Best birthday ever

by TheSizeKing

Zac is already above average. But when his birthday comes around, he gets everything he wishes for and then some.

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Prologue Zac is already above average. But when his birthday comes around, he gets everything he wishes for and then some. (added: 1 Feb 2020)
Age 23 (10.5 inches)
Age 24 (12 inches)
Age 25 (13.5 inches)
Age 26 (16 inches)—Happy Birthday to Me
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Hi. I’m Zac. Without the K. Everyone always messes it up. I’m 26, and I’m going to tell you about the story where I caught a second round of puberty. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s the only way that it makes any sense. I’ve seen doctors about it throughout my second spurt, but they all say the same thing: “You’re extremely healthy, and nothing seems to be wrong with you. You’re just growing, and more than what we consider to be normal.” Sounds like puberty to me, right?

I’m not going to tell you about the doctor’s appointments or all of the embarrassing encounters I’ve experienced since I started my growth 4 years ago; I’m only going to give you the details you’re here for. My 26th birthday was yesterday, so it’s been three years since my growth started on the dot. I want you to know.

What it felt like.

What it looked like.

And what others saw and did.

Without further ado, let’s get growing.


Age 23 (10.5 inches)

All right. So we’re going to start at the beginning. Duh.

I’m 23. I have a moderate build. I work out as regularly as I can, and I have a pretty lean and athletic body to show for it. My chest and my biceps are my favorite, so they are the most prominent right now. I top out at about 190 pounds with a thin layer of fat over my abs.

I consider myself to be relatively handsome. Olive skin, green eyes, dark brown hair, and a little bit of stubble on my strong jaw get me more attention than the average dude. I’m also gay, which I think changes the direction of the story somewhat. I love going after huge, muscular dudes. Yeah, I know my type well.

These things aren’t entirely relevant, but you need to get a feel for the kind of guy I am. I change a lot in the next three years, in more ways than one, so you need to see where I came from. I went to a big college in my home state, and made a ton of friends there. College is where I really started exploring my sexuality more, particularly with the closeted gay football and soccer players.

All right, enough of the background stuff.

I have a pretty good sized dick. I said it. After all, that is mainly what this story is about. It’s above average, around 7 and a half inches long, and moderately thick. It’s slightly thicker in the middle, and is hairless, like the rest of me. It has very little veins marring its surface, so it’s always smooth going in. I’m also circumcised.

Being 7.5 inches long and kinda thick makes me stand out from the crowd. Every dude I’ve ever been with has always said something like “You’re bigger than my last boyfriend for sure.” It’s always a nice confidence booster. But something inside of me for a long time has wished that I was bigger down there. In every way. I want it longer. Thicker. Wider. Fuller. I want my balls to be rounder, and more plump, and jigglier, and fuller. I want my dick to be one of the biggest on the planet, and I want to be the biggest that any guy I’m with has ever and will ever take.

A size queen, as it were.

I’m almost certain that this is what has partially fueled my growth. No scientific evidence to back that up, but I guess the impossible has already happened, so why not speculate?

Anyway. I get sidetracked a lot. I might have ADD.

Anyway. The day of my 23rd birthday rolled around like all the others, and I was planning on going out drinking with some of my gay friends to celebrate. We had been doing that since my 20th birthday (yes, I had a fake ID), and we had to keep up the tradition.

Being the ultra gay that I am, I decided to dress extra skimpy tonight. I have to flaunt what I’ve got, right? I decided to choose a crop top that showed off my nipples and that accentuated my full pecs. I put some glitter on my face and in my hair that I knew wouldn’t come out for weeks. I chose some black combat boots and extremely tight and short shorts that highlighted my perky butt and pushed my package out a little more. I had to admit, I looked pretty cute.

I had no idea what was coming my way.

Around 9:30 my friends knocked on my apartment door to pregame. Six guys dressed similarly to me sauntered in with wine and liquor bottles in hand, and they were ready to party. We spent the next hour catching up, drinking, kissing, and listening to music until our Uber arrived at 10:35.

After crowding into the Uber and partially scaring the driver with our outfits, we unloaded out onto the sidewalk in front of the most popular gay bar in our city. The line wrapped around the building and probably went on long past the corner.

“Fuck,” I said to my friend Chris, “There’s no way we’re getting in there.”

“Oh, yes we are.” Chris threw a stupid birthday sash over my shoulder and grabbed me from the shoulders and pushed me forward toward the bouncer. My six friends were in tow like ducklings following behind their mother.

I approached the bouncer tentatively, unsure of what to ask him. I mean, we had just cut in line, so what could you say? Before I got a word out, he asked, “Are you Zac?”

“Y-yes,” I stammered. Great confidence, dork.

“There’s reserved seating for you inside. You and your friends can head on in.” And just like a door, he swung to the side to let us through.

I glanced back at my friends and they were all grinning at me. I didn’t even know this club did reservations like that, but damn am I glad that they do. The thumping of the music grew louder, so I shouted to Chris, “How long ago did you make this damn reservation?”

“The day after your birthday last year! Couldn’t be too careful!” He said as he flashed his pearly white teeth at me.

It didn’t take too long to find our seating. There was a roped off section placed strategically beside the bar and right near the dance floor, so we had it made. I tried sitting down on one of the comfortable chairs, but before my ass hit the cushion, my friends grabbed me and put me in a chair in the middle of the roped off area.

I sighed. I knew what was coming.

My friends yelled and squealed as a really buff dude walked up to me. He had on a tight white tank top that showed off his jacked guns. His shorts were practically painted on, and I could tell he was packing pretty good in there.

He walked up to me in a cheesy yet sexy way and got really close to me face and whispered, “Hey, birthday boy.” I shivered.

He started to dance a little in front of me, and he slowly moved his way forward so that he somewhat straddled me. His vigorous hip thrusting caused his bulge to sometimes hit me in the chest, and I grinned. My hands explored all up and down his oily torso, and before I got the chance to lift up his tank top, he ripped it clean down the middle.

His juicy, smooth pecs danced rhythmically with the rest of his body, and my hands played with his firm ass as my tongue traced the lines between his eight pack.

I was in heaven.

He gingerly planted a kiss on my lips before turning around and shoving his ass in my face. At this point I was already sporting a boner, but the sensation felt different this time. It was almost as if it was getting more hard than it already was.

I broke my gaze away from the two round globes jiggling in front of me to look down at my crotch. I froze. I was definitely making a tent in my tiny shorts, but it seemed much more swollen than normal. And it looked to still be growing.

I didn’t have time to figure out what was going on. I attributed my hallucination to the flashing club lights or the euphoria I was feeling being so close to a cute piece of man meat.

My hands reached out towards the dude’s ass and I started massaging it, marveling at how large and luscious it felt underneath my touch.

The dancer began to back up toward me, pressing his ass against my chest. He obviously wasn’t aware of the bulge I had protruding in my lap, because he then slammed his ass down in my lap and paused for a brief moment. He whipped his head around with a smile and said, “Wow. Daddy’s excited.”

I’m a sucker for cheesy stuff like that, so I ate it up. He continued to grind his hips back and forth on me while leaning his hard, rippling back against me, allowing me to reach my hands around and explore his torso again.

It was then that I noticed my growth again. And the dancer noticed it too.

My already straining shorts were having trouble containing what was happening underneath them, so my dick had no choice but to slide out the side of my jock and poke out below the hem of my right leg. It was at this point that I was able to see that my suspicions about my growth were actually a reality.

My 7 and a half inches now looked microscopic compared to what I was looking at. The head of my cock was getting bigger, and it was traveling away from me slowly. My dick was getting longer, and I could do nothing to stop it.

This seemed to energize the dancer even more, and he got up off of my lap and faced me before dropping into a split directly in front of me. He was then eye level with my expanding member, and my fat head began to creep slowly toward his lustful eyes.

Now that my sight was uninhibited, I could really see what I was working with now. My balls aches from how tight they felt in my shorts, but that was because they were much bigger than they had been not two minutes before. Each nut could be plainly seen against my shiny silver shorts, looking like two large golf balls had been shoved down there.

My shaft snaking down my leg was both glaringly obvious and hot at the same time. My shorts only went down far enough to barely cover my ass cheeks, so even my 7.5 inch dick could easily be seen if it wasn’t tucked into the pouch. But now, what seemed like a double-digit dick was obscenely laying against my right thigh. It was much thicker than before; probably as big around as a toilet paper roll. Veins stood out on its surface, almost making it look like they were feeding my dick with some invisible growth juice.

The dancer finished his routine by pulling me up out of my chair and guiding me away from my friends and into the bathroom. Everything was happening so fast I had no way to resist. Not that I really wanted to. He bumped open the first stall with that firm ass of his and pulled me in by my waist. He swung me around and shoved me down so that I was sitting on the toilet.

“I figured you were big when I saw that thing crammed into your cute shorts, but I had no idea you were that big.”

I took a breath and said, “I surprise even myself sometimes.”

The dancer got down on his knees and began kissing my cock head, which made it twitch and start leaking pre.

“What’s your name, hot stuff?” I asked. I couldn’t go through with this without being able to talk dirty to him while shouting his name. Like I said. I’m into cheesy stuff.

He broke away from my cock for long enough to say, “Alex” and then plunged back down on my shaft. He sucked and licked for a couple of minutes, and then looked up at me, released my cock, and said, “Shorts. Off. Now.”

I stood up, and with one quick motion, I peeled the shorts off of me to reveal the rest of my manhood. We both gasped slightly. Almost like it were being held back by springs, my dick swung forward heavily and nearly smacked Alex in the face. My balls, which were being held up by my tight clothing, swung low.

“Damn, you’re big everywhere.” Alex said, taking one of my balls in his hand and began massaging it. “Not as big as you. Your muscles are beautiful.” Alex smirked and said, “I wish I could grow bigger, you know?”

I grinned and said, “Yeah, I know a little something about that. Now shut up and swallow.”

I wasn’t too sure that he would accept my sudden change of mood, but he obeyed without hesitation. He opened his mouth wide and swallowed my dick to the hilt in one quick motion. Holy fuck.

I moaned in pleasure. I guess with my increased growth I also got much more sensitive, because up to this point, I hadn’t felt a wave of pleasure this strong before. It only took him a few long sucks to cause me to unleash. I could take it.

Without warning, my balls released a torrent of cum that shocked Alex, but shocked me even more. I’ve never produced that much. Not even when I did No Nut November the year before.

I probably came 7 or 8 huge loads before Alex decided to release my throbbing pole. It landed with a wet plop against my tight abs, and it continued to sputter out a few globs of my juice. “You gonna clean that up?” I said.

Alex was getting himself together before commencing to licking my stomach to get every last drop. He must have been hungry.

“Damn that was amazing. I’ve seen some above average guys before, but you’ve got to be the biggest guy I’ve seen.” He smirked and stood up. “What’s your secret? I’m a stripper so I have to have some meat on me, but you’re way bigger than me. You need to think about a job here.”

“There’s no secret really. I guess I just got lucky.”

“Lucky!!” I stood up and tried to figure out a way to put my softening cock back into my shorts without it being glaringly obvious. “You got lucky and then some. But seriously. You should consider working here. You would get a lot of tips.”

I figured shoving my dick off to one side and stuffing my large balls in the pouch was contain it enough for now. “Yeah… I’ll think about it.”

“You better return to your friends before they think you were kidnapped or something.” Alex opened the stall door and let me skootch past. Being that it was a normal sized stall, I had to turn sideways, which made my tight ass brush across his package. He smacked my ass for good measure.

“Thanks for a great birthday Alex. I hope to see you around some time, babe.” I winked at him and sauntered out of the bathroom and back onto the dance floor.

Zac—there you are! We were wondering what happened to you.” My friend Chris was definitely a lightweight, and I hadn’t been gone long, so it was no surprise that he was already plastered by the time I got back.

“Yeah I was just…. in the bathroom.” I said with a devious grin.

“With that hot stripper!! Don’t think we don’t know what went down. That’s what we were hoping for!!” He slurred.

“What, you think I have trouble getting laid all on my own?” I said with a cute, fake pouty face.

“No, hun, not at all! You’re the sexiest boy in this group anyway. You could get anyone you wanted. But we figured we would get you someone special.” He grabbed my hand and started leading me to the dance floor.

“Oh, he was a special one all right!” I yelled above the thumping music. A drink mysteriously appeared in my unoccupied hand, and I took a sip as I began to get lost in the music with my friends and my new member.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was probably around 3am when I stumbled back into my apartment. All of my friends had made their way home, and I took an Uber back to my place. Although I would probably forget about most of the things that happened, my mind had not forgotten about what happened before I got drunk.

My mind wandered back to Alex and my dick began to throb in my tight shorts. I had to figure out what happened and how much it grew. Now, I wasn’t upset that I grew. Every guy secretly (or not-so-secretly) want their penis to be bigger, so I was absolutely ecstatic that mine actually did. But why?

Now that I think back, me being excessively intoxicated maybe wasn’t the best time to think that through, but it was the only thing dominating my mind.

I stumbled into my room and fumbled for the light switch in the bathroom. Once I finally flicked it on, I leaned against the wall and stared at myself in the mirror.

Sloppy hair and drunken face aside, I looked good. Really good. I was fit and toned, not a mark on my body, and I had a body a lot of people my age dream of. Not too big, not too lanky. Minimal fat, good facial features, great hair and brows, and plump lips and were great for making out. I’m no narcissist, but I know I’m a looker.

It also was a bonus that I had an above average dick. But now, the impossible was very much real. My dick, which was only semi hard at the moment, looked huge stuffed into my shorts. The visible outline of my pole was easily seen through the sheen shorts, and the bulge from my balls were easily as big as most normal people’s whole package.

I slowly peeled away my shorts and let my soft dick flop out of their tight confines. Even mostly soft, it was bigger than normal. Both in length and girth. I decided that in order to get an accurate assessment of my growth, I needed to get hard again.

Luckily, I get super horny when I’m drunk, so it really didn’t take much. I just thought about my fun little excursion with Alex in the bathroom at the club and I was rock hard in record time. I grinned slightly as I stared at my cock in the mirror.

My throbbing cock was definitely much longer than I remembered. I grabbed it with my right hand and marveled at how much wider my hands were spread across it surface. I pulled it off to the right side and laughed slightly when I noticed that my fat cock head extended just past my hip.

“Wow,” I whispered. I had to measure it. I had to.

I opened every drawer under my sink until I found my flexible tape measure. Standing up straight, I fumbled with the tape until I got it so that it started with 1”. I placed it at the base of my dick and pressed it in slightly. With my left hand, I extended the rest of the tape to the top of my dick and froze.

I gained 3 whole inches.

7.5 inches is above average already. Most guys can’t even imagine having a tool that big. But 10.5 inches? Double digits?? Absolutely insane. Almost like a response to this new knowledge, my dick began to leak pre. I got some on my finger and licked it.

I don’t know why either. I was drunk, okay?

It tasted amazing. I felt sparks on my tongue. I’ve tasted my own juices before, but this was on its own level. Maybe it was because I was drunk that I thought this. Maybe not. It doesn’t really matter either way. It tasted divine.

I decided to measure the girth as well, since that was a new feeling to me too. I wrapped the tape around the middle of my dick and gasped when I saw that it was 6.5 inches around.

I let the tape drop to the floor. I grinned again. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift. I stripped off the rest of my clothes and decided to sleep nude. Why contain my new dick in clothes if I could go freely?

How little I was aware of what was to come. How blissfully unaware I was.


Age 24 (12 inches)

A year had gone by and I was used to my new 10.5” manhood. I loved it. I was well above average at this point, and it made every guy I was with jealous of me.

But I had this insatiable desire to be even bigger. What would it be like to not be able to wrap your hand around it? What would it feel like to always show off what you’ve got down there no matter what clothes you wear? How would it feel to have the biggest, thickest, juiciest, fattest, longest, most amazing cock on the planet?

Ever since growing 3 extra inches initially, it was a thought that was almost constantly in my mind.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait too long.

It was my 24th birthday, but things were different this year. A lot of my friends weren’t going to be able to go out with me for my birthday. Two had family issues to deal with, one was on their five-year anniversary with their boyfriend, and another is no longer in our friend group (which is a story for another time). I was going out on my own tonight, and I have but one thing in mind: finding the hottest, beefiest, manliest stud and go to bed with him.

And show him how much bigger I am down there than him.

Ironically, I went to that same club that my friends and I went to last year, only this time I couldn’t cut in line. I waited outside in the chilly night for about an hour and a half, and when I finally got to the bouncer, he said, “Hey, I remember you. You could have just walked up here and I would have let you in.”

I walked inside feeling a bit frustrated that I didn’t at least try it, but that feeling was immediately replaced with focus. I saw him very easily in the crowd. Dancing in the middle of the dance floor was the object of my dreams.

Though he was a bit shorter than many of the other guys dancing out there, the sheer width and bulk of him gave a wide berth around him. He wore black pants that looked painted on his tree trunk legs, and the white button up shirt he wore left little to the imagination. His arms all but exploded out of the short sleeves, and veins riddling his biceps and forearms. He left the top two buttons of his shirt undone, maybe to show off some cleavage, and maybe because he couldn’t get them closed due to the sheer mass of his chest. Maybe it was both.

His wide shoulders flared out, and they were easily the size of his head, or more. As he danced around, I got some glimpses of his backside that made me catch my breath. His was was easily three times as wide as his waist, and his large ass was about as subtle as fireworks on the Fourth of July. I was so entranced by him that the only thing that jolted me back to reality was the number of people shoving past me to get inside the club.

I then walked to the bar to order a drink and try to get closer to him. My only objective for the night was to get home with him. The song he was dancing to had ended, and I guess it was time for him to replenish his alcohol, because he lumbered his way through the crowd and planted himself at the bar not two feet away from me.

His man scent was the first thing that hit me. I could smell his musky cologne mixed with his raw sexual power and a little bit of sweat. It was intoxicating. So much so that I probably didn’t even have to get drunk tonight.

He shouted his order to the bartender over the loud music, and his deep baritone voice seemed to vibrate the walls and make the booming music sound like background noise. He flashed the bartender a pearly white smile that probably would have blinded him in direct sunlight.

I may be a bit dramatic, but he brought it out of me.

I had to make my move somehow before he made his way back into the crowd, so I not-so-subtly slid down the bar and stood next to him. I was probably a good 6 or 7 inches taller than him, but he was easily 3 to 4 times wider and thicker than me. Now, I’m not skinny by any means. I work out regularly and eat right, so I have a good athletic body. But this man made me feel anorexic.

“Whatcha drinkin?” I asked.

“Why? You want one?” I could feel the deep grumble of his voice through the table.

“Yes.” He smirked, and held up two fingers at the bartender. I watched his already massive bicep rise and peak as he bent his arm. I could have sworn I heard the fabric tear a little.

“Well, since these drinks are gonna take twice as long. I have twice as long to get to know you. What’s your name?”

“Zac. You?”

“Cameron. So are you here alone tonight?”

I grinned. “Yeah it’s just me. My friends usually come with my to celebrate my birthday but they all got tied up.”

“Happy birthday! Sorry you had to come alone. Sounds like you could use some company.”

My jaw almost hit the floor. I thought I’d have to spend all night working this guy over, but here he was welcoming me in with big, open, beefy arms.

“I guess so.”

His fingers were rapping lightly against the wooden bar, and the cords of each individual forearm muscle danced in response. My eyes were glued, and it didn’t take him long to notice.

“Wanna guess?”

My eyes broke away from his massive arm and up to his bright blue eyes. “Guess what?”

“How big I am. I saw you as soon as you walked in and I thought you were cute. And I knew what the look in your eyes meant. You’ve got a thing for big guys and you wanted to size me up. So. How big do you think I am.”

I gulped. I took this opportunity to really look him up and down. Damn he was huge. “I think I need to get a more hands on approach to this question.”

He turned towards me and smiled. “You think so?”

“I know so.”

“Those drinks can wait. Follow me, stud.” He turned around and stated half-walking, half-dancing to the men’s room. I followed closely behind him, and I grabbed his bouncing ass just for foreplay. He stopped as soon as he felt my touch, which was unexpected, so I ended up ramming into him crotch first. At this point I was already sporting a semi, so he definitely could feel my cock squish up against his firm butt. Cameron tried his best to look over his shoulder at me.

Two big boys? Oh this is gonna be fun.”

He turned around and grabbed me by the waist and hugged me against his side. I tried wrapping my arm around his shoulders, but my hand couldn’t get around his other shoulder.

We walked in step to the bathroom in silence. I’m not really sure why, but it definitely built up anticipation and sex appeal.

He kicked open the bathroom door, and I’m surprised it didn’t break in half. One guy was fixing his hair in the mirror, but as soon as he saw me and the bull I walked in with, he ran out of the bathroom. I guess we looked intimidating? Not too sure.

“Last stall. We need all the room we can get.”

This time I took the lead. I pushed the stall door open and waited for him to walk through. I marveled at how Cameron’s shoulders almost scraped the sides of the door frame. He stood in the middle of the stall and waited for me to latch the door closed with shaking hands.

I turned around and said, “Do you want to take your clothes off, or should I?”

“How about we each help each other out?”

“You first.”

I walked forward and did a cursory feel across his torso. Each pec muscle was as big as a bowling ball, and I can’t imagine that he was even pumped up yet. I tweaked his left nipple as my hand travelled down, and I noticed that it was pointing almost downward. I slowly traced my hand over his abs and I counted four rows of bricks. Not abs, bricks. I reached the bottom button and slowly began to unbutton it. With each button I undid, the more amazed I was by what I saw.

Cameron was absolutely hairless, which is exactly how I like it. I could see the striations in his bulging chest muscles, and he had veins leading down toward his crotch. I peeled the sleeves off of his massive arms and gasped at their size. They were easily 25 inches around, and were riddled with veins, with a fat vein travelling down each arm. His round shoulders made his v taper even more exaggerated, making his waist three times as small as his upper body.

“Jesus,” I whispered. My hands felt every possible inch of his body that I could find, and my tongue traced the line between his deeply cut abs. “How about those pants now?”

“I thought you would never ask.” He undid the button on his pants and slowly lowered the zipper. Once it reached the bottom, he let me take over. I wrestled the pants off of his legs, which more closely resembled tree trunks rather than legs. His thighs were easily as big around as my torso, and they pressed together, which forced his straining package forward. He wore a jockstrap, which accentuated his large bubble butt and his bulging crotch.

“How big are you down there?” I asked. Not that it really mattered. Because I knew I was bigger than him.

“8 inches hard.”

“Happy birthday to me.”

He stepped out of his pants and began to massage his package. I saw it slowly get thicker and longer. I grinned and said, “I’ll eat my cake before going for dessert.” Cameron smiled and said, “Well, I have to see what you’ve got before you can feast.”

My already rock-hard dick was now throbbing in response to his cheesy and every-so-sexy words. He grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me in for a kiss while he began rubbing the front of my pants. I felt him smile under our passionate kiss and he swung me around and shoved me so that I was sitting on the toilet. Why do I always end up on the toilet?

“Take that shirt off. I can’t have it getting in the way.” In one swift motion it was in a pile on the tile floor beside the toilet. He got on his knees and began to massage my thighs, which caused me to relax and open my legs wider to better accommodate the large member in between them.

Cameron undid the button of my fly, which flew open under the immense pressure that my dick was putting on it. I was wearing my trusty white briefs, which was practically see-through from being pulled so tightly around my massive pole.

I stood up just slightly so Cameron could slide my pants down to the floor. I sat down again and shivered as the cold toilet seat made contact with my legs.

“Scared? Don’t worry, babe, I’ll take care of you.”

“No, I’m not scared. But you should be.” And with that, he grabbed the waistband of my briefs and slowly revealed my swollen cock and balls. I was already leaking a considerable amount of pre. With my dick finally free of its confines, my heavy cock swung back upward and leaned toward the right, hanging over my hip at least three inches.

Cameron took this opportunity to suck on my large golf ball sized balls. I leaned my head back and gave a deep moan, and was surprised that he could fit both of them in his mouth. He started juggling them with his tongue as he grabbed the base of my shaft and began to slowly stroke it. He released my balls and began to slowly kiss the underside of my dick until he reached the slicked head.

He licked the underside of my head for a while and I grumbled in pleasure. I was so lost in the moment that I almost didn’t notice that he had stopped licking and has stood up and had begun to straddle me. I jumped out of my euphoric state when I felt his straining package brush against my abs. My eyes flew open and I looked up at the massive brute of a man dancing on me.

If my dick wasn’t already hard, it definitely was then. It was almost painful, but the overwhelming sense of pleasure I was feeling overtook any amount of discomfort that may have been there. My hands instinctively went up to Cameron’s massive chest and I began massaging the two heavy gloves as he bobbed up and down on me.

“In need you in me,” he growled while he flexed his gargantuan biceps.

“Wish granted.” I reached down with one hand and guided it towards his massive bubble butt. Cameron began to slowly lower himself onto my pole, and I was shocked at how tight he felt and how quickly he impaled himself on me.

He got about halfway down my shaft before the feeling hit me again. That unmistakable pressure behind the base of my dick. I knew what was going to happen.

Cameron kept inching his way down. My cock was already huge, and there wasn’t much room for much more in his tight ass, so the growth I was undergoing was extremely pleasurable for me and shocking and painful for him.

Cameron noticed the change immediately. My cock expanded outward and pressed against every side of his insides, and I heard him gasp while he tried to slide up off of it. Unfortunately, my member was also getting longer, so it forced its way deeper into him without me having to try at all.

“What the fuck?” He shouted, looking down at my expanding crotch with fear and a little bit of disguised lust.

“I-I don’t… know…” I breathed. Of course I knew what was happening. But I couldn’t let him know that. Having him figure out that I hid my annual growth from him until it happened would make an already odd situation worse.

By the time my growth subsided, it felt like I had filled half of his stomach up even with half of my new cock still outside of his body. At this point, Cameron had kept in the same position so that he wouldn’t be able to move up or down on my shaft without forcing himself too.

“What just happened?” I asked.

“I was going to ask you the same fucking thing!!” He shouted.

“I think it… grew.”

“No shit!” He took a few deep breaths and said, “I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s really fucking hot, but I’m afraid of how much it grew. And if it would hurt me or not.”

“I guess there’s only one way to find out how much,” I said with a sheepish grin.

“Well, we might as well finish what we started.” I looked up quickly at him with a shocked look in my face.


“Yeah, you’re halfway in, and since we both find this so damn sexy, we might as well finish before trying to figure out what happened.” He grinned at me and danced his pecs a little.

“Okay… well you asked for it.” The invitation to keep going was almost like a drug to me. I took no concern as to how much I had grown and what it could do to him. Without warning, I slammed my hips all the way up until my stomach and my balls (which felt noticeably larger pressed up against him than they had before) were pressed in between the large globes of his ass.

Cameron yelped in pain, and I could feel his asshole clench around my pole as he grimaced. However, I didn’t even hear his cry. All I felt was his ass trying to suck in more of my dick. And away I went.

Without stopping, I slammed my monster cock deep into him over and over like I was getting the last fuck of my life. I felt Cameron try to pull off of me, but somehow I was able to muster up enough strength to grab his wasp waist and pin him down on my shaft. I think he was in enough pain from the sheer width and length of my tool that he wasn’t able to concentrate all of his energy into climbing off of me.

I probably kept pounding for a minute or two, but it felt like an eternity of bliss. I was near cumming when one loud bellow from Cameron jolted me out of my stupor. I stopped immediately, and with heavy breaths, I looked up at him and said, “What?!”

The tears streaming down his face and the veins bulging out on his neck and temple told me that he was not enjoying himself the same way I was. Not even close.

I thought you would take it easy!!” he screamed. How someone had not come into the bathroom at this point was beyond me.

“You said to go. I did.”

“But you hurt me. Really bad. I begged you to stop and you wouldn’t.”

I started to blush and I said, “I thought you were shouting because it felt good. It felt good to me.”

No! I shouted that you were hurting me but you kept going. Now get the fuck off me. Slowly.”

At this point, I had major blue balls and the tension that I had created was making my dick go limp, so at least it could slide out of Cameron more easily.

He slowly lifted off of my and winced the whole way. My fat head had a little trouble escaping his hole, so when it reached his asshole, I had to grab my pole and yank the head out with a wet pop. Even semi soft, I marveled at the size of my cock. It was probably almost as big as my cock had been previously while hard. But I couldn’t focus on that now. Cameron wouldn’t even look at me as he started to gather his clothes and started stretching them over his taught muscles.

“Cameron… I’m-im sorry…” I stammered. I didn’t even realize that I was slowly stroking my dick the whole time.

“It’s a little late for that!” He said. I could feel the hurt in his voice. He glanced up at me while he was pulling his pants up around his swollen calves and his eyes grew wide. “You’re still getting off??”

That’s when I noticed. My giant dong was at full mast, shiny from my own pre and throbbing under my constant, slow, long strokes. I instinctively released it, and it fell against my stomach. I noticed how much farther up my torso it was, and how my belly button was completely covered by the increased girth of my tool.

I looked up at Cameron and said, “I know it’s not right to keep going. I just can’t help it.” Was I blushing? My face felt hot.

“Well, keep on going, big boy. You won’t be hearing from me ever again.” He threw his clothes on with record speed and slammed the stall door behind him. I could have sworn I heard it crack in a few places.

What had gotten into me? Was this growth turning me into a sex-crazed animal? Was I getting off on hurting people? Now wasn’t the time to figure it out. My swollen dick was still rock hard and needed attention.

I locked the stall door behind me, sat back down on the toilet seat, and shoved my cock down my throat until I couldn’t fit any more in. As I unleashed an unnatural amount of my own cum down my throat, a small tear ran down my face as I silently apologized to my fantasy man. Damn, this life is tough.


Age 25 (13.5 inches)

So, as you probably guessed, I got into stripping. It’s a good side hustle, and a great way to earn extra cash. I also get to be around other dudes like me, which is a plus.

This birthday was different though. Up to this point, I had grown in size down there on my birthday. But when my 25th rolled around, nothing. Just the same old, thick, foot long dong.

I figured my bout of second puberty was over, so I went about my life as best as I could with a sausage stuffed down my pants. I had been stripping at an obscure club for a couple of months. I didn’t want to go somewhere too popular and attract unwanted attention.

The club is called Stallion, which is ironically really subtle. They specialized in—you guessed it—well-hung guys. Most guys range from about 8 inches to around 12. I ended up being the biggest of the group of five regular guys. Rico is the only other guy with a 12-inch dick, but mine is way thicker than his, so that’s where I get a leg up.

I’m getting a little sidetracked though. A couple of months had gone by and I was making decent money. If you were hung like me, you would too.

Along came another night and I was in my dressing room getting ready, which pretty much consisted of doing my hair up and changing out of my street clothes into my stripping clothes.

I took off my t-shirt with one swift motion and started to struggle to unbutton the button of my pants. Even soft, my much bigger dick takes up quite a bit more room in my pants than they did before. 4 and a half inches is a considerable amount when you slap it onto an already above average cock.

I dropped my pants and stared at myself in the mirror. I still can’t believe just how big I had become in the past 3 years. Boxers were out of the question anymore, so I had to settle for large briefs. Extra large.

They left little to the imagination. My 7-inch softie pushed the pouch of my briefs down slightly, and the head of my dick could be easily seen pressed up against the white fabric. My balls also had grown, so the limited remaining space in my tight pouch was filled—no, overfilled—with my extra large egg sized balls. The sides of them could be seen on either side of my pouch, slightly touching by muscular thighs.

I was very proud of my size. It made any partner I was with (mostly) happy. Except for Cameron. We won’t talk about that. I’ve gotten myself under control.

But there was a small part of me that still wanted it to be bigger. I absentmindedly grabbed my obscene bulge and jiggled it a little. I grinned as I watched it bounce in response. I started to chub up a little, and decided to let go of it before I started to spill out of my underwear.

I sighed and dropped my underwear so I could change into my custom fit g-string. I stepped into it and slid it up my thighs. Once I reached my dick, I had to maneuver it into the pouch just right so I didn’t pop out of it too soon during the performance. I grabbed as much of my balls that I could fit into one hand and set them toward the back of the pouch and then snaked my soft dick into the pouch and aimed it straight downwards. I swear that thing made my junk look even bigger. Not that I was complaining.

I then grabbed my short shorts, tear-away pants, button up sleeveless shirt, and short sleeve button up shirt and began to layer up. I hated wearing all of those clothes, but it was all part of the show. Luckily they came off pretty quickly.

Just as I was getting the top shirt on, I heard a knock on my door.

“Who is it?” I yelled, not really wanting to walk all the way to the door to see who it was.

“Me!” the voice called back.

I sighed and walked over to the door. I opened it and Rico was standing there in nothing but his g-string. My eyes instinctively went to his impressive bulge.

“Looks like someone is ready to perform,” I said, licking my lips slightly.

“I can’t wait to perform today!! I had an idea too. Maybe after we strip we could do a little duo performance before going off and doing our own thing on different sides of the stage? I heard there’s a bachelor party coming here tonight. I’ll let you grab the groom and I’ll get the best man.”

“We haven’t performed together before though. I haven’t performed with anyone else, really. What did you have in mind?”

He grinned and grabbed his cock, saying, “Once we get almost naked, we could get each other hard.”

I paused for a little and thought about it. It would make for a little extra excitement. “I don’t see why not. We can just wing it when we get out there.”

“My thoughts exactly. See you out there, stud.” He winked and skipped away. I watched his plump butt bounce with each step.

I went back into the dressing room to get myself in the mindset for the performance. I grabbed my bottle of water and chugged the rest of it.

I sat down in my chair and slowly stroked my member as I thought about how I would structure my set tonight.

Once I figured it out, I walked to the wing where I would make my entrance to the stage. Rico was already waiting there and was starting to oil up. He liked to go on stage already oiled. I liked to do it on stage. Different performance styles, I guess.

I walked over to him and said, “Need some help, big guy?”

He looked up and flashed a white smile. “How can I say no to such a cute hunk like you? Go for it.” He turned around so I could get his backside. I squeezed the bottle of oil into my hands and started smearing a generous amount of it onto his back. I took in the view from where I was. Smooth, tanned skin glided under my oiled up hand as I felt the bumps and ridges of his muscular back.

I heard a deep groan escape from Rico, and I could tell he was enjoying himself. The muffled music from the stage could be heard, and he started to do a little dance into my massaging hand. I grinned and started rocking with him in rhythm.

I glided my slicked hands down his back and slipped my hands down his shorts to fondle his bubble butt. He jumped a little and said, “Your hand is cold!”

“That’s why I’m warming them up,” I whispered with a grin. I began to massage his cheeks and I slid my middle finger in his crack to tease him. I felt him shiver.

Just while it was getting fun, the music changed. I sighed and removed my hand from his pants. I grabbed a towel that was at the edge of the stage to wipe off the oil from my hand and situated my outfit for the performance. Rico then put on his shirt and buttoned it up quickly.

The curtain opened and Rico and I sauntered out. We were met with bright stage lights and a roaring crowd.

“How are y’all doing tonight?!” He yelled. The crowd responded with even louder screams. Without hesitation, Rico began to slowly unbutton the shirt he just buttoned up not a minute ago. Slowly and seductively, began to grind to the music while winking at an audience member or licking his bicep.

I also began going through my normal routine. If you know what works, then why stop? I ripped off my tear-away pants at the best drop and the crowd squealed. My short shorts were screaming with so much packed in there. The audience couldn’t decide who they wanted to look at more.

I began tore my top shirt off and slowly began to work my sleeveless one of when I glanced over at Rico. He was already down to his posers. I had to speed this up in order to catch up with him. I slowly peeled the shorts away from my straining junk and flung them with my foot out into the audience. I knew I wasn’t getting those back.

Rico then started to walk seductively toward me and I knew what was coming next. He was going to get me hard. Which wouldn’t have taken very much. I widened my stance and put my hands on my hips like a superman pose. Thrusting my hips forward put my stuffed package on display, guiding every person’s attention in the room straight to my straining crotch.

I gave a random audience member a wink and a five-star smile right as Rico came up behind me and wedged his cock in between my ass cheeks. He started to slowly grind on my as he reached his hand around my waist and began to slowly stroke my cock. I began to grind in rhythm with him, almost helping him jack off my dick.

The men in the crowd began to holler, some asking to see my throbbing cock. They soon would.

I felt my phallus begin to swell and cause my already tight briefs to suction around my cock. Every possible curve and edge of my dick could be seen against the white posers, and the briefs began to push down away from my torso as my dick grew longer and thicker. The hollering soon became yelling as the base of my cock became visible to those in the crowd.

I ran my hand down from the base of my cock to the tip, and then let go so it would swing up and hit me on my flat abs. They really seemed to like that.

Rico stepped out from behind me to reveal his own monster cock, throbbing tightly in his posers. The crowd screamed. Rico turned to me and pointed at the ground. I knew what was coming next.

I slowly lowered myself with my back on the stage, tightly fitting briefs bulging up toward the stage lights. Rico got down on all fours and began to crawl toward me, and I spread my knees apart to give him easier access.

I thought he would stop at my dick, but he kept on climbing until he was face to face with me. He squished his hard dick into mine and started grinding while planting a passionate kiss on my lips. My eyes widened. I didn’t expect this.

But damn was it hot.

I kissed him back passionately and I felt my dick get rock hard. It was at this point that Rico broke from his kiss and started shuffling upward so that his giant package slowly approached my face, swinging side to side. He stopped so that the tip of his fat dick was hanging right above my smiling lips. I suck my tongue out and gently licked the underside of his cock head, feeling the warmth through his thin posers.

I then reached up and grabbed the top of his posers and swiftly yanked them down, which allowed his man meat to slap me in the face. I lightly flicked the head of his cock my with tongue

At this point, my posers were strained to their limit. I would even say that it was overfull. About 2 inches of the base of my giant cock was exposed, since the rest of my fat dick was pulling them down. My balls were easily visible out the sides of the skimpy posers, and the bounced heavily with each movement I did.

“Who wants me to take them off?!” I yelled.

The crowd roared with envy, some even reaching up toward the stage trying to rip my posers off themselves.

“You know what? I think the man of the hour should get to do that.” And almost like my words were like magic, the crowd parted to reveal the groom. He was stuck in the middle of the crowd, surrounded by all of his friends. The look of shock and lust that was on his face made me salivate.

His friends hollered and slapped his back, encouraging him to climb up on stage with me. One of his friends shoved him from behind, making him stumble forward toward the stage.

“If he won’t come to me, I’ll come to him.” I said with a wink.

I grabbed a hold of my package and jumped off the stage. I didn’t want to expose myself before the fun even began. I strolled up to the groom and asked his name.


“Okay, Scott, come with me.” I grabbed his hand and started to pull him in my direction. He resisted a little, and I whirled around and said, even more loudly, “That wasn’t a request. It was a demand.”

His eyes widened and he allowed himself to be pulled up on the stage with me. I stood so that my package could be seen from the side. I didn’t want this timid groom to block everyone else’s view.


Scott quickly obeyed, dropping to his knees with a loud and probably painful bang. I wanted to make sure he was okay but it would break the façade. I started moving my hips in a small circular motion, almost beckoning him to touch it. As soon as he started reaching his hands out to grab the top of my posers, I thrust my hips forward and mashed my throbbing bulge into his face. I could feel his lips lightly pressed on the middle part of my long shaft, and I started to slow grind my hips.

Scott seemed to lose all inhibitions that he previously had, because he was now trying to suck my cock through the extremely tight fabric. He had reached his hands around my waist and began massaging my plump ass while using every available inch of his tongue and lips to moisten my cock.

“Go,” I whispered.

Almost like Scott was waiting for the invitation, he began to pull the strap of my poster away from my ass, exposing my firm cheeks to the crowd. I gave them a slight smack just because. Scott then tried tugging them down from my air-tight package, but he was met with some resistance. The extreme tightness of the fabric mixed with the wetness from Scott’s mouth made it so that the posers wouldn’t just slide off.

Scott tried reaching through the top of my posers to pull my cock out, but couldn’t even get half of his hand in the space. It was filled with too much cock and balls.

“Can’t even get your hand around it, huh? Guess you’ll have to find a way to get your mouth around it when you get it free.” At this point I had forgotten that a crowd was even there. My intentions were purely sexually driven. I was speaking just to Scott at this point.

The crowd, however, ate it up. They kept egging Scott on, yelling at him to swallow me whole. It was totally against the rules, but I didn’t care. I could tell he wanted to, the crowd wanted him to, and most importantly, I needed him to.

Scott began to slowly peel the fabric away from my cock, and inch after thick inch of my phallus was finally getting to be out in the open. After what seemed like ages, Scott finally got the stretched out posers to the head of my dick. With one swift motion, he yanked them down and allowed my rock hard dick to swing up and crash against his grinning face.

The crowd went wild. Money was cascading onto the stage in droves, mostly $5s and $10s, but a couple of $20s and $50s were mixed in.

Damn, I really should have made a career out of this. It paid hundreds a night.

Scott backed up slightly, allowing my heavy package to swing heftily back and forth in front of his eyes like a pendulum. He looked up at me with bedroom eyes, pleading to suck it.

I nodded and prepared for bliss.

Scott reached up and grabbed the base of my dick with one hand and used his other to grab about halfway down my dick and aimed it at his mouth. Well, he tried to grab it. There was no way he was getting his hand around it. I really didn’t know how he was going to take it down his throat.

Even though it was already extremely thick while semi hard, it continued to thicken as his slow strokes got me fully hard. Scott began to stuff the head in his mouth, and I was surprised at how much space he had in there. I felt his tongue swirl around my fat head with extreme precision. Where was the shy man I met just moments before? I guess I have that effect on people.

He slowly began to shove my cock down his throat. I moaned with pleasure. For such a tight throat, he was really able to keep pushing. The crowd screamed as Scott reached the halfway mark. This dude must not have a gag reflex, because any normal guy would have gagged with just my swollen head in their mouth.

It was at this point that I grew. Again.

I felt the familiar deep pressure behind the base of my dick and groaned. I guess Scott thought that it was a moan of pleasure, but he would only be half right. His inaccurate assessment allowed him to take another two whole inches down his throat and he massaged my balls. He suddenly stopped sucking.

And I knew why.

My balls were the first thing to grow. My large egg sized balls began to slowly inflate, expanding outward and filling with more cum than any person should be able to hold at one time. The weight of my expanding crotch was pulling downward much more than I was used to.

I tried pulling out, mostly so I could watch it grow, but also because I didn’t want to hurt Scott too badly. However, Scott had other ideas. Instead of letting me go, he tried swallowing even more. How lucky I was to find another size queen that was as into my growth as I was.

Not only was my dick growing longer, it was starting to grow extremely thick. I was worried for Scott’s jaw. He could barely fit his hand around it before, so there was no way it was going to happen now. He must be a pro to get all of me down.

I was so infatuated with my growth that I barely noticed that Scott’s mouth was almost to the base of my giant dong. I gasped, and I could feel his strained mouth turn into a slight smile. His hands were fondling my now fist-sized balls, and that was enough to send me over the edge.

At this point, the front of the stage was covered with so much money from the adoring fans that it would take quite a while to clean up afterwards. Some guys were even trying to climb up on stage in order to get a closer look, and maybe even to get a little taste themselves. It was pure chaos in the crowd and it was all for me. Rico at this point had stopped performing and was working on crowd control. He kept pushing people off of the stage so that I could have my moment with Scott. What a supportive little fucker her was.

Scott continued to suck as I felt my growth stop. If I didn’t already feel huge before, I felt absolutely massive now. I had no idea just how big I had grown, but I knew that it was noticeable. Scott gave one last little squeeze of my swollen balls and that was enough for me to empty my load down his tight throat.

My balls pulled up and thick stream after thick stream of my cum exploded out of my fat head. I felt Scott swallow frivolously, and I heard muffled groans of pleasure as I quickly filled his stomach with my seed.

Little spurts were escaping the side of his mouth, and the crowd gasped. For the most part, they seemed to think that it was just part of the show, and that the groom was just good at acting. Many of them were shocked to see that he had actually made me climax, and in a big way.

After what seemed like 12 or 13 huge loads, Scott couldn’t take anymore, and he slowly began to pull my swollen dick from his throat. Now was my chance to see just how big I was now.

Inch after inch was exposed to the warm stage lights and the adoring gaze of the audience. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my fat head popped out of Scott’s tired mouth with a very loud and wet plop. It was still covered with a generous layer of my cum, and a decent amount of it was still leaking out of my dick and onto the stage floor.

“Let me help you with that, stallion.”

To my surprise, it was Rico who said it. I guess he lost all of his inhibitions just as I had and decided to do the only thing that would close the night out with a bang. On all fours, he crawled toward me and began to lick up the pool of my cum that lay in a growing puddle on the floor.

I looked over at Scott, who was rubbing his belly and smiling at his friends in the audience.

“Did you get enough to eat, bitch? Or do you want a second course?”

He didn’t speak, but instead shook his head, indicating that he had more than his fill. He then stood up and jumped off the stage and disappeared into the crowd to find his friends.

My attention was drawn back to Rico as I felt his warm hands grab my still-hard dick.

“Need a clean off, bud?”

I nodded my head, and he then began to lick every available surface of my dick. Before I knew it, I was fully cleaned off and I had stopped leaking cum. It began to shrink back down, if you could really call it that. I figured that I would have to measure it when I got back to my dressing room.

“Goodnight everyone! Thank you for coming to our special show!” Rico shouted, causes some in the crowd to go “Aww!” and others to start cheering for an encore. Rico and I scooped up our clothes at the same time.

It was at this point that my exhaustion kicked in. Rico and I exited to opposite sides of the stage, and I immediately made a beeline for my dressing room. The money on the stage could wait. As hot as it was for Rico to finish up the show like that, I didn’t want to answer any questions from him before figuring out what the hell happened myself.

I half jogged, half fast-walked to my dressing room, and my softening dick was slapping loudly against my legs. It almost hurt due to the sheet weight of it, and it felt like the head of my nearly soft dick was slapping halfway down my thigh. Just another thing I’ll have to get used to.

I opened my door quickly and accidentally slammed it behind me. I threw my clothes in the corner, locked the door, and flopped onto the chair in front of my mirror. I then grabbed my thick member in my hand and began to explore. Almost immediately when I touched it, it began to get hard again.

My hands were shaking and I didn’t really know why. Since I started growing again I went from 7.5 inches to over 12. I’ve almost doubled my size. I shouldn’t be surprised by this anymore.

My hand gingerly glided up and down the growing length of my shaft while my still tennis ball sized balls rested heavily on the cushioned seat.

“Before I get off again I have to measure it,” I said. Not sure why I thought talking to myself was a good idea. I’m an idiot. That’s why.

I had a tape measure in one of the drawers of the vanity that I rummaged around for. It’s not a crazy idea since I’ve grown the past two years. What’s the chance it would happen again?

Apparently, a big chance.

I put the end of the tape measure at the base of my dick, and slowly rolled it out toward the tip. I marveled at how I had to lean forward some just to reach the end and still keep the tape on the top of my dick. I also noticed how the width of the tape measure was easily four times as small as my own throbbing dick.

I stopped at the 12” mark and took a breath. That’s what I was before I grew.

“Here we go.”

I extended it another inch and a half and nearly fainted.

13.5 inches. Rock hard.

This has to be a record, right? No other human being has even come close to this, right?

I decided to measure the girth just because. I wrapped the tape around the middle part of my dick and gasped.


No wonder Scott couldn’t hold it with both hands afterwards.

Now, keep in mind, the base of my dick and the head are a little thicker than the shaft, so I’m sure I was close to 9” there.

I threw the tape measure down, checked the door one last time, and began to suck my cock long into the night.


Age 26 (16 inches)—Happy Birthday to Me

Ever had a 13.5 inch dick and tennis ball sized balls hanging between your legs? Probably not. Did I think I would ever have a cock so thick and wide that you could barely get two hands around it? Probably not. But is it the hottest thing I have ever experienced in my life? Absolutely.

I also was not prepared for what would happen on my 26th birthday. Granted, it has only been 4 years since I started my growth, but the amount of time is nothing compared to the amount I have grown. 6 extra inches in length? 3.5 inches in girth? Definitely not normal.

I figured that my growth was done. I really hoped it was. It was difficult to manage on a day to day basis, but there was still that small part of me that wanted it to go further. Maybe that’s why it kept growing. My desire for it to. There is absolutely no scientific explanation for why I grew, but after my 26th birthday, I figured that my desire for it to grow bigger was the sole cause of my… anomaly.

This time, I decided to take the day off from my newly acquired porn star job and just stay home. It was bound to happen eventually. I was a hot ticket item, and a lot of agencies were offering way more money than the stripping job was paying. This birthday, I wanted no friends, no public scenes, just me. My roommate was out of town, and I had the whole place to myself. Nothing could go wrong, right?

Not that anything went particularly wrong. But I grew again.

I was sitting on my couch in my tailored underwear. Yes, I have to get them tailored. My soft dick is 9 inches long. My balls never shrink. Freeballing isn’t really an option anymore. So. I was sitting on my couch watching TV and sipping some wine. I’m a sucker for reality TV, so I had Naked and Afraid on. Don’t judge me.

I had been absentmindedly rubbing my bulging crotch with my thumb out of habit when, out of nowhere, the same familiar pressure at the base of my junk started. My eyes flew down to my tight briefs and I saw it start. Now, keep in mind, my tailored underwear fit. But they didn’t leave room for any extra space. The audible tear that could be heard filled the room.

My growing phallus tore through the briefs and my massive head poked through the fabric. It had to be about as big as a lemon and growing fatter by the second. Inch by inch my dick began to slide through the hole that was ripped in the fabric, exposing by cock to the cool air-conditioned room.

I could feel my balls begin to fill up with cum at an astronomical rate. My tennis ball sized nuts began to inflate, getting heavier and bulkier in my tight pouch. They even began to spill out the sides of my briefs as I watched them grow from the size of tennis balls to the size of large apples with each pulse that my junk was receiving. It was mesmerizing and insanely hot all at the same time. Each throb of my cock send another spurt of growth through my dick and balls, and I could feel my mouth watering.

At this point I was rock hard at 13.5 inches, but my growth showed no signs of letting up. I started reaching for my phallus, but stopped myself so I could enjoy the view first and then experience the physical sensation later. Just like every time before, my growth spurt made my previously large dick look small in comparison to the engorged member I was currently sporting.

13.5 inches grew into a staggering 14 within a minute. I whispered “Fuck” to myself, unsure of how much bigger I was going to get. My swollen head began to slide along the leather couch toward my knee as it got even thicker.

14 inches suddenly seemed even smaller as my dick continued to grow and expand. My balls continued to overfill my tailored underwear pouch, and they started to ache slightly and they began to get compressed in the fabric. At this point I had to guess that they were closing in to being around the size of small coconuts, and so full of cum that I could have exploded on the spot had I not wanted to savor the feeling.

With each pulse, my dick went from huge to massive, getting so thick that it would be impossible for another human being to take it down their throat. Thicker and longer. Thicker and longer. Thicker and longer.

Seconds felt like minutes, and minutes felt like hours, and inches felt like feet. But at this point, what did it matter?

After what seemed like an eternity, the growth looked like it was subsiding. One last orgasmic throb told me that it was at the finish line, but not before it added another inch to my 15 inches that I had and another inch in girth to my 9 and a quarter inch thick rod. My balls also swelled up to the size of large coconuts for good measure.

So there I was, sitting on my leather couch, with the world’s biggest dick and balls that any human could ever imagine having. I realized at this point that I wasn’t breathing, so I took a sharp gasping breath before letting my hands explore. They were even shaking a little bit. I decided that the best way to examine my package was to release it from its restricting confines, so I grabbed both sides of the giant hole that my cock made and ripped away my briefs, exposing the base of my dick and my massive balls to the world for the first time.

I reached under my balls and hefted them up, and marveled at how tight, round, and heavy they were. It couldn’t be possible for someone to store that much cum in there, and yet here I was with enough cum to make 25 men who hadn’t blown a load in month look pitiful.

I let my balls crash back down on the couch cushion with a flop and tested out the girth of my new phallus. I tried grabbing the base of my donkey dick with one hand, but it barely got halfway around. My other hand grasped the other side, and I instinctively licked my lips when I saw that the tips of my fingers and the tips of my thumbs were just shy of making contact with each other.

I glanced down at my swollen cock head, which was easily the size of an orange at this point, and noticed that it was leaking pre off the end of the couch and onto the floor. I say leaking, but it was basically a steady stream. I leaned forward and got my hands underneath the faucet that was my cock and got a generous amount of pre on my hands. I figured if I was going to explore the large expanse of skin on my dick it needed to be lubricated. I rubbed my hands down either side of my dick to the base, smearing pre down each side as I went.

“Shit, I need more,” I said with a chuckle. That was an insane amount of pre I had to use, but it didn’t get past the halfway mark.

I reached back for more and slicked the rest of my cock up to the base. Now I could really have some fun. My hands glided up and down my slicked shaft with ease, and about halfway down my dick I gave it a gentle squeeze. I felt sparks of pleasure as it shot a huge globe of pre out of my huge slit. I chuckled again.

Just wait until I found a hot piece of ass to shove this in.

Out of curiosity, I grabbed my dick in the middle and hoisted it up so that the head came close to my mouth. Damn it was heavy. It easily could have weighed over 10 pounds. If it wasn’t so thick, I could have sucked myself off with ease. I wouldn’t have even had to bend over much. Being the little slut that I am, I tried anyway. I opened my mouth as wide as it would go (and I have a big ass mouth) and guided the spongy head of my swollen cock into my mouth. The pre gushed into my mouth and I was amazed at how good it tasted. I had tasted my own pre before, and I loved it, but this was electrifying. I could barely fit the very tip in my mouth.

I stuck my tongue down my extremely large slit and played around like I was eating ass. A new wave of pleasure came over me. This was incredible. I went back to slurping down the pre I was producing and lightly gnawing on my cock head while using both hands to jack off my thick shaft.

I guess that my newfound growth also had some increased sensitivity as well, because it didn’t take much for me to unleash. I felt my heavy nuts lift up and I prepared for the white-hot orgasm that was to come. I felt my cum travel up the length of my dick and it felt like an eternity.

I would like to say that I swallowed most of my load, but I can’t lie like that. The first load hit so hard that I nearly choked. I barely had to swallow. It shot so forcefully into my mouth that it shot down my throat and into my stomach before I knew what to do. So, deciding that this was not how I was going to die, I released my cock from my mouth and let the cum fly.

And fly it did.

Steam after endless, thick stream of cum ejected from my cock and landed with a loud, wet slap on the ceiling, TV screen, and wall. The pure bliss I felt was indescribable. I tried my best to count how many of those pint-sized loads I unleashed, but I lost count after 25. My estimate is about 10 more than that.

When the orgasm finally subsided, I leaned back on the couch and released my still throbbing dick, letting it slap against my sticky, hot, sweaty chest. I looked down and was eye to eye with my slit, still spurting cum.

And I smiled.

I guess my suspicions were correct. I grew because I wanted to. I wanted more. And more I got.

I then decided to assess the damage that became of my living room. My TV had a thick layer of cum dripping off of it in a large puddle on the floor, and my ceiling and wall were more than generously covered.

The smell of sex, sweat, cum, and lust filled the air. I’m sure my neighbors who share the vent shaft with me in my apartment complex appreciated that. But they’re gonna have to get used to it.

I started trying to figure out how to clean up my mess as my cock started to “shrink down” and I audibly laughed. Of course, like always, my balls never receded. But my elephantine cock shriveled down to a meager 10.5 inches. Good luck shoving that down your pants inconspicuously.

I started to reach for my shirt that was draped over the back of the sofa when I heard the door to our apartment unlock. Now my roommate, Carter, was well aware of my size. And my profession as a porn star. But I hadn’t quite told him about how I got as big as I am.

He was about to find out.

Instead of scrambling, trying to find a way to cover my manhood, I spread my legs further apart and rested my right hand across the top of my nuts and waited for Carter to walk in and flip the lights on.

The door barely opened before I heard him say, “Christ, dude, did you have an orgy in here or something? It stinks of sex.”

“Not quite.” I said softly and seductively. The light flipped on and Carter nearly dropped his bags. I said, “You’re home early.”

He was dumbfounded. As any other normal human being would be. Sitting casually before him was his 26-year-old roommate butt naked with the largest package in existence and half the living room soaked in his man juices.

“I’ve been meaning to tell you about my little… problem.” I rubbed my balls when I said this. I don’t even think I was aware I did that at the time. “Ever since my 23rd birthday, my already above-average dick decided it wasn’t done growing. But don’t worry. I think it’s stopped now.”

“H-how big—?” Was all he could mutter. His eyes were glued to my dick.

“Hard or soft? Never mind, I’ll tell you both.” I reached for the drawer on our coffee table and pulled out a flexible tape measure. “Let’s see … soft, I’m 10.5 inches long. Aaaaaand about 7.5 inches around. Come over here and help me measure when I’m hard. I don’t think I can do it alone.”

Carter half stumbled into the living room and dropped to his knees in front of me. “I’ll take the lower half,” he mumbled. I could see the saliva practically dripping from his mouth. He leaned down and began to kiss my nuts as he slowly used both hands to stroke my dick. Like magic, it began to inflate with the first touch of his soft hands. In record time, I was at full mast and leaking pre like I hadn’t gotten off in days.

“You hold the tape measure at the base of my cock and I’ll guide it to the top.” He gingerly grasped the end of the tape and placed it next to my fat base. His eyes widened when he noticed how microscopic it looked next to me.

“Like putting a pencil beside a tree trunk,” was the analogy I think he used.

I went up with the tape measure agonizingly slow, reading off the numbers starting at the halfway mark. I saw the disbelief in his eyes the bigger the numbers got. I took a brief pause at 10 inches.

“10 inches! Look how much farther we have to go! Wanna guess how many more inches we have left?”

He couldn’t speak.

“Let’s investigate together, shall we?” And slowly up I went again.

“A perfect 16. I wouldn’t know any better, but I think that’s a record.”

“D-do you t-think-” he stammered. He was also massaging my left nut absentmindedly with his free hand.

“That I have the record for thickness too? I was thinking the same thing. Let’s try.”

I tried to yank the tape from his grip but he had it pressed so tightly against my dick that I had to say, “I can’t measure it if you’ve got a death grip on it. Lighten up.”

He relaxed slightly and let go.

“Let’s measure in the middle. Not that many people will be able to take it down that far….. but I’ve always been thickest there. You’ll have to measure this one alone. I have to hold up my schlong for you.”

I tossed the tape at his face and he barely even noticed. He grabbed it and fumbled with it until he got the right end. Carter placed the end of the tape measure somewhere in the middle of my dick and slowly wrapped it around until it was tightly secured. He gasped but said nothing.

“Let me guess… 8 inches?”

Carter gulped. “Not even close. Try 10 and a quarter.”

I whistled slightly. “Wow. That’s a monster if I ever saw one. Thanks for the help man. Sorry about the mess! I was going to clean it up, but I probably shouldn’t right now. I already need to get off again.”

“I could help.”

I smirked. “You would? What a doll.”

“Let me get changed.”

“Changed? I hope you mean out of your clothes? Because that’s the only way this fat piece of man meat is going in you.”

He leaned forward, planted a kiss on my lips, then on my quivering cock head, and said “Anything for you, daddy.”

He got up, almost sprinted into his bedroom, and I slowly stroked my member while I waited for my roommate to rejoin me.

This is what my life had become.

In 4 years, I over doubled the size of my junk in every way. 7.5 inches long to 16 inches, around to 10.25. Balls that inflated to the size of coconuts. I never asked for this to happen. But damn am I happy that it did.

Best birthday ever.

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