Quarantine weight

by Aphon

Quarantine has a way of making the days blur together. After a while, it’s easy to forget what your body used to look like before your favorite Meal Replacement XL shakes.

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Part 1 Quarantine has a way of making the days blur together. After a while, it’s easy to forget what your body used to look like before your favorite Meal Replacement XL shakes. (added: 27 Feb 2021)
Part 2
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Part 1


The jug of Meal Replacement XL hit the trash can in the corner of Dylan’s messy dorm room. Quarantine had gotten so boring that he didn’t even have the motivation to eat normal meals, let alone cook them. He bought a huge case of these random meal replacement shakes off the internet last week and had been living off of those, gaming to pass the time. His roommate usually stayed at his girlfriends house most of the time, so all there was left to do these days was eat and sit at his computer.

Dylan wasn’t very muscular by any means but hit the gym enough to maintain a trim physique that would have gotten him laid easily enough back when gay bars were open. He leaned back in his desk chair and patted his stomach. It rumbled.

“Hm. I guess I’m hungrier than I thought.”

He grabbed another jug from the case and popped the top, guzzling it down. It tasted sweet, kind of like a vanilla milkshake. Bubbles rose to the top of the jug as the viscous liquid disappeared down his throat. Dylan wiped the corners of his mouth as some spilled out.

He burped loudly as he emptied the jug completely. His stomach was so full now, two whole jugs of meal replacement sloshing around.

*clank* Dylan threw the jug into the trashcan to join the others and went back to gaming, finally satiated.

Days went by in much the same way, the only difference being that he had ordered many more cases of the meal replacement. It was so delicious and easy he couldn’t seem to find it in him to go back to real food.

A blizzard had hit the small college town, ensuring that he couldn’t leave even if he wanted to. Suddenly in the middle of his game, the power went out. The computer screen suddenly went dark, leaving Dylan in a dimly lit room, staring at the reflection of himself in the monitor.

Now that he thought about it, he hadn’t really looked in a mirror for the last couple weeks. What he saw staring back at him surprised him. He had stubble across his jaw and his face looked more manly than usual. This caused a stir in his underwear. He pushed back in his desk chair, noticing for the first time that his pants were snug around his waist which had been loose last time he checked. He took his shirt off, noticing a thin trail of hair that climbed from within his pants up his growing gut to his bellybutton. He grabbed his stomach. It was definitely bigger and jiggled a bit as he explored the new development. His pecs protruded outwards, demanding to be felt up. His right pec filled his palm nicely and had a slight dusting of sexy hair on it.

“God, this quarantine is really getting to me… I’m getting thick.”

His cock stirred in his briefs. Turning his attention downwards, he shucked his pants. They were more difficult to get off than his oversized shirt and clung tightly to his legs.

He grunted with effort, finally getting them off and sat back down heavily in his chair. His thighs bulged, almost touching each other. They forced the package in his briefs outwards, making it look bigger than it was. Or was it?

“Damn, the extra weight kinda makes my package look bigger.” Dylan talked to himself as he examining himself. His eyes followed the sexy trail of hair from his stomach down into his briefs as he flipped the waistband down.

Out flopped a fat cock that he didn’t entirely recognize. It pulsed slightly along its soft length, almost to his hipbone. It had to be at least 7 inches, almost as thick as a beer can. Completely soft. It grew out of a thick patch of pubes which had no doubt been left unbothered for months. He finally took his briefs all the way off, letting his balls rest on top of his thighs. They were each the size of tennis balls, looking fat and swollen between his meaty thighs. To any outside observer, they would have been shocked to see how big Dylan had gotten… everywhere! But after his momentary surprise, he began to rationalize everything.

“I guess I never realized I looked this good. The dim lighting must be doing me wonders.” He chuckled. He put his briefs and pants back on but left his shirt off, enjoying the warm air on his skin. His stomach grumbled again and almost on command, Dylan grabbed another jug of Meal Replacement XL.


Part 2

A week later Dylan had finished three more cases of the meal replacements and unbeknownst to him was getting thicker by the day as the concentration of hormones from the drink built in his body.

He was fully reclined in his chair, guzzling his fourth jug of the day. A drop of shake slipped from his lips and trickled down the valley between his big pecs before getting caught up in the thicket of hair that covered them. His hand idly wiped it away, brushing his nipple and making him shiver. His pecs were so huge now that they sat heavily on his chest and pushed his big nipples downwards towards his gut. His gut had gotten hairier over the past week, short silky hairs covering his stomach around his belly button. The jug continued emptying down Dylan’s hungry throat as he swelled larger ever so slightly.

He felt almost starved today for some reason. Even with his fourth jug almost gone, he yearned for more. He crushed the jug and reached for another, letting the discarded one fall to his feet. There were dozens and dozens of empty jugs that littered the room now. My roommate is gonna be so pissed when he sees how messy the room is, Dylan thought. The feeling of guilt quickly passed as he popped the top on the new jug and held it skyward.

The thick mixture flowed down his throat again. He sat back farther in his chair, splaying his thick thighs out. He started moaning slightly as he felt the liquid pass through him, it just felt so satisfying to drink it. The sound of his moans and the loud gulping drowned out the sound of the seams on his pants starting to pop and fray. He crushed the jug and sat up.

His pants were skintight, he noticed puzzled. “I guess I finally outgrew these. I didn’t like ’em that much anyway…” He unbuttoned them, his gut forcing its way through the much needed newly available space. He rubbed it, admiring how masculine and hairy it was. His tree trunk thighs looked stuffed in the too-tight pants and his package was almost comical. It looked like he had stuffed more than a few pairs of socks in there.

He pulled the pants completely off, breathing a sight of relief as he let it all hang out. His thighs bulged, he definitely couldn’t walk normally anymore without them touching each other. His briefs sagged as the sheer heft of his package pulled the waistband down. They were strained from both sides as his fat ass had grown into two powerful globes. Taking them off, he stood completely naked in his dorm room. His dick was gargantuan and had clearly reacted the most to the meal replacement shakes. It swung down almost to his knees and was as thick as a two-litre bottle of soda. Impossibly thick. Dylan was thick all over. His balls held his member up, having grown to the size of softballs.

His cock started rising as he turned himself on. He lifted it up across his gut and pressed it between his pillow sized pecs as it got thicker. Precum flowed from his head and dribbled down across his gut. He spread pre all across his thick pole, using both hands to stroke the entire length before shoving it in his hungry mouth.

This same scenario happened often these days, either it was a jug of Meal Replacement XL in his mouth or his own homegrown dick.

He popped it out of his mouth as he felt himself coming close. He continued to jerk it slow and steady as he grabbed a new jug and brought it to his lips. Almost in a frenzy, he chugged and chugged. At this point the concentration in his body was so high that he started growing almost instantly. He had never actually noticed the growth before, but something was definitely different this time.

Dylan felt his fat dick reel out slowly in his hand. Slick with precum and throbbing angrily, it swelled thicker and longer as he stroked. He looked on in lust as the head bumped into his chin, splashing precum on his face. He couldn’t see his balls over his rumbling gut but felt them slap his thick thighs heavily. They were steadily swelling past soccer ball size and dropped down to his knees. He widened his stance to give his thighs more room to breathe, still chugging the jug greedily. Every body part was fighting for room, steadily swelling thicker and thicker. His pecs sat heavily, so large now that they jiggled in response to the smallest movement. He moaned as he emptied the jug and grabbed another one. He was dangerously close to cumming but was so caught up in his lust he didn’t want it to end. He sloppily poured the new jug’s contents into his gaping mouth, spilling some all over his big gut and down into the forest of pubes where his monster jutted out.

As the new wave of Meal Replacement XL hit his stomach Dylan’s cock quickly grew past his head. It was so thick he had to use the valley between his slippery pecs to jack it off as one hand did not do the job anymore. The realization that he couldn’t swallow his cock anymore was quickly forgotten about when he felt his balls touch the cool dorm floor. They were utterly gigantic, producing precum like a garden hose.

Without warning the door to the dorm room swung open, Dylan’s roommate standing there in complete shock at the scene before him. He could only watch as the growing man before him thrashed about, cumming violently in his direction. He barely had time to cover his face as cum splattered all over him…

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