The Cockmoore Chronicles: Blake

by CockTFBoi

Trey, Zack, and Nick have learned the truth about the book, and are resolved to help free Blake from his self-imposed prison. Trapped with a half-finished world-altering spell, the three of them need to find a way to change the spell to mitigate the worst of its effects.

The Cockmoore Chronicles, #8 2 parts 9,521 words Added Apr 2023 3,389 views 5.0 stars (1 vote)

Part 1 Trey, Zack, and Nick have learned the truth about the book, and are resolved to help free Blake from his self-imposed prison. Trapped with a half-finished world-altering spell, the three of them need to find a way to change the spell to mitigate the worst of its effects. (added: 8 Apr 2023)
Part 2 Blake is finally free of his prison and brimming with power as his spell alters the world. He promised to help Zack, Nick, and the others; but the way he is helping them is different from what they expected. Blake’s power begins to overwhelm the trio and they must fight to break free of his control, and restore some order to their own lives.
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Part 1

Zack stood next to the shelf reading the words on the page. “Help you get out of here? Do you mean out of the library, or out of the book?”

The words swirled on the page until they said, [Out of the book.]

“Wow, this is like one of those fantasy movies, an evil wizard trapped some innocent guy in a book and forced him to grant wishes or something like that,” Nick said as his face lit up with excitement. “Is that what happened?”

[Sort of, except I’d be the evil wizard in this case.]

“Wait,” Trey said as he read the page, “if you’re the evil wizard, why would we free you? Wouldn’t you just destroy us or whatever?”

[No, it doesn’t really work like that. I trapped myself in here to cast a powerful spell, and I can’t get out until it’s finished.]

“Okay, so it sounds like you can get yourself out, right? What do you need our help with?” Zack said to the book.

[That’s the trouble, I don’t want to finish it anymore. When I started it, I was a very different person, and the changes it will do aren’t things I want anymore. I’ve been trying to hold it back, but eventually I won’t be able to stop it anymore and it’ll finish whether I want it or not.]

“And I assume that you can’t change it while you’re in there and that’s what you need us for, right?” Trey asked as he looked askance at the book.

[That is part of it. The other part is to figure out a way to undo the damage I’ve already done. The words of the spell are partly charged, so some of them can’t be changed. And the fate of those changed by writing in this book also hangs in the balance.]

“Wait,” Nick said with a worried expression on his face, “what do you mean ,our fate hangs in the balance?”

[In short, this book acts as a battery for magic, taking a little extra magic every time. It makes a change to store up for my spell. Once I decided I didn’t want to cast the spell, I allowed some changes to happen repeatedly pulling from the store of energy every time they changed. When this book is gone, that battery will be gone.]

“And what will happen to us?” Zack said as he looked over at Nick, his brow furrowed with worry.

[Your own magic can fuel it for a few changes, but if you don’t have enough the spell will consume you to fuel itself.]

“Consume us? Like kill us?”

[Or worse. A big enough change might consume your soul to fulfill itself.]

“What the fuck, dude!?” Nick shouted, as he looked for something to focus his frustration on. “Why would you stick a soul devouring book in a college full of horny men? Why would you let us put our souls on the line like that? You knew eventually, one way or another, you’d be out of there!”

[I know.] The words hung on the page for a long second before fading away. [I’m sorry.]

Zack moved over to Nick, pulling him into a hug and trying to calm him down while Trey stepped up to the book.

“So, is there a way around that? Something else it could use as fuel for the magic?”

[There are some options, but they all have their limits and risks.]

“So, could it be changed, and only trigger if they have enough? Some sort of safety valve?”

[Yes, but I could not make the changes while still in this book.]

“What did he say?” Nick asked as Zack and him walked back over. He glanced down at the page and read it quickly.

Nick said, “Maybe we should just burn the book. I don’t know that I trust him to help us after he’s free. He’s clearly evil for having done any of this in the first place,” as he finishes reading through it.

“I think he’s being truthful with us,” Trey said as he placed a hand on Nick’s forearm. “I don’t know how I know it, but I think he’s cooperating, he’s being open about it, and he wants to set things right.”

“Well,” said Zack, “show us your half-finished spell then. Let’s see what damage you’ve done.”

[Okay. Just remember I am a different person now than when I wrote it.] The pages of the book flipped back to the beginning, and then the page turned once more, a page seeming to appear from the front cover of the book.

The three men gathered around to read the words on the page. The words were written in blue ink, but more than half the words seemed to glimmer and glow in the dim florescent lighting of the library. Trey read it aloud.

”When any man takes a load of cum into himself, he will be changed to have no body hair, no cock or balls, a body perfect for pleasuring men, and will be a subservient little fa—”

Trey paused to give a look towards the book. He gave a sharp cough and continued.

”—gay man. Every gay man will crave the cum of real men, looking forward to when they can accept their proper place in the world.”

The words up through “pleasuring men” all glittered with the magical light.

They were all quiet for a long moment after they read it. Zack and Nick broke the silence simultaneously. Zack said, “Fuck, that’s kinda hot,” while Nick said, “Fuck, that’s fucked up.”

Trey shot Zack a look before saying, “Language used aside, even if some people find it hot, not everyone will and turning every gay guy into a sex-slave is rather extreme.”

“It is a fun fantasy, though,” Zack said quietly.

“Yeah, it could be, but not much consent involved there. So, Blake, could we just remove the sex-slave part and the craving cum part, and we just make the rest only last a few minutes or something?” Trey asks.

[While the parts can be removed, making it temporary would require some magic to change them each time and again each time they change back. The original spell only triggered one change, so it wouldn’t take nearly as much energy.]

“Ah, yeah, that would be a problem. So, if we can’t get rid of it altogether, and we can’t make it temporary, could we set it up so they at least have a way to get back to normal? Maybe add some words between the existing words?”

[Perhaps. A constant drain of magic would be dangerous, as it can fluctuate over time and risk consuming them eventually. A safer one would be triggering the change off of an influx of magic energy, such as the moment of orgasm.]

“What do you mean?” Nick asked from behind Trey and Zack.

[When a man orgasms, he releases a small surge of magical energy, and cum itself is rich in magic.]

“So, we make it so when they cum they go back to normal?” Trey said. “Seems like you said that would be too much before.”

[Back to normal in one load would be, but perhaps a load just brings them back to normal as far as it can. Might take a few loads to get back to normal.]

“Wait—if they suck a dick and lose their cock, why wouldn’t they just lose their cock again when they suck another guy off?” Trey asked.

“Maybe we add to the beginning that it only counts the first time? Would that work?” Zack suggested.

[It might. Adding words in the middle of the charged words is unpredictable but might be the best bet.]

Trey typed on his phone, making the changes to the wording to get it right. Once he finished, he read the changed sentence aloud:

”When any man takes a load of cum into himself for the first time he will be changed to have no body hair, no cock or balls, a body perfect for pleasuring men, but can return their body to normal by absorbing another man’s cum, converting it into the energy to fuel their changes.”

[Don’t use “normal.” The magic has no idea what normal would mean for each man, and the more it has to change the less each load would restore. Plus, cum as magical energy tends to fade over time.]

“So, either the fix is so small and short term it wouldn’t be noticeable, or we only try to fix one part of it?” Zack mused. “Well, ummm, I guess from that list, having a cock and balls are probably the most important to most guys.”

“Could we add something where they have to all wear sweaty jockstraps all the time?” Nick broke in.

Zack and Trey turned to him at the same time and in sync with each other said, “No.”

“This is a lot,” Trey said. “Choosing for every guy out there. It’s a lot of pressure to choose right.”

“Yes, but not choosing at all would be bad,” Nick chimed in.

“Couldn’t you ask someone else to do it instead?” Trey said to Blake.

[I have in the past. Too many are tempted to change the world to suit their fantasies. Each time, my grip slips further and further.]

“How much longer could you hold it? You know, like, if we needed more time to figure it out,” Nick asked.

[Maybe a few more weeks.]

“See, we’ll be fine. We can go, and someone else can figure this mess out,” Nick said as he turned towards the exit.

Trey grabbed his arm firmly and said, “No, we stay here and fix it. There’s no guarantee anyone else could figure out something better. Do you want to end up as some random guy’s sex slave for the rest of your life?”

Nick shook his head and Trey turned back to the book. “Okay, we say something like ‘but can grow their cock and balls by absorbing cum’ and the rest stays the same.”

[That will work.]

Trey pulled out his pen and started writing, first adding the words between the charged words, jumping a couple of times as the words shocked him with the stored energy. He crossed out the uncharged words that were there and substituted the changes they’d agreed upon. As the glow began to spread to the new words, they seemed to shift and twist some as the inserted words were pulled in line with the rest and the crossed-out words faded as the added words shifted up and began to glow as well. Once all the letters were glowing blue, the light seemed to change color, shifting rapidly through dozens of hues faster than their eyes could track. The words shifted and melded together, strange symbols forming on the page as the light grew brighter and brighter. Soon the men couldn’t keep looking at the book due to the blindingly bright light.

There was a blast of some kind and each of the men felt like they had been punched in the chest and knocked away from the book. Their bodies tingled as the magic coursed through them, building within the seed of the potential change that would await them. Outside the library the magic surged upwards into the sky before spreading out, the light of it quickly dissipating as it raced across the world. Each man it touched felt a brief tingle as the seed of transformation was planted.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hundreds of miles away in the city, Colter was fucking in the locker room of the cruisy gay gym that he frequented. Mornings were usually busy with guys, and today was no exception. Colter had his 7-inch cock thrusting in and out of the twink in front of him, as another half-dozen guys stood around watching, stroking their own cocks. He didn’t know the twink’s name and didn’t care to know it; he was just a hole for Colter’s hard dick. He had one hand wrapped around the twink’s slim waist stroking his cock, a massive 9 incher swaying with each thrust of Colter’s cock against his prostate.

The invisible wave of magic hit them all and they felt a twinge of pleasure run down their spines and to the bases of their dicks. The twink gasped and cried out, “I’m cumming,” as the magic tingle pushed him over the edge. Colter slid his hand up, polishing the head of the twink’s cock and catching a few globs of cum on his hand. The twink’s ass was still flexing around his cock as he thrusted and brought his cum soaked hand up to his mouth. Colter licked the cum off his fingers, huffing the musky aroma, and pushing himself over the edge.

As Colter started cumming, he felt a surge of energy spreading from his tongue where the cum first touched. As it spread across his skin, his body hair thinning and vanishing, small sparks of magic giving his body a brief glimmer as each hair was erased from existence. His lips grew thicker, his tongue became longer and wider, and his throat reshaped itself to remove his gag reflex and allow him to breathe even with a cock down his throat. The energy spread down his legs annihilating his leg hair before coming back up to his hole, changing it, making it more pliable and self-lubricating as his ass inflates with an extra layer of muscle giving him a pronounced bubble butt. A bit of magic focused on his nipples, amplifying their sensitivity, making even the slight movement of air in the locker room cause his nipples to get hard.

Finally, the magic focused on his cock and balls. All the other changes had only taken half of a second, his cock was still shooting in the twink’s hole as the magic went to work on it. Colter’s balls shuddered and suddenly compressed like they had been crushed, but instead of being painful, an intense pleasure flooded Colter’s mind and an extra-large blast of cum rocketed from his dick into the twink. His nutsack pulled up against his body and vanished into a smooth expanse of flesh. He shuddered as his cock shaft rapidly shrank, pulling the head of his dick quickly out of the twink’s tight hole, leaving it to spray a long constant stream of cum as it rapidly contracted. The head of his cock, a tiny nub against his body, smoothed away into a small bulge of flesh on his crotch, barely sticking out from his body. There was no sign that he had ever had a cock or balls, just smooth flesh.

As Colter’s mind recovered from his orgasm he started to take in his body, realizing what had happened to him and seeing the twink in front of him, also changed in the same way. The other men around them seemed stunned for a few seconds after having witnessed the changes, though none of them had stopped stroking their cocks.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Elsewhere, Lance was leaning back in his computer chair, one hand running across his hairy belly while the other was working his 4-inch cock, which was fully greased up with lube. His eyes were glazed over from the weed and poppers he had been doing all morning as he stared at the computer screen in front of him. He’d been edging for about three hours when the magic washed over him, the tingle of pleasure ran down his spine, but it barely registered. He scrolled to the next video, a nice one of a big hairy bear getting fucked hard. This was the video for him, it was pushing all his buttons and he finally gave in to the pleasure. His eyes closed and his back arched as he let the cum go flying from the tip of his dick. He moaned, as his cum splashed against his chest.

Lance reached down, dragging his fingers through the cum on his chest and brought them up to his lips. He licked and sucked the cum from his fingers as he always did, reveling in the tangy taste of his own cum. The pulse of magic raced through his body as he laid back in his chair. He gasped at the rippling sensations of pleasure as all the hair evaporated from his body. His nipples felt on fire as they elongated and became increasingly sensitive to pleasure, his hands drifted down to play with his nipples as the magic finished with them. The magic continued down to his hole, making it tighter around the vibrating plug he had in there, and coating it in his natural lube. His prostate became more sensitive, the plug pushing against it as it grew, making Lance moan loudly, his voice almost an octave higher than before.

Then the magic hit his cock, his foreskin growing over the head and sealing shut. Then the skin of his cock started getting tighter and tighter, compressing his cock within, forcing it to shrink smaller and smaller until it was pushed completely into his body. Similarly, his ball sack pulled tight, forcing his nuts up into his body cavity. Once they were inside, they merged with his enlarged prostate, making it even bigger and more sensitive. He reached down, ready for round two, but found his dick missing. He seemed undisturbed by its sudden disappearance and proceeded to massage the bulge on his crotch as he flipped to the next video.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Aaron was kneeling in the backroom of a bar half-way around the world from the college. In front of him was a glory hole, a throbbing 10-inch dick sticking through it. He wiped his face off and put the cock back in his mouth, working it with his lips and his tongue, taking it as deep as he could and using his hand to stroke the rest. His own cock was straining in the metal cock cage he was wearing, providing a pleasant buzz of horniness as he ignored it. The guy to his left had turned around and was getting fucked by the cock sticking through his glory hole. Aaron kept sucking on the dick, happy for the feeling of it in his mouth as he worked it. He could hear the man’s moans coming from the other side, spurring him onwards.

He glanced over to the guy getting fucked as he heard the moaning coming from that way and watched in shock as the bottom’s dick seemed to just pop off, landing on the floor, and then fading away, leaving nothing but a cock-shaped imprint in the puddle of cum on the floor. Before he could react, the dick in his mouth swelled and started cumming. He pulled off the cock saying, “What the fuck,” but not before swallowing a bit of the cum as the rest of the guy’s load landed in his hair. In the time it took him to say those words the magic was already going to work, changing his body. He shuddered in pleasure as the magic coursed through him. He was already shaved smooth, but the magic ensured he’d never need to shave again. His lips became more supple and sensitive, his nips rubbing against the inside of his shirt made him groan in pleasure, and his ass swelled with a new layer of fat providing extra padding.

The magic surrounded his locked cock and balls, creating waves of pleasure to radiate through them. With each pulse of pleasure his cock and balls lost their definition and features, quickly becoming just lumps of flesh before fading away into a smooth expanse of skin. He felt the pleasure building up in his loins, and just as he was on the verge of orgasming it all suddenly vanished. He pulled the waistband of his pants and saw his own crotch was bare, his cock cage empty, leaning against the pouch of his briefs. As he tried to process this, a cock about 6 inches long came through his glory hole and he debated for a moment whether to suck it or not, before he pulled it into his mouth.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Back in the library the light faded, and there standing beside the bookshelf was a hugely muscular, tattooed man. The other three men looked up from where they had fallen on the ground, groaning with new aches from being flung backwards, and stared up at the being they had released from the book.


Part 2

The light faded and, on the floor, next to the bookshelf was a man standing upright, looking around. The rest of the room looked unaffected by the blast, not even the dust on the shelves disturbed. The man was covered in black tattoos that spread across his chest, back, arms, and legs; leaving only his hands and his head free of the tattoos. Between the black tattoos, the man had alabaster white skin, as if he had never seen the light of the sun. He looked to be about 21 and was covered in taut defined muscles, as if he had been working out every day of his life. He was completely nude, his skin shone as if coated in a thin layer of oil, the fluorescent lights of the library reflected off his bald head. Between his legs however, there was nothing. No cock or balls, not even a mannequin-like bulge.

Trey managed to pick himself up off the floor as he looked at the man saying, “Blake, I presume?”

“Yes,” Blake choked out, his voice was rough, like he had not used it in a long time. He cleared his throat and tried again, but his voice was still rough, “Yes, that’s me. Shit, it’s been so long since I spoke. Would any of you happen to have some water?”

The other three men shook their heads, still taking in the sight of this hairless, dickless stud.

“Ah, well I guess I’ll have to find some.” Blake looked down at his body, taking himself in. “Well, this isn’t ideal, but I guess it’s good enough for now.”

“So, you didn’t look like this before you became a book?” Nick said, his cock hard and throbbing between his legs as he laid sprawled on the floor.

“Umm, no. The tattoos and the lack of hair and dick are definitely new. Not exactly unexpected, but new,” Blake replied.

“So, what are they for then?” Zack asked as he got up.

“Well, the tattoos are the wishes and sentences of every man that wrote in me as a book. I had expected some, but I suppose they add up over the years. My dick was my sacrifice to become a book in the first place, converted into the magic needed to make my transformation possible. The hair, not sure actually. That one has me stumped. I’m sure I can fix all of it in time though,” Blake said as he stretched. “Sorry, it’s been a long time.”

“Wait, how long have you been in there?” Trey asked.

“Like 25 years. I could have finished it after the first few, but as you know I changed my mind on that,” Blake replied nonchalantly.

“Fuck, that’s so long. You’ve been a book longer than I’ve been alive!” Zack exclaimed as he walked over to Blake.

Nick crawled over to Blake, not even standing up. He took a long sniff of Blake’s blank crotch as he started licking it. Zack’s face seemed to go slack, and he was soon licking and sucking at Blake’s nipples. Blake seemed not to even notice them. Trey stood back, but even he could smell a strange musk on the air that made his cock chub up in his pants.

“What are you guys doing?” Trey said loudly.

“Oh, sorry. I almost forgot about that one completely. A little change I made to myself before the book. Makes my musk drive all the gay guys crazy with lust, especially the submissive ones. They can’t help themselves. It’ll probably get you too after a while,” Blake stated, barely acknowledging Zack and Nick.

“Well, can you turn it off or something?” Trey said, pinching his nose shut.

“Not really. If I had some clothes they would muffle it, but there’s not really an off switch for it. I can tell them to stop, and they will, but the lust won’t abate. It’d be like leaving them right on the edge of cumming.”

“That’s… kinda fucked up. But also, so hot,” Trey said, rubbing the front of his jeans.

“It is, but I wrote that when I thought that’s how all gay guys should be. Horny little fuckers, ready to please all the real men. Hence, why I was trying to make it universal. I hadn’t even realized at the time just how gay I was myself.”

“What about fixing them? I don’t want them becoming soulless shells because they change one too many times,” Trey said, trying to get Blake’s attention back onto what mattered.

“Oh right, them. Well, I think underwear boy here knows what he wants, don’t you?” Blake said as he grabbed Nick’s chin. “Wouldn’t you love to just become my underwear forever? Serve me, and smell my wonderful musk all day?” Nick’s eyes were glazed over as he nodded.

Blake pulled him up to a standing position, still a good 6 inches shorter than Blake. Blake bent down and started making out with Nick, lifting him up with one hand as he continued kissing him. Nick moaned into his mouth and his legs curled up behind him. His arms stretched backwards, turning into a jockstrap waistband as his legs met with them forming the straps. Trey watched as Nick’s torso thinned out turning into the black pouch of the jockstrap. Blake pulled back as Nick’s face faded away into the pouch.

“You lied to us!” Trey shouted.

“Yeah, I did. Face it, there wasn’t really a solution for them except lock them into their form. Since he has to want to turn back, all I have to do is flood him with enough musk that he won’t want to,” Blake said as he stepped into Nick’s waistband and pulled him up.

Trey shook his head, trying to clear the musk from his nostrils, but it was getting harder and harder to focus.

“As for your boyfriend here, well, his changes make him pliable enough I’m sure he’ll make a good cock for me. Isn’t that, right?” Blake said as he looked into Zack’s eyes. Zack’s already slack face seemed to look even more vacant than before.

“I thought you had changed!” Trey said, pulling his shirt up over his face to mask the smell, but it was getting harder to fight it.

“I had changed. I realized I was gay and didn’t want to become another mindless, dickless cum dump like the others. You were the first to find something that was acceptable enough,” Blake said as he slipped a finger down the back of Zack’s pants. Zack moaned as Blake turned towards him and started making out with him now.

Trey felt angry seeing Zack used like this, and shouted at Blake, “But you… you were affirming of me when I wrote in the book! I thought that…”

Blake barked a harsh laugh and then said, “Yes, because the magic knows the real you underneath, so it wouldn’t have made any changes to you. I needed you to write something that would actually make some sort of change, otherwise I couldn’t take the excess magic for myself.”

“But you had plenty for your spell that you didn’t even want! Why keep taking more? Wouldn’t that just make it harder on you?”

“Because I knew eventually someone would change it enough that I could get out, and I wanted all that extra magic for when I got free. Now I have enough to change the world several times over.”

Zack moaned softly and gasped as the changes started to hit him. Blake tugged down Zack’s pants and his own jockstrap, exposing his blank crotch. He pulled Zack around and lined his ass up with his crotch and pressed them together. Zack moaned and arched his back as a wave of pleasure washed over him. Trey could see their skin fusing together.

Trey was trying to think of some way to stop Blake, something he could do before his boyfriend ended up hanging off of another guy’s body as a dick. He took a step forward, and then another, unable to resist the inexorable pull of Blake’s musk. The closer he got, the harder it was to think, the musk permeating every part of his mind. He could see Zack’s legs curling up and the skin fusing together as they became a huge pair of balls. The sight was painful for Trey, yet the musk was drowning out every bit of pain with thoughts of pleasure. What it’d be like to suck the massive dick that Zack was becoming. As Trey came closer, he struggled to fight against it, all worries being washed away by the overwhelming horniness of the musk.

“Good. I’m glad you know your place now,” Blake said as he watched Trey approach.

Trey kept coming forward, drawn to Blake’s chest, eyeing the large dark nipple, his mouth watering with the thought of sucking on it. Zack was shrinking rapidly, his arms gone as everything, but his head was turned into Blake’s cock. Then his chin flared out into the ridge of Blake’s cockhead, his hair retracted into his scalp as his face pushed forward forming the bulbous head. Zack’s mouth twisted sideways forming the heavy slit at the tip and his eyes faded away.

As Zack finished changing a wave of musk assaulted Trey’s senses, worming it’s way deeper into his brain. He couldn’t fight it anymore and got on his knees, his mouth open and his tongue hanging out.

“Good boi,” Blake said, putting his hands on the back of Trey’s head. He lined his cock up and slid it smoothly into Trey’s mouth. Trey greedily sucked at the massive slab of meat in his mouth, lapping at the precum that flowed freely from the tip. This close to Blake he couldn’t focus on anything but the dick in his mouth. He could feel it changing him though, little twinges of magical energy seeming to spark with each drop of precum, waiting to ignite and change him.

Blake used his hands to get some leverage and started thrusting his hips to glide his dick into Trey’s mouth faster and faster. All the attention from Nick and Zack had already gotten him close and Blake let loose, his balls pulling up close to his body as he began to cum.

Just as Blake started to cum there was a sudden shift, the musk seemed to fade momentarily from Trey’s nostrils, replaced by the familiar scent of Zack’s musk. Trey pulled back off Blake’s cock as the first rope shot forth, hitting the side of his face. Trey doubled over and, the rest of Blake’s load sailing over his head. The smell of cum on the air was heavy, its own musky smell worming its way into Trey’s mind.

Trey looked up and saw behind Blake’s balls a circle of glowing symbols that seemed to draw him in, calling to him in some way. Trey moved forward as he mustered one last burst of willpower against the crushing weight of the musk and dove for the glowing symbols between Blake’s legs. As his tongue touched the symbols, they shifted and smeared as if they were wet paint. The glow became brighter, and a burst of energy rippled out from Blake as the rest of the symbols on his body began to glow as well. Trey was knocked backwards by the energy; the nearby shelves being knocked aside by the force. Amongst the deafening cacophony of the falling bookshelves Blake screamed.

Several long minutes went by before Trey was able to move. He was laying against one of the toppled tables. Everything hurt as he slowly got to his feet. Looking where Blake was standing was a small crater in the floor, the concrete pushed downwards by the force, but a soft blue glow was coming from within. Trey slowly approached the crater, hoping to see some sign of Zack and Nick. At the bottom of the crater, amongst the broken bits of concrete lay three things: a dust-covered black jockstrap, a disembodied white cock that was hard and throbbing, and a small blue crystal that was about the size of Trey’s fist. Trey grabbed the cock, feeling it throb in his hand.

“Zack, are you in there?” Trey called out.

The cock in his hand throbbed three times, a long strand of precum drooling from the tip.

“Zack, can you try to change back? Remember, you can always change back from anything someone changes you into,” Trey said, his eyes brimming with tears, as he fought not to cry.

The cock in his hand throbbed again several times, then there was a shift and it started rapidly growing and changing form. Trey could see Zack’s facial features growing out from the head, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Trey set Zack down gently on a relative clear part of the floor as he grew too big to hold.

“Fuck, that was intense,” Zack said as he finished changing.

“I’m just glad that you’re all right. What the fuck happened?”

“Well, I’m pretty sure that when he turned himself into a book, he had to sacrifice a lot more than just his dick. Those runes between his legs were what defined his human form. Somehow you disrupted them and destroyed the thing holding him together,” Zack explained.

“Oh, I guess that makes sense. Wait, how do you know all that?”

“During the short time I was his cock, some of his knowledge seeped into my mind. I used that and the distraction of his orgasm to make some of the… uh symbols I guess that held his spells together visible to you. He had used a lot of magic on himself, not just to physically adjust his body, but to increase his magic capabilities. I was able to see that all those spells tied to a single point. I didn’t know what it would do, I thought maybe just break the spells and return him back to whatever he looked like before. Instead, it unravelled him, or it consumed the rest of him trying to undo everything he did. That crystal is all that’s left of him.”

“Is he in there? Could he come back?”

“No, I think that’s just the leftover energy. Pretty sure most of it was released in here, but that’s what didn’t get released.”

“So, he’s dead now?”

“I’m not sure he’d been truly alive for quite some time; I’m pretty sure changing himself into a book took his soul too. On the bright side, with that energy leftover I think I can fix us so we won’t be consumed by our changes. Add a safety switch of sorts to all of our changes that if we don’t have enough to safely make the change, we just won’t change. Then we destroy it. Nick was right about that part at least. Wait where is Nick?”

“I saw the jockstrap in the crater where I grabbed you. I was a bit more focused on you.”

The two of them get to their feet. The dust had settled out of the air, but the pungent aroma of Blake’s musk was still hanging heavily. They made their way back over to the crater and Zack grabbed the jockstrap off the ground. It was coated in dust and the straps and waistband were all torn by the force of the magical explosion.

“Is he still… in there?” Trey asked hesitantly, not wanting to think the worst.

“Yes, but probably in a lot of pain. I hope you can hear me, Nick, but don’t try to change back yet. I think I can fix you like this,” Zack said as he reached down and grabbed the crystal.

Zack held the crystal in one hand and Nick in the other, closing his eyes as he focused inwards. He focused intensely on restoring Nick’s form. As Trey looked on anxiously, he saw the light in the crystal grow dimmer as traces of light moved up Zack’s arm, across his chest, and back down the other arm. Nick’s waistband reconnected, the fibers knitting themselves back together, the straps coming up and connecting to the waistband as well. As the jockstrap finished mending, Zack set him on the ground.

Nick’s face became visible on the pouch, his mouth moving as if he were talking but no sound coming out. Gradually, his arms and legs separated growing back like a balloon inflating. As his pouch pushed out, separating into his head and torso he was finally able to speak.

“Fuck,” Nick started breathing heavily between each word as he continued, “that hurt. Holy shit. I broke an arm before, with bone sticking out and everything, and it didn’t hurt that bad.” He sat, naked, on the floor breathing heavily for several long moments, staring at his hands and feet, flexing them a few times. “Thank you for fixing me, though.”

“Well, we’re not quite out of the woods yet,” Zack said, “I still need to fix us, so a transformation doesn’t kill us. Can’t use cum now, since the big change is going to use that. Can’t avoid that. Basically, your options are: only change every couple of months, longer if you want to be able to change back whenever; or be able to change more often but with a sacrifice of some kind; or I can try to undo it completely, return you to normal but there might not be enough energy to do it completely.”

“Wait—a sacrifice?” Nick asked, a bit of fear in his voice.

“Not like a person or anything like that,” Zack explained, “I can use this crystal to connect you to the magic of the world itself. It’d let you change all the time, but Blake discarded it for his whole thing because it is very unpredictable. It changes something in exchange for the connection, no matter how much magic we use.”

Nick thought for a second. “Do I have to choose now?”

“More or less, yes. The crystal has power, but it’s leaking out, so maybe an hour or so before it’s gone,” Zack said, “I’m going to use a good chunk of it to put safeties on everyone else Blake had made a conditional change on over the years. We don’t have time to go find each of them and ask, and it would take far more energy than is left to undo them all. I can get you in the same group or create the connection.”

“Okay, I’ll get connected,” Nick said as he stood up, “I don’t want to get stuck as underwear again, but it feels really awesome to be worn. It’s hard to describe, honestly. I don’t want to lose that either.”

Zack nodded and closed his eyes. The crystal’s light flared and then dimmed as a small orb of light came out and shot into Nick’s chest. Nick gasped in surprise and then in pleasure. His cheeks flushed as little sparks of light trailed down his body to his cock and balls. He gave a little yelp as the light touched his cock. His balls deformed stretching impossibly as they turned from the reddish color of his flesh to a bright fire-engine red. They wrapped around his legs and up to the sides of his waist. Then his cock started turning red even as it flattened out, turning into the pouch of a pair of bright-red briefs.

Zack was panting for a few long seconds before a look of concern flashed across his face. The concern turned to almost panic as he quickly shoved the waistband of the briefs down and kicked them off his feet as if they were about to bite him.

“Are you okay?” Trey asked with concern in his voice.

“Y-yeah. The change was fine, felt amazing actually; but once it was done it felt wrong to have them on, to even be touching them,” Nick stated as he kept an eye on the briefs. “It’s so weird, I can feel them. Like I can feel the uneven floor, the slight coldness to it, everything.”

“May I?” Trey says as he reaches down for them. Nick nods and Trey gently picks them up. Nick lets out a soft moan as he does.

“Fuck, that feels good.”

“Want me to wear them?” Trey asks and Nick nods. Trey slides his pants and underwear off and pulls them on. As they slide up Trey’s muscular thighs Nick shudders in pleasure and as Trey brings the waistband up fully, tucking his cock inside the pouch Nick lets out a long low moan of pleasure.

“Holy fuck, that’s intense,” Nick said between moans, “and it doesn’t stop. It’s just like a constant pleasure while you wear it. It’s nice though. Fuck it’s like edging but without even needing to try.”

“Do you need me to take them off?” Trey asked.

“No, please leave them on. Just gotta get used to this is all.”

As Trey and Nick had been experimenting with the briefs Zack had been drawing on the energy of the crystal to cast a spell. A couple dozen points of light were floating in the air in front of him. Trey and Nick turned to watch. As they did, the points of light surged upwards moving through the ceiling.

“There it’s done,” Zack said as he held the darkened crystal.

“What about you, babe?” Trey said.

“I had hoped there’d be enough to undo what Blake did completely, but there isn’t,” Zack said.

“Nothing? Can’t we sacrifice something to link you to something like Nick? I don’t want to risk losing you because I fantasize about something while fucking you!” Trey said as his eyes welled up with tears.

“Well, Blake changed that. He changed the spell on me completely,” said Zack. “I guess he didn’t want his dick turning into other things, so now I’m just a dick. I was able to grab some energy to make my body like this again, but I’m still just a cock.”

“Wait, does that mean you’re going to turn back into a cock like when I found you?” Trey asked.

“No, it was a one-time change. I’m not a man anymore, I’m just a sentient cock that’s shaped like a man.”

Trey walked over and hugged Zack, he returned the hug, but at the same time his mouth started to fill with sticky and sweet precum. He tried to swallow it back, but he found he couldn’t swallow. It soon spilled from his mouth, running down Trey’s back.

“Sorry, I can’t help it,” Zack said.

“That’s pre isn’t it?” Trey asked.

“Yeah,” Zack said with a sad tone of voice.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s kind of hot. And that smell, fuck it smells so good,” Trey said.

“Shit, I think I’m still releasing his musk,” Zack said as his eyes began to dilate as the musk worked its way into his mind.

Trey and Nick were likewise being driven to new heights of lust from the musk coming from the massive amounts of precum sticking to Trey. Trey and Nick wrapped their arms around Zack in a hug, their arms running up and down his torso making him moan and leak more precum onto all of them. Trey brought Zack in for a kiss, making out with him, drinking the precum directly from his mouth as it spilled out. Trey came closer, and the other two pulled him in for a three-way kiss, their tongues intertwining and sharing the precum between them. While the musk coming off the precum made them all horny, drinking it directly amplified its effects, making Trey and Nick practically drunk on their horniness.

The three of them continued like this for several minutes until Zack moaned, “fuck, I’m getting close.”

“Come on baby, do it,” Trey said between kisses.

“But if you swallow any…” Zack started, but Trey put his hand up.

“It’ll happen eventually as long as we’re together, and I’m not giving you up. So cum for me, boi, show me how much cum a cock like you can shoot.”

The words seemed to hit a trigger deep within Zack and he felt a sudden rush. Pleasure rushed up from within him, overwhelming his senses and flooding his thoughts, annihilating anything except the need to cum. Zack’s mouth opened and out came a deluge of white cum, spraying all over Trey’s face and chest. Three long strands of cum fired from Zack’s mouth, coating Trey and dripping down onto the floor. The cum triggered a wave of pleasure throughout Trey as it touched his skin and as it dripped down his body, it amplified the pleasure until, without even having touched it, Trey started shooting a load onto Zack’s leg.

All three of them were panting and breathing heavily as the magic went to work on Trey. His body hair vanished in a sparkle of magic, each hair practically burning away as it it was converted into magic energy. His ass expanded with new muscle as it pushed further out into a thick bubble butt. His lips grew plumper as his throat was altered to be better at sucking dick. The magic enveloped his cock, shrinking it and pulling it within him until there was nothing left of it, leaving only his pussy left on his crotch. The magic seemed to swirl around his pussy, as if uncertain. The magic then condensed on Trey’s pussy, pulling the lips closed and smoothing over the skin until there was no trace of it left at all.

“Well, that… fuck… uh… fuck…” Trey starts trying to say something but is lost for words. “Fuck this is making me so fucking horny now. We need to get out of here before this shit gets us fucking again.”

“Wait,” Zack says, retrieving the crystal from the floor. “I think there’s enough left in here to stop the musk part. That’s a bit much for me.” Zack closed his eyes, pulling the last bit of magic from the crystal which crumbled to dust. “There, let’s get out of here.”

Trey’s clothes were soaked in cum and precum, and they managed to find Zack’s shorts in the mess, but the clothes they grabbed for Nick were gone.

“Hey, could you guys wear me out?” Nick asked.

“I guess. I mean you’re two pairs now, so we’ll each wear one,” Trey replied.

Zack grabbed the red briefs and pulled them on, pulling his shorts back over them. Nick was moaning and squirming even as he closed his eyes and rapidly collapsed to the ground as a jockstrap. Trey pulled Nick on and pulled his pants back up over him. They checked the elevator, but it wasn’t working. They moved to the stairs and got out of there quickly. As they made it outside they could hear sirens in the distance. Not wanting to hang around and try to answer questions that would at best just confuse people, they ran off heading for Zack’s dorm room.

The two men made it back without attracting too much attention. The student at the front desk for the dorm building was the only person they saw the whole time, and they just gave them a wink as they passed by. They slammed the door to the dorm room closed, leaning against it and against each other.

“So how fucked are we?” Zack asked.

“Depends on if cameras survived. It’s also magic, so I don’t know, maybe that destroys cameras or something,” Trey replied.

“Hopefully,” Zack said, his voice trailing off. “What about all the guys out there? In the next few days, thousands or millions of guys will find themselves dickless. It’s going to be mass panic.”

“They’ll have to figure it out for themselves, I think. It’s not like we can announce to the world that magic is real or whatever,” Trey said, then he paused. “Well, maybe we could go on social media. Start spreading the word on how they can get their cocks back. Stuff like that. Eventually it’ll make it to most of them. I should probably take Nick off now that we’re here.”

Trey pulled his pants off and then tried to pull Nick off, but every time he got one side down a little, it’d slide back up. “You know, I think he wants to stay here for now.”

“That figures. Poor guy is probably still out of his mind with horniness from all that musk.”

“Blake said adding the words in the beginning part would cause instability. Is there any way to see what happened, or the details. Blake and the book are gone, so it’s not like we can just read the words,” Trey said as he moved over to the bed.

“The bit of knowledge I got from him has been slipping away. I think I can still use it to ‘read’ it. His spell wrote the change to the universe at large so to speak. He made it a fundamental law of reality. It’s kinda scary the sort of power we were playing with. Just give me a moment,” Zack said as he followed Trey over to the bed and closed his eyes. Trey could see a light shining from behind Zack’s eyelids as he spoke, “I can see it, it’s everywhere. The symbols are permeating and shaping everything.”

“So, what are they saying then?” Trey asked.

“Well, the trigger seems to be the same. The changes are tied to it how we wrote it. So that’s basically still ‘When a guy first takes a load of cum into himself…’ but it starts getting more complicated. The losing your body hair, cock, and balls are all seemingly straightforward, though cock and balls seems to be genitals instead. The ‘body of a slut’ is the problem. It was too ambiguous, so the magic took it and ran with it.”

“That wasn’t something we wrote, so that part is on Blake,” Trey replied.

“Yes, but it is interfering with the part we did write. Blake for his part added a safety on his changes, made sure it wouldn’t consume someone in the process of changing them. I guess he wanted living sex-slaves or whatever. But it means that if the energy isn’t enough to finish whatever it qualifies as the ‘body of a slut’, it waits until it has more energy to finish it. And with us providing a means to easily get that energy, it means every time they absorb cum, the changes will progress further.”

“So can you see what the magic is going to do to give guys these slutty bodies?”

“I can. It looks like it split them. The initial change does a bit of everything, but after that however they absorb the cum determines the focus of the change from then on. If a guy swallows the cum their lips become thicker, their tongue and mouths become more sensitive, they lose what gag reflex they might have left, their voice becomes softer, and their stomach changes to absorb cum for sustenance more efficiently than food.”

“Fuck, that’s weird but kind of hot.”

“Yeah,” Zack wipes the precum off his lips before continuing, “if they take the cum in their ass, their ass becomes bigger with both muscle and fat, their prostate enlarges and becomes more sensitive, and they produce a natural lubricant for their ass.”

“So, suck a dick and become a better cocksucker, get fucked and become a better bottom, all while regrowing your cock. Doesn’t seem too bad, all things considered.”

“Well, there is another way. We didn’t specify that they had to take the cum inside them, so if they absorb the cum through their skin, their muscles will grow bigger, especially their pecs, and their nipples become more sensitive. It also seems to smooth your skin out some as well, So I think it means no wrinkles or blemishes. There is a problem though, tying the changes to cum was a mistake. Blake lied to us about that. It works for giving a burst of magic, but it doesn’t last.”

“What do you mean? Like, how long are we talking?”

“A couple days, then the changes from absorbing the cum will start to fade.”

“That asshole. He knew what would happen. Even if we took out the sex-slave part, he still managed to make it so every guy was going to be addicted to cum.”

“Yeah, basically.”

“Anything else? Any other little surprises he left us?”

“No, that’s basically it,” Zack said as he opened his eyes, the magical light fading from them. “Let’s get some rest. We’ve had a long day and there’s nothing more we can do, and frankly I’m tired of messing with this magic shit. The world is going to have to learn to live with this, as are we. I’ll figure out later how the hell I’m going to explain to the team why one of their linebackers is now a tiny slim twink with a huge ass that might start drooling precum at a moment’s notice.”

Trey gave a little laugh and slight smite crept onto his face, “We can figure it out together. If nothing else, we have some very supportive underwear.”

Nick flexed his waistbands around them, which the two took as a positive sign. Then the two climbed into the bed together, wearing only Nick and snuggled up, quickly drifting off to sleep off the events of the day.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Across campus in one of the faculty apartment buildings, Ryan, the Night Librarian, stood shirtless in front of his mirror. Through his own eyes he could see the spells Blake had used to bind him falling apart without the trickle of magic from Blake to sustain them. The tattoo of chains that had been magically burned into his skin faded away, the ink lifting from his skin and drifting off into nothingness on an unseen wind. A tear drifted down his cheek as he was glad to finally be free of Blake’s spell.

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