Hot coffee

by brazboy

 Davi has heard about a very special coffee shop in downtown Belo Horizonte where massive hunks do everything, from serving the tables to serving as tables, and from brewing coffee to spiking it with their pre. Despite his shyness, Davi can’t help but want to visit such a place during his short trip to the city, to try and satisfy his natural curiosity.  

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Davi’s first time in Belo Horizonte was also his first time in the big city, and it was filled with wonder—the buildings were so tall, the streets were so filled with people, and the stores were so interesting and diverse! There seemed to be nothing in the world you couldn’t find in them! But there was one place amongst all places in the city that Davi couldn’t miss, the place he had come to Belo Horizonte to see: the Hot Coffee, a trendy and bourgie coffee shop in the basement of a well-located building near the Savassi square where everything was defined by the human touch. And, as such, shy and languid Davi went there, glancing around as he took the steps to enter that underground world of coffee, cream and other such energizing deliciousness.

As he got closer to the entrance, Davi first smelled the scent of caffeine and sweat, like the mix of a gym and a coffee shop. He also started noticing the crowd that frequented Hot Coffee: most were men, although there were a few women here and there. The men were typically taller than average, and clearly dressed in a comfortable but also clean and minimalist fashion, although they shared no single defined body type, sexuality or color. He felt a bit shy as he mingled with the crowd, some of whom were drinking from cups with the Hot Coffee brand printed on them, but he also noticed he fit quite comfortably since most of the crowd was of an age similar to his—most were clearly in their 20s, although a few customers seemed to be a little older than that.

Soon, Davi went downstairs and penetrated the large hall in the basement where the coffee’s sitting area was located, and his eyes widened as he saw what was ahead of him: all employees, and all furniture, was basically comprised of incredibly muscular and well-endowed, deliciously clean and shaped, naked hunks. There were black, white, brown and asian musclebound studs serving as naked waiters, as well as serving as seats, tables, decoration and even dishes, in some cases. The only things made of other than the gigantic hunks were the glasses, and parts of the menu, apparently. Also, the customers were not at all shy about using all parts of the furniture in all imaginable way—seeing that, Davi gasped in shock, as one of the other customers patted his back.

“First time, huh? Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Those guys have 5 hours shifts and get paid to work out the other 3 hours,” said the man, although Davi ignored him as his eyes travelled all over the room—from the lads sitting on the heads of hunks, their asses comfortably squeezing the handsome faces of the muscle-studs, sometimes with their balls out and being sucked by their chairs, to others making sure that their holes were impaled by the hungest possible seat’s throbbing rod. The guys drank coffee and talked, their food laid on the chest or abs of their muscular tables, as their hands squeezed and stroked the hunks’ powerful cocks, letting some pre ooze—those human juices were sometimes drunk by the customers, or licked, or mixed in their beverages or had on their food. Some customers were even making a point of jack off their tables so that they could orgasm atop their dishes, covering them with another type of sauce.

“Yeah, pretty incredible,” said Davi, marveling at the enormity of the room, and that between furniture, decoration and workers, they probably had a good 200 of the hungest, burliest and most handsome lads in Belo Horizonte attending this single coffee shop. Glancing over all of them, Davi estimated them to be between 225 and 300 centimeters tall each, and their cocks to span between 35 and 80 centimeters in length, depending on whether they were soft or hard and on each individual lad, of course. Seeing all of that made and understanding the scope of what he was watching Davi incredibly hard, to no one’s surprise.

After entering this wonderful coffee shop, Davi’s first instinct was to gawk and watch the waiters moving, helping and serving people comfortably as their cocks bobbed up and down erect, slapping their abs, or waived soft and fat slapping their legs; their buns, too, were moving up and down with their steps, deliciously round, as were their marvelous and bouncy pecs crowned by their thick purple nipples—not to talk about the wonderfully diverse furniture, in color and shape, all top notch in hotness. However, the staff was used to such types of impressionable customers and a tall and muscular guy thus immediately moved to help Davi in.

“Welcome, sir. Do you want a seat by the wall or in the middle of the saloon?” asked the gigantic waiter, whose head was probably closer to the very tall ceiling than to Davi’s head. As he looked up, drooling Davi saw the waiter’s majestically sculptured abs, the gigantic burly pecs at his eye level—each larger than his head—and, above, a thick neck and an incredibly handsome face, crowned by fat lips shaped in a polite smile.

“Ahhh, wall, please!” says Davi as his cock trembles in his pants, unlike that of the waiter’s, which rested softly swaying and covering the distance from his hairy groin, over his muscular thighs, all the way to his perfect knees.

“As you wish, sir! Follow me!” said the waiter enthusiastically, before turning around, his cock swinging like a fat lazy whip, before his motion revealed his ass, which attracted Davi’s eyes as it started bouncing as the waiter moves away. Davi swallowed dry and then follows him to his table.

While in their way through the saloon, Davi passed through several tables were friends were chatting and drinking coffee, having their assholes stretched by their chair’s cocks, or piercing their table’s strong and round assholes with their smaller but eager manhoods. As they passed a random table, one of the customers laid a hand on the ass of the waiter who was guiding Davi, causing him to turn around to the man.

“Anything you need, sir?” asked the waiter, stopping from a moment and having his limp cock sway wildly as he turned around to face the relatively minuscule customer, whose ass was bare atop the face of his chair. His chair was clearly eating up the customer’s asshole, as the customer talked to his mate with his member fully erect, and the two of them drank cappuccinos mixed with stud pre.

“Can you get me a cockwarmer, please? I don’t want my cock spewing pre on my clothes,” said the customer, and the waiter nodded and then continued guiding Davi to his seat, before turning around and going to get that customer another overgrown hunk to take his cock up one of their hungry holes.

As for his sitting arrangements, you may say anything about Davi, but stupid he was not. Choosing a table by the wall meant that he was surrounded not only by six hunks (two being the table, and four being the seats around it), but by ten of the amazing titans working at the coffee shop (the six comprising the furniture, plus four strapped to the walls, either standing up or upside down). That meant that, as he lowered his ass on the lap of a chair-hunk—and comfortably lowered his hands on the chair-hunk’s majestically thick arms—Davi was still surrounded by two other cocks around eye-level, thanks to the studs on the walls, whose oozing hardons were deliciously soft, wet and glistening with pre.

“Please feel at home with our furniture and just call me as soon as you are ready to order, sir,” said the waiter, handing Davi a menu, and then walking away, as the visiting lad tried to process all the richness of sensations provided by the wonderful coffee shop he was visiting. Indeed, he could feel human warmth all around him.

Davi read the menu, seeing their many special coffees and deserts, as he moved his ass up and lowered his back against his chair, making sure to feel up the wonderfully hard muscles above which he was sitting and against which he was rubbing his body. Between his legs stood his chair’s magnificent 45-centimeter-long cock, whose foreskin he played with as he read the options. Soon, decided, Davi lowered the menu atop the table’s pecs, and raised one hand to order as the other fondled the chair’s exposed glans.

“So, sir, what will it be?” asked the handsome waiter, as Davi smiled, already content, as his hand massaged the gigantic meaty joystick that sprung from his overly muscular chair and stood upright between his legs; his fingers got progressively wetter with sticky pre as they squeezed the squishy fleshy cockhead.

“First, I have a question. Do I have to pay extra to fondle the furniture’s muscles and their cocks?” asked the lad, as he was a bit short on money, and the waiter shook his head.

“No, those are just part of the normal service; just like you don’t pay extra for napkins or for sitting down in other places, you won’t pay extra for touching our furniture however you see fit, in fact we encourage you to use our facilities to the maximum to enhance our unique coffee tasting experience,” the waiter clarified, as he flexed his magnificent watermelon-sized pecs, and Davi smiled before ordering a double expresso with milk and some cake.

“Perfect, sir, I’ll be right back!” says the waiter, taking the menu with him, and then Davi smiled as one of his hands fondled the chair’s cock in between his legs, until it became fully hard and completely damp with warm juices. Meanwhile, though, Davi was looking around, until he found what he wanted: the dangling wall cock around the same level as his face, which swayed heavily and lazily drooling pre a few centimeters to his left.

Seeing that delicious rod hanging from the wall hunk, and the mega cock between his legs, and the two other table cocks slightly to the sides of the halves of that broad piece of furniture, Davi bit his lips and made a simple decision: he lowered both of his hands to his hips and pulled down his shorts to the knees, after which he raised his exposed ass until it rubbed against the chair’s cock under him. He moaned as he had the fat and long member poke his virginal hole, but then lowered his own rear upon the human pole, and let it slide inside his insides, stretching them wild as he bit his lips to contain his moan. As his ass was separated, completely stretched and penetrated by the chair’s cock, moaning Davi opened his mouth and engulfed the wall’s cock as well—that dangling softie drooling vividly from the tip of its 35-centimeters length, and even more so as the wall hunk watched what Davi was about to do, until the warm manmeat was swallowed by the hungry customer whose eyes rolled and teared up as he forcefully impaled himself from both ends.

Davi’s body started moving up and down, impaling his mouth more and then less, and doing the same to his ass, at every turn, as he moved up and down between the two gigantic throbbing rods. Davi could feel the trembling gigantic chair-cock in his ass spreading his intestines around and thinly stretching them, filling them to capacity and bumping against his abs from the inside, as well as the throbbing wall-cock making his neck bulge as he gagged when it reached so deep inside him that he drooled abundant saliva all over his cock-disformed lips and jaw and even down around his chin on his bulging neck. The gagged and the tied-up wall and chair that Davi was using were both moaning and gasping in pleasure around their gags, trying to rock their solid hips to impale the lad move vividly, but fully unable to do so as their bodies were completely attached and strapped to the building and the infrastructure, making their eyes roll and their brains swim in pleasure, but not allowing them any movement to react, despite the amazing look of their bulging muscles as they tried to move to no avail.

As he blissfully became aware in that heavenly state, Davi put his two hands over the table and started fondling their amazingly thick muscles, feeling up and pinching their two chests and two sets of carved-up abs, as his eyes couldn’t really see what he touched, but he felt it up harshly and fully nonetheless. As Davi lowered his hands on the table’s muscles, his hands soon rested on the two table-cocks projected in between the legs of the opposing table studs. Davi quickly grabbed the fat members, squeezed them deliciously, and started to stroke them as he used his own body to cover and hide the chair and wall cocks he let exist inside him alternatively as he moved up and down on them.

As Davi used his solitary seat to the max, other customers glanced at his solitary table, impressed in a sense that a single lad was so hungry for hunks and was capable of using so many of the available facilities at once. Davi’s cock throbbed and started to rise as he impaled himself up and down on hunk meat—more than half a meter long cock sliding in and out of him from both ends, without respite. As he moved up and down, Davi’s own nicely sized 19-centimeter-long cock was bobbing up and down, slapping his abs wetly, although his proportionate cock couldn’t make as much juice as the gigantic member filling his throat and stomach with male pre, or the thick rods his hands exquisitely massages, which covered Davi’s fingers and the tables’ bodies with warm manjuice.

The handsome over-muscled waiter brought Davi’s order to him, putting it down on the table’s powerful chest, creating an impressive contrast between the food, the coffee mug and the muscular pecs on which the foodstuffs rested, which were slowly moving up and down as the table breathed more and more quickly due to Davi’s enthusiastic touch. The waiter put his hands on Davi’s own shoulders, calling the moaning, gagging, blissful lad to attention.

“Sir, your order is here… but I noticed that your cock is out in the cold. Should I order someone to come and warm it for you? That is also a complimentary part of our service,” suggested the waiter. His own member seemed to lengthen a bit and throb watching smaller Davi’s body being pierced from both ends and stretched almost to being deformed. Davi’s hand moved from one of the table-cocks to the wall-cock, and pulled it out of his wet, thick lips, as his tongue licked leftover juices oozing down his face. The now completely hard and free 54-centimeter-long rod bobbed up with much strength and slaps the wall hunk’s powerful abs wetly, trembling and throbbing exposed to the cool air outside of Davi’s throat, as the wall moaned and drooled with unmet desire, his cock continuing to ooze down juices, which dripped to onto the chair’s cheeks and nose.

“Oh, damn! That’d be wonderful!” said Davi and the waiter nodded, smiled and left. The wall was sweaty and moaning, bothered as his cock wasn’t being serviced anymore. Meanwhile, Davi moaned, lowering his ass on the majestic pole stretching him open, until his eyes rolled and his buns touched the chair’s groin. Davi noticed the chair moan behind him—the worker who formed the chair being gagged meant that the sound of his grunts were rather muffled, but they were clear to Davi. The gigantic throbbing penis created a bulge in Davi’s abs as he moves his ass left and right so that the chair’s gigantic rod stretched his insides wonderfully and pressured his prostate, making his much smaller penis throb.

“Hmmm… the food looks great…” said Davi now, looking at the cake set directly atop the gigantic muscular and plump chest of the table hunk closer to himself, and his coffee atop the same hunk’s abs. Davi smiled, grabbing a fork and then eating some of the cake and drinking a sip of coffee, but finding both whole underwhelming compared to the pleasure he was getting from his ass. Then, and looking at how other customers had been behaving, he used the fork to spread the buttery cake atop the table’s delicious pecs, and then lowered his head to lick and eat the cake from atop the round muscles. He carried on licking and kissing the table’s nipple, biting the table’s bountiful muscles several times on the process, making the table tremble as Davi’s lips suckled his muscles delightfully or as his teeth scratched and bit his skin harshly. This minute trembling was enough to spill some hot coffee on the table’s abs, burning him a little.

Not minding the reactions from his table, Davi lifted his cake-stained face after biting and eating the dessert from the table’s majestic but now all soiled and bitten red chest. Davi then quickly wiped his cream-covered nose and chin on the wall’s muscular calves, only to immediately turn to his coffee and notice that some of it had spilled on the table’s abs. Smirking, Davi lowered his lips and licked and drank his coffee from the canyons on his table’s handsomely carved muscles, finding that way more delicious than sipping the drink directly from the mug, but also finally deciding that the flavor thus achieved was yet insufficient. Licking his lips still covered in pre and spit from when he was suckling on the wall’s cock, Davi grabbed his mug, lifted it, and moved it towards the other still soft wall cock. Then, Davi pushed his mug so that the plump second wall cock swam on his coffee, immersing the member in his hot beverage—quickly, the second hunk wall trembling in pain as his cock was bathed in overly hot coffee which even flowed inside his open oozing slit which flavored the drink with pre. After a few seconds like this, Davi tasted the drink again, finding its taste to be much better, although still insufficient.

“Let me try this,” thought the lad, and then he grabbed the table’s cock, kept it straight up at a 90 degrees angle, and poured some of the coffee on the meat pole as it oozed pre and as Davi nibbled, licked and suckled the shaft from the sides, drinking a perfectly cock-flavored and warmed up coffee as the table trembled and moaned, gagged and tied as it was, with the burns and the constant touching and biting and licking provoked by this method of consuming coffee. Davi’s other hand went to the table’s melon-sized balls and squeezed them, and then went between the table’s hot buns and poked the pink hole in between them, popping inside the perfectly kept table-anus. Davi quickly started swirling his fingers inside the warm table guts, even managing to poke the table’s prostate inside, until the table’s cock throbbed, his mouth gagged and drooled abundantly, and its table-cock exploded in abundant cum which showered over the leftovers of cake, his table abs and face, and of course, down on Davi. The hot and white sticky table milk mixed with Davi’s coffee until the client raised his head so that his lips surrounded the table’s thick cockhead and suckled and sucked upon the table juices directly as the table’s penis delivered them.

As Davi did that, the waiter came back accompanied with a slightly shorter but incredibly muscular workmate, whose height was probably about 230 centimeters in total, but with muscles that outmatched many of his taller coworkers.

“Sir, I’m sorry to interrupt, but this is one of our trainees. He is new here in attending customers but he has been on a full-time workout routine for almost a year now. He’ll be the one warming your cock while you are with us today, sir. If you need anything else, please don’t mind calling me!” the waiter said and then left. Davi’s lips were still locked around the throbbing and ejaculating table cock, but his eyes glanced up towards the immensely tall and muscular trainee hunk—his body completely naked except for a big tattoo in the form of a T on his right pec. Davi lifted an eyebrow as his lips and cheeks were bulging and stretched out almost comically as he suckled the delicious table cock.

“I’ll start right away, sir,” says the muscle hunk, crawling under the table, grabbing Davi’s nicely proportioned manhood, and engulfing it in one go with his majestic and handsome lips, and then keeping it locked between them as he tried to control his tongue polished the shaft of Davi’s cock to keep the customer’s rod cozy and comfortable. As that happened, Davi started thrusting his hips back and forth, both impaling himself on the chair’s majestic rod and fucking the perfect cockwarmer’s face in repeated swift motions as he continued to suck the table’s oozing and softening rod, until he himself came.

Davi’s overwhelming orgasm made his whole-body tremble, his overstretched ass twitching around and massaging the chair’s overgrown penis, as his own nicely sized organ exploded in eleven jets inside the cockwarmer’s mouth—the trainee swallowed all the customer’s tip, letting the relatively small orgasm straight down his throat. Davi moaned, and drooled, although his grunts were muffled as his lips were still locked around the table’s delicious rod. When his orgasm was over, Davi rested his head on the table’s abs, still nibbling their half-hard wet member, his ass still impaled and stretched by the chair’s cock, comfortably warmed up. Davi’s softening cock was now being licked and cleaned wonderfully as the cockwarmer’s tongue swirled around the now limp post-orgamic oozing member.

The waiter approached Davi again.

“Do you want anything else or should I bring the bill?” asked the waiter, and Davi’s lips finally abandoned the table’s cock, even as his tongue continued poking their slit and licking it abundantly.

“The bill is fine, but… do you guys serve dinner?” asked Davi.


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