His brother drains his manhood

by Ballmeat

A younger brother drains his big, strong, overconfident older brother of his cock, balls and muscle.

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I was once an ancient fertility god, but the tribe that worshipped me is long extinct. Now, I spend my endless and immortal days tormenting the people of the human race who have so carelessly forgotten about me.

I was prowling the streets invisibly, unseen by mortals, when I sensed them. My next victims.

They were brothers, one of them was much older and more mature. I read his mind and saw that he was 21. His name was Richard, and his younger brother’s name was David. He was only 14, and his brother called him “Li’l Dave.”

They were at home, alone together, in a basement gym. Li’l Dave was doing the bench press while his brother spotted him. He was only lifting the bar with two twenty five-pound weights on each end. Pretty strong for a 14-year-old.

“Great. That’s it. You’re making good progress. Now it’s my turn,” his older brother said. He took of the twenty-five pound plates and slapped on three forty five-pound plates on each side. I could read his mind. I could see his desires. He wanted to show off to his brother how strong he was. He wanted to make his little brother see his chest strain and thick arms flex as he pumped out his reps. He wanted to assert his status as the alpha older brother who was many times bigger and stronger. I could see all his unspoken thoughts, all his competitiveness.

And I could see the thoughts of Li’l Dave as well. I could see his admiration for his strong older brother, his desire to want to grow up and be as big as Richard some day. And I could see his envy, and his jealousy.

Richard was dressed in a tight wife-beater. His thick black tufts of mature armpit hair were slick with his sweat from his workout. He made loud beast-like grunts with every rep. His low-cut wife-beater showed off all the striations of his thick, meaty pecs every time he lifted the bar high. The veins along his big triceps and forearms popped out from his effort and exertion. I could sense Li’l Dave admiring all this, eyeing his big brother’s sweaty muscles with envy, wishing that it was he who had some of that manly strength.

The room was completely dominated by the stink of Richard’s sweat. Li’l Dave’s loose t-shirt was barely stained with his sweat at all. He felt very self conscious there in his skinny almost pre-pubescent frame next to his mature and grown-up brother, who was way more of a man than he was.

With a final loud grunt, Richard re-racks the weight. They clang against the rack.

“Alright Li’l Dave, great workout.” he says as he slaps his brother’s back. A big, hand-shaped imprint of his sweat is left on Li’l Dave’s shirt. Oh, such a small difference in years makes such a big difference in the bodies of mortals!

“I wish I could get stronger faster,” Li’l Dave lamented.

“Don’t worry, Li’l bro. You share the same genes as me. In no time, you’ll be as big as this,” Richard says as he flexes his right arm in front of David’s face. His big mound of bicep muscle rises and hardens right before David’s eyes. It was strong, powerful, pure masculine muscle. Once again I sensed the envy coming from David as he stared as his brother’s giant lump of muscle in front of him, and I know exactly what to do.

“Let’s wash up and go eat,” Richard says as he walks towards the stairs, but I have other plans for him.

Suddenly, Richard stopped walking and fell to the ground. “Ugh!” he grunted as he curled into a fetal position and cupped at his crotch with both his hands.

“What’s wrong bro?” David asks.

“My balls. It feels like someone just kicked me hard in the balls,” Richard groaned, his hands still holding onto his groin, and his big muscular body curled into a pathetic heap on the floor.

“Ugh!” he grunted again, this time reaching both his hands into his flimsy gym shorts to clutch at the flesh of his genitals directly. “It hurts. It hurts so badly. Something is wrong.”

“Pull down your pants and let me take a look,” David says.

“Ugh!” Richard grunts again, this time even louder, and he quickly pulls down his shorts and tosses them aside..

“Put your hands away,” David tells him, “I can’t see anything with them in the way.”

Reluctantly, Richard takes his hands away from his groin, revealing his cock and balls. They were slightly above average. His flaccid cock was five inches long and his balls were large and round and heavy in their loose sack. His crotch was shaved to give better sex to his girlfriend which he fucked on a regular basis.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with them,” David said, as he reached out his hands to examine his brothers balls.

The moment his fingers brushed against David’s ball-sack, he felt something like an electric shock go through his whole body.

“Whoa,” David said, “I think I feel something in my balls too.”

David also took off his shorts and revealed his own young cock and balls. He actually had more hair than his brother: a small tuft of fine hairs were on top of his small pre-pubescent cock. His flaccid dick was like a little button, not even an inch long, and his balls were small, like little marbles, in their tight sack, barely descended.

“Ugh!” Richard grunted again, and David picked up his low-dangling bag of balls to see what was wrong.

The moment his hands touched Richard’s balls again, David could feel something like electricity flow into him once more. He ignored it and took a look at his brother’s balls in his hands. They were soft in their warm, sweaty sack, and quivered in his palm like two live animals. David rolled the balls around with his fingers, marveling at their size and softness, unlike his own two hard little peas, wondering what could be wrong with them.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with them…” David said, but then he slowly felt that something funny was happening. Suddenly he realized: at first, Richard’s balls were so big they could barely fit into his child-sized hands. Now they seemed to be able to comfortably fit themselves, albeit a little snugly, in his palm. Were his brother’s balls… shrinking?

“Ugh!” Richard grunted again, his groin racked with pain. His hands involuntarily reached for his crotch once more, and took his balls out of David’s palm. David felt the electricity flowing into him suddenly stop.

“What’s wrong with them!?” Richard screamed as his hands felt his balls. “They’re smaller! Something’s wrong with my balls. They’re getting smaller. Help me David!”

David looked down at his own crotch and got a shock. Where his tight and tiny little boy-balls had hung, now, two full-sized adult testicles dangled between his legs in a low sack. Before, they were only the size of small marbles, now they were small oval-shaped, real man’s testicles. David didn’t know what was happening, but he knew that he wanted to get his brother’s balls back into his hands again to confirm his suspicions.

“Quick, let me see your balls again,” David told his brother, but Richard was desperately clutching at his balls and refused to move his hands. “Let go for a moment!” David desperately shouted and tried to pry his brother’s hands off his balls.

The moment his hands touched his brother’s hands, he felt the energy flow into him once more, and he knew that he didn’t actually need to touch his brother’s balls. Any part of his body would do. Any part of his body would make the transfer happen.

David casually rested his hand on Richard’s bicep, the one that he flexed in front of his face just moments ago, so proudly and strong. David looked down at his own balls, and could see them literally grow. They were expanding, bit by bit, filling out with more and more testosterone and sperm producing flesh, turning him from a boy into a virile and fertile man. With his other hand, David clutched at his own balls and felt them expand in his palm. He could feel his sack loosening, his testicles getting meatier. He was sucking the manhood out of his oversized older brother, and he loved it.

“My balls, something’s wrong with my balls!” Richard sobbed in pain and anguish. He was desperately tugging at his shrinking ball-sack, as though trying to rip his own testicles off his body. But all his efforts were useless as long as David’s hand rested on his struggling and sweaty bicep. Unfortunately, Richard was so desperate that he didn’t even notice his brother’s hand gently touching his arm.

David’s balls were now the same size as Richard’s balls were originally. He could feel all the testosterone, the aggression, the energy, the power, flowing up from his newfound glands of manhood between his scrawny teenaged thighs. But he could see that his tiny button-sized cock has not yet grown, and he could still feel the electricity flow into him from Richard’s biceps, and he knew what he had to continue to do.

“Nooooooo!!” Richard screamed, “not my dick! Not my dick too!!”

He desperately grabbed at his flaccid penis, pulling on it, and stretching it out as though trying to prevent it from retracting into his body. Now uncovered, David could see that Richard’s balls had indeed shrunk to the same size as his own pre-pubescent balls had been before. They were tiny little things in a tight sack between his brothers big muscled thighs. David thought they looked absolutely ridiculous.

He watched as his brother tugged on his penis. He had stretched it to eight inches in length, a thin elongated needle stretching from his crotch. Slowly, the stretched noodle began retreating, getting shorter and shorter, disappearing bit by bit at a time despite Richard’s desperate efforts and screams.

“My dick, my big dick, no!!”

David looked down at his own crotch, and saw that his cock has emerged from its hiding place in its groin, it was slowly pushing out and getting thicker. The foreskin was growing visible veins, the head was growing larger and flaring out. Not it was two inches long when flaccid, now three inches, now it was big and fat like a normal man’s flaccid cock, then it grew even bigger. It turned a full five inches long when flaccid, just like his brother’s original penis. It hung thick and heavy like a pendulum of man meat from his scrawny kid body.

After he had fully drained his big brother of his cock and balls, he still held onto his brother’s biceps, and could feel the muscle very slowly and imperceptibly shrink and soften. I let the flow of muscle into David continue for a short while before I shut it off. David could feel the flow of electric shocks getting smaller and smaller until it was finally gone. He finally let go of his soft grip of his brother’s slightly diminished right bicep and stepped in front of the mirror in front of the squat rack to examine himself.

The baggy shirt he was wearing no longer looked so baggy anymore. He stripped it off and stood there naked except for his shoes. He now had a hint of pecs on his chest, and a six-pack was showing through his stomach. He flexed his arms and small round humps of bicep appeared. He had a strong, fit body now.

He turned back to his sobbing older brother on the ground. His new found balls were pumping him with aggression and confidence. He climbed up onto Richard and sat on his chest.

“What are you doing?” Richard asked, confused.

Without saying anything, David reached a hand behind him and grabbed his brother’s shrunken cock and balls. They were tiny and barely fit into his fingers. He squeezed them and Richard gasped in pain.

“Do you see these tiny things, Richard?” David asked, “I’m not Li’l Dave any more. You’re little one now. Li’l Richard. Li’l Rick. Li’l Dick.” He grinned, and squeezed the ruined man’s genitals mercilessly, “really Li’l dick.”

Finally, Richard notice the big meaty cock and balls of his brother right under his chin.

“My cock, my balls!” Richard gasped.

“No,” David said, “My cock. My balls.”

David’s big dick began to stir. Slowly, he felt his first big erection in his life as the penis rose to a hard and full eight inches in length, throbbing with young and confident desire.

Richard stared, mesmerized at the big, hard dick in front of him. His dick, lost. His brother’s dick now.

“You want it don’t you,” David taunted him. “You want it back.”

Richard nodded.

“Then take it. Take all of it down. Swallow my big cock, Li’l Dick brother.”

Richard hesitated at first, but finally wrapped his lips around the head of the big cock that used to be the pride and center of his masculinity.

“Take more of it!” David demanded.

Richard gagged as more and more of the eight inches disappeared down his throat. Tears were dropping from his eyes from the anguish of his lost manhood.

In a few minutes, David had his first real orgasm. His eyes closed in pleasure and his fit young body shuddered as he shot his sperm down his brother’s throat.

“Swallow it all,” David said, and Richard obediently complied, swallowing the droplets of David’s now superior manhood, gulping down his manly seed, subconsciously wondering if he could regain some of his lost manhood that way.

Throughout this entire ordeal, Richard’s shrunken dick never stirred from his crotch. His balls remained tucked against the base of his tiny dick. I knew that his cock will never grow hard again, and his balls are totally infertile. He has been completely unmanned. He was as much of a man as a prepubescent child is, and will forever remain that way. What will his girlfriend think when she sees it? I smile at the thought.

But David was still on his way to puberty. His big dick and swinging balls will get even bigger as he progressed on his way to manhood. Over the years he will get more and more arrogant and confident as his cock and balls explode in size and pump him full of male hormones and fill his prostate with sperm.

My work was complete. I left the brothers then, one completely unmanned, his stomach filled with his brother’s cum, and one still a young man but with his brother’s proud equipment dangling between his strong legs.

2,593 words Added Jan 2018 70k views (#62) 4.4 stars (49 votes)

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