Year of the ox

by Marceau Little Wolf

Two brothers’ ailing dairy farm experiences a sudden change after they try an unconventional feeding method.

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A peaceful dairy-farming village called “Meng Niu Zhuang” has always been people’s favorite milk producing area. The milk is not only delicious, but also has a special sweetness. However, one farm is not doing well. They have a quota of milk to sell in the morning, and their cow is not cooperating.

Well after midnight, a thin young man was shouting at a cow that was larger than a normal cow, attached to a silent milking machine. After a few curses, he switched on the machine again. The cow’s huge sucking machine sucks out the milk.

“Stupid cow! Is that all you can give? How can I sell it tomorrow! Give me more yield!”

The man watched as the machine only sucked out half a bottle of milk. He started cursing loudly again.

Even though the cow eyed him plaintively, wanting him to go away, the man continued screaming.

“Hey! What’s with all the noise?”

The thin man stopped his cursing when he heard these words. A stockier man, a little older but with similar features, stood at the door of the barn, glaring at his brother impatiently.

“Big…Big brother… it’s this cow’s fault…”

“The sound of your cursing is really noisy. So noisy!”

“But…but…with this amount, we won’t be able to sell much tomorrow…”

“You just don’t use your brain, so you will always use curses. There is so little milk? Think. It is all about the food you eat.”

“Food? What do you want to do?”

“Remove the grain for me.”

The two brothers directly removed the grain and grass that the cow ate. The older brother took out a small bucket and dropped his pants.

“Come on! There is no milk!” the older brother growled at the cow. “You can only drink milk to make it up! No grass until you make milk!”

The thin brother grinned, understanding, and dropped his pants too.

Both brothers pointed their guns at the bucket and soon produced their own milk for the cow. The cow looked at the two and cried silently.

“We’ll see about this cow not wanting to produce milk.”

“Okay, brother.”

The two brothers left the warehouse in this way, leaving a small bucket of semen for the cow. After a while, the cow’s head went into the bucket and licked up the semen. Suddenly, the cow’s pupils shrank and the whole body started to shake. Muscle lines appeared, and soon after a loong, low “moo~” came out from the barn, followed by the sound of the machine running.

Meanwhile, the two brothers lounging by the stove.

“Hey, brother, how much money do you think that cow can make for us?” the thin one asked.

“It’s been two years since we picked it up, and the money we earned is enough for us to eat it and drink it spicy. If we wait and see, if there is still no milk, just kill it and eat it. Serves it right.”

“My brother is really smart.” The cow had suddenly appeared on the farm they were about to close and sell. Not only was its body too weak, it couldn’t produce milk yet. Seeing that it was pitiful, they took it in. Unexpectedly, after giving it food, it was started to get big. It grew like this in just one night, and a lot of sweet milk flowed. “The smell was just to make us drool. Big brother, you got out of shape after drinking it.”

“Okay, don’t say so much, go quick to see if the cow is producing milk.”

The younger brother left the house and walked to the barn. When he approached the door of the barn, the sound of the machine running and the automated milk bottling became more and more clear.

“The hell?”

The younger brother opened the warehouse door and saw that hundreds of bottles of milk had been filled and neatly arranged, and the machine was still running and bottling.

“Hahaha! This is the first time we have produced so much! We’re going to make a mint!”

When the brother looked around excitedly for the suddenly profitable cow, he found that the cow was not where it should have been.

“Hey? Where’s the cow?!”

Then he looked along the tube of the machine, which stretched all the way behind a pile of debris, still being pumped with milk.

“Silly cow! Daring to run around.”

The younger brother headed for the debris, but behind it he could only see dark shadows.

“Silly cow! Come out!”

The black shadow slowly got up, and his brother suddenly found something wrong. The black shadow was actually standing on two feet, and all stood up twice as tall as him, completely giant.


When he was about to scream, a huge hand grabbed his brother’s entire head and made him shut up. After that came the sound of turning off the machine, followed by a commotion.

Meanwhile at home: “Why is that guy gone so long, it’s almost been an hour…”

Just as the older brother got up to open the door to go out, the door was flung open. “Finally, you came back…!”

When the door was completely pushed open, he could see that the younger brother’s whole body was stripped naked. His belly was huge, his mouth and buttocks were still flowing with thick milk, and his face appeared contented.

“Hello!? What are you doing!!!”

When the elder brother was about to step forward, a tempting scent puffed his nose, making him sweat unconsciously. His younger brother slumped to the ground, and behind him was a shape so huge that all that could be seen of the giant from the door was the legs and hard abdominal muscles, illuminated by the fire from the stove. Even from beyond the wall the oppressive feeling brought by the huge body made the older brother sit on the ground. The giant looked like an adult, about 20 years old, with a body that was basically like an NBA star’s plus world-class bodybuilders. The giant was tall and full of muscles, with cow markings on his skin, a pair of horns shoving from his black hair, oxtails constantly fluttering on his buttocks, and the culprit that had filled his brother huge and thick between his legs, two tree-trunk-thick cow cocks hanging straight to the ground, still flowing thick semen.

The giant didn’t speak, but kept staring at the scared older brother with dark, unwavering eyes.

When the elder brother was about to say something, the giant’s rod suddenly erected, from soft to hard. Immediately semen splashed directly onto the older brother’s body. It exuded a seductive fragrance, and the elder brother licked his jizz-covered lips while smelling it. Unspeakable thirst filled his entire mouth. He was licking the semen off his body like an addiction.

The younger brother, who had seemed before like he should have still been passed out on the floor, climbed onto his elder brother and licked the semen together. At this time, the giant grabbed the younger brother with one hand and held his penis against mouth. He kept sucking, but the elder brother frantically hugged the other giant cow root and sucked the huge, leaking cock.

“Oh oh~ so cool~ I want… I want to shoot!”

The younger brother had an orgasm. Just then the giant ejaculated in a huge quantity, and as he drank the semen, the giant’s pectoral muscles kept swelling, swelling to be bigger than a person, and the nipple on it was bigger than a head, and milk flowed out. The elder brother swallowed his brother’s cum greedily. After the younger brother drank the semen until his stomach broke his clothes, the giant forced him away from the giant cock. Seeing the two brothers hungry and wanting to continue drinking, the giant smiled and pressed their heads against his gigantic nipples. The squirted pec milk was sprayed directly into the mouths of the two of them. The taste of this milk was more rich and delicious than semen, and they kept drinking crazily.

“Oh~ye~ keep going—”

By this time, the bodies of the two brothers were getting bigger and bigger the more they drank. Their full stomachs gradually shrank into a row of abdominal muscles, and their hands and feet became very strong all in just a few seconds. The elder brother and younger brother had become bodybuilding champion-like figures. They had horns on their heads, oxtails on their buttocks, and cow markings on their skin, and even their penises had grown into a rod, and the semen spewed out was richer than any human seed.

“Butts in the air—” the giant said in an impossibly low voice.

The two muscular men lay on the ground obediently, with their hips up. The giant grabbed the brothers’ asses with both hands, and his giant cocks shoved into the back acupuncture points. Suddenly, the screams spread throughout the house.

After eight hours, the morning sun illuminated the farm, and the merchant who came to buy milk drove the truck to the brothers’ barn. When he got out of the vehicle, he was shocked to his core. A huge figure with impossible muscles was moving toward him, wearing almost no clothes. The bursting muscular man, with a big straw hat, walked over carrying a two-story box of milk by himself and put the milk on the truck. After collecting the money, the giant returned to the barn and opened the door. Two muscular bulls were chained and attached to the milking machine at the nipples and cocks. They screamed excitedly to the giant, “Come and feed us!”

The giant tore off his clothes, revealing his toned body and huge cocks, and let the two brothers suck their nipples and giant roots. After drinking the giant’s milk, the bodies of the two cows became stronger and stronger, and the milk produced increased exponentially.

The merchant clambered into his truck and drove off, palming his hard cock under his overalls. Meanwhile, the giant closed the barn and returned to the house, waiting for the next order.

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