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Prize pig husband

by Musclesaber

Commission for @bigmanfan2 on twitter: After buying a new home, John and Carl find some interesting things that the previous owners left behind.

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John parked the moving van and looked at the large house. He walked along the dirt road taking in the countryside and seeing the big red barn leading to a little pond behind it. “Ah, this is perfect,” said John as he took a deep breath of fresh air.

“It really is,” came a voice from behind John. John was met with a warm sensation when he felt two big arms wrap around him and lift him up off the ground in a giant bear hug. Followed by some kisses on the cheek. “The perfect place for us to start our new life babe.” John smiled and was set down. He turned and saw his husband Carl. 8 inches taller than John at 6’4 and weighing about 300 pounds in a plaid button down shirt and big overalls. John was an average 5’8 and 150 pounds soaking wet in a t-shirt and jeans.

“Think we can start a farm out here?” asked John as he got on his tiptoes and kissed his husband’s lips.

“Definitely. The old owners used to have tons of livestock on this land. You start taking boxes into the house and I’ll go check out the barn. Be back in a jiff, hun.” Carl leaned down and gave John a nice squeeze and then headed towards the barn. John turned back to the truck and began unloading various boxes to take inside.

Carl got to the big barn doors and used all his strength to swing them open. He looked up at the ceiling and marveled at the size of the barn. The ceiling must’ve been 30 feet high and it had plenty of open space. Looking around, Carl found some old tubs that seemed to still have things in them. “Hmm, guess the old owners left us some things.” Carl grabbed off the lids and rummaged through the bins. Some of it was just old farm tools, some barbed wire, and some bags of feed.

“Wow, I can’t believe they left all of this,” said Carl to himself. He grabbed the feed bags and started moving them. Looking at where he could put them, he saw a bunch more feed bags up on the second floor. “That’ll have to do for now for storage.” Carl loaded a couple of bags on his shoulder and made his way to the ladder. He grabbed the first step and started climbing up. Everything was going smoothly until he stepped up the ladder and felt a snap under his foot. The old ladder gave out and Carl went falling backwards. Luckily he wasn’t that high off the ground so he wasn’t hurt, but he landed on the two sacks of feed, breaking them open and shooting dust everywhere.

Carl coughed as feed particles blew through the stale air. “Argh! That was a bad idea.” Carl continued to cough as he stood up from the ground. Brushing off the dust on his shirt and overalls, he inhaled again and was met with the sweetest scent ever. “Mmm what is that?” Carl’s mind went into a haze as he sniffed the air and like a dog, he pinpointed the source. “What? I’ve never worked with feed that smelled this good.” Carl leaned down and grabbed at the bag. Picking up a handful, Carl sniffed the feed. It smelled delectable. “This is bizarre.” Carl kept sniffing it, then paused for a moment before sticking his tongue out and licking it. Carl’s eyes went wide when he tasted the feed. He immediately threw the handful in his mouth. “Mmmmmmmm, so good.” Carl crunched the feed and savored every bite.

Carl swallowed the feed and rubbed his big gut. “Wow, who knew feed could taste so good.” Carl smiled and looked down at the two open bags of feed. “Well I can’t let these go to waste. And I haven’t eaten since we left our old town. What’s the harm in a little snack?” Carl picked up another handful of feed and threw it back in his mouth. Letting out purrs as he ate. Quickly, he swallowed that handful and went in for another, then another, then another. He was shoveling feed into his mouth like he hadn’t eaten in days.

Carl wasn’t paying attention to how much he was eating. He only knew he was hungry. He didn’t care that his shirt was getting tighter and tighter from every bite. His overalls digging into his shoulders more and more. One by one, his buttons shooting off like bullets as the big man ate and ate. Loud tears echoing in the barn when his overalls began to rip. His big belly spilling out into his lap as he pigged out.

John was busy unloading their moving van. Putting dishes away and trying to unload as much as he could without Carl. He was walking back to the truck when he heard a loud roar erupt from the barn. John’s eyes got wide and he started running towards the barn. He got to the barn and threw open the doors. What John saw next made him stop in his tracks. “Uuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrppppppp!!!! Oh hi honey,” said Carl as he sat on the ground with two feed bags in his hands.

John looked at his husband and he was not the same one he’d left a few minutes ago. Sitting down, Carl must’ve been 8 feet tall. And on that giant body was loads of fat. Carl had gone from stocky to obese. His belly spilled out onto his lap. Covering up a lot of his upper legs. His moobs looked more comparable to king sized pillows. “Carl, what the hell happened to you?” asked John.

“What? Oh sorry. I was a bit hungry and this feed is actually really good. You want some?” Carl offered one of the big bags of feed to John as he ate the other.

“No, I’m good, big guy. But I meant how did you get so big?” Carl gave John a puzzled look as he ripped off the top of the bag of feed and threw the entire bag’s contents into his mouth like it was a little bag of chips.

“What do you mean?” asked Carl between bites. “Uuuuuurrrrrrpppppppp!” Carl let out another belch that shook the whole barn, but then John saw it. Carl’s entire body started to swell. His head began to rise closer to the ceiling. His belly began to spill out further into his lap. His legs and arms began to inflate. Gaining fat and length.

“I mean that Carl! You just grew like two feet taller and gained like 200 pounds!” John looked up at his giant husband and walked closer to him.

“Huh?” Carl looked down at himself and saw how big he was since entering the barn. “Where did my clothes go?” Carl saw a little pile of fabric on his belly from what used to be his button down. “What the hell?” Carl stood up and up and up. He looked down at John in horror. He was 25 feet tall standing up and his belly hung out so far that he could barely see John under it. “I’m a giant!”

John looked up and saw that Carl’s belly wasn’t the only thing that had grown. The man’s cock had been pretty big before his growth spurt, but now it was huge. “Yes you are.” John put his hand on his husband’s cock and it sent shivers up Carl’s spine. The beast twitched in approval as Carl laid back down on the ground.

“John, this isn’t good. I’m huge! What are we gonna do?” asked Carl as he rubbed his big belly.

“I have a few ideas.” John climbed up onto his giant husband’s belly and looked down at his face. He planted a kiss on the giant’s lips and Carl reached up to pull his husband into a giant sized bear hug. Below them, Carl’s cock was beginning to swell, but not from the feed. As the two kissed, John looked back and saw the great white whale. Carl’s cock was almost as tall as John and thicker than his torso. “Holy shit babe.”

“I know. It’s crazy,” mused Carl. John stood up and started walking back towards the big cock. Feeling his husband’s stomach shift as he walked on it. John looked at the cock and wrapped his arms around it. The cock was so thick, he couldn’t close his arms. He could hear Carl moaning as he played with his dick. “Honey, keep doing that. It feels incredible!” John started to move up and down his husband’s monster cock and get the giant off.

Carl was in heaven as he got jerked off by his miniature husband. But something in the back of his mind was still nagging him. Then both of them heard a loud growl from Carl’s massive belly. He was still very hungry. “Sounds like my big piggy needs to eat,” said John.

“Yes please. Preferably soon.” Carl tried to sit up, but he was a bit stuck on the ground. “Babe, I need foooooooood!” groaned Carl. John stopped jerking off his dick and climbed over the titanic belly.

“What food would you like my dear?” asked John looking at his big husband’s face. His neck being swallowed by mounds upon mounds of fat.

“We got any more of that feed?” John smiled and looked around the barn. Carl had eaten the few bags that were in the tubs, but there were still some on the top floor.

“Babe, can you get me up there?” John pointed at the top floor.

“Probably.” Carl wrapped his hand around his small husband and reached his arm up to put him comfortably on the top floor. John finally got to survey how big Carl had actually gotten. He was a blob of a man. Every inch of him was covered in fat. His belly looked like a sea of flesh and with moobs that looked bigger than beanbag chairs.

“Fuck, I can’t wait to feed you these,” said John as he found dozens of bags of feed. He started grabbing them and throwing them down to Carl. Carl didn’t waste any time ripping open the bags and pouring them into his mouth. A satisfying belch shaking the barn after each one. John had lost track of how many bags he had thrown down until he threw the last one and admired his giant man. As Carl finished off the last bag, his belly let out a lot of gurgles and was bubbling. The big man rubbed his belly and felt the feed being processed.

“Oooooo, little guy, you might wanna get out of here,” said Carl as he felt one final burp coming on. John got worried for a moment as he counted how many bags of feed Carl had just consumed. He looked at the destroyed ladder and back at Carl.

“I hope you’re soft, big guy.” John climbed the railing and jumped down onto Carl’s belly like it was a giant mattress, but that hit was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!!!” Carl let out a deafening belch as his transformation began. His entire body swelled before their very eyes. His legs and arms growing out at an alarming weight. His belly inflated with hundreds of pounds per second. John saw his giant husband’s head growing up towards the roof of the barn. And at his seated position had to make him close to 100 feet tall.

John started to become aware of how close he was getting to the ceiling on Carl’s belly. He slid down it like a giant slide and bolted towards the door. He made it out just in time to get clear of Carl starting to push against the walls. John ran until he was far enough away to know he was out of the line of fire. He turned around and saw the barn bowing out. The walls of the barn were moving and shifting as Carl’s fat became too much for it. He would occasionally see pieces of wood fall off the barn and expose Carl’s fat. Finally, with a loud crash, Carl’s body burst out of the barn. His fat spilling out all over the ground. John saw his husband’s big head rise up and up and up as he stood up as debris of the old barn fell to the ground.

“Hey, big guy!” yelled John. Carl looked down and saw his little husband next to their new house and smiled. He leaned down and offered his hand for John to hop onto. John happily did and Carl brought him up to his face.

“You really pigged out, babe.” John smiled and hugged his husband’s massive quadruple chin.

“What can I say? I was hungry,” said Carl. His low voice echoing for miles around them. He laughed and patted his massive belly. His hand sending ripples like massive ocean waves over his gut. John could only smile and kiss him.

“What are we gonna do now that you’re so big?” asked John as he started playing with Carl’s fat rolls.

“Hmm, maybe you could enter me in the town fair. I’m definitely the biggest pig.” Carl shook his stomach and there was a low growl that emitted from it. “Actually, the first thing we need to do is get more of that feed.”

John laughed and then cuddled up against his giant man. “Sure thing, my big fat piggy husband.”

2,329 words Added Aug 2022 8,326 views 4.1 stars (9 votes)

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