by Ziel

Ziel got to thinking about old fairy tales and thought, “You know what these stories need? More gay sex and macro-dongs!” So he threw in a touch of cutesy fluff and some soft CV elements. Lots of sappy romance and monstrous dongs ensued.

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Finn was good at his job and for the most part he loved what he did, but he couldn’t help but dream of life beyond the forest he called home. He knew that he could use his skills as a hunter and trapper to live off the land and explore the wide world around him, but there was one thing that kept him from straying too far… or rather one person.

Finn had one friend in the forest, a strange and rather reclusive young man by the name of Jaedyn. Finn could still vividly remember the first time he had laid eyes on the slim, stately young man. Even from the distance Finn could tell that this guy was something completely different than the people he was used to dealing with back in the small, rustic backwater he called home. Jaedyn carried himself with poise, with purpose, and with a complete lack of clothes. Finn could only see the upper half of the young man’s body, but it was plain to see that Jaedyn was naked as the day he was born. Finn was immediately captivated by Jaedyn’s slim, slender physique and his brilliant blond hair. Jaedyn’s hair and pale white skin seemed to glisten and glimmer in the bright sunlight.

Finn started to make it a habit to swing by the place where Jaedyn lived. Every day at the end of his hunts he would stop by and lurk in the bushes in hopes of catching sight of the beautiful blond that had captured his imagination and had awakened some strange new and wonderful feelings in his heart and in his crotch. As the days went on Finn was able to catch sight of his crush more and more almost as if Jaedyn was intentionally spending more time out on the balcony instead of locked away deep inside his seemingly impregnable tower. In all the time that Finn watched his crush he never once saw Jaedyn put on even a stitch of clothes, and yet despite the young man’s constant nudity, Jaedyn managed to maintain his aura of class and poise.

It took Finn weeks to actually work up the nerve to speak to the stunning blond. When he stepped out from his cover in the dense forest he was surprised to find that Jaedyn was actually waiting for him. Finn hadn’t been nearly as sneaky as he had thought he was, and Jaedyn had been aware of his presence the whole time.

The two of them got to talking after that and soon became fast friends. Finn made it a habit to finish up his hunts early and stop by Jaedyn’s tower where the two would sit and talk into the dark hours of the night. Finn would regale Jaedyn with tales of his daring exploits around the forest, and Jaedyn would tell stories about the mystical far off lands that he had read about in his books. As the days stretched into months the two became closer and closer yet despite their budding friendship Jaedyn had never once come down from the tower and Finn had never once come up. One day Finn resolved to change that.

“So… we’ve been friends for a while now…” Finn said nervously.

Jaedyn chuckled pleasantly in reply. “There’s no need to be so shy. Is there something you wish to ask?” He said sweetly.

“Yeah… It’s just. Would you be ok with me coming up there? I mean. You’ve said that your dad goes in and out all the time so there must be some way to get up there, right?” Finn murmured awkwardly.

Jaedyn didn’t reply at first. He merely furrowed his brow as in deep in thought. “Hmm…” He mused out loud.

Suddenly it was Jaedyn’s turn to be apprehensive. Finn had never seen him like this, but Jaedyn seemed genuinely flustered. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but… I need to know something first.” Jaedyn said.

“Anything!” Finn shouted back excitedly.

“Well… It’s not that I wouldn’t like you to come up, but I am worried that if you see me you’ll be kind of freaked out.” Jaedyn explained.

“F-freaked out!?” Finn squeaked in reply. “What? How? I could never be freaked out by you!” He gushed.

Jaedyn actually blushed in reply. It took him a moment to regain his composure, but when he did he became deadly serious. “Promise me that whatever you see here you will not tell anyone else.” He said.

“Um… ok. Sure.” Finn replied.

“Promise me.” Jaedyn repeated, this time with more force.

“I promise!” Finn shouted back. He shouted with such conviction that his voice echoed through the clearing.

“Alright… I’m sending it down. Just climb up when you’re ready.” Jaedyn replied. Finn could tell his friend was getting more and more nervous by the second, but he had no idea why Jaedyn was so flustered nor did he know what Jaedyn was going to send down.

Both of Finn’s questions were answered at the same time. The object hit the ground with a deafening WHUMP. The shockwave from the impact was enough to knock Finn off balance, but that wasn’t what really floored him. He just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. At first he thought it was a trick. There was no way it could be real, but as he got close enough to touch it he could actually feel the heat emanating from it. He could actually smell the familiar scents of fresh pre and a faint hint of fancy soap.

Finn gingerly ran his head along the small patch of exposed, spongy cock flesh at the tip of the monstrous cock. The thing was simply massive yet despite its size the foreskin almost completely covered the tip. Finn couldn’t help but think how cute it looked. Even he realized how weird it was to call this behemoth cute, but that’s the only word that came to mind.

Finn could actually feel the life pulsing through the cock as he ran his hand along the tip. The soft, spongy tissue actually swelled up ever so slightly as he touched it making it seem as if the enormous organ was actually a living, breathing creature in its own right as opposed to just an obscenely large appendage of his best friend.

Finn wanted to spend more time just getting to know the enormous cock. He wanted to explore every nook, every cranny. He wanted to more than just see and feel it. He wanted to experience it, but as fascinated as he was by the giant cock he was more excited about the prospects of finally getting to see his friend face to face after all this time.

Finn clambered up and over the head of the massive cock. It would have been a difficult task for your average guy. The cock was so huge that the head of it was actually taller than he was. Even the slit was almost as long as he was tall, but Finn was quite athletic thanks to the years and years he had spent hunting in the forest. It was a simple task to hop up onto the head of the cock, but then the real challenge began.

Finn stared up in awe at the massive, fat shaft of the magnificent cock. The enormous schlong drooped over the railing of the balcony which was easily twenty feet above his head, and there was no telling just how much more of it was in the actual tower itself. Finn didn’t have time to marvel at the erotic sight before him though. He was eager to see his friend face to face. Ogling such an impressive specimen would have to wait.

Finn was no stranger to climbing trees or even scaling rock walls so he figured climbing a massive dick wouldn’t be any more difficult, and for the most part he was correct. It took him a moment to figure out how to go about it, but once he figured it out it was smooth sailing. The soft flesh of his friend’s massive cock actually made it easy to grab a handful of cock flesh and pull himself up inch by inch. Finn was even able to dig his toes into the skin of the enormous dick to give himself a decent foothold as he slowly climbed up the gigantic cock.

It took several minutes for him to reach the top, and by the time he finally hoisted himself up and over the crest of the gigantic dong Finn’s muscles were screaming for some relief. Finn was so exhausted that he didn’t even try to be graceful in his entrance. He merely rolled off the side of his pal’s enormous dick and landed flat on his back on the balcony.

“You OK?” Jaedyn asked.

“…peachy…” Finn replied breathlessly. He tried to give a cheesy thumbs up, but his arms hurt too much even for that. He gave up the attempt after only a second and let his arm fall limp to his side.

Jaedyn smiled in reply but otherwise said nothing. There was a tense silence between the two friends as Jaedyn waited for more of a reaction from Finn and while Finn slowly steadied his breath.

Finn probably could have responded sooner than he did, but he was content to just lay there and soak up the view. Jaedyn was every bit as hot as he had expected. In fact, Finn was blown away by just how sexy his friend really was. Now that they were up close like this, Finn could see the faint ridges and grooves of Jaedyn’s slight musculature. Jaedyn had just the faintest hint of an Adonis belt which somehow just served to accentuate his slim, sexy physique, but the most amazing part about him had to be that cock. Finn still couldn’t wrap his head around it. It was so massive, but Jaedyn was able to pace the room as if it weighed nothing at all. Even Jaedyn’s nuts were enormous. The two massive orbs were far taller than Jaedyn himself. They crested easily ten feet off the ground. Either enormous nut was the size of a garbage truck, but the size didn’t seem to bother Jaedyn at all. His sack was loose enough that he could just tuck the loose skin between his legs and let his enormous balls rest on the ground behind him.

Finally Jaedyn could no longer handle the silence. “So… What do you think?” Jaedyn asked. He gestured around as if asking what Finn thought of his home, but he wasn’t fooling anyone. It was clear he was really asking about the enormous dick that currently filled much of the large, spacious tower.

“It looks great.” Finn replied.

Once again Jaedyn smiled in response but said nothing aside from that, but Finn could see that he still seemed pretty anxious.

“Hey… so, can I ask you a question? I mean, if it’s too personal that’s fine.” Finn mumbled awkwardly.

“Go ahead. Ask me anything.” Jaedyn replied.

“Is that… Is that why you stay up here all the time?” Finn asked.

“Y-yeah… My dad says it’s for my own safety. People might get a little freaked out.” Jaedyn explained.

“Oh… I guess that makes sense…” Finn murmured in reply. He mulled it over for a second, but then suddenly changed gears. “When was the last time you were out of the tower?” Finn asked.

“It’s been years.” Jaedyn explained. He had a wistful tone in his voice, a tone that Finn recognized instantly. Jaedyn clearly wanted to get out there and experience the world, but he was stuck here.

“So basically ever since…” Finn began to say. He never finished his sentence, but the gestures he made towards Jaedyn’s cock said it all.

“Yeah. I mean, I’ve always been big so to speak, but it wasn’t until I hit my teenage years that it started to get really out of hand, and now… well… you see how it is.” Jaedyn replied. He gestured towards his cock and gave a dejected sigh.

Another awkward silence ensued. Finn wanted to say something to help ease his friend’s suffering, but he didn’t know what to say. Finally he settled on just making some small talk to diffuse the situation. “So… do you get lonely up here?” Finn asked.

“It’s alright. I’ve got my books… and my father stops by regularly…” Jaedyn explained. His voice started to trail off at the end, but suddenly he perked up and looked really excited, “and you come to see me all the time!” He gushed.

“And I’ll be sure to stop by plenty more.” Finn chimed in.

“… even after seeing this?” Jaedyn asked uncertainly.

“Of course! It’s kinda cool, actually.” Finn replied.

“Well… before you get too comfortable I guess I ought to show you something else…” Jaedyn said. He once again seemed apprehensive and nervous, but this time Finn had no idea why.

It didn’t take him long to figure it out though. His keen hunter senses kicked into high gear when he heard the motion off to his side. Finn quickly spun around and looked out to the balcony where he had just climbed in. He had been shocked and amazed when he had seen Jaedyn’s dick for the first time, but now Finn was simply astounded. His jaw dropped. His eyes bugged out so hard that they threatened to pop from his skull.

“That’s… that’s…” Finn sputtered awkwardly as he stared down the maw of the massive cock which was now staring back at him from the balcony. The enormous cock was draped over the railing and had curled back up like a boa constrictor lazing in a tree branch. It looked almost as it was staring right back at him.

“You’re… you’re creeped out, aren’t you?” Jaedyn asked. The fear and trepidation was audible in his voice.

“That’s fantastic!” Finn shouted excitedly.

“What…?” Jaedyn sputtered.

“How’s it do that? Are you doing it? Does it move on its own? Can I touch it?” Finn gushed. Finn was rattling off so many questions that it was making Jaedyn’s head spin.

“Woah… one at a time…” Jaedyn murmured. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and then began to explain. “To answer your first and second question: I can’t really explain it, but it’s just like another limb to me. I can move it as easily as I move my arm. How else did you think I was able to send it down for you to climb up?”

“I dunno. I figured you pushed it over the edge or something.” Finn replied with a shrug.

“Oh. You think I can just lift this thing? I’d like to see you try it.” Jaedyn sassed back. His pal’s interest in his cock had actually helped dispel many of his fears, and he was starting to be able to relax. As soon as he finished his playful jeer, his cock lunged forward like a snake in the grass and bumped into Finn. The impact wasn’t hard enough knock Finn over, but it was definitely hard enough to get the point across.

“Oh! You wanna wrassle then, huh?” Finn shouted back playfully. “Well I’ve wrestled bears I doubt your python will be much more difficult.” Finn jeered.

Finn lunged forward and wrapped his arms around the head of the beast as best he could, but the cock was so massive that he may as well have been hugging a redwood. He knew there was no way he could get a decent grip on it let alone grapple the beast, but Jaedyn seemed to be enjoying the jest so Finn kept the gag going. Finn pressed his entire body against the beast and pushing and struggled with all his might. As Finn shoved and squeezed he could feel the behemoth beginning to stir and shift.

“See? I told ya I could take it!” Finn shouted playfully.

“I-I believe you, but… maybe you should stop that now…” Jaedyn murmured softly, but Finn was still too engrossed in his pretend wrestling with the erotic leviathan. There was no way he could hear Jaedyn’s whimpers and sighs over his own groans and grunts.

The enormous cockhead slowly began to lift up off the ground. As it raised up and up it grew harder and harder for Finn to get a decent grip on it. “Oh, come ooonnn… That’s cheating!” Finn whined. Finn wasn’t one to be so easily outdone though. He took a moment to regain his composure and then moved on to the next stage of plan.

“Fine. You’re gonna play it that way? Try some of THIS!” Fin shouted. Finn was no stranger to leaping from tree branch to tree branch like a chimpanzee so the next motion was like second nature to him. He rushed forward and leapt into the air. His fingertips made contact with the soft, supple rim of Jaedyn’s foreskin, and Finn immediately clamped down. He held on and chuckled victoriously as the head of the cock rose steadily higher and higher. There was nothing he could really do from that position other than hang there and soak up the view, but he didn’t mind. As far as he was concerned it was all part of the game, and the high vantage point gave him a nice view of his friend’s loft.

Finn was amazed at how spacious Jaedyn’s living quarters were, but he didn’t have too much time to soak in the view. He soon started to feel something warm and wet wash across his body. At first he thought it was just water, but as the stuff dripped over him he immediately noticed the slightly slippery residue that it left on his body and clothes and he instantly recognized the smell and the taste.

It was pre! Jaedyn’s monster mega-cock was oozing pre all over him! Some part of Finn’s mind thought that he really should be grossed out by this, but he couldn’t bring himself to feel that way. He was actually excited by this new development. He was more than excited—he was aroused. This was the hottest thing that had ever happened to him.

As much as Finn wanted to let the warm, slimy liquids wash over him, he knew he couldn’t hold that position much longer. His own fatigue was already making his grip treacherous enough without the added hindrance of slippery fluids thrown into the mix. Finn had no intention of leaving though. He was too fascinated and excited by his pal’s colossal cock to want to quit just yet, and knowing how turned on his pal was just spurred Finn on to try something new and kinky.

Finn pulled himself up and gripped the outer fold of Jaedyn’s foreskin between his arms and legs and slowly began to crawl around the outer rim of Jaedyn’s fantastically huge cock head. The whole time he did so Finn could feel the warmth emanating from his buddy’s cock. He could smell the slight tang of his pal’s pre. The whole scenario was so exciting and erotic that Finn could barely contain himself. He needed to experience it even more. He needed to get closer than he was even now!

Finn was nearly spent by the time he managed to crawl his way up and around to the topside of Jaedyn’s monolithic cock, but fortunately he had gravity on his side. Jaedyn’s dick was so huge that once up top Finn had plenty of room just to sit back and relax while he caught his breath, but that didn’t mean he planned on doing nothing. He already had his sights set on his next target. All that remained was to do a little prep work.

Finn slowly started to pull his tunic up. As he did so he could hear a soft gasp of disbelief from behind him and a shudder of arousal from the massive cock beneath him. A sly smirk spread across Finn’s face. He was so transfixed on the magnificent cock he hadn’t even considered the Jaedyn himself might be enjoying Finn’s escapades. Finn glanced back over his shoulder and shot his pal a saucy wink. He then resumed taking off his shirt, but this time he made extra sure to take his sweet time in letting his dense muscles slowly spill into view.

Jaedyn could do nothing but sit back in stare. He had long thought Finn was kind of cute, but he had only really gotten a good look at Finn’s face earlier. Finn’s cute, boyish face belied a body that was tanned and toned from years in the wilderness. Finn’s dense muscles were dotted with scrapes and scars that somehow made him look even sexier. Jaedyn was hot and bothered before, but as he watched his pal slowly push down his trousers and reveal the dense, shapely muscular bubbly booty that resided beneath Jaedyn soon became full on horny. His cock was dribbling pre before, but upon seeing his pal’s impeccable ass, Jaedyn’s cock began full on drooling.

Finn spun around on his perch atop his pal’s monstrous wang and called down to his pal, “Like what ya see?” He had a smug, shit-eating grin spread across his face which somehow just made him look even hotter.

Jaedyn nodded in reply. His eyes were now glued to Finn’s rigid cock. The impressive shaft stood up straight and tall. The head of it reached up even past his belly button. Jaedyn was so hot and bothered that he hardly realized the words that were coming out of his mouth. “It’s so huge…” He muttered under his breath.

Finn was actually taken aback. He didn’t think he was all that bad downstairs, but it was hard to think of himself as big when he was riding a colossal cock that was so huge it may as well have been something out of a Jules Verne novel.

“It’s nothing compared to yours though…” Finn murmured awkwardly in reply.

“Yours is actually hot.” Jaedyn countered.

“What? Are you kidding me?” Finn sputtered in response. “Yours is amazing! This is the hottest thing I have ever seen!”

“What, really?” Jaedyn gasped. It was his turn to be taken aback. He had been so afraid that people would see his monstrous cock as grotesque that it didn’t even occur to him that someone might actually like it.

“Yeah! In fact… I want to get to know it a little better.” Finn replied.

Jaedyn had no idea what Finn had in mind, but he could see a devious glint in the huntsman’s eye that got him even more excited. Jaedyn couldn’t wait to find out just what wild, raunchy thoughts were percolating in his pal’s brain.

“W-what did you have in mind?” Jaedyn asked. His voice wavered ever so slightly, but it wasn’t his nerves that was making him tremble. Jaedyn was so excited that he could barely contain himself.

Jaedyn held his breath in anticipation as he waited for some response from his buddy, but Finn made no effort to reply. He merely turned around atop Jaedyn’s magnificent cock. Jaedyn could no longer see Finn’s face so he no longer had the huntsman’s roguishly handsome face to give him any indication about what Finn was planning to do next, but Jaedyn was not about about to complain. The new view was absolutely fantastic. Finn’s beefy booty was raised nice and high for Jaedyn’s viewing pleasure, and the pose gave Jaedyn a clear glimpse of Finn’s cute, puffy taint and large, full, low-hanging balls as well.

Finn slowly crept farther and farther over along his pal’s massive cock. He had already crawled over the puffy rim of Jaedyn’s thick foreskin and was now staring straight down into the maw of the beast. Jaedyn’s magnificent cock was still drooling pre. The spongy head of the beast was flaring up and trembling as if it too was waiting for Finn’s move with bated breath, and Finn had no intention of keeping his pal or his pal’s one-eyed monster waiting any longer than was absolutely necessary.

Finn slowly inched himself down along the front face of his pal’s huge, puffy cock head and steadily maneuvered into position in front of his pal’s oozing slit. The smell of pre flooded Finn’s nostrils. The warm humid air from his pal’s gigantic cock filled his lungs. The thick, spongy flesh of his pal’s cockhead filled his entire field of vision. Finn’s senses were flooded with the presence of the fantastic dong, but that was merely the beginning. Finn was so turned on that his cock gave a lurch of excitement at the mere thought of what was to come next. Soon it wouldn’t be just a few of his senses. Soon every ounce synapse in his brain would be bombarded with erotic stimulus. Just thinking about it made Finn weak in the knees.

Finn couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t hold back. He took one last, long, deep breath and hopped feet first down the abyss. He made it in easily enough, but once actually inside his pal’s cock, the walls clamped down around him. Finn didn’t even need to see to know what was happening. He could feel it. Every square centimeter of exposed flesh on his body was being gripped by his pal’s fantastic cock. He could feel Jaedyn’s dick pulse and tremble all around it. Finn could feel it shudder; he could feel it twitch; he could feel the pre bubbling up around him. There was no doubt in Finn’s mind that Jaedyn was loving every second of this.

Jaedyn began to gasp in shock the second he felt his pal slide inside of his cock, but that’s as far as he got. His breath caught in his throat, but then his gasp slowly gave way to a moan of pure bliss. His cock was harder than it had ever been in his life. He had never been this turned on before. It wasn’t just the sheer eroticism of the scenario that got him so worked up though; it was the sensations. He had never felt anything so amazing in his life. Jaedyn’s cock had always been incredibly sensitive, but the sensations on the inside felt even more vivid than anything he had ever felt on the outside. He could feel every twitch, every shudder, every writhe of Finn’s little body deep inside his cock. Jaedyn could make out and each every motion Finn made. Jaedyn’s imagination ran wild as the raw tactile data flooded his mind. It was as if he was watching his pal via some erotic form of Braille. Jaedyn could actually feel Finn’s hand slide down towards his own cock and begin to stroke the huge, thick, throbbing shaft. He could practically see Finn writhing in ecstasy. Jaedyn could practically hear Finn’s moans of ecstasy.

Jaedyn was so overcome by both the imagery and the sensations that he could feel the need to cream building up in the base of his colossal cock. Jaedyn didn’t want it to end so soon, but it wasn’t just because he had never felt anything so amazing in his life. It was because he wanted to share this fantastic moment with his best friend for as long as possible. He wanted it to last forever if it could, but even in his orgasmically overloaded mind he knew that was too much to ask for. The best he could do was hold out as long as he could and give Finn as much time as possible to enjoy the moment.

Finn did just that. He writhed in ecstasy and pounded away at his thick cock. He wasn’t just suspended halfway down his buddy’s titanic dick. He was suspended in a state of pure, sexual bliss. His entire body was coated in Jaedyn’s sexual juices. The warmth emanating from Jaedyn’s cock soaked into Finn’s skin and permeated his muscles. It was like a full-body deep tissue massage that resonated with his cock. Finn wanted to make the moment last forever but not just for his sake. He could feel the tremors reverberating through Jaedyn’s cock. The shudders were so intense that Finn could practically hear Jaedyn’s orgasmic moans echoing through the monolithic cock. Finn’s mind was flooded with images of his pal’s handsome face. He envisioned Jaedyn sensually chewing his lower lips as he writhed in the throes of ecstasy; his toes curling and uncurling; his breaths coming out in short, labored gasps; his eyes closed tight as he basked in the sensations.

The image was enough to send Finn over the edge. He let out a soft, muffled grunt followed by a low moan. His dick lurched hard. His nuts pulled up. His cock began to shudder and then lurch again and again. A huge, thick rope of spunk erupted from his cock, and with each lurch another rope of jizz shot forth… and another… and another. Finn had never cum like that in his life. It felt like no matter how much he came he would never run out of spunk. With each shot he could feel his load actually getting bigger and more powerful…

Jaedyn could actually feel his pal’s changes, but his mind was too overloaded with pleasure to think too much about it. Somewhere in the back of his mind though he could hear his father’s warning. One of the reasons that Jaedyn’s father had insisted he live out here in the forest so far away from others was because the magic that had caused Jaedyn’s incredible growths was still very much active deep within his nuts. Jaedyn’s very pre, his very cum had the power to spark growth in others, and that’s exactly what was happening right under their noses.

Finn cock steadily began to grow in his hands, but he was too entranced by the erotic scenario and his own orgasmic bliss to really process what was happening. As he writhed and moaned and came again and again his already sizeable dick crept up in size. The swelling tool was pinned between his abs and the soft, slick inner lining of Jaedyn’s cock. With each spurt of cum he packed on inch after inch. He was already wedged in pretty tight, but with each inch of length that his cock gained, he got wedged in tighter and tighter.

With nowhere else to go, his heavy wads mixed and mingled with the constant gurgle and pre. He could feel the sticky load oozing upwards and laminating much of his body as the constant flow of slimy pre pushed ever upwards from the base of the titanic cock.

Jaedyn could hold back no longer. He let out a loud, low whine. His body writhed. His cock lurched. There was but a brief pause, but it was merely the calm before the storm. Jaedyn’s cock trembled harder than ever before. A massive spray of jizz erupted from the tip of it. Jaedyn’s load arced through the air and with it came Finn.

The dazed huntsman didn’t even realize what was happening. Even as the warm sunlight hit his skin and he flew through the air he still couldn’t quite comprehend what was happening. He landed with a thud on the smooth, stone floor of his pal’s spacious apartment, but fortunately the thick cocoon of spunk had softened the blow. It hadn’t even hurt. The impact had left Finn a little winded, but no more so than the mind blowing orgasm he had just endured.

Jaedyn came again and again. His massive wads coated the walls and the roof of his sprawling bedroom. He had never cum like this before. He couldn’t even remember the last time he had felt anywhere near this good, but which wasn’t saying much since he couldn’t remember much of anything at the moment. He probably wouldn’t have even been able to remember his own name had someone asked him. His entire brain had overloaded with pleasure. All his senses had shorted out. His mind was a foggy haze of bliss. His vision had clouded over so all he could see was faint, blurry shaped, but even had he been able to see he wouldn’t have had the brainpower to comprehend what he was seeing.

It took a while for either friend to recover enough to think let alone move. Finn was actually the first to recover, but he merely lay there for a moment and basked in the afterglow and the warmth of the thick spunk that coated his entire body. As the fog slowly lifted from his mind he began to look around the room and survey the damage, but to his surprise the jizz that had drenched anything and everything in the entire tower was slowly oozing its way towards the windows. Finn didn’t think this was Jaedyn’s doing. It seemed as if the tower was actually cleaning out the spunk.

Finn chuckled at the thought of it. He finally understood. The clearing surrounding Jaedyn’s was always damp and spongy. A strange yet familiar smell hung over the marshy landscape. Finn could never quite put his finger on just what it was, but now he knew. This was by no means the first time Jaedyn had drenched the entire tower with his cum. He no doubt did it on a daily basis, and all those hundreds of gallons of jizz were redirected towards the grass below which had turned the surrounding forest glade into a swampy marshland. Finn now understood why he always felt so horny around this area. It was the scent of sex and cum that permeated the very air.

A strange sensation roused Finn from his reverie. He could feel something huge and heavy laying against his thigh. He wasn’t sure what it was at first, but as he glanced down towards his crotch it all became clear. His dick had easily doubled in size and was still steadily creeping up in size. What had once been a solid foot long while hard was now easily twenty inches soft. The massive shaft was as thick as his arm. The head of it reached down past his knee, and his nuts had grown from the size of ping pong balls to the size of shot puts. His massive cock and balls felt so amazingly, wonderfully heavy that it filled him with another rush of euphoria. He now understood what he felt while deep within his buddy’s cock. He understood now what the shaft felt like it was getting tighter around him. He understood now why his loads seemed to grow larger with each passing spurt.

Finn started to laugh. It wasn’t just the absurdity of what he was thinking about. He just felt so good that he wanted to say something, to do something to let the world know how happy he was.

“What’s up?” Jaedyn murmured groggily.

“Oh. Nothing. It’s just. I always said I wanted to go out and have adventures, but I don’t think I’d ever find an adventure out there anywhere in this crazy, wide world that’s half as wonderful as this one had been.” Finn explained between giggles.

“So… does that mean you’re going to stay around here?” Jaedyn asked.

“Hmm?” Finn replied.

“It’s just… I always got the feeling when we talked that someday you’d leave. You always talk about adventures and exploring. You always made it sound like it was your dream, but you never left.” Jaedyn explained sheepishly.

“It’s a dream I’ve had my whole life. I’ve always wanted to travel. I’ve always wanted to see the world.” Finn concurred.

“Then what’s stopping you?” Jaedyn asked.

“Well first I wanted to save up enough money to be comfortable as I traveled, but then… then I met you.” Finn explained.

“Am I holding you back?” Jaedyn asked. He suddenly sounded apprehensive, and Finn understood exactly why.

“It’s nothing like that. I wanted to spend more time with you. I wanted to get to know you more than I wanted to travel.” Finn explained.

Jaedyn was conflicted. He had wanted to open up to Finn for ages now. He had wanted to let Finn know about his secret, but he had been terrified of his pal’s response. Finn had actually taken it better than Jaedyn had ever dared hope. Jaedyn knew he had a lifelong friend in Finn, but that just filled him with a sense of guilt as well. He couldn’t ask Finn to give up his dream for him.

“Oh… still… don’t let me keep you from your dream. You should get out there and see the world… Just promise you’ll come back some day and tell me all about your adventures.” Jaedyn replied softly.

“Nope.” Finn replied.

“W-what?” Jaedyn sputtered.

“I said no. I’ve got a better idea. You should come with me.” Finn explained.

“That’s impossible!” Jaedyn sputtered.

“Why? You can get around, right? I’ve seen you move around the tower.” Fin replied.

“I mean, yeah, but look at me! This is a terrible idea!” Jaedyn shouted.

“I want to see the world, but more than that I want to share it with you.” Finn replied.

“Yeah, but… I can’t… this is a terrible idea.” Jaedyn murmured softly.

“It is, but I want to do it anyway.” Finn agreed.

“But people will think I’m some kind of freak.” Jaedyn lamented.

“Some will. Some won’t, but I’ll be with you the whole time.” Finn countered.

“I know… but…” Jaedyn sputtered. He tried to make a good counterargument but he just couldn’t. Jaedyn wanted to leave the tower so bad. He had been stuck there for years in a self-imposed imprisonment. He wanted to see the rest of the world as badly as Finn did, but he had always been too terrified of what others might think.

“This is a terrible idea…” Jaedyn said again, but then he let out a dejected sigh and added, “So. When do we leave?”

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