Chuck, the size thief

by spacevlad

Chuck, a middling-sized construction worker who wishes he were bigger, finds a way to grow huge.

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Part 1 Chuck, a middling-sized construction worker who wishes he were bigger, finds a way to grow huge. (added: 30 Jun 2017)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 Chuck visits his fuck buddy Clint, shows him how his new powers work, and then fucks him hard. (added: 14 Jul 2017)
Part 5 Chuck has some internal struggles over how much bigger he wants to get, then lifts all day at the gym with the help of his new powers. He even grows a bit more. (added: 28 Jul 2017)
Part 6 Chuck has some fun with big Latino bodybuilder Eddie in the steam room. As Chuck drains size as he face-fucks Eddie, he finds himself yearning to take all Eddie has to offer. (added: 11 Aug 2017)
Part 7 Chuck shows off at the gym then has some fun in the shower with an admirer, Mike. Chuck then drains all his size and grows bigger. Then Chuck visits Clint again and drains all the little guy’s got. (added: 27 Oct 2017)
Part 8
Part 9 Chuck goes back to the gym and continues to grow, luring unsuspecting worshippers into the locker room to absorb their size… including Drew, an admirer in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Brant, a helpless swimmer. (added: 10 Nov 2017)
Part 10
Part 11 Chuck, now a 15’ giant with a thick powerlifter build, confronts the cops and makes a shocking discovery that will help him grow even bigger. Chuck continues to grow more and more, and he swells into a massive giant. He fucks a building apart as his need for more only increases. (added: 24 Nov 2017)
Part 12
Part 13 Chuck visits a nuclear power plant in his hunger for growth, and he drains it for every bit of size he can get, shooting up to over 300 feet tall. The military tries to stop Chuck with a nuclear strike, but their plan backfires badly. (added: 8 Dec 2017)
Part 14
Part 15 A helpless survivor of the apocalypse has an unfortunate encounter with Chuck, who has grown into a two-mile-tall, thick, powerful musclebear giant. In the conclusion, Chuck continues to grow as he finds one last power source to consume. (added: 22 Dec 2017)
Part 16
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Part 1

Chuck shouldered the door open heavily and trudged into his apartment. It was late, later than he intended to get home after staying out drinking longer than he had planned. He slumped his work bag onto the clutter on his couch and tossed his gym bag—unused again today—next to it. Sighing and grunting, Chuck sat down and started untying his heavy steel-toed work boots fit for his job at the construction site. They thumped heavily as he tossed them back over by the door. Chuck shrugged out of his heavy Carhartt work jacket, which fell to the floor. He bent to pick it up, rolling his eyes a bit at the “Chuck” name patch his contractor had required him to add, and set it on the bench.

Chuck moved his way to the bathroom and unzipped his dirty jeans, pulling out his cock and relieving himself with a heavy breath. He looked in the mirror and sighed, grimacing slightly. He was handsome enough, with piercing blue eyes, pale skin, and a short red beard that caught a lot of peoples’ attention, but he felt deeply dissatisfied with the rest. He had wrestled in high school and did intermural sports in college, but that had given way to an average-looking 5’9” and 210lbs, more extra padding than muscle, and not nearly as big or strong as he would have liked. And at 36 years old, he knew he was getting past his prime. He shrugged his shoulders and unbuttoned his red flannel plaid shirt, revealing some golden red chest hair. He adjusted his hat, the same maroon and gold Minnesota Gophers cap he had since college, revealing the bald surface underneath, and flushed the toilet. His hat rarely left his head, and he pulled it on snugly after zipping up his fly.

His stomach grumbled even though he had drank 6 Buds at the bar, and he started digging around in the fridge. On the counter lay old issues of weighlifting magazines and Sports Illustrated, with burly muscular men and headlines for how to gain muscle and train smarter. Chuck liked to think they were motivational, but he rarely found time or energy enough to go the gym, even though he had memberships to two different ones near his apartment. Construction was hard work, especially when it was 50, 60 hours a week sometimes when added to his second job as a part time overnight security guard at an office park. It didn’t leave much time for the gym, and he certainly found it hard to work up the motivation to go after 10 hours or more of manual labor.

Chuck thought about making a protein shake, looking at the dust-covered jugs of powder sitting above his fridge, but instead he ripped open a pack of Oreos and grabbed a gallon of whole milk, not bothering with a glass. He carried them over to the couch, pushed aside some empty wrappers and takeout boxes and slumped onto the couch. He flicked on ESPN, where they were showing a replay of last year’s World’s Strongest Man competition. Chuck sighed, feeling envious of the hulking brutes on the screen, and wished he could be big and strong like that. Idly rubbing his fattening cock and stuffing Oreos into his mouth, he resolved to go to the gym tomorrow, but deep down he knew he wouldn’t.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Chuck grunted as he set the heavy crate down with his coworker Erik. He flexed his cold, stiff fingers, cursing again at the freezing cold temperatures. Why had he taken this job? Wintertime was usually the offseason for construction in Minnesota, but this job building an extension to a U of M research facility was a notable, and lucrative, exception. Chuck wondered if it was really worth it as plumes of steam rose up from his mouth as he caught his breath.

“What the hell do they have packed in these boxes anyway, rocks?” Erik asked, shaking his head. “It’s ridiculous we have to load these in by hand,” he continued.

“They said it was sensitive material and they didn’t want anything misplaced. I don’t know, bud. I just do what I’m told,” Chuck grunted as they went and picked up the next crate. “Besides,” Chuck said through clenched teeth, “it’s a good workout!”

“Ha, fuck you and your workout, let’s just get this over with,” Erik said and they kept working, carrying them inside the unfinished shell of the lab they were helping build.

Lunchtime finally rolled around and Chuck and the rest of the construction team—cold, dirty, and sweaty—moved into the existing, finished area of the site that had been sectioned off for the crew. Chuck found his bag and went off to find some quiet space. He usually liked to eat alone. He found a door marked “Private” and tested it. Open! Finally some peace and quiet from the likes of Erik.

Inside Chuck saw machines and equipment he had never seen before. He found a stool and some open space and started unpacking his lunch. While eating, he took a closer look. No wonder this room was usually locked off; looks like it was where one of the 3D printers was. He knew his team was building lab space for another couple printers, and this must be where their first one was kept. Getting up from the stool, he went closer to the printer. Next to it was a small canister, like a CO2 compressed air cartridge but bigger, with a label “NX-1” written in sharpie on some masking tape.

“Huh, I guess all types of printers need cartridges,” Chuck said with a smirk, flipping the cartridge in his hand. He didn’t even know how these things worked, but didn’t really care. He got a closer look at the little cartridge when suddenly his water bottle fell off the counter, hitting the floor with a loud smack. Chuck flinched, surprised, and felt the knob on the cartridge twist in his hand.

An acrid-smelling blue mist exploded from the cartridge, spraying Chuck in the face, causing him to fall back and sputter. It got all over his hands, face, eyes, and even into his mouth before a panicked Chuck dropped it. The cartridge pinged onto the floor as it continued to hiss and spray mist into the air. Coughing and blinded, Chuck gasped and breathed in more of the gas, inhaling whatever was in there. Chuck tried to stand but found his body felt suddenly numb, weak, and tired, like he didn’t have the strength to get up, all energy drained from his body. “H-help!” he cried, but it only came out as a raspy wheeze instead of the shout he had intended.

The room filled up with the blue gas, and Chuck breathed in more of it until he passed out.

He awoke a few hours later when his boss found him.

“Chuck! What the hell are you doing, sleeping on the job? Unacceptable! I’m docking this time from your pay, you know,” his boss yelled angrily.

Chuck was never one to stand up to his boss, even though he wished he did. “S-sorry boss, I passed out… there was a mist that came from this canister, and…” Chuck said, confused and groggy from his experience.

“Bullshit, Chuck, just get your shit together and get back to work. Jesus, what the fuck do I pay you for,” his boss hissed and stormed out of the room.

Chuck looked around at the room. It was fine, just as it had been when he entered, no trace of blue mist or gas or oil whatever had been spewing out of that cartridge. He touched his face, his clothes. No trace of the stuff. Had he just dreamed it? No, it had happened…but then where did the stuff go? Chuck had no clue. He picked up the small metal cartridge and looked it over. He looked around the room but couldn’t find anything to explain what he had been exposed to.

Sighing and setting the canister back where he found it, Chuck packed up his bag and left the room. At least he felt totally normal and wasn’t like coughing or anything. With a shrug, he shut the door, not noticing the back side of the door said “Nanotech Research”.


Part 2

Chuck awoke the next day feeling good. He was still a little weirded out by what happened at the construction site the day before—the strange mist knocking him out and getting into his lungs, then disappearing by the time he woke up—but he didn’t feel any worse for wear. He thought about going to the doctor, but it’s not like his insurance would cover anything even if he was hurt.

If anything Chuck felt strangely energized, like he had a little bit of a buzz going. He also felt very horny, he realized as he squeezed his thick 6 incher through the sheets of his messy bed. He bit his lip and growled, and his mind instinctively turned to thinking about getting bigger and stronger, about admiring big, muscular guys. He grabbed his phone and opened up Tumblr to start looking at size comparison pics—nothing turned him on more than seeing a big guy totally outsize someone next to them. He sighed and grunted heavily as he sat up, pulling his dick out and stroking softly, thinking about how hot it would be to be a foot taller and hundreds of pounds bigger than somebody, pounding away at a tight fuck hole, lifting them up and down…

Chuck opened up Scruff on his phone and decided to message his buddy Clint, a friend he sometimes fooled around.

“Feelin’ horny this morning, wanna cum over?” Chuck typed and hit send. Chuck was still pretty deep in the closet, especially with his family and guys at work, but he chatted with guys on Grindr and Scruff and occasionally had them over. Clint was a skinny, furry otter who liked Chuck’s beard and relatively thick build; he liked to hook up when he “wanted to scratch that bear itch”. Whatever Clint thought of him, Chuck didn’t care. He just liked getting his dick wet with the help of a smaller guy every so often, and got off on the size difference between his 210lb frame and Clint’s lean 170lbs. Clint was taller than him by a few inches, but it didn’t matter once he was underneath Chuck.

Chuck’s phone chirped, and he smiled.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Chuck opened the door and Clint walked in.

“Hey big guy, thanks for texting,” Clint said as he slipped off his shoes and set his Starbucks on the table. “It had been a while and I have just been dying for a good fuck, the last couple weekends at the bar have been SO dead, I mean just it’s the same old faces every night and Liam wouldn’t shut up about…” Clint yapped and yapped as Chuck kinda tuned him out. This was the flip side of having him over for a fuck, but it was usually worth it.

Looking at Clint, Chuck felt the buzz he had woken up with intensify, and his cock chubbed up more in his sweatpants.

When Clint finally paused to breath, Chuck interjected. “You wanna get on with this, or what?” Chuck said gruffly, stepping closer to Clint’s slender frame and wrapping his arms around him.

“Well well, aren’t we just hot to trot this morning? You’re looking good, bear!” Clint said as he turned to him and squeezed Chuck’s shoulders and arms. “You feel a little bigger!”

Chuck growled. He liked hearing that, even though he wasn’t sure if it was true, since he hadn’t made much progress at the gym lately. “Thanks bud, I try but it’s hard with my work schedule,” he said and flexed a little, feeling happy to get attention. He started thinking about what it would be like to be bigger, and he felt his whole body buzz with sexual energy, like what he felt this morning but amplified.

“I don’t know how you work construction, ugh,” Clint said as slipped out of Chuck’s arms and started walking back to the bedroom. “It just sounds exhausting and dirty, no thanks. I get tired enough at Starbucks!”

Chuck shrugged and followed Clint, staring at the otter’s tight ass bouncing as he walked. Chuck scratched his beard and smiled, feeling his cock swell even harder.

“Your ass looks good,” Chuck says hungrily, licking his lips.

“Heh thanks big guy, you know I try to keep it tight for you,” Clint purred and took off his shirt, revealing the hairier-than-you’d-expect chest and tummy. He was lean and flat-chested, even skinny; 170lb is pretty thin on a 6’1” frame.

Chuck followed suit, removing his tank top and moving in to make out. Copper colored hair covered Chuck’s chest and tummy in swirls, a tinge of grey starting to creep in from the top of his pecs. His paunch bounced a bit as he threw his shirt onto the ground. He slipped off his sweatpants and boxers, legs showing some muscle. Their tongues wrestled and Chuck rubbed his beard against Clint’s smooth face as they kissed.

“Hehe, that tickles!” Clint said and pulled away, falling onto the bed. “You bears and your beards, grr!” he said in an exaggerated tone.

“You like it, admit it,” Chuck said and followed Clint onto the bed, pressing his weight against the skinnier Clint.

“Maybe a little, short stack,” Clint said and they kissed for a while longer, both of their cocks swelling up harder.

Chuck pressed against Clint, feeling the skinny arms and chest pressing against his own bigger bulk. Chuck felt big for the first time in weeks, and compared the size of his arm with Clint’s.

“Look how damn skinny you are, little otter,” Chuck said and flexed his relatively big arm next to Clint’s. “I’m a lot bigger than you!” Chuck said, pumping himself up and feeling a tingle run down his spine again as he thought about getting bigger.

“Yeah big guy, bigger than me for sure, hehe!” Clint giggled and compared sizes. “Your belly’s bigger too, you know!” he zinged, jiggling Chuck’s tummy around for emphasis.

“Eh, I don’t mind that at all, gotta get bigger all over!” Chuck growled, getting into it more now, and he felt his body tingle harder than before.

“Yeah Chuck, I bet you wanna turn into a REALLY big bear, don’t you?” Clint said, rubbing his cock against Chuck’s and egging him on more, the hair on both of their chests scratching against each other. Clint knew what buttons to push.

“Yeah… YEAH!” Chuck growled and wrapped his arms around the skinny otter beneath him, squeezing hard.

For a moment, Chuck lost himself, caught up in the thought of growing bigger and bigger. He imagined himself at 250, 275, 300lbs or maybe even bigger someday, thick and strong, muscular and fat, a big muscle bear like the guys he saw on Tumblr and World’s Strongest Man shows, making guys like Clint look like waifs. He wanted to be bigger, more than he ever knew, the sudden, powerful desire for it all-consuming, and he gripped Clint tight, feeling a shiver run up his body.

“Unnnngggghhhh wow you squeeze hard, bear!” Clint moaned, feeling Chuck bear hug him, feeling a sudden weird numbness spread through his body. He grimaced as a tiredness and lethargy wash over him, like he was high or drunk but not in a good way.

Chuck, on the other hand, felt euphoric, imagining himself growing more, surging with more energy, becoming powerful and huge, losing himself in the fantasy as he squeezed the comparatively smaller Clint, who somehow felt smaller and skinnier in his grip as he bear hugged him. All he could think about was growing bigger—why had he never realized until now that it was the most important thing to him? He needed more, had to get more, could feel his body buzzing and tingling, couldn’t hear Clint asking him to stop squeezing so hard…

He shook his head, got his bearings and released Clint, who gasped as he got his air back. Chuck sat up in the bad, blinking hard and coughing, feeling the last euphoric tingles shiver up his spine, realizing his cock was harder than it had ever been in his life.

“Jesus Chuck that was some bear hug, I feel totally drained!” Clint said, getting his breath back. “That felt so good… you’re even bigger and stronger than I thought!”

Chuck growled at that, feeling his pecs pulse, feeling like he did after a good workout, pumped and energized and horny. “Yeah, stronger than I thought too… damn, never felt anything like that before, I feel… amazing!”

“You seriously look great, Chuck!” Clint said, reaching up to feel Chuck’s pumped up pecs and shoulders.

“What can I say, fucking you makes me feel great! Now turn over and let me go to work,” Chuck ordered, feeling an authority he had never felt.

“Ooh yeah, boss me around big guy, yes sir!” Clint said playfully, his ass puckering for it as he turned over and presented himself.

Chuck lubed up his cock, which throbbed angrily, looking red and swollen, bigger than Chuck had ever seen it. He loosened Clint’s hole up with rough fingers, getting even harder as he contrasted the skinny otter’s thighs with his own thick ones.

“Here comes your big bear, bud, get ready!” Chuck grunted and plowed into Clint, who moaned loudly. “Fuck, you feel tight, just how I like it!”

“Yeah, fuck me big guy!” Clint groaned.

Chuck looked down at his buddy, bent over and submissive, looking small next to his thicker frame. He felt strong, powerful, big! He fucked slow at first, feeling his thick cock plug Clint’s tight hole, pistoning in and out. Chuck flexed his pecs and arms as he fucked, his muscles feeling plumper and thicker than this morning. Was it just his imagination, or was he pumped up from sex? Whatever this new feeling was, he loved it.

Chuck pounded into his buddy hard, harder than ever, his thick cock feeling swollen in the tight ass of his friend. He reached forward and grabbed his Clint’s hips, lifting up and adjusting his friend’s weight more easily than he ever remembered being able to and pulling him back farther onto his throbbing cock.

“Unnnggg fuck me harder, Chuck, yeah you big fuckin’ bear!” Clint groaned, getting his bear fix, probably more than he expected.

“Yeah, I love when you call me big bear, little guy, gonna pound you HARD,” Chuck growled, and thought about growing even bigger. He gripped Clint’s hips and pounded, machine-like. He closed his eyes and imagined himself even bigger, growing thicker and stronger, his cock stretching out Clint’s hole until it wouldn’t fit and again realizing he needed more size. As soon as he thought about that, he felt the familiar tingling feeling spread through his body again, making him feel euphoric, taking his breath away. It was all that mattered, being bigger, needing more, feeling powerful and strong, more more more big big big now now now…

“Unnnggg Chuck, you’re making me so…ung…light headed,” Clint whimpered as he felt a cold numbness once again overtake him, Chuck’s cock filling him up even more. “Fuck me harder!”

“Hhhhaaaaahh, fuck yeah,” Chuck breathed as his train of thought returned, and he felt tingles surge into his body, making him feel bigger, heavier, stronger. He looked down at himself, pecs fuller and rounder, his little gut bulging out more, bigger balls slapping against Clint’s ass, and he grunted deeply, feeling himself getting closer to climax.

“Gonna get so damn big, fuck!” Chuck yelled as he exploded into Clint, cumming harder than he ever had in his life, his seed leaking out of Clint’s tight hole and oozing onto the sheets.

They both panted and groaned for a while before Chuck removed himself from Clint with a slick popping noise, grunting and sighing as he did. He backed up, breathing heavily, and sauntered over the bathroom, his legs feeling plump and hard.

“Holy shit,” was all Clint could manage.

“Yeah, bud. That was awesome,” Chuck said as he grabbed a towel from the bathroom and tossed it over to Clint.

“You really stretched me out, man, you felt…thicker than before,” Clint said groggily, like he was high.

“Yeah man, I felt extra good today, super hard,” Chuck said and turned to grab a towel for himself in the bathroom. As he did, he saw himself in the mirror. He was noticeably bigger all over. His shoulders were wide, capped with round delts, curving up into bigger traps. His pecs looked thicker as he took a breath, and his belly paunched out a bit rounder. He raised an arm up and flexed his bicep, and it bunched up with more size than he remembered having. He grinned and laughed, not knowing what was going on but feeling amazing.

“Hoo man I’m gonna be walking around like a cowboy today,” Clint said as he got up gingerly and walked over to the bathroom.

Chuck moved past him to make way and noticed Clint didn’t seem that much taller, maybe an inch or two difference. Wasn’t Clint like 4 inches taller than him? What the hell…

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

As Clint closed the door to leave, Chuck shook his head. He still felt bigger, pumped up, and energized even now that he had come down from his sex high. What was going on? He went back into the bathroom, looking himself over. It wasn’t a trick; he looked bigger. Maybe he just hadn’t noticed these gains before? Maybe he was just full from dinner last night?

Whatever it was, Chuck felt good about his size for the first time in years…but he also felt more motivated to get huge than he had ever felt in his life. It was like something had unlocked in him, an intensity of his desire to get big he had never felt before. Any excuses he had made for himself earlier seemed silly to him now; what could possibly be more important than getting that energized feeling and growing more? He felt it deep in his bones, and it stuck around in the back of his head even as he ate his breakfast and put on his clothes.

As he slipped into his shorts and pulled on his favorite Underarmor gym shirt, he swore it felt tighter than he remembered.


Part 3

Chuck pulled up to the gym, still feeling great from fooling around with his fuck buddy Clint. He felt pumped and energized, more ready to hit the gym than he had felt in months, motivated and ready. He hurried from his car into the gym, the cold winter air causing his breath to steam into white plumes as he walked.

As he walked into the locker room to drop off his coat, he couldn’t help but grin at how snugly his Underarmour shirt was hugging his shoulders and arms. He hadn’t lifted in a while, so why was he feeling this great pump already? It had started when he felt that tingling buzz when he was fucking Clint, a feeling of energy humming into his body. What was that all about, he wondered as he locked up his coat and went to step on the scale.

The metal scale clanked as Chuck got on, and he adjusted the levels towards the usual 210 or so he expected. He set it there, and it still wasn’t balanced. Chuck decided to take his shoes off, as maybe that was throwing it off, but that didn’t make any difference. His clothes didn’t weight much, so that couldn’t be it either.

He adjusted it down a bit—maybe he had lost weight recently from working so much?—but no change. He adjusted it up slowly, first to 215. Still nothing. Then to 220. No way, he hadn’t been 220 ever. Still nothing.

“Hey, you guys know if anything is wrong with this scale?” Chuck asked a few of the other guys in the locker room near the scale. They just shrugged and went back to changing.

Chuck’s stomach fluttered. What was going on? Had he… somehow gotten bigger? He felt pumped, his clothes were tighter… but how? He moved the level on the scale until it balanced out.


He had gained 15lbs since he last weighed himself a couple days ago. Chuck reached up and adjusted his Gophers hat, rubbing a hand across his bald head, his bicep bunching into a bigger, harder peak than he remembered having. How the fuck had this happened? He couldn’t have just gained 15lbs out of nowhere; he hadn’t been eating THAT much lately, and god knows he hadn’t been to the gym. 15 pounds didn’t just come out of nowhere, so what was going on? Maybe the scale was just wrong? But that didn’t fit with how pumped and swole he felt, didn’t fit with what he saw in the mirror earlier this morning.

He couldn’t help but grin. He tensed his pecs and swung his arms back and forth in excitement. He was bigger! Just what he had always wanted. He felt that same buzz from earlier shiver through his body as he thought about getting bigger, and he grunted. Suddenly all he could think about was growing more and getting pumped up. It was time to hit the weights.

He walked out into the gym and got to work. It was chest and tris day, and he started with some warm up weights on the flat bench, using 35lb dumbbells to get the blood flowing. They were way too easy and felt light even for a warm up. He worked his way up, feeling sweat start to spread over his body, feeling strong and energized, more pumped up than he ever remembered feeling at the gym. 45lb, 60lb, 70lb dumb bells; they still felt too easy. Every lift felt good.

He looked at himself in the mirror after his 4th set and almost gasped. His chest had never looked so good, pumped up and swollen with muscle. He grabbed the 80lb dumbbells, more than he had ever used when doing dumbbell bench press, and cranked out a set of 8, easily a PR for him. He dropped the weights with a satisfying *clunk* and sat up. He looked down at his chest, pecs engorged with blood, and tensed them one by one. He normally couldn’t do the pec bounce thing, but right now it felt natural and easy. A chuckle escaped his lips as he felt his heavy pecs dancing under the Underarmour, which hugged his furry skin tightly.

Chuck went about his workout and every exercise was like the first; weights felt lighter than ever, he felt like he wasn’t getting tired, and he put up PRs everywhere he went. Pec deck, incline bench, dumbbell flies, tricep pull downs, skullcrushers, everything felt great. Two-thirds of the stack on the pull down machine clanked down as he finished a set, more than he had ever done, and he looked in the mirror again, his tris swelling out into horseshoes of muscle, looking hard and strong, blond-red hair (had there always been so much?) covering part of his upper arm. His pale skin was ruddy with effort, and slick sweat made his arms shine.

He was so locked into his workout that Chuck didn’t notice the other guys in the gym as much as he usually did. He definitely wasn’t the biggest guy in the room, which he liked; it was nice to check out the other big meatheads in the gym, and it usually kept him motivated watching the bigger guys lift.

“Hey, would you mind giving me a spot?” Chuck snapped out of his reverie as an older, bigger guy in a grey tank top approached him and asked. Chuck grinned. “Sure, big guy, no problem,” Chuck said and followed the guy back over to a bench press. The other guy was a regular, and Chuck recognized him; probably 245lb and muscular, like he had been lifting for 30 years. He had 315lb on the rack.

“What’s your name again?” Chuck asked as the other guy laid down under the bar and shifted his weight to get in position. “Dave,” he said and got his hands in position. “I’m gonna go for 8 or 10, help me out on the last few reps,” he said to Chuck as he grabbed the bar and started lifting.

“Sure thing,” Chuck said and he put his hands in position under the bar, near Dave’s hands. Chuck had always admired this guy but never had the courage to introduce himself or say anything; he was in such better shape than Chuck and was much stronger. But that was the old Chuck. Not this new Chuck, who was riding high on newfound confidence.

“Four, five, six, you’re looking good bud, keep going,” Chuck said, encouraging Dave, who was focused and huffing with effort. Chuck was jealous of how big Dave’s pecs were, how they tensed and squeezed as he lifted. Chuck wanted to be that big, or bigger, way bigger, and all of a sudden he wanted it so bad. Chuck HAD to get bigger than Dave, and he felt that familiar tingle surge through his whole body.

“Seven, eight, come on, a couple more!” Chuck said and moved his hand closer to the bar. His hands brushed against Dave’s, and suddenly Chuck felt electric, an intense buzz shooting up his arms from where his hands connected with Dave’s. Chuck felt amazing, warm throbbing euphoria surging through his arms and into his body, and he felt every muscle of his body tense.

“Whoa, shit, little help,” Dave said as he suddenly faltered, the weight almost pushing down on his chest before Chuck caught it and lifted it up. The bar slammed back into the rack, and Chuck backed up.

“You alright, bud? Sorry I almost didn’t catch it in time,” Chuck said, walking around the rack. Dave sat up and shook his head.

“I don’t know what happened, I was feeling great and then all of a sudden I just lost it, felt like I had no energy to get those last couple,” he said. “Weird. Glad I asked you for a spot, though, you got it. I think that’s a sign that I should be done for the day,” Dave said as he stood back up.

Chuck compared their sizes as Dave stood. Dave looked noticeably less pumped up than just a moment before; his shoulders and traps seemed smaller, his arms less pumped, his chest didn’t have that nice fullness they had before. He was still a big guy, but not like before.

“Heh, yeah man I know what you mean. I’m having such a good day today though, think I might try to push it a little longer,” Chuck said as he suddenly realized he didn’t feel tired at all, even after having lifted for the last hour.

Dave shook his head and smiled. “Yeah man you look good! Haven’t seen you in a while but you look like you’ve been making some good gains!”

“Yeah, you think?” Chuck asked, and looked down. He looked bigger. He felt bigger! “Yeah man, I guess you’re right!” Chuck looked back at Dave and realized Dave didn’t look much bigger than he did.

“Anyway, have a good rest of your workout,” Dave said and he turned to head towards the locker room.

Chuck went back to the pulldown machine and looked in the mirror. He looked jacked, bigger than he had ever been, and way bigger than he had been earlier this morning. He grabbed the pulldown bar and started another set. It was easy. So easy! It had been a PR just a few minutes ago, and now he was cranking out another set of 12 like it was normal. He didn’t even feel tired; he felt like he could lift for hours.

He finished his set and took a step back. His shirt, a large, felt uncomfortably tight and showed off every bulging mound of muscle, especially his pecs and tris. What was going on? Everything was normal until he had thought about wanting to be bigger than Dave, tapping into the desire to be bigger that had been in the back of his head all day. He had felt that weird tingling feeling, and then he had accidentally touched Dave’s hands when he was spotting him. THAT’s when the crazy good buzz went all throughout his body, like… like energy was flowing into him from Dave.

He looked up and saw Dave heading out of the gym, looked tired and worn out. He waved to him and Dave nodded and trudged off. He looked noticeably less pumped, even smaller, than he looked when he asked Dave for a spot. Almost like he had lost 10lbs…

Chuck decided to go back into the locker room. He had to test something. Had to see for sure.

He walked fast back to the locker room, an excited tightness in his chest. He got into the locker room and stepped onto the scale after he took his shoes off. 200. 215. 225.

The scale balanced at 235lbs.

Chuck stepped off the scale, dumbfounded. It didn’t seem real, or possible, but there it was. He had grown 10lbs in the last hour somehow, and he was pretty sure it was from touching Dave. A shiver rippled up his spine as he realized this, like something inside him was telling him he was right.

“Holy shit,” Chuck said to himself as he realized the impossible was somehow true: he could drain people of their energy and steal their size to make himself grow bigger.

“This is some sci-fi shit,” Chuck thought to himself as he clenched and unclenched his right fist, feeling a tingle rush along his skin. He looked up and saw another guy changing at the locker next to his. He was smaller than Chuck, but had plenty of muscle on him. He looked like he had just showered. Chuck had to test it.

Chuck stepped up to his own locker, pretending like he was looking in there for something, and bumped against the other guy. The other guy adjusted his weight to move away from Chuck. Nothing happened. “Sorry bud,” Chuck said and he closed his locker.

Hmm. So it wasn’t just from contact. What was he missing? Maybe this was all just in his head. But then he remembered… when he was spotting Dave, he hadn’t felt the tingle until he started thinking about how jealous he was of Dave’s size…thinking about how badly he wanted to grow…how he NEEDED to get bigger, that urge in the back of his head that had been there since this morning silently screaming at him for MORE. He decided to try again, but this time he would focus on his desire to get bigger.

As soon as he thought about growing, he felt the tingle ripple up and down his skin, like he had switched something on inside of himself. He stepped over to the sink and again “accidentally” brushed against a guy who was heading back to the showers, a chunky overweight older guy. Immediately, as soon as he made contact, he felt something, felt a rush of energy into this body, so fast it took his breath away. His shirt was cutting into his arms and chest now, his pants feeling uncomfortable against his waistline and his boxer briefs pressing hard against his thighs, bulge, and round butt. The Underarmour rode up, exposing a sliver of furry belly. His beard seemed fuller and his forearms looked swollen and hairy. He immediately went back over to the scale.


It worked. It was true… somehow, it was true. What could this have been from, Chuck thought to himself, excited and scared and confused and elated.

“Researchers at the U of M are investigating a possible theft in some research equipment at the new 3D printing lab that is currently under renovation,” the TV in the locker room suddenly blared. Chuck looked up and saw a picture of the construction site had been working at all week. “Authorities say experimental nanotechnology has gone missing in the last few days and are claiming that the construction company in charge of the project might be at fault,” the news story continued. They droned on as Chuck went back over to his locker.

Chuck looked down at his hands and remembered what had happened yesterday… that weird canister…the blue mist that had knocked him out…that oily substance that was somehow all gone when his boss found him. Another shiver rippled up Chuck’s spine and he knew it was true. Whatever he had been exposed to was inside him and had given him this power.

A rising panic suddenly filled Chuck’s mind—what the fuck was wrong with him, was it going to poison his body, how would he get it out?—but it was suddenly snuffed out and replaced with the overwhelming need to get bigger. To feel that buzz again, to have more energy, to get more! He shook his head and wondered why he was so worried about it, when all that really mattered was getting bigger. He clapped his hands and adjusted the chubby in his shorts as he decided he wanted to lift all day. He had never felt more energized, never felt better in his life!

He brushed by one more guy on his way back out to the gym, feeling a little surge of size pump into his body, 245lbs and ready to smash some PRs. THAT’s what mattered! He took off his hat and adjusted it—it suddenly felt too tight on his head—and sauntered off to the squat rack, his bigger shoulders and lats and thighs causing him to walk a little differently than he had been this morning. He fit his maroon and gold U of M hat back on his head and he grabbed a 45lb plate, lifting it up and racking it onto the bar.

Chuck spent hours lifting, getting sweaty and ripe, stopping only to get a protein shake from the bar at the gym. He didn’t feel tired until late afternoon. He resisted the urge to drain more size, even though he wanted to; he could feel it, like an itch that needed to be scratched, but he didn’t want to cause a scene. At least not yet.


Part 4

Chuck woke up the next morning with the biggest, hardest morning wood he could ever remember having. He stretched in bed and felt all the new, thick size that had been added on to his body. He realized he didn’t feel sore at all from lifting yesterday, just bigger and harder. He reached down and squeezed his cock, moving it around and feeling a dribble of precum leak out.

He threw the sheets off and stumbled over to the bathroom. He had jerked off a couple times last night, and dirty clothes and towels dotted the floor of his disheveled apartment. He didn’t care. He just wanted to get to the mirror and see his new gains.

“Awww hell yeah,” Chuck grunted as he saw himself in the mirror. The new size was still all accounted for; it hadn’t been some crazy dream! He had weighed himself when he had gotten home, a solid 245, a 35-pound gain from when he woke up yesterday. He shook his head, still baffled by it, and clenched his fist. He felt his skin tingle as he thought about wanting to grow more; it still worked. He flexed his right arm, bringing it up and seeing his shoulder and bicep bulge with new size. His pits stank; he hadn’t showered after the gym yesterday. He brought his arm down and tensed his pecs, watching his chest swell out, feeling the new muscle tense. He grinned as he exhaled, and noticed the new hair on his shoulders and spreading onto his back as he twisted around, admiring his thicker lats. He reached down and jiggled his tummy, clearly bigger than it had been yesterday, and laughed. He didn’t mind a gut… in fact, he kind of liked it the more he looked at it. He was already paunchy before, but there was just more of him now. His cock bounced to attention as he admired his new size, and he realized who he wanted to call to help him take care of that.

He tapped on his phone and called Clint.

“Hey Chuck, why the phone call instead of a text?” said the twink over the phone.

Chuck ignored this question and focused right on what he wanted. No point beating around the bush. “Clint. I need to come over and show you something and fuck that tight little ass of yours again,” Chuck said. He wasn’t sure why he was being so straightforward, it wasn’t like him. But it just seemed to make sense.

“Ho ho, well well, somebody must be horny. Back at it again two days in a row? Usually it takes weeks to hear back from you again,” Clint said. “I’m still all stretched out from yesterday,” Clint teased.

“Good,” Chuck grunted. “You’ll need it. I need to show you my gains,” Chuck said, admiring the way his right bicep bunched up in the mirror as he held up his phone. So much bigger than yesterday.

“Your ‘gains’ huh? You bears and your lifting, haha. But yeah, I’m not sure how much bigger you could be than yesterday, but sure, come on over,” Clint said.

“I’m on my way,” Chuck growled and hung up. He backed up, noticing how much bigger his thighs were in the mirror, and squeezed a drop of precum onto the floor. A ripple of anticipation hummed under his skin.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Chuck thumped loudly on the door of Clint’s apartment. It was in a nicer neighborhood than his, and the door was still decorated with Christmas lights from the month before. The train ride over felt like an hour because he was so horny and eager to show Clint his gains. It didn’t help that seeing people on the train made him tempted and hungry for size. He constantly had to keep himself controlled and resist reaching out to the nearest stranger and taking a little bit of size. As much as he tried to distract himself by looking at his phone or thinking about something else, his mind kept wandering back to getting bigger and wanting more size, like a song that was stuck in his head.

Finally Clint opened the door. “Well hey there big fella, get in here. Twice in two days! You’re going to have to take me out and start calling me your boyfriend if this keeps up!” Clint teased as he led Chuck inside. The TV was on in the living room, a news report that Clint moved to switch off. “U of M officials are looking into the possible theft of an experimental 3D printer technology that transfers energy into matter. The substance is thought to be a major breakthrough for 3D printing, enabling factories of the future to create matter from a power source. The nanotechnology division says they have no explanation for—”

Chuck shrugged off his heavy work jacket and kicked off his boots. Both felt very snug. He was wearing an XL red flannel shirt, one of the only XL shirts he owned, and the baggiest jeans he had. Even with the loose-fitting clothes, he was clearly much bigger than he had been the day before, which Clint realized with a gasp as he turned around.

“Jesus, Chuck, you weren’t kidding! Do you have a great pump from the gym or something, a new pre-workout powder, or maybe some kind of severe allergic reaction?” Clint joked and stepped closer, reaching out and feeling up Chuck’s arms, shoulders, and chest. It was all real, thicker and harder and beefier.

“Nope, little bud, it’s all me,” Chuck grunted matter-of-factly, and he tensed his muscles. He grinned. He liked Clint admiring his muscles. It made him feel even bigger.

“What the fuck… how is this real? Like, no one gains this fast, honey, and I’ve known plenty of muscle marys over the years,” Clint said as he continued to feel Chuck’s new size under the flannel. Chuck noticed that Clint didn’t seem as tall as he didn’t yesterday.

“I do,” Chuck said. “I don’t know if you’d believe if I told you how, but I’m bigger than yesterday by a lot.”

“Define ‘a lot’,” Clint said as he moved his hands down to Chuck’s tummy and rubbed that too.

“35 pounds,” Chuck said.

“Bullshit, show me,” Clint said and started tugging at Chuck’s shirt.

Chuck grinned and felt his cock throb. He was enjoying stringing Clint along. He backed up and unbuttoned the flannel and then struggled out of it, his thicker shoulders and upper arms catching a bit, until all he had on was a tight tank top. The straps stretched over his traps and pecs, and they didn’t quite cover up the bottom of his furry tummy. His shoulders, dusted with a new layer of hair, stuck out to the sides like softballs, round and hard.

“No way, you gotta get on my scale, this is too much,” Clint said excitedly and pushed Chuck towards his bathroom. Chuck just laughed and sauntered further into Clint’s apartment.

“I just calibrated this thing yesterday because I thought it was broken, apparently I lost 15 pounds since I last weighed myself? Must be from all the yoga,” Clint said and beckoned Chuck to stand on it.

Sure enough, the scale blinked and then read 246.

Clint stared at the scale, and then at Chuck. Chuck just grinned back at him. “Told you, bud,” he grunted and stepped off the scale, bumping into Clint and forcing him back. “I’m a good, what, 90 pounds bigger than you now?” Chuck growled and leaned against Clint. He felt the tingling, his body wanting to take more, a fuzzy static feeling in his head, but he took a deep breath and held back. For now.

“F-fuck, how the hell… this is so hot, but so weird,” Clint said, a little freaked out but obviously turned on, if the rapidly hardening cock pressing against Chuck was any indication. “How?” was all the usually verbose Clint could manage.

“I can take size from people,” Chuck said like it was the simplest thing in the world. “I know it sounds impossible, but I just concentrate on wanting it, and then I feel this tingling, and the energy flows into me. I got exposed to some stuff at work last week, and ever since then… yeah. I don’t know how else to explain it, but I tested it out at the gym yesterday, and well…look,” Chuck explained, and then reached down to take off his tank top. He lifted his hat off, then pulled the tank top up over his head and threw it onto the floor, revealing his bulky torso, heavy, hairy pecs swelling up and down as he breathed, bigger all over. He fit his cap back onto his head and relaxed his pose, showing off his new size. “See?” Chuck said with a shrug and a grin.

Clint shook his head. “This is…amazing! I mean, I don’t believe you, but it’s hard to deny… this!” Clint said and rubbed his hands up and down Chuck’s burly chest and shoulders, squeezing his solid traps and delts.

“Hehe, yup!” Chuck said and suddenly picked Clint up, grabbing him from under his arms and lifting him up. Clint yelped but didn’t resist. He felt light in Chuck’s arms, and he bounced the skinny twink up and down a little, hefting his weight as he carried him back to the bedroom. “I’m stronger too! Light weight!” Chuck boomed with a smile and tossed Clint onto the bed. “Like I said, I’m a growing boy,” he purred as he flexed his arms into a double bicep pose as Clint looked up at him. Chuck lowered his arms and adjusted the swelling cock in his jeans.

“I gotta see this for myself,” Clint said as he scooted closer to Chuck. “I mean, if you can actually do this, you gotta show me. I can stand to lose another 5 pounds, all my friends will be jealous, haha,” Clint said as he looked up at Chuck.

Chuck’s heart raced, his whole body buzzing in anticipation. His mind felt fuzzy, and all he could think about was taking the size from this skinny little twink and growing bigger. He shook his head, took a breath, and looked down at Clint, who was taking his shirt off. Clint was already really skinny… should he take even more? He licked his lips and moved to unbutton his jeans. “You sure, bud?” Chuck asked.

“I’m from Missouri, the Show-Me state, so you gotta show me!” Clint said playfully. “So how does it work?” he said.

“Like this,” Chuck said and pushed Clint back onto the bed, pressing his 245 pounds down onto Clint’s lean body and pinning him underneath. Clint was skinny but warm, and Chuck could feel the energy radiating from Clint as he pinned him down. He imagined himself growing and growing, giving into the desire for more, and felt the familiar buzz of energy flow into him.

“Oh man, jeez I feel it, like I feel numb and tired all of a sudden, what the hell,” Clint groaned from underneath Chuck’s beefy frame.

Chuck grunted in pleasure and started bucking against Clint’s smooth skinny body, his legs and ass clenching and flexing as he rubbed his cock and gut against Clint. “Oh fuck, feels good!” Chuck breathed as he took more size. He felt himself getting heavier, saw his forearms swell thicker as he pinned Clint’s shoulders to the bed.

“Chuck, that’s enough, you’re taking more than five pounds,” Clint whimpered and tried to push the bigger bear off of him. Chuck didn’t budge a bit. He was too heavy, too strong, too big. He just grunted with each thrust, an animalistic, guttural sound. “Chuck! Stop!” Clint yelled.

Chuck shook his head. “Can’t, bud. Feels so good. Need more,” Chuck grunted between breaths as he pressed harder and harder into Clint, smearing precum all over the twink’s abs and chest. The feeling of energy pouring into his body was intoxicating. His shoulders spread out wider and rounder. His pecs swelled thicker, hanging down over Clint’s shrinking body. His belly pressed harder against Clint’s flat stomach. He adjusted his legs, which grew thicker and longer, and ground against Clint with renewed vigor. He sighed and grew bigger, and felt his cock expand.

“Chuck, no, I want to be skinny, not emaciated!” Clint whined as he tried to wiggle out from under Chuck. Clint reached up and tried to push Chuck away. Chuck grabbed Clint’s frail wrists and pinned them down above Clint’s head easily. Clint pushed against Chuck’s hands, trying to push off again, but Chuck pushed down harder.

“Gotta get bigger, bud. Just—unf—a little more,” Chuck said as he leaned more of his weight onto Clint and pressed against him, feeling the current of energy surge into his body. His musky pits were right in Clint’s face.

“No, Chuck, stop!” Clint whimpered from under Chuck’s growing bulk, and he thrashed, trying to escape Chuck’s grip. He looked up and was surrounded by Chuck’s huge body, Chuck’s eyes staring blankly, his face and neck thicker than before, his hat making him look like an oversized ex-college jock. Chuck pressed into him hard, feeling his stronger body crush Clint against his bulky torso. Clint tried escaping again, but this time Chuck hardly had to exert any effort to keep him down. He was too strong, and Clint was too weak.

“You should—mmph—should be careful what you wish for,” Chuck said, not cruel, just indifferent. He needed to get bigger, and Clint had size to give. It was as simple as that.

Finally, Chuck let go of Clint and sat up, then stood, rising up taller than before and looking down at Clint.

Clint looked pathetic, frail and weak, skin and bones. He rolled over and groaned, feeling like he was waking up from a bad hangover. “What the fuck did you do to me?” he moaned.

“I got a little carried away I guess,” Chuck said flatly, hefting his thicker cock and heavier balls. “You look small, bud,” he chuckled.

“What…how much did you take?” Clint said, and rolled over, seeing Chuck for the first time. He gasped. “Jesus, you’re big,” Clint said in awe.

“Yeah,” Chuck grunted. “Much bigger. Feels good! Probably put on 30 pounds, I guess,” he said and flexed his traps and chest. They exploded with new size. He straightened out to his full height, feeling his wider shoulders and back spreading out, hefting his rounder, fuller gut. He felt an inch or so taller. He reached up and felt his beard, thicker and fuller, his jawline meatier. His whole body tingled with new power.

Clint groaned. “Fuck, I haven’t been this light since middle school,” Clint whined as he rolled off the bed. He stood up, and to his surprise only came up to Chuck’s chin.

“What the fuck!?” Clint yelped. Chuck grinned down at him. “I’m like 5’6” now, and you’ve gotta be almost 6’!”

“Yeah, I’m bigger all over!” Chuck boomed and stepped closer to Clint, comparing their heights. Chuck towered over Clint now. “You’re just a little guy now. God, I’m more than twice your weight now too, huh bud?” He looked over at the full-length mirror in Clint’s bedroom and couldn’t help but laugh at the size difference. Chuck hefted his meaty right pec in his hand and tensed his huge bicep, admiring his own size in the mirror. His cock throbbed angrily as he saw just how much he had grown.

“Fuck yeah,” Chuck said and suddenly shoved Clint in the chest, knocking back onto the bed.

“Oof, hey, what are you doing?” Clint said as Chuck descended on him, his huge body making the bed creak ominously.

“Still really horny, bud, gotta cum,” Chuck said and grabbed at Clint’s hips, flipping him over on this stomach. “And you still got a hot ass for me to fuck,” Chuck growled and moved into position.

“What!? No, Chuck, you’re too big and I feel like I just got run over by a car, what are yo—ooof!” Clint gasped as he felt Chuck’s massive cock poke against his tight hole.

“Jeez, so tight, gonna feel amazing in there, bud,” Chuck grunted and reached for the lube on the bedside table. He squeezed a bunch into his hand messily and stroked his massive tool, slicking it up. He grabbed Clint again as the smaller guy tried to move away and pulled him back towards his mammoth cock. It throbbed and leaked precum. Chuck smeared lube all over Clint’s hole. He needed to fuck badly, and Clint was right there for the taking. His spine tingled, the humming in his body begging him to take more size, but he held back and focused on pounding his friend instead.

“Uhhhnngg, fuck,” Chuck groaned as his 7” cock plowed into Clint. The twink yelped unintelligibly in pleasure and pain. Clint’s hole resisted at first, but soon gave way to Chuck’s mushroom head. The size disparity between them made it a very tight fit. Clint’s ass clamped onto Chuck’s thick cock like a vice, and Chuck felt waves of euphoria wash over his bigger body.

He started thrusting into Clint, slow at first but picking up speed as Clint’s ass loosened up. He was big now. Huge! Like the size he always dreamed of, the size of powerlifters and strongmen, and it had taken all of 24 hours and taking a little bit from just a few people. He saw himself in the mirror again and uttered a guttural groan that filled Clint’s bedroom. He was a fucking alpha now, huge and powerful. He looked down at the twink underneath him and grinned. He was in total control.

A thought echoed in his mind. This was only just the beginning. He needed more. More size, more energy, more growth. He would get more. A vision flashed in his mind of himself, twice the size, 10 times the size, bigger than any man alive. It was all that mattered.

Chuck’s musk filled up Clint’s bedroom, and a sheen of sweat gleamed on his body as he pounded away. Chuck grabbed at Clint’s hips and pulled him back hard as he thrust in, generating more pressure. Clint felt so light in his hands, his big hands which easily gripped most of the twink’s waist. Sweat dripped off his forehead and onto Clint’s back. He huffed and puffed and grunted like an animal as he reached climax.

“Oh fuck!” Chuck groaned and he exploded into Clint, seed spilling out of the twink’s ravaged hole and onto the mattress. Chuck pulled out as Clint groaned and then stood to his full 5’11”, 275-pound stature. He took a deep breath and felt his chest expand. He had never felt better in his life.

He turned to the mirror again and walked closer, admiring the way his muscles twitched with every move. He examined the thicker, denser hair that covered his meaty pecs and jiggled the bulky meat of his thick thighs and calves. Cum dripped down to the floor of Clint’s bedroom. He adjusted his hat and pulled it down further on his brow. He looked awesome.

“What the fuck did you do to me, you freak?” Clint groaned from the bed. He was curled up pathetically.

Chuck looked back at his fuck buddy. He knew he should feel bad, should feel wrong about taking what wasn’t his, should feel some sense of guilt over what he had done. But he didn’t. Any semblance of that feeling was overridden by the simple thought that he needed to grow bigger, and he was horny. Clint had size to give, and had an ass to fuck. Getting what he wanted obviously seemed more important than Clint’s feelings; he had no reason to feel he had done anything wrong. He grunted as he reached this conclusion, and scratched his chest.

“Don’t feel bad, little guy. Look how big I am now!” Chuck boomed, his voice deeper than when he had arrived just a few minutes prior. “Awesome, right?”

Clint whimpered and started crying a little, despondent over losing almost 50 pounds to Chuck in the last two days. “Just leave, you asshole, and never come back!”

Chuck hardly heard him. He was too busy flexing in the mirror, admiring the way his bicep peaks looked and jiggling his fatter, furrier belly. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your size, bud,” Chuck grunted as he grabbed his jeans and sauntered off to the bathroom to collect the rest of his clothes.

Chuck grinned as he felt how his thighs rubbed against each other now. He stretched the tanktop over his huge frame, but it only came down to his belly button. He managed to get the flannel shirt on, but it was so tight he couldn’t button it up. His jeans were even more problematic; he hiked them up the best he could but couldn’t jip them up at all. Despite this, he smiled; it was all just a sign of a how much bigger he was. He slipped his coat over his shoulders and pressed his bigger feet into his boots until they squeezed in. They seemed comically small. It would have to do for the trip back to his apartment.

As he walked down the stairs and headed back to the train station, he felt his new bulk bouncing up and down and he grinned.


Part 5

Chuck awoke with a hard on, aching for release. He stretched and realized his full size bed was getting a bit small for him now that he was 275 pounds of bulky muscle. He could tell he had been dreaming about growing all night, because it was the first thing that popped into his head when he opened his eyes. He pushed the sheets off and looked down at the mountainous pecs that weren’t there two days ago, covered with a dusting of orange fur and rising and falling with his deep breaths. He ran a hand over them, feeling the roundness and fullness of them, and chuckled. It still didn’t seem real, like a dream, but there it all was when he woke up. He wondered if he should tell anyone else, if he should report it in to the University so he could be tested and to make sure he was still healthy; as great as it was to get so big, he was worried about—

A fuzzy static washed over his thoughts and all he could think about was how badly he wanted it all to grow bigger, more and more, and he lost track of what he had been thinking about before. He remembered: he was getting up to go to the gym.

He rose out of bed, grabbed his U of M hat from the nightstand, and walked over to the bathroom, his heavy feet thumping against his hardwood floors. He relished the feeling of his thighs rubbing against each other as he walked. He flicked on the light and grunted in satisfaction of what he said; a heavyweight lifter, or maybe an offseason bodybuilder, burly and big all over. His square jaw was covered in a short-trimmed beard and his piercing blue eyes seemed to glow in the bright lights of the bathroom. He shrugged his shoulders and watched his traps tense up; he brought his arms up and flexed his chest and shoulders, watching the delts puff up into balls of meaty muscle; he raised his arms up higher and flexed his biceps, watching them swell into solid peaks. His pits stank; he hadn’t showered at all yesterday, but he liked the sour muskiness of his own smell, different from before the accident, more like a football jock and less like a lazy loser like he was before. He moved his arms down and jiggled the growing paunch of his tummy.

Finally he reached lower and grabbed his hard cock and started stroking vigorously, admiring the way the muscles in his arm and shoulder tensed and flexed and moved as he stroked. He looked at himself, awed by the size and bulk he possessed now, delirious with joy. He had never dreamed he would actually get to this size, and now, in two days, he had it all. Maybe he could be satisfied with this size and not have to—

Another wave of static washed over his mind and he couldn’t even hear himself think, couldn’t comprehend anything except the NEED to have more energy and get bigger. His thoughts were flooded by images of himself grabbing other, smaller people, siphoning size from them and draining their muscles, watching their surprised faces as they got skinnier and he got bigger. He imagined himself in the locker gym at his gym, cornering someone in the steam room and pinning them against the seat as he grew. He pictured himself in the shower with another, smaller man, wrapping his huge arms around them and squeezing and crushing them until he felt the energy pour into him. The energy, oh it felt good, he remembered now. It was orgasmic, and he had to have more of it, had to find a way to get more. His cock throbbed and twitched as he imagined utterly dominating someone like he had with Clint the day before and watching them disappear in his grasp.

Suddenly his cock exploded, splashing creamy white spunk all over the bathroom mirror, it onto the floor as Chuck twitched and grunted. There was a lot of it, more than he had ever shot before, and he grinned to see the mess he made.

He came to this senses a bit and could think straight for a moment, wondering how it could even be possible he was able to do this, how much more he would want before he felt normal again, but soon his mind was once again shouting at him to get bigger. He had to get to the gym and lift all day. He distantly remembered that it was Monday and he should be going to work, but that didn’t seem important anymore. Why would he want to do anything other than get bigger?

Chuck cleaned himself and went to get dressed but found it very hard to find anything that fit right. He decided to stop somewhere to buy new clothes first.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The desk clerk gave Chuck a raised eyebrow as he scanned his gym card. The picture on file didn’t quite match the burly meathead that had just come through the door, but he could sort of see a resemblance… like the guy in the picture was this guy’s little brother or something. The desk guy shrugged and waved Chuck in.

Chuck noticed the different way people looked at him now as he walked into the gym. Smaller people gave him a wide berth. The other big guys in the gym gave him a second look, sizing him up, comparing themselves to this new big guy. Chuck got a few looks from people who seemed to recognize him, but then turning away when he looked at them directly. He just smirked and headed to the locker room.

Chuck’s bag was full of new gym clothes. He unzipped it and found the new tank tops and shorts he had bought. They were comically too big on him, baggy and loose to the point of nearly falling off, but he had bought them too big on purpose. He knew he would grow into them soon enough. There were stretchy Under Armour shirts, leggings and compression shorts, basketball shorts, stringer tank tops, and stretchy briefs of varying sizes. There was even a new pair of shoes, bigger than the ones he was currently wearing, too big to fit him… for now. He pulled out a tight, white Under Armour compression shirt and pulled it up over his head. It was a 2XL, a bit big for his 275-pound frame, and it had some folds and loose spots instead of hugging his body tightly like it should. He’d have to change that. He slipped into some stretchy compression shorts, which were more than enough to support his heavy package, and black basketball shorts. The shorts made his ass look huge, he noticed in the mirror on the way out of the locker room.

Chuck walked onto the gym floor and took a deep, satisfied breath. It was only 9am, and he had the whole day ahead of him. The clanking of metal and thumping of bad pop music made him feel right at home.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

An hour later, Chuck was finishing a set of squats. The skin-tight white compression shirt he was wearing was soaked in sweat, and the black basketball shorts he was wearing were hiking up on his pumped up quads. He was still testing the limits of his new strength. He had lifted yesterday too, but he found he was even stronger today. He loved looking in the mirror and flexing after every lift, admiring the new size on his big body. He flexed his quads and watched them bulge out, thick as tree trunks, strong and solid. He adjusted his maroon U of M hat and watched his upper arms swell. They had to be close to 20” now.

He was getting tired though, and the buzzing in his head was getting harder and harder to ignore. He wanted to keep lifting, and there was an easy way to score some quick energy.

He eyed a muscular, lean black guy racking weights over on the next squat rack. Perfect.

Chuck went to grab another weight to add to his bar—he already had been squatting 405—and “accidentally” bumped into the guy, his beefy arm bumping against his shoulder. He reached out and gave into the thrumming need for more size raging inside him and felt a burst of energy surge into his body.

“Oops, sorry bud,” Chuck said with a grin as he immediately felt reinvigorated. It was like a breath of fresh air, or scratching an itch he hadn’t been able to reach, or that feeling when the first rush of caffeine hits you in the morning after drinking a strong coffee. It felt right, and it felt good.

The black guy backed up to give Chuck space and felt a cold sweat wash over his body. “M-my bad,” he said and he decided to take some weight off the rack instead of putting more on.

Chuck went about his workout like this the rest of the day: lifting for an hour, setting new PRs and throwing around weights he had only ever dreamed of, and then refueling on an unsuspecting lifter. Every time it felt like scratching an itch, or getting a drink of water, or blinking… something that felt so natural and so good he wondered why he ever felt bad about taking energy from people in the first place. He did legs—squats, deadlifts, lunges, calf raises; then back and biceps—lat pulldowns, standing rows, bent-over rows, shrugs, dumbbell curls, preacher curls; then shoulders—seated overhead press, upright rows, side laterals, rear delt raises; then chest—dumbbell bench press, inclines, declines, cable flies; then tris—pulldowns, skullcrushers, close grip bench; accessories, core work, even a little bit of cardio. In between lifts he leaned against the weights and looked over his muscles in the mirror, tensing his traps, arms, shoulders, chest, everything. He left sweat puddles where ever he went, evidence of his exertion. People around him stared at the big, sweaty brute in the U of M hat that they sort of recognized but couldn’t quite place, but Chuck didn’t notice. He was too focused on admiring his new size.

Every time he felt tired, he just took a little more. He shook hands with a smaller lifter who asked him to spot him; he bumped into a woman getting a drink from the water fountain; he high-fived a trainer he had chatted with the day before. He took and took all day, never getting hungry or tired because the energy filled him right back up. He walked to the locker room, realizing he had to adjust his gait to accommodate his bigger thighs. He was getting closer to waddling now, wide shoulders swaggering back and forth as he walked, barrel chest sticking out in front of him, thighs rubbing together. In the locker room, he weighed himself. He was 290. His sweat-soaked Under Armour dug into his biceps as he tensed them, and the fabric puckered where his delts met his chest, the big muscles fighting for space. The whole shirt felt tighter than just a few hours before. Chuck didn’t even notice that he had been lifting for 8 hours straight.

Eventually he noticed another, bigger guy walk into the gym. It was Eddie, one of the biggest lifters who came to the gym regularly. Chuck had always had a thing for the big Latino, admired his size and strength, was jealous of how easy he made it seem, turned on by his huge muscles. He licked his lips like a lion seeing an injured gazelle and felt a shiver tingle up and down his spine. Eddie was still bigger than Chuck by a lot, 6’4” and probably around 320 pounds of off-season muscle. Seeing someone bigger than him made Chuck feel all the old insecurities about his size come rushing back.

Chuck lifted for another hour and a half, watching Eddie go through his sets on chest and tris. Despite Chuck’s gains, Eddie still outlifted him on every exercise. A seething, angry jealousy filled Chuck as he watched. He needed to have that size. He wanted it all for himself. But he held back and avoided Eddie on the gym floor. He didn’t want to make a scene. But he knew the big lifter liked to hit the sauna afterwards.

Finally Eddie was done with his workout and he sauntered back to the locker room, his stringer tank top dark with sweat, his tattooed arms shining and pumped. Chuck followed him.

In the locker room, Chuck took off his clothes and headed back to the sauna. He felt thick, powerful, and pumped. He took stock of himself in the mirror before following the big offseason bodybuilder into the sauna. Chuck looked like if a college football lineman had spent the last 15 years lifting hard and eating harder, a powerful mix of fat, muscle, and fur. He opened the steam room and walked in.


Part 6

Eddie was the only one in the steam room. He looked enormous; he had dramatic tattoos that covered big swaths of his chest, went up over his shoulders and onto his back and down his big arms. He was a bodybuilder, bulking up during the winter offseason, and he had never looked bigger. He was bigger than Chuck by a good 30 pounds, and looked much harder and more muscular than Chuck’s thick, pudgy build. He had a goatee and his caramel-colored skin contrasted with Chuck’s alabaster.

“Hey, big guy,” Chuck said as he closed and locked the door. The steam vents shot out some more steam as he took a seat across from Eddie. He spread his arms out to either side, showing off, both size sizing each other up. Eddie eyed the impressive hills and valleys of Chuck’s forearms, thick biceps, shoulders, and traps. It was a small room, maybe the size of a small bathroom; they were only a few feet apart.

Eddie nodded. “Haven’t seen you around much before. What’s your name?” Eddie said. He usually only talked with the really big, serious lifters at the gym. Apparently Chuck qualified now.

“Chuck,” Chuck said, and reached over to shake Eddie’s hand. His mind screamed at him to take Eddie’s size, but he held off. He wanted to draw this out as long as he could. “I’ve been coming here for a while, I recognize you. It’s Eddie, right?” Chuck asked.

“Yup,” Eddie said, relaxing his big shoulders, sweat pouring down his smooth shaved pecs and arms. “Funny, I usually know all the big guys who go to this gym,” he said.

“Yeah, well, I’ve been making some big gains lately, so you probably don’t recognize me,” Chuck said with a smirk.

“That’s good, man. What are you training for?” Eddie asked him.

“Oh, nothing in particular, just wanna get as big as possible,” Chuck said. “I’m 290 now, biggest I’ve ever been!”

“Yeah, man, I hear you there. No such thing as too big, right?” Eddie asked with a chuckle and brought his fists together, flexing his chest and arms. They exploded with veiny muscle; he was jacked. “I’m sitting at about 320 right now, offseason. I’ve got a show in 6 months so I’m gonna try to push the bulk as long as I can before I cut,” he said.

“It looks awesome,” Chuck said, his cock chubbing underneath his towel. He had dreamed of talking with big, serious lifters like Eddie before, but knew they would never give him the time of day unless he was big like them. Now here he was, talking shop with the biggest guy in the gym. “I’m impressed by how lean you are even with the bulk. Leaner than me!” Chuck said and rubbed his belly a little, spreading the sweat around and curling his red hair into ringlets.

“Thanks, big guy. You’ve got a lot of mass under the fat. You thinking about cutting?” Eddie said as he adjusted himself. Chuck saw something stirring underneath his towel too. “You’d look good.”

“Nah bud, I just want to get huge. Gotta get as big as possible, like I said,” Chuck said. “You’re still a lot bigger than me though,” he said and stood up. He draped his towel over his waist but his thick dick was clearly visible. He adjusted the heat in the room higher, and more steam came pouring in.

“Yeah,” Eddie said. “You’re close though,” he said and lifted an arm up, flexing his bicep. “22 inches,” Eddie crowed. “How about you?”

Chuck stepped over to Eddie, standing over him. Eddie’s arm was big, a couple inches bigger than Chuck’s, and Chuck felt a swirl of emotions: jealousy, lust, anger, nervousness, and a hunger to take all of Eddie’s muscles and pack them onto his own growing body. The static fuzz in his mind increased, and he had to shake his head to focus.

Chuck leaned down and flexed, and his bulky arm looked small compared to Eddie’s harder, bigger peaks. “Wow, bud, you got me beat,” Chuck said, his mouth dry. “I think mine are almost 20,” he said.

“Yeah, you still got a ways to catch up, big guy,” Eddie said. He looked up at Chuck and noticed the big bulge in Chuck’s towel. “You like what you see, esé?” Eddie said.

“I’ve always liked your size, Eddie,” Chuck said as he tried to adjust himself. It was no use. “You look so big, like the kind of size I want.”

“You wanna feel?” Eddie said, and flexed again. “Go ahead, it feels good for me too,” he said.

Chuck reached down and rubbed his hands all over Eddie’s arms. The steam and sweat made everything smooth and wet, and his hands felt every inch of Eddie’s flexed bicep. “Wow, it’s so hard, bud,” Chuck said.

“Yup,” Eddie said matter-of-factly. “I’m hard all over,” he said knowingly. “This your first time doing this in a steam room?” Eddie said.

Chuck moved his hands over to Eddie’s shoulders, traps, and bulging pecs, squeezing them, feeling the weight and hardness of them, sweat covering every inch, tracing the lines of Eddie’s tattoos. “Y-yeah it is, just never really was brave enough to come in,” Chuck said.

“Heh, this is exactly why I come in here. Plenty of people at this gym who want a taste, guys and girls,” Eddie said and tensed his chest and grunted, enjoying Chuck’s hands massaging his muscles. “Works for me, as long as they’re doing the work,” he said. Veins snaked from Eddie’s chest over to his shoulders; his muscles were rock-hard; they danced under his tattoos.

“You’re so big,” Chuck said stupidly as he used every bit of mental fortitude he had to stop himself from draining Eddie of every drop of size he had to offer. He tried.

“Years of hard work, eating right, and sacrifice,” Eddie said and raised his arms up to flex his biceps. “You don’t get this big overnight,” he said, his pits stinking up the small steam room and mixing with Chuck’s own musk.

“R-right,” Chuck said with a grin as he tried to squeeze Eddie’s hard biceps in vain. He squatted down in front of Eddie and moved his hands down to Eddie’s huge, hard thighs. They were thick tree trunks of muscle, hard as rock. Chuck reached underneath the damp towel as he rubbed. He rubbed and rubbed and bumped his fingers against the biggest cock and balls he had ever felt.

“Mmmm, yeah big guy, go for it,” Eddie purred and pushed Chuck’s bald head down in his lap. “Like I said, I’m big all over.”

Chuck moved the towel out of the way and was hit in the face by Eddie’s sizable cock. It was uncut, thick and hard, and smelled musky. Chuck guessed it was about 9” long, two inches longer and definitely thicker than his own. He opened wide and wrapped his lips around it and started bobbing his head up and down.

“Yeah, there you go, gringo, you’re good at this!” Eddie said and rested his right hand on Chuck’s skull and played with his own nipple with the other. He groaned with pleasure.

Chuck sucked and sucked, slurping at Eddie’s cock like it was a popsicle. He tasted the precum from the burly Latino and purred. The buzzing in his head roared and he felt a shiver shake up his whole body violently, and he couldn’t hold back any more. He imagined himself slurping up the size from the big bodybuilder into his own body, size flowing into him from Eddie’s garden hose cock, gulping down as much as he could. Chuck sucked with renewed vigor as he felt the connection, felt energy surge into his body.

“Oh man, what is that feeling, it’s like, unnnnngggg,” Eddie grunted, not yet aware of what was happening. He looked down and saw Chuck’s traps bulge with muscle, saw his back swell wider. He threw his head back and groaned, a cold numbness making him feel sluggish all of a sudden.

Chuck sucked harder and faster, gulping down size as fast as he could from the unwitting bodybuilder. He felt it; felt muscle packing onto his already big frame, felt fat and beef surging into his swelling gut, felt his body stretch longer and wider and thicker. He wanted more. It wanted it all.

Eddie groaned louder, going from pleasure to discomfort. “What, what are you doing, bro, stop!” he yelled and pushed Chuck away with both hands. He was still a big guy, and had enough strength to resist. Chuck fell back onto his ass just as more steam pumped into the room.

“What the hell was that, man, you drug me or something?” Eddie said angrily. Dizzy and disoriented, he leaned back. “Man, I feel light-headed,” he said.

Chuck rose to his feet. He felt bigger, stronger. He stepped closer and Chuck realized he was bigger than Eddie now. Chuck’s cock throbbed angrily and he squeezed it. It felt longer, thicker, bigger than Eddie’s was just a moment ago. His mind was overwhelmed with a buzzing, roaring need for more. “I’m not done yet,” Chuck said flatly and stepped next to Eddie. He grabbed the back of Eddie’s head and pulled him forward, towards Chuck’s raging hard, leaking cock.

“Man, what the fuck,” Eddie said and tried pushing Chuck, but Chuck stood his ground. Eddie looked up at the huge, sweating mountain of a man in front of him and his mouth dropped open. Chuck had not been that big a moment ago. He was clearly the bigger man now, mountainous like a big NFL lineman.

Chuck took the opportunity of Eddie’s surprise to ram his hard cock into his mouth, shoving it in as far as he could. He sighed in relief and gripped Eddie’s head harder. “Yeah, take it,” Chuck grunted and thrusted his hips faster. He focused on growing, on taking every drop from the bodybuilder, and felt a torrent of power flood in though his cock, radiating through the rest of his body in euphoric pulses.

Eddie groaned and tried to resist, but between the slick sweat of the steam room and Chuck’s suddenly superior size and strength, he couldn’t. He pushed against him, but each time he resisted seemed to be weaker than the last. He felt himself getting tired, and felt the weird numbness he felt earlier spread throughout his whole body. He gave one more push but Chuck hardly even felt it. Chuck adjusted his grip on Eddie’s shrinking head and pounded harder, his thickening cock spreading Eddie’s jaw apart wider.

“Uhhhhnnngg, yeah little bud, feels good,” Chuck grunted and noticed his voice was deeper than it was before. He looked down over the hills of his pecs and gut and Eddie looked so much smaller. He watched as the big bodybuilder shrank and an excitement and rush of feeling powerful filled him. He couldn’t take it anymore, and his cock sprayed cum, filling Eddie’s mouth. Chuck held on to Eddie’s skull until he was done and then pulled out, the enormous length of Chuck’s cock slipping out of Eddie’s mouth with a puddle of cum. Chuck felt euphoric and sat back on the bench across from Eddie, relaxing and letting the feeling of his bigger body wash over him.

Eddie coughed and sputtered, pushing himself away from the monster than had just faced fucked him. The tables had turned, and he felt cold, weak, and powerless even in the warm fog of the steam room. More steam pumped into the room, so much that Eddie’s vision was obscured.

“What the fuck did you do to me!?” Eddie croaked as he looked down at his body. He looked like how he had in high school, lean and skinny, half the size of what he used to be, all the hard-fought gains of his years spent bodybuilding gone in an instant. “My…my body! How is this… ”

An ominous chuckle filled the little room and Eddie suddenly felt very vulnerable.

“Mmm, thanks for your generous ‘donation,’ little bud,” Chuck’s deeper voice boomed from the other side of the room.

“What the fuck did you do to me, you freak!?” Eddie repeated, not comprehending what had just happened to him.

“I took what I wanted. Your size is mine now,” Chuck explained. A massive silhouette rose up out of its seat and stood to its full height, muscles swollen out in round bulges everywhere. Eddie’s eyes opened wide in shock as Chuck stepped closer, coming into focus through the heavy steam. He felt the floor vibrate from his steps and heard muscles and tendons pop and crunch, like they were stretching for the first time and finding their place.

Chuck was enormous. Several inches taller and thick with heavy muscle on every inch of his body, he was as big as a world-class strongman competitor, heavy and massive. Veins snaked over his upper chest and into his traps and delts. Muscle shook and twitched with every slight movement. His delts and arms bulged outward, round masses of muscle bigger than anything Eddie had ever seen before. Chuck grunted and stretched his neck, which was thicker than his head, and tensed the enormous, heavy pectorals that stood in front of him like a shelf. He reached down past his round, fat belly, moving it out of the way with a heavy forearm, and shifted his balls, which had become stuck to the sweaty, slick surface of his redwood thighs. His cock, still wet and fat from shooting a load, dripped with cum and looked as thick as Eddie’s wrist. He moved his hands back up, rubbing them over his round belly and furry chest; the ginger fur had curled up into ringlets in the humid air.

“Fuck, you got small, bud, huh?” Chuck asked as he looked down at Eddie with icy blue eyes. “Always funny to see that. You’re like half the size as you were before! How big do you think I am now?” Chuck asked and flexed his torso in a crab pose, bringing his giant fists together. Every muscle swelled bigger. “Gotta be over 400 pounds now, I think,” Chuck said and grinned.

“F-fuck…how?” was all Eddie could manage. Chuck looked well over 400 pounds now, and was several inches taller. Eddie looked over at the door. He had to get out of here before the massive hulk touched him again.

“Just a little trick I picked up recently. I can take as much size as I want. Slurp it right out of you.” Chuck said with a smile.

Eddie couldn’t believe it. “What? That’s some stupid bullshit, I mean, that’s impossible… ” Eddie trailed off as he looked down at his small, skinny, weak body and compared it to Chuck’s new mass.

“Heh, you still don’t see? Your size. Is now my size. Get it?” Chuck boomed and he took an ominous step closer to Eddie.

Looking at Eddie, Chuck suddenly wondered what would happen if he kept going. If he kept taking everything, all of Eddie’s energy. Would he just disappear, or shrink so small he would get crushed? A tingling fuzz of excitement shivered up his spine. He needed the rest of Eddie’s size anyway, and he had to find out what would happen if he took it all.

Eddie saw the gleam in Chuck’s eyes as Chuck looked down at him hungrily, like he was a meal, and decided to make a break for it. Eddie jolted to his feet, fighting through the pain and soreness of his atrophied muscles, and lunged for the door. He grabbed the handle was remembered it was locked just as he felt five massive fingers wrap easily around his upper arm. Eddie felt a sudden, powerful yank and he left his feet. He flew back into the room and smacked against the beefy bulk of Chuck. Eddie looked up and saw a grinning, bearded face staring down at him, hunger in his eyes framed by blond eyebrows. Chuck wrapped a massive arm around his neck and pulled him into a headlock.

“Where do you think you’re going, little bud?” Chuck intoned, his deep voice sending vibrations shivering into Eddie. He leaned down towards Eddie and growled in his ear, “I’m not done with you yet.” Chuck squeezed tighter, his massive rock-hard bicep pressing painfully into Eddie’s throat. “You’ve still got plenty of size left,” Chuck purred.

“Let me go!” Eddie wheezed as he choked on Chuck’s potent jock musk emanating from his hairy pits.

The behemoth suddenly shifted Eddie around and lifted him into the air by gripping his arms, throwing him around like he was a child. “You’re so light now, bud!” Chuck boomed in excitement as he pressed Eddie’s back against the ceiling.

Eddie couldn’t help but be impressed through the fear. “Jesus, you’re strong!”

“Yeah, you bet!” Chuck laughed. “But I still need more, bud! Gotta have the rest!” he said and lowered Eddie down. The former bodybuilder only came up to his chin now.

“No, no, why? You’re already big enough, just let me go!” Eddie pleaded as he squirmed and tried to slip out of Chuck’s grip, trying to use the sweat and slickness of the steam room to his advantage.

“No such thing as big enough, bud, remember?” Chuck grunted flatly. Chuck rebuffed Eddie’s attempts at getting away and turned him around, wrapped his huge arms around him, and easily engulfed the smaller man. He locked him into a powerful bear hug and squeezed hard. Eddie groaned, crying out for help but nothing came out but a wheeze.

“No point in resisting, bud, hehe, but I admire your fight,” Chuck growled as he squeezed harder. “I’m way too strong for you to slip away now. All that size, all that power you had is mine now. And now it’s time to have the rest,” Chuck grunted as he flexed and felt Eddie start to give up his energy. With all that contact of being in a bear hug, Chuck started a full-body drain, energy pouring into him.

“No, please, just stop, I need—” Eddie said frantically, twisting and pushing as hard as he could before Chuck crushed him harder. Eddie felt the breath squeeze out of his lungs as his ribs compressed inward.

“I need to get bigger, more than you’ll ever understand, bud,” Chuck said, adjusting his grip on the smaller man, lifting him up off his feet and grinding him against his growing body. “What I need, unf, is more important than what you need. Besides, in a minute you’ll be all mine.”

Chuck could feel himself swelling bigger and thicker and more powerful, the energy filling him up in a way he’d never imagined. He had never taken so much before at once, and it felt mind-numbingly incredible. Gotta get bigger, need those gains, need it all! he thought to himself as he groaned. He thrust Eddie harder against his growing body, shaking the diminutive waif pressed against his bulk. He grunted and growled and crushed Eddie into his torso, squeezing the former bodybuilder between his enormous fists and his meaty chest. Lost in euphoria, he hardly noticed as the little guy seemed to dissolve into his body and wink out of existence. He just felt the energy flow come to a stop and suddenly realized he had nothing in his arms.

Chuck was a bit surprised, and looked around the steam room in momentary confusion. His heart raced, and he laughed in excitement. He took a deep breath, his massive lungs filling up with warm steamy air, and breathed out, sighing in satisfaction. He felt like he had just eaten a big meal, like Thanksgiving dinner, and patted his swollen, round gut.

He rolled a massive leg forward and reached—down!?—to grab the handle of the door. He unlocked it and opened, a cloud of steam exiting the room along with him. He bumped his head against the 6’8” doorframe as he stepped out. A massive foot slapped down on the wet tiled floor. Everybody nearby turned and looked, some of them audibly gasping. They had never seen anyone close to Chuck’s size.

Chuck waddled over to the mirrors, every step making the locker room floor vibrate slightly. His thighs rubbed against each other, the sweat lubricating the chub rub. His belly hung down and pressed against his cock, thick as a soda can and inches longer than before, still swollen from shooting a load.

Chuck turned and looked in the mirror and couldn’t help but laugh. He was gigantic. He made the strongmen he saw on TV look small now. He was thicker, heavier, and more muscular than any of them, accentuated by the sheen of sweat covering every inch. His shoulders were as side as two men, and his arms hung pendulously out at an angle to his sides, massive Christmas hams of muscle. He lifted them up and flexed, and they bulged in round, bulky peaks, not very defined but swollen with so much muscle you could still see veins throbbing to the surface. His shoulders bulged up too, round and hard, like bowling balls attached to his arms. He ran a hand down his torso, thick fingers matting down his dense copper-colored fur and felt the round bulges of his pecs and gut. He tensed his chest, feeling waves of muscle dance under the skin. A thick vein snaked up his biceps, through his shoulder, and into his massive chest, twisting and blue under his pale skin. He leaned his gut against the counter and heard it creak as it struggled to support his weight. He wondered how heavy he was now.

Chuck brushed past a smaller guy as he went over to the scale. People gawked at the giant in their midst, but Chuck didn’t care. He stepped onto the scale, which rattled and shook as his big feet struggled to fit onto the small square platform. He adjusted the weights. 500 pounds, still too light. 550 pounds, nope. He went all the way up to the max, 600 pounds, and it barely started moving before still not balancing out. Over 600 pounds.

“Jesus, I’m a fuckin’ tank now,” Chuck said aloud, his voice a rumbling bass.

He sauntered over to his locker and was glad he had brought larger sizes to fit into. He found the biggest tank top he had bought and struggled to fit it over his massive, sweaty frame. He didn’t care that he hadn’t showered or that the straps of the tank top were taut, hanging between his mountainous traps and barrel chest; in fact, he kind of liked it. He slipped on compression shorts, the white material stretching over his thunder thighs. They didn’t do much to hide the huge bulge in his crotch, but they were all that fit him now. He pulled out the new shoes he had bought and they barely fit over his fatter, wider, longer feet. Finally, he grabbed his U of M hat, adjusted it to a bigger size, and slid that over his smooth scalp until the rim of it sat right at eye level, hiding his pale blue eyes.

As he zipped up his bag, even though he had more than doubled in weight over the course of 10 hours, all he could think about was growing even bigger.


Part 7

Mike closed the door of his car and walked quickly across the parking lot. Plumes of steam rose from his mouth, the cold air encouraging him to move quickly into the gym. Ice started forming on the mustache of his trimmed black beard and he mentally counted down the months until it was summer again.

Mike was 160 pounds and 5’10”, lean and trim. He had always been a skinny kid growing up, but had done well to add some muscles after college to try to attract more guys. Now 27, he had matured nicely into a fit otter, as his body had a thick coating of black hair all over. He often just hit the gym for cardio, but he mixed in a little weight training now and then, if only see the other big guys lifting. The eye candy kept him motivated and coming back, and if he was being totally honest, it the main reason he had started going to the gym in the first place. He had always had a thing for big muscular guys, the mature men with thick powerlifter kinds of builds.

Mike waved his phone in front of the scanner until he heard the beep and walked into the gym. As was his habit, he did a quick scan to see who of his favorites were here today. Burly college bro guy, Asian offseason bodybuilder guy, overweight but kind of hot daddy muscle guy, ugly but crazy strong guy who always smelled like he hadn’t showered…but then Mike saw someone that made his jaw drop.

A behemoth of a man, the biggest guy he’d ever seen in his life, was over at the squat rack with an insane amount of weight on his back. Mike couldn’t help but stare. The guy had his back to him, but in the mirror he could see a red chinstrap beard, a U of M hat that looked too small on him, a bright yellow tank top that didn’t cover up much of his massive torso, and black leggings that hugged every inch of his pumped up thighs and ass. He towered over the other people around him and looked twice as thick and wide as everyone else in the gym. He was soaked in sweat, which dripped onto a wet patch on the floor as he went down for another rep. Mike almost ran into another gym goer as he stared. The guy had to be, what, 400 pounds? Bigger? Mike didn’t have anything to compare this guy to in his personal experience, and his size frankly boggled him. He adjusted his quickly chubbing cock as he made it to the locker room to change.

After changing, Mike came back out into the gym. He rounded the corner and the huge guy was right there in front of him at the water fountain, bent over and slurping loudly. Mike marveled at him. He walked up near him, pretending like he needed a drink too. Mike’s nose twitched as he noticed a cloud of musk hanging around the behemoth as he got closer. The guy finished his drink and stood back up to his full height and Mike suddenly felt very short; he only came up to the guy’s shoulder. He realized he had grossly under estimated his size earlier; the monster had to be well over 500 pounds. He was thicker than Mike was wide, and probably as wide as two Mikes standing side to side. Water dripped off his lips and down onto his tank, the water mixing in with the sweat soaking the thin material. He turned and looked down at Mike and smirked, sizing him up quickly with a grin.

“All yours,” the behemoth intoned as he brushed past Mike, his huge shoulder nearly knocking Mike over.

Mike went about his workout, trying to focus on doing chest and tris but always with one eye on the unnamed behemoth. Mike pretended to look at his phone after a set of dumbbell bench press, but was really looking in the mirror to watch the big guy from across the room, watching his huge ass bulge out of his leggings and his gut swell forward as he squatted. He moved over to the tricep pulldown machine a while later, going out of his way to walk past where the big guy was adding more weight to his deadlifts, Mike’s mouth dropping open as he watched arms and shoulders twitch and flex as the monster lifted a 45lb weight like it weighted 10lb. Mike looked over again after his first set of pull downs and the big guy caught him looking; he quickly looked away and pretended to text someone on his phone. He was torn between wanting to be coy and not get in trouble and wanting to eye-fuck this monster as much as he could before he left to burn his image into his brain.

After a while a small crowd started to gather around the big guy as he put more and more weight on the bar as he did deadlifts, the loud clanking and slamming of the weights drawing attention. Mike tried to ignore it but eventually decided to watch too. When else would he get the chance to see someone that big? Mike tried to count up how much weight he had on the bar, but he kept losing track because there were so many plates. The big guy knelt down, bent over, wrapped his straps around the thick bar, and easily started cranking out deadlifts, the weight slamming to the ground each time before exploding back up. The bar bent dramatically as he went up, scraping along the monster’s Underarmour leggings. It went on for what seemed like a full minute, reps flying by, until the monster starting shaking with the effort of lifting god knows how much and finally stopped. Some of the other gym bros approached him, slapping his back, and Mike faded away. He was too shy to say hi, and besides he had a raging hard on from watching the insane display of strength. He decided to go upstairs and do cardio.

Upstairs, Mike couldn’t see the behemoth anymore, but he could still hear him grunting, and the weights slamming around. Mike put his headphones on and tried not to think about the giant downstairs or how much he wanted to touch all that burly muscle.

After 45 minutes, Mike figured the big guy might be gone, so he headed downstairs to leave. As he came down the stairs, he spotted the monster, who had moved on to doing machine rows with the weight maxed out. It looked too easy for him. Mike noticed the red and grey chest hair sprouting out of his tank top and gulped. He had never wanted someone more. Mike stared, and the big guy looked up to see him and stared right back. He grinned at Mike and Mike felt like he might die of embarrassment. He hurried back to the locker room.

In the locker room, Mike changed out of his clothes and headed to the showers. He himself was soaked with sweat after all that cardio and had a nice chest pump from lifting. He looked at himself in the mirror as he went by and liked what he saw, but then frowned. Would a guy like the behemoth ever go for someone as small as him? It was all wishful thinking anyway, no way the guy was gay.

Mike went to the back stall of the showers, one of the bigger handicapped stalls he liked using, and turned on the water. He started lathering himself up, but a sound made him pause. Heavy footsteps and grunting, followed by a shadow coming over the curtain of his shower. Mike looked up and saw a bald head and blue eyes peering over the curtain down at him. It was the behemoth!

“There you are, little bud,” the huge guy said as he opened the curtain and stepped in. Mike took a step back, covering himself up and yelping before realizing that the behemoth was totally naked too, his massive size making Mike gasp. The guy was overwhelmingly huge up close, pumped and swollen from his workout, alabaster skin coated in a fine layer of copper hair, denser and darker around his pecs, gut, and forearms. His face was round, framed by a beard and no neck to speak of. He was coated in sweat and smelled like a college football locker room, tangy and musky in all the best ways. Mike backed up some more as the big guy stepped in and got under the shower head, causing water to spray everywhere. He seemed to take up Mike’s entire field of vision as he closed the curtain behind him and got wet.

“Wha, what are you doing?” Mike asked stupidly, no other questions coming to mind. His head was spinning. He felt so small next to this giant, who seemingly walked right out of his fantasies and into his shower.

“I saw you watching me lift today and I thought I’d come say hi,” he said as he looked down at Mike. “What’s your name?” the behemoth asked, his voice deep and resonant.

“Mike,” the otter introduced himself, and watched as water streamed down the behemoth’s chest and belly. His biceps twitched dramatically as he ran his hands over his pecs, thick round slabs of beef, swollen and bulky. He was thick all over, with a huge round belly and wide blocky shoulders, a thick neck, and… a long, thick, veiny cock surrounded by fiery red pubes. “What’s yours?” Mike asked.

“Chuck,” the big guy said. He squirted the liquid soap from the shower dispenser several times until his hand was full and started rubbing it all over his chest and gut, lathering it up quickly. His beefy mass jiggled and bounced as he moved. “You like what you see?” he asked with a smirk.

“Uh, um, you’re uh, just… ” Mike stammered, and Chuck laughed.

“You can just say yes, it’s pretty obvious,” Chuck boomed and he reached down to tap Mike’s hard cock. Mike flinched and blushed. He didn’t know what to do, but he couldn’t help his cock being at full-mast watching Chuck rub his bulky body right in front of him. So he decided to start showering too. Chuck backed up and let Mike under the water and they washed together.

“You’re just so big,” Mike said, blurting out the only thing he could really think of as he watched Chuck’s enormous muscles switch as he washed himself.

“Thanks, little guy. Been making a lot of gains lately. You’ve got a nice look to you too. Lean and furry like that,” Chuck said and rubbed one of his huge calloused hands down Mike’s shoulder and chest and flat stomach, rubbing the soap suds around. “I like it,” he purred.

“Heh, uh, thanks, I was sure you’d be into bigger guys,” Mike said. He decided to be bold and touched Chuck back, running his hands over the bulges and curves of his massive upper arm. Chuck flexed his bicep a little in response, and Mike’s fingers spread apart as his arm swelled with size. His arm had to be thicker around than Mike’s thigh.

“Big guys, small guys. Everybody has something to offer me,” Chuck rumbled and grinned.

Mike looked up at Chuck’s face and suddenly realized the guy looked vaguely familiar. “Do you have a brother or something that goes here? You look kinda familiar, like this other guy who comes here sometimes, but the other guy is way smaller,” Mike said. His heart was beating so fast, it felt like it was going to burst out of his chest.

“Nah, that’s me. I’ve been getting some help from other people with my gains lately and have really been growing fast!” Chuck said, soapy water streaming down his shelf-like chest and off his meaty nipples as he rinsed off.

Mike was flummoxed. “But, you’ve gotta be like, what, over 400 pounds, right?” he said, under-guessing so as not to insult the big guy. Chuck scoffed and got more liquid soap from the dispenser.

“Try over 600, little guy,” Chuck boomed as he straightened to his full height and spread his shoulders wide. He tried to reach back to rub soap on his back but was unable to. “Wash my back for me, will ya?” he said as he turned around.

Mike was all too happy to oblige, even though he was confused about how this guy grew into a 600-pound monster so quickly. Mike could swear he was no bigger than 220 tops the last time he saw him, if it was really the same guy. He got some soap and started rubbing Chuck’s back, the expanse of it so great he had to grab more from the dispenser.

“Mmm, feels good,” Chuck said. Orange-blond back hair coated the enormous traps, lats, and lower back muscles lightly. Mike tried denting the big back muscles but couldn’t. “It’s tough to reach back there now,” Chuck said.

“I bet!” Mike laughed and thanked whatever god was out there for this chance. Chuck’s back muscles were hard as iron, thick and powerful. Mike grabbed the big lats and scrubbed them with his hands, the muscle so thick he couldn’t get a good grip on it. Chuck lifted up his arms, his traps and delts exploding with size, and Mike rubbed underneath his hairy pits. Chuck grunted and backed up a bit against Mike, his huge squatter’s ass pressing against him and making Mike back up some more. “This feel good?” Mike asked as he rubbed and rubbed, the musky pit stink mixing with the soap.

“Yeah bud, feels great,” he said as he stepped forward and rinsed himself off in the water. He turned around and faced Mike, and motioned for him to get under the shower and get wet. Chuck’s thick pecs switched and jumped as he moved his arms to rinse himself off, and Mike noticed Chuck’s cock was chubbing up too, plumping up to full mast.

“Look how much bigger my arm is than yours,” Chuck said and leaned down to flex his huge bicep in Mike’s face. His muscle bulged, a blue vein snaking from his chest down through his shoulder and into his arms, clearly visible through his pale skin.

Mike brought his arm up to compare and it was shocking. Mike’s arm looked like a twig next to Chuck’s massive slab of muscle, the thick round peak making Mike feel tiny. He wondered how the two of them could even be the same species. “Haha jeez bud, you’re so small,” Chuck said and laughed.

“Heh, yeah jeez, you’re so huge, fuck,” Mike breathed, so turned on by Chuck’s size. Chuck stood back up to his full height and brought his fists together, flexing his chest and shoulders. He took a deep breath, his big round belly swelling out bigger too.

“Yeah I sure am. Growing all the time too,” Chuck said and smirked.

“Fuck, that is hot, I love guys who always want more,” Mike breathed and he pressed forward, letting his hands explore Chuck’s heavy pecs, solid gut, and rock hard shoulders. He ran his hands down the behemoth’s chest and Chuck bounced them, grinning down at Mike. Mike could feel waves of muscle ripple up and down Chuck’s pecs as the big guy flexed. Mike moved his arms out wide to Chuck’s shoulders. He gripped the huge bowling balls of delt muscle and squeezed, but could hardly dent them. His fingers slipped against the slick surface of the hard muscle as Chuck grunted and flexed harder.

“Well that describes me to a T, I’d say,” Chuck rumbled and wrapped his hands around Mike’s arms. Chuck moved his hands up to Mike’s shoulders. His massive paws draped over Mike’s traps and delts completely. He squeezed and Mike could feel his strength. “Always want to get bigger, even at my size,” Chuck explained.

Mike looked down to see the size different of their legs. Chuck’s tree trunk thighs dwarfed Mike’s; they had to be 2 or 3 times as big around. Mike also saw and felt Chuck’s massive wrist-thick cock rubbing against Mike’s stomach as his own brushed against Chuck’s quads. Mike got bold and reached down to feel Chuck’s legs. “Jesus, dude, how big are your thighs?” Mike asked breathlessly. He pressed his hands against the massive legs, every inch of the furry thighs rock hard.

“Not sure, bud, haven’t measured them in a while. Maybe you can help me with that when we’re done here?” Chuck teased and tensed his legs, thick barrels of solid muscle clearly thicker than Mike’s waist.

Chuck shifted his weight, causing Mike to back up, and he reached down to squeeze his enormous cock. Mike looked down; it had to be a foot long and as thick as a beer can. “You want me to scrub your back too, bud?” Chuck asked.

“S-sure,” Mike said and turned around. Chuck pounded on the dispenser for soap, filling his hand. Mike felt Chuck’s huge hands covering up nearly his entire back as he started scrubbing roughly, the heavy arms pushing against him hard. “Feels good,” Mike said, nervous but excited.

“Good. You ever seen a guy my size before, Mikey?” Chuck said, rubbing Mike’s traps and shoulders and thin arms.

“N-no way man, I mean, is anybody your size? You’ve gotta be one of the biggest guys out there,” Mike said anxiously.

“Yeah, you’re right bud, definitely the biggest. And I wanna grow more, need to be even bigger,” Chuck said and Mike felt his massive cock poking against his back.

Mike breathed heavy as he felt Chuck’s huge hands reach down and scrub his furry bubble butt, feeling the fingers grip into his cheeks hard. Chuck reached down and felt the overhang on Mike’s ass and jiggled it around a bit, bouncing it up and down.

“Fuck, that’s a nice ass, bud,” Chuck growled. Mike felt Chuck’s heavy bulk press against him, and he stumbled forward to keep his balance.

Mike gasped as he felt a thick soapy finger slide into his furry crack and press into his tight hole. The big digit worked in and out, and Mike felt Chuck’s gut press against his back until he was pushed against the tiled wall of the shower.

“Oh, oh god,” Mike whimpered as a second finger entered his hole, stretching him out further. If that’s what his fingers felt like, he could only imagine what…

“Yeah Mike, that’s good, such a nice tight hole for me. You ready to get fucked by the biggest, strongest man on Earth?” Chuck rumbled from behind him, his mouth right up against Mike’s ear.

“Y-yes sir, oh god, just be gentle with m—-ahhh!” Mike yelped as Chuck suddenly grabbed his hips and pushed him back onto his enormous cock.

Chuck furiously slammed the soap dispenser and used that to slick up his monstrous dick before pressing his plum-sized head against Mike’s tight hole. He had to kneel down slightly and thrust his hips forward to get at the right angle because he was a foot taller than Mike and his huge belly curved out and pressed against Mike’s back. “Fuck yeah,” he growled and pushed and pushed until he slipped in, pressing hard until he pushed past any resistance from Mike. Mike yelped out loudly and Chuck reached around to wrap a big paw around Mike’s mouth.

“Shhhhh little bud, it’s gonna be alright, just adjust to it and then it’ll feel so good,” Chuck purred as he throbbed his cock inside of Mike. Mike felt impaled, and was already on his tip-toes to stay balanced. Mike could only moan into Chuck’s meaty, calloused palm.

Chuck thrust into Mike harder and the otter moaned. The black fur covering Mike’s crack rubbed roughly against the big guy’s monster cock, and Chuck growled deeply. Mike felt a rhythm starting as he was finally loose enough to handle the huge cock, and soon Chuck was pounding him steadily.

“You like all this size, bud?” Chuck panted as he ground the little otter against the wall, punching into him hard with all of his weight. He moved his hands to grip around Mike’s hips, his huge hands reaching around most of Mike’s waist.

“Unng, yes, unnng fuuuuck,” Mike moaned, barely aware of anything except the pounding his ass was receiving. Shivers of pleasure exploded up and down his spine as Chuck filled him completely. “So fucking big,” Mike gasped.

“Fuckin’ right, biggest ever,” Chuck panted. His bulky muscle and fat gut jiggled as he slammed against the little otter, pounding him steadily for a while. He gripped his belly and lifted it up onto on the shelf of Mike’s ass. Mike felt the heavy, warm weight of it pressing against his ass and back.

Mike’s face pressed against the cold tile of the shower, his body pinned by the bigger man, feeling Chuck’s massive rod impale him over and over again. It felt like forever but it was only a minute or two.

Chuck pushed into Mike deep one last time and then backed up, pulling out again.

“Uoooohhhnggggg, ohh!” Mike grunted and he almost fell, his legs weak from the pounding, but Chuck grabbed him and turned him around to face him.

“Always wanted to try this,” Chuck said and then wrapped Mike up in his huge arms, reaching down below the otter’s ass and lifting up him into a massive bear hug. He shifted his grip around until he was cupping Mike’s ass in his hands, easily controlling the weight of the otter with his powerful muscles. He stepped back from the wall and back under the showerhead, water cascading off the big man’s bald head and down his huge body.

“What are you … Oooaaaaaahhhh!” Mike groaned as Chuck lowered him down onto his waiting, throbbing beer can-thick cock, hot water flowing between them.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah, this is awesome!” the behemoth chuckled as he positioned Mike onto his fuck stick. “My own personal little fuck toy!” Chuck growled and started lifting Mike up and down on his cock, the strength of his arms easily controlling Mike’s 160lbs. He was gentle and slow at first, but soon sped up, pounding Mike down roughly and grunting, slamming him down hard, massive biceps bulging with each thrust. Chuck looked like he didn’t have to strain or try hard at all, his face a vision of cocky authority and pleasure.

Mike couldn’t say anything. He could hardly think. His whole reality was consumed with the feeling of this giant 600-plus-pound monster fucking him hard. He looked down at Chuck’s huge traps, delts, pecs, and biceps tensing and twitching and jiggling with mass, all of it wet and slick with water from the shower. Chuck effortlessly slammed Mike down again and again. Mike merely moaned, his voice punctuated by each pounding thrust from Chuck’s cock.

Chuck’s breathing increased, his pace of fucking slowed, and he growled and grunted and bellowed loudly as he filled Mike up with his seed. Mike felt the heat and pressure of it fill him up, and Mike shot his own meager load over Chuck’s enormous belly and mountainous chest. Cum leaked down from Mike’s tender hole and dribbled onto the tiled floor with the rest of the water, a torrent of cum running down Mike’s ass and over Chuck’s big hands.

Finally, with little effort Chuck lifted Mike off of his red, swollen cock and then lowered him back down. Mike’s legs were weak, and he leaned against the burly bubba, his face buried against Chuck’s huge furry pecs. Mike breathed heavily and then smiled, laughing.

“That… was unbelievable!” Mike sighed, his whole body feeling spent and euphoric and warm. “What a ride!” he said as he wrapped as much of his arms around the behemoth’s torso. He only got about halfway around.

Chuck purred, rumbling against Mike. “Mmm, good, glad you liked that little one. You felt so good! Glad I found you in here,” Chuck said and rubbed his big right hand against Mike’s back. “But we’re not quite done yet,” Chuck said, and Mike looked up at the big man grinning down at him, his chinstrap beard framing his wide lantern jaw.

“We’re not? I don’t know if I can handle any more, big guy!” Mike admitted and pulled away slightly before feeling Chuck tighten his embrace.

“Well, I don’t mean sex, little guy. I mean, I’m hungry now, and you look like a nice snack!” Chuck said as if it were perfectly normal. Mike gave him a confused look and then heard the big man’s stomach rumble loudly.

Suddenly Mike felt a strange coldness grip him, the euphoric warmth he felt giving way to a chilling numbness in the blink of an eye. “Ugh, wha-what’s going on?” Mike grunted, confused.

Chuck reached down and wrapped his arms around Mike’s torso, easily lifting him up higher. Then he squeezed, his muscles pressing against Mike harder. “Gotta get bigger!” Chuck sighed, his muscles straining and then swelling bigger. Mike looked back in pain and saw Chuck’s unforgiving blue eyes framed by bright blond eyebrows and eyelashes staring right at him. Chuck grinned and squeezed again, somehow even harder this time, and Mike groaned.

Chuck softened his grip for a moment and Mike gasped for air. He looked down…and there was less of him! Noticably smaller, Mike panicked, trying to slip out of Chuck’s wet embrace, but Chuck squeezed hard again. Mike watched in horror as he shrank, life slipping away from his body like a decaying leaf, and simultaneously saw Chuck’s enormous body blooming with new growth, filling out thicker, fuller, hairier, and even taller

“What the fuck, what the fuck, how is this even—“ Mike groaned and then wheezed as Chuck squeezed again. Mike gasped for air. “S-stop! No! Let me go, let me out of here, you freak!” Mike whimpered, his voice higher and shriller than he was used to. Chuck adjusted his grip on the shrinking waif, his arms wrapping all the way around and curling in on him like a constrictor.

“Freak, hehe, yeah I like that!” Chuck boomed and squeezed hard, closing his eyes.

“No…no! But why! I thought… I thought—“ Mike protested, his voice growing weaker.

Chuck didn’t respond. He just squeezed tighter, crushing the increasingly diminutive Mike. A broad smile spread across his face and he hummed with pleasure.

Mike felt ice-cold and weak. As darkness crept in on the edges of his vision, he looked down and saw Chuck’s throbbing veins glowing a vivid teal blue under his pale skin, the light pulsing as he grew. “N-no, please, you c-can’t… ” he wheezed, and then blacked out.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Chuck opened his eyes, his arms suddenly wrapped around nothing but his enormous gut. Water cascaded down his back, but was hitting at a different angle than before, his back higher and wider than just a moment ago. He straightened to his full height, his new height. He looked down at the shower head now.

He unfurled his great arms and looked down at his hands, clenching and unclenching them. He balled them into fists and felt his entire body tingle, a rippling buzz that went from the base of his skull to the tips of his toes. He felt full, warm, and powerful. He was satiated… for now. His mind hummed with the sudden need to see how much bigger he was.

He exited the shower, ducking under the suddenly short entrance, and dried himself off. The gym towels felt way too small, and he had to use three of them to clean off his massive frame. His belly swayed and bounced as he waddled back towards the lockers, unabashedly naked, other guys staring up at him in wonder and giving him a wide berth.

He stood in front of the mirror, marveling at his new, bigger size. Yes, Chuck thought to himself, more, bigger, stronger, just what I needed. His scalp tingled and Chuck grinned. He suddenly knew just where he wanted to go next. It was time to pay an old friend one last visit.


Part 8

Chuck smirked as he stood on the platform at the light rail station, waiting for the train. People around him nervously side-eyed him, giving a wide berth to the enormous man. It’s not everyday people saw a seven-foot-tall, 780-pound giant who was built like a strongman competitor, much less one who was wearing just a white tank top, maroon basketball shorts, new steel-toed leather work boots, and a U of M hat. Maybe they were giving him a look because he was wearing a tank top and shorts even though it was only 30 degrees. Chuck didn’t mind the cold; he hardly felt it. Another side effect of the nanos, he figured. He had thought about driving over, but his truck was getting to be uncomfortably cramped now that he was huge.

Chuck felt big. Bigger than he ever had been. It felt good. He knew he needed more, deep down in his bones knowing it and feeling it, but he felt good about the progress he had made in just a few days. It felt like a long time since he felt small and frustrated by not making the gains he wanted. He shook his head at the small, weak man he had been a few days ago, and clenched his huge right hand into a fist. His whole body tingled, the humming buzz now a constant companion in his head. He was just getting started.

The train pulled up, and the door opened. People exiting gave him double takes and openly gaped, some even stumbling into other riders as they passed him. When the way was clear, Chuck leaned down and twisted his shoulders to fit into the small doorway and entered the train.

The train was crowded, and more people filed in after him. Chuck stood to his full height again, his head nearly touching the ceiling; if he stood on his tip toes, he’d be able to bump his head against it. He grabbed onto a hand-hold. It was too small for his hand, so he just looped three big fingers through the strap instead. His legs were strong and balanced enough that he wouldn’t really need it anyway. He smelled the musk of his armpit as he raised his arm, tangy and strong, and he was sure others around would be able to smell it too. He sniffed deeper, getting light-headed from how good it smelled. He smiled. They’d just have to deal with it.

People packed in close, and some had no choice but to press themselves against Chuck’s body, which understandably took up a lot of space in the car. Chuck grinned, feeling the buzz of anticipation of so many potential donors around him. It was so easy now. After years of frustration, harboring this desire to get bigger but not being able to follow through, wanting it but not being able to devote the time and energy size just flowed into him at a whim. Now he could get as big as he wanted. The doors closed, and Chuck’s skin tingled.

The train ride was bumpy. An old woman bumped against his round gut as the train went around a corner. A young couple brushed against his big upper arm getting off the train. A fit college aged kid accidentally touched his hand reaching for a hand-hold. A crush of people pressed against him as they entered the train at a crowded station.

Chuck felt the top of his hat press against the roof of the train, felt his shoulders widen and thicken, causing a middle aged man to shift sideways to give him more space. The strap he was hanging on to was too small for three fingers, so he switched to just two. He breathed in deep, shuddering with euphoria as more energy poured into him, a little from here, a little from there. They all gave up their size so easily, trickling into him. He had to hold back to not grow too fast or draw too much attention. More than a dozen people made contact over the course of the 20 minute train ride.

The doors finally opened to his stop. He ducked down dramatically, brushing people aside with thick, hard forearms and wide shoulders. He turned sideways and squeezed out of the doorway, chest and gut and ass rubbing against the sides of the door until he stumbled onto the platform. He got his bearings and stood up straight again. His tank top and shorts felt tight, and he adjusted his hat; it was now the widest it would go. He stretched his arms up, and his hands clanged against the sign overhead, 9 feet above the ground. He flinched from surprise, but then grinned. His suddenly too-small tank top rode up, exposing the bottom of his belly, stretch marks and fur covering the jiggling mass of his gut. He sighed and smiled, happy with his latest growth spurt. He adjusted his mammoth cock, which bulged obscenely, and started walking the familiar route to Clint’s apartment.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Thump thump thump. Chuck pounded on the door to Clint’s apartment, trying not to use all of his force. The door shook and it was louder than he expected.

“Clint! Buddy! You there?” Chuck rumbled, and pounded the door some more. “I know you’re in there, bud, and I need something from you!”

After a few moments of silence, finally Chuck could hear Clint’s shrill voice from inside. “Get out of here, Chuck, or else I’m gonna call the cops!”

Chuck just grinned. So he was home! Great! His cock chubbed up harder and a wave of excited tingles rippled down his spine.

“Open the door, Clint, or else I’m gonna have to open it my way!” Chuck boomed and leaned his head against the top of the door frame. His big belly rumbled in anticipation.

“Don’t you dare! I’m calling the cops now!” Clint yelled.

A wave of anger washed over Chuck, different than he’d ever felt before, an indignant rage that anyone would say no to him now. “You don’t have to make this difficult, you know I’m gonna get what I want, bud!” he said.

Chuck could hear Clint dialing his phone. That did it.

Chuck furrowed his brow, lowered his shoulder, grabbed the door handle, and rammed the door. It popped right off the hinges like it was made out of Legos, way easier than Chuck expected. Holding the door in his hand, Chuck set it aside and walked into Clint’s apartment, bending down to get through the short door frame.

Clint saw this and yelped, a terrified look on his face as he saw just how much bigger Chuck was than last time he had seen him. “What the fuck?!” Clint shrieked, and he dropped his phone in panic.

“Honey, I’m home!” Clint joked as he saw Clint. Chuck’s eyes dilated as he saw the now super-skinny twink, barely over 100 pounds. Fresh meat.

Chuck advanced on Clint with a grin, arms outstretched, his heavy boots and 825-pound frame making the whole apartment shake. His hat scraped against the ceiling, sending bits of plaster falling to the carpet.

Clint panicked and dashed back into his bedroom, further back into the apartment, and closed the door again.

“What the fuck, how are you so much bigger!?” Clint yelled from inside his room. Chuck moved until he was just outside the door and leaned against it, breathing heavy.

“Been meeting some new friends, making some gains,” Chuck rumbled. “Came over to show you my new size. What do you think?” Chuck asked. He jiggled the door handle. It was locked.

“You’re a fuckin’ monster!” Clint breathed. “Who did you have to…to…absorb to get like that!?”

“Oh, little bit from here, little bit from there. It’s so easy now, Clint. I can be as big as I want! And you know I always wanted to be bigger…” Chuck said and he violently rattled the door handle, trying to shake it apart.

“No! Chuck, get ahold of yourself, you’ve, you’ve got to stop this!” Clint said, frantic. He looked over at the window and went to open it.

“Not gonna happen, bud, I need to fuck and need to grow, and you can help me with both!” Chuck said matter-of-factly, scratching his beard. “So, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Which do you want?” Chuck boomed ominously. He pressed his gut against the door and heard it creak and groan. His cock throbbed hard in his basketball shorts. The anticipation was driving his crazy.

Clint had the window open and was wrestling with the screen. “J-just go away!” Clint yelled desperately and finally got the screen off.

“The hard way it is!” Chuck said and he easily broke the door down, leaning his considerable weight against it and pushing hard. He wedged himself through the doorway and entered Clint’s room, standing to his full height and spreading his shoulders wide.

Clint looked back and gasped. He tried to climb out of the window. Chuck just smiled.

“Aww bud where you going? Get back in here,” he said, and moved shockingly fast and grabbed Clint’s frail arm. “Come on, bud,” Chuck said as he dragged Clint back into the bedroom. Clint struggled, but it was no use. Chuck lifted him up and then wrapped him up in a bear hug. He carried him back into Clint’s living room and into a corner. He threw Clint unceremoniously down onto the floor. Clint looked up at the towering hulk looming over him. He was trapped.

“There we go. You’re so small, look at you. Damn.” Chuck said, stepping closer to Clint and inspecting his small stature. Clint was just 5’6” and 125 pounds. “My leg is bigger than your whole body, I bet. It’s kind of hilarious!” Chuck grunted. His cock throbbed obscenely in his shorts. He was getting off on the size difference.

“A-aren’t you big enough now? I mean, Jesus, you’ve gotta be the biggest guy… ever!” Clint said, his eyes dancing over Chuck’s impossibly enormous frame. He was fat, thick, covered with bulging, bulky muscle. His tank top barely covered part of his torso, and his shorts stretched and strained over his mammoth thighs and bulging cock. His shoulders were wide and square, and his delts looked like bowling balls had been implanted under his skin. His arms bulged with muscle and stood out at an angle to his sides, traps and tris and bis and pecs all fighting for space. He had no neck to speak of. His face was framed by a white and ginger chinstrap beard and round, ruddy cheeks.

“Big enough!? Ha, you know there’s no such thing as big enough with me, bud!” Chuck boomed and brought his fists together. He flexed, and his thick shelf-like pecs rolled, his arms bulged, and his traps rose up, high and hard. He made a face, grunted, and kept flexing his pecs, rolling and bouncing them underneath the thin fabric of his tank top.

He finished flexing and then tore his tank top off down the middle, throwing it at Clint. Clint pushed away the sweaty, musky garment and saw Chuck looking down at him, shirtless now. He was magnificent, a giant block of solid muscle and fat, beef everywhere he looked, all covered with a fine layer of red and blonde fur. He stank of BO and testosterone. Clint tried to look for a way around Chuck, but could see none. Chuck’s thighs were too thick to try to slip through, and that big jiggling belly took up too much space to get around, plus Chuck’s shoulders and lats were so wide, he was like two or three normal men side to side.

“Now get on your knees and suck this dick, bud,” Chuck said flatly as he started pulling the basketball shorts down. He tugged them down, pressing his dick down with the waistband until it was freed. The huge cock bounced up and slapped his underbelly, smearing precum against it. It was over a foot long and thick as a beer can.

“Uh, what? No way! That thing is way too big!” Clint protested. Chuck just stepped closer.

“Come on, bud, get on your knees and start sucking!” Chuck said, more forcefully this time. He brandished the club at Clint, thumping it in his hand. “I need to cum, and you can help me with that. I’m not gonna ask again,” Chuck said. Cold blue eyes stared down at Clint from underneath the brim of his maroon and gold cap as he grinned.

“No! Get out of here! Just – hey, what are you, stop!” Clint said as Chuck palmed the back of his head and pulled him forward. A huge hand pushed down on his shoulders and suddenly he was on his knees, Chuck’s gigantic cock smearing pre against his forehead.

“You know how easy it is for me to push you around, bud? I weigh like 700 pounds more than you!” Chuck boomed. He palmed Clint’s head in one huge paw and pulled him forward until Clint’s lips were on his dick. Chuck’s cock head was huge, red and angry-looking, pulsating in anticipation.

“I told you, I’m gonna get what I want,” Chuck said as he pushed and pushed until he pried Clint’s lips open. Clint opened as wide as he could and barely stuffed the massive plum-sized cock head into his mouth.

“Uhhhnnnggggg fuck,” Chuck growled as he pushed Clint in as far as he could, deeper into the little twink’s mouth. His lips were so tight on his massive cock, and he could only get about a third of it in. Clint moaned, in obvious discomfort, but Chuck didn’t care. He needed to fuck, and Clint was gonna help him with that.

Chuck started slow but gradually started fucking harder, gripping his fingers into Clint’s hair and scalp harder as he face fucked the little twink faster and harder. He looked down from his ceiling vantage point and marveled at how much bigger he was than Clint. He had to look down past his shelf-like chest and enormous round gut. He was huge now! He grunted and pounded away harder as he got off on his own size and the choking, gagging sounds Clint made. The feeling of Clint choking on his huge dick felt amazing and only spurred Chuck to face fuck him harder.

Suddenly Chuck bellowed loud enough to shake the windows as he erupted into Clint’s mouth, a huge sludge-thick load blasting down his throat. Chuck pressed Clint’s face against his cock as hard as he could, pushing Clint against his bright red pubes until he was finished. Spent, he finally let Clint go, who fell to his side, sputtering and coughing.

“Fuck yeah,” Chuck boomed and he took a deep breath, his big chest filling up and swelling out. He stepped forward and straddled Clint. “So much bigger than you, bud,” Chuck said as he bent down and wrapped his big hands around Clint’s waist and easily picked him up. Chuck threw Clint over one shoulder and flexed his other arm, his bicep swelling into a bulky round peak. Clint kept coughing and clearing his throat of cum.

“And just think, I’m gonna be even bigger in a second!” Chuck said as he admired his own bicep, round and full, veiny and powerful.

Clint sputtered and squirmed around in Chuck’s grip. Chuck brought him forward and held him under his armpits with both hands, Clint’s feet dangling off the ground. Chuck’s delts bulged as he held Clint there.

“B-bigger!? What do you mean?” Clint asked in terror.

Chuck smirked and his blue eyes suddenly glowed a bright blue under the brow of his U of M cap. “Well why do you think I came over, bud? I need your size!” Chuck said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. He licked his lips and flared his nostrils in anticipation.

“What!? No, Chuck, I’m so small, I’m not worth it, and besides, I mean, look at you, you’re already too big!” Clint pleaded desperately as he suddenly felt a wave of cold numbness wash over his body, faster and more intense than last time he had seen Chuck.

“Too big?” Chuck asked as his entire body tingled and slowly filled out with more size. “I don’t understand that. Bigger is always better!” Chuck growled.

Euphoria flooded in as he watched Clint wither away and disappear in his grip, size pouring into his body. His whole body hummed. He watched blue light flicker up and down the veins of his forearms as he consumed Clint, surprised at first but then suddenly it seemed totally normal. Chuck felt his head press harder against the seven and half foot ceiling as suddenly his fists held nothing but an empty shirt.

He dropped it and took a deep breath, filling his bigger lungs with breath. He reached down and pulled his shorts back up. He stuffed his cock back in, and it bulged out and down his thigh obscenely. The smooth fabric stretched taut over his massive thighs and bulbous ass. He adjusted his weight, the floor creaking under his nearly half-ton mass. He noticed that the shorts and boots still fit even though he had just grown more than 100 pounds, and realized they had grown with him. They were wet with his sweat… had the nanos soaked into them and grown along with him? His hat still fit too, he realized. He shrugged and smiled. I had been worried he would have to give up his hat; now it seemed like he wouldn’t have to after all.

Chuck reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone, which seemed comically small in his hand now… the sweat hadn’t caused that to grow. It was 4:00, just before the gym rush. He’d get there just in time for peak hours. A pulse of blue light glowed under his skin and a shiver of anticipation jolted through him so strongly he had to shake his head to focus. He turned and left Clint’s apartment and headed straight for the gym.


Part 9

Drew couldn’t believe the size of the guy doing deadlifts. He was throwing around what had to be record-setting weights with disturbing ease, like it wasn’t even an effort. The loud slamming and booming of heavy weights against the floor caught Drew’s attention, not to mention the booming grunts which seemed to be most for attention rather than because of the actual effort of the lift.

Drew couldn’t take his eyes off the mountainous ginger muscle bear. Where he found a tank top and shorts that fit him was a mystery. He wore maroon basketball shorts, a grey Gasp Inc. stringer tank top, a U of M hat that covered his bald head and partially hid his eyes, and huge, heavy-looking leather boots, a strange choice for the gym. The big guy was surrounded by a posse of fans and hanger-ons all watching him lift and wanting a piece of his attention. The big guy towered over the next-tallest guy by a head and a half… Drew guessed the guy had to be well over 7 foot, easily the tallest guy he’d ever seen.

The big guy seemed more interested in the people around him than actually lifting, probably because there wasn’t a machine or exercise left in the building that could really challenge him. He would chat for minutes between sets, great belly laughs filling the gym as the other guys jockeyed for his favor. Drew rolled his eyes at them but secretly wished he was over there. He didn’t have the courage to get any closer, but he watched every move of this monster.

The big guy finished another set of deadlifts, hardly sweating because it seemed too easy for him, and wrapped his massive arm around the biggest guy in the his entourage, a big 250-pound college jock-type who Drew saw in here all the time. The two of them went back to the locker room, and Drew refocused on his exercises.

A few minutes later though, the big guy re-emerged from the locker room alone, seemingly bigger than ever, like he had a way bigger pump than before. His tank top looked stretched tighter on his massive frame; a sliver of gut peeked out from the bottom, and his meaty lats and pecs stuck out to the sides. Was he suddenly bigger? Drew shook his head; that was obviously impossible.

Drew kept the huge guy in the corner of his vision as he kept working out, and things fell into a regular routine. The big guy would lift for some crazy, record-setting weights, schmooze with guys around him for a few minutes, shoot the shit about lifting and getting big and whispering jokes to each other, and eventually go back to the locker room with one of his sycophants. Then, a few minutes later the big guy would emerge, seemingly bigger and more pumped than before if that was possible, and keep working out.

The third time the big guy came out of the locker room, Drew’s eyes bugged out… there was no way he was just seeing things now. The guy had to wiggle his way out of the locker room door frame, and was obviously way bigger than he had been just an hour ago. Hell, it even seemed like he was taller! His tiny tank top didn’t even come close to fitting him, but weirdly the other pieces of clothing seemed still fit him fine. Something weird was definitely going on.

Drew got a shiver up his spine and a bad feeling about what he was watching. He watched as the monster didn’t even lift when he came back out; instead he just wrapped an arm around another little guy and led him to the locker room, grabbing his ass with a huge paw as he went. Drew decided it would be best to leave before something weird happened. He waited a couple minutes and then went into the locker too grab his stuff quickly.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Chuck grunted as the little jock on his knees in front of him choked on his foot-and-a-half long cock, steam heating up the room and making him sweat profusely. The jock had followed him around for his entire work out as he toyed around with the weights, showing off his incredible strength to anyone who wanted to watch. At the size he was now, he didn’t blame anybody from wanting a piece of him. He enjoyed all the new attention but was more excited that he had a series of tasty morsels practically lining up for him to get consumed.

At first he had started slow, just wanting to lift and then maybe absorb one or two guys over the course of the day to keep his energy up. But as the opportunities presented themselves, most of them flirting and practically begging him to go back to the locker room with him, he couldn’t resist… couldn’t stop the roaring static buzz in his head that told him he needed more. It was like potato chips; he had only meant to have a couple, but couldn’t stop himself from having more once he started. And as the day had gone on, his mind kept turning to wanting more instead of lifting… at this point, growing and draining was practically all he could think about.

The little jock on his knees had a nice build, muscular and hard. He was probably around 200 pounds. He looked like he had played sports, maybe hockey or baseball, and kept it up with a healthy lifestyle in his twenties. He had those kind of jock facial features, handsome and cocky and smug. They looked all the better with a giant dick in his mouth, his jaw and cheeks stretched to the max. The guy had gone down on Chuck as soon as they were in the steam room together, and Chuck hadn’t let him go despite the gagging and moaning.

Chuck looked down and marveled at how small the guy was, even from Chuck’s seated position. Chuck wrapped a hand around the guy’s skull and pulled, pushing his cock deeper down his throat. His cock grew harder as the guy started to shrink, size pouring into Chuck’s monstrous frame. Chuck tightened the grip on little guy’s head as he tried to pull away. He was the fourth victim since he got to the gym an hour ago, each one more euphorically satisfying than the last. Chuck’s eyes glowed blue as he intensified the flow of energy, a burning, tingling torrent of power flooding into his body through his cock. It felt amazing, and Chuck blasted seed down the little jock’s throat before he blinked out of existence completely a few seconds later. Chuck’s cock was left dripping cum all over the floor.

Chuck took a deep breath and stood, his head rising until it thumped hard into the ceiling. Chuck had to lean over to even fit in the room now. He was even taller than he was when he entered just a few minutes ago. He shook out the mass of his arms and legs, feeling how much heavier he was. A shiver ran up his spine and he chuckled. He had to be at least 900 pounds heavier and at least a foot-and-a-half taller than an hour ago… double the weight he was when he got here, and nearing a ton. He turned sideways, ducked down, and barely wedged through the tiny sauna door. Everything around him seemed comically small. His head was just a few inches from the once-high, 10 foot ceiling of the locker room.

He saw himself in the mirror, or what of him fit in the mirror. Huge forearms bulged, blue veins snaking towards his wrists. He brought his fists together and flexed, his delts swelling wide and round to his sides, biceps pressing against his shelf-life pecs, traps engulfing his thick neck. He couldn’t see his face in the mirror; it was out of frame. Every inch of him now was covered in orange/blond fur, curled into rings and tufts by his sweat, even on his traps and shoulders and gut. He smirked and waddled back towards his locker, totally naked, dripping with sweat, his half-hard cock slapping against his impossibly thick thighs.

After he went back to his locker and got changed—his jock strap, shorts, and boots still fitting—he saw another little guy who had been staring at him all day at another one of the lockers. The little guy looked at Chuck but then averted his eyes when Chuck returned his gaze. Chuck just grinned. He knew the type. Hell, he used to be just like him. Chuck decided to go say hi.

The little guy’s back was turned to Chuck, and he was shirtless, changing into his normal clothes. Chuck’s cock twitched and a buzzing shiver rippled through his body. He had to take a deep breath to stay focused and not let his size lust totally take over just yet, but it was tough.

“Hey little guy. I’m Chuck,” he boomed. The little guy jolted in surprise then turned around fast. His jaw dropped and he craned his neck to look up at the towering hulk standing right in front of him.

“Oh my god, it’s you! Uh, I was just leaving, um—” he stammered. He looked shifty and nervous, like he wanted to escape but couldn’t.

“What’s your name, little guy?” Chuck asked, ignoring the little guy’s ramblings. Chuck reached down and extended a huge hand to the smaller guy. The little guy looked at his hand and then extended his own, not wanting to be rude. Chuck engulfed the little guy’s whole hand in his long, thick fingers. Chuck’s grip was strong and tight; he squeezed it a little, and the little guy gulped nervously.

Chuck resisted the urge to drain him right then and there. He felt his body vibrate and buzz in anticipation. He wanted to play this out, take his time, enjoy the size disparity while he could. Soon he would be too big to enjoy this kind of back and forth.

“I-I’m Drew… Jesus, you’re big!” The little guy blurted, marveling at the shifting mass of muscles in Chuck’s forearm as he pulled out of the handshake.

“Yup, pretty huge, huh?” Chuck asked and grinned down at him, his chest heaving up and down as he breathed in a relaxed pose to show the weight and size of his torso. Drew only came up to Chuck’s gut.

“Do you do powerlifting or something?” Drew asked nervously.

“Nah, nothing competitive but maybe I should. Been making some big gains lately.” He stepped closer to Drew, his massive, sweat-covered belly forcing Drew to back up until he was against the lockers. “What do you think?” Chuck asked and he pulsed his thick pecs, waves of muscle pulsing up and down under the small tank top that was still clinging to his torso.

“J-jeez dude, I’ve never seen anyone your size!” Drew stammered. Drew marveled at the pulsing blue veins snaking from his pecs, through his front delts and down into this massive round biceps, all looming above him.

“That’s ‘cause no one else is my size,” Chuck boomed. He took a step back and grabbed the tiny tank top at the neck and then tore it down the middle. He threw the tattered rags on the floor and flaunted the huge round paunch of his gut, jiggling it a bit. It jiggled but hardened into a solid ball gut after a moment. He smirked as he saw Drew’s eyes dancing all over Chuck’s huge naked torso.

“W-wow man, gains all over I guess huh?” Drew asked. Underneath the fat Drew could see cobblestone lumps tightening and flexing as Chuck breathed. “You bulking right now?”

“Yeah you could say that.” Chuck said and craned his neck to look down at his little victim, peering down at him from over 3 feet higher. He had to look past his shelf-like chest and enormous belly. He stepped closer; he realized that Drew didn’t even up to his nipples now. So small. Chuck licked his lips and leaned an arm against the metal lockers, next to Drew’s head, his fist pressing against the locker and nearly denting it.

Drew shifted his weight a bit nervously, away from Chuck’s huge arm. It hung imposingly next to his head, the fist as big as his skull, thick meaty upper arm tensed, hairy pit exposed. Waves of BO stench radiated from Chuck’s pits, and Drew crinkled his nose as the sharp smell suddenly surrounded him. “You don’t mind the gut? Some guys who bulk try to avoid it,” he said.

“Haha, no way man, I gotta be big all over, you know what I mean?” Chuck said. “I like having some extra meat on my bones, I guess, as long as I’m plenty strong and muscular too,” Chuck said, taking a deep breath and swelling up his chest. “You like all this extra bulk, Drew? I saw you staring when I was lifting earlier,” he said with a smirk. “I think you do.”

Drew gulped and craned his neck to look up, past the ballooning mounds of pec muscle and into Chuck’s cold blue eyes, which stared down at him under the brim of his Gophers hat. He opened his mouth to say something but was speechless. He cock had never been harder in his life.

“What about you, little man? You’ve got a nice build,” Chuck said and leaned down so that his face was closer to Drew’s. He took a deep breath in through his nose, seemingly smelling him. “Lots of lean meat,” he growled.

Drew was taken aback by the comment and felt nervous with the massive behemoth leaning in so close to him, but he couldn’t help but be turned on. His cock throbbed in his shorts and his breathing and heart rate were through the roof. “Uh, thanks man… Do you need something, or am I in the way…?”

Chuck exhaled sharply, almost chuckling, his breath ruffling Drew’s hair. “Nah, bud, just taking a look at you…” At that point Chuck’s huge gut, which was just inches from Drew’s face, rumbled loudly, gurgling ominously. “I guess I’m just hungry, is all,” Chuck said, and then he took a big breath, his whole torso expanding, and let it out, shuddering with anticipation and desire. He couldn’t hold back for much longer.

“Yeah man, I guess so. How’d you get so big anyway? Never seen a guy even close to your size,” Drew said and tried to shift to the side. Chuck slammed his other hand against the lockers, trapping Drew to the left and right.

“It was pretty easy, really. You just have to want it bad enough,” Chuck said. His sweaty shorts tented as his massive cock swelled and grew, and Drew looked down to see it shifting around. His eyes grew wide as he saw the size of it.

“Uh, I’m just gonna, um, get going,” Drew muttered as he tried to duck under Chuck’s huge right arm. Chuck slammed his hands down onto Drew’s traps and shoulders, his big hands covering up more space than he anticipated.

“Wha-what are you doing, dude?” Drew said, suddenly angry and a little scared. “Let go of me!”

“Oh yeah, you’re gonna make such a good addition, bud,” Chuck growled as his grip suddenly went from forceful to painful on Drew’s shoulders.

“No! Stop! Mmmph—!” Drew grunted as he tried to shift away, but Chuck’s grip was like steel. Chuck pulled Drew tight against his gut. “What do you want!?” Drew pleaded.

“MORE!” is all Chuck said as he focused on growing. Chuck felt the familiar surge of energy slam into him, and Drew started shrinking immediately. Drew’s face slid against Chuck’s gut, then down across his shorts and then lower as Chuck pressed him into his body. A flash of blue light glowed in the locker room and Chuck’s hat thumped against the 10 foot ceiling, sending plaster falling on to the brim. A pile of sweaty gym clothes fell onto the floor.

Chuck’s stomach gurgled as his body adjusted to its new size. He somehow still felt hungry, and wondered with some alarm if that feeling would ever go away. Suddenly his thoughts, especially any associated with worry or concern over his size, were washed away and replaced only with a pressing, desperate need to go find someone else to consume, to go find more fuel for the fire. It was the only thing he could focus on, even if he tried to think about something else. It felt like he was high, unable to focus on any particular thought for more than a moment before his mind locked back on to growing.

Chuck looked around the locker room and saw people coming in and out, casting him shocked looks and then shuffling away quickly. His vision blurred into a foggy red haze as his whole body tingled with anticipation; it was a fucking buffet line. He followed the next guy he saw, grabbed him, and felt power pour into him.


Part 10

Chuck waddled over to the exit to the locker room. He was bending over, his traps and upper back pressing against the ceiling uncomfortably, his big pecs and round gut mashed against each other. The locker room was eerily quiet except for the thumps of his heavy leather boots and his heavy breaths. There was no one else left in there; Chuck—now 3200 pounds and 12 feet tall—had made sure of that.

His vision blurred as a wave of desperate, ravenous hunger and an incessant, thrumming buzz washed over him again, stronger than ever before, and he growled in frustration at the tiny doorway. He kicked the door right off of the frame, sending it collapsing out into the hall, and then reached his big arms through the doorway. He lowered his shoulders, which were wider than the doorway, and charged forward using his arms as extra leverage, and slammed against the sides and top of the doorway and the walls next to it. They all exploded outward with a bang, metal and debris fall everywhere.

Free of the locker room, Chuck stood to his full height once again, bigger than ever. He spread his shoulders wide and stretched, reaching his arms up and flexing, tendons popping. Along with his normal senses, Chuck suddenly felt something… new. A tingling, a pulling, an itching from beyond his sight, telling him there were others… other… sources of power, vessels of energy right around the corner. On the other side of the gym, some closer, some farther away. His eyes dilated and he started moving in that direction, following this new instinct.

The few people on the main gym floor looked over at what had caused such a loud noise and were stunned to see a 12-foot tall shirtless muscle bear giant walking towards them. Some of the guys who had followed him around earlier marveled at his new size, unable to look away, some even approaching him. Others had better instincts and took the opportunity to head for the exits.

Chuck waddled over to his earlier fan club members, grinning blankly. He could see their mouths moving but didn’t really hear what they said; his ears were roaring in anticipation of another meal, and his blue eyes glowed an unnatural brightness.

He reached out and palmed the skull of the first guy to approach him and drained him for every pound in seconds, energy surging into his big body, temporarily satiating his endless hunger. His dick chubbed up in his basketball shorts, his package tenting obscenely as he reached out to his next victim, who was just starting to turn and run but underestimated the length of Chuck’s long arms.

Others panicked and started to flee, dropping their weights and water bottles and dashing to the exits. Chuck didn’t mind; he was methodically working his way through the ones close enough for him to get to. Some near him did try to slip away, but Chuck could dash with astonishing quickness over short distances. His huge long legs could cover ground quickly.

He was quick, efficient, systematic. He drained all he could as fast as possible. He didn’t feel remorse or hesitation, and he barely even felt excitement or joy; he just knew something deep down inside was telling him he was hungry and needed every drop of energy others could provide, and so he acted on that.

When everyone else was gone, Chuck took stock of his new size—13 feet and four thousand pounds. He noticed that he wasn’t growing in height as quickly as he was before. He knew he was heavier—he could feel the bulky weight of his titanic body, hulking and massive, could feel how his massive boots shook the weights and floor around him as he walked, could squeeze the massive iron-hard cock in his shorts—but the slowed height growth was frustrating.

Suddenly the owner of the gym, a short but burly older man in a tight t-shirt, emerged from his office. He didn’t see Chuck at first, as the huge brute was around the corner, and walked out to the suddenly empty gym.

“Where’d everybody go?” he said to no one in particular.

Chuck heard him and walked in the direction of the voice. He rounded the corner and the owner’s jaw dropped as his eyes rose to look at Chuck’s steel blue ones. Chuck reached up and tipped his maroon hat, nodding in acknowledgement. “They’re with me now,” Chuck said matter-of-factly.

The gym owner backpedaled as Chuck walked towards him, stumbling backwards. “Holy shit!” he yelped as the unnaturally huge giant walked towards him, deceptively quickly because of how long his strides were. He realized he didn’t even come up to the clearly visible cockhead pitching a tent in the giant’s maroon basketball shorts.

“What do you mean, they’re with you?” the owner said, confused by this vague statement from the giant, still backing up, terrified.

Chuck’s eyes glowed blue and a blank smile spread across his bearded face. “It’ll be easier if I just show you, bud,” Chuck rumbled and quickly reached out to grab the little man. He wrapped his huge arms around the diminutive gym owner, pulling him into a vice-like bear hug.

“Aahhhgg, fuck!” the owner yelped, and he kicked and squirmed as Chuck easily lifted him off the ground, his legs kicking 4 or 5 feet off the floor as Chuck stood to his full height. Suddenly he felt a powerful numbness shock his entire body, like he had been shot full of painkillers. Cold started spreading through his chest as the giant squeezed tighter.

“Wh-what are you d-doing!” he wheezed, amazed at the hardness and size of Chuck’s gut and arms and chest as his body was pressed between them.

“Getting bigger,” Chuck intoned flatly, and crushed the little man harder against his impenetrable furry chest and gut.

The owner continued to thrash as he noticed Chuck swelling out even bigger somehow and as he watched his own size dissolve before his eyes.

“What the fuck, let me go!” he squeaked, his voice falsetto like he had undone puberty, his voice cracking.

Chuck said nothing. He just adjusted his grip on the dwindling mass in his arms and grunted. The owner gave one last desperate escape in Chuck’s bear hug, pointlessly wiggling in the giant’s arms. His yells were muffled against Chuck’s hairy, mountainous pecs.

Chuck couldn’t help but grin, a moment of joy and excitement coming to the surface past the blinding, ravenous need for more than consumed his mind. “All mine,” he rumbled and watched the gym owner dissolve into his chest. A shiver ran up Chuck’s spine as the growth washed over his giant body.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Brant always preferred swimming to other forms of cardio. He loved the rhythm of it, the zen kind of trance he would get in after doing a few laps, focused on the timing of his breaths and strokes, the steady splashing of his feet, interrupted only by the graceful, flipping turns when he reached each end. He was so focused on his laps that he didn’t noticed anything else going on in the gym, didn’t notice that everyone else in the gym was gone except the person who had just entered the pool area.

He finished his last lap and came fully to the surface, breathing hard but a good tingling feeling in his body, like a runner’s high. He had a classic swimmer’s body; long, lean, and sleek. He was tall, 6’3” and 220, and had been on his college’s swim team a few years ago. Now he was happy enough to do it for fun. He took his goggles off and finally noticed that there was someone else in the pool with him, on the other end.

The other guy was mostly submerged, with just his head and shoulders above the water. Brant noticed right away that he was built, with massive hard-looking traps rising up out of the water and merging with his thick neck. His round shoulders were broad, so much so that Brant thought it must have been some sort of illusion because he was on the other end of the pool. He had a thick red beard that brushed against the water, flecks of white in there mixed with the rich copper color. He had piercing blue eyes and light blond eyebrows, and he was totally bald. Must have been some big ex-jock football player type.

“Hey!” the big guy boomed from the other side of the pool, his voice louder and deeper than Brant expected. It echoed in the high-ceilinged pool room. “Nice laps there!” the big guy continued.

Brant started making his way over to the other guy since he was having a harder time hearing him from all the echoing. “Aw, yeah, you know, just doing my usual thing. What’s your name?” Brant asked.

It took the big guy a moment to respond, almost as if he were thinking about the question for a moment. “Chuck! Uh, yeah you swim well. Nice swimmer’s build you got there,” Chuck said as Brant got closer.

Brant got to the start of the drop off where the water went from shallow all the way down to 12 feet deep. He tread water and got closer, and then suddenly realized just how big this guy was up close. It hadn’t been an illusion; his shoulders were way wider and more muscular than anyone he’d ever seen before, like at least twice as broad as he was.

“Thank man, nothing on you though, you look pretty big!” Brant said, wanting to be polite and return the favor but getting a weird vibe from this guy.

Chuck shrugged, tensing the mass of his traps and shoulders. “Oh, I always got room for more. Wonder if you can help me with that, bud?” Chuck said, his voice sounding strangely distant.

Brant shifted in the water, a little uncomfortable and confused by that comment. “Not sure what you mean, dude, uh, looks like y—” he started, but Chuck cut him off.

“Just… just come here, okay?” Chuck rumbled, sounding annoyed. “I’ll show you,” he said, before starting to move closer to Brant.

Chuck surged forward in the water, but not like he was treading water like Brant assumed. Chuck was in the deepest part of the water where it was 12 feet deep, but… he was… walking! Brant looked down in the water and could see a huge round belly and two enormous, pale legs stretching all the way to the deepest park of the pool, moving towards him

“Wh-what the fuck!” Brant managed as he shifted his weight and tread water backwards as Chuck started to rise up out of the water. “J-just how big are you!?” Brant exclaimed.

“Huge!” he boomed ominously. The big ginger’s chest and upper arms rose up out of the water, towering over Brant quickly, a wall of hairy muscle expanding right in front of him, bulky muscle twitching and tensing as it broke the surface. Sheets of water poured down off of his torso as he rose and Brant continued to back in, panicking. Chuck’s huge belly created a wake as it rose out of the water, round and solid.

A sudden splash came up from the water as Chuck’s huge, hard cock broke through the surface, red and angry-looking, pointing right at Brant. Brant was back in the shallow end, running now, scrambling for the edge of the pool to get out, and Chuck stepped up to where it was 4 feet deep. The water only came up to his tree-trunk thighs, which were bigger around than Brant’s chest.

Chuck stepped closer and started reaching for Brant, who yelped and quickly jumped out of the pool, splashing water as he tried bolting for the exit. He heard a huge splash behind him as the monster surged after him. He twisted around to look how close he was but then slipped on the wet floor and fell hard. He groaned, scrambled to get up, but it was just enough time for Chuck to grab him with one huge hand that easily wrapped all the way around his right calf.

“Come back here, bud, let’s talk,” Chuck intoned, standing at the edge of the pool, reaching his long arm to grab Brant. Brant suddenly rose into the air as Chuck hoisted him back into the pool before crashing him down, dunking him into the water. He was disoriented but then felt two big hands wrap around his torso and lift him out of the water. Brant gasped and then got dunked into the water again and Chuck carried him back over to the deep end.

Chuck played with the little swimmer like an orca toying with a seal, dunking him down and raising him up a few more times until they were in the deepest part of the pool.

Frantic, Brant splashed around in Chuck’s grip, squirming against the giant’s big hands. “Let go of me! Let me out! What are you—” he yelped but Chuck dunked him again.

Chuck lifted him up again, Brant coughing and sputtering. “See bud, I thought I had got everybody in the gym, but then I saw you splashing around in here! Glad I came in here, it was nice to cool off and you’ve got quite a nice body too,” the giant boomed. Brant could see blue veins starting to glow under his skin, up his forearms and huge biceps, through his shoulders and chest. It reflected off the pool water, glints of electric blue gleaming off the waves. “You’ll be a nice addition,” Chuck said.

“Wha-what are you gonna do!?” Brant said, thrashing around again fruitlessly. Chuck didn’t even seem to be struggling at all despite his best efforts.

“This,” Chuck said, and shifted his grip until he was hugging Brant, squeezing his thin body against his huge thick bulk. Chuck ducked underwater with Brant, squeezing him tightly, and started draining, the warmth and buzz from Brant’s energy making Chuck feel whole and complete for a few moments until he came up again.

Brant gasped, coughing for air, smaller and weaker than when he was last above the surface. “Stop! No, you’re, how are you—” Brant yelped but then Chuck dragged him under again.

Chuck drank in more size, more power, and brought Brant up to the surface again. Brant looked like he was a kid, rail-thin and weak, but he struggled against Chuck’s grip anyway.

Chuck laughed, a booming bassy rumble that echoed around the room. “It’s pointless to resist, bud. I promise I’ll take good care of your size,” Chuck said before dunking Brant one last time, pushing him under the water and pressing him against Chuck’s chest. A blue light glowed from under the surface of the water and bubbles rose as Brant let out an unheard yell.

The swimmer thrashed around for a few seconds until the waves and splashing became suddenly still. Chuck sighed and rose back up to his full height. The top of his chest stood out from the water now, even standing at the deepest part.

As he made his way out of the pool to dry off and get his clothes back on, he noticed the gym was eerily silent. No swimmers splashing. No one talking in the locker room. No weights clanking together in the gym. The only sound was bad gym music and a throbbing, pounding pulse in his head, beckoning him to find more power, more energy. He looked outside the big windows of the gym as red and blue flashing lights pulled up, sirens blaring.

Chuck just grinned.


Part 11

Chuck moved towards the cops outside, but immediately realized that the entryway was too small for him now. The 7-foot tall doorways only came up to this waist. Instead of ripping up all the doorways, Chuck turned to the big floor-to-ceiling window that wrapped around the edge of the doorways and punched right through it. Glass sprayed out onto the sidewalk, causing the assembled police officers to flinch. Chuck twisted around—even the big pane of glass wasn’t wide enough for his broad shoulders to get through easily—and stepped out into the cold winter air. His huge leather boots crunched the broken glass, 5000lbs of meaty musclebear grinding it into the pavement. His breath created a big plume of steam as he planted himself in front of the cop cars in a wide stance. The sun was low on the horizon and shining in Chuck’s face, shining orange on his huge pale body.

There had to have been maybe a dozen cop cars, all flashing their lights, officers in positions behind their cars, guns drawn. An older, mustached police captain raised a loudspeaker and said, “Get on your knees and put your hands behind your head, you are under arrest for suspicion of assault and destruction of property!”

Chuck let out a great belly laugh at this, the booming rumble of his laugh rattling the ribcages of the assembled officers. “HOW ABOUT YOUR ALL JUST GIVE UP AND LET ME TAKE YOUR SIZE, BET YOU COPS ARE ALL BUILT REAL NICE,” Chuck boomed and started moving towards the closest cop car, reaching out hungrily.

“Open fire!” the captain ordered and the cracking pops of gunfire erupted all around Chuck. He felt the bullets pummel him, ripping into his body and pushing him back, stinging and punching and cutting him. He lifted his arms up to protect his face and staggered back.

The cops emptied their clips. A gust of winter wind cleared the smoke away, and Chuck was still standing. He was bleeding all over, cuts and pinpricks from dozens of gunshots all over his body.

“HEH, THAT TICKLED!” Chuck growled and straightened out. A blue light spread over his entire body, focused on the gunshot wounds around his body, and the wounds began to heal themselves impossibly fast. Skin and muscle stitched together right before the eyes of the incredulous officers, blood drying up and then disappearing. The bullets were pushed out of his body and fell to the ground. Steam rose up from hulk’s body as the nanomachines worked to heal him, heat rising up from his shoulders in shimmering waves. In mere seconds, he looked completely unharmed, not a trace of any wounds or blood.

Chuck reached up to adjust his hat, delts and biceps bulging as he did, and then took a deep breath. He sighed, a big plume of steam rising into the air, and he grinned down at the cops. “NICE TRY, GUYS! NOW WHERE WAS IT?” he roared and flexed, bringing his huge fists together, his arms, chest, and traps swelling with size, pulsing with muscle.

“Fire at will!” the captain yelled in the loudspeaker as panic broke out among the officers. This time the bullets just bounced off Chuck; the nanos had adapted and hardened his skin to deflect them.

Chuck walked forward to the nearest cop car, his massive weight causing it to shake. The car didn’t even come up to his waist, nor did the officers cowering behind it, firing their guns fruitlessly at the advancing monster looming above him. Chuck’s tight shorts tented obscenely as he got hard from realizing how powerful and unstoppable he was becoming. He reached down, punched through the glass of the windshield and back window, gripped the frame of the car in his huge hands, and lifted. The car easily rose, and he pressed it over his head like a Viking log on a strongman show. He grunted and then threw it towards the other cars, smashing them together and sending cops scrambling to get out of the way. Chuck just laughed.

Stricken by hunger, Chuck’s eyes flashed blue and he looked at each of the fleeing officers like they were food. He lunged after the nearest one, terrifyingly fast for a man of his size, and grabbed him. Chuck pulled him back, the officer thrashing and yelling as Chuck lifted of him off the ground until he was firmly in Chuck’s grip. “YES!” Chuck sighed as the officer dissolved into his body in seconds. He thickened out some more and then moved towards the next one.

Seeing this, the cops scattered, some on foot and others into their cars. A particularly burly cop scrambled into his car, started it, and floored the gas, but the car didn’t move an inch. He looked in his rear view mirror and saw two huge legs planted in place. He looked in his side mirror; Chuck’s massive hands were gripped onto the trunk, holding the car in place.

“WHERE YOU GOING, BUD?” Chuck boomed and then punched down into the roof of the car. His fist caved in the entire roof, trapping the officer inside. A second punch slammed down, tearing a hole right through the metal roof, and a huge hand reached through the hole of the car and gripped around the head and shoulders of the beefy officer. Chuck focused on consuming all of his size. In seconds, the officer was gone.

Chuck looked up from the broken car hungrily, and saw another cop nearby. He rubbed his turtleshell gut, feeling the thick mounds of abdominal muscle underneath the chunky beef of his ball belly, and then sprinted after him. His huge boots crunched into the pavement and tore up the concrete as he ran. “I’M GONNA GET YOU, LITTLE BUD!” he roared.

The tiny officer, less than half the height of Chuck’s giant frame, yelped and reached for something on his belt. As Chuck was about to reach him, he turned and fired his taser, the leads striking Chuck right on his big gut.

50,000 volts erupted into Chuck’s body, stunning him in place. But instead of filling him with agony, the energy surging into him felt euphoric. Waves of pleasure washed over him, tore through his huge body, and excited the nanomachines inside of him like never before.

The officer finished firing, and looked up to see an even bigger, taller, more muscular giant looming over him. The officer only came up to Chuck’s thighs now.

“MMM FUCK, DO IT AGAIN!” Chuck rumbled. The tiny cop yelped and fired again in panic, more energy flowing into the titan.

Chuck growled and groaned as more euphoria poured into him and he grew bigger. “YES!” Chuck rumbled and grew another foot until the taser gave out, his veins pulsing an electric blue and his eyes glowing.

The cop dropped his taser and ran, and Chuck reached down—way down!—to pick it up. The tiny plastic thing seemed like a toy to the monstrous Chuck, but it carried a powerful realization: it wasn’t just people Chuck could use as an energy source. It was any energy source!

Chuck looked around… electricity was everywhere around him. He closed his eyes and reached out with his new sense and suddenly saw them, every source of energy around him glowing blue, not quite “seeing” them but sensing where they was, feeling them near him. He headed to the closest source, which was embedded in a cop car.

The tiny car only came up to Chuck’s knees now. He laughed at how small everything was becoming. He turned around, hopped up onto the roof of the car and sat on it. The roof crunched under his tonnage and the tires popped loudly. Chuck boomed a belly laugh and then turned towards the hood of the car where he sensed the energy. He twisted around and leaned down to get the hood, the metal frame of the car underneath him squealing and bending. He gripped the hood in a huge hand, the metal easily bending under his powerful fingers, and he ripped it off, hinges groaning and then snapping. He tossed the hood away into the street with a grunt and then reached in to find the battery, grinning with anticipation.

Chuck tore the car battery out with one hand and lifted it into his lap. The battery felt tiny in his hands, but he knew it contained a tremendous amount of energy. He could feel it, sense it, almost like it was pulsing and throbbing in his hand, waiting to give up its power and feed him. His desire to grow had never felt stronger; it was a blinding, raging torrent in his mind. He chuckled, put both of his hands on the leads of the battery, and willed himself to grow.

Instantly the electric shock of the battery flowed into him, power spreading over his body. Chuck closed his eyes in pleasure and opened his mouth, breathing out slowly, steam rising up off of his huge body as he grew. His muscle bulged thicker and harder, swelling up like he was flexing and then swelling up some more, filling up bigger and bigger. His weight ballooned, and the car underneath him groaned and crunched. His ginger hair thickened all over his body, making his beard grow denser. “YEAH!” Chuck groaned as his cock turned rock-hard, turned on by the euphoria of growth until the battery was dead.

The giant opened his eyes and rose to his full height, massive thighs planted wide, steel-toed boots crunching into the pavement under his mass. He didn’t seem to feel the cold, though steam still rose of from his huge body. He looked down at his shelf-like pecs and flexed, watching the muscle pulse up them in waves under his red and grey chest hair. He flexed a bicep, bringing his right fist up to his left pec, watching the muscle bulge and fight for space as it pressed against his gut and chest and lats.

He turned and stood over the wreckage of the car. Looking down as it, he realized his enormous cock was slapping against his round belly, smearing precum against his belly button and throbbing for attention. He reached down and around his gut and gripped it; he couldn’t get his hand all the way around its tremendous girth. He had grown bigger there, it seemed.

Chuck looked out among the cars before him, dozens of them in the parking lot, and his cock throbbed harder. He stroked roughly, gripping the steel rod as hard as he could and imagined how big he was going to get. Jets of cum streamed out into the parking lot seconds later, spraying out onto the cop cars in front of him, and the giant groaned a guttural roar.


Part 12

Chuck stood in the afterglow of shooting a huge load over the smashed-up cars in front of him, letting globs of cum drip down from his oversized cock onto the pavement below. It felt so good to be this big, and for a moment he felt satisfied, complete, and happy, only for the feeling to be washed away in an instant.

“UHHHNNNNNG FUCK I GOTTA GROW,” Chuck growled and wrangled his cock back into his jock and tight shorts.

He stomped over to the next patrol car in front of him, ripped off the hood, reached in and grabbed the battery, and slurped up all the power inside of it, swelling up a bit bigger. He grunted and sighed and then tossed it aside, the battery cracking on the sidewalk and leaking acid everywhere.

“JUST NEED A LITTLE MORE,” he growled and moved to the next car, punched into the hood, and absorbed all the energy inside. He grew bigger and taller and then pushed the car away, making it skid and rattle.

“GOTTA GET GAINZ!” he boomed and reached down to grab another car. He scooted it closer to him, tearing off the hood, ripping out the battery and squeezing it in his big hands as his eyes and veins pulsed blue, consuming all the power inside of it. Plumes of steam rose off his body into the cold winter air.

“NOT BIG ENOUGH!!” Chuck roared, and did the same thing with another car, and then another, consuming energy like a starving man. Each time he felt a tiny moment of satisfaction, of completeness, like he had reached his size goal, but then it was immediately replaced by the all-consuming need for more. He had to find more energy; it was the only thing that mattered now.

“ALRIGHT, TIME FOR MORE!” Chuck worked through every car in the parking lot systematically, not stopping for anything, consuming battery after battery, crushing up the cars to get to the sweet energy-filled nectar inside.

All the while he grew… taller, thicker, broader, stronger, harder, fatter, heavier. By the time he was done, every car in the parking lot was smashed up, cold and dark, batteries strewn around like peanut shells. Chuck rose to his full height and stretched his bigger body. He wasn’t sure how tall he was, but he could see into second-story windows of other nearby buildings. He wasn’t sure how heavy he was, but he saw that the pavement was cracking and giving way slightly under his tonnage when he walked.

He sensed power in the buildings across the street. It was a busy intersection with restaurants, stores, and still some people, though most were now fleeing as they saw the 20-foot behemoth approaching them. Chuck’s gut jiggled ominously as he walked, bouncing and swaying with each step. He didn’t really walk but rather waddled, his tremendous thighs rubbing against each other, rolling past one another as he moved.

His eyes glowed neon blue as he approached a Starbucks, some oblivious people still inside. Chuck could see over the roof of the little one-story building; the doorway came up to just above his knees. He squatted down, his leather boots creaking and bending, huge thighs tensing and flexing, and he shoved a massive hand through the windows and into the store. He couldn’t see what he was touching, but he let his energy sense guide him. He drained indiscriminately, consuming few customers and then ramming against a wall and into an electrical outline. He tapped into it, gasping and groaning as a torrent of power surged into him. He exploded bigger, shooting up a couple feet fast as lights in the surrounding buildings flickered.

Standing back to his full height, he realized he was several feet taller. He immediately wanted more, his mind a roaring blur of desire. “FUCK YEAH!” was all he could think to say, and he crunched his way across the parking lot to a large glass façade on a small office tower next to the strip mall. In the light of the setting sun, he could see himself, bigger than ever, blue veins pulsing along his arms, shoulders, and chest, cobblestone gut jiggling as he moved, traps consuming his neck and framing his ginger beard perfectly. His half-chubbed cock and bull balls were pushed forward by his thick thighs, smearing pre against this quads. He adjusted his U of M hat until it almost obscured his glowing blue eyes. He brought his fists together and flexed, watching every muscle on his body explode with more size, and he grinned.

Suddenly as he flexed, bolts of electric blue energy exploded out of the cars at his feet and shot up into his muscles, drawn to the tensing muscles and the force of Chuck’s desire for more power and size. Chuck growled and flexed harder, and the lights of the surrounding buildings flickered and more energy poured into his flexing body. Crackles of blue electricity arced between his fists, biceps, nipples, and beard as he drained power.

“MORE!!” Chuck roared again as he stopped flexing, his mind only capable of one clear thought now. The arcs of electricity absorbed into his body, and he stood to his full height. He looked around and only saw food for him to consume, could only think about the most efficient way to take it all.

He looked over to a power line running parallel to the road and he rushed over to it, crushing pavement along the way. It was still taller than he was by a few feet, but he knew that wouldn’t last long. The thin wires hung over his head, and he could feel them, sense them crackling with power, just waiting to feed his growing body. He licked his lips in anticipation and then grabbed on and imagined himself growing bigger.

Chuck exploded with size, his body glowing blue and arcs of electricity sparking across his thick strongman body. His muscles exploded with size, tensing and flexing and growing thicker and fuller and harder. He swelling up taller, his whole body stretching and expanding. He adjusted his stance to accommodate his bigger legs and focused, power roaring into him as he grew and grew. He swelled higher than the power lines, higher than the poles, then higher than the office tower next to him. He had to adjust his grip as he grew and grew, eventually bending down to keep his grip. Surrounding blocks flickered and then blinked off as he drained every drop of energy from the entire neighborhood, sending the world around him into darkness.

The transformer on the power line pole exploded in a shower of sparks. The sparks bounced off of Chuck’s huge shelf-like chest and across his bearded face, and he grinned. He felt better than he ever had in his entire life. The torrent of power suddenly stopped, leaving the 50-foot tall giant clutching dead power lines that were down by his waist rather than over his head.

Chuck felt big. BIG! After all this time, just for a moment he felt satisfied, as big as he could ever dream to be, bigger than anyone else in history! His cock throbbed against the underside of his gut and stuck out several feet beyond his belly’s round expanse. He looked over to the little 4-story office building to his left and waddled up to it. Chuck roughly gripped the sides of the buildings and plunged his battering-ram cock into the building, crashing through the glass and steel of the building and rubbing his cock all around.

He got a better grip on the little building and slammed his entire body against it, his belly and cock and thighs crushing the fragile building, sending a rain of glass shards exploding down to the street. Chuck groaned as he slammed his cock into the building again and again, the hole he made growing with each thrust, the building crumbling in his grip as he fucked it savagely. The roof caved in and part of the building started slumping down, slamming down onto Chuck’s cock and creating more pressure. Seeing his massive powerful body destroying a fucking building just by humping it sent Chuck over the edge, and again he sprayed a massive load of hot cum, filling up the rubble of the building and blasting through the other side, across the street, and against the store fronts on the other side. Steam rose up from the white-hot pools of cum, and sweat ran down Chuck’s big furry torso as he pulled his cock out, covered in slick cum and office building debris. The building collapsed as Chuck removed his battering ram cock, imploding under its own weight, sending up a cloud of dust and smoke as it crumbled to Chuck’s feet, debris spilling out into the parking lot.

Chuck sighed, letting out a long satisfied breath that filled the area with his steamy breath. Chuck lifted his arms and flexed his biceps, admiring the blue throbbing veins pulsing size and power into his arms. The whole block stank of muscle bull cum and Chuck’s tangy, musky BO radiating out from his deep, hairy pits. He looked at the massive round peaks of muscle erupting from his upper arms and bellowed, “GOTTA GET FUCKIN’ HUGE!”

Chuck reached out with his energy sense. He saw where the power lined converged into larger power lines, big tall ones a hundred feet tall, twice his height. They were made of metal and carried several thick lines. He breathed heavily, grunting and muttering about wanting more, and his glowing blue eyes flashed brighter. He decided to follow them back to where they came from, swinging a massive foot down the block, ramming against a building and then landing on a tiny car, crushing it under his steel-toed leather boot, grinding it several feet into the ground as his boot crunched into the concrete and sunk in deeper.


Part 13

The night shift engineers at the Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant were in a panic. There had been wild readings all evening about power outages and sudden surges on the power grid followed by everything going dead in localized areas. It was unlike anything they had seen and left everyone baffled.

Todd looked at the main board, a series of huge high-def TVs that showed an overlay of the entire local power grid. It had flashing red lights on several areas, namely around the northwest suburbs of the Twin Cities. There seemed almost to be a pattern to the lights, as they ones that had gone out first were in the suburbs themselves and subsequent outages were farther out, heading in a line out of the city.

“Greg, what do you make of this pattern?” Todd said, rolling his desk chair over to Greg. Greg was on his fourth cup of coffee that evening, as they had been scrambling all night to try to get the system back online to no avail.

“If it were a storm I’d say it was a tornado or something knocking out power lines and transformers, but there’s no severe weather within hundreds of miles,” Greg said, sighing. “It’s not even moving with regular weather patterns.”

Todd leaned back in his chair. “You think it’s vandals? Something like that? Terrorists?”

Greg scoffed. “Ha, what would they be doing here in Minnesota? If they wanted to hit something, it would be bigger than a strip mall in Maple Grove.”

“Yeah I guess so… but, what do you make of this line?” Todd said, pointing back to the big screen. “Some sort of power surge? The pattern is headed… well… closer to…” Todd trailed off, realizing the pattern of outages was headed right towards them.

Suddenly the lights flickered in the control room and something seemed to shake the whole building. Workers gasped and looked around nervously. Todd looked down at his console and he could see a spike in the energy usage right here at the plant.

“Now what?” Todd groaned, and then the alarms went off in the building. It usually only went off for drills in case of an emergency at the plant, like an overload or…a meltdown. Todd and Greg looked at each nervously and started moving to the exit, quickly.

More lights flickered and the ground shook again and again as they made their way outside to the evacuation point. To Todd’s surprise though, as soon as they got outside, everyone was just standing around in front of the doorway, looking up, gasping and yelling.

Todd looked up, blinded for a moment by the dawn light coming from the east, and couldn’t believe what he saw.

A man, a giant, massive, half-naked hulk of a man, towered over the parking lot, his hands on the power lines connecting the power plant to the control building, electricity arcing all across his enormous body. He was twice as tall as the 3 story control building, his body covered in dense, thick, powerful muscle. He was shirtless, and his torso steamed in the cold morning air. He was groaning, a thundering rumbling sound, and his eyes and veins strangely glowed an intense neon blue. He was wearing a massive U of M hat and tight-fitting athletic shorts that only went halfway down his thighs, and huge, heavy-looking work boots dug into the parking lot.

As Todd watched, the giant adjusted his weight, a massive boot moving to broaden his stance. The boot, which had to be 10 feet long, came down partially on a parked car and crushed it, glass and metal scattering out from the impact, the entire front half of the car disappearing. The giant’s huge thighs twitched and tensed with muscle and he seemed to focus more on the power lines. How he wasn’t getting electrocuted was anyone’s guess.

Greg pointed up at the giant and yelled, “My god, I think he’s growing!”

Todd turned to Greg, then looked back at the giant, and Todd noticed for the first time that his boots were inching longer, grinding up concrete and creating mounds of debris as his feet grew. The giant was now a little more than twice the height of the building; it seemed to only come up to the hem of his shorts now. He bent over more to reach down to the power lines, which at this point only came up to his knees. Golden hair covered the musclebear giant, and a funky jock BO permeated the air. A tremendous bulge jutted out from the giant’s shorts, seemingly bigger as he expanded. Todd could even hear a stretching, crunching, popping sound over the dim of people yelling and the hum of electricity. The giant was actually growing!

“We gotta get out of here,” Todd said and he took off for his car, which was in the direction of the monstrous giant.

The broad-shouldered giant grunted and suddenly the line connecting to the control building exploded in a shower of sparks and went dead. The giant stood to his full towering height and stretched his new, bigger muscles. He was thick, bulky, and powerful-looking, like a strongman and an offseason bodybuilder combined. Todd looked up and the giant grinned and then brought his fists together in a most-muscular pose. He flexed his huge torso, muscles quivering and pulsing, his torso steaming.

“YEAH,” the giant boomed, and then took a step towards the parking lot, right towards Todd. His boot crunched down on another car and then another as he moved to the middle of the parking lot.

Todd ran to his car, unlocked it—which was tricky, because the whole thing bucked up and down a couple times as the ground shook from the approaching giant—and got in. In his rear-view, he saw a huge leather boot, and then another suddenly appeared, closer, right behind him.

The giant growled, a deep bassy rumble that was way too close for comfort for Todd. Todd started his car and put it in reverse, pulling out and then shifting into drive, and sped forward—

And crashed right into a giant leather boot that suddenly smashed down in front of him. His car crumpled and the airbags went off. Todd yelped and groaned as he was jostled around, and then panicked as his car started teetering down into the impact crater that the boot had created. He scrambled to open the door and climbed out just in time.

He looked up and the giant wasn’t even paying attention to where he was stepping. He seemed focused on something else, but on what Todd couldn’t tell. Suddenly the giant raised his arms, the bulk of his torso towering over Todd, and the giant’s eyes once again glowed an incandescent blue. He flexed, his mighty arms and shoulders bulging with muscle, and he boomed, “MORE!”

Suddenly arcs of electricity burst out of every car in the parking lot, surging up towards the flexing mountain of muscle looming over Todd. Todd yelled and flinched backwards as the hot crackle of electricity surrounded him. Arcs of power streamed into the giant from all over the parking lot, and the giant hummed with pleasure. Todd looked up and could tell he was growing even more, could hear and see the giant boot in front of him scraping along the ground as it grew longer and heavier and taller. The huge bulge grew in giant’s tight shorts even more.

Todd moved to run away from the giant, who was still flexing and draining all the power in the parking lot, but when he went to run his legs faltered underneath him. He suddenly felt weak and tired, cold and numb, and he couldn’t explain why. He felt a tugging from above him, like weights pushing down on him, and suddenly he couldn’t bear to stand. He collapsed, and felt his body grow weak and tired. He looked down and his clothes seemed to fit him loosely. He groaned and what came out of his mouth was a weak, high-pitched whine. Before he understood what was happening, he blinked out of existence.

Meanwhile, Greg and the other engineers looked on helplessly as their cars were drained of power, the massive giant slurping up electricity like a milkshake. After about thirty seconds the monster stopped flexing and the arcs of power disappeared. He stood back to his full height and he was clearly even larger than before, taller and broader, muscles harder and heavier-looking. He sighed and then looked over towards the group, past them actually, towards the power plant itself. A huge grin spread across his chubby face, the thick red beard and rosy cheeks contrasting with the ice blue eyes and blond eyebrows. He suddenly started towards them.

“Run!” Greg yelled as everyone scrambled to move. The giant moved with terrible speed, his massive, long, thick legs covering ground quickly, crunching the concrete of the parking lot, creating earthquakes that shook the trees nearby. He moved fast and stomped down right into the middle of the crowd of people.

Greg dove out of the way, just in time to dodge the boot that crushed anything below it. Greg covered his head as debris rained down around him. The giant hadn’t even noticed they were there, Greg realized. Greg looked over, the treads of the boot thicker than he was, and watched as the boot whooshed up in the air and came down dozens of feet away, crashing down closer to the power plant itself.

Greg got up, trying to ignore the carnage the giant had left behind, and followed the giant, watching what he would do. His broad back was just as muscular as the front, traps bulging high and merging with his thick neck, wide lats pushing against his beefy arms, a huge round squatters ass bouncing up and down with every step. Finally the giant stood in front of the plant, taller than the buildings but only coming about halfway up the 150 foot tall stacks that towered over the rest of the facility.

The giant grunted, hummed, and sniffed, like he was searching for something. He shifted around and looked and looked, then squatted down, his leather boots creaking, and then finally sat, his enormous rump shaking the earth, spreading wide across the snowy ground next to the plant.

Suddenly the monster shoved his arm into the middle of the main reactor building, pushing in deep and reaching for something. His huge fist easily broke through the concrete exterior, to Greg’s horror. Greg could see the giant reaching around inside for something.

The giant found whatever he was looking for, because he suddenly boomed, “YEAH, LET’S GROW!” Greg felt the hairs on his head stand up as the giant tapped into the power plant and started draining.

A massive surge of power erupted into the giant, flowing into the muscle bear titan, causing his whole body to glow blue. Greg and the other workers had to shield their eyes as bolts of power danced around the giant, arcing electricity snapping and crackling before disappearing into his body. They could feel the heat of the radiation blasting out of the plant. The giant swelled bigger quickly, sucking in energy as his massive body expanded bigger and bigger. Taller, thicker, broader, heavier… his ass sank deeper into the ground as he absorbed more and more power. His lats spread wider, traps and shoulders bulking up into a mountain range of muscle, red-blond hair growing thicker on his back and shoulders.

The giant leaned his head back and sighed, plumes of steam rising into the cold winter air as his body continued to grow. His back muscles bulged out thicker and bigger, fighting for space as he expanded, pushing his arms out wider. His groaning grew deeper and louder, like thunder. Parts of the building started to break and crumble around him as he grew and grew.

As the giant continued to grow, Greg and the others escaped. A few minutes passed as the group of survivors started down the road, searching for vehicles that still had power. Greg heard debris falling around the plant and felt the ground shake and he looked back. He gasped as others turned to see.

Rising up out of the wreckage stood the giant, towering over the entire structure. The smokestacks didn’t even come up to his waist now, and he looked wider, thicker, and stronger than before. He stood to his full height and stretched, and even Greg could hear the joints, tendons, and muscles popping and groaning as they adjusted to their new size. The giant brought an arm up and flexed his mountainous biceps. He admired the hard, round peaks and grinned. He brought a hand to his face, feeling his thick red beard and adjusted his weight. The ground shook under Greg’s feet, and people started crying, afraid of the power this titan wielded.

The giant took a deep breath, expanding his colossal chest, pecs swelling out covered in dense red hair, then sighed, steamy breath rising into the air. He looked down at the destroyed plant and smiled, then admired his own chest, flexing and bouncing his pecs as he smiled wider.

Greg watched as the giant reached down and squeezed the titanic bulge in his shorts, then reached into his shorts and cup the massive jockstrap-bound package inside. The giant leaned over and flexed, his pecs rippling his size, his gut pressing down on to the bulge in his shorts and he roared, a thunderous, terrifying sound that echoed for miles. The giant looked down at the power plant, lifted up a massive boot, and stomped down, crushing it and shaking the ground. When he was done, he looked towards the horizon, towards the city to the southwest, the light of dawn casting shadows across his body. A wicked smile spread across his face. He adjusted his hat, the U of M on the logo looking like a billboard, and started walking, inexorably heading in the direction of more power.


Part 14

Chuck was hungry. He couldn’t remember the last time he didn’t feel ravenous, starving, didn’t feel an overwhelming hunger that prevented him from focusing on anything else. He had lost track of time since he had started growing really big, since he had tapped into power lines and power plants and anything else that he could drain for more. He knew that he hadn’t slept for a long time, maybe weeks, maybe months, but he didn’t need to sleep anymore as long as he had a constant flow of power.

Chuck was making his way along a big river, probably the Mississippi, he thought, and was heading south… or more to the point, he was heading towards the strongest power source he could sense in the distance. He smashed his boot into the ground, the treads sinking several feet deep under the weight of his tonnage, the earth shaking for miles around.

He wasn’t sure just how big he was now, but the tip of the Willis Tower in Chicago had only come up to his chin before he fucked it apart last week. That was after he had cleared out Chicago and drained it for every drop he could. He wasn’t sure how heavy he was, but in Chicago the ground collapsed under him, smashing up sewer, power, gas lines, everything. It was kind of a mess, but he didn’t care as long as he got to drain more power and grow.

He looked down and watched the greenery below him wither up and turn yellow, then brown, then white as he approached in a wave of devastation. He had learned that power lines and people weren’t the only sources of energy around. The land itself—the grass, the trees, every living thing around—was full of energy to consume, and consume he did. Chuck’s veins and eyes always glowed blue now as he constantly absorbed life from the ground around him. He left behind swaths of chalk-white barren nothingness where ever he walked, clouds of brown-white dust billowing behind him a cloud. As winter had turned to spring and into summer as he cleared out the Midwest, there was more for him to consume.

He didn’t care. All he knew was he had a constant trickle of power flowing him, feeding his desire for more size and power. And that made him feel good. Strong. Big!

He looked down over the expanse of his massive body. He was packed and swollen with muscle and beef all over, like an overfed strongman. His shelf-like chest swelled out in front of him, broad and heaving with muscle, covered in dense copper-colored hair that curled into rings. Beyond that was his turtle-shell gut, a massive fat ball belly that jiggled as he walked but was rock-hard and dense with muscle. He shrugged his shoulders and adjusted his arms, which stood out at an angle as his massive tris and lats fought for space. His delts were globes of pure beef, and his traps had long since consumed his thick neck; it was all just rock hard muscle now.

He tensed his right hand into a fist and watched the blue glowing veins shine brighter and watched his huge forearm tense, muscle bulging out and rubbing against his bicep. Oh, his bicep. He raised an arm and flexed as he walked, admiring the mountainous peak. A thick vein throbbed along the huge round peak. He flexed harder, and the entire thing rose up higher and bigger, hundreds of feet around. He reached down with his left hand and squeezed his massive cock, which was always either at half-mast or rock hard depending on how much energy was flowing into his body. His quads rubbed against each other as he stomped, creating some intense chub rub that had worn away the hair from his inner thighs. His ass danced up and down rhythmically as he walked, the earth shaking under his tonnage. His foot rose into the hair, swooshed forward impossibly fast, and then smashed down, creating boot-shaped craters that crushed anything underneath—cars, buildings, roads, dead trees—and made structures crumble from the shockwave.

As he followed the river farther south, a city rose into view in the distance. He could see a big archway and some tall buildings. It was St. Louis. Chuck’s stomach growled, both because he needed more energy to fill his body with more muscle, but also because he remembered how good the barbeque was there.

In front of the city though, was an army, miles away. Chuck had been dealing with the military for months now and at this point pretty much ignored them. They were absolutely powerless against him. Early on he had some uncomfortable run ins with tanks and missiles and fighter jets, but his body quickly adapted to even the most devastating weapon. The nanos had made his skin impenetrable and burn-proof; his lungs could filter out any kind of gas or toxic substance; he was too big to be stopped by barriers or nets; and of course, any energy-based weapon only fed his insatiable growth. Chuck continued forward towards the city, his anticipation growing along with his huge dick.

A single missile rose up from the collected forces. It rose up high, and then started heading right towards him. Chuck just grinned and ignored it; one little missile couldn’t do a thing against him. He watched it get closer.

Suddenly fire consumed everything around Chuck, and a heat more intense than anything he had felt engulfed him. A shockwave slammed against him, and he fell backwards, his huge ass slamming against the ground. His body was ravaged against the immense blast and intense heat, his skin peeling away in layers, his body disintegrating. He screamed, a booming thunderous rumble that echoed for miles. Bright white light surrounded him. He was dying!

In the far distance, the generals watching cheered as the mushroom cloud engulfed the terrible giant. It had come to this; their last resort against the apocalypse.

Chuck felt an energy from inside him pulsing, throbbing, spreading out through his body. The nanomachines were adapting to the attack, stitching his flesh together, raising his heat tolerance, hardening his body. Chuck sat up, and adjusted his weight, and got to one knee. His mind was overwhelmed, fractured by the pain and heat and radiation that wanted to tear him apart. But deep down he was still just hungry.

As the fire and nuclear radiation surrounded him, Chuck realized it was all just energy being released. Surrounding him, trying to destroy him. But instead of destroying, Chuck would put that power to another use.

Chuck reached out and then flexed, focusing on drawing in as much power as he could. His entire body closed a neon blue, brighter than the sun. The fire and radiation blasting out from him stopped, swirling and roiling, and then inexorably started flowing back towards Chuck. His body fully healed and adjusted to the nuclear fire, Chuck rose to his full height, still engulfed in the mushroom cloud.

The generals gasped as something was happening to the immense fireball in the distance. Instead of exploding outward, it had stopped, seemingly frozen, intense and bright but not moving… and then it started going back in towards the center. A blinding blue center glowed inside the explosion. The evacuation order was sent out. Their plan had failed.

Chuck groaned and flexed and started absorbing all the energy of the nuclear explosion into his giant body. It was so much energy… more than he had ever experienced. He could feel himself growing, exploding with power as the fire and radiation poured into him. He grinned then laughed, his booming laughter echoing into the distance as he grew and grew and grew. He shot up hundreds of feet taller, thousands of tons heavier, muscle packing onto his body thicker and denser. His hair grew back, thicker and redder than before, a massive ginger musclebear giant. He swelled bigger and bigger, expanding up and out, visible to all the retreating military forces miles away.

The mushroom cloud collapsed back into him as he rose higher than the cloud itself, swelling higher up into the clouds, taller than any structure every built. He adjusted his weight and straddled the Mississippi, his leather boot collapsing the east bank of it, the river splashing against his treads like a puddle.

It was a feast, and Chuck ate every bite.

Finally the fire and heat and pain were all gone, replaced only with the feeling of contentment and fullness. Chuck opened his eyes and assessed his new mile-high viewpoint. He was big… so big! For a moment, he finally felt at peace, finally felt big enough. He looked down, past the ash and clouds and debris all around him and stepped forward. His foot landed, and an explosion erupted from his footfall, millions of tons of giant creating a shockwave that could be felt in St. Louis, miles away. He smiled, reached down past his bulk, and rubbed his giant, throbbing cock. In just a couple strokes, it exploded, sending jets of cum spraying a mile into the distance. Chuck sighed and groaned as the cum dribbled down thousands of feet into the waters of the Mississippi.

Chuck grinned, for a moment having his mind to himself. He loved being so big, but he wondered if it had gone too far. He suddenly remembered all the destruction he had caused, all the lives he had absorbed, all the life he had drained away. He looked around him at the nuclear devastation mixed with the chalky white nothing he left in his wake, panicking at the apocalypse he was creating, knowing he needed to stop all of this…

Chuck felt the static returning to his thoughts. No, no! He tried to shake them away, tried to hold on to himself for just a moment, trying to think of what to do to maintain his own mind, losing it as he started thinking about the immense power he wielded, the total domination he had in being the biggest and strongest, thinking about how great it would be to become even bigger, feeling more and more hungry and feeling, knowing deep down that he needed more and more and more…directives from the nanomachines that had one goal: to keep multiplying, which required a constant source of power.

Chuck’s eyes glazed over in a haze and then glowed incandescent blue once again as the nanomachines took control again. A mindless grin spread across his bearded face, and he looked from his mile-high vantage towards St. Louis, which looked pathetically small to him now. He sent out a pulse of energy, feeling where the power plants nearby were, and his stomach growled. His ceaseless hunger resumed, his mind controlled by the machines that used his massive body as host, and he walked, covering thousands of feet every step, unstoppable, towards the city.


Part 15

One year later

Gene drove along what used to be I-95. All around him was bleak, white ash, the land itself drained of all life. The titan had moved through these parts a while back, but the land had still yet to recover. People had hope that things would return to normal when he moved on and spring came again, but as the months passed, no life returned, no crops grew, and no reprieve came from the destruction that had started 18 months ago.

The whole country was falling apart as news reports came in about the unstoppable giant destroying another town, seeking out new sources of power and growing ceaselessly larger. After he had annihilated the Midwest, he had systematically cleared out the entire West Coast and most of the states in the Rockies, then went south through Texas and the Gulf states, then up the East Coast. There was very little left of what anyone would recognize as advanced civilization left where he had been, and millions had died, absorbed into the giant’s ever-growing body. Scattered radio reports said he had moved his way north up to Canada, but no one was quite sure.

There was no reasoning or communicating with him, weapons were useless because of his absorbing powers, and he seemed to adapt to any threat throw his way because of the nanomachines infecting his body. Quite simply, he was invincible, tireless, and insatiable. Gene tried to shake the thoughts of hopelessness and fear out of his mind as he drove along. He felt exposed, vulnerable out in the open like this, even though in all likelihood the giant was hundreds of miles away, sucking up the power of some other helpless city.

Gene had been out on a scouting mission, visiting nearby towns to see if there was anything left of value: food, medicine, supplies. Most places had been picked bare months ago as people moved on from the barren chalky wasteland, escaping to where ever they could—north to Canada, across oceans to other continents, anywhere to get away from the slow-motion apocalypse happening all around them. Scouting was a grim, lonely task, taken up only by the bravest and most desperate. Most of the survivor group he was part of stayed put, fearing to venture out too far and sticking close to whatever low-level makeshift power supply they could muster, rationing whatever food they had left in hopes the giant would one day move on or disappear or something.

This time, Gene had gotten lucky. He had found a supply of car batteries, still good, the kind that provided reliable, long-ish term power. These would give people hope, give them a sense that maybe they could survive long enough to things to turn around. He sped along at 100mph, not concerned about police or anyone else on the road.

Suddenly he thought he saw something ahead of him, not quite sure. He slammed on the brakes as he sped closer and realized what it was. It was a massive depression, a crevice in the ground at least a dozen feet deep, spreading 60 feet wide across the road and stretching off to the sides for dozens of feet in each direction. He came to a stop just in time, right before his car careened into the deep ditch.

Gene got out of his car to take a closer look. This huge gap wasn’t here this morning, when he had drove south to search for supplies. He had a horrible fear that he couldn’t bring himself to even think of, but as he approached the crater, it became more and more real.

The crater was deep, deep enough so that he couldn’t climb out if he had fallen in, with steep walls that cut into the ground. Everything at the bottom was crushed flat, compacted, but there was a pattern at the bottom of the ditch. Ridges, bevels along the far side, lines stretching along the edges, and in the middle of the depression, a huge logo for Red Wing Shoes. It was…

It was a footprint. A giant footprint.

Gene raised his hand to his mouth and cursed, his heart suddenly beating out of his chest, and he raced back to the truck. HE had been here, recently, very recently, he was HERE, he could be here any second! Gene started the car and went off-road, trying to get around the ditch and flooring it when he managed to get around to the other side. He breathed hard and whimpered, every nightmare he had had over the last year and a half coming true, becoming too real.

Then he started feeling the tremors. The vibrations in his car that shook his mirrors and rattled the windows even as he sped along, flooring his car as fast as he could. The ground itself seemed to bounce and roll as he went.

He dared to look in the rearview mirror, and sure enough, he saw what he expected.

A massive, brown leather boot crushed the land behind in, still a few miles back, but big enough in his rear view to look like a building. The boot, and the foot attached to it, were 200 feet long and about as tall. Gene screamed as he saw the shoe rise up into the air, white dirt and dust caked on the bottom and falling in a powdery cloud as it did, and disappearing out the mirror… then slam back down, bigger and closer, a rumbling, booming echo filling the air like an explosion.

The footfall made Gene’s truck jump, but he kept driving, going as fast as he could until the engine was roaring, going 120mph, but still the tremors increased in severity, still the boots in the rear view grew larger and closer.

Finally one terrible quake was so severe that the truck lurched into the air, and when it landed it swerved and spun out of control until Gene crashed into the ditch on the side of the road.

Panicking, Gene flung the car door open and stumbled out, nearing falling. He turned and looked back.

The giant was just a couple miles away now. Gene started looking up, following the boot up to the massive, bulging calf muscle attached to it. It was impossible muscular, blue veins throbbing along its length, bulky and round. The muscle twitched as the giant lifted the boot into the air, swinging it forward impossibly fast, covering thousands of feet in a single step, until it came down again, an explosion of dust as a shockwave rippling across the ground and through the air towards Gene. He raised an arm to shield his face from it, and almost lost his balance in the earthquake.

Gene froze in terror. He looked higher, past the knees and massive quads, so thick and beefy that the muscle hung over the kneecaps, centering on the tremendous bulge in the skin-tight athletic shorts. Above that, a massive, round, bulging gut swelled high into the air, jiggling with every movement of the giant, but ridged and hard with thick blocky abs poking through. Massive fists hung down from thick forearms, covered with copper-colored hair and throbbing with blue veins. Above that, rounded upper arms bigger than aircraft hangers bulged, round peaks of biceps pressing against the giant’s flanks, triceps swelling out to the sides impressively. The giants pecs were broad and heavy-looking, thick and fleshy, covered in thick red hair, and bouncing as he stepped even closer. Gene couldn’t see the giant’s face, as his shoulders and head were obscured by clouds.

Wind whipped past in a blast of white dust as the giant stepped closer. Just the act of him walking produced huge whooshing gusts of wind. The two mile tall titan planted himself before Gene and the car, boots grinding deeper into the ground just a few hundred feet away.

Gene was frozen, transfixed by seeing the giant this close. He knew this was probably the end for him, but he couldn’t help but be amazed and impressed by the monster. It was like something that had walked straight out of a Greek myth, towering over him like a titan.

A deafening, booming rumble echoed from on high, unintelligible and so loud Gene reflexively covered his ears and yelped. The leather on the boots creaked and groaned as they compacted, and the looming frame of the giant lowered, his boulders shoulders, thick traps, and round, bearded face coming into view. Gene looked up, his mouth hanging open, and saw the glowing blue eyes and huge maroon and goal University of Minnesota hat towering above him, a huge “M” getting closer as the giant crouched down. Shoulders thousands of feet wide took up his entire field of vision, and the air was suddenly filled with a ripe, musky aroma, the giant’s heady BO stink emanating from his hairy pits, making the entire area smell like a locker room.

The monster’s mouth opened, and once again a thunderous sound exploded from his mouth, too loud and too deep for Gene to understand. But Gene did understand the huge hand moving closer to him, which unfurled from a fist into huge fingers over 100 feet long each, thick and calloused.

The giant’s eyes and veins glowed more intensely and then suddenly his car exploded upwards, a brief but extremely powerful jolt of electricity arcing its way up through the air and into the middle of the giant’s palm. The titan hummed, seemingly in satisfaction, as the power absorbed into his body. The car flew into the air, then stopped as the flow of energy ceased. It careened down and then slammed into the ground, shattering and breaking in the ditch.

The giant’s hand closed back into a fist and started rising up, and Gene took his chance to run for it. He ran as fast and hard as he could, desperately crying and yelling, until a giant boot slammed into the ground in front of him. He was thrown back from the impact, debris from the road showering around him. Dazed, he looked up and saw two enormous fingers coming down towards him.

He scrambled to get up and run, but suddenly he stopped, his shirt pulled upward by something he couldn’t resist. The fingers pinched his shirt and lifted him up, so fast and so high he was disoriented, like being on a rolling coaster ride. He whooshed into the air until abruptly stopping. His stomach lurched as he was suddenly held in front of the giant’s huge, broad face.

Gene looked as the face of the titan filled his vision. A massive, toothy grin spread across his face. At this proximity, Gene could see the grey hairs mixed in with the red beard, could see pores and creases and nose hairs. He looked into the giant’s eyes, which, just for a moment, went from glowing blue to their natural state. Grey-blue pupils stared back at him indifferently. He heard the giant’s stomach groan, and the giant licked his huge lips and hummed in anticipation. The giant breathed in through his nose, air whipping around Gene’s hair, and then huffed out through his mouth, warm, wet breath surrounding Gene.

Gene squirmed around in the grip of the giant, trying to wriggle out of his shirt even, but it was no use.

The giant opened his mouth and spoke. The shockwave of his voice deafened Gene and vibrated through his entire body, shaking his ribcage and rattling his vision. The giant’s eyes glowed blue again, and he grinned. Gene felt a moment of tiredness, weakness, and cold and then nothing.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Chuck smiled as he absorbed the tiny little man in his fingers. It was a miniscule drop in the bucket in terms of size, but every little bit counted. He turned, his feet scraping across the ground digging up a cloud of white dust, and sensed something, a power source, bigger than any he had feasted on in days. He stomach roared, and the static in his mind buzzed loud enough to block out any coherent thoughts other than a drive to consume more.

He lifted his massive boot, turned north, and crunched his foot down on the road below, plodding slowly but inevitably towards the power source a few miles away.


Part 16

Chuck made his way to the power source. He could feel it, hidden from him, strong and getting closer as he walked. His steps covered thousands of feet, and he moved with terrifying speed considering his massive size. He had to waddle; his gut and huge legs and wide shoulders made walking an effort to itself, but he didn’t mind. He could be gradual and slow. Eventually, inevitably, he knew it would all be his.

Need. Power. Hungry.

As he got closer, he noticed the ocean on his right as he headed north, and saw the city come into view. It was a big city, with skyscrapers and a dense downtown of tangled streets. He vaguely remembered coming here before when he was smaller. It had seemed small then, but now it was even more tiny. Parts of the city lay in ruins, and from the outside it appeared abandoned, but Chuck could sense the energy pulsing on the outskirts of town. He flared his nostrils, grunted in anticipation, and felt his cock swell with excitement.

Feed. Fuck. Grow.

As he reached the outskirts of town, his massive heavy boots crunched through suburban homes, strip malls, and infrastructure. The earthquakes and shockwaves of his steps devastated structures for thousands of feet in every direction, shattering windows, collapsing buildings, and crumbling bridges. He didn’t notice or care about the destruction he caused; he was focused on his goal, and anything else that got in his way or was caught under his treads was of no concern.

Huge. Strong. More.

Simple thoughts controlled his every action, and he mindlessly, ceaselessly approached his target. He could feel the energy getting nearer, but where exactly? It was well-hidden. They were trying to keep him from it. He frowned, angry at the little people interfering with him. He would consume their energy too.

He took a deep breath and felt the muscle dance and tense across his chest, heavy pecs hanging over his round belly, meaty nipples pointing down. He flexed his arms, chest, and shoulders, feeling the muscles bulge out, heavy bulky masses of power all over his big body. The muscle felt so good, the size he always dreamed of. He had to have more.

He came to the strongest point of energy but didn’t see a power plant or anything like he was used to. He reached up and scratched his beard, the grinding, rubbing sound of his huge fingers through his coarse red beard audible far and wide. He reached up, adjusted his huge hat, and wiped the sweat from his forehead. His whole body was sweaty, and the stench of long-unwashed musclebear surrounded him like a miasma of musky funk. He lifted an arm and turned to sniff his furry armpit. Chuck did not usually notice his smell, but he liked the way he stank when he sometimes caught a whiff. It was a masculine, raunchy smell that reminded him of the gym, and fucking, and lifting. It turned him on.

He looked down past his chest and belly and realized the energy was beneath him, throbbing underground, pulsing like a heartbeat. He could feel it. He needed it, every drop.

Chuck crouched down, the leather of his boots creaking, and then slammed his huge, neighborhood-destroying ass onto the ground. His huge squat butt sunk many feet into the ground, crunching houses, streets, and everything else underneath him, spreading out for blocks under his two-mile tall frame. He shifted around, getting comfortable, his massive legs spreading out for a mile each way, surrounding the epicenter of the energy. His skin-tight gym shorts rode up all the way to his crotch, exposing the massive quads. His thighs were so large, they towered over the ground, rising into the air hundreds of feet, sheer cliffs of hair-covered muscle, twitching and tensing as Chuck got comfortable.

The giant musclebear sniffed and snuffled and leaned forward, pawing at the ground, clearing away debris and buildings with just his hands, pushing them aside like they were toys. He grunted, quietly at first but then growing in intensity as he started digging, scooping up huge fistfuls of earth and pushing them away. He growled, his voice booming. “MORE,” he intoned, his voice stupendously loud, rumbling like a subwoofer. “MINE, NEED MORE,” he growled, digging away at the ground savagely, burrowing down hundreds of feet in a few seconds.

The survivors living underground panicked, their entire makeshift town crumbling around them, caving in as the giant’s huge fingers pierced their way into the ground, like a reckless child digging up an ant colony.

Chuck dug until he found it, the source of the power, a massive industrial generator burning natural gas. It was no bigger than his fist, but it was the biggest meal he had seen in days. His eyes lit up, literally glowing a bright blue, and he licked his lips in anticipation, drool dripping down from his lips and into the huge hole he had created. He reached in like a bear stealing honey from a bee hive, and with a single finger tapped into the powerful generator.

His body erupted with power, glowing blue with energy, sparks and lightning tearing across him in a familiar ecstasy as he consumed all the power he could. He gasped, groaned, and roared in exultation as he felt himself growing, just a little bit considering how much power was required to make him grow now at his size, but feeling it. Thicker, broader, taller, stronger, fatter, wider. He wanted it all, had to have it, needed MORE. In his reverie, he didn’t notice or care that the entire survivor colony collapsed under him, the ground crumbling underneath him, flattening it all.

Finally, the energy went dead, and Chuck stopped growing. He sat up straight, his huge back muscles bulging and flexing with new power, and he sighed in contentment. Nothing felt better than growing bigger.

He looked down at the hole he had created and spit it in. He noticed his massive, thick, hard cock throbbing and leaking precum in his shorts, creating a big wet spot. The hole would be a perfect fit. He pushed his shorts down and revealed the massive, sticky head of his cock. His rock rose a thousand feet into the air, like a huge fleshy skyscraper, streams of precum dripping down it like a waterfall. He pulled his shorts down more, shifting his weight to pull them down past his massive powerlifter bubble butt, unleashing his entire cock and balls. They pulsed and throbbed as they were freed, stinking up the area with dried cum and ball sweat.

Chuck shifted his legs, leaned forward, and then spread his huge arms forward. His fists bulldozed blocks of houses and homes, massive upper arms flexing and bulging as he layed forward, supporting his tonnage. He spread his legs back, the treads of his boots pushing up mounds of dirt and debris, and pressed his massive gut and steel-hard cock against the ground. The debris underneath him rubbed against this shaft, and a shiver spread up his giant body.

Chuck pushed his cock down into the hole he had created and thrust. His cock slammed down and forward, digging deeper into the ground, making a huge cave with his cock head, his invincible body crushing into the dirt. Chuck groaned as he fucked the remnants of these pitiful survivors and thrust again, deeper and harder, compacting the earth under him, the ground shaking for miles around. He pounded again, grunting and groaning, again, the booming of his bassy voice echoing through the abandoned skyscrapers in the distance, again, the veins of his cock throbbing and tensing as it grew even bigger, again, his back and shoulders and biceps flexing as he supported his massive weight, again, his huge exposed ass jiggling with muscle as he pounded away.

Chuck fantasized about growing even bigger. It was the only thing he was capable of thinking about anymore. The need for power. The hunger for more. The deep-down desire to feed, fuck, and grow. It was all that mattered.

The earth shook around him as he pounded ceaselessly, unstoppably into the ground until finally he filled the entire underground chamber with a flood of cum, the two-mile titan spraying out untold gallons of semen. The giant groaned and grinned, satisfied for a moment.

When he was done, Chuck pushed up off the ground, kneeled, and then rose to his feet, air and clouds whipping around him as he stood. He pulled up his shorts, tucked his enormous leaking cock back into his trunks, and stood. He spread his boots wide and breathed deeply, his chest expanding bigger than before, his head rising taller than ever. He sniffed, hocked a loogy, and spat into the ditch his huge body had created.

Chuck raised his right arm up and flexed, admiring his bicep. “BIGGER,” he boomed with a smile. He tried to reach over and feel the hardness of his bulging mound of muscle, but his chest and shoulders were too big and musclebound to let him do it. He boomed a laugh and then leaned over and flexed his chest, traps, and arms, groaning and grunting. “FUCKIN’ HUGE,” Chuck rumbled, admiring his own gains. “NEED MORE!” he said, mindlessly echoing whatever ran through his thoughts, a slave to the nanomachines that controlled him.

Chuck looked towards the ocean in the distance and started walking towards downtown. The tallest buildings left were only 6 or 7 hundred feet tall, and they only came up to his ankles. He didn’t even notice them; they crumbled under the shockwaves his tonnage created, and then were crushed under his boot treads. He barely felt them. He didn’t care. He headed towards the ocean. Something was drawing him that direction.

Far away, across the sea, Chuck could sense something. More power. He was done with this continent. It was time to take on another. He stepped into the Atlantic, dipping deeper into its depths, and walked, gradually but unstoppably, towards the land across the sea.

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