Alex and the giant

by JB

Alex finds himself irresistibly attracted to a man who can change his size at will.

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Alex walked into the gym, glancing around as he started his workout routine. “Shit, he’s here,” he thought as he saw one of the gym’s occupants. Across the room stood the man that garnered Alex’s attention. He stood around 10 feet tall, had dark brown hair, thick muscles, and the juiciest bubble butt Alex had seen in person.

The beast of a man was what was known as a “titan”, a race of superhumans that could change their size at will. They were not super-common in this area, thus often attracting a ton of attention, and as a result were often self-obsessed attention whores. But this one seemed different to Alex. He didn’t attract much attention to himself, and when he was approached by others acted almost shy, not engaging in much conversation but still with an air of politeness and general friendliness about him.

Alex made his way to the treadmills picking one that would give him a good view of the giant across the room. As his workout went on he stole quick glances at him, trying not to be obvious about it. He wasn’t successful, as during one of his glances the big man made eye contact with him and Alex quickly averted his eyes. When he had the balls to look again his face flushed to find the man still glancing in his direction. They shared a moment of eye contact again and the titan gave him a grin, leaving Alex with such a weak feeling in his knees he had to slow his speed of his run. He kept up his workout for a while longer, until he noticed the huge man making his way towards the showers, staring at his ass the whole time. Right before the man entered the doorway he looked back right into Alex’s eyes and gave him a wink and continued into the showers.

“Holy shit, is he coming on to me?” Alex thought. He’d always wondered what it’d be like to even just touch someone that huge, and his dreams had often carried him down similar fantasies. After another minute of debating with himself Alex summoned the courage to follow. “I’ll just take a quick shower, maybe get a glance of him, then leave,” he said to himself. He entered the locker room, seeing no one he undressed catching a glimpse of himself in a wall mirror.

Alex was 24, 5’11, well built with well-defined pecs and less defined abs and had a light coat of hair on his torso. Summoning his courage he headed towards the showers. He peeked in the open room that had several shower heads around its perimeter, seeing the only occupant being the huge man. He was showering, his back to Alex. After a few seconds of gaping at his impressive naked form, he quickly moved to the farthest shower and turned it on, facing away from the other man.

“You coward,” he thought to himself, but couldn’t bear the thought of getting closer. It was all he could do at the moment to keep his own 8-inch dick from springing to attention. He lathered up feeling his own body, admiring the progress his gym going had done for him lately. He finally found the courage to turn around, but not before another gym member had entered the showers. His eyes went straight for the large man, and what he saw made him swallow. The man was turned toward him, washing his hair, his large body on display. Large round pecs with light hair running down into a chiseled six pack with his happy trail leading down to a trimmed bush that surrounded what must have been at least a foot-long soft cock.

Totally lost in the sight, he stared longer than he meant to so when he finally looked back up at the man’s face he was horrified to see him staring right back him. What was worse was he was he had a smirk on his face, and Alex realised the giant was staring at his crotch. He glanced down and saw he was rock hard. “Fuck, that didn’t take long,” he thought and turned to face the wall mortified, endlessly scrubbing himself waiting for the other occupants to leave the showers. He finally heard one shower shut off, then another, and turned around to the empty room. “What the hell Alex, get yourself together and just talk to him,” he thought. Looking down he saw his dick had deflated somewhat. “Now or never,” he thought, and exited the showers.

Entering the locker room he saw once again it was just the big man in the room. “Of course his locker would be almost right next to mine,” he said to himself, summoning his courage and walking towards him. Standing next to the man really was aweing, seeing a hairy thigh the size of a small tree trunk in his peripheral vision.

Alex heard a deep “Hey” come from the giant. He turned, greeted first with the massive manhood of the man just under eye level, quickly averted his gaze and turned it up his still wet perfectly sculpted body to meet the giant’s eyes. “God he’s gorgeous,” Alex thought. He had deep blue eyes and covered by his wet hair, along with a short trimmed beard. He must be in his early twenties Alex thought.

“Uhh hey…” Alex managed to mumble as he started up at the huge man. Pulling himself together he said, “Sorry for staring, you’re just so… uh…”.

“Huge?” suggested the man.

“Uh, yeah, that,” Alex blurted. “Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude,” he said.

The big man smiled warmly. “Heh, no problem man, I sort of stick out like a sore thumb,” he chuckled. “I’m Avery, by the way” he said, reaching down to offer a handshake.

“Alex” Alex mumbled as he watched his hand enveloped by Avery’s huge hand. His grip was surprisingly gentle Alex thought, staring at the fingers, shifting his gaze to the wrist (he had always had a weird fetish for guy’s wrists), then up the furry forearm, to the bulging bicep, round shoulder, then finally ended on Avery’s grinning face. “Sorry I’m staring again,” Alex managed to blurt out, his hand still limp in Avery’s hand.

“No worries dude,” Avery smiled as he released Alex’s hand.

“I’m just kinda.. uh, in awe,” Alex nervously said, already missing Avery’s hand.

The giant made a sound of amusement as he went back to drying himself off. “Yeah sorta noticed,” he said glancing down at Alex’s crotch. Blood rushed to Alex’s cheeks with dread as he realised it wasn’t the only place it was rushing to. He turned quickly away trying to hide his rock-hard dick, mortified beyond words. Avery gave a gentle chuckle, saying, “Don’t be shy dude, stare all you want.” Alex turned his head in disbelief, looking Avery in the eye. He had a sexy smirk on his face as he reached for another towel to dry his huge bulk. “Shit man, feel free to touch too if you want,” Avery said softly.

Alex heart was beating in his throat. “Is he for real? Am I dreaming?” he thought. His eyes drifted down Avery’s body watching him dry his massive thighs, then glanced back up to his face. He had an inviting grin on his lips as he stopped his drying and dropped the towel and took a small step closer to Alex. His heart fluttering, Alex watched as the giant’s abs came within inches of his face, becoming aware of the heat radiating off Avery’s huge cock also mere inches from his own chest. He slowly reached up a hand an put it on Avery’s hip, feeling his soft warm skin. He ran his hand up and Avery’s side, then slid it around to feel a huge globe of muscle bigger than Alex’s that was Avery’s ass. Sliding his hand back to the front he ran his hand up the chiseled abs, then down slowly following the happy trail till he reached thick dark pubes. Alex swallowed hard, completely enraptured by this experience, and slowly wrapped both his hand around Avery’s giant soft cock.

“Holy shit,” Alex whispered as he held Avery’s massive member. As he started to run his hands over the huge dick Avery let out a sigh pleasure. Alex looked up at the giant and received a wide grin in response. Avery gently put a hand on Alex’s shoulder, slowly sliding it down his back. Alex shivered at the contact of the huge hand on him. He shifted his glance back to the now growing cock in his hands, and was just about to open his mouth to taste it, when voices suddenly shocked Alex back to reality.

They both quickly started to dress as the locker room filled with a few gym members. Alex sat on a bench to tie his shoes. Avery sat down next to him, and leaned in close to him and whispered, “Want to head to my place?”

With a huge grin, Alex said, “Fuck yeah.”

Alex and Avery quickly gathered their things and exited the locker rooms, Avery taking the lead as they headed out of the gym and into the city.

“So where to?” Alex asked, breathing in the crisp winter air.

Avery motioned to the right down the street. “My place is a bit that way, you up for a walk?”

Knowing the alternative was the city’s dilapidated subway system Alex agreed, saying with a grin, “I need the walk, since someone distracted me from my treadmill session.”

“Oh, my bad,” said Avery smiling down at him. “Hope you can keep up little man!” He said as he started off down the street.

“Little man…” Alex repeated in his head. God that was hot.

He stared at Avery’s huge frame for a second before taking off after him. Avery’s challenge held true; his gate was so long Alex had to take at least two steps to keep up with the giant’s one. After a few minutes of intense power walking for Alex but a mere simple stroll for Avery he stopped in front of an upscale looking apartment building.

“We’re here,” Avery said, opening the front door for Alex and leading him to a larger than ordinary elevator that easily accommodated Avery’s height.

“Whoa!” Eyeing the size of the lift as they stepped inside.

“Yeah, neat eh?” Avery said selecting a button on a panel inside the door, “This building has a whole floor and amenities for people like me.”

“I didn’t even know they had places like this,” Alex remarked as they stepped out of the elevator. He glanced around feeling like he had shrunk- everything on this floor was built to Avery’s size. The ceilings, doors, even the artwork on the walls was oversized.

Avery led him down a hall and stopped in front of a massive door, digging in his pockets and pulling out a key. Unlocking the door they entered Avery’s apartment. He lifted his arms in a broad gesture saying, “Welcome to my humble abode.”

Alex’s first impression was of space, and a lot of it. It was a big open room with all the basic apartment amnesties, just everything was oversized.

A thought struck Alex. “Wait a second,” he said, “can’t you just shrink to regular human size?”

“Sure can,” Avery said, and as he did Alex watched his huge form reduce in size ‘til he was at eye level with Alex.

“Whoa,” Alex softly exclaimed staring at him, noticing that his clothes had shrunk with him. “So why don’t you just live at this size?” Alex asked.

“It’s kinda hard to explain,” Avery said turning towards the kitchenette in his apartment and motioning for Alex to follow. “When I’m this size I feel… I don’t know how to say it. Confined?” They stopped in front of a fridge bigger than a car, Avery turning to Alex. “It feels weird, like I’m too dense, if that makes sense.” As he said this he gripped his chest with an odd expression on his face, like he was trying to rearrange his internals.

“Anyways”, he said dropping his hands, “I feel right at this size,” and started to grow. Alex took a step back with an open jaw as he watched Avery swell in size ‘til he looked proportionally correct to the fridge they were in front of.

“Whoa,” Alex said again, eliciting a smile from Avery.

“So how tall are you now?” Asked Alex.

“11 foot 2,” he said, opening the fridge. “Thirsty?” he asked, grinning down at him.

“11 foot 2?!” thought Alex, “I knew he was tall but fuck… I wonder how big he can get?”

All at once feelings of uncertainty flooded into Alex’s mind. Here he was, in a stranger’s apartment. But not just any stranger, a giant’s apartment. A fucking giant. A powerhouse of a man that Alex was sure could rip him to shreds with a bat of an eyelash. What were his intentions with Alex? Was he safe?

A touch of panic entered his mind. “He wouldn’t hurt me would he?”

“Uhh… I’ll just take some water,” Alex mumbled averting his eyes.

Avery shut the door and kneeled down so he was at eye level. “You okay, dude?” He asked, handing Alex a bottle of water, and putting a huge hand on his shoulder.

The look of concern in Avery’s eyes and gentle touch helped reassure Alex of his situation and gratefully took a drink saying, “Yeah, this is all just a little, uh.. overwhelming.”

“I get it,” Avery said giving him a warm smile. “We should find something to calm you down man,” his smile suddenly turning playful. Without warning he quickly leaned forward and picked Alex up, one arm behind his back and the other under his knees, standing all the way up.

Alex let out a yelp has he was gently lifted by thick muscular arms, nervous and exhilarated at the same time.

“Don’t worry dude, I won’t drop you,” Avery said with a grin walking towards the huge bed in the room. Alex felt his voice vibrate through his chest he was pressed up against in Avery’s grasp, a feeling Alex thought was incredible. Avery gently lowered him unto the bed that must have been the size of a small swimming pool, then he crawled unto to the bed sitting next to Alex.

“You good?” Avery asked, the concern still present on his face.

“Never better,” Alex returned, smiling back.

“Good,” Avery said, his playful smile returning to his face. “So where were we…” He said rubbing the stubble on his jaw. “Ohh yeah, you were gonna take a closer look at this…” he said as he stood up and dropped his gym shorts and jockstrap, his massive cock flopping into view. Alex gulped as he saw the beast of a penis again, eyes wide as saucers as Avery sat back down, his massive hairy thighs on either side of Alex.

Without hesitation Alex hobbled forward on his knees and wrapped what he could fit of Avery’s cock in his hands. He gently ran his fingers up and down the growing member, marveling at its raw masculine beauty.

It didn’t take long before Alex’s rubbing made Avery’s dick rock hard. He was leaning back on his elbows watching the little guy go to work on him. He suddenly leaned forward off his arms and pulled off his shirt leaving him fully naked. He reached down and gently tugged at Alex’s shirt, who willingly obliged and stripped completely, his own 8 incher flying at full mast.

Alex kneeled back in front of the massive dick, which had swelled to around 18 inches. He rubbed the underside of it against his own torso, then tried to fit what he could into his mouth. He only managed to get the tip in, but it still made Avery let out a moan of pleasure. Alex did his best to work the huge cock, grinding his own dick and body against it and sloppy slurping the head.

After a few minutes he leaned back and looked up to Avery and said “Fuck dude, this is so hot but you’re so big…”

Avery let out a chuckle, “I think I can help with that..” He said and started to shrink in size. He stopped at around 8 feet, making his dick a more manageable size.

“Better?” He asked with a smirk.

“Perfect.” Alex said and dove down on Avery’s cock. He threw back his head and sucked in his breath through clenched teeth as Alex serviced his dick, working the base of his shaft with his hand and the tip with his back of his throat.

“Mmmm… fuck dude you sure do know your way around a cock” Avery said reaching down and gently rubbing the back of Alex’s head.

Alex looked up making eye contact as he continued to suck and respond by moaning deep in his throat on his dick sending shivers down Avery’s spine.

Alex increased his speed and started exploring Avery’s body with his hands, sliding a hand up to grab a furry pec, slipping another around to his bubble butt. He gently fondled Avery’s thick heavy balls, sliding back to his taint, then gently slid a thumb slowly into his ass, receiving more intense moans from Avery.

Alex continued his speed on Avery’s cock, and slid a finger deeper into his ass hunting for his prostrate. As soon as found it Avery let out a moan that crescendoed into a shout leaving him heaving and breathless.

“Holy fuck bro, I’m not going to last long if you keep doing that…” Avery whimpered. That did nothing to slow Alex who kept up his speed and growled again on his cock.

The fingering of his ass and Alex constricting his throat muscles on his dick head proved too much and with a breathless “Oh fuck, I’m gunna cum dude” gripped Alex’s shoulders as his cock shot rope after rope of cum deep down his throat.

Alex didn’t let a drop leak out swallowing all of Avery’s sweet spunk, slowly letting his softening cock slip out of his mouth.

With a spasm Avery went fully limp on his back after draining his balls into Alex’s belly. Alex slowly and gently started to kiss up Avery’s happy trail, stopping at each of his abs lightly outlining them with his tongue. He continued up his toro to his lightly furred chest, licking over to his swollen nipples on Avery’s thick pecs.

This seemed to rouse Avery from his intense orgasm. He wrapped his arms around Alex and pulled him up his body to meet their lips in a passionate kiss, tasting his own cum in Alex’s hot mouth. He pulled out of the kiss and put his hands on Alex’s face, sharing a moment of just staring into each other’s eyes.

Avery suddenly grinned, then said—”My turn,” and slid his hands down Alex’s back and started to grow.

Alex experienced the crazy sensation of Avery’s body expanding underneath his, something he couldn’t fully put into words. Back at his normal 11 foot length, Avery wrapped his thick arms around Alex and still holding on to him flipped his body around so that Alex was on his bank and he was kneeling over top of him.

Alex stared up at the huge man looming over him, totally enthralled by him. Avery leaned down and planed this huge lips on Alex’s and gently kissed him, slowly sliding down his neck to his hairy chest, down his belly and finally ending on his swollen cock. He slowly licked from the bottom of Alex’s balls all the way up to the tip of his dick, his large tongue wrapping around most of Alex’s penis.

Alex fought the urge to writhe in pure pleasure as Avery’s big tongue explored his manhood. Avery continued to lap with his tongue for a few minutes, but then did something that caught Alex completely off guard. He licked down to the base of his cock, but then kissed his way down to Alex’s inner thigh. Avery then spread his tongue as wide as it would and slowly licked up Alex’s thigh, up his Apollo’s belt, then up his belly, over a pec, then ending at Alex’s neck.

He felt Avery let out a long hot breath on his wet neck, then Avery whispered in his ear—”You taste so fucking good little man.”

“…you taste good…little man…”. He repeated in his mind.

The words left Alex feeling scared, excited, and overwhelmingly horny. He felt like he could erupt the contents of his balls just by Avery’s words, and the feeling of his tongue sliding over his body.

Before Alex could voice a reply Avery gave him another kiss on the neck then slid down to his cock occasionally running his tongue over him on the way down. It didn’t take Alex long to succumb to the huge tongue running over his almost painfully swollen cock. He had been breathing heavily, and let out a weak whimper as he felt his orgasm start and managed a soft “Fuck, I’m cumming” before his cock spewed the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced in his life, covering his stomach and chest. He lost count of the number of loads his dick sprayed, his mind muddled and weak, lost in ecstasy.

After his manhood had stopped throbbing he glanced down to see Avery staring down at him with and odd smile on his face. Avery’s grin widened and he leaned down and took Alex’s entire cock into his mouth, lingering on his dick head sucking what cum was left in it out. He then began to slowly and methodically lick up Alex’s belly and chest cleaning every drop of cum off his body.

The taste of Alex’s cum and sweat mixed with the hairy texture of his skin was awakening a familiar hunger deep in the pit of Avery’s belly, but he fought hard to ignore it- at least for now.

He made his way up to Alex’s mouth and planted a big sloppy kiss on his lips, then then wrapped his arms underneath his back and ass and gently flipped back over, so Avery was on his back and Alex was laying stomach down on top of him.

Alex propped himself on Avery’s chest staring slack jawed into Avery’s smiling face.

“Dude… That was the hottest thing that has ever happened to me,” Alex stammered.

Avery’s grin deepened and slid a hand down to gently rest on Alex’s back. “Glad you enjoyed it bro… your load was… volcanic!”

“Yeah, I think it’s the most I’ve ever cum in my life,” Alex said.

Avery chuckled, “I don’t doubt it man” and gently started to rub his back.

Alex let out a deep sigh and slumped unto Avery’s chest, completely exhausted, enjoying the back rub he was receiving.

He looked up at Avery and asked—”You think I could crash here tonight?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way man” Avery smiled. “In fact… Let me make it more comfortable for you.”

Before Alex could respond, he felt that weird sensation of Avery’s skin expanding under his own, as he grew larger than Alex had ever seen him. When he had stopped growing Alex looked around him, staring at the vast expanse of hairy muscular ground that had grown beneath him. Behind him was a bed of abs, and in front of him were two massive pecs the size of boulders.

He looked up into Avery’s massive face, which had a goofy grin all over it.

“You should see your face right now bro…” he chuckled.

Alex felt the powerful voice rumble in the chest beneath him.

He could only grin back up at Avery, at a complete loss for words.

Avery reached over and turned off the lights, then pulled a blanket up over him to his mid chest. Alex snuggled down into Avery’s abs, using a furry pec as a pillow. A giant hand gently came to rest on Alex’s back, and huge sigh escaped from Avery’s chest.

“Sleep tight little man,” he whispered.

Alex smiled, loving the warm soft skin he was laying on, the comforting weight of the hand on his back, the slow rhythmic inhale and exhale of the massive lungs under him, and the deep thud of Avery’s heartbeat, and sank into the deepest sleep he’d had in a long time.

4,284 words Added Jan 2019 20k views 4.5 stars (11 votes)

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