The Red Prince

by brazboy

Out of a weird arrangement a cursed prince is born, one who has an uncontrollable appetite for human flesh. As his unabated hunger leads him to consume more and more men, he transforms, gaining the body of a gigantic marvelously muscular giant. Who can stop him, and what will be the consequences of trying?

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Part 1: Origin Out of a weird arrangement a cursed prince is born, one who has an uncontrollable appetite for human flesh. As his unabated hunger leads him to consume more and more men, he transforms, gaining the body of a gigantic marvelously muscular giant. Who can stop him, and what will be the consequences of trying? (added: 26 Aug 2023)
Part 2: Climax
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Part 1: Origin

Nineteen years ago, a proud king had tried to impregnate his queen one thousand and sixty-six times in the year after their marriage. So much had they tried, that his royal rod was now constantly sore, and sometimes hurt after copulating the second and third time in the day. This failure brought the king and the queen much anguish—why couldn’t his majesty impregnate his beautiful consort, whose bosom would surely be as fertile as his seed was thick? People failed to comprehend, and, as such, they chattered and whispered in the hallways, behind the backs of the handsome royal couple who seemed to have it all, except an heir.

Finally, the king capitulated. He prayed to the Gods, alone in the royal chapel, that he would impregnate his beloved, if only once, and that she would conceive him an heir to secure the future of the crown. To his surprise, as he prayed in the middle of the night, the fire of the candle trembled, as if dancing, as if flaring up. A dark smoke exuded from it.

“If you want your wife to conceive, my lord, it shall not be from your seed, but that of another,” whispered a deep voice seemingly to the king’s ear. “Look in the brothels of your capital, and find a man of your appearance. Let him sleep with her majesty as you fuck his muscle hole, and your beloved shall, by my grace, conceive your baby.” The king looked around with fear, but he saw none, not even a shadow of a person.

That night, the king ran out of the temple in fear, but the thought crossed his mind several times that he should follow the advice of the voice he had heard—was it a God, or a Devil? He had asked for help in a temple, and had now gotten his advice. The weight of a kingdom fell upon his shoulders, he needed to do something for the good of everyone.

And so he decided to follow the advice.

After not that many nights of contemplation, the king went out to the gay brothels around the capital, looking for a creature who resembled him—dark wavy hair, tanned white skin, green eyes, a plump red lips, and deliciously thick noble muscles covering a tall and healthy frame. Initially, his majesty though that such creatures would not be found in such lowly places, but he was wrong. The inhabitants of the brothels were each more handsome and lovely than the last, and he tried several of them before selecting one which he almost confused with his mirror image—but above all, one whom after visiting one night, he could no longer ignore.

“Your rod will cross the queen’s entrance, as my own invades yours, my sweet Nataniel, and so your duties for me will be completed,” asked the king as he laid besides his doppelganger lover, their heads touching as they embraced one another. Nataniel seemed to frown as a response, his hand massaging his king’s pecs, so similar to his own and yet a bit fuller, and his nipples a bit browner as well.

“My body is yours, your majesty; but penetrating a woman, even for you, is not something I desire. Why can’t you just lay with me, and ask another man to cross her front hole with his spear?” asked the royal favorite, as his lips kissed the royal nipples in their hardened state. The king moaned, his once tired and sore cock’s ills saved and healed by Nataniel’s attentions. The royal red mushroom was soon tirelessly awoken and poking out of its foreskin quarters.

“Sweet one, this request does not come from me, but from the heavens. I need to fulfill my duty and impregnate the queen, but I cannot do it on my own or through my rod, it must be done through another’s, and I wish it be none’s but yours,” responded the king, and Nataniel, sensing the true sorrow in his voice thought of suggesting once again that they elope, but knowing his king’s fateful response, he acquiesced.

And so it was that with the king’s help Nataniel came to the royal palace one night, to the queen’s chambers. When he turned around and lowered his hood, revealing his face, her majesty gasped in shock and confusion.

“So, this is your plan, my king? To have me fucked by another man’s cock because his appearance resembles yours? Despite our lack of success, despite your escapades, never did I think so lowly of you as I do now,” she said to the sovereign, and then moved towards him to slap his face—except her hand was stopped by Nataniel, who grabbed her wrist, and pushed her away.

“You do not get to touch him, you know not how hard it is for a man…,” he starts and her majesty laughs in scorn, her hair messy as she was in her bedchamber, expecting to be fucked.

“I know not how hard it is? Ha! Perhaps because this imp’s cock won’t rise fully, despite my full tits and voluptuous curves! Alas, it doesn’t matter… there’s a kingdom to protect, an heir to provide, and he next king will be yet my son, so traverse me with your spear, you lowly prostitute, if you must,” said the queen in furry, spreading her legs and then snorting in anger as the concubine’s cock was also soft for her, but the king’s cock jumped out at attention seeing his Nataniel’s hole exposed and then the lovely concubine’s cock too rose as the two kissed and their hands massaged one another.

“Curses of nature,” whispered the queen, before having her pussy traversed by the sweet, lovely prostitute’s rod of a full quarter of a meter—the member traveled deep inside the queen and then throbbed amazingly there as the concubine’s hole was impaled and explored by the king’s eager, even larger manhood, which spanned a full third of a meter!

“Fuck, my sweet Nataniel, traverse the queen as I invade your rear end!” said the king panting as their muscles clashed and the queen moaned in lust and disgust, as the two true lowers kissed and exchanged their spit, their balls slapping as the royal cock penetrated so deep inside his lover as to make his abs bulge, and compressing his prostate to the point of torture and bursting.

“Oooh, your majesty is so thick and so rough! I am so close, please, fuck me harder!” said the moaning concubine as his hole was invaded, and still engulfed the gigantic cock manly and with more pleasure than pain. As Nataniel moved to impale himself in cock, almost involuntarily he fucked the powerful lady and then as the king’s lips bit his neck and the king’s hands slapped his asscheeks and groped his muscles, the two lovers came together—the king’s throbbing ejaculating cock filling Nataniel’s hungry hole as his ass twitched around the royal manhood, milking it orgasmically as the concubine pumped seed deep inside the queen’s womb, impregnating her.

Nine months later, the red prince was born, and whatever one may say, he was born out of true love.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The baby born in those strange circumstances grew up to be a handsome lad—not only was his face strong and pleasing to the eye, but his body was impressive to men and women alike. When practicing swordfight or horse riding the prince was skilled, and his size and shape dominated other men in one-on-one combat, as much as in the bedroom. He was tireless there, his sword, they said, was as long as other men’s arms, and equally as thick; his own arms, legs and chest, though, those were incomparable to his peers’; they outshone even the burliest of the burliest knights. Indeed, the prince was so deliciously sculptured, and his color was of such a delightful golden hue, that some said it was like he was carved by a horny succubus out of marble, and then covered in the sweetest and stickiest honey, which one couldn’t help but want to taste.

Wholesome, handsome, skillful—he could have been the perfect prince, if it had not been for his weird compulsions. And here it is not his love of men which mostly concerned the court, but his eating habits. That the prince could bed knights and dukes, bakers and learned men, that is something which barely registered and some people even saw it as natural of him—he wasn’t homosexual, he was just hypersexual. So masculine, so dominating, that even men couldn’t resist him, and there was no one with a cock who could deny it. That he loved men and kissed them and cared less about women, that must have been because he too liked a challenge—the prince liked to dominate, and it is much more amusing to dominate a lad than a lady, some would say.

It was what he did at the table, though, that attracted people’s comments. The prince gobbled his food like his hunger was truly bottomless. He ate chicken, pork and beef, sometimes almost without chewing, and in amazing amounts—enough for a small company, but he’d devour it in one sitting, drooling abundantly through his thick red lips. And he didn’t get fat, although if he for some reason couldn’t eat, then he did get tired and deenergized. All that happened from eating was that his guts expanded, welcoming all that food, and then his body would get extremely hot, before it would start sweating, and then his muscles would flex uncontrollably, until they seemed engorged and expanded, almost as if pumped after a full day of practice.

All that, abnormal as it was, however, could be ignored, until one day, when the prince was devouring his meal particularly fast and swallowing a whole turkey, as a waiter was bringing in a piglet for the prince to taste and devour. Then, in a lapse of judgment, the hungry noble simply grabbed the poor waiter’s hand, and, in one sweeping move, pulled and pushed him inside his mouth, as if he was the dish to be had. The waiter was quickly enveloped by the prince’s tireless lips and pushed down the nobleman’s hungry hole by his tireless sturdy arms. First the waiter’s arms and head disappeared, and then it was his torso travelling down the prince’s overextended throat, and finally his legs, which shook in surprise as in less than a moment the waiter vanished for good.

As quickly as the freak scene started, it ended, with the prince moaning and drooling as he panted, seemingly full. He burped, as his other waiters stared in confusion and fear, until the prince’s body started to tremble and his overextended belly started to decrease, as he digested his meal. Quickly, inhumanly so, in fact, the prince’s muscles started to quiver and exude a sweat so hot that it turned into steam, filling the whole room with his feverish masculine smell. At the same time, his muscles trembled and swelled, first his arms and legs bursting through his clothes, and then finally his chest ripping his shirt to pieces, revealing his gigantic and growing muscles, his massive pecs whose nipples were now drooling uncontrollable milk, as his cock also burst through his underwear under the dining table, growing and throbbing as it drooled amazingly, making a puddle of pre on the floor as it slapped the underside of the furniture as it demanding attention.

“Ahhh! My god, what the hell! I want more, more food!” he shouted, and slowly the waiters started approaching him with his food once more, and as his muscles and limbs and cock expanded, he ate more and more, swallowing a whole pig in one go. His cock was now big enough to slap the table from the underside, making it shake as he moaned and ate, his manliness trembling and drooling uncontrollably until he stopped eating and grabbed his boner with his two massive hands, enveloping the gigantic organ only partly, and stroking it up and down like a beast until it ejaculated massively and profusely, its juices coating the table, and then more, even the waiters, who had all gotten hard and some of whom had ejaculated spontaneously in that situation.

Only after he came, did the prince stop stroking and panting and became a little less frenetic. By now, when he stood up, he noticed his body was not 2 meters tall anymore, but about 30% larger than that. His muscles, meanwhile, had expanded many times, as did his cock, and so his manly member slapped his drooling pecs, covering him on his own milk as it trembled still hard even after ejaculating. Meanwhile, his muscles felt and were indeed amazing—his arms had become thicker than columns, as his legs were now so gigantic as to rub one on the other as he moved about. His prized pecs, on their own turn, were so fat of muscle now that they extended forward a great amount, not allowing the prince to even see his 12-pack anymore, which he also couldn’t touch due to the reduced mobility of his limbs.

“This is good… I want more, soon,” he proclaimed, before leaving the dining room for a nap, leaving his servants staring at one another.

Such was the first of many similar events from then on—the prince started calling in lads from the barracks, the handsomest and most muscular, and he would sometimes snatch and devour them in one go, before, during or after fucking. Servants disappeared, snatched by his hungry hands and pushed inside his drooling mouth, and so did people from the capital and the army. The princely body expanded so much that soon he needed more servants to help him tend to his needs—washing, dressing up and even moving were no longer ordinary activities. From one meal a week, soon the prince was eating a human every two or three days, and then every day, until it was evident that something had to be done, and as even the nobles feared the prince’s mouth and temper by then, they decided to do something themselves, and something was done, albeit in meandering ways.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After that night of passionate love, Nicolas, the king’s beloved, developed a very high fever. The king ordered him brought to the palace, to the annoyance of the queen, and treated him with oils and massages, and made it so that he had three doctors at his disposal at every hour. Soon, however, Nicolas’ body had swelled, and he had developed awful cramps—he was sweating all hours of day and night, and his body was so hot he sometimes entered a state of delirium. It was as if his delicious frame was trying to expel something unnatural. The king, unable to do anything more than watch his sweet Nicolas suffer, spend almost all waking hours with him week after week, for months.

“Oh, my lord… the cramps got worse… please… I’m in so much pain!” cried Nicolas one night, his whole body sweating and trembling as he teared up and cried. As usual to treat and distract his pain, the king asked one of the doctor assistants to fall to their knees and suck Nicolas’ fat cock, a part of him which had engorged alongside the rest of his body. This soothed Nicolas only for a brief second, before the cramps increased and his majesty took Nicolas’ hands.

“You’ll be fine, we’ll continue to do our best… just… don’t leave me,” said the king kissing Nicolas’ hand, but his muscles were trembling so much that his large engorged pecs started drooling a weird white liquid. At the same time, his extended belly started to contract and he grunted horribly.

“Your majesty, if I survive tonight, perhaps…” responded Nicolas, feeling his body so unusual that he knew something would finally happen. Indeed, he shook as his cock was sucked, and his hands grabbed the twinkish apprentice’s head and starting to fuck it hard and deep as the king lowered his mouth onto Nicolas’s and the two kissed passionately and wetly. The courtesan was sweating and moaning and grunting and painting in pain, and then suddenly his hips raised fucking the lucky apprentice spread out hole even farther, as a small white object could be seen popping out of his manly hole.

“Ahhhhh, damn, my king, something is bursting though my rear!” shouted Nicolas, and his majesty looked down to see the round object slowly trying to pass through his beloved’s hole, before sending every one of the doctors, except his must trusted one, out of the room. Now only the two lovers, this one doctor, and the cock sucking apprentice were inside.

“Ohhh, fuck, its ravaging my hole! My lord, what is going on with me!?” shouted Nicolas as he continued to rape the apprentice’s mouth, and the king glared in shock as the doctor who, not knowing what was happening, spread out Nicolas’ legs as if he were in labor, then massaging Nicola’s buns trying to help his muscles deliver the gigantic white object. Nicolas cried amazingly, and shouted of pain as the object opened his pink muscle hole from the inside out, until its thickest part passed his anus, and then he laid it pretty easily moaning in amazing pleasure. The doctor, then, opened his hands to secure the majestic white colossus Nicola’s laid once his hole had expelled it.

As the white colossus popped out of his tight male hole, Nicolas panted and shouted and orgasmed inside the apprentice’s throat, his now empty hole gaping as he shook orgasmically. The doctor gasped as he felt the warm object, and then as Nicolas orgasmed the king stroking his hair noticed he was slowly becoming cooler again, his body slowly recovering from a great exertion.

“My lord… I think this is…,” says the doctor softly, as the apprentice moaned swallowing all the cum he could and the rest drooled outside of his lips. Nicolas was panting and had almost fainted, his majestic pecs now drooling a stream of milk as his cock tiredly fell and oozed leftover cum on his abs. His hole gaped, overstretched by the white colossus, which the doctor caressed as he lifted towards the king. “It’s an egg,” he finally said.

In a few hours, the head-sized egg cracked and a beautiful baby came out of it. Confused but also immensely happy, Nicolas took his son in his arms, and caressed his little frame like a proud dad. The king watched in shock as this baby of his seemed so healthy, sucking his other father’s milk. He decided to do everything he could to protect him, but this involved sending his son and beloved concubine to the interior, away from the capital, away from the court, and above all away from the queen and himself.


Part 2: Climax

The handsome and growing prince had been eating people at will—he devoured so many of them that it was getting hard to find those who’d be close to him. As such, he devised a plot—each day the prince would marry a lad, and then at night he would devour the lad during sex, as if he were a black widow in handsome human form. It worked marvelously: first the second son of a Duke, convinced that he could tame the prince, fell prey to his hungry cock and then mouth; then the third son of a Marquis; and the fourth son of a Count. After a month or so, the prince was marrying and devouring the sons of bricklayers and wage workers, rewarded handsomely for the sacrifice, fulfilling his hunger and leaving behind a progressively more fearful court.

Meanwhile, the prince prospered—his body had never been more marvelous, as it grew to four amazingly long meters of height. Those long limbs and torso of his were filled with marvelous amounts of muscle which made him disproportionately big in all the right ways—his arms were now thicker than redwood trees, and his legs were broader than obelisks, as his chest expanded and shone with a size comparable to that of an adult bull, and equally solid. The prince, now having a hard time moving about, wobbled around through the palace, only between the dining room and his quarters, and did nothing else other than fuck, sleep and eat. During sleep he was attended by his weird followers—a sect of sorts which had developed in court which worshipped his muscles and kept them clean and massaged, and perfectly oiled so that his skin didn’t burn by rubbing against each other as he moved. They didn’t offer themselves to abate the prince’s hunger—usually—but served him from the shadows in all other sorts of ways, including milking his massive pecs and cock as he slept like a tired log, after finishing his daily activities of eating and fucking, and then growing in turn as a response to his human meal.

Those attendants to the prince scrubbed his body, and some dreamed of one day being fucked by his noble gigantic 90-centimeter-long member, although they knew that such events ended in only one way—orgasmic death, devoured by the massive muscular monster of a prince. Even then, at least one of the attendants, although greatly enjoying his role of massaging the prince’s left muscle tit and sucking from his nipple for two hours with his mouth, thought that this state of affairs could not continue, and thought of a plan to murder the prince.

One day as the prince slept, this attendant—by any account himself a large muscular hunk, even more so after he started drinking the prince’s milk—concealed a dagger under his tunic, and brought it with him as he and six other attendants awaited outside of the door for the prince to end his nightly fuck and late-night snack. He bit his lips, his cock hard as his hands touched the dagger under his clothes as he stood there, hearing the moans and pleasurable grunts from the other side of the wall turn into a howl of confused agony and then turn to silent and a burp, as the prince then shout a deep gleeful cry of orgasmic pleasure and his cock covered the back wall of his room with royal seed.

With his cock raised and his dagger in his hands, this attendant entered with his mates into the princely chambers, seeing only the clothes of the former royal lover laid on the sides, as the gigantic princely body rested on his truly elephant-sized bed—his being, muscles and cock, occupied almost the whole available space; his arms were now so thick as he rested that they touched the floor, and his cock was, even softening, so enormous as to lay upon his whole majestic muscular torso, its plump head drooling restlessly and naturally against the linen besides the noble head which slept supported against the cum-drenched opposing wall. The princely tits, gigantic, oozing abundantly warm milk, moved up and down as the cannibalistic creature snoozed and grunted, his legs spread in a V due to the scale of his cum-producing orbs, which trembles like living beasts.

The attendants each then turned to their part of the princely body: one for each of the limbs, counting four, one for each of the tits, another two, and a seventh—their leader—which attended the royal head, cock and balls, as well as his arse when the prince slept on his stomach. Each of the attendants started to grope and massage and wash and kiss the princely muscles, and nipples, and every other part of the noble body which counted a whole ton of muscle, as it was their duty. And so, until that one—the one with the dagger—pulled his weapon and quietly pushed it against the princely muscle tit.

“Hmmm, ah!” moaned the prince, and every one of the attendants glared at the noble face, fearing that he would wake up and make one of them his nightly snack. What they didn’t see is that the dagger had penetrated the princely flesh, but soon it was obvious that it was too small to harm the gigantic muscle creature! As that one traitorous attendant pulled the dagger out, it came drenched in thick princely blood, but the injury seemed to heal almost immediately. Seeing that, and not wanting to dirty his clothes, the attendant licked the dagger clean before putting it away. As he felt the taste of the blood in his mouth, though, and as it mixed with the milk he suckled from the fat and warm 20-centimeter-long and squishy princely nipple, he noticed his mouth increasing and his tongue gaining weight and volume.

This weird feeling made the prince’s attendant gasp around the noble nipple. Even as his body changed and his eyes glared with surprise at these new sensations, however, the attendant didn’t stop suckling, and soon to his surprise his tongue became so fat in his mouth that he could hardly close his jaw and abundant milk was drooling out of his lips. As the attendant worried, swallowing as much milk as he possibly could and letting some drool down his chest –the prince’s tits were very abundant—his tongue seemed to divide in two inside his mouth, and soon both swirled and licked the royal nipple, massaging it together, until his lips also parted and soon the attendant realized he had two entirely distinct mouths!

This attendant moaned and trembled sucking the royal nipple, as his silent transformation was slowly completed. This acolyte, using all his strength of mind, managed to contain his lower mouth’s grunts as he kissed and suckled his royal pec now both at once. Meanwhile, totally unaware of his predicament, his mates cleaned and took care of the rest of the princely body as usual, leaving the masculine figure perfectly ready for his next day. When the sun was about to come out and they had to leave, as soon the prince would wake up and start his day with a new husband, this transformed attendant managed to hide his new second mouth by pushing the limits of time and being the last one to stop kissing and tending to the princely body—an impulse that had cost some people their lives before, but which by itself nobody would ever find suspicious.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

One day came to court, unbeknownst to anyone, the prince’s half-brother. He had arrived wishing to take his rightful place besides his father, the king, as a second son, but in speaking to the people at the court he learned about the terrible doings of his half-brother—how he engulfed and devoured men, how the acolytes that took care of him sometimes disappeared into his stomach. No one felt safe anymore, as the princely guard sometimes kidnapped lads on the streets to take them to the prince, to avoid the risk of being eaten themselves. The sense of dread in the streets was constant.

“And you ought to take care of yourself, sir. A man of tall and handsome stature, of thick muscular body such as yourself, would be a prime target for those monsters. How tall are you, 8, 9 palms?” would say a servant he met in the palace kitchen, one of the many horny cute lads that came talk to him when he was not busy. It was easy for the king’s bastard son to collect information in the halls and rooms filled with servants, as long as he watched his head so it didn’t hit the low doors and ceilings.

And so, soon, out of a deep feeling of duty towards the people, the bastard gave up on his mission to reveal his identity, and instead offered himself to join the princely guard where he would have an even better position to watch and deal with the threat posed by his older brother to the general populace. When the bastard joined the guard, things were so dire that in some days even his fellow guards would be devoured by the now almost immobile prince. The gigantic royal would eat them whole, and since the armors made him a bit uncomfortable and he had to spit them out, it was ordered that the prince guard walk only with silk barely covering their deliciously thick muscles, which made all the other servants glance at them with unhidden lust when they passed through the hallways showing their sexy buns, pecs and cocks, which usually were standing from the sexual smells exhaled by the prince.

It was during this time that the bastard met the two-mouthed princely attendant, which hid his second upper hole by using a mask on his face. This beautiful and brave acolyte fell in love with the bastard, his handsome face and marvelous green eyes, his tall full stature and that cock, my god, what a cock! It went on and on for 45 centimeters, twice as much as an average lad! The acolyte mounted a whole operation to be able to seduce the bastard, who first thought he was the one doing the seducing to gather information, but ended up being the one caught in the devious acolyte’s net.

“Your body is of an amazing hardness, I can’t believe I have you for myself, that your cock slides through my hole every afternoon as our colleagues sleep,” panted the acolyte still wearing his mask as the bastard slid his magnificent rod in and out his lover’s hungry hole, stretching it immensely and making the acolyte’s own 32-centimeter cock bob up and down slapping his deliciously well carved abs, carved and shaped by the drinking of the princely milk.

“No, my sweet, sweet one… I am the one who can’t believe I have you. I just want to kiss you, why do you save your mouth for the prince’s tits? Do you not want to taste my tongue with yours?” asked a pouty but ruthless bastard, as he thrust his hips back and forth inside that small closet, forcing his rod to slide almost all inside his lover before pulling back, and then hammering in slamming the acolyte’s sensitive prostate once more, making him gasp and grunt. The two men drooled and panted, the bastard kissing his lover’s back as one of his hands slapped the acolyte’s ass and another caressed and then pulled his hair, making him look at back towards his face. “I want to kiss your lips… please,” he asked, requested, begged and demanded all at once, and the acolyte wanted to give in, as his cock bobbed up and down and slapped his abs and also the furniture, drooling so much pre. Their balls slapped together and clamped, as did the acolyte’s buns as it was slammed by the bastard’s hard abs, in their rhythmic fuckery.

“If you promise to love me I shall!” said the acolyte, close to orgasmic achievement, and the bastard prince didn’t even respond, he pulled out the mask and threw it away. He saw but hardly noticed his lover’s two drooling moaning mouths, only the handsomeness of his face registered to the bastard, and so he immediately pulled his lover into a deep kiss. Confusingly, he found himself kissing two mouths and four lips at once, but he didn’t complain. One tongue slid inside his mouth, fucking the bastard’s throat and feeding it spit, as another swirled around his smaller tongue and sucked on it hungrily, spit and pre falling and flying everywhere, as the two massive hunks fucked and kissed and genuinely made love.

“My… my god, I’m about to cum!” said the acolyte, and indeed his balls contracted and his cock splashed seed all over the silverware, jet after jet of deliciously tick milky baby goo flying and landing upon old ceramic and instruments that the royal house kept safe in that old closet. As his body contorted, his hole trembled and milked the bastard’s cock even more perfectly, massaging it up and down with orgasmic pumps, and the bastard finally also came inside his lover as they continued to passionately kiss and hug.

It took a while for the two massive hunks to come out of their post orgasmic bliss and kissing, the bastard pulling his cock from his lover’s lower hole which now oozed his cum down the handsome muscular legs that supported his body. Only then did he notice his beloved had double the amount of mouths, tongues and lips than one would normally see in a lad.

“By the river Abrix, you have two mouths and tongues! Is this due to your job with the prince?!” asked the bastard, caressing with love the delicious lips of his lover, who nodded and explained his predicament, happy that he had found someone so accepting of his new form.

“I see… I will also tell you a secret, my sweet love. I am the king’s bastard second son; conceived in the same night as my brother, but in a more antinatural, albeit loving fashion. Between the two of us, nonetheless, he is the one who came out as a monster, and now I shall put an end to it. Here, between the two of us, I have a plan, shall I tell you? It is most dangerous,” said the bastard, and his lover lowered his mouths to the bastard’s tits and licked both them with his gigantic tongues.

“Yes, I too want to end the tyranny of this prince, beloved. Although I like my changes, he is evil, and has eaten many of my friends. Whatever you need, my love, I will provide –my body and soul are loyal to you regardless of challenge,” responded the acolyte, and the two of them made love another time, but now the bastard fucked the acolytes lower mouth, as the upper one tasted his manly hole with his deliciously fat tongue. The two of them came once more, and then fell asleep together in a puddle of their own juices.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After some planning, the bastard offered himself as a groom to the prince. His colleagues in the guard were surprised—sometimes one of them was devoured anyway, but they were never volunteers. His closest fellow guards tried to convince him of the madness in that decision but alas, it was soon noon and the prince was to be up, and they had not yet found a suitable groom, so the bastard it would be. And so his fellow guards had him changed from his military silky vests into a delightful tight tunic that hugged his muscles perfectly, and also had the bastard bathed and oiled by the acolytes, before bringing him to the princely bedroom.

These days, the prince fucked and slept in the same place: his bed. His body had become too large to easily move—even his wobbling had become too difficult, as his legs grew so thick as to be almost locked in place and far apart from one another. Also his arms now had issues moving, as they had become so humongous that basically muscle rubbed against muscle at all times, no matter how much the prince tried to sway his limbs. His torso and overall frame had grown, surely, now covering more than ten meters, easily, but yet that was not enough to compensate the sheer gain of mass which made his abs explode and turned his cum gutters into true canyons; his pecs were now so overgrown and overhung that one could slide one’s arms under them, and the gap between them was so tight one could hardly slip a piece of paper in that deep crevice. Overall, the prince’s chest had become so thick, so large, as to lock his sizeable neck and head in place. All things considered, the royal son had become musclebound and muscle-locked.

But besides his muscles, his body was completed by the princely prick and his noble balls, the latter of which were as big as cows and hung on the floor immediately in front of the bed, covered in linen and beautiful fabrics as they worked producing cum constantly. The princely cock, that towering enormity, hung, drooling, to the sides, dispensing its tireless stream of pre into a gutter, although the bulk of the tubular shaft hung above the princely body, with just the head hanging out of his muscles drooling scented pre like a manly waterfall away from his frame.

This description might make it seem that the prince had become powerless: his tits, now ever making milk, had to be constantly suckled, his massive cock constantly cleaned and drained. His body surely had become more demanding, in all sorts of ways. But no, his physical transformations had made him no less threatening—they included a change in his big mouth, which was now able to project away from his head quite some distance, as well as the engorging and division of his fat tongue into six, which usually drooled outside of his mouth, and were so long it could reach the hole room, and as strong as to overpower a grown man.

Right now, as the bastard was pulled into the room and presented to the prince, his tongues were busy: two tasted the rear holes of his tit milkers, two licked his wobbly arms, and the last two just rested to the side snaking together as they drooled, seemingly bored. All six tongues, however, trembled as the bastard entered, as they seemed to sense his delicious manly smell. One of the tongues suddenly invaded the hole of an acolyte who cried out confused, as another tongue swirled around his legs, and twos other attacked his abs, swirling around his delicious body and pulling him inside the princely mouth which opened to welcome him, and imprison him forever.

“No, no, your highness please, I only want to serve!” said the lad as he is enveloped by lips until disappearing down the princely throat, the happy tongues excited about the bastard, who watched the scene in horror, knowing a dagger to be hidden in the crevice between the princely pecs, put there by his beloved the night before.

“You finally found me a husband who can meet the standards of a prince!” commented the gigantic muscular creature, wobbling as its muscles trembled with laugher, a tongue licking his fat lips as three others slid towards the bastard. One invaded his lips and his mouth, tasting his spit and throat as he gasped in shock. Another tongue started ripping the bastard’s clothes, revealing his marvelous manly and smooth muscular body, and his deliciously fat cock which stood proudly at attention. The third tongue attacked said cock, enveloping it in wetness, and stroking it to erection, before its tip started crawling inside the bastard’s slid and then into his rod, up and up, making him treble as his urethra was defiled.

“Your highness, please, don’t fill my slit, or I can’t ejaculate!” prayed the bastard, fulfilling his role as a mindless victim as his former mates, the guards, watched in horror as he was tortured by the princely tongues. Soon a fourth tongue joined, spreading the bastard’s legs and then penetrating his hole deep. At once, the bastard was being fucked in his three holes, and it was hard for him to remain conscious as the tongues—each fat like an arm and extremely wet—invaded and swirled, stretched and drooled and filled him from the inside, ravaging all of his holes in combined motions.

As he felt overwhelmed by lust, the bastard tried to moan and gasp but couldn’t, as his throat was filled with tongue, and thus those attempts only served to let his half-brother’s tongues drill deeper inside him, making his throat bulge as did his abs, with the volume of tongue sliding and swirling inside him.

“Finally, someone who is truly tasty!” exclaimed the prince as his tongues felt and slid and senses every corner of the bastard’s body, even sliding deep into his balls, through his urethra, and tasting his tapped cum. As that happened, the prince’s own muscles trembled and his cock started delivering even more pre than usual, trembling as it hardened slowly and then more quickly. The acolytes responsible for the princely titties were suddenly overwhelmed with milk, as the one responsible for the cock was having a hard time keeping it from bobbing up and down and spraying pre everywhere. Indeed, as the prince moaned, his cock rose and feel down in a loud massive thud, and as its acolyte seemed to try to hold it down, his hand slipped inside the humongous cock.

“Yeaaa, oh, I feel even stronger than usual, hmmmm, I think I can… damn, I want to eat my new husband already!” exclaimed the prince, as the guards, worried at how much he was salivating, ordered food to be brought it, and quickly the prince started to devour pork and beef and chicken and duck and mutton at incredible speed, as his tongues still raped his half-brother from both ends. As he devoured the food, the prince’s cock sucked in the arm of its acolyte, and then even as he tried to pull himself away, his head and torso were swallowed by the throbbing mega cock, which oozed amazing amounts of pre making it hard for the acolyte to find a grip in the slippery surface of the cockhead.

As the acolyte’s big muscular body was engulfed by the princely prick, the nobleman moaned and grunted, “Ohh, ohhh fuck, I’m swallowing someone through my cock now! I think I’ll need two husbands a day from now on!!” he said laughing as only the ass and the legs of his acolyte were out of his slit, and then even those are swallowed as the monstrous cock rises and falls, shaking the acolyte until he vanishes swallowed by the enormous gigantic member.

All in the room watched that in horror, especially the half-prince, whose eyes widened in fear but whose mind straightened now in resolve, despite all his holes being completely overstretched by tongues which explored deeper and deeper inside him. Amazingly, the two tongues swirled so deep as to slide around each other in his belly, and then his eyes rolled as they continued traveling in opposite directions and each penetrating him completely through, sliding out of his body from the opposite end, truly impaling his delicious frame as the prince ate pork and sheep, and devoured his acolyte with his cock.

It didn’t take long, however, for the princely hunger to no longer be satisfied by human food, and his tongues started bringing the bastard closer to his massive motionless muscle body, until first his foot was slurped by the gigantic monstrous mouth, and then the bastard’s delicious and muscular legs were sucked in as well. As that happened, the bastard lifted a hand and used it to feel the prince’s pecs, as if asking for help, but in fact looking in the crevice between his massive drooling tits for the hidden dagger. This was the moment of truth, and as the bastard’s body vanished swallowed between six tongues inside the prince’s mouth, the guards observing it horrified that the prince had consumed two people so early in the afternoon, his hand managed to feel and grab the handle of the dagger, and so he pulled it from between the thick princely tits, holding it hard and taking it down with him as he travelled down his half-brother’s throat.

“My god!” exclaimed one particularly impressed guard, coming over his silky vests without touching himself, the smell of cum attracting the now restless princely tongues, which travelled to wrap around his cock and lick it.

“I think I should eat more…,” said the prince, and his servants, guards and acolytes all glanced at each other not knowing how to react. The princely tongues were going to different ones of them and tasting their holes, his noble manhood was trembling drooling with passion and close to orgasm, but also red of hunger as it seemed to elongate towards the ceiling now, rubbing on the far wall, drooling a waterfall of pre. The prince moaned as his muscles trembled. “Yeah, I haven’t had a lad this tasty in a while… but I want, no, I need more… fucking more, all of you!” he mumbled, as his tongue wrapped around the post-orgasmic guard and starts pulling him in towards his mouth, as he resisted uselessly. One of the acolytes, meanwhile, was completely impaled by tongue and being pushed towards the princely prick as the nobleman moaned deliciously.

“Ohh, yes, yes…oh, I feel I am growing!” he moaned deep as another lad was enveloped by his slit and starts being swallowed by his massive trembling rod, as the guard was also shoved down his mouth and throat. It felt so wonderful, his muscles trembling in size, his massive pecs running a river of milk. His balls seemed to dilate, his cock was clearly gaining fatness and size, his muscular arms and legs became longer and thicker and he finally ejaculated.

The princely cock throbbed amazingly and ejaculated jet after jet of splashing sticky and hot cum. It was such a gigantic amount of cum that it clogged the gutters and it started accumulating on the floor, forming a lake around them, to everyone’s surprise, flooding the princely chambers with fifty centimeters, and then a meter, a meter and a half, of manly juices. The ejaculation was so strong in smell and power that all men inside the princely room lost their mind and started stroking themselves, or humping the princely body, or fucking some crack between his muscles while worshipping his body parts. The prince himself howled, as his body expanded, now fully immobile except for his prick, his fingers and toes, his head and his massive swirling tongues snatching another lad for a mid-orgasmic meal.

The bed cracked and broke due to the growing weight of the nobleman. His cock was splashing cum and slapping the wall, hard, coating all the room in cum so high that it broke the window. Cum started drooling outside of the room into the palace garden, to the shock of the other nobles. The princely head, meanwhile, was now almost locked in by the expanding and glowing muscles, his eyes rolled back lost in full of orgasmic bliss as the prince’s mind crumbled unable to think, until his howls of pleasure started seeming different—poignant, almost painful.

With a few smart shocking motions, the princely abs were pushed out from the insides, forming first a bulge and then exploding with a cut, a red-bloody opening through which the bastard, the guard, and the last devoured acolyte came out of the princely body. The prince felt the pain whose source he was unable to see due to the size of his gigantic pecs, as his cock continued to ejaculate, and started crying and howling like a confused injured animal.

“What, what are you doing?? Are you murdering me? What have I ever done to you!?” he whined as his blood flowed, mixing with the ever-flowing cum. Amazingly, as the three left his overextended belly, they didn’t come out as they had been; rather, they appeared transformed by the princely blood, which was now alsocontaminating the other survivors inside the room.

The acolyte, who had had no weapon and thus didn’t cut the prince, had been the least transformed of the three—he now had six arms where two had been, and equally six legs where two had been. His one tired cock had been replaced by 12 completely hard rods, each as long as a full meter, as he was now himself 3 meters tall, his frame completely filled with delicious muscle. He quickly escaped from the prince and jump out of the broken window, landing two floors below in the ground, and ran away with his majestic cum and blood-covered body, wanting nothing of this mad royal court anymore.

The guard, meanwhile, who took his own dagger to help the bastard, had been more exposed to the princely blood, and so his changes were more drastic. His legs had fused into one long tail, and his arms had multiplied by 8, and now counted sixteen. His full length was of 8 meters, four of which were covered by arms and their respective arms and pecs with long drooling nipples, while the other four meters of his body had become a gigantic ultra-muscular tail, while in the middle one could see a bulge which could open and out of which slid his monstrous 2-meter-long cock, although he now also possessed a hole below his cock which, although looking perfectly like an anus, was actually his own female reproductive hole.

As soon as he was freed in his new form, the guard twisted his long body around the princely cock, restricting it so it would finally stop ejaculating, until he swallowed the head of the prick with his unhinged jaw, and then let the abundant but abating flow of pre continue into his deliciously long, muscular and powerful body.

The bastard, though, who had carved his brother’s muscles open with his dagger and led the other lads to freedom, had been completely saturated in blood and thus was the most transformed of them all. As he crawled out of his brother’s guts, he was almost inhuman a creature. His size, first of all, was so big that it seemed like he wouldn’t fit in the princely room anymore—just his legs stood at a full 6 meters of height, and his torso was easily five times that length; just as his rear was comprised of five oversized sets of legs and triplet cocks, so his upper body was comprised of an equal number of sets of pecs, overly muscular arms and abs, atop which rested his amazingly handsome head. The bastard was now so gigantic his upper body had to twist to fit inside the princely room, and it was becoming harder and harder to do so by the second, as the other acolytes and guards also changed due to the flowing princely blood.

“Traitor, traitors!” screamed the prince, as his voice willowed away, before the bastard grabbed his handsome lover with his uppermost massive right hand—his sweet one was now as tall as one of his arms was long, or about three meters total—and used his upper body to push through the door out of the confines of that small enclosed space, making a flood of seed and blood flow down the palace’s hallways, changing many servants and court members along the way, as the other now much-mutated acolytes and guards had also fled.

“Should we run? He was a monster but he was still the prince, that we have now killed,” asked the now three-dicked lover, sitting on the bastard’s back after he put him there. The bastard shook his head, as it his torso was twisted gigantically as to swirl, so that his head was more or less level with his beloved acolyte’s.

“No, I will claim my place as a prince, and I want to see who will stop me now that I have this body; and then we will reign together, the two of us, as my fathers couldn’t,” responded the red-blood-covered multi-limbed boytaur half-prince. “Besides, that beast, my older brother, he is still breathing. We don’t know if he is truly dead, and I must say, I hope not. I am confident I can deal with him now, anyway. We will stay and fight.” Then the two of them kissed, as the bastard prince’s 15 cocks trembled with desire between his 10 oversized legs.

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