Spice up your life

by Musclesaber

Roommates Sam and Collin try to return to a life of normalcy after the pandemic. Trying to have a get together with friends, Sam buys a new spice pack at the store that has some surprises in store for the pair.

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It had been a long quarantine for Collin and Sam. With all of their classes being moved online and them being locked in their tiny house together, they were getting a bit stir crazy. With Collin being at high risk with his asthma, and Sam wanting to protect his friend and roommate, the two of them hadn’t really left the house except for groceries and the occasional errand that Sam would run.

Each of them had enrolled at the local college and met their freshmen year. They met at a party one night and started talking and became fast friends. Every year since then, they had been roommates together in a small house they rented. Now, juniors in college, they are stuck in the house with each other during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Luckily, it was looking like their long quarantine would be coming to an end. The governor of their state had slowly been reopening stores and restaurants. With the country appearing to go back to normal, they thought it was appropriate to have some friends over at the very least.

“Oh, come on, Collin. I know you are worried about this pandemic, but we have been cooped up in this house for over three months. With everything reopening, I think that we can at least begin to see our friend group again,” said Sam trying to convince his roommate to let their friends back into their life. “It doesn’t even need to be the whole group. It can just be a few of them.” Sam walked into the kitchen of their small house to grab a snack.

“I don’t know, Sam. I’m just worried about the possibility of any of them bringing the virus to us,” said Collin as he sat down on their couch in the living room. “We are going to be exposing ourselves to whatever they have come in contact with.”

“But you’ve already been exposed to the outside world,” said Sam as he sat down in the chair facing Collin. “I go to the grocery store once a week or so and then I come home. How is me going shopping less dangerous than our friends coming over to see us?”

“You’ve been staying safe and wearing your mask. You don’t leave the house besides going shopping. We don’t know where they’ve been. They could’ve gone to restaurants or bars for all we know. I trust that you’re being safe. I don’t trust them.” Sam leaned back in his chair crossing his arm. Clearly disappointed by his friend’s aversion to the slightest bit of human contact.

Sam’s face lit back up with an idea. “What if we can make sure they social distance for at least two weeks? The 4th of July is coming up two weeks from this Saturday, if all of our friends could social distance for those two weeks, could we have a barbeque?” Sam gave Collin the biggest puppy dog face imaginable. Accentuating his big blue eyes to drive the point home. He knew Collin couldn’t resist the face.

After a moment of thinking, Collin finally surrendered to his roommate’s begging. “Ugh, fine. If you can get all of them to social distance for two weeks, we can have them all over for the 4th.” Sam jumped up from his seat with glee.

“Woohoo! You won’t regret this bud! We are gonna have so much fun!” Sam gave Collin an excited side hug and ran into his room to get his phone and texted everyone who was still in town. Collin watched as Sam ran off to his room with a slight smile on his face to see him so happy, but it faded into worry for what might happen if his friends fail.

Sam presented the obstacle to the group and they were all on board. He took a head count and requests from everyone for what they would like served. Sam said that he would cook everything and they’d Venmo him their share. This way there would be less people preparing the food.

A couple weeks went by and Sam went out the Friday before to get all of the food they were going to need. With twelve people to cook for, Sam would have his work cut out for him. On the menu were burgers, chips and dip, mac n cheese, jalapeño poppers, and Sam’s homemade chocolate pudding. He bought everyone a few different types of beer and some seltzers for the nonbeer drinkers. He wanted to go all out for this get together if it was going to be the first one after months of isolation.

As he was shopping for ingredients for the dishes, he came across a fun spice kit. It was a six-piece spice set that read “Spice Up Your Life”. None of the spices seemed familiar to Sam but he thought ‘What the hell? With the way my life is going, I’m gonna need all the spice I can get.’ He grabbed the kit and continued shopping.

He arrived home and started unloading the groceries. “Hey Collin!” Sam shouted from the kitchen. “You mind running out to my car and grabbing the rest of the groceries?” Collin groaned in protest but reluctantly got up from his bed and came out to help Sam. Coming into the kitchen, he saw all of the food that Sam had already brought in.

“You have more food in the car? This is enough food to feed a village for a week and we’re having ten people over for one afternoon,” Collin said with shock.

“We can have leftovers if we have to,” said Sam, getting out various bowls, plates, and cutting boards for the preparation of the food. “Besides, you could easily eat all of this food by yourself in one sitting,” said Sam gesturing toward the slight gut that his friend had gained since the quarantine began.

“I haven’t put on that much weight, have I?” Collin looked down at his slightly bulging belly and rubbed it.

“Well, there is a reason why I have to go to the store every week instead of waiting longer.” Sam walked over and smacked his friend’s stomach and watched it jiggle a bit after. “But there’s nothing wrong with that. You normally live in the gym and eat the same diet while we’re in our normal life. It’s just your calorie needs have gone down, but your intake hasn’t,” said Sam with more sincerity in his tone.

“I guess you’re right,” Collin said with a bit of sadness for his lack of gym routine. He normally was a buff stud, but he had put on that COVID-19 and his muscles have deflated a bit from his normal jock physique. He sulked for a second and then proceeded to go get the rest of the groceries.

“Hey, don’t get down about it bud. I’m gonna tell you the same thing you told me the night we met. “I always love a little more cushion for the pushin’,” said Sam with a wink and slapped his roommate’s ass. “Now go get the food. I have a lot to do if we want everything ready for tomorrow.” Collin smiled and grabbed the rest of the groceries. Sam had wished he could repeat the night they met. But he knew not to get his hopes up too much.

Sam carried on cooking and prepping for the barbeque. He was going through his groceries and saw the spice kit he had randomly thrown in his cart. He opened it up and saw the six spices. Each seemed to have their own specific color of the rainbow for each flavor. Sam divided each flavor up to a specific dish that he’d prepare. But that left him with one spice left over, purple. He didn’t know what to do with it. So he stowed it in the pantry for another day.

After what felt like hours of preparing, everything was ready to be cooked tomorrow. Collin walked out of his room to see all of the food. “Ooooo is that your world famous homemade chocolate pudding?!?” said Collin, reaching out his finger toward the giant bowl only to have it batted away by Sam.

“Yes, it is, and you can’t have any. It’s famous for a reason. Everyone loves it and I want to make sure everyone gets some tomorrow.”

“Oh come on Sam. Just a little finger? Pretty please?” Collin said trying to use Sam’s own begging trick against him. Trying to slouch down to Sam’s shorter height to really sell it.

“Hey no fair. That’s my trick,” said Sam with a bit of a chuckle. “Alright. If you really want some, the spoon is sitting over there on the counter. Just finish up before I put everything into the dishwasher.”

Collin beamed with delight. “You’re the best.” He walked over to the counter with joy in his steps. He picked up the spoon and sat down at their dining room table. Licking the spoon and loving every second of it. “Mmmm. You really should make this more often. It’s become one of my favorite desserts ever since you’ve started making it.”

“I know. Everyone loves it, but it just takes me forever to make it.” Sam began washing the dishes while talking with his roommate.

“Yeah, but you won’t let anyone help you since it’s your family’s secret recipe.” Collin standing up quickly from the table feeling a bit of heft to his body that he was not used to. He walked over to put his now spotless spoon in the sink for his roommate to wash.

“And it’s staying that way. If you wanna try and recreate it, be my guest.” After Collin put away his spoon, he began grazing the counter for any other treats he could snack on. He saw that Sam had already finished making the dip for tomorrow. He reached into the pantry and grabbed some chips. Shoveling out the dip and into his mouth. Letting out the occasional “Mmm”.

“Hey. The dip might not be as well renowned as the pudding, but I’d still like to serve it tomorrow,” said Sam grabbing the dip and hoisting it in the fridge.

“You’re no fun.” Collin put his chips back in the pantry with defeat. “Can you at least make me something that I can eat?”

“Do I look like your mother? No. You’re a grown ass man. You can cook your own food,” said Sam as he went back to cleaning the dishes.

“Pleeeeeease Sam? I’m letting you have this barbeque. Just make one sandwich for me.” Collin again went down to Sam’s level and gave him the puppy dog face. Quivering his lip every now and then for dramatic effect.

“You’re getting way too good at that. Fine, I’ll make you a sandwich.”

“Again, you’re the best.”

“Yeah yeah yeah. Just get me out everything you want on it. I’m almost done with the dishes and then I’ll make you a grilled cheese.” Collin grabbed bread, cheese, and butter. He was wanting a grilled cheese, but not your average one. He also pulled out some jalapeños, some bacon and even grabbed a spice that Sam was using before.

“Got it. Now what?”

“Why don’t you start cooking the bacon and slicing the jalapeños? I’m almost done with the dishes and I’ll cook it for you after that.” Collin did as he was told. Frying the bacon and dicing up the jalapeños while dashing bits of spice onto them.

“All right, everything’s ready. Done with the dishes yet?”

“Almost. Why don’t you grill it and I’ll eat it when I’m done?”

“You’ve been done with dishes for a while now, haven’t you?” Collin said while throwing his sandwich on the skillet.

“And you didn’t cook all day, did you?”

“I retract my previous statement. You are no longer the best.” He picked up his sandwich and took it to the dining room.

“Nope. I’m better.” Sam walked in and joined his roommate with a banana to eat.

“So how has everyone done in terms of keeping their distance?” asked Collin between bites.

“From what I can tell, good. I don’t have ankle bracelets on them so there’s no real way to know, but from what they’ve said, they have been.”

“They’d better.” Collin said getting up to put his plate away. As Collin got up, Sam noticed his shirt was riding up a little more on his belly. Nothing too severe, but it definitely bulged out from his body a little more. Sam followed him into the kitchen and threw his banana peel into the trash.

“Need anything else before I head to bed?”

“Maybe just help me put everything away,” said Sam as he walked by his roommate to make room in the fridge for everything he’d prepared. He turned around to grab the food only to see his roommate’s pecs right in his face. ‘That’s odd. Normally I’m eye level with Collin’s chin.’

“Hey Collin, did you get taller?” Collin looked down at his roommate. He’d always been a few inches taller than him, but Sam was looking particularly small tonight.

“I doubt it. I stopped having growth spurts a in high school. Maybe you just shrank?” laughed Collin, ruffling his roommate’s hair. After the kitchen was completely clean, Collin started walking toward his room. “Night tiny.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Night big guy.” He watched Collin walk away. His eyes lingering on his fat ass. I looked like it was pushing those poor shorts to their limit. Watching it wobble from side to side. Each cheek looked like a soccer ball. Sam knew what he’d be jerking off to tonight. He headed to his room and shut the door. After a quick jack, he went to bed, excited for their get together tomorrow.
Back before they were roommates, Collin and Sam only had a couple mutual friends. Said friends brought them both to the same party one night. The groups merged and made their way to the beer pong table. Collin yelled out that he needed a partner and Sam was happy to oblige the jock. They exchanged names, who they were friends with, and started playing. After they put up a good fight, the duo had been beaten by their friends, but that didn’t stop them from chatting. They both popped a squat on the steps into the garage. They continued talking about nothing important. Majors, student organizations they were in, and any gripes they had with being new college students.

Eventually they got on the subject of dating. Collin had said that he had been looking out all night for someone to take home. Sadly, he wasn’t having much luck. He asked Sam if he was tied down by a relationship or not and was looking for any hotties tonight.

“Free as a bird. I broke up with my boyfriend when we were going to different schools and I didn’t want to do the long-distance thing. And maybe. I’m always open to options.” Collin did a double take in his drunken state on what Sam had just said. It was said so casually, he was caught off guard.

“Wait, back up. You’re gay?” Collin said in shock.

“Yeah, man.”

“But like, you seem… normal? I thought that gay guys were all high pitched and brightly colored and shit?”

“Let me guess. You’ve never met a gay person, have you?” Sam said with annoyance in his voice. Collin shook his head in shame. “Well, now you have. Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I speak in a decimal only dog can hear and wear clothes that look like a rainbow threw up on me. I can still kick anyone’s ass in COD and then drop my ass low on the dance floor.” Sam took a swig of his beer and looked over at Collin.

“Really? You play Call of Duty?”

“Yeah man. I have since the 360 days. It was fun to get on voice and when they called me a faggot. I’d always reply with, ‘Yeah, I am. Wanna come over?’” This sent Collin into a laughing frenzy.

“That’s hilarious man. I guess I never really thought about a gay guy being into all that kind of stuff.”

“I find educating you straight boys is the best way to fix intolerance.”

“Yeah. Uh, think I could ask a few questions?”

“Course man. Shoot.”

“Well, I’ve always thought that a guy could be cute. But not like how girls are. Is that normal for a straight guy? I don’t know. I shouldn’t have said anything,” said Collin, starting to stand up from their seats.

“Hey, hold up big guy,” said Sam grabbing his arm. “Talk to me. I won’t judge you on anything you have to say.” Collin plopped back down next to Sam.

“I don’t know man. I just sometimes think some guys are hot. Like really hot. I always look at their muscles with envy and that’s why I’ve built my body like this. I’ve always been envious of their bodies, but now I’m thinking I just want their bodies.” Sam turned to Collin and looked into his eyes.

“Well, do you think I’m cute?” Sam stood up and did a quick turn.

“Haha yeah. You’re pretty cute. Those big blue eyes, your spiked blonde hair, and that ass. I always say, there can always be more cushion for the pushin’ and god damn, you got a lot of cushion.” Sam started blushing at the big jock’s compliments. A bit surprised at how straight up he was being. But Sam was seeing that Collin was sounding less and less straight by the minute.

Sitting back down next to Collin, Sam went to compliment him. “Well, you’re no slouch yourself. You’ve got that cute ‘boy next door look’ goin’ for ya. That boyish smile of yours, your shaggy brown hair, and not to mention these big things.” Sam reached out and gave Collin’s bicep a good squeeze. Collin laughed at the gesture and then looked at Sam. Their eyes met and everything froze. In an instant, it was just the two of them sitting on those steps. Collin decided to take a leap of faith and started to lean in. Sam saw his move and mirrored him until their lips met with a kiss.

The two began passionately making out in the middle of the party. They quickly got up, not breaking the kiss and made their way to somewhere a little more private. Once they found a quiet corner, Sam began kissing and sucking on Collin’s neck while using his hands to play with his nipples and grip his hardening cock. Collin could only moan to tell Sam to keep going. And he did.

They quickly became aware that they were still at a party when a group started to form around them like they were a side performance at a circus. The pair decided to order an Uber back to Sam’s dorm. Lucky for them, Sam’s roommate was still at the party and Sam sent him “Please crash at someone else’s place tonight. I’m getting some.” To which his roommate responded “Let’s go Sam! I will crash at Eric’s.” The whole ride, the two were all over each other. Grabbing pecs, biceps, cock, ass, if there was a bulging body part, a hand somehow found it. The uber dropped the two of them off and they quickly went into Sam’s room and ditched their clothes.

“How are you feeling, big guy?” asked Sam in a seductive tone.

“I feel great. You’re really good at this.”

“Well, practice makes perfect. When you start kissing more guys, you’ll learn some new skills too. Now com ‘ere.” Sam guided Collin to the bed where he laid him down. Sam climbed on top of Collin’s big body and gently kissed him. However, Collin did not return the kiss. He was deep in thought from what Sam said.

More guys? I can barely rationalize making out with this one. Are we gonna have sex? I don’t think I want sex with a guy. What am I doing here? Collin dragged himself out of his thoughts to speak.

“Hey Sam?”

“Yeah, sexy?” asked Sam as he kissed Collin’s neck.

“I don’t think I can do this.” Collin shimmied out from under Sam and put his clothes back on.

“What?” said Sam with shock. “What do you mean?”

“I just don’t think this is for me. In the heat of the moment I was overtaken by you, but I don’t think dudes are my thing.” Collin said as he pulled his jeans up and started buttoning his shirt.

“But… but what about the things that you were saying? What about my eyes and my butt and all that stuff? Were you just trying to play with me?” Sam said feeling a little hurt for being fooled.

“What? No. I wouldn’t do that. I just… don’t know. I’m confused and I don’t know what to do. But I need to sort all of this out on my own.” Collin said, trying to temper Sam. He slouched back down in his bed. His emotions switching from sadness to anger that he’d convinced himself a straight boy would sleep with him.

“Well, I guess I’m sorry then for leading you down a sinful path.” He rolled himself over in a huff facing away from Collin.

“No, Sam, it’s not like that at all. I just need to figure me out. I still think you’re a cool guy and if you’re up for it, I’ll take you up on that COD invite, if it’s still on the table.” Sam turned his head to see the large man.

“PlayStation 4 or XBOX 1?” was all that he said.

“PlayStation of course.”

“All right. I guess we can play at some point.” Sam sat up and wrote down his gamer tag in a journal and ripped out the paper to give to the lumbering jock.

“Thanks man. I’ll friend you tomorrow.” Collin opened the door and started walking out but stopped. “Hey Sam, I’m sorry.”

Sam rolled back over on his side and only said “Good night.” Collin frowned and shut the door. After he left, Sam thought to himself, I will never see or hear from that boy again.

To Sam’s surprise, he did get a friend request from Collin the next day. They started playing regularly together and met up in person to get lunch on campus. Despite some awkwardness that was had at the beginning, the two did manage to remain friends. They hung out together and merged their friend groups permanently. The friends would occasionally give Collin shit for making out with Sam, but he’d brush it off. The two agreed to be roommates next year and the rest is history.

Sam was the first one up at dawn. He started boiling the noodles for the mac n cheese and went out to their backyard to fire up the grill for the burgers and poppers. He got out the pudding, giving it a quick taste test before setting it out for everyone to enjoy. Lastly, he set out the chips and dip along with the cooler with all the drinks inside.

Collin was slowly but surely rolling out of bed. Sending his streaks and looking at everyone’s endeavors last night. He scrolled aimlessly until he saw one of his friend’s stories. He clicked it and she was out at a bar. Collin sat up from his bed. He searched for his other friends’ stories only to find that all of them were out at the bars together last night. Collin was fuming from this realization. He quickly went to their group chat and started typing.

“Since you think the bars are so fun, you can stay home from the barbecue. Hope the drinks were worth it.” Collin sent out the text and stormed out of his room.

“Great. You’re finally awake,” Sam greeted him for the morning. “Could you stir the noodles and cheese together for me? I have to go take the burgers and poppers off the grill.” Sam quickly rushed outside after he poured the noodles into his cheese concoction.

“Sam, we need to—”

“Stir the pot Collin,” said Sam as he dashed outside. Collin let out a sigh of annoyance and did what he was told. After adequately stirring, he followed his roommate outside.

“Sam have you checked your phone this morning?”

“No. I got up, put on my outfit and started cooking. I’m pretty sure it’s still in my room.” And just like that Sam was back inside getting plates ready.

“Sam, stop what you’re doing and read this.”

“Collin, I don’t have time. They’re gonna be here in thirty minutes.”

“Sam!” Collin grabbed his jittery roommate. “Calm down. You’re going full Monica on me. Breathe.” Collin let go of him and lifted up his phone. “Look at this.” Sam took the phone from his roommate and started reading. His eyes widened as he read.

“No no no no no. I’m gonna kill them. They promised me that they would keep their distance.” Sam threw the paper plates down to the floor in a huff. He went to sit down at the table. “What are we gonna do? Everything’s already cooked.” Collin walked over and sat down next to him.

“I’m sorry bud. I knew how much you wanted this to happen.” Collin rubbed Sam’s shoulder. “And hey, you said it earlier. We can have leftovers for the next week or two.” Sam looked over at his roommate and put his hand over Collin’s.

“Thanks big guy. I’m just so pissed off at them. How could they do that? They only had to last one more day.” Sam laid his head down on the table. Collin patted his back with comfort.

“I know, but we’ll just wait on seeing them until we know it’s safe.” Collin got up from his seat and headed into the kitchen. He started fixing up one plate full of burgers and another full of mac ‘n’ cheese. Coming back to the table and setting the food down in front of him. “Sam, eat. You’ve been cooking for what feels like days. Don’t let it go to waste. I even got mac ‘n’ cheese. I know it’s your favorite.”

“I’m not hungry right now. Too sad to eat.” Sam grabbed his fork and started playing with his mac ‘n’ cheese. “But don’t let me stop you. Dig in. Might as well have someone enjoy my cooking.” Collin looked down at his full plate. He picked up his burger and took a bite. The flavor hit him instantly.

“Mmm. Sam, I know you are pissed right now, but damn you can cook.” Collin went in for another bite of the burger. In mere seconds it had vanished into the big jock’s stomach.

“Thanks. I’ll be right back.” Sam left the table and went to his room to grab his phone. He got it and was hit with a barrage of messages from his friends ranging from apologies to excuses. He texted back.

“Don’t worry about it. We’ll just reschedule for a different time when all this blows over.” He went back out to the kitchen to see Collin feasting on his lunch. Sam gave a half smile as he saw his friend enjoying his food. Then he noticed something. His shirt looked tighter. Everywhere. Like someone had just put a tire jack on him and pushed a bit of air in him. His biceps looked like they were fighting for space in his sleeves and seemed to be getting bigger. His pecs looked to be growing as well as his width. He had always had a nice pec shelf that Sam could see in tight shirts, but this was on a whole new level. They were stretching his shirt higher and higher on his torso, exposing his belly.

“Hey Collin, did you get a quick pump earlier?”

“No. Not at all. Why do you ask?”

“Oh no reason. You just look a bit bigger today.”

“Thanks, man. Guess I haven’t lost all my muscles from before quarantine.” Proving his point by holding up one of his biceps and flexing it. Sam was pretty sure he could hear the sound of seams ripping as it blossomed even bigger. Collin finished off the last burger on his plate and sat back with a satisfying belch. “Ah. That was so good. Thanks for cooking Sam.” Sam sat back down at the table and started eating off his plate.

“No problem big guy. Thanks for not being a total asshole like the rest of our friends,” said Sam taking a bite of the mac n cheese.

“Oh, you know I’m not like that. I could never be that kind of a jerk to you. You’re one of my best friends and I care about you. I wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings that way.” Sam looked up at his beefy roommate and smiled.

“Thanks Collin. That means a lot. And for what it’s worth. I care about you too.” He put his hand on Collin’s. They sat there for a little while until Sam broke the silence.

“What’ll it be next? We’ve got plenty of options for you.” Sam began walking to the kitchen to grab more food for his roommate.

“Hmm, I think I’ll take some chips and dip. My enjoyment last night was cut short by you and I’d like to try it again.” Collins’ eyes lingered on Sam’s ass as it swayed into the kitchen. It looked fuller than before. Sam had always had an ass on him, but there was something about it today. It was different. He shook off the thought quickly when Sam returned with the chips and dip. Collin grabbed a chip and dunked it in the dip and the chip then disappeared into his mouth.

“Mmm. Just as good as it was last night. My compliments to the chef” Collin kept shoveling away at the giant bowl of dip while Sam still kept picking at his mac n cheese. Sam had been typing on his phone, replying to his friends, and suddenly looked over at his roommate. He was huge. There was no doubt in his mind now. He was getting bigger.

“Collin. Stand up for me real quick.” Sam stood up and Collin stood up next to him and rose up and up. Last night Sam was about eye level with a little below Collin’s collar bone, but today he was looking directly into his nipples, but that didn’t last long as the body elongated upwards even more. Sam looked up to meet Collin’s eyes. “Uh, Collin? You feeling okay?”

“Yeah. Never better. Why?”

“You don’t see anything wrong here?”

“No. Why should I?” Sam looked perplexed by his roommate’s comments. ‘How could he not realize he’s like a foot taller than usual?’

“Uh nothing. Just go back to your eating. I gotta go check on something.” Collin sat back down in his chair and Sam walked into the kitchen and pulled out the spices he had just bought. He started reading the fine print on them.

“Warning: Users may find that they have an allergic reaction to the spices. There may be swelling, rashes, coughing, possible closing of the airway that can lead to death.” That was no real help, so he looked up the spices online to find their website. When he opened it, there were dozens of well built, tall, hung men on the home screen. ‘Is this a food distribution site or gay porn site?’ thought Sam to himself.

“Hey Sam. Think you could bring me some of those jalapeño poppers?”

“Huh? Oh yeah. I’ll be right in” Sam closed his phone and made a plate of jalapeño poppers for Collin. When he turned around, he was shocked by what he saw. Collin had gotten big. Really big. As Sam walked closer to the table, he realized he could look his roommate in the eyes while he was sitting down. He could see little tears forming in his shirt from the strain of his big body.

“I feel like a ravenous beast. I can’t stop eating. I didn’t think I could even be this hungry after a few burgers and the chips and dip.” Sam went to set the poppers in front of Collin. Before he even made contact with the table, Collin had immediately started shooting them into his mouth. Sam didn’t know what to think. His already hot roommate was getting hotter.

“Collin maybe after these you take a little break from eating to help me clean a bit.”

“Fine, but after that, it’s back to your cooking. Man, I’m starving,” he said in between bites of the poppers. Sam polished off his first plate of mac n cheese. He took his and Collin’s empty plates to the kitchen. This was first time that Collin broke from his indulgence. He looked on in awe as Sam walked away. His ass was ginormous. It looked like he had shoved two basketballs down his shorts. And it was slowly getting bigger. His tight shorts were beginning to look painted on. And the way it jiggled when he walked was getting Collin hot below the belt. He felt his dick throbbing in his basketball shorts. It was on fire, he had never been this turned on in his life.

He finished off the last of the poppers and got up to put his dishes away. But when he sat up, his head hit the ceiling fan in their dining room. “Ouch. The fuck?” Bringing him back to reality, he began to take note of everything around him. It all looked like it had shrunk down. “Sam. Why is everything so small?”

Sam turned to face his roommate and was shocked by what he saw. Collin had to be over 7 feet tall with muscles that rivaled the Hulk’s. His biceps had to be the size of cannonballs and his pecs like two dictionaries in his shirt. He looked wider than most door frames. Sam’s eyes moved down. He could see Collin’s cock stretching the confines of his shorts. It was slowly pulsing bigger and bigger. Each time Sam saw it grow bigger, he thought it was rock solid, but it just kept growing. “Collin, big guy, I don’t think everything got smaller. I think you just got bigger.”

“What?” Collin looked down at himself and realized his vision was blocked by his pecs. He lifted his hands up and saw that everything on him had grown bigger. “How is this possible?”

“I think there is something wrong with some of the spices I used. I don’t know exactly what, but I’m pretty sure they’re somehow connected.” Sam walked over to his towering roommate, taking in all of his body.

“That would explain why your ass looks huge.” Collin was connecting the dots in his head. Sam was now alert of how tight his shorts felt. He looked over his shoulder and saw his ass had put on 10 pounds. Which on his 5’6 body was a substantial amount. Each cheek looked bigger than a bowling ball. Then it hit Sam.

“You were checking out my ass?” he said with a smirk. Collins’ face reddened.

“Um no. Well yes, but uh… that’s just because it looked obscenely bigger. I was just making sure that you were okay.”

“Uh huh and how do you explain this?” Sam said as he reached out and gripped his roommates colossal dick. Unable to close his hand around the monster.

Collin let out a low moan as Sam made contact with his cock. “Alright. Yes, I was staring at your ass. But it’s just so big and I can’t help but stare at your ass. It’s so cute on your little body.” Collin froze after the words left his mouth. Shocked by the confession he just made. Sam’s eyes lit up.

“I make this fat ass even better?” Sam said reaching up and grabbing Collin’s shoulder to bring him down to eye level.

“Well yeah. If I’m being honest. Your cute face and that ass makes you pretty cute. Not to mention you’re smart, funny, caring, and no one can carry games like you can.” Sam started to turn as red as a tomato from his words. Collin would make the flirtatious comment every once in a while. Just to be polite after a bad day to make Sam feel better, but nothing like this. He was putting in a little more effort today to boost him back up.

“Thanks Collin. You’ve been a great friend and roommate to me. And you’re still that cute boy next door jock I met freshman year. I’m just glad I got to know you more. After you left that night of the party, I expected to never hear from you again, but you proved me wrong. I got to know you as this sweet, caring, and gentle guy. Even though now you could crush me like a toothpick.” They both shared a small laugh. “But I’m proud to call you my best friend.”

The two gazed into each other’s eyes and it was at that point, Collin leaned in and kissed him. Sam melted into Collin’s lips and wrapped his arms around the hulking man’s body. It was like electricity had been shot through their whole systems. The kiss felt like it lasted an eternity before it ended and the two broke from each other.

“Well if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you hit your head too hard when you stood up.” Sam said jokingly. Collin let out a little chuckle at Sam’s comment.

“No Sam. I like you. I really do. This all me baby.” Sam looked at his roommate. Collin flashed his show stopping smile to him. That made Sam fall head over heels for him, but he knew better than to do that.

“Are you sure? The last time we did this, I ended up blue balled in bed with a heavy heart.”

“Sam,” Collin stood up and lifted his tiny roommate up to his face, “I wanna be with you.” And with that, Collin brought Sam to his face and the two shared in another magical kiss. If Collin hadn’t been holding him, Sam definitely would’ve gone weak in the knees from this one.

When the two broke away, Sam couldn’t help but smile. “Collin, you don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that.” Sam hugged his massive roommate the best he could.

“I think I know the feeling. I love you, Sam.” Sam’s eyes shot open in shock.

“Whoa there, big guy.” Sam released his hug from Collin. “Let’s take it easy. I know we are opening up with our feelings for each other right now, but let’s pump the brakes just a little bit.” Collin’s eyes faded from glee to sorrow. He had just confessed one of his biggest secrets to his crush and got rejected. His heart just went on an emotional roller coaster ride of it being at the top of the peak and then shooting straight down.

“Oh yeah. Of course.” He set Sam back down on the ground. “I was being dramatic. Sorry.” He turned and started walking towards his room.

“Collin, wait!” Sam shouted out. But it was too late. Collin had shut his door and thrown himself onto his bed. He was about ready to cry after hearing Sam say that. Sam rushed over to his door and tried to open it, but it was locked.

“Collin let me in! Please!” He started banging on the door. “We have to talk about this!”

“What’s there to talk about? You don’t want me, and you don’t love me. That’s all I need to know!” Collin yelled out then buried his head in his pillows.

“But I do love you! You know that! Would you please just open the door so we can talk?” Sam sat at the door for a minute. Thinking that he’d have to get a new roommate now, but to his astonishment, he heard an unlocking noise being heard on the other side of the door followed by heavy footsteps going back to Collin’s bed.

Sam opened the door and saw Collin sprawled out on the whole bed faced down in his pillow. His full-sized bed not doing well to accommodate his bigger body. His feet were now hanging off the edge by a decent amount. “Hey big guy. I’m sorry for what I said. Can you flip over so that we can talk?” Collin didn’t move a muscle. Sam sat down on his bed next to him. “Okay, then I’ll talk and I hope that you listen to me.”

He drew in a breath. “Collin, I do love you. Being friends with you for the past three years has been incredible. I have come to know you as a person and a friend. I love you like you’re my best friend.”

Collin suddenly rolled over and shouted, “What, so you’re putting me in the friend zone now?!?” Anger and pain coming out in his voice.

“No. Not at all. I’m just saying that I need time to learn to love you in a romantic way. I know that you’re a great guy. I know that you are a stud. I know that I care a lot about you. I just want to know how well we can do romantically. God, this sounded a lot less dickish in my head.”

“Really? Cause I’d say you’ve been a huge ass today in more ways than one.” Collin turned back over in a huff.

“Look, what I’m trying to say is that I want to be with you, and I want to love you. I have been planning out what our lives would be like in my head ever since we met. What it would be like kissing you. What it would be like being held by you. What it would be like dancing with you. What it would be like going to bed with you.” Collin looked up.

“You’re really gonna think about sex right now?”

“I mean yeah, but that’s not what I meant.” Collin rolled his eyes and slammed his head back into the pillow. “I mean playing Overwatch together all night in bed and kissing each other when we win. Cuddling with each other before we doze off to sleep. Waking up next to you and seeing that goofy smile of yours in the morning to start off my day right.” Collin rolled over to fully face Sam. There was a long pause before either of them spoke again.

“You really think about all that stuff?” he said with a timid voice.

“Yes. I dream about it all the time. But I want to know that it can really happen. I need to know if this is just infatuation or if it’s the real deal.”

“I guess I can see your point there.” Collin sat up in bed. Feeling better after what Sam had just confessed to him.

“Hey.” Sam went in for a quick kiss on Collin. “We’ll get there big guy. Let’s just start with going on a date first.” Collin smiled a little bit at the thought of taking Sam out on a date. “Of course with a global pandemic, I don’t know how well you’d do at a restaurant.” Now Collin was full on smiling.

“We’ll make it work. I believe in us.” Collin leaned in and pecked Sam on the forehead then grabbed him and pulled him into a big bear hug. “There is just one thing I’d like cleared up.”

“Of course. Anything, babe.”

“Are you really thinking about sex right now?”

“Oh my god.” Sam sat up in annoyance with Collin’s question. “Yes, Collin, I am thinking about sex. I’m a guy who hasn’t had sex since December. I’m always thinking about sex.” Sam said in a flat tone.

“We’ve only been in quarantine since March.”

“Yeah. What’s your point?” Collin smiled at his lover’s comment. “And with that fuck pole you’ve got growing there, how could I not. You literally became more of a walking wet dream than you were before.” It was Collin’s turn to blush. Feeling his dick start to stir after hearing Sam talk about how big he is. “Looks like someone’s thinking about sex too.” Sam nodded to the growing bulge fighting for space in Collin’s shorts.

“Hey, you started talking about it and woke him up.” Sam chuckled at the cheeky comment.

“Well if you’d like me to,” Sam reached across the bed to Collin’s thigh, “I can take care of it.” Collin got a rush when Sam touched his cock.

“I thought you said we should go on a date first?”

“Oh Collin. You have a lot to learn about gays. Anal is first base.”

“Shut up you horny bastard.”

“It’s true. First anal, second talking about our childhood trauma, third meeting the family, and then we say I love you.”

“Whatever, come here and give me some sugar.” Collin said in a mobster accent. Sam leaned forward and kissed Collin. This time, it was more aggressive. Passionate. They slowly but surely started to full on making out. Sam started to pull up Collin’s t-shirt while Collin was unbuttoning Sam’s shorts. Shucking off every ounce of clothing they had until they were both naked on top of each other. Sam broke away from Collin’s lips to look down at his lover’s gargantuan body.

“Wow. Just wow.” Sam explored Collin for the first time. Everything was just so big. He started rubbing and licking Collin’s bicep.

“You like?” Collin said seductively. Flexing his bicep and making it expand bigger before Sam’s very eyes

“Baby, you know I do.” Sam moved on to the expanse he called a chest. Sam took to massaging each pec. Collin bounced them back and forth as Sam kneaded them. This made Sam stare in amazement. Ogling each twitch from the huge muscles. He proceeded to suckle his giant nipples. Sending Collin into a moaning frenzy.

“Sam, I don’t remember a whole lot about what led up to us making out in your dorm freshmen year, but I do remember that you know how to work a nipple.” Collin continued to moan and groan as Sam switched over to the other side. Sam felt his lover’s cock land on his back between his legs. Nestled in his ass cheeks like a hotdog in a bun. Sam began to arch his back, bringing his ass up into the air with Collin’s cock in between the cheeks.

Collin saw his roommate’s actions and leaned forward to grab a handful of his ass. “Damn Sammy. You’ve really gotten huge back there. I mean I knew you had some cake before, but damn. Now each cheek looks bigger than your head.” Collin began massaging Sam’s fat ass. Giving it the occasional smack and watching shockwaves vibrate over each massive globe. He then moved to fingering Sam to start warming him up for one of the biggest cocks in the world. Normally, Sam would be worried about taking so much dick at one time, but with his newly enhanced ass, he was ready for it.

“Collin, you think you’re ready for it?” Sam got up from sucking his nipples.

“Am I ready? You’re about to take a cock that puts porn stars to shame. Are you ready?”

“Of course I’m ready. I’ve been ready for three years.”

“Then get that fat ass of pumping.” Sam did not need to be told twice. He got up from his perch on Collin’s chest and crawled back to his cock. It was now rock hard and pointing straight up in all its glory. It looked to be over 12 inches and thicker than a soda can bottle.

Sam positioned his asshole with Collin’s head and started to slowly lower himself down. Swallowing up the python. The head went in his ass and Sam felt a rush of pain at first. He let out a tiny whimper as the mushroom disappeared into his ass. Collin only moaned in pleasure then looked up to realize Sam was struggling.

“Sam, are you okay?” Collin said with concern. Sam nodded to give his roommate reassurance.

“You’re just fucking massive. That’s all.” Sam started to slowly slide down Collin’s shaft. Collin could only throw his head back with euphoria as his dick was squeezed tightly into Sam’s ass. After Sam had gotten down most of the shaft, Collin’s dick hit the prostate and Sam’s sense were overloaded with pleasure. He quickly engulfed the rest of Collin’s mighty cock into his ass until he hit the base. Sam looked up to see Collin in pure ecstasy. His enhanced cock was now sitting in his crush’s huge ass. He was in heaven.

“Sam, buddy, this is perfect.”

“I know a way to make it even better.” Sam slowly started rising off of Collins’s base until gliding himself back down. He repeated this action slowly but began picking up speed and force. Each time hearing Collin moan louder. Collin began bucking his hips into Sam. Forcing himself deeper and deeper into Sam’s guts. Sam himself was hard as a rock. His average 5 inches was ready to fire its load with all of the stimulus his prostate was getting.

“I think I’m gonna cum soon babe.” Collin shouted in between moans. His breath shortened as he was preparing for the orgasm of his life.

“Me too baby. Just keep pumping.” Collin did as he was told and in a matter of seconds, he let out the lowest moan Sam had ever heard. He felt his insides being filled with cum. The sensation was too much for Sam and his dam broke as well. Shooting all over Collin’s bulky belly and chest. After Sam had finished cumming, he lifted his body into the air and off of Collin’s dick with a satisfying “POP”. Collin kept shooting cum into the air until the last bit was forced from his balls. They both laid on the bed, side by side, panting from exhaustion.

“That was incredible,” said Collin in between breaths.

“I’ll say. That was hands down the best sex I’ve had in my life.”

“Agreed.” Collin rolled on his side and gave Sam a kiss on the cheek. “So now can I say I love you?”

Sam smiled and rolled his eyes at the big lug. “You’re not gonna let that go, are you?”


“Ugh. You’re so difficult.” Sam rolled to his side to meet Collin and gave him a kiss. “We’ll go on a date and then we’ll see.”

“Whatever you say babe.” Collin wrapped his arms around his little lover. “Can I be honest with you real quick?”

“Always bud. What’s up?

“I’m surprised you were able to take all of my dick. That thing is huge, and you took it like a champ.”

“I wouldn’t say that, but this new ass makes it a hell of a lot easier. We should get you one just like it.”

“Yeah and we should get you a dick just like this.”

“I mean, there is a platter of food out in the kitchen that’s geared to growing us. We could always make things a bit bigger. I have always thought that bigger is better.”

“Babe if we’re making our bodies bigger, there’s no ‘a bit bigger’ there’s just bigger, bigger, and more bigger.”

“I like the way you think, but for now I’m tired. Let’s take a nap and figure all of this out when we wake up, okay?”

“Yeah, you’re right. I am pretty tired. Doubling my weight and adding a foot in height is kinda exhausting. Come ‘ere little guy.” Collin pulled Sam’s body into his and wrapped both of his arms around him. “Sleep tight, Sammy.”

“You too, big guy.” And with that the two dozed off with each other in their arms.

Sam was the first to wake up. His face lying on Collin’s pillowy pecs. He slowly started scooting and shimmying out from under Collin’s beefy arm, eventually making it out without waking the sleeping giant. When he stood up, he immediately realized there was still cum in his ass. He clenched up and started walking toward the bathroom. As Sam waddled, he could feel all of the jizz sloshing around his insides. He made it to the bathroom and began the work of clearing out his cum soaked guts.

When Sam shut the door, Collin awoke from his slumber as well. He saw that his lover was no longer in his arms. He got up to go to his mirror and admired his newly grown body. He never actually got the chance to look at himself. Sam wasn’t kidding. He was much bigger. After almost four months with no gym, he looked like he never left and even upped his regiment. Collin flexed his bicep, watching all of the muscle bunch up and relax. Amazed with how significant the difference of size was. Then he moved to his pecs. He grabbed one of them in his hand. Feeling the sheer weight of the bulging muscle. He began popping them from side to side, bouncing them up and down to the song in his head. He continued down his body to his stomach. He was surprised not to see any abs there. He still had a bit of a belly. ‘Guess food is still food and will fill up this gut up either way,’ thought Collin to himself. Patting his belly with his hand.

Moving down to his legs, he examined the tree trunks. Each thigh looked bigger than Sam’s waist. Well, I guess his old waist. Collin turned around to try to admire his ass. Collin had always worked on his glutes at the gym, but it seemed perkier than usual. It didn’t look extremely big like the rest of his body or nearly as big as Sam’s, but still looked good enough to eat. He turned back to the facing front and examined his crown jewel, his cock. It truly was an anaconda. Definitely the biggest dick he’d ever seen, minus those morphed pictures he’d find on the internet. He’d put porn stars to shame. His balls had also grown a little bit to the size of eggs. He looked back up and admired his body as a whole. He truly was an Adonis.

His admiration was interrupted by his stomach groaning. He looked at the clock and realized he and Sam had been asleep for almost three hours. It was dinner time. Collin slipped on some boxers and a t-shirt. The boxers looked more like briefs with his massive sausage legs stuffed into them. And the once oversized t-shirt he put on, now exposed half of the big man’s belly. He ducked out of his room and saw all of the food that Sam had prepared for the barbecue still out. He reached for the food but stopped himself. He couldn’t grow anymore. Not without Sam here. He wanted to give a show to his little roommate next time. He decided to put all of the food in the fridge for now. Sealing everything up and jamming them into the already packed fridge.

He had put everything away except one bowl. The chocolate pudding. Collin paused for a moment. ‘Sam wouldn’t taint his oh so special family recipe with some random spice, would he? He keeps that recipe pure. It’s sacred to him. Maybe I can just steal a few spoonfuls.’ Collin closed the fridge and got a big spoon from the silverware drawer. He sat down at the table and started eating. The second the pudding hit his lips, Collin let out mmms and ahhs of delight. He picked up pace, shoveling pudding into his mouth.

Sam walked out of the bathroom with a freshly cleaned asshole. He walked into the kitchen to see his big roommate’s gut growing bigger. “Collin!” He looked up from his bowl of pudding. “What’re you doing!?!”

“I was hungry, so I was eating some food. Simple concept,” Collin said as he put his full spoon into his mouth.

“You’re growing again,” said Sam, walking up and smacking his roommate’s growing gut. “We can’t risk these big spurts. We have to know what these spices do.” Collin looked down to see that his once manageable gut now was pushing into the table in front of him. He leapt to his feet with shock, feeling the new weight of his belly and learning how to balance now that he was so front heavy. His shirt looked like a crop top on Collin, exposing his inflating hairless midsection.

“You put that spice into your chocolate pudding? I would’ve thought that you wouldn’t taint your secret family recipe?” Collin put his hand on his expanding belly. He felt the movements within it. It felt strange to feel the skin stretching out to accommodate for more growth to pour into him.

“I thought about not, but then decided to. I thought it would just be a fun kick of flavor. How’d I know it would make you look 9 months pregnant?” Sam poked at his roommate’s belly as it seemed to settle. It didn’t feel as squishy as a water balloon, but it wasn’t completely rock solid either. He continued to poke and prod at the big orb while Collin let out the occasional snicker.

“Hey, stop it little guy. That tickles.” Sam smiled at Collin’s comment.

“What? You mean this?” Sam lurched forward attacking Collins big belly. It contracted in and out as Collin started laughing.

“Stop it little guy!” Collin managed to say in between laughs. He grabbed Sam’s petite arms and pulled them off of him. Hoisting his little roommate up into the air.

“You’re so strong. You can pick me up like it’s nothing.”

“It’s easy when the one you’re picking up is a twig. Only thing that’s really weighing you down is that fat ass of yours.” Collin let go of one of Sam’s arms and put one of his giant mitts on Sam’s ass to support him.

“Well, maybe in a bit, I can have a snack. Maybe I’ll get so big, you’ll be light as a feather to me.” Sam scooted his ass forward so that he could now sit on Collin’s giant belly. It stuck out so far that Sam could easily use it as a perch to kiss his lover.

“With this belly, I doubt it,” said Collin, grabbing his gut and shaking it.

“You never know baby. I like the belly on you. I’ve always been of the mindset that a belly looks better than abs on everyone,” Sam added, reaching down and rubbing the expanded midsection.

“Well, the pudding is right there Sammy. Knock yourself out if you’d like.” Collin grabbed the little guy resting on his belly and set him down on the ground. He walked over to the kitchen to grab something he could eat that wouldn’t affect his size.

“You just had the pudding just now, right?” asked Sam, perplexed.

“Yeah. Haven’t eaten any of the other food you made since lunch.” Collin grabbed some old chicken leftovers and threw it in the microwave.

“So you just ate that, and your belly blew up.” Sam’s mind was starting to put all of the pieces together.

“Yeah, so what?” Sam got up from his chair then ran to his room to grab a spiral and a pen. He came back and grabbed five of the spices out of the pantry.

“So I’m starting to figure this whole spice thing out.” Sam wrote everything down on the sheet of paper. “So, we know that you’ve eaten burgers, chips and dip, jalapeño poppers, and the pudding today. And you’ve had muscle growth, cock growth, height growth and belly growth. I’ve only had the mac n cheese and I’ve only had ass growth.”

“You’re saying that each food or spice is connected to a certain area of the body.”

“Exactly. And we can connect mac n cheese to ass growth and the pudding to your belly growth.” Sam picked up the spice containers and set them out color order. “I used the yellow spice on the mac n cheese so this spice will grow your butt. I used the blue spice on the pudding. This spice grows your gut,” he said out loud as he wrote everything down on his sheet of paper. “The only problem is that you ate the burgers, chips and poppers so close to each other, we don’t know what’s connected to the other three spices.” Sam sat the red, orange, and green spices out.

“Well Sammy, there’s an easy way to find out,” said Collin, gulping down his meal and heading to the fridge. He started pulling out all of the food from earlier.

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