The Cockmoore Chronicles: Trey

by CockTFBoi

Trey and Zack are boyfriends at Cockmoore College. Zack has heard the rumors of the magic book on campus, and brings it up to Trey, hoping that they can use it together to make some of his fantasies comes true.

The Cockmoore Chronicles, #4 5,347 words Added Jan 2023 3,878 views 5.0 stars (4 votes)

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“Oh, fuck Trey, right there! Keep going, yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” The cries from Trey’s boyfriend, Zack writhed beneath him in ecstasy as Trey fucked him. Trey grabbed the heavy chain necklace around Zack’s neck, pulling the larger man up into a passionate kiss as he redoubled his efforts.

Their moans and grunts filled the dorm room with the slapping of flesh against flesh providing a beat to the primal music they were making together. Kisses devolved into playful nips and bites at each other’s lips as the two lost themselves in the passion of the moment.

“Fuck babe, I’m so close. Please sir, please can I cum?” Zack groaned out between moans of pleasure.

Trey grinned to himself. He knew he shouldn’t let Zack cum. Letting him cum when he asked would just encourage him to beg; but he did love seeing him wiggle as he came. Without missing a thrust, he reached down between them and felt around until he found Zack’s balls. He cupped them in his hand and gave them a gentle squeeze, slowly tightening his grip.

“Do it, boi, shoot your fucking load. I want to see that little dick shoot every fucking drop you’ve got in there while I fuck my little fuck toy’s hole.”

Zack only moaned in response; Trey knew exactly what words to say to trigger Zack. Zack’s moans quickly hit a crescendo and he gasped out “I’m cumming! I’m—cummmmmming!!

Trey sat back, still thrusting and squeezing and looked down at Zack’s cock. The pale flesh of Zack’s cock contrasted with the black plastic cage surrounding it. As Zack gasped and moaned, his locked cock pulsed within the cage, his heavy load leaked out from the tip and flowed down between their bodies.

Trey leaned forward and kissed Zack as he came down from his shuddering orgasm. The two embraced before Trey slowly pulled out and rolled to one side, the bed squeaking a little at the shift in weight. Trey reached down and undid the buckle, pulling the harness for his strap-on free, and rubbing a bit at his pussy. The two cuddled against one another, breathing heavily in the afterglow of their intense session.

The two men cuddled and kissed for a few minutes before, they climbed off the bed together.

“We should probably get cleaned up,” Trey said as he groped Zack’s ass.

“Yeah. Hopefully, we didn’t disturb too many people. We weren’t exactly quiet,” Zack replied as he grabbed a towel and started wiping some of the cum off of himself.

“It’s the middle of fall break babe; nobody is around. Whole campus has been a ghost town. There were only three other people in the dining hall at lunch, and one of them worked there.”

Trey stepped over and cupped Zack’s locked cock and gave him a kiss. “Plus, it means I can leave you locked all weekend, and nobody will be around to notice when we go shower.” Zack’s cheeks reddened a little at that, more out of the excitement of it than embarrassment.

“Yeah, this was hot. It was tough resisting the urge to jack off all week. I felt like I was going to pop when you were putting it on me yesterday.”

“Good, I’m definitely leaving you locked all weekend. Shame I’ll have to unlock you Tuesday. Wouldn’t want the rest of the team seeing your little cock locked away in a cage, now, would we?” Trey said while giving Zack’s cock a playful bump.

Zack bit his lips, suppressing a moan before saying, “Babe, I just came. You keep teasing me like that and I’m going to be begging for it again. We have dinner plans tonight, remember?”

Trey grinned and grabbed his shower stuff and looked over at Zack. They’d been together since March. Zack loved giving up control to Trey, and Trey loved taking control of him. They meshed really well together. When Zack’s cock wasn’t locked, it was 9 inches when hard, but he loved the fantasy of having a small cock and loved getting teased about it, and Trey loved doing it. Zack’s teammates on the football team wouldn’t be as thrilled about it. Most were fine with Zack being gay, but there’s no way they’d be okay with his kinky side.

Zack wrapped a towel around his waist and grabbed his soap. Trey reached over and grabbed the towel at Zack’s waist and pulled him close before saying, “Nope. No hiding it. If there’s someone out there, it’s only fitting that they know that a big linebacker like you has a tiny little cock.” Zack suppressed another moan, which made Trey laugh. Trey pulled a towel around his waist and put another over his shoulders to cover his small breasts.

The two men walked down the hall to the showers, nobody else around them, not even the muffled sounds of a TV running in the background. Trey’s dorm was in one of the older dormitories on campus, which had a shared bathroom for each floor. There hadn’t even been stalls in the showers originally, but they had been installed a couple years ago. They were cheap, and half of them didn’t have shower curtains anymore, so privacy was next to zero. Trey usually had a few stares in the showers at first, but most guys got over it quick.

The two men walked into the empty shower room. Zack glanced around, filled with a nervous excitement about being so exposed.

“Don’t worry babe, we’re not in the athletics dorm. Nobody is going to be around and even if they are, they don’t know who you are.” Trey grinned to himself. He still found it amusing that this 6’4”, 275-pound man was looking so vulnerable. It gave him a bit of a rush to know he had so much power over someone so much bigger than him. Trey was a mere 5’6” and was thin and lanky.

Trey hung his towels up next to one of the stalls and gestured for Zack to get in first. “Umm, this one doesn’t have a curtain…” Zack said a little nervously.

“I know,” Trey responded matter-of-factly. He climbed in next to Zack and turns the water on. They both jump a little as the cold water hits their shoulders, but it warms up quickly.

The two grabbed the soap and started lathering up each other’s body. Trey reached down and scrubbed Zack’s locked cock thoroughly, making sure to get all the remnants of his cum out from inside the cage. “So, how did you first caged orgasm feel?” Trey asked as he scrubbed.

“It was intense. Felt so good in the moment, but it felt a little different. I feel just as horny as before, maybe even more so with your teasing. bit like when I jack off and cum before I wanted to. The denial feels amazing though, cumming without really cumming.”

“I’ll have to take your word for it.”

“What if you didn’t have to?” Zack asked a little quietly.

“What are you talking about? You know I can’t afford surgery or anything like that. And your parents might have—” Zack pressed his finger on Trey’s mouth and cut him off.

“I know that, and that’s not what I’m talking about. You’ve probably heard the rumors about some strange stuff happening on campus.”

“There’s always rumors flying about weird shit and ghosts and all that.”

“Yeah, and I didn’t believe them either until I saw it happen in front of me. You remember Randy, right?”

“That obnoxiously straight douche on the team?”

“Yeah him. He showed up for practice a couple weeks ago looking like a scrawny little twink. They were about to throw him off the team, when get got down on his knees and sucked coach off right there in the locker room in front of everyone.”

“You’re kidding, right? This isn’t some porn movie, that sort of shit doesn’t just happen.”

“I know, but it was kinda hot. Coach didn’t last very long, but after he swallowed Coach’s load, Randy pulled his cock out. It was a lot smaller than I remember, but he held it against Coach’s dick and we all watched as Coach’s cock shrank and all the size went into Randy’s dick. He took like half of Coach’s dick before he pulled back. He said if we kicked him off the team, he’d drain all our dicks away to nothing.”

“I’m shocked that you didn’t volunteer to give yours up right then.”

“I—uh—shut up,” Zack said, blushing furiously.

“So, what does the cock-stealing douchebag have to do with me?”

“I asked around, followed some rumors, and basically the consistent thing seems to be a magic book in the library.”

“Magic?” Trey said, his eyebrow raised and a look of disbelief on his face.

“Yeah, I mean, what else would you call it? Anyways, I thought, maybe, we could try to find the book.”

“And do what with it?”

“Well, if it works the same way as it did for Randy, maybe you could use it so you could take some inches off my cock and have one of your own.”

“Oh, is that how it is?” Trey asked as a wicked grin spread across his face. “You ready to stop pretending and make your fantasy real, huh? Give me a nice big cock, bigger than that little thing between your legs, so I can plow your hole and breed you like the little bitch you are?”

“Mmmph, yes sir,” Zack groans out. His cock was straining inside its cage, desperately trying to get hard.

“Well, bitch, why don’t you get down on your knees and blow me.” Zack glanced around a little unsure. He knew they were still alone, but he felt he needed to be sure before doing it. He knelt before Trey and started licking at Trey’s little cock. His tongue flicking across it and diving into Trey’s slit. It started to quickly get wet as it all became hot and flush.

Zack looked up into Trey’s eyes and Trey looked back with a grin saying, “You better hurry, we have to leave for dinner soon.”

Zack set to work licking and sucking at all of Trey’s spots. The benefit of having been together for so many months, Zack had learned all the right spots to pleasure Trey. Trey’s moans were drowned out by the sound of the running shower as he quickly came to orgasm, his legs quivering in pleasure as Zack’s tongue expertly got him off.

Afterwards they finished showering off and went back to Trey’s room to get dressed. Trey teased Zack a few more times as they got dressed, playing with his locked cock a few times. Then they headed out to meet up with some friends in town for a night of drinking.

Many hours later, the two make it back to campus. Their Uber dropped them off outside the gates to the school and they started walking back across campus. The cool air helped to sober the two men up after their night of drinking. As they moved through the middle of campus, Trey suddenly paused, looking around.

“Hey, we’re at the library,” Trey said, motioning to the building standing just a couple hundred feet away.

“Yeah, I guess we are,” Zack replied, a slight slur to his words.

“Wanna go look for that magic book you were talking about?”

Zack paused, looking unsure for a moment before saying “Fuck it. Let’s go find this thing.”

The two headed into the library. It was late and on a holiday so nobody was around, but the doors were always open.

“So where is this book? I don’t think there’s a magic book section.”

“Third sub-basement, on the left side, about halfway down,” came a voice. Zack and Trey jumped and turned towards the voice and saw a slim guy who looked too old to be a student, maybe 30 years old. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a unicorn playing on a video game controller on it and was standing next to a pile of books left on a table. He was methodically picking them up and loading them onto a cart ghat was already full of books.

“Woah, dude! You scared the shit out of me!” Zack said as he tries to calm back down.

“Sorry about that. A lot of people seem not to notice me,” the guy said.

“Who are you?” Trey asked a little wary.

“Just the night librarian. Making sure nobody burns the place down and that the books get put away,” he said as he moved further down the long table to pick up more of the books.

“How did you… wait, is there a magic book section?”

“Well, of course. It’s just empty most of the time. Have fun down there and try not to make a mess, please.”

Trey and Zack moved over to the elevator, glancing over their shoulders at the Librarian. Something about his vibe felt off, and they wanted to avoid him. Despite that, they followed his directions and went down to the third sub-basement and checked the left side. About half-way down they found a set of unlabeled shelves that were nearly empty. On one shelf in the middle, laying on its side was a single book with a piece of notebook paper sticking out from between its pages.

The two walked over to the book, pausing in front of it with a strange sort of reverence. Trey felt something in the air, a strange energy almost vibrating the air between the shelves. Zack reached out and took a hold of the book, and gently opened it to the page where the sheet of paper was. The pages on either side of the notebook paper had silver writing, but Zack skimmed through the paper.

“Looks like some rules written here. I think these are by the people who used it before. Looks like you just write what you want to happen in the book, and it does.”

Trey pulled the book over to him and grabbed a pen that was on the shelf near him and wrote: “Trey Barnes is a man.”

“Wait! You didn’t even check the rules!” Zack said as he noticed what Trey was doing.

“I know what I want! And this is the easiest way to get it,” Trey said, but watched as the blue ink he wrote slowly changed to red.

“Ummmm, all the other ones are silver, why is mine red?”

“Uh, lemme look,” Zack said as he quickly searched the rule page. “Silver means it is accepted, if it stays the same it wasn’t accepted. There’s nothing about it turning red.”

“Fuck, come on! What could red mean?” Trey asked. The sentence he wrote faded away and was replaced by a few words [Can’t change what is already true].

Zack and Trey looked at the words for a long moment before Zack broke the silence, “Well, I guess the book is supportive of trans rights?” he said, the tone of his voice showing he was trying to break the tension.

Trey gave him the side eye for a moment before a smile broke and he said, “I guess, but doesn’t exactly get what I want.”

They look back and the book and the words were gone. Zack turned back to the rules page, and kept reading through them. He looked over at Trey and said, “The sheet says you have to be specific for what you want, and whatever you write can’t be undone. It does look like it can only change physical features, not mental stuff.”

“Okay, so I just need to write that I have a cock, no breasts, and a masculine physique?”

“I guess so? Look at what other people wrote. Maybe that will show us how to phrase it.”

Trey looked at the other entries on the page, and even flipped back through the last few pages. “Some of these are wild. Here’s that Randy guy’s line. Says that he can absorb any guy’s cock by holding his own up next to it. Then the next guy made his cock-size based on the number of cocks he sucks each week. This other guy is stealing some of Randy’s cock every time he cums.”

Trey looked over at Zack and saw Zack’s cheeks were flush. Zack avoided eye contact with Trey. “Wait, is this turning you on Zack?”

“Yeah…” Zack said as he looked away, looking far smaller than his bulk should.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, babe. We both know your fantasies, and these guys seem like they are living out exactly the sort of stuff that would get you off. We should bring you into this somehow. Clearly these other guys could link their changes, so we should do the same to you.”

Zack looked up and his face lit up a bit. “I was hoping that you’d be okay with doing something like this.”

“Did you know about all this before?”

“I had heard the rumors. I’ve been jacking off to them for weeks. I hadn’t wanted to come looking for it on my own, but I figured we could do it together.”

“Well, I’m glad you did. Since I know how much you love it, maybe I should write yours as well as my own.”

“Fuck, that’d be so hot; but the rules say you can only do one sentence in the book per semester.”

“Oh, well I guess I could tell you what to write for yours.”

“How about you tell me what to write for yours, I’d like you to keep mine a surprise,” Zack said with a small, excited shake of his shoulders.

“Okay, gimme a second.” Trey tried to focus on how to word it, but since he was still a little drunk, it was tough to think through every little detail. “Okay, write this: Trey Barnes has a muscular, masculine body and a 7-inch cock.” Trey slowly spoke through the whole sentence, pausing while Zack wrote each word.

Zack was focused on the writing and as he finished, he stood up. The blue ink on the page seemed to shimmer as it gradually shifted into silver ink. Trey gasped suddenly, grabbing onto the bookshelf next to him as a strange tingling sensation ran throughout his body. Trey felt lightheaded as the changes started to wash over him.

First his legs started tensing and growing inside his pants. Each time they tensed and relaxed they were a bit bigger. The muscles growing until his jeans looked like they were painted on. The sound of the stitches creaking could be heard as the changes moved up his body.

Trey’s hips shifted becoming narrower and his waist tapered down. He brought his hand up to lift his shirt off over his head and his flat stomach tensed and released as a cobblestone of abs formed on his stomach just below the elastic of his binder. The changes progressed further up, flattening out his chest as his breasts shrank, the skin pulling taut over a new muscular set of pecs. Even his nipples shifted becoming smaller. Trey pulled the binder off, marveling at his flat muscular chest. As he watched hair grew up from between his pecs, spreading out across his chest and down over his newly formed abs.

The growth spread down Trey’s arms, making his biceps and triceps swell with power. Within moments his biceps were the size of softballs, and his shoulders grew wider giving him a perfect V shape. The changes spread over his face and head. The changed were subtle, a shift in his jaw and cheeks that quickly darkened as a full beard grew in.

The tingling then all concentrated into Trey’s crotch. He threw caution to the wind and pulled his jeans and underwear down. As the two men watch, Trey’s clit grew longer and longer, the tip reshaping into a meaty cockhead. It grew quickly until it reached 7 inches long, a slit forming at the tip already dripping with precum. A heavy foreskin grew up around the head and Trey shuddered as he drew it down exposing the head. The tingling moved inside of Trey’s body, the plumbing within him changing. After another minute or so the tingling faded away.

“Fuck, that was intense,” Trey finally said as he caught his breath. “Wait, ummm… where are my balls?”

“Shit,” Zack said as he looked down at Trey’s crotch. He had a big cock, but no balls. He still had a pussy, just with a cock that would put many other men to shame instead of a clit.

“Oh fuck. We never wrote that I had balls. We wrote that I had a big dick and muscles and a masculine body, but we didn’t write anything about balls.”

“Well, you could add them using your turn, so we can fix it. Or wait, the rules said something about adding more to the sentence after you’ve written it…” Zack grabbed the page and was looking through it. “Here, yeah, we can add to it, but it doesn’t always work.”

“You know what, I kinda like it like this, at least for now. I’ll wait until next semester and fix it then. I don’t want to screw something up with what I’ve got trying to get balls too. Might just mean I have to stay on T for a while longer.”

“Okay, I mean, it’s your turn to do whatever you want with it.”

“Yes, it is, and I’m going to use it to change you. I already know what I’m going to write. I do have a problem though. My clothes aren’t going to fit me anymore. My jeans are already about to tear, and I don’t think that shirt is going to go back on.”

“Yeah, that is a problem. I could run back to your place and grab you some clothes.”

Trey spotted something on the floor near Zack’s feet and walked over. As he bent over to inspect it, the jeans he was wearing tore, but he didn’t seem to notice. He picked up a couple pieces of fabric as he stood up. “It looks like someone left their shorts and underwear here on the floor. Why would they have done that?”

“Maybe they changed themselves and didn’t fit in them anymore.”

“Yeah, that makes sense. Let’s see the shorts are an XL. They’ll probably be too big, but it’ll be enough to get me across campus.” Trey pulled them on, his cock clearly outlined through the thin black fabric. He moved his keys and stuff from the shredded remains of his jeans and stuffed everything into one big bundle. “Here you take this while I write in the book and then we’ll get out of here. As much as I’d like to take this cock out for a test drive, I don’t want to get that librarian guy mad at us for making a mess.”

“Okay, I’ll go wait by the elevator,” Zack said as he grabbed the pile of clothes.

Trey picked up the pen and squared himself up on the book. He muttered aloud, “I hope this works the way I want it to,” as he set to writing. He carefully and methodically wrote each letter, making sure not to mess anything up. He wrote: “Any man who is actively fucking Zack Rogers can modify Zack’s body in any way they wish, the changes last for one week or until Zack decides to end them.”

He watched, leaning over the book a little worried the change wouldn’t be accepted. As the ink started to turn silver, he breathed a sigh of relief. The wording shifted to be more formal like all the other entries in the book.

Trey grinned to himself. That would ensure that he and Zack would be able to experiment with a variety of things, and if something went wrong Zack wouldn’t be stuck in a form he wasn’t okay with. He placed the rule sheet back in the book and closed it gently before he turned and walked to the elevator. As Trey approached the elevator, he saw Zack leaned against a nearby table breathing heavily. Zack stepped over and pushed the call button for the elevator as Trey walked up.

“Fuck, I don’t know what you wrote, but my asshole was tingling like crazy. Don’t tell me yet though, I want to experience it myself.”

“Oh, I know you’re going to love it,” Trey replied as they stepped onto the elevator. “The one thing I will tell you is that I gave you a way out. Anytime you want, you just think real hard about it, and you can go back to normal.”

“Wait, like a safe word?”

“Yeah, we always do it for our other scenes, and I wanted to make sure you didn’t get caught in a bad situation with it.”

“Well, now I’m intrigued as to what you did to me that you felt I needed that.”

“Oh, I bet you are intrigued. Shame nobody can tell just how intrigued you are with that little thing.”

The two left through the lobby, though there was no sign of the night librarian. As they get outside, they break into a light jog, Trey trying to keep himself warm in the chill night. It took them another 5 minutes to make it to Trey’s dormitory, and they hurried inside and up to his room.

Once they got into Trey’s dorm room, the two couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. They groped and grinded their bodies together as they kissed. Despite Trey’s changes, Zack still towered over him and he bent down so they could kiss. Zack wasted no time in pulling Trey’s borrowed shorts off and tossing them in the pile with his old clothes. Zack moved down Trey’s body kissing at his neck and down onto his hairy chest. He made his way over to Trey’s left nipple, taking it into his mouth and licking and sucking at it. He brought his hands up to start gently stroking Trey’s cock.

“Fuck babe, that’s… that’s fucking intense. Fuck, I didn’t realize it would feel like that. Stop, though. It’s… I’m close already, and I need to fuck your hole with my new cock. Get out of those clothes quick.” Zack quickly stripped out of his clothes eagerly, his caged cock throbbing within its plastic prison. “It’s going to take some getting used to this, but I’m sure you’ll be more than happy to help with that, won’t you, boi?”

“Yes, sir,” Zack said as he grabbed a bottle of lube and quickly lubed his hole up, and bent over the bed.

“Roll over, I want to see your face as it happens,” Trey said as he stands behind Zack, carefully spreading some lube onto his cock. As Zack got into position at the edge of the bed, Trey moved forward and gently pressed his cock into Zack’s warm, tight hole. Trey let out a low moan, holding back his orgasm as best he could.

Trey wasn’t sure quite how to start changing Zack, so he tried to visualize the change. He was going to start with something small, turning Zack’s hair blue. As Trey pictured Zack with blue hair, Zack’s hair changed from a black to a vibrant blue. It wasn’t limited to just the hair on his head though, the change rippled across Zack’s body, changing the stubble on his face, his chest hair, even the trimmed pubes above the cage the same vibrant shade of blue.

“It worked!” Trey exclaimed, his cock still buried deep inside Zack’s ass.

“Wait, all that just to turn my pubes blue?”

“It’s more than that. That was just a test. Let’s see, what should I do next,” Trey said as he thought. He focused on imagining Zack with a tiny cock, about an inch long. Beneath him Zack moaned and writhed, his ass flexing around Trey’s cock. Trey reached up and grabbed the key from around his neck and unlocked Zack’s cock. Zack looked at him quizzically as Trey pulled the cage away, but when he caught sight of his tiny cock, he gave out a long moan.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, you… you fucking shrank my fucking dick. Fuck, that’s the fucking hottest thing I’ve ever fucking seen.”

“Yeah, you like that, boi? I don’t know, maybe it’s too big…”

“Wait, how small can it go?” Zack asked, breathing heavily, loving the idea of his cock getting even smaller.

“As small as I want. I could take it away completely if I wanted to.”

“Please,” Zack said in a breathy whisper.

“What was that?”

“Please, sir.”

“Please what? I want you to say it, tell me what you want.”

“Please, sir; take my cock away. Leave me with nothing.”

“You better stroke what you have, while you have it. We’ll see who wins.” Zack reached down and took his tiny cock in two fingers and started stroking furiously. At the same time Trey started visualizing Zack with nothing between his legs, just a smooth bulge like a Ken doll. Zack moaned louder as the change started, first in his balls which pulled up inside of him, leaving just a flat expanse of skin beneath his little cock. He kept stroking as his cock began to get shorter and shorter. He switched to rubbing with the palm of his hand.

Zack was moaning, he was right on the very edge of orgasm. Just as the last vestige of his cock head faded into the smooth skin of his crotch he started to orgasm. His crotch pushed outwards into a smooth bulge as it quivered and shook with pleasure. He rode a euphoric wave of pleasure as he came, but without a cock or anything between his legs to express that orgasm it was like the ultimate ruined orgasm.

The rhythmic clenching of Zack’s ass around Trey’s cock was driving him wild. His new cock was so sensitive, and he couldn’t control himself anymore. Without having even thrusted once, Trey started cumming in Zack’s asshole, his turgid meat pumping its first load deep inside of Zack. The two men collapsed together on the bed, Trey’s softening cock slipping from Zack’s hole as the two men fell asleep still covered in the sweat of their exertion.

The Cockmoore Chronicles, #4 5,347 words Added Jan 2023 3,878 views 5.0 stars (4 votes)

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Transform: Phone sex by Also Known As Converting a guy to be one of the Transformed is easy enough in person. But what about over the phone? 5,573 words Added Jan 2014 14k views 5.0 stars (6 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase•Infectious •M/M•M/M/M

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