The locker room thief

by CockTFBoi

 Riley, a personal trainer, heads into the gym to get ready for his first client of the day. Things take a strange turn when his client, Ethan, suggests a new exercise regimen.

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Author’s Note

This story came from a request from one of my Patrons as their birthday story. It was a lot of fun to write, and I hope everyone enjoys reading it.


Riley strode into the gym confidently as always. The dark-haired stud looked around, scanning the room for his friends. He didn’t spot any of them, so he made his way to the locker room to get changed. Walking through the door of the locker room, he was struck by the musky smell. While a little bit of that musty, masculine odor is normal for any men’s locker room, it was especially pungent this morning.

“Maybe they forgot to clean last night,” he thought to himself as he walked over to his usual row of lockers. He knew he had a couple of training sessions with clients this morning and took a few moments while he stripped to mentally review who was coming in and the plan for their session. He had Ethan coming in first thing this morning, followed by a break for a couple hours before his next session. As he pulled up his jockstrap, he heard footsteps and leaned over to look around the corner. He saw Ethan walking into the locker room, the short guy had been his client and friend for years.

He broke into a wide, friendly grin as he stepped out from behind the row of lockers. “Hey there, little man, how’s it going?” Riley said as he gave Ethan a friendly pat on the shoulder. Ethan rolled his eyes a bit, shaking his head as he walked past. Just as he got past Riley, Ethan spun quickly and lightly slapped the middle of Riley’s back. Riley couldn’t see it, but there was now a small sticker stuck to the middle of his back. He hadn’t noticed, but even if he had, there would be no way he could reach it. The sticker looked like a hard cock and balls.

Riley turned back around to chat amicably with Ethan, but a few moments later he paused mid-sentence, a confused look crossing his face. Riley’s face started to look flush, his cheeks burning with a sudden need. His jockstrap started to feel a lot tighter as his cock chubbed up, quickly reaching full erection. He dropped his hands to his crotch, trying to cover his rock-hard 8-inch dick. Ethan was facing his locker, and hadn’t seemed to notice, so Riley quickly stepped closer to his own locker using the door to hide his hardon.

However, Ethan had noticed and grinned to himself briefly before he got his expression under control. Already the sticker was working its magic and Ethan could barely contain his excitement. His own cock had been half-chubbed on the way to the gym this morning, and once he got inside, his dick had gotten fully hard. Luckily his 5-incher was a bit easier to hide and he had tucked it into the waistband of his underwear. “Just a couple more minutes,” Ethan thought to himself, “and he’ll be ready for the next part.”

Ethan kept up the friendly conversation, even as Riley’s responses had turned into monosyllabic words and grunts. Riley’s thoughts were clouded, filled with images of sex, big hard cocks spewing cum, the sounds of bodies slapping against one another in ecstasy. Ethan grinned; it had become clear that Riley wasn’t paying attention to him. Riley was staring blankly at his locker, one hand idly kneading the pouch of his jockstrap. Ethan called his name a few times before Riley’s head swiveled slowly towards him, his jaw a bit slack before he abruptly shook his head as if to clear it.

Riley’s eyes came back into focus as he looked at Ethan. “Sorry, what were you saying?”

“I was saying, why don’t you pull that cock out already?” Ethan replied, a dark grin on his face.

Riley looked confused for a few moments. “What for?” he asked, as his brow furrowed.

“For a new exercise I heard about that will really help me get bigger,” Ethan responded, his smirk never fading. “Just whip it out, and I’ll get to work on it.”

That didn’t seem quite right. He’d never heard of an exercise like that. Yet the more he thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea. Ethan was the client, and he must have a good reason for requesting this exercise. He tugged down his jockstrap, letting his meaty 8-inch cock flop out, bobbing in the air. Ethan squatted down in front of Riley, bringing his face to Riley’s erection and giving the head of Riley’s dick a slow, sensual lick. Riley’s knees went weak as a surge of pleasure ran down his cock, and up his spine.

Ethan wrapped his lips around the head of Riley’s cock, sliding them down his shaft. The pleasure was intense for Riley and he could no longer suppress a moan, letting out long and loud. The sound of his moan echoed around the locker room, soon joining in an odd harmony with the subsequent moans spilling from Riley’s lips. Riley’s mind was blank, the pleasure annihilating any cohesive thoughts that may have tried to form.

Riley felt an odd dizziness and sinking sensation beneath the throbbing pulse of pleasure coursing through his being. His eyelids fluttered and he leaned his head back, the dizziness becoming more intense. The pleasure was intense, already Riley could feel himself getting close as Ethan’s head was bobbing up and down his shaft. Riley felt a shudder travel down his spine, a pleasurable tingling sensation trailing in its wake. The tingling persisted, and spread from his spine into his balls, the pleasure making his nuts churn and pull tight.

Ethan, sensing Riley’s impending orgasm, pushed forward, impaling his mouth onto the thick cock. He gagged slightly, but his need kept him on the fat cock. Riley’s cock throbbed and began spewing his thick load into Ethan’s hot mouth. Riley’s eyes screwed shut in pleasure as his orgasm overwhelmed him. A sudden dropping sensation hit Riley’s inner ear, but his mind couldn’t grasp the meaning of it while the orgasm was flooding every neuron with pleasure.

Ethan grinned internally, as he felt pleasure radiate from his mouth before it seemed to latch onto his spine. The pleasure coursed through his being and he could feel his spine cracking. Ethan’s back started to lengthen, his limbs elongating, and his muscles stretching as his frame expanded. Riley’s back contracted rapidly, his arms becoming shorter and thicker, his thighs ballooning as his muscles became compressed onto a suddenly much more compact frame.

Ethan stood upright, his joints popping, as he now towered over Riley. Ethan’s now long lithe body wavered as he grabbed onto the locker door to steady himself. He was now nearly 2 meters tall and his center of gravity was now much higher. He hadn’t gained any muscle mass, leaving his previously stocky muscles stretched onto his tall frame. Riley staggered backwards, landing roughly on the bench behind him. He was now much shorter, maybe 150 cm, his muscle stacked up on top of itself on his stout frame.

Riley opened his eyes, looking down at his compact body, his mouth agape in shock. “What happened? What did you do?” he rasped. His throat was dry. He swallowed a few times, and tried to clear his throat, but it still felt strange. He staggered to his feet; his balance completely thrown off. He was unsure of himself as he took a couple halting steps towards Ethan.

“You just helped me get bigger bro. Isn’t that what a trainer is supposed to do?” Ethan replied, a smirk on his face even as he continued to grip the locker for stability.

Riley’s thoughts clashed. One part of him felt wrong, violated, like something had been stolen from him, but another part accepted Ethan’s words. The latter was winning out in his mind and a calm, content feeling spread through him. “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” he said, as a warm happy feeling spread through his stomach. It just felt right to help Ethan get bigger, that was what a trainer should do after all.

“Now, it’s time for the next exercise,” Ethan said glowering down at the much shorter Riley. Riley looked up, at Ethan, a completely foreign experience for him. He was so used to towering over most guys at the gym that suddenly being so small shook him to the core. However, when he looked up at Ethan’s face, he felt a warm positive sensation come over himself.

Riley looked askance at Ethan. “What do you need me to do?” he asked. Ethan didn’t say anything and pushed Riley back until he was laying out flat on the bench. Riley looked down over the huge mounds of muscle covering his tight fireplug of a body. He felt Ethan’s hand wrap around his cock, holding it upright, but he could barely see it over his thick pecs. Ethan’s tall, almost painfully thin body loomed over Riley and stood astride the bench.

Ethan straddled Riley and lowered himself slowly down onto Riley’s cock, a deep moan coming from both men as he did. There was a strange swelling at the base of Riley’s cock as Ethan slid down his shaft. Riley couldn’t see it, but Ethan watched as Riley’s muscles shrank ever so slightly as he continued taking more and more of the cock into his hole. Riley was worried that someone might hear them, but that thought was annihilated as Ethan bottomed out on his dick.

Ethan’s ass was clenched tightly around Riley’s cock, gripping and pulling the swollen bulge up with it as he slid excruciatingly slowly back up. As the bulge in Riley’s dick reached the head, it burst into Ethan, sending waves of pleasure through his body. As the pleasure radiated outwards from Ethan’s hole his body swelled slightly with muscle as the muscle mass he took from Riley dispersed through his body. He slid back down, faster this time, the Riley’s muscle mass pooling at the base of his cock again. Ethan started riding Riley, milking the muscles from Riley faster and faster. It was tough work, but each burst of muscle reinvigorated Ethan.

Again and again, Ethan went up and down Riley’s thick cock, draining more and more mass. Ethan’s muscles had swollen, now looking like a well-built jock. Meanwhile, Riley’s body had slimmed down considerably, still a hunk, but losing muscle fast. Within another five minutes, Ethan had drained Riley’s bulk, leaving him a short, scrawny twink, while Ethan’s body had bulked up now even more muscular than Riley had ever been. Ethan pulled off Riley’s cock, easily 140 kg of solid muscle. Ethan’s cock was still hard, looking comically small on his huge, muscled body.

Riley shifted, bringing his head up to look down at his slim body. He had almost no muscle left on his frame, only the barest hint of definition owing more to his lack of body fat than any muscular definition. His cock was still hard and throbbing between his leg, the juxtaposition of it against his tiny frame made it seem a lot bigger than it had been. He sat fully upright, looking down at his body. All his hard work on his body was gone, years of his life vanished in a few minutes, but knowing that it had all gone to make Ethan bigger felt… right somehow. Somewhere in the back of his mind he could feel distress, like something was wrong about the whole situation, but every time he tried to think about what it might be, his thoughts slipped off of it, suddenly finding himself focused on thoughts of cocks thrusting and cumming.

Riley was so distracted, he didn’t notice as Ethan walked around behind him and sat behind him on the bench. The larger man straddled the bench behind Riley, his cock pressed against Riley’s back. Ethan wrapped his arms around Riley, running his hands across the slim man’s chest and tight abs. Ethan tweaked Riley’s nipples, making him moan and Riley’s focus snapped immediately to what was going on.

Riley’s brow furrowed. “Wait, what’s going on?” he said, confused.

Ethan grinned, bringing his lips up next to Riley’s ear and in a heavy whisper said, “Just giving you the attention you need, man. You’ve helped me so much to get big and, I don’t want to leave the job half-finished.” Ethan’s hand snaked down to Riley’s thick 8-inch cock, making the smaller man gasp in pleasure. “There’s just one thing left for you to give me,” Ethan said in a husky whisper.

Riley shuddered in pleasure. While the handjob was nice, the pleasure was from Ethan’s deep masculine voice in his ear. It was so hot, so sensual that his cock was leaking precum again from the sound of Ethan’s voice more than anything else. “I-I’ll give you anything you need,” Riley stammered out. His once confident personality seeming to have vanished with his muscles.

“Good,” Ethan purred into his ear, “I knew I could count on you to give everything you have to me.” Ethan’s hand started to speed up its stroking slowly, smearing Riley’s precum over his cock and sliding his foreskin back and forth over the head. Ethan’s other hand came around and cupped Riley’s heavy testicles, massaging them. The pleasure was intense for Riley, it felt like his cock was a lightning rod for jolts of pleasure that travelled up and down his shaft with each stroke. He thought he would cum, but he couldn’t. He was being held at the very edge but denied release. Riley wasn’t even sure he would be able to cum after all his body had gone through, yet his dick was still rigid and begging to cum.

Riley felt his balls ache with need as Ethan squeezed them. He spread his legs further, giving Ethan ample access to his groin. He felt a strange sensation in his nuts and looked down in confusion. He couldn’t see what was happening, but the strange sensation came each time Ethan squeezed his hand around his balls. Ethan continued for several more minutes, stroking Riley’s cock and massaging his balls. The whole time Ethan kept whispering sensually into Riley’s ear, talking about how big Riley had made him. Then Ethan pulled his hand away from Riley’s balls and Riley looked down.

Beneath his cock was nothing. Just a smooth, flat expanse of skin covered in a light dusting of hair. Riley opened his mouth to say something when Ethan whispered in his ear, “There we go, much better. You gave them to me. Doesn’t it feel good to give yourself to me?” Riley nodded; it did feel good. He’d given his balls over to Ethan, to make Ethan’s balls bigger. It would be necessary to keep Ethan strong and fit, all that extra testosterone flowing through him. Riley could feel Ethan’s cock against his back, maybe his balls too. It was hard to tell, but there was definitely something there against his ass. He couldn’t tell if they had gotten bigger or not, at least not without looking.

Then Ethan’s hand on his cock started speeding up its strokes. “You ready to give me this cock?” Ethan’s deep voice purred in Riley’s ear. “You ready to add give it all to me?”

Riley give a meek nod. “Yes,” he whispered.

“I couldn’t hear you. Tell me, are you ready to give me your cock?”

“Yes, please take it. Take my fucking cock,” Riley said breathlessly. He could feel Ethan’s smile on his cheek as he looked down at his cock. Each stroke Ethan made caused Riley’s cock to get a little shorter. It wasn’t much, maybe a millimeter each stroke, but with the speed of Ethan’s hand on Riley’s cock it was shrinking fast. Riley’s mind was too clouded by the pleasure to work out how long it would take, but he knew it wouldn’t last more than a couple minutes. And honestly, with the pleasure radiating from it, Riley didn’t care.

Riley became aware a few moments later that he could feel Ethan’s cock on his back getting bigger. The previously 5-inch cock was slowly sliding upwards against his spine as the head pushed further and further out from Ethan’s crotch. That made it even hotter, the thought of a massive schlong hanging from the muscle stud made Riley’s cock flutter with arousal. It turned him on so much, it was like getting a hardon while he already had a hardon.

The shrinking seemed to speed up as Ethan said, “There we go, give in to it shorty. Give me your dick.” Riley felt a surge of pleasure, his head rolling back to rest against Ethan’s chest. His moans were loud and frequent, the need to give his cock to Ethan burning within him. His cock was already below 4 inches long and losing length quickly. His foreskin stopped sliding little by little until his cockhead was left exposed. Another 15 seconds and Riley’s cock was already down another inch.

The pleasure within him was getting greater and greater, the pleasure boiling within him, trapped somewhere deep within his body. Then suddenly it all stopped. Ethan’s hand flew away from his cock. The deep well of pleasure within Riley was still there, roiling, and desperate for release, but hanging on the very edge. Riley looked down, groaning in frustration as he saw his cock had been reduced to just the head of his cock. The whole shaft was gone and just this meaty nub of flesh remained of his once proud cock.

“Please Ethan, I need to cum,” Riley begged. Ethan didn’t say a word but pushed Riley’s slim shoulders forward until he was face down on the bench. Ethan took his now 12-inch cock and lined it up with Riley’s asshole and pushed in. Riley groaned in pleasure as the spear of flesh pierced him. He could feel it stretching him, his whole world collapsing into the pleasure coming from the massive cock within him. It didn’t take long until he felt Ethan moaning, and a warmth surging within him as he felt Ethan’s cock firing volley after volley of cum deep within him.

The well of pleasure within Riley burst open like a damn, surging through his whole being. His nub sprayed weak and watery cum out onto the bench where it dripped down onto the floor. Riley’s mind felt fried, overwhelmed by the pleasure. He could barely move or respond as he felt Ethan’s massive cock slip from his hole. He was dimly aware of Ethan getting dressed as he lay there on the bench, his hole still gaping, begging for another cock to fill it.

Ethan slapped Riley’s ass as he turned towards the door and said, “See you tomorrow, shorty.”

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