by screamingmoist

 A young man wanders into the wrong bar and into the right life.

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“Oh! Uh, shit…this is awkward,” Luke said with a short laugh. He blushed and tensed up on his stool, feeling as if he’d been dropped into one of his anxiety dreams where he showed up for class with no pants on. He actually wasn’t wearing pants, but this time it made sense as he’d been participating in the campus’s annual Underwear Run when he’d somehow managed to get separated from the group. The sprinting was over and they were all supposed to be meeting up at the bar afterwards, and when Luke saw the shirtless men inside he’d assumed he was in the right spot. Without paying much attention, he’d sauntered up to the bar, ordered a drink, and then promptly noticed the overwhelming number of men around him. Men who were predominantly dressed in leather, or next to nothing at all, staring at him with amused, hungry eyes. Luke finally noticed the older, burly bartender wearing nothing but a leather jockstrap, his stomach dropping at the realization of his mistake. Trotting along with a group of his peers who were also wearing nothing but their underwear had felt fun and exhilarating. Accidentally showing up to a gay bar full of strangers in nothing but his boxers was the opposite. With his trim, athletic build the dark-haired jock knew he had nothing to be ashamed of, but that was part of the problem. Luke was well aware of how handsome he was, especially with nothing but a thin layer of cotton covering his perky rear and meaty package. Glancing furtively around at the heads turning in his direction, he felt like a lone fish surrounded by a group of hungry sharks.

“If you had to show up to a bar in nothing but your shorts, you picked a good one.” Luke jumped when the large hand swallowed his shoulder and he turned to see a furry mountain of a man taking up the stool next to him. Like himself, the man was clad in nothing but a pair of shorts, though his appeared to be made of leather instead of cotton. The grinning stranger looked to be at least a few years older, but with his buzzed, thinning hair and rugged build it was hard for Luke to pin down his exact age. Whoever he was, the man had broad, thick shoulders and a beefy slab of a chest lurking beneath a forest of auburn hair. A pair of hulking arms framed in a bulky muscle gut that was bisected by a thick line of fur spilling down from the carpet on his chest, disappearing beneath the leather shorts before flowing out the bottom to coat the man’s tree-trunk thighs. “Dave,” he said, letting go of Luke’s shoulder and extending a hand.

“Uh, Luke.” The younger jock blushed when his hand was swallowed in the other man’s meaty paw. He tried not to stare, but between Dave’s prominent, forested pecs and massive arms he was having a hard time looking away. As someone who constantly shaved to keep his own encroaching forest at bay, Luke didn’t know how to process a bar full of men who prided themselves on the very thing he dreaded.

“You can relax, kid,” Dave laughed, eyeing the uncomfortable young man. “No one’s gonna bite unless you want them to. You’re cute, but you’re not really these guys’ type. Not yet, anyway.”

Luke tried to act casual as the man checked him out. He flexed unconsciously, his lean arms tensing and his abs popping beneath the stranger’s piercing eyes. Despite having one of the best bodies in his frat house, Luke was feeling increasingly small and insecure in the sea of beefy men around him, an entirely foreign sensation for the athletic young hunk. “Not yet? What’s that supposed to mean,” he asked, forcing a grin as the burly bartender lumbered over with his drink.

Dave nodded, an approving look in his eyes. “You’ve got potential,” he said, reaching down so that his hand hovered just above Luke’s furry thigh. “You just have to stop fighting it.”

Luke shivered at the heat radiating from the other man’s palm. He’d braced himself for the unwanted touch at his upper thigh, but having Dave’s hand teasingly close was somehow worse, especially as the other man zeroed in on his source of dread. Luke’s toned legs had been covered in a dense layer since he was barely a teenager, making him an oddity amongst the men in his family. His older brother, dad, cousins, and uncles were all relatively smooth, but he appeared to be headed towards a different destiny. The curly forest had quickly spread up his shins, transitioning from a wispy layer of fuzz to a dark, dense carpet that reached his solid bubble. The chocolate curls seemed to be in a race with his sprouting forearms as a similar layer of hair shot past his elbows to cover his sculpted biceps. Having recently stalled out just below his shoulders, the hair had started flowing in the other direction, coating the backs of his hands in a conspicuous dusting. It trailed up his abs to his chest as well, but Luke always kept his torso smooth. He could deal with having hairy arms and legs, that felt normal to him, but he wouldn’t submit to a furry chest and stomach like the men around him. The rest of the guys in the frat were smooth and toned, and they already made fun of him for his hairy ass. He could only imagine what they’d say if he had tufts of chest hair sticking out through his polo. “Nah, I think I’m…I’m good…” he stammered, blushing as he felt his cock suddenly twitch. It was an unexpected reaction to picturing himself covered in hair while a strange man’s hand hovered inches from his dick, and he quickly tried to regain his composure. With nothing on but his boxers, there’d be no hiding it if he suddenly threw a bone in the middle of the bar.

“Oh, you’re definitely that,” Dave laughed, lifting his hand and resting it on the young jock’s hairy, striated forearm. “But you could be even better.”

Luke took a long, slow sip of his drink to hide the fact that he didn’t know how to respond. It was clear Dave was hitting on him. Given his impressive body and charming, boy-next-door face Luke was used to having guys make passes, and though he was straight, it never bothered him. He was always flattered, enjoying the attention even if he didn’t reciprocate it, and he wasn’t above some playful flirting as long as it was clear where everyone stood. Now, things were a bit muddy. He was well into sipping his drink before he realized he hadn’t pulled his arm out from under Dave’s hand, and the twitching in his boxers had erupted into full throbbing. He was stuck. Even if he wanted to leave, Luke couldn’t get up from his stool without exposing his tented boxers to the entire bar, let alone walk outside and do the same to the busy street. He told himself he was just worked up. He’d spent the day running around in nothing but his underwear with a bunch of fit, attractive young women who were similarly undressed. It was only natural that he’d be extra horny. The fact that he didn’t get hard until a hairy brute of a man touched him was just a fluke of bad timing.

“Looks like your body agrees with me at least,” Dave said, his stubble-covered cheeks stretching into a wide grin as he discretely ran his eyes down Luke’s torso to the blushing jock’s tented boxers.

Luke shifted on the stool, scooting in closer to the bar in an attempt to find cover. “Sorry about that. Guess running around in your underwear all day will do that,” he said, his casual tone betrayed by his burning, crimson face.

“That’s one thing you’ll never have to apologize for around here.” Dave reached down again, this time letting his hand rest heavily on Luke’s muscled thigh. He gave it a squeeze, dancing his fingers through the silky fur and pushing the boxers up the younger man’s leg until his thick fingers brushed against Luke’s balls. “But I wasn’t talking about your dick. I was talking about that,” he said, nodding towards Luke’s chest.

“What the…” The blushing hunk gasped at both the sensation of the other man’s hand against his churning orbs, and the dark, wiry dusting of hair he saw in the center of his chest. Knowing he’d be spending the day in just his boxers, Luke had given himself a thorough shaving the night before. His torso still should have been entirely smooth, but even though it hadn’t yet been a full twenty four hours he sported what appeared to be several days’ worth of growth, with the bottom of the hairy diamond reaching down to join with the trail snaking up from the waist of his boxers. “Guess…guess I didn’t do as good a job as I thought…” he stuttered, his hand shaking as he scratched at his itching pecs. He felt like he was going to pop. Dave’s stubby fingers massaging his thigh were driving him confusingly wild, and even though he’d just hooked up with Sarah two nights ago, Luke suddenly felt like he hadn’t gotten off in months.

“Or maybe your body knows something your brain doesn’t,” Dave purred. He let go of Luke’s thigh and rubbed the back of his own hairy paw against the younger man’s tent before slipping his fingers in through the leg to fully toy with the stunned jock’s hairy balls.

“Whoooo…co…come on…” Luke grunted, his eyes going wide as he leaned against the bar and tried not to spasm. “We…we’re…in public…you can’t…”

“I’ll stop if you want me to,” Dave said, his fingers going still inside Luke’s shorts. “Is that what you want?”

Luke couldn’t believe he was really shaking his head. He couldn’t believe any of it. He was sitting in a strange bar in nothing but his underwear getting a hand job from another man, whom he’d just met, while all around him he could see men staring, hungry-eyed and clearly aware of what was happening. On top of that, something bizarre was happening to him physically as his body somehow began pumping out hair like a play-doh factory. The line that, just moments before, had been creeping down from his chest had already connected with the line snaking up from his bush, and what had been a compact diamond was now spreading along the bottom ridge of his chiseled mounds.

“Didn’t think so,” Dave grinned. He popped the button on Luke’s tented fly with nimble ease, letting the young man’s thick, six-inches spring free.

“Oh…oh fuck…” Luke whined, unable to hold back a loud, obvious whimper when Dave wrapped his fist around him. His stomach fluttered as he watched the other man’s hairy piston of an arm flex when he began stroking, his own sculpted limbs seeming weak by comparison. He was confused and mortified, not understanding any of what was happening, but desperate for it to continue.

“There he is,” Dave cooed, gently tugging on Luke’s aching pole. “Come on out and play, big guy.”

The addled jock was confused at how turned on he was by the other man’s condescending tone, a sensation that only grew when he looked down and realized that Dave wasn’t talking to him, but his cock. “Wait…what’s happennnggnn…” Luke broke off in a groan, unable to do anything other than blink in stunned awe as he watched his throbbing member grow with each pump. Six inches stretched to seven, then past eight, before topping out at a fat ten. As his oozing cock grew impossibly longer, it became thicker as well, looking like a girthy bottle in Dave’s rough hand. Based on the confining pain he’d started to feel his balls had clearly grown as well, but Luke’s attention was quickly pulled back to his upper body.

The itching at his pecs had turned to throbbing, and as he gawked down at the spreading hair, Luke watched his carefully crafted chest begin to push outwards. The silky invaders had spread up from the bottom ridge, encircling his expanding nipples to fully coat the inflating slab, coming to a stop just at the base of his shoulders. Luke’s heart raced at the sight as he now not only tried to process the image of himself with hair spilling out of a shirt, but one that was stretched tight around a thick, beefy frame. He’d always tried to keep himself lean and tight, but if his plumped pecs were any indication, that would soon be out of the question.

“What is this…” Luke grunted, watching his arms swell like his chest. They weren’t growing as large as Dave’s, but they’d nearly doubled in size, losing some of their definition as they packed on bulky muscle. He gasped and looked around the bar, wild-eyed with fear, expecting to see everyone as shocked as he was by whatever was happening. Instead, the crowd casually sipped their drinks, seeming to pay no attention whatsoever to the two of them. Even the hungry stares that he’d been getting had stopped, as if he and the bigger man had become invisible.

“Fate brought you here for a reason,” Dave said, smiling at Luke’s look of shock when the young jock’s boxers finally gave up and exploded off his expanding thighs. “You needed a jumpstart on your true path, and hell, we could use a new bouncer.”

“My…my path? But I don’t want any of this!” Luke panted, his plumped pecs heaving as he watched his ripped abs start to fade, his tight stomach pushing outward into a small, but prominent, muscle gut. The copious hair spread out in a thin dusting from the dense line in the center, leaving only the middle of his broadened back untouched by the silky forest. Luke couldn’t believe he was looking at himself as he stared down at the meaty new thighs beneath his thickened midsection, both capped off by the long, fat cock oozing out of Dave’s fist.

“Maybe not right now, but trust me, you would. I saw it the second you walked in here.” Luke watched Dave’s eyes go black, the darkened sockets sparkling with golden flashes. It left him dizzy, like he was staring up at a vast, star-peppered sky. “Your thread got tangled, but that’s alright, we’re fixing it now,” Dave said, his voice echoing as if from a distance. “You’re lucky…you get to skip all those years of regret you were headed towards. A little abrupt, I know, but I think you’ll agree that it’s worth it.”

Luke gasped, his inflated cock erupting beneath the bar. The blissful sensation was like nothing he’d ever felt before as his previous life, or at least parts of it, shot out with the ropey strands. Gone was the lean, self-conscious jock as Luke felt all of his insecurities and the weight of the expectations placed on him fade in an instant. There was a moment where he felt sick with regret over having spent so much time trying to live up to what people thought he should be instead of what he truly wanted. Dave was right. He’d been going through the motions because he thought that’s what he was supposed to do. It’s what his dad and brothers and frat brothers told him, what coaches and girlfriends and society at large said a handsome young man like himself should do. But now, his thickened, furry frame spasming in Dave’s grip, Luke realized he hadn’t wanted any of it. He just hadn’t known the alternative was an option. No one said he could live his life as a hairy, carefree hunk, lusting after whoever he wanted.

It all re-wrote itself in an instant. Luke was still a college student, and he was still in the frat, but instead of a smooth, tapering ladies’ man who spent hours manscaping, he was now out and proud, both about his attractions and his body. Looking like someone who’d be more at home on a football field instead of a baseball diamond, Luke no longer remembered chasing after girls, but clearly recalled all the men he’d hooked up with, as well as the guys in his frat who he fooled around with whenever they got drunk enough. There was a sensation of whiplash as the shame he used to feel morphed into pride, and how thinking back on their smooth, smaller bodies made the other guys in his frat seem like children compared to him. They’d never be able to handle a place like The Stallion where real men hung out.

“Ohhhh fuck,” Luke groaned, loving the feel of his dense, scrubby stubble as he rubbed his face. He smiled over at Dave, not sure why he’d expected the other man’s eyes to look funny. “Thanks for that,” he grinned, leaning over to give the older man a quick peck on the cheek.

“If you two made a mess you better clean it up,” Chuck said from behind the bar.

Luke caught the towel as it was tossed to him, a momentary wave of confusion washing over him when he looked down and realized he was naked. It passed quickly. Of course he was naked. He’d just done a set in the shower booth, letting everyone watch as he flexed and squirmed and shampooed his furry bulk. The fact that Dave jerked him off in front of everyone wasn’t odd either, especially considering the number of men who were doing the same, or more, all around them. He’d put his leather shorts and harness on in a bit when it was his time to work the door, but until then he was content to sit and drink his whiskey just as he was.

“When are you gonna bring some of those frat friends of yours in,” the bald bull behind the bar asked, pouring another drink. “Any of them interested in a job with you?”

Luke laughed and shook his head, patting his furry stomach. “Those guys? Yeah, right. You wouldn’t want ’em anyway. They’re all smooth and skinny…better suited for the Twink crowd up the street.”

Chuck reached out and traced a finger through the dense forest on Luke’s brawny chest, smiling. “Or maybe you just want to keep them all to yourself?”

Luke shrugged. “Who am I to say no if they wanna give me a ride? Smooth or not they can fuck like machines if you get ’em drunk enough. But something tells me there’s not enough booze on the planet to loosen those babies up enough for this crowd.”

“Fair enough,” Chuck sighed, shaking his head. “I know how lucky we are to have you.”

Luke flashed a smug grin, flexing his furry shelf against Chuck’s hand. “You can say that again.”

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