Three brothers

by Wawa

Three brothers get infected with a digital virus that grows them to their true selves.

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It was any normal day for you. Wake up, go to work, come home. You were excited when you graduated high school, but adulting sucks.

You sighed as you ripped your pants off and jumped into bed. Finally, some personal time. You scrolled through the internet and found a video about a grown man finding his true self. Feeling intrigued and mostly horny, you watched the man grow his cock to bulging hugeness, balls filling, pecs ripping his shirt. He kept saying how he was the superior race, not just any human but a god—a massive growing god. Him talking like that felt so good.

You were about to cum but your cock started to grow and your balls filled with more and more cum. Something felt wrong, but what was it? Thinking was difficult to do with pent up balls and a growing cock. You giggled, seeing how your huge cock and balls looked on your slightly chubby frame—then you realized it. Something was wrong. “How can a god be so small?” you said as your bed creaked under the growing weight of your junk.

You tried to get up but your cock was heavier than your body, so you grabbed your balls and pushed them off the bed. A low moan escaped your lips as your growing balls touched the cold floor. Slowly you got up to make your way to the living room to grow more. Luckily your parents weren’t home. Adulting was supposed to mean your own place, but you and your brothers were all still there. You didn’t really want to be away from them.

Everything was fine until you heard something tearing. Looking for where it was coming from you saw your underwear rip, revealing your growing thighs. Your arms were growing with more muscle and your shirt was rising to show your thickening gut. Then you realized you needed to hurry before you were stuck—that would be embarrassing, for a god to get stuck in their room. The thought of that made your cock twitch thinking about growing in a small room but you quickly snapped out of it, set on the mission of making it to the living room and enjoying the growth on the way.

With each step you took, your feet grew a bit, your shoulders bulged, your thighs thickened. Then you made it to the door. You pushed through, getting momentarily stuck, but a little bit of wood can’t contain a growing god. You made it through, continuing down the hall to meet the stairs. This normally wouldn’t be a problem but your balls have started to drag on the floor.

So you mustered up the courage to go down the stairs. As you went down your balls dropped and hit the steps, sending a shock up your spine and making you cum, flooding the stairs. You couldn’t stop panting and moaning as you were walking down the stairs. You stopped to take a break. This was too much to handle. Your big sensitive balls hitting the next step down felt so good it made your knees weak.

You were almost done—just a few more. As your feet touched the floor you let out a loud moan and came all over your 22-year-old older brother Jake, who was sitting on the couch enjoying his own godly growing cock. You started making your way to him. Sitting down was proving difficult with two growing brothers trying to fit on the couch, but you did it thighs, rubbing against each other, arms pressed tightly together. It was enough to make you cum in ecstasy, coating walls in spunk, and that set Jake off, covering what parts of the house you didn’t reach.

You and Jake sat huffing as your massive cock slowly calmed down. Then a low rumble could be heard. Perhaps it was another growing god that broke their shell of a home? Then a growth spurt hit you, filling your soft muscle gut even more. You loved how you looked, a thick god with huge muscular arms and big sensitive man boobs. The growth continued, filling your arms and legs with muscle.

You looked at Jake, seeing his abs grow and harden, pecs filling his tattered shirt. You were always a little bit jealous of Jake. He had a natural talent for sports and a good face to look at, so he’d always sneak men over. You could hear him moan with pleasure, but never his date. And the one thing you had that he would never have was a huge cock, being blessed with a 10-inch tool. It was nice to feel the girth and so easy to get laid—men would get on their knees and suck it the moment you took the beast and beg for more. Even with your chubby body they needed you. There were downsides to having such a massive cock—finding underwear was impossible so you never bothered with it, and it was too sensitive, making it hard to wash it without cumming so it was always a bit musky.

Jake was now took this growing opportunity to challenge your big dick authority, saying whoever reached the ceiling first would win and would get to fuck the loser. Being born with the advantage, you agreed, and this set you and Jake off on a growing frenzy, crushing what was left of the couch under you.

Then you did it—your cock touched the roof and smashed through. You looked over at Jake, seeing him red with embarrassment knowing a god such as him lost to his younger brother. Before you could tell him to bend over, though, the biggest cock you’d ever seen broke the wall down, coating you and Jake in cum. You then saw your 18-year-old little brother, Brett, sitting on his giant cock! You laughed, causing the house to rumble—it was funny seeing how small his body was compared to you and Jake. But something was off, and not just his size. He seemed hysterical, saying crazy things like “What’s happening to us?” or “I don’t want to be infected!” That was weird since he was normally the more rational of the three. You tried to comfort him by saying “This is normal, we’re growing gods, this is how everything is supposed to be! We are the superior beings, we grow as the world shrinks!” But your logical words didn’t get through.

Brett kept shouting about how we were different because of a virus that made us grow into massive gods, so you told him the truth—that stuff like that only happened in porn and this was reality, they were becoming what they truly were, massive gods. He tried to argue, but before he could a moan escaped him as his massive cock grew right into your lap. The massive cock was so tempting, so mesmerizing, so… tasty, you couldn’t resist it. You ran your tongue up and down the shaft, before putting what you could of his head in your mouth. You could hear him begging for you to stop, to listen, but you ignored his cries. Using your hands you begin to massage his shaft.

Jake, seeing this and feeling left out, began to shift, trying to mount you in a small space for breeding as he shoved his pre-slick cock into you, stretching your ass and causing you to almost choke on Brett’s pre. You yelled at him to slow down but he ignored you and began to thrust his hips back and forth, rubbing your prostate. It felt so good to have his giant godly cock in you, but you didn’t want to cum—not yet.

You felt a rumble deep within you as you started growing again, but this time bigger and faster. Your already thick gut started to grow, coating the rest of you in warm soft fat. You could feel Jake grow inside you too, ramming your prostate with his powerful thrusts as he grew more and more muscular, and as if Brett’s body was feeling left out started to grow his cock too big to keep in your mouth. You decided to use your soft boobs and belly to help massage his growing cock. You could hear Brett start to mumble that maybe he is a god.

You could feel the crumbling ceiling on your shoulders as you broke into the second floor. As Jake followed right behind you, his thrusts became more intense, more primal. You were so close, trying to keep it in, and in one final growth, you burst out of your shell of a house. You and Brett came, painting each other and the streets white, and with one last thrust Jake released and filled you with his jizz. Your already fat gut began to grow even rounder. You heard Jake groan from the massive orgasm still filling you. Jake’s hand moved towards your breasts, and as he squeezed them through the moaning you could hear Brett say, “This is how gods are, we are superior, showing the world our dominance.” You felt relieved to know Brett was back to normal, back to his everyday godly self.

It was just like any other day for Kyle when he got home. He ran to his desk, looking to relieve some pressure. He found a growth video from his favorite channel and smiled. He loved seeing the man grow. But this video was different. It was amazing! He kept calling himself a god telling humans to worship him, suck his nipples, and smell his godly musk as he grew his hairy body more and more. Kyle couldn’t take it. He squirted his tiny load on the monitor, but then he felt something telling him something was wrong as his cock grew and his balls filled with cum. All of his grunts and moans drowned out his dad him telling to check the news about a new computer virus. Kyle chuckled to himself, thinking, “How can a god be so small?”


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