormous genitals and muscle. Tony's erect cock was 11” long! David was massive, but believable in human size… Tony looked exaggerated, but he was there, and real. Shap snuck back around to the front door. He crept in quietly, and quickly counted out 4 of the packets, trying to guess how big that would make him. He was a lot bigger than Tony had been. Then he remembered how Tony and David were so worried about these guys. He picked up 2 more of the packets, and poured six into the glass Tony had used. He poured some water, mixed it up, and drank it. Then he saw some cloudy stuff still in the glass. He hesitated, remembered that the effect would wear off in a day or two, and poured one more packet into the glass, and drank that down. He rinsed the glass and drank the rest of the water. Then Shap thought about some street fights he'd seen, some of the bad things he knew could happen, and he poured one more packet into the glass, added water, and drank that down too. Again he rinsed and drank. Finally he felt satisfied. He'd taken 8 packets, and he was already 6’3”. David had taken one and he'd grown muscle but no height… he was still the same 5’11”… Tony had taken 6 packets to Shap's 8 packets and had been 5’5” and now was 6’7”. That meant that Shap at.. Shap was 6’3” he forced himself to think, and if he grew the same… he triumpantly thought 6’3” plus 14” was 6’17” and that was 7’5”, of course he'd started taller, and taken 25% more… 25% of 14” was … 3 1/2 ”… so that was 7' 8 1/2”..? But starting bigger might mean bigger growth…

Shap was a muscular guy already, he liked to wear tight t shirts despite his youth he was a stud.. He put on muscle easily. It was really hot in the apartment. REALLY GETTING HOT. Shap realized that he was dizzy. He reached out and steadied himself, knocking over a chair. Then his t shirt became very tight. Really really tight. The seams split up the sides and neck as his lat and pec muscles GREW. Shap looked at himself in the mirror on the wall in the hallway. He pulled the shirt off his hot torso and grunted. In just a few seconds Shap could see a much stronger musculature on his body. He was wearing baggy swim trunks, so he could see the muscle growing on his legs. He felt like the world was coming down on him… like the sun was shining into him. The heat molded and grew his muscles massive. In about a minute he was totally muscled. Then he was overmuscled… and he realized that he was growing larger- including taller. He could feel a bigger weight in his swim trunks too.. and his hair was also growing, black, long, flowing, and he saw his torso was also becoming hairier. He was a handsome looking muscle stud, but he knew he'd never be cute like Tony. What Shap was becoming was what he wanted to become… imposing… intimidating. After a few moments he had to shift his stance as his legs grew bigger. Already he knew that he was taller than Tony. In another moment he knew he was more muscular than Tony too. His proportions, long and rangy before, were now shifted to thickly massive, although his legs were still long, just packed with growing, bulging, thick muscle. His deltoids were increasingly massive as he grew wider.

His swim trunks were bulging huge now. Shap was used to that… he'd always been hung, but this was really uncomfortable.. starting to pinch almost… when the lining of his trunks ripped and his cock and balls slipped out below the hemline on his swim trunks. Shap breathed a sigh of relief. That had been TOO tight. Shap felt his entire body swelling bigger and bigger as his muscles grew nonstop. He felt tremendous satisfaction as his body grew. He watched his muscles swell in the mirror. He knew that he was going to be huge… How huge, he didn't know. But he knew that Tony and David wouldn't have any trouble with Mark and Sam now. Not as long a Shap was around. Shap tried a most muscular pose. His huge pecs, Delts, traps, biceps and abs swelled HUGE. When he relaxed, they'd already grown big enough that they didn't get smaller as he relaxed his muscles.

After a few moments, Shap realized that the ceiling seemed much lower. He realized that he was now passing 7' in height, and still growing. He leered at himself in the mirror. His body was massive, his demeanor threatening, his look when he scowled fierce and brutal. Also, he couldn't help but notice how hung he was. He grunted in satisfaction. He knew how intimidating that could be to creeps. His huge delts were bigger than bowling balls.. He was aware of the massiveness he possessed now, his incredible strength. His lats were hugely mounded thick mountains of muscle across his back, his body flaring hugely wide. Soon, he knew, he'd stop growing… but he felt that he would be able to handle BOTH Mark and Sam now.

Shap felt the heat through his body pulsing in his muscles and genitals, burning as his body forcibly grew far more than nature had intended. He posed a double biceps and his biceps pumped huge, as big as basketballs… Shapour heard a tear as his swim trunks tore completely off his body.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Shap felt the heat through his body pulsing in his muscles and genitals, burning as his body forcibly grew far more than nature had intended. He posed a double biceps and his biceps pumped huge, as big as jr basketballs… Shapour heard a tear as his swim trunks tore completely off his body. He was growing taller and taller, about 2 inches per minute, and he was really starting to worry.

Just then the bedroom door opened and David and Tony came into the living room. They both just stood and stared at the huge growing stud who was now 7’2” tall. Finally David asked, “How much did you take?”

“Eight packets” Shap's incredibly deep voice rasped out. Shap was astonished at the difficulty he had speaking.

“Knew you guys would be in trouble with this Mark and Sam- Now they won't give you any trouble with me around!” To illustrate his point Shap posed a double biceps again. Tony stepped up to Shap… his nose just at the level of Shap's massive jutting collarbones.

“Hope you don't mind I'm bigger than you Tony! I just want to make sure you guys are okay! I know how to handle myself in a fight.! “No…, well, I guess I mind a bit, Shap… I like being the BIG stud. But don't you think you might have overdone it?” As they spoke these few sentences, Shap grew so much taller and muscular that after Tony's short speech Tony's nose was almost level with Shap's incredibly muscled pecs.

“Only for a Day!” Shap's Basso Profundo boomed.

“That's what you and David said!”

“Shap… we don't know that…

“ David blurted out. “We were just guessing!!!” Shap's eyes widened. He felt the BURN in his muscles as strong as ever as Tony looked down between their legs. Tony's thick 9” flaccid cock was massive, but dwarfed by the meat that Shap was sporting… and still growing. Shap's meat was 11” long soft.. and massively thick. Shap's balls where monstrously huge. Tony blushed looking at the massive genitals. David stared and just said, “WOW.”

“You mean that THIS MIGHT BE PERMANENT?” Shap's voice boomed. David nodded slowly.

“I just didn't think that it might be permanent, or there'd be lots of HUGE guys out there. I figure it must be transitory… it's magic… where is your body getting the mass???” Shapour nodded, “I understand.”

“I mean, it must be some kind of illusion!!” David said. Tony slapped his hand on Shap's pecs. The slap resounded with a deep, meaty, thwack.

“Doesn't sound like an illusion, and you didn't feel like an illusion in there, David you stud!” Shapour grunted, looking in the mirror. David said, “Shap, You're getting bigger and bigger still- So Huge Stud!!!!! “Now I know how you felt earlier, David!” Tony said wryly. David was 5’11” tall, Tony was 6’7” tall, but Shap's massive, hairy, muscled body was now passing 7' 5” in height. He was as tall as the tallest of basketball players, but so much wider, and so completely overmuscled, that he became completely masculine musculature overdefined. Shapour grimaced, then laughed. He lifted up his flaccid cock and hefted it. It was growing visibly.

“Where am I gonna keep this BIG THING?” He dropped it and it slapped his thigh.

“You were always hung, Shap.”

“Yes, but this is… HUNG!”

“David, I lied,” said Blonde Tony.

“I'm completely jealous of that huge stallion!”

“I know…” David said.

“I feel like a 12 year old compared to you studs!” Shapour stepped up to David… and laughed. He was still growing, and over 19” taller than David.

“Yeah,” Shap said, “You look just like a 240 lb 5’11” tall 9” hung 12 year old! David grinned.

“Hey, Big Daddy!” he said. Shap leered at David. Even though David knew Shap was harmless to him, it made David shiver. David reached up and felt Shap's biceps. They appeared to be almost the size of basketballs, from David's perspective. He could feel the hot blood pumping through them. His hands did look small on them, because Shap was so BIG. “You are enormous, Shap!” Shap continued to grow. He'd been growing for some minutes now. He was reaching 7’8” in height as he felt the burn start to fade. “God!” said David. He was staring at Shap's incredible Towering muscled bod, his abs thick and strong as steel.

“God!” said Tony. He was staring at Shap's cock.. Flaccid, superthick, and 13” long. Just then there was a knock at the door. David and Tony pulled on their shorts. David gestured for Shap to go to the back room, but Shap shook his head no. He grabbed a beach towel and wrapped it around his massive quads, glutes and cock. David opened the door and found Mark standing on the front porch holding a bag and a suitcase. He gulped at the sight of the stud. Sam was no where in sight. Mark stepped in quickly and pulled the door shut. He looked at David, Tony, and Shap. Shap glowered menacingly and Tony tried to look tough too. He obviously knew what was going on.

“David,” Mark said, “I'm sorry about what happened this afternoon. Sam's getting out of control and I need to talk to you! I see you kept some of the packets.”

“What do you mean?”

“We came across this muscle growth discovery, and I've been sharing it with Sam. But he's been a complete jerk, and I don't like the way he's acting. I want to get away from him. He's completely out of control. I've brought the stuff from this afternoon, as well as some test formulas… stuff Sam doesn't have.”

“Okay, so I believe you!' “I'm not sure how much of this formula Sam has, but he's been taking some today, and I think planned to take another packet or two before tonight!! He's planning on coming here and making you work for him… Like I was. He's got a crazy idea of trying the be the Big man and control everyone. I made this formula to help people… and to satisfy my fetish!” Mark's eyes studied them, esp Tony and ESP Shap.

“These are some component formulas I've developed to work more selectively!” He opened the briefcase. It was stuffed with hundreds of packets. He held up some different colored packets. This red packet develops your cock only… this green develops your balls and semen production only. This pink regularizes your features, making you handsome. This blue develops your muscle only. This yellow makes your skeleton develop, making you taller. This brown packet develops your hair on your body and head! “But isn't this just temporary? Won't this wear off?”

“The formula will only wear off very very slowly… your growth period is while your body is absorbing the formula… but your body doesn't process the formulas well, about 1/2 will subside in the first month, the remainder might take years and years! Unless…

“ Mark shook a purple packet in the air.

“This is a stabilizer, making everything permanent unless or until you take this black packet, which neutralizes the whole formula, but after about five minutes it too breaks down and you can start over. And this gold packet makes you younger.”

“Yeah, but why are you here??” Shap rumbled.

“ I need your help tonight… I intend to make Sam take a black packet, and then I'm gonna keep the formula away from him. I intend he return to being a normal person.” Tony spoke first.

“I'll help. He deserves to be taught a lesson.”

“He won't be here until late, after midnight. We have over 10 hours.” Tony picked up a red packet.

“I want to try some of these!” Mark smiled.


Part 2

“I was hoping you'd say that.” Tony was impulsive. He grabbed a glass and broke 3 red cock growth packets into it, 3 green ball and semen maximizers, and two yellow growth packets. After a minute's thought he added two pink good looks packets. He mixed it up, and looked at Mark. Mark nodded. Tony drank the new solution. After a moment, he started to pace the room. A moment later, his face became flushed. He could feel his body getting warm… esp in his crotch. They all looked at his bulge in his stretch shorts… 9” long it was, but then it began to swell bigger.

“YEAH” Tony exclaimed as his cock started to grow bigger and bigger in his shorts. Tony started to become taller, too. He pulled down his shorts and watched his bigger cock flop out. He looked up and David gasped at his incredibly handsome face, and becoming better looking by the moment. Tony kicked off his biker shorts again. He grew taller, but not more muscular, his body maintaining his muscularity as he grew taller, stretching rangier and taller. Already he was 6’7” tall, but his growth quickly carried him towards 6’9”—but the most impressive growth was in his genitals. After just a few minutes his flaccid cock was just over 11” long, and thick. Tony's balls swelled, and he moaned and reached down to support them.

“Damn but I'm getting HORNY!” Tony said.

“It's a side effect of the Ball and semen enhancer” Mark said.

“How much will 3 of those cock growth packets do?” David asked Mark. “Depends on the person,” replied Mark, “but basically, A LOT!” Tony grinned.

“I'm making up for lost time! Want to try some mountain climbing son?” he joked David. David stared up at Tony, in wonder at his handsome face and muscular height and his cock. Tony was quickly passing 6’11” in height, and his cock, hefted in his hands, was growing toward's 13” flaccid. Tony was thrilled. “So fucking HOT! I've always wanted to be HUGE!” David was enthralled..

“But Dude, you're becoming so abnormally big you're freakish!”

“I know,” said Tony. “But we've got the black packet, remember, and anyway, even if I wasn't planning on taking the black packet, the formula will decrease by 50% in a month before stabilizing! Tony passed 7' in height seconds later, and his cock swelled thicker and pushed out to 14” flaccid.

“FUCK YEAH!” exclaimed Mark. He grinned. “I've got a major size fetish!”

“Hey Shap!” exclaimed Tony, “Who's the BIG MAN now?” Shap laughed. Although he was still taller than Tony, his flaccid cock was 13” long… and Tony's was already 1” longer than his, and growing. Shap was the most MASSIVE MUSCLE MAN, but Tony was already the most HUNG. Tony was getting taller, still far short of Shap's 7’8”, but as he grew, his cock seemed to lengthen about 1/2 inch in length for every inch he grew in height. And his balls were becoming enormous.

“I'm still the most massive, Tony, you are the most HUNG!” exclaimed Shap, watching the amazing cock growth with surprise. Mark unconciously licked his lips. Tony's proportions changed as he grew taller and rangier, passing 7’3” in height. Soon, his body was becoming less apparently muscle builder proportions as he grew taller and taller. He was still muscular, but without extra muscle mass he started looking like a HUGE muscled basketball player. Just then, the growing Tony stepped up to the massive Shapour. He stood toe to toe with him, and they stared into each other's eyes as Tony grew. As Tony grew past 7’5” he was looking up into Shap's eyes. Tony's muscled thighs grew longer and longer. As he passed 7’7”, they were almost staring directly into each other's eyes. And as Tony passed 7’8” and began to grow taller than Shapour, Tony smiled. Shapour flushed. He was still much more massive, but Tony was now 7’9” tall, and still growing. Shapour looked down between their legs. His own cock was a massive 13”, but that suddenly didn't seem to matter so much, as Tony 's massive meat was 17” long. His balls were enormously huge too, like large softballs hanging halfway down the length of his flaccid cock in his large scrotum. David and Mark stared in awe. Tony continued to grow until he felt the warmth fading again. He was 8’3” in height. David was grateful for the high ceilings in his place. Tony raised his arms in triumph. He was incredibly handsome, Hung 18”, and 8’3” tall. Compared to Shap's 7’8” he was big, compared to Mark's 6’3” he was gigantic, and compared to David's 5’11”, well, he was over 2 1/2 feet taller than David, who looked at Tony on a level with his nipples. “Damn!” exclaimed Tony.

“I'm so Fucking Horny right now.” He started to become erect. Mark gasped.

“Want some, Big Man?” Tony asked Mark. They went into a bedroom together. Shapour and David were alone in the living room.

“Shap, I think you should take a black packet, stud. What will your stepfather say?”

“I don't care what he says.”

“But you're freakishly huge.”

“Yeah, but in a month I'll be 7' 1” tall, and hung only 9 or 10 inches. And I like being big! I should take more now so I can keep the size I have now in a month!”

“Whoa! Big Fella, think about what you're doing!”

“Come on, David, don't you want to be bigger? Besides, what if that Sam jerk gets you alone? He can tear you up at your size.”

“I want to be big, but naturally big. Not abnormal.”

“So how big is natural for you?” David was at a loss. “Is Mark unnaturally large to you?” Shap demanded. “No, I suppose not, I mean, he's huge, but men do have his height and size and muscle and cock size naturally, although usually its very rare, and damn rare for anyone to have all that in the same package.”

“Well, then, you should be as big as he.. or a bit bigger, to be safe. Right?” David nodded affirmative. “Besides,” continued Shap, “Remember, that almost immediately you'll start to lose 1/2 your size gain in the first month, unless you take the stabilizer. So if you don't like the size, you can wait a few weeks, or even take a black packet and start over! Here, take one and stash it, so if you don't like it, you don't need to worry about it!” Shap tossed a black packet to David, who stashed it under a sofa cushion. As he stashed the packet, Shap grabbed a handful of the purple packets and stashed them on a shelf where David couldn't see them.

“Now,” said Shap, “let me mix you a drink.” Shap turned his huge back on David, and quickly selected and emptied a selection of packets into a glass. He quickly poured in water and handed it to David.

“Drink up!”

“What did you put into it?” David asked.

“What's wrong, don't you trust me? I gave you a black packet, Dude. I promise it isn't extreme.” David looked doubtful.

“David, don't waste it, drink it!” David reluctantly drank down the glass. He sat for a second.

“Now what?” he said.

“Now, David, you get h uge.”


“Turnabout is fair play, David, remember what you did to Tony? Told him you took 3 packets instead of one?”

“Shap, this isn't funny!!! What was in the glass????” Already, David felt warmer.

“6 red cock developers, 6 green ball developers, and two gold, to make you a teen again. I want you my age David!”

“What???” demanded David. He stood up, and in a few quick strides he was in front of the mirror. David already looked younger. He felt warm all over, in flashes, and with every wave of heat passing through his body he became younger and younger. His skin smoothed, his hairy chest became smooth until there was only a dark treasure of hair trailing down his abs. After a minute, David was 18 years old again. He looked awesome, being so young, and 240 lbs of muscle. His complexion was perfect.

“You are excellent David! So excellent!”

“But Shap! I'm just 18 again!! I'll get carded everywhere I go!!”

“Just show them your cock and balls if they doubt your age!” Shap nodded downward. David had been aware of the heat in his crotch. Now he stared in wonder at his GROWING basket. The spandex was actually starting to unravel and tear, it was stretching tighter and tighter. After a few seconds gaping, David pulled out the top hem and gazed down. His cock was already 8 inches long, soft. As he held out his shorts hem to look, his cock grew another 2 inches up and over the edge of the hem. After a minute, David saw the twin bulges of his growing testicles swelling huge, pulling the leg hems of his shorts away from his legs. David pulled down the workout shorts altogether, and a massive set of growing balls slid down his thigh in his rapidly growing scrotum. They were already as big as plums.

“Six of each was it?” David asked. He was feeling horny, very horny, the side effect of the testicle enlarging packets.

“Yeah” Shap said. David grinned. He couldn't help himself. His cock lengthened, reaching downward, stretching with its growing weight, reaching towards 12” in length. David reached down and hefted his balls, now as big as baseballs.

“Fuck man, look at me!” David exclaimed, jumping up and down on his heels with a thump. His growing cock flopped in response, bouncing.

“Look, David,” said Shap, moving to stand beside David.

“Your cock is as big as my 13” monster!”

“No, Shap,” smiled David, “Mine's BIGGER!” And it was bigger, growing past 13”. David lifted up on his cock, feeling the weight, the hot thickness of his shaft in his hand. Shap lifted his monster shaft as well. He held his cock in his hand and stared at David's cock next to his, now passing 14” in length. He watched as David's cock grew to 15”. Shapour stared at David's cock.

“David, Look!” There was a thickening in David's cock. It grew thicker at the base, then along the entire shaft. David's own hand couldn't reach around the base anymore. His cockhead swelled enormously. His testicles were massive, and still growing, as big as softballs now. David grappled with his massive meat, straddling it, stroking it as it grew huge. In another moment it was 16” long. David looked up to Shapour.

“Shap, it's getting too BIG.”

“Never Big Enough” grunted Shap. In another moment it was 17” long, and then 18” long. Finally, the growth stopped. The cock hung massively between his legs, to his knees.

“Dude, this is too much!” David protested.

“I'm 18” long!! Fuck me! I have to take the black packet and start over. Shap reached out and stopped David.

“David, relax. I know you're going to take the black packet, but if you don't, in a month you'll only be hung your original 6” plus half of 12”, or 12” total.”

“Yeah, but that's freakish, Shap. No offense!” David blushed.

“What about Sam when he comes here tonight? What if he brings some friends, or has taken more of the formula??”

“Dude, I'm not…”

“All I'm saying,” rumbled Shapour's basso voice, “is have some fun, play safe for now, and take a black packet later tonight. That's all.” David paused, half convinced. Shapour went to the packets and quickly mixed up another batch. David stared sourly at the glass, then looked at Shap's huge muscles and abs flexing and bunching on his body. He took the glass, drank it, and turned and stared at Shap f uriously.


“Well, I was worried about you David, so I decided to let you get really BIG. I put in 8 yellow height packets and 8 muscle packets.

“EIGHT??? YOU PUT IN EIGHT????” David exclaimed.

“I took eight of the other packets stud.- umm I also put in 3 of the hair growth packets- and I put in two more of the green ball and semen developers too.

“ David waited. Nothing happened. Just then Mark and Tony reappeared, freshly showered after their bedroom fun. Mark explained that David's system was stopped until his body was able to accomodate the new changes, which might take just a few minutes or up to an hour or so. Yeah stud, have to wait a bit to look like THIS!” Tony posed, flexing, his body completely flexing and hard.

“You mean like THIS!!!” Shap flexed. He was still by far the MOST MASSIVE stud in the room, and David gulped to think he would soon surpass the Mighty Shapour. Shap explained that he'd put in the hair developer to help David look a bit older, at his young 18 year old age now. Tony decided to lose a few years too. He took a gold packet and mixed it up. Within five minutes he was the hottest 18 year old in the room, Scandinavian Blonde, 8’3” tall, and huge at 18” in cock length, and balls the size of softballs. He compared his cock to David's and shook his head in wonderment at David's size.

“Why did you give David 2 more green packets stud? His balls are already bigger than mine!” Shapour shrugged.

“Its a fetish of mine. I really like HUNG guys.”

“Me too!” exclaimed Mark.

“Yeah!” said Tony. Mark got down to feel the weight of David's cock. David decided to go into the bedroom with Mark.


Part 3

Just then the door smashed open and a MONSTER MUSCLE STUD entered. It was Sam, but a Sam that made Shap look SMALL. He was 8' 6” tall, and built enormously. He was so huge that as he wedged through the doorway, the doorframe buckled outward. David quickly dumped the suitcase behind the sofa, grabbing a handful of the original packets. He tore a handful open and dumped them into a glass with water, and gulped it down. Nothing happened. He'd forgotten that his body was already in a downtime, waiting for his previous dose to kick in. How much had he just taken? His eyes glanced to the floor and saw at least 5 on the floor, maybe 6 or 8. Sam roared as he manuevered into the apartment. He was MAD at Mark, forgetting David and Tony. Mark cowered as Sam reached out and grabbed him. “Put him DOWN you stupid lug!!!” David yelled, angry at Sam's bully actions. He was really angered by Sam's treatment of Mark. He felt flushed with anger. Sam threw Mark down, and grabbed David. He leered at David's huge cock, although he was almost as hung. David hit Sam in the chest ineffectually. Sam laughed out loud.

“Little man!! You can't hurt BIG SAM!!!” David's fists bounced off muscled pecs thick and hard as steel plates. David knew he was hopelessly outmatched, but he was so angry he didn't care. He was raging and angry and HOT! Suddenly his body was racked with pain for an instant. He spasmed, rolling up into a ball in Sam's grasp. Sam roared and threw David out the window, glass crashing as David rolled into the shrubs beside the house. David felt a huge hot flash… he blanked out for a second, and then came to himself as he felt his body expanding enormously! His elbows dug into the soft earth as his arms grew longer and his back expanded. David could hear the sound of fighting coming from inside his little bungalow… Sam and Shapour were roaring, and he could hear the sounds of massive fists impacting massive muscle. Tony appeared at David's side, checking to see if David was okay. He quickly helped David to his feet. David stood up, trying to catch his balance, by leaning on Tony's shoulder. But something was wrong, he kept having to stagger… he was GROWING HUGE, very quickly. David shook his head to clear it, and as he looked up, he realized that he was very nearly looking Tony … 8’3” tall Tony… directly in the eyes. Tony wordlessly stared in wonder as David's body expanded with huge muscle growth and size.

Tony staggered as David quickly grew to 8’8” tall, and his weight pressing on Tony's shoulder was increased dramatically. Tony looked down and saw David's balls enlarging quickly, to the size of small, then large, cantaloupes. The dark hair on David's pubes became thicker, darker, longer, more luxurious, tangling into a dark forest of manliness with a treasure trail of dark hair climbing up his thickening abs and spreading out across his rapidly expanding pectorals. David's arms grew longer as they also filled hugely with lean striated and veined muscle. David gaped as he realized his arms were at least as big as his legs used to be. Tony stared at the massive muscle beast that David was becoming.. He was enthralled. He stared again at David's massive genitals, noticing in his amazement that David's cock was growing very, very, very, thick… His cock was the proportions of a regular man soft, but massively expanded in every direction until his thickness was over 13” around !!!

David could hear Shap fighting Sam in the apartment, but he knew the much smaller by comparison Shap couldn't have a chance against the massive Sam. Unfortunately, with the rush of growth, David was barely able to keep standing. Tony gaped as David grew taller… Passing 9' to 9' 2”, and finally stopped growing in height. But his musculature grew larger, and David's body hairy chested, a huge barrel chested muscle stud with huge slabs of muscle throbbing on his frame. Finally the growth stopped, and David grunted with relief, but a wild light in his eyes lit and his massive endowment grew humongously erect. David turned and jumped towards the front door. He turned sideways, reached in, grabbed Sam's legs and pulled him out of the apartment. Sam grunted in surprise as David pulled him outside. He quickly gained his feet and jumped David. But with David's huge muscular frame, Sam was barely able to even push at David. He stepped back, looked up at David, and gulped.

“You looking for someone to pick on?” David demanded.

“Then pick on someone bigger than you…!” With the flat of his hand he shoved Sam, and Sam went flying. Sam tried to turn and run, but David leaped on top of him and shook him until his teeth rattled.

“Yay!!!” shouted the others, who crowded out the front door. Mark ran forward with a glass of water, and a black packet that he emptied into the glass. David shook Sam again, who gasped, and David poured the neutralizer down his throat. Sam shook, gagged, and swallowed. He glared furiously at David. “Wait until I get out of here! You can't hold me forever!! I've got all the muscle powder stashed in my car!! I'll make certain you pay for this!” David watched Sam closely. It seemed he was not quite so BIG as before. Sam shivered once. His body started to shrink, his muscle shrinking, his cock shriveling, his balls becoming smaller and smaller. He lost height, and his voice went from the deep bellow of a massive muscle stud to a baritone.

Sam didn't seem to have any idea what was happening to him yet. After he'd lost about a foot of height, David stood back and let Sam up. Sam staggered to his feet. Already, in his stretch spandex shorts, his cock and balls were only average sized. Sam finally realized that something was going on… and he exclaimed in horror as he watched his biceps shrink and his pecs thin out and even his hair on his head became thin as he developed a bald spot. As the last of the effects of the muscle powder was cancelled, the formerly huge stud was a thin, scrawny, 5’7” tall middle aged bald man. His Spandex pants slipped down and his tiny cock and balls were revealed as the others watched, almost pitying the man who'd had it all, but abused others because of it. Sam stared at David's huge balls and erect cock, and reached out to touch it. David shrugged back, out of Sam's reach. Sam fell to his knees. David felt pity.

“Get lost, Sam, and don't come back until you get some help.”

“Aren't you going to?…” Sam began to ask.

“No, I don't need to hurt others. And if I feel that need, I seek out a friend and talk to him about it.”

“I don't have any friends.”

“Better go find some.” Sam walked to his convertible, and Tony popped the trunk and searched the car and took all the white muscle packets away. Mark pointed out that perhaps Sam had more hidden elsewhere, but David decided that hopefully, Sam had learned a lesson, and would think about it for a bit. It would take 30 minutes for the black packet to degrade and Sam to be able to grow again. Hopefully, he'd head somewhere else. David was wondering what to do with his 9’2” body and enormous erect cock… he was enormously erect, very horny from the green packets. He went inside, and they closed the blinds and they broken door. David was very grateful for the 12' ceilings in his old 30's bungalow.

“I should take a black packet!!” said David. “NO!” all his friends exclaimed at once.

“Not yet, anyway,” Mark said, eyeing David's huge cock. Mark walked over to the briefcase and selected some packets.. In a clean glass, he mixed up 4 pink good looks packets, 2 golden younger packets, and 6 ball and semen packets. He splashed some water in the glass and drank it down. In a second, he moaned with pleasure. His golden body melted away the years until he was a young stud, and his features regularized and grew more and more handsome until he was a blindingly handsome 6’3” tall musclebound blonde boy toy. His balls grew, swelling under his 10” soft cock, growing bigger and bigger, until they hung bigger than Tony's softball sized balls. David was very attracted to Mark, and he looked him over avidly.

“No red cock growth packets, Mark?” David asked.

“No, replied Mark…,” I want you to be the BIG MAN!” And they went into Tony's bedroom. Shapour and Tony were left in the living room. Both were extremely turned on. Shapour walked over and picked up some packets, mixed them up and handed the glass to Tony. Tony knocked it back.


Part 4

Tony was 8’3” tall, and with the body of an 18 year old, and with an 18” long soft cock, and softball sized balls… He stood, waiting for the next formula to take effect, wondering what Shap had mixed up for him. It didn't take long for him to figure out. He felt a tremendous heat in his groin, and his balls and cock started to grow again. Shap grinned at Tony. “Never big enough is my motto Tony!”

“Fuck man what was in that???” Tony demanded.

“ Six red cock growth packets and six green packets.” Shap replied. “And if you don't like it, we can always reverse it.”

“Fuck!” exclaimed Tony as his balls grew to the size of cantaloupes. His cock swelled enormously thick, and longer, becoming erect as Tony became hornier and hornier. Soon, his engorged cock was completely oversized, 24 inches long. But the growth didn't stop, and Shap stepped close to Tony. Tony rubbed his growing cock on Shap's massive pecs and abs… and then began to ooze a river of precum as Shap rubbed and felt Tony's massive growing cock.. The precum was soon followed by thick hot gooey spurts of cum as Tony shot a massive load onto Shap's muscled stud body. Shap rubbed the cum on Tony's cock and over his massive chest as Tony's cock grew longer than 28” before finally slowing in growth and stopping at 30” erect. After his ejaculation Tony's cock remained hard and erect. It was incredibly obscene… Shap loved to touch it, and he got down on his knees and sucked it and licked it. It didn't take long for Tony to reach climax again. His cock shot and shot, and Shapour reveled in the sensation of being covered in his hot cum. Finally, after some extended sex play, Tony's cock became flaccid, a hanging, pendulous monster 22” long.

“So I'll be 6’11” and hung 13 1/2 inches soft in a month…?” muse Tony, putting away the tape measure. Shap lounged on the overstuffed furniture, his massive muscle pumped from his recent exertions. “Unless you take the stabilizer,” said Shap, “or the neutralizer.”

“or some more packets,” mused Tony.

“I could use some muscle with my height!!”

“Take some good looks, that way what you have will last stud!” Shap suggested. Tony walked over to the suitcase… and he picked up some packets… he put 4 good looks packets into the glass. Then he opened 8 blue muscle growth packets… and dumped them in. He poured in some water and drank down the glass. He set the glass down.. Shapour watched, in anticipation. Tony shivered, a reaction to the solution hitting his stomach. Seconds later his muscles became warm as his 8’3” tall body began to become more muscular. His features began to morph on his face, the entire proportions of his body changed subtly. After a few moments, Tony was more massive than Shapour, and his face was blindingly handsome. He smiled at Shapour.. a blindingly handsome smile that made Shap's heart ache with desire. Tony flexed his biceps, which rose massively huge. Only Tony's huge frame could hold the muscle growth. But that wasn't everything, the regularizer did more than make Tony handsome, it made the proportions of his body sexy, dreamlike in his masculine appeal and perfection.

His muscle growth continued, his perfect skin expanding to contain the massive size of his muscle, and Tony finally stopped growing. His skin was glowing in health and appeal. Shapour was hard again, watching Tony. But Tony walked his massive muscle bulk back to the packets. He picked up a black packet and mixed it up, and handed it to Shapour. Shap shook his head at first, but Tony said, “I've always wanted you Shap, since I met you. Just once let me have my fantasy, and then we'll make you twice as big as I am, if you want. Shap gulped down the black packet. In a moment, he started to shrink. Quickly, he shrank over a foot in height and the muscle melted away from his frame. His 18” erect cock shrunk and became flaccid. In about 2 minutes, Shap had returned to his original 6’3” height and 6” soft cock… he'd always been hung and muscular and handsome, but on a regular scale. Shap looked frustrated at his decrease in size and power, but then he looked up at the massive hung muscle angel, who now stood 2 feet taller than Shap, and gulped at Tony's incredible beauty.

“You are so handsome…” Tony told Shap. “I've dreamed of this for so long!!” Shap put his hand on Tony's massive golden pecs… and they kissed. Later… Tony awoke to find Shap curled against his massive chest. He looked fondly at the 18 year old Persian stud, knowing that soon he'd be returned to a huge muscle stud. He watched Shap sleeping in his arms, until he awoke. Shap curled up against Tony and cuddled for a few moments. He stood up, went into the bathroom and washed up, and found some clean low rise briefs underwear in the laundry. They looked great on Shap, with his 6” soft meat and big balls. He came out of the bathroom and stretched. Tony went into the bathroom and quickly showered. There was no underwear that would fit him, so he simply wrapped a large towel around his waist. It showed the massive size of his meat. In the sleeping area, Shap had the tape measure. He measured Tony's size, and found he'd already shrunk two inches in height and 3” in cock length. The formula was starting to wear off somewhat.

Mark and David soon joined them, having bathed in the private bath. Mark was still 6’3” and 10” soft, he'd obviously either adjusted to the doses he'd taken, or had taken a stabilizer. David had also decreased a lot in size. Mark explained that the more extreme the growth, the quicker it would begin to wear off, but after a few days the loss would decline in speed and after 30 days you would be at about 50% of the initial increase, where it would stabilize by itself. David was now 8’10” tall, with a 15” x 10” cock, and not so hairy as he'd been six hours earlier. Mark also explained the loss would mostly occur during the body's sleep cycle. Shap decided to regain the size he'd given up to become Tony's boy-toy, but David wondered if he should.

“Shap, you're only 18 years old!”

“What difference does that make? I'm a legal adult, and I'm a legal resident, I can support myself.

“ “Especially if he gets huge again,” mused Tony. Mark laughed. David looked angry. Shap told David, “Look, I'm old enough to make my own decisions. But you think I'll someday regret my decision to get huge. Well, how can you regret this???” Shap grabbed David's huge bicep, trying to squeeze it.

“Or this???” Shap grabbed David's huge balls. The more David resisted, the more that Shap wanted to be big… BIGGER. Shap grabbed the glass off the table and walked to the suitcase. David looked upset but didn't stop Shap. Shap selected from the table. Before, he'd used 8 packets of the original formula, but now he had much more control… and he wanted to do it right. He paused, frustrated.

“Wait a second, Shap.” Mark spoke up. He walked to the suitcase, and flipped open the top cover and pulled out some smaller packets that had been hidden.

“What the hell are those???” Tony demanded, almost jealously.

“Stuff that I came up with that I couldn't trust you guys with earlier. But since you handled Sam so well, I figure you're about the best guys for this… if anyone.” Mark picked up the bundles and opened them …

“This orange packet affects sexual desire, not like the green packets, which have a mild side effect, but also those around you, modifying your pheremones… anyone with this will be very horny, and also make anyone else they are around horny as well. Also, I suspect they'll have a lot of persuasive ability. Shapour, I want you to try this.” Shapour nodded… quickly mixed up a drink of one of the packets, and drank it down. Nothing seemed to happen for a moment or two. Shap began to feel a bit odd.. a bit warm, but that was it for a second. Everyone else in the room began to feel a bit warm too, perspiring just a bit. Shap stretched, looking at his body in the mirrors on the living room wall. He thought he looked really good. He looked at his package, and slapped his hand on his tight abs, and looked at the other men and saw them watching him.

“Feels good!!” he said. They all smiled a bit. David seemed to be over his mad. Shap walked up to David. David smiled fondly at Shap. Shap looked up at the massive stud, a wicked grin on his face, which he couldn't seem to help. David's heart seemed to melt. He grinned stupidly. Shap stretched his arms, slapped his abs with his palm, and dropped his hand, which brushed his briefs, his cock bouncing a bit in his basket. David seemed to swoon. He started to feel really sexy… his cock started to swell. Shap's cock got hard too… almost 9” he was erect, compared to David's now 20” erect cock, but all eyes in the room were on Shap. He was in control of David, even though David was a huge muscle stud weighing three times Shap's weight.

After a while, when Shap had come twice, and David multiple times, along with the other men jerking off, they took a pause in the action. Shap was having trouble with his third ejaculation, it was pretty dry. He realized that he could fix that though, and quickly emptied 6 green packets ball and semen packets in the glass, and then paused, and dumped in 6 red cock growth packets, and then 6 yellow height packets and 8 blue muscle growth packets, and then he dumped in 6 pink handsome packets, and finally dumped in 3 brown hair growth packets… and then he tore open a purple stabilizer packet and dumped it in. He splashed water in the glass, and mixed up the thick gloppy solution, drank it down, every drop. David walked over and saw the empty purple stabilizer packet on the table.

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The four jocks: The loft by BRK A quartet of very attractive clothing and fitness models sharing a loft try the transformation game during a power blackout, and are soon filled with awe at what they’re doing to themselves and each other as they play. 2 parts 9,337 words Added Dec 2013 18k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Multilimb•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Complete •M/M•M/M/M/...

Rapeenzel by Ziel Ziel got to thinking about old fairy tales and thought, “You know what these stories need? More gay sex and macro-dongs!” So he threw in a touch of cutesy fluff and some soft CV elements. Lots of sappy romance and monstrous dongs ensued. 6,583 words Added Sep 2015 25k views 5.0 stars (10 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Cock Vore•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Prehensile Cock•Hyper Cum•Always Shirtless•Medieval(ish) •M/M

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