by bulkscribe

My roommate Damien is focussed on getting as big as he possibly can… and I find myself more than willing to help him out with that.

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Part 1 My roommate Damien is focussed on getting as big as he possibly can… and I find myself more than willing to help him out with that. (added: 8 Aug 2020)
Part 2  (added: 22 Aug 2020)
Part 3
Part 4 Damien’s getting too big for the apartment. And once he’s free to grow, there’ll be no more holding back… (added: 28 Nov 2020)
Part 5 Damien’s growth rampage continues as he finds new, creative ways to pleasure his giant body… with somewhat destructive results! (added: 12 Dec 2020)
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Part 1

When Damien entered the room with only a towel wrapped around his waist, dripping wet from the hot shower he had just taken, I couldn’t help but spy a look at him from over the top of my book. Lately, I caught myself doing this more and more often. This was largely due to the fact that Damien was walking around shirtless much more frequently these days. He was clearly proud to show off the progress he was making towards his ‘goal physique’ as he called it. And I certainly enjoyed watching his progress too.

Damien was average height—about 5’10” or 5’11” I think—standing at around an inch taller than me. His thick brown hair was currently weighed down by the residual moisture from the shower but ordinarily was tousled in a ‘bed-head’ style which was designed to look as though he hadn’t done anything to it at all. In reality, he spent a good twenty minutes on his hair every morning. His handsome face was characterised by strong, broad features and a light layer of stubble around his mouth and jaw. He took a lot of care over his appearance, but his body is where most of the change had occurred of late.

He was becoming a pretty big guy. When I first met Damien, he was a slim but broad-shouldered 21-year-old who hit the gym around once a week. He was in good shape back then but now, two years later, his body had undergone some significant transformations.

Recently, Damien had become increasingly focussed on packing some serious size onto his frame. He’d been hitting the gym hard, lifting big and eating even bigger. Almost immediately, his body had begun to bulk up, his frame welcoming the new size like it had been missing it all along. I was impressed with his dedication. I watched daily as he would cook gigantic meals, full of protein and carbs, and stare in awe as he wolfed down at least triple what I could ever manage.

Over mere months, his shoulders became large and rounded, his arms thick and powerful and his chest broad and bulging with new size. His legs had thickened to resemble two tree trunks and his glutes had benefited from numerous squats, blowing up to football-sized proportions. He wasn’t fussed with counting calories, in fact he was only concerned with consuming as many as possible, so his belly had also swollen with thickness. I watched now as he walked across the room to the refrigerator, the layer of chub around his midriff jiggling as he went.

His appearance was by no means toned or ripped, but just large and strong-looking. As I quickly found out, this happened to be exactly my type.

Damien opened the refrigerator and grabbed a litre bottle of chocolate milk from one of his shelves, (Damien’s groceries occupied two of the three shelves in our fridge due to the sheer amount he ate) and cracked open the cap. Raising the bottle to his mouth, he began to chug the thick chocolate shake down in audible gulps. My mouth hung open slightly as I watched the bottle quickly empty while simultaneously, Damien’s belly seemed to expand so that it now stuck out even further than his large, beefy pecs. He drained the last drop from the bottle and let out a deep, rumbling burp.

“Pardon you!” I said, grinning at him.

“Excuuuuse me,” he replied, grinning back and tossing the bottle into the recycling bin.

“Thirsty?” I asked, although I guess that was a slightly hypocritical question coming from me… I did just spend the past couple of minutes admiring Damien’s body from across the room.

“You bet. Hungry too. Fancy ordering in for dinner? My treat!”

He seemed in an awfully good mood. Still, I wasn’t going to question it, especially as he’d kindly offered to pay for dinner. Money had been tight for me recently. I was studying for my finals and had to drop my hours at work to a minimum in order to have enough study time. I worked at a small restaurant where I often got to bring home leftovers. Normally, this did help to save our food bill somewhat. However, this was happening less and less since I dropped my hours so now I’d take free food where I could get it.

“Sure! Pizza?”

“Oh yeah, you betcha!” Damien cheered. Pizza was our mutually-approved favourite food.

He strode across the room and sat down on the sofa opposite, allowing his big body to collapse against the leather cushions. Our kitchen and living room were open plan so we cooked, ate and relaxed in the same space. As he sat, his towel spread dangerously wide and I had to stop myself from looking anywhere near his hips. Instead, my eyes found his chest which I now noticed was particularly swollen and a little red. Creases in his skin had formed underneath his pecs where they drooped over his abdomen, creating deep valleys in his flesh. His thick pink nipples were standing engorged on the crest of his mountainous chest muscles. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from them.

“Hey, my face is up here!”

Shit! He must have caught me staring. My eyes dart up to meet his and I see that thankfully he seems to be joking,

“Sorry Damien, I wasn’t—I mean—you’re, er, bigger right?”

His smile widened.

“I think so! Although today was chest day so definitely still got a bit of a pump going on!”

And with that sentiment, he tilted his head down to stare at his pecs which he proceeded to make bounce independently. I had to consciously stop my jaw dropping. The mounds of muscle wobbled and pulsed as he flexed his chest, admiring his progress. Beads of water from the shower ran down from his hair and shoulders before trickling through the light layer of fuzz which covered his bouncing pecs. I watched one droplet navigate the maze of chest hair to his left nipple where it teetered for a moment before dripping off onto the wide expanse of his belly below. He continued to jiggle them, mixing up the tempo and admiring their mass from above. I feel a familiar stirring in my groin and tactfully place my book down over my crotch so he can’t see anything suspicious growing there.

“I can see that!” was the most nonchalant thing I can think of to say, although coming out it still sounded incredulous. Damien lets out a booming laugh,

“Thanks man. Right, I’ll order the pizza, you want your usual?”

“Sounds good, thanks Damien.”

My usual was a medium pizza with veggies. I like my food relatively plain and even when ordering pizza, I try to be somewhat healthy. In contrast to Damien, my body is slim and toned. I don’t exercise all that regularly but I naturally have an ectomorphic build which I find fairly easy to maintain. I wasn’t all that keen on hitting the gym myself, even though Damien had invited me along a couple of times, I preferred to look at muscles on other guys rather than have them myself. Of course, I had gone along with Damien when invited, mostly just to watch him lift the insanely heavy weights he use to train.

We watched TV while we waited for the pizza to arrive. Damien still sat in only his towel, allowing the moisture to evaporate off him in wisps of steam. He would occasionally wince and massage one of his muscle groups, complaining of something called ‘DOMS’. In my head, I dreamed of offering to help massage his body for him but managed to restrain myself. I’m not normally like this, I swear, I’m pretty innocent most of the time! He just seems to have this effect on me lately.

When the doorbell rang, I sprang up to get the pizza, desperate for a chance to escape into another room for a moment and have a break from trying to stop myself staring at Damien.

I opened the front door and was greeted by a wiry delivery boy carrying a large stack of pizzas. He greeted me and instantly proceeded to hand me the entire stack. He turned to leave but I was quick to blurt out,

“Sorry, I think there’s been a mistake. We ordered two pizzas?”

The delivery boy checked the receipt.

“Hmm, nope! Says here you ordered six. One medium with veggies, two large pepperoni and three large chicken and beef. Enjoy!”

He proceeded to run off down the stairs of our apartment building, leaving me buckling under the weight of the titanic stack of pizza boxes. There must be some mistake, there’s no way Damien would order this much! I closed the door awkwardly with my foot and carried the pizza back to the living room.

“So…I think they screwed up our order!” I called to Damien, gesturing at the mountain of pizza. He raised an eyebrow and smiled,

“Nope, looks about right to me!”

“W-what?!” I stared at him in disbelief, “Damien, you ordered five large for yourself? That’s insane!”

He laughed again and stood up, heading over to help lighten the load and relieve my skinny arms. Grabbing the stack of pizza, he set them down on the dining table and began to sort through them,

“Yep, definitely no mistakes. Five large may seem like a lot but my appetite has been crazy recently. Plus, you’ve got to eat big to get big, little man!”

Little man. Ugh. I loved it when he called me that. I’m such a dork.

My disbelief was soon assuaged as we ate and I watched Damien devour slice after slice, pie after pie with relative ease. I had barely finished my own medium pizza when Damien started on his fourth, not yet slowing down. He folded up entire slices and gulped them down in huge bites, devouring thousands of calories like it was nothing to him. I couldn’t help but watch, it was an incredible feat. I think he noticed me staring too but didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I think he appreciated having an audience for this display of superhuman eating.

As he started on pizza number five, the bloat of his belly was becoming unignorable. Ordinarily, his stomach would hang level with his pecs, (which was still quite a way out given how much his chest muscles protruded) but now that he was full of four-going-on-five pizzas and a litre of chocolate milk, his gut ballooned outward, enveloping the edge of the table with it’s girth. As he breathed out after swallowing one particularly large bite, his belly actually pushed the table a few inches across the floor, the edge of it jabbing into my comparatively slim stomach.

“Jeez Damien, slow down!” I stammered, although I secretly didn’t want him to. This spectacle was inexplicably hot. Luckily the table is at waist height so he can’t see my tented crotch. Damien thankfully didn’t oblige to my request but continued to chow down relentlessly, his belly swelling ever larger.

A few moments later, Damien had almost finished his last pizza, only a few slices remained but he seemed to finally be approaching his capacity. Glistening sweat dappled his forehead and his breathing became heavy and laboured. He groaned, rubbing his gigantic belly while staring desperately down at the final few slices which sat, taunting him from the half-empty pizza box. I started to doubt if he was going to make it and from the look on his face, so did he.

What happened next was so impulsive that I didn’t see it coming. It just felt like the right thing to do. I could see in Damien’s eyes how he didn’t want to be defeated by this feast. He longed to finish what he’d started… and I was going to help him.

“Come on, Damien! You’re so close! Keep going!” I encourage him, pushing the pizza box across the table closer to him. It slid across the table and bounced against his incredible belly. He looks up at me with wide eyes, surprised but hopeful,

“You’re not going to let a few lousy slices defeat you, are you? I thought you wanted to be big! How are you ever going to get bigger if you don’t push yourself?!”

A flash of steely determination came over his face. I saw then that he was going to do it. He was going to finish the meal, my words had guaranteed that now. Damien reached for the three remaining slices and stacked them on top of eachother. He then raised the triple-slice to his mouth and shovelled it in. Within moments, it was gone. He swallowed the last bite in one triumphant gulp,


Damien roared in triumph, making me jump in alarm. With great effort, he lifted his huge arms up into a double-bicep flex, showing off the thick muscles of his arms which bulged up into mountains. It was an animalistic celebration of victory. I was speechless.

“Damn, little man. I wasn’t sure if I was going to manage all that at the end there. Thanks for your …er… cheerleading?”

“No problem,” I garbled back to him, “you didn’t look like you wanted to give up so I guess I thought I’d help.”

“It definitely helped. Hoooooo boy I’m full now!”

“I know… Damien, have you seen yourself?”

“Huh? What do you—oh… shit!”

Damien seemed to notice the size of his expanded belly for the first time. His eyes widened as he inspected the growth, his hands delicately exploring the width of his vast stomach. It was really quite a difference, he seemed to fill up a noticeably larger part of the room!

“Damn…I’m really big!”

“No shit! How does it feel?”

“It feels-” Damien looks down sheepishly, blushing a little, “Heh heh… well, I guess it feels good. I’m so damn huge!”

He really was. Maybe it was the rose-tinted glasses I was now seeing him through or maybe it was the size of his ego but Damien did appear to have a lot more presence today. It wasn’t just his pumped muscles or swollen belly, he did seem to be bigger in general, taller and wider than he ever had been before. This was, of course, impossible but I couldn’t help but wonder how he’d achieved this illusion.

Groaning with effort, Damien got down from the stool he had been sitting on and landed on the floor with a thump which made the nearby cupboard rattle audibly. I watched as he plodded with heavy footsteps across the floor to our adjoining kitchen. He opened the fridge again! Surely he couldn’t still be hungry?! There was no way! But instead he grabbed something small from the back of his shelf. From where I was sitting, I couldn’t see what it was due to the bulk of the man blocking my view, but I heard what sounded like the rattle of a bottle of pills. Damien appeared to shake a couple into his palm and toss them back, washing them down with a gulp of milk straight from the carton. He placed the bottle back inside, closed the fridge and turned to face me,

“Right little man, I’m off to bed. I can feel a food coma incoming!”

“Sure… Damien, what was that you just took?” I asked, trying to sound casual but I was genuinely a little concerned. His face changed slightly and he hesitated before answering,

“Nothing you need to concern yourself over. Don’t worry. Right, sweet dreams!”

And with that, he waddled away into the hall, shutting the door behind him.

I sat for a moment, contemplating whether to be nosey or not. Curiosity soon got the better of me and I hopped off my stool and briskly went to the fridge, opening it up and rummaging around Damien’s shelves. There was so much food on them, it took a while for me to find what I was looking for amongst it but I eventually found it tucked away in the back: a small, unmarked bottle containing about half a dozen enormous pills. I turned the bottle around in my hand a couple of times, looking for any indicator of what the pills might be for but there was none. The pills themselves were pink tablets, each at least four times the size of a typical paracetamol. The bottle was almost full, suggesting Damien had only consumed one or two of them… from this container at least.

I didn’t like the idea that Damien was using drugs, especially since I had no idea what they were for! But then I reasoned with the wild thoughts in my brain and realised that they could be for anything. Vitamins? Sleeping tablets? They could be a prescription for all I knew! I hastily put the bottle back where I found it and chastised myself for prying.

After tidying up the pizza boxes, I finished another chapter of my book and decided to head off to bed as well. I flicked off the kitchen lights and exited into the hall.

As I passed the door to Damien’s room, I couldn’t help but hear a low groaning coming from within. I smiled to myself. He was clearly having a little ‘me time’ before bed. I wasn’t one to judge, I would probably do the same.


Part 2

I woke to a loud banging on my door. I blinked awake slowly, slightly disorientated. The bright light coming in from behind the curtains told me that it was morning but the bleariness in my vision also told me that it was still very early. I stretched underneath my covers, convinced for a moment that the banging had been in my imagination only. But then it happened again, louder. It must be Damien. What’s he doing? He’s never woken me up like this before!

“H-hello?” I call out while standing up and scrambling around for a t-shirt and a pair of lounge pants.

“Hey little man,” came Damien’s rich voice from the other side of the door. He sounded a little nervous. “I, er, need your help!”

I dressed myself and went to open the door.

I was greeted by a pretty spectacular sight. Damien stood before me, his vast frame looking the biggest I have ever seen it. He practically filled the doorframe! He was naked from the waist up, his chunky muscles looking even thicker than I remember them and his great, wobbling belly stuck outwards, heaving in and out as he breathed.

He was wearing a pair of extremely tight briefs which looked way too small for his giant ass and bulging package which I couldn’t help but stare at for a moment. Damn. It seemed that every part of him was big!

Hanging around his knees were a pair of jeans which had only been pulled up halfway. I would have thought he looked quite ridiculous if I wasn’t so busy marveling at the giant, handsome musclehog standing in front of me.

Maybe my vision hadn’t fully adjusted yet after being woken up so suddenly, but Damien definitely seemed even larger than I remember him being last night. His chest seemed fuller and broader while also looking a little chubbier at the same time, his huge pecs drooped a fair bit over his belly which also looked fuller and vaster than ever. His nipples were plump and engorged, each of them far bigger than mine and sticking out proudly from the bottom of his chest. His arms were less defined than I remember but much thicker looking, laden with bulky, lumberjack muscle and softened by a modest layer of flab. Each one of his legs now looked almost as large as my waist. That would put them at about 30 inches each! Plus his enormous ass continued to test the fabric of his briefs to its absolute limit. I didn’t know how much Damien weighed, but my guess would be well over 200 pounds. Perhaps 220 or 230 even! Quite a difference when compared to my modest 150.

There was something else about him too, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on at first. It was foolish to think so but… no, I surely must be mistaken… he definitely seemed taller than before! Normally my eyes were about level with Damien’s nose and I stood a mere inch shorter than him. Now, I found I was looking just underneath his chin! That couldn’t be right… that would mean he’d have grown at least 2 inches overnight. Surely this was impossible…

“D-Damien? What happened to you? I could have sworn you’d grown overnight!”

“Oh haha, yeah I almost certainly have. That’s kind of what I need your help with, little man.”

“My help?” My mind raced at all the things he could possibly need from me.

“Yeah,” he gestured down at the crumpled pair of jeans halfway up his legs, “I realised this morning I don’t fit into any of my old clothes anymore so I was heading out to buy new ones but even my biggest pair of jeans won’t go on! They’re so tight, man. I need you to help me get them on.”

Honestly, I didn’t know how much I could do to help but I absolutely was not going to refuse this request. I squatted down, my face getting within an inch of Damien’s enormous thighs as I did. I grabbed the hem of his jeans and pulled it up as far as it would easily go, (just where his quads started to really bulge outwards). I took a tight grip, a deep breath and heaved upwards!

Nothing happened.

The jeans were jammed on his gigantic thighs and weren’t budging. I tried again, more slowly this time, trying to inch the jeans up over his legs little by little. I made slightly more progress now as the denim began to stretch ever so slightly, allowing me to heave it over the two tree-trunk legs in front of me. My knuckles brushed up against Damien’s quads as I worked and I felt how rock hard the muscles of each of his titanic legs were. I imagined the power in those legs; the sheer amount of weight they must be able to support…what kind of objects he could crush between them. A melon, a football…a person?

I noticed Damien wasn’t helping me at all. He just stood with his massive arms crossed over his chest, looking down at me as I struggled to pull the jeans up over his legs. It would have gone a lot faster if he had helped… was he enjoying watching how difficult this was for me?

I finally heaved the jeans up to just underneath his ass, after much straining and wrestling with the fabric. I panted and wiped a thin layer of sweat from my brow with the back of my hand. I looked up at Damien, my eyes asking for help. He didn’t say anything so I asked.

“What now?”

He smirked. “They’ve got to go all the way. Come on, keep going. Don’t be shy, little man.”

There was no loose material to grab ahold of any more which meant I had only one option. Trying not to get too distracted by how close I was to his crotch, I crammed my fingers into the hem of his jeans, forcing them to wriggle into the non-existent gap between the fabric and Damien’s gigantic ass. They pushed their way in with great difficulty, trying desperately to find any spare room that wasn’t taken up by the masses of muscle and chub. Damien let out a deep chuckle which made his big belly quake and jiggle right in front of my eyes.

“Oh wow, that tickles!”

Finally, I managed to get a decent grip and with all my strength, I began trying to force the waistband of the jeans over his thickness. If I made any progress at all, it was barely noticeable. Damien’s glutes ballooned over the hem of the jeans, my knuckles kneading into them like bread dough as I desperately tried to complete this seemingly impossible task.

“Damien… I can’t… y-you’re too big!” I gasped.

“They have to fit, little man. Try harder.” Damien said calmly, placing his hands behind his head.

I put all of my strength into the jeans, wrenching and tugging them furiously back and forth. Damien didn’t budge or lose balance at all… my weight must be so insignificant to a man of his size and power. As I thrashed with the jeans, fighting for every millimetre of progress, my shoulders and knuckles pounded into his thighs and glutes, sending rippling vibrations up his body which made his belly and pecs jiggle even more.

The more I struggled, the bigger his ass seemed to grow, trapping and crushing my fingers against the rough denim. I was obviously imagining it, but it really felt like he was swelling even bigger and heavier with every passing moment.

After several minutes of exertion, I somehow managed to get the waistband of the jeans over his bulk and into its rightful place. There was no way he’d be able to zip or button them, but at least they were on. I collapsed onto the floor in front of him, panting in a heap. Damien, who inexplicably looked bigger than ever from down here, chuckled loudly.

“Wow, these are tight. Didn’t think you’d get them on at all for a minute there!”

“N-neither…did I!” I gasped.

“Good job, little man. Come on, you’re gonna cook me breakfast!”

“I am? Uhh, I mean… sure I can do that. Just let me catch my breath for a second, Damien,” I pleaded with him. Why did he want me to cook for him? Normally he knew exactly how much he wanted to eat so he prepared all his meals himself. He let out another deep belly-laugh.

“Sorry l’il buddy, no time to rest. I’m hungry now!”

He bent forward, arms outstretched and put his hands under my arms. With no apparent difficulty—other than discomfort from the skin-tight jeans which were constricting the lower half of his huge frame—he lifted me off the floor and tossed me over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. My stomach lurched at the speed of the movement. I couldn’t believe how effortlessly he’d lifted me, it was like I was just a toy to him! Damn, what must it feel like to be that strong, I wondered. To be able to throw grown men around like they were playthings!

With heavy, booming steps which shook the corridor, Damien carried me into the kitchen, laughing and making comments on how light I was and how easy it was for him to carry me. He set me down in front of the fridge and marched himself over to the table where he sat and stared at me. He grinned and uttered two short, commanding words:

“Feed me.”

I pulled a huge amount of ingredients out of the refrigerator: a box of 12 eggs, a pack of bacon, eight sausages, half a loaf of bread, peanut butter, a litre of chocolate milk, maple syrup. Using our biggest pans, I began to fry up all the eggs, sausages and bacon while simultaneously toasting the bread two slices at a time. As I cooked, I could hear the low rumbling of Damien’s huge gut as his hunger grew with anticipation.

Fifteen minutes later, I presented Damien with an array of food fit for 4 men easily. Without waiting for an invitation, I found myself sitting opposite him, staring like an audience member waiting for the show to begin. With wide, greedy eyes, Damien commenced work on the mountains of food which covered the table in front of him. He shovelled down great mouthfuls of scrambled eggs, entire rashers of bacon, slabs of sausage meat like they were nothing. Within minutes, the piles of hot food dwindled until only scraps remained.

As the food depleted, Damien once again seemed to grow before my very eyes. His torso swelled with thick, heaving muscles which appeared to expand with every bite. His great belly pressed further into the rim of the table, engulfing it as it swelled with new size. His head inched upwards as he devoured mouthful after mouthful of food, the stool beneath him creaking and straining against his weight. He was getting taller! This time I knew I wasn’t imagining it—he was undoubtedly growing at an unnatural rate!

Damien had moved onto the peanut butter toast, folding up entire slices and shovelling them in with ease. I had used almost an entire loaf of bread to make the toast and he was devouring it all faster than I thought humanly possible. He washed the cloying peanut butter down with gigantic gulps of chocolate milk, draining the liter bottle like it was nothing to him.

And all the while, he continued to expand.

“Damien! I-I can’t believe what I’m seeing… you’re growing!”

He didn’t reply, but just grunted as he shoved the last few mouthfuls of food into his face. His body was truly massive now, he must have gained another 10 pounds in this one sitting! His massive, thick arms had grown to resemble large joints of ham, his shoulders were dense and bulging with powerful muscle, his pecs ballooned and hung over a mammoth belly which bulged, full to capacity of an impossible amount of food. As his belly expanded, it had pushed the table away from him as though it were made of paper. Nothing could impede his growth. He must have grown another two inches in height now… that would put him at what, 6’2” or 6’3” over the course of 12 hours?! It was insane.

Damien swallowed his last bite and licked the residual peanut butter from his lips and fingers.

“Damien?” I said, my voice wavering,

“Oh god, this feels amazing!” he moaned, tossing his head back and continuing to visibly expand, “Yes! More!”

The stool beneath him strained as pound after pound of muscle and chub slapped onto his body. His massive ass swelled with fat and I heard the seams of his jeans beginning to split as they could no longer contain the girth of his legs. His belly thickened far beyond what could be excused as just being ‘full’ from the food, packing on jiggling layers of chub, yet it remained somewhat solid with blocks of thick muscle still visible under the blubber. Two huge nipples puffed up and hardened on the crest of his massive, drooping pectorals which were expanding outward with every passing second. His shoulders widened and rounded, his arms bulged with heavy, quivering muscle. After a few moments, the growth slowed and eventually stopped. Damien sighed and stood up.

Immediately, his jeans exploded, ripping to shreds. Two titanic legs burst forth from the material which could no longer hold them back. Each of his thighs swelled rapidly now that they were no longer constricted by the jeans, while his already massive ass now drooped and bulged with obscene size. As he rose to full height, I now appreciated just how much he had grown… it was far more than I had estimated.

Damien now stood at the towering height of 6’7”! He loomed over me, my face level with the top of his chest. This kind of rapid growth was superhuman and something I had only ever fantasized about… but now here it was, standing right in front of me.

“Damien? Are you okay?” I gasped, looking up at the titan before me.

“Yeah…I feel incredible, but…”

“…but what?”

“Little man, I’m… so… hungry!”

I was shocked… he’d just eaten more than a whole family could manage; how could he still be hungry?!

“Damien…look how much you just ate!”

But Damien wasn’t really listening any more. He seemed to be in some kind of trance. His hands had begun to explore his massive belly, stroking and rubbing the huge surface area in great circles. His eyes were closed and his face was slack with pleasure. He began to bounce his chest muscles, the two huge slabs jiggling on his command. I could see his underwear beginning to stretch further as his crotch swelled… he was getting turned on by his growth! And he wasn’t the only one.

Gazing at Damien’s huge body, I couldn’t help but get excited imagining how easily he could throw me around with those muscles, how effortlessly he could pin me against a wall with that belly, how it would feel to suck on that enormous dick growing in his underwear…

Damien snapped me out of my fantasy with a low growl, commanding me with one word.


I rushed to the fridge but Damien had cleared it out. There was hardly anything left in it, except for a few scraps and the bottle of pills. My eyes were drawn to it for a moment. Something was wrong. The bottle was almost empty, with only one or two pills remaining in the bottom. Had Damien consumed more last night after I’d gone to bed? Were they what was causing this inexplicable growth spurt? I didn’t dare ask him but I couldn’t think of any other explanation right now. Plus, I was so focussed on finding food for the big man that I didn’t care much.

Bending down, I rummaged around in the freezer and dug out a 5 litre tub of chocolate fudge ice cream. Surely that would satisfy him? I retrieved a tablespoon and carried the tub over to Damien, offering both of them to him with trembling hands. He opened his eyes and smiled down at me.

“Why don’t you feed me, little man?”

I obliged. I sunk the spoon into the soft, thick dessert and prised out a massive blob of ice cream. My hand was shaking as I brought it up to Damien’s mouth while he licked his lips in anticipation. As I drew close, his lips parted ready to accept the offering. His mouth opened wider and wider, a huge cavernous maw ready to devour anything which took his fancy. He’d grown so much in the past 12 hours, everything about him was massive now. His mouth, his lips, his tongue…

His mouth closed over the spoonful of ice cream which he instantly gulped down, sucking the spoon hard as he did so. He swallowed and sighed.


As I loaded up the next spoonful, Damien immediately began to grow again. The response was faster and more immediate than before, as if his body was converting food into size more efficiently now. He just expanded, the pounds piling onto him, his height inching upwards.

I started to get really excited now. The vision of Damien’s growth was causing surges of wild testosterone through my comparatively small body. My eyes were level with his chest which bulged and drooped more with every mouthful, the mountains of thick muscle covered in plump, wobbling fat. I was filled with lust for the transformation occurring before me and a drive to encourage it as much as possible. I wanted him bigger. I wanted him much bigger.

I plunged spoonful after spoonful of thick chocolate fudge into Damien’s open mouth. His eyes widened with excitement as the speed of his feeding increased and he swallowed great mouthfuls of ice cream so fast I could barely keep up. His thick lips slopped over the spoon, making a mess of his handsome—albeit now slightly plump—face. The biggest tongue I have ever seen licked smears of chocolate from around his mouth in between spoonfuls. He moaned with pleasure as I fed him, the rich ice cream seemed to be satisfying him for now. He had made it through the first third of the tub but wasn’t slowing down so neither did I.

“That’s it, Damien. Come on, you want to grow bigger, don’t you?”

“Yes!” He gasped, choking on the ice cream as I rammed in another spoonful.

And he grew. Oh man, did he grow.

Damien expanded in all directions at an alarming rate. His boxer shorts now looked more like speedos and were being stretched to breaking point by his giant ass and bulging package. With every spoonful, I had to reach further and further to get to his mouth as his height increased rapidly. His chest rose in front of me, my eyes drawing level with the bulk of his pecs, then his engorged nipples. I now had to fully extend my arm in order to reach his mouth. Soon I would have to tiptoe. But something else was getting in the way too.

Damien’s belly was growing ridiculously fast. It had started to press against me as I fed him and had now gotten so big that it was actually pushing me off-balance away from him. With every passing second, it expanded, a mountain of warm flesh effortlessly pushing me away as if I were a rag doll. Now, I couldn’t get around it to reach Damien’s mouth with the spoon. He had noticed this problem too but quickly found a solution.

He placed his hands under my arms and lifted me effortlessly into the air. Taking a thundering step forward, he pressed his belly into the wall and placed me down on top of it. His great stomach was now supporting my entire weight, my back leaning up against the wall, my feet dangling on either side. I stared into his eyes, my mouth hanging open at this feat of insane strength.

“I didn’t say you could stop,” he said, grinning at me.

“I wouldn’t dare,” I smirked back, “you’ve still got half the tub to go!”

“Fuck yeah! Feed me!”

I was being much less careful with the spoon now. I shoved it haphazardly into the ever-softening ice cream, scooping up as much as I could and ramming it into the big man’s eager mouth. His lips smacked as he received it hungrily and all the while, continued to grow. I could feel his belly growing between my legs… I wondered if he could feel me growing there too?

“That’s it, little piggy,” I teased as I shoved a particularly big scoop into Damien’s mouth, “eat it all up.”

“Nothin’—mmmf—little about me!” Damien retorted thickly through mouthfuls of ice cream.

“That’s right,” I replied, piling more into his face, “so grow, Damien! Come on, show me how much you can grow!”

Oh shit!” he roared, sputtering chocolate out of his mouth onto his chest.

It was like my words initiated the next growth spurt and boy, was it a big one. He must have grown a foot in just a couple of seconds. I heard a pitiful rip from below as his underwear exploded, unable to contain him any longer. Every muscle on his body ballooned and the layers of chub became ever thicker and more dense. He was well past 7 feet tall now. Hell, he may have even surpassed 8 feet but he wasn’t stopping any time soon.

I gave the ice cream a stir and leant forward, upending the tub and pouring the remaining couple of litres into Damien’s huge mouth which was wide open to receive it. He gulped it down effortlessly, his body responding with another wave of growth. His chest ballooned in front of me, his rising belly lifting me further into the air, as it too swelled larger. At least another few inches added onto his height and his hair came close to brushing the high ceiling. The wall behind me groaned and cracked as Damien’s gut pressed into it: he was getting so big that he was actually beginning to break the building!

Finally, his rapid expansion seemed to slow down. He tossed his head back and breathed deeply into his abdominals, causing me to rise and fall on his heaving belly. I was sitting on the stomach of a giant, exhausted from his impressive feeding and growth session.

“Ughhh……hmmmph……” he grunted in pleasure as two final ripples of growth spread across his body, “that… was crazy!”

He wasn’t wrong.

“H-how do you feel?” I asked, nervously.

“Big,” he said, simply and we both breathed a singular laugh, “didn’t expect to grow so quickly! Couldn’t have done it without you, little man. Damn…look at you sitting down there on my belly! How does it feel?”

“I’m speechless, Damien…it’s…beyond words.” Without thinking, I placed my hands down on his belly, rubbing it up and down as if testing that it was real. I stroked his gut for a moment before realising what I was doing. I quickly pulled my hands back as if they were burned and looked up at Damien, prepared to apologise. To my surprise, he was smiling.

“That feels nice. You don’t have to stop.”

“Really?!” I stammered, my heart beating wildly.

“Really. Your little hands feel good on my big belly. Keep rubbing it.”

My trembling hands began to stroke the warm flesh of Damien’s belly again. I couldn’t believe how big he was, my hands must feel so small to him; like I was a toy rather than a man. I rubbed his belly therapeutically up and down, side to side and in wide circles. I wanted to please him and ease the digestion of his mammoth meal. Damien began to breathe heavily again. Then he began to moan ever so softly. The deep moans rumbled in his belly and I felt the vibrations quiver through me.

“Does that feel good?”

“Mmmmm. Yes, little man.”

Damien looked down at me, a weak smile across his face as I continued to massage his bulk. He looked like he was in heaven and I’m sure I did also. This was beyond any fantasy I had ever imagined. I continued to rub his belly in awe, prodding at his mass in disbelief.

“Always knew you liked big men,” Damien sighed, giving me a cheeky wink.

“Well, you’re certainly the biggest I’ve ever seen!”

“I know, right? Just look at me! Look at my chest.”

I looked. In front of me were the largest pecs in the world. Two massive slabs of beefy muscle which bulged and drooped with all the new size Damien had gained. A light layer of hair covered his chest, spiralling around two enormous nipples which were swollen and pink, with thick hard tips. I couldn’t even imagine how strong this chest was. I’m sure there wasn’t a gym on Earth which could provide a big enough challenge for him now. Damien was staring down at his gigantic chest too, admiring it for himself.

“You can feel them if you like…” he suggested, toying the idea with me.

“Feel… your pecs? Are you sure?” I asked, praying he wouldn’t change his mind.

“Yeah, little man. I wanna see how it feels to have them worshipped by your tiny hands. Plus I know you want to, I can see in your eyes,” he bounced his pecs enticingly and the resultant vibrations shivered throughout his body and, consequently, through mine too. Continuing to bounce them, he growled, “Come on. Grab them. Worship this giant’s chest.”

I thrust my hands forward and groped Damien’s chest, my little hands sinking deep into his jiggling flesh. His muscles felt incredible as they pulsed and flexed beneath my fingers. I kneaded and grabbed at his pecs as hard as I could, (although it probably felt like nothing to a man of his size) exploring the bulging muscles while Damien flexed, his torso swelling and hardening as he tensed his immense body. My hands worked around his chest, massaging the muscle. After a few moments of doing this, I couldn’t help myself any longer… I had to know what they felt like and I had to see what reaction I’d get. Looking up at Damien’s grinning face, my hands darted outwards and I pinched and twisted his big nipples.

“Fuck yeah!”

The giant writhed in pleasure, throwing me off balance. I fell forward, my face landing in the valley of flesh in between his pecs which wobbled against the sides of my head. Lingering for a moment to enjoy this position, I eventually emerged and grabbed onto his nipples again, tugging at them and sending enormous waves of pleasure through his big body. Damien howled with euphoria as my little fingers flicked and tugged at his meaty nipples, the tips of which were at least a couple of centimetres in diameter. I continued doing this for a few moments, enjoying the sight of him overwhelmed with pleasure.

Without warning, Damien’s dinner-plate sized hands came out of nowhere and grabbed at my lounge pants, tearing them away as if they were made of cotton wool. He did the same to my top, revealing the entirety of my slim, naked body which was now in full contact with his torso. I gasped in surprise. Damien looked down to see that I was fully hard, my cock leaking precum which had begun to drip down towards his belly. A new type of hunger filled his eyes as he sized me up. He licked his lips and lifted me into the air where I dangled for a moment before he lowered my entire crotch into his open mouth.

I gasped. The feeling was incredible.

Suspended in the air by his incredible strength, Damien sucked on my entire package with his huge, pillowy lips, moving me up and down in a smooth rhythm. A giant wet tongue slathered over my groin as he blew me. I had never felt anything like it. My body was exploding with pleasure. I was at his mercy, nothing more than his little plaything. He could have made me do whatever he wanted and yet he had chosen to service me in this way.

He continued to bob me up and down, never tiring, while I squirmed and yelped in pleasure.

After around a minute, I came hard into his mouth and he swallowed down my relatively small load in one gulp. My body went limp in his hands and he placed me back onto his belly which was now moist with sweat. I sprawled out against his heaving chest, still shivering from the intensity of the orgasm. My limp hands rubbed his chest as it rose and fell with his heavy breathing.

“Mmm, you tasted good, little man,” said Damien, after a moment. He shuddered and then actually grew a tiny bit more, his chest widening beneath my hands. I could barely speak, I was so blindsided by what had happened but a rumbling from the giant belly beneath my legs prompted me to ask.

“Are you feeling okay, Damien?”

“Better than ever, little man… although, I’m starting to get hungry again.”


Part 3

After the craziness of the morning, I had completely forgotten that I had a shift at the restaurant in the afternoon. It was now 9am which would ordinarily give me plenty of time to get ready, however I needed to head out early to get Damien some new clothes. I couldn’t imagine finding anything that would fit him comfortably, but he couldn’t walk around naked all the time, as much as I might enjoy that. I grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom to have a shower, leaving Damien hunting for snacks in the kitchen.

I showered quickly, lathering away Damien’s masculine scent which covered my body and dried myself off before tying the towel around my waist. I opened the bathroom door to see Damien queueing in the corridor, his towel looking comically small in his giant hands, his big naked body glistening and filling up the corridor with bulging mass.

My eyes strayed down to his crotch and I admired his huge package which hung at over 10 inches soft. As my jaw dropped, Damien let out a small chuckle.

“Out of the way, little one. Got to wash this big body.”

I stepped aside as Damien tried to enter the bathroom, but he soon found out that this was a far harder task now he was a towering 8-foot mass of muscle and blubber. He stooped slightly to fit under the doorframe but his shoulders and hips were too wide to get through and he soon became wedged in. Backing up, he now attempted to go through sideways but his massive belly and ass were far too large, the rolls of fat piling up against the doorframe as he tried to squeeze through.

Dutifully, I stepped forward and began to push, pressing my shoulder against Damien’s hip and putting my free hand on his ass. My hand and shoulder sank into his bulk as I pushed, my little body being engulfed by the mass of jiggling chub. Damien sucked in his gut as much as he could and together, we managed to heave him through the door and into the bathroom. He only just fit… this would become a problem if he got any bigger…

“Thanks man,” he said sheepishly, giving his belly a playful slap.

“Y-you’re welcome!” I replied, watching the resultant ripples spread over his ever-expanding chub. I closed the door behind me and went to get dressed, finding it impossible to shake the image of the giant naked man washing himself in our bathroom.

Five minutes later, I was ready to go. Damien had left me some cash to buy his clothes which I pocketed as I left the apartment, the baritone sounds of Damien singing in the shower echoing along the corridor behind me.

I walked along to the nearby shopping mall and made my way into a clothing store designed especially for ‘big and tall’ people. Soon after entering, I could tell that even their largest items wouldn’t fit Damien. I asked a shop assistant if they had anything bigger in stock, but she just raised an eyebrow at me as if I was making a joke. I grabbed an 8XL t-shirt and the largest pair of shorts they had along with some truly gigantic underwear. The clothes were so big that a regular-size man like me could have quite easily used them as a tent for camping. But I knew they’d still be tight on my Damien.

As I reached the checkout, the same shop assistant scanned the clothes, eyeing me up.

“For you?” she asked, a little obtusely as they obviously weren’t.

“For my friend. He’s been growing a lot recently,” I replied with a knowing smile.

Bewildered, the shop assistant bagged up the clothes and I paid for them with Damien’s money. Leaving the mall, I went to a McDonald’s and grabbed a coffee for myself and Damien’s order of twenty Big Mac’s and four large chocolate milkshakes. Again, the person working behind the counter questioned my order, asking if I was feeding an army. I said no, just one very hungry man. Carrying my haul, I headed back to the apartment.

When I returned, the first thing I noticed was the state of the bathroom. Parts of the door frame appeared to have been ripped away, as if to make room for something that didn’t fit. It must have been Damien, but why had this happened now? He had managed to fit through the door an hour ago… albeit with some assistance from me. Had he grown even more while he was showering?! The bathroom floor was covered with water; he had clearly had a difficult time fitting in the shower cubicle and had sloshed water everywhere.

“Damien?” I called.

“In here, little man,” came his voice from the kitchen. I entered, anticipating what I might see as I opened the door.

Damien was flexing, fully naked, in the middle of the room. His humongous body had definitely grown even more in my absence, certainly putting him over 8 feet tall now by a good few inches! His muscles bulged titanically as he posed, rising in great mounds all over his massive body and pushing their way through the chub which covered him all over. His enormous belly seemed to have receded somewhat since this morning’s feeding session as I could see the vague outline of his blocky abdominals peeking through the flab, however it was still massive and swollen by anyone’s standards. His ass wobbled and bounced as he adjusted between poses, easily larger than two round footballs. Damien was truly in his element, enjoying the feeling of his new size and the incredible power that came with it. I took a few steps towards him, gazing up at the flexing titan above me.

“Say Damien, have you put on a little weight lately?” I joked.

“I’m not sure,” he replied, winking at me, “what do you think?”

He dropped to his knees so my eyes were now level with the top of his chest, his weight rattling the cupboard doors as he did so. He then raised his arms up into a tremendous double-bicep pose. Instinctively, I dropped the shopping bags onto the floor and reached out to feel his biceps, each of which was about the size of a small melon. Damien held the flex, allowing me to worship the steely muscles of his arms for a minute while occasionally saying things like, “You like that, little man?” or “Shit, your hands feel so tiny!” or “Imagine how much I can lift with these arms…”

It was all incredibly hot.

After I’d worshipped every inch of his arms at least twice over, Damien’s belly gave an almighty rumble.

“Guess that means it’s feeding time!” I teased. Damien grinned excitedly, his eyes widening with anticipation for what was to come. I opened up the heavy bag of McDonald’s food and grabbed a Big Mac. Unboxing it, I brought the burger up to Damien’s open mouth. To my shock, he accepted the entire thing in one bite! It filled his mouth, pushing his cheeks out but he still managed to chew it and within a few moments, it was gone; swallowed down his big throat like it was nothing. He grinned and brushed my arm delicately with his giant hand.

“Mmm, that was tasty. More please.”

And so the insatiable feeding began again. I shoved burger after burger into Damien’s mouth, each of which he consumed as effortlessly as the last. He punctuated the devouring of each burger with a reverberant gulping sound before asking for another… and another… and another. I willingly supplied my hungry Damien with food. I wanted to fill up his great belly as much as I could. In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to help him grow bigger, fatter and more powerful than either of us had ever thought possible… and the look in his eyes told me he wanted that too. More than anything.

After he consumed the seventh burger and downed one of the large shakes in one go, his belly had started to noticeably swell again. He gave a little moan of pleasure which sounded all too familiar.

“Oh yes,” he said excitedly, “here it comes!”

“Yes Damien! Grow!” I cheered.

Sure enough, he slowly began to expand in all directions once again. The look on his face was of pure bliss as he experienced the sensation of growth. The floorboards creaked and strained under his growing weight as he inflated, they were not designed to support such a large man. Damien closed his eyes, embracing the pleasure. His cavernous mouth hung open and slack.

I grabbed another burger and forced the whole thing into his mouth. He wasn’t expecting this one and let out a small grunt of surprise before consuming it just as easily as the previous ones. I pushed Big Mac after Big Mac into his mouth as he grew, each one going in slightly easier than the last as his mouth capacity increased. Looking down, I noticed that his huge dick had begun to grow and harden too; he was clearly getting off on his growth as much as I was. By burger number ten, he was fully hard and throbbing.

“Fuck yeah, little man,” he said in between mouthfuls, “don’t stop! Keep ’em coming. Play with my nipples again too, I think it helps me grow!”

So with my right hand I clumsily fed Damien another burger and with my left I grabbed onto Damien’s massive nipple and began to tug on it. Immediately, his growth accelerated as I sent shockwaves of pleasure through his body. His body grew in intense surges, his belly jiggling with each rapid expansion, his muscles rippling and pulsating, his monumental cock growing ever larger in front of me.

The proportional size of his muscles didn’t seem to change that much anymore, his overall size just increased like he was an image being scaled up in a computer software. Perhaps his titanic muscles were already at the pinnacle of what would be practical? The only thing which was growing more in comparison to everything else was the layers of chub over his hips, chest, ass and belly. He was becoming a gigantic, muscle-bound butterball. Folds of flab created deep creases under his pecs, at his elbows, knees and love handles as an immense amount of blubber piled onto his frame. His belly became bigger than ever before, growing an unprecedented amount which seemed disproportionate to the amount of food he was being fed… it was like he was willing it to get that big. Controlling it’s girth by sheer desire more than anything.

“Yeeeesss…..yeeeesss….bigger…..bigger!” Damien groaned as he finished another burger. With both hands momentarily free, I grabbed at both his pecs and began to knead them and his body responded with another wave of growth. The pounds piled onto him and he grew ever taller, I could actually feel his chest chubbing up beneath my fingers, his nipples engorging to colossal proportions. He grabbed two of the milkshakes, one in each hand, and poured them both into his mouth simultaneously, chugging them down in seconds. He then grabbed the bag with the remaining burgers inside and began stuffing them one by one into his mouth with insatiable greed, barely swallowing one before his other hand pushed another into his face.

Damien’s belly lurched outwards with a rapid burst of growth, pressing into me as I played with his chest. I moved my hands down his torso and hugged his belly as it expanded, stroking the mountains of flab with my comparatively tiny hands. He grew more and more, his moans and grunts of euphoria deepening in pitch as he did. I closed my eyes and pressed my face against the warm flesh of his gut, feeling every ripple of growth.

Eventually, his expansion slowed again. I released my grip on him and opened my eyes, backing away to get a proper look at his new form.

His head was still nearly brushing the ceiling… although this time, he was on his knees! He must have grown well over a foot, putting him at around 9 and a half feet tall, maybe approaching 10! But it was his width and girth that had grown the most. While I could still tell that his frame was laden by thick, powerful muscles, they were now completely covered by layers of blubbery fat which had transformed his shape into a rounder, bulbous mass. Rolls of chub had thickened his body beyond anything I had ever seen before, even on a regular sized man. The combination of a huge muscular foundation and his hundreds of pounds of body fat had created a specimen more similar to a mountain than a man. He looked a bit like The Blob from my old X Men comics… only bigger, much much bigger.

With two giant hands, Damien touched and explored his new body which was already unrecogniseable from this morning. He shook his massive belly, sending ripples all over him and flexed his muscles which made his arms, chest and shoulders swell monstrously. All the while, I stared up at him in awe. He looked amazing. He looked perfect.

While there was a lot of Damien to take in, my eyes were drawn to his crotch where his giant hard cock was standing like a pillar, having grown another few inches in the past couple of minutes too. It throbbed excitedly, pressing against the underside of his giant belly.

“You wanna touch it, tiny one?”

Damien had caught me staring again but this time I was far less shy. Given the incredible blow job he had given me earlier this morning and all of the feeding and muscle worship we’d done, the intimacy barriers between us had been completely shattered. Plus, I loved pleasuring him. He was my giant mountain of man and I wanted to make him squirm with joy. There was no way Damien’s huge dick would fit in my little mouth now, however that wouldn’t stop me from giving him an equal dose of pleasure. I reached out with both hands and grasped his shaft, one hand easily stacking on top of the other, and began to stroke up and down.

Immediately Damien went into his familiar euphoric trance, tossing his head back and indulging in the sensation of my tiny hands servicing his huge member. He collapsed backwards, lying propped up on his elbows and sending his two tree trunk legs sprawling out either side of me. His right leg knocked the dining table and chairs over as if they were made of toothpicks. As his massive ass landed on the floor, the whole room shook violently from the collision. He leant back, taking up a lot of the room’s floor space, and I continued to stroke him at varying speeds.

His body spasmed and bucked in response to my touch. Muscles pulsing, belly swinging, nipples jiggling at the base of his pudgy, beefy pecs. He let out deep, rumbling groans which reverberated down to my stomach and rattled the kitchen drawers. I quickened my pace with my right hand and with my left, fingered my way down and began to tickle around his perineum.

“Oh shit, oh fuck!” Damien yelped, his titanic legs thrashing either side of me, his back arching. For all his size and for all his untested, yet unimaginable strength, right now he was completely powerless. My hands, working away on him so masterfully, had rendered Damien totally paralysed with ecstasy. This giant man looked like he could overpower an entire lineup of strongmen and yet right now, he was writhing around on our kitchen floor, completely at my mercy.

And fuck me, was it hot.

“You like that, my giant? How does that feel?” I asked, increasing the tempo of my strokes.

“Oh- shi- …fuckin-…n’credible!” Damien could barely get the words out.

“Better than growing?”

Y-yes!” His hand found the armrest of the sofa and gripped it, instantly crunching the wooden frame underneath to smithereens.

“So how do you think it would feel to do both at the same time?” I began to reveal my plan. Damien looked down at me, his face contorted with overwhelming pleasure.


“Yes Damien. Grow. You should grow some more. Now.”

“I can’t… I- unnnghh—I need food to grow—”

“No you don’t. I’ve seen you grow and you’re in control of it. Come on, Damien. I want you bigger. I want you bigger than this! I want you twice as big. Three times as big,” I grasped his cock harder and stroked faster still, my other hand exploring further down and burying into his enormous ass, driving him wild His whole body began to thrash and convulse. It was coming, I knew it, “Yes Damien, that’s it! I want you to grow, I want you to fill this whole fucking room with your size! Nothing can stop you. Do it, Damien. Grow!”

Fuuuuuuck!” He roared. I felt his massive dick shudder in my hand and a second later it erupted with cum like a geyser, drenching me along with the ceiling above. Simultaneously, he doubled in size.

If he grew quickly before, it was nothing compared to this. Within a matter of seconds, his body had expanded in all directions. He was ten, then fifteen, then twenty feet long, sprawled across the floor and growing with every surge of his orgasm. I had stumbled forward onto his belly which rose like a mountain, pushing my body up and away like I weighed nothing. His limbs thickened, his frame became more laden with chub and when he finally stopped coming, he stretched from one end of the room to the other, over three times my height and god knows how many times my weight.

He collapsed onto the floor, shaking the building like an earthquake. One of his humongous feet crushed a kitchen cabinet into splinters as he stretched, although he didn’t seem to feel it, and his head bumped against the window at the opposite end of the room. He was truly massive now. I guess those new clothes would be going to waste after all.

I marvelled at the results of my handiwork. He was immense. A great, blubbery muscle giant and my encouragement had got him there. I don’t know what was in those magical pills in the fridge but whatever it was seemed to have worked miracles with my Damien. And I remembered that there were still a couple of pills left…

I climbed up onto Damien’s naked torso and straddled his belly. He looked up at me, grinning incredulously.

“Big enough for you?” he teased in an impossibly deep voice, giving his pecs a jiggle.

“Yes….” I said.

For now.


Part 4

That afternoon, I walked to work while still processing the events of the past day and a half. I had left Damien in our living area. He was now far too big to fit through the door without causing serious damage to the apartment. Until we found a way to get him out of there, he would be stuck in the room. There was still enough space for him to move around but he had to stay in a seated position or else his head would bump into the ceiling. He had attempted to sit on the sofa but it had disintegrated instantly under his titanic weight with a pathetic crunch. Instead, he sat on the floor, his massive sweaty back propped against the flimsy kitchen wall which groaned in protest.

As I left the apartment, I had caught a view of Damien playing with his giant body. His face was glazed over as he explored his new size with his hands, squeezing his pecs and stroking his belly. Placing his dinner-plate size hands underneath the droop of his giant tummy, he gave it a shake which made his entire upper body wobble and ripple. From the doorway, I could now appreciate from a distance just how fat he had gotten. Mountains of chub spilled in all directions as he jiggled his belly. His abdominals were now completely obscured by flab and his thick, meaty pecs had lost all their definition and shape as they were now ballooned by fat.

Damien then picked up one of our metal stools from the nearby dining area and tested his strength against the steel legs, effortlessly bending them into a pretzel shape as if they were made of putty. I closed the door on the sound of his triumphant laughter as he realised the extent of his power,

“Oh ho ho, fuck yeah!”

I had smiled to myself as his roars of celebration echoed down the hallway and made my way to work.

It was a busy shift meaning the time went quickly. I found myself pretty distracted thinking about Damien so I definitely screwed up a few tables’ orders but before I knew it, it was closing time and I started to clean down my section.

Just as I was counting my meagre tips, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw I had a text from Damien. It simply said:

Come home. Now.

He must have used voice commands to text me as there was no way his fingers would have the dexterity to tap the tiny touch screen. Excited, I ran up to the staff room—passing the kitchen on the way and collecting a bag of leftover food for Damien (I just smiled at the chef who raised an eyebrow at how much I was taking)—and got changed out of my uniform.

I practically ran back to the apartment and went up the communal stairs three at a time. As I pushed the front door open, I was greeted by a scene of devastation. The wall between the kitchen and the entrance hall had been completely demolished, littering the corridor with brick and plaster debris. Covering the floor were dozens of empty pizza boxes, Chinese takeaway containers, empty boxes of fries and burger containers. They completely obscured the floor. I followed the trail of garbage through the gigantic hole in the wall and saw Damien.

He was fatter than ever. He didn’t look like he had grown any taller, but was certainly rounder and more swollen with chub than when I’d left him earlier. He was surrounded by piles of more empty takeaway boxes. His mouth was covered in sauce and chocolate and his huge sausage fingers were also stained with food. He lay slumped against the wall with a bizarre expression on his face, somewhere between pained and excited.

“Damien!” I half-scolded him. I was annoyed about the wall but this was far outweighed by the sight of his giant body which began to turn me on all over again, “get hungry, did we?”

“I emptied my bank account,” he panted, “bought all the food I could afford. Fuck, it was so good!”

It was then that I noticed amongst the empty food packaging lay the (now-empty) bottle of pills from the refrigerator. He had taken the last few along with his feast of junk food. I marched over to him and began to rub his enormous belly. “I can see that. Look at you, you big fat pig!”

Oh shit, don’t do that!” he boomed in his deep voice. I pulled my hand back quickly,

“Sorry! What’s wrong?”

“Little man… it’s the growth! I’ve been holding it back for hours… but I can feel it coming. I’m going to grow again. More than ever before, I can feel it! It’s taking all my willpower to resist it but I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.”

“Damien, if you grow any more in here, you’ll bring the whole building down!”

“I know, little man. You have to get me outside somehow!”

“There’s no way you’ll fit through the door!” I racked my brain for an alternative option. “You’ll have to bust through the wall—the outside facing one—and hop down onto the street. It’s the only way. But everyone will see you!”

Damien gave a strained smile. “It was going to happen eventually. Okay, little man. Get outside quickly—I don’t want you to get hurt when I smash out of here!”

I obliged, scrambling over the debris as quickly as I could. Running out onto the street, I gazed up at our window on the first floor just in time to see Damien’s gigantic fist bust through the wall, tearing through the brick as if it were made of polystyrene. Seconds later, his other arm followed and began to pull away huge sections of the wall, making a massive hole. He was fully visible now, his huge face and naked torso looming obscenely out of the side of the building.

People nearby screamed in shock as they saw a 20-foot-tall giant of muscle and fat lumber its way out of the building down onto the street. Damien clumsily vaulted down, his enormous bare feet quaking the tarmac as they landed. A taxi tried to swerve to avoid him but ended up crashing into his calf. Damien hardly seemed to register the impact, but the front of the car fully crumpled around the bulging muscles of his leg. The taxi driver looked relatively unscathed and did not hesitate in abandoning the vehicle and running full-speed down the street away from Damien.

My giant flatmate now stood at full height for the first time, his massive naked body towering over the terrified people below. I could see he had barely noticed the panic he had caused. Instead, he was concentrating furiously on holding back the growth spurt. His cock was fully-hard and throbbing, standing like a thick pillar above me. His face was dappled in sweat.

“Oh fuck…little man?!” He thundered down at me, his face strained, “it’s coming… Oh fuck… it’s coming!”

Losing my mind in the moment, desperate to see what would happen, I met his eye at said the magic words,

“Do it, Damien. Grow!”

Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuck!!!!”

Damien exploded with size. With every second, he grew a foot in all directions, his height and width expanding in equal measure. His muscles ballooned, showing briefly again before they were immediately softened by pound after pound of flab. His belly grew even more massive, inflating like a globe above me, swinging and jiggling as Damien writhed with every wave of growth. His nipples thickened and swelled, plumping up and expanding to the size of saucers. His ass began to sag as the round, bulging glutes were outmatched by more chub. His feet crushed the tarmac beneath them as they spread wider and longer, each of his toes growing larger than my fist!

He rose higher and higher. 25…30…35 feet tall and showed no signs of stopping.

More!” he boomed, his voice echoing down the street, “More! Bigger! Stronger! Fatter! You—!”

His eyes locked onto me,

“—come here!”

A giant hand reached down and scooped me up effortlessly. Damien lifted me up and pressed me against his massive left nipple. He didn’t say anything but held me there. I knew what he wanted me to do.

Opening my mouth wide, I snogged the head of his nipple and began to suck on it as hard as I could. It immediately grew even more in my mouth, stretching my lips as wide as they would go. Damien moaned and roared in pleasure as I struggled to suck his growing nipple. I noticed my body getting smaller and smaller in his hand. After a few moments, my mouth could no longer hold his nipple which seemed to have doubled in size since this new wave of growth began.

“Damien!” I gasped, “It’s too big, I can’t!”

Fuck yeah!” he roared, still growing, “My huge nipple is too big for your tiny mouth. Fuck, that’s so hot! Twist it, little man. Twist my giant nipple!”

My hands grabbed at the ever-expanding nipple and groped at the rigid flesh eagerly. With every squeeze, Damien grew more and more.

He now seemed to be in total control of his growth. He was willing himself to be bigger which seemed to be all it took. He continued to expand over the next couple of minutes as I pulled on his left nipple hard. Most of the pedestrians in the street had fled to a safe distance although a couple had stopped to watch the show. A handful of awestruck people gazed up at the growing giant with open mouths. Damien had noticed the onlookers and it seemed to be spurring him on even more. He grew and grew, drunk with the power of what was happening to him.

You like that, little ones? You like looking up at the biggest man on the planet? I can grow as much as I want, however I want! Just watch this…. BIGGER!”

Damien surged upwards by another few feet instantaneously. I felt his huge hand grow around me, encircling my tiny body even further. The people below gasped. Damien chuckled, relishing the control he had over his body.


I looked down to see Damien’s belly balloon outwards, pounds and pounds of fat slapping onto it in seconds. His chest puffed up further in front of me, the sweaty skin pushing against my body.


I couldn’t see past his gargantuan belly but Damien’s moan of pleasure let me know that his cock had certainly just grown also. With his free hand, he reached down to grip it and began stroking, his eyes closed in pleasure, his body jiggling with the vibrations.


Damien grew taller again. His frame exploded with more beefy, bulky muscle which throbbed and twitched underneath his pudge. His nipple swelled thicker and fuller under my hands. I was now tugging on it as hard as I could although it was so huge I barely got any traction whatsoever. Damien was working his cock faster and harder now, getting more and more excited.


Damien came with the force of a tsunami, sending waves of cum down the street, knocking vehicles out of the way and covering the surface of the road with his spunk. Car alarms went off as they were tossed aside by the waves of cum. Nearby windows shattered as he bellowed at an impossible volume. As he did so, he surpassed 50 feet tall and continued to grow in all directions as he orgasmed.

After a couple of minutes, the sound of sirens could be heard in the distance. I wasn’t surprised that someone had called the police. Or maybe they hadn’t needed to; what with the racket Damien had made, I’m sure half the city had heard it.

Damien placed me down on the pavement where I collapsed, shaking slightly from the intensity of my own orgasm. I had shot my load all over his giant nipple. It was a pitiful amount compared to the flood my giant man had just caused. I gazed up at his cock which must have been 10 feet long and goodness knows how thick.

The sirens were getting louder but Damien did not seem bothered. Instead, he admired his reflection in the windows of a nearby office block… a building he was now almost as tall as! He stroked his belly fondly and flexed his muscles. All muscle tone and definition was now completely gone, however his titanic frame still bulged with tonnes of powerful beef as he posed. He raised the world’s biggest bicep up to his mouth and licked it with a monstrous tongue.

“MMMMM…” he said in an insanely deep voice, “I TASTE GOOD!”

Half a dozen police cars and an armed response truck turned the corner of the street. They immediately skidded to a halt as the drivers caught their first glimpse of the 50 foot tall musclehog worshipping himself in the middle of the cum-drenched street. Nothing happened for a moment as the police took in the spectacle before them. But eventually, several armed officers exited the vehicles and began to approach. One of them carried a megaphone.

“T-this is the p-police.” There was poorly-hidden terror in his trembling voice. “Surrender yourself i-immediately or we will open f-fire!”

Damien stared blankly down at the tiny men approaching below but then let out a deafening laugh. “YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, LITTLE MAN! I’M THE ONE WHO’LL BE GIVING THE ORDER HERE. AND RIGHT NOW I WANT YOU TO GET ME EVERY BIT OF FOOD YOU CAN FIND!”

Damien took an earth-shattering step towards them, shaking the whole street. The officers raised their weapons,

“Open fire,” one of them screamed.

Twenty police officers began shooting at Damien. Some of them had pistols but around half of them had machine guns which unleashed a stream of bullets against the giant.

The weapons had no effect whatsoever. Hundreds of bullets bounced off Damien’s belly and chest harmlessly, making his skin ripple slightly but not leaving a single scratch on his massive body.


The police officer’s eyes widened and they started to back away slightly, continuing to fire at Damien. They shot until their last clip was empty and the final clatter of bullets fell to the ground at Damien’s feet. He was completely unscathed and grinning broadly down at the quivering men.

“WAS THAT YOUR BEST? WOW, THAT DIDN’T EVEN LEAVE A SCRATCH…” Damien examined his belly and gave it a little shake. His face then locked in a familiar expression of determination and he stared at the shocked police officers. I knew what was coming. “BUT NOW IT’S MY TURN, LITTLE MEN. MY TURN TO GROOOOOOW!”

Damien hunched over and tensed, his muscles bulging with size as he once again began to expand. Now I was down on the pavement, I had a full view of Damien as he started another growth spurt.

He grew faster than ever this time. 60…70…80 feet tall! Each milestone passed faster than the previous one as he enlarged. He rose above most of the buildings in the street, dwarfing them with his enormous height. He retained all proportions as he shot upwards, the width and girth of his fat, beefy body expanding too.

The police retreated in a panic, calling on their radios for backup as they got back into their vehicles and sped away down the street.

Damien did not stop. He continued to expand, once again commanding his body to grow in different ways,


His frame blew up with tonnes of flab and muscle. The street had completely emptied of people now, all of whom had fled screaming in terror. Only I had stayed to watch Damien’s growth. He was obscenely large now, his gut was almost as wide as the street… but he still wasn’t stopping!


Damien’s belly responded to his commands, growing fatter by the second and casting a great shadow over the street. It began to rub against the tall buildings on either side of the road, causing them to creak nervously as the largest belly in the world pressed up against the brick walls.

I was getting so turned on watching him, I couldn’t take my eyes away; couldn’t run even if I wanted to. It had felt incredible being rubbed against his giant chest like I was nothing but a toy. That was only a few minutes ago and he had more than doubled in size since then! I wanted more. I wanted him to use me for his pleasure all over again. But above all else, I wanted to help him grow.

“Damien!” I shouted up at him but he didn’t hear me.

I cupped my hands to my mouth and screamed, “DAMIEN!”

Damien’s growth slowed as he reached around 90 feet and he looked down to see where the noise had come from. I waved up at him and he spotted me, his face shifting into a huge grin.


He reached down with a hand as large as our living room and scooped me up. I got light headed at the sudden rise in altitude as he lifted me up and up until I was level with his giant face.


“You’re the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, Damien!” I replied, wide-eyed.


Getting excited again, I hastily removed my garments and tossed them aside. They fell over the side of his hand and dropped far down to the ground below. I sat there, sprawled out naked in the middle of his palm.


Damien brought his hand up to his mouth and pressed his enormous lips against me. They completely smothered my body, engulfing me in hot, soft flesh. I was pressed flat into his palm, crushed by his giant lips as he lingered the kiss for a moment. My dick was hard as a rock once again.


He opened his cavernous mouth and a tongue wider than a car emerged slowly from behind two giant sets of gleaming teeth. For a second I was terrified he was going to eat me but then his tongue began to slide over my body, slathering over my entire frame, slipping across my thighs, in between my legs, over my torso.

He was licking me.

I let out a moan as the pleasure of this bewildering sensation took over. My whole body was stimulated by the giant’s tongue as it continued to slide up and down over my body. Occasionally the tip of his tongue would waggle over my crotch, teasing my cock which twitched, already on the edge of cumming. Damien would alternate between this and sliding the rim of his tongue underneath my groin to lick my ass.

It wasn’t long before I was squealing in ecstasy, being serviced almost 100ft in the air by my giant roommate. I could hear the low rumbling of Damien’s chuckles reverberating from below. He was getting off on this just as much as I was.

I quickly came over his tongue and Damien swallowed the meagre amount of fluid along with gallons of saliva.


“You mean—” I started but was interrupted when Damien tossed me into his mouth. I landed on his tongue with a splat, my naked body sliding over the huge wet muscle which adjusted below me. Damien opened his mouth to breathe and I shivered as a rush of cold air entered, followed by a warm gust as he breathed out again. He let his mouth hang open to give me a view of the street below and the rooftops on either side. I was scarily high up. If I weren’t in the shelter of Damien’s mouth, I would be terrified but I hugged his tongue which felt secure enough.


His voice was deafening inside the echo chamber of his mouth.

Peering out over his lower teeth and lip, I looked down and saw below where his enormous belly stuck out beneath two mountainous pecs. His belly had definitely grown again as it was now fully wedged between the buildings on either side of the street.

He was so big, he had become wider than the street could accommodate and he was well and truly stuck!

Just as I started to think of any possible solution to this predicament, I heard a noise steadily growing in the distance. It was an intermittent din that I recognised almost immediately. I looked up to the sky and immediately saw them in the distance…

Two huge military helicopters were approaching…


Part 5

I stared out at the two helicopters between the gaps in Damien’s mammoth, smiling teeth. The tip of his tongue was gently caressing my naked frame, reassuring me that I would be okay despite the oncoming military aircraft… and feeling really good in the process.

The helicopters drew level with Damien’s chest and hovered for a moment before a voice crackled over a loudspeaker,


Damien’s tongue stopped licking me as he opened his mouth to respond, cool air rushing in as I slid underneath it next to his row of lower teeth.

“AND WHY WOULD I DO THAT? I’M JUST GETTING STARTED!” Damien replied in a booming chuckle.

There was silence for a moment as if the soldier in the helicopter didn’t quite know how to take this—why would he?! I’m sure enormously fat, muscle-bound giants weren’t covered in typical military training.


Damien’s mouth returned to it’s familiar, gigantic grin as he muttered,


I couldn’t see the growth this time but I knew from his moans of pleasure that 20 feet below me, Damien’s chest was expanding again.

Suddenly, there was a rapid succession of deafening explosions as the helicopters unleashed a barrage of powerful missiles into Damien’s body. I screamed as the vibrations of the explosions shuddered the inside of his mouth like an earthquake and I was tossed around in slick, moist darkness like a ragdoll.

This went on for what felt like several minutes but was probably much less. Once the explosions finally ceased, I couldn’t see anything. Damien’s mouth was closed and I was in total darkness. However, as the ringing in my ears subsided, I was dimly aware that Damien was still breathing.

Streams of light rushed into Damien’s mouth again, momentarily dazzling me, but as my eyes focused I recognised his lips were spreading wide again into that same arrogant smile—he was okay!

I peered out through the gaps in his teeth once again and saw a thick cloud of smoke outside which was beginning to clear. I peered down and as the smoke subsided, what I could see of Damien’s body looked completely unharmed! The missiles had had no effect on him whatsoever! The growth had done more than make Damien into a giant—it had made him near-indestructible!

The smoke cleared further, revealing the still-hovering helicopters in the same position as before. I couldn’t see the pilots from here, but I could imagine the expression of shock on their faces was not dissimilar to mine.


With a speed far beyond what his size suggested he was capable of, Damien reached out with his two enormous hands, grabbing the helicopters clean out of the air! Their rotor blades shattered against his fingers as he plucked the aircraft from the sky like toys. They were still large enough that Damien’s hands didn’t even fit halfway around them, but he lifted them both like they weighed nothing at all.

Seizing the helicopters, he brought them down to his chest and pointed each of them at one of his nipples… surely he wasn’t going to-


Two enormous miniguns erupted from the helicopters, unleashing a hailstorm of heavy bullets into Damien’s nipples, causing his entire chest to jiggle around.


100 feet… 110 feet… 120 feet…

The extreme stimulation on his nipples caused Damien to grow like never before. His mouth became the size of a cave around me as it expanded, the sound of the helicopter’s gunfire sounding fainter and fainter with each passing second.

130 feet… 140 feet… 150 feet…

The buildings which had been trapping Damien crumbled into nothingness, flattened by his expanding belly.

160 feet… 170 feet… 180 feet…

Damien opened his mouth to speak again. I jammed my hands over my ears to shield them from the sound,


Damien’s chest got another extra burst of growth, the gargantuan slabs of muscle ballooning up under the thick layers of flab.


Damien’s monstrous dick swelled even longer and thicker.


His biceps and triceps doubled in size, the shape of them bulging out obscenely from beneath his pudge.


Damien’s legs and ass surged with size. I heard a crunch and I knew a large building behind him had just been demolished by his ass as it expanded.

185 feet… 190 feet…

Damien pushed the shells of the, now abandoned, helicopters into his nipples, crushing them to oblivion. He then reached down and began to jerk his towering dick. His gigantic tongue now smothered me and rolled me around in his cavernous mouth.


Once again, his frame became laden with tonne after tonne of flab, making him thicker and rounder by the second.


I could not see what was happening from inside him, but I later found out that Damien had found a cylindrical television station building, about 100 feet high, (or almost half his height) and had sat on it. The giant was sliding himself up and down over this building which pounded into his prostate as he jerked and grew. People below had ran in terror as Damien pleasured himself using the building but he didn’t even notice… all he focussed on was the pleasure of one final surge of growth…

195 feet… 200 feet…

The roars of pleasure had been deafening as he covered an entire city block with his cum, flooding the streets and decimating buildings left, right and centre.

Damien removed himself from the building and collapsed onto the road, flattening the shops on either side, his huge wobbling frame causing an earthquake which shook the entire city.

After a few minutes, he delicately removed me from his mouth with one fingertip and placed me in the fleshy chasm between his two mountainous pecs.

“Quite the evening…” I panted…

Damien just grinned.

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