Bait and tackle

by Ziel

Sapp continues his size-draining activities. This time against the speed and power of a hero called Linebacker.

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“I can’t believe Ms. Barbary gave us a pop quiz today!” Mitchell moaned.

“Yeah! She should have warned us or something.” Gil joined in.

“If she had done that it wouldn’t really be a pop quiz, would it?” Brent remarked and rolled his eyes. He doubted any of them would fail the quiz, but it made a good subject to talk about. It was yet another typical afternoon walking home with his usual friends. It’s not like he could go blabbing on about his hobbies. Gil couldn’t be trusted with that kind of info. Mitchell already knew, but then again, Brent and Mitchell had been best buds for as long as they could remember. When Brent had made his big discovery, Mitchell was the first to know.

The three friends continued their idle chatter as they made their way through the streets of Bedlam City. Gil was as always going on about the latest “hot goss” as he called it, but his sources were always woefully inaccurate. His speculation was so far from the truth that they should have counted as a super power in and of themselves, but suddenly Brent’s ears perked up. It was faint, but he was sure he heard something.

Brent stopped his steady march and tilted his head to try and listen better. Gil kept on rambling as he walked on ahead, but Mitchell hung back to wait with Brent.

“You heard it too?” Mitchell asked.

“Yeah, but… I can’t tell where it’s coming from. It sounds close, but it’s like it’s getting farther away by the second.” Brent murmured.

“More like fainter by the second… It sounds like it’s coming from that alley across the street.” Mitchell said. He then nodded towards a dark alley nestled between two, tall brick buildings.

Brent fished his keychain out of his pocket and flashed his best bud his best, pleading gaze. “Cover for me, will ya?” He asked.

“Sure sure. Go be a hero. I’ll go keep chatty Kathy over there in the dark as always.” Mitchell replied with a dismissive wave.

Brent hung back and watched as his blond buddy trotted up ahead to catch up with Gil. Gil didn’t even seem to notice anyone had left. He was still rattling on about whatever it was he liked to talk about. Brent waited another moment before ducking behind a nearby building and holding his keychain over his head. The small, football helmet shaped ornament on his chain lit up. The narrow alley was filled with purple light. When the light faded Brent was gone. In his place stood a tall, powerful looking dude clad in a jet black football helmet with a dark visor that obscured his face. Brent’s normal casual schoolwear had been replaced by thick, reinforced, football style shoulder pads; purple, thigh-high socks which he wore under his black cleats; and a purple jockstrap which left his thick, muscular, bubbly booty exposed and did next to nothing to hide the sheer enormity of his cock and balls. His dick was incredibly thick. His fat tool was thicker than his wrist and would dangle down past his knees had he not had to pouch to hold it in, and his balls were every bit as massive. His two, huge softball sized nuts filled out every inch of his ball sack which in turn filled out every inch of his jock pouch.

Brent stepped back into the sunny afternoon street, but he was no longer known as Brent when he was dressed like this. He had taken on his alter ego—the crime fighter known as Linebacker.

Brent dashed across the street and ducked into the alleyway he had seen earlier. What he saw when he got there made him balk. Brent was a big guy, and he knew how to handle himself in a scrap, but he had never seen anyone like the guy standing before him. The strange figure’s wild, green hair and gaudy yellow and black outfit would have been noticeable enough, but it wasn’t what made him stand out. The guy had to be easily eight feet tall! Huge, thick muscles bulged off of his massive frame. Brent had never seen anyone so huge before.

The strange figure perked up as if he had just noticed that he had company. “Hehehe. I wondered when someone would show up. I made sure he yelled good and loud. That’s the best way to call a hero, right?” The strange figure said sinisterly as he slowly turned around to face Brent.

The towering figure had a bright, glowing yellow eye on his jet black facemask, but the eye was nothing like the stylish purple eye that adorned the sides of Brent’s helmet. This eye looked… wrong. It appeared to be some twisted mixture of a snarling, fanged mouth, and a feral, hungry eye. Just staring into it made Brent’s skin break out in bumps. It made his blood run cold.

The towering villain continued to chuckle as he haphazardly dumped something in a nearby trash bin. Brent couldn’t see what exactly it was, but it looked like an action figure only far less stiff. Brent couldn’t focus on that though. He was having enough trouble just keeping his eyes off of the huge, thick cock swinging between the dude’s legs. The villain’s cock dangled down to his shins and was thicker than his arm—bulging bicep and all!

“I think it’s time you learn why they call me Sapp.” The figure snarled. He then chuckled menacingly. His fingers curled and uncurled as he cackled. The way his hands moved looked unnatural. It was almost as if his hands had a life of their own… and they hungered.

“I have no quarrel with you, sir.” Brent replied as calmly as he could. “I heard a disturbance and thought there might be someone in need of assistance.”

“Oh. There’s someone in need alright.” Sapp replied wickedly. His manic smirk curled into an even more insane sneer. “…You!” He roared. He leapt forward so suddenly that Brent didn’t have time to react. Before he knew it Sapp had crossed the entire distance between them in a single lunge and had wrapped his arms around Brent’s body. Brent writhed and twisted and did everything he could to shake the bigger, beefier brute off of him, but his assailant was too strong.

Brent felt Sapp’s palms cup his bubble butt cheeks. He couldn’t explain it, but it just felt wrong. He knew he had to break free of the villain’s grasp as quickly as possible.

Brent’s toes just barely touched the ground, but it was enough. He bowed his head and kicked off from the ground below. He jumped up. The top of his helmet collided with his attacker’s nose. The crunch made Brent’s stomach churn, but at least his gambit had the desired effect. His attacker yelped in pain and staggered backwards.

“That hurt!” Sapp shouted. His voice sounded whiney and nasally due to the hand clamped onto his nose.

“I’ll do a lot worse if you try that again!” Brent shouted back. He began to get into position for his counterattack. He hunched down and stuck his shoulder forward as he normally did, but something felt off. His helmet shifted slightly on his head. His pads felt strangely loose. Even his jockstrap was feeling a little drafty. The jock was actually the strangest part. Brent’s dick was huge by anyone’s standards. It was so big that it strained visibly against the front of his jock strap. His dick pressed so hard against the front of the pouch that every fold of his foreskin, every vein of his shaft showed through, but now his pouch felt a little roomier than he’d like.

Brent shrugged it off. Whatever it was it wasn’t important now. What was important was dealing with this skeez.

Sapp pulled his hand away from his nose and sneered. There didn’t appear to be any damage to his face. Brent was sure he heard something break, but Sapp looked completely fine. Had the big villain merely faked an injury? Brent wasn’t so sure…

Sapp once again roared and rushed forward, but Brent was already in attack position. It was time that this huge creep learned how he got his nickname. Brent kicked off from the ground and threw himself at his attacker.

Everything after that was a blur for Sapp—quite literally. Once second he was closing in on his prey, and the next second his prey vanished. All Sap saw was a brief, blue flash, and then he felt blinding pain in his chest and abdomen. He could hear the crunches as brick wall after brick wall crumbled against his back. The whole ordeal lasted less than a second, but it was as if time and space had slowed to a halt. Sapp watched everything in slow motion. He saw the smug super hero standing there watching him as he continued to sail backwards through wall after wall.

Finally Sapp slowed to a halt. Bricks and broken walls collapsed onto his body. Every bone, every muscle, every fiber in his body screamed in agony. He hadn’t even seen what hit him. How could this twerp have sent him flying so hard, so fast even after Sapp had gotten a good grab on him?

Brent stepped towards the wreckage to check on his would-be foe. He wasn’t surprised to see that the brute was still alive, but it was never Brent’s intent to kill him.

“Stay down.” The hero said defiantly as he glared down at the crumpled villain.

Sapp winced and whined in pain. He could barely move, but it wasn’t the rubble that pinned him down. His legs refused to cooperate. His right arm hurt so bad he couldn’t even lift it. Only his left arm was of any use to him.

Sapp slowly pulled himself forward, inch after labored inch. He wouldn’t be beaten. Not here. Not like this. Not when his prey was so close. He knew he just needed to get closer. He just needed to land one clean grab.

He kept telling himself that as he pulled himself ever forward. The thought was all that sustained him. He needed to feed. Once he fed, he’d be fine. It didn’t matter how many bones broke or how many ligaments tore. Once he landed another grasp he’d be right as rain. His wounds would heal, and better yet, the would-be hero would be right where he belonged—writhing in Sapp’s grasp as he feasted on the dwindling hero’s size and strength.

Sapp couldn’t even see his target. His eyesight had failed him. What few shapes he could make out in the blackness that covered his eyes were vague and blurry. He couldn’t even hear his target. All he could only vaguely make out the words Linebacker was saying. Something about cops? Ambulance? Sapp couldn’t tell. Linebacker’s voice sounded like it was coming from miles away. It was as if his ears were full of cotton, and there was this high pitched ringing that made it impossible to focus.

“I…’ll…. Get….” Sapp moaned between labored breaths.

“Just stay down. Wow. I really hurt you. I didn’t mean to hit you that hard. I just wanted to stun you. Oh man…” Brent murmured as he watched the battered, broken form of his would-be rival slowly try and crawl out of the wreckage.

“get… you…” Sapp rasped.

“Stop that!” Brent shouted. “You’re seriously hurt! Just give up!”

“I’ll… have…” Sapp rasped. He pulled himself another arduous inch forward as he wheezed.

“Stop. Just stay down. You’re injured. Just let me call an ambulance.” Brent pleaded. The hero squatted down low and stared at his fallen rival. He pitied the strange person. He didn’t realize how weak the hulking figure really was. Had he known, he never would have used so much force in his charge.

As Brent squatted down, his bulge grazed the ground beneath him. Something felt off. Usually when he perched on the balls of his feet like this, his junks was so huge that it rested solidly on the floor below. Why did it seem smaller today? It wasn’t cold out, so it couldn’t be that… Whatever the case may be, Brent had more important matters to deal with. His assailant looked to be drifting in and out of consciousness. He needed medical attention fast.

“I need to get you to a hospital. Can you stand?” Brent asked. He held out his hand for the battered villain. At first it didn’t appear that Sapp even comprehended what was happening, but slowly the hulking villain’s hand steadily lifted.

“Great. You’re doing great.” Brent softly coaxed the battered villain as their bare palms met. “Come on. Take your time. No need to rush it. There we go. Let’s get you on your feet.” Brent continued to coax the battered behemoth before him.

As the arduous seconds ticked by, Brent noticed that Sapp seemed to be looking healthier with each passing moment. His breathing grew more stable. His hand trembled less. Even his cuts and scrapes seemed to be mending themselves. Brent couldn’t be sure, but it looked like even the deep trenches of Sapp’s already magnificent muscles seemed to deepen ever so slightly.

“There we go. Up you go.” Brent gently coaxed as he pulled Sapp back up to his feet.

Brent knew something was off as soon as he stood up. His jockstrap was now beyond loose. His junk didn’t fill out the front pouch of it at all. The waistband of his revealing underwear began to slide down his smaller frame. His socks slid down his lithe, toned legs and pooled around his ankles.

Brent gawked as he watched the massive villain pull himself to his feet. Sapp had been huge before—Brent had only come up to the dude’s pecs earlier, but now he was positively enormous. Brent now stood eye level with the brute’s smooth, clean shaven crotch.

“What the…” Brent murmured. His jock strap gave up the ghost and joined his socks down around his ankles. His once massive cock was left exposed for all to see. Just this morning he had had a cock that would have made anyone jealous. The enormous schlong dangled past his knees. Even soft it was well over a foot long, but now his dick was looking pretty average. His soft ball sized nuts had been reduced to the size of golf balls. His wrist-thick dick was now barely thicker than his thumb.

Sapp glared down at the shrunken hero and chuckled menacingly. “Your size is mine now, but don’t worry. It looks so much better on me than it ever did on you.” He said as he rubbed his hands along his rippling abs and down along his impossibly thick cock.

Brent began to apprehensively take a step back, but his jock strap defeated him. His once skin-tight underwear clung to his ankles like a set of prisoner’s shackles. Brent stumbled over backwards and fell flat on his ass. The impact caused his loose helmet to fall off his head and clatter to the floor beside him.

Sapp sneered at the would-be hero. He had expected some NFL ready dude, but instead his current target ended up being a boy who was about his own age. It was just as well. The young ones made much better pets.

Sapp lunged forward and grabbed one of Brent’s exposed calves. Brent trashed and kicked as best he could, but his captor was too powerful. Brent knew he needed to escape. He knew he couldn’t let this creep continue to drain him, but he was outmatched for raw strength. He had only one hope of escaping.

Brent moved his free foot and placed it against the ground. He focused all his energy into one powerful jump. He kicked off of the concrete and took off like a bottle rocket with the giant villain still grasping his leg. Brent’s course veered this way and that. The massive brute was messing with his trajectory, but it actually benefited Brent. Each time he veered off, Sapp got slammed into a nearby wall or dumpster. Each time Brent’s path drooped low, Sapp got dragged along the concrete. The rough ground scraped his skin, but the damage always healed as soon as the skin broke.

The combination of the turbulent ride and Brent’s own steady shrinkage worked in his favor. Sapp’s grip slipped, and soon he lost his hold on the shrunken hero completely. Brent groaned and grunted as he rolled and bounced to a halt, but he was more shaken and disoriented than he was actually hurt. It was by far one of the worst landings he had had while using his burst powers, but he merely had a few bruises on him which was a lot better than what the massive fiend had in store for him.

Brent slowly staggered to his feet. His shoulder pads felt impossibly heavy. He looked down and gawked at the state of his armor. The fitted pads which once barely dipped past his pecs now looked like a Ninja Turtle shell. The small protrusion on the bottom of the pads that covered his solar plexus now served as a crotch guard. Brent didn’t want to see how badly his dick had been shrunken after that last bout, but he knew he couldn’t leave the armor on. It was so heavy that it would only slow him down at this point.

Brent hoisted the pads up and over his head. He groaned as he did so. His muscles screamed. He could barely even lift the damn thing. This made no sense to him. Sure, he was much shorter than before, but the pads weren’t that heavy. It wasn’t until the pads clattered to the ground that he realized just why they were so hard to lift.

Brent stared in awe at his body. His once huge, sculpted muscles had smoothed away. He was now looking slim and slender. He had just the faintest traces of abs. His once mighty Adonis belt was completely gone. His once thick, watermelon sized pecs were now almost completely flat. His once bulging, basketball sized biceps were now slim, sinewy strands of muscles. He was a shrimp!

As Brent scoped out his body, he became aware of something else that made his heart sink and his gut lurch. His once magnificent cock had been reduced to a pathetic nub. His dick once dangled past his knees and now it looked like a thimble. The tiny nub was as thick as his pointer finger and only half as long as thumb. The tiny little acorn cock was seated atop two even smaller berries.

The sound of Sapp’s malicious cackle snapped Brent out of his inventory of his body. Brent’s gaze slowly drifted upwards. His heart sunk lower and lower as he stared up and up at his towering foe. Sapp had been massive before, but now he was positively monstrous. The tip of Brent’s head fell just shy of the behemoth’s knees. Brent stared up and up at the foe’s enormous cock which now dwarfed his entire body. It was longer than he was tall and far thicker than his slender torso.

“Now… I’ll take the rest.” Sapp shouted triumphantly.

Brent froze in place as he watched the enormous hands descending upon him. Both palms had the same strange eye seared into the flesh that Sapp wore on his mask. The eyes filled Brent with dread. The hands seem to close down around him as in slow motion. Only a small window remained that Brent could see out of, and through that small gap he watched the demonic eye on Sapp’s mask stare down on him mockingly.

Some lost font of courage bubbled up inside of Brent. He couldn’t let it end like this. He refused to let it end like this. He closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and bowed his head. This was going to hurt without his armor, but it was the only chance he had. He kicked off with all his might and sent himself hurtling upwards faster than the speed of sound. He crashed against Sapp’s mask with all his might. He heard the crackle of glass and the crunch of plastic followed by a howl of shock and pain.

Brent watched the mask crumble and fall away as he fell towards the ground. He had nothing to kick off of. All Brent could do was stare at the toppling giant as he plummeted inexorably towards the ground. A look of shock and confusion was plastered on the brute’s face as he staggered backwards.

Brent closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable impact. He had no way of changing course in midair. All he could do is hope that he didn’t hit the ground too hard. He winced in expectation of the coming impact, but to his surprise, he felt a pair of soft hands wrap around him.

“Woah, now! That’s not a good idea, bro.” Mitch said as he caught Brent in his arms like a football.

“What the… what are you doing here!?” Brent yelped as he stared up at his now massive best friend.

“Saving your life, duh.” Mitch replied between labored gasps. He wasn’t nearly as athletic as Brent had been, and he was currently hauling ass for all he was worth. Brent couldn’t see anything from his perch in his buddy’s arms, but he could hear the thunderous footfalls of the enraged giant which was charging after them.

“Let me go!” Brent shouted.

“No way!” Mitch shouted back.

“If you don’t let me go he’s gonna catch both of us!” Brent yelled.

“Too bad!” Mitch yelled back.

“RRrrgghhh!” Brent roared in frustration. He wiggled and writhed as hard as he could and soon pried himself loose of his buddies grasp. Brent landed deftly on the ground and quickly dashed back towards the rampaging giant. Brent wasted no time getting into position. He once again crouched down, raised his shoulder, and kicked off with all his might. He made impact with the giant’s gut. He heard the yelp of pain from the brutish fiend. He heard the wind being knocked clean out of the berserker’s lungs.

Brent chuckled softly. He knew there was no escape for him, but he hoped he had at least given Mitchell enough time to get out. He began to plummet back down to earth like he had before, but this time a different set of hands grabbed him.

“You’ve got some balls. I’ll give you that.” Sapp said mockingly as he lifted the shrunken hero up to his face. The giant hoisted Brent up under his armpits as if he was lifting a newborn baby, and by this point that’s about what size Brent had become—at least in terms of height… His dick was looking less than infantile. The pathetic little nub was only as big as the uppermost segment of his pinky, and his tiny nuts the size of pencil erasers.

“I’m going to enjoy watching those balls of yours fade to nothing.” Sapp growled mockingly.

Brent could feel himself getting smaller by the second. He could actually see Sapp’s fingers getting bigger and thicker around his dwindling body. Brent could see Sapp’s mocking sneer growing larger in front of his very eyes. The giant fiend’s malicious grin was the size of a billboard to the steadily shrinking super hero.

“Let. Him. Go!” Mitchell roared as he brought a 2x4 down against Sapp’s back with all his might. The board splintered ineffectively against the brute’s bulging muscles. The only thing he had really succeeded in doing was getting the giant’s attention.

Sapp turned and glanced disinterestedly over his shoulder at the would-be interloper. His malicious sneer twisted into a mildly-amused smirk. “You think you stand a chance against me?” He asked.

“N-no… but I’ve got to try!” Mitchell stammered in reply.

Sapp passed Brent over to one hand. The fallen super hero was now so small that he could wrap his fingers around the little guy’s torso without needing his other hand. He then lifted Brent towards Mitchells face and waved the fallen hero mockingly in front of Mitchell’s eyes.

“This will be you soon.” Sapp taunted. “Look at how weak, how powerless he is. You think you’ll do any better?”

Mitchell silently gawked at the dwindling form of his best friend. Brent was only about six inches tall by this point and steadily shrinking before Mitchell’s very eyes. Brent’s once huge, sculpted muscles had shrunken away to nothing. He looked like the scrawniest, skinniest twerp Mitchell had ever seen, and Brent’s once magnificent cock was all but gone. The tiny little nub between his legs was as thick as the spike on a pushpin. It was smaller than a bee’s stinger, and his once massive, softball sized nuts had shrunken so small that they were all but microscopic.

Sapp lunged forward and wrapped his free hand around Mitchell’s throat and pinned Mitchell against the brick wall of the neighboring building. He didn’t squeeze down, but he wasn’t interested in choking his target. He wanted Mitchell to be conscious as he slowly shrunk down. He wanted to watch the fiery look in the blond’s brilliant green eyes slowly dull as all hope steadily faded.

Mitchell silently stared up at the hulking brute. He could already feel the changes setting in; his shirt grew looser, his pants became baggier, the giant appeared to swell before his very eyes, and the worst part was he could do nothing to stop it. He didn’t have super powers like Brent. He was just an average guy with an average bod and an average cock, but soon even those would be stripped of him. What little muscle he had melted away. The slight ridges and contours of his abs smoothed over. His average chest flattened out completely. His average cock pulled upwards and inwards. The shaft grew thinner and shorter. His nuts grew smaller and smaller.

Brent did everything in his power to escape while Mitchell steadily shrunk before him. He punched at his captor’s fingers. He bit and gnawed. He kicked and screamed, but nothing worked. He was so small that Sapp didn’t even notice him, and as Brent became smaller and smaller, he slowly slipped through Sapp’s fingers. Soon the brute’s fist clenched down around him, pinning into an ever growing, dark abyss.

Sapp wasn’t paying much attention to the captive hero. As far as he was concerned he had already won. There was nothing anyone could do to stop him. He focused his attention on the steadily shrinking interloper and cackled as Mitchell shrunk down and down. Mitchell dwindled down to the size of a baby doll and then a Barbie. His once average cock shrunk down to a tiny acorn nub and beyond. Sapp was so focused on his new captive that he unintentionally loosened his grip on the fallen hero. Small gaps appeared between his clenched fingers giving Brent brief, fleeting glimpses of the world outside.

Brent saw how small Mitchell had become. His best friend was experiencing his fate because he had tried to save him. Brent couldn’t let this happen. He had to do something. He crawled out from between the gaps in Sapp’s fingers. Brent’s gut lurched as he realized how tiny he had become. Even just traversing the creases on Sapp’s knuckles was like scaling a garden wall.

Brent took aim, lowered his shoulder, and kicked off with all his might. He went hurtling straight up towards the brute’s crazed, manic looking, amber eye. Brent made landfall with a sticky splat against the giant’s eyeball. He was little more than a speck of dust inside the giant’s eye, but his gambit had had the intended effect. The giant recoiled in pain and roared. He let go of his captive and clasped both hands over his eyes.

Brent was swept away in the rising tide of tears that poured out of the giants eyes. He rode the salty droplet down the side of the fiend’s cheek until he spotted a decent escape path. He kicked off of the giant’s collarbone with all his might and landed in the grooves between some bricks in the wall. The landing was far softer than he had expected. His tiny size made him so light that he could float like a feather.

Brent decided to use this to his advantage. He leapt from his perch and drifted safely down towards the discarded pile of his buddy’s clothes. He just had to hope that he found Mitchell somewhere within those clothes.

“Where are you!?” The giant roared. He looked around and flailed wildly at the air as if trying to catch a mosquito, but Brent was too small for the massive assailant to see. Brent was safe to drift downwards without the giant even noticing.

Brent made landfall on the soft cotton just as Mitchell slowly pulled himself up out of from behind the collar of his crumpled t-shirt. Brent knew Mitchell had to be tiny, but it was still staggering to see how huge his best bud was in comparison. Brent didn’t even come up to the lanky dude’s ankles.

“We’ve got to get out of here!” Brent shouted up at his pal.

“Where do we even go?” Mitchell asked in reply.

Brent scanned the surrounding area. There was no way they could just escape on foot. The giant would catch them in one step… unless…

“There!” Brent shouted as he pointed towards a small gap in the foundation of a nearby building. It was just a mouse hole, but it was more than big enough for the two friends.

“There you are!” Sapp roared. His eyes fell upon Mitchell’s tiny form. Mitchell was small, but not small enough to be invisible to the giant’s eyes.

“We gotta go!” Mitchell yelped. He reached down and unceremoniously scooped up his pal in the palm of his hand and hauled ass towards the mouse hole. He dove into the hole just in time to hear the deafening thud of the giant’s palm slamming down on the ground behind him.

“Get back here…” Sapp growled. He tried to reach into the tiny hole, but the gap was so small he could only slide one finger in. He fished blindly around with his pointer finger, but Mitchell managed to stay just out of his reach.

“Bah. Fine. I’ve got all I’m getting out of you two twerps anyway.” Sapp grumbled.

The two friends listened to the reverberating crashes of the giant’s angry stomping. The deafening thuds slowly faded off over the horizon. After a tense moment of silence, Mitchell finally broke the tense silence.

“What do we do now?” He asked.

“We have to get to headquarters. The other heroes have to know what they’re up against.” Brent explained.

“Okay… and how do we do that?” Mitchell asked skeptically.

The two pals looked at their surroundings. The small gap between the walls was like a surreal labyrinth. Boards rose up like skyscrapers. Electrical wiring zigzagged back and forth like bridges in an Escher painting. It would take them hours to navigate just this room, and the city itself was infinitely larger. They had a long journey ahead of them…

Sapp, #2 5,442 words Added Apr 2020 17k views 4.8 stars (5 votes)

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