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Call of the incubus

by Dabook

Recent college graduate, Adrian Castille, has started noticing cults rising up around his city. He investigates, following a cult to an abandoned warehouse and witnesses a deadly ritual, and finds himself face-to-face with a powerful incubus. He stands his ground, telling the incubus he will be stronger than him.

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Chapter 1: A Step Too Far Recent college graduate, Adrian Castille, has started noticing cults rising up around his city. He investigates, following a cult to an abandoned warehouse and witnesses a deadly ritual, and finds himself face-to-face with a powerful incubus. He stands his ground, telling the incubus he will be stronger than him.  (added: 25 May 2024)
Chapter 2: The First Step to DemonhoodAdrian experiences the aftermath of his encounter with the Incubus, and learns that if he wants to become one himself he needs to become stronger. (added: 22 Jun 2024)
Chapter 3: New Training RegimenAt the gym, a skeptical trainer pushes Adrian to his limits, with surprising results.
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Chapter 1: A Step Too Far

The large city of Valley Ring is centered around a river that forms a ring around the inner city. The poor sector of the city is centered around this ‘ring’, as over time the poorer denizens were attracted to the jobs that were in the city center. The outer ring was built as the city started expanding outwards, away from the marshy area. In fact, nearly a hundred years ago, the city attempted to drain the marshes around the center, and it ended in disaster. The attempt was botched which led to the center being flooded. It was later drained properly, but the center is still known for being poor and bad infrastructure. The outskirts of Valley Ring became known for being a rich and vibrant area. It quickly became a highly populated city due to the many business and economic opportunities. It soon became a tradition for those who wanted to make it to Valley Ring to survive the center first.

In the city center, rumors started circulating of a portal to hell being located somewhere in center. There were also rumors of cults popping up in the city center, many trying to summon demons or draw power from this mysterious portal. Eventually, these cultish activities drew more attention from people outside of the city center. People like me…..

I live on the outskirts of the outer ring, the richest section of the city. I spent most of my time inside studying, managing to graduate early at the age of 22. I still looked like a high schooler. Most people didn’t know I was part of the Castille family, since most of my family is two shades darker than me. I didn’t exercise much either, so I looked way scrawnier than I should be. While I spend most of my time inside, I slowly started to noticed people going missing near the college I used to go to. A lot of strange people showed up around there too, but the strangest part was that no one was talking about it. When I brought it up to my parents or teachers, they always brushed it off, saying these cults rise and fall too quickly to be a threat. However, I couldn’t keep ignoring this, I had to investigate these cults myself.

Following the cult, I reached the inner ring, just outside of the city center. Even here, the strange cultists were careful not to disturb the public. They wore dark robes with red stripes outlining the sleeves. It hung down low, completely covering their feet, with pointy hoods obscuring their face. The typical cultist look, one many people have seen before. If they were closer to the outer ring they would have been laughed at out of the streets, but here everyone seems too scared to look at them. Due to my small size, I was able to follow them to the city center. I made sure to stay low and keep quiet. The cultists traveled into a forested area, I had to be even more careful. Stepping on a branch could completely out me, and I doubted I could outrun these guys.

Soon I found my way to an old warehouse and felt sick to my stomach. This warehouse is infamous for a lot of cult-related atrocities, getting caught around here could lead to my death. I was going to turn back, until I heard screaming coming from the trees to my right. A young woman who was about as old as me was tied up and was being carried like livestock.

“Let me go, please!” she screamed. She was struggling against the restraints; she wasn’t a small woman either. You’d think the two cultists would have some trouble handling her, but despite her struggle, they had no trouble at all. Their sleeves were rolled up, and I could see their large and powerful muscled arms, clearly straining from holding the woman. Then I saw a larger figure come out of the darkness of the warehouse entrance, fixing a gag on the woman’s mouth. Once the goons got inside this figure dragged a long, heavy chain with an oversized lock and completely sealed the entrance. I was going to make a note to report this and come back for whatever is left behind, until I felt a rushing heat behind me, and a hellish wailing behind me.

My back was turned, until I felt the rushing heat behind me. Once I noticed It, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. It was a horrifying sight, a pinkish, fiery aura surrounded the warehouse. The heat from the warehouse made me sweat, almost burning my skin. I swore I could see heatwaves; I think I could hear screaming too. It’s a horrifying sight, one I should be running from.

But I couldn’t look away.

It was like an aurora borealis, an extremely terrifying version of the natural phenomena. The faint screaming and unsettling noise emanated from the warehouse. I must have been staring for hours, only coming back to reality once I heard a loud thumping from the warehouse entrance. I only just noticed the figure guarding the entrance has disappeared. The door had a large bulge on it, the chain clearly loosened. Bang! Bang! Two more large bulges appeared in the door. Then, one last bang rang out through the whole area, and from the darkness of the warehouse emerged a tall, dark figure. I could barely see what It looked like, but I could see Its eyes. Its violet eyes radiated pure violence, and its sharp teeth gleamed in the hellish haze. It locked eyes with me, a viciously gleeful expression crossed its face, and I realized I needed to run.

However, I could only take a few steps back before it caught up to me. It was huge, its head raised far above mine; when it pulled me close, I couldn’t see its face. I tried desperately to push it away and run for my life, I kept struggling until it started speaking. “Stop struggling.” It spoke with a deep voice that reached me to my core, to the pits of my being. My body seized up before relaxing. I was frozen, feeling oddly satisfied with whatever fate this creature wanted to dispose onto me. It peeled me off its body to get a better look at me, I also used this opportunity to get a better look at It too.

Now it was bending down to look at me, I could see its face. It had pale skin and a slim nose. It also had large plump lips that were painted black. It reminded me of the goth girl that used to hang around the back of school. Long purple hair covered half of its face, it would normally cover its eyes, but its bright violet eyes shone too brightly to be ignored. My eyes started focusing on Its naked body. A large, masculine body, with bulky muscles covering its body, sculpted to near perfection and slick with sweat. My eyes traveled lower until it spoke again.

“What is your name, boy?” Its dark, husky voice stole my attention, my eyes snapped back to its face. I opened my mouth, but couldn’t speak, my mouth dry and eyes wide with fear. Its hands released my shoulders and traveled to gently grab my hands. Then it spoke again. “I know my appearance scares you a little, so I ease you into this.” It leaned in and kissed me on the lips. My fear melted away as its insanely soft lips pressed onto mine, my heart slowing with each passing second. It pulled away, eyes no longer glowing. It looked down at me expectantly, biting its lip impatiently. Soon I remembered how to speak.

“It’s Adrian Castile, and I’m not a boy.” I looked up to its face, wanting to stand my ground against this creature. It sneered at me, a vicious smirk cutting across its face, sharp teeth fully revealed. Its otherworldly nature was clear to me.

“You’re bold speaking to me with such defiance, those cultists you followed tried to control me.” It grasped my face with both hands, and pulled me closer to its own. “I tore them apart, licked the blood of their corpse, and laughed as they screamed for mercy. Any kind of mercy.” Its eyes lit up again, burning into the back of my skull. “Submit to me, and I will make your last moments worthwhile.”

It licked its lips and then leaned in for another kiss, once again feeling its soft lips, but I did not want to die under its control. I bit its lip, biting hard enough to draw blood. It pulled back and wiped its lips. When it turned back to face me, it was smiling. It spoke up to clear my confusion. “I didn’t expect you to bite so hard, I didn’t expect you to fight back.” It walked closer to me, pressing me against a nearby tree. It asked me, “What does someone as small and weak as you could do to me?” My face was buried in its chest. I had to crane my neck to look it in the eye. It asked me. “What do you want?”

I always wanted everyone to listen when I spoke. I always wanted a relationship where I was on top. I always wanted to caress the powerful wall of muscle in front of me. I always wanted to be the biggest, the strongest.

“I want to be—” I breathed in before continuing, “—like you.” I was losing concentration as my hands felt the powerful muscles of this otherworldly creature. Its powerful arms rose up to my head, hand scratching its change, deep in thought as its sinister grin widened. Then it grabbed the back of my head and carefully pulled my head up to see my face.

“Interesting…” it whispered. “So you want the power of an incubus.” Then it suddenly backed up. “Let’s see how long you last; I give you full permission to worship my body.”

I lost all self-control right then and there. My hands started exploring his body, reaching up to its arms, feeling its smooth skin and shredded biceps. My face was still stuck in its chest, so I started licking its huge pecs, once I found one of its nipples, I kissed it, then started suckling like a baby. I really couldn’t get enough of this monster!

I couldn’t hold myself anymore, I moaned, loudly. I moved down to its abs, licking and caressing each muscle I could find. I moaned again, lost in lust, I came as I tried my best to satisfy the creature the best I could. The creature pulled me off its body, I could see it was speaking, but I couldn’t really hear anything. I would’ve started worshiping its body again, if I didn’t notice it pumping up its cock. It was massive, at least twelve inches long, and half as thick as my forearm. It was already hard, drooling pre all over my shirt. Once I saw it, I already knew what to do.

I got down on my knees, licking the underside of its cock, once I reached the massive, bulbus, head, I kissed it, and started licking the slit. I lapped up the precum, noticing how sickly sweet it was. Wasn’t semen supposed to be salty? Whatever questions that I had stayed in the back of my head. I couldn’t pull myself away from its cock, I couldn’t stop, I started sucking the head, struggling to make it fit in my mouth. I kept going, stretching my jaw as much as I could, even as it reached the base of my throat. Eventually, my gag reflex activated, and my body forced me back.

As I gasped and sputtered, I could hear it giggling. “You almost convinced me you knew what you were doing,” it said, a snarky grin curled up its face. “You probably spent a lot of time watching others provide pleasure, but you don’t have the experience to do it properly.” Its large hand caressed my face, “Little dog, you don’t really know what you’re doing don’t you,” my cheeks flushed with embarrassment, this creature clearly had seen more action than me in a week than I ever had in my entire life. But still, I didn’t want to just give up.

My hand grabbed its cock, I took a deep breath, and tried to fit as much of it down my throat as possible. I gagged, my jaw muscles ached, tears streamed down my face, but I kept going. I must have reached halfway until it grabbed the back of my head. It said, “Since you’re so determined, let me give you a helping hand,” It forced me to down its entire cock, I could feel it all the way in my throat. I was completely lost, it started thrusting, fucking my mouth as hard as it could, but I was already numb to it all, all I could feel was pure euphoria as it continued to ravage my mouth. I completely lost track of time, only regaining focus when it finally came, sweet semen blasting down my throat, even coming out of my nose. I came too, completely letting loose on the forest floor.

I leaned against the tree and looked up, noticing dawn breaking from behind the trees. I felt so tired, barely able to move. I could still hear it giggling, as it reached down to scoop me up, cradling me as it wiped the semen drooling from my mouth. Its smile looked a little warmer now, and it pulled me close and opened its mouth. “Where do you live, dog?”

It asked me with such a tender sweetness, I almost let my guard down and answered. Then I felt my jaw slack, realizing how damaged it must be now. It noticed I couldn’t speak, instead putting its hand on my head, large black, bat-like wings unfurled from Its body.

As it started flying, I started licking and suckling Its nipple, hearing it giggle as we started flying away from the forest, away from the bloody warehouse, as the dawn shined behind us.


Chapter 2: The First Step to Demonhood

I woke up lying beside my bed, rubbing my forehead as I opened my eyes. “Ugh…” I slowly started to rise from the floor. “My head hurts…” I groaned. A dull, throbbing pain set in. I probably spent too much time drinking yesterday.

I turned to my bed. Was I so drunk last night I couldn’t even manage to land on my bed? I took a seat on the side of my mattress. “Gonna have to take work off today, tell ’em I’m sick,” I muttered to no one. I reached for my pocket to pull out my phone, checking the time.

“Huh, that’s not right,” I thought, looking at the date. It was Saturday. “Weird, I thought it was Thursday, and wasn’t I investigating something?” My thoughts were coming back to me slowly in bits and pieces. I remembered setting out to find clues about the cultist’s activities and then encountering something. Something strange. I took another look at my bed, realizing it was completely untouched.

I looked down at my clothes. They were dirty, of course, but rather than seeing beer stains, I saw these strange dark blotches on my shirt. They smelled weird, like dried-out honey, and even now seemed to stick to my fingers when I touched them.

I got up and tried to walk to my bathroom, and noticed just how exhausted I was. I stumbled in, looking at my reflection. Dark bags had formed under my red-rimmed eyes, and my dark hair, usually neat and combed back, was dirty and ruffled. Dark marks covered the area around my mouth, and I noticed just how much my jaw hurt.

I turned on the faucet and started washing my face. Once I was done, I noticed a long black tail trail up to a familiar figure.

I recognized it, and I started to remember everything that happened last night. I almost broke my neck to turn around to the creature, and once again struggled to look up at its face. I could see it grinning down at me, my head barely reaching its shoulders. It took a step back, allowing me to get a better look at it. I noticed its large goat-like horns, with spikes jutting out from them, three on each horn. There was also a row of spikes lined vertically at the top of its forehead, ending in its hair. It had large, sharp ears, jutting out by at least five inches. Six sharp earrings pierced the leathery lobes.

As I gaped at it, its large hand reached up and rubbed its chin, and it looked down at me curiously, its lips scrunched up as it hummed while being lost in its thoughts.

Then it finally spoke. It said, “You look horrible, my little pet.” It bent and started jerking my face around, scanning my face, seeing how dirty and messed up it was. It snorted. “You look like need a bath, and I happen to need one too.”

I heard the tub faucet turn on. Then it asked me, “Do you need me to clean you?” I silently nodded as it picked me up and carried me to the tub.

Its long tail curled around the soap bar, scrubbing it all over my body. Its large hands, ending in sharp black nails, massaged my shoulders, loosening my body and helping me relax. Despite the relaxing atmosphere, I couldn’t completely relax due to the otherworldly nature of my companion. I leaned back and looked up at its face, and it looked down at me. It grinned at me, showing off its sharp teeth. Its eyes stared at me, they glowed like they did yesterday, violet eyes beamed down at me with a lustful interest. I snapped back into focus when I felt a hand travel down to my abs. It felt my flat stomach and continued to travel lower to my cock, gently rubbing it, trying to make me hard.

Before this went any further, I had to start asking questions, figure out what this creature was and what it really wanted from me. I grabbed its hand and asked, “What, exactly, are you?”

Its eyes stopped glowing the moment I asked. I kept going. “How did you know where I lived, and what did you do with the cultists?”

It dropped its grin, my blood running cold as it started speaking. “You clearly don’t remember everything that happened yesterday, so I’ll enlighten you on the nature of the cult you followed.” Its tail curled up to its free hand and dropped the soap bar it was using to clean my body. Then it started explaining itself.

“My name is Gnarrgthgrr,” it said. “I know that can be a little difficult to say, so I’ll let you can call me ‘Gary’. I’m known for being a powerful Incubus. The cultists that summoned me said they used to be scientists, and they’re trying to enhance the human form. They summoned me to capture me and study me, to use my power to further their research.

“They tried another ritual, using some woman they caught as a sacrifice to fuel the ritual and bind me to their service. Unfortunately, they asked for the power of Asmodeus, who’s basically my boss, and he didn’t take kindly to their attempt to control me. He broke the ring that summoned me and held me in place. Once I was free, I killed as many cultists I could get my hands on, feasting on their essence as I slaughtered them.”

It licked its lips, gleefully reminiscing the killings it had committed. “After stepping out of the warehouse, I found you, my little pet, and after teaching you how to properly suck a cock, I read your mind, then flew you back to your house.”

My memories were coming back to me: the hellish aura, the busted warehouse door, the rough blowjob, and the flight back home. It mentioned it could read my mind. I had done a little research on demons, to learn more about the cult I was following. I’d never heard of Incubi using telepathy.

It interrupted my thoughts: “Your research is flawed. Both Incubi and Succubi have limited telepathic abilities. How else would we be able to best sate our companion’s desires?” Then it added, “You told me you wanted to become like me, an Incubus. Why do you know so little?”

Gary’s hands went back to “cleaning” me, scrubbing my and caressing my body. The process was once again easing the tension my body felt. Then its left hand traveled back to my cock, rubbing it while licking my neck.

Gary’s scent was mixing with the fresh soap, fueling my lust. I quietly moaned, and then I came into its hand. It took its hands off my cock and turned me around, pulling me up to its lips. We started to make out, sloppily mashing our tongues together. It quickly dominated me, my inexperience showing as I failed to keep up. I held on to it tightly, trying to hold my concentration as Gary ravaged my mouth, hungry for my lust and will.

After it was done with me, it took me out of the bath. It was carrying me like it did yesterday, cradling me like a baby. Its tail whisked a towel off the towel rack and took it in its hand. It set me down on the toilet and started drying itself off first. My eyes tracked its arms, which it dried off first. It had large, powerful muscles, and its shining pale skin seemed to barely hold back its bulging biceps, pulling back to show off its shredded forearms.

It grinned, now noticing me admiring its physique. It moved the towel to its huge chest, its pecs danced as it dried its chest. It started drying off its belly, and I got another chance to admire its eight-pack abs.

Its sculpted abs glinted in the bathroom lights, as it slowly and deliberately dried itself off, guiding my abs lower to its long legs. Like the rest of its body, they were shredded and sculpted to perfection. I could see its thigh muscles bulging out, its skin barely able to contain them. They danced as the incubus turned its left leg outward, allowing me to see its leg from a different angle. It flexed its calves, showing them off to me, its muscles bouncing and dancing in its taunt skin.

Once it was done drying itself off, it strutted over to me, holding the towel out in front of it. Once it reached me, it wrapped me up in the towel, quickly drying me. It examined me as it dried my body, clicking its tongue in evident disappointment. It stopped rubbing the towel over me and started feeling my arms, its finger easily bent my small muscles, furthering its disdain. “Do you plan to be turned into an Incubus with a body like this?” it asked.

“I want to be strong, like you,” I admitted. “Will becoming an Incubus help me reach your strength?” I asked, staring up at its face while leaning against its chest.

“Your body is too small, too weak to survive the process.” It grabbed me by my torso with one hand. “I appreciate your small body, however. It makes it easy to carry, like a good pet,” it mused. “But your body would break if I were to attempt the ritual on you.”

So, I couldn’t be stronger? “Not exactly,” it said, reading my mind, “I can help you out a little, by passing on some of my essence.”

I must have looked shocked. It explained further: “If I pass on some of my essence to you, it will help you develop your physique quickly, hopefully making you strong enough to survive the ritual.” My face lit up again. My dream is still available! “However, I don’t can’t wait for long. I’ll have to return to my domain soon.”

So, I was on a time limit. That was fine, I did my best under pressure! I asked, “So, how long will I have to build up muscle?”

“I can extend my stay for two months,” it answered. “Any longer and I may be forcibly dragged back by something, fearsome.”

I wondered what kind of creature could scare Gary into returning to hell. It read my mind again and said, “You don’t want to know what kind of creatures are in charge of keeping order.”

I was getting annoyed with its constant mental intrusions. “Can you stay out of head for a little bit? I’m trying to figure things out.”

It didn’t want to give me any space, however, smirking as it drew its face closer to me. “Is my pet flustered? Does he need his head pats?” it taunted me. It started giving me vicious head scratches, completely running my hair. It also began rubbing its face against mine, hugging tightly as I groaned in annoyance.

“Aww, my pet must be grumpy, I’ll stop playing with you for now.” It set me down and sat down on the toilet. I took the towel and quickly covered myself. “I should explain how I can help you build muscle,” the Incubus said.

A bead of small violet light appeared in its left hand. “I can give you a little bit of my essence to help you build muscle faster. It might make you grow a little taller too.” It caught the colored light with its thumb and index finger, crouching down until we could see eye to eye again. It said, “I must warn you: if you fail to build a proper amount of muscle, I will have to take back my essences, one way or another…” Its right hand poked my chest where my heart was beating so hard I could hear it in my head. I knew what it meant. It would butcher me to take back its essence.

I had to think about this. Was it worth it? To turn myself into the same monster that stood before me? Could I abandon my humanity just for a shot to become stronger?

I got up and looked into the mirror. My small, scrawny body hadn’t gotten much respect socially, and even less so in my own family. My father often pitted my older brother against me, and I usually lost. Even when I devoted my time to academics, I only won my dad’s disappointment for ignoring the family shipbuilding business. My brother, meanwhile, used his popularity to ostracize me wherever he went, and since my dad forced us to go everywhere together, I had grown up with no friends. I only had my mom, and I was pretty sure she only raised me because she felt she had to.

So, did I really have a reason to stay human?

I looked at the Incubus’s face, my mind made up. I took a deep breath. “I’ll join you. I’ll become an Incubus just like you,” I said, sure of myself for the first time since I’d met Gary. It smiled wide, placing its essence right on the tip of its tongue. It curled its tongue toward me, beckoning me to receive its power. Without hesitation, I leaned in and took my ticket to ascension, so I could leave this earth behind and taste demonic delights.

For his part, Gary seemed eager to show those demonic delights to me. As we kissed, then started making out, I could feel his essence passing onto me, a strange energy started welling up in me, growing and growing until I couldn’t sit still anymore. I wrenched my lips away, Gary looking up at me with shock that I would end our make-out session so soon. Breathing heavily, I turned away, hastily grabbing the towel and running to my room to get changed.

“I need to start working out, now!”


Chapter 3: New Training Regimen

After getting changed, I rushed out of my house and immediately started sprinting to the gym. After about ten minutes of running as hard as I could, I realized I had no idea exactly where the gym was. I took a short break to catch my breath and started searching for someone who could give me directions. I ran into a kindly old man and asked him, “Can you tell me where the nearest gym is?”

He smiled at me. “Of course! Go down that street over there!” He pointed behind me. “Then turn right once then turn left. The Iron Body gym should be on your left.”

I thanked him and started running again in the direction indicated. That was my brother’s favorite gym—the big baby wouldn’t shut up about that place. He would always beg me to get up and come with him, and I never really wanted to waste time in the gym. He probably still held a grudge against me for that. Seriously, why the hell did he still care? He was the older brother, why the hell was he being so petty—

My thoughts were interrupted when I ran head-first into a steel beam, which was used as a decoration for the Iron Body Gym. The steel bar was curved up and crossed over another steel beam forming an x on the building. IRON BODY GYM was engraved on the sign that hung just below the steel beam. The sign had a grey backdrop with a red outline, giving it an imposing vibe, like anyone who walked into this gym must take their physique seriously.

The double-sided doors were huge, outlined in red paint, and standing at least three feet taller than me. They were wide, too; I could stretch my arms while standing in the middle and wouldn’t be able to touch either side. When I looked through the glass, I could see why they were so big. The men inside were huge! They were all close to the size of my brother, and a few were probably a little larger….

Then I saw a pair of angry eyes reflected in the glass doors. A large shadow loomed over me. I turned around, and a tall, lean, black man stood behind me. His arms were crossed and his right eyebrow was raised in annoyance. “Can I come in?” he taunted, clearly annoyed with me blocking the door. I quickly scuttled out of the way, not wanting to piss him off anymore. As he entered, I noticed he was weirdly slim for someone who used this gym, way skinnier than most of the people inside. He turned back to me, and asked, “You just here to sightsee?”

“Uh, what do you mean?” I asked. He sighed and opened the door.

“You came here to train right?” His hand gestured towards the entrance. “Go inside!”

I quickly scuttled inside the gym and looked around. The gym looked even bigger on the inside, weight sets were lined up neatly on the wall, two on each side. Treadmills and other kinds of equipment were set in the back. I was drawn to investigate the machines, until I that man pulling me back. “Only paying patrons are allowed to use those machines,” he said, “though I doubt a rookie like you could make much use of it.”

He then walked behind the front desk, pulling up a clipboard and pen. “You need to sign up for the gym before you start working out rookie. I’m Ben Nigel, one of the receptionists here at the Iron Body Gym.”

Time to assert myself. “And I’m Adrian Castille, the newest member of the Iron Body Gym.”

I saw the smallest hint of a smile on his face. “Why did you introduce yourself to me?” he asked.

“You introduced yourself to me first, so I wanted to return the favor.” I looked down at the clipboard. “I’m also going to be working out at this gym a lot for the next two months, so I might as well get to know you as well as I can.”

“Hm.” Ben’s stone-cold face leered over me; he seemed doubtful I would last a week. He started explaining what I could do at the gym. “The weight sets and the punching bags can be used for free, along with the treadmill for the first week,” he said, gesturing toward each area. “All the other equipment and the sparring ring can only be used after you start paying the monthly membership fee, starting at $50 a month. Sign here to get half off on your first month.” He extended the clipboard to me. A surprisingly colorful sheet was presented to me. The form asked for my information and what kind of membership I wanted. Only one option was available. He noticed my confusion and explained it to me.

“The boss found a template online and made a quick edit.” I eyed the rest of the sheet and realized there were plenty of grammatical errors. “The boss isn’t good at much aside from working out and training people,” he added, twirling the pen in his hand.

I had to ask. “Can I—”

“Not likely,” he said, stopping me in my tracks. “The boss is always willing to train people, but I doubt you’ll survive her training.”

There was no way it was that tough. “I can handle it!”

“You can’t, trust me.” I thought I saw him wincing a little. “I’ve been through her training, And it’s hell on earth. I almost died!”

He looked sick, like just remembering the training was enough to make him throw up. It almost scared me into leaving. I needed training, but a quick death by Gary’s hands seemed preferable to that level of torment. I was better off figuring it out on my own.

“I don’t have any money on me right now, so can I sign on later?” I asked.

He sighed. “You have a week of free use on the weight sets, all right? Just make sure to be careful.”

I walked into the gym, heading straight to the weight set. Picking up the 10-pound dumbbell, I tried an exercise I had seen my brother do. I curled the dumbbell up to my shoulder, then I dropped my arm. My arm stretched all the way to the ground. My arms were already tearing up, but I kept going.

I thought Ben was checking on me, but every time I looked back, he was on his phone. I looked back one more time, but Ben wasn’t there. I was going to focus back on my exercise until I noticed Ben standing right in front of me.

He inspected my form and shook his head. He asked me, “You’re trying to do a bicep curl, right?” He grabbed my elbow and right hand, and slowly curled my arm up. “If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask.” Then he started to instruct me, telling me that I shouldn’t drop my arms so quickly, and to keep my back straight while doing the exercise. He also made sure I kept my elbows close to my body while curling. According to him, my biggest mistake was swinging my arms, and moving my arms too fast. I eventually fell into a smooth rhythm, slowly curling the weight up and down. I think I did 11 reps before setting down the weights.

Ben eyed me with concern. “Is something the matter? You should be able to do more curls than that.”

“It’s weird, but the weights I was using feel way lighter now. Can I use heavier weights?”

“What you were lifting was pretty light, but I don’t think it’ll be safe to push your limits now.” He decided that I should try to do some push-ups. “At least 10 before I can let you leave,” he reminded me while I struggled to do the push-ups. I managed to do 15 before stopping. I couldn’t even get up after I was finished. I couldn’t feel my skin due to the muck I was sweating.

I heard Ben sighing. “We’re not done yet,” he warned, reaching down an arm to pick me up. “You didn’t even complete a full workout! C’mon.” With a bit of effort, he managed to pull me up. He gave me a bottle of water and let me have five minutes of rest before starting the workout again.

He pushed me to do 20 squats and 25 sit-ups before I could stop. Every time I thought about stopping, I looked into his cold, fierce eyes to scare me to keep me going. By the time I finished, I couldn’t move. It honestly scared me. I could barely feel my limbs, and my pulse was slowing. I really thought I was going to die, until I suddenly felt my heartbeat quicken, with blood rushing to my head and my… cock?

I got up feeling seriously confused and aroused. I tried to stumble my way out, but I tripped and almost fell before Ben caught me. He guided me to the water fountain and I drank like a fish. I still felt extremely weak, but I could at least walk without falling over. I tried to hide my hard-on and started walking out of the gym.

Before I left, I thanked Ben for the workout and jokingly asked him when I could go to the boss for training. I was rewarded with a small chuckle from Ben. “You could barely survive some push-ups; her training will kill you.” He put a hand on my shoulder. “Fix your pants and make sure you come back tomorrow.”

My face turned beet red as I walked away from the gym as fast as I could. I found a dark alley and hid behind some upturned boxes. My shorts were baggy, and my cock could barely be considered average, there’s no way he could’ve…

I looked down at my pants. My cock was clearly tenting my shorts. It shouldn’t be that big. Was the Incubus’s essence already working? I checked my hiding spot for any puddles and carefully sat down. I looked around again to make sure no one was nearby and took off my shorts. My cock was rock hard, clearly straining against my underpants. The fabric was stretched painfully over my erection, making it feel like it was going to rip at any moment. I had to struggle to take my underwear off, almost wearing the skin off my cock as I pulled my underwear off.

When I finally managed to pull my cock out, it smacked my abs, at the same time hitting me with a strong musk. My cock was somehow sweatier than the rest of my body, with the heat radiating from it warming up my surroundings. The last time I checked, my cock barely reached five inches. Now it seemed comparable to the Incubus’s monster tool, and even seemed to be a little thicker. I could barely put my left hand around it. My cock was so hard it almost hurt and breathing in my musk seemed to only make me harder. There was no way I could go home with this. I would have to jerk off quickly before I could leave.

It scared me, though; my cock should not be this big already. But I needed to get home, now, so forced my hands to grab my cock. My hands trembled as I felt my cock throbbing, shaking my hands along with it. Well, there was only one way to make it stop. I started jerking myself off, sitting back as pumped my huge cock. It was slick with sweat, so jacking off was surprisingly easy. My hands rubbed it up and down, slowly at first out of fear for the beast I was trying to tame. My hands moved faster, as I got closer to cumming. “Faster,” I thought, “faster!”

I was nearly burning my cock with how fast I was rubbing it. Streams of precum was pouring from my cock, but I wasn’t anywhere near release. I hunched over, jacking myself even harder as more and more pre poured from my cock.

I could feel it coming, a massive climax. There were tears streaming down my face, my breathing was ragged, and small moans escaped from my mouth. I couldn’t think of anything else aside from getting off. My arms had gone numb from just how hard I was swinging them. I was exhausted, but I couldn’t stop. I needed to get off, I needed this climax, and I kept going until finally felt it.

A long, white rope of cum shot out of my oversized penis, then another, a never-ending stream of cum started blasting out my cock, painting the wall ahead in smelly cum. I leaned back as my cum covered the alley. I had to bite my lips just to keep my voice down, barely containing my moans. I thought I was cumming for hours, just managing to stay conscious until I finally felt my balls empty. My cock sputtered out a few more ropes of cum before slowly going soft. My body was going limp and my eyesight dimmed. I was losing consciousness until I heard a familiar voice.

“Enjoying your new cock, my pet?”

I immediately regained consciousness as I saw Gary before me. He was bending over me, his hands on his knees. His violet eyes were glowing as bright as ever, almost blinding me when I looked at them. After catching my breath, I realized that might be the first time I saw Gary wearing clothes, and he seemed to notice too. He stood up, showing them off to me.

He had a theme for his outfit, slutty and way too tight. He was wearing tight jean shorts, his cock barely fit inside them. In fact, I’m pretty sure if he moved too much they’ll rip and fall off him. He was also wearing a tight hoodie cut just above his chest, showing off his ‘cleavage’. His pecs and arms strained the small hoodie, so I could see some of his muscles through the fabric. He thrust his chest forward, clearly proud of the clothes he’d got.

“How do I look?” he asked, leaning over me. “I stole these from some girl I found. I fucked her brains out and stole these clothes off her,” he boasted, giggling as he twirled around like a schoolgirl. Then he sat down next to me, his back against the wall, and put a hand on my right knee. Slowly he dragged his hand up to my cock, which was now flaccid and completely drained. He moved my cock to the side and grabbed one of my balls. I didn’t get a good look at them earlier and hadn’t realized how big they were. They were the size of a large orange! I wouldn’t be able to wrap my hand around them.

He spent a few moments caressing my balls until he moved his face closer to my cock. He breathed in my musk. “Your cock smells so good…” he said, before licking my cock. He was flitting his tongue on the cockhead, sucking the slit, then dragging his tongue across the length of my cock. I could feel myself getting harder. This wasn’t good. I had to get back home soon, and I wouldn’t trust an Incubus with self-control. I needed to make him stop.

I grabbed his hair, trying to pull him off me, but I had no strength left. Gary chuckled at my pitiful attempt to pull him up and raised his head to look me in the eye.

“Is something the matter?” he asked me, his tail curling into circles.

“Can’t we continue this later? I gotta get home soon.” My voice could barely rise above a whisper. I tried to get up, but Gary pressed his weight on me, his grin widening as my legs wobbled.

Then he rubbed his face against mine, with one hand on my left shoulder, and another on my cock. “It won’t stay this big for long; you’ll only retain a bit of this size tomorrow.” He stroked my cock faster. “I need to have of taste of this, just a taste…” He started panting and moaning as my cock got harder again. He kept repeating he only wanted a taste, but I couldn’t trust those words. He was blushing, literally drooling over my cock. His eyes blinded me whenever I looked at them. If I don’t do anything he’d probably suck the life out of me.

“Please,” I begged, wheezing while trying not to panic. “We don’t have to do it in this dirty alley.” Gary’s lust seemed to be rubbing off on me. This happened to me every time I got aroused next to Gary—the Incubus’s lust made me forget everything, making me lose my mind in desire. I had to fight it, regain control, and convince him to take me home. I spoke up again. “My house isn’t too far from here—”

“A pet shouldn’t beg so much, it isn’t cute,” Gary whispered in my ear. He tilted his head. “Are you afraid of me?” he asked. He stopped smiling. “You would rather be at home than be with me? I only want a taste…”

He stared directly into my eyes, clearly infuriated with me. I couldn’t even pretend to be brave. I tried to look away, using what little strength I had to scoot away from him. Gary held on to me even tighter, holding my head in place as he stared at me with increasing intensity. His hand slid down to my shoulder and put his other hand on my left leg. He picked me up, just like the first day we met. We flew out of the dirty alley, a dark scowl left on his face.

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