Three giant guys

by MegaMaker

Three short vignettes taking place in three separate universes, with three very hot growing guys. 

3 parts 5,926 words Added Mar 2024 5,342 views 5.0 stars (5 votes)

Asher Gets a Big Boner Asher gets so much needed relief, but when he does his body responds in a very strange way. (added: 9 Mar 2024)
Mason’s Big Secret Mason suffers from a rare disorder in which loses control of while out with friends.
InstaGainz Reed loves having big muscles and wants to get bigger, and with the help of some pills he gets his wish.
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Asher Gets a Big Boner

After a long day of classes, practice, going to the gym, and studying, Asher wanted to wind down with a little time to himself when he returned to the dorm. He barely got out of the shower when his dick was already hardening. Asher was a very hung guy and it had been about a week since he last came, so he expected this boner to be a big one and he was right.



Usually his boners were about nine inches but he must have been really horny. It was so stiff it didn’t even swing around as he walked, it stayed straight up the whole time. Asher sat at his desk naked and lubed up his boner, chest and abs with coconut oil, then started jerking off. He let out a hard moan as he felt his shaft get harder, thicker and longer in his hand with each throb.


“Ah, fuck me…”

With both hands he kept man handling his giant hard cock. Sometimes it would grow to this size if Asher got super horny. Between strokes he’d rub his oiled up body. Then it happened again. He gritted his teeth as the forcing of more blood into his boner crossed over into pain. The veins popped, the head inflated and his whole shaft lurched.


“Holy fuck!”

Asher had never gotten a boner this big before. Watching it reach new heights and feeling it expand thicker in his hands felt amazing to him. Then he felt something deep in his balls, something he’d never felt but knew what it was somehow. Asher’s balls started filling with more sperm making them expand. They went from golf balls to soft balls to basket balls. The whole time they were filling he felt the sperm sloshing around.


Even at the size his balls were they couldn’t contain all that cum they were making so he started oozing an ungodly amount of pre-cum. That made him wanna yank on it harder. Somehow, he felt that intense throbbing again!


“Oh god!”


Asher’s boner had rapidly gained another foot and to be as thick as a pop can! The head was bulbous and purple. Every vein was undulating and pre-cum was squirting everywhere. As his balls started expanding again more pre-cum was squirting out. They were now the size of beach balls. Asher couldn’t believe it. His boner was three feet long, thick as a water bottle with a head larger than a baseball with testicles so full they expanded bigger than beach balls. He was fearful yet excited about his load. 

Then something even more incredible happened. Whatever was causing his dick to grow must have been hormone based because his muscles started swelling right before his eyes. Like balloons, every muscle on Asher’s body inflated to epic proportions. He was already a ripped guy so now he looked positively herculean. From his neck being consumed by his chest and traps to his legs being forced apart by his thickening thighs… from his growing arms being pushed up by his thickening lats… everything was growing. 

Asher went from ripped to cartoonishly massive in seconds. The chair was making creaking noises as it struggled to support Asher’s weight. When he popped his pecs they slammed in his jaw, when he flexed his biceps they prevented him from touching his shoulders. Asher was having so much fun playing with gigantic growing muscles along with stroking his massive hard boner. 

With one final stroke, he came… everywhere. Asher busted an unreal amount of sperm. Like water from a fire hose an unbroken beam of solid white cum blasted from his boner. The force of his ejaculation was so powerful it made him be pushed backwards on the swivel chair he was sitting in. The torrent of cum coated him in a thick warm creamy layer of white. 

He was choking on his own orgasmic joy as the beam of sperm surged out at high speed. His cum was surging out of his boner so fast and with so much force it began to hurt. It was out of control splashing and splattering all over the walls, ceiling and floor making huge white puddles everywhere. Within minutes he had completely and totally coated every object in this dorm. He kept cumming and he was afraid he’d never stop. 

Asher was coming so long he lost track of time. He began stroking his boner again and that made him cum even harder than before! He finally calmed enough to stop cumming, but he wasn’t going soft and his balls hadn’t shrunken down and his muscles had only gotten bigger. 

Asher was so cum drunk he felt woozy. When he looked at the clock he realized he was cumming for about an hour. But he took it that it wasn’t softening due to needing a round two. Asher jerked off the whole rest of night causing a tsunami of sperm. It grew throughout the night too and so did his muscles and, at some point, he started getting taller. He got so massive that the chair broke underneath him. When morning came Asher had accepted this was the new default state of his penis and body.

A nine-foot-long boner that was as thick as a paper towel roll, balls bigger than yoga balls and a head as large as a soccer ball. He had been immobilized by his gargantuan muscles and he could barely fit in the dorm. Also Asher accepted he’d never stop cumming. For the past few hours he hadn’t touched his boner at all, he’d just been relaxing, enjoying the never-ending orgasm and ejaculation. It was still busting that solid creamy beam. But man, did this feel incredible, he thought.

Asher wasn’t done growing either, soon he’d break out of this building. Who knows when he’d stop….


Mason’s Big Secret

I told all my friends I was tired and I wanted to go to bed early. That was a total lie—the truth was I had to run away from them as fast as I could because I knew my disorder was gonna flare up soon. The way I knew it was gonna happen was it started with a boner. Not just a normal one but a massive one. Normally my hard-ons were seven inches but when it grew to about a foot and twice as thick with swelling balls, that’s when I knew I was in trouble. 

Beautiful sunny summer day turned into a warm summer night. Everything was going so well but then my friend had to squeeze my pec as a joke. That made me instantly pop a massive boner that almost tore my speedo off. I told my friends I wanted to go to bed and then I quickly ran off. I’m sure that caused some concern because they all saw my enormous hard-on. How could they not, speedos weren’t good at hiding boners especially abnormally large ones like mine. I’m sure they were concerned but I had to keep running. Once it started there was no stopping it. I would never forgive myself if they ever saw me when I was morphed so I fled the scene in haste.

Tonight was going so well. Just me and a few of my old football teammates from High School all hanging out at one of my friend’s lake houses. We hung out on a boat and went fishing and swimming. We grilled and drank some of us more than others. Just a bunch of jockey himbos having some summer fun. The four of us were the only guys on our team that were gay or bi and that’s why we stuck together after we all graduated. In fact, we were all so close we all got matching speedos for this occasion and man, were they a beautiful sight.

Now, here I am sprinting deep into the forest soaking wet in only a tight red speedo and baseball cap with a foot long boner trying to find a place where I can morph without being seen. 

To stop this from happening I had to take four pills a day but sometimes I’d still get episodes if I felt strong emotions like joy and especially sexual desire. The amount of fun I was having with all my favorite people all hanging out in skimpy speedos was more than enough to heighten my emotions so all it took was one chest heft to trigger my disorder. If ever that happened, I had rescue injections but I didn’t have time to grab one. 

My body temperature was rising, my boner was getting bigger and harder as well as my balls filling with more sperm. A white spot surfaced at the tip of my boner staining my speedo. That was a sign I was running out of time. I tripped at something and crashed on the ground. Whatever, I thought I was far enough away from anyone. I stopped holding back and just let it consume me. 

My whole body burned, especially my crotch. Each and every muscle I had spasmed out of control. All my bones were aching like crazy and my skin was itching. I was writhing on the ground from all the pain I was in. I bit my tongue to stop myself from screaming. Morphing into the monster I really was, was never fun. My boner and balls finally grew long enough and thick enough to tear my speedo clean off leaving me naked. Electric energy shot from my massive hard cock and into my huge body. That’s when the true transformation began.

The growth started in both my muscles and my frame. My torso elongated and got wider as it became packed with bulging muscles. Each of my pec’s inflated like two balloons till they pressed against my jaw and formed a full wide hefty shelf. My traps crept very high on my neck and got so thick between them and my chest there was nothing left of it. My favorite chain necklace broke off and the remains flew somewhere. Both of my shoulders swelled into huge balls of muscle too. My usual four pack turned into a six pack then a well-defined blocky eight pack with rippling obliques too and my lats became thick vast wings. I could feel my back twitching and spasming. Even though I couldn’t see it I knew that too was now filled with bulging muscles.

Each of my arms lengthened and became overly packed with growing muscles. From biceps so big I couldn’t reach my face anymore to triceps that were even bigger than that. My forearms weren’t far behind becoming equally as big and meaty. The two wrist bands I was wearing broke off as well. A huge vein surfaced on each of my biceps and more webbed through my forearms. Both my hands got bigger and pudgier. My skull felt like it was gonna split open from the headache I had. Luckily my head got bigger too so it wasn’t buried in my pecs. and my hat fell off so it wasn’t destroyed.

My legs elongated and became pillars of huge sturdy muscles. Starting with my hips, they got so wide I no longer had a taper and I became very rectangular. Both my thighs swelled so much you could see each of my quad muscles and my hamstrings were bulging too. My calves became so plump they were almost as big as my thighs and my feet were getting huge too. My butt swelled so large that it was lifting my hips higher in the air.

Lastly my boner lengthened to the point where the head was in the middle of my chest and thickened to almost the size of my forearm. The head was so bulbous it was as big as my fist. My balls filled with so much cum they swelled enough to push my legs apart.

This growth refused to stop, and I kept growing till I was well past human size. There was no denying that I was growing out of control and I was a beyond human giant that had so much muscle I lost mobility.

Then I got what I called the finishing touches. My legs got hairier as well as my crotch. Even my happy trail got a little fluffier too. Some hair grew on my chest and abs and my beard got way scruffier. Then the sweat came. A thick musky hormonal stench filled the air. It smelled like a thousand teenagers’ bedrooms. But the growth was over. I may have been about sixteen feet tall and wider than a train car with more muscle than ten hulks. But it was over and the pain in my body calmed down.

However, there was one last stage I never looked forward to. My mutated boner started throbbing uncontrollably. Then it lurched so much it was slapping my body. The throbbing and lurching got so intense my boner felt like it was jacking itself off. Pre-cum was spitting out and filling the cleavage between my pecs. Then a huge lump swelled at the base and traveled up my shaft ending with an eruption of sperm. I roared out of pure sexual suffering. All the birds flew out of the trees and other animals ran away.

A huge solid beam of thick creamy cum shot me right in the face and spilled all over my massive pecs. If I didn’t push my boner to point up I would have drowned in my own cum. The cum geyser shot well above the trees. Then it all came back down and splashed all over my hair, face, chest, shoulders, arms, abs, and legs. The whole front side of my body was coated in syrupy white sperm. 

The first load after I transformed usually lasted about six hours, so I just closed my eyes and laid back moaning and grunting and waited out the never ending sexual ecstasy that was busting. Enough sperm had busted out I formed a pond and was completely drenched in white. 

Finally it ended but there was no way I was going soft. In this form my boner would only go down after several more loads. So, I grabbed my massive boner with both hands and started jacking off with fury. Not jacking off my hypersensitive humongous boner was impossible from how horny I was in this state. 

All at once my muscles, height and dick got bigger and bigger! This sometimes happened when I was extra horny and looked like today was one of those days. I was growing so big I was knocking down trees and pushing boulders out of the way. My breath was turning to steam even in the summer air. An extra set of abs bulged out on my stomach giving me a ten pack. I was getting to skyscraper levels of height and my muscles were growing big enough and strong enough to crush mountains. Then I felt that intense feeling in the base of dick.

I came and came and came like no tomorrow. Making my sperm pond into a sperm lake. The smell of my musky man juice was getting so strong I was having trouble breathing and my eyes were burning. While I came and oceans worth of sperm I was still rapidly growing bigger in muscle mass and height. Like last time I tried to push my boner up so it wouldn’t blast me in the face but even my godly strength wasn’t enough to compete with the shear rigidity of my titanic boner. Bigger and bigger I grew pushing more objects away, I was really clearing out a large portion of the forest and then flooding it with cum.

After who knows how long of busting my brains out and growing out of control, I finally stopped cumming and growing. I say “stopped cumming” but in this state my dick basically never stopped. The volcanic eruption may have been over but with every throb a massive, long creamy rope of sperm blasted out. I was producing ropes every few seconds. A few would jettison in the air while rest cascaded down my shaft. 

When I gained enough sanity and stability to stand up I did. The tallest trees weren’t even to my knees. If I reached up I could touch clouds. My neck was nonexistent because my traps were above my ears and chest pressed into my jaw. My head is essentially half buried by all that muscle. Each of my arms were parallel to the ground from the size of my lats and my biceps prevented my hands from even coming close to my face. My stance was wide from the size of thighs, so wide it was awkward to keep my balance. The weight of my dick wasn’t helping that specialty with the combined weight of over filled balls and mega engorged shaft. Not only was the head of my dick bigger than my actual head but it was well above it. For as far as I could reach up the head of dick was still well out of my reach.

As far as the eye could see, white everywhere. The trees, the leaves, the bushes and the rocks were coated. Of course, my entire skyscraper sized body was coated head to toe. The ground around me had become so soaked through with my cum that it had turned to mud. Busting billions of gallons of cum didn’t mean I was gonna shrink back down. I needed my injection and even then that could take up to a day to take effect so I was stuck like this for the rest of my trip. Just my luck to get an episode at the worst time. Then I felt it again.


I couldn’t believe it. I started growing again. Higher into the air I shot up in height. My muscles rapidly swelled larger as my whole body widened. Lastly, I became terrified watching and feeling my boner get longer, thicker, and harder with a bigger head and swelling balls. Within minutes my boner and balls grew bigger than my body. Then that boiling orgasmic sensation filled my balls and shot up my shaft. I was gonna start cumming again and I knew it was going to be bigger than any load I’d ever had. Like an atomic bomb sperm exploded from my dick causing a tidal wave of cum that leveled everything in its path. I hated being a megamorph. 



The only thing Reed cared about was getting huge. From a young age he was all about hitting the weights. He’d been lifting since he was in 7th grade. By age 18 he was in 1% of men in terms of size and strength. His Instagram was filled with pictures of him shirtless or only in his underwear. A hot muscle hunk is what everyone called him. Somehow even with all the attention he got for his huge muscles and pretty face and hot cock he was still unsatisfied. He recently graduated high school and as a present to himself he was going to try InstaGainz to finally get what he wanted.

The website he bought it from seemed more than a little dubious, but he didn’t care he wanted to give it a try. No Ingredients list, no instructions, only the label InstaGainz. Reed only hoped that this wasn’t a placebo.

While his roommate was out he thought that would be the perfect time to try the first dose. Reed took off all his clothes except his underwear and flexed the bathroom mirror a little. He knew he was already buff as fuck but if these pills worked, he’d be even bigger.

“Moment of truth,” Reed thought.

He eagerly unscrewed the cap and shook out one of the pills then took it. Instantly all of Reed’s muscles puffed up. His chest got wider and jutted out further. Both his shoulders swelled as his traps rose higher. Expanding lats made his growing arms rise. Each notch of his abs got more defined and his obliques showed more. The growth traveled down to his lower body. Thickening thighs, glutes and calves made up his lower body. 

Reed was elated to watch his buff body get even more jacked. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any better he felt a pleasurable itch in his dick. To his amazement his bulge got larger. He pulled open his underwear and was enamored to see his cock had gotten longer, thicker with a larger head and balls.

Reed couldn’t stop himself; he had to take another pill. Right away his muscles started to swell again. Bigger pecs, traps, shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearms. More pronounced abs and obliques. And a growing butt, quads, hamstrings and calves. Last but not least his cock grew too. His underwear felt tight from how big his lower body and junk was getting.

“Oh yeah!” Reed said.

The first pill made him huge but now he was massive. He put on a flexing show and was never able to get the grin off his face. Hefting and squeezing his pecs, pressing his hand into abs to feel each groove. Flexing his quads and smacking his huge butt were all things he was enjoying. Next on the list of body parts to play with was his big dick. Even with the lightest touch he immediately noticed how sensitive it had become. Reed thought these pills were changing his life for the better. He just had to take another pill. 

Once again, every muscle he had swelled to gargantuan us size. Only a few inches were left of his corded neck from how tall and thick his traps grew and as well as how vast his chest were getting. The shelf of his pecs was getting close to touching his chin. His shoulders were becoming bigger than his head.

Reed flexed both his biceps and watched them grow into his even bigger balls of solid muscle. Same with his triceps they hung lower as the muscle mass increased. His lats were so huge that he looked like they were in permanent flex. Another row of muscle was added to his abs giving Reed an eight pack with rippling obliques.

His butt felt heavier as it increased in size. He had to widen his stance to make room for his growing thighs and his calves weren’t far behind. So big his lower body got that his underwear was starting to tear. What wasn’t helping was his increasingly large cock and balls. It was long enough for the head to be peeking out from the leg hole and the girth and size of his balls made his bulge huge.

“Holy fuck!” Reed said.

He flexed until he was red in the face. After three pills Reed was Herculean. His muscles had muscles and he felt big and sexy. But he thought what if he were bigger? One more pill wouldn’t hurt, he thought. He swallowed another pill and watched with excitement as his body started growing again.

Between his growing his pecs and traps his neck was completely consumed. His shoulders were far larger than his head. His biceps grew so large he couldn’t touch his face anymore. His triceps were so big they were solid balls of muscle when he wasn’t flexing them. His forearms were becoming just as big as his upper arms and his hands were beginning to grow too. The size and thickness of his lats kept his arms and permanent angle. His abs and obliques got more defined but thankfully didn’t bubble out. Combine his ever-growing massive hamstrings, quads and butt and his underwear felt skin tight. Along with that, his calves were growing to be similar in size to his thighs.

Reed’s favorite part was next. His dick got so long the head wasn’t just peeking out but hanging out. It was getting girthier and his balls were like water balloons filled with sperm.

“Yeah! Fuck yeah!”

Reed lumbered to the scale in the bathroom. He had to know how much he weighed now. Stepping on the scale made it creak. It read 550 pounds. Before he took the pills he was 180. Reed loved his new body. Massive muscles, cock and ass. He felt like the sexist muscle god in the world. Then he thought how much bigger could he get. It was like the bottle was begging him. He took another pill. 

Like inflating balloons his muscles swelled even bigger. Reed was laughing and smiling the whole time he watched himself grow. Some unpredicted effects were happening. His bone structure was morphing bigger to make room for more muscle. His hips had gotten wider, and his shoulders had gotten broader. Bigger frame and even bigger muscles. Reed was growing into a brawny wall of hulking muscle. 

His underwear couldn’t take it anymore and tore off leaving Reed naked. He couldn’t believe how big his penis was getting. It was as girthy as a banana and the head was at his knees. His balls were about the size of soft balls and the head about that of a baseball.

Despite his frame growing, his muscles were still growing faster and even with the added room it was quickly consumed with bigger growing muscles. Even more so his arms were pushed higher up and his neck lost more mobility. His natural stance was really wide because his thighs were so packed with meat and by the meat he was packing.

“I’m a fucking sexy hulk,” Reed thought.

That’s when Reed felt a pleasure full sensation shoot threw his dick it was so strong it felt painful. In seconds his penis became erect. From soft to rock hard making an absolutely humongous boner! The head of his giant boner went from his knees to chest level. Reed felt lightheaded from the huge shift in blood flow. 

When he finally refocused, he was astounded by his reflection. With the absurd amount of muscle he was packing and the giant erection he felt powerful, sexy, strong and the picture of masculinity and male beauty.

More flexing and rubbing of his muscles later he finally caved and grabbed his boner and began jacking off with violent aggression. He was choking on his own pleasure, gritting his teeth and moaning as he worked his massive hard cock. 

With how sensitive Reed’s boner was it didn’t take much before he came. His sperm burned the inside of his shaft and it traveled at high speed. He roared from his orgasmic ecstasy as a solid beam and white creamy cum gushed from his boner. The beam hit the ceiling and splattered everywhere as it rained down.

Reed couldn’t think about anything as his mind was crammed with thoughts of sex, sperm, jacking off, muscles, boners and butts. Quickly his whole body was drenched in white. Hot cum, soaked his hair, flowed down his back and pecs then filled his abs. 

This was by far the greatest Reed had ever felt. He didn’t want this to end. For fun he grabbed his cumming cock and yanked it down and pointed it at the mirror. He wrote his name in cum on the mirror. Then he got back to flexing and massaging his godly cum coated muscles as his big boner kept busting. Finally, he stopped and sat down on the edge of the tub to rest. It was taking forever for his cock to go soft and as it did a few ropes were squirting out. So much of the bathroom from the floor to ceiling was drenched sperm. The smell was so strong it made Reed feel high. 

Trying to catch his breath he laughed at his name that he drew on the mirror. When cum drunkenness subsided, he stood up and kept flexing in the mirror. Then he got a devious grin. Reed took another pill. Pounds of muscle were added to his growing frame. His dick instantly hardened again, and without any stroking he just started cumming!

Reed was going from a muscle god to a muscle titan. Bigger, bigger and bigger his muscles, frame, balls and boner grew and now he was getting taller. His head was being buried by his pecs and traps, his muscles were causing mobility loss. The head of his boner reached his forehead and the cum beam was only getting stronger!

Reed made the hulk look like a wimp at the size he was achieving. To make his ejaculation even more enjoyable he grinded his shaft against the counter while stroking it with both hands and self-sucking. He was chugging his own cum loving the sweet salty taste of every last drop he could swallow.

Soon enough he grew tall enough for his head to hit the ceiling. And his whole body felt so heavy from all the muscle he was gaining. Reed was having the time of his life, growing, flexing, jerking and cumming. Reed jacked off for hours.

The bathroom was in disarray. Cum coated the walls, the ceiling, the floor, he filled the tub and splattered the shower walls with white. His name that he drew on the mirror was washed over and the mirror was so caked in cum it couldn’t be used anymore. Reed was exhausted and felt dehydrated by the time he cock stopped busting. 

Like in a trance he grabbed the bottle of pills and took the rest. Reed’s muscles and junk exploded in size. Instantly his entire body doubled in size then grew from there. He had to contort himself to fit in the bathroom. If that wasn’t bad enough his penis hardened into an even bigger boner before also doubling in size. From his hard shaft to his balls his junk was massive. A large lump swelled at the base of his boner and traveled up the shaft ending in a tremendous amount of cum blasting out like a fire hose. Reed couldn’t take it anymore; he had to get out of the bathroom before he outgrew it.

Through his cum drunken haze he tried to open the door. He accidentally tore it off its hinges only to realize he couldn’t fit through the door anymore. Not only was he too wide to get out normally but when he turned sideways to squeeze out he couldn’t. His pecs, butt and boner made him too wide as well. Still growing by the second and his busting showing no sign of stopping he was out of options. He crashed through the doorway with ease. It wasn’t over yet he would soon outgrow the living room which he was flooding with his own cum. He ran at the wall shoulder first then crashed through it. When he landed on the ground, he made fissures in the concrete and car alarms in the parking lot started going off.

Reed watched as the world shrunk around him. The ground got further away, the cars and trees appeared to get smaller. Even the apartment building began to become dwarfed by him. The parking lot was quickly flooded by his cum and every car was painted white. He flexed and felt up his growing cum coated muscles while he jerked his growing boner.

Over inflated, Over blown, overgrown, overdeveloped you name it that’s what Reed’s muscles and cock had become. No neck, pecs pressed into his jaw, arms parallel to the ground, unable to touch his face, thighs spread wide, a full ten pack, half buried head and the head of his boner was above his forehead and his balls bigger than water tower tanks. Every object around him could be a toy to him by the time he finished growing. 

The skyscrapers around him met his shoulders. He let out a powerful roar and flexed all his grotesque cum drenched muscles. His muscles may have been done growing but his boner sure wasn’t. The growing head was reaching higher in the air as the shaft became longer and thicker. His balls were swelling trying to keep up with rapid increase of sperm production but it wasn’t enough he was still busting oceans worth of cum. 

His balls swelled large enough to touch the ground and his hard shaft gained height until it was above the clouds. It was far thicker than his arm and he was still cumming as it kept growing. Reed was laughing as he couldn’t believe how big his boner had grown. For hundreds of miles sperm was flooding. He loved the feeling of his boner growing bigger as his ejaculation and orgasm got stronger. Then Reed felt something strange fill his body. He was afraid this might be a sign he’d start shrinking but he couldn’t be more wrong.

“What the…?”

Reed began growing again. He was getting taller and wider with bigger muscles! Everything was so small to Reed, the skyscrapers were only his waist. His butt swelled big enough to knock over a building. Then his boner lurched then it doubled, tripled, and quintupled in size until it was bigger than Reed was. His balls too. Needless to say, more cum was erupting out.

“Holy fuck, I got a big boner!”

Reed laughed at himself again as he watched the world get smaller as he got bigger. The tallest building was up to his knees and his boner was still rapidly gaining size. Longer, thicker shaft, swelling balls. Reed’s hard cock was rivaling Mount Everest in height and the amount of sperm he was cumming was creating an ocean.

“Fuck me, I’ve got a big fucking boner!”

Still Reed’s boner was getting bigger and bigger and by this point it was looking like it would never stop growing. On top of that his muscles were still gaining size, weight and density as all that growing mass fought for space on his growing body. When he finally stopped the tallest building was barely to his ankle. His whole titanic body was coated in a thick layer of creamy white sperm.

Finally, Reed got the body he always wanted: to be a sexy muscular giant with an equally giant boner that would never go soft and that would never stop cumming. Reed ran off into the wilderness causing tremors as he did to find a place where he could live the rest of his life as the happy, horny giant.

3 parts 5,926 words Added Mar 2024 5,342 views 5.0 stars (5 votes)

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The seashell by MegaMaker Clay’s best friend TJ is trying to help him get a boyfriend at local beach known for having loads of hot guys. This task is harder that they first thought because every guy they meet is into buff guys. Clay feels he falls short of that until he finds a magic seashell that changes him to a hunk of a man. Clay becomes full of himself and takes things too far. 8,336 words Added Feb 2023 9,551 views 4.3 stars (7 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Public Orgasm•Hyper Muscle•Hyper Strength•Immobility•Muscle Breast•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Public Nudity•Butt Growth•Increased Libido•Gradual Change•Voice Deepening•Getting Taller•Giants•Forced Growth•Size Increase •M/M

A little somethin’ by MegaMaker After two longtime friends spend the day at the beach, Davey can't help but notice how muscular his buddy Sam has gotten. When Davey asks about it, Sam’s reactions are more than a little unexpected.  2 parts 6,908 words Added Jan 2023 12k views 4.0 stars (10 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Always Cumming•Hyper Cum•Public Orgasm•Multi-abs•Hyper Muscle•Hyper Strength•Immobility•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Public Nudity•Butt Growth•Increased Libido•Gradual Change•Size Increase•Complete •M/M

My big brothers… by brazboy Pedro’s family is unique, especially his big brothers, and he is not at all ashamed of boasting about them to his mates. When they don’t believe him, he is more than willing to invite them over for an unforgettable weekend. 4 parts 12k words Added Nov 2023 2,679 views 5.0 stars (1 vote) •Always Hard•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Nipcocks•Multi-abs•Multicock•Boytaur•Four Legs•Multiarm•Multileg•Multilimb•Multipec•Always Shirtless•Plausible Size Difference•Mouthcock•Incest•Brothers •M/M•M/M/M/...

Peoplechange by BRK Frankie’s ancestral world-changing ability, which he didn’t even know he was getting, mixes unpredictably with his friend Aaron’s new interest in hypnosis. 3,938 words Added Aug 2023 5,622 views 4.9 stars (12 votes) •Always Hard•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Multi-abs•Muscle Growth•Increased Libido•Getting Handsomer•Getting Taller•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Tongue Growth•Retcon•Hypnosis •M/M

Casey’s mancock by BRK Undersized college student Casey develops a sudden need for a cock just big enough for people to know it’s there. And between his own skills and his unwitting roommate’s, he knows just how to make it happen. 13 parts 48k words (#75) Added Jul 2022 Updated 25 Mar 2023 46k views 4.9 stars (77 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Self-suck•Hyper Cum•Public Orgasm•Pec Fucking•Muscle Growth•Always Shirtless•Public Nudity•Increased Libido•Getting Handsomer•Gradual Change•Getting Taller•Forced Growth•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•App•Nonconsensual change•Hyper Pheromones•Infectious•Hypnosis•Mind Control •M/M•M/M/M•M/M/M/...

Body game: Encounter 813 by BRK Reggie isn’t sure why the team-building get-together for the web design firm he’s working for is being held at an abandoned mall; he just knows he can’t get his sexy boss out of his mind. 9 parts 49k words (#74) Added May 2016 Updated 12 Jun 2021 41k views 4.9 stars (30 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Extra digits•Multi-abs•Multicock•Multiarm•Multilimb•Multipec•Multitongue•Replication•Stacking•Muscle Growth•Stretchy•Foot Growth•Getting Taller•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Hair Growth/Getting Hairy•Hyper Tongue•Tongue Growth•Mouthcock•Incest•Brothers•Selfcest •M/M•M/M/M

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