What a little confidence can do

by TheSizeKing

Cory and Ian have been friends for years. They ended up going to separate colleges, and met up four years later. Both guys had gone through a lot of changes, but Cory had an extra surprise in store…

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Part 1: The Meet-Up Cory and Ian have been friends for years. They ended up going to separate colleges, and met up four years later. Both guys had gone through a lot of changes, but Cory had an extra surprise in store… (added: 22 Feb 2020)
Part 2: The Discovery
Part 3: The Change
Part 4: The Experiment
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Part 1: The Meet-Up

Ian sat in his car with a strange mixture of excitement and nerves. He hadn’t seen his friend Cory since the summer before their freshman year of college. They were thick as thieves before Cory went off to Europe for his four years, and they stayed in touch regularly so they wouldn’t lose their friendship. But Ian had to admit that it was tough.

Ian was a closeted gay, and had a huge crush on Cory for as long as he could remember. They looked like polar opposites: Ian was a beefy, well-built, model-like guy who had both guys and girls swooning over him, and Cory was thin, lanky, and easy to pass over when scanning a crowd.

Ian knew that Cory had always lacked confidence, but also knew that he was insanely smart, which is why he was able to go to a prestigious international school. They met in middle school during gym class. As is the case with every boy entering their pubescent changes, no one wanted to change in front of each other, but of course, they were forced to. Some would try to hide in the showers, but they would soon get crowded and they had limited time to change, so eventually everyone just changed in the open without making eye contact.

Ian, however, would steal glances at Cory from a few lockers down. He watched him change out of the corner of his eye, but it took him a few weeks to finally approach the lanky, shy, messy haired boy. They got paired up one day when we had to do stupid basketball drills, and from there, it was history. They became close friends very quickly, and soon they were changing in the locker rooms side by side, chatting away the whole time.

This gave Ian a chance to see Cory up close. His pale skin was clear of any marks or acne, which was surprising considering the age group that they were in. His dark messy hair often fell into his eyes and he has to brush it away often with his thin vein-covered hand. He had virtually no body fat, but also virtually no body muscle. He was easily comparable to a twig.

One day during gym class, Cory got distracted halfway through changing by something happening at the other side of the locker room and Ian decided to risk it all and stare at Cory’s underwear. He wasn’t entirely sure what he expected, but he definitely expected to see SOMETHING. But rather than seeing a bulge in the fabric of his friend’s briefs, all he saw was loose hanging fabric that barely held up around his waist.

Poor guy, Ian thought, I can’t imagine what it’s like being so small down there. But it’s so cute. Even from a young age, Ian had been above average in the size department downstairs. Even before puberty, his soft, unawakened dick was about 3 inches long. His parents even asked his pediatrician about it, but the doctor just said, “Everything is normal. He’s just gonna be a lady-pleaser when he grows up.” Little did that doctor know.

Even though you probably guessed, Ian started puberty early and lasted much longer than normal. His parents took him to the doctor for this again, who said, “He’s just a healthy, growing boy.”

So even at the start of middle school, just before most kids were entering puberty, his puberty was in overdrive and it allowed him to sport a 5-and-a-half-inch wood. He was embarrassed about it at first, but by the time he met Cory in seventh grade, he had long since gotten over it and was even proud to put it on display. Granted, he gained another inch in that year, so he didn’t have to do much for people to notice it.

Through the rest of their primary school career, Cory and Ian spent all of their time together. After school, they would work on homework, play video games, and have dinner with each other family. Over the summer, they rarely saw their own houses, except when they wanted a quick sandwich or to take a shower and go to sleep. Ian continued to grow, and Cory did not.

Ian got brave one day and asked Cory if he wanted to go skinny dipping at a pond in the woods during the summer before their senior year. To his surprise, Cory said yes. They strolled along the well-worn path that they had created over the years and were at the pond in no time. Ian spent no time stripping his clothes off. His tanned skin rippled with teen muscle from the years he had spent wrestling and weightlifting. Cory, however, looked to be the exact same weight that he was when they first met.

Ian didn’t want to make Cory even more embarrassed than he already was so he quickly slipped off his underwear and jumped right in. Cory had known about Ian’s abnormal size for some time now, but he was still nervous to be around Ian, especially now. He slid off his underwear tentatively and walked slowly toward the pond. Ian got his first look at his best friend’s underwhelming package, if you could even call it that. Two gumball sized balls hung down behind a penis no bigger than Cory’s own skinny, short thumb.

Ian decided to say nothing, but he could feel the embarrassment radiating from his friend.

Flash forward to today. Ian took the keys out of his ignition and took a deep breath. We decided to meet up at a local eatery to catch up. The place was called Phil’s Diner and it was our favorite place to go to in high school, so it was only fitting to go there again. He opened the door to his car and stepped out into the warm June sun. He looked quickly over the small diner and basked in the nostalgia for a quick moment before walking toward the front door.

He was startled when someone knocked on the window right beside his face. He looked up and saw Cory’s older and handsomer face smiling back at him. He gave a dorky wave and ushered Ian to come inside. Ian couldn’t help but laugh to himself. Some things never change, he thought.

Ian walked in and strolled over to the booth Cory was sitting at. Cory’s back was turned to him, so Ian snuck up behind him in the empty booth and bear hugged him from behind. Cory jumped and nearly knocked his drink off the edge of the table.

“Jesus, dude, you almost gave me a heart attack!” Cory said. He awkwardly hugged Ian’s beefy arms.

“How’ve you been?!” Ian said, letting his friend go and moving around the edge of the table to sit opposite of Cory.

“Oh you know, same shit, different day. It’s crazy being out of college though. Feels like I’ve been there forever.”

“I know what you mean. So what kind of job do you have lined up?”

Cory blushed a little and said, “Umm… I don’t really have anything secured yet.”

“Really? With a guy as smart as you are, I can’t imagine that you don’t have offers lining up.”

“Well, my grades in college may not have been… that great. I know you wouldn’t believe it, but I went to a few too many parties.”

You? No way. That’s not the Cory I know.” Ian couldn’t help but to laugh a little.

“It’s true!! You can ask any of my friends. Besides, people change. Especially in college.”

Ian just wasn’t aware of just how much had changed in four years. They continued chatting away and chowing down on their food for at least an hour. Both had long since finished their meals but continued to talk until Ian noticed the waitress glaring at them, signaling that they should leave and let other customers sit down.

“You know what, let’s go back to your place and hang out. Besides, I need to see if you’ve learned to clean up your room or not,” Cory joked.

“Fine by me! You can just follow me to my apartment.” Ian felt a sense of nervous excitement but wasn’t entirely sure why.

Up until this point, Cory had been sitting in the booth the whole time. When they both stood up, Ian’s eyes immediately flew down to Cory’s crotch and had to immediately look away for fear of being too obvious.

Is that what I think it is? Ian pondered. Cory was wearing a pair of sweatpants, and the massive bulge that was pressing out in front of him was almost too obvious to not stare at. Ian immediately began having flashbacks to that day at the pond. I know how small he was that day. He couldn’t have grown bigger than me in 4 years. Ian began to sweat a little, and Cory asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I-I guess I’m just not used to the heat yet. Being in school up north for four years makes the heat feel worse,” Ian stammered. They walked to their cars and Ian cranked the AC to full blast. The whole ride home, with Cory’s car in tow, all he could think about was how the hell his best friend transformed into a stallion.


Part 2: The Discovery

Ian opened the door to his apartment and Cory let out a laugh.

“What was that for?” Ian asked.

“Dude, why don’t you have any furniture? I get that it’s a bachelor pad, but you can at least make it look like you live here,” Cory said with a grin. He looked around at the dirty couch, folding chair, TV, and sparse kitchen counter and cringed a little.

“Well I just moved in, and I didn’t think you went to school for interior design!” Ian said defensively.

“Well, I didn’t, but I at least have a standard for cleanliness.” He dropped his backpack on the floor near the door and began to walk toward the couch. Ian stared at Cory’s cute little ass and walked into the kitchen to find a beer.

“Want a beer?” He asked, and Cory nodded his head and flopped down on the couch.

With two open beers in his hand, Ian strolled over to Cory, handed the drink over, and flopped down on the couch beside him. They sat there in silence for a quick moment, and Ian said, “Want to play video games? I have a ton.”

Cory looked over at his friend and smiled. “I thought you’d never ask. You already know which game I’m going to request.”

“Say no more.” Ian got up and grabbed two controllers and threw one Cory’s way. Of course, Cory wasn’t ready and it hit him in the face. “Sorry, bro,” Ian said sheepishly. Cory just rubbed his face and turned the TV on with the remote that was shoved in between the couch cushions.

Ian put the game in the game system and sat back down on the couch, just a little bit closer to Cory than the first time. Cory didn’t seem to notice, or if he did, he didn’t say anything. We played for a while, and Ian’s character was killed before the round was over, so he sat back on the couch and watched Cory play until the round was done.

He took this as an opportunity to get a better and longer look at the bulge he thought he saw at the restaurant. Glancing over at first, he tried to see if he could see the bulge from his current position. Luckily enough, it was out of full display through Cory’s grey sweatpants.

Ian began to stare and take it all in. In between this skinny boy’s legs was a very long and thick log that was laying across his right leg. That’s got to be at least 10 inches, Ian thought, using his own large member as a mental measuring tool. He felt his mouth begin to water. Cory shifted his sitting position so that he was laying back against the back of the couch, which only pushed his package out more, highlighting its mass.

That’s not the Cory I remember, Ian thought. Images of Cory in the locker room during gym class in high school certainly didn’t have a huge cock attached to him. Everyone had to get just about naked when they changed, and there was no way to avoid seeing everyone’s size down there. Since Ian had been attracted to Cory from day one, he took no issue with seeing what he had to offer below the belt.

And it wasn’t very much.

In fact, if you were to just glance at Cory’s junk in his underwear, you would probably just assume he didn’t have anything downstairs. What was sitting in front of him right now was not the Cory he used to know.

Ian continued to stare at the giant lump that was protruding from Cory’s crotch and couldn’t help but to fantasize about whether it was hard or not. Or about how thick it might be. Or how big his balls might be.

He didn’t even notice that Cory had paused the video game and was full-on staring back at Ian until Cory cleared his throat, jolting Ian out of his euphoric stupor. He quickly looked away, blushing, trying to find something on his bare walls to stare at.

“I saw you staring,” Cory said with a shaky voice.

“S-staring at what?” Ian tried to play it cool.

“C’mon, dude, you know. My… ya know,” Cory said sheepishly.

Ian turned his head to look at Cory, and it took everything within him to not glance back down at his friends bulging crotch.

“I mean… yeah, I was…” Ian said. His face felt hot. Very hot.

“I mean, I know why. I try to wear pants that hide it better. But it’s not always… easy,” Cory almost whispered.

“Cory. We’ve been friends for a long time. We’ve seen each other naked. Remember the last day we hung out before going away to college? And we went skinny dipping? Naked?”

“Yeah I remember! That’s why I’m so embarrassed about it,” Cory said defensively.

“Embarrassed?? Dude, look at you! I don’t know how you managed to do it, but you went from having a package that wasn’t even noticeable in your underwear to… that. I don’t think that you have anything to be ashamed of.”

“I feel like a freak,” Cory said, almost pouting.

Ian raised his eyebrows. At this point, the cat was out of the bag, and since he had been caught staring, what would it hurt to tell his best friend how he really felt?

“A freak? No way. Being hung like a horse is the best feeling in the world. You should be showing it off to everyone! You can start by showing it to…” Ian trailed off and looked around nervously. At that point Cory glanced over at Ian, and then looked down at his friend’s growing bulge. His eyes widened.

“I knew you were hung down there, Ian, but… gay?” Cory was in disbelief.

“I’ve never wanted to tell you, because I thought you wouldn’t want to be around me anymore. But, I’ve… I’ve always thought you were… cute. And seeing him down there now just… makes me some kinda way around you.” If Ian wasn’t blushing before, he certainly was now.

You were nervous? Ian, I’ve been in love with you since the day you talked to me in gym class! I never thought that skinny, bland ole me would be friends with a buff, hunky, donkey-dicked guy like you!!” Cory said with relief.

The two friends locked eyes for the first time since the conversation started. They then flung themselves at each other, closing the gap on the sofa between them, and began to furiously make out. Cory’s frail hands felt every inch of Ian’s body that he was able to touch, and Ian ran his hands through Cory’s messy hair as he shoved his tongue down his friend’s throat.

After a few minutes of making out, Ian broke away for just long enough to say, “I need to see it.”

Cory froze. “I-I…. I don’t know if I can.” Ian then leaned back so he could adequately look Cory in the eyes.

“Would it help you if you got to see mine first?” Cory hesitated, and then only nodded.

Ian stood up and unbuttoned his shorts with some difficulty. He was sporting a massive hard on at this point, and it was straining the zipper of his shorts to the point just before busting. He fumbled with the top button, but once he got it undone, the flaps flew open under the enormous pressure. Ian then slowly unzipped his shorts and little by little, his package began to spill out.

With one fluid motion, Ian shoved his shorts down from around his waist and exposed his bulging package to Cory. His package bounced a little from the force of Ian’s shorts being removed. There was certainly no need to guess how big Ian was down there; his underwear almost looked like it was vacuum-sealed against his dick and massive balls. His thick, throbbing phallus was pushing the waistband of his briefs downward, exposing about an inch of his cock to Cory. His balls were easily the size of oranges and jiggled with each slight movement or step that Ian made.

Cory instinctively gasped. He had no words to describe just how incredibly huge his friend was.

“You… you also weren’t this big in high school. I saw you that day in the pond.”

Ian grinned slightly. “Well, I never told you, but I started puberty super early and it kept going until my sophomore year in college. This… is the result.”

Still Cory would not move. He was entranced by his friend’s massive member.

Ian slowly walked over to where Cory was sitting, and Cory’s eyes followed his friend’s bulge swinging heavily in front of him. Ian mashed his dick into Cory’s face, and marvelled at how small Cory’s petite face looked next to it. He could feel Cory’s hot breath against the thinly stretched fabric around his dick.

“How big are you?” Cory whispered.

“Why don’t you find out?” Ian said with a smirk.

Cory reached up with shaking hands and grabbed the waistband of Ian’s underwear. He slowly peeled them away from his friend’s phallus and his eyes grew even wider as more and more of his friend’s huge cock was presented. By the time Ian’s underwear was about three-quarters of the way down his thigh, only Ian’s swollen cock head was left.

With one final pull from Cory, Ian’s heavy dick swung forward, smacking Cory in the face. Cory took his friend’s thick schlong in his hand and couldn’t get his hand all the way around it.

“Jeez, how big are you?” Cory asked.

“Last I checked, 11.5 inches long and as thick as a coke can,” Ian said with obvious pride.

“Wow… you’re bigger than probably 99% of the world.”

“I know, but I wish I could have at least gotten the full 12 inches, right? Like, I want to be able to say I have a full foot of cock.”

Cory stroked his friend’s cock slightly and said, “I don’t think you have a lot of room to complain about size.”

Ian laughed a little, causing his giant balls to bounce slightly. This caught Cory’s attention, and he immediately began to fondle them in his thin hands.

“Man, these are massive. I’ve never seen balls so big that they can’t fit in my hand.”

“And I have the load to match their size!” Ian grinned. “Now, do you want to suck it? I haven’t had a release in days and you have me so turned on right now.”

Almost like he was waiting for the invitation, Cory opened his jaw as wide as it would go and shoved his friend’s fat, juicy cock head into his mouth. He scooted forward on the couch so that he had enough body support to work over his friend’s phallus with expert precision. Cory swallowed half of the swollen cock in one motion, and began sucking like a vacuum.

Cory then started massaging Ian’s balls with his right hand and stroking the remaining free surface area of cock with his left. All the while, Ian was moaning and grinding his hips in pure ecstasy. It didn’t take Ian long to unleash. Cory felt his balls start to seize up, and he pulled off of his friend’s dick a little so that he could fit both hands on his dick, allowing it to keep aim down his throat.

The first glob of cum ejected out of Ian’s slit with extreme force and hit the back of Cory’s throat. Still, Cory did not let go of Ian’s dick until he was sure that his balls were dry. When he let go, Ian’s semi-hard cock fell, glistening in the fluorescent lights of Ian’s apartment. A few residual drops of cum still dripped from his friend’s swollen cock head.

“What did you think?” Ian asked while trying to figure out how to shove his semi back into his shorts comfortably. “I never knew you were so good at that.”

Cory licked his lips and said, “I’ve had a lot of practice in college. With a lot of big guys.”

“I never would have guessed you to be the type…” Ian said, trailing off.

Me? What about Mr. Ladies’ Man, high school jock, cool dude Ian? Never would have guessed that you would be gay either.” Cory shifted awkwardly on the couch, obviously trying to prevent his dick from being too obvious. But there was no amount of distracting and deflecting that could turn Ian’s attention away from his friend’s crotch.

“Your turn, big boy,” Ian said with a grin.

“I… I’m not ready,” Cory said, blushing.

Shit, that’s so adorable, Ian thought. “Not ready? Coming from the Campus Hole himself. Why is showing me what your packing so difficult?”

“Well… it’s different with you. My relationship with you is so different than my relationship with anyone else. And you knew how small I was before. Every other person I have been with doesn’t have that backstory.”

“If anything, I should have been the first person you told about your little… problem. Besides, no one else is going to get you the confidence you need like someone who is overly confident about their body already. Now stand up and show me what you’ve got.”

Now it was Cory’s turn. He stood up, and with shaky hands, began to slowly pull down the waistband of his sweatpants. His obvious bulge strained against the fabric, and almost immediately Ian could see that Cory wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. Not that the monster inside would allow him to anyway.

The base of Cory’s cock was first revealed, and its thickness almost made Ian’s look like a pencil in comparison. A fat vein travelled up its length, and was almost as thick as a finger. Ian stopped breathing and soaked in the sight in front of him.

Cory continued to peel off his pants, and Ian soon realized that Cory was only semi-hard. Holy shit, Ian thought, he’s massive. Way bigger than me. About halfway down, Ian began to see Cory’s balls, which also put Ian’s to shame. Each one was so big that you could barely hold one in both of your hands without it spilling over. They were hanging low in their sack, taught against the skin and full of cum.

Lower and lower Cory went, finally stopping just at knee level, leaving just his cock head unexposed. Ian’s jaw dropped. He had never seen or even heard of another person having a package that big. Cory’s dick was easily twice as thick as Ian’s own, and he guessed that two large hands would barely be able to fit around it.

“Holy… fuck,” Ian whispered.

“See? A freak,” Cory said, looking away from Ian.

“Dude. What are you talking about? From one hung dude to another, your piece of meat is… prime.” Ian blushed. He had never been this forward and honest with his friend before.

“I don’t know man… this isn’t normal.”

Ian frowned at Cory. “Cory. You’re my best friend. And also someone I find extremely hot. I would not lie to you. Believe me when I say: I think your massive dick and huge balls the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”


Part 3: The Change

“You think so?” Cory asked tentatively.

“You bet I do. Trust me. I think that my own giant cock is hot as fuck, but that’s just me. But if someone I find attractive has a huge package that makes them even more attractive? Whew.”

“I wish you would have told me when we were younger,” Cory said and sat back down. As he did, his cock head slipped out from under his waistband, causing his giant rod to swing up and smack him in the chest with a loud thump. Damn, he’s uncut too. Must have had that done while at college. I wonder if he was growing when he went to the doctor for that, Ian thought.

Cory then took his t-shirt and pulled it up and over his dick, hiding it from view. His large, heavy balls sagged onto the couch cushion. Ian was happy to see his friend was completely hairless and smooth down there, too. I hate hair, it always gets in the way and is super scratchy.

“I was afraid to tell you when I was younger! Shit, my family still doesn’t know that I’m gay. But that’s not my concern right now. My concern is you getting more confident with that piece of meat.” Ian shifted his cock so that it could grow more comfortably in his shorts. Seeing his friend like this would make him rock hard no matter the situation.

“I mean… I want to get more confident, but… when you compare me to every other normal person… I can’t find it sexy. So I don’t know how anyone else will,” Cory said. He may not have noticed, but he was slowly stroking the underside of his swollen cock with one hand while it was underneath his shirt. This caught Ian’s attention immediately.

“See?” Ian gestured toward Cory’s gliding hand. “You don’t seem that bashful to me.”

Cory’s eyes flew down to his midsection and saw what he was doing. He whipped his hand away immediately and blushed. Shit, that’s so cute, Ian thought.

“Tell you what. The only way that you’re going to get comfortable with your size is if you’re around someone who appreciates it.”

“You mean—” Cory stammered.

“Well, duh, genius. Man, you really did get dumb in college.” Ian walked over and got down on his knees in front of Cory. Ian took his strong hands and shoved Cory’s thin legs apart, allowing more room for Ian to get up close and personal.

“Wait, wait, I don’t know if—” Cory said with widened eyes.

“Ah, shut up and enjoy the ride,” Ian said, and without warning, he leaned in and began to lick Cory’s huge right testicle.

“Ian, just—uuuuhhhhhh…..” Cory’s futile attempts at resisting soon dissipated the second Ian’s thick lips and wet tongue glided over his taught balls. Cory immediately began to relax into the couch, and even began to run his hands up and down his still-hard cock underneath his shirt.

Ian then slowly guided his left hand up Cory’s cock, starting from the base and continuing to reach up until his arm was fully extended. Even though his long, slow, sensual kisses, Ian could not help but to focus on the sheer width and length of his friend’s endowment. Even from far away, it was huge, but seeing and feeling it up close and personally was its own wild, sexy adventure.

Ian’s hand, while naturally big and wide, had trouble reaching around half of the base of Cory’s throbbing, heavy cock.

“How big are you, stud?” Ian asked. He then started licking up and down the length of Cory’s thick member.

Through labored breaths of pleasure, Cory responded, “13… and a half…. inches…. and about… 9 inches…. around….4…. Across….”

Ian responded to this insane number by throwing Cory’s shirt up to reveal the rest of his monster. He felt Cory tense up in nervous anticipation, but as soon as Ian started to knead Cory’s fat, swollen cock head with one hand, he felt Cory immediately begin to loosen up and enjoy the ride. Ian could almost swear he felt Cory start to grind his hips in rhythm with Ian’s strokes.

Ian stood up slightly so that he could get a better angle on Cory’s cock head. He began to tenderly lick the underside of Cory’s head, causing him to shudder. At the same time, he used one hand to do long, sensual strokes from base to head on Cory’s dick while his other hand massaged his huge balls.

Cory began to moan, and Ian couldn’t help but to smile. He broke away from his friend’s impossibly huge member to say, “Cory, I need you to dominate me. Control me. Tell me how to pleasure you.”

Cory was broken away from his obvious bliss and said, “Uhhh… I don’t know… I’m not…” He trailed off, but Ian knew what he was going to say. Ian continued to stroke his friend’s third leg and said, “Not like that? Remember, genius, I told you that I would get you comfortable. We’ve gotten this far, why not take it all the way?”

Cory gulped and said with a shaky voice, “K-keep… licking…….. Bitch…” His face got bright red and his eyes wouldn’t meet Ian’s. Ian couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Is that all you’ve got? C’mon, you little wimp, boss me around!” Ian had let go of his friend’s still throbbing hard pole and tried to get him to assert himself.

“I-I don’t—” Cory stammered.

Come on, Cory, show me what you’re made of!” Ian shouted. He then slapped Cory across the face and then immediately grabbed one of his swollen testicles and squeezed it very hard.

Cory recovered from the slap and turned to look at his friend. With an angry face on Cory’s face that Ian had never seen before, Cory screamed, “Are you fucking serious?!”

Ian was taken aback, but deep down, he was happy. He had never heard his friend raise his voice like this, but it told him that Cory had it in him to be assertive and forceful.

Calmly, Ian replied, “Yeah, I am serious. I had to force your hand a little bit. Now I know you have it in you.”

“Or maybe you should have let me work my way up to it!” Cory yelled, but not as loud as before. Ian glanced down and saw that Cory’s dick was still as hard as a rock.

Ian decided to slap him again, but a little less hard. Cory then sprung up off the couch and shoved Ian to the floor.

“If you want my big ass dick so badly, then take it!” Cory yelled. From an upward angle, Cory’s face was nearly obstructed by his massive dick. Even still, he could feel the fire in his friend’s eyes that he was looking for.

“I definitely want—” Ian began to say, but Cory had knelt down in record speed and had shoved his cock into Ian’s already open mouth. Ian immediately began sucking and let his tongue explore every available inch of his friend’s tool. Ian glanced up at his friend and saw him pumping the rest of his big dick with both hands. Cory wasn’t even looking at Ian; he was instead fixated on his own engorged member.

Ian tried to break away to speak to Cory, but the minute that Cory felt him start to pull away, he shoved even more of his phallus into Ian’s mouth. “Don’t back away until I’ve finished. Isn’t that what you wanted, anyway?”

Ian was ecstatic. He was also a little surprised at how little Ian had to push Cory in order to get him this way. When they finished, he would have to talk to him about it, since now obviously wasn’t the time.

“I need to be in you. Now,” Cory said, still vigorously pumping his cock with both hands.

Ian’s eyes grew wide. Shit, am I ready to have that arm-sized dong in me? he thought. Ian wrapped his hand around as much of Cory’s dick as he could and pulled it out of his stretched mouth, saying, “Cory… isn’t that a little soon? I don’t know if—”

“Shut up. I’m bigger than you, which means that you do what I say,” Cory said. He let go of his dick and said, “On all fours. Now.”

“Wow. You’ve taken confidence one step further. I like the new Dom Cory.” At this point, Cory’s cock head was pressed into Ian’s chin. Cory reached out with his hand and put his pointer finger over Ian’s lips. “Ssshhh…. Don’t talk. I’m in charge. Now turn around.”

Ian tentatively turned around on all fours and immediately felt Cory’s dick head press into his ass crack. He then felt it slide down his crack and rest in between his legs. Cory then began to slowly waddle forward so that his cock glided between Ian’s muscular legs until Cory’s torso was pressed up against Ian’s bubble butt.

Ian looked down at the many inches of Cory’s cock that was protruding out from underneath his own impressive bulge. He reached down and began to slick the generous amount of pre leaking from Cory’s cock head across the wide expanse of his friend’s dick.

He then immediately felt Cory’s hands reach into the waistband of his shorts and felt him start to pull. Of course, Ian was extremely turned on by his friend’s sudden change in demeanor, so his own growing phallus made it more difficult.

“Ian, I need you to help me get these shorts off before I explode.” Ian lifted up slightly and unbuttoned his shorts and helped to shimmy off his shorts and underwear. He then went back down on all fours, exposing his tight, clean hole to Cory’s leaking, throbbing dick.

“Get ready. Or don’t.” Those were the only words that Cory said before ramming his fat cock into Ian’s asshole. Ian cried out in half pain, half surprise. “Oh, come on, Ian, take it like the man I thought you were.” Ian guessed that approximately 6 out of Cory’s 13 inches were already inside of him, and each time that Cory nearly pulled out, he slammed another inch or so into Ian’s tight ass.

“Cory, ahhh… slow… down… ugh…” Ian tried to say over his shoulder, but he got no response. Cory seemed to be in his own world, immune to his friend’s cries for help. For the next few minutes, Cory continued his powerful, rhythmical pounding until he was only a few centimeters from the base of his cock.

With Ian mostly impaled on Cory’s pole, he had to admit that this was both the craziest and best feeling he had ever experienced in his whole life. Through pants of pleasure, Ian was barely able to say, “I’m so glad that you were finally able to appreciate your immense size!”

“Shut up, Ian, and take this monster cock like the bottom you were designed to be!” Cory then smacked Ian’s round bubble butt for good measure.

It was at this point when things went from amazing to crazy.

Almost as if Cory’s words were a magic spell of some kind, Cory’s already inhumanly sized package began to grow even more. Ian noticed the change immediately and began to grow concerned.

“Cory? Cory, what’s happening?”

But Cory wasn’t even listening. His mind had almost been switched off by the immense sense of pleasure he was feeling. The animalistic grunts that Ian could hear behind him confirmed that Cory was a completely different guy than he was just moments before.

Ian was having trouble enjoying himself for two reasons now: The pressure inside him from Cory’s growing phallus was beginning to hurt, and he was noticing his own endowment getting smaller.

What the fuck? Ian’s mind was racing. He wasn’t sure which one to focus on. He couldn’t turn around, since Cory had a death grip on his waist and was using it as leverage to slam his cock into Ian’s ass, so he couldn’t even confirm if either one of the sensations he was feeling was correct.

Almost as if Cory was reading Ian’s mind, he spun Ian around while still impaled on his growing cock so that he was laying on his back and staring directly into Cory’s sweat-drenched, euphoric face.

Ian now had a unique view of his own package as well as the base and balls of Cory’s. He was amazed at what he saw. With each long stroke, Ian watched as his own dick and balls began to shrink in rhythm with Cory’s thrusting, and Cory’s dick and balls began to grow at the same rate. Ian had no way of knowing just how big Cory’s dick was now, but he was certain that it was much bigger than the 13.5” he was carrying around before.

He could feel his insides being turned to mush as Cory went from cock base to head with each stroke. Each time Cory pulled out, Ian watched his friend’s balls grow from the size of coconuts to double that in no time at all. Ian was also shocked at the sheer girth of his friend’s phallus. It was now easily as big around as Ian’s upper arm, which was also (unsurprisingly) bigger than average due to his weight-lifting wrestling.

How does that thing even fit inside me? Ian wondered. Weirdly, even with his own loss of one of his most prized possessions, he was more turned on than ever.

“Come on. Keep going. Suck me dry,” Ian shouted with a grin on his face.

This seemed to break Cory from his stupor. He continued his pounding, but made eye contact with Ian for the first time since beginning. “Are you sure?”

“Never been more sure of anything! I want to have the world’s smallest penis and balls so you can have the biggest!”

“Huh… well you asked for it, bucko.” This time, Cory leaned forward and got most of Ian’s shrinking cock into his mouth. At this point, Ian’s once-huge dick was now a meager 4 inches long and shrinking steadily. Ian smiled and knew that Cory wasn’t going to release him until he knew that Ian could shrink no more.

For what seemed like an eternity, both Cory and Ian felt the growth subside, and Cory slowed and finally stopped his pounding. He opened his mouth and leaned back to observe what damage had been done to his once hunky best friend.

Ian and Cory both laughed at what lay before them. Ian’s balls were now the size of raisins, shriveled up and useless. His phallus was now no thicker than a pencil and no longer than a fingernail.

“I think micropenis is an understatement! You’ll never have sex again, shrimp.” He gave Ian’s little lumps a gentle flick for good measure.

Ian, breathing heavily, said, “You know? That’s okay. You were more deserving anyway.”

“How can you be so nonchalant about this? I remember being so embarrassed and afraid when my junk was small. But hey, at least I wasn’t this small. This is just… sad.”

“You know, I got lucky. And I got good use out of it. But I love you more than anything and I don’t need to have sex ever again if I can play with your tool for the rest of my life,” Ian said calmly. “But we do need to figure out one thing: how the hell did this happen?”

Cory, for the first time, looked puzzled. “You’re right…. It hasn’t happened this way before.”

“Before? So you have done this before! And… by the way… you’re still… in me.”

Cory glanced down at his giant horse cock and smirked. “Oh, shit, you’re right. It was just so tight and warm in there that I forgot where it was. I’m gonna pull out and finish, because the blue balls I’m feeling right now is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.”

“Go ahead, but slowly please,” Ian said. And with agonizing slowness, Cory began to shuffle backwards so that he could guide his massive tool out of his friend’s ass. They both gasped as the first few inches on Cory’s cock began to pull out. A loud suction sound could be heard, since there was no available space in Ian’s bowels and the extreme amount of precum that Cory was producing.

Farther and farther Cory pulled out, and Ian was convinced that there was no end to the giant cock stuffed inside him. The more of Cory’s dick that he saw, the more he was able to confirm that every amount of pressure and stretching he felt while being impaled on the arm-sized phallus was justified. He could almost see Cory’s penis throbbing and twitching, waiting for release.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ian felt that the only thing remaining inside of him was Cory’s engorged cock head. He glanced up at Cory and marvelled at how far away he seemed. His attention was brought back toward Cory’s package (if you could even call it that anymore) when he felt he ass give one final stretch while Cory removed the rest of his giant member from his friend. With a loud, wet thump, Cory’s cock crashed to the floor.

Laying before Ian was likely the largest cock in the history of man. From base to tip, Ian guessed that it was easily over 16 inches long. It was just slightly less thick than a 2-liter bottle of Coke, and Ian assumed that it was about 14 inches around, using his previous size as a gauge. However, probably the most impressive part of Cory’s new endowment was his balls. Because he was kneeling, and because they were so large and heavy, they had no choice but to rest on the floor between Cory’s legs. They were so large that Cory had to widen his legs substantially in order for them to fit comfortably between his thin legs.

Cory put a thin hand on the top of his still hard dick and said, “Wow, I never would have guessed that a person could be so big down there and still be able to have a boner.” He slowly began to rub his hand on the top of his cock, and a few globs of precum started to pool on the floor.

“Do… do you want me to help you finish?” Ian said, starting to sit up. He glanced down again and noticed that his tiny package was almost not noticeable and came nowhere close to the floor. He could almost cover up his entire package with one thumb.

Cory started to slowly stroke as much of his cock as he could with both hands and said, “No, I don’t. I want you to feel what real power looks like. Besides, when I need to get off on my own, which I’m sure will be a lot, I won’t have someone there to help me. I need to learn to handle this big boy on my own.” And without hesitation, he smeared some of his pre on his cock and began to vigorously pump his massive dick.

Ian sat there in amazement. This is unreal. I can’t believe it, he thought. He started to grab for his own dick to jack off along with Cory, but wasn’t used to not having an above-average prick down there yet. He quickly turned his attention back to Cory when he heard him start to moan in pleasure.

At this point, Cory was jacking his hips in rhythm with his hands, and it was quite a spectacle to watch. His slicked penis was glistening, and the large veins on their surface were prominent and throbbing. Cory’s testicles were jiggling due to the speed of his maturbation. Cory started panting harder and harder, and Ian could tell that he was about to let the dam break.

“Open… up..” Cory panted, and Ian braced himself and opened his mouth as widely as possible. Cory hoisted up his dick with both hands and aimed it at Ian. “Here it comes! Aaahhh!!!”

Large globs of Cory’s cum ejected out of his cock with immense force and landed with a heavy splat against Ian’s face, torso, legs, and arms. Ian started to lose count of just how many times Cory came, but he estimated that it was over 30 times at full force and volume. Even through the blasting that he was receiving in his face, Ian thought, No wonder his balls are so fucking big!

Cory began to sputter out, and though Ian couldn’t see through the thick layer of cum over his eyes, Cory continues to leak cum onto the floor, creating an even larger pool in front of him. Through labored breaths, Cory said, “What was that you said about cumming a lot with your ‘big balls’? I bet it’s nothing compared to that.”

Ian licked his lips and tasted his friend’s juices. Fuck, that’s really good. He wiped his eyes with his hands and looked at Cory and said, “No, Cory, that was easily, like, four times as much as what I produced, probably more.” Ian continued to try to clean himself up as Cory’s dick slowly started to go flaccid. When it was nearly there, Ian happened to glance over again. God damn, he’s even bigger than me while soft than I was hard, he thought, feeling a tinge of jealousy.

“Now that… that’s over, we need to talk about how the hell that happened,” Ian said.

Cory was standing up and trying to figure out how to get his newly enlarged member back into his sweatpants as discreetly as possible. It was almost comical seeing a soccer ball-sized bulge protruding out in front of such a frail, skinny, pre-pubescent-looking man.

“I’ve always wondered since this started my freshman year of college when I slept with my first dude. I think I may have figured it out.” Cory flopped down on the couch where he was sitting before, spreading his legs. Ian could have sworn he heard some seams tearing under the stress of such a large package being stuffed into his medium sized pants.

“Okay, so like… how? How on earth did you manage to get so fucking big in four years? Bigger than me, even?” Ian said, and then continued to lick Cory’s cum from off of his hands.

“I must have gotten this big from only having sex with well-hung guys,” Cory said. His hand absentmindedly stroked one of his huge testicles. “You know, now that I think about it, the only time I’ve ever grown was like a day after having sex with a hung guy,” Cory said while adjusting his significantly larger bulge.

Ian looked at his friend with a puzzled expression. “So how many times did you have sex with a hung guy before you figured it out? Because I don’t think I ever would have figured it out.”

“Well, smart little me… maybe I should start saying big me… anyway… smart big me started testing it. I would have sex with a normal sized guy and nothing would happen the next day. But every time I found a guy that was above average, my dick would grow the next day.” Cory grinned at the thought.

“That’s great and all, but that still doesn’t explain what happened today.” He gave his crotch a pat. He wasn’t sure that he would ever get used to the feeling of having nothing down there anymore.

“That’s a good point,” Cory said. He began to stroke his hefty bulge once again.

“Careful, there. You don’t know how stretchy those pants are,” Ian said, salivating slightly.

“Oh, they’re stretchy. They were just barely holding my guy before I grew again. But you’re right… I can’t risk ripping through them accidentally.” Cory let go, but Ian could tell that it was difficult for him to do. “Here’s my theory. I think that before, I grew after having sex with a well hung guy and I reaped the benefits afterwards. I even had sex with the same guy once, and he never reduced in size. But the whole time, I was scared and ashamed of my growth.”

“Okay? Where is this going?” Ian said, getting up off of the floor and sitting on the couch. He slowly leaned in toward Cory, trying to rest his head on his shoulder, but Cory grabbed Ian’s head and shoved his head into his bulge, almost as if it were a pillow.

“This time, I think I grew and stole your size because I had the confidence and I wanted the size.”

Ian was silent for a moment, and then let out a laugh.

“What? I’m not joking! That’s the only way this makes sense.”

“I mean… but what about………. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. But don’t you think we should, you know, test it out?”

“How? I just sucked the only hung guy I know dry.”

Ian grinned and said, “You know, there is a benefit of being a stallion. You somehow manage to find other guys like you more easily. I have a few “friends” that I’m sure would love to meet you.”

“Well, what are you waiting for? Set me up!”


Part 4: The Experiment

Ian waited in his apartment with nervous anticipation. Would their theory actually hold any weight? If so, just how big was Cory going to get with this transfer? And how far was he willing to keep going?

Ian thought about the guy he set Cory up with just a few hours before. His name was Luke, and he was the epitome of a douchebag. Unsurprisingly, Ian found that extremely hot. Luke was more than just your typical jock. He was more built than Ian by a long shot, looking like a hardcore bodybuilder rather than a wrestler or an avid weightlifter.

Luke’s muscles looked like they were going to rupture through his paper-thin skin at any slight movement. His arms were bigger around than most normal people’s heads, and his eight-pack was perfectly flat and trim, with an inhumanly narrow waist. Luke often had to wear XXXL tank tops to try to contain his massive chest, which better resembled barrels, but they always seemed to spill over the thin material.

Luke’s lower limbs were no less impressive. Giant slabs of muscle were stacked on each other, and each individual striation in his quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes could be seen. His ass was firm and perfectly round, and was often squeezed into white workout tights that disappeared into his ass crack.

Luke’s prize, though, lay in between his tree trunk legs. Well, it didn’t really lay there. It had no choice but to hang. Ian had met Luke at a gym near his work. He was desperately looking for a training partner, and Luke all but presented himself to Ian.

The walking wall of muscle did nothing to hide his size, and Ian took one look at Luke and knew that those were the kinds of gains that he wanted. For a couple of weeks, Ian would steal glances at him from across the gym, watching him flaunt his size and lift insane amounts of weight.

One day, Ian finally got enough courage to approach Luke. The second that Ian walked up, his eyes flew down toward Luke’s crotch. Since Luke was wearing his trusty workout tights, it wasn’t hard to see the absolutely insane bulge sticking out in front of him wherever he walked.

Ian looked at the giant tube of meat snaking down Luke’s left leg and his mouth dropped. “Wow, you’re subtle, my dude. You obviously like what you see.” Ian’s eyes flew up to meet Luke’s, who wore a cocky grin and had his hands on his hips, almost like a douche-y Superman pose.

“I-I—” Ian stammered.

“You- you—” Luke imitated. “Come on, man, everyone stares. They know how hot I am. But I must say, you are certainly gutsy walking up and staring.” Luke began to massage his cock and it started to expand in his tights, pressing even harder on the already tight fabric.

“Since you aren’t speaking, I’ll just go ahead and tell you how big I am, since I know you want to know. I’m 12 and a quarter inches long, and as thick as a bottle of wine. My balls are as big as tennis balls. Any questions? Good. Now let’s get working.”

Ian was about to protest, especially because he didn’t want to be around someone so cocky, but he felt a compulsive desire to work with him, so he sucked it up and trained away.

Ian knew that he would be the perfect candidate to test their experiment. He was too cocky, and he needed to be taught a lesson. A permanent one.

Lost in his daydream about Luke, Ian almost didn’t notice the apartment door open. He had kept all of the lights off so that he could really have a surprise when Cory came home.

“Ian? Are you here?” Cory called out from the open doorway.

“Yeah, I’m here! I’m going to wait in the bedroom for you.” And without waiting for confirmation, he scurried off into his bedroom to await the results.

Sitting on the edge of his bed, Ian had a brief moment to reflect on the overwhelming nostalgia that suddenly came over him. He had been friends with Cory for years, and now they had just confessed their affection for one another. Cory was underwhelmingly below average below the belt for his whole life, and all it took was a couple of years and some courage to completely change him.

What was going to walk through that door?

“Ready?” Ian heard through his closed bedroom door.

He took a deep breath and said, “As ready as I’ve ever been.”

And with that, the bedroom door flew open and crashed against the wall. Standing in the doorways was an extremely large silhouette. This person’s shoulders almost scraped the doorframe. This must be a prank. There’s no way this is Cory.

Without a word, the figure strode forward and stopped right in front of Ian, towering over him.


“Yes, slave?” the figure said back. The voice was vaguely familiar. It sounded like Cory, except much deeper than he normally was. As Ian’s eyes began to adjust to the darkness, he began to make out the figure’s face. Sure enough, it was Cory.

“Cory! What the fuck happened?”

He could see Cory’s mouth form into a devious grin. “I guess when I have the confidence you want me to have so badly, then I really get everything I want.”

“Can-can I…?” Ian stammered.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Cory said. Ian gingerly reached out a hand and made contact with Cory’s massive chest. Ian sharply inhaled. That’s huge. Ian never had the chance to worship Luke’s size when he saw him at the gym, so this was the first time he was able to touch what that size felt like.

Ian then reached his other hand out and cupped Cory’s left pec, and his eyes got as wide as dinner plates when he noticed that both of his hands disappeared under it. He cupped the large muscle and hoisted it up, noticing how heavy it was. Ian’s right hand travelled up along the curve of the massive left pec and started caressing the bowling ball that was his shoulder. At the same time, Ian began running his hand across Cory’s flat cobblestone abs.

“Jesus,” Ian whispered. “No, I’m your God,” Cory said. His deep, powerful voice could be felt vibrating throughout his whole body, and Ian shivered.

“Aww, is the little baby cold?” Cory said, with a slight hint of playfulness in his voice. Ian nodded his head innocently and wrapped his arm around Cory’s waist while resting his head on his friend’s pillow-like pec. “Your waist… is tiny!”

“It may be narrow, tight, and trim, but it’s solid,” Cory grumbled. He then wrapped one of his gargantuan arms around Ian’s head, which caused Ian to stand up and get eye level with Cory. Ian went in for a kiss, and Cory was ready. Their tongues intertwined, and their full lips searched for every available space on the other person.

All the while, Ian’s eager hands were exploring every wide expanse of Cory’s new body. Every ridge, every bump, every inch. He couldn’t help but notice the massive member jutting out in front of Cory’s crotch as Ian pressed his own body closer and closer to Cory’s.

Ian broke away from Cory’s kiss for just long enough to say, “Damn, you got huge,” before going back in for more. However, Cory pulled away just slightly to whisper back, “Oh, you have no idea.” Cory was still wearing the same sweatpants from earlier, but now they looked painted on his wildly muscular legs when they had looked like a tent a few hours before.

Because they were so tight, it left little to the imagination. Each thick vein on his seemingly endless cock could be seen through the grey fabric, and his package was pushed out even more by the immense size of his giant balls. Even through the fabric, he could tell that they were over twice the size that they were after Ian’s transfer. The craziest part of the whole thing was just how low his package swung. The swollen, leaking head of Cory’s cock swung heavily about a third of the way down his calf.

“So, bitch, do you like the new me? I never would have guessed that you could have taken me this far. But I guess that all I needed was a little… push.” And before he knew what was happening, Ian was flung back on the bed by the forceful hip thrust that came from Cory’s crotch.

“Cory, I’m… I’m speechless. You’re a true specimen. An Alpha Male. The ultimate beast.” Ian had no shortage of endearing and erotic things to say to Cory.

“You know what I find to be the funniest part of this whole thing? I’m nowhere close to being done. I need more. I want more. I won’t stop until I’m the tallest, biggest, thickest, most well hung guy in the world. And then I’ll keep going.” His laugh shook the room as he began to rub one of his large hands over his bulge. It continued to pump larger and larger. That thing still isn’t fully hard? Fuck. Ian thought, his mind racing.

With one final pulse, Cory’s sweatpants could no longer withstand the pressure of the enormous package contained inside, and his swollen man meat swelled out into the open, ripping his pants away from his fit frame. The giant head surged forward, and Ian was in shock that it was even able to defy gravity at all due to the weight of it. But, like the rest of Cory, his cock defied reason and was perfectly erect and parallel to the ground, and was pointing straight ahead at Ian, still laying, shocked, on the bed.

He glanced down and was able to see Cory’s balls in their entirely, unexposed. What he saw would have made Ian cum for an eternity if he had the ability to do so. Two impossibly large testicles hung down in a taught sack over halfway down Cory’s thighs. They were smooth, shiny, and each one as large as a soccer ball. Because Cory’s thighs were so large, they touched in the middle, which only forced his immense balls out, which pushed his insane phallus out even more.

And, oh, what a phallus it was. There really wasn’t a word that can describe its sheer enormity.

It almost looked comical sitting underneath Cory’s extremely tight waist. Ian guessed that it was about three quarters of the thickness as Cory’s own waist, which was insane. Everything about it was perfect: the spongy head that was the size of a football, the wide shaft that was covered with fat veins, and the even thicker base that was easily as big around as Ian’s own athletically trim waist.


“What, pipsqueak?”

“You’re not going to.. You know….”

Cory laughed again. “No, are you kidding? You’re my little plaything. I wouldn’t want to hurt you. But you are going to give up your muscle. And your height.”

Ian froze. It was insanely hot seeing Cory’s dick steal size from his own, but his muscle and height? He worked really hard for his muscle, and his height many people were jealous of. Was he really willing to give it all up?

As it turned out, he was. Cory began flexing his engorged muscles, making them pump up even bigger, and he began to slowly pump his massive dong, which caused globs of pre to shoot out of his deep slit an onto Ian. It was decided. Yes, he did want to give up every attractive quality about him to his sexy friend.

“You’re going to suck. You’re going to suck hard, and you’re going to suck it good, and you won’t stop until I say so. Got it?”

“Yes, dadd-umf!” Without warning, Cory had lurched forward and had shoved his huge cock head against Ian’s mouth. Ian quickly glanced down the length of his body and was amazed that his friend’s dick was able to travel that far. From base to tip, it travelled the expanse of Ian’s torso.

“Damn, look how small you are next to my elephant trunk-sized cock. I want to see something really quickly. I want to see if my balls are the size of your head. Get up and get over here,” Cory commanded.

Ian shuffled out from under the immense weight of his friend’s dick and crawled toward Cory’s ripped torso. “Lay on your back with your head towards me. Now. Hurry up.”

Ian did as he was instructed. He laid down beside the huge cock and looked up at Cory’s face, which was mostly blocked by his swollen chest. Cory then bent down and gave Ian a smooch on the forehead, and when he stood back up, he let the testicles that he hoisted up while kissing Ian drop on his face. Ian was not ready for the amount of weight that came crashing down.

He was smothered in his friend’s testicles, and he couldn’t be happier. He began to kiss every available inch of skin, and he reached his hands up to massage them. Through his blissful interaction, he heard Cory say, “Wow, I was expecting the sack to be the same size as your head, but fuck, each one is the same size as your head!! Fuck… I can’t wait until they’re bigger than your head and then some!”

“Kry, I cmft brihthf.”

“Huh?” Cory said, scooping up one of his testicles to let Ian talk.

Gasping for air, Ian said, “I couldn’t breathe. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome. Now get back down on the bed where you belong. Time to suck.”

Ian climbed back down to where he was on the bed before and shuddered a little thinking of what it would feel like to have that massive pole shoved up his ass.

He laid back down and Cory picked up his cock with two hands and let it drop with a heavy and loud thud on Ian’s chest. He took a step forward and aimed the tip of his dick at his mouth and told him to go.

Ian grabbed either side of his swollen cock head and began to massage it as my mouth explored his slit. He drank in his juices and shoved his tongue down Cory’s thick tube, causing him to moan in deep, sensual pleasure. He began producing pre at an astronomical rate, and he started to grind his hips slightly. Ian opened his mouth as wide as it could, but he couldn’t even get a quarter of his dick head in his mouth.

“Don’t stop. Don’t let go. We’re finishing this,” Cory growled. Almost immediately, a familiar sensation crept over Ian. He felt the power in my arms and chest leave him and he knew what was happening. Cory was draining him of his size.

Ian turned his head slightly to the side so that he could watch Cory grow bigger. With each pulse that Ian could feel leaving his body, he saw it enter into Cory. He watched as Cory’s muscles got bigger proportionally to his increasing height. His muscles fought for room under his skin, and they stacked on top of each other.

Cory’s neck began to get swallowed up by his swelling traps, and the top of his inflating chest began to scrape against his chiseled jaw. Another row of abs began to appear below the eight others that he had, and Cory’s waist almost seem to get smaller as his shoulders and back ballooned outwards. Cory had to widen his stance as his already insanely large legs grew bigger.

Ian had to almost sit up a little in order to maintain contact with Cory’s growing frame. In just a few minutes, Cory had gained an extra foot in height and fifty pounds of muscle. His growth had stopped, but he said, “Keep sucking, Ian. Keep sucking. I want to make sure I get everything you have to offer.”

Ian kept sucking for another minute before being instructed to stop. Cory took two steps backwards, uncovering Ian’s now emaciated frame. His arms and legs resembled twigs, and you could see most of his ribs on his frail chest. Ian now weighed around 125 pounds and was only 5 feet, 4 inches tall.

Cory, on the other hand, stood a staggering 6 feet, 11 inches tall and weighed over 400 pounds of solid muscle. He struck a most muscular pose for Ian, and veins began to pop up against his tan skin. He continued hitting poses, pumping his already swollen muscles up even more.

“Look at what you made me. Look at how fucking big you made me. I never want it to end. Never. I’m going out to find another poor soul to steal from. Ian, I could never thank you enough for this.”

Ian, still sprawled out on the bed, looked up at his towering friend with a grin, and said, “It’s amazing what a little confidence will do.”

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The touch by TylerGermany Nick is dosed with nanobots that allow him to grow and shrink others with just a touch. 2 parts 11k words Added Mar 2014 Updated 13 Apr 2014 26k views 5.0 stars (4 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Nanotech•Age Difference •M/M

The trainer by Also Known As Needing a new trainer, Thomas finds onewho can push him to the next level, and then some. 7 parts 22k words Added Jan 2014 25k views 5.0 stars (13 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase •M/M

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