Adam’s fury

by Chronologious

 Adam is sick and tired of being harassed and bullied at school and reaches his breaking point. Nobody is ever going to mess with him again.

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Adam woke to the sound of his cell phone alarm going off. It was Monday again, which meant having to go to class. He hated every single minute he had to spend on school grounds. Nobody seemed to like him, and he couldn’t understand why. People had always been so unfair to him, either treating him like he wasn’t there. It was the last year of high school. Adam had been bullied constantly throughout the years. He would often be physically harassed and being a really short and skinny guy, Adam didn’t stand a chance of fighting back. Luckily, he would soon be going to college and hopefully things would change then. Having turned 18 years old only yesterday, his height still hadn’t caught up and it looked like it never would. Adam would probably have to accept being short for the rest of his life, standing only a pathetic 5 foot and 3 inches tall. He barely reached the shoulders of his fellow students. They all looked down on him and he always had to look up at them. It was so humiliating. Oh, how he wished he would grow just a little bit—even just a couple of inches would have made a whole world of difference and give him the confidence he desperately needed. It didn’t help that he couldn’t seem to pack on any muscle at all, as he had tried going to the gym to work out—with no results at all.

After finishing up in the shower, Adam got dressed and headed for class. He was already running late, so he didn’t have time for breakfast. The high school wasn’t too far away from where he lived, so he would always travel by bike and today was no exception. He hopped on the bike and went as fast as he could, hoping he could make it to class in time and avoid the humiliation of being the last person to come into the classroom after everyone had already sat down. That would be a terrible way to begin the new week.

Coming up on the school grounds, he noticed how there was almost no people outside. He rushed over the bike parking and secured his bike, before heading inside. He opened the door to the classroom and surely enough, everyone was already there. The teacher, Mr. Morgan, stopped lecturing. “Not a word, sit down,” he said.

As Adam was making his way over to a free spot, one of the other students, Michael, put their leg out and caused Adam to trip and fall over. Almost everyone laughed as his puny body slammed down on the floor. “Okay, that’s enough!” the teacher said.

He was so humiliated. His head was spinning with rage. Something inside him snapped and it was like he couldn’t control himself. He got up and pushed Michael off his chair, sending him crashing into the floor. Adam was surprised that he managed to pull that off. He felt stronger somehow. It was probably just the adrenaline though.

“Hey, knock it off, now! Or your asses are headed for detention!” the teacher said. Michael turned his head to look at Adam and passed him a stare of death. Adam knew that this meant trouble. Michael had been humiliated in front of his friends and fellow students, and Adam was going to pay for it.

After Adam had found himself an available seat, the teacher resumed his lesson. During class he could hear some of the other students whisper about how Michael was planning to teach him a serious lesson after class. His heart was pounding, thinking about the shitstorm he was in for. Things would without a doubt get physical. Adam clenched his fists in anger as he thought about how unfairly he was being treated—by everyone. He didn’t deserve this, he thought to himself. The more he thought about it, the more frustrated and angrier he got. The anger turned into rage. Adam felt his heart pounding, his senses intensifying and his breathing getting heavier. There was a strange tingling sensation coursing through his body; something he had never felt before. He felt like his rage was consuming him, taking over his body and invading his mind. The tingling sensation turned into a burning sensation. He felt like all the muscles in his body was on fire. It was then that he noticed his perspective of the classroom was starting to change somewhat. It looked like his field of vision was rising ever so slightly. What was happening? Adam looked at his arms and his legs and saw that the hems of the shirt and his pants were retreating ever so slightly, revealing more and more of his bare skin. Then the thought of something impossible occurred to Adam; he was growing! He was growing in the middle of the classroom!

It looked like no one had noticed yet, but if he kept this up, it wouldn’t take long. Adam thought about all the horrible things he had gone through all these years and how alone he had been, which only served to fuel his rage even more. He thought of how he would finally be able to fight back if he were just a bit taller and just a bit stronger—and his dream was actually being fulfilled.

Adam noticed that his shoes were getting tighter by the second, his feet continuing to grow bigger along with the rest of his body. Judging by the change in perspective, Adam guessed that he had grown at least 2 or 3 inches at this point. He was still relatively short, but that wouldn’t last very long if he kept this up. As he heard more whispers of backtalk about him behind him, the fire inside him started burning even brighter and his thoughts turned violent. He fantasized about all the horrible things he wanted to do to them as he got bigger. “I’ll break their fucking necks!” he mumbled to himself. One of the other students must have heard what he had said as they turned to look at him. Unbeknownst to Adam at first, his growth rate had picked up speed and he was closing in on 6 feet in height. A few more students had noticed that something was going on as they picked up on the growth taking place right in front of their eyes. They didn’t say anything as the whole situation was just completely absurd. As a matter of fact, most of them didn’t even believe their eyes and thought their mind was playing a trick on them.

The room went dark as the teacher turned off the lights to show some images on the projector. This would buy Adam some more time before the whole room would become aware of what was happening. Adam clenched his fists in rage. He just couldn’t come down from it, it was simply all-consuming. RIIIP. His shoes gave off loud tearing sounds as his expanding feet blew them apart, his toes peeking out in the front as they continued to grow. Now his shirt was getting tight. He looked down and noticed that not only was he growing in height, but he was packing on some muscle as well. With the small amount of light from the project reflecting off the wall, he could make out some nice well-defined pecs starting to appear on his chest. His arms felt pumped, and as he flexed one of his arms, it made a tear in the fabric of his shirt. RIIIP. A few seconds later several more tears formed on his shirt. RIIIP.

More students were starting to catch on the situation now and many of them were whispering amongst themselves. “You’re whispering about me, you fucking assholes?! I’m gonna rip your goddamn limbs off!” Adam thought to himself as all the whispering just reminded him of how people always talked behind his back, fueling his rage and his growth even more.

The lights came back on, and as they did, several students gasped in awe at the sight of the growing teen in front of them. Adam had to be more than 7 feet tall now and growing faster and faster with each passing second. Panic started to ensue throughout the classroom as everyone was beginning to process what was actually happening. Adam stood up in full height and was amused to see his fellow classmates run for their lives.

As he saw Michael heading for the exit, Adam screamed, “Where do you think you’re going?” Michael turned around to look at the growing giant in the middle of the classroom, passing 8 feet in height by now. “You think you can escape from me?” Adam laughed with a booming voice, the depth and tone of his voice having become deeper and louder along with his size, making him that much more intimidating.

Michael didn’t spare any more time and disappeared out the door in an instant. Adam laughed out loud as he looked at the ceiling growing closer and closer. “I’ll get you soon enough, you little bug!” he shouted.

By now, everyone had vacated the classroom. Then a loud crash could be heard as Adam’s head hit the ceiling with monumental force, his body responding to the physical trauma with even more growth as his height was now increasing at the rate of a foot per second. Adam had passed 12 feet in height and had to lean forward as the ceiling was getting in the way. He tried to break through the ceiling, but he couldn’t. From a momentary fear of getting trapped inside the classroom combined with the strain on his muscles from trying to break through the ceiling, his body responded with more growth to give Adam the strength he would need to break through, upping his growth rate to about 3 feet per second. In a matter of seconds, he had passed 20 feet in height and continued to expand at an alarming rate.

His incredible feet were getting so enormous that by now they were more than half the length of his fellow students. “I’m gonna crush them under my feet!” Adam shouted, “I’ll grind them all to a pile of blood under my toes!”

Adam was so big now that he was bent forward as far as possible, with one foot and one knee planted on the ground and his arms pressing up on the ceiling above him. He would either have to break through the ceiling or get crushed under it. Adam summoned every ounce of strength in his body and pushed the ceiling up as hard as he could. Cracks started forming on the surface. CRRAASSHH!! The ceiling gave in, breaking into pieces and creating a hole for Adam to stand up inside. He stood up and up and up, rising to a height of nearly 30 feet. He already reached the ceiling of the next floor; in fact he couldn’t stand up straight at all. “Here we go, he said,” as he put his hands on the next ceiling. He thought about how Michael had been able to escape and was without a doubt putting more and more distance between himself and Adam as time went on. “I’ll get that little bitch!” he shouted as he felt himself reignite the fire inside him, adding to his rage and fueling his growth. He was growing so fast now that in just a few seconds, he broke through the ceiling into the upper floor.

Meanwhile, Michael was running away as fast as he could, not looking back. He could still see the school from here, which meant he was still too close. As he crossed the street, he heard a loud crash coming from the school behind him, sounding almost like an explosion. He tripped and fell to the ground, then rolled over to see what was going on. His worst fears were confirmed by the sight of Adam’s giant head breaking through the roof of the school, rising higher at an alarmingly fast rate, passing 50 feet in no time. He could hear Adam’s menacing laughs as his massive chest came through the roof, then his abs, then his waist and finally his massive fully erect cock. Adam stroked his cock playfully as he moaned so loudly that it could be heard miles away. Michael was frozen in fear; he couldn’t move.

One of the walls collapsed as Adam’s giant foot grew right through it, revealing his majestic toes as they pushed the debris aside, continuing to stretch and grow longer, wider, and taller. The giant laughed and laughed, rising effortlessly higher into the sky. He lifted his giant foot that had still been inside the building, causing more of the structure to collapse as his foot crashed through the roof. Adam planted it firmly on the ground outside of the building, crushing several bikes in the process and producing a tremor so powerful that Michael could feel it in the ground beneath him, even though he was hundreds of meters away.

Adam started walking toward him, as if he knew where he was, growing bigger and bigger between each step, passing 100 feet in height a few seconds later, every step causing a more violent tremor than the last one. As Michael stared straight at the growing behemoth of a teen coming closer and closer, he regretted every bad thing he had done to him. He wished to God he could take it all back.

Adam had stopped growing, standing a whopping 124 feet tall, but was still making his way toward Michael. He was not about to let him get away! No no no, Michael was going to become a stain under the sole of his massive foot, which spanned more than 20 feet long at this point. His divine feet were bigger than entire cars, his toes alone probably outmatching the strength of any human out there. He felt invincible! Like he could do whatever he wanted, and nobody could ever hope to stop him.

Michael saw the giant teen approaching closer and closer. He would probably catch up to him in just a dozen more steps, there was no point in trying to outrun him. “You’re done, bitch!” Adam roared.

Suddenly, several police cars pulled up between Michael and Adam. They looked like toy cars to the young giant, reaching not much higher than his ankle. The police officers left their cars, drew their guns, and aimed them at Adam. One of them had a megaphone speaker they used to try and communicate with the approaching giant. “This is the Police, stop right there!” the police officer said. Adam just smirked, not stopping in his pursuit of Michael, who was still on the ground behind the police cars.

“I repeat—stop right there! Get down on your knees and put your hands behind your head!” the policeman warned.

Adam was amused by their feeble attempt to intimidate him into stopping. What could they possibly hope to do to him? “You got any hand cuffs my size?” the giant shouted jokingly as he kept walking towards them, the ground shaking more and more violently with each step as he got closer.

“Stop right now, or we will open fire! Last warning!” the policeman cried out through the megaphone.

Adam didn’t respond and within a few seconds, the police opened fire at the young giant. Neither the pistols nor the shotguns did any damage, the bullets bouncing right off the titan’s impenetrable skin, not leaving any mark whatsoever. “Hey, that tickles,” he laughed. He stopped right in front of the police officers and their cars while they continued to offload their ammo at him.

“Hey! Stop it! Now you’re just annoying me,” he boomed. Suddenly, one of the police officers decided to start shooting at Adam’s face. It didn’t cause any damage to Adam, but it was starting to cause a great deal of anger. “I told you to fucking stop, didn’t I?” the giant shouted as he felt the familiar feeling of rage surge inside him, filling up every inch of his body. He clenched his fists in another fit of rage and stared angrily at the police officers at his feet.

The ground started trembling. Adam was growing again! His head began soaring into the sky, his shoulders widening and his body putting on more and more mass as his well-defined muscles beefed up just a little bit more. Adam moaned with pleasure as he got turned on by his growth, his cock pulsating to a bigger and bigger size. He had never been big down there, but now it was bigger than any human. He was starting to sport quite the nice set of abs by now. Even though his body had been overly lean before, he now looked like a playboy model—just bigger. His knees and ankles kept rising higher and higher, however, the most noticeable change was his growing feet and toes, simply due to their proximity to the police officers.

Some of the police officers had to step back as his toes plowed toward them at an alarming rate. Adam was growing at a rate of more than 10 feet per second, which meant his feet lengthened by nearly 2 feet every second, so if they hadn’t moved out of the way, his feet would surely have grown over them. The police officers had stopped shooting at the growing titan as they realized they were only just making it worse. His growing toes reached one of the cars and started pushing it away as if it weighed nothing to him.

Yeah! Look what you did! You made me angry and that only makes me grow bigger! Soon I’ll crush your little toy cars under just one of my toes!” he yelled proudly.

Several of the police officers started to panic. Some ran away while others were getting into their cars to try and drive away. Amused by the scared little policemen, Adam lifted his still-growing foot and stomped one of the police cars, crushing it flat as a pancake, the officers inside dying instantly as blood was pouring out the side of the car. “Serves you right!” he shouted.

Then Adam spotted Michael hijacking one of the police cars, trying to flee from certain death. “Oh, no you don’t!” Adam shouted as he leaped after the police car with Michael inside. He missed! Michael drove off as fast as he could, not looking back. Despite Adam’s size, he wouldn’t be able to catch up with Michael driving at full speed—at least not yet. “Run all you want you little pussy; I’ll still get you,” Adam said to himself as his attention drifted back to the remaining police cars and officers at his feet.

You let him escape!” he yelled so loudly that the police officers covered their ears as the mere sound of the giant’s voice caused pain. Adam lifted his foot and started stomping the remainder of the police force at his feet, flattening several more cars and officers in the process, fueling his rage and contempt for humans in the process which led to even more growth. He blew past 200 feet in height and showed no signs of stopping, his feet spanning an unbelievable 35 feet in length. One police officer had met their demise simply by getting trapped under the giant’s growing toes as they had lost their balance, they grew over him as he lay on the ground, grinding him to paste under Adam’s massive sole.

Adam spotted the final police officer, hiding behind a car. He lifted his enormous expanding foot and put it down on top of the officer, forcing him to the ground as the growing sole and toes pinned him down. “Kiss my big toe, you pathethic bug!” Adam roared. The officer complied, hoping the giant would spare his life. Adam could barely feel the puny human under his titanic foot. “Good bug!” Adam boomed, with a smirk on his face, before applying more pressure, grinding the tiny officer into nothing more than a bloodstain.

Once the police had been dealt with, he had grown so tall that he could see Michael’s police car driving off a few hundred meters away. He closed his eyes and clenched his fists in anger at the sight of his victim escaping, concentrating hard on wanting to grow more. His body responded by sending his growth rate through the roof. Forget 10 feet per second, now it was more like 60 feet—every single second. “Aaarggh!!!” Adam exclaimed as he shot into the sky.

He started running after Michael’s car. At first, he didn’t stand much of a chance of catching up to him, but as he grew taller and taller, he started to catch up. Michael could feel tremors as his nemesis was closing in on him, causing the car to jump a little bit every time. It was like a nightmare! He couldn’t hope to ever escape. No matter what he did or where he went, Adam would just grow bigger and bigger. The growing titan had passed 500 feet in height, showing no signs of stopping his growth as he chased after Michael’s car.

Out of nowhere, several military helicopters showed up and started unloading missiles at Adam. The missiles didn’t leave as much as a scratch on his body. The helicopters were hovering in the air a few hundred feet above his head, thinking they were at a safe distance. Adam stopped running and looked at the helicopters. He clenched his fists again and summoned more of the power inside of him. His growth rate exploded as he started growing at the rate of more than 150 feet per second. Catching up to the helicopters in no time, his head and shoulders rising up past them in mere seconds. He grabbed the helicopters with his bare hands and grinded them to dust in his palms. “Don’t you guys get it, yet?” he yelled, “I am untouchable! I am a god!”

The ground shook violently when the growing giant shouted, having passed 1200 feet at this point. He looked down and wiggled his toes as they grew through house after house, each of them closing in on 220 feet in length. Adam laughed menacingly as the watched his feet plow down people in the streets and take out several houses at once. “I will grow as much as I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” he proclaimed with a smile on his face. “You think this is something? I am holding back! You don’t want to see what happens if I don’t!” he threatened. For now, Adam was content with his size and stopped growing, standing a ludicrous 1800 feet tall.

Adam starting chasing after Michael’s car again, which was proving harder and harder to see as it was getting so small. He was driving into the city, hoping to disappear in the crowd or maybe inside a building. Adam kept on his tail. “This is gonna be fun!” he said to himself.

As Michael drove off into a tunnel inside the city, Adam lost sight of his car. He had only been seconds away from catching up to him, his feet sending huge tremors throughout the city with each footstep. Adam smirked as the taillights of Michael’s car disappeared into the tunnel. “You won’t get away, little bitch! No matter where you go, I’ll always find you! The higher up you flee, the bigger I’ll grow!” he shouted after it. Panic ensued in streets at the feet of the godly giant as hundreds of people that met their end under those majestic soles, destined only to become a mere blood stain on his warm and smooth skin.

Adam stood taller than all the buildings in the city. In fact, most of them barely reached his hips. He was standing over a few buildings with each of his feet in two different streets on each opposing sides of the buildings. His feet were more than 300 feet from heel to toe, spanning the length of about five bendy buses. Adam’s big toe was more than 50 feet long and 30 feet tall from the ground to his toenail, which meant it was about four times as tall as the average human being. This was the only part left of Adam that people down there could compare themselves to. All other parts of Adam had become too big to even comprehend. With no effort at all, he could take out an entire bus full of people with only his big toe. And he could start growing again at any moment. Would he ever stop? If this wasn’t a sign of godhood, then what? Most people were fleeting the streets, while others had submitted to their one true god and had begun to worship his feet like little insects.

Adam looked down and noticed the tiny creatures trying to climb his toes and his feet, massaging and feeling them up with their entire puny bodies. “You like what you see, huh?” Adam roared, feeling slightly aroused by the mass of people at his feet. He truly was a god to these people and there was nothing they could do about it. His hand slid down his naked body, across his ripped abs and made contact with his rising cock as it pulsated with immense power. He gripped it tight and began stroking it gently as he massaged his truly massive chest and stomach with his other giant hand. His moans echoed through the streets, shaking the very foundations of every building, the windows vibrating and the ground tremoring with every sound of pleasure uttered by the living god.

Michael, who had gotten caught in a traffic jam quite a few blocks away could feel the ground vibrate and shake beneath him as he witnessed the whole thing from afar, seeing Adam lose himself in unfathomable pleasure. It was kind of turning him on, even though he still feared for his life.

A few moments later, Adam was about to climax, as evidenced by his moans getting louder and louder. He wiggled his toes as he as getting closer, ending the lives of dozens of people in an instant. “I can’t hold back anymore!” Adam roared. Then, in only a moment’s notice, the ground began to shake violently as thick white cum shot out of his massive cock, some of it hitting buildings several miles away and some of it dropping down on the tiny ant people below. With each shot of cum, his body responded by growing even bigger. He clenched his fists in a demanding pose. “More!” he moaned.

His growth was continuous now, his head surging up toward the sky at the rate of several dozen feet per second. People around his feet were immediately crushed as they expanded outward in all directions. Without even knowing it, Michael, who was still watching Adam from several blocks away, had begun touching himself, massaging his dick which was throbbing inside his pants. He just couldn’t help it. Adam was the ultimate man and he loved watching him grow bigger and bigger, even though he knew Adam would not spare his life. Adam shot up past 2000 feet, then 2100, 2200, 2300… His feet were closing in on the 400 feet mark, and they were becoming so wide that they were outgrowing the width of the street; filling out the very gap between the buildings on each side. Of all the puny humans at his feet, only the ones that had managed to climb on top of them had survived the onslaught down there. The bravest people had ventured out to his toes and had now found refuge in the small valley where his toenails met with his skin, providing a small safe spot. What a view they must have had, watching from at the front of his feet, as his toes expanded through the streets, mowing down countless people, crushing cars and plowing through streetlamps and bus stops, with nothing proving to be any difficulty for his expanding toes. It would have to be a very surreal experience.

Adam’s cock loomed over them about 1500 feet up in the air as it continued to shoot out shot after shot of hot thick white cum, covering several blocks ahead in his godly semen, moaning in pleasure that no mere mortal could hope to comprehend. As he had passed 3300 feet in height and sent his 36th cumshot flying, his growth slowly came to a stop. I could also tell from the subsiding tremors in the ground. He had literally been growing so fast, putting on so much weight, that his growth had induced a minor earthquake. The giant was starting to have more and more of an effect on the very earth he stood on.

As Adam came to his senses, he looked down at his feet which had grown so big that they exceeded the width of the streets, as they had grown into the adjacent buildings. Some of the buildings had partially collapsed with debris resting on his feet, having killed off some of the worshippers on there. Most of them had gathered on the top of his big toe and index toe by now, as those places proved to be the safest spots. As with the rest of him, his feet had nearly doubled in size, having a length of around 560 feet from heel to toe. His big toe was larger than a normal house at this point and far surpassed any in mass and weight. “Oh yeah, and I’m only getting started!” he mumbled to himself. News helicopters had been recording the entire event from a distance.

As Adam took notice of them, he began to shout at them. “Today you have witnessed only a taste of what’s to come! Stand down and submit to your new god, or you’ll meet the same fate as the unfortunate souls smeared under my soles!” He smirked before continuing. “I will continue to grow bigger! Eventually, my feet will rival the size of the country, and even then, would I want to stop? I am looking for a man. His name is Michael Anderson. If you want to live, don’t stand in my way!”

And with that, Michael snapped out of his masturbation trance, just as he began to blow his load. He remembered now that he was in fact fleeing for his life, and here he was, ejaculating at the very sight of the one who was coming to kill him. He put his pants back on and thought about where he should go. How could he ever hope to hide from Adam? Just as he made that thought, he noticed Adam adjusted his pose and turned his head to look in the direction of Michael. He felt as though Adam looked straight at him, but how could he? There is no way Adam could discern Michael from the crowd of people and cards at his size and from the distance of several city blocks away… or was there?

Then, a cold chill came through Michael’s gut as he heard the giant shouting, “I see you little ant!” Adam smiled playfully as the continued to stare at Michael. “I don’t know how, but I can sense you, even without looking! You’ll never be able to hide from me!” the giant teen laughed, sending tremors through the ground with every word he uttered. “Now let’s make this interesting!” Adam said.

Moments later, Michael noticed that people in the streets around began shaking somewhat. Their bodies started to grow as their heads inched up and they ripped through their clothes. Michael realized that Adam had gained the ability to control the size of other people as well now. “Bring me that one. I’ll allow whoever brings him to me to keep their enlarged size and serve as my prime worshipper, protected from harm. Fail, and I’ll shrink you into nothingness as you disappear on the very sidewalk!” Adam commanded. It was then that Michael realized that Adam, as powerful as he were at this point, he probably could have killed him right then and there with a single thought. However, this had become a game to him. He was going to have fun hunting Michael down and tormenting him for as long as possible. Death was a mercy that would not be granted anymore.

People around Michael turned to look at him as they blew past 20 feet in height, most of them standing three times taller than Michael. As their growth stopped, they began running towards Michael to catch him. Michael saw the entrance to a subway station and without pause he ran in that direction. Perhaps these people… or beasts… would have trouble coming through more cramped places down there. Michael rushed down the stairs as dozens of 20-foot giants chased him relentlessly. In the distance he could hear Adam laughing louder than ever, surely entertained by the ridiculous situation he had conjured up. Michael squeezed through the ticket control gates and continued heading for the platforms. He spotted a train that was docked at one of the platforms. As he looked back, he saw the giant minions had some trouble getting past the gates. Eventually, they just climbed over.

As Michael approached the train that was about to leave, the jumped through the open doors and prayed that it would leave the station right now. And he was lucky. The doors closed and the train left the station, rushing off into the dark metro tunnels. The train was surprisingly empty, with no person to be seen. He sat down on one of the empty seats as he tried to contemplate what had just happened. Then, a terrifying thought occurred to him. The train was not heading away from Adam, but towards him. Initially he hadn’t noticed when the train took off due to the chaos. The heart went through his chest as he realized that in just a couple of minutes he would surely be located straight below Adam’s titanic body. He just prayed he wouldn’t know and that he’d be able to ride the train past him unnoticed. What was he going to do? He was literally being chased down by a god, who seemed to possess infinite power and would always be able to find him, no matter where he fled. Was it pointless to struggle against the inevitable impending doom? Should he just submit? The thought occurred to him, but in the end, he was too afraid to willingly walk into his death. He had to try to get away, even if the chance of doing so was close to non-existent.

A little over a minute had gone by since the train left the station. Even if he hadn’t really managed to escape yet, this was the safest he had felt since he fled the school. Moments later, the ground started shaking along with the train. Was Adam on the move? By now the train had to be approaching the spot where he had been standing. The next thing he knew, Michael heard a violent explosion from behind. He got up and ran to the backmost train cart to peak out of the window and saw that his worst fears were realized before his eyes. Giant fingers were coming from above through a massive whole they had dug out with ease. The sleek and handsome fingers, far outmatching the size of the train, chased after Michael. Adam’s hand was ripping through the ground as he tried to catch the elusive train cart with his nemesis inside. “I told you, I’ll always know where you are!” Adam boomed, his voice resonating through the tunnels, exploding in the ear drums of Michael.

Eventually, the train came out of the tunnel and onto a bridge leading to the adjacent city on the other side of the river. Michael immediately noticed Adam rising from a kneeling positing as he stood up in all his glory. The giant teenager had surely noticed Michael already as he turned to look straight at him. “Guess I’ll have to kick things up a notch, then!” Adam said with a huge grin on his face. Michael feared the worst, for he had come to know exactly what he meant by that. Just a few seconds later, the biggest earthquake ever hit the city as Adam could be seen clenching his fists and leaning his head back, moaning in pleasure. Adam was about to have the mother of all growth spurts, with all the previous ones surely paling in comparison.

“Faster!” Michael thought as he prayed that the train would be able to escape what was coming. Moments later, Adam’s head could be seen shooting up into the sky at an alarming pace. Forget growing a few dozen feet per second, now it seemed like we were in the league of hundreds of feet per second with the growth rate appearing to accelerate even more with each passing second. His knees rose up over the skyline in just a few seconds, with the tallest buildings standing no higher than halfway up his shin. Entire city blocks were consumed by his rapidly growing feet, which plowed through building and building. Even the most loyal worshippers on top of his toes surely would have perished by now.

The giant teenager moaned as his cock grew disproportionately bigger, his cockhead coming all the way up to his pecs, which were heaving with power. The giant grabbed his throbbing abdomen and jerked off in pleasure, as if in tune with his growth every time he pulled back and forth on his foreskin, he grew even more. Adam had blown past 4000 feet, then 5000… 6000… 7000… 8000… “You puny ants have no idea how good this feels!” the giant teenager shouted as his moans echoed for miles in every direction. His feet were quickly closing in on the 1500 feet mark, with his big toe more than 100 feet tall from the ground up to his toenail. In fact, some of the smaller buildings in the area were getting caught in the space in between his massive toes. The young god looked down at his feet to see how much destruction they were causing simply by growing only to become more aroused, fueling his growth even more. Within a few seconds, his feet plowed through the buildings at the edge of the city, revealing themselves to Michael their majestic form in all their glory.

The only thing separating Michael and Adam now was the canal. The train had almost passed the bridge leading to the neighboring city area. 11,000, 12,500, 14,100 feet… Adam was still growing and continued to stroke his massive erect cock pulsating and throbbing with immense power. His ankles had rose higher than the tallest buildings in the city now. Adam’s feet had almost consumed the entire city region at this point. As his beautiful young face nearly disappeared through the clouds, his eyes could be seen glowing brightly with pure power. There was no doubt; this giant teenager was literally a god. A god whose powers had laid dormant until the day he was pushed too far. An angry god, whose primary goal was to wipe Michael from existence, preferably under his growing soles. There was no telling how powerful he truly was.

Awww yeah!!” Adam moaned as he was approaching climax. “Here it comes bitches!” Thick shots of cum, with the volume of several swimming pools, were shooting out of the massive 4000 feet long rod, landing several miles away. Entire streets and building complexes were covered with the giant’s warm semen, and with each shot he packed on several hundred extra feet in height in addition to the insane growth spurt he already had going for him. As the passed 20,000 feet, his feet were getting so long that they had begun to grow out of the area of the city Adam was standing in and were growing into the river, chasing after Michael who was just coming into the other city at this point. The last thing Michael saw before the train headed into a tunnel was Adam’s two feet literally outgrowing the island of the city region he was standing on, as they covered the entire island. His only hope would be to escape through the tunnels before Adam found him again.

As the train continued to rush through the tunnel system of the next island, Michael could still feel the powerful vibrations produced by Adam’s continued growth. It felt similar to an earthquake, just at a higher pitch. A few seconds later it stopped, and everything went quiet. Too quiet. Michael was feeling uneasy. He didn’t like how quiet it was, because then anything could happen next. He comforted himself by thinking about how Adam was so big that if he actually was on the move, Michael would have felt the tremors from the footsteps. Michael spent the next few minutes thinking about the best course of action. Where could he go, to get as far away from Adam as quickly as possible? Could he ever hope to hide from the giant teenager god?

Michael’s thoughts wandered back to how things had been in school, particularly one incident in the gym showers where he had humiliated Adam. Back then, Adam’s head barely reached Michael’s nipples. He remembered how he and the other classmates had teased him about his low height and scrawny physique. He had walked up to Adam, towering over him and staring down into his frightful eyes before lifting him up from under his armpits almost like a doll. Adam had been so humiliated that he couldn’t even muster up a single word. He had been so mean to this kid, and now the tables have been turned. Maybe he deserved every bit of payback that was coming to him? The thought occurred to him, but he quickly shrugged it off. “No!” he said to himself. “I’ve been a horrible person! A bully even! But I don’t deserve to die!” he shouted as he stood up from the seat.

Moments later, the train arrived at the final station. Feeling unsure about what was going to happen next, Michael reluctantly left the train and headed for the subway exit leading to the streets above. He experienced this intense fear that Adam was somehow waiting for him at the street just outside the entrance to the subway. He comforted himself by remembering that he had not heard any loud noises, which meant he couldn’t possibly have walked in this direction. As he climbed the steps and came onto the street, he saw that the area was quite empty. There was no one there, not Adam nor any other people. “They must have evacuated the area” he thought to himself. He tried to spot Adam in the distance, to get a clue of where he was, but the tall buildings in the area obstructed his view. He ran to the nearest car, smashed the window and forced open the door. Hotwiring cars was luckily a skill that he had picked up recently. It would only take a minute or two to get the car going. Meanwhile, he prayed that the awkward silence filling the streets would last just a bit longer. Seconds later, he heard loud laughter booming throughout the whole area, resonating through the window glass and even the metal chassis of the car. In the sideview mirror, he could make out the 24,000-foot-tall giant heading his way. Each time one of his 4000 feet long feet slammed into the ground, annihilating several city blocks, the car jumped up from the ground a little bit. He got the car to start, then hit the gas full throttle. Even then, Adam was quickly gaining on him and was only a few miles behind. He also noticed that Adam didn’t make any effort to catch up. He just walked casually in a very slow pace, appearing confident that he would catch Michael the precise moment he wanted to do so anyway. He even stopped to stretch and flex his arms for a while, before resuming the hunt. Michael couldn’t help but notice that his feet were so big now that most buildings didn’t even reach nails of his toes.

Adam was closing in on Michael at this point. Only a few more steps would have done it. Fortunately for Michael, some military fighter jets appeared on the horizon and started firing missiles at the giant teenager. They didn’t even leave a stain on his perfect skin. Adam shrugged, disappointed at the weak attempt the army had made to subjugate him. In the next second, Adam moved faster than what appeared to be physically possible for such a large being. He caught several of the fighter jets in between his fingers with unbelievable precision, crushing them to dust in an instant. You could tell that he was getting off on his display of ultimate power. His massive 5000 feet cock was throbbing and pumping itself full of divine blood once again, rising and growing more with each passing second. “Get it into your small heads already!” Adam roared. “I can’t be stopped! I’m your god now. Don’t get in my way if you want to live!”

In the excitement, Adam grew noticeably taller as he proclaimed his world dominance, packing on probably a few more hundred feet of height. “Soon this whole country will fit inside my footprint!” he shouted proudly with a smirk on his face. “And you think I’ll stop even then?” Adam’s cock throbbed and pulsated ferociously as dozens of gallons of hot thick precum leaked from his monstrous cockhead onto the streets below. “All I got to do is think about growing…” the giant teenager said, as he shot a few more hundred feet into the sky within seconds, proving that he was in full control of his growth. “If I hadn’t stopped myself, i would have outgrown this planet already.” Adam moaned, as he stroked his cock, his head shooting yet another few hundred feet into the air. The growing god stood just shy of 25,000 feet tall now. He wriggled his majestic toes, flattening anything in the general vicinity instantly.

The military intervention and Adam’s self-adoration had bought Michael some time to put more distance between himself and the giant. Michael was headed for the airport. It was his one and only chance to escape certain doom. If he could someone manage to get on a plane that is. Driving into the airport, Michael could see that Adam that resumed his hunt and was headed towards him. The giant teenager stroked his massive cock as he walked towards Michael, growing slightly taller with each stroke, all the while moaning and laughing menacingly.

Michael noticed that the military was still evacuating citizens from the area. He rushed towards evacuation point to try and get a seat on the next plane leaving the airport. Some people were also leaving in helicopters, but he remembered learning that helicopters generally only fly at a height of about 10,000 feet, meaning even Adam’s cock would be higher up in the air. His only chance was getting on a plane since they fly at 35,000 feet and move much faster. As he ran through the halls of the airport, the ground shook more and more violently, no doubt on account of Adam drawing closer and closer. Some people were losing their balance and fell to the floor, and dozens of mounted objects started to fall from the ceiling and walls. It really did resemble a very powerful earthquake, except that it was happening in intervals of footsteps. It all still felt too surreal to Michael, and he could barely believe his own senses. It felt like a nightmare he could not wake up from.

Eventually, he made it to a plane that was about to take off. The military rushed the remainder of the queue onto the plane and cleared it for take-off. As he sat down in his window seat, looking out into the distance through the window, he could see that Adam was just seconds away from reaching the airport, advancing more than 10,000 feet with each step. Only seconds ago, he had been miles away. Adam still wasn’t making any notable effort to hurry or catch up in time. He was just strolling casually, with an eerie wide grin on his face, still stroking his titanic cock playfully, and with each stroke he was still growing a little bit. Not much, but surely enough to be noticeable. There was no doubt that he had blown past the 25,000 feet barrier by now, still surging into the heavens stroke by stroke.

As the plane began to move towards the nearest runway, the military had begun to open fire on the approaching giant. They were giving him everything they got, firing missiles and even artillery, trying to stall him long enough for the plane to make it off the runway. There were still civilians left at the airport, but there was no way there were going to have time to board another plane. Their fates were probably sealed and some of them had come to accept their encroaching doom. At least they would go out in glory, under the soles of a true god, right? Mere steps away from the airport, the plane with Michael in it was now attempting a take-off at full throttle. The next seconds would determine the difference between life and death. Michael was holding his breath as he felt the familiar feeling of downward pull as the plane was leaving the ground and flying off into the air. He looked out through the window and saw Adam’s gigantic 4200 feet long foot slam down on the airport, annihilating the entire complex instantaneously. In fact, he had purposefully stomped the ground as hard as he could, leaving a huge crater where the main building of the airport used to be, generating a powerful shockwave of displaced air that shook the plane violently. It felt like turbulence, just worse. To his amazement though, the plane was actually putting more and more distance between it and Adam. Was he truly going to manage to escape? He let out of a deep sigh; the color of his face still red from holding his breath anxiously.

Adam shifted his head to look straight at the plane flying off into the horizon ahead. “Hah! This is going to be fun!” he said, excited to continue the game of cat and mouse that he had been enjoying thoroughly thus far. Adam picked up the pace, walking faster and faster, gaining distance on the plane slowly, but steadily. However, in not too long, the plane’s altitude would exceed the height of the teenager god, before eventually it would be out of reach.

As the plane was leaving the mainland to cross the Atlantic Ocean, Adam closing in more and more. By now he was jogging, each of his steps creating giant powerful waves at his feet. He began to extend one of his arms and was reaching for the plane. Preparing to grab the plane in between his index finger and thumb, he barely missed as the plane as it had gained enough altitude to make it out of his reach. Adam laughed, looking as excited as a child playing with their toys. “Oh man, this means I’ll have to take things to the next level then!” Adam squeaked blissfully.

Next thing he knew, Michael saw Adam dive into the ocean, disappearing deep below the surface. This made him feel very uneasy. At least when he could see Adam chasing him, he knew exactly where he was. Now he didn’t know what could happen next. More than a minute passed by Michael still anxious about the whole situation. The plane was still gaining altitude, but he knew that no matter how high he up he fled, he would never truly be safe. His only hope would be that the plane eventually put enough distance between it and Adam, and that once it landed, he would be able to continue fleeing to some remote location, hoping that he wouldn’t find him again. However, that hope was about to be shattered to a thousand pieces as his worst fear began unfolding before his very eyes. Up ahead of the plane’s flight path, something unbelievably big was rising out of the ocean. It was Adam! He was rising to a standing pose, revealing his fully erect cock in all its glory. He leaned back and clenched his fists, immediately inducing an extremely potent growth spurt. He immediately started soaring into the sky, packing on hundreds of feet pr second, all the while his rate of growth was increasing exponentially. 25,600 feet, 26,400, 27,300, 28,500, 29,800, 31,100… He was growing so fast that his expanding body was displacing a massive amount of air, causing shockwaves that made the plane shake. Adam was touching himself and moaning in extasy. His moans resonated throughout the whole chassis of the plane, adding to the violent shakes that were already pushing the plane’s structural integrity to its limits. Adam’s head was level with the plane by now. He smiled before clenching his fists once again, closing his eyes as he furrowed his brows in concentration. Immediately his growth rate exploded and doubled many times over. Moments later, his neck was level with the plane’s altitude, then his shoulders, chest, nipples, pecs and eventually his hips. Closing in on 70,000 feet, Adam opened his eyes as his growth came to a halt. Unless the plane changed its trajectory dramatically, it would surely crash into his stone hard erect cock in the next minute.

The giant god extended his arm, as if to catch the plane in his palm. The plane wasn’t even a flea in comparison to the immense hand filling up the entire horizon up ahead. Then something really strange happened. The engines turned off and the plane lost all its power, lights shutting off, rending the interior semi dark on account of the evening setting in as the sun was disappearing on the horizon. Furthermore, the plane was not behaving like you would expect with a complete engine failure. It was gently floating towards the giant palm up ahead, leaving no doubt that Adam was capable of affecting objects without touching them. There truly was no hope of escaping. There never was. He was just toying with Michael all the time; a fact that he made abundantly clear now.

Moments later, the plane was landing gently in the middle of the landscape that was Adam’s palm. He carefully lifted his palm up to his face, the plane sitting sideways so that I could see his terrifying face appearing in the distance, coming in closer and closer. He brought the hand as close to his face as possible and it was taking up the entire sky by now. “I told you I’d always find you, Michael!” Adam proclaimed proudly, smiling from ear to ear. All he had to do was closing his fist and it would be game over.

Michael took a deep breath as he prepared himself for the inevitable crush of Adam’s skyscraper-sized fingers. “So, this is it, then?” he mumbled to himself.

Michael and the other passengers were waiting for the giant god’s fingers to grind the plane to dust. Strangely enough, there were no screams. Everyone was petrified, as if they all had accepted their fate. Adam still had a wide grin on his face, his eyes glowing extremely bright with pure power. They were staring into the face of a true god who was ascending to omnipotence. “ALL RIGHT! GET OUT OF THE PLANE EVERYONE!” Adam shouted as all the exits on the plane opened by themselves and the emergency slides unfolded. Michael and most of the other passengers got up and walked towards the various exits leading out onto the giant palm. The crowd gasped as a few others who hadn’t dared moved from their seats began to quickly shrink in size in their seats until they became so small that they couldn’t be seen anymore, basically being erased from reality. “YOU’D DO WELL TO LISTEN TO ME!” Adam reminded them as the rest swiftly made their way out of the plane onto the warm and soft landscape on the outside. Michael was surprised that they were able to breathe outside at this altitude. The thin air should have killed everyone, but Adam was somehow changing the laws of physics around him to suit his needs.

The giant god’s palm was so huge that the lines in his palm looked like canyons and the ridges formed actual elevations. Adam’s asteroid-sized eyes stared down at Michael. “YOU KNOW… I COULD END YOU WITH A TWITCH OF A FINGER, MICHAEL” Adam boomed. There was silence for a moment. Adam raised his other hand and extended his index finger. “FIRST, LET’S SEE HOW FAST YOU ARE!” the giant chuckled as he slowly began lowering his finger towards his palm, threatening to crush all of them to a pulp. Michael and the others began fleeing chaotically in all directions, not sure if they would be able to evade the gigantic finger in time. Just as Adam’s finger was about to slam down in the middle of his palm, Michael jumped and barely escaped being flattened.

About half of his fellow passengers made it out as well, while the other half were instantly obliterated under the warm and smooth skin of Adam’s finger. “SUCH OBEDIENT LITTLE FLEAS YOU ARE, GOOD JOB!” the giant teenager said with a smirk on his face. “THIS IS FUN!” he added as Michael rolled over only to notice Adam’s finger receding back into the air, signaling that this was the start of a new game in Adam’s mind, and indeed the young god began to lower his finger again right towards the area on the palm that Michael was at. Michael took to running as fast as he could once again, his life flashing before his eyes as he thought about how he could die any second now. This process was repeated at least ten times, with several of the other remaining passengers meeting their fate under the tip of the god’s finger. Michael had seen how the ones that were crushed simply disappeared from existence, leaving nothing but a tiny red dot on the vast expanse of the giant teen’s perfect skin.

Just about when Michael barely had the strength to run any further, Adam stopped poking his palm and instead grabbed his giant monstrosity of a cock. Michael looked up at the giant’s face, which by the way looked as beautiful as ever, still looking like an 18-year-old teenager, just gargantuan in size. Their eyes met and Adam put on a dirty grin as he slowly moved his palm with everyone on it towards his cock. He grabbed the end of the shaft and pulled it up, signaling that he would smack his palm with it. Could there actually be a more humiliating way to die than being crushed under the weight of another man’s penis? Adam couldn’t help but let out an evil little laugh, which to the tinies in his palm was a deafening ordeal. He pulled back his dick even more, getting ready to let go. Michael and the other remaining survivors ran towards the edges of the palm with all their might. “BETTER WATCH OUT DOWN THERE!” Adam warned. Moments later, there was an incredible loud noise from the skin of Adam’s cock hitting his palm. It was like an explosion, and it caused actual pain the ears of the little ones, of which only Michael and three others were still alive. All the others were gone.

“OKAY, THAT WAS FUN!” Adam chuckled. “HMMM… WHAT NOW…? OH!” Adam said as he pointed his index finger at the remaining survivors from the plane aside from Michael. Moments later, they began to grow bigger at an incredible speed, soaring up to 30 feet in mere seconds, their clothes and shoes shredding to pieces instantly as they outgrew them, revealing their naked bodies. Three naked giant men stood across from Michael, looking down at him. Two of them had to be in their early twenties, while the other one appeared to be in his thirties. They were pretty decent looking guys and Michael was having a hard time not getting a hard-on from looking at their giant bodies. Their names were Tyler, Aiden and Nathan. Tyler was a 21-year-old law student with nice, tanned skin, medium length dark brown hair and green eyes. His body had a slightly muscular build and he had big sleek feet with long toes. Aiden was of a slightly leaner build, being the least muscular of them all. He was a 20-year-old college student and had long blonde hair, pale blue eyes and a perfect tight jawline. Nathan, a 31-year-old personal fitness trainer was without a doubt the most muscular of them all, boasting a set of massive pecs and tight ripped abs. His arms were nearly as wide as the two other guys’ arms combined and he had short brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Adam brought us up towards his face again, staring right into our souls with a serious look. “OKAY, HERE’S WHAT WE’RE GONNA DO, LITTLE RUNTS!” Adam boomed. “THE ONE THAT MANAGES TO CATCH THE TINY ONE FIRST…. AND KEEP HIM FROM OTHERS FOR A WHOLE MINUTE…. GETS TO KEEP THEIR NEW SIZE AND NOT DIE A HORRIBLE PAINFUL DEATH!” The three semi-giants looked at each other, before turning their attention to Michael.

Michael didn’t know whether to run or not. These people, who had just fought for their survival same as he had, now stood more than four times as tall as him. He didn’t even reach their knees! How could he ever hope to evade them? “DON’T KILL HIM THOUGH!” Adam added. “ONLY I GET TO DO THAT!” A few seconds later, one of the giants, Tyler, began sprinting towards Michael, hoping to claim him first before running away so that he could keep him to himself for a minute and win his prize. The other two followed suit once they saw their fellow giant running off, remembering that their lives were on the line. Michael didn’t have time to react and watched frozen in fear as Tyler picked him up like a doll and hugged him against his chest before proceeding to run off, hoping to evade the other two guys for 60 seconds. “Hold on tight!” Tyler said. It took every ounce of will in Michael’s mind not to get turned on by being pressed up against the perfect chest of the giant 21-year-old law student. He could feel the heat radiating from the giant’s soft skin.

“AWESOME!” Adam chuckled. “50 SECONDS TO GO!” he added, staring down at Aiden and Nathan, his glowing eyes casting light down on them like actual spotlights. “WHILE YOU GUYS GO AT IT, I’M JUST GONNA RELIEVE A SMALL ITCH!” Adam announced. Sure enough, his body began vibrating with power, causing Tyler to tumble over with Michael still hugging his chest. Luckily, he managed to extend his arm and break the fall, preventing Michael from getting crushed beneath him. The two other giant guys were also struggling to keep their balance. Adam’s skin was visibly stretching and expanding between them now, meaning Adam was growing at an alarming rate, probably faster than ever before. He had closed his eyes and was moaning and grunting in pleasure with his head leaned back, before opening one eye to look at us again. “TICK TOCK, 40 SECONDS, BETTER GET TO IT!”

Tyler roller over, still pressing Michael against his chest, then tried to get up, however, Aiden was already standing over him. Surprised by his speed, Tyler didn’t have time to react, and Aiden was able to grab Michael from his arms, before sprinting off. He was holding Michael under his legs and his back, similar to how you would carry a bride across the doorstep, Michael’s doll-size notwithstanding. Looking down, he could see that Aiden sported a full-blown erection, clearly getting off on being so huge in comparison to the little doll in his arms. Adam gave off a loud moan again as a surge of violent vibrations coursed through his body including his hand with them in it, causing everyone but Nathan to trip and fall once more. Adam must have surged several thousand feet in height. Looking at his face, we could see a playful grin stretching from ear to ear, his eyes still closed. He was clearly doing this on purpose to make the game more interesting.

With his other hand, Adam reached for his 16.000 feet long monster of a cock throbbing with power as it stood straight up reaching almost all the way up to his pecs. Adam stroked it and moaned loudly, adding to the incredible humiliation the fleas in his hands were already being subjected to. Adam brought his palm down next to his hip. Everyone gasped as they passed by the gargantuan shaft. That thing was so big that it dwarfed even the biggest skyscrapers. Now it was looming over them as Adam continued to stroke it with great excitement. Seeing it from below was a whole different sight to behold. It was hard to get a grasp of just how much he was growing, but despite being smaller than a mite in his hand, Michael could still see the palm getting noticeably larger underneath them, the surrounding fingers which loomed over them stretching even further into the sky, his face receding further and further into the sky as the distance from the palm of the giant’s hand to his face increased at an alarming pace.

By now the giant probably had broken the 100.000 feet barrier. Michael could only imagine the destruction his growing feet would have caused had Adam not been standing in the ocean. On that note, the giant god’s feet had been covered by the water until now, but now they were getting so big that they began to emerge out of the water, his toes becoming so tall that they reached all the way from the ocean floor to above the surface. Everyone was watching in complete awe as they witnessed the limitless growth of the young god before them. For a little while, they had forgotten about the ongoing game, despite their lives being on the line.

Aiden had just rose to his feet when Nathan approached him and pried open his arms, forcing him to let go of Michael. Little Michael fell down landing at their feet, each of which were more than half the size of his entire body. Nathan being far superior to Aiden in terms of muscle mass had no trouble pushing him away, then swiftly grab Michael before running off. It was so humiliating to the little guy being thrown around and fought over like an actual doll, knowing that these people could just as well crush him with great ease had it not been prohibited by Adam.

“COUNTING DOWN FROM 60 AGAIN THEN!” Adam boomed, laughing excitedly, clearly enjoying their little game. Thunderous moans and grunts filled the sky once again as Adam kept stroking his cock, still growing unbelievably fast. “OHH YEAH! I ALMOST WANT TO NEVER STOP GROWING AGAIN!” he moaned, breathing faster and deeper as his monstrous cock were leaking an entire lake worth of precum that barely missed his palm with them in it. “I COULD JUST KEEP GOING!” he added, biting his lip as he kicked his growth into high gear, causing everyone to tumble over again, sending Michael flying as Nathan lost his grip of the tiny one. Adam blew past 130.000 feet in height in no time, then 140.000 feet, 150.000 feet, 160.000 feet…. The sky was quickly getting darker as we rose towards space along with the giant god. His head was already halfway to the famous Kármán line, marking the beginning of outer space. His height equaled nearly one percent of the Earth’s radius at this point. Adam’s eyes were glowing brighter and brighter, with actual sparks of lightning coming out of them. He screamed in extasy as he shot load after load of thick and warm cum, flying for miles and miles before landing on some unfortunate cities back on the mainland.

With each shot he ejaculated, his body soared several thousand feet in height in addition to the continuous growth he already had going. He nearly closed his fist, almost grinding us to dust, before slowly retracting his fingers again. “OOPS, ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT YOU GUYS DOWN THERE!” Adam chuckled, followed by laughter that filled the entire atmosphere, resonating across the earth for miles in every distance, causing minor earthquakes. All the while, he continued shooting more and more loads, growing and expanding faster and faster. His bodily proportions were outgrowing the relevance of the measurement of feet, so it would be better to describe his height in miles from here on, and even those were going up fast. He blew past 32 miles in no time, packing on another mile every few seconds at this point.

As he moaned and screamed in sheer pleasure, the giant god stared up into the universe. “SO MUCH SPACE TO GROW AND EXPAND INTO!” he said joyfully, before looking down at Michael and the little giants in his palm. They weren’t even dust particles to him anymore, yet his hunger for size was not close to be satiated. “I CAN’T WAIT TO PUT THIS ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM IN BETWEEN MY TOES BEFORE SQUEEZING IT OUT OF EXISTENCE!” Adam whispered to himself, clearly high on power. “I am God!” he proclaimed as he stared off into the universe again and his final shots of cum departed from his asteroid sized cockhead. Adam stood almost 40 miles tall, having nearly doubled his height.

As everyone came to their senses after falling and witnessing the conclusion of Adam’s biggest growth spurt yet, Nathan was struggling to get back up as he had sprained his leg when falling from the growth vibrations, having planted his foot in such a way that an injury had been inevitable. Aiden and Tyler realized that now was their chance. Before they could reach Michael, Adam announced a little plot twist. “OKAY, THIS IS TAKING LONGER THAN I EXPECTED. LET’S MAKE THIS MORE INTERESTING, YEAH?” he chuckled. “FROM NOW ON, WHOEVER IS IN POSSESSION OF THE LITTLE ONE WILL KEEP GROWING BIGGER!” he said.

Tyler and Aiden looked at each other before they both launched towards Michael as fast as they could. Unfortunately for Aiden, Tyler was a faster runner and reached Michael, who had given up trying to get away at this point, just a few seconds before Aiden. Tyler grabbed Michael and pressed him tightly against his chest again. Surprisingly, had decided not to run away. He just stood there, holding onto Michael as tight as he could, hoping he would be able to keep Aiden from snatching him. Aiden panicked and approached Tyler with haste, trying as hard as he could to pry Michael from his arms. Then he watched in disbelief as Tyler started to slowly soar higher and higher in front of him, his body stretching and expanding. Just a moment ago, they had been pretty much the same height, but now he was staring into Tyler’s chest, then his pecs. Before he knew it, whatever chance he had of overpowering Tyler was long gone. From the perspective of Michael, the experience was nothing short of amazing as he felt himself getting smaller and smaller in Tyler’s grasp, still pressed up against the giant’s warm chest. Most notable was Tyler’s hands which were getting seriously huge. Aiden hugged Tyler’s growing body, trying to climb it in sheer panic, realizing how real his impending doom was. He sighed in desperation as Tyler’s navel rose above his head, then stone hard cock, his thighs and knees, before eventually he barely reached halfway up his shin as Tyler’s growth subsided. Tyler had gotten seriously huge! He was holding Michael up inside just one of his hands now, his fingers nearly extending all the way around his puny body. Nevertheless, he was still just a speck of dust in the palm of the true giant, who was watching it all unfold with great amusement.

“WELL WELL, I THINK WE HAVE A WINNER!” Adam announced. “NOW! AS A REWARD, YOU GET TO KEEP YOUR SIZE!” he added. “…PROVIDED YOU DEAL WITH THE LOSERS!” Adam commanded. Tyler didn’t need any more encouragement than that. He seemed to enjoy his newfound size, judging from the massive erection he was sporting, precum leaking from his cock like a broken faucet. He wasted no time and kicked Aiden down, his foot nearly bigger than Aiden’s entire body. Tyler quickly approached him and planted his foot over his body, covering him from his feet to his chest. “WANT MORE, LITTLE GUY?” Adam asked playfully. “HERE YOU GO!” he said. In the next second, Aiden began to shrink under Tyler’s foot all the while Tyler began growing even bigger, as if Aiden’s size was being transferred to him. He struggled all the could under the expanding foot to no avail as he disappeared from sight in less than half a minute, getting absorbed into Tyler’s foot completely. He grew quite fast, more than doubling his size by the time the growth subsided. Tyler stood an impressing 370 feet tall at this point. He was now so big compared to Michael that he could close his fist around him, gripping him tight in one of his hands, his fingers actually overlapping.

“GOOD! NOW THE OTHER ONE!” Adam commanded.

“Yes, master!” Tyler replied obediently with a huge smile on his beautiful face, lusting to leech even more size as he ran towards Nathan. He had tried to stand up, but Tyler simply grabbed him with his other arm squeezing him tight. As expected, Nathan’s size began to diminish just as with Aiden, and with every second, even more height and muscle poured into the little giant’s body as he surged higher and higher. When Nathan was about a third his previous size, he loosened his grip, before putting him into his mouth, placing Nathan on his tongue. He wriggled his tongue playfully, throwing Nathan around inside his mouth. “INTERESTING!” Adam proclaimed, clearly impressed by the creativity Tyler was displaying. Nathan landed on one of Tyler’s molars, and he began to playfully close his mouth, pressing down on Nathan’s puny body before releasing him again. The next moment, Tyler maneuvered Nathan back onto his tongue before filling his mouth with spit. Nathan began to shrink on the middle of his tongue, fueling Tyler’s growth once more as the unfortunate young man on his tongue shrank into nothingness. Tyler shot a few hundred more feet into the air before his growth subsided, standing as tall as 755 feet tall. As impressive as that height was, it was still not more than about 0.3 % of Adam’s height, though at a distance he had become visible in his palm by now, measuring about one fifth the length of his fingernails.

“EXCELLENT! NOW HOLD ONTO MICHAEL!” Adam commanded before he turned around and began walking towards the mainland. “I HAVE AN IDEA FOR WHAT TO DO NEXT!” Adam chuckled menacingly. Getting back to the shore would only take a minute at his current size. On his way back, he noticed that several nuclear warheads had been launched by the military as a final attempt to take him out. He tilted his head a bit, putting on a cute smile as he started at the warheads surging towards him. “AWW, THAT’S ADORABLE!” he said. Leaning forward, he began to blow air out of his mouth, creating a wind that was more powerful than anything previously recorded on the earth. The warheads lost their trajectory and chaotically dispersed in all directions. Some of them even exploded as they couldn’t handle the sheer force of the wind Adam had made blowing air out of his lungs. Many of them landed in the ocean or flew off towards space.

There were still a couple of them headed for Adam as they readjusted their trajectory. The giant god adjusted his stance and snapped his fingers, willing the warheads to explode prematurely. “I THINK IT’S TIME TO SET AN EXAMPLE!” Adam said as he was on the move again, reaching the mainland in the matter of a few more seconds. As he landed his first footstep on land, an entire city was instantly annihilated. He looked down and wriggled his toes and rotated his foot to squash the city into oblivion. He laughed in pure excitement, growing a little bit bigger right then and there. Tyler had made it to the edge of Adam’s palm, still holding Michael tight in his fist, to try and get a better view of what was happening down on the ground. At this point, Michael was just in for the ride and didn’t even contemplate trying to escape. In fact, seeing the teen god’s foot annihilate an entire city under his sole turned him on.

Tyler, who also had a full-blown erection, could feel Michael’s little cock poking at his hand. Tyler adjusted his grip of Michael so that he could access his dick, starting to stroke it gently with two of his huge fingers. “I’m sure you don’t mind,” Tyler said, giving off a dirty grin. Although Michael felt violated in the worst way possible, he couldn’t help but shut up and just enjoy the handjob… or fingerjob in this case. It didn’t take long for him to blow his load.

Meanwhile, the giant had resumed strolling across the land, obliterating everything under his perfect divine feet. And those feet! Despite being so big, they still looked as sleek and soft and cute as before, just bigger! The arches of Adam’s feet were so high that city blocks that were fortunate enough to end up under them were only partially destroyed as his arches loomed over the buildings below. The areas in between his toes were also places where citizens below had a slight chance of surviving as mountain-sized toes slammed down on the earth on each size, leaving the areas in between mostly intact apart from the powerful shockwave of displaced air that knocked people over and took out some of the buildings. Still, the people finding themselves in between his toes had been way more fortunate than those that had immediately been crushed under them.

Michael’s thoughts wandered off and he began fantasizing about it. Imagine standing on the ground, seeing a teenager’s foot the size of a city lowering onto you and just barely missing, his big toe landing a couple of miles from where you are. Looking up at his toe, you would have to crane your neck as far back as you could, witnessing the toe soaring more than half a mile into the sky and his heel firmly placed more than 6 miles into the distance. Not to mention those divine legs, extending into the heavens through the clouds, with you barely being able to discern the upper body of the giant god, seeing only a huge pair of glowing eyes looking down at you. And then, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, the giant grew just a little bit more; his knees soaring higher and higher and his toes advancing on your position in the matter of seconds, simply from growing longer and bigger. Trying to run away, you tumble due to the massive earthquakes, and roll over to see the giant teenager wriggling his toes a mile above you before lowering his big toe on your puny insignificant body, blinking you out of existence. The mere thought of this scene was getting Michael hard as fuck. He couldn’t help it anymore and began stroking his stone hard dick ferociously and came within seconds. Some of the others had given up on holding back too, with several of his fellow passengers masturbating in the middle of their worship, screaming and ejaculating all over.

A few minutes later, Adam had reached the house of the president. He carefully planted his feet in front of it, the building looking like a grain of sand next to his toes. Adam had traversed the country so fast that there had not been enough time for the president to evacuate the premises. Through the window he could see the president covering in his office. It was amazing how Adam was able to spot and discern us tiny humans even at this size difference.

Adam extended his index finger and gently twitched it. Immediately, the entire roof of the building was ripped off by some unknown force, exposing everyone inside in an instant. “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO ANYONE THAT DEFIES ME!” Adam proclaimed before letting spit from his mouth drop at the people inside the building, covering everyone and everything inside. Next thing they knew, Adam was shifting one of his feet, covering the building and a large area around it under his big toe, before he pressed down and squashed them all into oblivion. The president and his staff were no more.

Having set the example he wanted, Adam turned to Tyler and Michael. “SO, HOW ABOUT WE TAKE THIS TO THE NEXT LEVEL?” Adam said with an evil smile on his face.

On his way to the president’s house, Adam had erased millions of humans underneath his gigantic soles. He stood proudly, surveying the land for miles ahead. All of it belonged to him and him alone. All the buildings, the land, the streets, the cars, the plants, the animals and all the humans; they were all his to command and control exactly as he saw fit. The giant teenager had finally begun to grow into his destined role; as the one true god. It was always going to play out this way one way or the other, but the desperation and anxiety he had experienced in school had become the catalyst that brought out his true nature, with his fury being the force driving his ascension. Adam’s fury was still burning bright inside of him, but it had morphed into something else. Evolving past his hatred for Michael and the other classmates, his fury had become something more… something primordial that propagated through the cosmos, transcending human understanding.

Michael was still trapped inside the grip of Tyler’s hand as he tried to process what Adam had meant by his last comment. “What do you think he means by next level?” Michael asked as he looked up at Tyler in desperation, somehow expecting he would know more than him.

“I don’t know, but whatever it is we’re along for the ride.” Tyler said.

Adam kept looking off into the distance before suddenly he closed his eyes for a second. Immediately several bridges and tunnels collapsed, a forest fire came out of nowhere, several sinkholes appeared on the outskirts of the city and all the ferries in the area started sinking to the bottom of the ocean floor. Somehow, he was blocking all the exit routes leading out of the city, and just with a mere thought! He turned his head to look down and winked at his two slaves. “I WAS JUST MAKING SURE WE’LL HAVE ENOUGH PARTICIPANTS FOR OUR NEXT GAME!” he said with a smirk. Several hundred people had died simply from the natural disasters he had conjured up out of nowhere, yet thousands of people still remained in the city as they had not been able to evacuate in time.

Then, out of nowhere, Adam began to lower us down onto the streets below, bending down to gently put his palm on the streets below. Gently in terms of Adam meant that only a couple of buildings were destroyed in the process. “NOW GET OFF!” he commanded.

Tyler didn’t hesitate for a second and happily complied with his master’s instructions. “Yes, master!” he said, running to Adam’s fingertip before jumping off, landing safely on the street below. “What now?” Tyler added as he turned to look back up at his master’s face. The view from down there was certainly quite different from what they had become used to lately. Adam pulled back his hand and began standing up…and up…and up… they couldn’t help but let out a sigh of awe as they watched their giant god’s upper body and face recede further and further into the sky, his beautiful teen face eventually getting somewhat obscured by the atmosphere, making it progressively harder to discern the features of his face, apart from his huge glowing eyes.

“THIS NEXT GAME IS PRETTY EASY!” Adam said, his voice alone sending tremors through the streets, shaking the very foundations of the buildings and his breath creating strong wind currents. “ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS RUN!” he roared before putting on a smile as he closed his eyes, leaned back his head and clenched his fists. That had left no doubt in the minds of Tyler and Michael. Adam clearly planned to grow at such a fast pace that outrunning his expanding body would prove a challenge. Michael had shivers run down his spine at the thought alone as he realized this was going to be a big one. A mere second later, a massive earthquake struck the city, no doubt from Adam’s body preparing to grow. “AHH YEAH!!” Adam moaned. “YOU LITTLE RUNTS DON’T KNOW HOW GOOD THIS FEELS! TO HAVE INFINITE POWER COURSING THROUGH YOUR BODY!” the giant god added, grunting and moaning, sending massive vibrations through the city.

Tyler, who stood 755 feet tall, would certainly have a better chance at escaping than he did. Looking up at Tyler’s face as he kept holding Michael in his hand, he just prayed that Tyler wouldn’t let him go and abandon him there. Tyler stared at Michael for a moment before nodding reassuringly. “I’ll carry you as far as I can!” he said. “…Besides, I don’t know what our master would do to me if I just left you here” he added, clearing his throat. As the earthquake increased in intensity, the two of them turned to look toward the general area of where Adam had been standing as they heard one loud explosion after the other. It was clear now that he was growing again, and faster than ever before! It was easy to notice that his knees were soaring higher and higher into the sky, and in the distance, Tyler could see the expanding skin of Adam’s toes pushing through the city, plowing through city block after city block, simply growing over everything in their path.

Tyler began to run in the opposite direction of the growing feet encroaching on their position, still holding Michael in his hand. Adam was growing at the rate of more than a mile each second, with his feet stretching a thousand feet longer each second as well. At 755 feet in height, Tyler’s would be able to run almost three thousand feet per second, so for now they were good. Cracks began to appear in several places on the asphalt in the streets as the intensity of the earthquake was constantly increasing. As Tyler ran through the streets, windows of buildings and cars were exploding, and wall-mounted signs and decorations were falling down all over the place.

Suddenly, a sinkhole appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the intersection up ahead, creating an extremely wide and deep hole that posed a challenge even for Tyler. “Hold on tight!” he shouted, sprinting as fast as he could before jumping at the edge of the hole, launching hundreds of feet off the ground. Michael gasped for air, not being prepared for the roller coaster ride this proved to be. Looking down, they couldn’t see the bottom of the sinkhole, but only a dark endless pit. It was touch and go for a moment as to whether they would make it across, but Tyler landed just barely on the other side with his bare feet firmly planted on the ground. “You okay?” he asked the little one in his hand.

Michael struggled to speak on account of the nausea. “Yes… I’m … okay! Keep going!” he panted. Tyler turned to look back at Adam to see how they were doing, only to find Adam staring down straight at them with a smile on his face, before he moaned in pleasure, his giant cock pulsating and growing towards his mountain-sized pecs. Immediately, you could tell that his growth spurt was kicked into high gear, perhaps more than doubling his rate of growth which had also been increasing steadily over the last minute. Adam blew past 100 miles in height in the next few seconds. In fact, his feet were nearing a growth rate that would soon be impossible to escape from. “Let’s go!” Michael shouted. Tyler turned around and resumed running as fast as he could after seeing Adam’s majestic toes growing over the buildings only a few blocks away, grinding them to a pile of dust.

The streets had been mostly empty since most of the citizens had evacuated towards the outer parts of the city, but finally they were starting to encounter other people. They looked at Tyler in shock as they saw the giant naked 21-year-old guy running in their direction. He was still less than an ant compared to Adam, but to them he was definitely a giant. Tyler stepped on a man that had not had the time to get out of the way, and with Tyler more than 100 times taller than the average human and his feet 20 times longer the man’s height, the poor man was instantly crushed to a pulp under his bare sole. Michael could tell that Tyler enjoyed the feeling of tiny humans on his sole as the giant couldn’t help but unintentionally put on a little smile. “Better them than me!” he said, as he struggled to keep his balance while sprinting as fast as he could.

Michael could tell that Tyler had to work much harder to run straight and keep his balance now since the intensity of the earthquake caused by Adam’s growth was rapidly increasing. Many of the other people in the streets were tumbling over, falling to the ground. Some buildings even collapsed as they couldn’t endure the strain of the massive never-ending tremors. The city certainly hadn’t been built to withstand this. “OHH YEAH!!” could be heard like thunder across the entire sky, the giant god stroking his massive shaft while touching his chest. “MORE!!” Adam roared, biting his lip as he lifted one of his feet, each of which measured at least 25 miles in length by now, before stomping it back into the ground with monumental force, instantly obliterating a large area around his foot while sending a shockwave throughout the whole city knocking everything and everyone over, including Tyler. As commanded, Adam’s growth rate exploded once again, nearing 150 miles in height.

He had fallen down, still holding Michael tight in his hand, before rolling over to try and get a bearing on what had just happened. That’s when he noticed that Adam’s knees were barely visible now as his divine body was soaring into the sky at several miles per second, with his expanding feet only a few blocks away. Adam’s toes would reach them in a matter of seconds. They watched in complete awe as buildings practically disappeared in front of them only to be replaced by a huge mountain of growing skin. “Run!” Michael cried in desperation, but it was too late. Adam was simply growing too fast at this point, his feet stretching longer faster than Tyler could ever hope to run. Becoming a stain under one of the young titan’s toes was inevitable now. Tyler leaned back on the ground and placed Michael on the tip of his nose.

“Well, it was nice knowing you, little one. At least we die serving a true god,” Tyler said, giving off a reassuring smile that sent all kinds of strange emotions flowing through Michael’s body.

“Yeah… thanks… for trying…and…for not leaving me… back there,” he stammered. Just when Adam’s mountain sized toe was about to grow over them, the giant god adjusted the position of his foot so that Tyler and Michael ended up in between two of his toes. His foot continued to grow, while the two toes plowed through everything on each side, leaving them alive for the moment to witness total destruction. At least until the palm of his foot threatened to grow over them. With seconds left to live, they looked up at the giant god who had blown past 200 miles in height.

Tyler folded his hands and began praying and Michael could hear him whisper. “Master! Please spare me! I love you. I want to serve you. I will do anything you ask!” he pled. Adam turned his head to look at them again, as if he somehow heard Tyler’s prayers. He began laughing menacingly, which was the last thing they saw as the sole of the giant god grew over them, the palm of his foot covering their entire field of vision before everything went dark, and they felt an excruciating sense of pain. Just for a moment. And then it was over.

Michael gasped for air, sitting up with a massive anxiety attack, feeling a rough surface under his back. He opened his eyes to see only darkness above him. Then he saw the starry night of the sky. Where was he? Had it all been a terrible dream? He looked around, trying to survey the area around him, but all he could see was a grey wasteland covered by fine grey sand, and a few craters on the horizon. He felt really cold, and the night sky was abnormally clear. Michael turned around and saw Tyler lying on the ground just behind him. He was no longer more than a hundred times taller than Michael, but only four or five times as tall. He rushed over to Tyler and tried incessantly to wake him up.

“Hey Tyler! Wake up!” he shouted. “We’re alive!” Michael said as he smacked Tyler’s cheek with his palm to see if he would wake up. Tyler groaned and sighed as he stretched his body, no doubt still feeling sleepy. It was understandable as they had finally experienced a moment of relief and rest, if only for a minute. Tyler opened his eyes, clearly surprised to see Michael and realizing that they were still breathing despite staring certain death in the eye.

“Where are we?” Tyler asked with a confused look on his face.

“I don’t know… but at least we’re alive,” Michael said. “Let’s try to find out though,” he suggested.

Tyler got up and noticed Michael’s head almost came up to his knees now. “Hey, you’re not so small anymore!” he said with a surprised tone in his voice. “You grew or I shrank?” Tyler pondered.

While they couldn’t be sure as there was nothing in the area to compare themselves to, Michael reasoned that Tyler had shrunk. “Obviously you shrank. Adam would never make me bigger,” he concluded. They looked around and tried to get a sense of where they had ended up. Suddenly, they felt the ground beneath them move quickly as they were thrown to the ground.

Looking up, they could see the night sky shifting, with the actual skybox moving. “What the hell is going on?” Michael panted. Just as the sensation of the ground shifting tapered off, they gasped as they noticed a very familiar object come into view in the sky. About 240.000 miles away was the earth—their home.

Then it occurred to Michael. “Holy shit, we’re on the damn moon!” he squealed. There was silence for a moment.

“Was that whole deal back there actually Adam causing the moon to rotate faster?” Tyler asked, knowing the answer already. They looked around, to see if they could spot Adam somewhere, but to no avail. They sat on the rugged sand covered surface and stared towards the earth, waiting for their master to make the next move.


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