The wish

by Thatbadwriter

Nelly, bored by a dull job and duller life, dreams of becoming a godlike giant beast.

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Another year had come and gone and Nelly was unfortunately just at work instead of being some cosmic entity that made an omnipotent god look like a girl scout by comparison.

It was silly, beyond silly, and they knew it but more than anything they wanted their birthday wish to finally come true this year and live their wildest fantasy by growing in size and power for all time, but it seemed all they were getting was itchy as they sat looking at what may as well be any other piece of paper in the world. Oh well, it’s not as if they expected something to happen, it’d just be… nice, if it did.

One trudge through the workday later, however, they were at least in their car and on the way home, but for fuck’s sake why so itchy today?! Making a mental note to wash and boil everything they’d worn thoroughly, in case it was some weird reaction to the materials, Nelly pulled into their drive. Once inside they started peeling of their stuffy work shirt and were granted the answer to one great mystery, they had somehow grown an enormous pelt of hair since the morning!

How, how was it possible? Actually, it wasn’t possible and yet their it all was, as thick and scratchy as anything they’d ever seen. Running to the bathroom to go make use of the mirror Nelly was astonished to see their shirtless body wasn’t just hairy, but it looked bigger as well. Their arms were looking more and more muscular beneath the thickening hair, as their chest was ballooning and pushing out from their body. Their stomach however was bloating and becoming like a hairy ocean of power and pudge. Nelly then pulled down their pants to see want changes were taking place there as well and was far from disappointed to find their already thick member dangled to their knees and looked even fatter than before. Then it hit Nelly: it was actually happening, their wish was actually coming true this year causing their dick to twitch with anticipation. Grabbing hold of their meaty cock with a quiver of pleasure Nelly began pumping up and down, enraptured in pleasure.

The newly sprouted hair began thickening and lengthening, warping and filling in every bit of flesh until Nelly officially had fur from head to toe. A sharp pain stabbed at the base of Nelly’s spine as new bone started forming and a newly formed tail took shape. Their nails grew black and dense creating sharp points until they were onyx claws. The palms and soles of Nelly’s hands and feet reshaped into soft pads as the last of the changes completed and they resembled a large bipedal house cat.

Nelly then felt a wave of euphoria before their body began audibly stretching and growing in a pleasure greater than any they’d felt before. Their baritone moans became deep with virtually every second as they started filling the bathroom. Muscle and sinew grew thicker and stronger as their belly inflated and their head slammed against the ceiling, but not to be impeded Nelly simply continued to rise and demolish the roof.

With the accompaniment of panicked screams Nelly’s head and torso exploded into the open air followed by their tremendous cock as they fervidly masturbated in a display of power and dominance above the neighborhood. Emergency vehicles swirled about in a clueless panic when Nelly, overcome with pleasure, fell to the ground with an earth-shaking thud and flattened three homes beneath their ass without even noticing. Growing beyond their neighborhood and entering the city, all while seated, Nelly’s immense pleasure continued as deep moans rumbled liked thunder and a near fog of musk descended on those below. Enormous structures they’d driven past daily were now revealed to be shorter than their seated legs before joining the growing pile of rubble as Nelly fapped and grew.

More of the town was subjected to its new master and greeted by their majestic growing form until the whole city lay between Nelly’s legs and with a fearsome roar climax came to the behemoth. Cum was shot with such force that it devastated skyscrapers and flooded roadways for miles as the town was painted with the seed of a God. With a contented sigh and chuckle Nelly lay all the way back as they continued growing ever faster, getting hard again almost immediately at the knowledge that they were going to grow as large and powerful as they desired in an unending ascension of insatiable lust.

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