Plato’s Atlantis

by brazboy

A scholar discovers a different version of Plato’s dialogues which has a different take on the causes of the fall of Atlantis: could it be that the tsunamis which engulfed the lost island were of white, hot, human spunk?

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Part 1: Rediscovery A scholar discovers a different version of Plato’s Dialogues which has a different take on the causes of the fall of Atlantis: could it be that the tsunamis which engulfed the lost island were of white, hot, human spunk? (added: 21 May 2022)
Part 2: Plato’s Atlantis
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Part 1: Rediscovery

This text, which my team and I have translated into English, was found just three months ago in the Brazilian National Library. We have all reason to believe that it came to Rio de Janeiro when the Portuguese Royal Court fled the Napoleonic invasion of Portugal in the year of 1808. According to the notes in the first page of the manuscript, it was copied and translated by a monk called João Pedro da Silva in 1148, who entered Lisbon after the Christian takeover of the city in 1147 and claimed to find this manuscript originally in Arabic. According to João Pedro da Silva, his manuscript is “a perfect copy and translation” of this original manuscript in Arabic, which came to be found in the Iberian Peninsula during the period of Muslin occupation.

João Pedro’s manuscript is interesting, fundamentally, because it changes our understanding of Plato’s telling of Atlantis, its society and the causes of its fall. The text is almost the same to other canonical manuscripts of Plato’s Dialogues, except—almost exclusively—for the part where the author describes the island-continent of Atlantis. It is impossible to know whether these were additions made by João Pedro da Silva or if the original to which he had access already included such vivid descriptions of the life in the lost civilization.


Part 2: Plato’s Atlantis

The power which organized an expedition against our countries in Europe and Asia came from the Atlantic Ocean, from a large island which laid beyond the narrow straight which is called ‘Pillars of Heracles’ by the Greeks, but which was known to them at the time by a different name. This island, now lost, was larger than Libya and Asia combined, and beyond it laid other smaller lands which were also large and cultivated, and only by passing those you could arrive at the true ocean which surrounds all the continents; for our sea which is contained by the Straits of Heracles is but a bay, connected to the true ocean only by a narrow entrance, while the other one is the real sea, which surrounds the whole of the lands of earth.

Now, in this island of Atlantis there was a people which was great in nobility and size, and they built the most marvelous empire out of all which could be seen in any land, including those which now exist and the ones which existed then. Their palaces, which were built to house the majority of their citizens, were many times larger even then the temples which are built in the Greek cities or in the Persian Empire—comparable only, and even then, favorably, to the pyramids of Egypt and the hanging gardens of Babylon. Such size may seem like a vanity to us, but to them it was a necessity, as even the smaller of the Atlanteans were much larger than the inhabitants of our known lands, and the largest of them were so gigantic that even the Titans and Olympians would have feared them, had they turned against the Gods. In fact, some say that the Colossus of Rhodes is inspired by Atlanteans exactly due to that.

In addition to their own homeland, the men of Atlantis had conquered or vassalized the lands of Libya and Iberia, their power reaching as far as Egypt in the south and Germania in the North. They used slaves brought from these lands to cultivate their islands, as the Atlanteans themselves were not keen on physical labor—their only contribution to agriculture being the ejaculations of the larger men, which guaranteed that the island remained ever fertile. In that, the Atlanteans were similar to the Spartans: their land was worked by slaves and the citizens dedicated themselves to military prowess and the cultivation of their own bodies. Similarly to the Athenians, however, the Atlanteans valued the arts of civilization and their men and women were well accomplished in music, rhetoric, philosophy, as well as logic and grammar.

Eating the food yielded by the land, however, was seen as the lowest source of nutrition, and as such the produce of their bountiful land was enjoyed only by the slaves, and the women, and children. In fact, according to the Atlanteans, as the men of other countries also subsisted on the yield of the land, they were inferior to them and akin to the slaves and women, which served to support their notion of superiority over the rest of the world. The citizens of Atlantis survived on animal meat and were fed the cum of their many slaves, which according to the Atlanteans contained the concentrated power of their virility and was the key reason for their superhuman size, which we do not dispute. The most powerful Atlanteans, however, didn’t feast directly on slave seed—which was considered not pure enough for them—but on the juices of other citizens lower than them in ranking. The seed of other citizens, being that much purer and more concentrated, allowed them to reach sizes much larger than the regular men of today or even than their countrymen.

Indeed, the Atlantean citizen who fed on the slaves reached only about 4 meters in height, while the Atlanteans who fed on those were about 50% larger, and the ones who fed on those, reached on average 10 meters of height. As such, Atlanteans did not waste their seeds, but rather used it to buy the favor of more important men, in a clientelist relation. Many men also developed romantic relationships with other men, but it was important that the seed did not spill, but all be consumed, and that is why the Atlanteans favored oral sex and preferred to use large replicas of human cocks in order to please their behinds—unless they were rich enough that they could accept the loss of such valuable resource, usually.

This powerful people were organized in 4 tribes, each of which were further subdivided in 21 clans, each of which ruled over an equal section of their land of Atlantis and also over different lands in Europe, Libya and Asia. The land and people of Atlantis were led by four great generals, each of which was the leader of one of the 4 tribes which organized their empire—the general of the north was the largest, measuring more than 2500m of height, while the general of the east was the smallest, measuring only about 1900m from head to toe. Between them there should be no hierarchy, but the largest general tended to also be the most respected, as his size was also an indication of a higher wealth of his tribe, which was capable of feeding him more and purer cum. The penises of the generals were relatively proportional to their bodies, as were their balls and muscles, and as such—even when erect—their dicks did not reach beyond 400 meters from their root to their slit.

To feed their generals, each one of the 21 clans of the 4 tribes had a leader, which was himself fed only by the largest, manliest and most productive Atlanteans citizens. Those leaders reached around 160m in height, and their penises were about equally as large, soft, and twice as large when erect. Their most impressive feature, however, was their enormous belies, and balls, which doubled their size as they stored all their accumulated energy—which was enormous, since they were fed by hundreds of men at a time, all the time, without respite. These leaders were pretty much immobile, due to their immenseness, serving basically as a stock of resources and also and the largest producers of cum and male pec milk in the land. The cum and milk that they produced were revered by their deliciousness, and to be gifted even a small portion of it was considered extremely desirable. To feed their leaders, the smaller Atlanteans had to climb their bodies until reaching their heads, they would then suck their cocks eight or ten at a time, until they ejaculated and fed their hungry mouths and filled their guts with warm Atlantean spunk.

Unlike the Philosopher Kings of the Republic, both the positions of general and clan leaders were awarded mostly based on ancestry, but also partly on merit. Officially, the only requirement was that the young men showed their talents in body growth, but since the more concentrated milk and cum was certain to have a greater impact on their bodies, and since noble and wealthy families had more access to those resources, in practice those positions were almost always filled by those coming from the nobility. Once a talented young male of the age of 20 was selected, he was trained and fed from the tits of the generals until he could become a clan leader and, eventually, a general himself. The milk which flowed from the pecs of the generals was said to be so delicious that even the Olympian Gods favored it over Ambrosia, protecting the Atlanteans in their many endeavors in exchange for the right to drink their male milk.

Each of the 21 leaders, once a week, was picked up by the gigantic hands of the general which commanded his tribe. The general would then use his other hand to stroke the leader’s dick to attention, and sometimes also fondle his balls. When the general considered that the leader was sufficiently eager and wet, he’d suckle him for a few hours and drink his juices, which served as one of his three daily meals for that day. The generals, who were the protectors of Atlantis, could raise the leaders easily as each of them was at least 2000 meters in height, but with proportions similar to that of a contemporary Spartan—extremely muscular, but not abnormally so like their fellow Atlanteans. They sucked and suckled on the clan leaders until their balls and male tits were completely empty, which left both satisfied, as they leaders came in their mouths several times. After feeding, it was usual that the leaders lost about 60 to 70% of their weight, which had to be regained by eating immense amounts of cum from their own citizens.

The only law of the land was that the generals could only ever release themselves in the assess of the other generals, or onto the Atlantean farmland, or for the benefit of the young talents which sometimes spent days sucking their huge cocks as they dangled from the skies. That happened when a prospective new general was selected, and he had to be fed by the generals’ milk, but also their cum, to propel their growth. The generals could never, in absolute, eat their own seed or share it with one another—as the consequences of their orgasm would then be too intense for the human realm to contain.

Once, however, one of their generals rose up in the middle of the night, and seeing one of his fellows with their gigantic 400m-sized cock completely erect and unattended, couldn’t help but lay on top of him and starting to suck the appendage’s large head. Soon, the hardon rewarded him by releasing copious amounts of precum, which was so delicious to the general that his sucking picked up strength and speed, and soon his hands were stroking the other general’s humongous balls. The general was remembered of his time in training, when he spent days sucking the superb cocks of his predecessors, like a cockleech. Inspired by the return of his old cocksucking desire, his now vast power, gathered in sucking, endeavored to blow his partner by the excellence of his virtue and strength, causing an orgasm which shook all mankind at once.

But the worst was yet to come: the general, consumed by hunger, drank all the seed which exploded in his mouth, and started to grow immediately and in every direction—his muscles went from being proportional, to becoming increasingly bothersome; but he continued to suck, without cessation. From being the size of Mount Athos, the drinking general soon grew larger than Mount Olympus itself, his body crushing large swaths of Atlantis under him as he continued to expand. His muscles were growing so much that they crushed many citizens under their weight, and the general—increasingly imprisoned and locked in place by his expanding muscled—could do nothing except continue to swallow all the cum that entered his mouth; and that was all he wanted to do. His continuous growth as he ate the continual orgasm of his partner led to violent earthquakes, which shook the land of Atlantis, waking all men. Some of the other generals tried to separate the two—the one coming from the one eating the cum—but the increasingly muscular sucker resisted any attempt to force him to release the delicious cock which filled his mouth. Soon, his body was shaking in pleasure and his own orgasm added to the tragedy, being so incommensurably large that it outshined any previous earthly spectacle.

His first shot rose to the space and splashed against the celestial sphere, creating the Milky Way. His second and third shots, as powerful as the first, however, fell on the main island of Atlantis, which was then quickly flooded under many meters of cum. The following shots washed over the tributary lands, engulfing most other vestiges of the great civilization, and washing them aground. Meanwhile, as the general grew three, four, five times the size of Mount Olympus, and as his shaking broke apart the land of Atlantis, the country started to be abandoned by the population. From afar, they observed as, in a single day and night of delight and misfortune, of screams of pain and pleasure, all the wonders of Atlantis sank into the ocean, and the island in which this majestic people lived in a similar manner disappeared in a sea of cum and milk.

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