Antony Smith

by Locky

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Part 1  (added: 1 Dec 2004)
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 1

I was there, laying on the bed, and him seating on my stomach, my hand on his dick. How did I get there? Never would I have imagined one of my close friend could become even closer. I was pretty lonely in college, but there was this guy that I found really cute: Antony Smith was his name. Really cute, he was fairly tall, thin, but not in a skinny way. You could clearly see that he was chiseled in the most perfect way. His blond hair were just between medium and short length, best form for him since they were curly. The moment that struck me tough was when he looked at me for the first time, and I noticed his deep green eyes. They had a piercing look with them. When we got to recess, I proceeded to meet him as casually as possible:

“So? How do you like that teacher?” He doesn’t seem too grumpy like the one I had last year.

“Yeah seems nice enough. Hey, I’m Antony, or Tony, for short.”

“I’m Simon, nice to meet you.”

From that point, life was good, and we did all the school year together. Next thing I remember, we were close by on the sofa, watching a movie, when suddenly, I realized I could feel the heat from his body. We were so close. I could smell his odor, nice and clean. He turned his head to say a comment about the movie, but I didn't hear really. I turned, and I saw how close our faces were to each other. When he talk, I only noticed his full red lips moving. Next thing I know, I was leaning on him, and then it was paradise. His long hands were all over my hair, and our mouths were tight-locked. He gently pushed me aside, closed the television, and took me in his bed. We did not say anything, just a smile was enough. I took his shirt off, then proceeded to take his jeans off. As strange as it is, it's the first time I noticed he was taller then me. About 4 inches taller then my 5’9”. He seated himself back on the bed, waiting for me to finish what I had begun. Only his boxers and his socks were left. Being a tease by nature, I started with the socks. I removed them to reveal his two long feet. Then I slowly approached his middle section on all fours. And slowly, slowly, very carefully, I removed his boxers. I looked up at his face, a big smile was what I saw. I took his boxers off. He was hard as a rock. The surprise I got when I saw what he had! Oh, his dick was what I'd call average: approximately 5.5 inches long. But the cock head on that! Half covered by skin, it must have been 3 inches across, and 2.5 inches long, with a wide piss-slit. I grabbed it with my hand, and put my mouth around it. I heard him moan.

“God it's sensitive!” he whispered. “Keep it up.” While I had one hand jacking at the base, my mouth on his cockhead, my other hand made it's way to massage his balls. It's only then I realized they were as big as large chicken eggs and hairless.

“Do you shave?” I asked.

“Uhn… no, I just don't have any hair there, don't know why. Oh god that's good, don't stop.”

I've never seen somebody that hot. His well-defined body, although not muscular, you could still clearly see each muscles. Nice and lean. He couldn't keep up with it. I saw his cockhead flare by about another inch! Making it 4 inches wide! And then he came… and came… and came…

“Oh fuck… uhn…. I… oh shit… gah…”

It wasn't ending. My hand was covered by his hot seed, and more was coming out. He grabbed my head and lowered it on his geyser. I caught the last wide spurt. And then it was over. I calculated that it must have lasted approximately 20 seconds!

“Damn! did you jack off this year?” I asked him.

“Just this morning.”

The bedsheet was covered by his cum between his legs, and my chest also. His hands grabbed my head and he kissed me, overtaking me with his large mouth, bringing his tongue deep in mine. Damn he was hot!

Right after this exhausting moment (well, for him at least), I took a quick shower and changed the bedsheets. When I got back in my room he was still waiting for me, nude. His dick was shrunk back to it's soft state, which looked nothing like hard! Two inches long and one wide. Heh… good for me. I always liked growers more then showers, seeing a small dick become big is always a turn on for me. So I turned off the light, and we went to sleep. As corny as it sounds like, it's the birds that woke me up! I always like it when it happens. Better then an alarm clock anyway. I turned my head and looked at my tall lover, only to catch him watching me.

“Hey! How long were you awake?” I asked him.

“Oh, about 10 minutes. Didn't want to wake you up. Anyway, this night was really rejuvenating.”


“Hehe..—I mean, it felt good!”

I got up and went to the bathroom, when I came out, he only had is boxers on him.

“Wait a sec!” I said.


“You look… taller!”

“You think? I'm only 6’1”.”

“Don't move, I'll get a tape.”

I was dumbfounded to read 6’4” on the tape. Now I see what he meant by “rejuvenating”.

“So, he asked me, how much?”

“Oh, you're 6’2” and a half. You must have hit a growth spurt last night.”

“Bah anyway, I'm horny right now…”

“Can't you think about something else sometimes?”

“Not when I have a hard-on!” he said while smiling. I looked down to see a tent in his boxers. I pulled them off. Unless my eyes were cheated, he didn't grow only in height. And by looking back up at him, he, too was surprised. How can somebody grow form 6’1” to 6’4” in a night? And how can a dick get from 5.5” hard to 6”? I took his dick in my hand and started licking the bulging cockhead, probing the piss-slit with my tongue. It tasted precum, and it looked like a lot more was coming out! His large hands took the back of my head and pushed me on his prick. One thing for sure, he was wider! not by much, but still, I had much more difficulty to take it all in my mouth. While he was moaning like crazy from the sensitivity of his dick, I took a quick look at his balls, only to see they were a lot bigger then yesterday. Damn… if he was a gusher before, what is he going to do now!

“Oh god, don't stop, he said. It's so sensitive! Ungh… if you keep this up, I'm going to cum!” Just this phrase was enough to make me lick thoroughly his huge cockhead. I inserted my tongue in his piss-slit, sending him over the edge. He started cumming like crazy. For a long while, huge wide shots got out, literally splashing on the wall behind, splashing on my face, falling down to the floor. And it still kept going. “Damn damn damn damn…” he kept saying.

His knees buckled and he almost fell on the floor, since is orgasm was nullifying every other functions of his brain. Now that the full shots were over, he started breathing again. His dick tough was still letting a full relaxed jet come out now and then. And after two long minutes, it was over. He looked at me before saying: “That… was.. the… best… orgasm… EVER! You better clean up before it sticks everywhere!”

I laughed at that comment and did so. Later he had to go back home to get some things. I looked at my little giant going away. This summer was going to be a fun one!


Part 2

I saw him a week later. I went to his house and fount him just after a shower. All he had was a towel around his waist. To my big surprise, he hadn't stopped to grow. He looked to be about 7’3” tall. I glanced at his feet that were now 13 inches long. Wow. and still he retained that well defined body look. He invited me to his bedroom and we sat on his bed. “Look, he said, I have to tell you something. I've found out why I'm growing. For no reason, every time I cum, it makes me grow. Well you can see the results for yourself.” He then proceeded to remove is towel, revealing his 5 inches limp smooth dick. The cockhead itself was a large as it was when he was hard, last time we made love. 4 inches wide. Damn. and his balls, at least 5” long and 2” wide. I leaned (upward) to kiss his big amazingly tick lips. We then proceeded to lie down on his bed.

I could feel he was getting hard. and he was still a grower from what I was sensing. Half hard and already 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. The monstrous head of the python was getting bloated to the maximum faster than the shaft. There was no way I could get that in my mouth. Still I proceeded to lick the slit as the pre-cum started flowing out in a thin but continuous stream. I could hear Antony moan: “ugh, it's become so sensitive. come on make me bigger, jack me off”.

His dick jerked up as it was now filled to the max and hard as hell. 15 inches long and 3 inches wide! The pre-cum was pouring out now at an unbelievable rate. My hands encircling the shaft were covered in it. The enormous mushroom head was more than covered, it was literally being splashed by it as it came out of the wide piss-slit. Damn, that thing must take at least one third of the shaft length. I started concentrating to make him cum.

Faster and faster I stroked it, his tall body squirming on the bed, his breath puffing heavenly. I looked back down at his huge balls. They started to get closer to his body. He must be close now. Indeed, I saw his huge head swell even larger. I wasted no time to put my mouth over the slit, and then he came. The first shot completely filled me and I had to back out. It didn't shoot as far as last time, maybe because there was a lot more of it, and therefore it was heavier, but still. After the third blast, the whole bedsheets between his legs were completely wet from the cum. He took his dick with his long hands and aimed it up at him. Needlessly to say, after one whole minute of relentless cumming, he was almost totally covered.

“Whoa! he said, that was good! Say Phillip, come with me. I need to take a shower. We'll wash my sheets after.” And what a shower he had. Big enough to hold 4 persons standing up, with the water dropping from above in a rainy manner. But when he crossed the door to the bathroom, he almost hit himself on the head. I told him to lean up against the wall and took a tape measure.

“7 foot 8 inches. Hmm.. it's acting faster this time.” He looked down at me with a smile. I slowly proceeded to measure a lot of his parts. His hands were now almost double the size of mine, with long thin fingers. At my height of 5’9”, I couldn't quite come up above his shoulders. His dick, now soft, was now 6.5 inches long and 3.4 inches wide. Woah, that was fast. The huge cockhead was still the same tough. His balls had increased of 1 third their size. Still going down. I measured his feet at an amazing 20 inches long, the longest toe being 4 inches. I got back up and we entered the shower. Without even saying another word, we started the water. Antony leaned down immediately after to kiss me. His long hands were around my head while his big tongue filled my mouth. I don't think I need to tell you I was now fully hard with my 5 inches long piece. Nothing big, but nothing small either. And it's in that moment that I just realized that his cockhead had the ability to become as big as my dick erect.

“We should focus on cleaning yourself now, there'll be plenty of time for that later” I told him. Not long after, we cleaned the bed and watched the T.V. I couldn't wait to have the full results of his growth tomorrow.


Part 3

The next morning, I got woken by somebody stroking my hair. I looked up to see an enormous hand with long thin fingers. It kinda startled me, but than I remembered it was only Anthony. He was looking at me with his green eyes. Without saying a word, he leaned in, and his huge mouth overtook mine, inserting his tongue in my mouth, filling it completely. I got up, all fluffy and buggy eyed, and went to prepare the coffee. Anthony layed back on the couch in the living room, and started up the t.v. I brought him his cup, than cuddled myself up on him. Damn he was big now: his enormous feet were dangling in the air over the side of the couch, and still he was taking up all the space. We watched some cartoons for a while. He was the one to break the silence.

“About that growing stuff, I’ve noticed that I go back down a little if I don’t cum in one day. This is all very strange. But so far I really like the added up height. So… I was thinking if you’d like to try out the limit for the rest of the summer, I can always let myself shorten up before the next semester.”

“Hmm.. I’d like to try it out.. but what about the food? Or any other thing like that?”

“Well… did you notice I haven’t eaten since you came here? For some reason, I’m never hungry anymore… I’m telling you, that’s really something strange that happened, don’t know why.”

“I know that my grandfather owns an old abandoned barn far out in the fields, out of town. Maybe we could go there, it’s off the main roads, near the Sylvest Forest. Nobody ever gets around there, we would have privacy..”

“Except.. how can I get out of this house without getting noticed?”

To prove his point, he got up. He didn’t look like it laying down, but once he got up, it was a sight to behold. He had to crunch his neck a little so as not to hit the ceiling. I glanced down, his abs were at my eye level, and the only thing that prevented him from being nude was an overly stretched pair of boxers. Even with it, you could see his monstrous cockhead dangling down from his groin. His feet couldn’t wear any shoes around the house for sure now. Yeah, getting him out was going to be a problem.

“Ok, I have an idea,” I said. “We’ll simply wait until the wee hours of the morning, and we’ll slip you in my car and drive there, it’s about an hour from here, so I won’t have long to drive, and they won’t be anybody on the driveway at that time.”

“Sounds good to me…”

He then took me by the waist and lifted me up to his face. I must have weighed no more than a child to him. His lips overtook mine, and I let myself go. I embraced him fully, feeling his heat transfer from his body to mine, feeling his huge hands holding me, his nose breathing down on my forehead. When I opened up again, I noticed he had brought me to the bedroom… again…

“I still want to take on some size! Don’t worry, I’ll still fit in the car,” continued Tony.

I pulled his boxers down and went to take the tape. I really wanted to see, numerically speaking, how big he was now. Turns out his height was about 9 feet 3 inches. Woah…. That was quite something. Before he got hard, I hurried up to his soft biggie: 9 inches long, 4 inches wide! Woah! The cockhead itself, limp, was 4 inches. It was really getting massive. Not a moment after, pre-cum started gushing out the opening slit. Next were his balls: 7.5 inches long, 3.6 wide. I went down to his huge feet: 25 inches long. I dropped the ruler and looked up at him. He was smiling like a spoiled child on Christmas. I hastily went up to the gushing cockhead to stiffen it up. I applied my mouth on the slit and slurped up as much of the sweet pre-cum as I could. His cock was really getting hot, it was growing really big, really fast. 14 inches long, 4.5 inches wide. The bloated head was really huge, and unsuckable because of it’s humongous size. It was approaching the 6 inches in length, taking up half the length of his cock, and still he was half-hard!

Tony was in heaven, he couldn’t get his hand off me. The sensations seemed overwhelming for him. The increasing amount of pre-cum flowing out was maybe an indication: I couldn’t even keep up with the flow. Having my stomach full of it, I backed up a little, my lips drenched in it, and admired the growing python. Soon after, it was up to 28 inches long and 6 inches wide: the shaft finally took some space up of that head. And the cockhead, oh my god… it was… ugh… it was huge. I took both my hand and I couldn’t even go around it, it was like grabbing a football. The head was 10 inches long, a little less wide, about 8 inches. The slit itself was becoming huge. This gave me an idea to enjoy his growth… I’ll try it out next time. I started rubbing his cockhead like crazy, I could see he was getting off on it. Soon enough, the color deepened to an angry red, and his dick pumped up a little, he was going to cum. I quickly looked around for something to contain it, but didn’t have time. All I heard was a muffled nose from him, and then I felt my arms getting wet. I looked back to see this freaky dick unloading one of the biggest load imaginable. The first cum shot must have contained at least two or three liter of cum. The next one was even bigger, and drenched my stomach completely. I plunged down on the slit, not caring about getting hit. My face got one full on, and it totally showered me. Still it came and came. For the next two minutes, I licked up to it, trying to make Tony get the most out of his huge orgasm. I felt so puny next to him.

Time to hit the shower…

Once midnight came, and the house cleaned, we prepared the car in the garage. I gave him a blanket for the trip. Before entering the car, I looked up at Tony and asked: “Are you sure you’re going to fit in there? You look even bigger than this morning now…” He only smiled back and pushed me in with his huge hand. He laid in the back of the car on his back, and prepared for the trip. His feet were up against the window, so he covered them up (or at least tried to) with part of the blanket. I hit the gas, this was going to be fun.

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