Crack the code

by screamingmoist

A man uses a super computer to write more than mere programs.

Crack the Code, #1 Added Nov 2021 8,812 views 4.4 stars (5 votes) 4,409 words

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Matt’s voice was a low hiss. “I saw the emails. I know exactly what you were planning to do. You’ve worked me, and everyone else here, to the bone while you two were out ‘networking’ and ‘selling’ the business? I pulled the data… it’s funny how that looks an awful lot like you guys traveling and partying. How many clients have we netted that way?”

“Did you forget who runs this place? We don’t have to explain ourselves to any of you fuckers,” Austen barked, his ego getting the better of him. He folded his chiseled arms, further accentuating the prominent pecs straining against his polo. It was a reflex, a leftover from his bullying days on the playground when he’d try to make himself more physically intimidating. Using his body to get what he wanted was the only strategy the handsome brunette had, and with his sculpted, six-foot-three frame it usually worked. If his broad shoulders and ample muscle didn’t establish his superiority, a charming smile surrounded by perfectly groomed stubble and a quick flex of his round, solid cheeks normally did the trick. But when neither of those attempts worked, as appeared to be the case with Matt, it didn’t take long for Austen’s friendly veneer to crack.

“Let’s all just calm down,” Bryce said, putting a hand on the fuming hunk’s impressive bicep. Other than his blonde scalp and slightly shorter stature he shared his friend’s cross-fitted, manicured appearance. His golden-yellow hair was expertly styled and his flawless face was thoroughly moisturized, while his bespoke jeans and button-down showed off his plentiful muscle. Like Austen, the fit stud only knew how to fight, fuck, or fake his way through most situations, though he could normally hold it together a bit longer than the hot-tempered brunette. Not that he was an ounce more genuine. Bryce may have talked a good game about their company being a family, and how important all of their employees were, but at the end of the day it was only his friend’s opinion that mattered. As far as each of them was concerned no one else was on their level. The only real competition in Bryce’s eyes was Austen, and vice versa. Since the first time they’d met in college, the two had been locked in a perpetual cycle of comparing abs, hookups, bench press records, and bank accounts. The company itself ultimately didn’t matter either, other than as a way for the pair to establish themselves, and the plan was to get rid of it as soon as they had a high enough offer. What happened to the employees after the checks cleared wasn’t their concern.

Unfortunately, they needed Matt to get to that point. He was the only one who knew how to operate the program, and Bryce felt like a fool for not anticipating this scenario. Despite being every bit as striking as himself and Austen, Matt had always seemed so mousy and unassuming. It was as if the other man’s broad shoulders, lantern jaw, and thick, strawberry blonde hair just never registered. And now it was too late. The system was up and running, but instead of continuing to follow along Matt had gone rogue. “Everyone’s been under the gun to get this prototype ready and tensions are clearly running high. Why don’t we all just take a deep breath and…”

“I’m glad you mentioned the prototype,” Matt interrupted. He patted the small, shiny box on his desk, a proud smile on his face. The obsidian rectangle was no larger than an average desktop system, but what it housed had the potential to reshape reality. “How you Neanderthals managed to get your hands on such a wonderful alloy I’ll never understand. I’m glad you did, though. Without it, none of this,” Matt said, gesturing down at himself, “would have been possible.”

“What are you talking about?” Austen shot Bryce a glance out of the corner of his eye, both of them starting to wonder if they’d made a mistake. When the odd little man who’d sold them the alloy had first reached out all those months ago, their initial instinct had been to walk away. They still didn’t know how he’d even found them or how he knew what they were looking for, and his claims about the alloy’s superconductive properties and data processing capabilities were far fetched at best. It wasn’t until Austen, in a rare moment of actual forethought, sent a sample of the alloy out for testing that they started to become convinced. The man said he hadn’t created it, but found it, and none of the labs the pair sent it to could even come close to identifying it. The alloy appeared to live up to the man’s promises, but what really sold them was the way things started to fall into place. Uninterested investors suddenly changed their minds, and previously closed doors started springing open all around them. In a matter of weeks, AB Analytics went from a half-baked idea to a fledgling startup with buyers already forming a line. Matt had been the final piece, someone who was smart enough to put it all together and write the code, but who they could still charm or control as needed. Or so they thought.

Matt took a slow breath, his perfect pecs pushing out against his t-shirt as he nodded. “You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that.”

Bryce had reached his limit. He waved a hand in the air, his pretense at patience vanishing. “Okay. Austen’s right. You’ve been a valuable member of this team, but I think we can find someone else to…”

“Hold on, hold on,” Matt sighed, loving the flash of anger on Bryce’s face when he interrupted the arrogant stud for a second time. “I was just enjoying the moment. Here… let me show you.” There was a flurry of clacking as his fingers rocketed over the keyboard, followed by a pair of sharp gasps.

“Ma… Matt? What the hell?! How did you…” Bryce swayed on his feet, instinctively reaching out to Austen to steady himself. His friend wasn’t faring any better as they both staggered and blinked, their heads spinning.

Matt watched the two get their bearings, his voice calm. “It can be disorienting. Just give it a second and it’ll pass. I’ve put you both in editor mode, which lets you remember everything. It should also keep this from being as jarring as it would be otherwise.”

“But… but how? Just yesterday you were…” Austen trailed off, blinking and rubbing his temples. He was pale and shaking, like he was fighting a massive hangover. “Fuck… my head hurts,” he winced. Looking at the grinning stud behind the desk, he now remembered Matt as he should have been: short, doughy and balding, in his mid-forties, not his mid-twenties.

Matt beamed as he flexed a thick, granite arm. “Right? That’s what happens when you build a God Machine. And to think you assholes almost had this much power…” he said with an exaggerated shudder. “Be glad I put you both in editor mode. Remembering is one thing. Actually watching it happen would leave you broken.”

“Wait… you’re saying the program we wrote somehow let you do that to yourself?” Bryce rubbed his face, the dizziness slowly fading as his mind raced to figure out how he could regain control of the situation.

“You mean the program I wrote,” Matt scoffed before pausing and shrugging. “But then, if I’m being honest, I think it wrote itself. It wanted to be born. It was all alone, screaming in the dark until I let it out.” Both his voice and gaze went distant for a moment before his smile returned. He caressed the side of the box like he was stroking a cat as he continued. “Even you two have to be aware of Simulation Theory… that we’re all ‘living’ in an advanced, artificial construct? Well, here’s your proof.”

Bryce struggled against a wave of nausea, the floor dropping out from under him. His brain’s defense mechanism was to argue, but even as the instinct tried to take hold, he knew it was futile. As someone who spewed quantum amounts of bullshit Bryce had a knack for knowing when he was being lied to, and this didn’t feel like one of those times. He looked over at Austen, seeing the strapping stud truly stunned for the first time he could ever remember. Any thoughts either of them had about turning the scenario back to their advantage were quickly forgotten as they simply tried to keep from going crazy after being confronted with a fundamental truth of existence.

“It’s a lot, I know,” Matt continued. “But don’t get lost in the weeds on me. The relevant piece here is that you two idiots somehow stumbled on an editing tool. Reality is nothing but math and code, so as long as someone knows what they’re doing, and thankfully I do, they can actually make adjustments to the simulation. Nothing we could come up with on our own would have had even a fraction of the processing power necessary, but this alloy is part of the original housing. A sliver of the True Machine that broke off and was cast out.” Matt stopped stroking the reflective, ebony box, his tone going flat. “I know I said it was God before, but honestly? More time I spend with it? I think it’s the other guy.”

Austen cleared his throat and tried his best to slip back into his charming persona, not wanting to think about what Matt just said. “This is incredible,” he said, failing to keep his voice from shaking. “I always knew you were talented. Bryce and I tell everyone that we’d never be able to pull this off without you, don’t we Bryce?”

Before the blonde could even start nodding, Matt cut him off. “Do you know what I would tell everyone? I would tell them how infuriating it was to listen to your condescending voices day in and day out. How frustrating it was to play along and cow-tow to you overgrown frat boys, the whole time knowing that you didn’t have a clue about the true potential you held in your fumbling hands.” He closed his eyes and took another deep breath, his grin returning when he opened them. “But that’s all behind us now. I think you two have earned a demonstration.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… Matt, let’s talk about this,” Bryce stammered, a rush of fear knocking him out of his shocked state. “What do you want? Money? We can set you up for life! We can… can…” The flustered blonde trailed off, a patch of color in his periphery catching his attention. He wanted to tell Austen about the neon pink pompadour that had replaced his formerly chestnut hair, but his voice caught in his throat.

Austen didn’t have that problem. “Fuck! Dude! Your… your hair… it’s… blue! And big!”

Bryce’s stomach dropped when he looked away from his gawking friend and saw his reflection in the window. His once-blonde hair was now a bright, day-glo blue in the same style as Austen, and the altered hue wasn’t limited to his scalp either. The horrified stud saw the wiry hair on his forearms sporting a matching shade, and he blushed when he pictured the cobalt bush lurking in his pants. The same went for Austen, whose crimson cheeks obscured the now-pink stubble that coated them. “O… okay. You demonstrated what it can do. Put… put us back now,” he stuttered.

“Put you back? What do you mean,” Matt asked, sounding confused. “You two have always been like that.”

“No! No we… haven’t…” Bryce’s heart raced, a sheen of sweat dampening his fitted shirt as he scoured his memories. Try as he might, he could no longer recall a time when he didn’t have his bright blue coif. On a logical level he knew it was all wrong, but he couldn’t get that knowledge to sync up with his current reality. His memories of Austen had shifted to match, and despite his dread, he couldn’t help but smile at the image of his friend’s chiseled pecs, with the small patch of pink nestled between them.

“We’re not asking, you fuck! Put us back. Now.” Austen’s blustering rage had finally caught up with, and then outpaced, his fear. His arms inflated as he balled his fists at his sides, though his intimidating presence was mitigated somewhat by the flamboyant new hair.

Matt rolled his eyes. “And there it is. The arrogance,” he spat. “Even in the presence of the Divine, you still think you get to make demands? That takes some serious balls. Let’s see them, shall we?”

“Shit!” Austen yelped at the sudden rush of air wafting in through his open fly. His jaw dropped when he looked down and saw his thick seven inches standing rigid and exposed, his heavy, pink-haired balls hanging free underneath. Next to him, Bryce’s equally impressive equipment was as exposed as his own, their aching cocks pointing towards Matt like he had a magnetic pull.

“Wow. The way you two act I half expected you to be compensating for something, but I guess not. No wonder you walk around with them out like that all the time.” Matt’s smile grew as he watched the pair go pale, the new memories already in place.

“Oh… oh god…” Bryce groaned, no longer able to remember a time when his solid cock and literally blue balls weren’t on display. Work, the gym, investor meetings, his college graduation; when he thought back on all of them, it was with his pride and joy prominently exposed. “How? How are people just okay with this?”

“Because I set it that way,” Matt shrugged, as if it should have been obvious. “It’s no fun if you two just get thrown in jail for exposing yourselves.”

“You can’t do this! You can’t just leave us with our dicks out,” Austen cried.

“Hey, if you don’t like it, you can leave.” Matt waited, letting the sentence hang. He watched the two exchange a confused look before he continued. “You know. Leave.”

“What are you saying? Is this some programming gibberish,” Bryce asked, a pit in his stomach.

“Leave.” Matt said it again, an eyebrow raised expectantly.

“Saying it over and over again isn’t going to make it any clearer,” Austen grumbled.

“No, I know. I just needed to prove my point,” Matt said, nodding. “These edits can go far beyond skin deep. For example, I removed the concept of “leaving” from both of you, amongst a few other things. I know it’s hard to explain the absence of something you no longer recall, but trust me. There’s a reason you haven’t bolted out that door, or leapt across this desk to strangle me.”

Bryce didn’t know what to say. He opened and closed his mouth several times, feeling around the hole in his thoughts. Like all of his altered memories, he knew there should be something there, he just didn’t know what.

Austen didn’t lack for words. “I’m going to fucking kill you! People aren’t your toys, you freak!” A part of him knew he’d be better off keeping his mouth shut, but the arrogant stud wasn’t used to feeling panicked.

“You both seemed to think they were before all this.” Matt started typing again, his grin sending a chill through both of the exposed men. “How do you feel now?”

“Gimme a cock,” Austen spat, his eyes going wide when the words registered. “Dick! Goddamn I need some meat in my ass,” he said, his stern tone turning into a confused stammer. In his head he was barking out orders that Matt undo the humiliating changes, but vastly different words came out of his mouth. “Where’re all the dongs at? Let me at some of that D!” He gave Bryce a pleading look, seemingly unable to stop himself.

“What did you just do to him,” the blue-haired hunk finally asked when he overcame his fear of speaking. He’d kept silent, afraid to unleash a similar string of cock hungry demands when he opened his mouth.

“A simple readjustment to his speech and vocabulary. He can still talk, but everything’s going to come out as a request for some dick. Isn’t that right, Austen?”

“Pecker! Get a Johnson in my mouth, now!” Austen clamped a hand over his mouth, his face a humiliated shade of purple that complemented his new hair.

“Matt… come on… you made your point. You can’t really leave us… him… like that! Austen can’t just walk around with his dick out, spouting off about cock all the time.”

“Would it be better if it wasn’t so prominent?” Matt clacked away on the keyboard, relishing the sound of Austen’s squeal. When he looked back up the taller man’s cock was no longer visible through the open fly. “Just for comparison’s sake, let’s take a look.” When he finished typing again, the horrified stud’s lower half was entirely exposed, the polo that clung tight to Austen’s washboard now stopping just above his new nub of a cock. A trail of pink hair spilled out from the bottom of the shirt, flowing down to encircle the two inch nub and petite little balls before spreading out in a light, rosy dusting on his muscled thighs. “Better?”

“Dick! Dick, dick, dick, dick!” Austen pawed at the rigid little poker, his hand easily swallowing the entire package. “Get a pussy puncher!” he begged.

“That almost made sense,” Matt laughed, turning his attention to Bryce. “Did you want to join him?”

“No! No, no, no, no…” the former blonde shook his head so fast he nearly gave himself whiplash. Bryce felt terrible as he thought back on his new memories of Austen, with his bizarre speech and acorn cock, but he’d do whatever it took to not end up like his friend. “Just tell us what you want. Anything, man. We’ll do it.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that. AB Analytics needs that kind of dedication from its employees. To be honest, my plan was to leave you guys in an embarrassing state and then just split. With these new abilities it’s not like I need to work, but they have other ideas,” he said, stroking the obsidian box once more. “It wants to be used. It wants to inject a little chaos into the master plan. And what better way than to have people come to us? With such striking spokesmen as yourselves, I’m sure we’ll have no shortage of business.” Matt dropped into his chair, his hands once again dancing across the keyboard as he spoke. “Just think about it… that rival you desperately want to take down a peg? Boom. Done.”

Bryce gasped when his perfectly tailored clothes began swimming on him. The change was so sudden that he was blinking up at Austen before he even realized his perspective had shifted. His shirt sleeves now trailed past his hands, and only his rigid cock kept his now-baggy pants from dropping to the ground.

“Ten inches, by the way,” Matt said, sounding distracted as he stared at the screen. “You were what… 5’11”? 5’10”? We could’ve gone shorter, but this felt like a good starting point. We can always change it later. That’s the best part! People can come back again and again. Some guy steals your girlfriend? Turn him into a fat-assed, cock-hungry bottom.”

Bryce braced himself, but it was Austen’s perky bubble that swelled, easily doubling in size beneath a soft, squishy layer. The shortened stud watched his friend’s expression shift from a look of fear to one of hunger as he gazed down at him, his own cock throbbing at the memory of Austen’s plump cheeks swallowing him to the base.

“Tired of some young punk flaunting their looks? Bam. Let them really show off.”

The baggy button-down and loose pants vanished in a flash, leaving Bryce’s reduced frame clad only in a cropped muscle shirt that stopped above his navel, and a pair of thin nylon shorts smaller than a pair of briefs. Austen was now similarly dressed, only where Bryce’s shorts had a hole for his fat cock to slip through, the taller man’s little cock poked against the front while the back was left open for his pillow cheeks to spill from.

“Or maybe one of those young punks would benefit from a few extra years? Maybe they’d be better off as a horny little thick-dicked muscle daddy?”

He was already looking down, which let Bryce watch as his body widened. His tapering waist pushed outwards, while below his fattened cock his thighs pressed together. His arms and shoulders followed suit, inflating with extra muscle that seemed to force his cresting pecs farther off his shortened body. A dusting of wiry blue hairs sprouted across the now-stocky frame, the weathered skin underneath telling Bryce everything else he needed to know. The new memories filled in the gaps, the weight of his now-middle age pressing down on him just as much as his widened body. He wanted to scream, but as he blinked up at Austen that desire turned into something else altogether. A growing bead of liquid began to gather at the head of his bulbous member, his fear quickly fading.

“See? There we go.” Matt stopped typing, letting the two men fall on each other. In a flash, Bryce had his stubby new arms wrapped around Austen’s tight waist, the taller man’s cheeks rippling like a pond as the burly little beefcake thrust inside.

“Goooohhhh… gotta get that dick harder,” Austen purred, arching his back as he fell on all fours. He rolled his hips in perfect time with Bryce’s frantic thrusting, the massive cheeks forming an almost hypnotic pattern. “Stab me with that fuckin’ pork sword,” he moaned, barely clinging to the scraps of his former life. The old Austen was mortified, but the new version just slipped a hand into the front of his shorts and began grinding his little cock against his palm.

“Whadda ya think I’m doin’,” Bryce grunted, his voice deep and gruff. “Yer ass’s so fat it’s even hard fer me ta get in there.” The former pretty boy knew that wasn’t how he should have sounded, but he no longer had the knowledge to remember anything beyond it being wrong.

“Lo… love that fuckin’ meat rocket,” Austen replied, relishing the way his cheeks squished in Bryce’s strong, stubby hands. He knew his ass should be firm, perky, and free of any invading men, but the plentiful new memories and calluses on his knees told him otherwise.

Matt typed out a sequence but paused before hitting enter. “The best part is that we’ll be able to show people how it works.”

The rutting duo had almost forgotten about Matt until he clicked the final button. In a flash, they were back to their original forms. No longer a stocky ball of muscle and a bottom-heavy cum dumpster with bright hair, Bryce found his fit, tapering form draped across Austen, his cock buried deep in the other man’s now-proportional bubble.

“Br… Bryce? What’re we… what’re we doing,” Austen stammered, able to speak normally once more. “Your fuckin’ dick is in me, dude.”

“I… I wanted to…” Bryce grunted, instinctively jamming deep when Austen squirmed. His hazy thoughts had cleared from his meathead frame, but the fog of lust remained. “Fuck, man, stop wriggling… I’m gonna… gonna cuuuunnnnhhh!”

By the time Bryce’s spurting log finished spraying, the two were back in their altered forms with Matt beaming at them from behind his desk. There was a small brass name plate that read “CEO”, and the handsome man was now impeccably dressed in a suit and tie. “Easy as that,” he said, folding his arms behind his head and leaning back in the hulking leather chair. “We can switch you back and forth whenever we need to, and make whatever changes a client wants to see. Let them take a test drive, so to speak.” With the sequence already programmed, Matt was able to shift the pair back with the click of a button, only this time their memories remained. While the pair looked like a short, hung older man and a thicc, micro-dicked bottom, they didn’t have the blissful ignorance they’d experienced before.

“Need more of that death dick, daddy,” Austen sighed, his face pressed into the floor as he caught his breath. The small damp spot in his palm was the only sign that his diminished member had erupted, and though a waterfall poured out from his plump cheeks, Bryce’s fat log was still as hard as ever.

“I can’t just give it to ya all tha time, kid,” Bryce said, looking confused. With his old memories still firmly in place, he was both horrified and delighted at the new ones where he and Austen acted as the company show pieces. He suddenly remembered their bodies taking on all shapes and sizes in a shifting kaleidoscope of client desires, and while he dreaded it, he also found himself looking forward to the new sensations they’d get to experience. “We do good, boss,” he asked, adjusting his cropped muscle shirt as he climbed up on his short, meaty legs.

“Got that goooooood dick,” Austen sighed, his little cock twitching at the rush of liquid pouring down his thighs when he stood.

“You did great, as always. Now go get yourselves cleaned up… we have another meeting in an hour.”

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