Slime time

by screamingmoist

An attempted intervention leads to a shift in perspective for a pair of friends.

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“Yeah, but dude, I mean…look at yourself!” Alex held his phone out, angling it down so Eddie could clearly see the photo. The pair of athletic young men on the screen could have passed for brothers, both of them standing long and lean in their muscle-shirts and board shorts. Other than Eddie’s darker hair and smooth skin, he was almost identical to the hirsute, golden-haired hunk grinning next to him on the sunny stretch of sand. Now, though Eddie currently wore a similar muscle shirt as the one in the photo, there was nothing remotely identical about the two friends. It didn’t help that the bright, open top was all the dark-haired man wore, but it was the sudden difference of over a foot in height that truly separated the pair. Eddie’s newly acquired bulk also accentuated their distinctly different appearances, simultaneously making his reduced stature seem all the more dramatic as it hung stocky and broad on his compact frame. Only a few months before, he’d been a wiry 6’1”, but after prolonged sliming he’d officially dropped just below the five-foot mark.

“I am looking,” the stocky stud grinned, flexing an impressively thick arm. The stubby appendage would have been hulking at his previous size, but it still managed to look intimidatingly powerful even with its reduced reach. He added the other and broke into a classic double-bicep, his prominent new pecs puffing in the process. The pose lifted the bottom of his shirt precariously close to a revealing position, though if Eddie noticed at all he clearly didn’t care. “Oh no! It’s so terrible being fuckin’ yoked,” he said, rolling his eyes. “You know you just sound jealous, right?”

Alex took a deep breath and shook his head. “No one’s denying that you’re jacked, man. And I honestly don’t mean to sound jealous OR judgy. I’m just trying to understand.”

“Understand what? It’s simple! Shit feels great and I’ve never been happier. Why does everyone keep acting like something terrible is happening to me,” Eddie asked, dropping the pose.

“Because this is a big change! Happy or not, even you have to admit that the guy in this picture would’ve been freaked out if he knew he’d end up like…”

“Obviously he wouldn’t because he’s standing right here and he’s perfectly happy,” the shorter man interrupted. “Who cares about losing a little height? Me and plenty of other people think I look better than ever. Bro, check out this piece.” Eddie beamed as he raised the muscle shirt to reveal a heaping, girthy package. Like Alex, a few months ago he’d sported a modest, average cock that, while never earning complaints, would have looked small next to the fat banana and heavy balls currently swaying between his meaty thighs. And, as with everything else about his shorter size, the impressive equipment looked even larger in the context of his appearance.

“I’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it. That’s part of the problem,” Alex spat, trying in vain to rub the exasperation from his expression. “When I talk about the old you being freaked out, I don’t just mean your looks. The Eddie I grew up with never wanted to be some fucking amateur porn star! He wasn’t all about the dick, either.”

“Oh, so now you’re going to throw kink shaming on top of the body shaming,” Eddie asked, folding his arms beneath his plump little pecs. “Would you be giving me such a hard time for being into dudes if I still looked like you?”

“No! And I don’t give a shit now! That’s not what I’m saying! Dude, if you love sucking dick and it makes you happy then I love that for you. You know I’d never judge you for something like that. Ever. I’m just worried that YOU aren’t the one making these decisions…that the fucking slime is messing with your head. It’s not that you’re into dudes that freaks me out…it’s that you’re suddenly eager to film yourself doing all kinds of…intimate…activities.”

It was Eddie’s turn to sigh. The shorter man nodded and shrugged, giving his friend a bashful grin. “Okay, yeah, I’ll give you that. Honestly? Didn’t see that part coming either. But you know how much I’m making off those videos. Fuck, bro, it’s more than my boss made at the office. The progress posts where I show how much shorter I’ve gotten are like printing money. Still. Even with things speeding up, people watch those over and over and over. And who really cares, anyway? I’m having fun, and the people watching are having fun. If someone has a problem with what consenting adults are doing with their time and money they can fuck right off.”

“This would be a lot easier if you sounded strung out,” Alex laughed, running a hand through his hair.

“I told you, bud. It’s not like that. You don’t think I know how it sounds on paper? Dude starts doing a drug, his behavior changes, then his body changes, then he quits his job and starts fucking for money. Boo-hoo, everyone feel bad for the poor, pitiful burnout. But that’s not what’s happening. I’m not still sliming because I can’t stop; I’m still sliming because I don’t want to stop. Period. And what’s the point of turning back now, anyway? It’s not like I’m going to grow back up. The shortest a person’s ever gotten on this stuff that we know of is 4’2”. I just dropped to 4’10”…what’s another eight inches at this point?”

“It’s just so weird to hear you say that,” Alex chuckled, motioning around his friend’s condo. “And it’s weird to see! Like, only the top part of your head sticks up above your counters now. And the furniture all seems so big, which makes you seem so small, but you’re also a fuckin’ beast and you’re hung like a horse. What am I supposed to do with that?!”

“Bro. The furniture videos kill. People go nuts for ‘em. I was surprised how much the measurement and the clothing videos took off, but that first post I put up where my feet couldn’t touch the floor when I sat on the couch? B-A-N-K,” Eddie laughed, rubbing his fingers and thumb together.

Alex wished he could have shared his friend’s enthusiasm. He’d watched the videos too, his stomach dropping every time Eddie put up a new one. Despite the stout stud’s obvious enthusiasm, he didn’t know how to feel as he watched the other man get smaller and smaller. Like most things on the internet there was a formula to the progress videos where someone who slimed would show how much their body changed by posing in, and subsequently stripping out of, their original clothes. It was the format Eddie had followed, letting everyone get an intimate glimpse as he simultaneously grew smaller and larger.

The changes weren’t overly obvious at first. As 6’1” became 5’11’, there was nothing too dramatic or overt. But as 5’11” became 5’8”, and then 5’6”, and then 5’4”, the changes rapidly piled up. Shirts became loose and long. Pants pooled at ankles and struggled to stay up altogether. Underwear bunched and billowed in odd places. Even with the widened bulk that sprouted as his body was seemingly squished like taffy, Eddie still swam in his clothes. While his t-shirts may have been plastered around his broadened shoulders and inflated pecs, they still draped like a gown, and though his boxers had actually torn around his sturdy new thighs, they’d started to look like the very board shorts he’d worn in the picture on Alex’s phone.

And while the world seemed to sprout up around him, the shrinking hunk busied himself with all manner of lewd acts in the increasingly looming environment. After some initial posing and banter, Eddie would seductively strip out of one oversized article after the other, until he was finally left with his burgeoning bulk and inflating cock fully on display. Alex had been floored by the first jerkoff video his friend had posted, but it was when the other man started to bring in guests that really made the blonde’s jaw drop. The first time he’d watched Eddie excitedly blow a taller stranger had been one thing. Seeing someone he’d always known as straight eagerly bobbing their head back and forth on another man’s dick had been jarring, but it was nothing like the first fucking. Alex’s shock had been compounded by the fact that it was their friend Roger doing the pounding, his beefy frame now towering over a stocky body that he used to just barely stand taller than.

But it was that very discrepancy which people loved as much as the virile, mid-twenties muscle. Eddie hadn’t been exaggerating about the furniture videos. Alex had read the comments on the first one and had seen the vigorous enthusiasm with which the viewers had responded. His friend hadn’t even done anything terribly interesting. Yes, the angle of the camera was suggestive as it sat on the coffee table and very clearly showed the barely-concealed package beneath the draping tank-top Eddie wore, but all his friend had to do to whip the viewers into a frenzy was lean back on the couch and kick his feet as they hovered a few inches above the ground. He’d followed it up with one of him in a chair, and then one of him in his car, and then one sitting on a weight bench, repeating the series every time his feet retreated further from the floor.

And it wasn’t just things his friend could sit on that drove the audience wild. Videos where Eddie’s meaty new cheeks flexed as the increasingly-compact hunk stood on his tip-toes to reach into cabinets and closets were favorites. The same went for the more safe-for-work variety where the tiny titan went through similar motions at the grocery store or while out running errands, his diminishing frame looking smaller and smaller as the crowds lengthened like the furniture around him. The gym was another favorite, with people eating it up every time Eddie talked about how, even though his muscles looked like they were getting bigger, the amount he could lift with them was actually staying the same, if not decreasing. Despite how they appeared, Slimers didn’t grow new muscle or pack on gains. The muscular look was a result of their existing mass being forced onto a smaller frame. So in Eddie’s case, as someone who was athletically built and relatively lean to begin with, he’d likely end up looking like a miniature meathead. But if someone was big to begin with it wasn’t uncommon for them to end up as a beefy little beach ball, some of them so thick and misproportioned as to be nearly immobile without assistance. Those men had their own devoted followings, but Alex was at least relieved that Eddie didn’t appear to be headed down that road.

And it WAS hot, as much as the taller blonde hated to admit it. He didn’t fully understand why, but there was something undeniably arousing about watching Eddie go through his gradual transformation with such unabashed excitement. Some people said the slime altered a user’s pheromones, making them attractive to males whether they were gay or not. But Alex wasn’t convinced. The very act of looking down at someone he used to stare in the eye sent a thrill through him, and while he’d harshly judged their friend Roger at first, he’d begun to understand. He didn’t know if “jealous” was the right word as Eddie had mentioned before, but the feeling wasn’t far off.

A part of him really did envy the confident freedom that radiated off Eddie, making him seem larger than ever when he entered a room despite being the smallest one inside. A bigger part of the flustered, furry blonde was just achingly curious. Alex was dying to know if the slime really felt as good as everyone said. It only worked on men, and the resulting euphoria that came from rubbing it into your skin was supposed to be like nothing else. People who used it sparingly, and with enough time between sessions, barely changed at all. But power users, people like Eddie who slimed multiple times each day, underwent the most dramatic transformations. Where the strange substance came from originally and how it was derived no one seemed to know, and everyone was equally confused by how it hadn’t been outlawed. Something that induced an altered state of mind as well as an altered body should have been in the same class as heavy narcotics, and yet, other than some politicians spewing soundbites on the news, no one tried to stop it. Instead the opposite happened, with an ironically growing subculture forming around slime and the people who used it. Eddie got plenty of dirty looks for all the curious and lustful ones, and there were plenty of people who treated him and other slimers like mere junkies, but they were all far too content to care.

Alex realized too late that he’d let his curiosity show. As his friend finished talking about how much money the furniture videos made, he raised an eyebrow and cocked his head to the side. “Look, man. I’m touched by the concern, and I love you too. But why are you really here? You want to try it, don’t you?”

“What? No. No! Of course not,” Alex stammered, raising his hands and taking an involuntary step back.

Eddie beamed. “Dude, I’ve been waiting for this day! Seriously, bro. I’ve been hoping you’d want to give it a try eventually, but there’s an etiquette to this sort of thing, you know? Rule number one is you don’t push or force it on someone. If they want to slime, great. If not, that’s cool too.” The stocky stud couldn’t hide the emotion in his voice as he reached out and grabbed Alex’s forearm, his expression more sincere than the taller man had ever seen. “I just…I’ve wished you could feel this from the start, and I’m so glad I can be the one to walk you through your first time.”

“Whoa, whoa…hold up! I haven’t said I’m doing anything! I’m just…where are we going…” Alex asked as Eddie pulled him along to what had been a spare bedroom, but which had since been converted to a lounge. Like the ones in convenience stores and gas stations, a long ruler stretched up the wall just inside the door, making it easy to see how tall, or how much shorter, a person stood. A series of variously sized bean bags lined the floor on one side with a more traditional bed occupying the other, while the windows had been covered in blackout curtains and a rotating projector that washed the room in a kaleidoscope of color sat in the middle of the floor. Alex’s heart started racing as he watched Eddie peel out of the muscle shirt, knowing that even though he might still protest, his mind had been made up and his friend knew it. “Just need some blacklight posters in here,” the nervous blonde said, sounding awkward as he tried to make a joke.

“Already ordered some. Just need to hang ’em up, but I’m saving that video for when I’m a little shorter,” Eddie winked. “All right…go ahead and get naked.”

“Uh…what?” Alex blushed. He’d spent years in showers and locker rooms with Eddie, but he hadn’t been in a state of exposure around his friend since the sliming started. And although he’d told himself it was because he didn’t want to put the dark-haired hunk in an awkward position, his own twitching cock betrayed the truth of his worries.

“Trust me. If you don’t do it now you’re just going to once it kicks in, and it’s the last thing you want to have to worry about then,” Eddie said, giving his friend a quick swat on the rear before hurrying over to a small shelf. “Come on, bro, it’s slime time!”

Trying to keep himself under control, Alex did as he was told. He peeled out of his t-shirt and ran a nervous hand through the scruffy fur on his defined torso, taking a deep breath as he fumbled his pants open and sent them to the ground along with his boxer-briefs. It was only then that he remembered he hadn’t removed his shoes, and his whole body turned crimson as his exposed package began to harden while he bent and fought with the bundled clothes at his feet. “Well this is awkward,” he laughed again. He started to try and cover the rigid organ, but realized the futility of it and instead let his hands hang at his sides.

“Won’t be for long,” Eddie said, his tone as reassuring as his cock was rigid. He held a small, clear tube in his hand, the fluorescent, yellow gel inside looking like neon toothpaste flecked with glitter.

Alex felt his jaw tense as he looked down at his friend’s larger rod, an unusual wave of insecurity hitting him. “That, uh, that really is impressive up close.”

Eddie wagged the hefty organ and grinned. “Feel free to inspect it as much as you want,” he said, guiding Alex over to one of the cushioned bags on the floor. “You ready? Get comfy and I’ll work it in.”

The blonde’s toned chest heaved, his whole body trembling as he dropped into the enveloping pillow. “So how does this work? Do I just rub it on my chest like that shit when you have a cold?”

Eddie’s smile took on a sympathetic edge, which only furthered Alex’s nervousness. “Works best on smooth, sensitive skin. With your hairy ass, the best place is going to be the little guy.”

“What?! Uh, maybe I don’t want to…I mean…maybe I should think about it? This is a big step,” Alex stammered even as his cock throbbed. Despite his protests he made no move to get up or leave while Eddie squeezed a small dab onto his squat hand.

“Bro. Relax. I got you, okay? It’s just you and me in here,” the brawny little beefcake said, his tone gentle yet firm. “You’re in good hands. I wouldn’t let you do this if I didn’t think you were going to love it.”

Alex just gasped when Eddie reached out and wrapped a slick, stubby fist around his cock and began working the slime in. A part of his mind reeled at the sight of his friend essentially jerking him off, but that only lasted for a moment before the effects kicked in. “Oh. Oh! Whoa…this is…that’s fast…” he laughed, hating the sensation when Eddie finally let go and began doing the same to himself in the bean bag next to him.

“Just let it take you,” the shorter man sighed, his eyes dilating like Alex’s as the two friends stared at each other.

The lean blonde felt like he should look away. He knew he was openly ogling his friend, but the locker room reflex of averting his eyes never kicked in. Instead he felt the opposite, their years of friendship and shared affection welling within him like an erupting geyser. At the same time, his vision somehow split, a part of his simultaneous perspective panning out and up through the ceiling, into the sky. Into space. His eyes still traveling up and down Eddie’s buff little body, Alex literally felt his consciousness expanding. Nebulas formed of colors he’d never imagined, colors that shouldn’t exist, swam across his vision, an infinite sea of multi-hued stars peppering the cosmic vista between them. In that moment he knew that the slime didn’t originate on earth, that it came from somewhere, and somewhen, much farther off, a gift from another reality altogether.

Alex suddenly knew that’s what it was. A gift. He would have felt like a fool for ever thinking that the slime was a burden, but already his brain processed emotions differently. Insignificant feelings like shame and regret and fear couldn’t stand the light of his new awareness, especially when someone like Eddie was around. Alex didn’t know if he was laughing or crying or if there was even a difference as he gazed longingly at his friend, feeling the connection between them. The slime didn’t dull the senses and leave a user numb to their place in the world like other drugs; it magnified it. They weren’t sitting there thinking that nothing mattered, but basking in the knowledge that everything mattered. It was all connected. They were all connected. His joy was Eddie’s joy was Roger’s joy. The smooth little stud wasn’t debasing or embarrassing himself in his videos but was instead spreading his love for as many people as possible. It was his purpose. It was the slime’s purpose. Whoever had sent it to them in the first place was just trying to get them to see how they were holding themselves back.

Alex was so overcome that he didn’t realize they’d both moved until Eddie was in his arms. His friend nestled against him, running his stubby fingers through the silky fur on his chest while his own slender digits probed the other man’s firm muscle and firmer cock. This was followed by another haze of euphoria before Alex found himself eagerly sucking on Eddie’s aching rod, the astringent taste of the slime filling his mouth. There was another period of blurry, cosmic drifting, this time followed by Eddie writhing on his lap as Alex eagerly thrust into him. It occurred to the dazed blonde that his friend was rubbing the slime off his cock just like he’d licked the other man clean, but he knew Eddie had plenty more to share.

And share he did. Alex lost himself to the overwhelming tides of cosmic bliss, occasionally letting Eddie stroke on a fresh dose while the little hunk did the same. How long they went at each other, or how many times they took turns riding the other’s cock, Alex had no idea. Nor did he care. When they boiled it down, there wasn’t really a difference between him and Eddie and everyone else anyway. The joy was universal.

Alex’s brain still hummed several hours later when he finally came to. He gasped and opened his eyes, overcome with joy to find a grinning Eddie nestled in his arms. They were still in one of the bean bag chairs, sticky and sweaty and not actually floating through space the way he’d felt, but as long as they were together he didn’t care where they were. “O…okay. That was wild,” he laughed before leaning down to plant a long, deep kiss. There was no awkwardness or hesitation, just a pure, passionate exchange.

“See? I toooooold yoooouuuuu,” Eddie sang when Alex finally pulled away.

“I fuckin’ love you so much,” the furry blonde sighed, already wondering how long it would be until he could have the other man inside him again.

“Dude,” Eddie laughed and leaned in for another quick peck. “Everyone is so cute when they feel it for the first time…but you’re fuckin’ adorable right now.”

“I mean it,” Alex laughed, not flustered the way his old self would have been but simply sincere.

The shorter man danced his fingers through the blonde’s furry forest. “I know, bud. I love you too. You felt it, yeah?”

Alex nodded. “You guys should really lead with that part.”

Eddie’s head dropped back with a loud laugh. “We try! How many times did I try to tell you? But everyone just rolls their eyes ‘cause they can’t get past how we look. Speaking of,” he said, reluctantly climbing to his feet. “That was a heavy session, so let’s see where things stand.” He stretched and sauntered over to the ruled scale on the wall, drawing himself up as he leaned against it. “Well?”

Alex’s cock twitched at the number. “Damn. 4’7”.”

Eddie whistled and flexed as he stepped away. “Three inches, just like that. No wonder I feel fuckin’ swole. All right…hop up. Your turn.”

“Wait…what?” Alex waited for a punch of dread that never came as he lumbered to his feet. “Whoooaaa,” he said, swaying when the room spun around him.

“Easy champ. First time is always rough,” Eddie said, taking his friend by the hand and guiding him over. He took a step back and grinned as he read the number. “5’7”. Someone’s a natural.”

Alex didn’t know how to respond. He tried to process the fact that he was suddenly six inches shorter while also wondering why he wasn’t panicking. He looked down at himself, noticing for the first time the way his hairy pecs popped more than they should, along with the extra mass at his upper arms and thighs. Even his twitching cock was noticeably larger, his sudden reduction a far cry from the incremental step down most people experienced. “How did I…I mean…that’s so much so fast…”

“Dude, you’re lucky! Some people just react that way. Also, we went hard. Like always,” Eddie winked. “Usually a first timer just gets one application, but between you slurping it off my cock and taking it in those sweet little cheeks the way you did, I’m not surprised. I knew you could handle it,” the shorter man said, giving a whistle as he reached around and squeezed one of his friend’s thickened cheeks. “Whoooo…you’re already getting some cakes back here!”

The shortened blonde just blinked. Instead of being mortified, his cock sprung to life as he pictured himself built like his friend, a furry little meatball with a cock like a third leg and a universe of love to share. “So when can we do it again?”

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