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by RdyRoger

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Max wasn’t really expecting his life to change that Spring, anymore than it had in the previous 4 or 5 adult years of his life… he was 23 now, looking hard at 24 years of age, and he realized that maybe this was it. He was certainly as grown up as he was going to get… all 5’5” of him, a gay little twink that was no longer quite a twink.

Still, he was cute enough, if not a model. He had decent blond hair that was sexy and spikey and nice blue-green eyes in his slender face that at least made him pleasant to look at.

What happened was Max was out of town at one of those stupid conferences, stuck in the hotel, as he didn’t want to go out to the strip bars with his straight coworkers.

So he was cruising the internet, wondering if it was worth hooking up or if he should just masturbate and go to bed, when he remembered an odd conversation. He’d been in a gay bar in Hawaii a few weeks earlier and overheard some guys talking about a new gay dating site called Manco. He hadn’t ever heard of it, and wasn’t sure of the extension but with a bit of searching the Manco site popped up on his screen.

Welcome to Manco, blah blah blah… this looked like a version of all the other similar themed websites for gay dating. The men on the homepage were very hot but that wasn’t unusual.

It seemed to be a free site, but Max had to create a profile to log on and search.

He plugged in his basic info and the site suggested the screenname MaxMan. Well, it sounded good enough and he wasn’t likely to do more than browse tonight and have some private fun in the hotel room.

He clicked okay and then the stats page popped up. He looked it over, it was about the usual but perhaps a bit more detailed.

He plugged in his height, 5’5” tall and then the error message popped up. “Enter desired height” He plugged in 5’5” again and again the height was rejected. Darn it Max thought I know I’m short but there’s a lot of short men! “Enter desired height” so Max changed the first 5 to a six and then the site accepted the height of 6’5” tall.

He entered his blonde hair, blue-green eyes, for his build he entered “slight” and it was rejected again. “Enter desired build” There was obviously something wrong with the software, so Max clicked bodybuilder and that worked.

Great, Max thought. I’m now a 6’5” bodybuilder. Still, it wasn’t likely that he would actually hook up tonight anyway and he wanted to browse a new site full of hotties.

He went down the listings with little more difficulty until he got to sexual preferences. He clicked off vanilla, kissing, romantic, and the site came back with “Enter extreme sexual preferences” So he clicked on powertop and versatile and the site rejected it again. “Enter extreme sexual preferences” so he clicked on supershooter and 69 and selfsucker and orgy and that seemed worked. Geez, Max thought, this is not me at all but oh well.

On cock size he clicked small and the site rejected it again. “Enter preference for cock size” So Max clicked on the far right selection, as none of the selections on the left seemed to be working.

That worked, and then he saved the profile and was prompted to upload a pic. So he found a generic pic of him smiling in a blue work shirt, and uploaded that. He saved that and was prompted again…

“Engage Manco preferences and enter site?”

Max clicked yes. Finally! he thought.

The screen popped up a new background of a generic looking hotel room and Max’s picture was pasted in there on an overlay. A little hourglass started running and the computer drew a series of little dots on the pic of Max, then stripped away the rest of the photo and wrapped it to a 3d wireframe, and quickly filled in a generic building of Max and still the hourglass was turning. Max wondered what was going on when he noticed the computer was altering his little wireframe. His wireframe was starting to stretch taller and Max suddenly felt warm, a sense of vertigo that quickly passed and he looked at his arm and it was different, longer. He looked to the computer screen and still the hourglass was whirring, and then the model was stripped of clothing and Max was suddenly naked.

Max suddenly felt afraid something was wrong, way out of control, this was impossible. He watched his torso stretching longer and his legs extending longer and he became afraid. He clicked escape on the keyboard. “Escape from Manco profile site preferences?” He clicked yes.

“Applying Manco site recommended modifications” The hourglass started whirring again and the keyboard locked up.

The little computer pointer was working on his groin now, and the wireframe model suddenly grew very endowed as the little penis on the wireframe expanded dramatically in both length and thickness. In addition the balls grew huge, hanging lower from the now overmasculinized crotch.

And Max watched in horror and fascination as his own tiny cock and balls grew on a one to one basis with the wireframe model, his cock sliding down between his long slender thighs and his giant scrotum filling his lap with his now heavy huge balls!

No! Max said. He grasped his expanding package and a thrill of sexual energy shot through his entire body. It was so intense it was like nothing he’d every felt. His junk grew huge in his hands and there wasn’t anything he could do about it.

Max stood up… it wasn’t his choice he was now in thrall completely to the computer. He grew taller and taller… past 6’5” to 6’11” tall….!!! and then his muscles began to grow as the program pointer flicked rapidly all over the wireframe model.

His body exploded with muscle growth, as he looked at himself the site of his pecs swelling and the skin growing and stretching to contain the massively expanding muscles… the veins on his body swelled and fed more blood to his expanding muscles. He glanced at the monitor and the pointer was flickering all over his body, and his muscles grew in exact match to the model on the monitor, which continued to swell until he was becoming very worried… he was humongous, and the pointer was still flickering on the screen. The pointed moved up to his face and he felt his skull and jaw expanding, rearranging, and the teeth in his mouth settling into a smooth even smile. The hair on his head exploded with growth, and he felt the spikey bushiness as his forehead curl spread down to cover his right eye… he looked like an anime character, a giant muscled blonde anime character…

What happened next was even more scarey and life changing, and Max had no choice in the matter. The pointer coninued to flicker over his face, but his face wasn’t changing, he felt his brain changing. His brain was being modified and he felt his sex drive shoot through the roof. He had a sudden desire for muscle and huge cocks and hot bottoms and a room full of hot naked sweaty men engaged in a wild orgy.

The hourglass stopped spinning.

“Manco recommended modifications enabled, trial period desired?”

He clicked on 48 hours… enough for the weekend he was facing as it was a friday evening.

Suddenly he felt.. released, as if he was in control of himself again. But what a self he had become. The Manco preferences had made him tall as a basketball player and built bigger than Mr. Universe. And his junk was so big he’d never fit into posing trunks…

He felt his huge biceps, even his expanded hands couldn’t match their massive size… he hand brushed over his right nipple and a chill shuddered through him. Suddenly his nipples became erect and his huge flaccid penis grew larger and larger and in less than 20 seconds was swinging from his hips at full mast, hugely engorged, massively thick and long.

He grabbed his penis with both hands and stroked… he swooned from the explosions of sensual pleasure shooting up his spine, into his anus, nips, and suddenly fully pumped muscles.

Oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah and he came… exploding cum like a shot from a seltzer bottle… shot after shot after shot after shot.

After the blinding orgasm faded he found himself standing, naked, hung and huge… his cock still demandingly tumescent and showing no sign of fading in interest. If anything he was more turned on than ever. He didn’t feel depleted, he felt like he was just waking up, like that orgasm instead of making him spent was simply a prelude to sexual intensity and lust he had never imagined existed. He was right.

He stroked hmself to climax again in a few minutes, He came even more than the first time and the feeling was even more intense. He found it difficult to think about anything but sex…

He wanted sex and needed it, he was a sex addict and he knew it was the thing the computer had done to his brain. He didn’t care.

He didn’t have much to wear that fit but he didn’t find that a problem as he didn’t want to wear much. He pulled on some boxer briefs, and some baggy cargo shorts… the only thing that fit.

Although they weren’t at all baggy on him.

He looking himself in the mirror and admired his square jawed smile and flashing blue green eyes and his bushy blonde hair and his incredible traps and delts and pecs… and his abs… even bigger, even thicker…

His cock was massive in his hands again but he felt another urge… he sat on the floor and bent down and licked the tip of his cock… then he bent forward and his spine flexed forward with ease and his giant cock head was suddenly in his mouth. It felt so good it was incredible… Max bent forward further and his cock slid down the back of his throat… All the way down, and his nose was buried in his giant nuts and his cock was pulsing in his throat,, and then he exploded, again, and then again, and then a third time.

His cum seemed to make him wilder and wilder. He spent several hours cumming and sucking himself off…. his penis red, hugely engorged and dripping with cum and precum and saliva and his huge tongue wrapped around it as it plunged down his throat. Finally after four hours, he felt, not that he was spent, but just momentarily satiated.

He sat down again at the computer and looked up his profile. Maxman was listed as 7’2” tall 367 lbs and as athletic, bodybuilder, ultraheavyweight. The dimensions on his genitalia were, well, rediculous. A flaccid penis 12” long, with balls the size of lemons in his scrotum. He was listed as blonde, untrahandsome and ultrasexy with a libido rating of 85. There was a clock timer on counting down his transformation time… he had about 42 hours left.

Just then an IM screen popped up from BlackBottom13. “Hey Maxman how are you doing?”

Max typed back “I’m good, new to this site, first time online.”

BB13: Hey welcome aboard its quite a rush you certainly went extreme for a first time visit!

Max: Well the site had suggested specs.. I didn’t quite realize what I was getting into.

Max clicked on the link to view BB13’s profile. He was a short, thickly muscled, hugely hung man with an amazing muscle bubble butt.

Max: Wow you look terrific.

BB13: Want to get together? Can I come over?

Max: Where are you located?

BB13: The site will link us if you agree.

Max: Okay.

Suddenly there was a ripple running about the room… a slit opened into a doorway folded out of empty space and BlackBottom13 walked into the room. He was a hot thuggish looking punk ass black bodybuilder… with a swollen package almost as big as Max’s own enormous endowment. But it was his hot bubble butt that Max was looking at. There was hardly any talking… Max and BB were on each other in seconds! They compared their enormous cocks and balls… BB had the bigger nuts, huge softball sized monsters, and his thickness was amazing. Max wasn’t as thick but his cock was 2 inches longer than BB.

“Damn BB you are a thick cocked stud!”

“You like it Max?”

“Love it!”

“Seems you like to be big!”

“Wish I was bigger than you in every way!!!”

“Go change your specs, Max. It only takes a minute!”

Max went back to the keyboard and pulled up his profile… 40 hours left… There he pulled up his specs and there were his genitals… He clicked on the XXXXXthick mod and pulled his balls size meter further to the right…

He was about to click save, but turned to BB and asked, “Anything else you want?”

“More Muscle! And bigger nips!” he urged. “And put some hair on that chest!”

So Max clicked on the muscle and added 50 more lbs and found the nipples and selected larger, more sensitive nipples… and then he slid the chest hair mod over to 75%. He clicked Save and the screen popped up: “Amend Save to current session?”

Max clicked continue and his wireframe appeared on screen again and the arrow started flying around his form. He felt his muscles grow as if his body was injected with the extra power and weight, he felt the weight of the 50 lbs settling on his body as he swelled into magnificent proportions.

His chest was itchy and suddenly golden brown hair burst across his giant pecs. His nipples doubled in size and length and they swelled a bit and ached.

Then his cock grew thicker… as thick as BB, and then thicker. BB swooned at the sight of his monster cock, and then his eyes bugged out as Max’s bull balls swelled bigger, and bigger, and then stupid big, and then enormous stupid big.

Max turned to BB and posed a double bicep. Then he pushed BB down on the bed and climbed on him, and laid his enormous genitals on BB’s face.

BB’s cock swelled until it was rock hard…

“Fuck me Max I need you to fuck me with your huge muscle cock and stud balls!!!’

Maxman.. that was how he thought of himself now, positioned himself and lifted BB’s legs onto his shoulders and plunged his enormous rod into BB. BB writhed and moaned and gasped. He thrashed around on the bed, impaled by the giant fuck rod and his brain sending overloaded signals of pleasure shooting through his anus and into his cock.

Then BB reached up and twisted Max’s nipples, hard, and Max gasped with the sudden rise in libido as his cock, buried between the ebony globes of BB’s ass, suddenly swelled and became rock hard. BB moaned in excitement.

“Oh yeah fuck me you giant blonde nordic MASTER!” Max swooned when BB said the word master. It was a preprogrammed response, as Max suddenly found himself thrusting viscously into BB’s ass. BB just thrashed harder and moaned for more.

“Take my fuck stick! Take all of it you beautiful black muscle bottom!

Right then BB twisted Max’s nipples again and then Max felt his orgasm explode like a supernova. He came for minutes, and BB loved it. Finally Max went to the bathroom to get some towels. When he came out BB was at the computer. He was typing and Max walked up to see what he was doing.

“What are you doing?”

“This is our shared session…let’s change it up.”

Max could see that both of their profiles were side by side now. BB grabbed the mouse and slid the pointer for dominance to the right on his profile. Then he slid the pointer from bottom to 100% top. Then he slid the dominance marker for Max to 10%. He slid the pointer to 10% on the bottom to top scale for Max.

Then he added an augment to Max’s ass for extreme ability. He slid Max’s height down to 6’ and slid the height for BB to 7’. Then he slid the pointers for testicles and cock all the way to the right on his own profile.

Max was curious, about to question BB what was up when BB clicked save to current session.

The pointer whirred and Max found himself shrinking down to 6’. But at the same time BB was growing taller and taller, and his muscles were proportionally bigger and bigger, and his cock was hanging 16” down between his legs and was 4” wide. His testicles grew even bigger than Max’s, who watched in amazement as his own monster bull balls were soon dwarfed by BB and his cantaloupe sized black nuts!

The pointer continued to flicker and whir and in a second Max realized his appetites had changed and he wanted nothing more than to have BB fuck him with his monster black cock. The pointer continued to whir and then BB looked at Max and smiled. It wasn’t a friendly smile, it wasn’t a mean smile. It was a “you’re mine” smile.

And he was. Max realized that BB had tricked him into being a bottom but he didn’t care. He was so happy impaled on BB’s enormous Tom—sized cock that he whimpered with pleasure.

After a thorough fucking BB went to the computer again and opened a chat room window. He scanned and found five friends who agreed to come and join the session. The wall opened and the newcomers arrived. Max thought about protesting but found he wanted an orgy and was excited by the thought of more male flesh.

Two twins, black curly hair, tan skin and swimmer’s build bodies came in, they were Sam and Cam, and they soon had BB modifying themselves into 6’ tall hairy chested Mr Universe sized bodybuilders. He made Sam a Top and Cam a bottom. Soon they were locked together on the second bed. Sam he gave a 13” cock to and Cam had a 3” cock. That was how you could tell them apart.

Pedro and Juan came through together and they were very both grungy gangsta boys with hispanic heritage and uncut cocks with huge foreskins. BB worked their profiles over for a second and they soon grew to be 6’6” tall, more muscular than even Max, and with grossly exaggerated pectorals and biceps. BB added in some tattoos and they were dark skinned latin down-low muscle.

Pedro started by face fucking Max while Juan fucked his ass. BB didn’t like it… Max was enjoying it but was sickened by his uncontrolled debauchery… they were using him as a piece of meat. BB went back to the computer and in a minute Max discovered what BB didn’t like… and Pedro and Juan’s cocks swelled to match BB’s as they were fucking Max. BB laughed and laughed as Max discovered the joys of pig sex.

Then William arrived, while Max was being fucked. William was a completely regular looking Indian heritage young man with a british accent.

In a moment, BB was at the computer again modifying William. In a few minutes William transformed into a matching blonde bottom who was a twin to Max. Then BB set the height shorter for Max and William, reducing them from 6’ to 5’6” tall. Finally BB added in one last change for Sam… who soon sported a cock as big as BB’s monster.

Max’s cock was hard but useless. He felt no desire to fuck anyone with his giant meat. But with BB behind him and Sam in front of him and Cam jerking off his big rod, he was pretty happy. The party dissolved into oblivion and sex and fucking and “Oh Yeah” and grunting and “Look at that cock” and “fuck me harder!”

After the computer program shut down, Max discovered that all the players vanished, returned to their own original computers. And Max was returned to himself.

It staggered him. He didn’t know what had happened… had it been a dream?

It was Sunday afternoon and Max wanted to try going out on the town. He opened the Manco site and quickly set his age to 23, his height to 6’, his cock to 10” and his muscles to 247 lbs. It just looked best at that number on the display.


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