by Alakazam1988

Now that all of the changes to your body take place all at once on the same day every year, Andrew and his two college buddies are doing everything they can to make their Changedays as dramatic as possible.

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I cannot remember if the world has been this way forever. Sometimes it feels like the world has changed in the last few years, but nobody else noticed it: nobody but I.

At the start of all of this, I was 18 and living together with Pauly and Zach on campus—They’re also 18 years old. Our room wasn’t huge but pleasant enough. We all had a tiny bedroom where only a bed and a cupboard could be fit in, and a bigger living room connected these places. The bathroom could be found down the hall. When we weren’t in classes, we were playing games together, ordered some pizza, visited other people and parties; you get the idea.

I’m Andrew by the way. Most of the people call me Fat Andy today, but we will come to that later.

From one day to the other there was a new special holiday everyone in the world was participating in. Everyone told me it existed as long as humans can remember, but I still doubt that.

I talk about the Great Change on midwinters day, or Changeday how it’s called now. The natural transformation of the human body isn’t a steady process anymore. After a year of nothing happening to your body—your weight plateauing, your form, even your hair!—it all comes to you when the clocks strike 12 on midwinters day.

When I was 16 and living at my parent’s house, this day wasn’t celebrated much. On television, I could see the people on the streets of France dancing and having parades. People in Brazil decorated everything with colorful paper cutouts of human silhouettes in all shapes and sizes.

But in our house, this day was feared by my mom and ignored by my dad. My mother was always worried about her weight. She had been a slim woman for 40 years, but lately, her metabolism was slowing down, and so she put on a few pounds—nothing to worry about. When 12 o’clock arrived, I saw her changing. Her hair was growing out 5 inches, and she immediately put it in a bun. Everything else stayed the same. She ran to the bathroom, a smile on her face and stepped on the scale. “Thank you!” she said relieved. She probably put on a pound or two, but now she had nothing to worry about for another year.

My father wasn’t watching his weight and this whole day was barely passing his attention. It just bugged him that mum had to cut his hair the next day. Back then, he was sitting on the sofa and watched television. While mum ran to the bathroom, his hair grew out too (a little thinner this year but still quite a mane), and he put on a few pounds around the belly. His shirt was a little snugger than before, but he wasn’t paying much attention to it. He gave his stomach a small pat and continued watching television.

That night was very special to me even though no one in the house recognized it. Before my change could take place, I said goodnight and went to my room. I locked the door quietly and put down my jeans and t-shirt. I haven’t been a skinny kid my whole life. There has always been a little fat on my tummy and around my puffy chest. In my 16th year, my weight had been 171 pounds. After a year without change, the day was finally here. I would grow a little in height, hair on my head, body hair in general (and something else down there would hopefully become a little bit bigger too). But there was something else.

This Changeday was the first I prepared for. See, I don’t know if it’s the one-day-in-a-year-process or something else, but I like the idea of growing bigger.

Now, two years later, I was sitting on the couch of our little living room at college. The last two Changedays have been quite successful for me. Overall I put on 60 pounds of fat and climbed up to 231 pounds. I started feeling quite heavy, but my plans were bigger than that.

My roommate Pauly often asked me about my weight and why I wasn’t doing anything against it. Pauly was a price winning muscle head, and I don’t expect him to understand what I liked about my size. He was in the gym six times a week. I was ordering food six times a week. We both enjoyed our bodies and especially the Changeday. I think Zach wasn’t excited for the big day like we were. Pauly and I couldn’t wait for the transformation to come—we were excited to see what would happen to us and what we had to work with next year.

But everything shifted when our first Changeday as roommates arrived.

We were in our dorm room playing poker when Zach put his cards down. “It’s almost time, guys.”

We all looked at the clock on the wall. 11:30. Thirty minutes left until it would happen again. My 18th change.

“What are you expecting?” Zack asked, and he shifted nervously on his seat. I couldn’t understand why back then. Zach had been a very average kid all his life. He wasn’t particularly muscular or big. He was just Zach. Plain and simple.

Pauly gave a double biceps pose and showed us his guns. For an eighteen-year-old he was already super buff.

“I hope these babies become a lot bigger.”

“Probably, you’ve been to the gym more often than in class.”

“Well, lifting is useful, this school shit isn’t. At least for me.”

“So you still wanna become a bodybuilder? IFBB pro and all of that?”

“Of course! Tonight we gonna see if I can already start competing this year.”

“How heavy are you now, Pauly?” I asked him. There was no way he was heavier than me, and I was right.

“Almost 200 pounds now.”

Zach was impressed, and Pauly even let him touch his arms.

Before midnight came, I went to my room, pulled the bag from under my bed where I stored a few snacks and ate a little more. To be sure. This whole Changeday was a nerve-wracking thing. You could get what you want, what you trained for etc., or you could be stuck for another year.

Three minutes before midnight I went back to the others. I ate my last peanut butter cup on arrival and Pauly watched me with a grin on his face.

“Last minute adjustments?”

“Not really,” I lied. “I’m just a very hungry guy.” That wasn’t a lie.

Midnight came, and the tension in the room was omnipresent. There was no way of knowing when it would happen to you. But it would happen. It starts without warning, and it is over before you know it.

Pauly was the first of us.

“Mhh! Guys! I think it’s starting.”

You could see the transformation around his neck first. The shirt he was wearing was to tight on him in a second; he probably chose that small size on purpose. His whole torso was blowing up, and his formerly toned arms were soon popping with veins. In a matter of seconds, he grew from 6’0” to 6’3” which made his jeans appear ridiculously small for his massive frame. His ankles and most of his hairy calves were visible now. Speaking of hairy. Pauly was shaving everything to present his muscle definition properly, but now he was covered in a light blond layer of fur. Not only his legs were covered by it. You can also see hairs growing from his cleavage.

“Damn!” Pauly said smiling. “That’s even more than I had hoped for!”

He stepped on the scale, still wearing his old, tight clothes.

“238 pounds! That’s a gain of almost 40 pounds!”

Pauly gave us another flex, and his shirt ripped along his wide back, under his arms, and around his biceps. He squatted on time, and his jeans exploded with a loud bang. He turned his ass into view, so we could all see his white undies shining through the hole.

“I think I have to buy a new pair tomorrow.”

Pauly was so damn proud of his gains, and he had all right to be. He looked amazing.

Before we could give him more compliments, it was my turn to change. I was so fucking nervous even though I knew what would happen. I had been eating like a pig all year; almost 4000 calories every day!

So I wasn’t surprised to see my belly growing from my current shirt, the hairy pile of fat growing outward, ripping the seams along the way. I even looked up a second to see Pauly’s and Zach’s reaction. They were speechless. Meanwhile, I widened my stand to give my fatter thighs more room to grow. I was wearing loose sweatpants, but they became quite snug, my legs like thick hams squeezed into them. And I couldn’t even see my ass. It was probably more full than ever too. My shirt was soon on chest level. The fat piling on my body had pushed it higher.

That night I broke 300 pounds by gaining over 70 pounds.

“Fuck, Andy?! You’re supermassive?”

The boys couldn’t believe my new size. I grabbed my newly enlarged belly which was hanging in front of me quite prominent now and lifted it. What had been easy seconds ago was hard work now.

But before anyone could say anything or I could take off my way too small shirt, it was Zach’s turn to change. He was standing between us in shorts and shirt and—honestly—we weren’t expecting much to happen, and at first we couldn’t really see it. Yes, his hair grew out around six inches like ours, he suddenly had quite the beard, the hair almost pitch-black. He also grew an inch in height to 5 foot 11. But the real show was happening … in his pants. Pauly and I looked down when Zach started to realize what was happening to him.

“Zach!” I shouted happily, still holding my new rolls. “You’re becoming a real stallion!”

And I was right.

Zach tried to hide it with his hands by holding his package, but soon it was too big for that. In the end, his zipper was being pushed open from within, and some of his underwear became visible. He was so speechless that he forgot about us and just pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. An eight-inch soft cock flopped out and smacked his thighs hard.

“Okay, Zach wins this year’s Changeday,” Pauly said.

I don’t know what changed that night, but my life was a different after it.

Over the course of the next twelve months Pauly trained like a maniac, ate like a maniac and injected stuff like a maniac. Our little bathroom was filled with pills, syringes, and little glass bottles scripted with complicated names I would never remember.

“I’ll be the biggest fucker around, you’ll see. Except for you, Andrew. If you continue pigging out like this every night, you blow up bigger than anyone else in the state.”

He was right. No matter at what time they visited me in my little room, I was always eating; stuffing my face with double-cream-and-cheese subs, drinking some boosters and belching within bites. I simply loved the new weight I had won on the last Change Day and I couldn’t wait to become even more massive. While eating, I loved to grab my newly grown love handles, feel the fat rolls roll between my thickening fingers, my belly being so much heavier than just a few days before. It was amazing to see my new weight filling out my old wardrobe. Everything had had become too small for my over 300 pounds body, and it took me some days to buy some new stuff to wear. Until then I was constantly running around with three inches of my belly hanging out of my shirt—not that this was a scandalous thing; people gained a lot of weight all the time and not everyone had the right clothing to cover it up. But for me it was slightly different because I enjoyed my new heft more than anyone else.

Half a year after our last changeday, I asked Pauly if he could help me with gaining weight.

“So you really wanna continue blowing up like this?” He asked me—while injecting something into his massive glutes. He was on so much stuff that even he did not know what would happen to his body soon. He continued after I nodded, my slight double chin jiggling, “I will start bulking in a few weeks. You might wanna join me then, but let me warn you: You will put on a lot more weight than last year, if you follow my plan.”

Of course I said yes. While he said this, my cock was already hard and pressing against the underside of my fat belly. He started preparing shakes for me soon enough and I drank them all as fast as I could no matter how thick and disgusting they were. And, yes, even though they tasted like shit, I moaned continuously while drinking them because in my head I could almost feel the pounds being added to my body. Of course nothing was happening at these nights. That would come later.

Our third guy, Zach, was different too after our last Change Day experience. He couldn’t stop jacking off that massive anaconda between his legs and he didn’t hide it a single bit. While sitting there on his bed, watching something on youtube, he was pulling and wanking his cock that was hanging out of his sweats; as if this was the most normal thing on the planet. While eating at the other side of our dorm room, I had a good look at him and his thick prick, and I always wondered if he caught fire too. Like Pauly and me. I soon found an answer to this question. I entered our little temple of growth (our dorm room) when Zach had his cock—top to bottom—inside a cock pump. It looked swollen and red and even bigger than usual.

“Looking good,” I just said and he showed me how much the pump was actually enlarging his big member. “Impressive,” I said and ate another icecream sandwich.

Days after that, he started taking stuff to grow his junk. At least that was my guess, because suddenly there were even more pills, lotions and other weird stuff laying around in our little bathroom. Our appartement was growing into a little lab.

The next Changeday came and I stuffed myself until I almost passed out. Pauly came back from his last gym session for this year, sweating like a true muscle pig, and he stuffed me with even more food—at the end I could hardly breath. I guess he learned to love feeding me in the months prior to our last Change Day we would celebrate together here in college. Before it all happened, I knew this would become a legendary night. We three were all freaks in our own way, and I couldn’t wait to see what the results of our passions were. We did almost nothing else than eating, lifting and pumping all year long. Our grades were going down month by month, but we did not care at all. Our focus was laying somewhere else and we were fine with that.

Zach was waiting for the transformation to start, sitting only in his tight boxer briefs on our couch. Pauly took one last protein shake and leaned against our table, while I was busy snacking some little things here and there.

Pauly: “Zach? I tell you as it is. If your cock grows any bigger today, I want you to fuck me.”

Zach just answered with a grin.

Pauly had to laugh. “No, I really mean it. Most of the guys in the gym don’t have the cock it needs to pleasure me. Hell, I have a massive ass,” he turned around and showed it to us, “you lose five inches on your way in and for most guys around here there’s not much left after that. I think I really need that big cock of yours.”

And with these nice little words it started.

I was the first and the other guys turned their heads to me as I started to groan while I continued stuffing my already full mouth. The expansion felt even better than I could remember! In three spurts, my shirt climbed up my engorging belly, while stretch marks appeared on the thinning surface of my swelling gut. In no time, my cannonball gut was pressing against the table in front of me, pressing it further away every second. It was pressing away Pauly, who was leaning against it, too!

“Holy shit, why doesn’t it stop?!” Pauly said and crossed his thick arms in disbelief. He was smiling, amazed by the sight in front of him.

Every piece of clothing on my body was ripping all at once. In no time, I was sitting naked at our table, still growing fatter and I did not stop eating. The thought of these little bites expanding me like this? Super hot!

I had outdone myself this year for sure. More and more of my belly sacked onto my thickening thighs, my moobs swelled larger, arms, thighs and back following, roll after roll expanding with heft. While sitting, it felt like the cushion under my ass was become grander, but of course it was just my two globes expanding accordingly. I took a deep breath and pushed the massive table away like it was nothing. Finally free, I spread my legs and my fat cannonball gut dropped a little deeper.

“Guys,” I whispered. “I growing so fucking fat!”

There was nothing but delight in my voice.

“We can definitely see that!”

As my transformation slowed, I looked like I had swallowed multiple beachballs. I had a strong set of hairy man boobs, thick and swollen, laying on top of my fat gut, bigger nipples and areolas and so on and so forth.

I tried standing up when the transformation was completed. It was hard work. I was out of breath immediately. Zach brought me the scale we had in our bathroom and I stepped onto it. I couldn’t even read the numbers.

Pauly said, “480 pounds. Looks like my diet has helped you a lot.”

“Mhh, yeah, thanks for that! I feel amazing. And look how bloated I am from eating all day! Fuck, I will look like I wolfed down a whole buffet all year long now.”

I put the hands on the side of my gut and felt the weight of it. In one year alone—and with the help of Pauly—I had gained 180 pounds. I would have been happy with 120 but 180! Amazing. I took a few now more audible steps through our room and felt my body with every single one of them. Both Zach and Pauly grabbed my handles when I passed them. I think they are enjoying my new size too.

“Zach? Is it starting, or are you just happy to me moving my new size around?” It was me asking him because from one moment to the other, Zach’s bulge looked fuller than usual. More massive than we were used to.

“Damn, horse boy, here we go,” Pauly said with his raspy voice, muscle arms still crossed, an eager smile on his face.

Zach wasn’t saying anything. He was excited for sure, but you could only see it if you knew him as long as we did. He wasn’t a man of many words. A man of size? Definitely.

He put his hands on top of his hips and looked down as we all did. The pear-shaped bulge in his boxer brief started to swell and sack deeper. His former eight-incher was growing rapidly, and we all knew it would be a bigger step in size than last year. Pauly was so excited for his friend and actually started to cheer and swing his huge arms: “Grow! Grow! Grow!”

And Zach grew indeed, holy shit!

His appendage was pulling down his waistband soon, as more and more mass was added to his already monstrous prick. It was a little hard to see, but we all were sure that not only his anaconda was gaining a lot of size. His balls were filling up too. The hairy base of his cock was soon exposed by three inches; the underwear couldn’t tame the beast anymore.

“Holy fuck, what have you done over the last year?”

Every time we thought it was over, Zach’s dick swelled another inch in length or thickness, its mushroom head blew up bigger, or his balls dropped heavier, lower. When it was done, Zach gave us a little dance and his package slapped against his thighs with some loud bangs!

“Holy shit!”

“Fuck you really grew it out this year, Zach!”

He didn’t say anything. He just smiled.

After his next deep breath, his boxer briefs ripped open at the lower half of his pouch, and his newly grown package flopped out. Zach’s cock was now as thick as his biceps, not far from the size of his own thighs. It was hanging down to his fucking kneecaps, the mushroom head always exposed now, thicker than a fist, accompanied by a set of bulls balls reminding me of the size of two really large avocados. It was the most beautiful cock we had ever seen. It was so smooth and big, but I was sure that would change when becoming hard.

Pauly gave our stallion a tape measure. Zach grabbed his monster and put it on top of the table with a loud bang. The sound of the weight was almost enough to make big Pauly come. I could see his hard one through his little posers for minutes now.

“Fuck, how big is it?” Pauly asked.

Zach’s beast measured 19.5 inches. He grew his fucking cock over 11 inches bigger! I wondered how much of it was natural and how much the things he did and swallowed changed him.

“I know what I said before, but I’m not sure if I’m big enough to take that thing!” Pauly said with big eyes, shifting from one leg to the other. His eyes were practically glued to the monster in front of him.

Then, my eyes grew wide and I said, “Pauly? I think your change is starting!”

And I was right. I pointed my finger at his juicy chest where a thick layer of blond hair was sprouting within seconds. I loved how hairy Pauly became after every Change Day and I hoped that he wouldn’t cut it off this time. While being fed by him, I sometimes buried my head between his thick pecs or under his arms, and I always imagined it to be even better when he had some fur everywhere.

When we thought his body hair was done growing, it just started anew, grew thicker, longer, denser, expanded in new areas of his bodybuilder body.

“Damn Pauly, your getting real hairy this year.”

“I took so much shit … … … what is happening?”

He raised one of his arms and caressed his now existing pit hair with his other hand. The fields under his arms were still expanding; I just wanted to bury my head in there.

The hair growth stopped when his chest, belly, arms and legs were all covered in an insanely thick layer of fur. When he turned, I could see his now heavily hairy ass too. The hair under his arms was even visible when he had them both at his side.

Before we could start to wonder when the rest would follow, his body made a jump from his former 6’3’’ to a towering 6’5’’ and then, after adding the first dozen of pounds, to 6’8’’! He lost balance for a second. Pauly had to widen his stance to win it back.

“Fuck! I’m finally the biggest one in my family,” he joked, his voice a few tones deeper now.

Next, Pauly’s body was adding mass after mass after mass. Is former 238 pounds body began to inflate and what was a young man in extraordinary shape became an hairy hulk of a man. While growing, he groaned and flexed for us, and it definitely was a sight! His ass became too massive for his underwear and so his posers exploded from his crotch revealing a nice 6 inch cock.

“Nothing you haven’t seen before, guys,” he said with a cocky smile and continued packing on weight.

Zach was watching him without blinking once. His monstrous prick was growing hard by watching his friend hulk out. It dropped even lower before it began to rise. It looked over 20 inches in length now.

Back to Pauly: Veins started to appear all over his body. His pecs filled with more and more mass, sagging down onto his growing roid gut; he sure was injecting a lot over the course of the year. Pauly grew multiple inches wider, his shoulders practically launching outward with every breath of his. He grew a strong neck and his transformation into a bull couldn’t become more obvious. His jawline seemed wider, sharper now, and what had been a clean shaven face was buried into a thick blond beard that had a nice rectangular shape. Pauly looked more like a hyper bodybuilder addicted to juicing himself bigger now. He had grown even taller in front of our eyes, jumping from 6’8’’ to 6’11’’ and then to 7’2’’. His feet too, had become insanely massive by now. I don’t know if there are shoes big enough for these monsters. He buried his hairy toes into the floor to make himself ready for the next growth spurt. Pauly wasn’t finished yet.

His arms blew upper bigger, became bigger than his fucking head! They were pressing into his pecs and gut all the time now. It almost looked like his back wanted to swell beyond his arms, but his wings stopped growing seconds after crashing into the other masses of muscles. His mobility was decreasing at an alarming rate.

“So big,” he said, sweating from the exercise of his growth. “Feels so good. Fuck look at that!”

We did.

His nice balls were shrinking down next, Pauly didn’t even seemed mad. He was enjoying the consequences of his juice intake. Maybe because his cock on the other hand started adding weight. It became a thick soft nine-incher in no time.

“I knew it! Cocks are bigger in my family! Nice!” He exclaimed while swinging his long prick around.

He couldn’t walk properly anymore. Every step he took through the room became more of a waddle. His presence was still enlarging, overgrowing! He seemed to take more and more space in our little room. The air was feeling much more humid suddenly.

“Fuck, Pauly? How much did you take?”

“Not enough!!!”

He blew up to 7’5’’, more muscles, more hair. Surely weighing over 500 pounds now, he just laughed about his hyper gains.

“It doesn’t stop,” I whispered and I was right.


His neck had disappeared over the course of seconds. Thicker beard, thicker nipples, thicker muscles, thicker everything.

Finally, there was an end in sight. The colossal gorilla in front of us stopped growing. For the first time, he caught his own sight in a mirror. Pauly just started to laugh.

“This is even more than I had hoped for.” He showed us his most muscular post; veins popping, muscles swelling, Pauly grunting. While posing, I wondered how heavy the giant had become. Our scale wasn’t strong enough to prove it, but he went over the 600 pounds mark surely. I started snacking a little more of the stuff I was shoveling into me before our transformation began. Fuck, I thought, how could I still be hungry for more?

Pauly had finished his posing routine.

“I can’t wait for the next year guys. Who’s with me?”

He turned around, his mountainous body being the biggest in the room. The spots of his skin that weren’t covered in hair were sweating from moving in front of the mirror.

Pauly stomped over to Zach and said, “You have to show me how you grew this beast of yours.”

He casually grabbed our roommates prick with a cocky smile. It was actually looking kinda small in his now gigantic hand.

“I want a cock like that too.”

“I can help you with that,” he said. It was one of these rare occasion Zach actually spoke. “And I think you can do something for me too.”

The grin on Pauly’s face grew wider.

“Let me guess, you don’t wanna build up muscles, mh? No, you wanna bury that cock in someone who can actually take it.”

I was just sitting there, eating, watching the scene in front of me like a good movie.

“Deal,” they both said and then Pauly turned to me. “What about you? Happy already or are you still in? I liked feeding you to be honest.”

“What can I say. I liked being fed.”

“Perfect … okay guys, here’s to another year of insanity!”

And then, after I stood up (which took some time) we gave us a group hug. The next year would be even more amazing.

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