Voleaf’s shop of chaotic wonder

by Inuto500

 A young man takes a growth potion and things don’t go exactly as planned. Not that he is complaining.

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Author’s Note

This was a story I wrote for my friend @middleton_misfits on instagram based on his character Ryan and him gaining a lot of size. It was fun to write and I hope people can enjoy this as it is my first growth-related story. It also features a cameo from blooming body builder @calilum_.


They say there is a shop of wonders and chaos that roams the dimensions that appear to those who seek for its services. The shopkeeper is a stern individual who only seeks to help those with his wears, but cross him and those wears might not have the intended results. There are many stories of this shop and this is one of them.

“Tsk,” a young, cherry-haired man said to himself as he walks the streets of a coastal town known as Middleton on a chilly October afternoon. The young man is average in most regards, especially his size he’s wearing a large hoodie and skinny jeans. “Why do those big assholes have to ruin everything?”

The young man just had a run-in with a bunch of huge thugs that were terrorizing the local park for fun and there was nothing he could do about it. “I wish I was bigger so I could teach them a lesson!” he said out loud.

Suddenly something catches his eye. He’s lived in this town his entire life and what he noticed was a new store he had never seen before.

“That’s new, when did this get here?” The young man looked up at the shops sign and it read “Voleaf’s Odds and Ends Shop.” Curious, the young man was mysteriously drawn in and found himself entering the shop. With a ring of a bell he was inside.

“Hello, welcome to my shop!” a voice came from somewhere inside. The shop was a sight to behold: shelves lined with many different and strange objects, mostly bottles of various different shapes and sizes with different and strange liquids inside. A counter was also visible; on it was a huge Maine coon cat. It was looking in the young man’s direction, and seemed to do a nodding motion before leaping from the counter.

The young man continued to look around and he saw a section labeled “growth.” The young man went to investigate when he was startled by the appearance of another man.

“Hello there, young man, looking for anything in particular today?” Recovering from his initial shock, the young man examined the other man. This man was slightly taller than him, his brown hair done up in a small ponytail, with glasses and strange-looking eyes, though he could not pinpoint exactly what was odd about them. He had on an ordinary dress shirt and slacks.

“Uh, I’m not exactly sure, sir,” the young man said nervously, looking back at the supposed growth section with great curiosity. Those items couldn’t really grow someone, he thought. The shopkeeper extended a hand with a straight face.

“Well, let’s start with introductions, then. It’s a good way to get business underway.”

“Oh, my name is Ryan. It’s nice to meet you, uh—”

“William Voleaf, at your service.” He made a small bow. “Now, I see you seem to be interested in my selection of growth items, very robust stuff. I must say, do you think you could handle it?” William smirked, which rubbed Ryan the wrong way.

“Like they actually work. What kind of store are you running here?” Ryan snapped back, clenching his fists.

Willam laughed. “I see you have spunk, kid! You want to grow, dontcha?”

Ryan froze up a bit. He could not lie to himself, he wanted to grow. He wanted to be big so that no one could push him around anymore.

“So what if I do!? It’s not like it can happen overnight!” Ryan looked frustrated, feeling as if the shopkeep was egging him on to buy some expensive trinket that would not work.

“Oh, but it can! And if you drink this it will,” William said slyly as he grabbed a specific bottle from the shelf. It was a strange cyan and blueberry hue. “This bottle can be yours for a small fee and a promise.” William flashed his teeth with a big grin.

Ryan felt confusion. Halloween was approaching soon—was this some elaborate holiday prank, or was it a once in a lifetime opportunity? Against his better judgment he made his choice.

“Name your price,” he said, half in defeat and half in determination.

William made his way over to the counter with the strange bottle. “Now, since you have been such a nice customer I will offer this to you for ten dollars, and as for the promise I mentioned—” William extended his hand to Ryan. “Don’t abuse your new size. Don’t forget what it’s like to be one of the little people.” William smirked again a bit.

Ryan looks down, then grabbed the taller man’s hand and shook it. “Deal!” Ryan said. He then proceeded to take out the money and give it to the smug shopkeep.

William handed him the potion and raised finger. “Now, let me explain. Drink this with a meal. the energy from the meal should help activate the potion and it should happen over time. You’re free to drink the whole thing, it’s all one dose, but be patient. Growing takes time. There should not be any side effects… but potions can be unpredictable! Please come back if anything goes extremely wrong. But I warn you now, there will be no going back: once you step on this path you’re set!” He let out a breath. “Now if you’ll excuse me ,I have work to finish. Have a great day and thank you for your purchase!”

Ryan nodded and, taking his purchase in a small bag, left the shop and hurried home.

When the young got gets home he suddenly realized how late it actually was and decided to start cooking dinner. His parents were out of town, so he was able to make some of his favorite foods. Once the meal was done cooking, he grabbed the potion and stared at it.

“You’re going to make me big huh?” he asked rhetorically to the bottle of the cyan blue liquid. He popped the cork and smelled it. It was like a mix of blueberries, cedarwood, and something else he could not put his finger on. He took the potion and with brief hesitation he downed it in one go.

Suddenly he felt a rush of energy and hunger. he looked over at the food and started to dig in, ravenously eating all that was in his path. Once his meal was finished he realized that he was still hungry and went to the kitchen to find more food. He consumed half a fridge’s worth of food as if it were nothing before he was hit with a wave of exhaustion.

Ryan made his way to his bed and collapsed onto it, falling into a deep sleep. While sleeping Ryan found himself in a dream. before him was a strange mark floating in the air; it reminded him of birthmark. Suddenly it was drenched in light blue liquid, and the symbol started to crack and then shattered. Power then started to flow into Ryan. He felt invigorated and swollen.

“Oooh!” he moaned as he felt a pulling sensation. He looked down and saw that the ground was getting farther away. He was growing and he loved it! He felt huge and powerful; he flexed as he felt everything grow, his bulging caves, tight biceps and swollen pecs. Everything was fighting for space when suddenly he felt something that made him absolutely excited. His entire frame started to grow. He started to gain height at a rapid rate—foot after foot of height added itself to his frame. He was impossibly huge! He suddenly felt pressure in his crotch, a building pressure that caused Ryan to moan loudly. It kept building and building until——

The blare from the alarm clock went off, jolting Ryan awake. He did not even realize that he had fallen asleep. He got out of bed, but suddenly everything felt off and he looked down and he gasped, shocked and awed.

“I…I..can’t believe it worked!” The sight before him was amazing. His clothes were shredded thanks to his newly-acquired muscles. It looked like everything on his body had grown. He rushed to the bathroom and was greeted with another shock. He had to bend down to see his face in the mirror, and when he did he saw that his cherry red hair was now a bright cyan blue.

“Uh, is this a side effect?” he questioned as he posed and flexed in the mirror wearing only the tight remains of his old underwear barely containing his new enhanced package. He was large before, but now his jockeys were absolutely bulging at the seams.

“Oh, I guess everything really did get bigger! I will have to investigate this more later, I should get dressed,” Ryan thought. It then dawned on him, he was too big for all of his clothes! In a slight panic he grabbed his phone careful, not to crush it with his new size and strength, and called his friend Jake.

“Uh, hey man, I need some help could you grab me some supplies and bring them to me. It is important and I will pay you back, I swear!”

His friend agreed and said he would be over as soon as possible. Ryan then proceeded to wait for his friend and take stock of the changes. He was bigger than he ever dreamed, over 8 feet tall and with muscles that would put those bullies from before to shame. He was hungry again, so he started to make some food and eat it when there was a knock on the door.

“Oh that must be, Jake!” Ryan got up and went to the door, and spoke though it. “Uh, Jake? Before you enter I just want to let you know I look a bit different, but I promise you it’s me,’’ Ryan said nervously, the reality setting in that this would be hard to explain to everyone.

“What did you do, dye your hair or something?” his friend retorted. “Let me in, it’s cold.”

Ryan sighed and opened the door for his friend Jake. Jake was a young man about Ryan’s age, with long, dirty-blond hair that went to his shoulders. He was slim but dexterous and always willing to help a friend. As he entered Ryan’s house his jaw dropped.

“R-ryan, is that you!?”

Jake dropped the bag of stuff and slowly approached his now massive friend. “Yeah it’s me,” Ryan said, blushing. He extended his arms to show off his new body to his friend. “It’s why I needed the clothes I asked you for, and the shoes. I had a growth spurt.”

“A growth spurt!? More like a growth burst!” Jake exclaimed, slowly extending out his hand to his friends chest. “Is it a costume or is this all real?” Jake questioned.

Suddenly Ryan felt warm. “Why don’t you touch and find out?”

Ryan didn’t know what was coming over him, but he felt more pressure in his body and was feeling a bit cocky. Jake took his friends invitation and started to feel up his friend’s massive frame. Jake stroked Ryan’s arms. tracing the veins and feeling the large biceps and caressing the triceps, Ryan flexing all the while to show off his newfound strength. He then moved on to the big prize, Ryan’s massive, heaving chest. It was almost comically huge, with equally comedic nipples. Jake used the couch to get more leverage as Ryan knelt down. Jake started to caress the man’s newly grown chest, rubbing and squeezing, Ryan making noises of approval as his body was worshiped.

“It’s all real grade-A beef here.” Jake was in awe after getting a hands-on experience. Without warning he latched on to one of Ryan’s big, tantalizing nipples, making sure to enjoy everything about his friend’s size.

“Oh fuck, Jake,” Ryan heaved as his body tensed up, his arousal mounting as Jake groped and sucked the man’s chest. It was sensitive due to the growth. Ryan decided to reward Jake by grabbing him and giving him a huge kiss. They both started groaning and passionately making out, Jake continuing to feel up Ryan’s massive frame.

“Oh fuck, it’s too much!” Ryan moaned as he ripped his tight underwear off, releasing his beast of a member. It was thick and throbbing and had to be at least a foot and a half long, and as thick as a two liter bottle of soda—and to both of their shock and delight, it was getting bigger! Ryan could not hold back anymore and started to rub one out. His balls had also grown with the rest of him to the size of melons, and they, too, were still growing. They could both hear a sloshing sound as Ryan’s massive melon balls jostled from the motions.

Jake helped his friend out as he started to whimper with pleasure. His body started to visibly grow to match his growing genitals as he continued to pleasure himself, his arms bulging with newfound strength. His legs swelled up and grew longer, making him even taller so he was reaching about 9 feet tall. His pecs surged forward, becoming bulbous and heaving violently as Ryan worked his giant meat-log, the sound around them full of creaking floor boards and passion. Jake was still rubbing Ryan’s chest, playing with his nipples and helping with the massive cock that was reaching extreme proportions.

“Ah! I’m close Jake!” Ryan gasped as his growth started to slow. He felt the pressure build in his balls and he could not hold back anymore. He then roared as he exploded, sending cum all over Jake and the room behind where he was standing.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry!” Ryan rushed to his friend to make sure he as okay and to help him clean off.

Jake started to laugh. “Oh my god, that was intense! You gotta tell me how this happened!” They started to clean up the mess as Ryan explained the shop and the potion. They didn’t notice the blue tint to Ryan’s semen as it was absorbed into Jake’s skin and returned to a normal color as they disposed of it.

“So let me get this straight, you bought a potion from a strange man in a strange shop and downed it? You could have died or been taken away dude!” Jake scolded his friend.

“I know, but it was an opportunity of a lifetime… and just look at me!” Ryan flexed a bit but also tried not to break out of the clothes that Jake brought him, which were now much tighter due to his second growth spurt.

“Oh, I’m looking all right. It also made your hair blue, that’s really strange,” Jake smirked. They had finished cleaning and got some food made and were enjoying each other’s company. “I’m just curious about one more thing, how big are you going to get?”

Ryan froze up at the question his heart started to race, the gravity of the situation washing over him. He’d never asked! Suddenly he felt pressure again welling up inside of him.

“We have to go!” Ryan bolted up and grabbed Jake just as he finished eating. Jake was small and was picked up with ease.

“Whoa, big man, everything okay?” Jake was very concerned with his friend’s sudden panic and suddenly he felt it and gasped. Ryan was growing again. Ryan burst out from the confines of his house, being careful not to cause any destruction as he made his way back towards the shop that sold him this growth blessing—or was it going to be a growth curse?

As he ran his clothing was reaching its limits. All that could be heard was the pounding of his legs reaching the size of tree trunks and the ripping of clothing.

“We gotta get him to stop this!” Ryan said, still in a bit of panic as Jake was trying to calm him down

“It’s going to be okay man, if he made you grow I’m sure he could make you shrink. Now let me sit on your shoulder! I’m not a baby.” Ryan blushed and repositioned Jake so he was more comfortable as they ran. His breathing was getting a bit more labored. The growth always felt so good, but he hand to find a way to get it under control or he might get too big. He was struggling, everything was getting bigger and at a much bigger rate than before.

He had passed the twenty foot mark and people were starting to point and stare. It might have also been that by this point the only thing keeping him from being completely naked was the underwear Jake had brought him, clinging on for dear life while containing a massive shlong that had to be at least four feet long soft, thicker than a SUV and balls the size industrial dumpsters. It was looking more like a speedo at this point.

“Thank goodness I gotta the really big stretchy clothing for you,” Jake noted, still working to calm his friend.

“There! That’s the shop!” Ryan said. He lumbered to it and put Jake down in front of it. “Get the shopkeeper, please, tell him it’s an emergency!”

Jake nodded and rushed into the shop, causing the shopkeep to jump and almost drop a potion he had in his hand. “Excuse me!” William yelled with a scowled at the flustered Jake.

“I’m sorry! My friend is having an emergency, he won’t stop growing!” Jake panted, the pressure in his body starting to mount.

William looked confused. “That’s ridiculous, it was only supposed to make him eight feet tall. Where is he?”

“He’s outside, and he’s way more than eight feet tall! Hurry, you have to help him!” Jake held the door open as William sighed and put a light coat on.

“I’m coming, let’s take a look. Cal!” he called to someone Jake couldn’t see. “I’m going to be out for a moment. Make sure to watch the counter if I’m gone any longer, and I may have to rearrange the shop to be ready!”

Not waiting for a response, William exited the shop and was greeted with an unexpected sight. Ryan had finished his current growth spurt and greeted William with a face full of bulge.

“Oh, sorry let me move,” Ryan said sheepishly as he slid back on to his now-gargantuan butt (it had to be the size of a small car).

William stared up at the goliath and immediately knew something was wrong. His potion had gone haywire in this young man’s system and he had to figure out why. “Give me a moment while I get the shop ready for you,” William stated cryptically. He walked back to the door of the shop and tapped on several spots, then placed his hand on the door. He winced as the door made a strange sound. He turned to the two young men.

“Be ready, the shop will now accommodate you both. Let’s go.” With matching confused expressions, the young men were caught off guard when William opened the door and it seemed to warp the three of them into the shop. It was now looking vastly different inside: it was bigger than Ryan was, allowing the young man to stand instead of crouching, and most of the shelves were spaced widely apart. William made his way to the main counter and grabbed a small speaker-like device.

“Cal, I have returned, thank you. Let me know if you need anything!” His voice rang through the tall and wide halls. “Now, let’s get down to business!” William whipped around and extended a hand. “I need a strand of hair, Ryan, to truly understand what is going on.”

Ryan frowned but did as he was told and plucked one of his newly-colored cyan hairs, offering it to William.

“Thank you, sir.” William nodded and pulled out a huge cauldron from under the counter and started to mix various liquids within it.

Jake, waiting patiently for his friend to get help, suddenly felt intense pressure from within himself. Doing his best to ignore it, he watched as William worked with the concoction before him.

“Now we add the hair and see the results,” William stated, not long after he started his strange brew.

“What is this a test for?” Ryan tilted his head as he took a seat on the floor, careful to not cause too much commotion—only to have the sound of his massive sloshing balls ring out into the air. Jake blushed and felt the pressure within get stronger.

“The potion I gave you is doing more work than it should. It must have reacted with your body in an unexpected way, and this should tell me why,” William explained as he stirred the brew. Suddenly a puff of smoke appeared and the potion settled. William took a look and gasped, taking a step back.

“No no no! It can’t be, there’s no way. You were too small!” William looked terrified, Ryan and Jake were caught off guard.

“You’re a giant! Why didn’t you tell me!?” William turned to Ryan demanding an answer.

“A giant? I’m not a giant… at least I wasn’t. I don’t think?” Ryan’s face blushed a bit. With him being so small yesterday the idea of being a giant was absolutely crazy.

“You have to be! The potion only reacts this way when a giant’s DNA interacts with it.” William was doing his best to stay calm. “There’s only one explanation for how I missed it. Did you have a symbol that looked like this on you anywhere?” William scribbled a mark onto a piece of paper and showed it to the two young men.

“Oh! That’s your birthmark, Ryan,” Jake chimed in. The pressure in his body was starting to make him more uncomfortable, though he was doing his best to ignore it for his friend.

“No, its a seal, to limit one’s size. And we just broke it, catastrophically!” William said with a hard sigh.

“What does this all even mean!?” Ryan was doing his best to process all of this information

“The potion I gave you was for a human to consume and gain some height, but from what I can see, you’re a giant, a sealed one. Not only did the potion mix poorly with the seal, it reacted wildly with your giant DNA—meaning a load of different side effects can and will happen.”

The explanation was suddenly interrupted by the sound of moaning. They looked for its origin and their eyes landed on Jake.

“What kind of side effects…” Jake said slowly. His body felt intense, everything filled with pleasure as the pressure reached its peak. His pants were suddenly bulging out. He could feel it, he was growing, and it felt like the best thing in the world. Jake fell to his knees, letting the sensations wash over him

“Jake!” Ryan went to reach for his friend.

“Stop!” William shouted with a stern face. “Let it run its course. I assure you he’s not in any danger. You two had a bit a fun before coming to see me, didn’t you?” William’s face softened a bit.

Ryan retracted his hand. “Uh, yeah… it just felt so good” Ryan blushed.

At this point Jake’s body was visibly bigger. Muscles stated packing onto his tiny frame, arms bulged and legs swelled, and all the while the young man was moaning in pleasure. He started to strip and feel his growing muscles. His swollen pecs were filled with brawn as he started to grow a tight muscle butt as well. Just as it seemed his growth reached its peak, his body started to gain height. He went from just under six feet to a whopping eight and a half feet tall, and his muscles grew to accommodate his new frame, turning him from a skinny twink to a muscle-bound hunk.

“Fuck, I feel amazing!” Jake moaned as he started to work his new member. As he did the pleasure increased as it too started to grow along with his balls. He was modest before but now he was hung like a horse and thick as a steel pipe, with balls the size of medicine balls.

“H-he’s gonna make a mess…” William commented, sounding strange as he was rummaging through a cabinet. He pulled out a large bucket. “Give this to him.” William tossed Ryan a bucket, Ryan noticing William’s face seemed to be red as he placed the bucket in a good place for Jake to use. Jake’s moans grew even more intense, as by this point his growth had stopped but his pleasure was still mounting towards inevitable climax.

Oooh fuuck!!!” Jake yelled out as he hit the peak and blasted right into the bucket. He seemed to cum what looked like cups of semen into the bucket, which to Ryan’s surprise caught most if not all of it the enormous load. Jake slumped down a bit, panting from his experience.

“Oh, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a scene like that,” William suddenly said. Ryan gave him a confused look and William’s face went bright red.

“A..as I was saying!” William tried to correct his posture and regain his composure. “The side effects can range from infectious growth through body fluids, apparently hair color change, and of course hyper growth.” William motioned to Ryan’s current size. “I will see what I can do to help because your body is reacting to the potion as if it was five times the normal potency.”

“Five times, huh?” Jake commented. He had gotten up and started to take stock of his changes. He was now eight feet tall, and his muscles had expanded quite a bit. No longer was he the skinny boy Ryan knew before. His pectorals were huge with big perky nipples; his biceps and triceps tripled in size. His legs filled with the power to support his newfound weight much to Ryan’s enjoyment. Jake had also gained a tight round bubble butt perfect for squeezing and a massive cock that put most other men to shame. Jake started to flex to test out his new strength and body

“Aww yeah, this feels good. Are we going to get bigger?” Jake was doing different poses he’d seen in the past. Ryan was smiling knowing that his friend was enjoying himself.

You will not,” Willian answered Jake. “Him, on the other hand, yes.” William motioned over to Ryan, who blushed, already feeling huge. The idea of getting bigger filled him with both fear and excitement.

“I will help you get to a more manageable size, but it will have to be after the potion has run its course. It’s already done that for Jake, that’s why he will not grow any more—at least due to the potion. That being said, I will get you both a spare room because let’s face it, you’re going to make another mess,” William huffed as he reached for the phone on the desk.

“Hello, Cal, sorry to bother you again but I’m going to need your assistance. Please bring me two enchanted robes for our new guests, they are going to need them.”

After a couple of minutes another being appeared from the back end of the shop, tall and very well built. He had brown hair and his outfit was very causal, being a thin tank top and some workout shorts. He was also clearly not human as he had bright blue horns coming from his head and a curled brown furry tail above his tight muscle butt.

“Here’s the robes you asked for, William,” the being said with a serious but charming tone. He then glanced over and see Ryan and Jake.

“Whoa there, William! They are huge! Did you add too much ingredients to a potion?”

“Shut up, Cal! You know I’m not incompetent!’’ William punched Cal in the arm.

Cal was laughing. “Relax, you can’t stress over that stuff. You know Zephyr gets upset when you do.” William threw his arms up in a huff and stepped away to get another room ready for the guests as Cal approached them and handed off the robes.

“Hello, my name is Cal,” he said. “I work here for William as an extra set of hands and some extra muscle!” He did a quick flex and smiles.

“My name is Ryan and this is Jake.” Ryan took the strange robe and examined it. Jake took his and slipped it on. To their surprise the robe fit Jake perfectly.

“Whoa! How did you know my size?” Jake turned and flexed, only to find that the robe seemed to be form fitting.

“William enchanted these robes to fit any person who put them on. Trust me, you are not the first person to rip out of your clothes from a potion of his! But let’s get yours on, Ryan.” Cal suddenly jumped up onto Ryan’s shoulder with ease and attempted to help the twenty-foot-tall man to get his robe on. After a few minutes Ryan finally got it on, still trying to get used to his new size.

“Okay, back to work for me!” Cal waves and mades his way back to the halls of the shop. Ryan smiled but then felt the now all-too-familiar pleasurable pressure start to return to his core. This one felt deeper and more primal than before. This was going to be the most intense growth spurt yet.

“This way, gentlemen!” William suddenly spoke, snapping Ryan back to reality. William directed the two young men to a large chamber door. “This room should give you the space you need, including, if my calculations are correct, the extra room for the final growth… which by the look on your face is going to start soon, Ryan.” Ryan blushed and then gasped, the pressure intensifying.

“Yeah it’s starting to go on, and try not to make too much of a mess!” William said blushing as he opens the door

“Also, one final thing: the chamber will seal to make sure no excess liquids will get into the shop. Knock on the door three times to unseal the chamber, but only after you’re both done! I’m going to go work on a potion to remedy this.” Willian waved a goodbye and Ryan and Jake entered the spacious eighty-foot-tall by eighty-foot-long chamber.

Ryan took a seat against one of the walls and the door sealed shut behind Jake, who hurried to check on Ryan’s condition. His breathing had grown gruffer as the pleasure was mounting harder than before. Jake patted his friend’s side and chuckled.

“You wanted to be big, huh? You certainly got it! Let me help you finish out this growth spurt.” Jake moved to Ryan’s massive man-meat that was beginning to harden, tearing the tiny cloth that used to be underwear away with a quick and powerful tug. Thanks to Jake’s new strength he tore the fabric right off and Ryan’s eight-foot monster was freed and at full attention. Jake got onto one of the now massive sack that hung below the pillar of meat and pressed his body against. He stroked it with his entire body, with Ryan moaning loudly in response.

“Come on man, grow for me! Be the biggest guy in all of Middleton!” Jake grunted as he continued to pleasure his gigantic friend.

Suddenly it hit Ryan like a truck. The potion-infused hormones went into overdrive and he grabbed his massive meat, pinning Jake to it, and started to stroke. His muscles were contracting and flexing each time, staying larger and larger. Precum started leaking like a hose, making his cock nice and slick. Jake slid out from the pin and rested on Ryan’s balls. He suddenly felt movement underneath him—Ryan’s big sloshing balls were growing at an alarming rate.

“Ooooh fuck!!!” Ryan roared out. The growth was mind-numbing, the potion working overtime to make sure this once runt of a giant would be as big as he could possibly be. Ryan groped his expanding muscles and flexed for Jake to see. While Jake pleasured himself, Ryan continued to expand. He gained another ten feet in height and his muscles were keeping up. His abs stopped at an eight pack but were filled with brawn, and his pecs were proportionally massive even on his hulking frame, his large perky nipples pointing down from the sheer size of his chest. His biceps were swollen with strength as were his impossibly thick thighs, which were accentuated by his massive tight muscle butt.

All the pleasure and pressure was reaching its peak—his meat had grown to an impossibly large sixteen feet and a sack the size of a delivery truck to match.

“Get ready, Jake, because it’s coming!” Ryan’s massive meat erupted as Ryan let out a primal roar, shaking the room as he coated it with his thick batter. His growth was reaching its final form, with him now being a towering forty feet tall. His massive balls had produced a pool of hot jizz that was five feet deep and Jake was lounging in it.

“Ryan, man, that was intense and you are so big now! How are we going to clean this all up!?” As if to answer the question a fire hose appeared on the wall and the room started to drain of all of the semen.

“There we go. Let’s get cleaned up!” Jake jumped up and began unspooling the fire hose to start washing Ryan.

“Thanks,” Ryan said with a booming voice and started wiping the sticky batter from his chest hair and helped Jake clean himself off as well. After some time, when they seemed to have gotten rid of all of Ryan’s essence, they put on the robes, which they had put in a safe place before they started. They knocked on the wall three times and the door opened for them with William waiting on the other side holding a very large purple bottle.

“Finally! This was starting to get heavy! Here you go, a potion that will help you manage your new size!” William handed it off to Jake, who held it up for Ryan to take.

Ryan took the bottle. It seemed to be about five gallons, not a challenge at his new size, and he downed the strange brew already knowing nothing could get more chaotic at this point. With a loud rumble from within Ryan’s core, his body shook as it started to shrink at a rather quick rate until he was down to Jake’s height.

“There we go, more manageable at this point… but there is something I should warn you,” William commented with slight concern in his face. “This size is about control. You have to control yourself—if you get a bit heated or excited you will grow again! You will shrink back down to your current size after a time, but that could cause some issues if you’re in the wrong location. It won’t be drastic—the growth all will be gradual, but you still have to be careful. Who knows maybe you can master the growth to use for your advantage.”

“Thank you very much for this life changing experience, William.” Ryan gave William a massive bear hug.

William struggled a bit in the embrace. “Y-yeah, sure, so tight!” Ryan let William down, and the older man brushed himself off with a huff.

“Last piece of business: we make those robes actual clothes for you so you can go get more regular apparel from your local shops.” William directed the boys to a big closet area where they selected outfits for themselves.

“How can we ever repay you, William?” Jake asked, beaming. He felt sharp in his new clothes with his new body.

“You know what? I will call if I need you guys. The last thing I need right now is you guys somehow getting into more of the potions. You have a whole new world to adapt to out there.” William gestured to the shop’s exit with a smile and a wink. “Go on. It’s a brand new world for you both, and remember, Ryan, don’t abuse your new size.”

Ryan smiled and nodded, leading Jake out the door. They had a lot of work ahead adjusting to their new lives, as well as some explaining to do—but that’s a story for another time…


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