But what if we didn’t

by screamingmoist

A pair of obnoxious guys have their problematic behavior called out, resulting in a whole new perspective.

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“Come on, dude, it’s not that big a deal.” Brody stepped up behind and clapped his brooding friend on the shoulders, giving Nick’s broad bowling balls a rough squeeze. “It was already getting late. Did you really want any of those leftover chicks anyway?”

“That’s not the point,” the hairy wall of muscle grumbled. He let his discarded shirt join with the sweat-stained gym clothes and other musky detritus covering the bedroom floor. “How the fuck does he get off being so judgy? ‘But what if we just didn’t’? What the hell does that even mean? He too good for us all of a sudden?” Nick undid his jeans and let them hang open, exposing the patch of neon-striped boxers underneath.

“He was probably just trying to impress that woke chick at the bar. You saw how he kept looking at her. None’a his bullshit started until after he’d tried to get her number.” Brody laughed at the memory. He wasn’t used to seeing their handsome friend act so timid. With his short sandy hair, perfectly chiseled features and sculpted muscle Sam could normally get any girl he set his eyes on, yet something about the icy-eyed vixen kept him from even trying. She was short and petite and had looked waifish sitting on the stool, her slender arms resting casually against the bar as she toyed with a drink, but despite her smaller size she had a surprisingly imposing presence. She wasn’t Brody’s type. He went for athletic blondes as opposed to thin, angular girls with tattoos and buzzed hair, but he couldn’t blame Sam for being interested. Instead of shooting his shot the way he normally did, though, the handsome hunk chose to stay at the table and criticize their behavior. He knew his friend well enough to guess that it was all a show to try and get the woman’s attention, but all it succeeded in doing was turning their night out into a giant argument.

Nick shucked his pants and kicked them free, still fuming. “What the fuck is ‘performative masculinity’ anyway? Motherfucker takes one gender studies class and suddenly he’s a goddamn expert?”

Brody sighed, shifting the hands that still lingered on the other man’s shoulders inward. He began kneading Nick’s oversized traps in an attempt to calm the brawny man down, his fingers brushing through the top of the dark forest that coated his friend’s plump pecs. “Bro, why is this getting to you so much? You and Sam always butt heads.”

“Because I’m jealous and horny,” Nick barked. There was a long pause after he’d said it. The hairy jock seemed just as surprised by his unexpected admission as his friend. Brody felt the other man tense up as he spoke, and he could see a crimson veneer creeping up the fuming hunk’s thick neck, but Nick kept going before he could say anything. “I mean, look at him! Dude’s perfect. Perfect face, perfectly smooth body that also just happens to be fuckin’ perfect, perfect ass…hell, even his cock is perfect. He gets all the pussy he can handle and then some, but he’s going to suddenly get all uptight and judge the rest of us for trying to break somethin’ off? And then we didn’t even get to ‘cause we were so busy being lectured!”

Brody legitimately didn’t know what to say as he became acutely aware of his massaging hands and his own boxer-brief clad state. Nick had just been uncharacteristically, almost embarrassingly, honest, and Brody felt like he should make some kind of joke about the macho line that had just been crossed, but instead of pulling away he leaned in close. “Whaaaat? Perfect? No way, bro. Yeah, Sam’s fuckin’ hot, but so are the rest of us.” He slid his hands down from Nick’s shoulders to clutch the other man’s hairy shelf, giving it a rough squeeze. “You’ve got the best pecs in the house, man. Sure, Sam’s are shredded, but they’re not beast-mode like these.” Nick tensed again as Brody groped his chest, giving a quick gasp when the other man’s thumbs circled around his nipples. “And who gives a shit about some hair? Makes you look manly as fuck. I wish I could grow it in like you, but all I got are these chest pubes,” he laughed, pressing himself close against Nick’s back. The grinning brunette sat squarely between the hairy hunk in his arms and the blonde pretty boy they’d been discussing, with a body that was well-muscled and athletic, but neither as built as Nick’s nor as shredded as Sam’s, and which sported a dusting of chocolate hair that was enough to require manscaping if he wanted to look like his smooth friend, but that never grew in thick enough to look as masculine as the hulk in his arms.

Nick shivered at the sensation of Brody’s soft, chocolate diamond brushing against his back, but he was more focused on the firm lump that pressed against the thin cotton covering his ample bottom. His own stout rod was twitching noticeably as Brody’s aggressive chest-squeeze had turned fully into the other man toying with his nipples. He knew on a logical level that he should pull away, but it was the last thing he wanted at the moment. He’d already been frustratedly horny, and while he’d never thought about Brody as a potential outlet for that lustful energy in the past, his friend suddenly seemed like a perfect candidate. When they’d left the bar he’d only been slightly buzzed, but now he felt drunk and giddy as the internal walls crumbled with each twitch of his thick rod. “Whatever, man…I like your chest pubes,” he laughed, a hand absently gliding down his firm muscle gut. “It works for you. You’ve got this cute little boy-next-door vibe.”

“Hey! Who’re you calling little,” Brody laughed, his arms inflating to an impressive degree as he flexed and held Nick tight. He rested his head against the back of the other man’s buzzed scalp, his breath hot on his friend’s neck. Like the other man he knew his behavior was out of place, but stopping wasn’t an option. He’d never considered before how much he’d enjoy the sensation of Nick squirming in his arms, and though Brody had always thought of himself as straight, the label suddenly struck him as meaningless. He was horny, and Nick was clearly horny, so why shouldn’t they have some fun together?

“I called you cute tooooohhh…” Nick broke off in a whimper when Brody began attacking his nipples in earnest. His friend had only been lightly playing with the tiny nubs, but now he began tweaking and squeezing with focused determination. “Oh fuck that feels good,” Nick grunted as he reached down and began tugging on the cock that had sprung through the fly of his boxers.

“So you think I’m cute,” Brody purred, nibbling on Nick’s ear. “What’s my best feature?”

“Your lips,” Nick spat without the slightest hesitation. He laughed when he heard himself say it but continued just as eagerly. “You’ve got that dimple chin and cheekbones, don’t get me wrong. I just think your mouth looks good. Like it’d be real soft.” He let out a low moan when Brody leaned down and began kissing his neck, his knees going momentarily weak.

“Well? Is it?” the brunette asked after kissing his way along the ridge of Nick’s burly shoulder. “Or maybe you need to try it out some more?” He spun the hairy man toward him and dropped his face, burying it against Nick’s prominent shelf.

Hhnnnhhhhhnnn!” The bigger man spasmed when his friend’s lips closed around a tortured nipple. He clutched Brody’s head and held it against his heaving chest while the other man sucked like a nursing infant, forgetting about his cock altogether. Brody remembered, however, and while he worked the little nub with his mouth he reached down and began tugging, relishing the way Nick’s hairy bulk writhed and spasmed against him.

“Dude…wait…what…what’re we even doing…” Nick panted, the overwhelming, unexpected bliss jarring him slightly back to his senses.

Brody shrugged and gave the nipple in his mouth a bite before pulling his face away. “Proving Sam wrong? This is what he was talking about, right? How we can’t be real or vulnerable with each other? Doesn’t get much more vulnerable than this,” he said, dropping to his knees and tugging Nick’s boxers down. “Still want to see how soft my mouth is?” The kneeling brunette had no idea why he was doing it as Nick’s cock slid against his tongue, only that he felt like a fool for never having done it before. He’d always been curious about what the girls and gays saw in the dangling packages he checked out on the sly in the locker room, but he’d never been able to bring himself to act on that curiosity. Now, with Nick’s wide rod gliding in and out as he bobbed his head, he began to understand. He felt connected to his friend in a way he never had before, his perspective shifting in a way that caught him completely off guard. Until now sex had always been about conquests, about notches in bedposts and bragging rights more than any genuine pleasure on the other person’s part.

But with Nick it was different. The furry stud was his friend, his bro, his peer, and with the filter of competition having somehow been removed, Brody’s whole idea of sex began to shift. He didn’t have to compete with or conquer anyone, nor did he have to hide his desire for human contact behind macho displays of aggression. If he wanted to be with a woman that was great, but if he wanted to be tender with Nick, or any of the guys, that was also entirely acceptable, just as he wanted them to feel safe doing so with him. In an instant their former mindset, having to put up the various masculine fronts and keep things bottled up, seemed so pointlessly exhausting. Brody kicked himself for ever feeling like he had to hide his emotions, and for making his friends feel like they had to do the same. He pulled his head away and gazed up at Nick’s rugged face, tears welling in his eyes as he was overcome.

“What…what is it…” Nick panted, his dazed expression growing concerned. “You okay?”

Brody nodded, surprised that he didn’t feel so much as a shred of embarrassment at crying in front of another man for the first time since childhood. “Uh-huh,” he sniffled, the tears flowing freely. “I don’t know what this is. It just hit me,” he said, resting his head against Nick’s meaty, hairy thigh. Brody was still very much aware that he was kneeling in front of his naked friend, whose dick he’d just had in his mouth, and crying his eyes out, but he didn’t know why all of that left him feeling better than ever instead of humiliated. When Nick locked eyes he could tell his friend had been undergoing a similar mental shift at the way the blue orbs softened instead of blazing with mockery.

“Aww, bud, it’s okay,” Nick said, softly stroking Brody’s chocolate mop. “Come up here.” He guided the other man back onto his feet, swallowing him in a meaty embrace. Brody had never seen his burly friend ever be remotely as gentle, and he began sobbing harder at the wave of safety and security that washed over him as he stood wrapped in Nick’s piledriver arms. The bigger man let him cry it out, stroking the brunette’s tapering back with a massive hand until the sniffling began to die down. “You’re cute like this, too,” he said softly, giving his friend’s muscled bubble a squeeze.

Brody laughed and shook his head, the tears slowly drying. “Fuck, sorry man, I don’t know where that came from. It just…”

“You never need to apologize,” Nick said, cutting Brody off as he lifted his friend’s chin so their eyes could meet. He grinned when a watery sheen began to form and leaned in for a long, deep kiss before the other man could start again. “Thought that might distract you,” he said, laughing at Brody’s stunned expression when he finally broke it off.

“You…you were right,” the brunette jock stammered. He squirmed as Nick’s massive hands slid inside his tented boxer-briefs and clamped onto his rear, a sudden impulse shooting up his spine and out of his mouth. “Fi…finger me…” he grunted, burying his face in the crook of his friend’s neck.

“Wait…what? Did you just ask what I think you did?” The question held only excitement, not judgment.

Brody’s boyish face was bashful when he looked up. “I never told you guys ‘cause I thought you’d never let me live it down. Donna talked me into it once when we were fooling around and it…” he trailed off and pressed back against Nick’s hand. “It’s fun, dude.”

“I’m sorry you never felt like you could tell us,” Nick said, giving Brody a quick kiss on the forehead. At the same time he slid his hand over a firm cheek, his fingers rooting into the valley of the brunette’s perky rear in search of the eager hole.

Brody gasped when the stubby digits found their mark and he let Nick press against his tight button before pulling the other man’s hand free and slurping a trio of fingers into his mouth. He worked the digits the way he’d worked Nick’s cock, leaving them spit-slick, dripping, and ready for entry when he finally pulled his mouth away. The bigger man grinned and stroked Brody’s hair while he watched, leaning in to let his tongue take their place when the brunette spit them out.

Nick swallowed Brody’s grunt as he slipped the fingers inside. He loved the taste of his friend’s quiet whimpers, the way the brown-haired jock squirmed and clutched at his back. He’d fingered plenty of women over the years but he’d never stopped to think about what it would be like to have another man writhing on his probing mitt. It was more of a turn on than he ever could have imagined. Brody was hard and vulnerable at the same time, offering up his chiseled body while baring his trusting soul. Nick was so used to tinting his affection with aggression that he didn’t know how to process any of it. He was always the big guy and always looked to as the dominant one, and even when he’d protected or stuck up for his friends it always came with an assertion of that dominance on his part. He had to remind them that they should feel bad for needing his protection in the first place.

Now, that need to prove himself was entirely absent, leaving only the protective affection that had washed over him at the sight of the brunette’s tears. It finally occurred to him that, in the moment, he was more aroused at the thought of the other man’s pleasure than his own. It was a novel experience for the furry stud who normally only stuck around until he’d blown his load, regardless of whether or not the girl he was with had achieved a similar outcome. “Like that,” he asked, whispering the question into Brody’s ear as he clutched the other man’s head against his shoulder. It wasn’t smug or condescending but a genuine question, and he grinned at his friend’s sputtering, nodding whimper. “Want the real thing?”

Brody’s eyes went wide, his face a deeper shade of red when he gave a stunned nod. His trembling body spoke for him as Nick guided him over to the bed and pushed him down. He raised his hips to let the bigger man pull his underwear free and started to roll over, but Nick stopped him.

“Uh-uh,” he said, grabbing Brody’s thighs and hefting his legs into the air. “I want to look at you.”

“Du…dude…you’re so fuckin’ hot from this angle,” Brody whimpered, a look of disbelief in his eyes while he gazed up at his broad, furry friend.

“Aww, thanks,” Nick laughed, nibbling at the inside of the other man’s muscled thigh as it rested on his shoulder. “You’re not so bad either. You ready?”

Brody swallowed hard and nodded, his hands shooting to Nick’s chest when the other man’s thick pole worked itself inside. “Hoooooohh…ohhhh…oh fuck…oh fuck…” he moaned, his jaw falling open. It was the first time he’d ever had someone inside him, but since his friend had already loosened him up there wasn’t much pain, only a shuddering well of pleasure waiting to be filled.

Nick finished working himself in and waited. “You good?” Brody licked his lips and gave a quick nod, his fingers digging into the other man’s furry shelf when Nick began slowly rolling his hips.

The penetrated jock howled. Brody knew his bellow had to be echoing through the entire house, if not up and down the entire street, but he couldn’t stop himself. He had no more control over the constant, cracking wails than he did the steady stream that began oozing from his untouched cock. He’d never had the kind of sex that reduced the aching, seven-inch pole to an afterthought, but that’s exactly what the pulsing organ had become. It paled in comparison to the white-hot ecstasy rocking his body with each of Nick’s deep thrusts. Brody didn’t even know such pleasure was physically possible, let alone something he could have been experiencing this whole time. It never once occurred to him to be embarrassed, either at the fact that he was getting fucked by another man or that his pathetic bellows were acting as a play-by-play for the whole neighborhood. He felt safe with Nick and that was all that mattered. Eventually his bliss-addled brain cleared enough to let his clutching hands resume their earlier toying with Nick’s nipples, and he loved the spasming gasp that followed.

“FFFFfffffffuuuuuuuuuck bro…” Nick hissed through gritted teeth. “Why…why haven’t we do…done this…before…”

“I don’t know…I don’t know…” Brody stammered, his own pecs bouncing from the force of the other man’s pounding. His friend’s presence looming over him was nearly enough on its own to push him over. “Buuuhh…but don’t…stop…”

Nick gasped and nodded. “Just keep…keep playing with my tits til I…cu…cummmm…” The bigger man’s expression went stunned for a moment, as if he was surprised by his admission, but it quickly fell back into a shifting mask of lust.

They were both close to the edge, and though each of them tried to hold out for the other, it wasn’t long before they both erupted. Their twin howls merged, their bodies lighting up like a connected circuit as Nick unloaded into Brody, while the prone jock sprayed all over his chest and face. The release was more intense than any they’d ever experienced, which is what they initially blamed for the full-body tingling that followed. It didn’t last long, only a momentary buzzing that blurred their vision, before the pair was left staring at each other in numb, breathless silence.

“Holy…holy fuck, man…” Brody finally panted, trying to blink away the disorientation. Nick seemed to loom larger than ever, as did the cock that should have been shrinking and softening inside him. “That was incredible, dude. This is a side of you I’d like to see…more…often…” he trailed off when he absently squeezed at Nick’s pecs again and his hands brushed against the other man’s hard nipples. Instead of the tiny nubs Brody had just been playing with they were thicker and longer, poking prominently out of the furry carpet. “Am I crazy or are these bigger,” he asked, giving the jutting pinkies a squeeze.

“GGGNNNHHH…!” Nick spasmed, his eyes going wide at the red-lined ecstasy that tore through him. “What…what the fuck was…shit! what the hell?! Those…those are huge,” he cried, finally looking down at the inflated nubs. They were improbably large and would make themselves known through whatever top he wore, if he could cover the sensitive mounds at all. “Are they just…swollen…” It was his turn to trail off when he looked up and shifted his attention to his friend. He blinked and shook his head, his jaw dropping as he nodded towards Brody’s stomach. “Uh…did you get…is that smaller?”

“What? Is what smaaaaaahhh! What the fuck?!” Brody shrieked when he lifted his head and saw the rigid, three-inch poker where his seven-inch club should have been. The thin little rod looked pitifully small by comparison, but even as he cried out Brody was questioning how much of a loss it really was. After what he’d just experienced with Nick he’d already decided that his days of being the one inside someone else were over. “Are we just going crazy, or is this real,” he asked with a shocked laugh as he poked at the shrunken organ. Though it didn’t come close to filling his hand the way it should it was still just as sensitive, but something about the perspective made his heart begin to race. “Wa…wait. Dude…oh shit…take…take it out…” he stammered as he squirmed on Nick’s cock that was still inside him.

“Okay…okay…let meeeeee what the fuck?!” The hairy hunk shot off the bed when he’d finally pulled his eleven-inch monster free. When he’d slipped inside it had been nearly half that size at an average six-inches, but like his inflated nipples the now-hulking organ had somehow grown larger, bringing his low, grapefruit balls along for the ride. “Dude…how is this…how is this even possible,” Nick asked in a daze as he stared at the nubby prongs looming above his heaping new package.

“I don’t…I don’t know…but I think I…did I…?”

Fuck!” Nick did a double take when he turned around and looked at Brody, now having to angle his head slightly down. At 6’3” the broad wall of muscle should have only stood a few inches taller than his friend, but now the other man’s chocolate scalp came to stop well below his chin as Brody couldn’t have been more than 5’6” at most. As he gawked at his friend’s athletic frame Nick saw that the other man’s impressively built torso still looked the same, but as soon as he reached Brody’s waist that all changed. In addition to his diminutive new endowment the shrunken jock’s perky bubble had nearly tripled in size, giving his otherwise tapering frame a curvy, bottom-heavy shape. “Oh my…oh my god bro…”

“Yeah this…this is a lot…” Brody stammered. He ran one hand through his hair while the other prodded at his plump, yielding new backside. Despite his shock, he couldn’t help but smile as he stared back and forth between them. When Nick had been towering over him in bed all he’d been able to think about was how much he loved it, and now he’d be able to experience that all the time, with everyone. There was a part of him that kept insisting he should regret the loss, that he should want to be as big and imposing as possible. As he looked at their new reflections in the mirror, it kept trying to get him to view his shortened stature, tiny cock and ample cakes with horror, not the budding excitement he felt.

“You are unbelievably adorable right now,” Nick finally said. He reached over and tousled Brody’s hair, fighting the urge to scoop the smaller man up in his arms. Like his friend, there was a one-sided wrestling match happening in his brain as the attempted terror failed to get a grip. Nick was well aware that he’d be walking around with his eager nubs and oversized cock prominently displayed, but he didn’t dread the thought of being ogled and gawked at. He welcomed it. He wanted people, other guys in particular, to see what he had to offer, and he was more than willing to share if they wanted a safe place to experiment.

“This new view’s doing wonders for you, big guy,” Brody said as he smiled up at Nick. “These look like fun.” He reached over and tweaked one of his friend’s new nubs, gasping as the other man’s mammoth cock rocketed to attention. “Oh shit, it’s like a cock button,” he laughed, watching a steady stream begin to ooze when he gave another pinch.

“You want to talk about a button?” Nick reached down and palmed one of Brody’s inflated globes before slipping his hand between them. Without having to apply any pressure, the shrunken jock’s ravenous hole sucked the bigger man’s fingers inside as if it had a mind of its own.

“Oh!” Brody gasped, his face going red when he realized his eager orifice had taken Nick’s fingers like a rooting infant searching for a pacifier. It had been a reflex more than a conscious action, but that did nothing to dull the pleasure coursing through the rippling, bouncing mounds. He watched his little cock pulse and twitch, loving instead of loathing how small it, and he, looked next to Nick’s rigid girder as the other man stood nearly a foot taller than him.

“Wuuhh…well shit, dude,” Nick groaned, his other hand reaching up to toy with a stubby nub. “Looks like Sam was right after all. What the fuck haaahhh…have we been doing this whooo…whole time? Thuuhh…this…this is way more fun.”


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