Incubus garage

by Quick Master

An incubus of the lower realms aims to corrupt all of the men working at a greasy local garage into incubi.

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You are Gazst, a male incubus of the lower realms on assignment to harvest the lust energy of human men. You are assigned to harvest the lust energy of a local mechanic shop, staffed primarily by men. You enter the garage office where a young man is at the counter. His nametag says “Ricky”, he’s in his early 20s, and he has light stubble. Of course, since you haven’t manifested in the realm yet, you are invisible and quite naked.

You walk up to Ricky and sniff the air in front of him as he plays with his phone. He smells of cigarettes and cologne.

You get up on the granite countertop, your naked, furry butt sliding across the smooth rock to sit next to Ricky. He’s completely oblivious to your presence.

You look over at his phone and see that he’s texting his girlfriend. You lean in and stroke his stubbled chin with your claws, as if he was a cat.

He leans into your petting, but doesn’t make the connection that something is wrong. All he feels is a pleasant buzz.

He holds his phone upwards to take a selfie for his girlfriend. You lean back with him and stick out your forked tongue, as if you were right next to him. He takes the photo and you settle back onto the countertop, kicking your clawed, bare feet in the air as he goes back onto his computer to enter customer information.

The woman he’s texting with is named Joanna. He texts her “Probably won’t make dinner tonight, something came up”, and sends it.

You watch his fingers as he texts, watching the way they fly across the screen. You’re getting a little bored just sitting here.

He hits the ENTER key and then walks away from the desk. You follow after him, your many piercings jingling as you walk. He heads towards the bathroom and locks the door, but you just walk through the door.

As he takes a leak, you walk around him with your arms behind your head, spreading your musk throughout the small bathroom.

He flares his nostrils and wipes his nose on his shoulder as he zips up his fly. You hang out next to him as he washes his hands. You lick your palms and slick his hair to the side as he picks at his teeth with a chipped fingernail. He turns to dry his hands with a paper towel, but he ends up using your furry, broad chest as a towel instead. His rough hands brush past your pierced nipples, making you shudder.

By merely rubbing his hands on your chest, you’ve marked him with your scent. He spreads his still slightly wet hands over his pants, spreading your musk further.

He walks out of the bathroom with you following just behind. He leans over and tucks his own half-hard cock into his waistband.

You walk through the garage as he heads back to the front office. Your bare feet are a little cold against the dirty floor, but oh boy, you’re in heaven. There must be half a dozen different men working here, all of different ethnicities and ages, but all full of that essence of lust that you crave. You waft the hazy cloud of lust into your nose as you walk, causing your own cock to bob in front of you as you walk.

“Ricky!” a strong looking man in a bandana says, cupping his oil stained hands.

“Trent, what’s up,” Ricky says, putting one hand in his back pocket.

“Did you get a phone call from a lady with a Cadillac?” Trent says, folding his arms.

“Yeah,” he says, “She wants her oil changed. I told her I couldn’t do it right now and she got sort of pissy, so I told her to bring it in tomorrow.”

“Fuck, I was supposed to do it.”

Trent sits down on the shitty chairs in the lobby and crosses one leg over the other.

“We’ve got barely any time on the schedule,” he says with a yawn.

Ricky taps away on the keyboard at the desk computer to double-check the schedule.

“She’s got a nice car, though. She might leave a big tip.”

“I mean, is she hot?” Trent winces.

“Oh yeah,” Ricky grins. “Big, blonde, hourglass, you know the type. Lives on her friggin’ Instagram. I swear, she paid for that car from her simps.”

You grit your teeth as you point your clawed finger at the wall phone, which suddenly vibrates with an incoming call.

“Grit’s Garage, this is Ricky,” Ricky says as he answers the phone.

“This is Caitlin,” you say, holding your right wrist up to your pointed ear in a devil-horns position as you do your best valley-girl impression. “If it’s okay, I’m gonna have my brother-in-law bring in the car tomorrow.”

“Oooookay,” Ricky says. “What’s his name and what’s he look like?”

You look to the side to see a faded magazine cut out of a macho guy riding a motorcycle and shoving a can of Brent brand chewing tobacco at the reader.

“His name’s Brent. Black hair, sunglasses, American flag bandana,” you say, leaning closer to Ricky. “You’re gonna love him.”

“All right, I’ll look out for him,” Ricky laughs. “Thanks for the heads up.”

“Byeeeeeee,” you coo, hanging up your imaginary phone and cutting the call short.

“Was that her?” Trent asked, his eyes perking up.

“Yeah,” Ricky says. “But it’s not gonna be her tomorrow, it’s gonna be her brother.”

“Fuck,” Trent says as he tips his head up in the air in despair. “It’s too much of a sausage party around here.”

You roll your eyes and pat Ricky on the back.

“Stay up here for a bit,” you whisper to him. “After all, you’ve gotta catch up with Joanna, right?”

Ricky smiles as he pulls out his phone to text his girlfriend again, his lust building. You lick your lips as you look towards Trent relaxing. His eyes look bloodshot from a lack of sleep, and you see him eyeing the break room door.

You walk over and start to rub his shoulders, working through the tension in his back muscles.

“Why don’t you go take a nap in the break room,” you coo to him. “You deserve it after all of your hard work.”

Trent yawns and gets up from his seat, his cock chubbing up as he walks towards the break room.

He settles himself on the old leather loveseat, putting his feet up on the end. You tickle the end of his boots, making him wince. He takes off his boots and socks, leaving his big bare feet open for everyone to see.

You fan your clawed fingers back and forth and start to give him a foot massage.

He exhales deeply as you massage the top of his feet, working your way in spurts up his ankles, calves, knees and thighs. He leans his head back and closes his eyes as you start to work at his groin, giving him a gentle squeeze through his pants.

“You’re right,” you say. “This garage is a big sausage party. But you kinda love it, don’t you.” You stroke his short beard. “All those guys, stinkin’ up the place and getting their hands dirty make you as hard as a big piece of bratwurst off the grill.” You put your foot up on the end of the couch and stand over Trent, your own long, hard cock dripping precum into his face. “But, you don’t want anyone getting in the way of your little Ricky, do ya? No jerk in a Caddy’s gonna get in the way of your fat sausage inside his tight ass.”

You can tell by the glazed look in Trent’s eyes and the bulge in his carpenter jeans that you planted the seed of jealous lust deep into his subconscious. You snicker and put your bare foot up on his bulge. You feel the warmth of his cock and balls under your dirty foot, and you rub your arches along the length of it as precum spurts out from under your foot.

You rub your hands underneath Trent’s flannel shirt, nuzzling his neck. He humps the air as he enjoys his wet dream.

You take your time unbuttoning his shirt, savoring the moment. You run your hands over his hairy chest, feeling every crevice and ridge of his muscular body. He puts his hands on your back and digs his fingers into your muscles.

He grabs the back of your head and starts kissing you on the lips. He moans as he pushes his mouth on yours, forcing his tongue in your mouth. You open your mouth and let him explore it, rubbing your tongue against his as he wrestles it around.

You pull away and push his head back against the seat. He pants as he watches you, his eyes glazed over with animalistic lust. You pull his jeans off and toss them aside before kissing him on the inside of his thighs.

You grab his short, stumpy legs and push them up against his chest. You expose his tight asshole, winking at you. You spit onto it and rub your index and middle finger into his hole, lubricating it.

He looks confused as he feels your fingers entering him.

You lean in and inhale, smelling the pheromones being excreted from his sweat glands. You feel your own cock pulse and throb, and you know it’s time to get to work.

You bend down and pull his legs over your shoulders as you push your hips forward.

You align the tip of your dick to his hole and start to push. You feel his anus open up as you enter him, and you gasp as you feel your dick enveloped in a hot, sticky sensation.

Your eyes roll back in your head as you penetrate him, and you let out a low groan as your groin tingles with excitement.

You pull your hips back and then thrust forward, feeling your cock rubbing against his walls.

You set up a rhythm, and Trent grabs your arms as he pushes his hips against you. Your balls slap wetly against his ass.

Your mouth hangs open as you pant. You feel a coming sense of ecstasy, but you don’t want to cum just yet.

You want to enjoy it for as long as you can. You slow your pace down to a crawl, and you feel Trent’s fingernails dig into your shoulders as he whines from not getting fucked faster.

“Fuck me,” he begs.

You smirk as you oblige him, fucking him as hard as you can. You grab his legs and push them back against his chest as you thrust into him. His feet nearly touch his shoulders as his toes curl.

You feel the sweat drip off of you and onto his back as your hands slip against his damp skin.

You continue to fuck him, and your legs begin to tire as you start to feel your balls tingling.

You’re not going to last much longer.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” you pant.

You feel Trent’s hole tighten up around your cock as he readies himself to cum too. The sensation is too much, and your body tenses as you unload yourself into him.

He tenses up as he cums all over his chest, some hitting his face.

He lets out a deep groan as you thrust into him a few more times, releasing yourself inside of him.

You pull out as your dick begins to soften and you lick your lips. You lean forward and kiss him on the cheek.

You start to lick off his seed from his chest and face as he languidly lays there, his heart beating fast.

His pupils start to contract and his eyes turn yellow. He gasps as he sits up and stares at you, unable to comprehend what he’s seeing. He looks at his hands and grunts as his fingernails grow and sharpen into claws. He breathes heavily as his body burns up, sweat covering his skin as hair starts to grow rapidly, covering him like a pelt. His back and shoulders bunch up with new muscle as he starts to tower over you more than he did before. He rips off his shirt with his new claws, exposing his newly furry chest and ripped midsection. You hold up his feet with glee and lick at the soles and toes as they expand and his footclaws come in. He grabs hold of his head and whimpers as his horns come in, extending up from his curly hair.

“What the fuck is this,” he whines, his voice deepening.

“You’re one of us now,” you say as you pat him on the shoulder.

“Who are you,” he yells as his bloodshot, demonic eyes stare at yours.

“Gazst, your new best friend,” you say, rubbing his shoulders. “You’d better stand back, your tail’s gonna come in now.”

You jump back as his tailbone grows outwards, appendage flicking back and forth as it slowly starts to grow fur.

He pants as he feels it, staring at it in confusion.

“What’s happening to me?”

“Ever heard of an incubus?” you say, flashing a smile. “You live off of sex now. And there’s plenty of horny guys where you work. Or at least, used to work. You don’t have to work a day in your eternal life from now on. Just keep on boning and sucking and fucking and you’ll be around for centuries. You’re welcome.”

“What the fuck is an incubus?” he whimpers as he stands up, feeling his new center of gravity.

You smile as you stand up and hold your arms out. Your dark purple wings sprout out of your back as they stretch out and your horns grow slightly longer.

“Take a look in the mirror,” you say as you point towards it.

He walks over towards it and stares at his new demonic reflection.

“What the fuck did you do to me,” he says in a deeper voice.

“I gave you your freedom. A whole new life awaits you now.”

He looks at himself, noticing his new appearance. He stands up tall, thrusting out his broad chest as his wings flare out from behind his back.

“I hereby baptize you Trezst,” you say, putting your hand on his chest. “That’s a better name for an incubus.”

Trezst frowns before putting you in a headlock, making you smell his sweaty pits.

“Fine by me, shrimp,” he says. “So are we gonna take over the rest of the garage?”

“We can’t right now,” you say, enjoying his musk. “What sucks is that most guys in here sweat sex, but they’ve got all kinds of mental blocks on it. I can tell by the way you carry yourself that you were already kinda into guys. It was easy to unlock that.”

Trezst hugs you.

“With that big key of yours it musta been easy,” he says.

“Hey Trent,” an older voice beckons. “Get back to work!”

“Okay, okay,” Trezst yells. “Just gettin’ off of my break.”

Trezst widens his eyes in panic. “What now? I ain’t got clothes and I’m a horndog. What am I gonna tell my girlfriend?”

“Go home and see your girl,” you say, rubbing his shoulders and spearing your cock with his. “She ain’t gotta know anything.”

You step back and throw your hands to your sides. You envelop your body in purple flames and dress yourself in casual clothes, on the punkish side.

“Just think of what you want to wear,” you say.

Trent looks down at his hands and closes his eyes, then red flames burst up out of the ground and surround his body. Like that, he’s back in his old clothes, albeit sized up for his new, enhanced form.

“You’re too handsome,” you say, squeezing his furry face and giving him a kiss.

Trent smiles and shoves his tongue into your mouth, running his hands over your chest.

“What the fuck is this,” Ricky says as you find him standing in front of you two. “I thought you were with Rosa? Since when were you a queer, Trent?”

Trent seizes up as he takes his lips off of yours.

“Uhh,” he stammers, “Lemme explain.”

“We share,” you say. “I’m the third. But I only fuck him,” you say, stroking Trezst’s hair.

Ricky winces.

“Whatever,” he says. “Just make sure you ain’t fuckin’ in here.”

He sniffs the air, looking towards the sweat-soaked couch. He shakes his head and turns away from the two of you to head back down the hall.

“Phew,” Trezst says, wiping his forehead of sweat. “I thought he was gonna tell Brian.”

“Who’s Brian?” you ask.

“He’s the guy who runs the garage,” Trezst says, adjusting his bulge in his pants. “Owns the place, even.”

“So we’ve gotta deal with him next if we wanna turn this whole place into a demon hangout,” you say, stroking your beard.

You can sense the minds of everyone in the garage, and you realize that there’s a couple guys you could easily turn to your side with a little coaxing and temptation.

Trent’s right, though: Brian, the owner of this place, is a real hardass.

He’s a burly guy who smokes a lot of cigars and always seems to be looking over everything with a hawk-like stare. You’ve already gotten a bad feeling from him just from the way his mind works.

“Let’s go home,” you say, scratching Trezst’s chin. “I call shotgun.”

You go home with Trezst to his apartment. Alba is already home, and she’s immediately suspicious of you.

“Who’s this,” she says, folding her arms.

“This is, uh, Gazzo,” Trent says, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. “Met him on the job. Say, I thought it might be a little interesting to bring a third into the picture. What do you say?”

Alba’s eyes widen and her cheeks flush red. She looks down at her phone, scrolling through it before sighing loudly.

“I suppose,” she says.

You smile as you head into the bedroom with them.

The three of you have fun in the way that only a straight author could write; Alba enjoys your company, though she’s a little miffed by the idea of you moving in so suddenly.

“What’s his job?” she asks.

“Sex worker,” you say with a smile.

She opens her mouth wide and looks between the two of you.

“I hope he gets a raise,” she says.

“There’s actually something I wanna show you, babe,” says Trent.

He stands there naked in front of you and Alba and flames shoot up around him, revealing his incubus form.

“What the fuck is this?” Alba shrieks.

“Don’t yell at me,” growls Trezst, “It’s his fault!”

He points at you and you bare your teeth at him.

“All I did was fuck your ass,” you say. “You’re the one who’s already a little gay!”

“So you weren’t like this already,” Alba says, catching her breath. “You weren’t a demon before we started dating.”

“I fucked his ass and made him into a demon,” you say as your skin turns back to its natural fur and purple coloring. “An incubus. And we’re gonna fuck all his buddies down at the garage and it’s gonna be great!”

“Have you gone completely mad?” she says, taking a step back.

“I mean, did I do my job, right?” you protest. “I heard you screaming. Pussy’s not my game, but I played along ‘cause I like him.”

“How could you do this to me?” Alba says, gritting her teeth.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna turn you,” you say. “I only wanna make more incubi. Your boyfriend’s big and burly, and like I said, he was already a little gay. Now he ain’t gotta eat, sleep, or anything, and he’s always ready to bone! What’s there to lose?”

She stands there for a moment with her mouth agape before she scratches her chin.

“Wait, you can make more demons just by fucking guys?”

The two of you nod at her.

“Is there, like, a catch?” she asks.

You turn to see that a greater incubus has spawned inside of the living room, towering over you three.

“What is this, Gazst?” the higher demon says, folding his massive arms. “Explain yourself.”

“Wezst, hey! I went ahead and made another incubus,” you say, pointing to Trezst. “Ain’t he a sex bomb?”

Trezst flexes his furry arms in front of the higher demon.

“The goal was to harvest the carnal energy of the human men,” Wezst growls. “Not to corrupt them and turn them to demonhood! Heaven will have our hides.”

“I just needed some extra help,” you say, rubbing Trezst’s hairy chest with your hand. “Besides, he’s already a little gay. I just coaxed it out of him and now he’s a new man.”

Wezst stares at you and then back to Trent, shaking his head slowly.

“This is some pretty reckless behavior, Gazst,” he says.

“Do you realize the kind of trouble you could get me in if this got out?”

“I know, I know,” you say, “but it’ll be fine. I was really just thinkin’ about myself and my needs. You look like you’re enjoying Trezst’s new look.”

Indeed, Wezst’s gargantuan cock is slowly growing erect.

It must be at least a foot and a half long and as thick as your arm. Its skin is a dark purple that almost looks black.

“The transformation has made him more desirable,” he says, stroking his cock.

“I’ll say,” you reply with a smile.

“Do I get any say in this?” asks Alba. “I thought my boyfriend just wanted to experiment, but you’re saying he’s gay?”

“It’s a figure of speech,” you say. “He just likes to fuck. But he never did it with a guy before I fucked him at his job.”

You produce a glowing light out of your hand.

“This is the guy’s soul,” you say, swirling it around in the air. “As long as he works with me, I’ve got it right here. Safe and sound. Whenever he wants, he can go back. But he seems to like what he is now.”

“Yeah, babe,” Trezst smiles at Alba. “Think of it like a temp gig. I’m just gonna bone the sex juice out of guys and maybe hire some more temps. Sound good to you?”

Alba bites her lip.

“I dunno. I’m not sure if this is a good idea.”

“If you just let us do our thing, we’ll make sure your roast beef sandwich always has a pickle between it,” you say with an inhuman grin. “We’ll fuck you as much as you want. That’s the biggest perk of being friends with sex demons.”

“What do you say, honey?” asks Trent.

“All right,” she says. “But, if this gets out of hand, I’m holding you responsible.”

“I’m watching you, Grezst,” he says as he looms over you, his hot breath steaming in your face. He extends his hand forward and you feel nauseous as he pulls out Trezst’s human soul from your body. “I’ll be keeping this as collateral. Fail, and I will take all of the souls you collect.”

He grabs the back of your head and directs you to his throbbing pillar of a cock. “I didn’t come all this way to lecture you. Service me.”

You open your mouth and let the cock slide in. The feeling is overwhelming. Your eyes roll up into your head as you gag on the thick dick. The dick tastes so good, like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. It’s like a manly version of cake.

You feel every vein and wrinkle of the dick brushing up against your tongue. You feel the cock head split your lips as it goes deeper and deeper down your throat.

You grab the demon’s muscular butt cheeks and thrust him in and out of your mouth.

You feel strong hands grope your own butt cheeks.

“Time to return the favor,” Trezst says, poking his thick uncut cockhead against your rosebud.

You grunt as he forces his big dick inside your asshole, stretching it wider than it’s ever been stretched.

Trezst grabs your hips and holds you in place as he begins thrusting. You lean forward to continue sucking Grezst as you’re fucked from both ends.

You’ve never felt so stuffed in your life. You feel like a piece of meat among these demons that are using your body to their own pleasures.

That turns you on, and you can feel an orgasm building deep within you.

The two demons begin to moan and grunt loudly. “I’m gonna cum,” Grezst says as he rams his dick balls deep into your throat and immediately begins to unload.

You feel the thick, sticky strands of semen shooting down your throat. It tastes like a really thick, salty yogurt—which isn’t that bad, all things considered.

The other demon rams his dick as far into your ass as it’ll go and unloads.

The two shoot in your ass and mouth for a long while, filling you up.

The volume is enough to trigger your own orgasm.

“Agh…agh…” you moan. Your whole body shakes from the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had in your life. You cum dozens of times all over Grezst’s furry chest. Your ass and your mouth leak cum as the two demons finish shooting their loads.

You pant as you start to clean off Grezst’s chest with your tongue. Trezst joins you, worshipping the greater incubus’ huge, fur covered body.

The two of you service him for a long while, licking and kissing every part of his body.

Grezst wraps his arms around you and kisses you as your body responds to his cum, pumping up with new muscle.

It feels like your whole body is hard, your muscles gaining new definition and size.

Grezst sticks his thick tongue deep into your mouth, enjoying your taste.

He removes himself from your mouth and kisses Trezst, pushing himself against his larger body.

The two hold each other and kiss for a long time.

Trezst grows a few inches taller, his shoulders filling out. His hair grows longer until it’s a wild mane.

He grows a beard and mustache, and his face becomes more rugged and aggressive looking.

His skin darkens some more until his skin is a midnight scarlet.

His teeth grow out so much that he has slight fangs whenever he closes his mouth.

The two of you look like Grezst’s sons, his power effusing through your bodies. He looks proud of your new, beastial looks.

He strokes your faces, looking at you with a look of pride and lust.

“That’s all I’ll give you for now,” he says. “Now, go out and get me more souls.”

Grezst disappears in a plume of smoke, leaving you with Trezst and Alba.

“God, you guys took a while,” Alba says, showing you pictures she took on her phone. “Mind if I post these online?”

“How are you gonna tag that?” you say, licking yourself like a cat with your forked tongue.

“Demon sex guys and their friend,” she says as she makes an Instagram account for you. “I’ll just say I made these on my computer.”

“That’s a good cover,” Trezst says, towering over his girlfriend more than before.

“How are you gonna go around like that?” she says.

Trezst closes his eyes and morphs back into a more human looking form. Even in his human form, he has the roguish look of a demon powerlifter.

You close your eyes and enter the form of Brian, the biker.

“Call me Brian tomorrow,” you say, patting Trezst on the shoulder. “I’m gonna go in with a Cadillac and start seducing the techs. You go in as normal and I’ll tell you what to do from there.”

Alba goes to bed. Trezst too, but soon joins you outside on the balcony.

“I can’t sleep,” he says, his yellow eyes wide open.

“You don’t need to,” you say, meditating with your eyes closed.

“Is this really what your whole life’s been like?” he says, sitting down with you. “Fucking and fucking and more fucking?”

“Yeah,” you say, taking his hand in yours. “Close your eyes.”

Trezst obeys your command, and you soon feel him shudder as he joins you in your subconscious.

“What is this place,” he marvels, looking down at the cloudy form. Here, he is in his beastial incubus form, his hair blowing around in the silent wind of the surreal, supernatural pocket world.

“This is the dream world,” you say, pointing at the multicolored clouds in the sky. “Up there are all the dreams of the people in this building. Up until we fucked Grezst, I could only do it in one room. Now I can go into any of these.”

You let your wings unfurl from your body and leap up into the air, flying towards the clouds.

“Wait!” Trezst shouts, before you hear his voice disappear. But after a moment, you hear the powerful flap of demon wings power past you. Trezst is flying.

“Whooooooo!” he shouts as he soars through the warm air. You chase each other in flight, playing grabass with one another.

Eventually, you break off and land next to the clouds. You see the dreamclouds floating around you. You reach out your hand and touch one, feeling it’s vibrations.

“This feels weird,” he says, feeling the clouds himself. “Kind of like a bunch of fuzzy hugs.”

You pick one and open it up, seeing a representation of reality.

“How are we supposed to see in this,” he says as you turn the dream around in your hands.

“Just stretch it open,” you say, expanding the dream-cloud like a portal into the dream. You stand in the middle of a beach dream with him where people are swimming and playing in the water in the distance.

“I dunno if a beach has pink water like this normally,” he says, splashing you with his foot.

You laugh and splash him back. The two of you dive into the water and swim for a bit. The water is warm and laps at your muscular bodies.

It’s a nice change of pace. Eventually, you get back out of the water, and head to dry land.

You lay on the beach in the hot sand, letting the sun shine down upon your muscles.

“This is nice,” he says.

You turn him towards you and kiss him.

“We’re gonna do this again, right?” he asks.

“Of course,” you say, staring into his eyes.

He smiles and lays down in the sand, spreading out.

“I’m sleepy,” he says.

Just then, the two of you hear giggling.

Trezst gets up to see Alba walking on the beach with another man.

“Who’s that?” Trezst says, sitting up.

“Who knows,” you say, stretching out.

Trezst gets up, looking all around.

“Are we in her dream?” he says in a panic.

“Yup,” you yawn. “Relax. She’s too busy with that guy to pay us any mind.”

“Alba, babe,” Trezst shouts at her. “Over here!”

She leans on the other man, shrouded by the dream, as they go into the horizon.

Trezst starts running towards them.

“Trezst! Stop!” you shout.

He ignores you, running into the sea. You groan and get up, sprinting after him. By the time you catch up to him, he’s waist deep in the water.

You dive into the water, using your wings to propel yourself towards him.

“Dude, calm down!” you say, grabbing him by his huge shoulders.

“She’s dreamin’ of another dude,” he shouts. “That’s a big fuckin’ deal!”

“Just let it go. It’s not real.”

“It sure as fuck feels real to me!” he says, pushing you away and swimming further out to sea.

You sigh and follow him, staying afloat using your wings.

As you swim, you start to get more tired. You stop swimming, kicking your feet languidly. Finally, you lay your head back and let yourself sink into the water. Soon, you find yourself floating in the light purple sky, carried only by the wind.

You stay like this for a minute, letting the water carry you.

As you float, you look down on the beach. It’s empty. Where’d they all go?

Just then, the sky goes dark.

You jolt awake and find yourself back on the balcony. Trezst is gone.

“Babe, it’s okay, it’s okay,” you hear Trezst say to Alba inside.

She gets up from her bed in a cold sweat as Trezst attends to her.

“I just had the weirdest nightmare,” she says, holding her head. “I was on the beach with some guy, and then this demon started chasing after me!”

“Uh,” you say, approaching them. “I heard about this. Sometimes when you start hanging out with demons, that makes other demons want to take your soul. Like jealousy.”

“Really?” she asks, wiping the sweat off her forehead. “Shit, maybe this was all a bad idea.”

“Don’t worry,” Trezst says, holding her. “I’ll protect you.”

“Let’s just forget about it,” you say. “It’s not like this is the only bad dream you’ll have in your life.”

You all go back to bed after that. You spoon with Trezst, nuzzling against his furry back.

The sun rises and the three of you get up. After you say goodbye to Alba, you start to outline the plan with Trezst.

“I’ll come with you to work and show you a couple things to prep the guys,” you say, stretching your limbs.

Trezst struggles to button up his flannel shirt over his bigger chest, opting to leave several buttons unbuttoned at the front. His larger, clawed feet barely fit into his boots.

“Like what,” he says, flipping his longer hair behind his back.

You smile a toothy smile.

The two of you get in his beat-up truck. He struggles to get into the truck with his increased height, having to inch the seat back to fit.

“Geez,” he says, his head almost brushing the top of the car. “Didn’t think this’d be a problem.”

“Don’t worry, just drive,” you say, settling yourself between his legs.

“The hell are you doing,” he says, backing out of the driveway.

You start to unzip his pants, groping him through his boxers.

“Gotta prep you,” you say, fondling his balls.

“For fuck’s sake,” he says, already starting to veer off the road. “Can’t this wait?”

“If I did this last night, then you would’ve just spooged all over my face. You gotta save it for later.”

You finish getting his dick out, licking the tip to get it moist.

“Fuck,” he says, stepping on the brakes. You kiss the head, then deepthroat him until only his long, floppy balls hit your chin.

His legs clasp around your shoulders as he drives stop and go.

“You’re gonna make me nut,” he says through clenched teeth.

“No I won’t,” you say with your mouth full. You use one of your hands to fondle his nuts, feeling them slowly swell in your hands. His precum starts to fill your mouth.

“Go to the donut place and get a couple of those coffee boxes,” you say, pointing out the Durkin Donuts drive-through. “Some plain donuts, too.”

Reluctantly, he orders three boxes of hot coffee and a dozen donuts through the drive through. The window attendant looks confused at the red-faced man with the trembling arms as he picks them up.

You slowly suck him off as he drives to work, driving through a red light and almost hitting a senior crossing the street.

He parks crooked at his usual spot at the garage.

You slowly suck him off as he drives to work, driving through a red light and almost hitting a senior crossing the street.

He parks crooked at his usual spot at the garage.

By now, he’s sweating and his nuts are hanging down by his knees, pulling up like construction cranes.

“Jesus,” he says, his hands shaking. “Just let me fucking nut.”

You smirk as you deepthroat his cock.

“Fuck,” he says, grabbing the back of your head. “I’m fucking cumming!”

You grin as you pop off his dick and point to the boxes of coffee.

You stick his dickhead into the spigots, adding his special sauce to the coffee boxes one by one. Then, you open the box of donuts and ice them with his jizz. With Trezst still shooting off, you enjoy the excess cum, drinking it down like sweet milk. All the while, he screams and cries out, his sharp fangs bared.

“There,” you say, licking your lips. “Now they’ll know the coffees are fresh.”

Trezst gasps for air, still trembling as he tries to keep his legs from shaking.

“You’re a fucking psycho,” he says as you lick his huge dick clean.

You get up and kiss him, reclining the seat so that you’re on top of him.

He runs his hands through your hair as you grind against him.

“You’re gonna get us fucking killed, you know that?” he says, wrapping his arms around your body.

You grind against him, a sly grin on your face.

“Hey,” you hear a voice say. “Is that you, Trent?”

The two of you look up to see a large black man holding a cigarette.

“Luther, shit,” you hear Trezst say as you get off of him, opening the door to get out.

“I thought you were with Alba,” he says, laughing. “What, is this your little fuckboy? You a queer?”

“He’s, uh,” you hear Trezst stammer as he fixes his long hair. “My intern. His name’s Gazzo. He’s from the local tech college. Gazzo, this is Luther, the shift manager.”

“So you’re his intern and you’re fucking,” Luther says, shaking his head. “Great excuse. I didn’t say you could have a fuckin’ intern.”

“He needs the job experience,” Trezst says. He towers over Luther at his new height, intimidating him. “Just give him a chance.”

Luther cocks his head to the side as he sizes you up.

“No fuckin’ on the job,” Luther says. “And don’t wander around places you ain’t supposed to be.”

“Yes, sir,” you say, getting the coffee and donuts out of the car. “I got you guys some coffee and donuts as thanks for letting me work here.”

Luther takes one of the donuts from the box and takes a bite.

He nods as he swallows.

“All right,” he says, taking another bite of the donut. “Show me what you can do.”

Luther takes another bite of the donut as you go to work.

You join the rest of the team at the morning meeting, sharing your coffee and donuts. Some seem to question the taste, but most enjoy the gift. Ricky folds his arms, having brought his own iced coffee.

“Rick, you show Gazzo over here the front end,” he says. “That way he can learn how to intake customers.”

“Dad,” Ricky protests, before sighing. “All right, whatever.”

You walk over with Ricky before Trezst stops you, crouching down slightly so he can whisper in your ear.

“Are you fucking nuts,” he says, holding his hot coffee. “You made everyone here eat my jizz?”

“Yeah,” you say, licking your lips. “That’s part of the plan.”

“What’s that gonna do, make everyone into a demon?”

“Nah,” you shake your head. “It’s just gonna horn everyone up and make them more open to joining us.”

“So you’re turning everyone gay,” he asks you, trying not to bump his head on a nearby elevated car.

“No,” you say. “It’s way more than just that. You’ll see.”

You give him a kiss before going back towards Ricky.

“We’re doing intake today,” he says, as you go in the back of the garage. “Mostly paperwork, but it’s important.”

You follow him into the office, walking past the large opening to the garage itself.

Ricky smells like sweat and salty coins. It’s obvious he ate his girlfriend’s pussy the other night.

That’s good. You can use that.

You sit down as he puts on some music—something by The Rolling Stones—before handing you a stack of forms and a pen.

“These need to be filled out when someone comes in,” he says.

He continues to explain the forms to you, but you continue to examine his person. He’s got bloodshot eyes. He smells like he hasn’t showered in a day or two. His clothes look like they’re two thrift stores removed. And even if he jizzed in the last 24 hours, he still stinks like he could go again.

This one’s going to prove a bit harder.

You put on your best smile and continue to listen to him.

“The rest of the week we take applications, do more intake, that sort of thing,” he says.

“All right,” you say, nodding your head. “I think I got it. Hey, you didn’t take any of those donuts earlier. You may wanna before they all go.”

“Nah,” he says. “I’m on a diet.” He lifts up his shirt, showing the bumps on his stomach. “Gotta keep in shape.”

You frown and lift up your shirt, showing off your superior, shredded stomach.

“You were saying?” you say.

He scowls at you, taking another sip of his iced coffee.

“I don’t swing that way, man,” he says.

“I know,” you shoot back.

You walk away from Ricky and out the front entrance of the garage, looking down at your cheap Kasio watch. It’s almost time for the woman with the Cadillac to come with her car. But you reach out with your demon-sense and find that she’s a block away at the Durkin Donuts. You concentrate and make her phone ring with a call from her mother-in-law, making her leave her car parked in the parking lot. You walk up to the car, assume your Brent disguise, and drive the car down the block to the garage yourself. Luther directs you to the middle garage where you park and let yourself out.

Inside, you find him waiting outside with a clipboard and pen.

“You’re the one with the Cadillac?” he asks.

“One and the same,” you say, putting on your best smile. “Brent’s the name.”

“This way,” he says, leading you to the front office.

You see Ricky out in front, none the wiser that you’re in the Brent disguise. He seems intimidated by you, but masks it with a stern face.

“Hey,” he says.

“Hey,” you say, mimicking his tone and stoic nature.

“I’m Ricky,” he says, extending a hand to shake.

You stare at his hand, unresponsive. He awkwardly retracts it and puts it in his pocket.

He has you fill out the intake forms. As you finish, you wait out in front, taking off your huge boots and socks. You take off and hang up your leather jacket and unbutton your shirt, showing off your hairy chest and pierced nipples.

Ricky glances over at you, and his lip trembles as he clearly wants to object to you getting comfortable. But he turns away and goes back to his cell phone.

Trezst comes back from the garage, his eyes widening as he sees you.

“Uh, Brent?” he says, approaching you with your foot across your other leg.

He stands there, breathing in your musk. He closes his eyes and starts to moan softly.

You feel a large, warm hand wrap around your foot, gently caressing it. You have an urge to pull it back, but you resist, letting him have his fun.

“That’s right,” you whisper.

He lets go of your foot, looking embarrassed.

“Sorry,” he says. “I didn’t realize… I mean…”

“You’re fine,” you say with a chuckle. “I just had to turn up the heat a bit. You should give it a shot. The coffee should’ve added some fuel.”

He closes his eyes and his face turns redder. You start to smell his sweat from where you’re sitting, and your cock starts to get hard in your jeans.

You have to get out of there or you’ll end up taking him right there.

“There you go,” you say, groping yourself. “Just keep that on simmer. And try not to have that turned up when we’re both in the same room, or else no one will be able to focus.”

He nods, taking off his sweatshirt until he’s left in his wifebeater. You pull him over and stick your face in his pits.

The smell is stronger, but you don’t mind it. You pull him in and start tonguing his armpit.

Luther walks by, and Trezst tries to play it off by pretending he’s putting you in a headlock.

“You two know each other?” he asks, enjoying another donut.

“Yeah, I’m, uh, Gazzo’s brother, Brent,” you say, still dizzy from Trezst’s pits. “Ain’t he starting today?”

“Yeah, it’s his first day.”

You get up and stretch, letting your musk spread out in the room. You see that Luther’s face is getting flushed from the snacks and coffee.

“Your sister’s car is pretty nice,” Ricky says, waving the smell away from his face. “I wish I had a Caddy like that.”

“Maybe you will one day if you work hard and save your money,” you say, lighting up a cigar.

“There’s no smoking in here,” Luther says.

You shake your head and start to puff on your cigar, blowing the smoke in his face.

“You want a taste,” you ask, handing it to him.

He reluctantly takes it and puts it in his mouth. He tries to act nonchalant, but he takes a long drag from it before passing it back.

“So your sister’s car is pretty nice,” he says again.

You pass the cigar to Trezst, who shakes his head. You frown at him and take it back.

“Maybe you will one day if you work hard and save your money,” you say again.

You finish the cigar off and go back to staring at Trezst. He breathes heavily, running his hand through his hair as tries to hide his boner.

As the smoke fills the air, you feel Luther’s eyes getting heavy, and he starts to look hypnotized.

You glance over at Ricky, who watches the scene with boredom.

“Kid,” you shout. “How about you go check on my car? I thought I heard a weird noise from the exhaust.”

“I ain’t the one working on it right now,” he whines, folding his arms.

You grit your teeth and get up from your seat before Trezst stops you.

“I’ll get it, babe,” he whispers to you. “Rick, go down to the Target and get us one of those big box fans for the waiting room. Put it on your dad’s card.”

“Fuck you, faggot,” Ricky says, getting up from his seat. “I don’t have to do everything around here.”

“The fuck did you say,” you snarl.

You and Ricky run at each other, and you nearly throw him into the nearby wall before Trezst gets between the two of you.

“Hey, hey,” Trezst says, struggling to hold you back. “Ricky, don’t talk to me like that. You want me to call your dad? Huh?”

“Fuck you,” he says, sneering at all of you. “I’m out of here.”

He storms off, and you slip out of Trezst’s grip.

“That kid’s not worth turning,” you sigh. “Little prick.”

“Turning what?” Luther says, scratching his head. He looks like he’s going to fall asleep. He starts to laugh to himself.

“Never mind,” you say, continuing your cigar. “How about you give me some extra customer service?” You stick up one of your hairy, bare feet.

“Pamper these monsters.”

“Um, sure thing,” he says, smiling. “Damn, those are some big ass feet.”

He giggles and starts to massage one of your feet.

You look up at Trezst and make kissy lips, motioning over at Luther.

Trezst widens his eyes, but goes over and starts to squeeze Luther’s shoulder. He looks over, half hazed, before Trezst gives him a kiss on the lips.

The bearish black man freezes before returning the kiss. Trezst gets more comfortable, taking your other foot and rubbing it as he enjoys Luther’s kisses.

You sit back and crush the cigar out in the ashtray, a sly smile on your face.

Trezst and Luther kiss for a while as you watch them, eventually leading to more.

The two of them start to lick your feet, cleaning every inch of them.

You feel the moist heat of their tongues as they lick every toe, cleaning off any dirt or sweat.

They make it up along your legs, their eyes rolling back in ecstasy as they take in your masculine scent.

“Trezst,” you say as he licks your soles. “How about you go and give Luther a ride on your fat cock?”

“Damn right,” he says, beckoning to his dick. “Come on up.”

Luther slides out from between your legs, and the two of them kiss once more as they maneuver Luther around and get his pants off him.

Slowly but surely, he lowers himself onto the massive dick down to the base.

“Shit, that’s a big dick,” he says, throwing his head back in pleasure. “It’s fucking huge.”

Indeed, it’s larger than you’ve ever seen it and slick with precum. Trezst brims over with dominating energy as he prods Luther’s big ass with his cockhead.

“Yeah, that’s it,” he says. “That’s the spot.”

Luther throws his head back as his body opens up to accept him, as he starts bouncing up and down on that dick.

He rides that dick like a pro as you watch in amazement, his ass slapping against Trezst with each thrust.

You lean back and let the two of them have their fun, extending your legs and watching them work.

Your hard cock juts out in front of you, throbbing as you slowly work yourself over.

You see Trezst’s big muscle butt wriggle in front of you, and you resist the temptation to breed him.

You want to save that ass for yourself.

You watch the two of them go at it, getting hornier by the second. You realize your cock is long enough at this point for something else. You lean over and touch your tongue to your fat tip, tasting your pre as you stroke your dick more aggressively.

You lift up your hairy legs as you swallow more of your own cock, lubing it up with your spit.

Eventually, it’s all in your mouth as you take it down to the base. You feel the fat mushroom head at the back of your throat. Your nostrils flare as you suck on it, drool dripping onto your chest.

Your cock absolutely fills your mouth and throat. The salty, sweaty taste is phenomenal.

It’s the taste of a man, the taste of testosterone, hierarchy and dominance.

You pick up the speed as you work your mouth up and down, moving your tongue around the fat mushroom head in your mouth. Your spit drips down onto your rock-hard abs.

Eventually, you need air, and you pull your head up. You make a ring with your thumb and forefinger, sliding it onto your dick as you start jerking yourself off while still working your tongue against the tip.

“Fuck,” growls Trezst.

“Come over here and breed my ass,” Trezst groans.

You can’t take it anymore. You leap up from your seat and slide your cock between Trezst’s fat cheeks. He winces as you rub the head of your dick around in his asscrack, teasing him.

He takes the hint and repositions himself, sliding down onto your dick with a moan.

You grab his hips and slide it in, the tight ring of muscle sliding down against your dick. He lets out a moan as you keep feeding your dick into him, pressing your chest up against his muscular back.

You start thrusting as he bounces up and down, matching your rhythm. His rock-hard abs press back against your chest with each thrust, and his thick, muscled legs and thighs jiggle with each motion.

“Shit… shit… fuck me…” he groans.

Trezst thrusts harder into Luther, getting close to his orgasm.

You can feel the pressure building up inside of him.

You reach around to grab your dick and begin stroking yourself, adding more pre as you go faster and faster.

The three of you are getting closer and closer to the abyss, grunting and moaning with each thrust.

Trezst begins to moan louder and louder, then he screams out in ecstasy.

I’m cumming!” he yells.

As he does, his ass clamps down on your dick so fucking hard that you can’t hold it in any longer. You thrust deep inside him and begin shooting rope after rope of cum up into him as your legs go weak.

You collapse to your knees and thrust as you’re overwhelmed with pleasure. You hear the splash of cum across the floor as Luther unloads.

Then, you see Luther start to change into an incubus.

His body is going through the same process that you went through earlier. His muscles start bulking up and his height increases. This continues for about a minute as you watch him grow more and more muscular and taller, until he reaches around seven feet in height.

Fur covers his body and he rips through most of his clothes.

His finger and toe nails become long, sharp claws and his teeth become a mixture between a humans and a canines, all pointed with excessive amounts of white teeth.

Overall he’s a bulky, powerlifter looking incubus.

“What the fuck?” he says, standing up to his full height.

“It’s your new form. You’re an incubus now,” you say, trying to catch your breath.

Luther looks down at his body in awe.

“You have a lot of explaining to do, man,” he says as he flexes his new muscles.

The two of you explain the situation to him.

“So you’re gonna take my soul, and for a while I’m gonna fuck as much as I want,” he says.

“Basically,” you say.

He looks at his new body with wonder, and flexes his muscles subconsciously.

“Fuck it, I’m in.”

He hugs Trezst, swallowing him in the hair of his mighty pecs.

Trezst chews on his big nipples before latching his mouth onto one of them.

“Let’s call you Luzst,” you say, admiring your new brother.

Luzst groans and gives you a thumbs up as he rubs Trezst’s long hair.

You’re entranced by Luzst’s free, meaty nipple. It drips milk down his hairy chest.

You crawl over and latch your hungry mouth onto his nipple.

It’s delicious and creamy, and you suck desperately for more as you grope his bulging pecs and run your hands all over his furry abs.

Oddly enough, his milk tastes like warm, salty glazed donuts.

You feel the effects of his milk immediately.

Your stomach feels full, like you just finished a big meal, and your muscles feel good.

“That was great,” you say, wiping off your face with your elbow fur. “So why did you get big muscle tits like that?”

“Guess we need to keep fed if we’re gonna keep converting guys like this,” Trezst says, licking his lips. “He’s our cow.”

Luther frowns as he folds his huge arms over his big chest.

“Call me the bull,” he says.

You clasp your hands together.

“In the name of the dark lord,” you begin, “I call upon thee, Grezst!”

A puff of smoke fills the air. Suddenly, Grezst stands there, towering over the three of you. You don’t know how it’s possible, given how much you’ve grown. Something about this pocket of space-time makes him the dominant figure in the room regardless of whatever size you are.

“What is it now,” he grumbles. He sniffs the air and narrows his eyes at Luzst.

“Is that your Nurturer?” he asks.

“Yup,” you say, summoning a blue ball of light in your hand. “Here’s his soul, like I promised.”

He takes the soul from you, the ball hovering around before disappearing inside of him. He closes his eyes and sighs.

“Good work,” he says, stretching his limbs. “I suppose I should explain the Nurturer role. He shall feed your clan of incubi and keep them strong.”

“I gotta walk around with big bitch muscle tits?” asked Luzst, playing with his nipples. “And to think today I was gonna ask for a raise.”

“You don’t need a raise,” Trezst says, patting his stomach. “You need to keep making that good stuff. God, I don’t know if I’ll need to eat for a while.”

“The Nurturer’s milk is the only food you need outside of lust energy,” Grezst says, massaging Luzst’s black beard. “As you grow in numbers and power, so does your team need nurturing.”

As Grezst pampers Luzst, he lifts his head upwards and moans. He lifts one of his legs as his balls pulsate, drooping lower in their sack. His pendulous dick extends far in the air, like a fleshy straw.

Grezst leans forward and swallows the entirety of Luzst’s dick as he begins to cum.

His balls empty as his dick spews a seemingly endless supply of thick, white semen.

You watch with fascination as he continues to milk him, drinking every last drop. He smacks his lips and sighs as he pulls away, wiping Luzst’s jizz from his face.

Luzst’s copious semen makes a puddle on the floor, and Trezst is happily licking it up like a dog.

You shrug your strong shoulders as you lift up your wet bare foot and taste the semen.

It’s sweet, like candy.

“I don’t know what you’re waiting for,” Grezst says. “Go on, drink up.”

You lower your head and begin lapping the thick puddle of semen.

It’s so sweet, and beyond delicious, like pure concentrated honey. Your belly feels warm as you lap it up like a dog, feeling more powerful with every passing moment.

Your long dick sticks out in front of you, rubbing against the floor.

“One last parting gift,” Grezst says, his hand covering Luzst’s crotch. A flash of red light fills the room and suddenly Luzst has two long, thick black cocks.

“You will need it to feed your next thrall,” Grezst says. He puts his hand against your forehead, and the same flash appears. You now have two additional eyes on your forehead.

“These are so you can always see the other planes of existence,” he grumbles.

He places his hand on Trezst’s chest and closes his eyes. Trezst starts to sweat heavily, and a sweet smell fills the air, making your cock throb.

“No matter how much this one bathes, he will emit pheromones,” Grezst says. “Ones even stronger than one incubus alone. Men will obey his command as long as they can smell him.”

Indeed, you feel inclined to go over and hump Trezst. You start to massage his shoulders. His body is coated in sweat, and the aura he exudes is irresistible.

“You should be prepared for your next thralling. By then, you will be a clan. Don’t screw this up.”

Grezst claps his hands and disappears in a puff of smoke.

“This shit is crazy,” Luzst says, playing with his two big cocks. They drool precum onto each other.

“Oh yeah,” you say as you kiss Trezst’s neck. His body is burning up, constantly slick with sweat.

“Shouldn’t we get back to fixing your car?” Trezst asks, enjoying your massage. “That lady is gonna notice after a while.”

“Fine,” Trezst says, giving you a kiss. “Let’s clean up first.”

“We don’t have a shower around here,” Luzst says, shaking his head.

“Let’s just go natural, then,” you say, licking his hairy chest.

You lick up and all around his stomach, grooming him. He shrugs and returns the favor, licking your own fur. Trezst gets the hint, too, but starts by cleaning your big feet with his own long tongue.

Trezst’s long thick tongue works its way up your legs, licking and slurping as it goes. As he licks you clean from the tip of your dick to your feet, his tongue tickles you in all the right ways.

“This is kinda hot,” he says.

You moan and giggle as his long warm tongue tickles you. His spit drips down your legs as he licks, cleaning off all the dirt, grime and precum.

You lick up and down his face and beard as he washes your balls and foreskin with his tongue.

You moan as he sucks on one of your big toes, then giggling when he slurps on your other foot.

Luzst grab your arms and licks from your fingers to your shoulders. You moan as you feel the warmth of his wet mouth and sticky tongue massage your muscles.

He makes sure to lick in between your fingers and toes as he washes you. He even manages to get his long tongue deep into the gaps, making you yelp in surprise as he tickles you.

Cleaning Luzst is a treat, as he’s still covered in his own milk and cum. He does his best to return the favor, though he has a hard time with his two big, hard cocks in the way. They mingle with your own cock, dripping anew as you work. Trezst deep cleans you, getting into your asshole.

You moan out as his long, thick tongue penetrates you, almost like a cock.

“Come on,” he says. “We need to get going, or we’re gonna be here all night.”

You finish cleaning each other and you put on your human disguises again. You look like you’re going to bust out of your pants, but you like the feeling. Luzst wears a wifebeater that exposes his perky nipples. His two cocks are stuffed in his denim pants, perpetually half hard.

“Okay, just get through the rest of the day without fucking each other’s brains out,” you say, standing in the biker disguise. “I’m gonna finish up with the car and call the lady over to get it. Then I’ll come back as Gazzo.”

You clap your hands and time unfreezes. Ricky walks back into the front of the garage, glaring at the three of you.

“The fuck you looking at?” he snaps.

“Calm down,” you say. You use your two extra eyes to peer at Ricky’s flickering soul. You can hardly see it around the veil of shadows guarding his heart.

“Yeah, Rick,” Trezst says, patting his shoulder. “We’re almost done with this guy’s car. Say, can you ask Sal if he can come in tomorrow? I know he’s supposed to have off, but we need the extra hands.”

“I’ll ask,” Ricky says, his voice little better than a mumble. He walks out of the garage without looking at any of you, then heads into the back room.

“Good luck,” you say, as the door closes.

Trezst finishes working on the car, but as he hands you the keys, you see the flash of police cars pull into the parking lot.

Two guy cops walk out of the cars and approach you. You hold your hands up and smile awkwardly.

“You’re under arrest for grand theft auto,” one of the cops says. He holds out some handcuffs, but you stare right into his eyes.

“You sure about that?” you say in a husky voice.

The cop’s eyes glaze over and he stares blankly ahead. “Put the handcuffs away,” you growl.

“Yes, sir,” he murmurs, slipping them back into his pocket. Sweat forms on his forehead, and his hands shake.

His partner seems a bit skeptical of this exchange. “Are you all right, Frank?” he asks.

“Yeah,” he says, putting his hands at his sides. You take his chin in your hand and stroke it.

“You good friends with this guy?” you ask. “What’s his name?”

“Charlie,” Frank says in a trance.

“You good friends with Charlie?”


“Good,” you say, licking your lips.

Trezst puts his hands on Charlie’s chest and slams him up against a nearby wall, snorting hot air into his face.

“Let’s talk, Charlie,” Trezst says. “I just got wrapped up with Brent’s car. Nice li’l thing, isn’t it? Now let him go and take it back home.”

Trezst overshadows Charlie completely. Trezst lifts his arm and exposes his bare pit, exposing him to his pheromones.

“Or maybe you can join us for a bit. Maybe even both of you. What do you think, Frank?”

“Yeah,” Frank says, staring blankly ahead. “What do you think, Charlie?”

“Yeah,” Charlie says in a monotone voice.

Trezst’s pit sweat drips into Charlie’s blank face.

“The bunch of us are real good friends,” he purrs. “Ain’t that right?”

“Yeah,” Charlie says in a dreamy voice.

“Go back to your job for a while,” Trezst says, petting Charlie’s hair. “Then come to my place after work. We’ll have a good time.”

“Yeah,” Charlie says, his eyes glazing over.

“Yeah,” Frank says, walking back to his car.

The two of them walk away. Their hard cocks are obvious through their khakis.

“Good job, man,” you say, giving Trezst a kiss.

“I’ll come too,” Luzst says, sighing. “I gotta do my laundry first.”

“You ain’t gonna need clothes at my place,” Trezst laughs. “All natural incubus hours.”

You all gather at Trezst’s condo after work. Alba doesn’t seem too happy about all of the extra company.

“You invited cops here?!” she says. “I thought you were doing this weird sex shit on the down low.”

“Don’t worry about it,” you say. “They’re cool. Your boyfriend smooth-talked them into it.”

“And who’s the big guy,” she says, folding her arms.

“Just along for the ride,” Luzst says, relaxing with his big arms around the two cops. They’re in a happy haze from all of the pheromones in the room.

“How about you two get comfy,” Trezst says, already taking his shirt off.

They follow suit, as does Luzst. His muscle tits already look ripe for another feeding. Your mouth salivates.

Trezst sits on the recliner and shoves his big feet into your face.

“Start licking,” he commands.

Your tongue runs along his sweaty, calloused feet, cleaning them off.

You feel your incubus forms returning as your shared lust grows.

His feet grow larger and claws sprout on the end of his toes. His fur comes back onto his chest and body, stinking of pheromones.

His teeth become fangs, and his tongue grows long and forked.

You shiver as you feel your fur sprout back onto your body.

Your ears grow tall and pointy again, and you groan as your long-clawed hands return to their proper place. Your mouth drips with sticky, balmy saliva as your forked tongue returns.

Your muscles pump up and you flex involuntarily, ripping your clothes. Your hair grows wild and spiked and red.

Your long, forked tail rips out of the back of your jeans, whipping wildly in the air above your lean bare ass.

Your teeth grow large and fangy, your mouth filling with a sweet, sticky saliva.

You pant as you feel the warm fur growing along your neck and up to cover your face, forming your mane.

It gets hot and stuffy, so you tear your t-shirt off.

“Fuck yes… make me a man, baby,” Trezst says, his voice deeper and gruffer.

You crawl forward on hands and knees, growling slightly. Your hunger is building.

You position yourself over him, your ass in his face. He greedily eats it out, his spit and tongue running along your crack, licking inside you.

Over your shoulder, Charlie and Frank are enjoying Luzst’s company, snuggling up against him.

“That’s right,” Luzst says, slowly morphing back into an incubus. “Daddy’s gonna take care of you.” His growing weight makes the couch groan with effort.

Luzst’s absurdly fat cocks almost rip out of his jeans as they grow erect, dripping through the fabric. The two cops look tiny next to him, and he lays down to let them both cuddle on top of him.

His muscle tits alone look to be larger than their heads. They look wet and ready to give milk.

Trezst’s big hands rub up and down your ass cheeks, his claws raking them. Your head hangs down, and you use your feet to stroke that big, hard dick of his. It rests along the deep cut canyon of his abs, drooling precum like a geyser onto his fat bull balls. They’ve gotta be even bigger than before your coffee and donuts session this morning.

It’s warm, wet and throbbing in your two feet as you slowly jerk him off. His loose foreskin slops and squelches over his horse cock.

Above you, his furry pecs bounce and jiggle as he ruts against your feet, his huge dick sliding through your feet, between your toes, drawing moans of pleasure from you both.

“Oh fuck, that’s it. Eat my ass, daddy,” you moan.

Your feet are drenched in his thick, sticky precum.

Trezst’s teeth bare down on your butt cheeks, nibbling them, as his tongue forces itself up your ass. You groan as pleasure overwhelms you.

His cock slams upward against your feet. He bucks his hips upward, and your feet go up into the air.

His dick is so fucking big that your feet don’t touch anymore. His throbbing, veiny dick rubs against your feet and his own stomach, as it grows larger and larger.

Even his fat bull balls crawl up your legs. They’re so big and heavy that they hang down and rub against your feet.

Suddenly, like a floodgate has been opened, he sprays his hot jizz all over your legs and feet, painting them white. The first rope hits your back foot, and it just keeps coming. Your feet are so covered in cum that they’re dripping with it.

He releases a flood of hot, delicious cum all over your feet and lower legs. It feels like a bucket of warm mayo has been emptied all over you. More cum than you’ve ever seen or felt before.

His cum is so thick and gooey that it’s almost like a facial, sticking your hair to your head and plastering it to your face as well as running down your body. It’s hot and smells delicious.

You just want to dine in it.

You look up at his mountainous body, as he ruts and bucks, thrusting his hips to drive more cum out of those fat, bloated balls of his.

His dick is like a firehose, with more cum pulsing out of it and covering your whole body.

Your hands are covered in it and it runs down your chest and over your legs. It literally pours off of you.

You can’t take it anymore and you lick a finger, and then another, going down on both hands and scooping up the delicious nectar.

“You taste like hot bacon grease,” you shout at Trezst.

He smiles as he keeps unloading, his fat cockhead burping cup after cup of salty, warm goodness.

You stick out a hand and a long strand of that deliciousness drips right off of it.

You lap that strand up as your other hand scoops up more, bringing both hands to your mouth, getting your whole face and body slippery with his mess.

Trezst’s knees begin to tremble and he stops thrusting. His balls slowly ascend again as his dick loses girth and goes back to its normal size.

You look down at your cum-covered body, smiling.

“You looked like you needed it,” he smiles.


You lean over and give him a kiss, his face sticky with honey, as yours is with jizz.

You clean each other off with your tongues as the two cops enjoy Luzst’s company.

The two of them are already suckling on Luzst’s muscle tits. They moan as they enjoy his demon milk. Behind them, you see the huge coronas of his twin dicks, bobbing up and down in their hardness.

The cops are slowly ripping out of their clothes as they gain new muscle mass and height.

One of the cops is already slowly turning into a beast, his body stretching and growing as he looks more like a lean doberman man than a human.

The other’s face is stretching, his nose becoming a snout and his eyes moving towards the top of his head as his ears move to the sides of his head.

His mouth extends out and his teeth become long and sharp. He lets out a roar as his whole body grows in length, his limbs stretching to great lengths and his skin turning black.

You’re still covered in demon jizz, and the two of you decide to take advantage of that.

You can’t get enough of piggy Trezst trying to kiss and lick your face of his musky cum.

“Mmmmmm, you glorious bastard,” he moans as he licks you.

You grab him and turn him over, holding him in front of you as his face is shoved into your cum-coated abs.

“Eat up, big boy.”

He smacks his lips as he begins to eat your cum off of you. You hold him still as he greedily licks you clean.

He takes your dick in your hands as he swallows your whole length down to the balls.

His mouth is like a velvet sleeve, massaging your dick and bringing you right to the brink.

You grab his horns as he sucks on you, your feet playing footsie with his.

You let out a moan as you cum, shooting right down his throat.

He gags slightly as he keeps sucking you, not letting go of your dick. You coat his throat with spurt after spurt of your seed.

He keeps swallowing it as he lets the last bits of your spunk roll down his tongue into his mouth.

You pull him up to kiss him, your tongues meeting and mixing together.

You let out a moan as the taste of your own cum fills your taste-buds.

He breaks the kiss and looks down, smiling.

“I love you,” he smiles shyly.

“I love you too.”

You both look up as a roar fills the room. The doberman man is mounted over a minotaur man, thrusting hard into his big ass.

You see that the man is now fully a doberman, his skin shredded and healed as fur, his face a big snout with huge teeth, his hands replaced by claws.

Though he pales in size to his minotaur lover below him.

The minotaur is easily 8 feet tall, with huge muscles packed onto his bull’s body. His dark skin barely hides the curves of his muscles as they form a creative pattern all over his body, not a single strand of fat in sight.

He lets out a bellow as the doberman jams his cock in and out of his ass. The doberman himself is easily six and a half feet tall, his body entirely made of muscle.

His black and brown furred body lets off an earthy smell that fills the room.

You look down at your own naked self, your own cock still hard as a rock.

Precum drips freely from your cockhead onto the floor.

You reach down and scoop a bit up with your index finger, bringing it up to your mouth. You let your tongue roll over the top of your finger, feeling the taste of your own sweet precum.

The musk of the air hits your nostrils again, and you look down to see the doberman man blow a load all over the minotaur’s back.

His jizz comes out like a gunshot, splattering all over the walls. He shoves his knot back in, thrusting deep to seed his minotaur lover.

The minotaur roars in ecstasy, his own cock erupting with a white stream of semen that hits the doberman in the neck.

They keep fucking for a few more minutes before the doberman pulls out, his knot popping out with a wet slap.

“That was frickin’ crazy,” the doberman man sighs, rubbing his cum into his lean, furry abs.

“What the fuck happened to us,” the minotaur asks, flexing his muscles. “Are we demons now?”

“Incubi, to be exact,” you say, fondling the doberman man’s balls. “You work for us now. We’re converting guys to demons to harvest their sex energy. You can still be cops, but you get to have sex on the job.”

Your growling stomach reminds you that you still haven’t eaten.

You go over to Luzst, whose nipples still dribble warm muscle milk. You start to drink milk from his muscle tits while you latch onto his stomach, dry humping his hairy abs with your hard cock.

You let out a long, lusty sigh as you feast on his delicious milk. Your head gets light from how good it tastes.

You moan as you feel your cockhead bump into his tight, hairy stomach.

His abs are as hard as concrete, and you can feel them pulsate under your cock as you grind against him.

You can feel his milk going straight into your body, nourishing you on a deep level.

The minotaur and the doberman man start nuzzling you, forcing you to turn your attention away from Luzst’s muscle tits.

Below you, Trezst starts to worship your feet, cleaning them with his rough tongue.

You pet the minotaur’s head, feeling his hard skull under his thick fur.

You grab the doberman man’s ears, rubbing them and causing him to yip happily.

“Go over and help Trezst out,” you say, kissing them on the forehead.

Trezst gets off of your feet and spreads his arms behind his head, spreading his musk. The two demon-turned cops turn, licking their lips as they go to feast on his sweaty armpits.

You smile and return to Luzst’s dripping nipple, moaning as you drink deeply of his warm, sweet muscle milk.

You hear the three men below you kissing and grunting as they grind their cocks together.

You give yourself to the demon energy, your entire body feeling like it is floating in an endless sea of pleasure. Your stomach feels warm and full from all the milk you’ve been drinking.

You roll over onto Luzst’s hairy, muscled stomach, your cock lazily throbbing into his warm skin. His own cocks stand at attention, drooling away. They almost get in your way of seeing Trezst dominate the two cop-demons. Luzst reaches down and masturbates one of his cocks as he watches in turn.

Trezst is a foot and a half taller than the two men, and has muscles upon muscles. He lays back on the ground as the two demon cops slurp on his sweaty armpits.

They are addicted to his smell.

They can’t get enough of it. They want nothing more than to please him as long as they can smell like him.

His fur is wet with sweat, and it shines under the light as the two men worship his armpits.

Trezst closes his eyes, relaxing and growling as the two men rub their faces into his pits, filling the room with the scent of sweat and man.

He’s a furry monster of an incubus, fur flaring up all around his body and highlighting his muscles in a sexy way.

His body hair makes him look bestial, like some kind of werewolf.

He grabs the two men by their ears and pulls their faces into his pits, rubbing them in deeply. They moan with delight as they continue to slather his pits with their tongues.

Then, Grezst appears out of nowhere once again. He towers over everybody, folding his arms as he stares down at the two new incubi.

The higher incubi has an impressive aura. No matter how much you grow in power, he always remains dominant. He holds out his hands and extracts the two souls from the cops, absorbing them into his monstrous body.

His body pulsates with sexual energy, sending shockwaves that make you shudder with lust just being in his presence.

The two cops kneel in submission, silently sobbing to themselves. They are not tears of fear, but of joy, for being in the presence of a prince incubus.

“These two men will be your Guards,” he growls. “They will always be by your side, protecting you.”

The two Guards get up and get to your flanks, saluting you.

He gestures to Trezst.

“I forgot to state his role before. He is your Commander. His pheromones will keep all lower beings from resisting you.”

“Sounds good to me,” Trezst says, flexing his muscles. His furry chest shines with sweat.

“Quick question,” you say. “How come he came like a fucking firehose earlier?”

“Your Commander must spread his seed as far as possible,” Grezst says, petting Trezst like a dog.

“So, he could just open fire on a bunch of guys and turn them all to demons?”

“Assuming they injest his fluids, yes,” Grezst anwsers, sitting down to allow Trezst to cuddle with him. You feel drawn in by Grezst’s own pheromones, climbing in with Trezst to cuddle with the prince incubus.

Grezst chuckles, wrapping his powerful arms around you and nuzzling your head. You feel a heavy blast of pheromones hit you like a truck, as you find yourself slowly getting closer to him…

You nest on his balls, tucked in his forest of pubic hair, above the massive stalk of his dick. His dick is almost the size of your whole body.

You stare up at his massive, muscular torso, his chiseled abs and pecs. His eyes are gentle but powerful, a bright blue that draws you in. They are filled with lust and love as they stare down at you.

You stare deeply into his eyes, feeling intense love for the prince incubus.

He takes your head in his hands and gently brings it closer to his massive, pulsating dick. You open your mouth and allow him to gently force his dick past your lips.

He pants in ecstasy as he slides his meat down your throat. You wrap your tiny arms around his thigh as you suck, tasting his sweet nectar. You’re in a trance as he gently rocks his hips, thrusting gently in and out of your throat.

He slides his dick out and slowly prepares to shove it into your ass.

You moan in lustful excitement as he gently eases it in. You wrap your arms around your legs as he gently thrusts, his dick going deeper and deeper into your ass to the point where it seems to be ripping you apart.

He’s breathing slowly and gently as he fucks you.

“Ah… ahh… ahhhh….” he moans, timing his thrusts with his breathing.

Finally, he grabs your shoulders and begins to brutally fuck you, slamming into you over and over again.

You can feel his dick rub against your insides, sending you to new heights of ecstasy. You moan in pleasure, squirming and writhing under his grasp. He’s crushing you under his massive weight as he continues to fuck you senseless.


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