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The Cockmoore Chronicles: Marco

by CockTFBoi

Marco previously used the book to give him the body of his dreams, but now that isn’t enough. He wants more. He wants the power to change others to fit into his own kinks. The book denied him a second wish before, but now he has a plan.

The Cockmoore Chronicles, #6 4,331 words Added Mar 2023 4,055 views 4.5 stars (2 votes)

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Marco strode out of his dorm room and walked to the showers on his floor, a towel slung over one shoulder but otherwise he was naked. His big, pendulous dick swung with every step and his balls hung low. He didn’t care if the other guys on his floor saw him, in fact he relished in the attention. Most of the guys would look away, but there were always a few who’d try to sneak a look when they thought he wasn’t paying attention. Then there were the guys that stared, those were the ones he liked best. The ones so enamored with his dick that they couldn’t tear their gaze away. They were his favorites.

Marco’s body was immaculate. Perfect musculature, and flawless tanned skin; a veritable god among the other men on campus. He really only stayed in school because it gave him such good opportunities to find new men. These men would stare, they would beg to please him, they’d do anything just for a momentary bit of attention from him. He’d eventually let them worship his body, and he loved bossing them around while they did. He loved it. The power, the attention, it was the ultimate aphrodisiac.

He hadn’t always been this way. Last year he’d been a timid nerd, chubby with a tiny cock. He’d stay up all night gaming and stroking his cock whenever his roommate was out of the room. Then he’d found the book. The book had opened the door of possibility to him. He read through the rules and the notes and spent a week refining what he’d write until it was perfect. With that one sentence he had given himself his ideal body; and it was amazing.

As people began to notice him, notice his new body a new sensation started to grow within him. At first it was a sense of pride in his form, but soon he realized he got off on the attention. He was taking selfies in the mirror all day, uploading them and relishing all the likes and attention. Then one day he was messaged by one of his followers, a guy who looked much like he used to. The guy begged to be used by Marco. The first time it was a little strange, but he realized he liked it. He loved ordering these guys around, these guys who would willingly debase themselves to him. It made Marco feel line he was truly superior to them.

Eventually Marco began to believe his own hype, and even reviled in the money and gifts some of these men would send. These men loved the verbal abuse he’d give them. The meaner he was the more they seemed to enjoy it. Soon he was posting these on his twitter regularly. While he loved not having to work, Marco eventually realized he loved dominating men. Having that power and control over another man made his dick hard.

A month or so after he first used the book he went back to it. He needed more. He tried writing another sentence in the book, something to give him more control over other men. Instead of granting it, the words seemed to melt off the page and the book faded from his hands. Ever since he’d been thinking about the book and how he could get the power he felt he deserved.

Right now though the dorm was mostly empty. The first day of fall break and most of campus was a ghost town already. He stayed on campus because this was his chance. He wanted more from the book. He’d been dreaming up new ideas for what to do since the book disappeared last semester. He’d already gone to the library several times to try to find it again but hadn’t been able to. Then a few weeks ago he spotted some nerdy guy going down into the basement of the library. He followed him down into the subbasements, hiding behind the stacks of books. From there he saw the nerd writing something, but there wasn’t anything there. Marco realized the nerd was writing in the transformation book, but he couldn’t see it.

After the nerd left, he snuck over and took a look at the shelf where he’d been. A pen was still lying on the shelf, and there was the outline of a book in the dust on the shelf; but as Marco moved his hand through the space, there was nothing. He couldn’t see the book to make a change, but that wasn’t going to stop him. He needed that book, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do with it.

Marco stepped into the shower, and started lathering himself up thinking about his wish. In the time since his first change he’d realized the one thing that got him off more than anything was mocking the cocks of guys who weren’t as well hung as him. It shocked him that some guys loved it and got off from him making fun of them, and he was shocked how much he loved it. Now he wanted to use the book to make it easier and fulfill some of those fantasies he’d had late at night.

Now he had a plan. One of his regular cocksuckers, James, was going to meet up with him. The guy loved Marco’s cock and would do anything to swallow another load. Marco was going to hold that over his head and make him write in the book for him. He’d gotten it all written out for James so he wouldn’t fuck it up. The change was simple, make it so when he mocked a guy’s cock it’d shrink and give the guy a wave of pleasure and add the length to his own cock. Then when he came all that stolen size would be turned into a huge load of cum. He’d shared this fantasy with James and several other men, who all practically nutted at the idea of the fantasy. And now Marco was moving to make it a reality.

His cock was rock hard just from thinking about it and that by this afternoon it’d be a reality. James knew the plan and was excited for it, he was ready to be the first guy to have his cock shrunk by Marco. Marco lathered up his cock, letting his hand glide up and down the shaft. Some thought in the back of his mind that he should save his load, but then he smirked as he realized something: once James wrote in the book he was going to fill his balls up using James’s cock. So it didn’t matter if he jacked off until his balls were empty, they’d be full enough again soon enough. He took long, slow strokes up and down his shaft, letting his foreskin glide up and down over the heavy head of his dick. Marco leaned back, his wide, muscular back resting against the cool tile of the shower. He knew he was supposed to meet with James soon, but the cocksucker could wait; his big cock needed to be taken care of. Marco kept stroking his 9-inch dick, revelling in the pleasure. His mind was filled with the fantasy he was going to act out soon enough: James on his knees, stroking his tiny little cock while Marco shrank it smaller and smaller. Marco felt a surge of precum as he imagined James desperately pleading to keep the last little inch of his cock, and Marco started shooting his load as he fantasized about denying James and leaving him with nothing.

Marco stood there in the shower letting the warm water flow over him as he came down from his orgasm. He did what he always did after cumming and without moving started to piss. The golden stream of piss arced through the air, disrupted by the water from the shower before splashing onto the floor on the other side of the stall. Once his bladder was empty, he finished scrubbing himself off and walked back to his room. He finished drying off and dressed. Glancing at his phone he was already 10 minutes late to meet James, but he didn’t bother to hurry.

Marco pulled on his jacket over his tight tee-shirt and the skinny jeans that emphasized his massive bulge and strode out of his room. As made his way to the library he kept his demeanor calm, but on the inside he was excited to make this fantasy a reality. As he approached the library he spotted James near the fountain that was out front. James was wearing exactly what he had told him a pair of tight shorts and a cropped tank top that left most of James’s body exposed. James had a decent body from years of swimming giving him a slim body. He also kept himself shaved, not a single hair visible below his nose. Marco knew that under his skimpy clothes he also kept everything hairless. While most was from his swimming, Marco insisted on him shaving off all his pubes.

“You look cold cocksucker,” Marco said as he walked up to him.

“Yes, sir, I am,” came the reply.

Marco strode into the library, James trailing after him. The two walked over to the stairwell and walked down to one landing above the door for the 3rd subbasement. Marco wasn’t going to take any chances for the book to see him and deny James as well. He’d made that mistake a few months ago with a different sub. Stood next to him when he started writing and the book faded away before he finished.

Marco pulled out an index card with the sentence for James to write and handed it over saying, “write this in the book exactly the way I wrote it on this card. Don’t fuck this up or else.”

James nodded silently and took the card in both hands. He turned and went down the last flight of stairs and opened the heavy door heading out into the stacks of books. Marco stood there, a nervous energy in the pit of his stomach while he waited.

James started looking up and down the rows of shelves searching for the book. It took him about 10 minutes to locate the book sitting on an empty shelf. On the ground next to the shelf was a pile of clothes. James thought that was odd. “Was there someone around here naked,” he wondered to himself.

He focused on his mission and opened the book, flipping through until he found the last page with writing on it. He pulled out the card Marco had given him and a green pen. James started meticulously copying Marco’s statement into the book: “Whenever Marco Baxter mocks a guy’s cock, the guy’s cock shrinks and the lost size is transferred to Marco’s cock until the next time he cums, when it will be churned into his load.”

James stood there for a moment and watched as the ink shifted from green to silver just as Marco had said it would. He noticed that the language had shifted a little, but Marco said that would happen too. James didn’t pay it any mind and turned to walk back to the stairs. Behind him on the shelf, the book glowed briefly with a red light. The words James had written shifted and flowed like water on the page. Red words flashed across the ink saying [NICE TRY MARCO]. James caught a glimmer of red out of the corner of his eye and turned but saw nothing but an empty shelf.

On the page, now invisible to James, the ink settled into its new statement. “Whenever Marco Baxter mocks a penis, the penis shrinks and Marco’s penis grows by the same amount. When Marco’s penis is mocked it shrinks and he experiences intense pleasure. Marco is unable to ejaculate unless his penis is being mocked by someone with a penis bigger than his own. After a week all lost size is returned.”

Marco was pacing back and forth on the landing of the stairs when he felt a tingle of pleasure course through him. It moved rapidly up from his toes, most of it concentrating into his cock and balls, while the rest coalesced around his throat. He could feel something shifting within him, but he couldn’t tell what. The tingle faded quickly, only lasting a few seconds in total.

James pushed the door into the stairway open and walked up to Marco. “Did you do it, cocksucker?”

“Yes, sir, I wrote it just like you wrote. The ink turned silver just like you said it would and it shifted a bit,” James said, looking a little proud of himself.

“Good job cocksucker. I felt the change, but let’s give it a test to make sure you didn’t fuck it up. Pull out your tiny, pathetic cocklet and let’s watch it shrink.”

James groaned in pleasure as Marco mocked his cock. James felt a wave of pleasure coming from his cock as it contracted inwards slightly. Marco felt his own wave of pleasure as he could feel his cock getting hard in his pants. James fumbled with his shorts and pushed it down along with the bright blue thong he was wearing. James’s cock had been 3 inches just a few moments ago, was now slightly shorter.

“Hmmm, it’s hard to tell. I mean given how tiny that thing is, I’d be surprised if we could even tell when it shrank.” As Marco spoke James’s cock shrank by another quarter inch. Marco was watching it closely and smirked as he noticed the shrinkage.

“Good, looks like it’s working. Let’s go somewhere where I can be more comfortable.” Marco turned and stated up the stairs. James pulled his shorts up to follow, but Marco stopped him.

“Who said you could put it away. It’s so small it isn’t like anyone would notice it.” James pulled his shorts back down, hooking them below his balls as he moaned in pleasure and his cock shrank by another quarter of an inch.

The two of them made their way out of the library and into the cold air. Despite the cold, James’s little cock remained rock hard. The two passed a couple guys on their way to Marco’s dorm. They had to pass pretty close and Marco could smell cum coming off of them. Marco figured they had just had sex, which made Marco feel a bit hornier. He could see them looking at James’s little cock, the big one especially stared at it hard, a look of desire on his face. Marco recognized them from his building, but didn’t know their names. He’d have to look them up later, the big one looked pretty hot and given how he’d stared at James, he’d probably be down to play some. Marco thought he could probably have a lot of fun with him.

Marco and James walked into the dormitory and took the elevator up to Marco’s floor. They walked up to Marco’s door and as Marco was fishing his keys out they heard a voice. A guy was coming out of his room further down the hall, talking on the phone. He hung up and then locked his door before walking towards the elevator. Marco moved slower in unlocking his door, wanting to make sure that the guy would see James.

The guy came up to them, and turned sideways to move past them, but then noticed James’s slightly more than 2-inch hardon. “What the fuck dude! Put that shit away!”

“Oh calm down,” Marco said. “It’s so small few guys would even notice it,” James groaned as his cock shrank down to 2 inches and started drooling precum onto the floor. “Wait, why were you staring? Are you jealous that his little nub is still a bigger dick than yours?”

“No, mmmman my dick is bigger than that tiny thing.” The guy shuddered as he felt a wave of pleasure as his cock became fully hard in his pants even as it shrank by a quarter of an inch. “Fffuck, what was that?”

“I have that effect on small-dicked losers like you. Guys just can’t help themselves around me.” The guy shuddered again in pleasure, bucking his hips. “Haha, seems like you like me teasing you about that tiny cock in your pants. Just another micro-dick walking around pretending to be a man.”

“F-f-fuck dude, stop whatever you’re doing,” the guy stammered out between heaving breaths.

“Fine, but when you want to play, you know where I am micro-dick.” The guy hurried past, not even caring that he brushed against James’s cock, both of them groaning a bit as the guy’s cock shrank even more. He was eager to get out of there before Marco could do more to him. Marco laughed at him and turned back to his door and opened it up.

Marco strode into his room and turned on the lights, the bright florescent lights filling the space with their harsh glow. He turned slightly to glance back at James and said, “get in here cocksucker.”

James quickly moved into the room and closed the door behind him. Marco moved over to the bed and leaned against it as he undid his pants. He pulled down his pants, letting his hard cock bounce in the air. A thin strand of precum hung from the tip of his nearly 11-inch cock. Marco’s musk hung heavy in the air as James moved over to him. James fell to his knees, his mouth open and his tongue out.

“Oh, you want to suck my magnificent dick, huh? And what makes you think that I want some tiny-dicked cocksucker touching my cock?” Marco said as he started stroking his dick, coaxing another heavy drop of precum out of it. The downward curve of Marco’s dick was even more than before as the weight of it pulled it downwards. As he spoke, his dick pushed outwards another quarter of an inch as James’s untouched cock shrank again.

James reached down and started stroking his little cock, just using two fingers and his thumb. “Awww, you stroking your tiny dicklet? Trying to milk out a pathetic load of cum? You know, I don’t recall saying you could touch it. So, get your fingers off that little thing,” James moaned, a weak pulse of precum coming from the slit of his cock as his shrank again.

“That thing is really pathetic. I’m doing you a favor by taking it away from you. You don’t deserve anything between your legs, do you cocksucker. Just ignore that tiny thing and focus on pleasing my dick. Lean forward and get to work on pleasuring me,” James moaned and leaned forward to lick and suck Marco’s dick even as his cock shrank down to just 1 inch long.

James moaned around Marco’s cock as he slurped and sucked at it. “Good job, cocksucker, I think you deserve a treat. Your treat is once that pathetic cock is gone you’ll get to watch me shoot my load onto the floor.”

James moaned again, redoubling his efforts on Marco’s cock. He was eager to make Marco cum. He thought if he did a good job, he might be able allowed to swallow Marco’s cum directly. James’s cock was just half an inch now and throbbing in pleasure.

“Fuck cocksucker, you’re doing so good. Now that I see you are properly motivated when you aren’t being distracted by your nub, I’ll keep you like this more often.” James gasped in pleasure as his cock shrank again, he felt on the very edge. He pulled off Marco’s cock to look down.

“What are you doing? Stop looking at your tiny nub and focus on my dick!” Marco said. James moaned loudly and thrusted his hips upwards as his cock started spraying cum even as it shrank away. His cum sprayed out with force, coating Marco’s legs as the last of James’s cock shrank to nothing. James was panting as he came down from his intense orgasm. There was nothing left of his dick, just a little slit on his skin just above his balls that was still dribbling a few drops of cum.

Marco pushed his cum-soaked jeans off, and lightly smacked the side of James’s face to get his attention. “Get back to work cocksucker, after I cum you’re going to clean up your mess.”

“Yes sir, sorry sir,” James said as he dove back onto Marco’s cock. The rhythmic slurping noises resumed and Marco leaned back against the bed. He was enjoying the blowjob with his new, huge cock. He had over a foot of hard cock jutting out from his crotch. James was doing well, getting most of his cock into his mouth and down his throat.

They continued like this for a few more minutes until Marco felt himself getting close. He held on until he was on the very edge of orgasm before pushing James off his cock and stroking it with both hands. Marco thrusted his dick through his hands, fucking them as he started to go over the edge. Marco grunted and moaned, staring down at his massive dick as it pulsed and throbbed in his hands. Precum drooled from his cock as it pulsed, but no cum came out. The pleasure faded quickly, replaced by a wave of hypersensitivity. Marco felt spent, like he’d just shot a massive load, but nothing had come out. Worse, his nuts ached now, feeling overfull and desperate for release. Despite the hypersensitivity, his cock hadn’t gone completely soft.

“What the fuck?” Marco said as he panted, “Why didn’t I cum? It felt so good, I was on the verge of cumming. I was going to spray your whole pathetic cock out as a massive load of cum.” He turned his head towards James, “You must have fucked up what you wrote in the book!”

“No, sir, I wrote it just as you told me to!” James said.

“Get out of here you worthless—” Marco stopped himself and restrained his anger. It must have been that fucking book. It must have figured out it was him. The real question was, how had it twisted what James wrote for him? “Go home, James. I need to figure some things out.”

James stood and pulled his shorts up fully and left Marco alone in his dorm room. Marco locked the door behind James and began thinking through things. Chances were James wouldn’t be able to see the book anymore, so they couldn’t just go read it directly. He knew from his research the book could only twist things so far, so if it added a condition to his ability to cum it’d have to be something somewhat related. It could be something simple like sucking dick or bottoming, but it was probably going to be some sort of poetic justice bullshit.

Marco opened his laptop and went to his favorite porn site. He decided he’d browse through things and see if anything suddenly felt more appealing. Might give him some hint as to what the condition was. He started with the normal stuff he watched, guys with their cocks locked in chastity, getting fucked and degrading themselves. His cock grew hard again, but he didn’t feel any special attraction to this or anything.

He scrolled and went through some more vanilla categories, and at first nothing particularly jumped out at him. Then after a few pages of browsing he came across a video of a guy with a massive dick jacking off. It was huge, it barely seemed real; easily 18 inches long. Yet just the sight of it got Marco’s cock fully hard. He stroked his cock as he watched the massive dick, his own precum drooling from his cock onto the floor. In the video the guy spoke as he stroked “I bet you wish your cock was this big, don’t you?” Something about that sentence seemed to trigger something in Marco. It made his dick drool even more precum.

The video ended before the guy came though. Marco followed the link in the profile of the video, finding more videos of the same guy. He clicked on the first one and kept watching, stroking his cock as he did. Again the guy with the massive dick was stroking, but this time he was more verbal. Marco could barely control himself and stroked faster as he watched. He moaned and quickly brought himself to another dry orgasm, his nuts aching as they were denied the ability to cum once again.

As Marco calmed himself back down the guy in the video said, “Look how much bigger my cock is than yours.” Marco gasped as he felt a surge of pleasure and his cock went back to full erection and felt on the verge of orgasm.

“Fuck, so that’s it, huh? Turned the fucking tables on me. So I’m going to have to find a guy with a bigger cock to make fun of my dick, is that it?” Marco asked, looking at his cock as if it would respond, but it just throbbed back at him.

The Cockmoore Chronicles, #6 4,331 words Added Mar 2023 4,055 views 4.5 stars (2 votes)

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