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Mystery lot

by screamingmoist

Things don’t go as planned when a young man buys a box of old porn tapes at an estate sale, taking him and his roommate from spectators to performers.

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Tanner held up his phone and gave it a light shake. The overall size of the slim, sleek rectangle was a fraction of the bulky plastic monstrosities piled haphazardly in the old cardboard box that sat on the table like an awkward anchor between himself and Austin. “All the porn anyone could ever want is right here. What the fuck are we supposed to do with these?”

Austin rolled his eyes. “Says the guy who has a shelf full of records. Can’t you just stream all that music?”

“That’s totally different,” Tanner said, folding his toned arms across his chest. The motion caused his prominent pecs to puff against his loose muscle shirt, while the hands buried beneath each arm caused the already sizable biceps to loom even larger. “Those are collector’s items. This is a box of crusty old porn tapes.”

“It’s a box of crusty old porn on VHS,” Austin corrected. The stocky brunette plucked one from the box and held it up, a hollow plastic clatter following when he shook it like Tanner’s phone. The sleeve was a faded yellow with no indication of what the tape contained, and the VHS itself was equally noncommittal about advertising its contents. There were no labels or branding on the tapes other than the logo of the company who made them, a long-defunct manufacturer whose blank VHS bundles had undoubtedly pirated countless movie store rentals over the years. Being in their mid-twenties and having grown up with DVDs well established, neither Austin nor Tanner had much experience with the archaic medium. VHS tapes were just what their parents watched on the VCRs that now gathered dust in their basements, and with the advent of streaming they seemed more cumbersome than ever. Except to Austin. The chestnut-haired jock loved the novelty, loved having the colorful boxes lining a shelf, and loved having a tangible product in his hands. Like his blonde friend’s vinyl, he knew it would be easier to download and watch a digital copy instead of sticking a VHS into a VCR and waiting for it to rewind, and then adjusting the tracking, and then sitting through mandatory trailers and ads, but in the end it created an entire experience that made playing a digital copy seem hollow. “People pay a shitload for stuff like this,” Austin continued, rummaging through the pile of musty plastic. “Seriously, bro… this is a holy grail find.”

Tanner grinned and shook his head. “A box of someone else’s random porn seems like a pretty low bar. How do you even know what’s on it?”

“That’s what makes it fun! It could be anything!” Austin grabbed a random tape and pulled it from a water-stained sleeve, searching in vain for any clue as to what it contained. “The old dude at the estate sale just said it contained ‘adult content’ but claimed he hadn’t watched any of it himself to know what it was. Seemed happy to get rid of it, mostly.”

“And that doesn’t creep you out? Whose estate was this,” Tanner asked, raising an eyebrow. “What if it’s, like, snuff films or torture shit?”

Austin shrugged his broad shoulders. “How the fuck should I know whose estate it was? There was nothing else weird for sale, though. And do you really think they’d sell it if it was something incriminating? People copied shit all the time back in the day, no different than when you download something now,” he said, giving the box a pat. “You’re looking at someone’s hidden porn folder.”

“And you want me to watch this with you because… “ Tanner trailed off as he eyed his beefy roommate’s eager expression, weighing the pros and cons of continuing the argument. Austin would keep pestering him until he agreed, and if the tapes ended up containing something embarrassing it would at least give him fuel with which to taunt his friend in the future.

“You don’t have to,” the shorter man said, his tone nonchalant. “But don’t expect me to share if it’s good.”

Tanner sighed and folded his hands on top of his head, his sculpted arms inflating. “Fine. Let’s just get this over with.” He couldn’t help but return Austin’s enthusiastic grin as the burly man grabbed a tape and practically skipped over to the TV. He dropped down onto one end of the couch and propped an arm up on the back while his friend loaded the VCR and took up a spot at the other, mirroring his pose. “I swear to god if this is something gross… “

“We’re about to find out,” Austin grinned, hitting the “play” button and settling back. There was a moment of gritty fuzz while the tracking adjusted before the black screen abruptly disappeared, replaced by a nondescript bedroom. The recording dropped the young men in mid-scene, showing an equally nondescript, though impressively brawny, brown-haired man vigorously groping an uninterested blonde. Tanner and Austin both immediately focused on the woman’s heaping chest instead of the man’s imposing cock as the pair on screen went at each other, the camera’s fixed position occasionally obscuring their view with the man’s broad back and meaty cheeks.

“Pretty low budget,” Tanner said after a few minutes of watching the mediocre display. Neither party on screen seemed overly enthusiastic about the proceedings as they pawed at each other and exchanged lingering kisses, but there was still something captivating about the scene. The ripped blonde could feel his cock getting hard in his shorts despite himself, surprised that such a mundane display provoked such a strong reaction.

“Dude, you watch shit on OnlyFriends,” Austin scoffed, his eyes still glued to the TV.

“Yeah, that’s my point,” Tanner shrugged. “If they can make it look good with a phone nowadays then these guys clearly weren’t trying that… dude! Come on, man,” he groaned when he finally looked away and saw Austin kneading himself through his tented shorts. The stocky brunette was clad in a similar outfit of gym shorts and a small, straining t-shirt, which left his fat cock clearly outlined as he prodded at it.

“What? It’s porn, bro. What did you expect? I don’t see you complaining,” he spat defensively, nodding over at Tanner’s equally obvious tent. Without waiting for his friend to respond, Austin forced the issue, fishing his aching club free with a mischievous grin. “Eyes forward, bud. The show’s on the screen, not over here,” he sighed, absently tugging away on himself.

Tanner just laughed and shook his head. “I knew this was a bad idea, but I still did it,” he muttered to himself. “When will I ever learn?” Even as he grumbled, his hands were tugging his own shorts and boxers down to let his equally imposing rod spring free. The eight-inch club was longer than Austin’s girthy pole, though not as wide, and the question of who could better use their respective member was a constant point of contention between the two men. While Tanner feigned reluctance, they’d actually jerked off together like this plenty of times in the past, each one trying to outlast the other. The handsome blonde took a deep breath and settled in, stealing a few glances at Austin’s pudgy pole while his friend did the same to him. “You know… it’s weird, but does that guy in the video kinda look like you? I didn’t notice at first, but the longer we’re watching… “

Austin nodded, his plump pecs rising and falling faster as the action on screen picked up. His brawny doppelganger had just pulled his fingers free from the whimpering blonde’s tight hole and was positioning himself for entry. “Fuck, man, you’re right. How the fuck did we not notice that right away? And that blonde dude looks just like you.”

“Whoa! Holy shit… he really… “ Tanner started before the words registered. “Wait… a dude? Wasn’t the blonde just a chick a second agooooooohhhhhh!” The chiseled jock spasmed on the couch, his back arching as he shot forward and fell onto the floor. The ecstatic sensation hit out of nowhere, his cock throbbing in time with the waves of pleasure washing over him. He could feel his hips rocking and hear the shocked whimpers slipping out of his wide, slack jaw, but it wasn’t until he looked back up at the TV that he understood. “Fuck! Austin… dude… that’s… that’s us!”

For his part, the beefy brunette appeared equally shell-shocked, his knuckles white as his fingers bit into the cushions. His untouched cock oozed as he pumped his hips, his eyes wide while he stared at the bedroom on screen that now matched his own. “But… but that’s not… I mean… it can’t be! How could that be us?!”

Tanner was mortified at the loud groan that clawed its way out before he could speak. “I don’t… I don’t know… but… oh… oh fuck, man. I… I remember this!” The writhing blonde moaned, his expression a mix of confused ecstasy as he gawked at his friend. “How do I… ? I… remember what it felt like… feels like… to… to… fuck, dude! How do I know what it feels like to have you inside me?!” Tanner wanted to be horrified, but the phantom sensation of Austin’s furry bulk weighing down on his back while his friend lit him up from the inside was a kind of bliss he’d never even imagined possible.

“Bro… you feel so fuckin’ good… “ was all Austin managed, his face a mask of pained arousal.

“Oh shit… oh shit… I’m gonna cum, dude. I’m gonna… cum… nnnnggghhh!” Tanner grunted and tensed, his untouched cock erupting all over the floor. His vision blurred from the intensity of it, a spectral warmth spreading in his belly before spilling down his thighs at the memory of Austin’s massive load filling him from within. He looked over in time to see the real thing as his friend exploded a few moments later, a geyser of ropy strands flying towards the ceiling. On screen the pair had just finished and were catching their breath in each other’s arms, sending a wave of fluttering through both of their stomachs at the suddenly-recalled sensation of being cradled by the other. “What. The. Fuck,” Tanner finally spat, his head spinning. He rolled over into a seated position, absently squirming out of his discarded bottoms.

“Did that really just happen,” Austin panted as he peeled out of his cum-soaked clothes. “We really just saw… felt… all that, right?”

Tanner swallowed hard and nodded. “Whose estate did you get these tapes from, again?”

“Just some dude! Seriously, bro, there was nothing weird about the place. It was a fuckin’ ranch in the suburbs, not a haunted house or some shit. I’ve seen way weirder stuff at the thrift storrrmmmphh… !” Austin’s eyes went wide, his mouth falling open as he felt Tanner’s phantom cock hitting the back of his throat. On screen the pair had gone from cuddling to revving up for round two, with the brunette’s head bobbing up and down in the blonde’s lap.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” Tanner hissed, reaching for a head that wasn’t there. Just like he could feel Austin’s cock splitting him open moments before, he could feel his friend’s soft, plump lips and warm, strong tongue working every inch of his spring-loaded cock. His palms tingled from the sensation of Austin’s short, chocolate hair against them and he let out a quick gasp when ghostly fingers began kneading his churning balls.

“I… I can taste you, dude… “ Austin finally stammered, one hand absently groping a furry pec while the other busied itself with his cock. “Hey! How… how come… I’m the one who… knows what your balls… taste like… “ he whimpered with a drunken laugh.

“Only seems fair considering what I just felt,” Tanner sighed, marveling at how natural it all seemed. He knew something impossible was happening, but he was having to fight to muster his initial sense of fear. Surprise and shock were both in plentiful supply, and neither of them expected giddy eagerness to follow.

“Whatever. You fuckin’ love it,” Austin grunted, bobbing his head into the memory of Tanner’s lap.

“I sure… do… “ the blonde sputtered, looking confused. “I do? Fuck this is weird… “ he said, his head falling back on his shoulders.

“Goddamn… bro… fuckin’ love… having this little… thing in my mouth… “ Austin whined, ignoring his friend’s confusion. “Suck those tiny balls at the same time… so fuckin’ good… “

Tanner hissed, his eyes drooping shut at the overwhelmingly intense burst of ecstasy that erupted in his gut. The blissful memories had already been more than pleasant, but all at once the sensations sky-rocketed, lighting up the entirety of the sculpted stud’s cock. “Gggnn… du… dude… whatever you’re doing… or did… feels fan… fantastic. I… wait… “ he groaned, the words finally registering. “Did… did you say little? What do you meaaaahhhh! Fuck! What the fuck happened to my dick?!” Tanner’s normally deep voice was a shrill cry when he finally opened his eyes and looked down to discover that his hulking cock was no more. Instead of an imposing eight, the diminished member barely topped out at three inches, with a pair of petite, matching balls churning away underneath. Against the rest of his strapping, 6’3” frame the little rod looked pitiful, though the sensations were stronger than ever as Tanner clutched at the reduced organ. “O… okay… this… this isn’t fun anymore… “ he said, wishing for more conviction in his voice.

Austin could only stare at his friend’s tiny poker, failing to notice the changes taking place between his own hairy thighs. As he pumped away on himself, the distance that his fist traveled grew longer and longer, the fat cock stretching from just under six inches to just over nine. Coupled with his already impressive girth, the inflated pole looked obscenely large, especially against his stocky, 5’9” build. It wasn’t until he saw the change on screen that he thought to look down, his stubble-covered jaw dropping at the sight. “Shit! Is… is that… I’m fuckin’ huge, bro!”

“Hey! What the hell,” Tanner cried, even as his aching hole quivered at the sight of his friend’s enlarged piston. “I get a baby dick and you get that monster?! What the fuck?!” He laughed as he said it, realizing in the moment that he didn’t actually care about his diminished endowment in the least. He didn’t use it the way he used to, not since the tape started overwriting their memories and bodies, leaving him far more interested in Austin’s hefty log than his own.

And the throbbing cock wasn’t the only hefty thing about the brawny brunette. As he gawked at the similarly altered pair on screen, Austin’s stomach dropped when his doppelganger shifted away from Tanner’s lap and turned to reveal an embarrassingly inflated rear. Given his squat shape and years as a wrestler, the furry brunette already had a set of meaty, ample cheeks, but they paled in comparison to the colossal globes bouncing wildly before him. When the version of himself on screen thrust into the prone blonde once more, the fattened cakes shook like waterbeds and sent Austin hurtling off the couch. The stout stud gasped when he felt his expansive rear shake and clap in real time, each ripple sending a bright dart of bliss up his spine. “Oh god… oh god… bro… did… did my ass just get huge?!”

“Sure did,” Tanner purred, his little rod throbbing at the sight. There was no way his friend would ever be able to conceal the exaggerated mounds hanging at his back, just like he’d always be flaunting what he lacked between his legs whenever he stepped into a locker room. Something in his head told him he should be concerned by the changes, but more than anything else all Tanner could think about was how much he loved clinging to the pillowy mounds whenever Austin straddled his chest. “I… I think something else is… “ Tanner felt the pressure at his pecs as soon as he thought about his friend looming over him. Like a pair of balloons being inflated, his perfectly-sculpted pecs began to press outward, thankfully losing none of their firmness as they grew to a disproportionate slab. The juicy muscle tits spilled out of Tanner’s loose shirt, the top-heavy hunk’s chest now a perfect complement to his friend’s oversized bottom. The stunned blonde had been thinking about how his tiny cock would be the first thing anyone noticed about him, but now he realized that was far from the case as, like the other man’s plump cheeks, there’d be no concealing the cresting mountain of muscle jutting off his torso.

“Whoooaaaa! Look at you, bro,” Austin laughed, forgetting about his own bottom-heavy build as he shuffled over to his friend. They once again matched the disproportioned pair on screen, no longer simply remembering an encounter as they began to mirror the actions of their counterparts.

Both felt like they were on autopilot as Austin literally tore Tanner’s muscle-shirt free, eliciting a loud groan when he clutched the plump, pillowy pecs and began working the inflated nipples with his thumbs. The taller, top-heavy blonde fell back and pulled the other man on top of him, his hands grasping his friend’s supple, jiggling rear.

“Yeeessssss,” Tanner whimpered, his eyes rolling back in his head. Austin still worked his nipples while pressing the oversized pecs together, forming a deep funnel for the gargantuan log to slip between. The sensation of his friend’s fat, churning balls and mammoth cock fucking his bloated shelf of a chest drove Tanner wild in a way he’d never thought possible, the sheer magnitude of the ecstasy he felt obliterating any lingering dread over what had just happened to them. The same could be said for Austin, whose face was a determined mask as he kneaded his friend’s chest and rolled his hips back and forth. Compared to the pleasure they felt, what people would think of their warped proportions didn’t matter in the least.

And, as the pressure built, they both realized those proportions were what made them so popular in the first place. People sought out their videos specifically because of Tanner’s tiny poker and plump pecs, just like they went wild for Austin’s fat ass and oversized cock. There were plenty of fit hunks out there fucking each other on camera, but none of them could do the things they could.

Tanner squirmed ecstatically when Austin finally came, drinking down as much of the warm, sticky rain as he could as it coated his handsome face and matted his golden hair. His own meager eruption was nowhere near as potent, but it was every bit as intense.

“Whoooooooo… .that never gets old,” the cum-slick blonde sighed as Austin slipped off his midsection. He loved the way he couldn’t see his petite nub over the jutting slab of his chest, though its presence was confirmed when Austin’s meaty paw easily swallowed it and gave a squeeze.

The brunette climbed to his feet and wagged his softening monster, causing his meaty cakes to clap at his back. “With this thing around, how could it?”

Tanner resisted the urge to crawl over to his friend and suck out the remains of Austin’s load. “And here I thought you were just excited about your partner,” the blonde pouted.

“Bro, that goes without saying,” Austin winked, blowing Tanner a kiss before pressing the eject button on the VCR. Instead of bare, the tape that came out now bore multiple labels, just like the sleeve on the nearby coffee table. No longer a weathered yellow, the cardboard box had an image of the two of them, along with the title “Fat Assed Austin Pounds Tiny Tanner’s Tits.”

“Still glad you talked me into this Retro Collection,” the top-heavy blonde said as he climbed to his feet and nodded back at the box on the table behind them. Like the one in front of them, the unmarked tapes were now brightly packaged with various images of themselves on the sleeves. “Can’t believe those are all we have left from the first run.”

“I told you people were into VHS again,” Austin said, his tone smug as he walked over and gave Tanner a quick peck on the cheek.

The diminished stud latched onto his friend’s heaping rear and leaned in for a longer kiss. “Guess we need to figure out what we’re going to do for the next round.”

3,533 words Added Mar 2023 5,744 views 4.8 stars (8 votes)

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