Adam’s fury

by Chronologious

Adam is sick and tired of being harassed and bullied at school and reaches his breaking point. Nobody is ever going to mess with him again.

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Adam woke to the sound of his cell phone alarm going off. It was Monday again, which meant having to go to class. He hated every single minute he had to spend on school grounds. Nobody seemed to like him, and he couldn’t understand why. People had always been so unfair to him, either treating him like he wasn’t there. It was the last year of high school. Adam had been bullied constantly throughout the years. He would often be physically harassed and being a really short and skinny guy, Adam didn’t stand a chance of fighting back. Luckily, he would soon be going to college and hopefully things would change then. Having turned 18 years old only yesterday, his height still hadn’t caught up and it looked like it never would. Adam would probably have to accept being short for the rest of his life, standing only a pathetic 5 foot and 3 inches tall. He barely reached the shoulders of his fellow students. They all looked down on him and he always had to look up at them. It was so humiliating. Oh, how he wished he would grow just a little bit—even just a couple of inches would have made a whole world of difference and give him the confidence he desperately needed. It didn’t help that he couldn’t seem to pack on any muscle at all, as he had tried going to the gym to work out—with no results at all.

After finishing up in the shower, Adam got dressed and headed for class. He was already running late, so he didn’t have time for breakfast. The high school wasn’t too far away from where he lived, so he would always travel by bike and today was no exception. He hopped on the bike and went as fast as he could, hoping he could make it to class in time and avoid the humiliation of being the last person to come into the classroom after everyone had already sat down. That would be a terrible way to begin the new week.

Coming up on the school grounds, he noticed how there was almost no people outside. He rushed over the bike parking and secured his bike, before heading inside. He opened the door to the classroom and surely enough, everyone was already there. The teacher, Mr. Morgan, stopped lecturing. “Not a word, sit down,” he said.

As Adam was making his way over to a free spot, one of the other students, Michael, put their leg out and caused Adam to trip and fall over. Almost everyone laughed as his puny body slammed down on the floor. “Okay, that’s enough!” the teacher said.

He was so humiliated. His head was spinning with rage. Something inside him snapped and it was like he couldn’t control himself. He got up and pushed Michael off his chair, sending him crashing into the floor. Adam was surprised that he managed to pull that off. He felt stronger somehow. It was probably just the adrenaline though.

“Hey, knock it off, now! Or your asses are headed for detention!” the teacher said. Michael turned his head to look at Adam and passed him a stare of death. Adam knew that this meant trouble. Michael had been humiliated in front of his friends and fellow students, and Adam was going to pay for it.

After Adam had found himself an available seat, the teacher resumed his lesson. During class he could hear some of the other students whisper about how Michael was planning to teach him a serious lesson after class. His heart was pounding, thinking about the shitstorm he was in for. Things would without a doubt get physical. Adam clenched his fists in anger as he thought about how unfairly he was being treated—by everyone. He didn’t deserve this, he thought to himself. The more he thought about it, the more frustrated and angrier he got. The anger turned into rage. Adam felt his heart pounding, his senses intensifying and his breathing getting heavier. There was a strange tingling sensation coursing through his body; something he had never felt before. He felt like his rage was consuming him, taking over his body and invading his mind. The tingling sensation turned into a burning sensation. He felt like all the muscles in his body was on fire. It was then that he noticed his perspective of the classroom was starting to change somewhat. It looked like his field of vision was rising ever so slightly. What was happening? Adam looked at his arms and his legs and saw that the hems of the shirt and his pants were retreating ever so slightly, revealing more and more of his bare skin. Then the thought of something impossible occurred to Adam; he was growing! He was growing in the middle of the classroom!

It looked like no one had noticed yet, but if he kept this up, it wouldn’t take long. Adam thought about all the horrible things he had gone through all these years and how alone he had been, which only served to fuel his rage even more. He thought of how he would finally be able to fight back if he were just a bit taller and just a bit stronger—and his dream was actually being fulfilled.

Adam noticed that his shoes were getting tighter by the second, his feet continuing to grow bigger along with the rest of his body. Judging by the change in perspective, Adam guessed that he had grown at least 2 or 3 inches at this point. He was still relatively short, but that wouldn’t last very long if he kept this up. As he heard more whispers of backtalk about him behind him, the fire inside him started burning even brighter and his thoughts turned violent. He fantasized about all the horrible things he wanted to do to them as he got bigger. “I’ll break their fucking necks!” he mumbled to himself. One of the other students must have heard what he had said as they turned to look at him. Unbeknownst to Adam at first, his growth rate had picked up speed and he was closing in on 6 feet in height. A few more students had noticed that something was going on as they picked up on the growth taking place right in front of their eyes. They didn’t say anything as the whole situation was just completely absurd. As a matter of fact, most of them didn’t even believe their eyes and thought their mind was playing a trick on them.

The room went dark as the teacher turned off the lights to show some images on the projector. This would buy Adam some more time before the whole room would become aware of what was happening. Adam clenched his fists in rage. He just couldn’t come down from it, it was simply all-consuming. RIIIP. His shoes gave off loud tearing sounds as his expanding feet blew them apart, his toes peeking out in the front as they continued to grow. Now his shirt was getting tight. He looked down and noticed that not only was he growing in height, but he was packing on some muscle as well. With the small amount of light from the project reflecting off the wall, he could make out some nice well-defined pecs starting to appear on his chest. His arms felt pumped, and as he flexed one of his arms, it made a tear in the fabric of his shirt. RIIIP. A few seconds later several more tears formed on his shirt. RIIIP.

More students were starting to catch on the situation now and many of them were whispering amongst themselves. “You’re whispering about me, you fucking assholes?! I’m gonna rip your goddamn limbs off!” Adam thought to himself as all the whispering just reminded him of how people always talked behind his back, fueling his rage and his growth even more.

The lights came back on, and as they did, several students gasped in awe at the sight of the growing teen in front of them. Adam had to be more than 7 feet tall now and growing faster and faster with each passing second. Panic started to ensue throughout the classroom as everyone was beginning to process what was actually happening. Adam stood up in full height and was amused to see his fellow classmates run for their lives.

As he saw Michael heading for the exit, Adam screamed, “Where do you think you’re going?” Michael turned around to look at the growing giant in the middle of the classroom, passing 8 feet in height by now. “You think you can escape from me?” Adam laughed with a booming voice, the depth and tone of his voice having become deeper and louder along with his size, making him that much more intimidating.

Michael didn’t spare any more time and disappeared out the door in an instant. Adam laughed out loud as he looked at the ceiling growing closer and closer. “I’ll get you soon enough, you little bug!” he shouted.

By now, everyone had vacated the classroom. Then a loud crash could be heard as Adam’s head hit the ceiling with monumental force, his body responding to the physical trauma with even more growth as his height was now increasing at the rate of a foot per second. Adam had passed 12 feet in height and had to lean forward as the ceiling was getting in the way. He tried to break through the ceiling, but he couldn’t. From a momentary fear of getting trapped inside the classroom combined with the strain on his muscles from trying to break through the ceiling, his body responded with more growth to give Adam the strength he would need to break through, upping his growth rate to about 3 feet per second. In a matter of seconds, he had passed 20 feet in height and continued to expand at an alarming rate.

His incredible feet were getting so enormous that by now they were more than half the length of his fellow students. “I’m gonna crush them under my feet!” Adam shouted, “I’ll grind them all to a pile of blood under my toes!”

Adam was so big now that he was bent forward as far as possible, with one foot and one knee planted on the ground and his arms pressing up on the ceiling above him. He would either have to break through the ceiling or get crushed under it. Adam summoned every ounce of strength in his body and pushed the ceiling up as hard as he could. Cracks started forming on the surface. CRRAASSHH!! The ceiling gave in, breaking into pieces and creating a hole for Adam to stand up inside. He stood up and up and up, rising to a height of nearly 30 feet. He already reached the ceiling of the next floor; in fact he couldn’t stand up straight at all. “Here we go, he said,” as he put his hands on the next ceiling. He thought about how Michael had been able to escape and was without a doubt putting more and more distance between himself and Adam as time went on. “I’ll get that little bitch!” he shouted as he felt himself reignite the fire inside him, adding to his rage and fueling his growth. He was growing so fast now that in just a few seconds, he broke through the ceiling into the upper floor.

Meanwhile, Michael was running away as fast as he could, not looking back. He could still see the school from here, which meant he was still too close. As he crossed the street, he heard a loud crash coming from the school behind him, sounding almost like an explosion. He tripped and fell to the ground, then rolled over to see what was going on. His worst fears were confirmed by the sight of Adam’s giant head breaking through the roof of the school, rising higher at an alarmingly fast rate, passing 50 feet in no time. He could hear Adam’s menacing laughs as his massive chest came through the roof, then his abs, then his waist and finally his massive fully erect cock. Adam stroked his cock playfully as he moaned so loudly that it could be heard miles away. Michael was frozen in fear; he couldn’t move.

One of the walls collapsed as Adam’s giant foot grew right through it, revealing his majestic toes as they pushed the debris aside, continuing to stretch and grow longer, wider, and taller. The giant laughed and laughed, rising effortlessly higher into the sky. He lifted his giant foot that had still been inside the building, causing more of the structure to collapse as his foot crashed through the roof. Adam planted it firmly on the ground outside of the building, crushing several bikes in the process and producing a tremor so powerful that Michael could feel it in the ground beneath him, even though he was hundreds of meters away.

Adam started walking toward him, as if he knew where he was, growing bigger and bigger between each step, passing 100 feet in height a few seconds later, every step causing a more violent tremor than the last one. As Michael stared straight at the growing behemoth of a teen coming closer and closer, he regretted every bad thing he had done to him. He wished to God he could take it all back.

Adam had stopped growing, standing a whopping 124 feet tall, but was still making his way toward Michael. He was not about to let him get away! No no no, Michael was going to become a stain under the sole of his massive foot, which spanned more than 20 feet long at this point. His divine feet were bigger than entire cars, his toes alone probably outmatching the strength of any human out there. He felt invincible! Like he could do whatever he wanted, and nobody could ever hope to stop him.

Michael saw the giant teen approaching closer and closer. He would probably catch up to him in just a dozen more steps, there was no point in trying to outrun him. “YOU’RE DONE, BITCH!” Adam roared.

Suddenly, several police cars pulled up between Michael and Adam. They looked like toy cars to the young giant, reaching not much higher than his ankle. The police officers left their cars, drew their guns, and aimed them at Adam. One of them had a megaphone speaker they used to try and communicate with the approaching giant. “This is the Police, stop right there!” the police officer said. Adam just smirked, not stopping in his pursuit of Michael, who was still on the ground behind the police cars.

“I repeat—stop right there! Get down on your knees and put your hands behind your head!” the policeman warned.

Adam was amused by their feeble attempt to intimidate him into stopping. What could they possibly hope to do to him? “You got any hand cuffs my size?” the giant shouted jokingly as he kept walking towards them, the ground shaking more and more violently with each step as he got closer.

“Stop right now, or we will open fire! Last warning!” the policeman cried out through the megaphone.

Adam didn’t respond and within a few seconds, the police opened fire at the young giant. Neither the pistols nor the shotguns did any damage, the bullets bouncing right off the titan’s impenetrable skin, not leaving any mark whatsoever. “Hey, that tickles,” he laughed. He stopped right in front of the police officers and their cars while they continued to offload their ammo at him.

“Hey! Stop it! Now you’re just annoying me,” he boomed. Suddenly, one of the police officers decided to start shooting at Adam’s face. It didn’t cause any damage to Adam, but it was starting to cause a great deal of anger. “I TOLD YOU TO FUCKING STOP, DIDN’T I?” the giant shouted as he felt the familiar feeling of rage surge inside him, filling up every inch of his body. He clenched his fists in another fit of rage and stared angrily at the police officers at his feet.

The ground started trembling. Adam was growing again! His head began soaring into the sky, his shoulders widening and his body putting on more and more mass as his well-defined muscles beefed up just a little bit more. Adam moaned with pleasure as he got turned on by his growth, his cock pulsating to a bigger and bigger size. He had never been big down there, but now it was bigger than any human. He was starting to sport quite the nice set of abs by now. Even though his body had been overly lean before, he now looked like a playboy model—just bigger. His knees and ankles kept rising higher and higher, however, the most noticeable change was his growing feet and toes, simply due to their proximity to the police officers.

Some of the police officers had to step back as his toes plowed toward them at an alarming rate. Adam was growing at a rate of more than 10 feet per second, which meant his feet lengthened by nearly 2 feet every second, so if they hadn’t moved out of the way, his feet would surely have grown over them. The police officers had stopped shooting at the growing titan as they realized they were only just making it worse. His growing toes reached one of the cars and started pushing it away as if it weighed nothing to him.


Several of the police officers started to panic. Some ran away while others were getting into their cars to try and drive away. Amused by the scared little policemen, Adam lifted his still-growing foot and stomped one of the police cars, crushing it flat as a pancake, the officers inside dying instantly as blood was pouring out the side of the car. “SERVES YOU RIGHT!” he shouted.

Then Adam spotted Michael hijacking one of the police cars, trying to flee from certain death. “OH, NO YOU DON’T!” Adam shouted as he leaped after the police car with Michael inside. He missed! Michael drove off as fast as he could, not looking back. Despite Adam’s size, he wouldn’t be able to catch up with Michael driving at full speed—at least not yet. “Run all you want you little pussy; I’ll still get you,” Adam said to himself as his attention drifted back to the remaining police cars and officers at his feet. “YOU LET HIM ESCAPE!” he yelled so loudly that the police officers covered their ears as the mere sound of the giant’s voice caused pain. Adam lifted his foot and started stomping the remainder of the police force at his feet, flattening several more cars and officers in the process, fueling his rage and contempt for humans in the process which led to even more growth. He blew past 200 feet in height and showed no signs of stopping, his feet spanning an unbelievable 35 feet in length. One police officer had met their demise simply by getting trapped under the giant’s growing toes as they had lost their balance, they grew over him as he lay on the ground, grinding him to paste under Adam’s massive sole.

Adam spotted the final police officer, hiding behind a car. He lifted his enormous expanding foot and put it down on top of the officer, forcing him to the ground as the growing sole and toes pinned him down. “KISS MY BIG TOE, YOU PATHETHIC BUG!” Adam roared. The officer complied, hoping the giant would spare his life. Adam could barely feel the puny human under his titanic foot. “GOOD BUG!” Adam boomed, with a smirk on his face, before applying more pressure, grinding the tiny officer into nothing more than a bloodstain.

Once the police had been dealt with, he had grown so tall that he could see Michael’s police car driving off a few hundred meters away. He closed his eyes and clenched his fists in anger at the sight of his victim escaping, concentrating hard on wanting to grow more. His body responded by sending his growth rate through the roof. Forget 10 feet per second, now it was more like 60 feet—every single second. “AAARGGH!!!” Adam exclaimed as he shot into the sky.

He started running after Michael’s car. At first, he didn’t stand much of a chance of catching up to him, but as he grew taller and taller, he started to catch up. Michael could feel tremors as his nemesis was closing in on him, causing the car to jump a little bit every time. It was like a nightmare! He couldn’t hope to ever escape. No matter what he did or where he went, Adam would just grow bigger and bigger. The growing titan had passed 500 feet in height, showing no signs of stopping his growth as he chased after Michael’s car.

Out of nowhere, several military helicopters showed up and started unloading missiles at Adam. The missiles didn’t leave as much as a scratch on his body. The helicopters were hovering in the air a few hundred feet above his head, thinking they were at a safe distance. Adam stopped running and looked at the helicopters. He clenched his fists again and summoned more of the power inside of him. His growth rate exploded as he started growing at the rate of more than 150 feet per second. Catching up to the helicopters in no time, his head and shoulders rising up past them in mere seconds. He grabbed the helicopters with his bare hands and grinded them to dust in his palms. “DON’T YOU GUYS GET IT, YET?” he yelled, “I AM UNTOUCHABLE! I AM A GOD!”

The ground shook violently when the growing giant shouted, having passed 1200 feet at this point. He looked down and wiggled his toes as they grew through house after house, each of them closing in on 220 feet in length. Adam laughed menacingly as the watched his feet plow down people in the streets and take out several houses at once. “I WILL GROW AS MUCH AS I WANT, AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!” he proclaimed with a smile on his face. “YOU THINK THIS IS SOMETIHNG? I AM HOLDING BACK! YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON’T!” he threatened. For now, Adam was content with his size and stopped growing, standing a ludicrous 1800 feet tall.

Adam starting chasing after Michael’s car again, which was proving harder and harder to see as it was getting so small. He was driving into the city, hoping to disappear in the crowd or maybe inside a building. Adam kept on his tail. “This is gonna be fun!” he said to himself.

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