The Cockmoore Chronicles: Nick

by CockTFBoi

 Nick and his roommate Chris love to sniff used jockstraps. Nick regularly uses his access to the locker rooms as a Team Manager to snag some of the used jockstraps. After overhearing about the book, Nick starts to fantasize about using it to get close to the source of the musk he loves. Soon Nick learns the hard way that the book has limits on what it can do.

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Nick strolled through the locker room with the laundry cart, grabbing used towels and tossing them I in. The wrestling team had finished practice a while ago. About half of them had already left, while others had relaxed in the sauna after practice. Nick was cleaning up after the ones that had already left while waiting for the rest to finish. He was one of the “team managers,” but for the wrestlers it meant his job was to clean up after them and make sure they had what they needed.

As he came to the next row of lockers he looked back and forth, checking to see if anyone could see him. On the bench one of the wrestlers had left their sweaty clothes laying out. Nick grabbed a towel from the cart and walked down the aisle. He moved over to the clothes quickly, scanning them with his eyes as he “accidentally” dropped the towel he had onto the bench beside them. Looking back and forth again, and keeping an ear out, he quickly moved aside some of fabric until he spotted his prize, a sweat-stained jockstrap. He quickly grabbed it and tucked it into the towel as he stood up and walked back to the cart.

As nonchalantly as he could, Nick stuck the towel with the jockstrap in the corner of the cart, making sure it would be easy to pull it back out later. He continued his rounds, but his heartbeat was pounding in his ears. Once he finished, he wheeled the cart into the laundry room with the other empty carts.

Once the door was closed, he grabbed the towel he had stashed and brought it up to his face. He took a deep breath in through his nose, reveling in the musky scent. He could feel his cock hardening in his pants, the fabric of his underwear pulling taut around his growing member. His left hand dragged down his chest to knead the tent at the front of his pants. Nick was tempted to pull open his fly and pull his cock out right then and there, but he knew he needed to wait until the rest of the players had cleared out. He contented himself with huffing the musk and massaging his needy cock through his pants.

After a few minutes of this, his ears caught the sound of the doorknob being touched. He quickly shoved his hands into the cart full of towels, hiding the stolen jockstrap and obscuring his turgid erection. The door swung open and standing there in a towel was Tyler, one of the biggest wrestlers on the team.

“Hey man,” Tyler said in his heavy southern accent, “I know you were grabbing towels, could you check if you accidentally grabbed my jockstrap? I can’t find it and need to take it home to wash.”

Nick cursed internally. He had been looking forward to jacking off to Tyler’s jockstrap later, but now he’d probably have to give it up. Maybe he could keep it hidden under the towels and Tyler wouldn’t see it.

“Sure, lemme check in here,” Nick said as he started digging through the towels. He tried to purposefully keep the jockstrap under the bottom layer of towels as he shifted them around.

“Oh, let me give you a hand,” Tyler said as he bent over the cart and started moving things around with both hands. As Tyler moved his arms, his hips swayed a little and Nick glanced up to see Tyler’s towel slip off his waist. His view of the wrestler’s cock was blocked by the cart and by him leaning over, but he was distracted by the deep furrow of Tyler’s V drawing his eyes downwards towards his cock.

“Oh, here it is!” Tyler exclaimed holding the jockstrap aloft. Nick realized he had been distracted by Tyler’s body and hadn’t kept the jockstrap hidden between the towels. Now though, with Tyler standing upright, Nick had a clear view of his soft dick. Soft, it was only 3 inches long nestled in a bush of thick pubes with a large set of balls hanging tightly below it. Nick had to fight to tear his eyes away from it, lest he get caught.

“Thanks man! Try to be more careful next time.” Tyler reached down and grabbed his towel off the floor and tossed it into the cart with the others. He then turned and walked back out to the locker room stark naked, the sweaty jockstrap dangling from his hand. Nick stared at Tyler’s muscular ass as he walked out the door, a pang of jealousy as he silently wished he was that jockstrap.

Disappointed, Nick turned to the washing machine and started loading the towels. He still took a few whiffs of the towels, but they weren’t nearly as strong as the jockstrap had been. He finished out the evening, cleaning up the rest of the locker room and locking up before heading back to his dorm. It was the Thursday before fall break, and that was his last chance to snag a jockstrap for his collection before the break. He had been looking forward to spending most of the break in his dorm room jacking off while huffing that jock. Sure, he had others in his stash, but most of them were old and had lost most of the musk he craved.

As he opened the door to his dorm room his roommate, Chris, was laying on his bed playing a game on his Switch wearing nothing but a pair of red briefs. He set the game down and flipped over to look at Nick, saying “So, did you get a good one?”

“I tried to get Tyler’s and almost had it, but he noticed it was missing and found it in the cart before I could get it hidden.”

“Fuck, Tyler’s? He’s like the hottest guy on the team. That would have been amazing!”

“Yeah, at least I got a few good whiffs in before he came into the laundry room.”

“Fuck, how was it?”

“It smelled so good. A nice heavy musk. The other thing is, when he was looking for it, he dropped his towel. I got a full closeup view of his dick for a few moments before he left.”

“Fuck, you’re so lucky!” Chris said as he groped the pouch of his briefs underneath him. Chris and Nick were just roommates. They learned that they were both were gay and loved sniffing jocks early on, but they never had a romantic relationship. They’d trade blowjobs and jack off together, but they both wanted a big muscular jock, not each other.

Chris had a slim, but hairy frame. He grew up near the beach and regularly surfed, but his muscles were long and lean. Nick on the other hand had always been husky. Even when he tried dieting and exercise, he always had a belly and when he got to college, he got the classic freshman fifteen, adding even more bulk to him. He still worked out and had decent muscles, but his muscles were largely hidden under his bulk.

“I take it you didn’t luck out at the gym?” Nick asked as he set his bag down.

“Nah, barely anyone there today. Let’s go grab some food and then we can chill for the night.” Nick went with Chris to the cafeteria, and they ate, talking about less lewd stuff. While they were eating, Nick overheard a conversation from one of the neighboring tables.

“Yeah man, I watch his dick shrink by an inch as he orgasmed. It was the hottest thing. He said it happens every time he cums. I guess he grows it back later or something because his dick was massive!”

“You’re shittin’ me man. That isn’t even remotely possible.”

“You gotta believe me. He said there’s this magic book you can write in and get whatever you want.”

“A magic book? Seriously? And you believed him?”

“I probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t see it happen in real life.”

“He was probably just going soft. Besides, who would want to make their cock shrink every time they came.”

“He said some nerd cursed him with the book, but he used the book to counteract it. Just think about it. We could use that book to get all the women and money we want!”

“Okay, well where is this book?”

“I heard from someone else it’s in the library. Down in the basement where nobody ever goes.”

“Hey, you there?” Chris asked Nick, interrupting his eavesdropping.

“Oh yeah, what’s going on?”

“I was asking if you wanted to go grab some supplies before we head back to the dorm.”

“Oh, oh yeah, we can do that.” Nick grabbed the rest of his trash and tossed it. He couldn’t find the guys he had overheard anymore, but their conversation stuck in the back of his mind.

Him and Chris went to the on-campus convenience store to get some supplies. While they grabbed a couple snacks, the main thing they were there for was in the backroom. They glanced around at the door and slipped into the backroom before anyone spotted them. The store couldn’t sell a lot of stuff due to the school’s rules, but one of the clerks sold some stuff under the table in the backroom. Most of what he sold was cigarettes and alcohol. Both weren’t allowed on campus, but that didn’t keep people from buying them. One of the other things they couldn’t sell on campus was lube, and pretty much anything related to sex. The college administration probably didn’t think any sex was going on, but even the straight guys found ways to cum around campus. Chris and Nick had run out a couple days ago during a long edging session, and while he had been planning on just using spit this weekend, grabbing some lube for a nice long wank would take some of the disappointment away.

The clerk was sitting back behind the desk as always. He never had a name tag on, and it was part of the understanding for shopping back there. No names, no cards, no pictures. Hand over your cash and get what you needed and get out. Chris walked up and asked for the lube, handing over a few bills as he did. While the clerk turned and rummaged through the boxes behind him, Nick was thinking about that magic book. Maybe he should go find it. Use it to get some more stuff to sniff. Never could have enough, the scent always faded after a while.

As they left the store, the lube hidden in Chris’s pocket Nick was still thinking it through. The thought of just making himself hot crossed his mind, but that wouldn’t guarantee getting something hot to sniff. Plus, he didn’t want a boyfriend, he just wanted to sniff some jocks and fuck around with guys. Finally, he thought of something. He could give himself a power to steal underwear off guys. He could have any guy’s underwear he wanted. Keep it for a while and then send back all but his favorites before they were missed.

The idea kept formulating in his mind as the two men entered their building. “What if,” Nick thought, “instead of stealing underwear I just became it. I’d get the firsthand experience at the source of the glorious musk, and they wouldn’t even know anything had happened. Give myself the power to make them horny too. Get them to jack off into me, then I teleport away and change back.” Nick adjusted his hard cock. The more he thought about it the more it turned him on.

As they walked into their room, the two quickly shucked their clothes until they were just in their underwear. The two always felt more comfortable like that, and frequently relaxed around the dorm in nothing but their underwear unless they had people coming over. Nick was wearing his favorite blue jockstrap. It had a thick waistband, but the straps around his ass were thin strings. The pouch was tented by his 6-inch cock, pulling it away from his body and offering a slight peek of his tight ball sack underneath. Chris, on the other hand, was wearing a bright red thong. Chris’s 8-inch dick was hard, the weight of it dragging it downwards, pulling the waistband of his thong down in the front enough to expose his trimmed pubes.

Chris sat down on the couch, setting the bottle of lube on the seat beside him. Nick walked over and joined him as Chris pulled out his phone. Chris used his phone to turn on the TV and pull up a porn video. Both men had their hands down into the pouches of their underwear, stroking their cocks within moments as they watched the hard bodies on the screen in front of them. The each grabbed a glob of lube and smeared it onto their dicks as they slowly stroked to the video.

As Nick watched the video of the big muscular jocks kissing and fucking, his mind drifted back to his idea from earlier. Thinking about how hot it’d be to become the jockstrap wrapped around that firm muscular ass, to absorb all that musk directly into himself, to be stretched by a big hard cock. This was supposed to be a long edging session, but with his mind thinking about being wrapped around a jock’s dick. He started picturing himself wrapped around Tyler’s perfect ass, that thick cock stretching him out, but then Nick couldn’t hold back. He’d only been stroking for a couple minutes, but his hot cum came bubbling up and out of his cock. He groaned loudly as he shot his load into his jockstrap.

Chris looked over at him, a look of surprise on his face. “You shot already? It hasn’t even been 10 minutes.”

“Uh yeah, got caught up fantasizing about Tyler’s cock and just couldn’t help myself.”

“Ah, that’d get me going too. Especially after seeing it in person. Fuck, you’re so lucky.”

Nick got up and wiped the lube off his hands while Chris continued stroking. He was enjoying the feeling of his cum soaking into his jockstrap and drying there. His fantasy continued in his head, picturing himself as the jockstrap, the thick load of cum soaking into him. Nick decided he was going to do it. Tomorrow, after Chris left, he’d go down to the library and find the book.

The rest of the night and the next day was torturous for Nick. It seemed like his cock barely went soft the entire time. Finally, at 3 o’clock Chris piled his bag into his car and drove home for the long weekend. Nick waited a few minutes, to make sure Chris was gone, before he headed for the library. He was running, practically sprinting in his excitement. All day he’d been fantasizing about this, and it was finally going to happen.

The conversation he overhead hadn’t said exactly where the book was, so he was going to have to search. It took him nearly three hours of searching, as he felt he needed to check every single thing that looked like it might be the book, lest he overlook it. Finally, standing in front of the book, he set the sheet of paper aside, only sparing a moment to skim through it. He saw where it said, “When the ink turns blue, the book has accepted it,” but due to his excitement didn’t really retain any of the other rules written there.

He pulled out his pen and started writing. He wrote quickly in his excitement, not caring about proper grammar or anything like that. He wrote in the book: “Whenever I get hard, I can turn myself into the underwear of any man I choose, teleporting onto his body in the place of whatever he’s wearing, and while he’s wearing me I’ll be able to make him horny and make him cum on me, and once he’s done that I’ll change back.”

Nick stared at the page, waiting for something to happen, but it seemed to drag on forever. Finally, the ink started to turn silver, expanding across his sentence. It seemed to stop before it was finished though. Not all the words had turned silver. The words “teleporting onto his body in the place of whatever he’s wearing” remained the black ink from his pen. What did that mean? Before he could look at the rule sheet to find out, the writing started changing, the sentence in his handwriting shifting. The silver ink portions flowed together as new words formed, while the words that had been left black faded away.

Now the book read, “Whenever Nick Tanner becomes aroused, he can turn into the underwear of a man of his choosing. While being worn he can influence his wearer’s libido, and once he is ejaculated on by another, he transforms again.”

“Wait, why did it change?” Nick said as he stared at the writing. “Where’s the bit about teleporting onto them? How am I supposed to be Tyler’s jockstrap tonight if it doesn’t teleport me to him?”

He reflexively thought back to the fantasy that had been running through his head all day and felt a shift within his body. He felt his cock throb, as a sudden wave of weakness seemed to wash over him. He tried to cry out, but no sound came from his mouth. He clutched the shelves as he felt his shorts and underwear fall to the ground as well as his body rapidly shifted. He fell to the ground as his legs flattened into a pair of white elastic bands and his hands, wrapping up and connecting to his hands. His arms were wrenched backwards as they flattened into the white elastic waistband of a jockstrap, a single thick blue stripe forming in the middle. Nick’s head pushed downwards into his shoulders, merging with them. His face slide downwards onto his chest. His torso rapidly shrank and became thinner until he was just a face attached to the front of the pouch. Soon though his facial features faded, turning into the fabric of the jockstrap.

He was stuck laying in the pile of his clothes, his shirt partially on top of him and his shorts and shoes beneath him. The room was quiet, almost maddeningly so. The absence of the sound of even his own breathing seemed to amplify the silence even further. He lost track of time there. There were no windows or a clock to tell, just the constant drone of the air conditioning. Eventually he heard voices and a door open somewhere nearby. Nick felt the footsteps as someone approached. They walked up and down a few of the nearby aisles before they came down his aisle.

Through his limited viewpoint Nick could see a slim guy standing there, staring at the book. The guy pulled out an index card and a pen and started writing in the book. Nick watched as the guy’s lips moved slightly as he wrote, his brow furrowed in concentration. After a few moments the guy finished and looked everything over. Nick couldn’t see the book, but he caught a glimmer of light as the book’s magic went to work. The guy turned back and walked off, though Nick caught the sight of a red glow from above just as the guy turned his back. He felt the footsteps recede from him and heard a heavy door open and close a few moments later. Then he was alone again.

Some time later, he couldn’t tell how long, Nick heard the elevator doors opening and two guys talking. They continued talking as they walked past the shelves until he saw them standing at the book. One was a Zack, one of the big linebackers for the football team. Nick recognized him from working in the locker room, but he didn’t recognize the other man. He was shorter with dark skin, and a slim frame.

He could hear them talking about using the book, debating over who should write what. They tried to write something, but it didn’t work saying something about the book respecting trans rights. Nick was confused but couldn’t exactly investigate to find out what they meant. The two talked quietly some more before Zack turned to the book and wrote something in there.

The smaller guy grabbed onto the bookshelf right over Nick as the magic started. As Nick watched, the guy’s body expanded quickly, growing out in muscle and bulk. The man pulled his shirt up and watched as his abs pushed out into a cobblestone of taught muscle. His hips narrowed, while his shoulders broadened. He was gasping and moaning the whole time. Then he pulled the front of his pants down. Nick had a good angle from below to see what was happening. The man had a pussy, but his clit was growing larger and larger until it had become a huge uncut cock, sitting above his wet pussy.

“Shit,” Zack said as he was looking at the other man.

“Oh fuck. We never wrote that I had balls. We wrote that I had a big dick and muscles and a masculine body, but we didn’t write anything about balls,” said the other man.

The two men talked some more, but Nick’s mind was too focused on the big cock. He couldn’t tear his mind away from anything but the hard naked cock above him. It wasn’t until the man reached down and picked him up that he could tear his focus away from the hard cock. From the looks of it, the man’s pants had torn while trying to contain his massive muscles. They set Nick and his shirt and shoes aside, pulling Nick’s shorts over his legs. Nick wanted to call out and tell them to take his shorts off, but he couldn’t. Nick was unceremoniously dumped into Zack’s arms with the remains of the other man’s clothes. He couldn’t see anything, but he could smell the sweat and alcohol that permeated the clothes around him.

He could feel the gentle motion of Zack walking, though he couldn’t see but glimpses of light between the other clothes around him. He could hear Zack and the other man talking, but the words were muffled by the fabric, and he could only catch brief bits of the conversation.

After some time, Nick felt the world spinning as he and the rest of the clothes were flung to the floor. He ended up on the top of the pile, looking up at the ceiling and the edge of a bed nearby. He recognized the room as being in one of the older dormitories, but he didn’t know which one. Zack and the other man were kissing and making out above him. As they undressed, he could see Zack was wearing a black plastic cage around his dick. This shocked Nick as Zack was always seemed like one of the most masculine men on the team. The two climbed up on top of the bed out of Nick’s view, but he could hear them as they started to fuck. After a few minutes Nick heard a jingle and a couple moments later, the black plastic cock cage was lying on the floor next to him.

From above him Nick heard the other man say, “What was that?”

“Please, sir,” Zack said in a soft voice.

“Please what? I want you to say it, tell me what you want,” the man replied in a commanding voice.

“Please, sir; take my cock away. Leave me with nothing,” Zack begged in return.

“You better stroke what you have, while you have it. We’ll see who wins.” Nick could practically hear the grin in the man’s words as he said it.

The two men soon devolved into loud guttural moans. Zack’s voice seemed go peak first as he was hit with an orgasm, and then followed shortly afterwards by the other man’s orgasm. Nick heard the two men above him flop onto the bed. A dark-skinned knee, an elbow, and the tip of a cock just barely visible on the edge of the bed.

As Nick watched, a bead of cum formed at the tip of the cock above him. It slowly grew until it fell from the cock. It hit the sideboard of the bed and slowly made its way down the smooth grain of the wood until it reached the edge. It hung there for what felt like an eternity before it dripped off the wood and landed on Nick’s pouch.

Nick felt lightheaded as a rush of pleasure raced through him. He couldn’t help but to moan silently as his face pushed back out of the pouch of the jockstrap. The pouch grew forming back into his chubby torso, his rock-hard cock laying against the cold tile floor of the dorm room. Zack and the other man cracked an eye open and looked over at his half-transformed shape before sitting bolt upright in bed.

“Who the fuck are you!?” the man asked.

Nick tried to respond, but his voice wasn’t working. His arms and legs were still reforming as he tried to mouth words. The shudders of pleasure at the transformation made it difficult.

“I recognize him,” Zack started, “he’s one of the team managers. Not for the football team, but one of the others. Don’t know his name though. I think he’s trying to say something.”

The pleasure in Nick’s body was intense, every inch of his body felt on fire with pleasure, all centered on the spot on his face where the drop of cum was sitting. Nick’s arms and legs finally separated, snapping back into a more normal position and as his hands and feet reformed, he made his first noises, “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” His cock, completely untouched started shooting. It bobbed and throbbed in the air as it fired rope upon rope of cum out and onto the floor in front of him.

As Nick came down from his orgasm he looked up at Zack and the other man. “Ummm, hi?”

“Yeah, hi. Now tell me who you are and how the fuck did you get in here,” the man said in an angry tone.

“I’m Nick and well, like you I used the book in the library, but mine didn’t go to plan. And you brought me here along with my shorts that you wore.”

“Wait, you were there the whole time?” Zack asked incredulously.

“Yeah, I saw you two use the book, and there was someone else before you. It’s a bit hazy though, hard to keep track of things.”

“Well, Nick, I’m Trey and this is Zack. I guess you had an inadvertent front-row seat to our fun, and judging by the mess of my floor you enjoyed it too.”

“Uh, yeah. Something like that. It was your cum, I think. A drop of cum leaked down from the bed onto me, and that changed me back. The pleasure all hit me at once.”

“So, what were you trying to do, Nick?”

“Uh…” Nick blushed nervously. “I was trying to become one of the wrestler’s jockstraps for the weekend, get him to jack off into me. But yeah, I guess the book can’t teleport me onto someone, so I’m pretty sure I ended up as his jockstrap on the floor of the library.”

“You know that most guys don’t jack off into their jockstraps, right?” Zack asked, looking a little skeptically at Nick.

“Yeah, it was also going to make me able to make them horny. Not sure if that part worked or not.”

“So, what did you write to trigger your change? I doubt you’d have used it for a one-time thing,” Trey said, prying a bit further.

“Well, it’s supposed to be when I get hard, I can turn into any guy’s underwear I want. I think I just let my mind wander and fantasized some more about being the guy’s jockstrap, and I changed.”

“Well, maybe you can go try to change it, give you something with more control. I don’t think you want to stay a jockstrap all the time.”

“No, but do you think you could help me? I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my thoughts in line on the way over there.”

Zack and Trey looked at one another, as if silently discussing it with one another. Zack turned to Nick and said, “Sure, we’ll help you get there and try to make the changes, but we’re pretty exhausted.”

“Yeah, me too,” Nick said. “Would it be all right for me to sleep in here tonight? Just in case?”


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