Winter potluck

by brazboy

Six friends who haven’t seen each other since the onset of the pandemic finally gather for a big thematic potluck! Everyone brings something to share, but some items are fresher than others…

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Leonardo had a small relatively group of friends from college, six guys in total, who had always been together during the four years of their higher education and who had even managed to keep in touch since. Of course, they had been brought apart a little after graduation—especially when Kevin and Iago moved outside of Londrina—but they had always continued talking, visiting each other, and gathering the whole group at least twice a year in the Summer (December) and Winter (June). These gatherings started as a one-night rendezvous in the bars of Londrina, in the first years after graduation, but were increasingly scaled up as the lads became more financially stable: the 2019 summer gathering having been a week-long trip to Jericoacoara, and their initial plans for 2020’s winter being going overseas for the first time, to Bariloche. The only absolute rule about them was “no guests”.

In 2020, unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions and the general health situation in Brazil, the young men decided to cancel both their Winter and Summer gatherings. With vaccination improving during 2021, however, they decided to go ahead and schedule their traditional Winter meeting—while also planning it in the most sensible possible way. They almost decided to simply cancel it as well, but the truth is that they missed each other a lot more than they dared acknowledge over Skype or Zoom hangouts.

Since Leonardo had landed a good job in a large consulting firm right after college, and had recently managed to buy a large house on the outskirts of Londrina, he accepted being the host for all the other guys for this year’s gathering. His house was large, it had four rooms and a large garden with a swimming pool: the perfect place for the group of 25-year-olds to spend the weekend eating, drinking and joking together. Most of them would simply drive there from their own apartments in downtown Londrina on Friday. The two exceptions were Kevin—who promised to leave Porto Alegre Friday afternoon, and as such would arrive a few yours late -, and Iago, who’d arrive the next morning as he had to take a plane from Fortaleza to Curitiba and then drive from there to Londrina.

They decided to organize a thematic potluck, with each one of the friends being responsible for bringing a typical Brazilian June Festival dish. Leonardo himself had prepared a canjica, a sweet custard-like Brazilian desert. He had also prepared liters of beer, wine, cachaça, and even some rum—as that was his personal favorite. The other two first guests to arrive, Marcos and Júlio, also brought their own dishes: pamonha (kind of like a Brazilian tamale) and Brazilian couscous, as well as more beer, wine, and spices to prepare mulled wine.

The guys were talking as Leonardo showed them around his now home—it was way too big for him, considering he lived by himself, but he was still proud of it and wanted to boast to his friends. Considering they all liked sports and had tight fit bodies, Leonardo took them to the back of the house to show off his personal gym; when they arrived there, however, before they could really explore the space, the doorbell rang.

“I think it’s probably Enzo,” Marcos said, with a grin. “Do you guys think he remembered to bring a dish?” Júlio laughed at his comment, and physically pushed his friend a little.

“Not unless someone told him to,” he said, and then put his tongue out jokingly, making it dance in the cold winter air with his eyes closed. Leonardo punched his arm.

“You know you are disgusting right?” he chastised his friend, jokingly, while also moving back to the garden in order to run home to answer the door.

“No, I’m delicious!” Júlio replied yelling and laughing, while Leonardo ran away back to the living room.

Leonardo opened the door and invited Enzo to come inside. He then closed the door behind his friend, who proceeded to take off the jacket he was wearing and throw it on Leonardo’s fancy white couch, while also leaving the large bag of alcohol he brought on the floor next to the couch. That movement was enough to reveal Enzo’s fine muscles, with his pecs covered but not hidden by his t-shirt, and his arms entirely visible, thanks to his choice of wearing short sleeves. The two friends had missed human touch, and each other, so the subsequent hug was longer than it would be usual, and they only really separated when Júlio and Marcos entered the living room from the garden, and also moved forward to welcome Enzo with a hug.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve all been together like this,” said Enzo, with a kind smile, also smelling the nice scent from the food his friends had brought.

“Yeah, I even forgot how big you were, dude,” said Júlio, moving in closer to his friend and putting his hands around Enzo’s left arms, measuring its girth. “In fact, you seem even larger than I remember, unless my hands shrank,” he commented, as his hands proved insufficiently large to fully encompass the width of Enzo’s arm. Beyond measuring Enzo’s arm, that action also accomplished it’s second purpose of making Enzo blush a little, as Júlio’s warm hands touched his sensitive skin.

Regardless, it was not abnormal for Enzo to blush when his large size was brought up by his friends. While all the four of those present would be broadly considered to be “hunks” if taken individually, the truth is that Enzo was in a category of his own—while Júlio, Leonardo and Marcos were all between 185 and 195cm tall, Enzo reached an incredible 247cm. Their weight was even more disparate, with Enzo weighting more than twice as much as the second heaviest of them, most of it well placed muscle—and the rest of it even better placed cock, or so joked Júlio.

“Leave him alone, dude,” said Leonardo to Júlio, “you are sounding gay as fuck”.

“Well, I am gay as fuck,” responded Júlio matter-of-factly, “you are just jealous I haven’t mentioned your own gains in the muscle department, aren’t you? Despite having spent so much on a luxurious private gym,” he completed, while also releasing Enzo’s arms and jumping towards Leonardo to mess with him. Leonardo laughed.

“Yes, some acknowledgment would be nice, and my private gym is not luxurious,” he said, putting his arms on his hips, which served to accentuate his nice V-shaped torso, as well as his thick arms. Júlio took this opportunity to hug Leonardo from the front exactly at his hips, and then raise him off the floor, proceeding to spinning him around 180 degrees back and forth as he protested and the other dudes laughed. In between protestations, Leonardo incidentally noticed his cock was pressing against his friend’s hard abs, which made him become increasingly hard in his penis before Júlio would decide to put him down.

“You asshole!” complained Leonardo, laughing, “stop acting like a teenager! We are halfway to thirty!” Júlio, unfazed, just looked down towards Leo’s crotch for about five seconds, and then winked to him.

“I think you’ve been missing these assholes, my dear friend!” replied Júlio, playfully, making Leonardo serious face disappear with a laugh.

“Damn, I missed you guys so much,” said Marcos, going in for a quick group hug, just before grabbing one of the beer cans Enzo had brought and throwing himself on the large white couch which dominated Leonardo’s living room, “But now, let’s get wasted!”

The four young men then proceeded to drink and talk about what they had done during the pandemics for a few minutes, the alcohol allowing them to reveal a little more than they otherwise would just how lonely they had all felt during the pandemics, despite living in the same city. That conversation went on until Júlio, with a smirk and a spark in his eyes, stood up from his comfortable position in the couch, put his beer can on the floor, and looked over at the large dinner table where he, Leonardo and Marcos had left the dishes they had brough. He then looked back to Enzo.

“So, what did you bring for our potluck?” he asked, attracting the attention of the other guys and suddenly making the previous topic die out.

“Uh… I’m sorry, I forgot about that, I ended up only bringing beer and wine,” Enzo said, scratching his hair and showing an apologetic smile in his handsome face, his raising his arm serving to show his friends his muscular biceps and also reveal even more of his humongous pecs. “I can cook something though, if Leo allows me to,” he completed, affably.

Júlio then looked Leonardo in the eyes, complicitly. By then they had both also put their own drinks in the coffee table.

“Do you think that’d be fair? You forgot to bring anything to eat. Shouldn’t you be punished for that?” asked Leonardo, turning his hands outwards, as if that were a really complex question. Enzo actually smirked while listening to that, and, at that very same time, Júlio walked towards where Enzo was seating, looking down on the larger man, for a change.

“Unless you did bring something for us, you should be punished,” he commented, looking down directly towards his friend’s pectorals, which pushed against his t-shirt quite a lot, and also bounced in their meatiness as Enzo moved his hand to scratch his hair.

Enzo looked up towards his friend, and then looked down towards his own muscular frame. Even sitting, his pecs jutted forward enough that he couldn’t see most of his body, but he could feel his hard nipples pressed in place by his tight t-shirt. He looked back up again, first towards an excited Júlio, then towards a hungry Leonardo, and then finally into an erect Marcos.

“I guess I got caught,” Enzo said, and Júlio moved to sit over Enzo’s muscular right leg. Enzo’s dick throbbed when he felt his friend’s ass cheeks hug his leg, even if over three layers of fabric.

“You can’t fool us, not after a million years, much less after one,” Júlio said, now looking up towards his friend, his heigh almost perfectly leveled with Enzo’s muscular male tits. “Now take it off,” he commanded, and Enzo obeyed, lowering both of his arms, holding his shirt, and then removing it up in one fell swoop, suddenly revealing his delicious abs, his meaty pecs, and his hardening nipples.

After throwing his shirt away, Enzo put his arms behind his back to press his juicy pecs forwards, making them look even more ridiculously big—and making small droplets of milk surface from his nipple’s soft skin. As Enzo taunted his friends, Júlio’s mouth opened, first emitting a low hum and a hungry exclamation: “My God,” and then falling hungrily on Enzo’s right nipple. Meanwhile, the left nipple remained cold and lonely, although equally attractive. Leonardo swallowed dry and looked to Marcos, whose eyes had until then also enjoyed Enzo’s small spectacle.

“I’m fine,” said Marcos, which was enough for Leonardo to advance from where he was, until his mouth was suckling from Enzo’s left nipple. And suckle he did, with increasing amounts of sweet and strong male milk flowing down his throat.

He and Júlio suckled angrily, causing Enzo to moan as his friends devoured his nipples, almost like starved calves. Enzo moaned, closing his eyes to better immerse himself in pleasure, and then let his head fall back, as the pleasure of finally being milked by warm mouths overwhelmed him. God, he had missed his friends! He was getting crazy having to milk himself in the shower, wasting all that fine milk and not feeling his friends’ strong tongues playing with his nipples. Particularly Júlio’s wild, brazen, wet, warm and curious tongue.

Inundated in pleasure, Enzo’s muscles squeezed his male tits, forcing a jet of milk which the two lads swallowed—not without some difficulty after such a long time without practicing. After that, Enzo noticed Júlio’s hands caressing his abs and the lower side of his pecs, exactly where they were oh-so-heavy. “That bastard knows me so well!” he thought, while almost choking on his saliva out of so much pleasure. Júlio proceeded to remove his pants, without abandoning his sucking for a second, and then his hard 32cm cock rubbed on Enzo’s abs.

Enzo responded to that in the only way he could: his right hand immediately grabbed the large bronze spear, and stroked it gently. It responded with his touch by sending electricity towards Júlio’s spine, and soaking Enzo’s hand with Júlio’s precum. As Enzo’s powerful hand tightened its grip and increased it’s speed, Júlio’s hips joined the movement, and his occupied mouth now also laboriously joined swallowing with moaning.

Marcos was sitting away, smiling while thinking how unfair it was for Enzo to so obviously play favorites. He then stood up and looked at Enzo, whose mouth was open up while he moaned, being sucked and stroking Enzo’s cock. Marcos opened his fly and pulled out his 18cm-long soft dark rod—it was humble, in comparison to that of his friend’s, but he was still proud of it. Marcos then walked towards Enzo, who was sitting down in the white couch, climbed on the couch, and started rubbing his dick on his friend’s face. Feeling a warm soft tube on his face, Marcos opened his eyes.

In a second, when he realized what was that gentle warm tube which caressed his nose and cheeks, Enzo smiled and opened his mouth even wider.

“Feeling hungry too?” Marcos asked. Enzo just nodded, sticking his tongue out. “You don’t sound eager, though,” Marcos pushed and Enzo’s eyes opened wide, seeming almost offended.

“Please, let me have your dick in my mouth, fill it with your nice warm flesh rod, Marcos,” he begged, and Marcos gladly met his request, sinking his hardening dick into his friend’s warm mouth in that cold winter day, pushing further down to his throat while Enzo’s tongue danced around his cockhead, and suckled his shaft.

Marcos pushed his hardening cock in and out of his larger friend’s mouth. His hard size was close to 26cm, which was quite impressive, but seemed like a comfortable fit for Enzo’s large hungry mouth. Trying to keep the large penis inside him as most as possible, Enzo’s head instinctively moved more to the left, closer and closer to Marcos’s crotch. That movement forced Júlio to bend forward so his mouth could continue engulfing Enzo’s right nipple, which it did at all times. Eventually, Júlio would lose his balance and completely rest on Enzo’s muscular leg, abs and pecs, which his mouth still attached and suckling his bountiful nipple and his cock still being stocked by Enzo.

While Marcos gathered speed and Júlio and Leonardo continued to suckle, Enzo’s massive dick started to rise, like a true third leg, in between the body of the two hungry suckers. His hardening cock bothered Enzo, as it rubbed on his tight pants—but not enough for him to stop what he was doing to adjust. Soon Marcos grabbed Enzo’s head and, holding it in place, forced all his dick in, and then out, and started fucking his large friend’s mouth and muscular neck.

After some time, Marcos came. Enzo swallowed his cum, which only made him hungrier, as although Marcos hadn’t cum in a week in preparation for that night, his volume was still not nearly enough to satisfy Enzo when he was feeling hungry. And the giant was, indeed, hungry that night. His nipples continued to dribble copious amounts of sweet milk, as Júlio and Leonardo sucked them, but now Enzo’s attention moved downwards, to his growing cock.

Strategically, he turned to the right and laid horizontally on the white couch, with his back now meeting the soft cushion. His movement down was followed by his two friends, who didn’t want to separate from his skin’s heat and his nipple’s white ambrosia. When Júlio and Leonardo both were supported by Enzo’s meaty pecs and hard abs, he used his unoccupied hand to remove his pants and underwear, liberating his python while selfishly never letting go of Júlio’s rod. Freed from bondage, the wild beast rose in all glory, and then fell back in between the large man’s pecs, measuring more than a meter and twenty in its semi-hard state.

Enzo’s eyes now moved from Marcos’s softening post-cum cock to his face, and then down to his own throbbing cockhead—which he felt was soaking his pecs in his warm precum. Marcos understood his unspoken desire and strategically moved towards the python’s head and started licking it from the above, while his own soft cock regained its hardiness. While Marcos licked Enzo’s cockhead, the stream of precum continued and increased, covering the four of them and more and more of the white couch in which they laid. As he licked and hugged the immensely thick cock, Marco’s own member ended up getting close to Enzo’s ass. While the smaller friend focused on licking, his cock danced around the ass cheeks of the larger man, until Enzo pulled him up—making his dick, and in fact all of his body, lose contact with Enzo’s hardiness for a second, to Marcos’s surprise.

“What is it?” Marcos asked, a bit annoyed that his pleasure had been cut short.

“Not my ass,” said Enzo, in between moans caused by their other friends sucking. Marcos nodded after a second, standing up.

“Okay,” he answered, and then proceeded back to worshipping the large man’s cock.

That continued for a while, until the doorbell rang again. And then once more, and a third time, until Leonardo finally accepted, he had to leave his comfortable position nested between Enzo’s muscles and suckling on his left nipple. His place was quickly stolen by Marcos.

Without any attempt of looking presentable—and thus, drenched in his friend’s precum, with unruly hair, and with a sizeable hardon poking out of his pants—the young man went to answer the door. When he opened it, he saw another demigod: a 240cm tall slim man (well, slim in comparison to Enzo) who was wearing a ridiculous overcoat—way too much for Brazil’s mild winter. The handsome darkhaired man smiled at Leonardo with his handsomest face.

“Oh, there you are, Kevin!” Leonardo said, going in for a hug, which was reciprocated.

“Yo, thanks for hosting us this year, Leo,” said Kevin, with his strident voice. He also glanced inside the large house, seeing Marcos and Júlio humping, suckling and worshiping Enzo’s large muscles and nipples, while Enzo gave Júlio a hand job. “I see you guys didn’t even wait until midnight to start the celebrations”.

“Of course, not,” Leonardo replied, closing the door behind their large friend, “and may I ask what you brought for our potluck?”.

Kevin smirked cheekily, and Leo’s eyes sparked knowingly.

“Is it hidden under that ridiculous overcoat you are wearing?” asked Leonardo. Kevin smiled and lowered his powerful left hand to his crock and readjusted his visibly oversized nuts.

“I guess you could say so,” he replied.

As Enzo moaned from having his nipples earnestly sucked by Marcos and Júlio, Kevin dropped his large oversized coat, making his cock and balls leave their hideout and revealing them to the other men—not that their sight would be a surprise to them. Unsupported, Kevin’s cock and balls immediately fell to the floor with a loud thud: Kevin’s balls being bigger than a beachball, they touched the ground bellow his feet. Meanwhile, his large thick soft dick measured well beyond 2m in length, and a whole meter in width—it could have only been previously hidden around his slim frame by hugging around it like an anaconda strangling its prey in the rainforest.

The loud mass of manflesh seemed to shake the ground as it fell, the sound it created attracting Marcos’s attention and demanding respect. The new object of his desires forced Marcos’s mouth to leave Enzo’s generous nipple, now Júlio’s monopoly. Speedily, he walked almost hypnotized towards Kevin’s immense one-eyed snake. Leonardo was indeed already there, smiling, looking up towards his friend’s face and then down to his immense cock.

“I see you have lost none of your charms,” Leonardo pointed out, smirking. “Indeed they seem to have grown.”

“True. But it hasn’t been easy for me. I can hardly take care of my needs by myself and even driving is hard when I’m unsatisfied,” said Kevin, proceeding to lower his hands on his large balls so he could caress them “I feel so empty, and yet so full.”

“We all brought food, what about you?” said Leonardo, now moving so his legs were on both sides of the immense shaft laying on his floor. He felt like sitting on it to feel the warm thick snake between his but cheeks—and yet he didn’t, because he decided to continue looking Kevin straight in the face.

“I brought something to eat, and also an appetite,” said Kevin, then pulling Leonardo by his shirt into a deep wet kiss. At that very moment, however, energy shook Kevin’s whole being as he felt a hand invade his large resting cockslit. When he looked behind Leonardo, he saw the cause of those unexpected sensations was Marcos—who was diligently pulling his foreskin, revealing his slit, and then putting his own arm inside it—”More eager than ever,” Kevin thought.

“Wet, already?” asked Marcos, pulling his arm from Kevin’s immense cock and revealing that it had already become coated in slimy precum. He brought his fingers to his head and licked them.

“Since all the way in Santa Catarina,” responded Kevin, mentioning the state he had to cross to arrive at Londrina.

After that nice piece of information was shared, Marcos got to work treating and fondling Kevin’s large cockhead. It was a hard thing, to touch, caress, fondle and explore every section of such a large piece of cock, especially since his arms were busy going deep in Kevin’s cockslit. At the very same time, Leonardo kissed Kevin and soon grabbed his ass, guaranteeing the newer guest no chance of eloping pleasure.

“You want to remember what is having something inside you on both ends?” asked Leonardo, and Kevin could only nod excitingly.

“It’s been so long,” he managed to say, before moaning due to the shower of sensations caused by having an arm buried deep in his cock.

Very little was said thereafter. Leonardo and Kevin removed the rest of their clothes, as did Marcos. The host then moved behind the latest guest, and pulled his buns apart with his hands. Then, Leonardo lowered his head and started licking his friend’s asshole, until it was relaxed enough that he decided to insert one, and then two fingers. With two fingers in, Leonardo started dancing inside of Kevin’s hole, looking for his prostate. Kevin moaned in delight, but true pleasure came when Leonardo removed his thin and long digits, stood up once more, and inserted his full hard 25cm cock inside the guest’s guts.

Kevin jumped up in pleasure, his large dick expanding further as Leonardo started to pound his cock in his friend’s ass. Meanwhile, Marcos continued exploring into and around Kevin’s growing cockhead, only having to be careful to move away as the long and heavy object of his attentions shook and expanded responding to the action in the snake master’s ass. Kevin’s infinite supply of precum started coating the floor, but to Marcos that only meant he could taste more of his friend’s sweet liquids.

What Marcos did to further tease Kevin was simple: he licked the huge and growing cockhead, while fucking it furiously with his arm. When one arm started seeming too small in comparison to Kevin’s trunk, Marcos laid on his back so he could use a leg; and when one leg didn’t suffice, he started sliding both of them in—ever deeper, ever faster, and ever more harshly.

“My god, Marcos! You are stretching my slit so nice!” said an anxious Kevin, starting to thrust his now more than 3-meters-long cock around his friend’s body, enjoying the pleasurable insertions both in his back and front. This thrusting motion led to two pleasurable results: a faster and harder hammering of Leonardo’s cock in Kevin’s ass, as Kevin’s motion joined Leonardo’s and added to it—but, above all, it led to Kevin’s cock being effectively fucked by Marcos’s whole body all the way to the latter’s wide shoulders. Marcos made it possible by holding to the floor, which allowed his body to almost fully enter and then almost fully leave the insides of the anaconda as it urged back and forth respectively—even as the monster at this point overshadowed the large white couch on which Enzo and Júlio pleasured each other, in terms of sheer size.

Talking about Júlio and Enzo, the largest of them still held the other’s cock in his hand, and progressively chose to move it towards his own ass, much to the smaller man’s surprise. Júlio actually seemed a little alarmed as his cockhead touched Enzo’s hungry asshole, but the larger man dominated him by turning around so that he would be on top of the smaller man, rather than the other way round. This movement, which caught Júlio by surprise, forced his mouth away from Enzo’s still dribbling nipples.

“I want you to fuck me. Will you?” Enze asked, almost begging. Júlio seemed surprised, and a bit embarrassed.

“Please, let me,” he said, and immediately Enzo smiled and lowered his ass on the smaller man’s 32 centimeters, engulfing his entire hardness at once, to Júlio’s pleasurable surprise—both of them moaning at once as a result.

Eagerly, the larger muscular stud also started assfucking his friend, bringing his bum up and down on the smaller man’s proud cock with expert passion—a movement which sent his 1.5m fully hard dick flying up and down in sync with his bum, effectively spanking Júlio’s abs and pecs repeatedly and without mercy, making his skin red with a surprisingly lustful pain. Enzo’s body was enjoying his friend’s size in his ass so much that his balls were now coating Júlio’s body in their precum, which splashed each time it was hit by his whip-like hard cock.

The size of Enzo’s cock, however, was so oddly perfect as to allow Júlio to extend his head and almost without trying kissing the cock which slapped him—almost as if they were designed to make such action possible. The kiss didn’t last long, though, as Enzo’s cock jolted up as soon as its owner’s ass left Júlio’s crotch, only coming back down when Enzo shoved his body back down on his friend’s cock. A solution to this problem, however, was easily found when Júlio used his mouth to cover the whole giant head of Enzo’s cock, and positioned his hands so that his friend’s cock would shove past his grip into his mouth whenever his bottom also came down on his cock.

This system, though improvised, was perfect in bringing both men incredible amounts of pleasure, and also allowed Júlio to consume at least half of the precum Enzo’s cock generously shared with him. It was only a shame, however, that the pecmilk that Enzo’s nipples squirted in pleasure when he finally came was going to waste, but one can’t have it all.

Leonardo came deep inside Kevin’s ass, his guest being in so much pleasure then that his legs had given in and he was by now supporting his weight by hugging his bloated, recently expanded, fridge-sized balls. At the same time, Kevin’s cock, now at its full size, crossed Leonardo’s large living room and had its head touching the cold tiled floor of the kitchen—in total, it spanned some 7 meters. Unsurprisingly, Kevin’s large slit had by then completely engulfed Marcos, whose arms and head still sticking out of his friend’s massive cock, but not by much.

Kevin’s cock released huge, absolutely overwhelming amounts of precum. He had coated the whole living room in his warm liquids, and his volume was so large that it slowly flowed towards the garden through the main door leading outside. Marcos, surrounded by a thick warm wall of cockflesh, had cum inside that river of precum two times already—but all of his orgasms meant nothing next to Kevin’s amazing volume; it was like peeing in the Amazon river. Marcos had also consumed his fair share of Kevin’s discharge while playing with his cockhead, and was already feeling more than full, although it was impossible not to taste more of his friend’s liquids while 97 or 98% of his body was buried inside Kevin’s cock.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” announced Kevin, as his dick trembled in pleasure, the sound of his urgent voice only muffled by the fact that his face was turned forwards as his whole body embraced his enormous balls. Leonardo, hurriedly, ran all the way to the kitchen, grabbed Marcos’s slimy hands and, using all his strength, pulled his whole body outside of the oversized cockcave which had hosted him. Doing that was easier than he expected because the dick was at this point so large, and the precum so abundant, that the friction caused by the whole of Marcos’s body in there was not impossible to defeat with a few well given pulls.

As Marcos’s body slid out of Kevin’s slit, the whole cock jerked and trembled in delight. Marcos’s body had also acted as a sort of dyke, slowing the flow of Kevin’s precum outwards, which now had increased to worrying proportions.

“Help me move it outside now!” Leonardo ordered out loud, bringing Marcos back from his blissful state. He then stood up, completely wet, and then the both of them went to the other side of Kevin’s large cock and started pushing its huge mass towards the door to the garden. As much as the two men were well shaped and healthy, they could never have moved the enormous cock if Kevin hadn’t timed his throbs with their pushes, and used all his own muscles to help them out.

When Kevin’s cockhead became perfectly aligned with the door, the immensely endowed man thrust his huge sex organs forward, through the relatively large but for him rather tight passage. His red, wet and warm cockhead then met the cold winter air of the garden, and Kevin started to release even more precum, which flowed down into the pool, mixing with the water. He then grunted and started fucking the door with his cock, his hungry head, now empty and lonely, going further and further up outside when he thrusted—bathing in the moonlight, showering the green plants with its warm precum.

And then Kevin’s body started convulsing, as his balls trembled and his cock throbbed in pleasure: he came like Krakatoa, in a huge explosion. One so huge it was hard even for his relatively small non-sexual organs to process. Cum covered all of Leonardo’s garden, and painted the wall of his personal gym on the other side white. The shots of Kevin’s massive cock reached much beyond that, in fact—they covered the neighbors’ roofs with his seed, maybe even all the way to the main avenue. If there was anyone in the other houses relaxing outside today, they’d be met by a very surprising type of rain.

As Kevin’s dick and balls started to deflate, Marcos returned his attention to the biggest cockhead that had ever existed in this Earth—licking it clean, bathing on its dribble, tending its inside with his muscular arms. Leonardo joined him in this action, and he even ate quite a bit of Kevin’s cum, until his doorbell rang again. This time, he stood up and readily went to answer it.

Now, our host was completely wet, naked, and hard. And yet he didn’t feel embarrassed, but anxious and happy. And that’s because Leonardo knew, even before he opened the door, who he’d see: saw the handsomest man on this small blue ball we call our planet—Iago.

“I can’t say I’m surprised,” said the one and only, seeing the scene in front of him: Kevin’s softening but still superhuman his cock being tended by a zealous Marcos, on the side; Júlio lovingly fucking Enzo’s ass while sucking his large rod, all while Enzo’s nipples gushed milked in pleasure, on the other. A completely drenched Leonardo, smelling of sex, wanting sex, waiting for him to have sex, in the middle.

“But I like it,” said Iago, then embracing Leonardo with more than lust.

Iago arrived the latest of all the guests, but also earlier than his friends expected—thanks to his having taken an earlier plane than originally planned. He also brought with him paçoquinhas, a Brazilian peanut-based sweet, for the festa junina-themed dinner. But what really attracted Leonardo’s eyes as his friend stood in front of his door was that he was pretty lightly dressed for a winter day—even if we were talking about the famously mild Brazilian winter.

Iago’s lower body was covered by his black denim pants, his upper frame was hidden by a yellow long-sleeved shirt. But what worried Leonardo was that from Iago’s back emerged a large, almost 170cm long tail, as thick as a regular man’s arm, which swayed around almost completely naked. The thick yet muscular tail was indeed completely exposed to the elements as it wagged around, behind Iago—the only part of it that was covered was its large head, which was wrapped by a nice and soft black scarf.

“Good to see you so soon!” said Leonardo, allowing his friend in. Iago entered, closed the door and left his paçoquinhas on a small side table. Appearing quite happy, he looked around, smiling, while his thick tail swayed around excitedly.

“Is everyone having fun?” he asked, and they all replied positively—except Keven, who was too exhausted and still overwhelmed by post-orgasmic bliss. It is true though, that Enzo’s and Júlio’s replies were a bit muffled by their continuing to moan and fuck—with the two men having diverted only a minimal part of their attention to the newcomer.

Iago breathed in, taking all that sexual scent in the air and savoring it with his nose. At the same time, he took the soft scarf from his tailcock, which then moved above his head—like a scorpion’s tail—towards Leonardo’s face. As Iago brought his cockscarf below his nose to smell it—taking in the strong scent of his tailcock—his large tail moved to caress Leonardo’s face with its warm head, generating a nice tingle on his cock and a great feeling of warmth in Leonardo’s cheeks.

“I missed you a lot,” Iago said, and then pushed his tail’s cockhead into the other man’s lips. Leonardo pulled the invading head out of his mouth with his hands, and then kissed it, rubbed it against his skin, and smelled its scent.

“I missed you too,” Leonardo said, his lips rubbing against the sensitive tailcock’s skin as he talked.

Iago loved the feeling of Leonardo’s lush lips rubbing against his tail’s soft skin, but he also felt a bit malicious having his friend’s mouth so close to the head of his muscular cocktail. Feeling a bit proud, Iago looked around again, seeing how much pleasure his gift was still generating, and as his tailcock caressed Leonardo’s cheeks, he proposed:

“Are you sure you don’t want to have any changes today? We can have you become more muscular and bigger like Enzo, or as endowed as a Roman column like Kevin, or anything else, really. There are no known limits,” he tempted Leonardo with his words and his tail’s caresses. But Leonardo shook his head.

“No, those were their desires, not mine. I just want to have you deep inside me and have us pleasure each other,” Leonardo said, causing Iago’s tailcock to shiver in anticipation, before suddenly pushing its head violently into Leonardo’s mouth, reaching deep in his throat, and releasing large amounts of soothing precum.

“Your wish is my command,” said Iago, “But I need to see you grow; don’t worry, though, I’ll transform you back after we are done,” he completed, full of mischief, while immense amounts of precum washed down Leonardo’s throat.

Iago’s tailcock-liquid had a unique taste, and a unique effect: whatever its owner commanded. And what he commanded was simple: grow, explode in muscle, become a mountain of endless manliness. And so Leonardo’s body complied, enslaved by Iago’s will, with every one of his muscles growing in all possible directions. Growing was so pleasurable that Leonardo’s cock, already hard, came at once when his explosive growth started. After that, Leonardo’s cock deflated, apparently reducing even beyond its original size, until it was only 2 or 3cm soft and hardly even visible between the growing muscular legs that the young man boasted.

Leonardo’s mouth and throat were completely filled with the tip of Iago’s tailcock, his mind focused on continuing to take its delicious precum. Meanwhile, the rest of his body expanded outwards in every direction: his legs soon were so thick that they couldn’t stand straight anymore and he fell to the ground, his muscular butt taking now the brunt of his fall. His arms were becoming so wide that they looked like reverse pyramids and his overall body looked like a starfish, with his muscular members pointing outwards due to the sheer size of his muscles. Leonardo’s torso acquired an absurd V-shape, so top-heavy that his pectorals were starting to push against each other. His neck muscles also grew, expanding in such a way that they locked his head looking up, able now only to continue receiving Iago’s large tailcock and breathing.

One could imagine Leonardo felt fear while becoming basically immobile, but no, he felt only enormous pleasure at being able to experience enormous growth once more—this was one of the things he missed the most back from his college days. While his muscles grew, his whole being felt hot—like his tendons were steel being shaped by a blacksmith.

As he changed and sucked Iago’s tailcock, Leonardo moaned. Especially as he felt Iago climb on top of his body and start licking his muscles: his arms, his pecs, his deep abs—all of it, licking and touching, and rubbing. Iago chose to rub his skin against Leonardo’s muscles, as if he was also overwhelmed in excitement being able to see his friend’s larger version once more, while forcing Leonardo to continue to grow with his devious mouthcock. Growing and being touched by Iago was so delightful to Leonardo that his tiny budcock came again.

“Oh, I see you came. Second time, isn’t it,” said Iago, then getting down on his friend’s to lick his tiny budcock. “Not a huge amount, but nice,” he said, subsequently moving his attention back up to Leonardo’s muscles.

“I can’t say that of those though. So huge, and powerful. So wonderful. You are the biggest man on earth right now,” said Iago, as his cock’s production grew, and so did the strength of his command, making Leonardo’s muscles grow even further—so fast that you could almost see the fibers breaking and rearranging under his skin. It was wild, like seeing a thousand ants crawling under silk, and then the muscle expanded.

At this point, Leonardo could only move his eyes, mouth, and his fingers—at least a little bit, although his mouth was pretty much immobilized by Iago’s still enormous, still pumping tailcock. Other than that, he was stuck in a muscle prison where every one of his tendons was so overgrown that it stretched against another one, keeping it in place. He was almost a ball of muscle. One that Iago adored.

Adoration was exactly the best word to describe Iago’s reaction to his friend’s growing physicality—he hugged his muscles, he licked his muscles, he rubbed against his muscles, he smelled them and then licked them again, because he couldn’t get enough of Leonardo’s size. And he said so himself:

“You look incredible, Leonardo,” said Iago, almost as if expecting his friend to respond—which he couldn’t, of course, as his mouth was busy.

Iago then got naked, taking his nice 22cm cock and using it to fuck different tight creaks in between Leonardo’s overgrown muscles: first between his huge arms and torso, but there it was too tight and hard for his cock to fit in. Then he moved to the center, and while his long tailcock still filled his friend’s mouth and throat, he fucked Leonardo’s oversized pecs nice and hard until he came once, and then twice.

Excited, Iago lost a bit of his self-control while pounding his friend’s pecs, and in blissful state he commanded Leonardo’s nipples to turn into large cocks—which they did, as Iago’s tailcock still fed his friend’s body with obedience fluids. Leonardo’s now hard nipplecocks were appealingly close to Iago’s body, luring him in. Iago’s mouth became dry, as he looked at them, wanting to taste their hardness—suddenly, he commanded the nice cocks on Leonardo’s pecs to gain balls and start squirming warm pre, which they did, to the delight of the both of them. Iago then licked his lips and he simply moved to burry one of the large rods in his ass, and suckle from the other one with his mouth—which was possible only because his command then shaped the cocks to be longer and more flexible, and then thicker, as they went further inside him.

After orgasming on top of his overgrown friend several other times, a completely exhausted Iago fell asleep: his ass still filled with Leonardo’s nipplecock, and his own tailcock still overextending his friend’s neck and feeding him. Satisfied, sexually speaking, and being able to use Leonardo’s overgrown pecs as an improvised warm mattress, Iago slept like a horny stone which dreamed of making his friends so sexy that other men would cum just from being in their presence. This dreamy desire didn’t prove strong enough to reshape Leonardo’s body completely, but it did make him significantly more attractive during the night—something would eventually decide not to revert.

As the sun appeared outside, Leonardo was the first to wake up. Slowly, he noticed he was stuck—stuck in his own body, trapped by his own muscles. His memories of the previous night also returned, and he felt Iago’s body laying atop his pecs—although his friend seemed surprisingly light right now. Leonardo couldn’t say anything—as his throat was still invaded by Iago’s tailcock—but he could feel all his muscles, all his much-stretched skin, and it was obvious to him that he had never been this large before.

And it felt nice even better than he remembered. Just staying still forced his muscles against each other, providing him with an amazing sensation of power and of having overworked all his body at once, forever. Leonardo then smiled, filled with childish surprise, as he sensed his two new large cocks in the place of his nipples—one still buried in Iago’s ass, the other near Iago’s mouth, feeling his tranquil sleepy breathing. All those sensations delighted him, and yet Leonardo wanted to move now, to stand up and go grab cook everyone a nice, healthy and thematic meal—but first, he needed to wake his sleepy friend who could his body back to normal.

The only way Leonardo found to do it was rather unorthodox: he started blowing Iago’s tailcock more and more forcefully—specially rubbing his teeth against the smaller man’s muscular tail. Iago first moaned comfortably, but then his breath started to become more and more urgent, and then, after five or six minutes, his tailcock ejaculated the most delicious cum inside Leonardo and the muscle giant swiftly returned to normal—Iago’s tailcock moving out of his insides as he decreased, but the man itself still laying on top of Leonardo’s now more normal sized pecs.

With his exhausted cocktail laying on the ground dribbling his powerful cum, Iago changes his position so his face is close to Leonardo’s. Iago’s eyes stare at him, seemingly a bit crossed.

“I can’t believe that even after seven years you still play me like a fiddle,” said Iago, then kissing his friend, who was under him, on his thick delicious lips. Leonardo kissed him back a little, and then pushed Iago from over him, to the dirty floor—still sticky from the hardened leftovers of Kevin’s previous night’s ejaculations.

“It’s easier than you think, I barely have to do anything. The truth is that you want to do what I want you to do already, you just don’t want to admit it,” said Leonardo, then standing up, raising his leg and immediately sitting himself atop Iago’s body—his ass cheeks touching the other man’s pecs, his once again respectable cock close to the other man’s mouth.

“And so I know, for instance, that you have made me retain some of my gains, as usual, as well as given me an extra gift down there,” Leonardo pointed out, showing his muscles to an impressed Iago, whose cock was once again hard between his legs, “And I also know you are going to clean this mess while I make everyone breakfast and call the other guys.”

Iago’s mouth moved forward, trying to reach his mate’s cock, but then, suddenly, Leonardo stood up and moved towards Kevin and Marcos—the first of whom was occupying half of the living room with his cock, while the other one slept inside the large dick like it was an especially comfortable sleeping bag. Iago, meanwhile, only looked towards Leonardo with ardent desire—passion, really.

As Leonardo left him on the floor, Iago sighed loudly, once again reciting to himself all the reasons he had not to force that man to fall madly in love with him—showing him the madness of his own feelings for that man. But no, he wouldn’t force any changes on Leonardo that Leonardo didn’t want—worse yet, he couldn’t, as there was something in his heart of hearts that made him only want what Leonardo wanted. “I guess that’s what they call love,” thought Iago, sighing again. The truth is that while Iago was the one with a magical tailcock that could change people according to his own volition, Leonardo had such a way with people that he could have you want what he wanted without you never realizing even it—his magic was just being himself.

Accepting his defeat, Iago stood up and asked Leonardo almost yelling:

“Where do you keep your cleaning materials?” his voice loud enough that it might have awaken even Júlio and Enzo, who at some point during the night had left the living room in search of a more peaceful and private space upstairs.

“In the laundry, just after the kitchen,” Leonardo replied, before returning his attention to trying to pull Marcos from Kevin’s warm slit—which was now harder to do than it had been the day before, since Kevin’s cock had softened and as such its cave had become smaller and tighter.

Iago, now arriving in the laundry room, spurted a silly, knowing smile at what he saw: four mops and four buckets laying around, ready to be used. He cursed Leonardo again, that amazing all-knowing bastard, and wagged his tailcock into his mouth, receiving his own manliness with content satisfaction. As his tailcock’s liquids gushed into his body, Iago’s torso started to lengthen, and three small buds appeared on each of his sides, the first one about 20cm below each armpit, and the next one 20cm below that, and so on. As he chugged in his own precum, those buds bloomed, growing outwards until they each became a fully equipped and mobile arm.

Iago then moved with his extended torso and his tight four pairs of arms, each one picking a mop and a bucket, and returned to the living room to start cleaning everything. As Marcos and a much-deflated Kevin had gone upstairs to clean themselves, leaving only him and Leonardo downstairs, they talked to each other as one cleaned and the other one made a huge telenovela-like breakfast.

If Friday night was anything to go for, the rest of the weekend would be quite spectacular, as the young men rediscovered their kinks and bonds after a year apart.

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