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by LAComplex

The 15-foot phenomenon Attila pays a visit to the world-famous Michelangelo’s David statue, having decided to offer to the world a new reference for manliness and virility.

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Attila strolled through the large hallways of the world-famous Galleria dell’ Accademia, barely acknowledging the history-making artwork surrounding him. But neither did the hundreds of lucky visitors that were crowding the place: they all had eyes on the greatest objet d’art than mankind would ever produce, him.

Standing at 15 feet high, more than 3,000 pounds of raw muscles hulking out of his clothes, with a handsome face to top the whole package, his presence was unmistakable—from the rumbling of the walls with every one of his mighty steps to the potent musky smell of his sweat. People barely reached up above his knees, with for eye-level sight his packed grey-jogging. It had been sewed too large three days ago, but he was now filling it more than nicely, the obscene outline of his impossible cock quite visible along his right quad. From behind, his boulder ass popped out of the fabric of the jogging, tensing it to its limit. The 21-year-old Adonis looked downright godly, the massive Greek statues almost anemic next to him.

The crowd worshipped him in silence, none daring to interact directly with him. A sizable mass was now following every one of his movements, his visit much more historic than any of the paintings that hugged the wall. Attila stood captivated by his own stature, engrossed by how puny his meaningless worshippers were and how he dwarfed both in size and beauty any piece inhabiting this “museum”. He was getting high on the feeling of power that inhabited him, a feeling he had grown accustomed to—he could feel his mighty cock getting engorged with blood at the thought of his dominance, and he groped his massive package in appreciation. Even to him, it felt incredibly big, almost wrongly so…

Flashes went off there and here. Not only were all eyes on him, but all cameras too. There wouldn’t be a single photo taken of the art today; all were of his marvelous body. The guards had tried to enforce the “no-flash” rule, but it had proven to be impossible. Pictures of him were flooding social media and were starting to take over the news. His presence and his growth over the last few weeks had been surprisingly quite discreet—this was surely his first public appearance since the press conference a week ago his parents had held for him broking the 10-foot barrier. Little did he know, but there was a staggering waiting line at the entry of the museum for a Monday morning: after seeing his pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or on the local news, thousands had gathered and were trying to get in; if just only to get a glimpse of him.

His presence was noticeable in many ways. As he was wandering through the diminished galleries, his manly smell was filling the whole place, overpowering every little shrimp in the building. It was the fragrance of a true male, a true god amongst men… It was even more so pungent for the people closer to him, as they found themselves at equal distance from his sweaty black snickers and from his murky groin. It was oddly endearing, stripping the tiny onlookers of the little virility they still had after laying eyes upon his all-powerful body. It was almost mesmerizing: they found themselves desiring to serve him, to feel diminished next to their new god—a feeling so powerful that no one could escape it…

He finally reached the piece he had been seeking since he had arrived: he had not made this trip simply out of generosity to help the museum with its diminishing ticket sale, but rather to show the world something, to send a clear message through the demonstration he intended to make in a few minutes. At the end of the hallway was the unmistakable masterpiece of Michelangelo, David. The massive marble statue was a sight to behold, its model the ultimate embodiment of manliness. Well. The penultimate to be more precise, since the staggering growth spurt of Attila. While the definition on the David was wonderful, especially on his knotty slightly oversized hands and feet, it was nothing compared to the sheer mass of Attila. And as he got closer, this was becoming quite evident to anyone standing in the room…

The crowd had gathered en masse around the statue, seeing the subject of all visits today approaching it with renowned interest. As he entered the large room hosting the masterpiece, he couldn’t help but feel a slight appreciation for Michelangelo’s work. It was the best a mere mortal’s imagination could produce… It had been mankind’s best shot at creating an idol for manliness: the best our limited minds could produce. But Attila had known no bound in his need for power; as many had thought he had reached the limits of his body, his next growth spurt had proven them wrong every single time. There was no bound to his ability to get bigger, and he knew it entirely. People were not ready to accept it yet: he was only getting started. Soon, the statue would be of no more interest to people than was a speckle on the tiles of the floor was.

David’s torso was a thing of beauty; there was denying that. But it was completely overshadowed by the insane volume of Attila. His shoulders were twice as large, his back a sea of sturdy muscles that made the statue look featureless. His biceps made the ones of David look like little twigs that he could snap in half with his fingers. The most prominent feature of Michelangelo’s work, his hands, paled in comparison to the giant’s ones. They looked powerful, almost frightening knowing the power they could unleash; how he could crush to paste in his fist a living man’s head with ease. The comparison, of course, was far from stopping here. But it was more than enough to introduce the show he was about to put on. Indeed, David, once the universal standard for virility and manliness, looked like nothing but a feeble immature little boy next to Attila.

As he got within feet of the symbol, there were gasps in the ever-growing audience. Thanks to its pedestal, the statue was standing a head above the young giant; without it, it would have barely reached his pecs. This offered the statue a few more minutes of somewhat decency, as its flimsy marble was otherwise completely dwarfed by Attila’s lively muscles. He stood here for a second, sizing it up, somewhat hesitant about how to better show his unquestionable superiority. He could, of course, just wreck it to dust here and there—but this would be so trivial… Such a petty act would fail to convey the full message he wanted to send today.

There was a hectic feeling in the room. Hundreds of smartphones were popping everywhere, the crowd filming and streaming on the web what they knew was going to redefine the course of history. Everybody had the almost dire apprehension that something memorable was coming. Yet, nobody could quite tell why they had that feeling or what was going to happen. Attila was in full control of the situation, the crowd mesmerized by every twitch from his body. There was no doubt news casters all around the country were starting to pick up on his appearance at the museum, commenting every subtle detail they could find. His choice of appearing alongside Michelangelo’s David had been understood by all as conveying a powerful and deep message. But he was gonna do more than just stand by it: he was gonna give them a show; the show of their lives.

“And you came from all over the world to see … that?!” his deep baritone boomed, as he pointed at David in disgust. At the first word coming out of his mouth, all murmurs had stopped, the whole Galleria now dead silent, his voice echoing infinitely inside the building. He walked ceremoniously around the statue, his deliberately slow powerful steps making the whole room rumble. He gobbed, sending a massive loogie on David’s ridiculous dick—bringing the crowd’s attention to how minuscule it looked, especially compared to the python looming in his jogging. Sizing down the statue, he felt a now too common feeling of power inhabiting him, inhabiting every fiber of his dense muscle. The crowd below looked so … so meaningless to him. They were weak, irrelevant and pathetic. They were a bunch of deplorables. He could all wipe them out on a whim if it pleased him… And the worse? They would certainly like it—they would enjoy every minute of him crushing them to death under his sweaty soles.

He groped his dick in appreciation, realizing how massive it had grown from the excitement. There was an obscene, downright pornographic, unmissable tent in his jogging but he cared very little; all the more so, he liked it. It would only remind the so-called men below of how puny they were next to his mightiness. He stopped in front of the David, removing his sweat-drenched black tank-top. There were clear exclamations from the crowd as he reveled his tight eight-pack—or was it a ten-pack?—, defined beyond the imaginable. There wasn’t a single pound of fat on his stomach, each of his cobblestone-like abs popping a few inches out of his stomach. His proportions were quite simply beyond perfection. Contrary to many bodybuilders, his stomach hadn’t become bloated from steroid overuse; it was simply packed with dense muscles. His waist was barely half the size of his boulder like shoulders, giving a clear V-shape to his knotty back. As he removed the shirt further, his sea of abs became alive with his further movements, his oblique a reminder to all men watching that they had such muscles hiding under their disgusting layers of fat. The spectacle was enthralling. Women wetted themselves on the spot from such a godly sight, while many men surprised themselves with the most massive boner they had ever felt.

“You look all so puny,” he commented, sending shivers down the spines of everyone watching, as he seized the crowd down, now standing shirtless. Bare-chested, his bulging pecs were now fully visible. They looked like two massive balloons, each larger than a small fridge, their striations only highlighting the density and the tightness of his unbelievable chest. The gap in between them looked big enough for a grown man’s leg to fit in, a further reminder of the astonishing size difference between himself and every other man that had ever walked this Earth. Furthermore, there was no possible comparison between his torso and David’s. They looked as if they came from different species, Attila’s mass and symmetry unmatched by even the most ambitious carvings of Michelangelo. The upper-body envisioned he had envisioned looked fragile, if not flabby, as if he had lacked any ambition in building the statue. Hundreds of years of reference in terms of manhood had been thrown away in a second, and no one would question today’s match winner.

But the demonstration was far from finished. In fact, it hadn’t even started.

Attila threw his sweat-drenched black tank top to the other end of the room where it landed on some members of the audience. What was a tight piece of clothing to him was more than enough to cover a large queen-size bed, and the few trapped under his top had difficulties getting out, overwhelmed by its pungent smell. For the first time in their worthless lives, they experienced true bliss. Under this sweaty blanket, they found themselves stripped of any quality they might have had, stripped of their identities, reduced to their bare bones. Under his domination, they could experience their true self and find a common and unique purpose: to serve him, to their deaths if necessary. They were in raptures over his magnificent body, his infinite power… After seeking one for so long, they had found a true God.

“Let me show you what a real man is made of.” And without further ado, he delighted the crowd to a posing show that would enter the history books. He started with a breathtaking front biceps pose. His upper arms looked like two dense balls of steel, his biceps peaking higher than the shoulders of a fully-grown man were wide. There was more power and muscles in one of his arm than in anyone in the room. His shape was overshadowing the David, its shoulders and head barely visible above his, for the rest of its body was concealed by the impossibly wide wall of muscles that was his torso. His quads were popping out through the fabric of the jogging, hugging it incredibly tight. They were defined beyond reason, each stride of raw muscle packing more power and mass than a bodybuilder’s whole quads. This pushed his growing bulge forward, an obscene tent the unmistakable sign he was getting off the size difference between him and the dazed onlookers. His dick was barely more than at full mast, and it looked to be more than 23 inches long… And God, how thick that rod was!

Feeling a good pump coming, he flexed harder, his cheese-grate abs popping even more, a spider of veins now appearing along his entire arms. He moved to a front lat spread, to showcase just how wide his shoulders were. There were gasps—barely audible under his groans—in the audience, as his back overshadowed the David even more. As he breathed in, his chest heaved bigger and bigger, like one would inflate a balloon. Each muscle fiber in his pecs were rock hard, packing unfathomable power. As he held the pose, the pump was getting more than noticeable, his already tremendous biceps having gained a few more inches of circumference. But perhaps, the most astonishing increase in size from blood-flow came from his cock… It was now getting close to being fully erect, and there was actually quite a noticeable tearing sound as it got fuller and fuller, the jogging slowly giving away under the combined strain of his diamond quads and his python cock. His bulge was getting so large that the people right below could barely see his stomach and abs; while his balloon-like chest concealed the view of his handsome smile for many others. Noticing that his muscles were so large they were impairing his vision, he couldn’t help but get even more stoked. The sight of his strapping body would be more than enough to send him over the edge… But he wanted for the audience to see more; to leave truly reduced to being nothing more but his foot slaves. Feeling close to what he wanted to achieve, his muscles bulging bigger by the second simply from the pump, he moved on to the next pose.

Without warning, he stepped over with his right leg and planted his left leg behind, reaching a heart-stopping side chest pose. There were gasps of terrors as his 33 inches long Nike moved close to crush someone alive; for the few that hadn’t sprung to their feet in time, the slight brush had broken three of their ribs with ease. Yet, the crowd was transfixed by the show and did not even do more than slightly shudder. None dared to move, afraid of missing the upcoming spectacle: they were entirely at his mercy, engrossed by his cockiness. His body was now beyond any pump any bodybuilder could get; the veins on his biceps were dazzling, complimenting their singular round shape. His forearms were an intricate net of veins, his skin astonishingly tight on the strides of his muscles. From the blood filling them, his muscles had bulged noticeably bigger than they were when he had started flexing. The David behind looked featureless, paling in comparison to the liveliness, unfathomable mass and insane definition of Attila’s body. His move from one pose to another had sent a whiff of his smell filling the room, beads of sweats covering his body from the insane exertion. He was giving this show all he had, and it was showing; his muscles were tensed harder than ever, with an intensity many only thought a workout could lead to. The virile smell was only complimenting the visual show, enthralling everyone and putting the crowd in a trance like state.

More tearing sounds from his over stretched jogging brought him back to reality for a second, away from his dreams of control and power. The super-pump had made his quads grow even further, pushing his pants far beyond their limits. His ass was the size of big boulder rock, with a perfect round shape—contrary to far too many bodybuilders, he hadn’t sacrificed aesthetics and symmetry for size: he had both! Even though his quads were of a thickness few could fully grasp, the bulge of his massive 30 inches erect endowment still managed to peak above them, the top of it drenched in smelly precum. His previously too large custom sweat pants were now looking more like tight Lycra ones; he had completely overgrown in a matter of days—without any growth spurt, yet! He threw back his head in ecstasy, moaning at the thought of his incredible growth and mighty body. This rattled the entire building, his deep growl putting the audience’s ears in pain; and yet, it was music to their ears. He had finally reached climax; not sexual climax, but one that was far more powerful and alarming for his surroundings… He could feel every single fiber in his body aching for more power, for more size; his gaze was blurred with vision of him growing bigger and bigger, dominating over entire cities; he felt his entire body push against its skin, his body pumped beyond belief, ready to explode with additional size. He was high on power, on strength—he was high on his need to grow bigger and stronger… And grow he was going to, without any brakes or restraints.

“You wanted to see a real man?” he boomed, slowly turning his back to the crowd. There was a deluge of approbation that echoed throughout the entire museum—the place had been turned into more of a stadium by now, judging from the crowd behavior. The audience was hectic, entirely at his mercy and service. He laughed at the sound of their measly squeaks—it was music to his ears. Though, he had to take it slowly. His body was on the verge of erupting into the mother of all growth spurts, and he wanted to enjoy every second of it… He gently came to face the David, his massive back and boulder ass offered to the crowd. “You ready?” he enquired with a smirk on his face, jubilating from the thousands of gazes on his rock hard body, every muscle in his body more tensed than ever. The crowd started chanting his name rhythmically, with new found fervor. He started bringing up his knotty arms, slowly, carefully spreading his lats.

He felt on the edge, power radiating through him with ever-increasing intensity, spasms simulating his tight muscles; he had never experienced something like that before: he felt more Godly than ever, capable of lifting and breaking mountains would he desire it. As he spread his lats wider and wider, a sea of muscles coming to life on his back, he could feel every single one of his muscles progressively locking, as if he was progressively engaging a massive piece of machinery through its different gears… He could feel every single muscle fiber in his body coming to life, the heat and the strain on every square inch of his tanned skin, his dick pulsating at full mast, ready to plow through anything. As his arms reached their position for a back double biceps pose, he felt the utmost climax coming, his entire body shivering at the thought of it. On the very edge of a historic moment, he had the choice: the dive into the haze of powerful radiating heat that obscured his feelings with thought of domination and power or to forever stand at its doorstep, basking in its vigorous blaze.

In this very moment, he had the ability to change the course of history itself; to redefine what mankind was. For once and for all, he felt alive, in full control. As a smirk appeared on his face, he started to tense every one of his muscles at once, slowly focusing on every fiber, every stride, every group of muscles, bringing his whole body back to life at once, into full gear… He delighted in the few seconds that passed as his veins began popping up all over his shredded body, time suspended for a moment… He could dive in, or stay here, in the bask of the radiating heat, filled with infinite pleasure. At last, he made his choice: “enough of these games” he thought and he let go of everything, diving in fully into the blaze of power, strength and dominance that awaited him. The era of Attila the giant had begun.

His movement of spreading his lats, of expanding his back for his pose never stopped: as he flexed his powerful biceps with all of his might, his back kept on expanding, larger and larger, creeping outward at the rate of a few inches per second. His entire body began expanding, growing out in all directions. With every passing second, more mass was getting crammed into the ever-expanding peaks of his biceps, his pecs bulging further and further, his legs becoming longer and longer… “He is growing!” squeaked someone in the audience, as a common gasp of terror filled the building. But soon, everybody fell silent, transfixed by his impossible show; the ominous soundtrack to his unstoppable growth became the ramble of the ground as he was packing hundreds of pounds of muscles after hundreds, his jogging and Nike stretching to failure. This was the coming of a new God…

He kept on holding the pose for a few more seconds, his head soon coming to eye-level with the puny David; he broke the 17-foot barrier as if it was nothing, now looking down on the statue. Its entirety was hidden by his ever-broadening back, while the pedestal was mostly concealed by his diamond quads, each wider than the statue itself. He took a step forward, the measly glass barrier below simply exploding on contact with his impossibly powerful legs. There were yelling of fear, but nobody moved an inch, even the ones right under him for whom the available space was diminishing with every second. His growth seemed to know no end, as his eyes were now gazing above the not-so-huge-anymore statue. The David looked like a flabby child next to him, with no feature to redeem itself. As if the comparison couldn’t get anymore diminishing for the masterpiece, his jogging started to get teared apart, the fabric exploding in between his two butt cheeks from the tension created by his ever-growing ass. He tensed up his muscles further, his quads exploding through the fabric with renowned strength and reducing it to pieces in seconds. As his jogging felt down on the puny onlookers below, it revealed his tight white boxers, which wouldn’t last for much longer either.

The seams on their side had already exploded from his growing legs, leaving it to look like more of a teared apart jockstrap than anything else. His balls hung low between his legs, quite visible from behind, while his dick was tearing through the front of his boxers, leaving precum on the ground and on the pedestal of the statue. As his shoulders were starting to rise above the head of the David, he dropped the pose, relaxing back his muscles, his body covered with sweat. “Doesn’t like that big anymore, huh?” His voice took everyone aback; it was much deeper and powerful than before. The statue looked more than feeble now in front of him, as he was now oversizing it in every regard. If his biceps kept on expanding, they would soon be bigger than the torso of the David! But for now, his growth had tempered off—though it was hard for him to resist the envy for more size…

He flicked his cock, annihilating the remaining of his boxers. The pungent pieces, imbibed with precum, fell on a poor guy below who quite simply collapsed down from the overwhelming smell. Attila barely noticed—he was more occupied relinquishing his massive body and comparing it with the piece of art he had put out of fashion. Each of his pec was actually larger than was the entire upper torso of the statue! He had grown seriously huge with his previous growth spurt, weighing now in excess of 7,500 pounds, more than two big sedans put together! And the strength he was packing was downright scary: he could blow right through the statue if he wanted to, and he wouldn’t even leave with as much as a bruise!

The audience could now admire freely his uncovered legs, each as big as a tree trunk, each an incredible powerhouse of raw strength. His quads were now longer and far larger than a human being, but made of impenetrable thick muscle; they could easily crush to dust a car, which was telling regarding what it could do to a human… People now stood well below his knees; they faced calves that were bigger than them, covered with a slight fur of blonde hair. They lead to his massive feet, each almost three feet in length! His Nike hadn’t given in yet; but they were visibly distorted, with the laces starting to pop out; there wasn’t much doubt they would soon simply explode, liberating his incredible feet. He wondered about what to do next for a second; destroy the statue? Nah. He had an ever better idea in mind…

He turned around, revealing his 45-inch cock to the public. There were gasps in the audience, for the rod was quite obscene: veins were snaking along it, and it was leaking precum at a steady rate, spilling it all over the floor. People actually took a step back, terrified by the monster; but they found themselves oddly attracted to it, in dire need of getting a closer look. They wanted to feel it, to stroke it, to lick it… It was an object of desire, of absolute worship: the ultimate embodiment of manliness. Even to his proportions, it was oddly huge. “You like that thing?” he enquired with a smirk, knowing very well the answer. He dreamt of plowing it right through someone, but there was no one alive that could handle such a massive endowment; he would just split them up in the second he would thrust his monster in them. And while the idea certainly fascinated him, even excited him, he had no time for these games.

He started stroking his cock with one of his hands, unable to resist the temptation. The feeling of fullness it had sent shivers down his spine: it felt so massive, so powerful… His giant hand could barely cover a quarter of it and he couldn’t even close it around his shaft—it was that thick! As he rubbed it, more precum started loudly falling out, forming a growing puddle on the ground. The scent of it was thick and was starting to fill the room quickly; it acted as an incredible aphrodisiac on all the people here. Some of them couldn’t even stop it and started jacking it right here, on the spot, while the less resilient just climaxed on the sight of his unfathomable endowment. He started moaning loudly, getting off once again on his perfect body. As he realized his dick was half the size of a grown man, he started losing himself in his dreams of power and dominance again… He could see himself towering over the entire city, crushing buses under his relentless sole, his dick by then far larger than a train wagon. And as he would flex his hill-sized biceps, he would grow more and more, endlessly, his head above the cloud, the entire city under his smelly feet… The whole world would belong to him, mankind reduced to serve him. He would reign as a merciless God, ready to crush anyone who dared not comply with his superior demands. He felt overwhelmed by the sight, now on the verge of cumming… But he was suddenly brought back to reality.

What brought him back to reality made him explode in deafening laughter seconds later, the walls rumbling hard. He looked at David’s dick—or more exactly speckle—the thing barely bigger than his thumb’s nail. He gazed back at his overwhelming endowment, exploding with renowned laughter. People had to cover their ears in pain, but he kept laughing and laughing, unable to fathom the ridiculousness of the statue microscopic endowment. “And you dare call that a man!” he was able to muffle through his laughter, his abs heaving rhythmically with each burst of laughter. The idol had been truly ridiculoused, from head to toe… There was nothing more to redeem from it. It was now time for him to show off his new path and introduce his era—to become a true Godly idol.

“Let me show you…” he started to flex his abdominal muscles, the wall they were forming getting tighter and tighter by the second… He raised his massive arms behind his head, his triceps exploding with size as he did so, his massive arms almost brushing his cheeks… He gazed at the minuscule crowd below with a smirk, and flexed hard, harder than ever before. His body wasted no time in reacting to his demand for additional size; it was time to resume the growth spurt, and quickly. And this time, there would be no more pit stops on the way to becoming a true giant.

His growth kicked into high gear almost immediately, his body expanding again rapidly. But this time, everyone was keen to notice that something was different: he was growing much more quickly than ever before, his muscles expanding at a worrying rate. Suddenly, the top of the statue barely came to his nipple, the puny shrimps below finding themselves having to expand the circle around him so as not to get crushed. His shoes exploded in the following seconds, unable to contain his ever-growing feet. A wave of their pungent sweaty smell hit everyone in the room, for they had been kept trapped for hours into the tight shoes. His toes were now expanding quickly outward, and he wiggled them in appreciation, only worsening the virility-stripping smell. Each of them was nearly as big as a head, their shape surprisingly enticing for the people around them. Indeed, many felt the need to go lick clean his dirty soles, but this would be a death wish seeing how fast they were growing.

His ominous manly smell was far too endearing and mesmerizing for anyone in the room to resist. It was a mixture of sweat and precum mixed with a powerful whiff from his soles, and while this would usually be disgusting, coming from him, it was the embodiment of manliness and virility. His worshippers relinquished in its salty taste, feeling voodooed by its nuances. They felt compelled, oddly drawn by his stinky sole and his deep, drenched in sweat, hairy pits. With every breath they were taking, they were further stripped of their identity and consequently reduced to being nothing but his toys; they finally felt at ease in their position of inferiority, having nothing to prove, and being finally able to embrace their worthlessness.

His growth seemed impossible to stop. He was enthralled by the high he was getting from seeing his surroundings shrinking, as the puny humans around him were becoming more and more like rodents. He couldn’t care less about them anymore; if they were to die under his feet, so was it, for he was now their almighty and all-powerful God. He brought one of his arms up and flexed his massive ball of a biceps. “AM I EVER SO HUGE!” he boomed in appreciation of his size, flexing even harder his arm.

The effects of that gratuitous flex were instantaneous, kicking his growth in an even higher gear. He seemed to defy all laws of physics, his stature expanding larger and larger, the ground rumbling from the weigh he was packing every second. They watched powerlessly as his calves heaved higher and higher, each larger than the statue. The tallest in the crowd were barely coming to half their length by now! His torso had been affected by a similar increase in size; fully grown men could now sit on his massive traps, and his back looked as if you could build a bungalow onto it. His flexed biceps was peaking higher and higher by the second—it was now larger than the entire Michelangelo’s statue and still increasing in size steadily. Its round shape was of indescribable perfection, its growing strides and striations creating mesmerizing patterns. He was watching it grow with passion, enthralled to flex harder with every passing second, fueling his growth even further. Each row of abs was now passing one after another the top of the David, each abs the size of a household fridge, only much sturdier and fuller. He was truly becoming a giant… Soon enough, he had more than doubled his original size: he was standing at 40 feet tall, close to the arches leading to the surrounding hallways, the top of the statue barely coming up to his waist. He had blown the 55,000-pound mark, bigger than five massive pickup trucks. And with every second, he was only getting bigger, with no plan to stop.

He readjusted his stance, sending a few people to the ground with his massive leg. To him, it barely felt like brushing against a twig. To them, it felt like a wall had hit them at full speed—and they suffered from heavy internal bleeding and many fractures. As he slammed his foot into the ground, the entire building rumbled, plaster falling from the ceiling and precious paintings falling to the ground. He was becoming a true giant, one that could grow endlessly at will… He smiled at the thought of his newly found destructive abilities—and he had barely tried! His feet, much like his dick, were now bigger than a fully grown adult! He could certainly crush entire cars under his feet, without doing as much as exerting any pressure—heck, he could certainly flatten a tank if he wanted! His destructive power knew no bound and was increasing by the very second, with no one able to do anything to stop him! The reality that a new order for things had been set today escaped to no one in the room; the extent to which this growth spurt was redefining history hit everyone, be they in the Galleria or watching him on TV, at home. They were now gazing at him fearfully, afraid of what was to come next.

Unable to resist the temptation anymore, he started masturbating his massive rod with one of his powerful arms. It answered by growing even more erect, the firehose sized veins increasing in number all over it. Many of the people standing in the room were getting covered with the young Adonis precum; he was simply too big to keep sharing this room without them getting somewhat dirty. As he stroked his massive member, he flexed his massive chest and reduced his abs to a heart-stopping vacuum, furthering his growth even more. He felt overcome with delight as his growth rate increased even further. With every breath he was taking, his upper torso heaved bigger and bigger, each pecs large enough to park a car on them. The cleavage in between them was now big enough for a whole human being to fit in, and he could surely crush them to paste if he was to flex them as someone stood there.

There was no sign of slowing down; if anything, his growth spurt was accelerating. His head passed the arches separating the room from the three hallways leading into it. He looked up and saw the glass dome above, standing at 60 feet high—a barrier he would soon break. He couldn’t even see most of the room’s floor under his massive pecs! His dick was now looming above the David, and each of his stroke only made him bigger and bigger. He felt as if he could continue all day long, being far from having exhausted this growth spurt, untapped potential still available to him. Though, relaxing his abs, he decided he wanted to end this quickly; he was tired of this room that basically posed no challenge to him anymore. He wanted to get free, to get in the city and to roam freely on his new empire.

He brought his two arms back up and moved into a final double biceps pose. His two fists were getting dangerously close to the glass ceiling and a movement of panic caused people to start hustling out of the room as they understood a shower of glass shards awaited them. Flexing his two biceps harder than ever, he threw his head back in ecstasy, his booming laugher erupting and rattling the building. His growth reached its apex speed; growing at almost a foot per second, his frame expanded further and further, his feet pushing against the trapped people below. As he wiggled his toe in pleasure, he could feel people getting snatched under them, condemned to getting crushed to death under his ever-growing sole. Many who had to suffer this fate considered it an honor they could have never hoped for; they would serve at his feet, licking his salty skin until their very last breath.

His fists, each big enough to hold an entire human or to take away the statue as one would a small water battle, slammed into the ceiling; it shattered instantly, the shards bouncing off his impenetrable skin, not even making a dent in his massive body. There wasn’t a thing known to man that could hurt him now. Finally, the sun shined on his head, and the view of the Galleria and Florence started to clear. Reaching 65 feet, his shoulders exploding out of the building, people barely ankle high to him, he looked around to see that most of the buildings were smaller than him; he was now weighing more than 177 tons—twice an Abraham tank with weight to spare—and his strength was unfathomable. His demonstration had been more than successful: he was starting to feel satisfied with his new size, his torso large enough to build a family house upon, his biceps peaking higher than a human was tall and his traps just as tall. He looked at himself with contempt, delighted by every square inch of his body. Besides, he was starting to struggle with having his quads fit in the building…

His growth started to tamper, just as it had come. A few courageous mind dared to reenter the room where a mess of shard and plaster awaited them. The room had turned dark, for Attila massive body was shading it from the sun. The David was still standing in the middle of the room intact, if dusty and humiliated, surrounded by two massive calves which it barely reached three quarters of. His dick was actually longer and far larger than the statue itself, the ultimate testament of his insane domination over his surroundings. The way it hung from his shredded body seemed impossible, defying the laws of physics. They could barely see Attila’s head from here, as it was concealed by his massive muscles. He didn’t deign to take a look at the bugs below; their lives had little to no meaning to him—and he had come to peace with this idea. Afar, he could hear the police sirens and the buzzing of the arriving helicopters. His little stunt had steadily gained viewership over the last few minutes, so much that it was now displayed worldwide…

“THIS BE A LESSON FOR YOU ALL,” his voice echoed through the entire neighborhood, rattling the windows and making deaf those right below. “MY POWER IS ENDLESS; MY STRENGTH KNOWS NO BOUNDS; AND MY NEED FOR SIZE IS INSATIABLE.” The millions watching felt uneasy, parted between terror and admiration of the youthful giant. “FROM NOW ON,” he marked a pause for dramatic effect, “THIS IS MY KINGDOM AND YOU ARE MY SLAVES!” he boomed so strongly that windows broke all around the Galleria, in a strange chorus of annihilation and carnage. “LET THIS BE A SHOW OF WHAT IS TO COME…” he finally commented.

Without a warning he pushed as hard as he could with his massive quads, jumping high into the air. Under the impulsion, the concrete of the ground below had quite simply imploded, unable to resist the staggering strength his legs were packing, the ground shaking from his jump. He folded his legs, his feet actually coming as high as he stood tall before, blowing to pieces more of the domed ceiling; he had just sent his 108-foot, 525 tons body high up in the sky, thanks to his insanely powerful quads. The feat seemed impossible, and yet, here he was, high in the sky. He seemed to hang in the air for long seconds, as the reality of what was to come stroke those below… “What goes up,” many started to think in the audience, “must come down.” And if the going up part had caused some serious damage…

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